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ACTION PLAN What do you need to do?

Do market research for typography sales Design boards with photos I have for final crit Design labels for Nicole to expand range Giant killer – Design and print sticker for packaging, DVD label, DVD packaging, poster, Get front cover for year book photoshoot done Edit and manipulate photos for yearbook Get plan in place for Design Context – Do extra research for exhibition graphics. Design spreads for design context – get template in place (number of images per spread, amount of copy, work out grid/ golden section) Prep all artwork for print on Monday/Tuesday 2pm Get in touch with Bridget to get latest on popup shop (frames, samples) Get in touch with Gina with prices and dates for popup shop Get in touch with Rosario to get email interview answers. Re-photograph work for final boards depending on crit outcome. – loan out lighting/camera Design Creative CV/ pull together Portfolio/PPD stuff – print new a3 prints for portfolio hand in.

When do you need to do it (by)?

Have You Done it?

Print final boards for 2 briefs I want to show. – Show context shots for all briefs. Order portfolio/ order more business cards. Update blog with development & relevant context work.

NOTES Continue to update bibliography with new links/books/magazines


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