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VOL. 52, NO. 1 • SPRING 2012

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ADAMS STATE COLLEGE MISSION STATEMENT Adams State College dedicates its resources to provide opportunity and access for all students. The College is an innovative leader that recognizes the inherent educational value of diversity. It is a catalyst for the educational, cultural, and economic interests of rural Colorado, the surrounding region, and the global community.

president’s letter: gov’t cuts = higher tuition Our nation must address the problem of rising college tuition. In a January speech at the University of Michigan, President Obama cautioned institutions that continuing tuition increases could potentially result in loss of federal funds. He was clearly appealing to college and university students, as well as those recently graduated – a constituency that he carried easily in the 2008 election. For this generation, student loan debt dwarfs any other debt. The national average student loan debt is above $25,000 David Svaldi – 47 percent higher than a decade ago – with many students at elite institutions graduating with debt in six figures. In his January State of the Union Address, President Obama implied that he favored some sort of maintenance of effort by the states as a condition of federal support for public institutions. Indeed, the rapid increases in tuition at public institutions are a direct result of state funding cuts. Over the last four years, Adams State’s tuition has increased by 42%. While this sounds drastic, we remain one of Colorado’s most affordable institutions. Only two four-year colleges in Colorado charge less. What’s more, ASC has significantly increased institutional support for grants and scholarships.We rank near the top in institutional aid per Colorado resident student, outpacing our direct competition. As recently as eight years ago, Colorado funded roughly two-thirds of tuition costs; students paid the remaining one-third, either directly, or through grants, loans, or scholarships. Now this ratio is reversed. Students increasingly rely on loans to bridge the gap between what they can afford and what scholarships and grants cover. All public Colorado institutions have been forced to dramatically increase tuition, thanks to state funding cuts. But there is little optimism that Colorado will restore lost state funding for higher education. The populace has firmly said “no” to any tax increase that would prevent future reductions in higher education budgets (as well as K-12). A recent study by the American Council of Education concluded that if current nationwide trends continue as states balance (or try to balance) their budgets, by 2022 Colorado would completely eliminate its funding of higher education, making us the first state to achieve this unenviable distinction. Citizens need to understand that state and federal reductions in higher education support directly impact tuition costs at public universities. If Coloradans cannot agree on solutions for continued funding, most low-income and even middle-income students in Colorado will be priced out of their dream of a college education (or be stuck with loan debt they can never repay). As I await the arrival of my first grandchild, I wonder if he/she will have the opportunity for the same good life I have had – all because as a Colorado citizen, I had access to an affordable college education.

the cover Music major Jason Wohlrabe jams in one of the newly renovated Music Building’s student-friendly lounges. See the results of renovations in music and McDaniel Hall, page 10.

contents cover story Rockin’ renovations


update State legislature considers ASC move to university New sports added to increase enrollment Student Success Center centralizes academic services Guest speaker helps campus focus on equity and diversity ASC soaks up the sun Enrollment growth continues New academic programs address needs of students and workplace Val Vigil ‘71 and LeRoy Salazar named to ASC Board of Trustees

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features The art of navigating through life Psych prof studies the biology beheath behavior Bhuddist kingdom welcomes Western counseling practices

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vistas Restaurant hosted a dance party recently, where students strutted their stuff.

State legislature considers ASC move to university house bill 1080, proposing to rename adams state college to university, was referred the Colorado House of Representatives by its Education Committee March 14. If approved in the House, the measure will move on to the Colorado Senate. As of March 21, subsequent hearings were not yet scheduled. (For timely updates, go to The bill was introduced by House Representative Ed Vigil ‘86. The college's Board of Trustees voted to pursue the name change August 26. If approved by the full Colorado legislature and Governor, the change would be official Aug. 7, 2012, and effective with the fall 2012 semester. "We appreciate the Education Committee's support of this important bill, and thank Representative Vigil for his work on it," said Adams State President David Svaldi. Several college representatives, including students, testified before the House Education Committee March 14 on the merits of the bill. Two key points were the growth of Adams State's graduate programs and the need to compete globally. "It is a natural progression to change Adams State College to Adams State University," Svaldi added. "Changing our name to university will better represent the high quality and breadth of Adams State's academic programs for graduate and undergraduate students, as well as for distance learners."

Dr. Michael Mumper ‘76, senior vice president for Enrollment Management and Program Development, noted that prospective students often erroneously associate the name "college" with two-year institutions. In the seven regional states where Adams State recruits, all but three of the 97 public, four-year institutions are called "university." Prospective graduate and distance education students are also put off by the "college" name. Steve Valdez ‘97, chair of the Adams State Board of Trustees, told the committee that Adams State is successfully developing new revenue streams to compensate for state budget cuts - 30 percent over the last four years. “Adams State's expanding master's degree and distance education programs are essential to supporting the on-campus, undergraduate programs,” he said. "We cannot continue to make up for state budget cuts by increasing tuition. Adams State must remain affordable for students who have the most to gain from earning a college degree - and who have the most to lose without one," Valdez said. By Julie Waechter

New sports introduced to increase enrollment Adams State will soon field a number of competitive recreation sports clubs, as well as two additional NCAA programs. As a group, they are expected to attract an additional 285 undergraduate students over the next two years, according to Dr. Michael Mumper ’76, senior vice president of Enrollment Management and Program Development. Newly hired coach Jim Capra ’80 has begun recruiting for baseball, to begin RMAC competition in spring of 2013 (see page 46). The college’s stunt team, coached by Valerie Hagadorn, will enter NCAA competition in this emerging sport. New men’s and women’s teams will start next year for rodeo, triathlon, and rugby. In addition, the Department of Student Life and Recreation formed co-ed teams for climbing, ski mountaineering, and mountain biking. The Adams State Climbing Team (formerly a club) is ranked 12th in the Collegiate Climbing Series (CCS), sponsored by USA Climbing. As a team, ASC has been ranked 2nd in the region for two years, and took first in the 2011 regional competition in Colorado Springs.



Student Success Center centralizes academic services the ribbon was cut in January on Adams State’s new Student Success Center, constructed in the Nielsen Library through a $3.18 million Title V grant to strengthen Hispanic Serving Institutions. “I am extremely proud of what we’ve done here. It will have a significant impact on the opportunities available to students,” said Dr. Michael Mumper ‘76, senior vice president for Enrollment Management and Program Development. “This is a unique opportunity to build our capacity to serve the needs of underserved and disadvantaged students. It is a critical step in improving our student success rates.” The grant also funds three new staff positions to expand student support: a career counselor, an academic advisor, and a coordinator with the Grizzly Testing & Learning Center. The new facility centralizes a variety of college services that previously were scattered across campus. “This way, students needn’t be familiar with all the various offices that offer support. They can just come to the Student Success Center to be guided to the most appropriate service,” Mumper added. “The center will not only eliminate run-around for students, but also enhance effectiveness of its various services.” Mumper noted there is a long record of research confirming the positive impacts of Student Success Centers at colleges across the country. To date, Adams State has been awarded more than $14.1 million in Title V HSI grants, including the award last fall of $3.6 million from the HSI STEM program (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics). The five-year grant

College Readiness program assistant Erica Holmes ‘11 speaks with a student in the Student Success Center.

Freshman pre-engineering major William Martinez checks out the services available in ASC’s new Student Success Center, located on the first floor of the Nielsen Library.

will fund several initiatives to help STUDENT SUCCESS more Hispanic and low-income CENTER RESOURCES students earn a Academic Advising degree in STEM fields. TRiO Student Support Services “Title V grants Office of College Readiness have allowed us (developmental education) to raise awareness Career Counseling of diversity issues and needs on Disability Services campus,” said Title V Adam State PresiGrizzly Testing & Learning Center dent David Svaldi. “Title V funding has helped ASC improve resources, facilities, and teaching, and provide new opportunities. The results benefit all students.” Adams State was the first four-year college in Colorado to earn federal HSI designation, which requires a minimum of 25 percent Hispanic enrollment. In fall 2011, Hispanic students accounted for 34 percent of the undergraduate student body.

Spring 2012| A-Stater | 5

funded by title v

Guest speaker helps campus focus on equity and diversity dr. brenda allen of University of Colorado Denver gave a variety of presentations on the theme "Negotiating the Landscapes of Diversity in Higher Education" over three days at Adams State College. Community members joined campus representatives at her keynote on January 24. The author of Difference Matters, Allen is an associate dean in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences and professor in the University of Colorado Denver Department of Communication. Her research and teaching focus on organizational communication, diversity, group communication, and critical pedagogy. At Adams State, she engaged participants in discussions of ways that higher

education can support work toward equity and inclusion. Important factors include identifying and sharing resources, having conversations about equity, finding ways to reward equity work, and acceptance of responsibility for equity. “All parties must feel a responsibility to heal and mend,” Allen said. She also noted that Adams State has “a legacy of responding to equity issues,” such as the 1996 change of the college’s athletic mascot from Indians to Grizzlies. Her visit was sponsored by Adams State’s Center for Equity in Learning and Teaching (CELT), Title V (which supports Hispanic Serving Institutions), and the President's Office.

Specializing in diversity issues, Dr. Brenda Allen shares her insights with campus and community members in her second visit to Adams State.

Dr. William Lipke, professor of music, debuted the Music Department’s new harpsichord at a recital in February. The instrument is an Italian custombuilt, Franco-Flemish double manual harpsichord. The concert featured works by Bach, Handel, and Scarlatti composed for the harpsichord during the Baroque period.



ASC soaks up the sun a 300 kW dc solar photovoltaic system was installed on the roof of Adams State College’s Plachy Hall in late 2011. The system is now generating at least six percent of the electricity needed to power the campus. Actual production could exceed that estimate, because solar photovoltaic systems are 20 percent more efficient in the San Luis Valley, due to the region’s cooler temperatures, clear skies, and abundant sunshine. “This $1.4 million solar project will produce an estimated 500,000 kWh of clean energy annually, roughly six percent of ASC’s annual consumption,”

said Bill Mansheim, Adams State vice president for Finance & Governmental Relations. The project is part of a solar power purchase agreement between Adams State and Oak Leaf Energy Partners Ohio, LLC. Oak Leaf Energy Partners obtained an Xcel Energy Solar Reward to construct the system. Oak Leaf currently operates about 50 similar systems in Colorado. The company constructed, owns, and operates the system; Adams State has options to purchase it. Adams State is also in the second phase of an energy performance con-

tract with Trane U.S.A., a Qualified Energy Services Company. Phase I of the project, valued at $1.2 million, replaced light fixtures and installed motion sensor switches across campus. Phase II entails installation of $1.5 million worth of more efficient plumbing fixtures and energy efficient HVAC systems and controls, including fans, fan controls, and heat controls. The project also includes enhancing building “envelopes,” which include insulation and seals on window and doors. “We’ll save on our utility bills and reduce green house emissions,” Mansheim said.

10th consecutive semester

Enrollment growth continues a 13 percent increase in graduate students is fueling a 5 percent overall increase in Adams State’s enrollment for the spring 2012 semester, compared to last spring. This marks the tenth consecutive semester in which the college achieved enrollment growth, according to Senior Vice President for Enrollment Management and Program Development Michael Mumper ‘76. Total enrollment this spring is 2,909, including 828 graduate students. Adams State’s largest graduate program is the online master’s in counselor education, which now enrolls 452 students. The M.A. in higher education administration & leadership (HEAL) nearly doubled its enrollment, to 32; while the M.A. in humanities-history emphasis increased by half, to 30 students. A new M.A. in music education that begins next fall brings the college’s master’s degree programs to a total of nine.

“Another positive point is that undergraduate students have increased their average credit load,” Mumper added. “We have been encouraging students to take at least 15 credits each semester, in order to graduate within four years.” While on-campus undergraduate enrollment grew by 2 percent, the total number of student credit hours grew by more than 4 percent. The top three undergraduate majors are business administration (376), human performance & physical education (213), and nursing (178), all of which have grown significantly since last year. New freshman persisted from the fall to spring semesters by nearly 83 percent, slightly above last year’s rate. Hispanic students account for 32 percent of on-campus undergraduates, and about 15 percent represent other racial or ethnic minority groups. Fifty-five percent of the undergraduate student body is female.

Spring 2012| A-Stater | 7

New academic programs address needs of students and workplace adams state recently added a number of new academic programs that will commence this summer and fall, according to Dr. Frank Novotny, vice president for Academic Affairs. A new Master of Arts in music education brings Adams State’s graduate programs to nine. A speciality in addictions counseling was added to the master’s in counselor education, while sports leadership is a new emphasis in the Master of Business Administration (M.B.A.) program, offered through a collaboration between the School of Business and the Department of Human Performance & Physical Education (HPPE).

professional growth for music educators

responding to thriving sports & exercise industry

Dr. Tracy Doyle, chair of the music department, noted the new music program is accredited by the National Association of Schools and Music. “NASM has a reputation for high integrity and comprehensive review procedures, so this is a good indication of the quality of the new program," she said. Program director Dr. James VanValkenburg, associate professor of music, said it will further students' musical and professional growth, enhance the success of the students they serve, and provide graduate coursework necessary for teachers’ additional salary credit. The program’s first cohort will begin in fall 2012. The two-year degree can be completed entirely online, or candidates may spend the first year on campus to complete an area of concentration in performance, conducting, or composition.

Adams State’s MBA emphasis in sport leadership is unique in the nation, according to Novotny. It was developed to prepare students for careers in this multi-billion-dollar industry. “Even during the recession, people attend sporting events, need rehabilitation, and seek gym memberships. Times can be tight, but this is one of the areas that remains strong with job opportunities,” said Dr. Beez Schell, head of the HPPE Department. HPPE’s exercise science programs were revised to better align with trends in the field, according to Schell. HPPE is the second largest undergraduate program at Adams State, with 213 majors. The B.S. program better prepares students for entrance into graduate programs (physical therapy, occupational therapy, chiropractic, etc.) and/or entry level positions in exercise, fitness, health, and wellness. Students in the M.S. program will be prepared to analyze the effect of exercise and physical activity on the mind and body. The program prepares students for work in corporate fitness, clinical testing, personal training, research, strength and conditioning, or doctoral level programs.

meeting demand for addictions counselors HPPE students provide fitness testing to commuity members in the Human Performance Lab. The department has revised and expanded its degree programs to better prepare students for careers.

The HPPE department also revised its exercise science programs from a Bachelor of Arts to a Bachelor of Science, and from a Master of Arts to the college’s first Master of Science degree. The department added a B.A. in sport management and converted its Master of Arts in sport administration to sport management, to reflect trends in the field. An undergraduate anthropology emphasis was added to the bachelor’s in history/government. 8|


Adams State’s burgeoning online master’s degree program in counselor education created a speciality in addictions counseling to address the rising prevalence of addictive disorders in the US, according to Dr. Brandon Wilde, assistant professor of counselor education. “We anticipate the addictions speciality will attract 45 to 60 new students each year, with new cohorts beginning in the spring, summer, and fall terms,” he said. The speciality will prepare counselors to work in a wide range of addiction counseling, treatment, and prevention programs, as well as in a mental health counseling context.

students “dig” anthropology Student interest stimulated creation of an emphasis in anthropology in Adams State’s history/government program. One component of the program is the highly popular summer Field School in Archaeology. Details on each of these programs is available at; click on Academics.

Val Vigil ‘71 and LeRoy Salazar named to ASC Board of Trustees gov. john hickenlooper recently announced two appointments to the Board of Trustees for Adams State College. LeRoy J. Salazar of Manassa and Valentin “Val” Vigil of Thornton will both serve three-year terms expiring Dec. 31, 2015. Entering his third year as a city councilman for Thornton, Vigil has operated Vigil & Company, Financial Consultant, since 1971. A realtor and accountant, he provides tax return and business consulting services. He is also a licensed consultant for on-call business development and financial acVal Vigil ‘71 counting assistance for the Disadvantaged Business Enterprises (DBE) Supportive Services Program for the Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT). Vigil earned a bachelor’s degree in business administration and secondary education from Adams State in 1971. He served as a Colorado state representative from 1999-2006, sitting on the Appropriations Committee, Education Committee, Information Technology Committee, and Legislative Audit Committee, including a term as chair. His previous positions include ten years as revenue manager/auditor for the City of Northglenn, two years as district custodial coordinator for Adams 12 Five Star Schools, and seven years with Parks College, where he was an instructor of business, business program supervisor, and Dean of Student Services. Vigil’s public and professional service includes being a founding member of the Adams 12 Five-Star Schools Hispanic Advisory Council and the Norwest Bank Hispanic Advisory Committee. “My family has a history with Adams State – two of my brothers also are alumni – and that has given us a lot of advantages,” Vigil said. “Also, in high school in Costilla, NM, it appeared about 70 percent of my teachers had attended Adams State. I’ve always been an advocate of education, and I wanted to give some of my time back to my alma mater.”

Vigil is an “Adams State Great Story,” said ASC President David Svaldi. “I welcome him as Adams State’s newest Trustee. He has been a loyal ASC alumnus, and I look forward to working with him as we move ahead." Salazar completed an earlier term as trustee for Adams State beginning in 2003, when the college was authorized to form its own board, independent of the other state colleges. He most recently completed a partial term created by a vacancy on the board. “I feel privileged to serve on the Adams State Trustees,” Salazar said. “ASC is vital to our community as an economic engine and for providing educational opportunity and high quality cultural and recreational activities.” He farms and ranches in Conejos and Costilla counties in the San Luis Valley. He is also president of Sweetgrass Co-op, formed to help ranchers of organic, grass-fed, and natural beef to market their products. Salazar was president and CEO of Agro Engineering, Inc., from 1982-2000. He has served as a member of the Colorado Agricultural Commission, as director of Citizens for Colorado Water, and on the North Conejos School District Board of Education, with several years as its president. He is vice president of the Hope for Children Foundation, a board member of the San Luis Valley Federal Bank, and a member of the La Jara Rotary Club. He holds bachelor’s and master’s degrees in agricultural engineering, earned in 1974 and 1977, respectively, from Colorado State University. "I am happy that LeRoy has been appointed to one more term as an Adams State Trustee,” Svaldi said. “LeRoy is a quiet leader who brings a passion for and commitment to all Adams State students." LeRoy Salazar Spring 2012| A-Stater | 9

“This is w college bu

shoul move over, extreme makeover.

McDaniel Hall earned rave reviews from students entering the newly renovated building to begin the spring semester. “This is a huge upgrade. It feels like a contemporary academic setting,” said theatre major Brad Greening. The $11.4 million project to renovate the former Education & Social Sciences (ES) Building was funded by students, who four years ago approved a capital construction fee to upgrade student housing and academic buildings. The McDaniel Hall renovation caps $62 million worth of campus improvements begun in 2008. Over the last year, McDaniel Hall was completely gutted and renovated to be more welcoming to students and incorporate the latest in teaching technology. The result is “mind blowing,” according to graduate history student Steven Sowards, who recalled his undergraduate days in the former building. "It used to be plain," said math education major Francine Martinez. "Now it's more colorful and inviting – exciting!" Psychology major Elizabeth Rivera said the building is “beautiful” and will make classes more enjoyable. “It is a vast improvement,” noted music major Scott Chaney, who particularly appreciates the addition of another computer lab. Last semester, he and fellow music students were introduced to the remodeled Music Building, also funded by students. He said the Music Building is "a lot prettier; the design is cool." (See photos page 12.) Mariann Lumsargis, a psychology major, was excited to learn McDaniel Hall’s sunny new first floor lounge is equipped with wi-fi. “This is my new favorite place to hang out.”

10 |


what uildings

d look like.�

David Boncyk, theatre

natural light and striking color make McDaniel Hall a campus gem.

Spring 2012| A-Stater | 11

Rockin’ renovations fun making music This page, clockwise from below: The new east entrance opens into an addition with more rehearsal and practice space, the percussion studio, and the Richmond Recording Studio; one small, but essential aspect of the Music Building’s $5.7 million renovation is student instrument lockers; the lobby and office area display bright, contemporary design.

12 |


nded by students

mCdaniel hall This page, clockwise from near left: students appreciate the convenience of the new computer lab; Dr. Dave McWilliams consults with a student in the Writing Studio; McDaniel Hall’s south entrance leads to an outdoor patio and admits light to all three floors; Dr. David Mazel, chair of the English Department, loves his new office space. During the last two semesters, all the building’s faculty, staff, and classes were relocated around campus. Spring 2012 | A-Stater | 13

The art of navigating through life sabbaticals allow professors to conduct research, further their education, or author books and papers. In the spirit of these endeavors, Dana Provence built a boat. Although it doesn’t float, this unique vessel conveys a profound statement about the human condition. The centerpiece of Provence’s recent sabbatical exhibit, Buoy, was a boat he fabricated from an old school bus. He chose the bus as an iconic symbol of the optimism and quest for knowledge present in childhood. A metaphor for the human journey through life, the vessel appeared to drift amidst buoys representing five values Provence believes we are made to pursue: relationships, beauty, spirituality, joy, and justice. He drew these ideas from Simply Christian by N.T. Wright. “Our lives should be full of enchantment, rediscovery, and being in the moment,” Provence said. “However, if we aren’t careful, we can end up settling for something less, or ‘shadows’ of these pursuits.” The shadows are, respectively: having our own way, sentiment, introspection, pleasure, and vengeance. As an art professor and sculptor, Provence felt it important to use his fall sabbatical to produce a show of substance that would be worthy of traveling to other galleries. In a January artist’s lecture prior to the exhibit opening, Provence described his creative process. Reflecting on the five values, he hit upon the boat and navigation metaphor after reading a secondary definition of buoy: to encourage or uplift.

“That tied right into rediscovery and reenchantment,” he said, adding that he’s always felt a connection to water, and his dad had always owned boats. He decided to create a modern boat after considering the wealth of designs offered by maritime history. His first challenge was to locate a bus he could repurpose. The South Conejos School District was delighted to donate one, as long as they could retain the engine. Although Provence has often used a variety of media in his sculpture – metal, glass, neon – this project presented the challenge of incorporating new materials and technology. The motorized buoys emitted light and ocean sounds, and an original video was displayed on the boat. He was aided on this front by fellow faculty. George Sellman, assistant professor of mathematics/ computer science, introduced Provence to electroluminescent lighting and Arduino technology, which synchronized the lights, audio, and video. Dr. Matt Nehring, professor of physics, consulted on the design of the buoys’ mechanical components and lent testing equipment from the robotics program. “The collegiality was impressive,” Provence said. For more about Buoy, go to: By Julie Waechter

14 |


Psych prof studies the biology beneath behavior even when academics achieve acclaim within their discipline, scholarly research rarely hits the radar of the popular press. But dozens of news outlets – from Cosmo to Popular Science – have picked up on Dr. Nate Pipitone’s recent article revealing that men are able to discern when a woman is menstruating, merely by hearing her voice. Pipitone, who joined ASC’s psychology faculty last fall, focuses on biopsychology, the biological underpinnings of human behavior. During his doctoral work at the University of Albany, he worked with Professor Gordon G. Gallup Jr., who studies the impact of evolution on human behavior. Pipitone followed up on work previously done in Dr. Gallup's lab by Susan Hughes, who studied the relationship between voice and body attractiveness. “We are not detached from our biology. Our brains and bodies are composed of organic matter, and we should be investigating it,” he said. “We’ve been caught up in thinking that our higher cognitive abilities do not have biological substrates, but that could not be further from the truth.” With Gallup, Pipitone co-authored “The Unique Impact of Menstruation on the Female Voice: Implications for the Evolution of Menstrual Cycle Cues.” Once the article appeared in the Dec. 22 issue of Ethology – International Journal of Behavioural Biology, traditional print and web news sources, including USA Today and the Huffington Post, wasted no time in applying their particular spin. “It’s very ‘poppy.’ People don’t normally assume that biology affects our behavior,” he said. This research fits within the larger arena of evolutionary biology, particularly the study of reproductive behavior. Men who respond to cues associated with a woman's relative fertility could have a greater chance of perpetuating their own genes. In the study, 60 male subjects listened to recordings of ten different females counting to five, then rated the voices according to attractiveness. The male raters could reliably identify voices recorded during menstruation – and judged them more unattractive – with or without comparison to voices recorded during ovulation. The raters were successful 35 percent of the time, which Pipitone said is “highly unlikely due to chance.” Pipitone explained that vocal physiology is changed by the higher amounts of progesterone in

a woman’s system during menses, resulting in a harsher sound. Hormones cause similar effects in adolescent boys: increased testosterone thickens the vocal cords, causing them to vibrate less frequently, thus lowering vocal pitch. “Our often unconscious judgments are informed by multiple perceptual cues – visual, auditiory, olfactory. It’s not just what we say, but how we say it,” he said. “We have this perceptual capacity, but we get so wrapped up in our daily lives that we can forget we are all part of the animal kingdom.” Pipitone will continue his research at Adams State, while giving priority to undergraduate teaching. “ASC has given me the opportunity to do both.” Pipitone’s full article can be found by searching under his name at: By Julie Waechter

Dr. Nate Pipitone (center) and his Advanced Behavioral Neuroscience students review a study that showed the scent of female tears reduces aggression in males. Spring 2012| A-Stater | 15

Bhuddist kingdom welcomes Western counseling practices landing in bhutan, the world’s fifth most dangerous airport approach, Dr. Barbara Andrews arrived smiling – half from sheer joy of landing safely on the ground. Stepping off the plane was like entering another world, she said. The ornately painted airport stands alone, surrounded by open space. The Kingdom of Bhutan is a landlocked state located at the eastern end of the Himalayas and bordered to the south, east and west by the Republic of India. To the north lies the People's Republic of China. “Bhutan’s gross national product is happiness,” said Andrews, associate professor of counselor education. “The country radiates peace and harmony.” Yet despite an atmosphere of unity, the country realized the need to introduce contemporary professional counseling for the citizenry. Andrews was honored to be one of 12 individuals chosen from across the nation to attend the Bhutan Institute in October, underwritten by the National Board of Certified Counselors (NBCC) and the government of Bhutan. During the first two weeks of the three-week institute, most participants provided direct counseling service to the citizens of Bhutan in the capital city of Thimphu. They were assigned to a school, the psychiatric and substance abuse

unit of a hospital, or a women's center, depending on their expertise and interests. The group will continue efforts to establish the counseling profession in that country. “We helped train the mental health facilitators and will continue to stay in touch with them and offer suggestions and advice.” Before the invitation from one of the Bhutan Queens to bring counseling into the country, there was none. “There are significant issues not talked about,” Andrews said. “Despite the overall attitude of honoring all life, the Bhutanese still have serious issues, including domestic abuse, alcohol and drug abuse, and suicide. People are people are people.” The American counselors were cautious in how they presented themselves. “We did not come in to change their methods, but rather to understand what they are currently doing and see how we could help them be more effective.” Eventually, Andrews would like to organize a trip back to Bhutan with Adams State students. “It was an amazing opportunity. There is still so much that needs to be done.” By Linda Relyea ‘96 Photos by Barbara Andrews

“It felt as though we could touch the mountains as we flew by.”


16 |

bhutan: bet you didn’t know . . . country & customs • The Kingdom of Bhutan opened its borders to foreigners only 15 years ago. Tourists pay a daily fee of $35. • There is no public transportation, so the Bhutanese walk for days to arrive at their destination. • National dress is required when working in public: a gho, a knee length garment, generally silk, tied at the waist, for men; a kira, a floor length dress for women. • Bhutanese honor family and the collective, rather than individuality. • The majority of the population is vegetarian; the most popular meat is yak. • It is illegal to smoke tobacco or marijuana. • Country’s main export is red rice. • The fourth king has a number of wives. • When preparing chicken, they remove the feathers and pound the entire chicken – complete with internal organs and bones – then cook and serve.

religion & culture • Strong respect for traditions and cultural preservation. • Buddhism is the major religion. “It is considered an honor to join the monastery, and some young boys join as early as five-years-old and are raised by the monks.” • Bhutan is home to the Tiger’s Nest, a prominent Himalayan Buddhist sacred site. Andrews hiked up to the monastery, built into a rock cliff. “It was a true pilgrimage. You don’t come out the same.” • All life is considered sacred, therefore dogs run free, unleashed with no collars. “Even at an event celebrating the fifth king’s marriage, dogs are not disturbed, even if they are in the last parking space.” • Bhutanese people enjoy festivals and “celebrate almost everything.” • Prayer flags fly everywhere; prayers written on the flags constantly send out the prayers.

Photos this page, clockwise from above: People gathered for a local festival; a Bhutanese village, a young girl in traditional dress.



lifestyle • Indoor plumbing means pouring water in the toilet to flush; drinking water must be boiled or purified. • Life expectancy is short, 65 years. • Automobiles crowd cities; gas is very expensive. • Even garbage trucks are ornately decorated.

Spring 2012| A-Stater | 17

Dear fellow alumni and friends: My wife, Lorey ’80, and I have been permanent residents of Alamosa since my graduation from Adams State in 1982. During that time, I have not seen the kind of excitement from the community toward the college like there exists today. The large numbers of students and the impressive physical improvements to the campus have given the community a new source of pride and confidence in the college. The public receptions at the new facilities have been full of positive comments, smiles, and appreciative handshakes for the college administration, staff, and trustees who brought these improvements from plans on paper to reality on the ground. The college continues to grow its program offerings and recruit quality students, both on and off-campus enrollees. These positive trends should make all alums and friends of ASC proud to support their college. You can be confident you are investing in a growing, vibrant institution that provides the best value in higher education in Colorado today. The recent campus improvements would not have been possible without the capital fee approved by the students four years ago that provides the bond financing. Students committed to invest in themselves. Current and future students will be paying those fees and will enjoy the benefits of new and remodeled dorms and improved academic, athletic, and recreational facilities. The Foundation staff and board are working hard to support these students and various college programs. At President Svaldi’s request, over the next three years we are committed to raising unrestricted scholarship funds and work-study dollars and to helping offset the continuing reductions in state funding. We are grateful for all the support we have received from so many generous friends of the college. We invite you to embrace the same level of enthusiasm shown by the community and consider supporting the college through a gift to the Foundation that will help us meet our commitment made to President Svaldi. (Please use enclosed donation envelope.) Thank you for your past support of ASC. We hope you will continue to keep ASC in mind and look for any way you can offer support to ASC. If you have not been to the campus recently, we hope you will stop by or check out soon and see what the community is so proud of.

Go Grizzlies! Duane Bussey ‘82 President, Board of Directors Adams State College Foundation

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Gifts received from Jan. 1 to Dec. 31, 2011.

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Jim C. Jones '47 Vera Snyder '47, '71 Paul Stong '47

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1960 Charles '60, '61 & Nancy '63 Allbee David M. Brabb '60, '62 William '60, '62 & Eleanor '82 Crain H. Kenneth Fry '60 James F. Lepich '60, '64 Theodora Madrid '60, '69 C. Lavoy McCorkle '60, '62 Marcella R. McFarland '60, '62 Donald '62 & Loretta '60 Nicodemus Donald '60, '62 & Jytte Poulson William Reilly '60 Ken Shepherd '60 Philip Swille '60 Lee A. Vickers '60, '65

1961 Philip S. Britton '61 Donald Brown '61, '68 Morris Cohen '61, '68 Jim D. Colbert '61, '65 Kathleen M. Delzell '61 Lillian Flores '61 Ruben Gonzales '61, '64 H.R. '61 & Glenda Harrison Billy D. Hlavachick '61 Frances '61 & Harry Hull Paul M. Johnson '61, '65 Olga J. Joyce '61, '63 Albert L. King '61, '64 Patrick Leahy '61 Dutch Malberg '61, '64 Albert '61 & Kelli '74 O'Leary Pete I. Ortega '61, '64 Walter Paulson '61, '63 Judith A. Quiller '61, '64

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alumni 1961 Julane Reed '61 Gary '61 & Suzan '67 Robins Carl '61, '64 & Teddy '63 Snow Donald Stegman '61, '64 Henry Trujillo '61, '70 Frank Van Bockern '61 William J. Woodward '61

1962 Rudy '62 & Sharon Basovsky Glen '62 & Frances '62 Clark Felix A. Cordova '62, '65 Wayne '62 & Ellen Evans William Finnell '62 Roger Gunlikson '62 Dr. Phillip J. Haram '62 Donald W. Kusulas '62 Marv '58, '59 & Mary '62 Motz Dennis '62 & Linda Nash Donald '62 & Loretta '60 Nicodemus Garland Osborne '62, '72 Jo Ann Rezen '62, '68 Robert B. Scharf '62 Samie Y. Smith '62, '65 Jose Vallejos '62 Augusta Youngblood '62

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1964 Kwaitin Choy '64, '65 Joyce O. Coleman '64 Ronald Crawford '64, '70 Patrick Donnelly '64 James Edwards '64 Ruth Ann Glover '64 Frances J. Gomez '64, '70 Dale '64 & Beverly Hettinger Gary '64 & June '63 Kliesen Jim W. Lochner '64

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1968 Edward E. Atencio '68, '73 Stephen Bokat '68 Christine Candland '68 Bob Damashek '68, '73 James R. DeJong '68 Vivian Farr Cannon '68 Rita Garfield '68 Harold '68 & Cynthia '68 Gettman Dr. J. Thomas '67, '68 & Pat '68 Gilmore Charles P. Hammill '68, '69 Candace Handy '68, '80 George Hansen '68 Richard Hime '68 Sheila Homan '68 Ken '68 & Maxine Howard Carlyn Ann Laughlin '68 Robert '73 & Sharon '68, '73 Lockwood Michael '68, '70 & Jaime '69 Maestas William '68 & Regina '68 McCann Tom '68, '81 & Barbara '71 Nagoda Charles Owsley '68 Joe Padilla Jr. '68 John '68 & Helen '67 Patton Cornelia E. Rector '68 Miles Reiher '68 Aaron E. Sahr '68 Kelly Schofield '68 Mona Stetina '68 Donald E. Wolfe '68 David '67, '75 & Kay '68 Wood

for non-trad students

Seize the Daley Scholarship carpe diem – seize the day.

Any former student of Dr. Koos Daley, emeritus professor of English, recognizes that phrase. With fond memories of her tenure at Adams State College, Daley and her husband, Harry, established the Carpe Diem Scholarship. The Carpe Diem Scholarship will give preference to non-traditional students, 25-years-old or older, who are majoring in English or education. Harry is also retired from ASC, having worked as an electrician with Facilities Services.

Many alumni appreciate the passion Dr. Koos Daley brought to her teaching.

When Daley started her college education, she and Harry already had two young children. She remembers fitting in classes while raising a family and picking up work cleaning houses. “I had no advisers to help me.” Having overcome the challenges of pursuing a higher education without financial aid, Daley knows what it is like to want to go to school and not have the money. She hopes the scholarship will encourage non-traditional students to realize their college dreams. “The Carpe Diem Scholarship is to remind students that life is short,” Daley said. “If you don’t do it today, tomorrow will be too late.” She received her undergraduate degree in biochemistry, graduating Phi Beta Kappa. But when completing her English requirements, she “fell in love with the subject,” and went on to earn a master’s and Ph.D. in English. She received all her degrees from the University of Colorado, Boulder, completing her Ph.D. in 1988, at the age of 45.

She understands the challenges non-traditional students face, especially those with a family. “I remember lugging two small children to class. I always tried to accommodate my Adams State students who are raising a family.”

hooked on teaching Although she entered her teaching position at Adams State with trepidation, a mere three months later, Daley was hooked, and so were her students. “I loved the kids, and they loved me.” “The first thing that comes to mind is how rapidly she established herself as a favorite teacher,” noted Dr. Joseph Kolupke, emeritus professor of English and former dean of the School of Arts and Letters. “Within one semester, students were clamoring to get into her classes, especially her freshman composition and general education literature classes. “You couldn’t sit for ten minutes in one of Koos’ sessions without becoming aware that this was a teacher who genuinely loved her students,” Kolupke recalled. “She put no limits on the amount of time she would give to help individual students overcome their learning difficulties, and she really knew her academic discipline.” “Dr. Daley not only expanded my way of thinking, she blew my mind wide open,” said Tresa Rupright ’97. “Dr. Daley had so much enthusiasm in the classroom and made learning so exciting. She made us want to please her by writing and speaking well.” Kaycee Gilmore ‘97 said Daley’s enthusiasm was infectious. “Dr. Daley has passion for the subjects she teaches, and she teaches with amazing exuberance.” Former Arts & Letters administrative assistant Cheryl Ravens ’09, said several students over the years have told her Dr. Daley was the reason they completed their college education. “She motivated and encouraged these students to stick with their education, no matter the situation.” Gaylene Horning ’94 agrees: “What I really appreciated about Dr. Daley was that she always had her door open to help me with anything. She always had a smile and a gracious spirit. Besides, the lady really knew her stuff.” Daley retired from classroom teaching in 2006; she continues to teach online courses, which she started in 1993. Taking her motto, Carpe Diem, to heart, Daley loves to travel and enjoys hiking and exploring the great outdoors. Gilmore describes Daley as incredibly passionate and full of life. “She is one of the most caring and giving individuals I know,” Gilmore said. “To me, she has been a teacher, mentor, friend, and great personal support.” By Linda Relyea ‘96 Spring 2012| A-Stater | 21

alumni 1969 Beverly Barton '69 Thomas Bradley '69 John Chisholm '69, '73 David C. Cook '69 Harold Gerard Czarnetzki '69 Helen Davis '69, '77 George '65 & Carol '69, '80 Demas Susan '69, '89 & Neil Hammer Karen L. Hossack '69 Tom Kusleika '69, '72 Fred R. Lopez '69 Michael '68, '70 & Jaime '69 Maestas Leslie McCarroll '69 Clifford R. Miller '69 Beverly Price '69 Joe Pyle '69 Stephen '69 & Kay '72 Reay Gary Starrett '69 Sharon Padia Stone '69 Ralph '69 & Vicki '67 Turano Dale R. Umberger '69 Michael Ware '69

1970 Raymond C. Beethe '70 Dee Betts '70, '71 Paul H. Briggs '70 J. J. Byerly '70 Toney H. Cantu '70 Alfred '70 & Anna Marie '72 Cordova Jerry '70 & Patricia '70 Crisci Gloria A. Curtis '70 Robert F. Davis '70 David L. Evans '70 Patricia M. Fitch '70 Neil Fleischauer '70 Delbert ’70 & Jan Gay John R. Gendreau '70 David W. Green '70, '71 Kenneth '84 & Janice '70 Hardison Eugene K. Jimenez '70, '70 Dennis M. Jouett '70 Alfonso R. Lopez '70 David P. McGovern '70 Robert J. Osborne '70 Michael J. Patritch '70, '73 Arthur '70, '71 & Inez '71 Ray Michael Scott '70 William '70, '76 & Phyllis '71 Sinclair John H. Smith '70 Terryl '70 & Sharon '73 Smith Herbert '70, '71 & Linda '72 Stantz Linda M. Swanson '70 Arvilla Weldon '70, '92 Farrell Whitey '70 Michael Williamson '70

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1972 Kenneth Barber '72 & Jane Fiebelkorn Barber '71 Pat '72 & Donna '95 Bottini Anthony Cantu '72 James '72 & Barbara '72, '80 Conder Alfred '70 & Anna Marie '72 Cordova David Curtis '72, '92 Louis '72, '73 & Marlene '73 Fraulo Sherrie Hagedorn '72 Spencer Harris '72 William A. Hinz '72 James G. Lathrop '72 Al Lujan '72 Thomas '72 & Christine '73 Magel Nikolai Makarow '72 Dennis '72 & Nancy '72 Marion Constance Mayfield '72 Barbara J. Motes '72, '78 Mary A. Pringle '72 Steven Randle '72, '91 Stephen '69 & Kay '72 Reay Dixie '72, '88 & Alan Rogers Alonzo Ruybal '72 James Slade '72 Herbert '70, '71 & Linda '72 Stantz Gary '72 & Laurie '72 Stauffer Carol A. Traynor '72 Bertha Trujillo '72, '80 Enos R. Valdez '72 Bea Valdez '72 Tim '73 & Peggy '72, '72 Walters Rodger D. Wakasugi '72 Donald '72, '75 & Karan '89 Wilkinson Jack Wirth '72 William Zanotelli '72, '73 Barbara J. Zeman '72

1973 Martha J. Asher '73, '75 Rodger '73 & Cathy '74 Bell Geoffrey '73 & Deborah '75 Bokan Gary '73 & Maria '73 Burrows Russell L. Cagle '73 Larry Corradino '73 Dorothy Croft '73 Jean Cullen '73 Ian M. Debono '73, '73 Gerald Dellinger '73 Ronald '67, '72 & Paula '73 Duncan Chuck '73 & Margie '73 Eaton Mike '71 & Linda '73 Edgar Louis '72, '73 & Marlene '73 Fraulo Tom Goodwin '73 Edwin '73 & Kathleen '73 Herring Cynthia Kulp '73 Anthony J. Langoni '73 Robert '73 & Sharon '68, '73 Lockwood Thomas '72 & Christine '73 Magel Eve P. Malo '73 James Martinez '73 Larry J. Martinez '73 En Memoria de Mario M. Martinez '73 de parte de su Familia Craig '73, '76 & Margie '75, '00 Mortensen Benito Muniz '73 Thomas W. Roberts '73 Steven '73 & Mary '80 Russell Antonio M. Sandoval '73, '89 Edward F. Small '73 Terryl '70 & Sharon '73 Smith Michael K. Stotler '73 Jack '73, '79 & JoAnne '73 Thaw Carleen Theel '73 Tim '73 & Peggy '72, '72 Walters Al '73 & Virginia Wehe Steve Willman '73

1974 Suzanne Adams '74 Phyllis K. Bauman '74 Rodger '73 & Cathy '74 Bell Katherine A. Cook '74 Daniel Davis '74 Margaret D. Dyer '74 Dave '74, '88 & Sharon '75 Furukawa Dr. Gordan & Wanda '74 Golsan Eunice B. Harris '74 Harriet Reta Hawkins '74 Dennis '74 & Barbara '74 Heckard Frank Lee '74 Doris Lessenden '74 James M. McCarthy '74 Karen McLean-Simmons '74 Edwin T. Miyazawa '74 Albert '61 & Kelli '74 O'Leary Dennis Paquette '74 Milton J. Place '74 Ernest '74, '85 & Patricia '71, '76, '99 Romero Rica C. Ruybal '74, '79 Steven '75 & Lilliam '74 Schomaker Darrel '74 & Shirley '75 Van Iwarden Paul Victor '74, '75 Edward Wisniewski '74 Robert K. Yund '74

Alta/1st Stop creates scholarship for business students Rapid growth and recognition of the importance of accurate accounting inspired Pester Marketing to establish a scholarship for Adams State College business majors. The Denver-based business purchased the San Luis Valley company, Alta Fuels, in 2008. Pester Marketing recently established the Alta/1st Stop Scholarship. The scholarship awards a total of $7,000 a year to three or more students. The scholarship is open to San Luis Valley high school graduates with a GPA of 3.0 or higher who are ASC juniors or seniors majoring in business. One of the initial scholarship recipients, Kyli Kehler '12, who double majors in business and government, was overcome with emotion when she received the award letter. "I was honored to have the college select me." Kehler's grandmother, Sally Kehler, had recently passed away. "The news was something I needed right then. The first person I wanted to call was my grandmother. I know she is proud of me." Pester Marketing president Rich Spresser said the company has grown dramatically over the last few years, and their need for accountants has grown with it. Eleven Adams State alumni now work for Alta Fuels. "We have had really good luck hiring Adams State graduates. They work out well, which is why we created the scholarship specific to Adams State." Between Alta Fuels and the 1st Stop Convenience Stores, Spresser said Pester Marketing employs over 150 in the San Luis Valley. "The San Luis Valley is a good business environment,” he said. “The job market continues to become more highly competitive. Potential employees with an undergraduate degree are provided with more opportunities and possess a greater competitive edge."

1975 Cynthia Baer '75, '76 Geoffrey '73 & Deborah '75 Bokan Margaret L. Bolte '75 Kathleen M. Bowne '75 Neil Bruce Esq. '75 & Barbara '75 Bruce Gary Cleveland '75 Lana Coleman '75 Dave '74, '88 & Sharon '75 Furukawa Waldo '71, '74 & Peggy '75, '76 Herrera Barbara Johnston '75 Richard A. Kadinger '75 Sally A. Karg '75 David M. Lashway '75 Maureen P. Maksimoski '75 Connie M. Marvel '75 Craig '73, '76 & Margie '75, '00 Mortensen Norman '75, '77 & Greta Roberts Arnold '76 & Marguerite '75, '76 Salazar Rich '75 & Barbara Scanga Steven '75 & Lilliam '74 Schomaker Karen Sliwkowski '75, '89 Ila M. Starks '75 Janeal Thompson '75 John J. Valdez '75 Darrel '74 & Shirley '75 Van Iwarden Dr. Joe I. '53, '59 & Caroline '75, '76 Vigil Pablo C. Vigil '75, '91 Mark Weeks '75

1976 John '76 & Deborah '76 Abdulla Peggy D. Bland '76, '81 Jean M. Bretz '76

Kent Cooper '76 Theresa A. Cortese '76, '82 Benjamin '76 & Judy '81, '82 Duarte Patricia Ewert Flannagan '76 Richard J. Goggin '76 Cathie Graeser '76 Bob Grooms '76 Elizabeth J. Hammond '76, '80 Freddie Jaquez '76, '77 Daniel '76, '88 & Margaret '01 Korber John E. Levine '76 Beatrice Martinez '76 Juan O. Martinez '76, '81 Michael J. Mumper '76 and Melissa Freeman Michael A. Onofrey '76 Ernest A. Ornelas '76 Delmar L. Rouse '76 Arnold '76 & Marguerite '75, '76 Salazar Carl Savely '76 Neil J. Seneff '76, '89 Pamela Thompson '76, '81 Dan '76 & Cathy '03 Valentine John Van Tassel '76, '85 Robert Waltman '76

1977 Anita K. Allinger '77 Linda Armstead '77 Mike '77, '84 & Susan '88 Arnold Prudencio Cosyleon '77 Roger Dawson '77, '92 Charlotte Fellers '77 Pete '77 & Lillian '81, '02 Gomez Gene R. Gonzales '77 Christine Haslett '77, '94, '03

Donna Hayward '77 Barbara F. Keller '77 Ronald V. Lester '77 Kenneth '77 & Cecelia '78 Lingle Larry L. Mast '77 Sally Meek '77 Vaughn Nichols '77 Gerald M. Petersen '77 Thomas '77 & Shirley '77 Roman Daniel '77 Russell & Carol '87 McCartney-Russell Gregory Stimack '77 Rosalie J. Vigna '77 Kip Walker '77 Bill Wesley '77 & Rose Molina-Wesley '90

1978 Karen A. Bagwell '78 Wayne and Nancy ’78 Chasen Family Fund of the Community Foundation Serving Richmond and Central Virginia Wayne Dolan '80 & Emerald Duran-Dolan '78, '79 Vicky Garber '78 Jacque Graham '78 Neva Gronert '78 Richard '78 & Sandra '78 Jackson George K. '78 & Judy '91 Kelloff Kenneth '77 & Cecelia '78 Lingle Marlyan Martinez '78 Patti A. Ortiz '78 Ronald Rickman '78 Randy Rusch '78 Quinton Turner '78 Michael Vigil '78

1979 Tadini Bacigalupi '79 Ronald '79 & Cynthia '97 Chapman Alvin R. Edlund Jr. '79 Rod Ermel '79 Robert R. Fink '79 Charlotte Anne Kaiser '79 Robert '79 & Cheryl '79 Ketchie John J. Kozlevchar '79 Charlotte Lehmann '79 Anthony R. Madrid '79, '87 Louis V. Martinez '79 Penny Petty '79 Gerald Rios '79 Jack '79, '84 & Theresa Rudder Vincent '79 & Donna Segura Steven Tran '79

1980 Duane '82 & Lorey '80 Bussey Wayne Dolan '80 & Emerald Duran-Dolan '78, '79 Frank '83 & Mary Jo '80 Elkins Thomas M. Finn '80 Kevin S. Greenlee '80 Ronald V. Johnston '80, '89, '01 Wade '76, '80 & Lindy '80 Mortensen Steven '73 & Mary '80 Russell Gail M. Rust '80 Elizabeth A. Smith '80 David '80 and Ann Stong

Spring 2012| A-Stater | 23

alumni 1981 Carol Blomgren '81 Gregory Chavez '81 Benjamin '76 & Judy '81, '82 Duarte Carolyn '81 & David Faucette Pete '77 & Lillian '81, '02 Gomez Albert '81, '99 & Eleanor Gonzales Augustine C. Gonzales Sr. '81 Gregory Mullen '81 Bradley R. Roades '81 Doris Tucker '81

1982 Brian D. Anderson '82 Duane '82 & Jodi '83, '93 Anderson Joseph Brummitt '82 Duane '82 & Lorey '80 Bussey Rona Clark '82 William '60, '62 & Eleanor '82 Crain Sheryl '82, '85 & Wayne Farley Carolyn B. Gallegos '82, '87 Gilbert '86 & Ruth '82 Garcia Mike '94 & Patricia '82, '97 Garcia Gregory A. Gillaspie '82 Marty H. Heaton '82 Karen Hobbs '82 John '83 & Barbara '82 Holmes Bernard '82 & Theresa '82 Lammers Julian '85 & Wendy '82, '93 Lopez Peggy Marolt '82 Wesley Montoya '82 Thomas Motz '82 Nancy Powers '82 Tyler C. Ratzlaff '82 Nancy '82 & Darrell Seefeldt Cathy Trevena '82 Manny Wasinger '82, '93 Jackie Getz White '82 & Brent White Ronald '82 & Carolyn '82 Wilson Arlene R. Zabukovic '82

1983 Duane '82 & Jodi '83, '93 Anderson Yvonne Cobb '83 Frank '83 & Mary Jo '80 Elkins Cynthia D. Goldsworthy '83 Norman Greenfield '83 Jacqueline Haney '83 Patti Hastreiter '83 John '83 & Barbara '82 Holmes Larry Joe '83 & Christine '83 Hunt Alan L. Lindsay '83 Betty MacLeod '83 Mario Nogare '83 David '83 & Margaret '83 Owen Reginaldo Roybal '83 Kellie Y. Veneman '83 Maryann Vigil '83, '95 Alan '88 & Sandie '83 Wehe Cynthia L. White '83 Thomas E. White, M.D. '83

1984 Alfonso '84 & Shirley '85 Atencio Kenneth '84 & Janice '70 Hardison Pattie Hickey-Eilinger '84 Donna Hoover '84 Chris Lopez '84

donor report

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Larry Mayer '84 James '84, '01 & Nita '89, '91, '93 McAuliffe Kathryn Williams '84 Enos J. Ruybal '84 Evelyn M. Sprouse-Rowe '84 Christine Tapia '84 Karla '84 & James Willschau

1985 Russell S. Achatz '85 Julio '59, '62 & Annabelle '85 Archuleta Alfonso '84 & Shirley '85 Atencio Carol Clarke '85 Anita D. Dominguez '85 Pamela '85 & Robert Gjellum Donald '90 & Kim '85 Hurley Greg '96 & Jeni Jack Goodwin '85 Julian '85 & Wendy '82, '93 Lopez David Mazel '85, '87 Dale '85 & Teri Mingilton Kathleen Morford '85 Lori Parker '85, '97 Phoebe '85 & Bob Russell Michael '85 & Lynn '85 Spencer Bonita G. Tooley '85

1986 David Coleman '86 John '86 & Carrie '86 Elwell Gilbert '86 & Ruth '82 Garcia Sara L. Graf '86 Robert '87, '96 & Robin '86, '93 Hall Nora A. Holmes '86 Peggy Kern '86 Brian A. Loch '86, '05 Ron '65 & Marilyn '86, '87 Loser Warren '66, '90 & Jean '86, '88 Mickelsen Darryl L. Montgomery '86 Jeff Owsley '86 Janine L. Pearce-Vasquez '86 Vincent Rogers '86 Jean Senkus '86 Ann M. Stanford '86, '91 David C. Van Pelt '86 Robert Washington '86

1987 Vicki L. Briesacker '87 Noel M. Caryl '87 David ’87 & Wendy Clemmer Jeffrey L. David '87 Lloyd Engen '87 Robert '87, '96 & Robin '86, '93 Hall Robert D. Harris '87 Steven '88 & Monica '87 Hokansson Marie Holm '87 Mark Kadinger '87 Sweetie Marbury '87 Ken '87, '94 & Dolores '87 Marquez Damon '87 & Konnie Martin Teri McCartney '87, '92 Kristine Mountfort '87 Monte '87 & Stacie '89 Mullins Elizabeth G. Ratzlaff '87 Daniel '77 Russell & Carol '87 McCartney-Russell Steve '87 & Sandra Valdez Marty '88 & Stacey '87 Wood

1988 Donna M. Andrews-McIntosh '88 Mike '77, '84 & Susan '88 Arnold Roxy Carleo '88 Christine Caton '88 Patricia Cook '88 Ruby Depuy '88 Steven '88 & Monica '87 Hokansson Monica J. Johnson '88 Cindy A. Jordan '88 Gary W. Loewe '88 Sue A. Luttrell '88 Robert J. Meek '88 Larry '88, '93 & Carolyn '89 Mortensen Jeffery Pope '88 Alan '88 & Sandie '83 Wehe Marty '88 & Stacey '87 Wood

1989 Christopher B. Carroll '89 Jerry F. DeLeon '89 Shawn '90 & Sheila '89 Hicks Shirley Kernen '89 Louella Lenberg '89, '96 Mark '89, '92 & Myra '93, '01 Manzanares Querina B. Martinez '89 James '84, '01 & Nita '89, '91, '93 McAuliffe Dorothy D. McFadden '89 H. Scott Morgan '89 Larry '88, '93 & Carolyn '89 Mortensen Monte '87 & Stacie '89 Mullins Kelly Reed '89, '96 Celeste Salazar '89, '90, '03 Rosa Salo '89 James M. Seefeldt '89 Lynn A. Stagner '89, '95 Colleen Vanderpool '89, '99 Donald '72, '75 & Karan '89 Wilkinson Roberta K. Wyckoff '89

1990 Dan '90 & Jennifer Enewold James F. Gontis '90 Gary R. Goodwin '90 Antonio A. Gurule '90 Shawn '90 & Sheila '89 Hicks Cleta R. Hiner-Felzien '90 Donald '90 & Kim '85 Hurley Kerri Kingery '90, '98 Susan MacCarthy '90 Mark '90, '95 & Jacqueline '90, '96 Meyer Patrick L. Roybal '90 Roseanna Trujillo '90, '97 Bill Wesley '77 & Rose Molina-Wesley '90

1991 Beneranda Chacon '91, '01 Casey Cotton '91 Stanley '91 & Barbara '91 Foster Jerry Geiser '91 Thomas J. Gonzales '91 Johanna Gray '91 Cynthia Harris-Gantick '91 James '92 & Amy '91 Gilmore George K. '78 & Judy '91 Kelloff Lori '91, '01 & Aaron Laske Tammy L. Lopez '91, '00

Kehler bequeaths cut glass collection President David Svaldi and Kyli Kehler '12 display a few pieces from the cut glass collection donated by Kehler's grandmother, Sally K. Kehler. Sally presented the gift to the Adams State College Foundation in September 2011; she passed away a couple of months later. The collection includes 67 pieces of cut glass, as well as hand-painted plates, and is on display in the Marvel House.

Buffie McFadyen '91, '93 Sandra L. Moncada '91 Vicki Parks '91 Anita P. Perez '91, '97 Patsy Spier '91 Sean Tyler '91 Donnie J. Whitaker '91

1992 Brian Ackerman '92 Timothy Bachicha '92 Mary Crowell '92 Carrie Digironimo '92 April Gallegos-Heredia '92, '94 James '92 & Amy '91 Gilmore Linda Goodman '92 William P. Hathaway '92 Marne Milyard '92 Leroy & Michelle '92 Salazar Martin '92 & Lorna Jo Sowards Rose C. Vialpando '92, '97 Elizabeth W. Wilcox '92

1993 Valerie D. Cox '93 Robert DeHerrera '93 Dana Frerich '93 Len '93 & Toni '00 Gates Karen Gronau '93 David Lowry '93 Mark '89, '92 & Myra '93, '01 Manzanares Sarah A. Menapace-Walker '93 Jason Rogers '93 Karen Snare '93 Colleen Stabolepszy '93, '97

1994 Alberta M. Coolbaugh '94 Susan M. Espinoza '94 Mike '94 & Patricia '82, '97 Garcia Gaylene Horning '94 Teresa Linders '94 Louis Madrid '94 Marsi Mason '94 Mitchell D. Osteen '94 Leticia Atencio '94

Walter '94, '08 & Emma '10 Roybal Martha Tibbetts '94 Lois Unger '94

1995 Marlo '95 & Kristi '95 Anderson Pat '72 & Donna '95 Bottini Daniel '95, '99 & Jackie '03, '05 Caulfield Kristi Cortez '95 Leslie Doyle '95, '05 Myles '95 & Katy '97 Fitzgerald Nathan Lucero '95 & Carol Nelson-Lucero '97 Flavio Quintana '95 Melanie Schiele-Gady '95 Marie Luise Schroeder '95 Matt '95 & Eva '95 Sinclair

1998 Kay Henry Bartlett '98 Jason '98, '00 & Catherine '00 Kingery Christina McDonald '98 Michael Hudson '98 Glen Irvin '98 & Nicole '98 Borg Leanna Kaspar '98, '99 Kathleen Kelly '98 Dolly McClellan '98, '00 Mary McClure '98 Devin Trump '98 Georgia Venne '98 Shawn Wallace '98

1999 Heather Albritton '99, '00 Denise Berens '99 Joelle Boos-Medina '99 Thomas '99 & Terri '99 Bruscino Eric '00 & Stacey '99 Crouser Conrad Johnson '99, '00 Harry Manesiotis '99 Kathleen McDermott '99 Jerry '97 & Deb '99 Shawcroft Melanie D. Valdez '99

2000 Jennifer C. Chavez '00 Eric '00 & Stacey '99 Crouser Len '93 & Toni '00 Gates Marlena Halko '00 Vern '97 & Heather '00 Heersink Ryan Hollingshead '00 Jason '98, '00 & Catherine '00 Kingery Tracy Larsen '00 Stephanie Milam '00, '01 & Lucas Riggenbach Brian Neufeld '00



Jana Flint '96 Troy Geiser '96 Greg '96 & Jeni Jack '85 Goodwin Robert V. Lopez '96 Andrea Mooney '96 Robert '97 & Angela '96, '97 Morgan David Peasley '96 Linda Reid '96 Linda Relyea '96, '10 Christopher '04 & Roxann '96 Sittler

Mary Baranczyk '01 Nathan Block '01 Eric Carpio '01 Samuel '01 & Crystal '02 Evig David '97 & Penne '01 Hamilton Mike '01 & Mena '02 Hill Daniel '76, '88 & Margaret '01 Korber Karen Major Landon '01 Jana Mantovani '01 Lynette Melgosa '01 Dick '67 & Marcie '01 Reed Laurel Richmond '01 John F. Schlieker '01 Kimberley Temple '01

1997 Ronald '79 & Cynthia '97 Chapman Brian Cowan '97 Myles '95 & Katy '97 Fitzgerald Zane Gilbreth '97 Michael Glass '97 David '97 & Penne '01 Hamilton Vern '97 & Heather '00 Heersink Robert '97 & Angela '96, '97 Morgan Richard Ono '97 Nathan Lucero '95 & Carol Nelson-Lucero '97 Pat Racanelli '97 Jerry '97 & Deb '99 Shawcroft Denise Thomas '97 Karen '97, '99 & Robert Willis

2002 Samuel '01 & Crystal '02 Evig Mike '01 & Mena '02 Hill Vivia Lawson '02, '05 Jimmie Mergelman '02 Brian Rossbert '02 Kenny Schneider '02 Marla Sullivan '02

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alumni 2003 Eric M. Blake '03 Megan H. Buzby '03 Karen Carver '03 Daniel '95, '99 & Jackie '03, '05 Caulfield Dakota Hoffmann '03 Ben '03 & Anne '05 Naccarato Carl Ortega '03 Allen '03 & Tracie '03 Race Brian J. Small '03 Dan '76 & Cathy '03 Valentine Aaron K. Welsh '03

2004 Garrentt Baca '04 Christopher A. Cross '04 Kevin '04, '11 & Kris '06, '11 Daniel Terrie M. King '04 Philip E. Lopez '04 Phillip Lopez '04 Clare Orndoff '04 Jillyn A. Ostergaard '04 Christopher '04 & Roxann '96 Sittler Dustin Sullivan '04

2005 Will Bollwerk '05 Sarah Everill '05 Jason '06 & Sandra '05 Hubbard Nicholle Moreno '05 Ben '03 & Anne '05 Naccarato Chelsea Schraeder '05 Liz Thomas '05 Eric Wendelin '05

2006 Brandi Barbosa '06 Kevin '04, '11 & Kris '06, '11 Daniel George Holley '06 Jason '06 & Sandra '05 Hubbard Irene Marquez '06 Christopher Murphy '06 Joseph Pacentrilli '06 Amber L. Stibbard '06

2007 Abigail Algiene-Esquibel '07 Elsie Goines '07 James D. Johnson '07 John M. Manning '07 Christopher L. Simpleman '07 Joshua F. Spannagel '07 Jacob Streeter '07

2008 Megan Bartlett '08 Alexandra Benavidez-Duran '08 Theresa Chavez '08 Eduardo '08 & Kristie '08 Duran Kyle Hurley '08 Joseph Simmerman '08

2009 Stacy Abbott '09 Cindy Cotten '09

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donor report

Janet Faverino '09 Deanna Gylling '09 Arla Henderson '09 Terri Koppin '09 Levi Middleton '09 Teresa Ochoa '09 Denece Taylor-Begay '09 Barbara E. Wester '09

2010 Valerie Baker '10 Lynnette Carlsgaard '10 Maria Casias '10 Jessica Castillo '10 Shannon Galanek '10 Dan Roberts '10 Walter '94, '08 & Emma '10 Roybal

2011 Amanda Kleinsasser '11

giving clubs $10,000 + 1st Southwest Bank Alamosa Convention & Visitors Bureau Alamosa State Bank Ed Crowther & Lori Tanner Daniels Fund John & Paige Keeler Janet '63 & Jasper Mangum John Robert Maytag Dr. John McDaniel San Luis Valley Federal Bank San Luis Valley Rural Electric Coop Inc. Christopher '04 & Roxann '96 Sittler Patsy Spier '91 The Trinchera and Tercio Foundation

$5,000-$9,999 David Clemmer '87 Floyd '55 & Cordelia Higel J and J Circles Ron '65 & Marilyn '86, '87 Loser Alpine Electric, Inc. National Western Stock Show Scholarship Trust National Alumni Group LLC Paul & Patti Newman Steve & Carol Otto Andrea Scott & Warren Grundfest Ray & Colette Skeff SLV Regional Medical Center Southway Construction Co., Inc. David & Virginia '83, '84, '95 Svaldi

1925 club $1,925-$4,999 Alta Fuels Arby's Asphalt Constructors, Inc. Duane '82 & Lorey '80 Bussey

Century 21 Valley Realty Wayne and Nancy Chasen Family Fund of the Community Foundation Serving Richmond and Central Virginia CIA-Leavitt Insurance Agency City Market Yvonne Cobb '83 Colwell Inspection Group Community Banks Dr. Jack & Mrs. Genevieve Cooper Marceil Coor-Pender Carole Counihan & James Taggart Harry & Koos Daley Del Mar Carpet One Domino's Ronald '67, '72 & Paula '73 Duncan Davis Partnership Architects David L. Evans '70 Wayne '62 & Ellen Evans FCI Constructors, Inc. Lois Fenley William Finnell '62 Freedom Financial Services Gobin's Frances J. Gomez '64, '70 Higher One, Inc. Arthur & Amy Holland Kiwanis Club of Alamosa KSPK Radio L & M Auto Sales Trajan S. Langdon Mark '89, '92 & Myra '93, '01 Manzanares Stephen '67 & Courtney Marsters Lynn & Shirley McCullough McDonald's Donald & Diane McNally Mark McNally Monte Vista Cooperative Nino's P.E.O. Foundation Porter Realty, Inc. Price Farms Certified Seed Company, LLC Robert Hoag Rawlings Foundation Re/Max Sierra Vista, Inc. Rio Grande Savings & Loan Rock Creek Family Medicine, P.C. Rocky Mountain Septic & Excavating San Luis Valley Title Company Skiball's Running World Sodexho Campus Services Southwest Ready Mix Inc. Tayon Turner Valley Courier Valley Electric, Inc. Valley Wide Health Systems, Inc. Van Iwaarden Builders, Inc. Vance Law Office Vendola Plumbing & Heating Inc. Dolores Waldron Walsh Environmental Walters & Mullins, Inc. David W. Wehe, CFP Jackie Getz White '82 & Brent White Mary Ann Wright

$1,000-$1,924 Adams State MBA Alamosa High School Class of 1961 Alamosa Lumber CO Alamosa Quarter Horse Farm

Alamosa High School Class of '61 creates scholarship for fellow AHS graduates in the spring of 1961, the Alamosa High School graduating class filtered into their community, nation, and world prepared for college, career, and family. At their recent 50-year reunion, the Alamosa High School Class of 1961 raised money to establish a scholarship for fellow AHS graduates attending Adams State. The Alamosa High School Class of 1961 Scholarship is available to AHS graduates enrolled full-time at Adams State with at least a 3.0 grade point average. Class spokespersons Marylee Myers, Gatha Frye, Sue Murr, Virginia Harrison ‘67, Ivan Hof, and Alan Simpson said the class wanted to "give back to the community." Myers said: The Alamosa High School Class of 1961 representatives present their scholarship’s "What better way than to provide first award. From left: Sue Murr, Alan Simpson, Virginia Harrison ‘67, Ivan Hof, reAlamosa High School graduates with cipient Trisha Martinez, Marylee Myers, and Gatha Frye. the opportunity to attend college?" The rest of the class enthusiastiThe AHS '61 alumni appreciate the education they recally embraced the suggestion, originated by Harrison. ceived in the Alamosa Public Schools. "We had wonderful educators and were very fortunate for the education we received," Frye said. HIS IS ONE WAY TO HELP Currently, this scholarship is the only award established by an entire high school graduation class. Those gathered credit Myers with organizing the four-day reunion, which STUDENTS SUCCEED included an auction and dance to raise funds for the Many of those who were unable to attend the reunion scholarship. nevertheless contributed to the scholarship. Hof served as auctioneer during the dinner, where high Along with many of her classmates, Harrison attended school memorabilia, including two large photos of the ASC. After earning a degree in English, she taught at former Alamosa High School (the building was torn Center High School for six years. Others started college, down when Safeway built a new store) were sold. "We all and then chose to begin raising families, including Murr enjoyed reuniting, catching up, and sharing memories," and Myers. Murr said. Myers agreed, "We are one big, happy family." "A college degree is a great asset as our world becomes The reunion was such a success, the class plans on anmore competitive," Murr said. Harrison agrees, "I believe other in five years, rather than waiting the typical ten. in education, and everyone needs opportunity." The first Harrison shared the group's words of advice for the scholarship recipient, Trisha Martinez, is a sophomore younger generation: "Focus on respect, integrity, loyalty, majoring in business with an emphasis in accounting. "I and responsibility. Our class owes much of our success to definitely appreciate this opportunity and support," she these characteristics." Simpson added, "Go to school and said. stay in school." Myers echoed the sentiments of her fellow high school Interested donors to the scholarship can contact Lori Laske, alumni in saying, "We expect Trisha to do well. We have Adams State Alumni Director, at 719-587-8110; or Marylee faith in her." Hof agreed: “This is one way to help stuMyers at 719-588-8667. dents succeed."



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giving clubs

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Alamosa Rotary Club Alltel Dr. and Mrs. Glenn Burnham Burger King Daniel '95, '99 & Jackie '03, '05 Caulfield Ronald '79 & Cynthia '97 Chapman Chili's Colorado Choice Health Plans Rich Gehlbach '59 GFWC Woman's Citizenship Club Karla Jean Gilbert Pamela '85 & Robert Gjellum Michael Glass '97 Greg '96 & Jeni Jack Goodwin'85 David W. Green '70, '71 Dr. Phillip J. Haram '62 Dale '64 & Beverly Hettinger Patrick Hinton '71 Lyle Hood Michael Hudson '98 Jack's Market Martin B. Jones K2 Woodworking, Inc. Joel '67 & Lori '71 Korngut Lester, Sigmond, Rooney & Schwiesow En Memoria de Mario M Martinez '72 de parte de su Familia Daniel McCann Teri McCartney '87, '92 Ruth McGee '50 Clifford R. Miller '69 Marv '58, '59 & Mary '62 Motz Thomas Motz '82 Pearl A. Ortner '58 Charles Owsley '68 Michael J. Patritch '70, '73 John Patten David R. Pichaske Donald '60, '62 & Jytte Poulson Robert Poulson '59 Judith A. Quiller '61, '64 Pat Racanelli '97 Mary Rankin Susan & Edward Richmond Safeway Arnold '76 & Marguerite '75, '76 Salazar Sherwin Williams Zola A. Shriver SLV Pizza Rondaleen Specht '67 Subway Norman Tucker '79 Ann Vail Valley Educators Credit Union Lee A. Vickers '60, '65 Wall, Smith, Bateman, & Assoc. Inc. Bill '59 & Beth Waters Robert D. '56 & Thelma Weems Michael Williamson '70 Karla '84 & James Willschau Louis Wilson Winco, Inc. Ketha Woodard Don & Gloria Wuckert David L. Young '71

Absmeier Construction Russell S. Achatz '85 Alcon Construction, Inc. Alamosa Building Supply/La Jara Trading Post Gary '59, '63 & Neoma '59 Antisdel Stephen Bokat '68 Philip S. Britton '61 Jon & Teri Brownell Thomas '99 & Terri '99 Bruscino Keith Cerny Jim D. Colbert '61, '65 Cottonwood Dental Robert F. Davis '70 J.D. & Toya Dyess Howard Espinosa '56 Extreme Graphics John Fielder's Colorado Earl Finnessey '57 Harbor Adjustment Service, Inc. John '83 & Barbara '82 Holmes Ken '51 & George Anna '51 Joseph Jack D. Kelly '71 Philip E. Lopez '04 Harry Manesiotis '99 Larry Mayer '84 William McCreery Michael J. Mumper '76 and Melissa Freeman Baird & Diana Nielsen Dr. Calvin M. Oba '48 Pete I. Ortega '61, '64 William E. Pearcy '63 Lonnie Porter '65, '66 Don & Connie Rickard Dr. Charles Scoggin Vera Snyder '47, '71 Sonic Drive In Armando Valdez Dr. Joe I. '53, '59 & Caroline '75, '76 Vigil Vision Care Plus, LLC Michael Ware '69 Welch Dental Family Dentistry William J. Woodward '61

donor report

$100-$499 Brian Ackerman '92 Alamosa High School Heather Albritton '99, '00 Charles '60, '61 & Nancy '63 Allbee Monte '58, '61 & Patricia Allen Duane '82 & Jodi '83, '93 Anderson Steve & Elizabeth Anderson Steve & Susan Archibald Alfonso '84 & Shirley '85 Atencio Automotive Concepts, Inc. Timothy Bachicha '92 Tadini Bacigalupi '79 Cynthia Baer '75 & '76 Karen A. Bagwell '78 Donald G. Baker '65, '69 Bank Shot Sports Bar Kenneth Barber '72 & Jane Fiebelkorn Barber '71 Victor Barela '63 Brian Barney Kay Henry Bartlett '98 Paul & Michelle Barton Don & Laura Basse

Kenneth Bean '49 Beasn & Berry Raymond C. Beethe '70 Harold L. Benson '71 Bervig's True-Value Hardware Harvey E Billington '58, '65 Eric M. Blake '03 Kathleen Block Rhonda Boal Tom '59 & Charlotte '58, '71 Bobicki Joelle Boos-Medina '99 Paul H. Briggs '70 Bob & Sherri Brown Neil Bruce Esq. '75 & Barbara '75 Bruce Janice Bunch Robert Bushman Robyn Bushman Megan H. Buzby '03 Melanie Cable Campus Cafe Toney H. Cantu '70 Roxy Carleo '88 Shirley I. Carlson '63, '63 Glyn Carson '67 Russell Casados Century 21 Valley Realty Betsy & Carl Chacon Gregory Chavez '81 Valentina & Raymond Chavez Larry '71 & Rilla '71 Cheeseman Robert Chilcutt '71 Elaine '63, '69 & Gordon Childs John Chisholm '69, '73 Calvin Chitwood Chet Choman Kwaitin Choy '64, '65 Peter '66 & Gayle Ciraolo Glen '62 & Frances '62 Clark Gary Cleveland '75 Sharon Cobb '66 Morris Cohen '61, '68 Dave Colburn David Coleman '86 Dtuch Collins '71 Colorado FFA Alumni Conejos County Sheriff Robert Gurule & Staff John Conlon '67 Jeffrey Cook Kelly Cook Steven Cook '71 Kristi Cortez '95 Casey Cotton '91 William C. Courtney '71 Kenneth C. & Saundra D. Coveal William '60, '62 & Eleanor '82 Crain Jerry '70 & Patricia '70 Crisci Mary Cunningham Ivan Curley '53, '56 Harold Gerard Czarnetzki '69 Mike Gibson & Gigi Darricades Willie Davis '66, '68 Lisa DeHerrera James R. DeJong '68 Jerry F. DeLeon '89 Kathleen M. Delzell '61 Craig Dodd Pete & Christa Dodd Elsie L. Doser '59 Mike & Kristie Dunbar Boyd & Donelva Dunham

Clemmer scholarship furthers the “very fine” arts When Edwin Clemmer, emeritus artist, first heard a scholarship was established in his name, he said, “That is great. We enjoy helping Adams State.” This could be taken as an understatement. For Clemmer, “helping” Adams State was a mission he enjoyed through his tenure as professor of art. For 22 years, he taught sculpture, drawing, art history, and many other courses at both the graduate and undergraduate levels. He built the foundry for the sculpture room and repaired the capitals in the Luther Bean Museum. The campus Edwin Clemmer’s sculpture Mountain lawn continues to display many of his Family maintains his influence on campus. original sculptures. Clemmer retired in 1996 from a career in which he encouraged art students’ passion through his love of art, in addition to conveying skills and history. The scholarship is for full-time art majors, with first preference given to students from the San Luis Valley, and then to students from throughout Colorado or New Mexico. The Edwin Clemmer Scholarship in the Very Fine Arts recalls the nameplate on Clemmer’s Adams State office door, which read: “Edwin Clemmer, Professor of Fine Arts.” A student then inserted “very” before the word “fine.” Clemmer’s son David ‘87, named the scholarship, because he always liked that addition. When his father received the honor of “Outstanding Emeritus Artist” in 2004, the idea of establishing a scholarship emerged. It became reality through funding by Clemmer’s family and friends. David believes the San Luis Valley (and Adams State) is an artistic center. “The area is filled with talent,” he said. He hopes other young artists will benefit from the valley’s rich environment. Edwin said there are a lot of great people who work at Adams State. Many believe he was one of the greats. “I still receive calls from my former students asking for advice or to look at their latest work,” Clemmer said. “It is nice to keep up with everyone. I enjoy them very much.” Richard Duran '71, '72 Ronald J. & Charlotte M. Eagan James Edwards '64 Scott & Kymberly Edwards Grace Ellsworth '65 Lloyd Engen '87 Rod Ermel '79 Roger Escheman Leroy Espinoza Frances Esquibel Evergreen Nursing Home Samuel '01 & Crystal '02 Evig Patricia Ewert Flannagan '76 Sheryl '82, '85 & Wayne Farley Charlotte Fellers '77 Robert R. Fink '79 Thomas M. Finn '80

Keith '58, '63 & Claudette '63, '78 Fisher Patricia M. Fitch '70 Neil Fleischauer '70 Chris Foote James M. Ford '59, '61 Grimes '65 & Rachel '67 Fortenberry Louis '72, '73 & Marlene '73 Fraulo Hyman & Roselyn Freeman H. Kenneth Fry '60 Dr. & Mrs. William M. Fulkerson, Jr. John H. Fuller '57 Marsha A. Gallagher '71 Alex G. & Margaret A. Gallego Rudolph Gallegos '59, '61 Delbert ’70 & Jan Gay John R. Gendreau '70 Dr. J. Thomas '67, '68 & Pat '68 Gilmore

Richard J. Goggin '76 Pete '77 & Lillian '81, '02 Gomez Ruben Gonzales '61, '64 Gary R. Goodwin '90 Gary Goold Kirk J. Gould Jacque Graham '78 Jon R. Greene '67 Norman Greenfield '83 Kevin S. Greenlee '80 Mary Griffin Carol Murphy & David Guerrero Roger Gunlikson '62 Marlena Halko '00 Horace Hall '63 Candace Handy '68, '80 Bobby Hanzlik Spencer Harris '72 Robert D. Harris '87 Harris Water Engineering, Inc. H.R. '61 & Glenda Harrison Christine Haslett '77, '94, '03 Patti Hastreiter '83 William P. Hathaway '92 Harriet Reta Hawkins '74 Eddie D. Hearyman '71, '73 Dennis '74 & Barbara '74 Heckard Vern '97 & Heather '00 Heersink Russell & Terri Heinbaugh Edwin '73 & Kathleen '73 Herring Shawn '90 & Sheila '89 Hicks Cora-Belle Higbee '53 Mackie Hill '66, '74 Mike '01 & Mena '02 Hill Edna Hiller '44 Cleta R. Hiner-Felzien '90 William A. Hinz '72 Hogue's Glass, Inc. Steven '88 & Monica '87 Hokansson Nora A. Holmes '86 Gaylene Horning '94 Bonnie Howser Jason '06 & Sandra '05 Hubbard Shirley Hudley Hunan Chinese Restaurant Larry Joe '83 & Christine '83 Hunt Tucker Hurn Thomas & Elizabeth Hyde Nathaniel Ingbretson In-Situ Inc. Eugene K. Jimenez '70, '70 Burt Johnson Curtiss Johnson James D. Johnson '07 Lucy Johnson '35 Maile Johnson Raymond Johnson '71 Olga J. Joyce '61, '63 Connie Kaasa Richard A. Kadinger '75 James & Lorraine Keilman Robert & Christine Keitges George K. '78 & Judy '91 Kelloff Kelloff Enterprises Kathleen Kelly '98 Kim Kelso Robert '79 & Cheryl '79 Ketchie Jason '98, '00 & Catherine '00 Kingery Shyree Kirkpatrick Steven Kitchen

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legacy society

giving clubs $100-$499 Amanda Kleinsasser '11 Gary '64 & June '63 Kliesen Bessie '59, '61 & Ben Konishi Daniel '76, '88 & Margaret '01 Korber Tom Kusleika '69, '72 Alan F. Kuykendall '67 Lori '91, '01 & Aaron Laske James G. Lathrop '72 Patrick Leahy '61 Legacy Coding Karen Lemke John E. Levine '76 Selbert & Dorothy Lewis Alan L. Lindsay '83 Brian A. Loch '86, '05 Robert '73 & Sharon '68, '73 Lockwood Alfonso R. Lopez '70 Chris Lopez '84 Fred R. Lopez '69 Tammy L. Lopez '91, '00 Tim Lopez Willis '66, '69 & Janet '67 Lowther Al Lujan '72 Susan MacCarthy '90 Betty MacLeod '83 Michael '68, '70 & Jaime '69 Maestas Thomas '72 & Christine '73 Magel John M. Manning '07 William Manzanares Jr. '67 Sweetie Marbury '87 Dennis '72 & Nancy '72 Marion Irene Marquez '06 Ken '87, '94 & Dolores '87 Marquez Damon '87 & Konnie Martin James Martin '66 Judy Martin '67 Beatrice Martinez '76 Bernice L. Martinez '66 Clair Martinez '56, '75 Juan O. Martinez '76, '81 Loretta Martinez Manuel Martinez '49 Querina B. Martinez '89 Connie M. Marvel '75 Larry L. Mast '77 Monroe Mathias '51 Dale & Lisa Matteson Bill '56, '62 & Joyce '56 Matthews Scott A. & Shay A. Maunu Larry '64 & D'Anna '66, '74 Mayfield David Mazel '85, '87 John McBride '59 Leslie McCarroll '69 Daniel & Teresa McCasky C. Lavoy McCorkle '60, '62 Leland '57 McDaniel Buffie McFadyen '91, '93 Kathy McGinty '67 Karen McLean-Simmons '74 Robert J. McSherry '67, '68 Eric A. Mead '71 Sally Meek '77 Lynette Melgosa '01 Mark '90, '95 & Jacqueline '90, '96 Meyer Warren '66, '90 & Jean '86, '88 Mickelsen Stephanie Milam '00, '01 & Lucas Riggenbach Dale '85 & Teri Mingilton Sandra L. Moncada '91

donor report

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Darryl L. Montgomery '86 Gilbert Montoya '55, '60 Wesley Montoya '82 Pauline Moore Nancy R. Moore '71 Paul M. Morley '66 Deanna R. Morris '64, '65 H. Wayne Morrison '63 Corky & Nancy Mortensen Barbara J. Motes '72, '78 Arthur '57 & Linda '67 Motz Kristine Mountfort '87 Gary Muller James '51, '68 & Betty '52 Mullings Craig Naas Dennis '62 & Linda Nash Norman Nash '57 Lloyd Nelson Gail F. Nitta '66 Bobbie Norris Floyd & Jody Oaks David A. Ochoa '63, '63 Albert '61 & Kelli '74 O'Leary Michael A. Onofrey '76 Bob & Jeanie Onstott Fritz & Lillian Orbke Susan Oringdulph Rocky Ortega '65, '71 Patti A. Ortiz '78 Jeff Owsley '86 Joseph Pacentrilli '06 Lori Parker '85, '97 Rudri Patel Walter Paulson '61, '63 Sheri & Rob Pearce David Peasley '96 Gerald M. Petersen '77 John Pim '67 Milton J. Place '74 Glenn & Jodi Purvis Paul M. Rahne '65, '66 Gary & Toni Ramstetter Jason Ramstetter Steven Randle '72, '91 Elizabeth G. Ratzlaff '87 Tyler C. Ratzlaff '82 Cornelia E. Rector '68 Julane Reed '61 Marti Reich Linda Reid '96 Linda Relyea '96, ‘10 Ann Rice Ed Rice Laurel Richmond '01 Ronald Rickman '78 Gary '61 & Suzan '67 Robins Jason Rogers '93 Thomas '77 & Shirley '77 Roman Isaac Romero '59 Boogie & Dorothy Romero Paul Ronstadt Brian Rossbert '02 John B. Roybal '51, '60 Patrick L. Roybal '90 Walter '94, '08 & Emma '10 Roybal Neil & Elise Rudolph Randy Rusch '78 Daniel '77 Russell & Carol '87 McCartney-Russell Russell Surveyors & Assoc., Inc.

The Legacy Society recognizes donors who have supported the ASC Foundation with a planned gift. Mary Beaver Dr. Jack & Mrs. Genevieve Cooper Wayne '62 & Ellen Evans Dale '64 & Beverly Hettinger Bonnie Moinet '84 Paul “Bud” '69 & Pat Nielsen Michael Sloan '65 Patsy Spier '91 Douglas Thomas '55

Jack C. Russell '66 Steven '73 & Mary '80 Russell Celeste Salazar '89, '90, '03 Lydia Salazar Leroy & Michelle '92 Salazar San Luis Valley Brewing Company Maria E. Sanchez Max Sanchez San Luis Care Center Rich '75 & Barbara Scanga Rhonda Scattum Stephen Schiffer Matt Schildt & Veronica Starcher State Farm Insurance Melody Schneider Steven '75 & Lilliam '74 Schomaker James M. Seefeldt '89 Vincent '79 & Donna Segura George Sellman & Julie Mordecai Ken Shepherd '60 Matthew Shoban '68 Joseph Simmerman '08 Sidney Skirvin '51 Michael Sloan '65 Edward F. Small '73 Eric & Nichole Smith Martin '92 & Lorna Jo Sowards Connie J. Spencer '63, '66 Colleen Stabolepszy '93, '97 Herbert '70, '71 & Linda '72 Stantz Donald Stegman '61, '64 Charles Steward '50 Donald J. Stimack '54 Sharon Padia Stone '69 David '80 and Ann Stong Paul Stong '47 Walter Stoufer '66 Bruce & Shari Strohm Dustin Sullivan '04 Larry & Carol Sveum Jennifer Swami Christine Tapia '84 Team Sizzle Kimberley Temple '01 Donna '67, '83 & Thomas Templeton Charles M. Thomas '66 Pamela Thompson '76, '81 Tim's Transmission & Auto Repair Lisa Todd Steven Tran '79 Diane (Smiley) '67 & Darrell Trembly Jane Trogdon '66 Jon Trotter '65 Roger Trotter '63 Bertha Trujillo '72, '80 Henry Trujillo '61, '70

Thomas E. White, M.D. '83 Robert H. Whiting, Ph.D. '59, '63 Donald '72, '75 & Karan '89 Wilkinson Harold & Mary Williamson Edward Wisniewski '74 William '64 & Donna '64 Witt Don & Phyllis Witzel Donald E. Wolfe '68 David '67, '75 & Kay '68 Wood Alan & Janice Wuckert Mike Yates Robert K. Yund '74 Joe & Shirley Zanski Barbara J. Zeman '72 Carl Zietz Jr.

Up to $99 Stacy Abbott '09 John '76 & Deborah '76 Abdulla Aaron Abeyta Gaspar L. Abeyta '66 Suzanne Adams '74 Lee A. Aguilar '58, 65 Abigail Algiene-Esquibel '07 Lee Allbright '51 Donald Alley '66 A group of students, staff, and alumni gathered Anita K. Allinger '77 recently to express their appreciation of ASC Brian D. Anderson '82 Alumni and Foundation Scholarships they reMarlo '94 & Kristi '95 Anderson Sarah Anderson ceived. From top are: Jeff Owsley ‘86, Darin SisDonna M. Andrews-McIntosh '88 neros, Talisha Bell, Drake Sisneros, Shantel Jimmy Apodaca Gallegos, Liz Thomas-Hensley ‘05, Elvina Cecilia Archuleta '59, '67 Tupuono, Nichole Cordova, Christopher Jiron, Julio '59, '62 & Elisabet Hernandez, Joseph Yusuf, and Aaron Annabelle '85 Archuleta Linda Armstead '77 Tuioti-Mariner ‘02, ‘11. Mike '77, '84 & Susan '88 Arnold Charles R. Asay '67 Devin Trump '98 Martha J. Asher '73, '75 Sean Tyler '91 Edward E. Atencio '68, '73 Dr. and Mrs. Richard Ulrich Cher Babkiewich Dale R. Umberger '69 Heidi & Paul Babkiewich Unified Chiropractic Marie & Frank Babkiewich Melanie D. Valdez '99 Renee Babkiewich Dr. Edmund Vallejo '55 Garrentt Baca '04 Jose Vallejos '62 Valerie Baker '10 Valley Car Wash/Vintage Garage Richard L. Bank '59 Phillip S. Van Hook '64, '65 Mary Baranczyk '01 Darrel '74 & Shirley '75 Van Iwarden Brandi Barbosa '06 David C. Van Pelt '86 Jeannie Barnes Kellie Y. Veneman '83 Dave & Bekah Barrows Joe '54, '60 & Celsa '54 Vialpando Megan Bartlett '08 Paul Victor '74, '75 Beverly Barton '69 Maryann Vigil '83, '95 Rudy '62 & Sharon Basovsky Michael Vigil '78 Gerald Bates '71 Rosalie J. Vigna '77 Dallas & Diane Bauer John & Jowanda Villyard Phyllis K. Bauman '74 Kip Walker '77 Keli Beard Robert Waltman '76 Steve & Robin Beeson Kay '55 & Jan '63 Watkins Rodger '73 & Cathy '74 Bell Al '73 & Virginia Wehe Netedge, LLC Alan '88 & Sandie '83 Wehe Alexandra Benavidez-Duran '08 David & Donna Wehe Andrea Benton-Meastas Arvilla Weldon '70, '92 Cory & Charlene Beougher Judy K. Wellbrock Denise Berens '99 Eric Wendelin '05 Bruce & Linda Bergen Donnie J. Whitaker '91 Bryce & Kristi Bervig Carol White Dee Betts '70, '71 John White '71 Beth Bjerke

Elva Bjerke Peggy D. Bland '76, '81 Nathan Block '01 Carol Blomgren '81 Jade Bock Geoffrey '73 & Deborah '75 Bokan Will Bollwerk '05 Margaret L. Bolte '75 Ron Bond '59 Kurt Bonds Jerrold Booher '59, '61 Pat '72 & Donna '95 Bottini Andrew Bourne Josephine & Toni Bowers Kathleen M. Bowne '75 Sharon Boyce Elizabeth Boyd Roxie L. Boyd '55. '64 David M. Brabb '60, '62 Thomas Bradley '69 Jean M. Bretz '76 Vicki L. Briesacker '87 Broadcaster Marketing Services Inc. Bill Brooks Deborah Brothers Donald Brown '61, '68 Jean Brown Ronald Brown '71 Larry & Jean Browning Joseph Brummitt '82 Roger O. Brunelli '67, '74 Gary '73 & Maria '73 Burrows John Burt '59 Matthew Burt Francis Burzynski Tim Busen Rachel Butler J. J. Byerly '70 Jane Cable Russell L. Cagle '73 Caity Lanes Malt Shoppe Justen Caleca Christine Candland '68 Anthony Cantu '72 Lynnette Carlsgaard '10 Marguerite M. Carlson '52 Harry & Barbara Carmean Eric Carpio '01 Christopher B. Carroll '89 Karen Carver '03 Noel M. Caryl '87 Maria Casias '10 Jessica Castillo '10 Christine Caton '88 Beneranda Chacon '91, '01 James P. Chambers '63 Anna L. Chavez '46 Betty Chavez Jennifer C. Chavez '00 Theresa Chavez '08 William D. and Barbara Ann Chilton Janine Chilton-Faust Richard B. Chitwood '52 Bernadette Cisneros Rona Clark '82 Carol Clarke '85 Tom Cliff Joyce O. Coleman '64 Lana Coleman '75

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giving clubs Up to $99 Larry M. Coleman '71 Joseph & Mary Colgan Colorado Harvesting Energy Network James '72 & Barbara '72, '80 Conder Conejos County Hospital Corporation Alberta Consonero David C. Cook '69 Katherine A. Cook '74 Patricia Cook '88 Alberta M. Coolbaugh '94 Kent Cooper '76 Alfred '70 & Anna Marie '72 Cordova Felix A. Cordova '62, '65 John Cormier Larry Corradino '73 Mary Beth Corsentino '71, '74 Joseph H. Corson '57 Theresa A. Cortese '76, '82 Prudencio Cosyleon '77 Cindy Cotten '09 Jack & Mabel Cotton Brian Cowan '97 Valerie D. Cox '93 Ronald Crawford '64, '70 Joyce Crisp '67 Dorothy Croft '73 Christopher A. Cross '04 Eric '00 & Stacey '99 Crouser Julia Crow '49 Shirley A. Crow '66, '72 Mary Crowell '92 Jean Cullen '73 David Curtis '72, '92 Gloria A. Curtis '70 Bob Damashek '68, '73 Kevin '04 & Kris '06 Daniel Billie Darr '65 Jeffrey L. David '87 Daniel Davis '74 Helen Davis '69, '77 Roger Dawson '77, '92 Christopher & Beth Day Ian M. Debono '73, '73 Wanda L. Decker '54 Sandy Dee '71 Robert DeHerrera '93 Frank DeLeon '71 Gerald Dellinger '73 Dell's Insurance Agency Darlene DeMarce Albert Demarest '66, '71 George '65 & Carol '69, '80 Demas Lucrecia Dennis Ruby Depuy '88 Elbert Detwiler '63 James Deutsch '65 Margarita Diaz Carrie Digironimo '92 David Dixon Ryan Dodd Wayne Dolan '80 & Emerald Duran-Dolan '78, '79 Anita D. Dominguez '85 Tom & Sherry Donahue Patrick Donnelly '64 Leslie Doyle '95, '05 Glessie Drake '53 Benjamin '76 & Judy '81, '82 Duarte

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Amgen Foundation El Pomar Foundation Gannett Foundation IBM International Foundation Merck Partnership for Giving Microsoft Pfizer Foundation State Farm Foundation Wells Fargo Foundation Manuel Gonzales Thomas J. Gonzales '91 Linda Goodman '92 Harold Goodrich '63, '67 Tom Goodwin '73 Cathie Graeser '76 Sara L. Graf '86 James & Betty Gray Johanna Gray '91 Jere Greene '66 Keith & Roxie Greer James D. Gribben '58, '61 Karen Gronau '93 Neva Gronert '78 Bob Grooms '76 Jim Groves '59 Elena Guerra Antonio A Gurule '90 Deanna Gylling '09 Sherrie Hagedorn '72 Valerie Hagedorn Jerry L. Hahn '66 Robert '87, '96 & Robin '86, '93 Hall David '97 & Penne '01 Hamilton Judy Hamilton Susan '69, '89 & Neil Hammer Charles P. Hammill '68, '69 Boyd F. Hammond '67 Elizabeth J. Hammond '76, '80 Jacqueline Haney '83 George Hansen '68 Kenneth '84 & Janice '70 Hardison Earl Harrington & Timi Salazar Eunice B. Harris '74 Glen '71 & Margaret '71 Harris Jack Harris '65, '66 Cynthia Harris-Gantick '91 Donna Hayward '77 Heartstrings and Heirlooms Marty H. Heaton '82 Ruth Hector Steve, Wendy & Quigley Hector Arla Henderson '09 Laura Hendrix Geoff Herberg Waldo '71, '74 & Peggy '75, '76 Herrera Pattie Hickey-Eilinger '84 Martha Hill '46 Richard Hime '68 Billy D. Hlavachick '61 Karen Hobbs '82 Gordon '71 & Wendy '71 Hoffman Dakota Hoffmann '03 George Holley '06 Ryan Hollingshead '00 Marie Holm '87 Sheila Homan '68 Donna Hoover '84 Karen L. Hossack '69 Ken '68 & Maxine Howard Nel Hubbard Al Hull Frances '61 & Harry Hull

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Mario Martinez En Memoria de Mario M. Martinez '72 de parte de su Familia

Dr. Marvin Motz Larry & Jean Browning Janice Bunch Duane '82 & Lorey '80 Bussey Joseph & Mary Colgan Mike Gibson & Gigi Darricades Sheryl '82, '85 & Wayne Farley Dr. Gordan & Wanda '74 Golsan Christine Haslett '77, '94, '03 Gaylene Horning '94 Robert & Christine Keitges Neal & Patricia Knapp Bessie '59, '61 & Ben Konishi Lori '91, '01 & Aaron Laske John E. Levine '76 Teri McCartney '87, '92 Pauline Moore Arthur '57 & Linda '67 Motz Bob & Jeanie Onstott Richard & Clemath Parker Phoebe '85 & Bob Russell Nancy '82 & Darrell Seefeldt Connie J. Spencer '63, '66 Don & Shirley Stagner Donald Stegman '61, '64 Donna '67, '83 & Thomas Templeton Dr. and Mrs. Richard Ulrich Paul Victor '74, '75

Donald '90 & Kim '85 Hurley Kyle Hurley '08 Glen Irvin '98 & Nicole '98 Borg Richard '78 & Sandra '78 Jackson Lance Jacobs Sue-Ellen Jacobs '63 Freddie Jaquez '76, '77 Carmel Jaramillo Kenneth Adam Jardine Jim & Melanie Jeppesen Conrad Johnson '99, '00 Greg Johnson Kathy Johnson Loretta Johnson Michael D. Johnson Monica J. Johnson '88 Paul M. Johnson '61, '65 Barbara Johnston '75 Ronald V. Johnston '80, '89, '01

Kay '55 & Jan '63 Watkins Alan '88 & Sandie '83 Wehe David & Donna Wehe Al '73 & Virginia Wehe Arvilla Weldon '70, '92 Bill Wesley '77 & Rose Molina-Wesley '90 Ketha Woodard

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Bill Simpson Darlene DeMarce

Billie Stong Josephine & Toni Bowers Duane '82 & Lorey '80 Bussey John Chisholm '69, '73 Mr. Chet Choman Joseph & Mary Colgan Conejos County Sheriff Robert Gurule and Staff Christine Haslett '77, '94, '03 Margaret Jones Connie Kaasa Sandy Meadowcraft Albert '61 & Kelli '74 O'Leary San Luis Valley Federal Bank Mr. & Mrs. Kiyoshi Kay Shioshita David '80 and Ann Stong Paul Stong '47 John & Jowanda Villyard David & Donna Wehe

Yvonne Wick Sharon Boyce Janice Bunch Frances '61 & Harry Hull Hideko & Kiyoshi Shioshita Bruce & Shari Strohm Alan '88 & Sandie '83 Wehe David & Donna Wehe Judy K. Wellbrock

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Michael Khalili '65, '68 Albert L. King '61, '64 Sue King '66, '90 Terrie M. King '04 Kerri Kingery '90, '98 Nancy Kitterman '65, '71 Neal & Patricia Knapp Delfinia J. Kogovsek '59 Terri Koppin '09 Dan Kotschwar '71 John J. Kozlevchar '79 Scott Thomas Kretzmann Kelly & Patti Kruger Cynthia Kulp '73 Donald W. Kusulas '62 Jason Lamb Bernard '82 & Theresa '82 Lammers Brian Lamson Terri Lancaster Karen Major Landon '01 Trista Langdon Anthony J. Langoni '73 Barb Larimer Tracy Larsen '00 David M. Lashway '75 Carlyn Ann Laughlin '68 Vivia Lawson '02, '05 Wade Leavitt Dianne & Jeff Lee Frank Lee '74 Eldon R. Leff '63 Charlotte Lehmann '79 Louella Lenberg '89, '96 Cherryl Leone James F. Lepich '60, '64 Doris Lessenden '74 Ronald V. Lester '77 Light Touch Teresa Linders '94 Edward E. and Rose E. Lindquist Kenneth '77 & Cecelia '78 Lingle Jim W. Lochner '64 Gary W. Loewe '88 Rick Long Richard & Ericha Loosbrock Julian '85 & Wendy '82, '93 Lopez Manuel I. Lopez Phillip Lopez '04 Robert V. Lopez '96 George Lorton '66 Gail Loveland David Lowry '93 Leo Lucero '56 Nathan Lucero '95 & Carol Nelson-Lucero '97 Jacque & Ivan Luster Sue A. Luttrell '88 Anthony R. Madrid '79, '87 Louis Madrid '94 Theodora Madrid '60, '69 Thea Maestas Stephen W. Magoon '67, '70 Nikolai Makarow '72 Maureen P. Maksimoski '75 Dutch Malberg '61, '64 Eve P. Malo '73 Andrew A. Mang '57 Bill Mansheim & Sue Patterson '83, '86 Dave & Linda Mantlo Jana Mantovani '01

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giving clubs Up to $99 Ronnie Margolies '71 Peggy Marolt '82 Francine Martinez James Martinez '73 Jennifer Martinez Larry J. Martinez '73 Louis V. Martinez '79 Marlyan Martinez '78 Rodney Martinez Rose Martinez Dr. John & Mrs. Frances Marvel Marsi Mason '94 Shannon Mattiza Andrew May '54 Constance Mayfield '72 James '84, '01 & Nita '89, '91, '93 McAuliffe Donald McCallister '51 William '68 & Regina '68 McCann James M. McCarthy '74 Dolly McClellan '98, '00 Mary McClure '98 Joanne McComb '64 John McCreery Jan E. McCurdy Kathleen McDermott '99 Dorothy D. McFadden '89 Marcella R. McFarland '60, '62 David P. McGovern '70 Joe McGuinness Ted P. McNeilsmith Tanya McPherson Sandy Meadowcraft Carlos F. Medina Robert J. Meek '88 Karen Melgares Bruce Meller '71 Sarah A. Menapace-Walker '93 Mary Mercer Jimmie Mergelman '02 Jay Meyer Levi Middleton '09 Gloria Mielke '65, '69 Merlin J. Miller '64 Ed Mills Gary Mills Marne Milyard '92 Edwin T. Miyazawa '74 Lois E. Moeny '43 Carlos Montoya '58, '60 Margaret Montoya Andrea Mooney '96 Rachel Mora Nicholle Moreno '05 Kathleen Morford '85 Eugene Morgan H. Scott Morgan '89 Robert '97 & Angela '96, '97 Morgan Craig '73, '76 & Margie '75, '00 Mortensen Larry '88, '93 & Carolyn '89 Mortensen Wade '76, '80 & Lindy '80 Mortensen Tillie & Nick Moulazimis Yvonne C. Moulton '65 Gregory Mullen '81 Monte '87 & Stacie '89 Mullins Benito Muniz '73 Christopher Murphy '06 Danny Myers

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Christina Ritchie Phyllis Ritchie Bradley R. Roades '81 Dan Roberts '10 Norman '75, '77 & Greta Roberts Thomas W. Roberts '73 Susan Robinson '66 Tracey L. Robinson Leticia Rodriquez '94 Dixie '72, '88 & Alan Rogers Vincent Rogers '86 Anthony Romero Ernest '74, '85 & Patricia '71, '76, '99 Romero John & Pam Rooks Joseph R. Ross '66 Steve & Jerri Ross Delmar L. Rouse '76 Cedric Rowley Reginaldo Roybal '83 Jack '79, '84 & Theresa Rudder Phoebe '85 & Bob Russell Elizabeth Russom Gail M. Rust '80 Alonzo Ruybal '72 Enos J. Ruybal '84 Rica C. Ruybal '74, '79 Aaron E. Sahr '68 Ana & Gina Salazar Paul Salazar Rosa Salo '89 Amos & Louise Sanchez Caroline Sanchez '56 Lorraine Sanchez Katherine Sanchez Aldaz Antonio M. Sandoval '73, '89 Benjamin Sandy Ariel Santos Reyes Carl Savely '76 Donald and Marguerite Schall Robert B. Scharf '62 Lloyd Schempp '67 Melanie Schiele-Gady '95 William J. and Roselie C. Schlaufman John F. Schlieker '01 Kenny Schneider '02 Paul Schoenberger '67 Kelly Schofield '68 Chelsea Schraeder '05 Merle R. Schroder '67 Marie Luise Schroeder '95 Charles Schultz Michael Scott '70 Nancy '82 & Darrell Seefeldt James '65 & Patricia '63, '87 Seese Raymond L. Seib '66, '67 Neil J. Seneff '76, '89 Jean Senkus '86 Jerry '97 & Deb '99 Shawcroft Lynnae Shawcroft Hideko & Kiyoshi Shioshita Mr. & Mrs. Kiyoshi Kay Shioshita Mary Ann Siegfried Sandra Simon Christopher L. Simpleman '07 Matt '95 & Eva '95 Sinclair William '70, '76 & Phyllis '71 Sinclair James Slade '72 Karen Sliwkowski '75, '89 Brian J. Small '03 Elizabeth A. Smith '80

Senior nursing students benefit from new Mangum scholarship Janet (McAnich) Mangum ’63 was very selective in developing the Mangum Nursing Scholarship. She and her husband, Jasper, recently established the $2,000 scholarship for senior nursing majors with a 3.0 GPA or better. The first scholarship will be awarded next fall. Mangum first chose Adams State, because she believes students receive a better education at smaller schools. She then selected the nursing program, because she is impressed by its quality and the fact that its graduates Jasper and Janet (McAnich) ‘63 are generally students from the south- Mangum ern Colorado region who will remain and contribute to their communities. She restricted the award to seniors, because they have already demonstrated a commitment to their education. “Even back in the early ‘60s, I saw excellent students who didn’t have to work for the grades or to pay tuition who would quit in their junior year. I feel students who have to work a little harder are more invested in their education. Those are the kind of students I want to help,” she explained. “I didn’t want anyone to be forced to drop out because they don’t have the funds to graduate. I know there is someone out there who will appreciate this scholarship.” Mangum was an early supporter of ASC’s nursing program. In 2006, she donated a Nursing Anne human simulator that could replicate various symptoms and injuries in nursing practice. This was an early component of the nursing simulation lab, which opened last year as the SLV Center for Clinical Excellence. Mangum first taught elementary school following college, then she and her husband opened an auto collision shop in Albuquerque, where they have lived since 1972. They recently sold the shop and are now retired. Janie Smith John H. Smith '70 Olga Smith Samie Y. Smith '62, '65 Terryl '70 & Sharon '73 Smith Karen Snare '93 Carl '61, '64 & Teddy '63 Snow Joshua F. Spannagel '07 Michael '85 & Lynn '85 Spencer Evelyn M. Sprouse-Rowe '84 Don & Shirley Stagner Lynn A. Stagner '89, '95 Ann M. Stanford '86, '91 Ila M. Starks '75 Gary Starrett '69 Gary '72 & Laurie '72 Stauffer Mona Stetina '68 George Stevens '66 Amber L .Stibbard '06 Gregory Stimack '77 Marianne L. Stoller '49 Michael K. Stotler '73

Jacob Streeter '07 Marla Sullivan '02 Daniel Supulski '55 Harriet Sutton '63 Linda M. Swanson '70 Philip Swille '60 T R Toppers, Inc Deni Tanzer Dervin L. Taylor Luke Taylor Denece Taylor-Begay '09 Jack '73, '79 & JoAnne '73 Thaw The Amgen Foundation Carleen Theel '73 Denise Thomas '97 Liz Thomas '05 Donald Thompson & Jan Oen Janeal Thompson '75 Myla Thompson Martha Tibbetts '94 Bonita G. Tooley '85 Carol A. Traynor '72

Cathy Trevena '82 Roseanna Trujillo '90, '97 Doris Tucker '81 Ralph '69 & Vicki '67 Turano Quinton Turner '78 Lois Unger '94 Rick Vafeades '67, '68 Enos R. Valdez '72 John J. Valdez '75 Bea Valdez '72 Steve '87 & Sandra Valdez Dan '76 & Cathy '03 Valentine Valley Pride Car Wash, Inc. Frank Van Bockern '61 Kathy Van Gieson Colleen Vanderpool '89, '99 Gary VanGerpen '64, '66 John Van Tassel '76, '85 Georgia Venne '98 Gary M. Venturi '71 Ardell E. Versaw '63 Rose C. Vialpando '92, '97 Phil Vigil '51, '60 Mary M. Vigil Pablo C. Vigil '75, '91 Chris Vlahos Paul & Karen Wagner Mr. Kenneth Cole Wakasugi Rodger D. Wakasugi '72 Shawn Wallace '98 Robert Wallendorff '54, '60 Tim '73 & Peggy '72, '72 Walters Andrew Wampler Robert Washington '86 Manny Wasinger '82, '93 Evelyn Watters '65 Mark Weeks '75 Mark Weiby Aaron K. Welsh '03 Bill Wesley '77 & Rose Molina-Wesley '90 Barbara E. Wester '09 Virginia White '65 Cynthia L. White '83 Farrell Whitey '70 Elizabeth W. Wilcox '92 Joyce M. Willeke '71 Connie Williams David L. & Mary Beth Williams Karen '97, '99 & Robert Willis Steve Willman '73 Clayton Wilson Ronald '82 & Carolyn '82 Wilson Jack Wirth '72 Cora E. Wolfe '64 Marty '88 & Stacey '87 Wood Roberta K. Wyckoff '89 Augusta Youngblood '62 Arlene R. Zabukovic '82 William Zanotelli '72, '73 Jennifer Zaremba

thank you Adams State College truly appreciates the support of all its donors. If you find a discrepancy in the information listed in this Donor Report, please call 719-587-7609. Spring 2012| A-Stater | 35

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Dolce ‘95 supports football Former Grizzly Club president Darin Dolce ‘95 recently created an ASC football scholarship, in appreciation of the opportunities such a scholarship opened for him. He wanted to do something specifically for the football program. “My family went to Adams State. We were all provided opportunities because of the college.” Being an athlete meant discipline and commitment, something Dolce now sees as being a major influence in the professional world. “College was a great time for me.” After consulting with Adams State head football coach Martin Heaton ‘82, Dolce realized the best way to “give back” and support the football program would be to establish a scholarship to aid recruitment. “Most other teams they play have more funding,” Dolce said. Originally from California, Dolce earned a bachelor’s degree in business. His father also attended Adams State on a wrestling scholarship. While in college, Dolce started a construction business which later grew into land development. He has been a Grizzly Corporate Sponsor on and off since graduation. Although he and Rosa Diaz ’95 and their two-year-old daughter, Isabella, live in California, Dolce still visits Alamosa frequently. “The college has come a long way. I support the growth and development of the athletic and academic programs. Seeing what the college has done in support of students motivated me to donate.”

Motz memorial scholarship benefits student-athletes Bob Weems ‘56 established the Marv Motz Outstanding Athlete Scholarship to honor the late Dr. Marv Motz ‘58, ‘59, emeritus professor of psychology. “Marv was a good athlete, a good friend, and a good student,” he said. During college, Motz played basketball, and Weems was a lineman for the football team. The scholarship is open to full-time student-athletes with 2.8 or better cumulative grade point average. “Any athlete can receive the scholarship,” Weems said, “but it would be nice if it was a lineman. ” Weems last saw Motz when he visited the Adams State campus a couple years ago. “When I heard of Motz’s passing, I approached Tammy and Lori about establishing Bob Weems ‘56 will present a scholarship, and they worked out the dean ASC jacket to Motz scholtails.” Along with the scholarship, Weems arship recipients. will present the recipient with a green Adams State sports jacket. In 1999, Weems established the Merle Milligan Scholarship to be awarded to the top math student; two of those recipients now teach at Adams State. Both the Marv Motz Outstanding Athlete Scholarship and Merle Milligan Award are valued at $1,000. Weems taught math and coached football and basketball. He later became a computer programmer for the Air Force and eventually retired from the Standard Oil Company in Tulsa, Okla., in 1988.

Individuals Russell S. Achatz '85 Alamosa High School Steve & Elizabeth Anderson Steve & Susan Archibald Timothy Bachicha '92 Bank Shot Sports Bar Bryce & Kristi Bervig Bervig's True-Value Hardware Rhonda Boal Joelle Boos-Medina '99 Bob & Sherri Brown Jon & Teri Brownell Pat Bryson Dr. and Mrs. Glenn Burnham Tim Busen Jane Cable Campus Café Roxy Carleo '88 Eric Carpio '01 Christine Caton '88 Century 21 Valley Realty Keith Cerny Betsy & Carl Chacon Tom Cliff Dave Colburn Alberta M. Coolbaugh '94 Kendra Coveal Kenneth C. & Saundra D. Coveal Ed Crowther & Lori Tanner Christopher & Beth Day

Dell's Insurance Agency Craig Dodd Mike & Kristie Dunbar Scott & Kymberly Edwards Roger Escheman Leroy Espinoza John Evans Keith '58, '63 & Claudette '63, '78 Fisher Joel Fleming Chris Foote Dan France Delbert '70 & Jan Gay Manuel Gonzales Gary R. Goodwin '90 Greg '96 & Jeni Jack '85 Goodwin Kirk J. Gould Valerie Hagedorn Marty H. Heaton '82 Vern '97 & Heather '00 Heersink Mike '01 & Mena '02 Hill Hogue's Glass, Inc. Justin Holland George Holley '06 Nora A. Holmes '86 Michael Hudson '98 Larry Joe '83 & Christine '83 Hunt Burt Johnson Greg Johnson Raymond Johnson '71 Edward Jones Kelloff Enterprises Kentucky Fried Chicken Scott Thomas Kretzmann

Kelly & Patti Kruger Jason Lamb Dianne & Jeff Lee Selbert & Dorothy Lewis Richard & Ericha Loosbrock Manuel I. Lopez Robert V. Lopez '96 Tim Lopez Bill Mansheim & Sue Patterson '83, '86 Mark '89, '92 & Myra '93, '01 Manzanares Ken '87, '94 & Dolores '87 Marquez Damon '87 & Konnie Martin Beatrice Martinez '76 Dr. John & Mrs. Frances Marvel Daniel McCann Jay Meyer Mark '90, '95 & Jacqueline '90, '96 Meyer Stephanie Milam '00, '01 & Lucas Riggenbach Corky & Nancy Mortensen Larry '88, '93 & Carolyn '89 Mortensen Wade '76, '80 & Lindy '80 Mortensen Marv '58, '59 & Mary '62 Motz Michael J. Mumper '76 & Melissa Freeman Craig Naas Lloyd Nelson Netedge, LLC Floyd & Jody Oaks Jeanie O'Laughlin Albert '61 & Kelli '74 O'Leary Charles Owsley '68 Jeff Owsley '86 Jeanna Paluzzi Gary & Toni Ramstetter Jason Ramstetter Jeffrey Allen Reich & Farraday Newsome Marti Reich Linda Reid '96 Norman '75, '77 & Greta Roberts Tracey L. Robinson Anthony Romero Paul Ronstadt Steven '73 & Mary '80 Russell Russell Surveyors & Assoc., Inc. Benjamin Sandy Stephen Schiffer William J. and Roselie C. Schlaufman Michael Scott '70 Vincent '79 & Donna Segura Donald Stegman '61, '64 David Svaldi & Virginia '83, '84, '95 Svaldi Dervin L. Taylor Liz Thomas-Hensley '05 Pamela Thompson '76, '81 Tim's Transmission & Auto Repair Aaron K. Tuioti-Mariner '02, '11 Armando Valdez Valley Car Wash/Vintage Garage Valley Pride Car Wash, Inc. John & Jowanda Villyard Kip Walker '77 Manny Wasinger '82, '93 Bill '59 & Beth Waters Al '73 & Virginia Wehe Elaine Wenta '95 Clayton Wilson Louis Wilson Mary Ann Wright Chay '00 & Jennifer '00 Yund Joe & Shirley Zanski

Spring 2012| A-Stater | 37

alumnotes 1950s Lawrence Menke `52 (Billings, MT) and his wife, Georgina, recently took a 14-day Alaskan Cruise. He retired in 1986 after 35 years at Shell Oil Co. They have sold their home and moved into a retirement home. K. Grant Faucette `57, `65 (Wheat Ridge, CO), after receiving his BA from ASC, served 2 years with the U.S. Army in Germany. He then taught in Karval, CO, for 2 years and lived in Alaska for 2 years. He has visited Alaska 15 times since he left. After returning to ASC to finish his master’s, he worked as a recreational director and teacher at the Golden Gate Youth Camp for juvenile delinquents from 1965 to 1986. Now retired for 22 years, he enjoys bowling three times a week and traveling.

1960s Dennis B. Nash `62 (Florence, AZ) was very pleased to learn that his old friend, Don Stegman `61 `64, was presented with the Billy Adams Award. “That is a most fitting recognition of his many contributions to the institution we all love,” says Dennis. He and his wife, Linda, continue to divide their time between Wisconsin in the summer and Arizona in the winter. They hope to attend an alumni gathering in Arizona this winter and may participate in Homecoming this year to celebrate 50 years since Dennis graduated. Jo Ann Rezen `62, `68 (Fruita, CO) volunteers at Hospice and Palliative Care of Western Colorado three times a week. She has been a part of Mesa County Retired and Pueblo Employers Association for 11 years. She loves traveling, especially south to Mexico. Life for her is good! “I love where I live and my friends!” Norman G. Howey `62, `65 and Mary Sue Mallory Howey `64 (Fruitland, NM) are enjoying retirement, being with their grandkids, and traveling the world. Albert Leonard King `61, `64 (Alamosa, CO) taught at Alamosa High School for 34 years and retired in 1996.

38 |


Donald G. Baker `65, `69 (Saguache, CO) is retired. He keeps busy with beekeeping and some mechanic work – mostly tractor repair work. Rachel Fortenberry `67 (Wetherford, TX) was chosen the Dollar General Tutor of The Year in 2006 for the entire United States. She has had students from 26 foreign countries and also students from the U.S. In 2006, she and husband, Grimes `65, traveled to Atlanta, GA, where Rachel received a beautiful glass trophy in front of 500 people at a noon luncheon in the Westin Peach Tree Hotel. Bridget Gallegos `68, `72 (Colorado Springs, CO) retired after 27 years as a high school librarian. She then moved back to La Jara, CO, to be close to her family. She flunked retirement after 9 months. Luckily, the Alamosa middle school needed a librarian, and she was fortunate to work there for 7 years. She now lives near family in Colorado Springs. Chuck Dalpiaz `68 and Mary O’Leary Dalpiaz `70, `75 are enjoying their lives in Cedaredge, CO—the gateway to the Grand Mesa, which offers many outdoor activities. Alamosa is dear to them, because their two precious sons Darrin and Derek were born there when they attended college. Chuck and Mary’s 5 brothers, 3 sisters-in-law, a niece and her husband all graduated from Adams, and many other relatives attended ASC, as well. They are all proud of all the new construction on the campus. “Long live Adams State!”

1970s Douglas Hawk `70 (Denver, CO), novelist and retired public relations director, was elected president of the Colorado Authors’ League (CAL), the state’s oldest professional writers’ organization. Author of horror novels and scores of local, regional, and national articles, Hawk retired as manager of communications from the Colorado Community College System (CCCS) in early 2008. Prior to joining CCCS, he was assistant director and then, for three years, interim director of Public Relations at the University of Denver. His novel The Devouring was named one of the 10 best horror novels of the year by Science Fiction Chronicles.

Gloria Gieseke Curtis `70 (Arvada, CO) is enjoying retirement and grandparenting with her husband, Don. They are active with Returned Peace Corps Volunteers of Colorado and the Ethiopia and India committees of Denver Sister Cities. Raymond Beethe `70 (Manitou Springs, CO) retired in 1999 after teaching science for 30 years at Harrison School District 2 in Colorado Springs. He has been married for 37 years to his wife, Candia. “Just enjoying the good life—retirement!” Aubrey C. Woodward `72 (Grand Junction, CO) retired from Union Pacific RR in 2005. He has lived in Grand Junction since 1979. He and his wife, Dorothy, have two children: Jodi and Brian, and two dogs: George and Brandon. Dennis Ecton `72 (Denver, CO) is retired after 39 years in public schools. He is still playing bass viol in a lot of Denver Bands of all types. He is very active with church music. He stopped playing in symphony orchestras in the early ‘90s. He still has the same bass viol that he started with in junior high school, and it is now 50 years old. Donald A. Wilkinson `72, `75 (Arvada, CO) retired after 35 years with Monte Vista School District as a teacher, athletic director/dean, adult program director and superintendent. His wife, Karen S. Wilkinson `89, retired after 29 years in elementary education. They moved to Arvada in 2009 to be near their children and grandkids. Craig Mortensen `73, `76 (Craig, CO) retired in 2010 after 34 years of coaching boy’s and girl’s basketball. Starting last fall, the former Moffat County High School coach became an assistant coach for the ASC women’s basketball team under head coach Kelly Kruger. At MCHS, Mortensen coached the boy’s team for 19 years and the girl’s team for 15 years, recording 514 wins and 17 league titles. Mortensen said he has no plans to leave Mof-

fat County, the place that gave him all his coaching experience. Mary Campe `76 (Lakewood, CO) is fellowship committee leader on her church council and schedules the lay readers for Sunday services. She went to the Mall of America/ St. Paul/ Minneapolis at the end of September. Gerald Rios `79 (Los Angeles, CA) has been a facilities director at a private school in West Los Angeles for 20 years. He is married and has a 6-year-old daughter.

1980s Gary Swenson `81 (Brighton, CO) is expecting his first grandchild in June. He has been with the Colorado Hospital Association for 8 years. He and his wife, Lori, are celebrating their 9th anniversary. His wife has been in home daycare for 20-plus years. Bob Graf `81 (Florissant, CO) retired from public education as a teacher, administrator and coach. This March, he will be inducted into The Colorado High School Coaches Hall of Fame. He and his wife, Suzie, own and operate Blue Mountain Ranch Children’s Camp. The camp provides outdoor activities in recreation and sports. He is also coaching high jump track and field at The United States Air Force Academy. Patricia Summers Janousek `82 (Bakersfield, CA) has been the head counselor at Golden Valley High School in Bakersfield for the past 5 years. She previously was a special education teacher for 24 years. She and her husband of 12 years, Neal, have 4 children between them and 5 grandchildren. She writes, “I am always excited to get updates from old friends and am still searching for my first roommate at ASC, Eunice Pastrana. Eunice, I'd love to hear from you!” Ron Wilson `82 (Fountain, CO) will retire this May after 27 years as director of vocal music in the Fountain-Fort Carson School District #8.

Coleen Dearing `83 (Santa Fe, NM) received the 2011 Realtor of the Year Award for the Santa Fe Association of Realtors in Novem-

Dr. Lynn Getz `78 (Blowing Rock, NC) was named the Greer Distinguished Professor in History for 2011-13 at Appalachian State University. The honor recognizes a professor’s scholarly activities, teaching, and service. Since coming to Appalachian in 1990, Getz has taught 33 different courses, ranging from general education to graduate-level courses. Getz has served as director of the public history program, director of undergraduate advising, and is the current chair of the department’s assessment committee. She currently is working on two book projects. Getz calls herself a memory keeper, describing her work documenting the history of women pioneers who lived in the Four Corners area of Colorado and New Mexico during the 19th and 20th centuries. She has traveled a path from New York, Ohio, and Kansas to the West and back again, following threads of information gained from interviews, archives, and historical societies to learn about her ancestors. They include anti-slavery and women’s rights activists from Ohio, a 19th century woman physician and instructor in New York, Colorado fish farmers turned dude ranch operators, and amateur historians. Getz holds a Master of Arts in history from Texas Christian University and a Ph.D. in history from the University of Washington in Seattle. ber. In 1986, Coleen went to Santa Fe to work for the New Mexico Repertory Theater, where she eventually became the artistic administrator. She made a career change at the closing of The Rep and returned to real estate in 2000. Alan Lindsay `83 (Enid, OK) retired from the Air Force in 2005 after 21 years of service. He started working for the Internal Revenue Service in 2006 and is now a revenue agent. Michael Jolly `84, `85 was named vice president of administrative services and chief fiscal officer for Trinidad State Junior College. He is responsible for the overall budget, finance, and business operations of the college, operations of the Physical Plant and Facilities, Human Resources, Bookstores, and Information Technology (IT) on both the Trinidad and Alamosa campuses, as well as dining services, athletics, and the business side of housing on the Trinidad campus. He was previously assistant vice president for Auxiliary Services and interim executive director of Human Resources at the University of Idaho in Moscow, Idaho. He and his wife, Jeanette, have a son, James, and two daughters, Janay and Jackie. Pamela Burnham Sturdevant `84 (Woodland Park, CO) has been payroll director at Cheyenne Mountain School District in Colorado Springs for 12 years. She and her husband, Keith, have one son, Robert, a U.S. Marine stationed at Camp Pendleton, CA.

Brian Loch `86, `05, `10 (Alamosa, CO) is the new assistant principal/athletic director for Centauri High School. The first 8 years of his career were spent at Sierra Grande High School teaching math and physical education and coaching volleyball, football, boy’s basketball, and track. He joined Centauri High School in '96, teaching mathematics and coaching volleyball and basketball. He also serves as the area director for volleyball officials and has refereed basketball, softball, and baseball. He has been married to his wife, Dawn, for 29 years, and they have three children: Jacqueline, former CHS and Adams State volleyball player; Crystal, ASC basketball player; and Randall, Alamosa standout athlete now playing basketball at ASC. John Capra `86 (Thornton, CO) and his wife, Patsy, just welcomed their first grandchild, Gabriella Mckenzi Martinez, born Oct. 19. Sara L. Graf `86 (Mesa, AZ) has completed 19 years with DMG in payroll and benefits. She continues to make blankets for Phoenix West Valley Chapter of Project Linus. Stacey `87 and Marty Wood `88 (Grand Junction, CO) own Grand Junction Therapies. Stacey is a physical therapist, and Marty is a middle school teacher. They have two boys: Dylan (19) and Jordan (17).

Spring 2012| A-Stater | 39

alumnotes 1980s June Scroggins `89 (Grand Junction, CO) has an abundant amount of gratitude for the three years she spent in the counseling program at Adams State. “Please keep up the good work!” she says. Now age 85, she sometimes wonders how she fits into the complicated lives of her 5 adult children and 15 grandchildren, but she tries. Scott Slade `89 (San Antonio, TX) was promoted to distance/cross country associate head coach at the University of Texas San Antonio. He began his sixth season this fall, tutoring both the men’s and women’s distance and cross country programs. He is Level III trained in distance events by the USATF, currently is the NCAA South Central Men's Cross Country Region Representative for the U.S. Track & Field and Cross Country Coaches Association, and is a member of the NCAA Division I Cross Country Executive Committee.

1990s Obed B. Jiron `91 (Denver, CO) started a new job as a case manager with the Aurora Mental Health Center. Phillip Castillo '95, `98 is serving in Afghanistan as a major in the U.S. Army. He has also completed two tours of duty in Iraq. Tom Dodd `95 (Fort Collins, CO) was nominated by Lesher Middle School teachers for the 2011-12 Colorado Association of Secondary School Principals (CASSP) and the National Association of Secondary School Principals (NASSP) Middle Level Principal of the Year Award. He was 1 of 3 statewide finalists. His school is one of 10 secondary schools nationwide recognized for its academic successes through the 2012 MetLife Foundation-NASSP Breakthrough Schools program. It was recently honored at the 2012 NASSP Breaking Ranks K-12 Conference in Tampa, FL, received a $5,000 grant, and will be featured in the NASSP's magazine, Principal Leadership. Tom will participate in dissemination activities with other Breakthrough Schools principals at the NASSP National Conference and other venues during the year. Robbie Lopez '96 (Alamosa, CO) was named associate athletic director for competitive recreational sports at Adams State. For the last five years, he was Coordinator of Sports & Recreation, running the Rex Activity Center and intramural sports program. Lopez will oversee the Grizzlies’ new competitive recreational sports: rugby, rodeo, and triathlon. He will also play a part in the recently resurrected baseball program, which will become ASC’s 21st varsity sport. 40 |


Nori Hughes `93 (Colorado Springs, CO) and his wife, Angie, have two daughters: Torianna and Teagan. Torianna is a kindergartener at Freedom Elementary, and Teagan is a preschooler at Hope Montessori Academy. Angie is a teacher. Elisa Melendez-Eisman `95 (Brighton, CO) is the new medical director of the Clínica Tepeyac, where she was among a handful of volunteers when it was new in 1996 and she was 24. It's been a long, hard journey that began when Melendez-Eisman graduated from Adams State College, where she majored in pre-medical school sciences. She was the first in her family to graduate from college, but her dream of becoming a physician suffered one blow after another. But she never gave up. Now she is back to lead the clinic and its affiliated mental health facility nearby. Besides seeing patients, she's in charge of a staff of physicians still taxed by a crowded schedule and tight resources. Her own life is busy, too. She's married now, with two children under age 4. Holli Myers Homan `96 (Jeannette, PA) has been married for 8 years and has 2 beautiful children: a son (5) and a daughter (4). She works as a family therapist. She has become an official inventor and received a United States Patent on her "changing table for strollers." Jeremy Wilder `96 moved to Arvada, CO, in 2010. Daughter Meadow is 7 and is attending the first grade, while Heather is 5 and in kindergarten. Rebecca Gallegos `99 (Colorado Springs, CO) is entering her 25th year in education at District #11 and loves every minute with her crazy middle schoolers! Her son and daughter are grown up and have blessed her with three precious grandchildren. She is a part owner of Café Corto Coffee House and Gallery with her son and daughter-in-law. “All are invited to stop in and say hi!” Yvette Wrona `99 (Parker, CO) has taught for 13 years in the Cherry Creek School District and has her master’s degree in English language acquisition. She has two sons: Cole (7) and Mason (4). This summer will mark her 12th year of marriage. Marlena Gallagher Halko `00 (Stockett, MT) is the human resources and public relations supervisor for the refinery at Montana Refining Company, Inc., in Great Falls. She and her husband, Steve, live on a ranch southeast of Great Falls and have two sons: Ben (3) and Ian (2).

2000s John Schlieker `01 (Broomfield, CO) changed from his position at West Grand High School due to budget cuts. He is now in a special education classroom at Stuart Middle School in the Brighton School District. Karen Lange `03 (Greeley, CO) is a graduate student at University of Northern Colorado. She has premiered new compositions, done clinics at the Arkansas Valley Middle School honor choir, sung at the 2011 NCCO National Conference, and plans on returning to public education soon. “Hopefully there is a DMA in choral conducting on the horizon for me,” Karen says. Matthew Meinhold `04 is about to get his helicopter wings in the U.S. Coast Guard. He enlisted one year after graduation, served on a ship in San Francisco, became an officer after only 2 years of service, then was transferred to Key West and was accepted into the Navy Flight Program. After only 6 years of service, Matt has gone from a lowly seaman recruit to a decorated lieutenant. Matt will be flying an HH-65 Dolphin after he graduates this spring. Wife, Mariah Vest Meinhold `04, is very proud of him! Jacquie Rhomberg `07 (Phoenix, AZ) is working in catering and convention services at the Sheraton Phoenix Downtown Hotel. Laurel Carter `08, `10 (Alamosa, CO) is the Adams State Counseling & Career Services new suicide prevention outreach coordinator. She previously worked at the SLV Community Mental Health Center. She will be working on infrastructure development, mental illness prevention, and mental health promotion activities on campus. As the point person in helping to identify campus constituents who may be becoming a threat to themselves or to others, she will work closely with Adams State's Campus Health & Safety team.

remembering . . . Sarah Fox `08 (Aurora, CO) is in her 4th year of teaching K-1 in Moffat School District. She is very excited. Megan Roberts `08 (Colorado Springs, CO) is a merchandising manager for the Colorado Rockies Baseball Club. She earned an MBA from the University of Phoenix in Denver. Lea Schiola `08 (Cañon City, CO), is a teacher in Hugo, CO, and attended the CMEA Alumni Reception. She writes, “I love coming to these events and meeting the new students in the music program.” Roxi DeLorenzo `10 (Alamosa, CO) is the youth minister at Sacred Heart Church in Alamosa. She is engaged to Jan Vigil, an assistant coach for ASC women’s basketball. They will be married in July 2012. Erica Holmes `11 (Alamosa, CO) is the Protégé Mentor Scholarship Coordinator at Adams State. The program matches ASC students with local high school students to help them achieve the dream of going to college and envision themselves as college students. “I love being back at ASC and close to my family.” Rachel Vigil ‘11 left ASC in 2009 and came back to be the grad assistant for softball in 2010. She started coaching and also started working on her master’s degree in counseling. This year she is the assistant coach and will graduate in 2013. She is happily engaged to her fiancé, Anthony Trujillo. They are planning a wedding for 2013.

Dorothy Fulfs `39 (Grand Junction, CO) passed away Nov. 13 at the age of 95.

Bobbie Jenkins `70 (Weatherford, TX) passed away Jan. 9 at the age of 70.

Rev. Clarence Owsley, Jr. `43 (Eureka, IL) passed away Dec. 10 at the age of 92.

Susan Motz `70, `92 (Las Cruces, NM) passed away Jan. 12 at the age of 64.

Ralph Fausone `52 & `60 (Trinidad, CO) passed away Dec. 9 at the age of 84. Among his survivors is daughter Katherine Fausone Ritz `75.

Nicholas Weigand `70 (Delta, CO) passed away Nov. 27 at the age of 72.

Doyle Hunnicutt `52 (Arlington, TX) passed away Nov. 9 at the age of 84. Among his survivors is brother Perry Hunnicutt `53. Bill Meek `56 & `61 (Melbourne, FL) passed away March 31, 2011, at the age of 77. Among his survivors is his wife, Sally Meek `77. Robert Simpson `56 (Monte Vista, CO) passed away Dec. 24 at the age of 80. Among his survivors is son Michael Simpson `73. Ernest Maestas `57 & `60 (Denver, CO) passed away Dec. 15 at the age of 85. Darrel Bell `58 (Aztec, NM) passed away Jan. 22 at the age of 86. Neoma Antisdel `59 (Cedaredge, CO) passed away Dec. 19 at the age of 74. Among her survivors is her husband, Gary Antisdel `59, `63. Eunice Foster `60 (Laramie, WY) passed away May 30 at the age of 90. Roger Sharp `61 & `65 (Grand Junction, CO) passed away Nov. 2 at the age of 75. Among his survivors is his wife, Constance Sharp `65. Richard "Dick" Thomas `62 & `70 (Pueblo, CO) passed away Dec. 10 at the age of 77. Anna Abeyta `63 (Littleton, CO) passed away Oct. 31 at the age of 95. Minnie (Domenica) Langowski `64 (Trinidad, CO) passed away Feb. 2 at the age of 88. Among her survivors are son Gene Langowski '82, '87 and daughter Charlene Bertolino '89. Hollis VanBockern `65 (St. Charles, IL) passed away Oct. 30 at the age of 68. Among his survivors is brother Frank VanBockern `61. Granville Yoshina `65 (Placentia, CA) passed away Jan. 4 at the age of 70. Roger Russell `66 (Hixson, TX) passed away Nov. 13 at the age of 67. Jim Kanter `68 (Lincoln, NE) passed away Jan. 18 at the age of 68. David Trujillo `68 (Arroyo Seco, NM) passed away Oct. 13 at the age of 64.

Mary Barela `71 (Albuquerque, NM) passed away Dec. 7 at the age of 77. Janis Roth Johnson `72 (Colorado Springs, CO) passed away Oct. 22 at the age of 61. Sister Mary Hugh Peterson `72 (Pueblo, CO) passed away Nov. 1 at the age of 89. Linda Bradbury `75 (Grand Junction, CO) passed away Oct. 31 at the age of 58. Eddie DeHerrera `76 (Rocky Ford, CO) passed away Nov. 21 at the age of 63. Frank Gross `78 (Larkspur, CO) passed away Jan. 11 at the age of 59. Among his survivors are sister Paula Duncan `73 and brother-inlaw Ron Duncan `67, `72. Susanne Benway `79 (Las Vegas, NV) passed away Nov. 15 at the age of 65. Among her survivors is daughter Rachel Crowder Gallegos `88. Kjerstine "Tina" Storey `82 (Colorado Springs, CO) passed away Dec. 12 at the age of 52. Adam Burton `06 (Longmont, CO) passed away Dec. 9 at the age of 35. Michelle Mestas-Hall `11 (Alamosa, CO) passed away Nov. 13 at the age of 40. Among her survivors are father Gregg Mestas (ASC retiree) and sister Danielle Smith `96.

friends Neva Harden, former Professor of English (Socorro, NM) passed away Nov. 21 at the age of 85. Taka Oba (Alamosa, CO) passed away Nov. 18 at the age of 86. Among her survivors are sons Dean `75 and David `77, daughter Evelyn `83, and brother-in-law Dr. Calvin Oba `48. Cleo Mae Swartz (Alamosa, CO) passed away Jan. 2 at the age of 78. Michael Wonser, former Professor of Fine Arts and Director of Public Affairs (Bend, OR) passed away Nov. 9 at the age of 71. Among his survivors is daughter Sheri Vance `84.

Nellie Smith `69 (Lamar, CO) passed away Jan. 25 at the age of 90. Spring 2012| A-Stater | 41

Back L-R: Teri (Artman) Erickson and Maggie (Kanne) Munoz Second row L-R: Susan See, Jeremy Bangs, Colleen Peyton Weeks, Joe Novak, Becky (Dillon) Corning, Patty Kellison, SpringLea Henry, Rumaldo Cisneros, Jenifer Holley Hufman, and Advisor Jack Morris. Third row L-R: Mark Dierker, Stacey (Price) Mann, Greg Arace, and Christi Stewart Weber Front row L-R: Russ Dale and Valerie Lemoi.

south coloradan reunion

1992 1992: Back L-R: Jack Morris, Jeremy Bangs, Becky Dillon, Kristi Fisbeck, E.J. Pugh and Teri Artman; Middle L-R: Maggie Kanne, Jenifer Holley, Stacey Price. Front: Rumaldo Cisneros, Greg Arace.


2011: Back L-R: Maggie (Kanne) Munoz , Jeremy Bangs, Jenifer (Holley) Hufman, Becky (Dillon) Corning, Stacey (Price) Mann, Patty Kellison, Teri (Artman) Erickson; Front L-R: Rumaldo Cisneros and Greg Arace.

L-R: Jo Ann Rezen, Susan & Don Likens, June, Aaron & Ingrid Scroggins, Michele Schaal, Lori Laske, Laura & Robert Glad, Julie & Jim Witt, Joseph & Linda Sheader, Jim & Rita Paronto, Mary & Chuck Dalpiaz, Connie & Louis Martinez, Dr. David Svaldi, and Aubrey & Dorothy Woodward

42 |


grand junction

softball reunion L-R: Jacquie Rhomberg, Megan Roberts, Roxi DeLorenzo, Bethany Hamar and Rachel Vigil

retirees Above, from left: Cole Foster, Jim Woodke, Gordon Gillson, and Joe Kolupke. Right, from left: Don & Carole Hermanson and Marilyn Loser

CMEA colorado springs

L-R: Garren Cuthrell, Suzanne Romero, Shelly Loudermilk Wadman, and Nori & Angie Hughes

denver Back L-R: Ron Gallegos, Barbara Roberts, Sandy Baca-Sandoval, Obed Jiron, Mary Campe, Lori & Gary Swenson, Vida Martinez, Lori Laske, Lisa Carpenter, John Capra, Robert Eagan, Tammy Trudel, Edwin Kipp Eagan, and Gloria & Don Curtis Front L-R: Chuck Houser, Grant Faucette, John Dunow and Dennis Ecton

Spring 2012| A-Stater | 43

Martin appointed chair of USTFCCCA DII damon martin ’85, ASC director of cross country & track field, was selected by his peers as the next Division II Executive Council Chairman of the U.S. Track & Field and Cross Country Coaches’ Association (USTFCCCA). He assumes those duties in July. With well over 20 years of Division II head coaching experience – 23 at the helm of ASC’s women’s program and 17 with the men’s – Martin will preside over the Division II Board of Directors and, along with USTFCCCA CEO Sam Seemes, will act as the representative to the NCAA DII coaching membership of the organization. "I’m excited to serve my profession in this manner. I look forward to this new opportunity in my coaching career," he said. Martin has coached 25 Adams State cross country and track & field teams to national championships, and has led more than 800 student-athletes to all-American honors and 83 individual national titles. Martin was nominated for the post by Sterling Martin, head track & field coach at the Missouri University of Science & Technology and USTFCCCA NCAA DII Track & Field 2nd Vice President. “Damon is someone who is known and respected by all distance coaches as a leader,” he said. Martin previously served the then-U.S. Track Coaches’ Association (USTCA) as secretary treasurer from 1993-94.

He plans on shadowing current chairman Aaron Russell before taking over the position, as Coach Martin (right) with runner Kelly he believes that Lamb. Russell has been a great leader for the Division II Executive Council. Martin, whose resume includes having guided the ASC men’s cross country and track & field programs to the first three USTFCCCA DII Men’s Program of the Year Awards (2009-11), recently earned his fourth consecutive Central Regional Men’s Cross Country Coach of the Year honors. Martin will work with both the USTFCCCA’s Division II Cross Country and Track & Field Executive Committees, as well as the Executive Council, in overseeing issues that affect both sports, and help in guiding the direction of Division II cross country and track & field. By Chris Day

Capra ‘80 to coach baseball at ASC after a 35-year hiatus, Adams State will again field a baseball team. Newly appointed head coach Jim Capra ’80 has begun recruiting. The Grizzlies will play a partial schedule during the 201213 academic year – with a full RMAC slate – and be eligible for a conference title in the spring of 2014. "It's exciting to bring baseball back to Adams

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State. We had a storied tradition of baseball prior to its elimination in 1976," said Adams State Athletic Director Larry Mortensen ’88, ‘92. He expects the sport will attract 40 new student athletes. "Baseball is a popular sport in the San Luis Valley and Southern Colorado. The admissions office's top request from prospective students is baseball.” A 25-year head coach and 31-year teacher, Capra has coached at Arvada West High School since 1987. His teams have recorded more than 350 wins, a 1994 state title, and 5 final four appearances. He has sent over 60 players to NCAA (Division I and II) and NJCAA college programs and has had more than a dozen players selected in

the Major League Draft, most notably two-time Cy Young Award winning pitcher Roy Halladay. Capra served as the baseball president of the Colorado High School Coaches Association from 1999-2000, after serving two years as the vice president. The Colorado 6A Coach of the Year in 1994, Capra also served as head coach of the first high school all-star game at the Colorado Rockies’ Coors Field in 1995 and is well recognized by his peers. Baseball will be the 21st varsity sport that ASC will sponsor and is the seventh sport the Grizzlies have added or resumed in the last three years alone. By Scott Kretzmann

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Grizzlies lead in Learfield Sports Directors' Cup standings with three top-ten winter season finishes, the Grizzlies’ total points of 420.50, moved them atop the charts in the first winter standings of the Division II Learfield Sports Directors’ Cup Standings, released March 15. That ranking was based on completion of three out of seven NCAA winter championships. Adams State claimed runnerup finishes in both men’s and women’s indoor track & field, as well as an eighth place finish in wrestling, The Learfield Sports Directors’ Cup was developed as a joint effort between the National Association of College Directors of Athletics (NACDA) and USA Today. Points are awarded based on each institution’s finish in up to 14 sports – seven women’s and seven men’s. The final winter standings, to be published on March 29, will also include men’s and women’s basketball and swimming & diving championships. Winter sports results added 250.5 to the 170 points earned in the fall on the strength of a national runner-up finish in men’s cross country and fourth place in women’s. Adams State has recorded five consecutive top 10 finishes in the Learfield Sports Directors’ Cup standings, including a fifth place finish in 2010-11, the highest ranking attained by any school in the RMAC.

ASC Grizzly Club presents

back to pl achy/ hall of fame friday & saturday june 1 - 2 Back to Plachy Dinner and Casino Night Friday, June 1, 2012• Plachy Hall Field House 5:30 p.m. Social 6:00 p.m. Dinner 6:30 p.m. Live Auction 7:30 p.m. Casino Night Dinner and Casino Night Ticket: $50 Incl. facility tour, dinner, ticket for Casino Night, & door prize tickets

auction items include vacation packages, golf getaways, fishing trips, professional sporting tickets, Grizzly apparel and more!

Grizzly Football Golf Classic Saturday, June 2, 2012 • Cattails Golf Course 8 a.m. Registration 9 a.m. Shotgun Start Golf Fee: $100 Incl. 18 holes, tournament prizes, lunch in the clubhouse, door prizes, and one Dinner/Casino Night ticket.

Hall of Fame Dinner 6 p.m. • Sat., June 2, 2012 Student Union Banquet Rooms, Rm. A130 Dinner Ticket: $50

hall of fame inductees: Scott Wiedeman '92, '04 • Craig Dickson '90 Meagan Hoffman '05 • Aaron Casetta '94 1971 Men’s Cross-Country Team, Interim Coach: Larry Jeffryes Plus 2 athletes TBA ted & janet morrison special citation: Lloyd Nelson RSVP by Friday, May 25, 2012 by calling 800.824.6494, ext. 8 or 719.587.7609 with credit card information. All proceeds benefit ASC Football and ASC Grizzly Club.

By Chris Day Spring 2012| A-Stater | 45

senior luke mCpeek capped off his collegiate career by claiming the NCAA Division II Championship at 197 Luke McPeek pounds with a comefrom-behind, 14-12 overtime victory over top-ranked and previously unbeaten Dan Scanlan in the title bout. McPeek, for whom his all-American honors are the third of his career and second with the Grizzlies, was named the Outstanding Wrestler of the Tournament by the National Wrestling Coaches’ Association (NWCA). McPeek’s individual title led the Grizzlies to an 8th-place team finish with 42.5 points, matching their national ranking in DII heading into the meet. Also garnering all-American honors for

Josh Hensley

Adams State were junior Ryan Fillingame, who placed third at 133 pounds, and second time all-American senior Josh Hensley at 149 pounds. Fillingame was also one of two individual RMAC Champions for Adams State this season, joined by sophomore 125pounder Jerry Huff. They led the Grizzlies to third place finish at the NCAA Super Regional IV/RMAC Championship.

grizzly men’s basketball advanced to the NCAA DII Basketball Tournament for the second straight year and third time ever, grabbing the No. 7 seed in the Central Regional Tournament. ASC faced RMAC foe, 13th-ranked and No. 2 seed Metro State in the first round, but fell 79-74. The Grizzlies’ 19 wins this season was just one shy of their NCAA DII era (1992-93/present) record, set last season, and allowed the Grizzlies to finish third in the regular season RMAC standings. The Grizzly men only lost two games at Plachy Hall this season, but not before extending their home winning streak to 16 games, dating back to the 2010-11 season. Adams State also saw senior guard Jamiko Verner lead the RMAC in steals and rank second in all of Division II, averaging 3.8 per game. His 101 steals this season shattered the prior ASC single-season record and led him to RMAC Defensive Player of the Year honors. Also earning RMAC post-season accolades were First Team All-RMAC selection Jack Osborn and Second Team All-RMAC selection Marqus Richards.

Jamiko Verner

Cloe Cable

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the asc women’s basketball team started the season hot, opening the 2011-12 campaign with a 104-79 victory. That was the most points scored in a game since 2009, and the second most in the Grizzlies’ NCAA Division II era (1992-93/present) history. But a tough RMAC schedule left the Grizzlies with a 7-19 record for the season and kept ASC from making its third straight trip to the NCAA Division II Tournament. Senior Chloe Cable stood out throughout the season, earning Second Team All-RMAC honors while averaging 13.8 points during the season and tallying eight double-doubles. She also notched a careerhigh 30 points during the season and pulled in 8.4 rebounds per game.

the asc men lived up to their nearly season-long No. 2 ranking in the nation by placing second at the NCAA DII Indoor Track & Field Championships. The Grizzlies did so behind a pair of individual championship efforts from senior Drew Graham in the mile and freshman Boris Berian in the 800-meter run. Graham also earned runner-up honors in the 800 at the NCAA Championships, and was the highest men’s scorer of the meet, racking up 18 team points for ASC. The Adams State men’s squad tabbed eight total all-American accolades, as Graham was joined in the mile by three teammates, while two Grizzlies took home such Drew honors for the 5,000 meter Berian run, and sophomore Wesley Lavong did so by placing sixth in the men’s shot put. The Grizzly men won this season’s RMAC indoor title, their seventh in the past nine seasons. Graham was also named as the USTFCCCA’s Central Regional Track Athlete of the Year, becoming the fourth straight ASC runner to earn the accolade. the grizzly women never slipped out of the top 3 in the national Cassie Mitchell

Kaymarie Jones

rankings this season, and met their No. 2 ranking with a runner-up finish at the NCAA Division II Indoor Track & Field Championships. Senior Indira Spence led the way with third place finishes in the 60-meter dash, 200-meter dash and 60-meter hurdles, and was also a member of the Grizzlies’ fifth-place 4x400 meter relay squad. Senior Kaymarie Jones, also a member of the Grizzlies’ 4x400 squad at the NCAA Championships, earned individual all-American accolades in both the 400-meter dash and 60-meter hurdles, as well. In all, 10 Grizzlies earned all-American status for the women at the NCAA Championships. Spence earned her third straight USTFCCCA Central Region Track Athlete of the Year honors this season, and was also named the RMAC Track Athlete of the Year and RMAC Championships Athlete of the Meet, leading the ASC women to their 11th consecutive indoor team title.

both the asc men’s and women’s swim teams had their most successful seasons in the short history of the programs. The Grizzly women won their first dual meets during the season, and recorded an eighth place finish at the RMAC Championships, topping league foe Nebraska-Kearney. The Grizzly women also saw sophomore Jennell Higgs swim a national qualifying time in the 200 yard butterfly. The Grizzly men earned their first RMAC Championships team points. Made up entirely of freshmen, ASC’s men’s team also rewrote the Adams State modern-era record books entirely, setting new modern-era bests in every contested event. Nick Mankus led the Grizzlies throughout the season and achieved national qualifying marks in the 1,000-yard freestyle, 500-yard freestyle, and 200-yard butterfly, while teammate Benjamin Laxson achieved a national time in the 100 yard breaststroke. Spring 2012| A-Stater | 47

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