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August 22 • September 04

sharee Youssef, Guardian Angels In 2004, my mother, Helen Youssef, age 72, started to experience difficulties living alone. My father had passed in 1985, and each of her 7 loving children would have loved to see her move in with them. But my mother never wanted to compromise her independence. She made it perfectly clear that when the time came, we were to hire trustworthy caregivers to take care of her when we could not. It dawned on me that if my mother wanted and needed this, then so would others. That’s when Guardian Angels Home Health Care was born. Today, we’ve expanded with a new service called Guardian Angels Senior Home Services. We offer a free referral service to aid families with advice for those who can’t reasonably stay home any longer. GASHS will provide information on amenities, costs, insurances, and other crucial topics. Guardian Angels Senior Home Service’s mission is to assist clients in finding the best senior community for them, researching available living communities in Northwestern Ohio and Southeastern Michigan, and taking the anxiety out of this often long and difficult process. Guardian Angels Home Health Care 8557 Sylvania Metamora Rd., Sylvania. 419-882-8222.

Helen Youssef, the inspiration for Guardian Angels Home Health Care

jason patrzalek, america’s best choice windows and more America’s Best Choice Windows and More of Toledo is a full service replacement window company. I started the company in 2010 as another division from my construction company JMJ Construction. I had worked with other companies and saw flaws in their business practices — I decided there must be a better way to buy replacement windows, roofing, and siding, and to provide better products than their customers were getting from other companies. After a lot of research, we aligned ourselves with great products and companies — national brands with national warranties — including Owens Corning Preferred Contractors and Mastic Elite Contractors. Both certifications allow us to offer lifetime warranties on our products. When you decide to use us for your projects, you will have the peace of mind that you and the next owner have full lifetime warranties that cover the products that we have installed in your home. I was born and raised here, and I am trying to help the local economy by offering quality products and services at affordable prices without high pressure sales practices. All of our pricing is on a menu form, so the customer will see prices up front. That eliminates some of the frustrating back and forth negotiations that some other companies use. America’s Best Choice Windows and More 12715 Roachton Rd., Perrysburg. 855-222-4968.

Guardien Angle

August 22 • September 04


Lori Jacobs and Dana Iliev,

Stephanie Harmon,

Cake in a Cup

Bumble Olive Oil Company

My husband and I did a lot of traveling all over the country, and stumbled on an olive oil and balsamic vinegar tasting bar in Boston. We’d owned Bumble, a flower and gift shop in Sylvania, since 2008, but we thought it was time Toledo had a place that offered these artisanal products, so we opened Bumble Olive Oil Company in June.  We have about 50 different oils and vinegars: single variety extra virgin olive oils, infused olive oils, and dark and light balsamics. Our infused oils like California Garlic and Tuscan Herb make excellent marinades for any protein. Tell me what you’re cooking, and there are hundreds of combinations of oil and vinegar I can come up with. We also have several tremendous cooking oils. Our oils and vinegars are as fresh as they come, many directly from the Southern hemisphere’s springtime crushing season, and that elevates a whole new level of flavor and boldness. For perspective, an olive oil in your standard grocery store is conservatively twelve months old. We love contributing something unique to the area. We’ve been very blessed and try to employ as many people as we can to give back to our community.

We started Cake in a Cup December 2007 when we noticed there wasn’t a gourmet cupcake shop in town. There were boutique shops like this in New York and we felt Toledo was a foodie place that would appreciate such a niche. It was really a do-it-yourself endeavor. We bought books on how to start a business and taught ourselves how to make delicious cupcakes through trial and error. We were experimenting with different flavors and recipes and running the business from Dana’s kitchen, but people were really responding well to our cupcakes which gave us the confidence to continue. By the time we were on Food Network’s Cupcake Wars we knew we had the support of the entire community and that gave us the inspiration to do our best to win and represent Toledo with pride. We hope our customers can taste the appreciation and love we put into all of our products. Cake in a Cup, 6801 W. Central Ave., 419-491-1104.

Bumble Olive Oil Company Westfield Franklin Park, Suite 1420. 419-517-5552.






August 22 • September 04



Tom prescott,

president of choconotes I learned how difficult finding the right card could be when I decided to give my girlfriend Stacey (now my business partner) the perfect birthday card with some great chocolate. But the store cards I read just weren’t right, so I ended up scribbling my thoughts on the back of a business card. Then it came to me: why can’t I say exactly what I want and combine it with chocolate? The Choconote is a novel concept that we’ve designed from the ground up and patented. It’s a foil-wrapped 1/4 thick chocolate bar that is 4" x 2-3/4" onto which you can place a 3-1/2"

x 2-1/4" notecard printed by us or by the customer. The front is recessed to accept the card, which is then held in place by a clear plastic sleeve. The Choconote is ideal for bouquets, wedding favors, business cards, corporate events, fundraisers or whenever someone wants a simple way to express themselves with chocolate. The best part is it’s edible! We’re starting our first production run, and our prototype has met a great reception, including recognition from major fashion designer Robert Verdi via Twitter after he used Choconotes for one of his events. Choconotes. 5665 Main St., Sylvania. 419-517-4455.

Bob, Marcia and Matt Amonette, bob’s tire and auto I think Toledo is a great town to have a business like ours. People here are very supportive of us, and many of our customers are repeaters. They send their family members here, or tell their friends that my husband Bob is very honest and will treat them right. We get a lot of people by word of mouth, and they know they can come here for almost anything they need done for their cars. Bob, Matt and I are partners here, and we’ve owned the business since 1996. I do the billing for the business. Bob handles the front, and our son is the mechanic. Being a family business in the area where we live means that we all work hard to satisfy our customers, and we’re proud that people come back again and again. Many of our employees have been with us since the beginning, and our customers appreciate having members of our team take care of their cars, because they really get to know each other. When you become like family with your customers, they know they can trust you to be honest, which is an important thing in our business. Bob’s Tire and Auto. 1618 Monroe St. 419-243-7700.

August 22 • September 04


nick amrhein, 3byone media

Get a big city, cutting edge look when you work with 3byOneMedia. I specialize in creating commercial photography, video, and design that are cutting edge, way outside the box, and that show off your, or your company’s, particular flavor and passion for life to the max. I worked as an intern with Loyalty Creative, an LA agency, and I bring a lot to the creative table. I’m constantly finding new inspiration in celebrity/fashion photographers, music, and the latest street trends, including tattoos and skateboarding. If you’ve seen an amazing shot or video someplace, and you want to know, “Hey, could you do something like this?,” I absolutely want to work with you. I’m here to help you make sure that the way we document you or your work or your company is as cool as you are. 3BYONE Media 310-991-2105.

Jen shubeta-harris, Daryl jervis dance studio


Daryl Jervis Dance Studio 7575 Sylvan Towne Drive, Sylvania. 419-843-9000.

Tap • Jazz • Ballet • Pointe • Lyrical • Hip-Hop • All boys & Adult classes

Anderson’s Market

Sylvania Ave. Kroger


Tow n Dr. Daryl Jervis

Southview H.S.

Daryl Jervisregistered Dance Studio yet? Haven’t is located at 7575 Sylvan Towne Drive, New Sylvania. customers bring in this ad 419-843-9000. for $10 off registration!

lv Sy

DJDS’s mission is that everyone, whether an adult taking dance recreationally or a child aspiring to become professional, has a positive experience. Our studio is a 10,000 square foot state-of-the-art danceplex designed specially for our dancers’ needs with five mirror-lined studios equipped with surround sound and theater lighting, a dancewear shoppe and a restaurantcoffeeshop where parents can still watch their children via TV. The DJDS staff uses the studio to not only teach dance but also to teach self-discipline and confidence. The dancers of our program have been nationally recognized. Our High Voltage Dance companies won first place (among other awards) at the 2012 Dance Makers, Inc. National Competition. My goal is to help DJDS inspires children to pursue their dancing dreams for another 77 years.

High Voltage Dance Company

DJDS began in 1935 when Daryl7575 opened the Town Dr. Sylvania Ohio 43560 Sylvan studio during the Great - 419.843.9000 Depression.Call She met great success, including starting the Toledo University Rockettes and entertaining Army NCOs in Germany. Daryl sold the studio to Brenda Paulsen in 1986, and I bought it from her this year, having danced there since I was three years old. My inspiration for becoming a dancer came from my parents, both award-winning dancers and instructors. DJDS’s mission is that everyone, whether an adult taking dance recreationally or a child aspiring to become professional, has a positive experience. Our studio is a 10,000 square foot state-of-the-art danceplex designed specially for our dancers’ needs with five mirror-lined studios equipped with surround sound and theater lighting, a dancewear shoppe and a restaurant-coffeeshop where parents can still watch their children via TV. The DJDS staff uses the studio to not only teach dance but also self-discipline and confidence. The dancers of our program have been nationally recognized with our High Voltage Dance companies winning first place (among other awards) at the 2012 Dance Makers, Inc. National Competition. My goal is to help DJDS inspire children to pursue their dancing dreams for another 77 years!

King Rd.

DJDS began in 1935 when Daryl opened the studio during the Great Depression. She met great success, including starting the Toledo University Rockettes and entertaining Army NCOs in Germany. Daryl sold the studio to Brenda Paulsen in 1986, and I bought it from her this year, having danced there since I was three years old. My inspiration for becoming a dancer came from my parents, both award-winning dancers and instructors.

Serving Toledo Since 1935


August 22 • September 04

tony rasczyk,

consign-it home interiors General manager Furnishing someone’s home is a very personal thing, so we feel connected with our customers. They feel comfortable with us and trust our taste, because we’re able to strike a balance between staying on top of the trends and providing them traditional pieces, too. We started 15 years ago from the ground up — I answered a blind ad in the paper and I’ve been with them ever since — and it’s nice knowing people like what we do and come back every time they redecorate or move. Reusing and repurposing furniture is a huge thing right now, and I think we were ahead of the curve a little bit with that when we opened. We draw people in from 45 minutes to an hour away regularly, bceause of our unique selection of new and pre-owned furniture and home accessories, our good reputation and our fair pricing. People appreciate our honesty. Consign-It Home Interiors 6925 W. Central Ave. 419-841-4663. consignithome@

John Glanz,

president, Color concepts, inc. I’ve been amazed year after year as my store is chosen “Toledo’s Best Of ” paint store category, and I’m often amazed time and time again as new customers arrive at our shop telling me that not only their neighbor suggested our store but two or three different co-workers as well. We must be doing something right. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard the response, “I would have never picked that color” or just how many times I’ve had customers make a special trip back just to tell us how wonderful the colors we helped them pick turned out. They go on to say that every one of their friends and family members just rave about how wonderful it all looks.  Why is this?  For starters, I was trained to match colors by eye at the famous but now gone  Color Haven.  Every match that  comes to us is completed and perfected by eye ... never a color computer as you will  NEVER get an exact match in that way.  We stock only the best products to make the job easy and fast.  We want you to complete your job effortlessly the first time without costly color mistakes.  We know  what colors to recommend, and will often times tell you (the customer) to run back home and bring elements of the room in to us to better help with the perfect color solution. At Color Concepts, color is our foundation — we custom match not only paint, wood stains, deck stains,  venetian plasters, and floor coatings, but wood putties, and even caulk. Stop in to see just why everyone in Toledo seems to come to Color Concepts for the very best color and paint advice. Color Concepts, Inc. 6725 W. Central Ave. 419-843-5600.

August 22 • September 04


jesus angel, el camino real

I’ve come a long way from Guadalajara, Mexico, but I’m glad to have found another home here in Northwest Ohio. I moved here when I was 17 years old. I’ve been a farm worker and I worked for Jeep for 28 years, which is where this all started — I made Mexican specialities for my coworkers at Jeep during breaks, and when I saw people liked my cooking I began to sell Mexican food at festivals. I dabbled in different things with food after that — I didn’t fully enter the restaurant business until I was in my 40s — and going into this industry is one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. I started El Camino Real in Bowling Green in 2001, and it’s expanded to Toledo, Oregon, and Maumee since then. People in this area know what “local” means — there are plenty of big chains, but folks keep coming back to us for fun evenings with friends and margaritas. I’m proud to have put down roots in this community and built restaurants that people love, and we’re proud of the authenticity of our Mexican food and our live entertainment — including Mariachi bands on Friday and Saturday! It’s been a great run so far, and we want to go on helping Toledoans make great memories for years to come. El Camino Real 2500 Sylvania Ave. 419-472-0700. 551 W. Dussel Dr., Maumee. 419-887-0700 2072 Woodville Rd., Oregon. 419-693-6695


August 22 • September 04

John Martin,

President Buckeye Telesystem We’re proud to be the local provider of commercial computing and telecommunications systems. We’ve been offering commercial services since 1996, and we strive to consistently be at the technological forefront. We were among the first in the nation to integrate Voice Over IP (VoIP) services, and we’ve continued to engage the IP world in the delivery of commercial voice services. We’ve constructed a modern data center to host computer services for our customers that they wouldn’t necessarily have the means to handle. This really gives us a unique position within the communities we serve. Essentially, we cater to all businesses because we can. You might be a small business, but with our help you can operate like a large enterprise, quickly. And if you ARE a large enterprise, well, we have plenty to offer you, too! Buckeye Telesystem, 866-535-9898.

August 22 • September 04



Mike Young, Maaco of toledo

We're a family-run business, and we have been since the beginning. My wife Lana has done our books since we opened, and my son Mark, who's 34 now, manages the business day-to-day. My daughter Carrie is the office manager. We've been doing this for 39 years, and I'm proud to say that makes us the oldest Maaco franchise in North America, out of more than 500 — we've only been around for a year less than Maaco itself! During that time we've repaired over one hundred thousand cars. We've won over 25 national awards, for volume and for quality. We're your locally owned stop for collision and bodywork, and we'll also do complete oven-baked paint jobs. Whether you've got a dent in a beautiful new car, or want to get an old beloved car back in shape, we've got you covered — as a family. Maaco of Toledo 3545 Marine Dr. 419-381-1537.

jennifer Zalecki, CEo of Battery wholesale

We run a battery specialty retail company that services Northwest Ohio and Southeast Michigan. My father, Ken, started Battery Wholesale in 1983, so I really grew up around the business, which prompted me to earn my MBA. We sell everything from household batteries like hearing aid and watch batteries to automotive and commercial batteries for cars, trucks, semis and fork lifts. I think one thing that is unique about us is that three of our locations have drive-thrus, meaning if your car needs a new battery you can pull right in and we'll do the work without you even having to leave your vehicle. Our work with batteries gives us a special opportunity to positively affect not only the local economy but the local environment, too, and we do that with our free battery recycling drop off. We encourage anyone with old batteries lying around that they don't know how to properly dispose of to come down and we'll take care of them. Battery Wholesale operates six locations throughout Northwest Ohio and Southeast Michigan. For contact information, visit


August 22 • September 04


Sam & Kathie Foreman,

dr.robert esplin,

Degage Jazz Cafe

sylvaniaVET veterinary hospital I've been a veterinarian for 40 years. I'd moved around after graduating from Ohio State University's veterinary school, but as a Sylvania native, I couldn't resist the call to come back home and contribute to the community I grew up in, so I opened my practice here. To be successful, you have to realize this is a people and an animal business. I'm always conscious of the fact that I’m caring for an important member of my client's family, and I think having that understanding sets me apart. Quality and compassion — those characteristics mean something in my practice. I'm unwilling to compromise standards of care, and I hang on to that principle because I feel it's so important. I'm one of only three veterinarians in Northwest Ohio to be certified by the American Animal Hospital Association, our field's regulatory organization. At SylvaniaVET, it's not good enough to just get it done, it's important to do it right.

Dégagé is actually a French term which means “free, easy and relaxed.” My wife, Kathie, and I discovered the term when we were researching French pubs for inspiration for a jazz café. We wanted to bring that atmosphere to the area. We've achieved that by having live jazz five nights a week. The café is a cozy space, and the word I’ve most often heard from customers is “intimate.” The second thing that really helps us deliver that feel is our highly trained head chef, Joseph Jacobsen. Chef Joseph graduated from the French Culinary Institute in New York City, and he brings a level of creativity you can’t find anywhere else in town. He is constantly creating new dishes. In fact, our menu changes monthly as he develops new really amazing creations. Kathie and I like offering a truly unique experience. We enjoy the fact we can provide jobs, but we also try to give back to the community charitably. We supported some local food banks this year, and this summer we held an event to raise money for one of our employees whose daughter was seriously burned in an accident. Dégagé Jazz Cafe Historic Commercial Building at 301 River Rd. in Maumee. 419-794-8205. degage.php.

SylvaniaVET, 4801 N. Holland Sylvania Rd., Sylvania. 419-885-4421.





U 24/7 Pet Care U Pets are never alone U Boarding U Grooming - dogs & cats s$AYCARE sWellness through critical care — we do it all!

Accredited member of the American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA) since 1978


August 22 • September 04


Dr. nickalis dumas,

rapid relief chiropractic center I am a licensed chiropractor committed to helping the Toledo community live a painfree lifestyle. I use a "whole person approach," meaning my approach to wellness looks for underlying causes of any disturbance or disruption of good health and makes whatever interventions or lifestyle adjustments needed to optimize the conditions for normal function. When it comes to treatment, I specialize in Manipulation Under Anesthesia (MUA), which is the use of manual manipulation of the spine combined with general anesthetic. MUA uses a mild form of anesthesia in which the patient is sedated but not unconscious. It is a non-invasive, highly specialized technique performed by specially trained chiropractic, osteopathic and medical physicians. The anesthetic allows for those patients who cannot tolerate manual techniques because of pain response or muscle spasm to achieve total relaxation while the adjustments are painlessly and quickly accomplished. MUA, combined with consistent but simple post-procedure treatment and exercise, can greatly reduce pain and restore range of motion. MUA has been practiced since the 1930s as a proven form of treatment for many pain conditions such as chronic headaches, disc problems, fibromyalgia and carpel tunnel as well as those caused by injuries or disabilities. Today, it is making a comeback all over the country as a multi-disciplinary outpatient procedure with a quick recovery that takes place in a controlled hospital or ambulatory surgical setting that can provide great results to qualified patients. It is also considerably less expensive than traditional surgery and other more invasive treatments.  I'm one of the few chiropractors in the area who offer MUA and I do so because I have seen my patients have fantastic results. I was born and raised here, and I couldn't ask for more than to help those in my native community to live a happy and painfree lifestyle. Rapid Relief Chiropractic Center 4210 W. Sylvania Ave. Suite 102. 419-474-6500.

dumas 1/2h


August 22 • September 04

Joe Skaff,

Star Diner, Star Bar & Grille, Premier Catering As a third generation Skaff to own and operate a restaurant in Toledo, you can say I was born into the business. This city is a tough customer, but if they like you, they'll support you. Needless to say, Toledo has been very good to me and my family. Nine years ago I opened Star Diner on Alexis and since then we've expanded to five diners around the area with more on the horizon. Earlier this summer we opened Star Bar & Grille at the Beverly Hills Plaza on Monroe St. and already it's a place to see and be seen here in Toledo. I wanted Star Bar to have a fun, contemporary atmosphere with great food that's, more importantly, inexpensive and I think we accomplished that. Plus, we have an excellent patio.  I've also been in the catering business for twenty years and the newest kid on the block is the recently remodeled Premier Catering facility at the former Gladieux Meadows. We invested over $1 million to make Premier Catering the best venue in town to host your special event.  Star Bar and Grille 5215 Monroe St.,( in the back of the Beverly Hills Plaza between Target and Bed Bath and Beyond). 419-724-7901.

August 22 • September 04


Claudia David-Roscoe, Health food by claudia

Laurie & Joe Gross,

My greatest influence for natural healing and understanding the importance of food is my mother. She raised my brothers and me to care about food, what we eat, how it’s grown and where it comes from. At 16, I worked at Bassett’s Health Foods with Pat and Joe Bassett. I have great respect for them — they taught me so much. After 14 years, I left to start my own business. I filled mail orders out of a closet office at Talmadge and Monroe. The first month there I met my husband and within six months several previous customers tracked me down and were lined up out the door. So we opened a 400 sq. ft. storefront at Sylvania & Rohr where my mother helped stock shelves. Over the past 22 years we’ve expanded, moved and been hit by the downturn. It’s because of the community we’re still here. I enjoy working alongside my husband with a team of knowledgeable people and two of our three sons who help us. We’re a team. We care about the community and we’re committed to teaching people wellness is a lifestyle. We strive to live by what we do, offering fresh, certified organic produce, responsibly raised meats, quality supplements and more. I believe change begins with the individual. My hope is to pass on the positive things I’ve learned about health and wellness and encourage others to do the same.

Gross Electric

Our grandfather came to Toledo in 1910 to close a gas mantle company and instead, he bought it and turned it into Gross Electric. He ran the business for nearly fifty years until our father took over. Now, we run the business — I guess you could say it’s a family thing. During our 100 plus years in business, the company has grown from a small lighting retailer to a multifaceted regional lighting and electrical products distributor serving residential and commercial clients. And now we even carry door hardware (locks) and decorative accessories with our addition of Buehler Decorative Hardware. Our roots are still deep in the Toledo community. Our dad believed in Toledo, and so do we. We like knowing we’re making a difference in our customers’ and employees’ lives.  We contribute our time and money to local charities, both personally and through the company, because we think it’s important to keep Toledo strong and growing, so that Gross Electric can continue into the fourth generation! Gross Electric 2807 N. Reynolds Rd., Toledo and 2521 Woodville Rd., Northwood. 419-537-1818.  

Health Foods by Claudia 3904 Secor Rd., Toledo. 419-474-2400.


August 22 • September 04

Dr. Andre haerian, Sylvania orthodontics

john kranjec, belamere suites

I'd been in the hotel business for 20 years around Chicago, Indiana, Ohio and Michigan, and I found the experience was becoming generic. There was no focus on romance and luxury. I was inspired to fill that void — I wanted a place my wife and I could escape to that didn't require a long drive from home. Toledo seemed like a great place to fulfill my vision, so I designed and built Belamere Suites here in 2003. People really responded to it. Other hotels specialize in getting guests in and out — we  specialize in romance. Other places put a jacuzzi in the room as an afterthought, but I built each room around a personal pool, jacuzzi and shower for each couple. We care about the little touches, too —  our rooms come with warm chocolate chip cookies at bedtime, a European breakfast in bed and an attached private garage. And as an independent, locally-owned business we have the advantage of providing service with a much higher standard than a franchise hotel. Belamere also tries to give back charitably, specifically through our annual weekend getaway where, for example, this year's winners finally enjoyed a honeymoon after years of marriage.

Always learning, always teaching — it's a constant theme throughout my life. Getting my education internationally enabled me to become fluent in English, French, Farsi and to hold my own in conversational Spanish. I also speak excellent “teenager,” which is invaluable in dealing with a large part of our patient population! Teaching at the University of Michigan and University of Toledo Medical College allows me to stay on the cutting edge of innovations in our specialty as I help prepare the next generation of orthodontists. Although I have a PhD in Oral Health Sciences, I’m always ready to learn more and I love to pass it on. My colleagues and I derive great satisfaction interacting with our patients. I love explaining to one of our many adult patients how Incognito (brackets placed behind the teeth) straightens teeth or encouraging a 14-year-old boy to brush more diligently ("Dude! We can straighten your teeth but what good is it if they fall out?!"). I love making a significant difference in someone’s dental health and self-esteem by giving them a beautiful smile. Sylvania Orthodontics, Drs. Haerian, Ludwig & Simon, 6407 Monroe St., Sylvania (one block from their original location) 7928 Secor Rd., Lambertville 4359 Keystone Dr., Maumee. 419-882-1017

Belamere Suites 12200 Williams Rd., Perrysburg. 419-874-2233.

August 22 • September 04


Joe lengel,

Crossfit toledo intensity fitness I have worked out my whole life, but I hit the wall many people hit where I stopped making progress. But I started seeing great results from some of the exercises Crossfit was posting online. My friend opened a Crossfit affiliate in Toledo, and when he left to pursue jiu-jitsu I became a certified Crossfit trainer and bought the business. We engage in high intensity, low duration exercise with classes to develop form and technique. Our 5 to 20 minute workouts consist of varied movements like gymnastic and Olympic exercise, calisthenics and aerobics. By regularly mixing up workouts, we’re able to keep the body from hitting that wall, and the social atmosphere at Crossfit keeps people accountable. In most gyms, you can come and go unnoticed, but here we work in a group, so if you miss a session people will notice. We scale the exercises so everyone from D1 college athletes to the middle-aged are training together in a competition-style program so you’re more invested in your success. I’m the only trainer here, so I know everyone and I can personalize their workout to make sure they get what they pay for.

Charlie Watson, Doc Watson’s

We opened Doc Watson’s to honor the late Charles W Watson, M.D., our father and grandfather respectively. He had a practice in the south end of Toledo for 45 years and to this day some of his former patients frequent our establishment. Doc’s has an extensive menu and full bar that reflect his love for flavorful food and spirits, as well as a friendly staff.  We take pride in our welcoming atmosphere that gives us the reputation of Toledo’s own Cheers. Doc Watson's, 1515 S. Byrne Rd., 419-389-6003.

Crossfit Toledo Intensity Fitness 757 Warehouse Rd. Unit C 419-466-4600.

Doc Watson’s super manager Carey Parker


August 22 • September 04

merinda marcinkowski, creative excellence salon

I worked as a stylist for 19 years, and earned my certification as a Redken hair colorist and master specialist, so my own salon was the logical next step. I made the leap 8 years ago and never looked back! I’m proud to have the opportunity to serve the entire community — we don’t care how old you are. We’re there for you, and we’d like to give your children their first haircuts, and be there as they grow. Our trained hairdressers, nail technicians and aestheticians are going to make sure you walk out looking good and feeling good about yourself. We never want to stop learning, as we work out the best way to serve you. I’m proud to employ 12 stylists and technicians, and to give back to the community through contributions to groups like Nightingale’s Harvest. I want Creative Excellence to be the comfortable and professional place you turn to when you want to be your best self. Creative Excellence Salon, 2600 W. Sylvania Ave. 419-472-1454.

andrea licata-bernath & Chris Bernath, artesian tan company

I love the sun! I used to tan all the time, outdoors and in booths. But unfortunately, that’s not always safe. Ten years ago I was diagnosed with Melanoma, and had to deal with the fact that it was the overexposure to UV that put my life in danger. I still wanted to keep that beautiful, glowing complexion, so I researched sunless tanning and it really clicked. I decided to go into business, and now with my business partner Chris we’re distributing more than 450 tanning products like sunless lotions and sprays to salons, spas and satisfied customers around the world. You might have seen our products at work without knowing it — on reality TV stars, news anchors or beauty pageant contestants. We also sell innovative spray-tan solutions and equipment at great prices, because we want to provide people the opportunity to start their own glamorous, independent business.  We work with the American Cancer Society and health care providers to educate people about the dangers of UV radiation. Melanoma doesn’t discriminate — so if you still want to be tan, we can help you look your best.  Artesian Tan Company 757 Warehouse Rd., 419-386-2387.

August 22 • September 04


Carrie Jo Arndt The olive tree

I’m a former music instructor, so I always had an interest in bringing beauty into peoples’ lives. Now I get to do a lot more than that! When Ann Wade and I started the Olive Tree earlier this year, we were eager to keep things natural, beautiful and wholesome. We want to be an alternative to the mass-produced and chemical-soaked products that so many people have to settle for. Whether we’re mixing you a wholesome berry smoothie or helping you find the best in all-natural weight-loss aids, supplements or beauty products, we want to be a welcome refuge from the world. We’ve even got wi-fi and a comfy couch, if you want to stay a while! Ann is a doctor of naturopathy and a certified natural health practitioner — she offers personalized assessments at our store — and I’m 100 percent with her on the importance of holistic health. We’ve got remedies for everything from hot flashes to restless legs, and we stand behind everything we sell. In fact, we don’t stock anything until we’ve tried it ourselves, so you know you’re in good hands. I’m proud to be a part of a natural place to be. The Olive Tree 3355 Briarfield Blvd., Ste. D. 419-480-7530.

My father, Dr. Sheldon Frankel, founded Frankel Dentistry. He was always committed to technology and learning all the newest techniques in dentistry — he was very innovative and focused on serving Toledo. I'm proud to carry on that tradition myself. I've taken it one step further, by being personally committed to every single patient. It's not uncommon for me to call them personally before their first appointment, or come in for a Saturday appointment. I'm very conscious of the value of my patient's time; wait times are a personal pet peeve of mine, so I've made sure in my practice patients don't wait. It's because, like my father, I'm inspired to make my practice the best it can be. We're very focused on ad-

vanced technology, and we're especially interested in the patient experience. Studies show that enhancing someone's smile is as valuable or as life changing as talk therapy. That's why my motto is that I'm changing lives a smile at a time. My job is to make sure my patient's are happy and healthy, and I consider it a privilege. Frankel Dentistry 5012 Talmadge Rd., Toledo. 419-474-9611. 4359 Keystone Dr., Maumee. 419-893-0221. Facebook page: Jon Frankel Dentistry

dr. jon frankel frankel dentistry


Health food store

smoothie bar

We are here to help you have more energy, focus, and vibrant health.

ʈÛiÊÕÃÊ>ÊV>Ê>ÌÊ­{£™®Ê{nä‡ÇxÎä or e-mail us at ÎÎxxÊ Àˆ>Àvˆi`Ê Û`°Ê-ՈÌiÊ ÊUÊ>Փii]Ê"…ˆœÊ{Îx{Ç 24

August 22 • September 04

tom & tina Kuron, Chowder ‘N Moor

We just celebrated our tenth anniversary this July, and it’s been a great ten years of developing relationships with some terrific customers. I started Chowders in a little nine-seat cafe where I made sandwiches, soups and coffee drinks as a way to express my love for cooking and entertaining. When I married my husband and now co-owner, Tom, we really approached Chowders as a business. We moved into our 100-seat Waterville location and created a full lunch and dinner menu — but our specialty has always been our sandwiches and homemade soups, especially our White Chicken Chili and New England Clam Chowder. We just recently scaled down our menu to focus on those made-from-scratch dishes we are known for. In June 2011, our Waterville location was shut down for seven months due to a fire and during that time we saw many of our Waterville regulars making the trip to our Holland location. It means a lot that of all the restaurants in Toledo people choose to eat my food. We’re grateful and try to give back to the community by providing jobs for roughly 80 people and keeping our prices affordable during this recession. Chowders ‘N Moor. 312 South St., Waterville. 419-878-9105. 7723 Airport Hwy., Holland. 419-491-0098.

Rev. Beth Marshall,

First unitarian church of toledo I am proud to serve as Senior Minister of the First Unitarian Church of Toledo — one of Toledo’s historic congregations. As a life-long Unitarian Universalist with deep roots in Ohio, it is both a joy and a pleasure to minister to such a vibrant congregation.  I was trained at Meadville Lombard Theological School in Chicago, graduating in 2002 with a concentration in parish ministry, and was called to lead this congregation in 2008. Our church is a member of the Unitarian Universalist Association. We affirm the inherent worth and dignity of every human being; the interdependent web of existence; and each individual’s free and responsible search for truth. We are committed to welcoming all   people regardless of personal characteristics, and honor the union of same sex couples. Our congregation was originally formed in Toledo before the Civil War and, from 1922 until 2008, the Congregation worshiped in the classic New England-style church located at the corner of Collingwood Blvd. and Bancroft St. The Congregation purchased a handicap-accessible building with on-site parking in south Toledo in 2008 and now makes its home at 3205 Glendale Ave. First Unitarian Church of Toledo, 3205 Glendale Ave. 419-381-6999. For current worship times, visit

August 22 • September 04


erika and vickie rapp,

dr. bryan royer,

registry bistro

harmony chiropractic

I've been in the Toledo area since 2005, after I graduated from the National University of Health Sciences. I’m an army brat — I grew up all around the world. I settled here for a great reason — my wife, who I met as a student at the University of Dayton in the 1990s, is a native Toledoan. This is an exciting community to be a part of, and I feel like I've got some unique things to offer. I'm the only one in the area to be certified in chiropractic neurology, which allows me to treat all kinds of issues, from migraines to vertigo to balance disorders and carpal tunnel. I can even help with things like autism and ADHD. And as of this year, I'm a Certified Chiropractic Sports Physician — I can do the same sorts of techniques used on Olympic and pro athletes. I'm certified to do Kinesio Tape, that colored tape you might have seen on athletes in London, as well as the Graston Technique, used to break up scar tissue and adhesions to allow people to get back to normal activities. I'm the team physician for Northview High School football, which is terrific since I love football and it gives me an excuse to watch the games! It's great to take care of the kids and to be a part of that community.

The vision of Registry Bistro was conceived in September of 2010. The journey from conception to reality was exciting. We’re a mother and daughter team — I stay on top of everything that has to do with the business side of the restaurant, and Erika, who was trained at the Culinary Institute of America, devised a really inventive menu from scratch. We encourage other entrepreneurs to be persistent and follow their dreams the way we did. Downtown is very much alive and growing, so we’re looking forward to meeting our new neighbors.  We chose our location because of the historical architecture of the former Secor Hotel. It provides a perfect backdrop for a fine dining experience in a casual and approachable atmosphere. It’s classic meets modern in every respect, inviting all your senses to participate — the interior is visually stimulating with art displays that change seasonally along with the menu offerings. Your taste buds will be inspired by Chef Erika’s modern spin on comfort food. Our goal was to bring a fresh and new experience to Toledoans, and I think we’ve accomplished that.

Registry Bistro, 144 N. Superior St. (in the Secor Building). 419-725-0444.

Harmony Chiropractic Center, Inc. 7430 W. Central Ave. 419-517-5055.


August 22 • September 04

george simon, jeremy fitzgerald, robby lucas, owner, owner and chef of bar 145

Everything’s come together for us! It’s been almost a year and a half since we opened Toledo’s first gastropub, and we really want to thank Toledo for the great feedback we’ve had. We were trying to fill a void, to provide the city with something it didn’t even know it needed — a place with gourmet food and live bands. Even in big cities, there are often places with a “bar” atmosphere or a “restaurant” atmosphere, but we think we’ve captured both. With Jeremy’s experience running Mr. Ed’s in Put-in-Bay, we were able to bring in a lot of bands that hadn’t played Toledo before. The idea was to become a destination spot — we can host birthday parties, office parties or bachelor parties, and then people can stick around for the bands. It’s a win-win for the customer. You can “Stack Your Own” burger with all-natural Niman Ranch beef and enjoy all the fresh locally-produced food, from a menu that changes with the season. We like to say we don’t even own a freezer — everything comes in fresh and everything’s made fresh. Bar 145, 5305 Monroe St. 419-593-0073.

david huner,

convergence college planning llc I've been in the financial services industry for over 11 years. In June 2011, I opened a new division of my financial advising business called Convergence College Planning with the goal of helping families navigate through the most expensive time in their lives — getting their children through college without devastating their retirement. With the cost of higher education rising faster than inflation, it makes sense to spend an hour with a licensed college advisor before you spend thousands of your hard earned dollars. If everything you thought you knew about planning for college was wrong, when would you like to know about it? Get the facts and learn all the necessary strategies to save money on the total cost of college. Convergence College Planning, LLC. 5450 Monroe St., Ste. 3. 567-686-2004.

August 22 • September 04


Kim chapman,


Tonic studio Not everyone can say they regularly bond over Pilates with their mother-in-law. A cancer survivor, it was her dream to open a studio. I’ve been a dancer all my life. I started ballet at age four, danced in a professional company growing up and minored in fine arts and dance in college. So when my mother-in-law approached me about opening Tonic Studio, it was a dream come true. It’s nice to say our family created this beautiful oasis. I earned my teaching certification from the Pilates Method Alliance, my mother-in-law used her design skills to create an eco-friendly environment and my brother-in-law worked on our raw walnut countertops and polished concrete. We opened Tonic Studio in January and are excited to spread the word. Health and wellness are at the heart of what we do. Our talented instructors teach Yoga, Pilates, BeyondBarre and more. Small class sizes allow us to provide individual attention. I invite you to stop by and experience our facility personally.

S U N DAY, S E PTE M B E R 2 + 9 P M

Tonic Studio, 2221 River Rd., Maumee. 419-794-4044.





They’ve ignited the passion of audiences around the world and now they’re ss2IVER2OAD -AUMEE /HIO

BeyondBarre TM is the unique body-transforming ballet barre workout that combines body sculpting and fat burning with muscle lengthening for incredible results.


Looking to find inspiration, reduce stress, increase strength and flexibility, energize your muscles, calm your mind, engage your body, or just breathe? Get your yoga fix at 4/.)#.


This introductory offer is a series of 10 sessions limited to three students. This beginner’s series utilizes a combination of mat, reformer, and tower classes.


A mix of Pilates, Yoga, and Kickboxing. Great strength workout that helps you lose weight and transform your body.

.%7 -ENgS/.,9 Pilates reformer and mat classes now at 4/.)#


Hear hits like “Shimmer,� “Innocent,� “Hemorrhage (In My Hands)� and more.


bringing their iconic sound to Hollywood Casino. See Fuel in a special acoustic set at H Lounge.

7 7 7 H o l l y wood B l vd. + To l ed o, O H 4 3 6 0 5

.EW-ENS Pilates

It’s Yoga and TONIC collaborate again! Offering an intensive 200 hour Ashtanga teacher training in September. Visit or call 419-794-4044 to register


Š 2 012 Pe n n N a t i o n a l G a m i n g , I n c .


August 22 • September 04


August 22 • September 04


dr. John kruszewski, pinnacle eye group

Georgette’s Grounds & Gifts At Georgette’s, we know it’s tough to get away to see the world, so we bring the world to you. We serve fair trade coffees and teas from around the world. Many of our worldly recipes are made from locallygrown food, so your savory Spanish gazpacho, crispy Cherry Feta Salad and flavorful Italian Caprese salad are as fresh as possible, while preserving the rich flavors of cuisine from around the globe. The cafe is named after Georgette Engler, a visionary Maumee woman who raised five children with disabilites and founded Sunshine 60 years ago to help other parents care for their children with special needs. Sunshine has since expanded to provide residential and related services to people with developmental disabilities in Northwest Ohio. Sunshine saw that people with disabilities needed more opportunites for meaningful work, and that observation blossomed into an idea for a coffee and gift shop, named in honor of Georgette herself. Georgette’s offer coupons and gift certificates on our Facebook page, “Georgette’s Grounds & Gifts,” and you can follow us on Twitter, @MyGeorgette’s.

Nothing’s more important for me than treating patients the way I’d want to be treated. I hate waiting, and I know that my patients do, too — we always try to make sure that none of your valuable time is wasted. I got into this practice to help people, not make their lives more difficult. And I’m committed to using the best technology available — not because it’s new and shiny, but because it makes your experience easier and better. We don’t even have that annoying air-puff glaucoma test anymore; our equipment lets us measure ocular pressure quickly and painlessly. We can give you high-definition lenses that will have you seeing better than ever — and looking better, too. We’ve got high-quality, high-fashion frames — some of them are even classified as jewelry. And I’m always ready to stand behind our service and merchandise 100 percent. Pinnacle Eye Group, 3723 King Rd., Ste. 100. 419-843-2020.

Georgette's 311 Conant St., Maumee. 419-891-8888, To learn more about Sunshine, visit  


August 22 • September 04

greg ballmer & lisa bachmayer rooster’s men’s grooming center

Roosters Men’s Grooming Center is a classic American barbershop, reconfigured and updated for the 21st century man. Women have their salons and spas where they can get the full pampering treatment, and we really thought today’s men should have the same opportunity. We’d been looking for a business opportunity since we met in the Executive MBA program at the University of Toledo nine years ago. This was a perfect fit — the Roosters business model really appealed to us. We’re excited to be providing a unique service offering that men can really enjoy. How many men today have had a signature shave in a real barbershop-type atmosphere? We can do that complete with hot steam towels, facial massages, moisturizing lotions, and of course precision haircuts, all the while relaxing in an oversized leather barber chair with the smell of old Bay Rum in the air. We also want to show our appreciation to our heroes in uniform: military, police, firefighters and EMS workers can all enjoy a precision haircut with our everyday Professional Hero discount. It’s a small token of our appreciation for what they do for our community.   Roosters Men’s Grooming Center 5300 Monroe St. 419-843-4030.

Harold Miller, Jim Smith, Justin & Jim McVicker reliance propane and fuel oil company

Our grandpa, Harold C. Miller, started in the oil business in 1932 along with his son Harold A. Miller, delivering oil in the metro Toledo area. In 1960, Harold A. Miller decided to get into the propane business. We provide oil, propane, welding gases and supplies, and we deliver medical gases throughout Northwest Ohio and Southeast Michigan. Our company has been around for 80 years because of our employees — they are the foundation of our business. We’re locally owned and operated and employ 20 people, each one ready to offer the best customer service around. Reliance Propane and Fuel Oil Company, 6025 Secor Rd., 419-473-1374.

We truly appreciate our Hometown Heroes and how they risk their lives for us.

We alw offer disc ays oun for “our� ts Hometow n Heroes

s-ONROE3TREETs"OARDWALK0LAZA Toledo, OH (Across The Street From The Hobby Lobby Between The Costume Holiday House and The Fed Ex Office Print and Ship Center)

August 22 • September 04


bob and theresa hoen,

My husband Bob and I always had the dream that we would work together in the hoen’s garden center and landscaping family business. Our business goes back to the 1950s — it was started by Bill and Leo Hoen, when they bought 100 acres of land along Airport Highway. In those 60 years since it’s grown into Hoen’s Garden Center and Landscaping. Bob oversees the growing of the plants and produce, and I’m all about the pretty — the gardening and landscape design side of things. I love that we’ve added miniature gardens and terrariums to our Garden Center offerings. I really enjoy seeing our customers design their own little gardens, shopping for that perfect piece of little furniture or the best accessory. It is so much fun — for gardeners of all ages — and gives me a chance to use my own creativity! I have a wonderful time offering workshops, doing my best to keep our customers aware of new developments in garden and landscape design. Our own children loved being around a garden, and it is rewarding to see youngsters and their families discover this wonderful connection with nature and what it provides. I wasn’t always a farm girl, but at Hoen’s we’re working to ignite passion in gardeners of all ages. Hoen’s Garden Center and Landscaping 1710 Perrysburg Holland Rd., 419-865-9276,

dr. Nadeem Khan,

Great Smiles family Dentistry When I was a kid, my regular dentist was so calm and funny — I could tell he loved what he was doing, and I wanted to feel that way too. Now I get to give people that experience every day. I know people can be afraid of the dentist, and I always say we want to cater to cowards. We're determined to offer as painless an experience as possible. We've got all the cutting-edge technology to keep you healthy, but it's about more than fixing teeth. We want to build a rapport, to get to know our patients on a personal level. I'm never afraid to take a call on a Saturday — there's nothing better than helping people get out of pain and smiling again! Great Smiles Family Dentistry. 4646 Nantuckett Dr. 419-843-8095.


0 0 . 59


exam g n i s n clea & x-ray

! R A A ST

E ds! r K a I w E L o Co me!

L Cater t Welco I M S We dren Chil





August 22 • September 04

Adela & Alfred Mundt, Loma Linda’s & Ventura’s Restaurants It feels great to be part of the positive economy that keeps Toledo moving! Our customers are part of our family, and many are regulars who have been coming here for years. Toledoans are dedicated loyal customers when it comes to dining out. You go anywhere on a Friday night and every restaurant in the Toledo area is packed with long waits. Loma Linda’s pioneered the Mexican craze in the Toledo area and is largely responsible for Toledo’s love affair with Mexican food and margaritas. In the beginning, people came because of word of mouth advertising. That holds true today — people share their many memories of the past 57 years! Loma Linda has built quite a legacy! During the past 28 years, Ventura’s has built a legacy of their own. Customers love the comfortable family atmosphere, and appreciate that we offer our menu items a la carte, so if you want only a taco, that’s all you pay for .... we don’t charge for all the unwanted extras. We make sure our customers can come out and have a great  dinner at a price that makes them start thinking about when they can return! Loma Linda’s 10400 Airport Hwy., Swanton. 419-865-5455. Ventura’s Mexican Restaurant 7742 W. Bancroft St. 419-841-7523.

pat borden, ukazoo books

I’ve worked in retail for a long time, but it was always in a corporate environment, which can really limit what’s possible. The owners of Ukazoo started by selling used books out of their parents’ basement in Baltimore, and they ended up becoming a sizable internet company. They shopped around for a good spot for their business and chose Toledo — that’s why often when you order a book through Amazon, it will say it shipped from Toledo. We’re now one of the largest independent bookstores in the area. It’s really been a thrill, here at Ukazoo, to be part of a local business, with the freedom to be part of a community. I’ve never been involved with a place that puts such emphasis on local impact. The free coffee we serve is from Georgette’s in Maumee, not some big box store. We’re always looking for local artists to display their work, and we get excited to host local authors for signings. We really just want to be a welcoming place — we’ve got wifi and plenty of space for book clubs and meetings. Whenever we get a chance to work with local groups promoting literacy, we jump at it — not for the good press, but because it just makes sense. I see our customers come in the door and just freeze — it’s not what they expected from a used bookstore, 140,000 books with nothing over $6 (and if you buy three you get one free!). The only hard part is getting them in the door! Once they’ve seen our selection, and met the staff — they’re hooked! Ukazoo Books 830 N. Westwood Ave. 419-537-2665.

Book Sale $1-All Used Kids Books $2-All Used Paperbacks $3-All Used Hardcovers

Over 125,000 used books to choose from. New/collectible books not included. Expires 9/10/12 Limit 73

Fall is right around the corner, with days getting shorter, leaving more time to read. It's a great time to stock up on books - and at these prices, why wouldn't you? We've got a massive selection, great prices and staff waiting to help with your reading needs. Ukazoo wants to be your first choice for books!

August 22 • September 04


Abbey & Tony Bilancini, Swig

Swig’s start is actually a pretty cool story. I was living in Kauai, and was visiting the mainland during a month long break. I started talking with my old drinking buddy, Jim, and we ended up becoming business partners. (We’ve become family since then, too — I fell in love with Abbey, Jim’s daughter, who is now my wife. I never did go back to Kauai!) Jim and I knew that the local economy was in a slump when we opened our restaurant three years ago. We knew that the Toledo market was saturated with chain restaurants, so we wanted to offer a different kind of family-oriented gastropub. We wanted a return to the area’s heyday but with recession prices — we try to keep all our prices below ten bucks. We have inexpensive but “gourmet” neighborhood dining, whether you are looking for a Chicago dog or something more daring. We handcraft all our sausages, hot dogs, ham and bacon. That means we grind, season, stuff, and smoke them daily, and team them with a wonderful selection of special condiments from spiced rum aioli to chipotle catsup, as well as a huge selection of craft beers. We offer live music Tuesday through Saturday (no cover charge), and hold Great Lakes Tournament Trivia on Mondays.  And I can’t forget our chocolate covered bacon sundae! Our customers are very friendly and outgoing, and tell their friends about us. We’ve sent our t-shirts and specialties to customers all over the country. In these times, we’ve found our greatest asset is humility and optimism.


El Vaquero began 25 years ago in Columbus, and my family is proud to have brought the name to Toledo 12 years ago. We've got the most authentic Mexican cuisine in town, with fresh flavors straight out of Jalisco. People tell us we have the best margaritas, too, and we believe it. Our Toledo and Perrysburg locations have been fun destinations for years, and we're excited to have added the Docks location in the past year. There's no better patio in town to savor your meal across the river from the city skyline. We're really thrilled to be part of this community! El Vaquero 3302 Secor Rd., Toledo. 419-536-0471 26611 Dixie Hwy., Perrysburg. 419-872-1230 24 Main St., downtown Toledo, 419-690-8330

Swig, 219 Louisiana Ave., Perrysburg. 419-873-6223.


August 22 • September 04

stephanie bulger,

property manager, Redwood Management Co. My first property manager in Toledo inspired me to become one myself, actually. I'd moved to the area from Port Clinton, Ohio because I wanted to find greater opportunities in a bigger city. My first apartment was great, but the manager was rude and I didn't enjoy my stay, and I thought, why does it have to be that way? I wanted to see if I could improve that experience, so I began to work in the field, overseeing apartment complexes. Ten years later, I'm with Redwood Management Company, which is a real estate development and management company. I love what I do at Redwood because I get to meet all kinds of interesting people at different stages of their life. When I take guests for tours around the property — luxury single story apartments that are unique to the area — I like to think that I help make their life a little brighter. Being from out of town myself, I have an appreciation for Toledo and all there is to do here, and I like talking up the city's activities to people who are new to town. I've been leasing these properties so quickly that if I continue at this rate, I'll have the fastest 'lease up' in the history of the company. I like that aspect of it because it's a challenge. Redwood Management has five luxury apartment locations throughout Oregon, Maumee and Perrysburg. For locations, visit or call 419-450-4667.

August 22 • September 04


jim and pat Appold, Oliver House and Maumee bay brewing company

When we purchased the Oliver House in 1990, the intent was to preserve one of Toledo's most historic landmarks. Built in 1859, the pre-Civil War hotel has housed many different businesses over the years and needed some love, but the architecture and beauty of the location along the river was worth the patience and proper attention. Through almost twenty years of hard work and great support from the community, the Oliver House is once again a hub of social activity. The building serves as a multi-use facility with a world class steak house, European café, classy cocktail lounge, casual brew pub, rollickin' sports bar, community theatre, contemporary urban townhouses and a recently added gourmet wine & beer market. From the beginning we also wanted to commemorate Toledo's rich brewing history by housing a wonderful collection of beer memorabilia in the Toledo Brewing Hall of Fame & Museum. The Oliver House is also a working micro-brewery. The Maumee Bay Brewing Co. continues the city's brewing tradition by producing the best craft beers in the region including the ever popular Buckeye Beer.  The Oliver House and Maumee Bay Brewing Company 27 Broadway. 419-243-1302.


August 22 • September 04

greg and joann cook, papa g’s pizza n’ grill

dave and kim zawacki, zavotski custom meats & deli

Everything we do is old-school. We're just an old-fashioned meat market doing things the way they've always been done. We're proud of our Toledo roots and our Polish heritage — I remember my grandmother making pierogis, and going to the butcher on Lagrange Street with my grandfather. Our family revolves around the meat market business. We met as managers of grocery chain delis and married, then went into business on our own in 2007. We found things to be so watered down at big box stores, and that motivated us to go into business on our own, because as locals we give customers a more thoughtful experience. We've got kielbasa the way you remember it, and Angus choice beef, bratwursts, sweet and sour cabbage — we'll even make you a sandwich or a party tray. You're always going to get great one-on-one customer service, because this is our community and we love serving you!

We’d been dreaming of owning our own restaurant for 20 years, so when we saw that this location was available, we jumped at the chance. My wife JoAnn is half Greek and half Italian, and I love to cook, so that led to us offering food from both cultures. All of our recipes are authentic because we’ve gathered them from the local Greek community — we love the culture. The previous owners had been here for 8 years, but we were excited to make it our own. Our pastichio has been a big hit — it’s something like a Greek lasagna, and we originally cooked it as a special, but people have been eating it up! We even make saganaki (Greek flaming cheese) and we’re now open for lunch on weekdays. We make everything fresh here — every pizza is made to order and cooked in our old-style brick oven. Not too many places are still doing that! And we love this community — we live here. We offer discounts to all the schools and sports organizations. We’re thankful for their support, and we thank them with a great deal! Papa G’s Pizza ‘n Grill. 5127 S. Main St., Sylvania. 419-882-6979.

Zavotski Custom Meats & Deli 2600 W. Sylvania Ave. 419-720-5225.

August 22 • September 04


Robin Forst

Pyure Salon and spa I love helping clients look and feel their best. It’s something I’ve always wanted to do and I’ve been doing it for eighteen years now. After starting as a stylist, I became a board certified hair colorist and educator. For ten years, I trained others in advanced techniques and then decided to open my own business. When I started Pyure, the Service Corps of Retired Executives (SCORE), a local group of retired business volunteers, really helped get me going. The salon is now in its fourth year. We’re making a difference by helping people feel better. It’s actually therapy for them and for us. Whenever you can make someone else feel good, it makes you feel good too. Now, I’ve got thirty people who rely on me to make sound business decisions and it’s a good feeling helping them too. I love being a business owner who contributes to the local economy. My goal is to grow the business so that no matter what time of day you walk into the salon, it’s hopping. That’s why everybody we hire has to have confidence in what they do and a passion for their profession as artists. Pyure Salon and Spa 3355 Briarfield Blvd., Maumee. 419-861-4000.

3355 Briarfield Blvd. Maumee OH 419.861.4000


August 22 • September 04



Hometown Heroes