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A Better Day by Christina Chow

The man with a leather jacket stood by the bridge. The sun was setting, the sky turned orange. His eyes were bloodshot as he stared at the crowd crossing the bridge. On one flank of the bridge, a beggar sat on the ground, looking at him. A woman passed by and dropped a few coins in his can. “Thank you, have a good day” he told her with a smile. Then he turned to the man with the leather jacket. “Sir, are you alright?” he asked, without changing position. The man, in his late 30s, had a large nose and the beggar thought that he had seen air rushing out of his nostrils. He did not say a word. Suddenly he crouched and wailed like a child. This time the beggar stood up and walked to him and asked again, “sir, are you alright?” “I can’t do this anymore…” the man said between sobs “my wife…my wife left me with my best friend” “Oh, well…it happens” the beggar said and noticed that the man was already drunk. “I’ve nothing to live for. I've lost everything…” “What have you lost?” the beggar was curious, “ok, your wife and… your friend”. “No, you don’t understand, my boss fired me this morning” His hands grabbed the torn collar of the beggar and said, “listen…I am going to jump the bridge…I’m just waiting for the crowd to disperse…” “You will have to wait at least one hour… now tell me what else you have lost?” The man was now furious. “What else! Isn’t this enough? ” “I’ve also lost a lot” the beggar said. “Like what?!” “Like I lost my family, my bottle, my …” “Your wife did not run off with your best friend” “No, she couldn’t. She died. ” “I am sorry…I am tired, I haven’t slept for days…” “I don’t have a bed” “My heart aches, I can’t stand the pain”

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“My stomach aches, I am hungry” “My children don’t love me anymore, I have neglected them…man, I worked so hard…all for nothing” “My kid was killed in a hit-and-run accident” “They even took my dog…” now he hit the core of his tragedy and could not hold back his tears, he asked the beggar, “don’t you ever want to jump?” “I can’t “ “Why?” “I’m afraid” “Afraid of what?” “Afraid I will never see this sunset again, the blue air against the warm light, ruffled by the smallest movement, rain drops knocking on my face and cry for me…” The beggar moved closer to the man, his breath almost touching his face: “If you take time to watch the sunset you will see that this orange with a pink border looks exactly the same as before sunrise” “I don’t care about any sunset, or, you… I want to die” “OK, go ahead, jump, but first give me what you have” “You want my money?” “Yes, your money and your coat and your shoes” The man took off his jacket and shoes, found in his pocket 100 dollars and change and gave everything to the beggar. The beggar said: “Thank you, have a better day” The man froze. “A better day, what do you mean? There won’t be another day!” “Just wanted to thank you” “Why didn't you simply say, have a good day” The man was not to give up now, he had never heard anything so absurd. “Well, sir, your present day cannot be any worse, so any other day would be a better day than today”

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The man looked at the beggar blankly, as if he did not understand his words. For the first time he saw his slouching figure, and thought he was dirty. “A better day… a better day, you mean…” he began to think. “Is this a joke?” “Yes, it is”, the beggar started to laugh. His mouth full of missing teeth. Sometimes laughter can be contagious even when caught in a big tragedy. The man also started to laugh, he did not know why. “A better day…a better day…” the man, now barefoot and without a jacket, walked away from the bridge. He put his hands into his pockets and felt the familiar clanking sound of metal. It was already pitch dark. He was lucky. He thought “at least I did not give the beggar my house keys”.


Christina Chow is a New York based artist and writer. Her website is She writes for and

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Take Time for Fun To Create a Better Day by Karen Gless, Ph.D.

Sometimes we forget how to have fun; and either see it as a waste of time, or lose sight of the fact that fun and recreation are a break from our usual routine. Recreation is a chance to let your hair down and do something different. It can be as simple as stopping to admire something beautiful or as elaborate as a trip out of town. I remember a time, when I was walking across campus in college and looked up to see an exquisite double rainbow. Then I looked around and saw some people were as entranced with the sight as I was, while most were walking to their destination, looking down at the ground and plowing straight ahead. When you put fun and relaxation back into your life, everything is easier. And it doesn’t have to be anything incredible. Take the time to enjoy what you already have. Here are some ways to increase the fun in your life and have a better day: Do something different like: Notice something beautiful. Once you start looking, it is surprising how often there is something special or beautiful around you. Look up more often than you look down. This simple change in pattern gives you a break from charging doggedly ahead and lets you see things differently. Wear a brighter than usual outfit. A little touch of color really can brighten your mood. Change your usual routine. Do first things last and last things first. You could eat dessert at the beginning of dinner. Wake up thinking it is a vacation day and do your work as if you didn’t really have to. You may be surprised that you can get more done and do it more easily. Drink more water, less coffee and less alcohol. Starting the day with heavy doses of coffee to get started can lead to more drinking at night to calm down and get to sleep. This can become a bad habit that stresses you out and leads to consuming too much booze. Be sure to breathe. The breath out is the most important. Make it longer than usual. Set aside 5 minutes a day to breathe slowly. See if you can get down to 8 breaths a minute. This will slow down your heart and lower your blood pressure. Set aside time for fun. It doesn’t actually have to be a lot of time if your schedule is tight. But you should do something fun every day. And that isn’t watching TV or sitting in front of the computer for hours. Do something that breaks with your usual routine and gives you a chance to let go. The key to having fun is doing something that is

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upside down from your usual routine. That way when you come back to your usual life you come back with new energy and new understandings and, hopefully, with a new perspective. Lots of studies show that stress is bad for our health. But when you're making yourself miserable by working at everything including vacations or forcing yourself to exercise, you're working against yourself. If you take it a little easier and have fun exercising, for instance, you get a double benefit, and that's true in many areas of life. So stop stressing and start having more fun. That way you will discover how to have a better day. _____________________________________________________________________________________

Karen Gless, Ph.D. is a marriage and family therapist and a registered nurse with over 20 years in a successful psychotherapy practice. In working with couples she always looks for new understandings and insights into what works right in a relationship as well as what goes wrong. She always asks herself, “How can I help couples grow and realize the potential of their unique relationship?” Because she sees relationships as a natural crucible for growth, transformation and creativity, she has helped many couples understand their relationship in new ways so that they resolve their conflicts and can grow together. Every relationship is an opportunity for growth and creativity, because the two partners are very different from everyone else, and so the relationship they create is unique. To help couples explore the potential of their relationship, Dr. Gless has worked to gain insights and fashion tools to help couples create a healthy, happy, fulfilling relationship. She uses trance work as a special way of unlocking individual and shared creativity. She has written many articles on relationships, appeared on TV shows, given internet interviews and has been quoted in Cosmopolitan Magazine.

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Is Tomorrow Worth Waiting for? by Margot van Aanholt

As I got the invitation to write an article for this publication, I knew immediately what to share with you. The perfect opening followed by information that can support everyone that searches for "better and better" popped into my mind within seconds. The excitement of sharing some of my best tips to lighten up every day - even one that is already bright - made me grasp pen and paper to jot down a first raw version. What I wrote was nice. But after reading it, I noticed there were still some sparks missing. So I decided to let it rest. "Tomorrow will be a better day to finish this than today. Let me sleep on it." That's what I thought. The second day I wrote a new article. My fingers moved over the keyboard in great speed and I was really content with the result. Until I counted the words. It was much longer than the guidelines had told me I was allowed to write. After editing the article was okay, but not at all what I wanted. Fortunately there was still time: "Tomorrow will be a better day to write than today. By then I will have fresh ideas." That's what I thought. Are you seeing a pattern here? It's the pattern of a perfectionist, some say with a smile - and that sounds like a compliment. It's fear of failure, others state with concern - and that sounds like they are pointing out a flaw. It's something that has been quite familiar to me in the past. Nowadays I notice it, when I fall into this trap again. Then I laugh and change my course. Like I do now… For the better - not tomorrow, but right here, right now. Whether it has to do with writing an article, how I spend my time, how I feel about life or respond to what happens. Consider this: • How often do we postpone things and wait for a better day to start or finish the things we know are important to us? • How often do we want tomorrow to improve upon today, to help us feel better? • How often do we think that tomorrow brings more opportunities, joy, happiness, results, love or success than today? • How often do we let life pass by, because we think life will "really" start tomorrow, when the perfect conditions will be in place? Since I'm aware of this "tomorrow-phenomenon" I have seen it in friends, family, students, clients and business partners. And I often share with them my two simple questions, that help me make today the wonderful day that tomorrow promises to be. 1. What do you REALLY choose to do today? DO IT and leave the rest. Everything you do extra is a bonus, a gift to yourself. (By the way: be realistic!).

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2. Ask yourself this question a couple of times a day: "Am I content about the way this day is flowing?" a. If the answer is yes, enjoy this awareness and be grateful - that makes you feel even better. b. If the answer is no, look for one way to change things - as simple as possible - and then make the change. It gives you a great boost to know that you have the power to influence the quality of your day. Focus is a magical word. Whatever we focus upon expands. So if you decide to have better and better days, you are well on your way to create them for yourself and for everyone around you. Have fun! _____________________________________________________________________________________

Margot van Aanholt is a strong believer in the innate power and limitless potential in every human being. In her work as a teacher, trainer, coach and author she dedicates her energy and expertise to help awaken the creativity that is needed to express this to the fullest. In her publishing companies you'll find resources to support this process. You will find more information and her gift "30 Days of Focus on Happiness" here:

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A New Day by Phil Tantsidis

Alarm goes off. Refreshed and ready to take on the day after a good night’s rest. Early to bed, early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise. Prayers are the first order of business. Asking for help to take on the day is a must. A little meditation after that pondering what is required of me in the day. Up onto my feet, a trip to the bathroom, brush the teeth. A quick 4 minute exercise routine to get the blood flowing and I am ready to take on the day. Grab a coffee and check the list of morning routine beside my bed to make sure nothing is missed. Pumped and ready to go! Clear and open to whatever is brought to me. The perfect start to a better day! Here is the reality. Alarm goes off. Turn it off. Close eyes and hope I don’t wake up too much later. 15 minutes later I’m up. The morning routine list is under the book I was reading last night until 2 AM. It’s a “page turner” about the lost self – another book about what’s wrong with me. I miss the sheet that reminds me of what to do. Get up and go direct to bathroom. Look at those eyes, I’m tired but on with the day. Log into computer and start running some processes for work. Check email. Check other “morning” sites for daily inspiration and horoscope. Nice thoughts but mostly off on where I’m at today. Make coffee and have a smoke. While smoking think about what is required today of me. Kids are at Grandma’s today and don’t have to get them until Thursday. I miss them already and they left just yesterday evening. A song goes through my head “Oh maybe someday when you’ll be a man, you will be the leader of a rock ‘n roll band” Johnny b. Goode by Check Berry. I think about the band I was in. I should get back with them. They were okay last time I saw them but the drummer wasn’t right. I am the right drummer for that band. Thoughts go to why and how and blah, blah, blah. Squirrel. Oh yeah, golfing after work today. Clothes clean? I suck at golf but it seems to be a social event that keeps coming my way. Going with the flow. I need to write today. Blog, book, or songs. That discipline doesn’t seem to be there today, Oh yeah, eat right and work out. Got to fit that in today as well. Bring the energy of light through my body, Know that I am loved as I am, connected to all knowledge and guidance, healing emotionally, spiritually, physically and mentally, and knowing peace, ahhhhhhh! Deep breath. Back to work.

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The difference is discipline. I’m like a little kid sometimes, “I don’t wanna do that stuff” regardless of a better day I can have when centered, grounded and on purpose. I usually get to all those things in my morning list during the day but it seems hap-hazard and not in alignment. When I miss something I usually pay the price in some off handed remark or behavior against myself. Regardless of how I start my day I can embrace the feelings and emotions that come my way, direct some energy to where I want to go, and be where I am. Remember there are no bad days, just bad moments. I am responsible for how I deal with it. At any point during the day I’m off, I can always start over. ‘Cause really, all we have is today! _____________________________________________________________________________________

Phil is a computer analyst seeking fulfillment and creativity from his life. He is a single father of two precious boys, a son and brother to those around him. His spiritual quest commenced over 20 years ago and has come from a place of darkness to the light. He is journeying to write articles, books and music. An accomplished musician/drummer he loves to play live music, entertain and give of himself.

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The Art of Changing Your Mind by Teresa Hall

The ART of Appreciation Is it one of those days? The boss wants too much, the kids are yelling, you are stuck in traffic for hours and hours… the noise of your life just gets louder and louder, yet somewhere in between all that noise there’s another sound, another somebody, a little voice that needs some time to be heard. I have used all kinds of little tricks to help me access that voice. I begin my day, lying in the morning light, letting the sunshine feed me for at least 15 minutes, intending my day before I jump up and start it. I also keep a bowl of crystals nearby. Some mornings I take one out and watch the colored light reflecting on the walls of my room. It’s a beautiful light show. But eventually when the day’s events come running towards me I am faced with what's ‘out there', and that morning footing I so craftily planted is easily lost. When that happens I have two tools that help me deal with the world around me: humor and creativity...sometimes both. One thing I have always had fun making was collages. Collages are like dreams; patching together impressions, while somehow consolidating them into an idea that offers the observer a very interesting ‘stream of consciousness’ flow of thought. Collages are especially helpful when you can't find the 'feeling place'. I like to start with a few words and find the images to match them. A person can come up with some amazingly beautiful, awe inspiring works of art that can inform and enlighten the observer, as well as the creator. Here are some examples…. This one was on a day that I felt stuck --- This was a day when a friend and I had to make new agreements about our friendship---

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The fact that it is fun is great, but the real benefit is in the act of creating because it inspires new understandings and conjures new information and perspectives regarding those sometimes hidden and hard to deal with issues we all try so hard to express. Collages work because we aren't really using our ‘thinking’ minds. Instead we are seeking out images to help us find the feeling. Also, the ability to rearrange and make different connections to a variety of thoughts is enhanced. When I look at what I have created, and 'feel' it with my eyes without having to explain it, I am able to regard my issues as wondrous and beautiful. Placing too much emotion on a subject can be just as harmful to the spirit though, and when I find that I am indulging myself, stickman drawings or animations are great tools. Placing scenes in stickman animated form does to any serious situation what is implied: it breaks spirit down into action and turns it into a cartoon. Stick figures are anonymous, faceless, voiceless creatures that move joint by joint on a blank background, with no visual emotions. You can reenact the scenes of your day, seeing it only as action; no opinions, no sense memory. Seeing it this way creates distance from the emotional place inside so that we can at last enjoy life for what it truly is. Stick figures are fun to draw too when you are just sitting around doodling. It keeps the mind moving and the soul giggling. Maybe that’s the way the universe planned for us to see ourselves anyway; either having a good laugh or admiring all of the beautiful things we create every day. Now that’s the art of appreciation! _____________________________________________________________________________________

Teresa Hall is a freelance writer and creator of Sacred Poetry Meditations. Her method of poetic meditation has been used as transformational tool of intention and contemplation for yoga practice and private meditation classes. Her poetry creates a realm, beyond the body and mind, where exploration becomes the pivot from which awareness flows. Teresa is the author of the chapbook ‘Thistle and Seeds’, and is a long time member of the Beyond Words Writer’s Workshop. Please visit my website for more creative ideas and sign up for my free ebook here You may leave a Haiku in my Haiku Gallery here as well. Your thoughts and images are welcome!

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Simple Secrets for a Blissful Day by Krystalya Marie

I met a woman in her mid-70's who was always happy and willing to learn new things. No matter the challenge she never gave up. As I got to know her I found out that she had lost both of her children in separate incidences before they reached their mid-20's. Because of her and others I've met along the way, I decided to find out what makes some people happy nearly all of the time, while others never seem to find happiness. I took what I learned and incorporated what worked for me into my life making my days happier and more blissful. I am now delighted to share these tips with you. 1. You Get to Choose Happiness: It's important to, first and foremost, recognize that you create your own reality. You get to choose whether to be happy or sad and how you react to the world around you. 2. Create Your Day in Your Mind: Upon awakening, smile, think of the good things in your life and visualize your day going smoothly and easily. See yourself doing what you love and loving what you are doing. 3. Balance Your Energy: As we encounter negative experiences in our life, we shut down the energy flow (chakras) in our body. Using the symbol to the right you can reopen your body's energy in 20-30 seconds. To do so, place the palm of your nondominant hand over the image to the right. Take several deep breaths and just allow your energy to shift. Place this image somewhere that you will see it regularly and take 20 seconds to reset your energy throughout your day. 4. Uplifting Mantras: By repeating an uplifting mantra while focusing your attention on the words, you can easily shift the way you feel. For example you might repeat the words: Peace, Love, Harmony, Bliss at least 12 times in a row, or create your own mantra, based on what you want to create in your life.

Chakra Balancing Sacred Symbol for HealingŠ

5. Affirmative Singing: Ever had a song you couldn't get out of your head? Replace that song with an uplifting jingle or start singing your affirmation in your head throughout your day. 6. Breathing: Many of us tend to breathe in a shallow and unconscious way. Whenever you feel stressed or anxious, take a moment to focus on your breathing as follows: Take a deep breath in through your nose, filling your belly and then breathe out with a sigh through your mouth, several times. You can do this anywhere to quickly shift your energy. 7. Meditate: Go within, be still in whatever way works for you, spend time focused on what you love, walk in nature, or sit quietly. 8. Good Deeds: Make a habit of doing something good for someone else without expecting anything in return. You'll be amazed at how good you'll feel. 9. Throughout your day: If your energy starts to wane, your thoughts become negative, you feel blocked in some way, or things aren't going as smoothly as you'd like, do any or all of the steps above. 10. Take Care of Yourself: Many of us are busy helping others and don't take care of our own needs and desires.

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Be sure to do something you love, just for you every day. This one tip alone will change your entire life and relationships. 11. Sleep Well: Just before falling asleep give gratitude for at least 5 things from your day, and as you drift off to sleep each night, smile.


Krystalya Marie’ is a speaker, trainer and healing guide, who has been using energy healing for most of her adult life and the creator of the One-Minute Energy Tune-up, utilizing Sacred Symbols for Healing, the body, mind and spirit. To experience more of Krystalya's Sacred Symbols for Healing, that are helping people around the world to manage pain, and heal a variety of health and emotional issues, including financial challenges, claim your FREE copy of 7 Secrets to Increased Energy & Happiness, valued at $180.00, by going to:

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Leap Into a Better Day by Arieljoy Fine

Emerging from the shadow lands I leap across the abyss to you My lover my Source The leap of faith taken New worlds rise up to greet my soul On its joyful romp A better day has begun

I used to think in order to remember a dream I would have to remember the details of that dream. Eventually I realized that my dreams influence the unconscious intentions I set when I awaken regardless of whether or not I remember the specifics. I made this discovery over a long period of time. You know how some people have to continue to trip over the same rock until, finally, they either walk around it or move it out of the way? Yes, I have to admit that even I am capable of tunnel vision, so much so that I took forever to move this particular rock out of the way. Well, the rock I kept tripping over was a colleague at work. No matter how much I intended to be my best self by being tolerant, understanding, and compassionate when I was in the middle of an interaction with him I would forget my good intentions and become like a wolverine. Needless to say, this is not a behavior to be proud of. So, one night when I was getting ready for bed I remembered that a spiritual teacher once told me to "set the intent and get out of the way." "Hmmm," I thought, "Sounds like a possibility. Think I'll try it." In fact, I set the intent to be the best person I could be during my dealings at work with my "rock" and then I went to sleep. When I awakened I felt confident that this was the day I would be the model of tolerance, understanding and compassion and at first I passed with flying colors, then found him annoying once too often and the Wolverine reemerged. Since I had set the intent, just as my teacher had taught me to, I had to ask myself, "How am I failing to get out of my own way?" This was indeed a challenge. Well, that quest for discovery is what got me to wondering, "What is going on in my "noggin" while I am sound asleep?" At this point the only thing I knew, for sure, is that whatever my process it was not conscious and it was not happening while I was awake. Now I began to wonder, "Might there be more going on during my dream time than I

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remember when my eyes pop open first thing in the morning?" And it occurred to me that lots of information gets processed, most of which I will never remember. So, encouraged by my "wonderings", I began keeping a journal first thing in the morning and here’s how I do it. I write stream of consciousness style without regard for spelling, grammar or content. I call it “my scribble dribble technique” because it doesn't matter whether what I write makes sense, sounds intelligent or seems rational. Through this style of journaling I become conscious of feelings and impressions from my unconscious that can sabotage my intent. Of course, once I am aware of them they no longer have power over me. Would you consider giving "My Scribble Dribble Journaling" a go? If nothing else, just thinking about it may make you smile and beginning your day with a smile is always better. _____________________________________________________________________________________

ArielJoy Fine is a transformation coach and licensed marriage and family therapist. She uses an integrative approach and has a broad background in both her professional and spiritual training. ArielJoy has always stressed the importance of mindfulness, compassion, and respect when working with people. She is also a regression therapist and has been a Usui reiki master since 2001.

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Finding the Light on Dark Days by Wendy Samuels

We all have dark days. Even the happiest people I know, including myself, have days that are no fun. It’s a part of life. I may meditate and play with the energy of stones every day, but that doesn’t shield me from being human. Stuff still happens. You know how it goes. You wake up groggy, needing more sleep. Your dog makes a mess and you have to clean it up, which makes you late leaving for work, then you get stuck in traffic, and the day snowballs from there. When you are having one of those days, the last thing you want to hear from anyone, especially me, is how to perk up and be happy about it. And that’s why I’m going to do something different here. Don’t be happy about it. If your day sucks, own it. If you are in a crappy mood, there’s nothing wrong with that. Be cranky. Be pissed off. Don’t let anyone try to talk you out of your crappy day, either. Sure, if you want the day to turn around, there are lots of things you can do to help you feel better, but there’s nothing wrong with having a bad day. Everyone around you might give you grief for it, but that’s because they are making your crappy day all about them. They are uncomfortable with you being in a bad mood, and they want you to change so they feel better. Let them own their experience and you own yours. Trying to make the day better often makes you feel worse about it being a bad day to begin with. Why not just surrender to the crappy day? Let the storm come. If you want, stand outside and enjoy the lightning (as I did when I took this picture). We are often so focused on having a positive attitude and finding the magic in life that we diminish the importance of those things we perceive as not so magical. It’s all a part of life, all a part of the human experience.

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So many of the gurus teach us that it is our attitude that determines our reality, and I believe them to a certain extent. But they are also completely full of BS if they tell you they are happy all of the time. Don’t think for one minute that anyone is any better than you. They all have crappy days. But talking about that doesn’t sell programs, so all you hear from them is how to be happy all of the time. Frankly, I don’t want to be happy all of the time any more than I want the sun to shine 24 hours a day. I want to feel all of my emotions, and I don’t want to deny any part of myself, even the cranky part. Sometimes being cranky serves a purpose. It drives me to clean my house! Give yourself permission to have a bad day, to be cranky, angry, pissed off, or just generally grumpy, and see what happens. You may find that you just need to be ok with whatever you are feeling, and that will turn your day around much more quickly than trying to guilt yourself into a better mood. If you want an easy way to remember this idea, here are the 3 P's of surviving dark days: 1. Permission - Give yourself permission to be cranky. 2. Pause - Take some time to feel the emotions rather than trying to ignore them or push them aside. 3. People - Let the people you care about know you are allowing yourself to be cranky today, and assure them it isn't about them. Remember, this too shall Pass! (Ok, so that's a bonus P for you!) _____________________________________________________________________________________

Wendy S. Samuels, creator of The Story Stones, works with stones and crystals to help herself and others gain insight into the energy surrounding challenges in health, relationships, stress, and finances. Wendy is a certified yoga instructor, Project Manager and Six Sigma Black Belt who combines her knowledge of process improvement and energy systems to improve all facets of daily life. To download your free copy of Obsidian’s story and experience how the energy of stones can help you improve your life, visit Wendy’s website at:

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Make Your Day Better by Elizabeth Bickerton

Take Time to Stop and Smell the Flowers You can enhance your day by taking time out and focusing your attention on something beautiful - May I suggest that you take a trip to your local garden center... Instead of going there to purchase something – which you may do anyway – just walk around, more slowly than you would normally do and appreciate the beauty of the flowers that you see. Some you may already have in your garden but maybe don’t look at in too great detail; some that may not grow in your garden that you would love to have... Stop a while in the kitchen garden section – marvel at the flowers of herbs and vegetables. Take in their beauty, their color, their perfume – I guarantee you will be more relaxed and in tune with your own inner beauty without even trying. Take in each tiny detail The veins of leaves and petals The vibrant colorful core Take a moment, smell their perfume Let them open up a door Transport yourself to heaven for a moment of your life Don’t worry about what’s going on – forget about ails and strife

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Each moment is as precious As the wonder of the flower Don’t ever underestimate A moment of your power For you are just as beautiful and detailed as a rose Perfection personified within our human clothes. _____________________________________________________________________________________

Liz Bickerton is the creator of Altered-Images, an expanding and inter-relating use of images that provides benefits for those facing challenges with health or self-esteem issues. With her combined experience as a Breast Cancer survivor and RN, she has been able to bring support and hope to those facing the long road to physical and emotional healing. Her youngest daughter is a Special Needs Soldier with Down Syndrome, whom Liz has raised and empowered to be independent and self-sufficient. Along with her husband she has also assisted in the creation of wooden sculptures that can be viewed, along with her photography at

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Scale of Action by Stephanie Starrett

I'll start this with three definitions: Courageousness, Acceptance and Peace. If I experience other than these three I know whatever is bothering me has been locked into place by me at some time in my life, and now is as good a time as any to unlock it. To do that takes sit through the emotional (fire) of what my guidance system is telling me is not true about who I matter where it came from, it is happening now in me. This is an opportunity and it takes a relatively short period (minutes) in order to free up energy that can be used elsewhere that benefits everyone and everything. This process takes acceptance to whatever presents in life. The results are always a resounding PEACE. COURAGEOUSNESS: The willingness to move out without fear or hesitation -- to do -- to correct -- to change wherever needed. The willingness to let go -- to move on. ACCEPTANCE: No need to change anything. No judgments of good or bad. It just is and it's OK. It is beautiful as it is. I have and enjoy everything as it is. PEACE: I am -- I am whole, complete, and total unto my Self. Everyone and everything is part of my Self. It is all perfect. Courageousness results in feeling: Alert, Alive, Assured, Aware, Centered, Cheerful, Clear, Confident, Cooperative, Delighted, Eager, Energetic, Exhilarated, Focused, Ground, Gusto, Happy, Heartiness, Hopeful, Independent, Invincible, Loving, Lucid, nonresistant, Open, Optimistic, Passionate, Purposeful, Receptive, Resilient, Safe, Secure, Stable, Willing, Zealous and Zestful. Your thinking is: I can, I can respond appropriately, I do what's needed and it works, I'm willing to take risks, It can be easy and effortless, It's possible, Let's work together, We'll find a way and Yes!! The acting part of Courageousness is: Adaptive, Adventurous, Aboveboard, Bold, Brave, Candid, Competent, Compassionate, Creative, Decisive, Dynamic, Enjoyment, Flexible Gallant, Generosity, Giving, Gratification, Honesty, Humorous, Inquiry, Insightful, Partnering, Perceptive, Persistent, Playful, Pleasure, Resourceful, Robust, Selfsufficient, Strong, Spontaneous, Unpretentious, Valiant and Vigorous. Acceptance results in feeling: Accepting, Allowing, Attuned, Beautiful, Childlike, Compassionate, Contented, Delighted, Elated, Enriched, Flowing, Fulfillment, Glowing, Happy, Harmonious, Innocent, Joyful, Loving, Mellow, Open, Playful, Radient, Receptive, Satisfied, Secure, Soft and a sense of Well-being. Your thinking is: All is well, Everything is beautiful, Everything is OK, Everything is unfolding as it should, I accept you, I have what I need as I need it, I love you just as you are, It's all coming together and We all have a contribution to make. The acting part of Acceptance is: Abundant, Appreciative, Balanced, Benevolent, Caring, Clear-sighted, Co-creative, Compassionate, Devotional, Embracing, Friendly, Gentleness, Gracious, Insightful, Intuitive, Naturalness, Non-judgmental, Satisfied, Tenderness, Understanding, Warm and Wonder.

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Peace results in feeling: Awareness, Boundless, Calm, Centered, Complete, Eternal, Free, Fulfilled, Glowing, Light, Pure, Quiet, Serene, Oneness, United. Your thinking is: All is well, Everything is unfolding as it should, I am. It's just perfect, We are one. The acting part of Peace is: Action-less, Balanced, Centered, Composed, Connection, Flawless, Imperturbable, In equilibrium, Infinite, Limitless, Perfection, Poised, Quiet, Self-possessed, Serenity, Spacious, Stillness, Tranquil, Unlimited, Whole and Witnessing. _____________________________________________________________________________________

Stephanie Starrett Stephanie is a fellow traveler in the game of Life. She is currently focusing on a new technology of healing, using Grigori Grabovoi system of number sequences and the Unified System of Knowledge. You can follow her on FaceBook.

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