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Module name: Virtual project Module code: BE1341 Student number: W12033145

Construc on method The new built construc on that accommodates most of the required spaces is made up of blockwork construc on and internal structural steel columns where addi onal support is needed such as in the main teaching space in order to support the mono‐pitch roof. A rough sketch has been generated in sketchup as shown opposite to show some of the new build’s structural layers.

Brick and block wall construc on

A similar type of construc on is shown opposite but instead of using brickwork stonework will be used for the external finish. This type of construc on was chosen as it is strong enough to cope with the condi ons in boulmer and it is fairly cheap compared to other types of construc on. The density of the blocks also provide a high lev‐ el of acous c mass helping to provide a be er acous c environment by reducing the sound transmi ed into and outside the building. Steel columns that will be used internally will be treated to improve their fire resis ng performance in case of fire as steel has a high ther‐ mal conduc vity. Shown below are a variety of steel fire resis ng treatments.

Rough sketch of the structural blockwork construc on layers ( this is not a final technical detail)


As men oned in part B, the exis ng stone on the parts of the structure that are proposed for demolish will be used as a cladding for the new structure in order to maintain a link between the remaining and new build and minimise waste created during this process.

Warm concrete flat roof

Glazed curtain walling has been used in both parts of the remaining and new build, on the east and west eleva ons, in order to provide the in� ternal spaces with natural ligh ng and provide views onto the sea from the east and the exis ng fields from the west. However in order to prevent overhea ng of the internal spaces, solar control laminated glass will be used. This is laminated glass incorpo� ra ng a body nted and/or reflec ve float glass and/or a nted interlay. Part of the structure that is proposed for demolishment

The type of material finish that has been chosen for the monopitch roofs is slate since it is resistant to degrada on regardless of clima c condi ons.

Slate roofing

As for the flat roofs they will be concrete warm flat roofs as they are known for their low maintenance durability.

Internal view of the proposed main building glazed curtain wall


Car parking Internal view of the proposed main building glazed curtain wall

The site on the opposite side of the road facing the lifeboat sta on is the lifeboat sta on’s property. For this reason, it was decided to ben‐ efit from this site by using it for car parking firstly due to the small di‐ mensions of the site where the lifeboat sta on is located and second in order to keep the site in which the educa onal centre is proposed for as a pedestrianized area. However, the ground in front of the main building, facing the main road, will be formed of grasscrete providing a drop off point for the centre’s users.

Internally applied insula on has been used for the exis ng buildings that have remained as part of the proposed design as it allows the external ap‐ pearance to be maintained and allows the wall to achieve a be er thermal performance than an external one . A wooden studwork frame is a ached to the exis ng stone wall and filled with 100mm mineral wool frame. The frame is then covered with a 35mm rigid insula on board as shown in the detailed drawings below to increase the insula ons effec veness. As for the newly built structure, 200mm of wool insula on that provides a U‐ value of 0.18 will be used. Site opposite the lifeboat sta on which is proposed for a future car parking space Wooden studwork frame with masonry outer leaf

Graacrete– Similar to that to be used in front of the proposed main building

Boulmer—Virtual project


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