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How to make a wallet in a long shape The topic of this tutorial is how to make a wallet. It is certain that you have already owned a wallet. But do you want to have something new and change a new style – a long wallet?

Long wallet is more portable than short wallet, and you don’t need to fold the money inside. Let me tell you how to make a wallet.

Things needed for long wallet 

Cotton fabric


Sewing threads



Cotton lining


Metal buttons

Water pen elimination

Iron machine

How to make a wallet? Step 1: cut the cotton lining and fabric

Step 2: make the cards pockets

Cut the cotton lining and fabric to square

elimination and cut the cards pockets to

shapes. Seam the two together. Fold the

two parts. Sew the center of the fabric and

other fabric. Divide the fabric to small

iron. Add the buttons at the appropriate



Draw a line in the middle with water pen

Step 3: combine the surface fabric and the cards pockets Seam the lining and surface fabric. Suture the cards pockets at the two sides of the wallet. Sew a button on one side of surface. Make another fabric and add a button which is matched with the button in the wallet.

Step 4: the ending work Sew a margin around the fabric. Stitch the fabric with the wallet to close the wallet.

You can put your money and cards in the long wallet. And the cards pockets are more enough for you to hold your cards. Learn how to make a wallet and make one to send your friend.

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How to make a wallet in a long shape