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Handmade fabric baby shoes I am very glad to show you the new fabric baby shoes which were just designed recently. A little bit complicated to make the handmade baby shoes, while you will be ready to do it.

Fabric baby shoes below do not contain a full counter but an elastic cord wrapped by fabric. I am wondering whether you will like this kind of handmade baby shoes or not. Anyhow let me show you what it is first.

Materials for fabric baby shoes 

Cotton fabric

Sewing threads

Cotton lining


Coconut shell button

Sewing machine


Elastic cord



Steps of handmade baby shoes Step 1: cut the fabric 1. Draw paper pattern according to the feet size of the baby. Draw the seam allowances and cut off the paper pattern. 2. Cut off fabric pieces in accordance with the paper pattern: two pieces of exterior vamp, two pieces of interfacing vamp, two pieces of vamp cotton lining, each two pieces of sole fabric of exterior, interface and cotton lining, two pieces of long strip. 3. Wrap an elastic cord with long strip with two sided folded inside and seam.

Step 2: fix the vamp fabric 1. Fix the interfacing vamp and vamp cotton lining. 2. Place the exterior vamp on the interfacing piece faced with obverse side; wrap the elastic back strip and sew. 3. Sew the arch side of the vamp.

Step 3: make the vamp and back strip 1. Cut the fabric at arch side to tooth shape. 2. Turn over the vamp fabric; sew the openings. 3. Fix the interfacing sole and cotton lining together.

Step 4: the ending work 1. Place the interfacing sole and exterior sole faced with obverse side with the vamp in the middle; and the obverse side of the vamp is faced with the obverse exterior sole; fix the shape with basting; leave the opening for turning. 2. Turn over the fabric; sew opening with hidden stitch. 3. Make a bow with a lace; sew a button in the center of the bow. Do the same to make the other shoe.

This kind of handmade baby shoes are suitable to wear in spring and winter, because it is very cool without full-wrapped back upper. If you need the fabric baby shoes to your daughter, just follow the above and make a pair.

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Handmade fabric baby shoes  
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