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LETTER FROM THE CEO Dear Members and Friends, Change is a constant at ACWM. We’ve had to adapt and challenge ourselves to think differently in order to serve you all better. You are holding one of these changes in your hand. We wanted the magazine’s design to reflect our commitment to scholarship and innovation that is easier to navigate and experience. We truly hope you like it. Soon you’ll also see changes in our social media presence as we ready ourselves for the big changes coming in the spring of 2019.


After 16 months of mud, construction vehicles, and hundreds of workers milling about, it’s hard to believe our stunning new museum building is finished. Walking its corridors, galleries, and storage areas, it’s even more impressive than envisioned in the conceptual renderings. None of this would be possible without the support of so many who have encouraged us along this journey, donated your time and financial resources, and challenged us to be better each day. Within these pages, you will see how your investment in this work has been carried out in a slightly different Annual Report format.

EDITOR John M. Coski EDITORIAL ASSISTANT Tally Botzer MAGAZINE DESIGN Penelope M. Carrington

Through all the planning, execution, and inevitable adjustments, we strive to be good stewards of your investment and trust in the American Civil War Museum. Through it all we continue to operate on several fronts offering innovative programming, tours, lectures, and so much more at all three locations. Shortly, we will conclude House 200, a commemoration of the White House of the Confederacy and its rich 200-year history.



COVER PHOTOGRAPH Penelope M. Carrington

Ms. Christy S. Coleman (ex officio) Mr. S. Waite Rawls III President of the ACWM Foundation (ex officio)



Our Appomattox site will begin its winter schedule in December to better reflect visitation patterns and allow for more efficient operations. We’ll continue to offer a range of activities and events at the site. Partnerships forged to expand tourism in the region, offer new programs, and mount exhibitions are coming to fruition. The Collections team has been working tirelessly behind the scenes preparing to move artifacts from the Museum of the Confederacy building (which closed October 1, 2018) to the new facility at the Tredegar site. There’s much more to it than just loading artifacts in a crate! They have reviewed records, assessed conditions, measured and photographed artifacts, and updated our database. We expect the physical move to begin in early January. During that time we will not be able to accept any new donations until we are fully relocated.


BOARD OF DIRECTORS Dr. Edward L. Ayers Hon. Daniel T. Balfour Mr. U.B. “Bert” Ellis, Jr. Mr. Claude P. Foster Mr. George C. Freeman III Mr. Bruce C. Gottwald Mr. Bernard Grigsby Dr. Monroe E. Harris Ms. Elizabeth Cabell Jennings Mr. Donald E. King Mr. Johnathan Mayo Mr. Lewis B. Powell III Ms. Susan B. Rice Mr. Walter Robertson III Mr. O. Randolph Rollins Ms. Leigh Luter Schell Mr. Sidney Buford Scott Mr. John Sherman, Jr. Mr. Daniel G. Stoddard Ms. Ruth Streeter Mr. W. Hildebrant Brandt Surgner, Jr. Mr. Mario White Dr. Elisabeth Muhlenfeld Wollan

By year’s end, the brand new visitors’ center for the house will open in a reserved wing of the old Museum of the Confederacy building. The space has a new gift shop, gathering space, and restrooms to better serve you.

Again, there’s so much more to share, and I know you’ll find inspiring information within these pages and dates you’ll want to add to your calendar. As always, thank you for your support! It’s deeply appreciated. Warm Regards,

Christy S. Coleman






6 EXHIBIT PREVIEW Southern Ambitions

10 RALLY 'ROUND THE FLAG Union Flags in the Museum’s Collection PHOTOS BY PENELOPE M. CARRINGTON









Holiday GifTS 36

NEW MUSEUM NOW A visual overview of construction at the new American Civil War Museum




Southern ambitions War for the Future

Globe of famed “Pathfinder of the Seas – and Southern expansionist – Matthew Fontaine Maury. Photo by Robert Hancock.

War for the Future

Do you think the Civil War was a world war? Many leading Confederates certainly thought so.


efferson Davis launched his presidency and the new nation on a policy of expansion, which he hoped would be in cooperation with the United States. “The North has wanted Canada and the South wants Cuba,” Davis wrote in March 1861. Before, as sections in one Union, “the expansion of both may have been restrained by the narrow views of each.” Now, as separate entities, they will “be left freely to grow.” He also looked forward to the annexation of parts of Mexico and the rest of the West Indies. As a native of Great Britain, the world’s only mid-19th-century global superpower, I could not help being struck by the Confederacy’s global ambitions when I first encountered them as a University of Virginia doctoral student. How could the Confederacy – the weaker side in the American Civil War, tied to the allegedly anachronistic institution of slavery – believe seriously that it could dominate an evolving new world order? Presumptuous and deluded as those ambitions may seem to us, they were not entirely unrealistic; they also underscore the global importance of



African-American resistance and Union victory in the American Civil War. The American Civil War Museum’s new exhibit will reconceptualize the Civil War to consider the imperial ambitions of the Southern slaveholders’ republic – which was, after all, the 5th largest economy in the world – and the significance of its defeat. “Southern Ambitions” is the second of the Museum’s temporary exhibits funded by the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation to introduce the best new academic scholarship on the Civil War into public history conversations. The project is not limited to just the exhibit; there will be a variety of ways for the public to interact. An “RVA Global Tour” will be a kind of scavenger hunt designed to reveal to locals and visitors alike some surprising historical connections in the city—and catch the attention of people who may not have thought about visiting the Museum. We are also working with local schools and universities to develop project-based learning lesson plans for students on topics such as anti-slavery activism then and now and global supply chain management.


Globalization Confederate Style


Credit: Chris Graham

In the exhibit, visitors will see the War portrayed within a transnational context. It aims to describe competing visions about the future – competing visions among white southerners, northerners, and African Americans as well as competing visions within the white South. Confederate policy makers, intellectuals, journalists, merchants, and others engaged in a surprisingly sustained, profoundly thoughtful, and often strikingly progressive and “expansionist” discourse about their nation’s intentions and policies should it win its independence. Confederates expected far more from their new polity than mere preservation of slavery from Federal assaults. Rather, patriotic Confederates remained convinced virtually to the end of the Civil War that their nation would survive to implement progressive commercial, territorial, diplomatic, and racial programs envisioned and debated during the conflict. These proposals and expectations emanated from a variety of individuals, media, and settings. Moreover, the course of the War exercised a profound influence on these plans, as Confederates believed they addressed weaknesses and exploited opportunities exposed by the conflict. Davis expected his plans for territorial expansion to resume after the conflict ceased. He believed the Confederacy must grow to earn its place as one of the great powers of the future. Expansion would not be achieved by military conquest, but by commercial penetration, the spread of slavery, and what Confederates construed to be orderly constitutional processes. Domestically, expansion offered the most realistic path for poorer whites to become slaveholders. Expanding the footprint of slavery across the tropics under Confederate stewardship would also be the Confederacy’s contribution to world development and progress, especially rescuing economies in the West Indies rendered stagnant, Confederate optimists believed, by emancipation. Pressure for expansion came from several directions: the jingoistic press, constant debates in the Confederate Congress. As late as the winter of 1864-1865, Jefferson Davis heard proposals to annex New Mexico, and he requested resources from the hard-pressed War Department to support the idea. In our modern era of “Belt and Road” initiatives, you may not be surprised to learn that, in the Civil War, “internal improvements” in the Confederacy attained global significance.

For Robert M. T. Hunter, successively U.S. senator from Virginia, Confederate secretary of state, and Confederate senator, extending the James River and Kanawha Canal to the Ohio would enable the Richmond-Norfolk corridor to become “a great and commanding center of credit and commerce,” because it would link both the Atlantic and Midwest, controlling “the distribution to the world over a vast area, filled with rich and profitable consumers.” According to Hunter’s vision, the capital of the Confederacy would surpass New York, perhaps even London. The impact of rapid technological change breaking down barriers between nations is nothing new. Wartime commercial conventions debated the consequences of technology and globalization. “The rapid increase of war steamers, the present number and length of railroads, and long lines of telegraphs are giving to the affairs of the world an accelerated motion.” This statement was from the February 1862 convention of Mississippi Valley planters meeting at Memphis, Tennessee. Their conclusion: “It is time the enlightened states and nations of the earth should cease political persecutions and war for the purpose of keeping each other down.” Globalization, in other words, by bringing nations together, would lead to slavery’s acceptance around the world. For these slaveholders: “The prosperity of our thorough amiable relations adds to the welfare of others.” Meaning slavery’s success at home would benefit nations abroad.

The “Southern Ambitions” project team includes (L to R) Guest Curator Chris Graham, graduate research assistants Ana Edwards and Meika Downey, undergraduate intern Cadence Wilmoth, and Postdoctoral Fellow Adrian Brettle, as well as undergraduate intern Michael Warren (not pictured).


Former treasury it would not only desire peace itself but to some extent besecretary, president come a bond of peace amongst others.” of the Provisional This sense of destiny remained to the end. On January 30, Congress, and general 1865, Confederate House member Daniel De Jarnette told Howell Cobb present- his fellow representatives that to possess trade meant national ed to his fellow cotton strength. After all,“commerce has been the great Archimedean planters a plan for a lever which has moved the world…The highest hopes and southern telegraph aspirations of all nations have been to possess and control it, connecting togeth- because they know that no wealth can be acquired, nor power er the slaveholders’ preserved, without it.” world: Spain, West Africa, Brazil, the “The Age of Emancipation?” Caribbean, and Confederacy. The ConfedThe exhibit will show the visitor how the end of slavery was erate commissioner contingent, not inevitable. Reading backwards in history, the in Brussels, Ambrose 1860s was the Age of Emancipation, with the Russian Czar’s Dudley Mann, wrote emancipation of the serfs in 1861 coinciding with events in Carte-de-visite of Howell Cobb. to Secretary of State the United States and following the British and French aboliJudah Benjamin that the cable was part of something even tion of slavery in the Caribbean 30 years before. bigger: “a timely and well-matured policy to make the ConfedYet from an 1850s and Confederate perspective, this reerate States a great telegraphic and traffic highway between treat of forced servitude was not so clear, especially as Conthe old world and West Indies, Mexico, central and south federates believed other nations, especially the British, were America and the ports of the south seas.” simply hypocrites establishing what they termed “coolie” labor Confederate planters, politicians, and merchants under- systems that transported millions of Chinese and people from stood the Civil War to be a decisive event determining the the Indian sub-continent to work in plantations across colofuture of the world economy. They believed their national nial empires. Moral disapproval expressed by the international economy would remain focused on staple crops harvested by abolition movement, Confederates insisted, was simply cover enslaved people in an ever-growing area and exported to the for envy at the apparent success African American slavery unUnited States and Europe. The Confederacy would therefore der Confederate stewardship. be economically interdependent on other countries to provide Indeed, they hoped that the U.S. would be the first nation the manufactured goods it needed. to officially recognize their independence. Confederates even Robert M. T. Hunter saw no irony that the Confederacy born in the midst of war would become afterwards the guarantor of global peace. “It is manifest,” he told the commissioners to Europe “from the nature of its interests, that the southern Confederacy, in entering as a new member in the family of nations, would exercise not a disturbing, but a harmonizing Many Confederate treasury notes featured locomotives, ships, and commercial scenes that spoke to influence on human society, for the fledgling nation’s “progressive” self-image.




Several Confederate treasury notes bore this vignette of enslaved people working in the cotton fields. Ironically, the engraving was the work of the National Bank Note Company, New York.

debated during the Civil War’s last year how “magnanimous” eration to emerge in North America including Mexico and they should be to the Federals once this happened. Canada and complete with an assembly and vetoes for memConfederates also came up with their own plans for re- ber nations. construction and reunion. Vice President AlexAll elements of the“Southern Ambitions” project ander Stephens wanted a reformed Union will show how individuals in the past believed with a weaker central government and they were engaged in something larger committed to southern expansion and than themselves. Lucius Lamar, once in which the Confederate States nominated to be Confederate minister would retain slavery. Henry Hoto Russia, presented to president and tze, commercial agent and propeople a vision for a transatlanpagandist-in-chief in London, tic federative league of nations, expected a reversion to the Arjoining Europe and America, in ticles of Confederation of the which stronger powers act as Revolutionary War Era as the guardians of weaker ones. Once basis of a modus operandi with again reaffirming the state of the United States. Former U.S. mind that, even when in a posirepresentative, planter, and lawtion of weakness, Confederates yer Henry Hilliard looked to the continued to think of their future late South Carolinian politician and plans in global terms and worldthinker John Calhoun for inspiration wide significance. with his idea of a dual presidency. They also examined European models Dr. Adrian Brettle was the Andrew Mellon Carte-de-visite of Alexander H. for international relations. Representative Stephens. Postdoctoral Fellow at the American Civil John Gilmer of North Carolina expected War Museum 2017-18 and is now Lectursomething akin to the German Confeder in History at Arizona State University.




RALLY ‘ROUND THE FLAG This is the second in a series of articles that explores the Union stories of selected artifacts. by Catherine M. Wright


he Museum is well known for having the largest assemblage of Confederate flags anywhere in the world. Few people, however, know that the collection also contains about a dozen United States flags. The stories of how they came into the Museum’s collection are almost as interesting as the flags themselves. Confederate forces captured some of them and kept them as



souvenirs or war trophies. A few remained in the hands of U.S. soldiers or their descendants who donated them to the Museum. And, in an unusual twist, some were captured by Confederates then recaptured by U.S. soldiers – who may or may not have recognized them for what they were – and turned them in to the U.S. War Department, which kept and cataloged captured Confederate flags.

The Museum has conserved some of these flags and plans on displaying them in its new flagship exhibition, “A People’s Contest: Struggles for Nation and Freedom in Civil War America,” opening in the spring of 2019. This is the second in a series of articles that explores the Union stories of selected artifacts. This installment examines a variety of U.S. military flags, representing a variety of styles and functions.

National Color Each infantry regiment of the U.S. Army received two flags: a National Color, shown on the left, and a Regimental Color. The 1st Maryland Infantry (U.S.) was issued this large (six feet long) silk flag, probably soon after it mustered into service in May 1861. Painted in gold on the center stripe is the unit designation “1ST REGT MARYLAND VOLUNTEERS.” Only 24 of the original 34 painted gold stars remain on the canton.

U.S. Coat of Arms on both sides. The red ribbon beneath the eagle typically bore a painted regimental designation, but that was never applied to this flag. This flag was issued to the 29th Missouri Infantry (U.S.), which was organized in St. Louis in 1861. The regiment became part of the XV Corps, Army of the Tennessee. On November 27, 1863, at the Battle of Ringgold Gap in Georgia, the 29th Missouri launched an ill-fated charge against Texans under the command of Col. Hiram Granbury, which resulted in the loss of this flag and about 100 prisoners. Pamplin Historical Park and the National Museum of the Civil War Soldier sponsored this flag’s conservation in 1999.

Cavalry Guidon, 1861-1862

The 1st Maryland Infantry (C.S.), commanded by Col. Bradley T. Johnson, captured this flag at the Battle of Front Royal,Virginia, on May 24, 1862. It is a souvenir of the only battle of the War in which two opposing regiments from the same state with the same numerical designation fought one another. Johnson apparently kept the flag as a war trophy and presented it to the Confederate Museum in 1902.

Regimental Color

Cavalry Guidon, 1861-62

U.S. Cavalry units carried guidons (flag with a double-pointed fly end), which, between 1834 and 1862, featured red-over-white design like this one. This cotton guidon also bears blue satin spear and star appliqués, the symbolism of which is not clear.

U.S. Regimental Color

An example of a U.S. Regimental Color, this flag is made of blue silk and yellow fringe and features an oil-painted

The guidon might have belonged to a unit in Brig. Gen. Hugh Judson Kilpatrick’s brigade of the Army of the Potomac Cavalry Corps and was captured sometime during the War. U.S. soldiers found it in Richmond, Virginia, in 1865 and turned in to the U.S. War Department (which was standard practice for captured Confederate flags).


Cavalry Guidon, from 1862

Cavalry Guidon (1862)

U.S. Cavalry units carried guidons like this one, featuring 33 of its original 34 stars, after January 1862.They were typically made of silk, and regulations indicated that they look like the U.S. national flag with gold-painted stars. The regulations specified the guidon’s dimensions as 27 inches high by 41 inches long, but this example is missing the tip of its uppermost stripe and most of the bottom stripe and measures just 36.5 inches long. Based on the regular manner in which the missing portions of the guidon have been removed, including the star from the upper left corner, it is believed these areas were taken as souvenirs.

National Flag This wool bunting 34-star U.S. national flag is very large, measuring over 9 feet high by nearly 13 feet long. Women in Maine made this flag early in the War and presented it to Col. George F. Shepley, 12th Maine Infantry. After U.S. forces captured New Orleans, Louisiana, in April 1862, Shepley was appointed acting military mayor of the city on May 20 and raised this flag above the city.

This guidon was found in 1865 on the grounds of the White House plantation in New Kent County,Virginia, in March 1865, and might have belonged to troops under Maj. Gen. Philip Sheridan, who passed through New Kent on their way to rejoin the Army of the Potomac at Petersburg. The War Department transferred this guidon and other unidentified flags to the Museum in 1906.


U. S National Flag



Three years later, after U.S. troops captured Richmond, Shepley (now a brigadier general) was the first military governor of the Confederate capital and once again flew this flag. It might have been the first U.S. flag to fly above Richmond when it was no longer the capital of the Confederacy. It could be the flag seen flying above the Virginia Capitol Building in a photograph of the city taken shortly after its capture.

Signal Corps The U.S. Signal Corps was established in 1860 to facilitate military communications using flags, torches, or telegraph. The “wig-wag” signal system used a set of flags issued in various combinations of black and white fabrics (or red if

Custer’s Flag?

Signal Corps flag Could this be Custer’s flag?

used at sea), all of them featuring a small square of fabric in the center of a larger square of fabric in a contrasting color.

This flag is a variant signal flag that Confederate troops apparently captured and which Detective C. H. March, Maj. John V. Allstrom of the 3rd New Jersey Cavalry U.S.A. subsequently recaptured near North Mountain, captured this flag at the Battle of Sailor’s Creek on April 6, Maryland, on August 1, 1864. The U.S. War Department 1865. The flag he captured was apparently a U.S. flag that described it as a “Black Flag” (meaning “no quarter”), but Confederate forces captured earlier in the War. subsequent research indicates its appearance is a battle honor conferred upon a specific U.S. signaler. This flag of wool bunting features a red upper half and blue lower half with appliquéd crossed sabres. It was During the Battle of Kernstown on March 23, 1862, 1st Lt. probably a swallowtail guidon shape but is missing the David A. Taylor helped operate a signal station and later pointed ends. It does not conform to any pattern known joined a U.S. advance. For serving with distinction, Taylor to have been used in the Confederate Army or in the U.S. was entitled to place upon his service flags a star with Army in the eastern theatre, with one notable exception: the name of the battle in which it was earned on the Brig. Gen. George Armstrong Custer began using a flag star’s uppermost point. of this pattern as his personal headquarters flag after the Gettysburg Campaign. Custer, however, did not report any flags captured during the War, and four of his personal flags are documented in other collections. The identity of this flag remains a mystery. Because the flag’s state of origin was unknown, the U.S. War Department donated it to the Confederate Museum in 1906.

This was also among the unidentified regimental flags that the U.S. War Department sent to the Museum in 1906. Catherine Wright is a curator in the Museum’s Collections Department and a specialist in the flag collections.



at ACWM - Appomattox Cost: $10/$5 for Members Did Jefferson Davis Commit Treason? Thursday, March 28 @ 6:30pm After his 1865 capture, the United States charged former Confederate president Jefferson Davis with treason. Discover the interactions of the government and defense lawyers who worked on both sides of the Davis case, why the case never went to trial, and how it tested the legality of secession. With Cynthia Nicoletti, University of Virginia School of Law.

African-American Education from 1865-1890 Thursday, May 23 @ 6:30pm Explore African American education after the Civil War, including Freedmen Schools, initial state-funded public schools, early historically black colleges and universities (HBCUs), and the failed Blair Education Bill of 1890. With Hilary Green, University of Alabama.

HISTORY HAPPY HOURS Drinks on you, history on us

Fight Like a Girl Monday, January 14 @ 6:30pm Capital Ale House, 623 E. Main Street, Richmond, VA 23219 Speaker: Morgan Floyd, ACWM

Freedom’s First Generation Monday, February 11 @ 6:30pm Triple Crossing - Fulton, 5203 Hatcher St, Richmond, VA 23231 Speaker: Brian & Erin Palmer, Friends of East End Cemetery

Elizabeth Van Lew and the “one absorbing desire of her heart” Monday, March 11 @ 6:30pm 23rd and Main, 2302 E Main St, Richmond, VA 23223 Speaker: Tally Botzer, ACWM

Fascinating Stories Discovered While Designing a Civil War Exhibit Tuesday, March 12 @ 6:30pm Charley’s - 707 Graves Mill Road, Lynchburg, VA 24502 Speaker: Adam Dean, University of Lynchburg

Finding a Lost Battlefield: Appomattox Station Tuesday, April 9 @ 6:30pm Third Street Brewing, 312 W. 3rd Street, Farmville, VA 23901 Speaker: Chris Calkins, Sailor’s Creek Battlefield Historical State Park

Descendants of Monticello’s Enslaved Community in the Civil War Tuesday, May 14 @ 6:30pm Charley’s - 707 Graves Mill Road, Lynchburg, VA 24502 Speaker: Steve Light, Thomas Jefferson’s Monticello


at ACWM - Tredegar Cost: $10/$8 for Members Politics and the Supreme Court Thursday, January 24 @ 6pm Even during the Civil War era, political parties attempted to influence the makeup of the Supreme Court to further political agendas. Uncover how Lincoln and the Republicans reshaped the Court to advance the twin causes of liberty and union. Speaker: Dr. Timothy Huebner, Rhodes College, Memphis




For more information about any event, or to make reservations (when applicable), please visit the Calendar page of

Homeschool Day: Human Stories of the Civil War Friday, March 22

Though people like Abraham Lincoln and Robert E. Lee are, to many, synonymous with the Civil War, their symbolic status is just a fraction of the story that shaped the modern United States. Join us to explore the War through the stories of the people who lived it, and how their lives changed during the War. What choices did people make then—and what choices do we make today that could impact the future? Uncover Civil War Richmond from Brown’s Island, encounter real people through replica artifacts, and get an exclusive look at the brand new American Civil War Museum at Historic Tredegar. Learn more online at

PUT THESE SPRING EVENTS ON YOUR CALENDAR Scenes from ‘Crossing’ February 27 & 28, 2019 An opera about Walt Whitman’s journey to find his brother, an injured Union soldier.

Annual Symposium Saturday, March 2, 2019 Library of Virginia Full listing of speakers and topic can be found on page 35.


Civil War & Emancipation Day April 6, 2019 A day of great family-friendly programming from the Museum and partner organizations across the city.


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Mr. David Grogan Midlothian, VA Ms. Yvonne Hannan New York, NY Dr. and Dr. Monroe E. Harris, Jr. Richmond, VA Mr. Elton C. Howerton III Alexandria, VA Mr. and Mrs. Richard M. Jones Boca Raton, FL Mr. William G. Kofron Akron, OH Mr. and Mrs. John G. Macfarlane III Crozet, VA Barbara and Baxter Maffett West Hartford, CT Dr. and Mrs. John M. McCardell, Jr. Sewanee, TN Mrs. Frances Merryman Rustburg, VA Mrs. George L. Ohrstrom Jr. The Plains, VA Mrs. Allen D. Rushton Birmingham, AL Mr. Richard C. Shaug Disputanta, VA Mr. Robert B. Starke Jr. Boulder, CO Mr. and Mrs. L. N. Steverson Richmond, VA Ms. Ruth Streeter Greenwich, CT Ms. Barbara Apple Sullivan New York, NY Mr. Joseph Tompkins Naples, FL Barbara B. & James E. Ukrop Fund^ Richmond, VA Weiland Upton, PLC Richmond, VA Mr. and Mrs. John T. West IV Richmond, VA Dr. Elisabeth S. Wollan Richmond, VA


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The American Civil War Museum acknowledges the generosity of the following individuals, corporations, organizations, and foundations that supported the Museum with a minimum gift of $20 to membership, annual fund, or other special fundraising projects during the July 1, 2017 – June 30, 2018 fiscal year. ALABAMA The Honorable W. M. Anderson III Mr. Danny L. Anglin Mr. & Mrs. James C. Beck Father William J. Dennis OSF Mr. Arthur M. Fairley Col. Albert J. Fitzgerald Mr. David Fuller Mr. Roy C. Green Mrs. Shirl Guiliani Mr. & Mrs. Alvin L. Hammers Mr. & Mrs. Lewis T. Hardcastle Mr. & Mrs. Everett Hatcher Mr. Kevin Killingsworth Ms. M. L. Parker Mr. & Mrs. George M. Van Tassel Jr. Mr. Paul W. Vaughn Mr. Nicholas A. Vrakelos Mr. James C. Woeber ARIZONA Mr. Charles Escoffier Mr. John R. Geyer Mr. Brad Greenberg Mr. Charles H. Knauff Ms. Adelle Korn Mr. David Lynch Mrs. Clemence Overholt ARKANSAS Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd McCracken Mr. William Wingo CALIFORNIA


Ms. Helen M. Almas Mr. & Mrs. Tony Alvarez Mr. Art Black Mr. & Mrs. Douglas Bonetti


Mr. & Mrs. Cedric Brady Mr. Mike Breckenridge Mr. Joseph Cave Tom & Julie Cutler Mrs. Karen Danforth Mr. Earl Evens Jr. Mr. Ted Faber Mr. Dean D. Flippo Rev. Lawrence Friedman Mr. Thomas M. Garrison Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Spencer T. Gilbreath Mr. & Mrs. Barry Grenier Mr. Brian Hembacher Mr. Chuck Hill Mr. Edward C. Hughes III Mrs. Penelope M. Huneke Mr. Jonathan Hussey Mr. & Mrs. David Jones Ms. Kate Kelly Mr. Steven P. Lopez Ms. Mary Mackessy Mr. James Maxwell Rev. Dr. Dennis L. Mikulanis Ms. Patricia Monroe Mr. & Mrs. Rand Nelson Mr. Vincent O’Neill Mr. Charles F. Pope Mr. Sheldon Rabin Dr. Anthony Ret Mr. & Mrs. Michael J. Saggs Mr. & Mrs. Gerald D. Secundy Ms. Barbara J. Steffensmeier Mr. Glenn Swanson Mr. Mabry Tyson Mr. & Mrs. Robert Waters Dr. Robert M. Webb Ms. Janet Whaley Ms. Janet Widmer Mr. & Mrs. Reynold Wiggins COLORADO Mr. & Mrs. William Caynor Mr. James Di Zerega

Dr. Bruce G. Fineman Ms. Katy Floyd Mr. Don Hanlon Mr. Steve Shepard Mr. Doug Watts CONNECTICUT David W. Blight, Ph.D. Dr. Robert Carlson Mrs. Jean Ely Ms. Jane Giddens-Jones Mr. & Mrs. Barton Jones Mr. Allen Mardis Jr. Mr. Paul J. Martinello Capt. Henry E. Marx Mr. Guy M. Mazzarella Miss Susan Monarca Mr. & Mrs. Frank Niederwerfer Mr. Ronald C. Werlich Mr. & Mrs. Brian West DELAWARE Andrew J. Bowalick Dr. & Mrs. William Campbell Mr. Barney L. Lane Mr. A. J. Winterbottom Mr. H. Alex Wise, III DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA Chris Ackerman Mr. William Davidson Mr. Charles Marr Mr. Alan C. Porter Mr. Noah A. Trudeau FLORIDA Mr. & Mrs. Alan L. Atterbury Ms. Debra Barsell Mr. Marion Brawley Mr. Robert J. Burdge Ms. Patricia A. Calafell Mr. & Mrs.Thomas A. Cook Jr. David Dweck Ms. Terri Eanes Fort Myers Chapter #2614, UDC Mrs. Robin S. Futch Mr. Bruce Graetz

Mr. & Mrs. Emmerson H. Harris Mr. George M. Hayes III Mr. William D. Hughes Mr. Gary W. Hutson Dr. Barclay Kirkland Mr. Ken Klein Mr. Danny Lee Col. Ret. Giles A. Light Mr. Richard Look Mr. & Mrs. Richard Macomber Ms. Lynne McClure Mr. & Mrs. Don McGee Mrs. Wreatha D. Mills Mr. & Mrs. Stephan F. Newhouse Mr. Gerald Pokorny Ms. Joan Luck Russ Mr. Paul Sharff Mr. & Mrs. Bert Smith Mr. Darryl F. Starnes Mrs. Nancy E. Webster Mr. Aaron Weldon Mr. R. V. Whisnand Mr. & Mrs. Bryan Wisner Ms. Pamela Wray GEORGIA Mr. Thomas W. Barron Dr. Daniel Calhoun Mr. & Mrs. Matthew J. Calvert Mr. Stanley Chambers Dr. & Mrs. William J. Cooper, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Doyle Mr. Ralph V. Duncan Jr. Mr. James A. Edwards Mr. William B. Fryer Dr. & Mrs. J. D. Hanks Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Richard Hicks Mr. Thomas R. Leidy Mr. Robert Mills Mr. Alex Nixon Penny & Bill Peebles Mr. William Perkins Mr. Don Robinson Mr. & Mrs. James R. Segraves Mr. George W. Smith Jr. Dr. & Mrs. Emory M. Thomas Mr. Jacob H. Wamsley II Mr. Thomas L. Wood


ANNUAL REPORT FISCAL YEAR 2017/2018 HAWAII Sgt. Maj. Robert Holub IDAHO Mr. Robert C. Bullock Mr. Dennis L. Hallman ILLINOIS Mr. & Mrs. Timothy L. Garrett Mr. and Mrs. Thomas E. Gough Mr. & Mrs. Robert Haley Mr. John Horn Dr. John Hucker Mr. Drew B. Jessen Mr. Richard J. Kengott Ms. Virginia Kreger Mr. Robert Melick Mr. Wayne Morrison Mr. Ross Alan Neitzel Mr. & Mrs. Gordon L. Pollock Mr. Samuel Schiera Dr. & Ms. Laurence D. Schiller Ms. Wilma J. Smelcer Mr. Russell J. Tarvid INDIANA Mr. David Childs Mr. Theodore J. Commons Mr. Stephen C. Condra Dr. Carl R. Golightly Dr. & Mrs. Robert E. Kovacs Mrs. Nancy Larsen Dr. John Plascak Mr. Charles Pribbernow Mr. & Mrs. Robert Russler IOWA Mr. Jon Acton Prof. Kathleen E. Diffley LTC & Mrs. David M. Dryer Mr. & Mrs. Allan M. Geddes Mr. & Mrs. Weylon Heiser Mr. Gary Kupferschmid Mr. William C. Lowe KANSAS Mr. & Mrs. Jake Fisher Mrs. Amy Ming

Mr. David Norris Dr. Richard Pope Mr. Edward S. Tremaine Mr. &Mrs. Lloyd L. Wilson III KENTUCKY Mr. Gilbert Cheatham Mr. & Mrs. William Harned Mr. William A. Hoskins Dr. & Mrs. Stephen Pierson Mr. & Mrs. Stephen F. Pousardien Mr. Ray G. Raisor Mr. and Mrs.Tom W. Shattuck Mr. & Mrs. George Staples Mr. Lowry Rush Watkins Jr. Mr. Dean Whitaker Jr. Mr. Kenny Williamson LOUISIANA Mr. William F. Bologna Mr. Peter F. Caviness Mr. & Mrs. Bill Denny Mrs. Katherine P. Hill Mr. Kenneth Legendre Mr. James G. Marston III Mr. & Mrs. James H. Morgan III Mrs. Patricia Ricci Mr. L. M. Sanders MAINE Ms. Mary Kuza Mrs. Annette McEndarfer Mr. Vincent P. Reed Jr. MARYLAND Mr. Francis E. Armbruster Jr. Mr. Theodore Black Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Fred M. Boland Jr. Mr. Thomas W. Brickner Mr. & Mrs. Chris Cavallio Mr. Douglas M. Clark Mr. Theodore P. Clarke Mr. & Mrs. Doug Cooke Dr. Mary A. De Credico Mr. & Mrs. Dale DeWeese Ms. Ellen Ficklen Mr. H. J. Freund Mr. & Mrs. Richard Harris Mr. Hal G. Hathaway III Mrs. Laura Hawley-Jarvis


Mr. James Hendrickson Dr. Robert C. Jackle Mr. William R. Jackson Mr. & Mrs. William Kelley IV Mr. Harry M. Kemstedt Mr. Michael T. Kinsella Mr. Bruce W. Kramer Mr. & Mrs. Gary C. Loraditch Ms. Cynthia K. Mason Mr. & Mrs. Robert E. Mattingly Mrs. Christine McBride Mrs. Martha R. McCartin Joyce Mercer Mr. Roger Millay Mr. & Mrs. John Milleker Dr. Richard Milstead Mr. John Minacapelli Mr. & Mrs. Joseph E. Moore Mr. James T. Mullin Ms. Carol Lee Mutchler Mr. & Mrs. John E. Myers Mr. & Mrs. Harry G. Neumann Mr. & Mrs. Lloyd E. Oliver Mr. Drew Pallo Mrs. Jacqueline Parker Mr. & Mrs. Olaf P. Pedersen Jr. Mr. James R. Pearson Mr. & Ms. Robert Petty Mr. Anthony Powell Ms. Amy L. Reams Mr. & Mrs. Phil Santana Mr. Joseph B. Saunders Mr. Randolph Smith Mr. & Mrs. Curtis A. Utz Mr. Martin Van Horn Mr. William T. Whiteley IV Father Glen Willis Judge Patrick L. Woodward MASSACHUSETTS Ms. Cherry F. Bamberg Mr. Howard L. Barnes Mr. & Mrs. Albert P. Bushey Mr. Michael Carlson Dr. Michael B. Chesson Mr. Kent S. Clow Danielle Donachie Mr. & Mrs.Thomas Di Giuseppe Mr. Richard Howell Rev. & Mrs. Ernest B. Johnson Nathalie L. Klaus Charitable Trust Mr. William Leaf-Herrmann

Mr. Michael Lewison Mr. William E. Littlefield Mr. Donald L. Lombard Mr. Anthony Schepici Mr. Daniel T. Tierney MICHIGAN Mr. Don Boyer Mr. & Mrs. Charles Durecki Mr. Michael A. Giandiletti Mrs. Diane Lofquist Mr. Neil G. Martin Robert McConnell Mr. Chris P. Nelson Ms. Karen L. Schult Mr. Paul J. Sopko Mr. and Mrs. Brad Vincent Mr. Curtis W. Voges Mr. Mark R. Wagner MINNESOTA Mr. & Mrs. Roger C. Black Mr. & Mrs. Dennis L. Garoutte Ms. Esther Graney Dr. Paul E. Kukla Mr. Randy Nelson MISSISSIPPI Brig. Gen. Parker Hills Mr. & Mrs. Don Perry Mr. Joe Schmelzer Mr. John T. Taylor MISSOURI Miss Belinda Canaday Mr. & Mrs. Carl Cantrell Father Richard W. Frank Mr. & Mrs. Timothy E. Noonan Mrs. Martha Pickering Mr. Bill Quatman Mr. John D. Schaperkotter Mr. & Mrs. Fred Tempel MONTANA Mr. Jim Hutcheson Mr. & Mrs. Tim Johnson


NEBRASKA Mr. Todd Freyer Mr. Roger Wolfe Jr. NEVADA Mr. Howard S. Brooks Dr. Michael Flom Mr. Michael S. Harley Mr. David W. Henson Dr. George Lush Mr. & Mrs. Phillip E. Miller Mrs. Marilyn Schupp Mr. Philip J. Ward NEW HAMPSHIRE Ms. Linda J. Armirotto Joshua Bashalany Mr. & Mrs. Bruce G. Brown Mr. Edward Mehigen Mr. John Mudge NEW JERSEY Mr. Bob Baly Mr. Louis Bishop Mr. Benton B. Camper Jr. Mr. Gil Cividanes Dr. Thomas Dayspring Mrs. Judith K. Dorsa Dr. Norman Ende Mrs. Patricia Kura Mrs. Dorothy Litwin-Brief Mr. & Mrs. Edward Moore Mr. Paschal Ogbannu Mr. Richard E. Saul Mr. Stuart Schimler Mr. George Tashji Mr. William H. Whiteman Jr. NEW MEXICO Ambassador William Itoh NEW YORK


Dr. C. Edmonds Allen Mr. Phil Arony Mr. & Mrs. Rene Balcer CDR Jim Bateman, USN (Ret) Mr. Benjamin F. Beekman


Dr. George Beneke Mr. Stephen A. Bloch Mr. and Mrs. Robert D. Bohm, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Burns Mrs. Sondra E. Carlson Mr. Mitchell A. Chait Mr. Martin F. Collins Mr. Alec Daitsman Mr. Ronald L. Eakin Mr. & Mrs. James E. Emory Jr. Ms. MJ Fleischman Dr. Robert Gorin Jr. Mr. Geoffrey G. Gorsuch Stacey Hightower Ms. Martha Hunt Mr. Jorge Just Capt. J. J. Lanigan M.D. CPT John Maginn Mr. & Mrs. Michael G. Marotta Ms. Katherine Menges Mr. H. N. Muller III Dr. M. S. Pendleton Reverend Jack W. Reeves Mr. Domenick Serrano Mr. Howard Shapiro Mr. Mark H. Shaver Mr. Frank Siegel Mr. Dennis Sullivan Mrs. Myrna L. Sullivan Mr. & Mrs. Paul A. Terry Mr. & Mrs. Ernest Werner Mr. William L. Younger NORTH CAROLINA Mrs. Ellen Abernethy Mr. W. T. Adams III Dr. & Mrs. Eugene W. Adcock III Miss Anna E. Allison Mr. & Mrs. Robert P. Blackwell Mr. Robert Blodgett Mr. John K. Blue Mrs. Patricia G. W. Bolander Mr. Charles A. Brintle Mr. & Mr. James R. Brooks Mr. & Mrs. Michael L. Broom Mr. R. S. Camp Dr. Farrell Collins M.D. Mr. & Mrs. Alan B. Colvin Sr. Mr. Howard Crawford Mr. Josef Culik Mr. Allen Driver Mr. & Mrs. John H. Emerson

Mr. Michael L. Ferrell Mr. & Mrs. Charles R. Flowers Jr. Mr. Edward R. Gardner Mr. & Mrs. Nathan W. Gilbert Mr. David Grant Mr. Dean R. Harry Mr. & Mrs. James B. Hogshead Mr. Alex Holmes Mr. Ken B. Jarvis Mr. & Mrs. Max R. Jones Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Bill Kalbas Mr. & Mrs. Jason King Mr. Richard N. League Mr. Ricky L. Loman Mr. Mike Long Mr. & Mrs. William M. Lyons Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Robert J. Main Mr. & Mrs. Martin J. Mancuso Mr. Mitchell S. McLean Mr. Otis M. Meacham Mr. D. G. Mellen Mr. Larry W. Mobley Mr. Robert Nace Mr. J. M. Neathery Mr. John P. Nichols Mr. & Ms. Alex Orlov Mr. & Mrs. George W. Paynter Dr. Scott Rehm Mr. and Mrs. Randall Roberts Dr. Herbert M. Schiller Mr. & Mrs. Donald K. Scott Jr. Mr. & Mrs. W. David Sellers Mr. Walter Shepherd Mr. Eli B. Springs IV Ms. Dawn Stegall Mr. Hal Surratt Mr. Scott Taylor Mr. & Mrs. Leigh M. Vaughan Dr. Thomas L. Walden Mr. Richard Washington Mr. Stephan P. Wassel Mr. William D. Waters Mr. John Watkins Mr. John Watson Mr. D. Carlisle Whitlock Mr. David Young OHIO Mr. James L. Abbott Ms. Carole L. Babyak Dr. & Mrs. Alan D. Berenson Mr. David C. Bond Mr. David K. Boswell

Ms. Sara Breiel Mr. & Mrs.Vincent A. Cooke Jr. Mr. John R. Creadon Mr. Robert L. Croye Dr. John E. Fleming & Dr. Barbara P. Fleming Ms. Sharon A. Glaser Mr. William Grant Mr. Kenneth Harris Mr. William J. Heaphy III Mr. William Kerns Mr. Jim Klei Col. Benjamin J. Kulper M.D. Mr. Earl Lewis Jr. Mr. Albert Lind Reverend Jerome A. Lukachinsky Ms. Jill McDaniel Mr. & Mrs. Dwight Mitchell Mr. William R. Mullins Mr. Michael L. North Mr. Michael G. Peppe LCDR & Mrs. Roger J. Pinta Mr. Jeffrey L. Steiner Mr. Gil Stevens Mr. Paul E. Tukesbrey Mr. Mark A. Vavra Mr. Michael L. Walton Mr. Mark A. Weigand Mr. Andrew H. Woods OKLAHOMA Mr. Steven K. Alcorn Dr. Jeffrey Asbury Mr. Klee Black Dr. Jane Johansson Mr. Paul K. Lackey Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Steve Reagan Mr. Mike Sheriff Mr. John M. Thomas OREGON Mr. Alvin H. Helgeson Mr. Mike Leopold Ms. Janice Van Lente PENNSYLVANIA Mr. Joseph Albanese Mr. Bart Bailey Dr. Richard Bell Mr. Guy P. Beneventano


ANNUAL REPORT FISCAL YEAR 2017/2018 Mr. Daniel Beneventano Mr. & Mrs. Ken Boardman Mr. Ben Crago Rev. Charles V. Day Mr. John M. Fuss Mr. & Mrs. Larry E. Geesaman Mr. Bobby Hammel Mr. John Helmus Mr. Bernard J. Herwig Jr. Mr. Matthew Hooks Mrs. April Hostler Mrs. Linda W. Hubbard Mr. & Mrs. William M. Jensen Mr. & Mrs. William C. Keck Mr. & Mrs. Lawrence E. Keener-Farley Mr. & Mrs. Don Kibler Mr. Daniel Klemens Mr. Richard Lewis Mr. & Mrs. Lonnie Lovett Mr. James E. Matthews Ms. Kate McCloskey Ms. Sherri L. Miller Mr. Alfred Morris Mr. & Mrs. Barry Perry Dr. & Mrs. Douglas G. Pfeiffer Mr. & Mrs.Thomas J. Primerano Mr. Tyler Putman Dr. & Mrs. Robert L. Rainey Mr. James Reese Mr. Charles R. Reid Mr. Wade H. Rice Jr. Mr. & Mrs. John D. Rohal Mr. Peter Salzarulo Jr. Mr. Robert M. Samanns Ms. Yvonne Schexnayder Mr. & Mrs. James Schmick Mr. & Mrs. David M. Scott Mr. Timothy Sedore Mr. R. H. Simmons Mr. Rick Smith Mr. Harry Sonntag Jr. Mr. Charles Sprowls Mr. Steve Stanek Mr. & Mrs. Barry Stocker Mr. & Mrs. Michael Trephan Mr. Michael L. Vice Mr. Kevin Walsh Mr. John D. Wedo Ms. Bonnie W Wellman Mr. William Wykle Mrs. Denise Wierzbicki Mr. Keith Douglass Will Mr. & Mrs. Donald V. Williams

Mr. John S. Wydrzynski Ms. Elyse Zwanger RHODE ISLAND Mr. & Mrs. Fraser A. Lang Commander Wayne J. Rowe SOUTH CAROLINA Mr. & Mrs. Sherwood Barefoot Mrs. Jane Barnwell Mr. & Mrs. Gary D. Cabbage Mrs. Paula B. Carson Mr. & Mrs. William S. Davies Jr. Mr. H. W. Elliott Mr. Julian G. Frasier III Mr. Steve E. Gibson Mr. Craig T. Hammer P.E. Mr. John H. Hardin II Mr. Joshua Henson Mr. James M. Holland Mr. Edward M. Hughes Mr. & Mrs. Jack C. Keller Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Lemon Mr. & Mrs. Harry Muldrow Jr. Mr. Thomas Olson Mr. Arthur Ravenel Jr. Mr. & Mrs. John C. Rivers III Mrs. Patricia G Rivers Mr. & Mrs. Robert T. Strickland Mr. & Mrs. Ted Tedards Mr. & Mrs. H. W. Unger Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Roy Williams III TENNESSEE Ms. Marcia Abernathy Dr. James B. Atkinson Mr. Stephen Bartlett Dr. Landon A. Colquitt Mr. Mitch Counts Dr. Charles W. Cox M.D. Mrs. Caroline C. Garner Mr. John W. Green Mr. Dwight Guy Mr. Jack Hatcher Mr. Timothy L. Hazlewood Mr. Juan Ianni Dr. E. Rackley Ivey Mr. & Mrs. Malcolm H. Liles Dr. C. B. Lynch Mr. & Mrs. Henry McDonald III Dr. Paul M. Schubert


Mr. Cullen F. Smith Mr. Gary Lee Smith Dr. Edward L. Thackston Mr. & Mrs. Paul R. White Sr. TEXAS Mr. Fred Adolphus Mr. & Mrs. Robert Bailey Ms. Kathryn Beck Ms. Vicki Betts Mr. & Mrs. Howard I. Black Dr. George W. Brasher Mr. & Mrs. James Brown Mrs. Shannon Wood Bush Dr. & Mrs. Clinton P. Cavuoti Mrs. Mary Elizabeth Davis Dr. Jeffrey F. Ellis Mr. Don G. Evans Mr. Dennis C. Fowler Mr. & Mrs. Clark H. Gable Dr. John Goddard Ms. Mildred Grinstead Mr. & Mrs. Gary Guysinger Mr. Paul Harper Mr. C. M. Harrington Ms. Constance Hutchinson Ms. Katherine Jeffrey Mr. James G. Joslin Mrs. Mary C. Lee Mr. James N. Martin Mr. & Mrs. Michael G. Mask Mr. John McCusker Mr. Weldon Nash Jr. Mrs. Eugenia G. Pace Dr. T. M. Parrish Mr. David Robinson Dr. & Mrs. Timothy E. Roden Mr. Autry Ross Mr. Leo C. Salzman Shane Scarbrough Mr. & Mrs. Todd Sellars Mr. Gary P. Whitfield Mr. James E. Williams Mr. Larry B. Wilson UTAH Col. Steve Emory Mr. Andrew McCullough VERMONT Mr. W. P. Dame

VIRGINIA Mr. Clark Aaron Mr. Drew Abbitt Mr. Robert Abbot Mr. & Mrs. A. Marshall Acuff, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Hunter Adams Mr. & Mrs. James A. Adams Ms. Bobbie Adkins Mr. Parker Agelasto Mr. & Mrs. Peter A. Agelasto III Mr. & Mrs. Timothy L. Akers Mr. & Mrs. James Alberston Mr. & Mrs. Kent H. Albright Mrs. Doris P. Alderson Mrs. Alice Alexander Mr. Dan Allen Mr. James A. Allen Kay Alley Ms. Lynette Alley Mr. Jerrie AlSamir Mr. James Altieri Dr. & Mrs. J. F. Amos Mr. Bob Annandale Dr. & Mrs. John B. Arnold Mr. & Mrs. Charles B. Arrington Jr. Mr. Stephen & Dr. Barbara Arthur CDR & Mrs. David C. Ascher USN Mr. Cameron Atkins Mr. & Mrs. Frank B. Atkinson Mr. John M. Austin Mr. Jaime N. Austria Mr. Ken Bage Mr. Tom Bahr Mr. & Mrs. Brad Baker Mr. & Mrs. Robert F. Baldwin Jr. Dr. Sheryl D. Baldwin Ph.D. Hon. & Mrs. Daniel T. Balfour Mr. Ellis Barker Ms. Jacquie Barner Mr. Lee Barnes Mr. & Mrs. Donald J. Barnett Mr. & Mrs. William M. Barron Mr. & Mrs. Vance T. Bartley, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Eric Bass Mrs. Ulrike K. Baumann Mrs. Virginia H. Beale Mr. Robert E. Beam Mr. & Mrs. Jack Beard Mr. Edwin C. Bearss Mr. & Mrs. James Beaton


Mr. & Mrs. Jon Beck Mr. Craig D. Bell Captain William R. Bell, SC, USN (Retired) Mr. & Mrs. Fred Bernhardt Mr. & Mrs. Chuck Berrier Ms. Laura Berrier Mr. James Berryhill Bethel Chapter, #185, UDC Dr. Kevin Bibona Mr. & Mrs. Robert S. Bloxom Mr. & Mrs. J. J. Boehling III Mr. James W. Boehling Mr. & Mrs. Raymond E. Boehling Jr. Mr. Frederick W. Boelt Mr. & Mrs. William B. Boiler Mr. Clifford A. Bombard Mr. & Mrs. Dick Boswell Mr. Daniel Botzer Mr. William Bourne Mr. & Mrs. Clayton D. Boutchyard Dr. Robert Bowden Mr. Mark Bower Mrs. & Reverend Clyde Bowie Ms. Brenda Bowling Mr. & Mrs. Scott C. Boyd Mr. & Mrs. Jack E. Boyles Mr. Kimball Brace Mr. & Mrs. Michael T. Bradshaw Dr. & Mrs. Steven Brady Mr. James Brandau Mr. Mark Brandon Mr. & Mrs. William E. Brandt Mr. Andrew M. Brantley Mr. & Mrs. Frank H. Breault, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Ronald Breckinridge Dr. & Mrs. O. Christian Bredrup Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Randolph Breton Mr. & Mrs. Albert Briggs Mr. James A. Briggs Lynn Briggs Mr. & Mrs. Randolph W. Brooks Mr. & Mrs. Frederick J. Brosk Mr. & Mrs. H. G. Broughton Mr. & Mrs. Howard Brown Mrs. Jo Ann Marchant Brown Mr. W. G. Brownrigg Mr. Stuart Bruce Mr. Acie Brumfield



Mr. Kenneth W. Brumfield Mrs. Kathy Brundage Dr. & Mrs. David Buckalew Mr. John Buckley Mr. Robert M. Buhrman Sr. Dr. George M. Bullard Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Childs F. Burden Mr. & Mrs. Jeffry C. Burden Mr. & Mrs. William A. Burke Mr. & Mrs. Randy Burks Ms. Michele M. Burnett Mr. Michael Burns Mr. Dennis Bussey Mr. & Mrs. Harry W. Butler Mrs. Karen Butler Mr. & Mrs. John Butler Mr. Gary B. Butler Mr. R. A. Bynum Mr. Marshall B. Cain Mr. & Mrs. John R. Caldwell Ms. Virginia Caldwell Lt. Col. Glenn Callihan Mr. George E. Calvert Jr. Mr. Brian V. Camden Brig. Gen. Duncan Campbell Mr. Lawrence Campbell Mr. William B Canfield III Dr. & Mrs.Thomas A. Cardwell Mr. & Mrs.Thomas M. Carlton Ms. Diane Carpenter Mr. Robert Carson Mr. & Mrs. Roger Carson Mr. Albert Carter Mr. Todd Carter Mr. Tom Catlett Mrs. Susan Cavaliere Greater Chambersburg Chamber of Commerce Mrs. Robert Channing Mr. Michael J. Chapman Mr. Read Charlton Mr. Sanketh Chellu Mr. Zhong J. Chen The Chericoke Foundation Mrs. Becky Childress Mr. & Mrs. Joseph A. Childress Jr. Ms. Jee Choi Dr. Donald C. Clagett Mr. David Clarke Mr. William S. Clements Mr. & Mrs. Roger L. Clifford Mrs. & LTC Charlotte Clinger Mr. Frank F. Coates III Mrs. Coleman

Mrs. Janice Coleman Dr. David Coles College Orientation Workshop, Inc. Ms. Susan Collins Prof. Carl M. Colonna Mr. and Mrs. John Conover Mrs. George T. Conwell Mr. & Mrs. Howard J. Cook Jr. Mr. Jeffrey K. Cooper Mr. & Mrs. Fred Copeland Mr. & Mrs. Dan Cousins Mr. Gary Cowardin Mrs. April Cox Rev. Dr. David Cox Mr. & Mrs. Frederic H. Cox, Jr. Mrs. William Craddock Mr. Carl Craig Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Charles F. Crawley Mr. James Crook Ms. Katleen CrowleyColeman Mr. & Mrs. Otis C. Crowther Jr. Mrs. Anne G. Curran Ms. Pamela Curtin Capt. Lee Curtis Mr. Charles W. Darden III Mr. Richard Daub Mr. & Mrs. Mike Davidson Mr. J. E. C. Davis Mr. John Davis Mr. Lawrence P. Davis Mrs. Nancy C. Davis Mr. Jerry Dawson Mr. Mark Day The Russell & Frieda De Yong Foundation Mr. & Mrs. Robert B. Delano Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Shad Derozier Mr. David Derrough Mr. & Mrs. Wilson Dickerson Jr. Mr. Ray Dinstel Dixie Chapter #1679, UDC Mr. Robert Dixon, Jr. Mr. Robert V. Doggett Jr. Mr. John E. Donaldson Mr. & Mrs. Brenden Doyle Mr. John D. Doyle, Jr. Mrs. Judy T. Draucker Mr. and Mrs. Charles & Jean Driscoll Mr. Wayne Dudley Mr. & Mrs. Frank Dunbar Mr. Richard L. Dunford

Mr. Philip Dupriest Mr. & Mrs. Andrew W. Dykers Jr. Carlie Eads Mrs. John Edelblute Ms. Emma C. Edmunds Mr. Mark A. Eisele Miss Patricia Elder Mr. J. H. Ellen Mr. Dwight N. Elliott Mrs. Irene Ellis Mr. Thomas Elmore Mr. Michael Evans Mr. Walker L. Evey Mr. & Mrs. Vincent Faraci Mr. John J. Fennell Mrs. Wendy Ferrara Mr. & Mrs. David V. Fewell Mr. Richard Fickling Mr. & Ms. Frank Figgins Mr. & Mrs. Jerry M. Finn Mr. Stephen FitzGerald Mr. & Ms. Vincent J. Fleck Jr. Mr. Bernard Fleming Ms. Marjorie Flintom Col. & Mrs. Florer Mr. & Mrs. Horace Ford Mr. & Mrs. Tom Ford Mr. & Mrs. Wayne E. Ford Mr. & Mrs. James W. Fore Mr. Claude Foster Mr. & Mrs. Tom Foster Mr. & Mrs. F. Meriwether Fowlkes Jr. Mr. & Mrs. T. Bernard Fox Mr. Steve Fox Mr. Charles Frakes Ms. Harriett Francis Mr. George L. Franklin Mr. & Mrs. John T. Frawner Jr. Mr. Lawrence P. Frayser Mr. John Frazier Dr. Rogers M. Fred III Mr. & Mrs. George Freeman, Jr. Mr. Harold S. Friend Mr. John H. Frischkorn Mr. Jeffrey Fulgham Ms. Romana J. Furey Dr. Gary W. Gallagher Mrs. Betty Gallier Mr. & Mrs. Jeremy Galloway Maj. Gen. & Mrs. Donald R. Gardner USMC Mr. Joel B. Gardner


ANNUAL REPORT FISCAL YEAR 2017/2018 Mr. Randolph Gardner Mr. & Mrs.William R. Gardner Jr. Mr. & Mrs. David J. Garms Mrs. Christine Garner Dr. William Garnett Mr. & Mrs. William Gates Mr. Robert M. Gaura General Stuart Chapter #2195, UDC Mr. Garth G. Germond Mr. & Mrs. Edward Gibson Ms. Betty L. Gillespie Dr. Jim Gillespie Dr. Jerome Gilmore Ms. Catherine F. Gioeli Mr. and Mrs. Robert Glasser Mr. Charles Glenn Dr. & Mrs. George R. Goethals Mr. & Mrs. Fred A. Gosnell III Mr. Paul T. Goss Mrs. Brenda F. Gowin Mr. John E. Grady Mr. William Graeter Mr. & Mrs. Denys Grant Mr. Lindsay W. Gray Mr. James Green Mr. & Mrs. J. Michael Greenfield Mr. G. Howard Gregory Mr. Thomas C. Gresham Mr. & Mrs. Curtis L. Griffin Mr. & Mrs. J. E. Grimsley Ms. Frances Guill Mr. B. H. Gunter Mr. Jeff Gunther Mr. Derwood F. Guthrie Mr. Jack Gwinn Mr. & Mrs. Mike Hacker Ms. Denise Halderman Mr. & Mrs. R. G. Hall Jr. Mr. Stuart E. Hallett Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Mike Hallinen Mr. & Mrs. Paul M. Halstead Mr. & Mrs. John D. Hamill Mr. James C. Hamilton Jr. Mr. Jerry Hampton Mr. Walter E. Hancock Hanover Chapter #1399, UDC Mr. Robert G. Hardy Mr. George Harmer Mr. Herbert H. Harrell Mr. & Mrs. Charles H. Harris Mr. Patrick D. Harris Mr. Tom Harris

Mr. & Mrs. Vernon Harris Mr. Travis Hebert Dr. Walter P. Hempfling Mr. Steward Henderson Martha Hendrick Ms. Edith Henson Ms. Debra Herbst Mr. Russell W. Hicks Mr. Jacob Higgerson Col. Martin Higgins, USMC (Ret) Ms. & Mrs. Apuleius Hillier Dr. & Mrs. Randy Hinson Mr. & Mrs. F. M. Hite Jr. Mr. & Mrs. George Hoag Mr. Kermit Hobbs Mr. Michael Hobbs Dr. William A. Hobbs Mr. William R. Hoddinott Mr. Aaron Hodges Mr. & Mrs. Jack A. Hoffman Mr. William H. Hogan Mr. Kim B. Holien Col. Ret. Barry Holland Dr. Marvin E. Hollowell, Jr. Mr. & Ms. Charles Hood Mr. & Mrs. Brett Hooks Mr. & Mrs. James M. Hoover Mr. & Mrs. Glenn Hopkins Mr. Robert J. Hornbaker Mr. & Mrs. George Hornburg Mr. & Ms. Christopher Horton Miss Elizabeth G. Hoskins Mr. Alan Houpt Mr. Michael House Mr. Michael Houser Dr. & Mrs. Douglas A. Houston Mr. & Mrs. Frank Howe Mr. Knox Hubard Mr. Robert Hubbard Mr. Carson O. Hudson Jr. Mr. & Mrs. John Hudson III Mr. & Ms. Tommy Hudson Mr. Dwight S. Hughes Mr. & Mrs. Thomas R. Huhn Mr. & Mrs. John Humphries Mr. Jim Hunt Mr. & Mrs. Robert Hunt Mr. Chris Hushak Mr. Steve Hutcherson Mr. Charles E. Hutchinson Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Lou Illi Mr. & Mrs. Ralph Inge Mr. David T. Inge Mr. & Mrs. Thomas N. Innes


Mr. Harry L. Jackson Mrs. Kathryn Jarvis Mr. David Jennings Mr. Edward W. Jennings Mr. John D. Jessee Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Barry Jett Mr. & Mrs. David Jobe Mr. Charles Scott Johnson Mrs. Marie Johnson Mr. Robert A. Johnson Mr. & Mrs. Russell Johnson Mr. Earl R. Johnston Col. & Mrs. Frederick E. Johnston III Ms. Amanda Jordan Mr. Clarke Jones III Ms. Denise Jones Mr. Edward W. Jones Mr. & Mrs. J. Kipling Jones Mrs. Joan M. Jones Mrs. Joanne Jones Dr. Kenneth Jones Mr. Phillip L. Jones Mr. and Mrs. Philip Jornlin Ms. Susan A. Joseph Mr. & Mrs. Crawley F. Joyner III Mr. & Mrs. Don W. Joyner Mr. & Mrs. Walter Judd Mr. William Judkins Ms. Jayda Justus Ms. Elizabeth E. Kaylor Mr. Ed Keefer Ms. Tinky Keen Mr. & Mrs. Lucius J. Kellam III Mr. Leroy Keller Mr. Robert M. Kelley Mr. Thomas Kelley Mr. Jack Kelley Kellogg - Atwater Chapter, National Society of the Daughters of the Union Doug Kellner Dr. Robert Kenzer Mr. & Mrs. Ronald G. Kidd, Jr. Mr. Ken Kievit Ms. Sue Kindred Mr. Stephen Kindrick Mr. Alan King Mr. James T. King Ms. Susan L. King Mr. Richard Kingsley Mr. George R. Klein Mr. Bernie C. Klemanek Mr. John T. Kneebone, Ph.D.

Mr. Benjamin R. Knighton III Mr. Wayne Knipping Mr. Timothy Koenig Michael Kolodzinski Mr. Ike Konstantinakos Mr. Brent Koontz Mr. & Mrs. Donald Korb Kroger Community Rewards Mr. Karl Kuester Mr. & Mrs. Edgar R. Lafferty III Mr. & Mrs. Robert H. Lamb Mr. Morton T. Lambert Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Lambert Mr. & Mrs. Floyd L. Lane Jr. Mr. Mark Lane Maj. & Mrs. Duncan M. Lang Mr. David A. Langbart Mr. & Mrs. Wesley Latchford Mr. Ashton Lawler Mrs. Reed Lawson Mr. Steve Layman Mr. Parker Lee III Mr. Chris Leehey Mr. & Mrs. William J. Lemon Mr. & Mrs. Gary Lerch Rev. Thomas Lester Mr. Roger Leturno Mr. George H. Lewis III Mr. & Mrs. Richard Lewis Mr. & Mrs. Timothy J. Lewis Mr. Jerome Liebman Mr. Robert C. Light Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Tim Lillibridge Mr. Tom Lindsay Mr. Chris M. Lloyd Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Locke Mr. & Mrs. Morris Lockhart Mr. Timothy J. Lockhart Mr. & Mrs. Joseph D. Logan III Mr. Fernando Lopez Mr. Rodney E. Lorence Mrs. Patricia Loughridge Mr. & Mrs. Manuel Loupassi Mr. Nick Louridas Mr. Christopher Lowe Brandon Lowrey Mr. H. S. Lowry Mr. A. J. Lucas Mr. Michael C. Lucas Ms. Antonietta Lucier Ms. Jean Lum Lynchburg Civil War Round Table Mr. William J. Lyon


Mr. Brad Lyons Dr. John Lystash Mr. & Mrs. Tom C. Mack Mr. Jeff Mann Mr. Paul Marcello Mr. & Mrs. Benjamin Marchi Mr. & Mrs. Stephen Markardt Mr. William F. Marley Jr. Dr. Don Marsh Mrs. Reenie Marshall Mr. Earl W. Martin Mr. & Ms. Daniel Martucci Ms. Jean Matherne Ms. Jane Matthews Mr. Scott C. Mauger Mr. Donald Mayberry Mr. Marcel W. Mayer Mr. Claude Mayo Mr. Johnathan A. Mayo Mr. & Mrs. Monte Mays Mr. Douglas F. McCallum Mr. Myron McClees Ms. Julie McClellan Mr. Lee McCown Mr. Sean McCoy Mr. Richard C. McCullough Jr. Mrs. Michelle McDonald Mr. Joe McFadden Mr. Michael McGarry Mr. Dewey E. McGee Mr. Joseph McGrath Miss Heather McIntosh Mr. & Mrs. Dan McLaughlin Mr. & Mrs. G. E. McLaughlin Mr. & Mrs. Michael McLaughlin Ms. Christine McNulty Mr. Michael E. McPoland Ms. Kathy McVay Mr. C. Q. Meadows Mr. Steven T. Meadows Mr. & Mrs. Chuck Mehalic Mr. & Mrs. Fred R. Meiners Miss Karen Melton Mr. Neal Menkes Mr. Eric Michelsen Mr. & Mrs. James T. Micklem Sr. Mr. James Midkiff Mr. & Mrs. Carl Miller Mr. & Ms. Mark Miller Mrs. Mary A. Miller Mr. Ralph E. Miller Mr. & Mrs. William E. Miller Miller Foundation Mr. Larry Mizzell



Mr. & Mrs. Robert Moeller Ms. Kathryn Moore Mr. Stephen Moore Mr. Terrence Moore Mr. and Mrs. Jack Moorman Mr. & Mrs. Brent D. Morgan Mr. James Morgan Mr. James E. Morgenson Ms. Sara Moriarty Mr. George Morison Ms. Janet Moses Charles Stewart Mott Foundation Brig. Gen. & Mrs. John W. Mountcastle Mr. & Mrs. Richard F. Mulligan Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Lynn Myers Mr. & Mrs. Milton Myers Mr. & Mrs. W. D. Myrick Mr. Steve Nadolson Mr. Winfred D. Nash Mr. James L. Nelson Jr. Mr. Lan Neugent Mr. Bobby Newcomb Dr. & Mrs. Michael D. Nickerson Mr. Ronald A. Nilsby Mr. Lewis R. Nobles Mrs. Paige Nolen Mrs. Jean T. Noone Ms. Julia J. Norrell Mr. Deborah Norwood Mr. & Mrs. Peter O’Hara Mr. G. W. Obaugh Mr. Joseph B. Obenshain Ms. Elizabeth Oehrlein Dr. & Mrs. William L. Old III Mr. Thomas M. Oliver Dr. John M. Olsson Mr. S. M. Orr Ms. Nancy Overstreet Ms. Jane Owen Mr. Anthony R. Owens Mr. & Mrs. H.B. Pack Mr. & Mrs. Randall W. Packett Jr. Mr. W. H. Parcell III Mr. Stephen Parke Mr. Marvin Parker Mr. & Mrs. Robert S. Pasley Dr. Thomas E. Patteson III Mr. James L. Patton Ms. Jean Payne Mr. Joseph Payne Mr. & Mrs. Kimball Payne Mr. James Pearman

Mr. & Mrs. Charles Pearson Ms. Sarah S. Pease Mr. William C. Perrow Mr. William J. Petersen Dr. Bob Petres & Dr. Peggy DuVall Mrs. Patsy K. Pettus Ms. Betty R. Petty Mr. & Mrs. Charles O. Pflugrath Mr. & Mrs. John S. Philips Mr. Loren Phillips Dr. Harvey A. Phillips Mr. William Phillips Mr. Nicholas P. Picerno Mr. & Mrs. Earl T. Pickett Mr. John P. Pickford Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Currell M. Piggott Mr. St. George B. Pinckney Mr. Charles Pinkerton Mr. & Mrs. Felix L. Pitts Ms. Carol Polkinghorne Ms. Marilyn Pollow Mr. Frank B. Poole III Dr. & Dr. Clifton W. Potter Mr. Lee Potterton Mr. Lewis F. Powell III Mr. John Powell Dr. & Mrs. Kenneth A. Powell Mr. & Mrs. Thomas R. Pratt Ms. Mary Preston Mr. John Prince Mr. & Mrs. Daniel T. Puckette Mr. E. L. Pugh Jr. Mr. Robert B. Purcell Mr. & Mrs. Richard C. Radi Mrs. Fumiko Radile Mr. Alexander Ramos Ms. Dorothy M. Ramsey Mr. Harry L. Rast Dr. & Mrs. John G. Rawles Jr. Ms. Patricia P. Rawls Ms. Robin D. Ray Real Granddaughters Club Mr. John A. Redding Mr. & Mrs. Brian Reed Mr. Gregory Regelski Mr. & Mrs. Bill and Susan Reid Mr. John M. Reid Mr. & Mrs. Ralph E. Reynolds Mr. Randolph Reynolds Mr. David F. Riddick Mr. and Mrs. Peter Rippe Mr. Giles M. Robertson Jr. Dr. & Mrs. J. Mott Robertson Jr.

Dr. & Dr. James I. Robertson Jr. Ms. Mary Robertson Dr. & Mrs. C. H. Robins Jr. Dr. Richard B. Robins M.D. Mr. & Mrs. Richard D. Robinson Robinson Funeral Home, Inc. Mr. & Mrs. Michael D. Rockefeller Mr. Stephen Rockenbach Mr. Peyton H. Roden Mr. Warren Rofe Mr. Loren M. Rogers Mr. & Mrs. Larry Rohr Martha Rollins Mrs. Patricia F. Rollston Mr. George Roper Mrs. Gayle Rosenblatt Mr. Lynnwood Ross Mr. & Mrs. Thomas L. Ruch Mr. John A. Rupp Ms. Emily Rusk Mr. Wynne C. Saffer Mr. R. A. Salgado Mrs. Leah L. Samuels Mr. Kim Gerard Santos Mr. & Mrs. James W. Sarver Mr. Nathan Sauer Dr. Paul Saunders Mr. & Mrs. Terry G. Sautters Mr. & Mrs. James D. Savage Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Sayers Elora Sayre Mr. & Mrs. Tom Schmutz Mr. & Mrs. James M. Schnell Mr. Gerald Scott Dr. Randy Scott Mrs. Sheila Seagle Mr. & Mrs. Ronald W. Sears LTC & Mrs. D. C. Seay Ms. Linda Seguin Mr. & Mrs. Joseph M. Seiffert Mr. William K. Seward Mr. Charles B. Shaeff III Mrs. Rosanne Shalf Mr. Timothy Shea Mr. David L. Shelton Mr. Kevin Shroyer Ms. Katrina Shultz Mr. & Mrs. Edward J. Silveira Mr. Kenneth R. Silver Mr. Geoffrey Sisk Mr. & Mrs. Jerry Small Mr. Ivian C. Smith Mrs. Penny Smith


ANNUAL REPORT FISCAL YEAR 2017/2018 Mr. Howard Smith Mr. & Mrs. David Smith Ms. Judy E. Smith Ms. Caroline Smith Mr. Joe Sokohl Mr. John Solomon Southern Cross Chapter #746, UDC Mr. & Mrs. David Southworth Ainsley Spencer Mr. J. B. Spotswood Mr. Mike Spraker Mr. Vincent St. Angelo Ms. Betty A. Stacy Mr. & Mrs. John R. Staelin Ms. Jane Stanley Mr. Edward H. Starr, Jr. Ms. Lucy Steele Mrs. Melanie R. Stephenson Mr. & Mrs. Dale E. Stern Mr. David J. Stetson Mr. Fletcher Stiers Jr. Mr. Robert L. Stone Mrs. Allison J. Stone Mr. F. A. Stone Mr. & Mrs. A. K. Strange Mr. & Ms. Vlasis Stratiou Mr. & Mrs. Donald Stringer Mr. Roy W. Stubbs Mrs. Patricia A. Stuckey Mr. Jason Sturdivant Mr. John B. Stutts Ms. Mary-Helen Sullivan Mr. John Summerville Mr. & Ms. Sutipong Suruttanond Dr. & Mrs. Randall H. Suslick Ms. Wendy Swanson Mr. & Mrs. Walt Swartley Mr. Steve Sylvester Mr. Lewis J. Taylor Mr. Tazewell G. Taylor Mr. Charles S. Terry Mr. William Tharp Lt. Col. Gregory A. Thiele Mr. & Mrs. Brian Thomas Ms. Sandy Thomas Mr. Robert Thomasson Ms. Hazel H. Thompson Mr. Thomas Thompson Mr. & Mrs.William E.Thompson Mr. John W. Thornton Jr. Hon. & Mrs. Douglas O.Tice Jr. Mr. & Mr. Linwood R. Tignor

Mr. & Mrs. Richard Tilghman Mr. Jack Tiller Mr. Jeff Toalson Mr. Dennis Torrence & Dr. Patricia Torrence Mr. Wilson R. Trice Mr. & Mrs. Edward C.Trope Jr. Mr. Carson L. Tucker Mr. & Mrs. Walter D. Tucker Mr. & Mrs. Claude L. Turner Mr. David Tyler Mr. & Mrs. H. G. Tyler Mr. James A. Tyler Jr. Mr. Peter Tyler Mr. Tyler Underwood Mr. & Mrs. George Ungerer III Mr. Benjamin Uzel Ms. Stephanie Vale Mr. & Mrs. E. Massie Valentine, Jr. Mr. Wouter Vanderwal Mr. a& Mrs. E. B. Vandiver III Mr. & Mrs. Ernest C.Vaughan Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Wilson F. Vellines Jr. Mr. Richard D. Vercellone Mr. & Mrs. Howard C. Vick Mr. Wayne Virag Ms. Patricia A. Walenista Mr. & Mrs. Buren Walker The Walker Fund of the Boston Foundation Mr. Duront Walton, Jr Mr. & Mrs. Lloyd Walton Mr. Christopher Warren Mr. David Warren Rev. Dr. R. H. Watson Mr. Robert Watts Mr. Stephen H. Watts II Mr. & Mrs. Thomas R. Weakley Jr. Cmdr. & Mrs. Stephen A. Weinhardt Mr. & Mrs. William L. Wellons Ms. Cindy Wells Dr. Anne Wescott Mr. David M. West Ms. Jade West Ms. Winnie Westbrook Ms. Jacqueline Westfall Mr. & Mrs. Herbert S. Wheary III Sgt. Edgar V. Wheeler Mr. & Mrs. George Wheeler Mr. & Mrs. Stephen Wheeler


Mr. & Mrs. John Whistler Miss Kay Whitfield Mr. Franklin S. Whitlock Mr. & Mrs. Roger H. Wichelt Mr. Andrew Wilcox Mrs. Fawna Wilcox Mr. Paul A. Willard Mr. & Mrs. E. Otto N.Williams, Jr. Mr. & Ms. Fielding L. Williams, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. S. R. Williams Mr. Larry Williford Mr. James Wilmoth Ms. Kathleen Winters Mr. & Mrs. George W. Wise Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Kent Womack III Mr. Dennis P. Wood Mr. John H. Wood Mr. Ken Wood Mr. & Mrs. Edward J.Wooldridge Ms. Willie A. Wright Mr. & Mrs. N. D. Wrinkle Col. Christine Wynd Mr. Tsung-Han Yeu Mr. & Mr. Robert L. Young Mr. Adam Zimmerli



Mr. Magnus Lundgrist

Mr. Walter A. Appel Mr. & Mrs. David Neuharth Mr. Arthur Storbo




Mr. J. L. Brannon Dr. James Davison Mr. Andrew Gallagher Mr. John L. Huffman Mr. Paul G. Huhn Mr. & Mrs. W. H. Lesser Ms. Sharon Murray

Prof. and Mrs. Ian F. Beckett Mr. Peter Bridson Mr. Donald Marshall Mrs. Marilyn Standfast


In compiling the list of donors we have made every effort to accurately reflect all donations to the Museum between July 1, 2017 and June 30, 2018. If you have donated in that time and your name has been omitted or misspelled, please contact Ben Mackey at 804-649-1861, ext. 144. We sincerely apologize for any omissions or typos.

Mr. & Mrs. John H. Andrews Mr. Michael K. Benton Mr. Gary Clement Mr. & Mrs. Gary Langhoff Dr. & Mrs. Richard Reinhart Mr. Fred R. Schneider I Mr. & Mrs. Albert L. Shaw Dr. Douglas A. Wolk

Mr. Byard Sheppard BELGIUM The Honorable Daniel J. Frankignoul CANADA Mr. Donald Maling GERMANY Dr. Susan Vogel NORWAY Ms. Katharina Schlichtherle PUERTO RICO Mr. Ronald Block SWEDEN

Ms. Sibylle Blees


Tribute Gifts Tribute Gifts to the American Civil War Museum recognize the memory of a loved one or honor a special achievement

Mr. James C. Hamilton Jr. In Memory of Robert E. Lee

Mr. Andrew M. Brantley In Honor of Colonel Henry King Burgwyn, Cdr. 26 NC Regt

Mr. and Mrs. Richard M. Jones In Memory of Captain Robert McCulloch, 18th Virginia

Ms. Sara Breiel In honor of Mr. S. Waite Rawls III

Mrs. Martha Rollins In Honor of Stephanie Arduini, John Coski, and Christopher Graham

Dr. George M. Bullard Jr. In memory of my great grandfather Luther Rawls, pvt Co K 41st VA Reg Mr. Richard Cullen In Honor of Donald and Ann King Mr. and Mrs. Bill Denny In Memory of Robert Henry Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Doyle In Memory of Mary Larkin O’Melia Mr. and Mrs. Edward M. Farley IV In Memory of Sol Waite Rawls, Jr. Mrs. Mary Anderson Felton In Memory of the Family of Ms. Molly Fenton Mrs. Robin S. Futch In Memory of James H. Futch, Jr. Dr. and Mrs. John B. Garrett Jr. In Memory of William P. Adams In Honor of Cathy Wright Mr. Robert B. Giles In Honor of John Coski Mr. William Grant In Memory of Capt. Adam Givens, Co. D, 60th Virginia Infantry



Mrs. Kathryn Jarvis In Memory of Sol Waite Rawls, Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. Robert H. Lamb In Memory of Norvell H. Lamb Lancaster County Chapter #1406, UDC In Memory of Pat Graves Mr. and Mrs. Fraser A. Lang In Memory of Sol Waite Rawls, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Manuel Loupassi In honor of William H. “Brandt” Surgner Mr. Marcel W. Mayer In Memory of Vicki Mayer Ms. Nancy Overstreet In Memory of Peter Lee Huddleston, 2nd Reg. Va Cavalry CSA Powell Fund of the Community Foundation Serving Richmond and Central Virginia In Memory of Sol Waite Rawls, Jr.

Mr. Frank Siegel In Memory of Pvt. Moses Siegel, 12th Alabama, Fell at Seven Pines Mr. J. B. Spotswood In Memory of Dennis I. Belcher Mr. Mike Spraker In Memory of Howard Lynch Mr. and Mrs. L. N. Steverson In honor of Mr. S. Waite Rawls III Ms. Barbara Apple Sullivan In Honor of Mr. S. Waite Rawls III In Honor of Susan B. Rice Mr. Tazewell G. Taylor In honor of Mr. S. Waite Rawls III Mr. and Mrs. Matthew G.Thompson Jr. In Memory of Sol Waite Rawls, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Wilson F. Vellines Jr. In honor of Ben and Carol Grigsby Mr. Lowry Rush Watkins Jr. In Memory of Lt. Thomas Walker Bullitt Mr. and Mrs. Herbert S. Wheary III In Honor of Tom and Anne Innes Mr. Thomas L. Wood In Memory of John N. Wood, 3rd Alabama Cavalry

Ms. Patricia P. Rawls In Honor of Mr. S. Waite Rawls III Mr. and Mrs. Bill and Susan Reid In Memory of Jack Ackerly Mr. Randolph Reynolds In Memory of Sean Rodway Reynolds



Bequests The American Civil War Museum recognizes and honors those who have remembered the Museum in their estate planning, either by a provision in their wills or another form of deferred gift. By including the American Civil War Museum in their estate plans or other planned gift, these members join a unique group of supporters who are committed to preserving the history of the American Civil War for future generations. Ms. Donna S. Chapman Richmond, VA

Mr. Ervin R. King Sr. Mayville, WI

Mr. George Morrow Charlotte, NC

Mr. Joseph S. Stempel Philadelphia, PA

Mr. Wilson H. Brockinton Charleston, SC

Mrs. Thomas N. Williams Richmond, VA

Mrs. A. Brockenbrough Lamb, Jr. Richmond, VA

Photo by Penelope Carrington

Museum Board Member and renowned historian Dr. Elisabeth Muhlenfeld Wollan (left) and ACWM’s Kelly Hancock (right) discuss Mary Chesnut during a House200 program.




(As of November 15, 2018) FULL-TIME STAFF Christy Coleman, CEO

Kelly Hancock, Interpretation & Programs Manager

Waite Rawls, President of the Foundation

Robert Hancock, Senior Curator & Director of Collections

Stephanie Arduini, Director of Education

Josh LeHuray, Visitor Engagement Supervisor

Christie Ann Bieber, Director of Operations

Benjamin Mackey, Membership, Donor Relations, and

Kirk Blandford, Chief Financial Officer

Special Events Coordinator

Tally Botzer, Interpretation & Programs Specialist

Jeniffer Maloney, Administrative Specialist

Adrian Brettle, Post-Doctoral Fellow, Mellon Project

Dolphine Montague, Staff Accountant

Monica Burgo, Facilities Assistant

Brian Musselwhite, Visitor Engagement Manager

Alison Campbell, Special Events & Group Sales Coordinator

Alena Renner, Collections Assistant

Penelope Carrington, Creative Services Manager

Bob Sayre, Director of Visitor Engagement

John Coski, Historian

Christina Smith, Registrar

Patrick Daughtry, Director of Development

Mike Spence, Facilities Manager

Morgan Floyd, Visitor Engagement Supervisor

Madeline Wood, Digital Engagement Manager

Shana Gallimore, Facilities Assistant

Catherine Wright, Curator

Chris Graham, Guest Curator, Mellon Project

Chuck Young, Visitor Engagement Supervisor

PART-TIME STAFF Ed Andrews, Visitor Engagement

Rebecca Mobley, Visitor Engagement

Kristina Bell, Visitor Engagement

Bobby Oliver, Facilities Assistant

Charles Bizzell, Visitor Engagement

Sarah Ramsey, Visitor Engagement

Kathryn Clikeman, Visitor Engagement

Joseph Rogers, Visitor Engagement

Meika Downey, Graduate Research Assistant, Mellon Project

Hans-Peter Rot, Visitor Engagement

Ana Edwards, Graduate Research Assistant, Mellon Project

Roderick Stanley, Visitor Engagement Supervisor

Taylor Fay, Visitor Engagement

Rebecca Stein, Visitor Engagement

Lauren Fraser, Visitor Engagement

Will Thomas, Facilities

Kara Gregory, Visitor Engagement

Sherry Tomlin, Visitor Engagement

Catherine Hurt, Visitor Engagement

Rebecca Turner, Living History Interpreter

Carlene Jenkins, Visitor Engagement

John Witt, Living History Interpreter

Kaitlyn McCleese, Visitor Engagement





Volunteers & Interns RICHMOND VOLUNTEERS Doug Batson Jake Gambini Junius Hicks Jacob Huffman Elizabeth Huerta Barbara Joyner Don Joyner Phil Nichols Dave Purschwitz Marc Ramsey Clarke Scott William Tharp Edwin Travers, Jr. Randy Welch John Wilkes Scott Williams Lee Zandri The Circle of Friends, Richmond, Virginia Ladies of the Garden, President Davis Chapter #2197,


Brenda Lockhart

Nina Beasley

Morris Lockhart

Joyce Bennett

Linda Mays

Ann Browning

Cindy Megginson

Warren Browning II

Joe Megginson

Ricky Butler

Patricia Myrick

Read Charlton

W.D.Myrick, Jr.

Diana Davis

Barbara Parker

Beverly Davidson

Christian Raymond

Howard Gregory

Susan Reynolds

Jean Hacker

Wanda Simpson

Greg Heath

Donna Small

Diana Hinkle

Jerry Small

John Hinkle

Judy Smith

Trevor Hyde

Lloyd Walton

Don Jones

Shirley Walton

Wayne Lee

Beth White

United Daughters of the Confederacy RICHMOND INTERNS Heath Anderson Virginia Commonwealth University Taylor Fay Virginia Commonwealth University Moira Harris George Mason University Fahim Rahman Virginia Commonwealth University Suzanne Slye University of Richmond Michael Warren Randolph-Macon College Cadence Wilmoth University of North Carolina at Greensboro


Visitor Engagement Associate and Mellon Project Research Assistant Ana Edwards takes a photo of a RVA Global Tour poster from the Southern Ambitions project at a local restaurant.


Tredegar Society The Tredegar Society is the young professional association of The American Civil War Museum. Through educational events, social programming, volunteerism, and fundraising, the Tredegar Society works to further the Museum’s mission and bring Civil War history to a younger audience. Myron McLees President Carter Southworth President Elect Tayler Anderson Secretary Joseph Payne Treasurer Charles Harris President Emeritus 20172018

Cameron Atkins Katie Branch Anne Stewart Claytor Laura Cobb Devika E. Davis Tiffany Gibson Sevren R. Gourley Hamill Jones Tim Koenig Rachel Koenig Caitlin Reynolds Scott Van Der Hyde

Photos by Penelope Carrington

Teacher Advisory Council The American Civil War Museum’s Teacher Advisory Council is a committee of current and past educators. Council members advise Museum staff on the needs and interests of current educators who teach the Civil War and its legacies, providing feedback on specific programs and briefings on larger trends in education. The participating members from our 2017-2018 service year are:


Valencia Ann Abbot Tyler Ramsay Rockingham Early College High School, Framingham High School, Rockingham County, North Carolina Massachusetts

Clarke Scott Pittsylvania County Public Schools, Altavista, Virginia

Jennifer Collins School of Education, University of Wisconsin-Platteville

Meaghan Rymer Swansboro Elementary School, Richmond, Virginia

Joseph Servis Appomattox County High School, Virginia

Tomacine Crouch Blue Ridge Juvenile Detention Center, Charlottesville, Virginia

Eric Sassak Brambleton Middle School, Ashburn, Virginia

Theresa Trexler Franklin County High School, Virginia

Taylor Duff Elizbeth D. Redd Elementary School, Richmond, Virginia

Christina Saunders Chimborazo Elementary School, Richmond, Virginia




Donations to the Collection Accessions from July 1, 2017 through June 30, 2018

Charles Blanton Pamphlet, White Hill, Veteran of the Wars 1781- 18641865- 1917-1918: My Father and His Household Before, During, and After the War by Jennie Friend Stephenson April 22, 1897. Edward T. Cox Southern Cross of Honor inscribed to E. L. Clagett, 2nd Battalion Maryland Infantry. Reese Davis Black leather shako hat collected by John Robley Dunglison while serving as war correspondent for the Philadelphia Inquirer. Pamela Dials, Robert Pemberton and Betty Jane Bennett Smith 91 letters, envelopes, and invitations to/from the family of John Daniel. Petty, 9th Virginia Cavalry.

Waynesboro, Virginia, on January 12, 1865 for her marriage to Captain Hugh Holmes McGuire of Winchester, Virginia, given to Sallie by Elizabeth “Betty” Barbara Rosser; Blue and grey woven blanket used by Hugh Lafferty Gallaher and then by Sallie Bowen Gallaher McGuire in Waynesboro, Virginia. John H. Mears III Painting of Captain George Gaston Otey and framed letter written by Captain Otey. Edwin Millis Book: My Dearest Sister- The Hunt family of Lexington and the Civil War: their correspondence, 1856-1880, edited by Edwin G. Millis and Beverly Millis Haskin. Dr. Edmund Mullins, Jr. Diary written by Andrew D. Tribbett, of the 27th Virginia Infantry. Dr. Clyde E. Noble 1850 flute, tenor ophicleide, fife, two alto horns, five cornets. John I. Porter Letter dated July 2, 1863 from Nehemiah Dumas; letter dated May 3, 1863 from Lieutenant Robinson to Mrs. James Pounds; $20 CSA note; $ 10 CSA note; $1 state of Louisiana note; pamphlet Minutes of the 38th Annual Meeting UCV.

Sara Louisa and Timothy D. Johnson Document entitled “Notes on Confederate Battle Flag” associated with the 4th Battalion Caswell’s Sharp Shooters (4th Georgia Battalion). Charles and Mary Knauff Two original Civil War era letters, a 3-ring binder of typescript copies of letters, and seven copies of Civil War era letters written by Charles Held to his wife. Elizabeth Cabell Dugdale MacIntosh Veil with lace trim worn by Sallie Bowen Gallaher of


John Salley Painting of Lt. Col. R. H. Cunningham, by Louis Guillaume. E. Godfrey and Patricia Trammell Confederate reunion button, “Louisville KY, June 14-16, 1905.” Donald MacLean Wilkinson Paintings of John Taylor Wood and Lola Wood and a bound transcript of the diary of John Taylor Wood.


Looking Back // Thinking Forward

Construction on our new facility started in August and the team quickly worked to stabilize the historic ruins.


Each glass panel on the front of the building was put up individually. DRONE IMAGE BY JEFF ARONOWITZ




Construction is now complete on the outside of the building! Exhibit installation begins this winter.


2019 Symposium

Program to Feature Museum’s Historian Advisers and Author Jon Meacham The 2019 Symposium will share with attendees some of the ideas and insights that have informed the planning of the Museum’s new flagship exhibition, A People’s Contest: Struggles for Nation and Freedom in Civil War America.


Meacham The symposium will feature the historian advisers who helped shape the exhibit lecturing on the importance of military history, of African Americans, and of Southern Unionists, and fundamental questions of causation and “contingency” in the Civil War.

Dr. Edward Ayers

In addition to the historian advisers, the symposium will feature a keynote address by Jon Meacham, the Pulitzer Prize-winning biographer of Thomas Jefferson, George Washington, George H.W.Bush, and most recently, author of The Soul of America: The Battle for Our Better Angels. The symposium will be held at the Library of Virginia (800 E. Broad St., Richmond, Virginia, 23219) on Saturday, March 2, from 9:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. You may register at the Museum’s website ( or by using the form on this page. The registration fee includes a box lunch if you register before February 27. The Museum’s historian advisors are: Dr. Edward Ayers is Tucker-Boatwright Professor of History and President Emeritus, University of Richmond, and president of the Museum’s Board of Trustees. Dr. Cassandra Newby-Alexander is Professor of History and Dean of the College of Liberal Arts at Norfolk State University and formerly director of the Joseph Jenkins Roberts Center for African Diaspora Studies.

Dr. Cassandra Newby-Alexander

Dr. Paul Quigley is James I. Robertson, Jr., Associate Professor in Civil War Studies at Virginia Tech and director of the Center of the Virginia Center for Civil War Studies. Dr. Kathryn Shively is Associate Professor of History at Virginia Commonwealth University. Dr. Elizabeth Varon is Langbourne Williams Professor of American History at the University of Virginia and associate director of the John L. Nau III Center for Civil War History.

Dr. Paul Quigley

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------2019 SYMPOSIUM REGISTRATION FORM Number Attending

Name (1)

Name (2)

Name (3)

Dr. Kathryn Shively

Mailing Address Daytime Phone


Member of the ACWM or Donor to the LVA? Amount enclosed $



(Member/Donor: $40 ea., Students $20. Others: $65)

Make checks payable to: The American Civil War Museum LUNCH MENU CHOICES: (included in admission fee): Sandwich or Salad entree with choice of Greek pasta salad OR

Dr. Elizabeth Varon

fruit salad, and a choice of dessert. A variety of soft drinks, tea and bottled water will be available. For multiple registrations on this form, please match attendees name with lunch order. For details about sandwiches, please see

Sandwich Choices (check one per registrant) Pesto Chicken on wrap Tuna on wrap Grilled Vegetable on wrap (vegetarian) Mediterranean salad (NOT a sandwich)

Side Salad Choices (check one per registrant) Greek pasta salad

Fresh fruit salad

Desserts (check one per registrant) Peanut butter cookie


Side salad not included

Mail form to: The American Civil War Museum, 490 Tredegar St., Richmond, VA 23219 • Attn: John Coski




War Matters: Material Culture in the Civil War Era by Joan E. Cashin is the first collection of essays to explore Civil War material culture, including weapons, clothing, buildings, and landscapes, to reach a better understanding of the War’s total history. Paperback, Item # 51: Price $29.95 Member Price $26.95

The Field of Blood: Violence in Congress and the Road to Civil War by Joanne B. Freeman demonstrates how physical, often violent, conflict in the U.S. Congress prior to the Civil War anticipated and shaped the crisis of the Union. Hardcover, Item #53: Price $28.00 Member Price $25.20

Looming Civil War: How Nineteenth Century Americans Imagined the Future by Jason Phillips uses free and enslaved men and women, North, and South, to discuss how the Civil War transformed mindsets that continue to frame American views. Hardcover, Item #52: Price $34.95 Member Price $31.45

The Stormy Present: Conservatism and the Problem of Slavery in Northern Politics, 1846-1865 by Adam I. P. Smith is the recipient of the Museum’s 2017 Jefferson Davis Award. Autograph copies are available.

The Flags of the Union: An Illustrated History by Devereaux D. Cannon, Jr. is a new edition of the classic illustrated guide to Union flags. 20 additional flags and comprehensive background information make this colorized reference volume a must. Item #298: Price $18.95 Member Price $17.05

Varina: A Novel by Charles Frazier tells the story of Varina Davis’s life through a series of fictional conversations with a mixed race man who, as a child, had lived with the Davis family and shared their experiences during the last year of the War. Hardcover, Item #453505: Price: $27.99 Member Price $25.19

The Cause of All Nations: An International History of the Civil War by Don H. Doyle reveals how our Civil War was viewed abroad as part of a much larger struggle. The book was the subject of the 2016 Bottimore lecture with Dr. Doyle. Hardcover, Item #20773: Price $29.99 Member Price $26.99

Liberty and Union: The Civil War Era and American Constitutionalism by Timothy S. Huebner integrates political, military, and social developments to show how Americans engaged the nation’s heritage of liberty and constitutionalism. Hardcover, Item #152989: Price: $34.95 Member Price $31.45


Hardcover, Item #153547: Price: $45.00 Member Price $40.50


A These maps are copies from an 1877 Atlas of the City of Richmond and the frames is handmade from repurposed wood saved from the Richmond area. Please specify A, B, or C Item #153285 A, B, or C: Price $79.95 each Member Price $71.95

C Item #153608

Item #153611

Item #153612

Item #153610


Item #153609

These rugs are bound remnants from carpets used in the 1980s White House of the Confederacy restoration. No evidence survives about the actual carpets that were in the house during the War years, but these designs were reproduced from point pattern books available in the United States in the 1850s. The rugs are wool Brussels carpet loomed in Great Britain. Each is 2’x3’ in size, bound on all sides. They are available in limited quantities. Please specify item number when ordering.

Price: $79.95 Member Price $71.95



Hand made ho liday c heer Clockwise from the top left: Tredegar Arch Wooden Ornament. Item # 153328: Price $16.95, Members $15.25 Tredegar Pattern Building Wooden Ornament. Item # 153327: Price $19.95, Members $17.95 White House of the Confederacy Wood Ornament, hand painted by Rachael Peden. Item #167: Price: $16.50, Members $14.85

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The American

Civil War Mus

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From top to bottom: “Let Us Have Peace” Appomattox  Ornament Item #20277: Price 18.95, Members $17.05


    

  · 

White House Ornament Item #152750: Price $14.95, Members $13.45

Photo by Thomas Kelley on Unsplash

Pewter Ornaments by Virginia Pewtersmith Robert E. Lee, Item #16349 Ulysses S. Grant, Item #16348 Price $17.95, Members $16.15

  • PHOTO-ETC : HE (--) D .020" BRASS WITH SIL VER FINISH • ORNAMENT . BEN PUSHED BACK. T AND FORMED. CENTER OUTER FRAME PLATFORM TO CENTER. IS SLIGHTLY CON BE VEX TOWARDS • 50MM CABOCH ON IMAGED BY . DMA AND MO UNT TO CENTER • A SATIN RED COLORED RIB BON IS ATTACH ED.   : • EACH ORNAM ENT IS PACKAG ED IN A CLEAR DISPLAY BOX WITH FLOCKE VIE W D BLUE VACUFO • DMA SUPPLI ED INSERT CAR RM INSERT. D FEATURING ABOUT YOUR INFORMATION SITE READS OU TWARD ON TH • ORNAMENTS E ARE SAFE PAC . KAGED FOR SHI REV ERSE. PMENT TO Q3 products are imaged usin g a dye-sublim direct print process. The ation or a se imaging designed to pro processes are duce a "pleasin an exact match g" representa tion (not ) of the origina l. Some color normal and exp variation is ected.

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We offer several ways to place an order: • on the web at ·   . . · ww w.designmast ers m · © •.coby email:    • by telephone: (804)-649-1861, ext. 126 or ext. 201

AT HOME WITH ACWM Whetstone Woodenware Handmade from North American Hard Maple in Silver Lake, Indian

From left to right:

17” Large Turned Round Spoon Item #20815: Price $17.95, Members $16.16 12” Large Porridge Spoon Item #20803 Price $10.95, Members $9.85 10” Medium Tapered Handled Spoon Item #20809: Price $12.95, Members $11.66 8 ¾” Small Porridge Spoon Item #20802: Price $8.95, Members $8.06

8” Large Turned Scoop Item #20808: Price $16.95, Members $15.26 7” Sugar and Spice Spoon Item #20805: Price $7.95, Members $7.16 6 1/2” Medium Turned Scoop Item #20807: Price $14.95, Members $13.46 5” Sugar & Spice Spoon Item #20804: Price $7.50, Members $6.75

From left to right: 2 ½” diameter Medium Biscuit Cutter Item #20820 Price $12.95, Members $11.66 11 ½” X 1 ¾” Short Rolling Pin Item #20801 Price $22.95, Members $20.66 18” X 2” Light Rolling Pin Item #20813 Price $26.95, Members $24.26 17” X 2 ½ “ Heavy Rolling Pin Item #20800 Price $29.95, Members $26.96





490 Tredegar Street, Richmond, VA 23219



THE FOUNDATION Dear Friends, The Annual Report issue of the magazine is a chance for us to reflect on the past year – and what a year it has been. We have been diligent in preparing for a future that puts the American Civil War Museum squarely in the position of being “the preeminent center for the exploration of the Civil War and its legacies,” building a spectacular new state-of-the art facility for our main exhibits and for the continued preservation of our remarkable collection. The Annual Report is also our opportunity to thank all of you whose generous support has allowed us to make this progress and fulfill our mission. To those of you whose membership and annual fund contributions have sustained a heavy schedule of programming and events in addition to the everyday operation and staffing of our museum sites, we extend our appreciation and thanks. To those of you whose contributions to our capital campaign have fueled our construction and expansion, we add the thanks of the future generations whose exposure to our innovative exhibits and theater will give them a new regard for our history. Novices will be introduced to the crucible era that still defines us today, and longtime history buffs will see the real stuff of the real people who made that history. We are pleased and humbled to thank each of you and to list you all in this report. We have seen a 10% increase in our membership since our last

issue, and we extend a special welcome and thanks to our many new members. Membership will indeed have its benefits in the coming year, as we continue to offer an extensive schedule of special events surrounding the opening of the new facility, both free and ticketed events. Members will get first dibs or reduced prices. We previously let you know about an increase in the membership dues and offered a special 3-year renewal at the old rates. Your response has been impressive. But we have been surprised that many whose annual support ranges from $100 to $500 have also renewed their commitment to our efforts by renewing their membership at those levels for 3 years, something that you may want to consider. Our capital campaign is in its final stretch, with our goal of $48 million in sight. While most of our efforts have been directed toward major gifts, we have been impressed by the number of people who have sent in $100 or $200 beyond their normal support for the capital campaign. In your year-end charitable giving considerations, perhaps you would want to join that list as well. Let me close with a heartfelt thank you and best wishes for a New Year, made more exciting by your support of our operation and expansion. Sincerely, S. Waite Rawls III Foundation President

The American Civil War Museum Foundation Board S. Waite Rawls III, President Christy Coleman (ex officio) U. Bert Ellis, Jr. Atlanta, GA Bernard C. Grigsby Lexington, VA Elizabeth Cabell Jennings Richmond, VA Donald E. King Richmond, VA E. Bryson Powell Richmond, VA Susan B. Rice Edisto Island, SC Walter S. Robertson III Richmond, VA S. Buford Scott Richmond, VA John Sherman, Jr. Richmond, VA Matthew G. Thompson, Jr. Richmond, VA