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2013 Volkswagen Beetle Convertible “Volkswagen Beetle Bonkers” iPhone and online game/competition Target Audience: ages 15-25

Part 1: Game Development

Part 2: Prize Development

If at all possible, do some consumer research to decide which prizes would be most appealing to the audience. Come up with prizes for 1st-3rd place and then another small prize for the top 250. - 1st Place: Volkswagen Beetle Convertible 2013 or Cash Prize - 2nd Place: Smaller Cash Prize - 3rd Place: Free car accessories - Top 250: VW accessories (shirts, keychains, hats, etc.)

Develop both online and iPhone versions of the Volkswagen video game (”Volkswagen Beetle Bonkers”). The object of the game will be to control (drive) a 2013 Volkswagen Beetle Convertible for as long as possible without hitting obstacles on the road or ones flying throught the air (e.g., bugs, things tossed from other vehicles). When you have hit or been hit by 3 things, the game is over. You control the car on the iPhone by tilting the phone left and right and on the computer by using the arrow keys. The game is meant to be very simple and easy to play.

Part 3: First steps in getting the word out

Part 4: Getting the word out through social media

Put an advertisement and a story about the new game on the volkswagen website. Send out media alerts about the competition to different news stations across the country. Get the game on the “new” section of the apps on iTunes and iPhone App store and post about it on all of Volkswagen’s social media networks.

The way the competition will work is, a participant’s score in the game will only count towards the competition if they link their game to their facebook and/or twitter page so that every time they get a new high score that they would like to submit, their facebook/twitter page will automatically post an update about it (example: “I just got a new high score in Volkswagen Beetle Bonkers.”). The update will also include a link to the game in the iPhone App Store or the Volkswagen Facebook page (depending on which medium the person clicks on the link from). This will potentially make the game go viral. The idea is that people will see it on their friends twitter and facebook pages and get curious, check it out for themselves, decide to try it out, and then spread it to others through their social media. All of this would be completely free media for Volkswagen.

Part 5: Keep feeding information into the media and all social media networks

Once the game gains exposure and popularity from social media, send more media alerts to news stations about the growth in popularity. Update Volkswagen social media networks about it fairly often, and put up another story about it on the volkswagen website reminding everyone about all the great prizes and the amount of time left until the competition ends. Doing all of these things should keep the games popularity rising. At the end of the competition, the game should give Volkswagen an immense amount of media coverage at absolutely no cost.

VW Beetle Game  

Game for VW Beetle