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117-C Cherry Street (Old Cellar Door)




MENU 1/4 lb Nathans Famous Hot Dogs Chili Cheese Dogs, Slaw Dogs Chicken Strip Baskets Fish and Chips Hand Tossed Pizzas Egg plant fries French Fry Baskets Chili Cheese Fries Hot Pretzels with Lusty Monk Mustard Come try our BIRD DOG Chicken strip, Bacon, Cheese, & Honey Mustard in a gourmet hot-dog bun

22 BEER TAPS featuring local & regional brews: Pisgah



Lone Rider

French Broad

Olde Hickory

Green Man

Duck Rabbit

Asheville Pizza and Brewing Heinzelmannchen

Not all Bakery food is high calorie! JoiN us for luNch - outdoor seatiNg! 102 Church Street Black Mountain, North Carolina 28711 828.669.1626 • Tuesday – Saturday • 8am - 4pm

Delicious fooD • fast, frienDly service! • Freshly baked breads • Lunch specials • Homemade soups and • Home made wraps salads! • Desserts! Our chicken salad on cranberry walnut bread is the Best!

MENU cup of soup Bowl of soup of the day served with of the day served with fresh bread 2.25 fresh bread 3.25

chicken salad plate served with fresh fruit salad and fresh baked bread 7.25

SaNDwicHES Ham, turkey or roast beef 3.95 Chicken salad, tofu ‘egg’ salad or pimiento cheese 4.75 Kids’ Plate choice of deli meat and cheese with apple sauce and juice box & toy 3.95

Combos served with cookie, drink, and pickle No. 1 choice of sandwich and side salad 7.50 / 7.95 No. 2 bowl of soup of the day and side salad 6.75 No. 3 cup of soup and 1/2 sandwich 6.25 / 6.75 No. 4 salad trio sampler 6.75 Sides chicken salad, tofu “egg” salad or pimiento cheese served with fresh bread 3.50

Casual. Fresh. Delicious. Addictive. 100 S. Ridgeway Ave. • Black Mountain, NC • 828.669.6999 • HOURS: Monday - Thursday 11am - 9pm • Friday - Saturday 11am - 10pm • Sunday 11am - 7pm



FRESH OVEN-BAKED BREAD - $2.00 Baked each morning in the cooling pizza oven, try our Bread with Olive Oil OLIVE TRAY - $3.50 A blend of our favourite olives for sampling BRUSCHETTA - $5.50 A blend of marinated tomatoes, red onion and fresh basil on our homemade grilled bread THREE-DIP CRUSTINI - $6.50 Crustinis served with Olive Tapenade, Creamy Artichoke Hearts and Roasted Red Pepper Hummus


Side Salad 3.95 • Entrée Salad 6.95 Add Grilled Chicken or Shrimp for 2.50 TUSCAN SALAD Arugula, Goat Cheese, Cherry Tomatoes and Toasted Pecans with LemonParsley Vinaigrette SPINACH SALAD with Toasted Walnuts, Goat Cheese, Dried Figs/Cranberries with Balsamic Vinaigrette CAESAR SALAD with Traditional Caesar Dressing and Croutons, and Anchovies upon request FRESH’s HOUSE SALAD Mixed Greens, Sliced Tomatoes, Green Peppers, Red Onions, Cucumbers with House Dressing (contains red wine)

(LUNCH ONLY) All sandwiches are served on crusty bread with chips or carrots.

ITALIAN DELI - $8.95 Chef’s choice of hard and cured sliced meats with Melted Cheese, Sun-Dried Tomatoes and Fresh Basil GRILLED CHICKEN - $8.95 Cuts of Grilled Chicken Breast with sautéed Onions, Mushrooms, Green Peppers and melted Cheese ITALIAN VEGGIE - $6.95 Melted Mozzarella with Tomato, Basil, Avocado and Olive Tapenade

PORTABELLA MUSHROOM - $6.95 Grilled portabella mushroom smothered with melted cheese (goat cheese), Fresh Avocado, Fresh Spinach, Sprouts MEATBALL SANDWICH $8.95 FRESH’s homemade Meatballs smothered in our blend of Tomato Sauce and melted Cheese


12-inch, single-serve pies. Each pie begins with homemade, hand-worked dough and crushed Italian plum tomatoes.

ROSE’S - $9.95 Fresh Mozzarella, Marinara Sauce, Handpicked Basil and Roasted Garlic with Olive Oil CHICA BELLA - $11.95 Pesto Smothered in Ricotta and Mozzarella finished with Arugula and Walnuts MADONNA - $11.95 White pizza with a blend of Mozzarella, Fontina, Ricotta, Parmesan, Garlic and Herbs CHEVRE - $12.95 Sun-dried Tomatoes, Roasted Red Pepper, Goat Cheese and Fresh Basil CHEESE PIZZA or Build Your Own $ 8.95

SCARFACE $12.95 Italian Cured Meats (Italian Sausage, Pepperoni, Spicy Salami with Mozzarella and Tomato Sauce) NAPOLI $12.95 Roasted Red Peppers, Sun-dried Tomatoes, Brie Cheese, Prosciutto and Red Sauce MEDITERRANEAN $12.95 Spinach, Feta, Kalamata Olives and Pine Nuts over Pesto FUN GUY - $12.95 Seasonal Wild Mushrooms, Ricotta, Feta and Parmesan and Fresh Basil CALZONE - $12.95 Stuffed with Mozzarella and Tomato Sauce and your choice of two toppings

Supplements or Build Your Own:

$1.29 per topping. We recommend adding only one additional topping to our specialty pizzas or creating your own with a choice of three toppings to avoid overloading the crust. Pepperoni • Sausage with Fennel • Prosciutto • Anchovies • Roasted Garlic • Mushrooms Roasted Red Peppers • Olives • Grilled Chicken


All pastas are made fresh, right here in our kitchen, served with mixed greens and our house dressing.

BOLLONAISE PASTA $8.95 Meat sauce over pasta made fresh daily MARINARA PASTA $8.95 Our homemade red sauce with fresh tomatoes over pasta ADD TO ANY PASTA DISH $2.00 Grilled Chicken, Sautéed Shrimp, Homemade Meatballs BASIL ALFREDO PASTA $8.95 Cream sauce with fresh basil over our homemade pasta

PASTA CARBONARA $8.95 Fresh pasta served with a cream sauce, pancetta, and garlic olive oil PESTO PASTA $8.95 Fresh pasta served with our homemade pesto grown in our own garden. GLUTEN FREE PASTA $1.00 Substitute Tinkyada Rice Pasta with any of the above pasta dishes

GLUTEN FREE OPTIONS GLUTEN FREE PIZZA - $1.00 extra per pie Choose any of our specialty pizzas on gluten-free crust, baked on it’s own stone in the oven. Or choose your own three toppings.

The CALLIOPE $9.95 Choose any of our Pasta Special Toppings above at $1.29 each with Gluten Free crust



SOUP of the DAY Cup $3.50 Bowl $5.50 We offer a variety of nourishing homemade soups. Ask about today’s selections

$1.50 - Pepsi, Diet Pepsi, Mountain Dew, Dr. Pepper, Sierra Mist, Lemonade (one free refill) $1.25 - Iced Tea, sweetened or unsweetened $1.25 - Dynamite Roasting Company Coffee


Our desserts are made fresh daily. Be sure to ask your server or check the board for our delicious daily desserts. Prices may vary daily and are available from server or the board.


Dinner served NIGHTLY from 5:00 - 9:00 p.m. • Sunday BRUNCH ser 828.669.4785 • • Take Intersta


Slices of French baguette, topped with basil pesto and mozzarella, then broiled and sprinkled with fresh diced tomato - $4.95


A fall favorite! Assorted olives, artichoke hearts, and cheeses served with French bread crostinis - $5.95


Madison’s handmade crab cakes, in miniature, grilled to a golden brown and drizzled with béarnaise sauce - $7.95


Fresh green tomato slices, dusted in seasoned flour and fried to a golden brown, drizzled in Madison’s High Country sauce…made with sautéed onions and green peppers, diced Canadian bacon and cream - $5.95


Mozzarella, parmesan, and cream cheeses, blended with chopped spinach and artichoke hearts, then baked till bubbly and served with French bread crostinis - $5.95


Fresh mushroom caps, filled with our crabmeat stuffing, topped with mozzarella, and baked in garlic butter - $6.95


Delicious blend of trout and herbed cream cheese, served with French bread crostinis - $6.95

SunDAy BRunCH All brunch selections are served with fresh fruit BREAkFAST MADISOn

Two pancakes, two eggs your way, bacon or sausage, brunch potatoes or grits - $8.95


Two eggs grilled in Texas toast slices, and your choice of bacon or sausage, brunch potatoes or grits - $6.95


Two slices of Texas toast filled with vanilla cream cheese, encrusted in sliced almonds, grilled, and flambéed in Amaretto, served with bacon or sausage, brunch potatoes or grits - $7.95


Three eggs with crumbled sausage, diced Canadian bacon, tomatoes, onions, and cheese, all baked to a golden brown and served with Texas toast - $9.95


Our petite filet mignon, grilled to your specifications, and served with two eggs your way, choice of brunch potatoes or grits, and Texas toast - $12.95


Toasted English muffin halves, topped with sausage patties, poached eggs, and Madison’s High Country sauce... made with sautéed onions and green peppers, diced Canadian bacon and cream, served with your choice of brunch potatoes or grits - $8.95


Three fried jumbo shrimp served atop fried green tomatoes and drizzled with Madison’s High Country sauce...made with sautéed onions and green peppers, diced Canadian bacon and cream served with breakfast grits - $8.95


Toasted English muffin halves, topped with Canadian bacon, poached eggs and hollandaise sauce, served with your choice of brunch potatoes or grits - $7.95


Toasted English muffin halves, topped with sliced tomato, crisp bacon, poached eggs and hollandaise sauce, served with your choice of brunch potatoes or grits - $7.95

EggS nEPTunE

Toasted English muffin halves, topped with petite crab cakes, poached eggs and hollandaise sauce, served with your choice of brunch potatoes or grits - $8.95


BRUNCH served 11:00 a.m. - 2:00 p.m. • Entrees starting at $8.95 Take Interstate 40 to Exit 66. Go South and follow the signs.


All dinner entrees are served with fresh sautéed vegetables and your choice of: Today’s soup selection or a salad (garden, Caesar, or bleu cheese wedge) and either Sea salt crusted baked potato, Creamy mashed potatoes, Pan fried grit cake, or Mushroom risotto CHICkEN PICCATTA Boneless chicken breast, dusted in seasoned flour and pan sautéed to a golden brown, topped with our piccatta sauce made with sweet cream, fresh lemon, garlic, and capers: 4oz - $11.95 8oz - $14.95


Boneless pork loin chop, handcut, seared on the grill, and fan sliced, finished with sautéed apples, pecans, and fresh herbed demi glace: 4oz - $12.95 8oz - $15.95


Our signature dish...boneless chicken breast, stuffed with herbed cream cheese, baby spinach and diced artichokes, dusted in seasoned flour and pan sautéed, drizzled in béarnaise sauce and topped with diced tomatoes and scallions - $15.95


Packed with blue claw crab meat, Dijon mayo and seasoned breadcrumbs, pan seared, drizzled with béarnaise sauce and topped with diced tomatoes and scallions: 4oz - $13.95 8oz – $17.95


Trout filet, rolled in sliced almonds, pan sautéed in butter, then flambéed in Amaretto - $16.95


Panko crusted grouper filet, pan fried and topped with one of our made-from-scratch crab cakes, drizzled with béarnaise sauce and topped with diced tomatoes and scallions - $17.95


Jumbo shrimp, lightly sautéed in garlic butter and sweet cream with chardonnay and capers - $17.95


Hand cut filet mignon, seasoned with crushed black pepper and coarse sea salt, then cooked to your specifications and drizzled with béarnaise sauce: 4oz - $14.95 6oz - $19.95


Three grit cakes, topped with fried green tomatoes, then topped with fried jumbo shrimp, drizzled in Madison’s High Country sauce...made with sautéed onions and green peppers, diced Canadian bacon and cream, served with sautéed fresh vegetables - $13.95


Dusted in panko bread crumbs and fried to a golden brown, topped with diced fresh tomatoes and scallions, then drizzled with our own key lime butter: Half filet - $13.95 Full filet - $15.95

All pasta entrees are served with your choice of: Today’s soup selection or a salad (garden, Caesar, or bleu cheese wedge) FRESH VEGETAblE RISOTTO


Fresh vegetables, lightly sautéed and tossed with our mushroom risotto, then topped with shredded parmesan, diced tomatoes, and scallions - $12.95 - Add chicken or shrimp – $15.95


Boneless chicken breast rolled in panko bread crumbs and pan fried, served over marinara, topped with shredded parmesan and mozzarella cheeses - $13.95


Alfredo sauce, topped with fresh diced tomatoes and shredded parmesan - $12.95 - Add chicken or shrimp - $14.95


Pan seared filet mignon tips or boneless chicken breast, served atop a bed of fettuccine and topped with our own marsala sauce made with fresh mushrooms and sweet cream: Chicken - $13.95 Steak - $15.95

Madison’s has several signature desserts.


creative local cuisine Breakfast & Lunch 7 a.m. - 3 p.m. ONLY SLIGHTLY SOUTH OF CHERRY STREET OLD TOWN ~ BLACK MOUNTAIN AVE

Call us @ 357-8088...check us out on facebook or online...




TACO TUESDAYS: $2 a la carte ground beef or chicken tacos! WEDNESDAY WING NIGHT: .25¢ wings all day and draft specials! THURSDAY BURGERS: $3 burgers and drafts!

107 Black Mountain Ave. • Black Mountain, NC 28711



Available dressings: Hot Bacon, Blue Cheese, Ranch, Caesar, Honey Mustard, Raspberry Vinaigrette, Sun Dried Tomato Basil, Olive Oil and Balsamic Vinegar, and House (a zesty vinaigrette with Dad’s special spices). Additional charge for extra dressings. Garden Salad Fresh leaf lettuce, tomato, cucumber, onions, and black and green olives. 2.99 with cheese 3.99 Antipasto Large garden salad (see above), plus Italian hard salami, pepperoni, ham, fresh mozzarella, and pepperoncinis. 6.99 Spinach Salad Crisp spinach leaves, tomato, cucumber, fresh mushrooms, diced egg and onion, and your choice of sunflower seeds or bacon. 6.59 Artichoke Salad Artichoke hearts marinated in our own unique house dressing served on a bed of mixed greens with tomatoes. 5.99

Italian Grilled Chicken Caesar Salad An outstanding combination, grilled chicken strips on a bed of romaine lettuce and Caesar dressing, topped with grated asiago cheese. 6.19 Side Caesar Salad Your basic Caesar salad. 2.89 Greek Salad Romaine lettuce, tomatoes, onions, cucumber, Greek olives and feta cheese. Served with house dressing. 6.99 Italian Chicken Salad Prepared with an Italian flare. 6.19

Served with marinara sauce and homemade garlic bread. Bolognese available add 1.50 Lasagna Layer after layer after layer of pasta, cheeses, and marinara sauce. 7.39 Spinach Lasagna As above, but with several layers of tasty spinach added to the mix. 7.69 Meat Lasagna Layer after layer of pasta, cheeses, and bolognese sauce. 8.89 Manicotti Large pasta shells stuffed with three cheeses, just how you like it. 7.29 Eggplant Parmesan Italian seasonings, lightly breaded, and baked to perfection. Served with pasta. 7.39 Chicken Parmesan Tender Italian chicken breast lightly breaded, and served with pasta. 7.99 Vegetarian Stuffed Shells Large pasta shells stuffed to bursting with broccoli, spinach and three cheeses. 7.39 Spaghetti Served with marinara and topped with fresh grated asiago cheese. 6.19 Add sliced Italian sausage, sauteed mushrooms, or meatballs: 3.00

-Hot Oven Subs-

Prepared on Italian hardcrust Hoagie buns and covered with melted mozzarella. Served with our special house dressing on the side. All subs are served with chips and a pickle. Italian Sub Three meats: Italian hard salami, pepperoni, and smoked ham, lettuce, tomato, onion. 6.39 Ham or Turkey Sub Basically, the classic sub sandwich! Your choice of ham or turkey. Served with lettuce, tomato, onion. 6.29 Vegetarian A fresh garden treat! Fresh mushrooms,green peppers, black & green olives, tomato, fresh leaf lettuce, onions and artichoke hearts. Prepared with mozzarella. 6.39 Pastrami Simply too delicious to miss. Heaps of deli-sliced pastrami with lettuce, tomato, and onions smothered with rich golden mustard. 6.39 Pizza Sub Pizza sauce, mozzarella, and two pizza toppings of your choice. 6.79


828.669.4944 Weekdays: 11am - 9pm Fri/Sat: 11am - 10pm Sunday: Noon - 9pm

-Hot Oven Subs Continued-

Spicy Sausage Grilled with onions & green peppers - lots of marinara and mozzarella. 6.79 Meatball Fresh meatballs smothered in mozzarella and tangy marinara. 6.79 Steak Lots of thinly-sliced steak, grilled to perfection with sautéed onions and mushrooms. Topped with mild banana peppers, and served with mayo. 6.79 Eggplant Prepared parmesan or garden style. 6.39 Roasted Chicken Marinated 4 oz. breast seasoned with Italian spices. With lettuce, tomato, and red onions, sprinkled with spices and grated mozzarella. 6.79 Chicken Parmesan With marinara and mozzarella. 6.79

-Hand Tossed Gourmet Pizzas-

Our special gourmet pizzas, dough prepared fresh daily - heaped with fresh-grated mozzarella cheese. Small (10in) Medium (12in) Large (14in) Traditional Style Pizza Tomato pizza sauce with Dad’s favorite spices and fresh grated mozzarella. 6.00 small; 8.00 medium; 9.75 large Pesto Pizza Delectable pesto (green) sauce prepared with fresh basil, topped with fresh grated mozzarella. 8.00 small; 9.75 medium; 12.00 large White Garlic Pizza Unique and tasty three cheese blend of Ricotta, mozzarella, and fresh Asiago, olive oil and garlic. 8.00 small; 9.75 medium; 12.00 large Choose from one of the following fresh and delicious toppings. Regular Toppings small 1.00; medium 1.15; large 1.30 Meats:bacon, pepperoni, ham, sausage, ground beef, meatballs, Italian hard salami, anchovies, Canadian bacon Vegetables:black olives, green olives, fresh garlic, green peppers, jalapenos (hot), banana peppers (mild) pepperoncinis, fresh mushrooms, ripe tomatoes, eggplant, spinach, onions, broccoli, pineapple Premium Toppings small 1.25; medium 1.50; large 2.00 Meats:steak, prosciutto, Italian roasted chicken Vegetables:roasted red peppers, sun dried tomatoes, artichoke hearts, asparagus, pine nuts, provolone, kalamata olives, feta cheese Extra Cheese: 1.50 small; 1.75 medium; 2.25 large

-Gourmet Specialty Pizzas-

Our own classic specialties! Take ‘em as they are or build your own from scratch, above. All Pizzas are subject to a per toppings price. Thick Crust add 1.00 My Father’s Supreme Dad’s favorite! Pepperoni, ham, sausage, fresh mushrooms, green peppers, onions, black and green olives. 14.00 small; 17.20 medium; 20.15 large Hawaiian Classic A tropical delight! Ham, bacon, and pineapple, tomato sauce, and mozzarella. Aloha! 9.00 small; 11.45 medium; 13.65 large The Greek Pizza Fresh spinach, kalamata olives, red onions, and tangy feta. 10.50 small; 13.30 medium; 16.35 large Primavera Supreme Black olives, green olives, green peppers, tomatoes, fresh mushrooms, onions, mild banana peppers. 13.00 small; 16.05 medium; 18.85 large Manzo “Manzo” means “beef”. Thin sliced steak, sauteed onions and mushrooms. 9.75 small; 12.50 medium; 15.75 large Italian Roasted Chicken A white pie with spinach, red onion, roasted red peppers, and Italian roasted chicken. 12.50 small; 15.05 medium; 18.60 large Margherita Roma tomatoes and fresh basil prepared with olive oil, rubbed with fresh garlic, and topped lightly with mozzarella and asiago cheese. 10.50 small; 12.45 medium; 15.30 large

Kids Menu & Desserts also available

401 East State Street Black Mountain


hours: Monday-Saturday: 11am-9pm Closed Sunday

Mexican Kitchen Fresh authentic Mexican Food All fresh ingredients from local farmers market

Dine in ~ Take Out ~ Catering

Soups Mixed Vegetable / Sopa de Verduras 3.99 (Regular) 6.50 (Large)

Chicken, Rice & Vegatable / Sopa de Pollo con Arroz 4.95 (Regular) 6.99 (Large)

Shrimp / Sopa de Camarones 5.25 (Regular) 8.25 (Large)

Fish Soup (Tilapia)

4.95 (Regular) 7.99 (Large)


Sizzling skillet with grilled bell pepper, zucchini & onions served with rice, beans, lettuce, sour cream, guacamole and tortillas. Choose from: Lunch dinner 7.25 9.99 Chicken 7.50 10.50 Steak 7.25 10.25 Shredded Beef 7.50 10.25 Carnitas (Pork) 7.25 9.99 Chorizo 8.95 11.99 Shrimp 8.95 11.99 Ole’s Mix (Steak, Chicken, Shrimp)

Salads Fiesta Salad 6.25 (Reg) 4.50 (Sm)

A bed of lettuce topped with red onions, tomato, bell pepper, roasted pumpkin seeds, avacado slices and dressing of your choice.

Mexican Chicken Salad 7.99

A bed of lettuce topped with chicken breast, chopped clilanto, tortilla strips, mung beans, sesame seeds and our special sweet sesame oil dressing.

Fajita Taco Salad 7.95

Grilled veggies and your choice of meat on a crispy flour bowl topped with lettuce, tomato, sour cream and guacamole. (Add shrimp 2.00)

La Huasteca (Taco Salad) 7.75

Flour tortilla made into a crispy bowl filled with lettuce, tomato, beans, cheese, sour cream, guacamole and your choice of beef, pork or chicken. (Fish or Shrimp add 2.00)

Rosarito’s (Shrimp Salad) 8.99

A bed of lettuce topped with plump juicy shrimp, avacado, onions, and pico de gallo.

De Colores 4.99 (Sm) 6.25 (Reg)

A colorful mix of black beans, yellow corn kernels, garbanzo beans, red onions, tomatoes, cilantro, and hint of lime. (Mixed with cilantro oil)

**more specialty salads available**


Ole’s Specialties DINER MENU STARTS AT 4:00 P.M. Chili Relleno Autentico 7.25 (L) 8.50 (D) Anaheim pepper stuffed with cheese in an egg batter and deep fried to perfection. Served with rice and beans.

Tostada Original 6.95

Two crunchy, flat tortillas topped with beans, cheese, lettuce, sour cream, pico de gallo, and your choice of beef, chicken, pork, chorizo (spanish sausage) or grilled veggies.

Tortas Calientes 7.50

(Mexican sub-sandwich) A toasted bun with mayo, beans, lettuce, tomato, onions, jalepeno peppers, guacamole and your choice of pork, chicken, steak or chorizo (spanish sausage).

Pechuga Fundida 7.95 (L) 8.50 (D)

Chicken breast covered with sauteed mushrooms, chopped spinach & cheese sauce served with green salad and spanish rice.

Create Your Own Combo 7.99 - Pick Two Cheese enchilada, tamal, flauta, hard taco & chile relleno. Served with rice and beans.

Carne Asada 10.25

12 oz ribeye steak cooked to order topped with grilled vegetables. Served with rice, beans, and guacamole.

El Quetzal 7.25 (L) 7.99 (D)

Grilled chicken breast covered in cheese sauce and pico de gallo. Served with rice and beans.

Pollo A La Diabla 8.25

Grilled chicken breast covered with our special homemade diabla sauce. Served with rice & beans.

(L) Lunch

(D) Dinner

Flautas Aztecas 6.99 (L) 7.99 (D)

Crispy corn tortillas rolled up and filled with your choice of beef, chicken, or shrimp topped with sour cream, lettuce and Ole’s Guacamole. Served with rice and beans on the side (add shrimp 2.00).

Huarache Olmeca 7.25

A thick oval shapped tortilla hand-made with corn dough, deep fried and topped with beans, cheese, lettuce, tomato, sour cream, guacamole, and your choice of shredded beef, chicken, pork, steak or chorizo (spanish sausage).

Ole’s Nachos Supremos 12.95

Crispy corn tortilla chips, topped with refried beans, cheese, grilled veggies, pico de gallo, guacamole, sour cream, lettuce, and your choice of chicken, steak, pork, chorizo (spanish sausage), shredded beef or shrimp.

Ole’s Special Dinner 8.99

1 chile relleno, 1 chicken tamale, 1 cheese enchilada. Served with rice and beans on the side.

Tamale Plate 7.25 (L) 8.25 (D)

2 chicken tamales. Served with rice and beans.

Carnitas Tradicionales 7.50 (L) 8.50 (D)

Delicious deep fried chunks of lean pork. Served with Ole’s Guacamole, pico de gallo, rice & beans.

Choripollo 8.50

Lean chicken breast covered with our homemade choriqueso sauce (melted cheese with spanish sausage). Served with rice and beans.

Chilaquiles Verdes 7.25

Grilled chicken breast cooked with lime juice and Ole’s seasoning. Served with rice & salad.

Pechuga A La Parrilla 7.25 (L) 8.25 (D)

Corn tortilla chips cooked in salsa verde, topped with chunks of chicken, queso anejo (aged cheese) chopped onions & sour cream. Served with refried beans or frijoles de la oya.

Carne Ranchera Al Carbon 9.99 (Charbroiled Flank Steak)

Los Cocoteros (Taquitos De Papa) 6.99 (L) 7.99 (D)

Served with rice, beans and pico de gallo.

Bistec A La Mexicana 10.25

Flank meat cooked with grilled onions, green peppers and tomato. Served with rice and beans.

Taquitos filled with mashed potatoes, smoothered in Crema Agria (sour cream) and queso anejo.

Mole Poblano 7.25 (L) 8.25(D)

Chicken breast covered with mole poblano and topped with sesame seeds, served with rice & beans.



701 NC Hwy. 9 South, Black Mountain, NC 28711

828.669.3606 RIBS – RIBS – RIBS

Served with your choice of 2 sides and Texas Toast or Hushpuppies

CLASSIC SPARE RIBS Juicy and Flavorful, Hand Trimmed and rubbed with our special Blend of seasonings. Slow cooked in our pit over oak and Hickory coals and Basted with our classic Red Bar-B-Que Sauce. 4 Spare Ribs . .. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $ 9.99 Half Rack . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $ 13.99 Full Rack . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .$ 20.99 BABY BACK RIBS Lean and Tender. Hand rubbed with our special blend of Seasonings, slow cooked in our pit and basted with our Classic Red Bar-B-Que Sauce. Half Rack . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $ 13.99 Full Rack . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $ 20.99


Served with your choice of 2 sides and Texas Toast or Hushpuppies

REGULAR / LARGE Chopped Pork. . . . . . . . . . . . . . $ 6.99 / $ 7.99 Chopped Chicken . . . . . . . . . . . $ 7.99 / $ 8.99 Sliced Beef Brisket . . . . . . . . . .$ 9.99 /$10.99 Andouille Sausage . . . . . . . . . . $ 9.99 /$10.99 Bar-B-Que Chicken . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .$ 9.99 Hamburger Steak (with grilled onions). . . . .$ 8.99 “Add 2 Spare Ribs or a Sausage for only $ 3.29”


Served with your choice of 2 sides and Texas Toast or Hushpuppies

Two Meat Sampler . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $ 13.99 Choose 2 of your favorite meats Rib and Meat Combo . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $ 15.99 4 Spares and one meat Chicken and Meat Combo . . . . . . . . . . . .$ 15.99 Chicken and one meat Phil’s Favorite Combo . . . . . . . . . . . . . .$ 18.99 2 Spares, Chopped Pork, Chopped Chicken, Brisket Chopped Pork – Chopped Chicken Sliced Beef Brisket – Smoked Andouille Sausage “Add 2 Spare Ribs or a Sausage for only $3.29 “


Marinated Vinegar Slaw – Cole Slaw – Potato Salad Served with Cole Slaw, or Marinated Vinegar Bar-B-Que Beans – Pinto Beans – Hushpuppies Onion Rings – French Fries – Fried Okra Slaw and a Pickle Chip Turnip Greens – Vegetable of the Day REGULAR / LARGE $1.89 each Chopped Pork . . . . . . . . . . . . $ 3.79 / $ 4.79 Plate of Sides . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $ 6.99 Chopped Chicken . . . . . . . . . . $ 3.79 / $ 4.79 4 sides with Toast or Hushpuppies Chopped Beef Brisket . . . . . . . $ 4.99 / $ 5.99

SALADS AND SPUDS Bar-B-Que Salad . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $ 7.99 Fresh Lettuce, Carrots, Red Cabbage, Onions, Tomatoes, Cheddar-Jack Cheese, Croutons and a Pepperoncini, Topped with Pork, Chicken, Brisket or Tenders and served with Texas Toast. Garden Salad (No Meat) . . . . . . . . . . . . $ 5.49 Side Salad (No Meat) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $ 2.99 Bar-B-Que Spud . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .$ 7.49 Baked Spud loaded with Butter, Cheddar-Jack Cheese, Bacon Bits, Sour Cream and Topped with Pork, Chicken or Brisket. STUFFED SPUD . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .$ 3.99 Baked spud loaded with Butter, Cheddar-Jack Cheese, Bacon Bits and Sour Cream. Side Spud (Butter and Sour Cream) . . . . . . $2.99


Genuine Pit Cooked BBQ Family Atmosphere Buffalo Wings . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $ 8.99 12 Jumbo Wings tossed in one our homemade Sauces and Served with Celery sticks and Ranch or Blue Cheese Dressing.

1/3 Pound Hamburger . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .$ 4.29 Served with Mustard, Ketchup, Mayo, Lettuce, Tomato And pickle. With Cheese . . . . . . . . $ 4.50 Chicken Tenders . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $ 7.49 Make it a Double for only $ 1.50 4 large premium Tenders served with Fries and your Fish Sandwich . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $ 7.99 choice of Honey Mustard or Ranch Dressing. Fried 8 oz. Cod Filet served on a Toasted Five inch Bar-B-Que Nachos . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .$ 7.99 Bun With Lettuce, Tomato and Tartar Sauce. A bed of fresh Tortilla Chips topped with CheddarBar-B-Que Quesadilla . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $7.99 Jack Cheese, Chopped Pork or Chicken, Classic BarB-Que Sauce, Lettuce, Tomato, Onions, Jalapenos, Garlic- Herb Tortilla, Homemade Chipotle Mayo, Cheddar-Jack Cheese, Classic Bar-B-Que Sauce and Sour Cream and Homemade Salsa. Pork or Chicken. Served with homemade Salsa and Sour Cream.


Cheese Quesadilla (No Meat) . . . . . . . . . .$ 4.99 Andouille Sausage Dog . . . . . . . . . . . . . .$ 4.99 Brunswick Stew . . . Cup $ 2.99 . . . Bowl $ 4.29 Hot Dog . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .$ 2.99 Chili . . . . . . . Cup $ 2.99 . . . . . . .Bowl $ 4.29 Served with Spicy Mustard and Chopped Onions. Grilled Cheese . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .$ 2.99 2 slices of American Cheese between buttered Texas Toast.

Baskets . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $ 4.99 Dill Pickle Chips, Hushpuppies, French Fries, or Onion Rings Chili Cheese Fries . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .$ 5.99

*prices and menu subject to change.

Warm Southern Hospitality Since 1896 Whether your table is an intimate fireside table for two, or a larger party with a beautiful view from the relaxing garden porch, your experience at The Red Rocker Inn will delight you and leave you with warm lingering memories. Your dinner is made from the finest, freshest ingredients using organic local produce whenever possible. We hand cut all our steaks and

fish. Add a bottle of wine to complement the perfect meal. Diners who are able to save room for dessert are rewarded (and maybe overwhelmed!) by a choice of ten delectable homemade desserts. Served with impeccable style in our beautiful dining rooms, dinner at The Red Rocker Inn will become your Black Mountain favorite.

Serving Dinner Nightly by Reservation Except Sunday

Three Time Winner Southern Living Magazine Readers’ Choice Award

“One of the Three Best Country Inns in the South”

Recommended by The New York Times as the place to stay and dine while in Black Mountain.

136 N Dougherty Street Black Mountain, North Carolina 28711 828 669 5991 • Toll free 888 669 5991 •

MENU All dinners begin with fresh buttermilk biscuits with homemade apple butter. Offerings include homemade soup of the day, fresh unique salads and delicious appetizers. The entrée of your choice is served with your choice of potato and fresh vegetable of the day. Carolina Roast Stuffed Chicken A boneless chicken breast stuffed with caramelized onions, apples, bacon, roasted garlic and fresh sage, oven-roasted and topped with a light pan gravy. ~ 14. Porterhouse Pork Chop A grilled bone-in porterhouse pork chop glazed with your choice of our homemade apricot and blackberry sauces or our famous homemade apple butter. ~ 16. Almond Mountain Trout Local farm-raised fresh rainbow trout filet pan-sautéed or flash-fried coated with Parmesan breadcrumbs, topped with fresh herbs and toasted buttered almonds. ~ 15. Seasonal Seafood Catch An ever-changing offering of fresh fish or seafood, served with chef’s choice of sauce. ~ Market price. Beef Pot Roast A generous helping of old-fashioned, slow roasted beef pot roast cooked all day until melt-in-your-mouth tender, with stewed vegetables and a light beef gravy. ~ 14. Grilled Prime Rib A 12 oz portion of our house-cut prime rib grilled to order and topped with your choice of beef demi-glace, bleu cheese butter or caramelized onion compote. ~ 17. Gulf Coast Style Crab Cakes Two 100% jumbo lump crab cakes lightly breaded and pan sautéed, served with a Louisiana-style horseradish remoulade. ~ 16. Rocker Surf and Turf A genuine feast...8 ounces of grilled to order prime rib along with your choice of one jumbo lump crab cake or a fresh rainbow trout filet, pan-sautéed or flash-fried. ~ 22. Complete your meal with a selection from our fine wine and beer list Ten Homemade desserts served daily ~ 7

Come join us in a unique atmosphere for a delicious assortment of daily specials, 6 or more house made soups, sandwiches, wraps, paninis, salads, decadent desserts and more.

Full menu available for take-out Open for Lunch - Monday-Saturday 11am-3pm

119 Cherry Street Black Mountain, NC 828-669-8864 Family owned & operated since 1996

McDibbs Roast Beef Au Jus



Roast beef, melted provolone and horserasish mayo on grilled onion & ciabatta bread served wtih hot au jus, cole slaw & chips.

Turket Berry Brie


Oven roasted turkey breast, melted brie cheese, raspberry mayo, and our homemade cranberry chutney on grilled Panini bread.

The Muffuletta


A true New Orleans tradition. Genoa salami, ham, provolone cheese and our housemade olive tapenade on grilled ciabatta bread.

The Cuban


Marinated roasted pork-loin, ham, swiss cheese, dilled pickle and our mojo mustard on grilled pressed ciabatta bread.

Grilled 3-Cheese Sandwich


Provolone, mozzarella & sharp cheddar cheeses with bacon and tomatoes on grilled sourdough.

Pesto Turket Ciabatta


Oven roasted turkey breast, melted mozzarella cheese, baby spinach, tomato and our home made pesto mayo on grilled ciabatta bread.


Chicken Salad

Oven roasted chicken breast with grapes, pineapple, celery & walnuts served on a croissant

Cranberry Turkey

Sliced turkey, swiss cheese, mayo, lettuce & cranberry chutney on cranberry nut bread

Roast Beef

Thinly sliced roast beef with provolone cheese, lettuce & horseradish mayo on sourdough.

Ham & Cheese

Black Forest baked ham with Swiss cheese, lettuce, tomato & honey mustard dressing on sourdough.


Crispy bacon, baby spinach, tomato and mayo served on sourdough.

Pimiento Cheese

7.48 7.48 7.38 7.28 6.28 6.38

Our version of a classic with roasted red peppers and capers on sourdough.

Dilled Albacore Tuna

Tuna salad with celery, green onions, lemon, dill and lite mayo with lettuce & tomato on croissant.

Veranda Club Sandwich

Ham, turkey & bacon with lettuce & tomato,provolone and mayo on a sourdough.


7.48 7.78 7.28

Avocado, cucumber, red onion, lettuce, tomato, sprouts & provlone cheese served with lemon-basil mayo on wheat bread.

OR 1/2 any house sandwich with a cup of soup


Bombay Chicken Wrap


Oven roasted chicken breast, Monterey jack cheese, baby spinach, tomatoes, toasted almonds, sprouts, and our curried Dijon mayo in an herbed flour tortilla.

Veggie Wrap


Marinated portobella mushrooms, roasted red peppers, feta cheese, pesto, sprouts and fresh greens rapped in a flour tortilla.

Asian Chicken Wrap


Oven roasted chicken breast, Monterey jack cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, toasted almonds, cucumbers and our sesame ginger dressing in an herbed flour tortilla.

Turkey Chipotle Club Wrap


Oven roasted turkey breast, bacon, pepper jack cheese, lettuce, diced tomatoes and our chipotle ranch sauce in a flour tortilla.

All Sandwiches and Wraps are served with chips. Slaw or Indian Summer Salad (sweet vinegar marinated veggie salad) may be subsituted. Add a mixed green salad for 2.50

SOUPS Served with a fresh baked buttered roll

Cup of Soup 2.98 • Bowl of Soup 4.98 • Bowl of Soup & Mixed Green Salad 7.28 SALADS Build your own plate, served with fresh baked buttered roll Authentic Greek Salad • Pimiento Cheese • Southern Caviar (Black-eyed pea salad) • Seasonal Fruit Salad • Hummus with Pita Points Indian Summer Salad • Mixed Green Salad • Albacore Tuna or Chicken Salad $1.00 more

House Chef Salad Tossed Greek Salad

2 Salad Plate 6.28 7.98 6.58

3 Salad Plate 7.28 Garden Salad Kay’s Special Salad

4.98 7.98

DESSERTS - daily assortment of homemade cookies, cakes & pies 1.25-5.00 BEVERAGES - Iced Tea, Flavored Tea, Hot Tea or Coffee, Soft Drinks, Seasonal Beer & Wine CHILDREN’S MENU - Peanut Butter & Jelly 2.98 • Mini Ham & Cheese 3.78 • A.J.’s Grilled Cheese 3.78 prices subject to change

THE MADISON INN & RESTAURANT Dine indoors in the main dining room...or perhaps in our relaxing European pub styled ‘Library Room’ Dine outside on our decked courtyard with the sounds of the birds and trickling water from our fountains. Dinner served NIGHTLY from 5:00 - 9:00 p.m. Sunday BRUNCH served 11:00 a.m. - 2:00 p.m. Reservations appreciated, but not required.

828.669.4785 •

Take Interstate 40 to Exit 66. Go South and follow the signs.

2011 Black Mountain Dining Guide  
2011 Black Mountain Dining Guide  

Black Mountain Dining Guide