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Surviving – and thriving – during the 2020 Pandemic


Stanley J. Rintz



Maine Women in Beer


Matthew Brown


Maine Restaurants Spice Up Culinary Arts with Local Brews


Dave Patterson

18 & 20 HIKES & BREWS Two Epic Franklin County

Hikes & Brews


Carey Kish

23 PLAYING NOT-SO-HARD-TO GET Craft Beverage Shops Brimming with

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26 OFF THE BEATEN PATH Midcoast's Craft Beverage Destinations


Jenna Lookner


Lewiston-Auburn's Beer Culture


John Breerwood


Co-Founder of Bear Bones Beer


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fall 2020

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Note: Several photos in this issue were taken prior to the COVID-19 pandemic regarding social distancing.

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Cover photo: Outland Farm Brewery Owners Heather and Michael Holland. Photo courtesy of Outland Farm Brewery and Jessica Rae Photography.

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The non-proot for Maine’s craft brewers.

Maine’s Women in Beer

By Matthew Brown

Moderation Brewing sits unassumingly on Main Street in Brunswick. If you weren’t looking for it, you’d likely miss it driving towards the Frank J. Wood Bridge on Route 201 from Bowdoin College. I paid the brewery a visit during off-hours to meet a demographic that is sometimes overlooked in the world of brewing – women. Female brewers and brew aficionados have had a meaningful impact in the craft landscape here in Maine, and the Pink Boots Society offers them an opportunity for intellectual advancement, networking, and a place to share their passion in the world of beer. 8

fall 2020

Photos Courtesy of Lone Pine Brewing

grains & grit

RIGHT: Heather Holland at the Craft Brew Summit in Portland

Nicole Emery of GRATEFUL GRAIN

women in attendance brought some

women involved in the organization

BREWERY in Monmouth beamed at me

offerings of their breweries to share,

and helping it flourish is a primary

as she sat across the table, pint in hand.

get notes on, and enjoy during the

driver behind the events that have been

You can tell that the PBS ladies truly

social moments of the meeting. Mattie

taking place all over Maine. A series

savor their connections to the industry.

Larsen, co-owner of Moderation, led a

of collaboration brews with women

discussion on kviek yeast and how to

from hosts of different brewhouses

to women is uplifting,” she remarked,

“Being in a space that is dedicated

manage it. Looking around the room, it

are served locally with the proceeds

gesturing to her compatriots seated

was obvious how invested these ladies

going to the PBS. And with a larger

around the brewery. More than a dozen

were in their craft. They occupy various

membership comes benefits. “The

women had filtered into the room at

positions in the industry from sales, to

access to scholarships is enormous,”

this point and were socializing prior

quality control, to the brewing process

she emphasized.

to business. The room buzzed with

itself. Every part of the industry seems

salutations and chatter as more joined

to be represented in the room.

the meeting. Emery got her start in

Heather Holland, co-leader of the

The onset this year of the novel coronavirus waylaid many of the release plans for the Pink Boots

beer in Minneapolis after initially

Maine Pink Boots Society chapter, has

Society collaboration brews. All 10

choosing a career path in microbiology,

recently opened her brewery Outland

collaboration beers were produced, but

and then, psychology. However,

Farms in downtown Pittsfield. However,

the capstone event to release them

homebrewing became her gateway

before she put her hands on a mash

as planned in Portland was canceled

to pursue beer as more than a hobby.

paddle, or her nose in a glass of porter,

in an effort to stem the spread of the

She joined the Pink Boots Society in

she has assumed the reins of the

virus. However, many were released to

Minneapolis after a career pivot and

organization with the help of Dani

the general public through May while

she cites the organization as being

Coons, formerly of Lone Pine Brewing.

supplies lasted such as Bissell Brother’s

“As long as 25 percent of your

“One Little Stone” or Oxbow’s “Hexen.”

and ideas.” The opportunity to share

income comes from somewhere in the

The organization stands very much at

both physical and mental space with

beer industry, you can be a part of Pink

the ready to welcome new membership

these women grants her a venue to

Boots Society,” she said. Holland got

and help enrich the lives of women

express her ideas more openly.

her start with her husband, Mike, many

in the craft beer industry even during

years ago in Connecticut when they

this trying time. I’m sure next year

venues and the hosts at Moderation

fabricated electronic control systems

you’ll see a renewed motivation in the

Brewing poured a few of their favorite

for brewhouses. That experience

women that make the beer industry in

offerings, highlighting their unique

qualified her for PBS membership,

Maine so impressive.

house strain of kviek-fermented beers

and since then, she has helped to

(a Norwegian strain of yeast noted

revitalize the local Maine chapter and

for unique ester production and fast

inspire a new generation of women

fermentation time). Some of the

who are passionate about beer. Getting

“genuinely open to exchange of thought

The membership meeting rotates

Matthew Brown is a resident of Portland, a Certified Cicerone ®, an avid homebrewer, and financial planner.

Activity Maine Brew & Bev Guide 9

Southern Maine


The RUN OF THE MILL and THE LIBERAL CUP bring the comfortable, inviting atmosphere of English style pubs to Maine. Housed by a sprawling mill building in Saco, ‘The Mill’ offers ample indoor and (seasonal) outdoor seating with views overlooking the Saco River and the up-and-coming mill district. Smaller and more intimate than its southern counterpart, ‘The Cup’ is located in the heart of Hallowell- a vibrant, historic town. Both feature hand-crafted beer and home-style food surrounded by distinctive architecture and old world charm in rustic brick & mortar structures. Our pub style menus feature an array of lighter fare, hearty entrees and creative specials made from fresh, local ingredients. To wash it all down, we use the finest malts and hops to create 25 varieties of craft beer which flow directly from our in-house breweries.

45 Wells Plaza • Wells, ME (207) 641-8622 • TEXT (207) 251-6788 10

fall 2020

TULLY’S BEER AND WINE in Wells opened in May 1997 with a mission to expose the world of specialty beer and great wine to the residents and visitors of southern Maine and beyond. With an enormous selection of craft beer, Tully’s prides itself on service, selection, and product knowledge. They also sport a mighty fine wine selection, six humidors of premium cigars and a huge selection of home brew supplies.

Greater Portland

Check out our outdoor patio! Tasting Room Hours

Visit our website for all the info on what to expect when visiting, and follow us on social media for new releases @foundationbrew

Wednesday: 12-5 pm Thursday: 12-7 pm Friday: 12-7 pm Sat: 12-7 pm Sunday: 12-5 pm Mon-Tues: closed

Full spectrum brewing in Portland, Maine since 2014


Photo Courtesy of Foundation Brewing Company


FOUNDATION BREWING COMPANY, based in Portland, Maine, focuses on exploring the full breadth of the brewing sciences and arts, something they call Full-Spectrum Brewing. From big hop-forward IPAs and jammy fruit beers to traditional lagers and barrel-aged wild beers, their goal is to provide a varied and layered craft beer experience. Beer lovers and newcomers alike can enjoy their full breadth of styles in their newly reimagined patio, a spacious and welcoming oasis on Industrial Way, the birthplace of generations of great Maine craft beers. PERK’S BEER AND BEVERAGE’s goal is to carry the products that match their customers’ taste and style. From Bissell, Definitive, and Goodfire to traditional imports and domestics, they are sure to carry something to please every customer. Perk’s also has a wide array of fine wines from across the world, with a selection as beautiful as the wines themselves and is conveniently located off exit 42 in Scarborough, in the Cabela’s plaza. You can order directly from their website, for Curbside pick up or local delivery (Scarborough Only). For updates on new arrivals and tasting events, follow them on Facebook and Instagram.












Activity Maine Brew & Bev Guide 11

beer mussels

Local Restaurants Spice Up the Culinary Arts with Maine Craft Beer Text Photos By Dave Patterson

Beer is food. It sounds strange, but it’s true. In fact, beer and bread were invented concurrently when humans pivoted from being a hunting and gathering bunch to an agrarian people cultivating cereal grains. Lore has it that the first beer was “brewed” by mistake when an Egyptian peasant left a clay pot filled with grains out in a rainstorm. The grains got soaked, wild yeast settled in the mixture and fermented the sugars from the grains, and our unwitting peasant got buzzed one morning off hard oatmeal. 12

fall 2020

For centuries, beer remained in this gruel form that I imagine ancient beer writers described as “chewy” and “fullbodied.” Though beer has come a long way from its humble serf beginnings, in foodie cities such as Portland, it hasn’t veered far from the culinary world. Beer dinners at esteemed restaurants commonly match local ales with delicate cuisine. It’s only fitting that chefs have been using beer as an ingredient in their recipes for years, bringing beer back to its earliest roots as sustenance. In Portland, the acclaimed restaurant Terlingua uses Ishmael, a copper ale from RISING TIDE BREWING COMPANY, in their short rib glaze. In western Maine, OXBOW BREWING includes fresh beer in a number of recipes at their Beer Garden, including a sourdough culture

Find more Allagash mussels & steamers You can find more mussels and steamers made with Allagash White at RI-RA in Portland, ROBERTS MAINE GRILL in Kittery, and the PUBLICK HOUSE in Brookline, Massachusetts.

infused with their signature farmhouse yeast. One brewery leading the way in the mashup of zymurgy and the culinary arts is ALLAGASH BREWING COMPANY. From beer cheese to beer-battered fish, their world-class witbier, Allagash White, shows off its versatility in a number of recipes at local restaurants. When asked why chefs are drawn to using White in their recipes, brewmaster, Jason Perkins, explained, “We can't say for certain, but there's probably something to the fact that Allagash White just pairs really nicely with a lot of different foods like burgers, oysters, fish and chips, and lobster. So it's not a huge leap to go from pairing the beer with something like mussels, to just cooking with it as an ingredient.” The most intriguing use of Allagash White for my palate is its common use in broth for mussels and steamers at Maine restaurants. On a cold evening, I set out with a deep hunger for beersoaked Maine mussels. The TUSCAN TABLE on the Maine Mall campus in South Portland boasts an unassuming locale for the toothsome menu and stunning décor hidden inside its walls. The chefs at the Tuscan Table use Allagash White in the creamy broth covering fresh Maine mussels. When the bartender slides a bowl of mussels and crusty bread along with a pint of Allagash White in front of me, my response is Pavlovian. Easing a tender steamer from its shell and smothering it in broth, I’m first hit with spicy notes of pepper and briny cream. The second wave of flavor has swaths of lemon and garlic, finally settling on those quintessential notes of coriander from the Allagash White. Following this up with a quaff from my cold pint of White is divine. The recipe is simple, yet the flavors are complex and striking—which is how I’d describe Allagash White itself. So raise a glass—and a fork—to the movement of bringing beer back to its nosh roots as local chefs reach for Maine beer to liven up their recipes.

Dave Patterson is a novelist and freelance writer with a mighty thirst for craft beer. His debut novel, Soon the Light Will be Perfect, is available at all major booksellers.

When you shop for beer at RSVP DISCOUNT BEVERAGE, on Forest Avenue in Portland, you’re immediately struck by two things: RSVP’s overall beer selection and their CHILLED beer selection. RSVP has filled the entire side wall with beers and added 19 beer coolers to the back wall of the retail store. Stocking the latest beers from local Maine and New England breweries, all the way to Belgian ales made by Trappist monks, (as well as hard cider, wine and spirits), RSVP always has the adult beverage you want. Activity Maine Brew & Bev Guide 13

great falls on the rise By John Breerwood

After all that social distancing, we all could use a beer and an excursion. Luckily, Maine has ample opportunities for both. Regardless if we’re headed for a misty mountain or a breezy beach, everyone is driven to experience something real in this state, and the Lewiston-Auburn (L/A) area is as “real” as it gets. People from the twin cities are known for their tenacity and commitment to their community, and the craft beer scene is a shining example. Owner and Brewmaster Ed Stebbins

Lewiston, and I toured the facility soon

Main Street in 2005, brewing English-

after. Baxter was the first Maine brewery

style ales that once defined the state’s

to package exclusively in cans, and that

brewing identity. Having strong family

decision would later pave the way for

ties to the community, Stebbins

countless breweries across Maine and

admitted, “You could say that L/A is part

New England to follow. Since Baxter’s

of my DNA.” His grandfather worked

modest beginnings at 130 Mill Street,

in a mill and his mother is an Auburn

it is now Maine’s third largest brewery.

native. His decision to offer the L/A

Its new pub offers its customers

community great beer was an easy one.

outside seating, a creative menu, small

The pub offers good food, a cozy tavern

batch and pilot brews, and an overall

environment, and a deck that overlooks

comforting atmosphere.

the Androscoggin River.


In 2011, BAXTER BREWING opened in

opened GRITTY’S Auburn location on 68

fall 2020

Photos This Page Courtesy of Lost Valley Brewing

Lewiston-Auburn’s Beer Culture

Photo Courtesy of Lost Valley Brewing

Photo Courtesy of The Vault, Lewiston, ME

In 2016, Adam Tuuri and Eben

After getting a good feeling about

the sister cities. Two of the biggest

Dingman opened BEAR BONES BEER in

the L/A community, Ben Low (formerly

summer festivals are even named after

downtown Lewiston at 43 Lisbon Street,

Baxter’s Director of Brewing Operations)

it: Great Falls Balloon Festival and Great

offering L/A artisanal and unique brews

and Matt Johannes (formerly Baxter’s

Falls Brewfest.

in small batches. True to its name, Bear

Head Brewer) decided to start a brewery

Bones Beer offers a personable and

on their own. In 2019, the two brewing

TOURS is a good option to scope out

inviting taproom for all community

veterans opened SIDE BY EACH BREWING

the local brew scene in style. With

members. They even expanded

on 1110 Minot Avenue, offering a

specialized Vacationland Brew Tours,

operations into Bridgton, Maine to focus

wide variety of brews to appeal to all

they offer custom brew tours throughout

on barrel-aging and experimental yeasts.

customers. “People are looking for

L/A and to various parts of the state.

However, a tragedy fell upon the


variety,” said Low. “We’re welcoming to

Tours are on hold this Fall, however they

brewery when Dingman unexpectedly

the IPA-loving hophead, but also to older

plan to resume when safety protocols

passed away late last year. Tuuri has

folks who have never tried a craft beer.”


ceased Bridgton operations for now and

The taproom is spacious with ample

has hired another brewer to develop new

seating and games to entertain. Beyond

to-miss attractions include THORNCRAG

IPAs to move the business forward. The

the beer, the brewery’s unique appeal

BIRD SANCTUARY in Lewiston, the family-

Uku Rye Wine, named after Tuuri’s son, is a

includes the adjacent Pinky D’s Poutine

friendly SUNNYSIDE PARK along the river

collaboration with Estonian-based TANKER

Factory, which serves up both traditional

in Lewiston, some gnarly mountain

BREWING that will be available at the

and creative versions of poutine, the

bike trails at MT. APETITE and RANGE POND

brewery only. “I’m so proud it,” said Tuuri.

ultimate pub food. They even offer


“It’s the best beer we’ve ever made.”

Community-Supported Brewing (CSB)

BASILICA in Lewiston and swimming at

shares, similar to how farms offer CSAs.

Range Pond. There’s a lot to do here!

That’s saying something because

According to the brewers, other not-

they make great beer. The Otaku Lager is

This summer, they plan on offering

also available, made with Japanese rice

a helles, a weissbier, and a Kolsch to

even beer since every brewer that I

and lemongrass.

quench your thirst.

interviewed cited family and community

In 2018, David Finnegan opened LOST

The craft scene in L/A isn’t limited

In L/A, blood runs thicker than

as the reasons for opening a brewery

VALLEY BREWING, located at Auburn’s ski

to the breweries either. Beer enthusiasts

there. The area doesn’t rely on tourists,

resort at 200 Lost Valley Road. Under new

will also find solace at Auburn’s iconic

so they brew for each other. “People here

ownership, the ski resort is undergoing


can sometimes be self-defeating, but

a revitalization that Finnegan is excited

which offers one of the most extensive

that gives L/A a grittiness and a liveliness

to be a part of. “Lost Valley is a local gem

beer menus in the twin cities. They’ve

that’s not like the rest of Maine said

that holds a special place in the hearts

even collaborated with Bear Bones Beer

Tuuri. “There’s a realness to the people

of people in the L/A area ski community,”

in the past to make a specialty beer

here that I enjoy.”

he said. Unlike most breweries in Maine,

called The Bear Downstairs. Downtown

Lost Valley’s busy season is during the

Lewiston’s beer and wine store, THE

winter; however, the nanobrewery is

VAULT, additionally has one of the best

open year-round and will offer crisp and

selections of craft beer you will ever see.

refreshing beers in the summer such as

When it comes to the towns’

the Powdermaker Pale Ale and the Logging Trail

geographic attractions, Great Falls is


an iconic and beautiful sight on the

John Breerwood is currently an English teacher and swim coach at Lewiston High School. He has worked previously as a brewer and cellarman at Shipyard Brewing Company in Portland and at Abita Brewing Company in Louisiana. He is currently independently publishing his first novel.

Androscoggin River as it roars between

Activity Maine Brew & Bev Guide 15

In Memoriam for Eben Dingman March 12, 1984 – December 13, 2019 Here at the Maine Brew & Beverage Guide, we would like to honor and remember the co-founder of Bear Bones Beer, Eben Dingman who tragically died from an automobile accident in 2019. Originally from Turner, Maine, Eben was a talented brewer, a dog rescuer, an English teacher in Mexico, and a social justice advocate. Though I didn’t know Eben very well personally, I was fortunate to have had interviewed him for a previous article at the Bridgton location of Bear Bones Beer. In that short time, Eben’s uncanny knowledge and passion for the craft became evident, as did his genuine and compassionate nature. Friends remember him for his leadership, devotion, and creativity. Eben’s business partner and best friend Adam Tuuri said, “He was one the most independently-minded persons I’ve ever known. Bear Bones Beer wouldn’t be anything without his imagination and unique way of thinking. That’s his biggest legacy, being innovative, thoughtful, and inspired.”

Pittsfield, Maine Patio Seating Curbside Pickup Convenient Location off I95 Farm to Table Pub Menu 16

fall 2020

If you would like to make a donation Eben’s name to the Refugee and Immigrant Center for Education and Legal Services, please go to: -John Breerwood

OUTLAND FARM BREWERY is a small, family-owned brewery in Central Maine providing artisanal beers crafted from Maine-grown ingredients in a relaxed, family-friendly taproom in downtown Pittsfield. All beers feature a majority of Maine grown ingredients, with some beers being entirely Maine-grown. Diverse styles are represented from farmhouse saisons, English ales, lagers, and IPAs. A freezer is located onsite featuring pasture raised pork, chicken, turkey, and beef all grown on farm. Outland Farm Brewery provides a muchneeded place to escape and enjoy a relaxing visit. Limited indoor seating, expansive outdoor seating with warming stations, food trucks, farm to table pub fare, and curbside pickup are available. Hours are Thursdays & Fridays 3–8 p.m. and Saturdays 12–8 p.m. Visit, Facebook, or Instagram for up to date information.

As MASON’S BREWING COMPANY closes out their fourth full year, they are extremely grateful for the support of the local craft beer community and humbled by how far their brewery operations have come. Through Mason's extensive distribution, their brand has expanded into four other New England states (NH, CT, RI and MA) and they have sent beer across the pond to Ireland, Iceland, Spain, Scotland, England and the Netherlands.

15 Hardy Street • Brewer, ME

Mason’s finished their expansion in fall of 2019, which included extending the brewing facility with the addition of much needed fermentation tanks and a newer canning line. This expansion will also house a seasonal tap / banquet room facing the river. To friends, family and the craft beer community, Mason’s Brewing Company says “THANK YOU!”

(207) 989-6300 • Open 7 Days

Activity Maine Brew & Bev Guide 17

hikes &


tumbledown mountain

& TUMBLEDOWN BREWING Text & Photos By Carey Kish

Tumbledown Brewing's tasting room with 8 delicious brews on tap.

Some 22,000 acres known as the Tumbledown Public Lands sprawl across the unorganized Township 6 North, a few miles northwest of the tiny village

Hemmed in by the craggy alpine-like summits of Tumbledown Mountain and Little Jackson Mountain, Tumbledown Pond is easily one of the prettiest— and most popular—hiking destinations in Maine’s western mountains. Just west of the windswept tarn, Tumbledown’ s 700-foot south-facing cliffs fall away in dramatic fashion, adding to the beauty of allure of this high and wild place. 18

fall 2020

of Weld. The adjacent Mt. Blue State Park adds another 8,000 acres, making for a veritable bonanza of hiking possibilities on more than 15 miles of trails. Head for the Brook Trail trailhead on Byron Notch Road. Take the Little Jackson Connector, then climb via Parker Ridge Trail over open ledges yielding fabulous views of Webb Lake and Mt. Blue. From Tumbledown Pond, make an airy scramble over to the west peak of Tumbledown (3,068 feet) for views ranging from Old Blue to Saddleback and Abraham. Double back to the pond and

resources HIKE Tumbledown Mountain

BREW Tumbledown Brewing

occupied a storefront since Matt Swan,

and a TV. In the summer, relax outside at

and his wife, Meaghan, opened the

the picnic tables.

place six summers ago. “We brew a little

A large print of Tumbledown

something for everybody,” said Swan, a

Mountain, the brewery’s namesake, adorns

homebrewer from way back, who, along

one wall of the taproom. “Everyone around

with his assistant brewer, Dane Kaiser,

here knows Tumbledown, has hiked it

produces a wide range of high-quality

or camped below it on Webb Lake. It’s a

brews, eight of which can always be found

beautiful mountain.” Agreed.

on draught. The flagship Tumbledown Red is a return to the car by way of Brook Trail for a

smooth, malty, easy-to-drink beer. Devil’s

six and-a half-mile loop hike.

Hopyard, a well-balanced West Coast IPA,

A few miles east of Farmington on

is a close second in popularity. Enjoy those

U.S. Route 2 is the Eastside Mall shopping

brews and more in the cozy taproom,

plaza, where Tumbledown Brewing has

furnished with a few barrels and stools

TUMBLEDOWN BREWING is located in the Eastside Mall on Farmington Falls Road just outside of town. This small but mighty brewery is pouring beers ranging from the easy-drinking Clearwater Cream Ale, a super smooth and creamy, light hybrid beer to the peaty Dog Star Smoked Stout. While they brew a wide variety of styles and continuously experiment with new recipes, here are a few of our favorites that we recommend this fall and winter: Cranberry ThoughtBridge Berliner Weisse, brewed just in time for Thanksgiving, and Dawn Patrol Coffee Porter, brewed with a healthy dose of locally roasted coffee, delights with flavors of chocolate and roasted malts and a smooth hop finish. Watch for Bull Horse Black, their powerful Double Black IPA, to reappear for Black Friday too. They are currently only offering outdoor seating, but hey-we're rugged Mainers, so cozy up to the outdoor fireplaces and enjoy a cold one. In the winter, they are accessible by area snowmobile trails, so you can park and ride right from their large parking lot.

Carey Kish of Mt. Desert Island is an avid beer drinker, editor of the AMC Maine Mountain Guide, and author of AMC’s Best Day Hikes Along the Maine Coast.

Brewery & Tap Room Growlers & Cans    SNOWMOBILERS: Convenient Trail-side Location Park & Sled    Close to Maine’s Best Biking, Hiking & Skiing!    Eastside Mall 805 Farmington Falls Road Farmington, ME 207-944-0697

WWW.TUMBLEDOWNBREWING.COM Activity Maine Brew & Bev Guide 19

hikes &


bald mountain &

FURBISH BREW HOUSE & EATS Text & Photos By Carey Kish

VIEWS! The extraordinary view from the summit of Bald Mtn. includes Rangeley Lake and the high peaks of Saddleback.

Before you head a few

flagship brew, a mild, drinkable

miles east for a craft beer in

West Coast-style IPA. Furbish

Rangeley, be sure to stop in at

patrons have also taken a


shine to Backwoods, a delicious


chocolate stout.

By Carey Kish

at its fascinating collection

The Furbish Brew House & Eats serves up a nice flight variety and real brick oven pizza.

Just south of the village of Oquossuc, Bald Mountain rises prominently to a modest elevation of 2,470 feet, the central natural feature of the Bald Mountain Public Land. Once the site of the short-lived Bald Mountain Skiway, the mountain and 1,923 acres around it were acquired for the public domain in 1993. Trails ascend to the peak from the north and west, the latter being the most popular hiking route.

pint or a flight in the laid-back,

showcasing the Rangeley

family-friendly atmosphere,

Lakes Region’s colorful history.

bring the menu close for a look

Last summer, Chip and

at what’s cooking. If your eye

Beth Smith opened FURBISH

focuses in on the wood-fired

BREW HOUSE & EATS, the first

pizza, well, good; it’s a Furbish

microbrewery in the area, in

specialty prepared in the brick

the former home of Rangeley

oven next to the bar.

businessman Harry A. Furbish on Main Street in Rangeley, right near the junction of Route 4 and Route 16. The stately structure, built in 1912, is a fine place to enjoy a refreshing brew and great food

Cupsuptic Lake and Rangeley

across the street.

Road trailhead, it’s about a

Lake to Katahdin, Bigelow,

1,000-foot climb over one-

Saddleback and all the way

one for adding a little twist

and-a-half delightful miles to

to Mt. Washington, it’s easy

to his brews, such as Maine

reach the 30-foot observation

to understand why Bald

blackberries in his Blackberry

tower on top, which affords

Mountain is the region’s

Blonde, and ginger snaps in

a 360-degree panorama like

signature conservation

the Ginger Snap Porter. The 1540,

few others in Maine. From

property and a must-see for

named for the elevation above

Mooselookmeguntic Lake,

every visitor.

sea level of the brewery, is the

20 fall 2020

Carey Kish of Mt. Desert Island is an avid beer drinker, editor of the AMC Maine Mountain Guide, and author of AMC’s Best Day Hikes Along the Maine Coast.

along with an unobstructed view of Rangeley Lake just

From the Bald Mountain

While you’re enjoying a

of artifacts and displays

Chip, the brewmaster, is

resources HIKE Bald Mountain Oquossoc, ME BREW Furbish Brew House & Eats find them on facebook

Business of Brewing

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Activity Maine Brew & Bev Guide 21

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22 fall 2020



HARD TO GET Craft beverage shops are brimming with sought-after brews from around Maine and out of state.

Photo Courtesy of The Vault, Lewiston, ME

At Maine's locally owned craft beverage retail stores, choices of quality fresh beers, local wines and specialty spirits and ciders are staggering. There has never been a better time to take advantage of the evolving landscape to find those “White Whales” of popular cans or bottles you have been chasing from Maine as well as out of state. (Continued on next page.)



Mon.-Thu. 7 a.m.-10 p.m. Fri. & Sat. 7 a.m.-11 p.m. Sun. 8 a.m.-10 p.m.

REDEMPTION HOURS Daily 9am - 5:30pm

Gift Cards Available!

Keeping you ts in good spiri ALL YEAR ! LONG

JD’S PACKAGE STORE & REDEMPTION Located on Route 5 in East Waterboro, is a family-owned and operated, first-class “package store” offering a fantastic selection of craft beer, hard ciders, wine and liquor. With over 30 cooler doors devoted to craft beer, plus a Beer Cave, your options for local and national brews and spirits are limitless. JD’s takes pride to ensure they carry all the latest, freshest and seasonal beers available. They also take special requests and keg orders. What most people don’t expect when they walk into JD’s, are the unique gift displays that are thoughtfully arranged throughout the store. For information on spirits and specialty food tastings visit and like them on Facebook. JD’s is definitely keeping you in good spirits 365 days a year, seven days a week.


32 beer cooler doors and a beer cave open to reveal over 900 varieties in stock including over 500 craft beer types!







Over 700 varieties in stock from all over the world!

Check our website for a comprehensive list. Don’t see what you want? Just ask!


Activity Maine Brew & Bev Guide 23

Photos Courtesy of Foundation Brewing Company

Here is a just a sample of recent popular out-of-state arrivals appearing in craft beverage stores around Maine: • Other Half - Brooklyn, NY • Dancing Gnome - Pittsburgh, PA • Equilibrium - Middletown, NY • Finback - Queens, NYC • Aslin - Alexandria & Herndon, VA On top of that, limited Maine beer releases typically picked up at breweries, (if they are not sold out) such as Saco River Brewing's Ancient Galaxy, are showing up on the shelves of local craft beer and beverage stores We interviewed several owners and managers of craft beverage stores around Maine, and one distributor, to learn about their unique perspectives on this trend with our readership. "With COVID-19 changing all of our lives in countless ways, it is not surprising that it has also affected the craft beer industry,” said Dave Makson, manager of Damon's Beverage & Redemption with five stores in Central Maine. “From aluminum shortages to breweries and tap rooms being

Wear Your Mask!

limited or closed altogether, the landscape of our industry moves almost daily. That being said, one positive aspect is that customers are able to find a rare variety of products in their local Damon's that they have never seen before, and may never see again." “Perhaps the only thing we can trust in and count on, nowadays, is that the craft beer industry has, and will continue, to put out great beers,” said Michael Moody, beer manager of JD'S Package Store, East Waterboro, ME. “And not only are we in this together, but most importantly— united we stand, divided we fall—so stand together and shop locally.” "We have found that with the pandemic, craft beer drinkers have changed how they shop,” said Jason Perkins Owner of Perk's Beer & Beverage Scarborough, ME. “Social media is a powerful tool, now more than ever,” he continued. “Our customers watch our Instagram closely for all the latest arrivals. Along with in-store purchases, our customers can shop on our website, for curbside or delivery. It's important to provide as many shopping options as possible." "People are having more fun choosing beer because there are so many great choices out there,” said Amy Gates owner of Tully's Beer & Wine Wells, Me. “Since all our beers are available as singles, people have a chance to sample a greater variety,” she said. “Two weeks ago, we put in 20 new beers on our shelves and it's off-season, which has never happened before." "This is a huge benefit for craft beer consumers,” echoed Tim Wissemann, owner of Mariner Beverages, Portland, ME. “It’s also beneficial to breweries that see an immediate return on their investment to getting their product out in new markets, but who weren’t sure how sustainable it was for the industry in the long term." Maine's craft beverage retailers are in a great position to build relationships with customers by answering questions and giving recommendations based on each customer's tasting experience. Each interaction along the consumer's journey helps to build knowledge and trust, which keeps them coming back. It’s clear that this trend is sticking around and although sustainability may be a long-term question, shopping locally is helping our economy right now.


Liquor Store, Craft Beers, Fine Wines

Stay Safe!

The Umbrella Factory Outlet (U.F.O.) is located in the Shop 'n Save shopping center on the corner of Routes 302 and 35 in Naples, Maine. The U.F.O. offers more than 2,500 square feet of liquor, wine and craft beer choices. It is an agency liquor store, offering more than 1,800 liquor, 1,900 wine, 800 craft beer, 180 nips/pints and 150 cider selections! From hard apple cider to seasonal brews, you’ll find them here! From fruity rieslings to rich merlots, this store provides them! From a smooth vodka to a warm whiskey, browse them at the U.F.O.! This remarkable store not only offers discount beverages but also great prices on cigarettes, cigars and tobacco products. Labeled the “Wine Capital of Maine,” the store expanded in 2015 to add the Craft Beer Runway, which leads to the Lost Moose Campground tasting center where wine and beer tastings are held. The U.F.O. also supplies a selection of cold wine and beer for the customer’s convenience. Visit us at 639 Roosevelt Trail (Route 302) in Naples. U.F.O. Hours Sunday–Saturday 9 a.m.–8 p.m. Check out our website at and like us on Facebook! 24 fall 2020

Activity Maine Brew & Bev Guide 25

off beaten track the

Midcoast’s craft Beverage Destinations

Great brews and views at Liberty Craft Brewing outside deck.

Throughout the Midcoast, breweries, wineries and even a mead tasting room have emerged on ery cans Lake St. George Brew

to go.

Text & Photos By Jenna Lookner 26 fall 2020

the scene, creating a lively and diverse haven for aficionados of craft libations and beautiful destinations alike.

Ocean vistas at Waterman's Beach Brewing in South Thomaston Frost who co-owns Waterman’s Beach

known for its revered BACK RIVER GIN —

Brewing. “One day it was raining


sideways and we had two guys in

been hosting a popular concert series

snowmobile suits sitting on the deck.

for the past several years, attracting

We thought, ‘If the community is going

such acts as The Indigo Girls and Lyle

to support us than we are going to be


there for them.’ ” The brewery is situated in the

Nearby in Union Common, a popular restaurant, known for its beer

longtime home of Waterman’s Beach

selection, cropped up in 2019. The

Lobster, a beloved destination with an


have been the name of the game

unrivalled view of the ocean and nearby

taps and a carefully curated selection of

according to many Midcoast brewers


Maine wines and beers.

Creativity and community support

who rely on their friends and neighbors,

“The outpouring of support from

Stinson said he has been enthused

word of mouth, and travelers who have

the community has been awesome and

by the number of visitors The Pour Farm

a penchant for exploration as a way to

we are staying on track with plans we

receives who are traveling on the Maine

draw customers into their businesses.

have had for the summer,” said co-

Brewers' Guild’s Maine Beer Trail. Often,


owner and lead brewer Brad Frost.

he added, they are making their way

Rockland has been hailed nationally

This sentiment was echoed by

around the Midcoast.

veteran Midcoast brewer Rich Ruggiero,

“We get a lot of folks who are on

as a destination for culture, namely the

who heads up Liberator Brewing as the

the beer trail,” he said. “We’re always

arts, boasting world-famous museums

owner and master brewer.

making our customers aware of what’s

and galleries alongside a food scene

“A strong local customer base, that’s

going on locally. Referring to a partial

that gives many a big city a run for its

really what gets you through the whole

tap takeover collaboration they had


year,” Ruggiero said. Acknowledging

with Sterlingtown Public House, he

the COVID-19 crisis, he said he hopes

added, “I think a rising tide definitely

hold down the fort in the center of town

that partnerships and events will move

lifts all boats.”

and HONEYMAKER MEAD rounds out the


trio with a small but well-appointed



tasting room on Main Street. Down the road, nestled on the water’s edge in

Union’s POUR FARM BREWERY opened

Stinson said he believes staying open year round has brought neighbors and visitors together around a shared interest in beer and the experience of

nearby South Thomaston, the region’s

in June, 2017. Owner Bill Stinson had

newest brewery, WATERMAN’S BEACH

relocated from Massachusetts with his

BREWING, opened in late September 2019.

family and purchased the farm that

gathering place,” he said. “It’s kind of

All four establishments have all elected

would become a popular community

spontaneous, kind of organic, and we

to stay open year-round.

microbrewery. The Pour Farm is the

avoid political talk.” He added with a

latest addition to the Union area’s

chuckle, “It works.”

“We were planning on closing sometime around Thanksgiving, but

beverage producers, which also include

people just kept coming,” said Anna


visiting the tap room. “Mostly this is a community

Activity Maine Brew & Bev Guide 27

Owners and crew at St. George Brewing Co.


their customers according to owner Guy Hews.

The village of Liberty has seen a

“The chili

Hews said that their weekly music

cookoff always benefits something

rise in small business during the past

offerings and festivals attract many

in the community, and that feels

three years with restaurants, shops and

customers in season, and he is hoping

really important right now,” Elizabeth

a brewery among the additions to the

to continue such offerings this summer.

Johnston said.


He said a delayed opening this spring

In 2017 and 2018, Liberty gained a new brewery and two new restaurants, including 51 MAIN in the heart of the village.

– including the return of popular

remain open later into the year.

band,Tuba Skinny in late August—have

At Lake St. George, Danny McGovern, as well as his daughter and

En route to Liberty, beer lovers

McGovern added that events

just means that the brewery might

son-in-law, Elizabeth and Jeff Johnston,

been successful and fun community builders. “When we were able to rebook

might enjoy a stop in Searsmont to

said that staying open year round has

them we felt like we hit the jackpot,” he

check out THRESHERS BREWING CO., where

worked for them. They also expressed

said. “No doubt about it.”

bands, trivia and a host of regulars

that the wholesale market has been

infuse the rural tap room with energy.

helpful in augmenting revenue during

that Lake St. George will be able to focus

In Liberty proper, LAKE ST. GEORGE BREWING

the slower seasons.

on some pilot batch beers during this


“Having the avenue to get our beer

eclectic town a destination for the beer-

out in cans has been really important,”

loving explorer. Liberty Craft Brewing

Elizabeth Johnston said.

has been open since 2014 and serves

unusual spring. “Hang in there and keep the faith,” McGovern said. “I know we will do that

“People make the extra effort

a variety of food from a taproom with

to come visit, we feel a sense of

a deck overlooking a breathtaking

responsibility to be supportive to the

expanse of mountains.

community,” McGovern added.

While Lake St. George remains

He added that he feels fortunate

Lake St. George has been

open year round, Liberty Craft Brewing

enthusiastic to collaborate with

has elected to open seasonally, as local

organizations and try new events

business makes up about 30 percent of

attracting a variety of demographics.

and I know our customers will, too.”

Jenna Lookner lives on her family farm in Camden. Always curious, she enjoys exploring her natural, cultural and epicurean surroundings with her husband and three rescued mutts.

Outdoor Writers & Photographers Wanted Photo by Mike Leonard

28 fall 2020

Email to inquire.

Have craft beer. Will sell.

Looking for an everyday favorite brew, hard-to-find craft beer, or need to place a special order? We can help. Open 365 days a year whether it’s a major holiday or a regular Saturday. The party starts with Roopers.

Stock up at one of our SIX convenient package stores AUBURN

545 Minot Avenue – 783-2047 301 Main Street – 783-9098


694 Main Street – 782-1482 794 Sabattus Street – 783-6353 1420 Lisbon Street – 333-3095


980 Main Street – 539-6072

Brews from your backyard! Juicy, hazy, hoppy, light, crushable – whatever your palate, we’ve got a brew just for you. Check out our huge selection of local beers, wines and spirits. Cheers!

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