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The fun never stops Oxford Casino is southern Maine’s at Oxford Casino! Over home for wicked good fun! 850 state-of-the-art slot machines, 28 heart-pounding table games and delicious food, only minutes from Portland. Persons under 21 years of age may not enter the restaurant or casino unless licensed as employees. Gambling problem? In Maine, call 2-1-1 or (800) 522-4700 for help.

Southern Maine’s Casino! OxfordCasino.com


Getting out for snowy fun? Make a note of


If you suffer a pain, sprain, or strain, you can get in to see a specialist without an appointment. OA is well-known for having some of Maine’s top sports medicine specialists, and now OA has an orthopaedic clinic, where you can walk in and get help right away. • No appointment needed • Shorter wait than the ER • Less expensive than the ER We hope you don’t get hurt doing Maine winter activities, but put our contact info into your mobile device. Just in case.

A division of Spectrum Medical Group

NO APPOINTMENT NEEDED. Mon-Fri, 1pm-8pm Sat, 9am-2pm For info call 207.828.2180 Visit ortho-access.com Put 33 Sewall Street, Portland, into your GPS


WELCOME to the Guide T

HE ACTIVITIES GUIDE OF MAINE, a two-generation magazine born from a passion of adventure, offers you the opportunity to discover exciting travel and recreational opportunities around Maine. Combining the experiences and resources of our advertisers, world class partners, designers, writers and contributors we bring you a unique selection of ideas that range widely in their destinations and activities, yet are tied together by a basic principle, enjoy activities in Maine! The advertisements are the presentations of the good people who live and work here. These businesses have something of value to offer you and they sincerely want the opportunity to meet and serve you. They are our friends and we hope they will become yours as well... We’ll see you out there! — Stanley J. Rintz, III

Winter/Spring 2016-2017

regions 32 BETHEL


The place to play this winter

The prefect jumping-off point to winter adventure




Come Ski Big Squaw Mountain this year and experience Moosehead’ s winter recreation and events!

Curling, Fat bikes, Snow Kiting, Skating, Dog Sled Rides, Pond Hockey, just a few activities this new annual free winter festival has!



Aroostook County is a region rich in ourdoor recreation opportunities

Plan an adventure in Stratton and the High Peaks to coincide with the February Polar Balst.


Moosehead 44

The County 49

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Michael and Tammy Madore XC Ski with friends to winter camp in Baxter State Park PHOTO BY MICHAEL MADORE; Two Runners bundled up for the LuvME 5k in the Midcoast PHOTO BY JOE MCGURN; and inset Maine Brew Guide cover photo is a guest of Maine Huts and Trails enjoying a craft beer after a ski into one of their well appointed cabins, COURTESY OF MAINE HUTS AND TRAILS.


features 6 RaceME WINTER EDITION




Run Safe This Winter, Winter Running Gear, Yin Yoga for Runners


Meet Austin Street Brewery’s Assistant Brewer Lisa Kellindorfer, The Rise of Maine Distilleries, Brewed Awakening


26 GET YOUR KICKS ON ROUTE 26 Include a trip to this Maine’s winter playground in your adventures this season


20 47

Don’t let dipping temperatures and shorter days put an end to your hiking

32 ESCAPE TO BETHEL A center for winter sports


47 KAHTAHDIN IN WINTER Experience some of the best snow mobiling in the country

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Conveniently Located "On The Way" North or South

Celebrating Over 30 Years in Business! {:.�it 26ebUO\(, tJ\E. �eoo Route 1



Open 7 Days • Route 1 North, Wells • 207-646-4441 • MaineDiner.com Maine Diner and Remember the Maine Gift Shop With six million customers and counting – appearances on “The Today Show” and raves from the Phantom Gourmet – it takes quite a bit to get the Maine Diner all abuzz. However, in the summer of 2010, The Maine Diner hit another

4 winter/spring | 2016-2017

milestone as they were featured on the Food Network program “Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives.” The Maine Diner has been serving delicious food for over 30 years. In addition to the extensive menu selections there are daily specials also made fresh to order. Enjoy chowders and stews, salads, seafood and steaks, comfort

foods, burgers and sandwiches, and much more. Try one of their homemade desserts. Breakfast is served anytime! Be sure to visit the Remember the Maine Gift Shop located next to the Maine Diner. In May of 1997, the Gift Shop opened its doors to offer their customer3s an assortment of gifts from America's

favorite Diner, The Maine Diner! Since opening day, Remember the Maine has grown to include gifts not only from the Maine Diner, but Maine memorabilia, collectibles, postcards, gourmet food and so much more— something for everyone.



OOKING FOR SOME WINTER FUN IN PORTLAND? Pull on your long johns and

Once you have the right gear, we have a few suggestions for you. Cross-country skiers and snowshoers should check out the trails at Mayor Baxter Woods, Capisic Pond Park, Riverton Trolley Park and Evergreen Cemetery Woods. Follow the miles and miles of trails from Oat Nuts Park to the Presumpscot River Preserve and you’ll be rewarded with a view of the Presumpscot Falls. And for groomed cross-country classic and skate trails, check out the Riverside Snow Park at Riverside Golf Course. Riverside Snow Park also has hills for snowboarding, sledding and tubing. The same is true near the Back Cove at Payson Terrain Park. And Eastern Prom Hill is a great place to sled, tube, telemark ski, cross-country ski

and snowshoe. For other opportunities, Portland Trails offers maps of the trail systems and occasional guided walks/hikes. Sharpen your blades, lace up your skates and take a spin on the ice at Deering Oaks Park, Nason’s Corner/Breakwater School Pond, Payson Park and Riverside Snow Park. At Riverside, the rink is lit for night skating.


embrace the invigorating fresh air.



When in Portland, be sure to visit KON ASIAN BISTRO HIBATCHI BAR. Kon offers a wide range of cuisine including sushi, sashimi, hibachi, chicken, shrimp, steak, calamari, salmon, fillet mignon, lobster tail, pad thai, teriyaki, tempura, scallop, tuna, rolls, sushi bar entree, orange ginger duck, general tso’s chicken, fried rice, fried udon, soup, salad, beef…and much more!


activitymaine.com 5


RUN SAFE this winter



f you’re gearing up for a spring race, or just running on a regular basis, you may be dreading the approach of winter. Between the snow, ice, shorter days, and the stresses of the holidays, it can be tough to keep your training on track. Text JENNIFER VAN ALLEN

6 winter/spring | 2015-2016 2016-2017

While winter workouts do require a little extra strategizing, with a few simple precautions, you can increase your fitness, and stay safe and healthy until spring arrives. Here are some tips. STEP OUTSIDE There’s no doubt about it, treadmills can be lifesavers when road conditions feel unsafe. But running all of your miles inside can lead to nagging aches and pains, says physical therapist and athletic trainer Greg Knapton, owner of Riverview Physical Therapy. Biomechanically, running on the treadmill is not the same as running outside. If you’re training for a long-distance race, like a marathon, “as

long as you’re dressing appropriately in layers, and conditions are safe, get your long runs in on the road,” says Knapton. TREAD CAREFULLY If you are logging lots of miles on the treadmill, watch your form to prevent overuse injuries. Resist the temptation to keep increasing your speed if the pace on the electronic display is tough on the ego. “I always think I should be running faster than what the treadmill,” Knapton says. Cover the display with a towel, and focus on running at a pace that you can sustain without holding on to the handrails. If you have to hold on, you’re running too fast. And watch your form

/// SPECIAL RaceME SECTION /// on the treadmill. Avoid staring down at the electronic display on the treadmill— that can cause extra tension into the shoulders and back, and make running feel harder than it needs to. Instead, look straight ahead and keep your shoulders relaxed. If you’re running for an hour or more on the treadmill, take a break every 30 minutes to walk, stop, rehydrate, and stretch, just as you might if you were on the road, says Knapton. Avoid just punching in a pace, and zoning out for the rest of the workout. But when you’re running outside, your pace varies as you warm up, and you navigate undulations in the terrain. So inside, vary the pace and incline often to more closely mimic the way that you would run outside. DRINK UP In the winter, it’s easy to let good hydration habits slide,since you’re sweating less in colder conditions. “People forget to hydrate in the winter,” says

Knapton. Dehydration can slow you down, tire you out, and increase your perception of effort, making even an easy pace feels difficult. All that can destroy the quality of your workout. So make hydration a priority. Each day, aim to consume about half your weight in calorie-free fluids, like water. So if you weigh 150 pounds, aim for 75 ounces of water per day. DRESS RIGHT When you’re running outside, wear shirts and pants made of technical materials that wick the moisture away from your body so you stay warm. Dress in layers that you can shed as you warm up. For wet days, make sure to have a shell that will keep you dry and vent the moisture from sweat. Look for shells that are waterproof, but offer some breathability.

ABOVE: Luv Me 5K February 2015 BY JOE MCGURN OPPOSITE: Luv Me 5K February 2015 BY JOE MCGURN

2017 will be a growth year for the Maine Track Club! If you are or have been a Maine Track Club member, volunteer or just inquisitive about joining a dynamic non profit organization, let us know! We would love to hear from you as we continue to grow and evolve the club around our passions for the sport of running. If you interested in joining the Maine Track Club, some benefits include: Coaching & training opportunities, group runs, fun social events, volunteering opportunities, annual membership banquet & awards, updated run calendar & tips from experts. Come and join us and "run with a friend!” Please email us at: mainetrackclub@gmail.com

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/// SPECIAL Race

COVER UP Watch the extremities. “Don’t underestimate facial cover,” Knapton warns. The extremities—nose, ears, cheeks, fingers, and toes— are the first to freeze and the most vulnerable to frostbite. So find mittens, gloves, hats, balaclavas that are comfortable in various conditions, and you can regularly wear. STAY DRY You’re most at risk for hypothermia when it’s rainy or snowy and your skin is damp. Sweaty clothing increases your heat loss. So if you sit around in wet clothes post-workout, you’re going to get cold fast. Be sure to have a warm, dry, change of clothing ready at the end of your run so you can warm up and get dry ASAP. BE PREPARED FOR NEW ACHES AND PAINS When you have a slippery surface, or you’re running in the snow, stepping through deep snow, and you’re sidestepping tricky areas, it changes your gait, and stresses and works your muscles in new ways. All that can lead to tweaks and strains of hamstrings, achilles, and back, Knapton says. So prepare for those issues, and be sure to allow for plenty of stretching and recovery. FOCUS ON EFFORT, NOT PACE Factors like snow, frigid air, and ice are bound to impact how fast you can run. So don’t be a slave to a prescribed goal pace for a workout or the numbers you see on your training watch. When temperatures and road conditions are dicey, it’s better to run according perception of effort, Knapton

says. If an easy workout is on the schedule, focus on maintaining a pace that feels easy, sustainable and conversational. BE FLEXIBLE If you’re preparing for a big spring race like a marathon, staying flexible about your training will help ensure that you get to the starting line injury-free. If you try to maintain an iron grip on your routine, you may end up hurt, sick, and sidelined. In any season, the runners who get injured are the ones who say ‘I have to do this because I have this time crunch,’ says Knapton. If you’re a morning runner, it may be safer to move your workouts to midday, when the sun is the strongest and you’re less likely to contend with risks like black ice. “Be willing to vary your days,” says Knapton. “If it’s negative 10 degrees and icy on the roads, you’re better off on the treadmill. Or it may be worth it to wait until tomorrow.” MIX IT UP Having a non-running workout can help prevent injury, build all-around fitness, stave off burnout, and provide a fun alternative when running outside is unsafe. Substitute a snowshoe for a hill workout, or go for a crosscountry skiing outing, Knapton recommends. Cross training with a spin class, pool running, or time on the elliptical can be a great alternative, says Knapton. If you only crosstrain sporadically, it’s going to be a challenge to develop the fitness and proficiency to enjoy the workout, and get the cardiovascular benefits or the mental release that comes from breaking a sweat. Your workouts may feel chronically difficult and frustrating. It’s

ABOVE: Luv Me 5K February 2015 BY JOE MCGURN

best to start training for those days when the roads are unrunnable by integrating one cross-training day into your routine each week. LISTEN TO YOUR BODY Upper respiratory infections are common in cold weather, and it can be tough to determine when to run and when to stay in. In general, if you’re sniffling and sneezing it’s usually okay to workout—it might even make you feel better. But if you have a fever, full-body aches, and symptoms of the

full-blown flu, it’s best to stay in. One day of rest won’t ruin your fitness. But trying to plow through a sickness when you are worn down can sideline you. DON’T GO OUT ALONE There’s safety in numbers, especially when you’re running in the cold and dark, or in rural areas. “Run with a buddy or a friend,” says Knapton. Even if you’re a bonified solo runner, it’s best to make safety your first priority.


Visit activitymaine.com for Maine Adventures, Beers, and Race Events

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/// SPECIAL Race


essentials HATS A hat or balaclava will help ensure that your face and ears are protected from biting-cold temperatures. MITTENS AND GLOVES Extremities are the first to freeze. High-quality mittens or gloves which keep you warm and protect you from the wind will reduce your risk of frostbite.

EXTRA TRACTION Products like Yaktrax, spikes, or even some heavier trail shoes can offer more traction in snowy conditions. LIGHTS A headlamp or hand-held flashlight will help ensure that approaching motorists, cyclists, and runners can see you, and that you are visible to them.



The investment you make in high-quality gear will pay off in the form of many safe, comfortable runs all winter long. It’s a matter of making safety a priority. In addition to tights, tops and a running jacket that protects you from the wind and the snow, make sure to stock your gear closet with these essentials.

Always assume that drivers have not seen you, and get out of the way. REFLECTIVE GEAR To increase your visibility, make sure to wear a reflective vest, or clothing with reflective accents. DRY CLOTHES Moisture will make you colder, so be sure to have dry clothes close at hand so you

can change right away after a sweaty or snow-soaked run. IDENTIFICATION Even if you don’t tune in on the run, it’s best to have a phone in case of an emergency, or carry identification that includes emergency contact information.

2017 Boston Qualifier Marathon ALERT! The Caribou Maineiac Marathon (A Boston Qualifier) will take place SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 17TH, 2017. There will be a full marathon, 1/2 marathon, a full marathon relay, a 1/2 marathon relay and a kids race. We will have an expo before the race and a festival during and after the race for spectators and racers to enjoy. FMI cariboumaine.org or Facebook.com/cityofcaribou

SINCE 1983


Treadmills, Ellipticals, Bikes, Rowers & Home Gyms


200 Gorham Rd. South Portland (next to Olive Garden) Monday – Saturday 10 – 5:30

www.workoutfitnessme.com 772-7110 Workout Fitness Store sells top quality home and commercial fitness equipment. They offer great service and advise to help you meet your fitness goals and turn your home into a great fitness experience! Try their equipment in store before you buy it like the new Zero Runner! They have catered to all levels of runners for 30 years and provide top quality products that offer the best cushioning and latest technologies to protect body!

10 winter/spring | 2016-2017

say you saw it here! All businesses appreciate knowing where their customers come from and most of our advertisers will reward you with a discount for mentioning Activity Maine brought you in.


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15 Gracelawn Road Auburn, ME 04210 A Member of Covenant Health



/// SPECIAL Race

WINTER WARRIORS FLEET FEET’S FREE PROGRAM This winter you can get motivation and coaching by joining others runners for FREE winter training runs at both Fleet Feet Maine Running store locations:



Where: Fleet Feet Maine Running, 309 Marginal Way, Portland

We are excited to once again offer our popular Winter Warriors Program in Brunswick this year!

Information Night: Tuesday, January 3rd, 5:30 p.m. followed by a Group Run at 6:00 p.m. When: Winter Warriors meet Tuesday and Thursday 6 p.m. and Saturdays at 9 a.m. How Much: FREE! Coaches: Dave Dowling, Erin Flatley, John Rogers, Kathy Bowe & Michael Gaige

When: Monday and Wednesday evenings, 6:00 p.m. and Saturday mornings, 8:00 a.m. Where: Brunswick store, 89 Maine Street How much: FREE! Coaches: Katrina White & CeCe Camacho



This FREE winter program will help motivate you to stay active in the winter time. Simply come to one of our workouts and you will automatically be entered in the program. It is for walkers AND runners and exercise fiends. We don't care, we just want you to stay active this winter! One rule—no whining about the weather or else we can poke fun at you!

The program is completely FREE and includes: ■■ FREE group workouts ■■ Fabulous people to work out

with all winter long! ■■ 5 Point accrual by participating in each workout, run and by volunteering or running certain local races—Jimmy The Greeks Frozen 4 Miler, Mid Winter Classic, Irish Road Rover 5K and Kerrymen's Pub 5K ■■ At the end, the one with the most points will be deemed


the Winter Warrior and receive a free pair of shoes of his choice. All ties will be broken via a drawing!!! ■■ If you accrue at least 125 points, you will receive a Winter Warrior prize!  

How do you accrue points? Participate in any Fleet Feet Maine Running Winter Warrior workouts and runs (walkers and runners welcome). These start at Fleet Feet Maine Running at 309 Marginal Way. Each Fleet Feet Fun Run and designated race is valued at 5 points. How do you join the Winter Warrior Program? Come to a workout anytime between January 5th and March 12th, then you're in—or register online! 

For more info visit

fleetfeetmainerunning.com and check out their 2017 Gear List to be ready to participate in this great program!


S U B S C R IB E !


12 winter/spring | 2016-2017



/// SPECIAL Race

POSTURES BUTTERFLY Target Areas: spine/inner lines of legs

An Essential Practice for Runners


oga is a fantastic complement to running and is one of the best practices for our physical and emotional wellbeing. Yin Yoga, specifically, is an ideal practice for athletes as it targets the denser connective tissue, particularly within the joints, which other styles of yoga or exercise can't adequately address. More active forms of yoga such as Vinyasa, Ashtanga, Bikram, Flow and Core style classes may also attract runners as they are great for building strength and balance, enhancing range of motion and creating greater body awareness. A naturally meditative practice, by spending time in stillness, Yin Yoga creates the opportunity to pay attention to what arises. We are able to closely examine the nuanced sensation of the tissue as it receives the benefits from the long holds, as well as observe the natural tendencies of the mind. This time of inward focus directly parallels all that takes place on a challenging run and is a valuable component to athletic training. It allows us to become receptive to any adversity whether it’s mild discomfort in the body, or agitation in the mind. By learning to be with these sweeping states, we can become more tolerant of that discomfort, and may notice that a certain level of calm arises. Within a more peaceful and grounded state, we have a greater capacity to examine our goals and appreciate our accomplishments. It’ s truly the ultimate recharge. Here are a few Yin poses that can be incorporated into your existing routine and are designed to energetically complement the Transition/Build phase of training.

How to practice

to the first point of resistance, and from that mild “edge” of sensation, observe what is being felt. Sensation should be no more than a mild, dull ache, and not gravitate toward anything sharp, stabbing or burning. The second principle is to remain still. With the muscles relatively relaxed, the stress will transfer to the denser connective tissues. Keep in mind, you are not fixed in a single spot for the duration of the pose. Do be sure to change the angle of the pose to accommodate for any release, or to back away from sensation that becomes too intense. Lastly, yin postures are held for longer periods of time. Postures can be held anywhere from 3 to even 20 minutes, but start with a time frame that makes sense for you, honoring the foregoing tenets. Practice the postures sequentially as listed, allowing for 3-6 minutes in each pose. Give yourself at least 1-2 minutes between postures to rest in a prone or supine position (savasana), observing the effects. It is normal to feel some fragility as you exit a posture, and that sensation may stay present for a minute or two.

There are three main principles of Yin Yoga. First, we come into a shape and go

Terry Cockburn has been teaching yoga since 2006 and owns Freeport Yoga Company (Freeport, Maine) and Yarmouth Yoga Studio (Yarmouth, Maine). A marathon runner, mother to two boys (and one yellow dog), business owner and outdoor adventure seeker, she balances an active yang lifestyle with time on the meditation cushion and a contemplative yin practice. Terry teaches classes, workshops and retreats and has a passion for working with the athletic population. Check out her upcoming offerings at www.freeportyogaco.com

DRAGON FLY (to the side) Target Areas: Spine/back

and inner lines of legs

DRAGONFLY (center)

SPHYNX Target Area: lumbar and potentially cervical spine

TWISTED ROOT Target Areas: spine/upper body/

massage for stomach and internal organs.

Disclaimer: Not all yoga poses are suitable for all persons. Always consult your health care provider and obtain full medical clearance before practicing yoga or any other exercise program. The information provided in this blog is strictly for reference only and is not in any manner a substitute for medical advice or direct guidance of a qualified yoga instructor. These postures are part of a longer sequence. To receive this sequence in full, please email info@freeportyogaco.com

activitymaine.com 13



14 winter/spring | 2016-2017


hen you think of the words “Maine,” “coffee,” and “alcohol,” your mind probably goes to Allen’s Coffee Brandy. The ubiquitous brown liquor is practically synonymous with Maine, where it's been the best-selling spirit in the state for over twenty years. In recent years, Allen's annually sells over a million bottles – nearly one for every resident of the state.

The majority of coffee beers on Maine brewers' taps are stouts and porters, which makes sense. Those are styles that already have the bitter, roast flavors that many people associate with coffee. The addition of coffee simply accentuates and amplifys them. The coffe-beer connection is also a chance for brewers to collaborate with local coffee roasters, craftsmen and -women who work in an environment not dissimilar from a craft brewery. Even when they aren’t working together directly, the use of locally-roasted coffee drives business through the doors of these Maine producers. The superhero team-up has led to great beers like Waypoint (from Rising Tide and Tandem Coffee), Joe Stout (Bag and Kettle and Carrabassett Coffee), Jolly Woodsman (Banded Horn and Speckled Ax), Happy Dog (Marshall Wharf and Green Tree Coffee), and Mr. Grumpy Pants (Norway Brewing & Coffee By Design). In addition to offerings that are brewed first and foremost as coffee beers, a number of Maine brewers have won over drinkers with coffee-infused versions of their regular lineups. Foundation’s Burnside, already a sweet and nutty brown ale, takes on a deep coffee complexity when infused with coffee. Loads of other local brews – like Barreled Souls Quaker State, Austin Six Grain, Oxbow Townline Porter, and Saco River Old Course, to name just a few – tinker with their darker beers by adding brewed coffee or roasted coffee beans before pouring. While the marriage of coffee and dark beers feels natural, brewers have discovered that java can be added to other styles with surprising – and impressive – results. Peak Organic's Espresso Amber, which debuted in 2008, combines organic, fair-trade espresso with the toasty malt and slightly fruity flavors of an amber ale. Rather than overpower the beer, the coffee adds rich, roasty notes and a whiff of coffee in the nose. Limerick's Gneiss Brewing occasionally adds cold brew concentrate to Delta, a Dunkelweizen (a dark wheat, Germanstyle beer). The result brings rich, roast


However, Mainers would be wise to marry coffee and alcohol with another libation – craft beer. Brewers in Maine, like those all over the country, have been incorporating coffee into their brews to delicious effect. And if you’re not a beer drinker, coffee beers can be a great introduction. In the world of commercially-brewed beer, fusion of coffee and ale is a relatively new development. As recently as the mid90s, the first coffee beers were met with resistance from the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms, who cited coffee as not being an approved additive for beer. Thankfully, the humble coffee bean survived this threat, and now features prominently beers that vary wildly in style and flavor. Hops' and grains' characteristics in beer vary wildly based on where they’re from and how they're roasted. In the same way, coffee beans can create a rainbow of different flavors and aromas in beer. A coffee bean can add notes that range from floral and fruity, to smokey, to brown sugar sweet. A favorite early-morning activity of mine is stopping into Speckled Ax in Portland and looking over the flavor descriptions for their different coffees. Coffee has a bounty of descriptors, and the list could put sommeliers to shame. Coffee is added to beer in a variety of different ways. Sometimes, grounds are steeped in water used to brew a batch of beer for a couple days, then blended into the beer during primary fermentation. Other beers call for adding similarly steeped water directly into the brite tank, where the beer is conditioned after primary fermentation. Still others add brewed coffee just before the beer is bottled and sent off to market. Each method imparts coffee characteristics in different ways, in the same way different methods of brewing coffee result in a different cup of joe. And that can all take a backseat to how much coffee is used, which can mean the difference between subtle coffee notes and a beer that tastes like a latte.

coffee flavor to the bread and banana notes of a dunkel, creating a complex and unique beer. Strong Brewing also brews a dunkel with coffee, their 44 Kaffee Weisse. The legendary brewers at Allagash created James Bean by infusing a bourbon barrel aged, Belgian-style strong ale with cold press coffee from Speckled Ax. It all comes together in a beer bursting with caramel, coffee, bourbon, and berry flavors. Maine's brewing scene even has a limited edition brew that pays tribute to the infamous Allen's Coffee Brandy. Since 2013, Ellen's Coffee Stout has been brewed by Bar Harbor's Atlantic Brewing Company. Coffee from Crooked Porch Coffee, milk sugar, and Madagascar vanilla make for a sweet and creamy stout that recalls the milkand-brandy cocktail favored by Allen's biggest fans.

activitymaine.com 15


t’s midafternoon on a Saturday and I’m in an up-and-coming industrial neighborhood in one of Maine’s coastal towns, enjoying a drink. It’s Maine Craft Distilling’s take on a Moscow Mule, served


with their spiced Ration Rum, ginger beer, and lime juice. Or perhaps it’s peppery Gunpowder Rye from New England Distilling, served straight up along with a tour of the distillery. I could be in Biddeford’s Pepperell Mill sipping a Bimini Special—a refreshing tonic made with Round Turn Distilling’s Bimini Gin, coconut water, lime juice, and a dash of bitters. The spirits may vary, but one thing is consistent: these craft distilleries are helping to bring life back to once-neglected industrial spaces as part of a resurgence of distilling in Maine that hasn’t been this robust since before Prohibition.

16 winter/spring | 2016-2017

[“Distilled” continued on page 16 ]

Located in Portland’s original brewery neighborhood in the Riverside Industrial Park, NEW ENGLAND DISTILLING is Portland’s first distillery since Prohibition. The distillery was founded by Ned Wight, former Allagash head brewer, and a descendent of several generations of whiskey distillers. Ned brings his brewing background and family distilling heritage together to produce high quality spirits that are unique and delicious. 


Rich with History. JUST LIKE MAINE.

New England Distilling is known for their traditional, low-tech approach to making spirits. Starting with raw grain or molasses, they make a mash and then ferment the wort to produce a beer.  The beer is then distilled using simple pot stills which are heated with direct fire, resulting in uniquely flavorful spirits.  These award winning spirits are Ingenium Gin, Eight Bells Rum, and Gunpowder Rye Whiskey.  Each is intended to be sipped on their own, but are excellent in cocktails as well.  Look for their highly anticipated bourbon to be introduced in early 2017, as well as future small batch whiskey releases. Interested in seeing their process first hand?  They love to show off the distillery and explain their production methods.  For tour information, see www.newenglanddistilling.com

tours & tastings on the hour M-F 12-5pm, SAT 10-6pm Visit our new tasting room: 1 Industrial Way, Portland 26 Evergreen Drive, Unit B Portland, ME * 207.878.9759 newenglanddistilling.com

COLD RIVER Our small-batch Spirits are made with an unmatched attention to detail. We take pride in owning every single step of the process to ensure genuine quality. We start with whole Maine potatoes and triple-distill our spirits in a copper pot stilI using the pure waters from Maine’s Cold River. Our blueberries and botanicals are steeped for the perfect amount of time before being mixed with 100% potato alcohol to form our Blueberry Flavored Vodka and traditional Gin. We then bottle and number each batch by hand to ensure its authenticity.



activitymaine.com 17

Opening in December 2016 at Hollywood Casino Hotel & Raceway Bangor

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ABOVE: New England Distilling tour in Portland PHOTO BY KATE MCCARTY

Craft distilleries and their accompanying tasting rooms are following in the well-trod steps of craft breweries. Fifteen distilleries have opened in Maine in the last 11 years, wrestling consumers’ attention away from national brands with carefully crafted, often locally-sourced products in a wide array of styles. Like breweries, the forerunners of the industry worked to change unfavorable laws leftover from the 1930s for their businesses to thrive. And it’s working—as regulations become friendlier to small businesses and the public’s thirst for craft beverages grows, more and more distilleries are firing up their stills and slinging drinks across the tasting room bar. Distilling in Maine was actually outlawed for the longest period of time in the country—from the passage of the so-called Maine Law in 1851 until the repeal of Prohibition in 1933—a total of 82 years. It should follow then that near every distillery in Maine gives a nod to history by revitalizing forgotten spaces. Distillers work in once-abandoned mills and warehouses in Portland, Brewer, Biddeford and in renovated barns in York, Freeport, Union, and Newcastle. They create spirits that honor our state’s rich history of shipyards, working waterfronts, and agriculture in these spaces made relevant once again. Of course, no one narrative captures the wide variety within Maine’s craft distilling industry. The men and women behind the stills produce unique spirits using technology that was first discovered in Medieval times, but given a 21st century twist. Unwanted potatoes become gin

18 winter/spring | 2016-2017

and vodka at Maine Distilleries; Split Rock Distilling ferments and distills locallygrown organic grains into vodka and bourbon. Several distilleries use molasses to make a number of rums as varied as those from the Caribbean Islands, and gins are flavored with unique botanicals like chamomile, rose petals, and naturally, blueberries. There’s a Maine-made spirit for everyone from fruity mixed drink lovers to serious whiskey aficionados. As the Maine craft distilling industry grows, so does the average drinker’s knowledge of spirits. Bespoke cocktail menus featuring bitters, amaros, egg white-topped drinks, and housemade ingredients have helped turn many average bar-goers into a knowledgeable and discerning consumers. Others are simply happy to try something new that tastes good, and many are looking to connect with the story behind the drink. As a result, the last few years have seen a rise in the popularity of events and groups that offer drinks with a side of education. The Portland Spirits Society (of which I am the founder) hosts ladies-only educational events about different styles of liquor. We’ve learned about everything from tequila and Scotch to what kind of whiskey pairs well with chocolate. Briana Volk, owner of the Portland cocktail bar Portland Hunt + Alpine Club, coordinates the New England Cocktail Conference annually, a multi-day event for industry professionals and the public. The conference’s events in years past ranged from tiki drinks 101 to a “grandpa drinks”themed retro dinner.

In the past few years, Maine’s craft brewing industry has taken off, and for good reason. Maine has some very talented brewers who are putting out  phenomenal products and HOPS HOUSE 99 is excited to be able to serve them to their customers – both local customers and visitors to the area – a taste of what Maine has to offer.

HOPS HOUSE 99 is all about Maine-made products and they’re going to focus on them. They plan to make Maine-made food offerings available as much as  possible. The menu is expected to have a variety of American food, pub fare,  entrées, sandwiches, salads and more. With Hops House 99, it’s really all about the beer – 99 beers to be exact. The beer selection will have about a third of the brews available on tap, with the rest in bottles or cans. Some of the taps will be rotating, which offers limitless opportunities for Maine-beer-enthusiasts. Hops House 99 is a complete entertainment destination in Maine! Hollywood Casino Hotel and Raceway features the latest slot machines, table games, live poker, exciting harness racing, hotel with attached parking garage and live entertainment at the Sound Stage Lounge!

A natural extension of the farm-totable ethos that has gripped our nation’s food, craft distilling has what’s missing from those ubiquitous national brands: a unique sense of place. People want a drink with a story, and the ingenuity and craft that has long characterized the makers of our state fills every bottle. So next time you order a drink at a bar, ask what’s local, and listen for the unique story that only a Maine-made spirit can tell. Kate McCarty is a food and drink writer living in Portland, Maine. She has written two books, including Distilled in Maine: A History of Libations, Temperance, and Craft Spirits. Find more of her writing at blueberryfiles.com.

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here are some women working in the brewing industry in Maine, just not many in the brewery making the beer. Austin Street, opened by Will Fisher and

Jake Austin in the same Industrial Way location that seems to be the most prolific birthplace of new breweries in the entire state, invited Lisa Kellindorfer to join their staff last March. I always ask brewers this question: “What was the first beer you ever tasted?” Lisa told me, “It was probably a Bud Light I had at a high school party. I did not enjoy it.” A study abroad stint came to the rescue, though, when Kellindorfer spent a semester in Dresden, Germany and


tasted a Pilsner Urquell. “This is where

Austin Street Brewery’s Assistant Brewer LISA KELLINDORFER

20 winter/spring | 2016-2017

my love of beer began,” she said. With degrees from Boston University in biochemistry and molecular biology and biotechnology, Lisa embarked on a career in scientific research laboratories. After working in three labs in three years, I decided academic research was not for me. I enjoy drinking beer and thought working in a brewery would be fun. I hoped I could use my background in a new way, applying it to brewing and

quality control. Luckily Jake and Will were interested in my scientific training and hired me as the Assistant Brewer. Kellindorfer most enjoys mashing in, the first stage of beer-making that fills the brewery with warm grainy aromas, but the “grain out” part? Not so much. “My least favorite part of a brew day is removing the used grain from the mash tun. It’s hot, steamy and the wet grain is heavy to move around.” She is not alone, I’m sure. Her favorite food pairings with Austin Street’s beers? “I like to have Six Grain Milk Stout with Holy Donut. And Rally, our session IPA, pairs well with oysters.” Kellindorfer, who is from Amherst, NH, spends days off with her dog Acadia taking advantage of the great outdoors: hiking, skiing (“When there’s snow.), running and snowshoeing.

Austin Street Brewing Company

1 Industrial Way, Suite 8 Portland Maine, 04103 Tasting Room Hours: Thursday-Saturday 12-7, Sunday 12-5 (Check the Facebook page for potential changes in beers on tap or hours.) Kate Cone loves the idea of brewing beer for a living. Perhaps in another life. She likes writing about it and tasting it even more. Her new book, What’s Brewing in New England was published by Down East Books in September, 2016. Get in touch: kateconewrites@gmail.com

The County Brew Scene By PAUL LAMOREAU


roostook County is known as a four season outdoor lover’s paradise, especially for winter recreation enthusiasts into cross country skiing, snowshoeing, or snowmobiling. The microbrewing revolution that has recently exploded in Portland, Bangor, and other points west and Downeast, has yet to be fully realized in “The County”. However, there are as many beer lovers per capita here as anywhere else in the state of Maine and things are happening, beer-wise, here is a just sampling: As you pull off Interstate 95 into Houlton, the first stop for any craft beer enthusiast should be the Thirsty Dawg beer and wine store, just off Route 2A on Florence Avenue. Established by Kent Good in 2010, the beer selection is one of the best in the state of Maine, with over 30 Maine breweries in stock. He is also one of the chief organizers of the Black Fly Brewfest, which will be held on May 20, 2017. Aroostook Hops currently grows four popular varieties at their hop yard: Cascade, Centennial, Mt. Hood, and Nugget. Back in August, the CFO of Gritty McDuff’s was in the County with his Gritty’s balloon for the Aroostook Balloon Festival, and stopped by to pick up some fresh Centennial and Cascade hops to use in their “Wet Hop Ale”.  Geaghan’s Brothers Brewing also used some of their fresh hops in making its “Aroostook Hop Harvest” ale. Heading northeast on Route 1A from Westfield to Fort Fairfield you will find The Hop Yard’s northern farm on the Maple Grove Road. This was their first commercial hop yard and they have since established another in Gorham.  Another area farm producing quality ingredients for the Maine craft beer market is Buck Farms’ Maine Malt House, located in Mapleton, just east of Presque Isle on Route 163. Brothers Jared, Josh, and Jacob Buck, along with father Bruce and uncles Brent and Barry, started the Maine Malt House in February of 2015. If you head about 10 miles north on Route 1 from Presque Isle, you will arrive

at Arooostook County’s only microbrewery, Northern Maine Brewing Company in Caribou. Of their six brews on tap, I sampled the Maine Logger (a crisp Pilsen lager), the River Driver's Red ale, the Skidder Grease Stout, and the Farmer IPA, with an IBU of 63 and ABV of 6.9%.   30 miles further north in Fort Kent, where Route 161 ends and U.S. Route 1 begins (ending in Key West, Florida), you can make your way to Walker’s Pub on West Main Street where you’ll find fine food and several Maine craft beers on tap. Continuing on Route 1 to the Northeastern most point in the United States, just across the St. John River from Madawaska in Edmunston, New Brunswick, is Les Brasseurs de Petit-Sault brewery (“Little Falls Brewery”).  It is worth the trip to tour the brewery and sample the beers on the Canadian side of the border, but bring your passport and a designated driver. Aroostook County may be behind the rest of Maine in the number of local microbreweries, but the scenery is great, the people are friendly, and they are ready to ride the craft beer wave that is sweeping over the state. Most of these establishments ca nbe found on Facebook pages and it would behoove travelers to bring their skis, snowshoes, or snowmobiles and check them out this winter.  Upcoming winter events include the Holiday Light Parade in Presque Isle on December 3rd and the Caribou Winter Carnival in mid-February.

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brew greater

portland W

hen in Southern Maine, make sure to check out these great establishments to enjoy traditional Maine favorites and new


THE KING’S HEAD was conceived in 2014 as Portland’s Gastropub. Located in the Pierce Atwood Building on the scenic Merrill’s Wharf, it’s the perfect spot to eat, drink, and view the working waterfront. A true Gastropub, the food and beer programs are no accident. Consistently ranked on Beer Advocate as one of the top two Craft Beer bars in Portland, the 35 brews on the tap list does justice to the Maine Craft Beer movement without forgetting the rest of the world. Their menu is broken down into Hoppy; Lighter Ales and Lagers; The Maltier Side; Black Ales; Sour/Funk; and Cider. Beyond beer, there is an extensive whiskey collection and craft cocktail menu with a section focusing on Old Fashions. With a background in fine dining, Chef Paul Kirschbaum uses his CIA/Le Cordon Bleu background to execute pub fare that is noticeably a step up in quality but not price. With classics like:



22 winter/spring | 2016-2017



Scotch Egg, The best fish and chips in town, Shepard’s Pie and house specialties like Thai peanut butter and spicy jelly wings, your beer of choice will not be lonely. And coming soon – Jager @ 41 Wharf street – Bavarian beers, food, wine, and craft cocktails!!

THE GREAT LOST BEAR has become a Portland institution since opening in 1979. The Bear is located about two miles from Portland’s touristy Old Port but well worth the journey across town to the Mysterious Woodford’s Area. The Great Lost Bear features an enormous, eclectic menu with something for everyone, all served in an entertaining atmosphere. They have added more taps as new breweries open throughout the Northeast. Now, with the Craft Beer Revolution in full throttle GLB offers 78 beers on tap with over 40 from the State of Maine alone. Come taste some of the freshest local beer around at the GLB!

special ISSUE Maine Tasting Room Guide Pro Brewing Tips Locally Sourced Ingredients Fall Brews with a Twist and more...


Available at many local breweries.

The King’s Head Pub

 

35 Craft Taps

Best Beers from Maine and the World 

98 rating on Beer Advocate 

Local Upscale Pub Fare



Coming Soon!!


Bavarian Beer, Food and Wine with Craft Cocktails on Wharf St in the Old Port


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ortland isn’t the only place to get a delicious Maine brew. When enjoying your outdoor advetures this winter, plan to drop in to these establishments for a refreshing brew!



Our clocks have been set back and Old Man Winter might be rearing his ugly head, but step into the tap room at TUMBLEDOWN BREWING and you would never know it. Located in the Western Maine town of Farmington, this small but mighty brewery will have just what you are looking for. Beers ranging from the easy-drinking Clearwater Cream Ale to the rugged Bull Horse Double Black IPA pour from their recently upgraded tap line that now offers eight varieties. Need a rugged carrying device for your favorite Tumbledown? They now have sweet Stanley insulated growlers in stock. And if you are looking for some tasty grub to go along with their beer, look no further than El Toro Maine.  Also located in the Eastside Mall, El Toro offers up fresh Mexican food made with local ingredients.

24 winter/spring | 2016-2017

Naples A visit to Naples would not be complete without a stop in to the UMBRELLA FACTORY OUTLET (U.F.O.)! Located in the Shop n Save shopping center on the corner of Rts 302 and 35, the U.F.O. offers over 2500 sq. ft. of liquor, wine and craft beer choices. It is an agency liquor store, offering over 1700 liquor, 1800 wine, 700 craft beer, 180 nips/pints and 100 cider selections! From hard apple cider to seasonal brews, you'll find them here! From fruity reislings to rich merlots, this store provides them! From a smooth vodka to a warm whiskey, browse them at the U.F.O.! This remarkable store not only offers discount beverages but also great prices on cigarettes, cigars and tobacco products. Labeled “the Wine Capital of Maine,” the store expanded in 2015 to add the Craft Beer Runway which leads to the Lost Moose Campground tasting center, where wine and beer tastings are held. The U.F.O. also supplies a selection of cold wine and beer for customer's convenience. Open daily M-Th 9am-8pm and Fr-Sat 9am-9pm in Naples: Route 302, 639 Roosevelt Trail. Visit the website at umbrellafactoryofmaine.com and like on Facebook.




Starting after Thanksgiving, NORWAY BREWING COMPANY is opening the taproom for samples, growler fills, and bar snacks only on Mondays and Tuesdays from 3-9pm, and Fridays from 1-4pm. They will have plans in the works for trivia and/or game nights, as well as continuing the Acoustic Jam Sessions every other Wednesday. On the First Friday of every month, they host a Brewer’s Choice tasting in the brewery, where you can get a flight of three hand-picked 4-ounce samples and an hour of Q&A with our head brewer. Their new menu for the Holidays will feature a Norwegian-style Christmas platter among other seasonal delights! On Saturday, February 25th, Norway Brewing Co. will host a winter carnival a-la-Quebec at the brewery. They plan on partnering with other local businesses and non-profits for some outdoor sports for the event. Check their social media channels (@norwaybrewingco) for the latest developments!

The Umbrella Factory Outlet The Wine Capital of Naples, Maine Come visit our

The Wine Capital

Craft Beer Runway!


Over 700 Craft Beer Choices


More than 100 Hard Ciders


Great Wine Specials

Compare our Wine Prices with any competitor on Route 302, Roosevelt Trail

In the back of the Runway is the Lost Moose Campground. Over 1,700 Choices of Your Favorite Maine Spirits!

Cold Wine Also Available!

HUGE SELECTION of Nips & Pints Full 24 Foot Aisle of VODKA!

639 Roosevelt Trail, Naples, ME

Located at the Naples Shopping Center before the Causeway.

(207) 693–3988 • www.UmbrellaFactorySupermarket.com

Sunday–Thursday: 9am–9pm Friday & Saturday: 9am–9pm

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get your kicks on



EADING NORTH ON ROUTE 26 FROM PORTLAND AND GRAY takes you to the heart of Maine’s Winter playground. When planning your trip, leave someME extra time to visit these great destinations along the way.


26 winter/spring | 2016-2017

Carter's XC Ski in Oxford has purposely built fat bike trails & fat bike rentals provided on sight by the Green Machine Bike Shop. Other noteworthy places to ride are, Shepard's Farm Preserve in Norway & Range Pond State Park in Poland. Snowmobile trails are also a great option, just be sure to ask permission from your local snowmobile club, as not all snowmobile trails are fat bike friendly.  The Green Machine Bike Shop opened its doors on Main Street in Norway, the Spring of 2012, with the focus on bicycle & ski repair. They have expanded their retail

offerings to include bicycles & accessories from Felt, Scott, KHS, Santa Cruz & Fizik. Their ski lines include Volkl, Black Diamond & Scott Skis, Scarpa Telemark boots, Dalbello Alpine boots, Rottefella, NTN, 22 designs, BlackDiamond & Marker bindings. They have group rides for experienced road and mountain bikers, and a group that builds trails. Group road bike rides are Wednesdays at 5:15 p.m. and Saturdays at 9:00 a.m.  The group mountain bike ride is Sunday at 9:00 a.m. The trail building group meets Tuesday afternoons at 5:30 p.m. Call


207-739-2324 for the most up to date information. For more than 50 years, Mt. Abram has been one of Maine’s premiere learnto-ski areas. The ski area is comprised of 1,150 vertical feet, 5 lifts, 51 trails and 2 base lodges. There is terrain for all ability levels. Families love the Westside, with a separate base lodge and an expanded heated pavilion, chairlift, magic carpet and lessons available. The Main Lodge is home to the best après parties in New England! Cruise into Loose Boots Lounge for live music, wine tasting, great drinks and tasty food. Mt. Abram is constantly working to improve snowmaking capacity, while expanding the existing trail network to improve the quality of the slopes. Interested in mushing? Founded in 1977 by mushers Grey and Kathy Pickett, Nooksack Racing Supply is a provider of top quality equipment for novice and experienced mushers and dog powered sports. Friendly, courteous and knowledgeable staff to help you & your four legged friends. Proudly made in Maine, USA.

The Green Machine Bike Shop opened its doors on Main Street in Norway in the Spring of 2012 with the focus on bicycle & ski repair. They have recently moved just down the road to 419 Main St. and have expanded their retail offerings to include bicycles & accessories from Felt, Scott, KHS, Raleigh, Santa Cruz & Fizik. Their ski lines include Volkl, Black Diamond & Scott Skis, Scarpa Telemark boots, Dalbello Alpine boots, Rottefella, NTN, 22 designs, BlackDiamond & Marker bindings. They have group rides for experienced road and mountain bikers, and a group that builds trails. Call 207-739-2324 for the most up


2016-17 Down East Sled Dog Events & Meetings JANUARY 21-22 Dryland Musher’s Bowl with an alternate date of February 4-5 FEBRUARY 18-19 Farmington Sprint Sled Dog Races FEBRUARY 25-26 Viles Arboretum Sled Dog Challenge

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Beautiful selection of pre-cut Christmas trees!

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Fine Jewelry

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Maine Mineral Museum Mineral specimens

145 Main Street South Paris, Maine 04281 1-800-686-7633 www.creaserjewelers.com

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to date information on Group rides and trail building. Mt. Abram has several signature events including a full moon hike, the Mt. Dew Vertical Challenge, Wild West Fest, White Grass Festival and New England Tele Fest and more. Follow Mt. Abram Ski Area on Facebook & In Carters Cross Country Ski Center is a family owned and operated business, and has been for over 30 years. They have 2 locations with full-service ski shops and unique trails. Their ski shops can equip you with quality touring packages, as well as Back Country and top of the line racing equipment for your enire family. Carter’s has many trails designated for Back Country skiers and snowshoers. They rent Back Country equipment and snowshoes at both locations so you can try before you buy. stagram to stay current. Smedbergs’ Crystal Spring Farm’s roadside stand in Oxford was originally built in 1967 and is owned and operated by Roger and Gayle Smedberg and Roger Smedberg, Jr. From Madein-Maine products like maple syrup, honey, fruit


salsa, pottery, soaps and ornaments, to their own One Cow Homemade Ice Cream that’s “udderly delicious,” Smedbergs’ Crystal Spring Farm is an experience unlike any other. Stop by and check out their homemade baked goods including pies, breads and Gayle’s delicious homemade baked beans and chicken pies. Smedberg’s all-natural, home-grown beef, pork and lamb are raised on the farm and fed from the field, with no added hormones. Also available: bison, chicken, seafood and live lobster. You won’t want to miss a stop at Smedbergs’ Crystal Spring Farm. After all that trail time you will have worked up an appetite! Located right on Route 26 in South Paris, stop for a meal at Maurice Restaurant. Since 1976, Maurice’s has been a pleasant surprise for world sojourners and people new to the beautiful Oxford Hills area of western Maine. The 200-year old clapboard house turned restaurant continues to delight, serving FrenchContinental cuisine in an elegant country atmosphere at affordable prices.




s the days grow shorter and temperature drop below freezing, our thoughts turn to the holiday season and the start of the New Year. Popular activities such as snowmobiling, ice fishing and skiing seem to be on everybody’s mind. The ground has begun to freeze allowing early winter snows to remain and babbling brooks have been muted by thickening sheets of ice. It’s a time when the crisp air has blown the last leaves of fall from the trees. We don’t commonly view this time as a good time to hike in the Maine woods, but that’s changing.

With the inventions of lighter, warmer base layer clothing and chemical reaction hand and foot heaters more people are not only staying out in the chilly temperatures longer and longer, but they are beginning to look for new ways to enjoy the Maine woods. In the past decade snowshoeing and winter hiking have grown into an emerging sector of the Maine winter sports industry. Ski resorts are now offering ski and snowshoe packages. Outdoor based programs such Maine Huts and Trails, lands in Maine State Parks and Land Preserves such as the Roberts

activitymaine.com 29


30 winter/spring | 2016-2017

Farm Preserve have grown in popularity with people wanting to get out and move during the winter. State parks like Rangeley and Sebago Lakes State Park traditionally shuttered for the winter are now opening and offering winter programs like free snowshoe and cross country ski rentals for their trail systems. Backwoods hiking has also grown in popularity. Hikers enjoy the less crowded trails and the absence of foliage which affords them deeper views into the forest. This is a time when wildlife can be

spotted more easily, perhaps a mink near a frozen brook or a snowshoe hare hoping through the under brush. Roughed grouse, owls, and even turkeys can now be observed from a distance. Unique land features, Maine’s famous rock walls, and old foundations become easily identifiable. Areas once thought of as only summer locations like Grafton Notch, Angel falls, and Bigelow Mountain are now seeing winter visitors. Early winter hikes needn’t be all day experiences. One of my favorite hikes is a quick jaunt off from the “East B Hill” road


between Andover and Upton to a series of mountainous waterfalls and gorges known as The Cataracts. It takes only a half hour or so to walk the entire trek but the ice sculptured waterfalls in seasonal stasis make the trip well worth while. Another favorite, Piazza Rock along the Appalachian Trail in Rangeley takes about an hour to reach. A peaceful trail winds through majestic hardwoods and cozy softwood stands along the route to the hanging monolith. Go early, just after freeze up as this notch is prone to deep snow by mid winter. For day long hikes, check out the Roberts Farm Preserve in Oxford Hills. There is an entire network of meandering trails through rolling hills, fields, and serene forests for hiking, snowshoeing, and cross country skiing. Maine Huts and Trails network offer kitchen use and heated rooms at any one of their 3 secluded lodges after a day long route through some of Maineâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s most pristine woods. While in the Area, be sure to visit the Sugarloaf Outdoor Center in Carrabassett Valley for a variety of outdoor

adventures set in a beautiful backdrop of wintery Maine woods.



STAY SAFE The key to enjoying these wintery hikes is being prepared. Dress in layers, with a base layer designed to wick away the moisture of perspiration to keep it from cooling on your skin. Wear fleece as lightweight warmth and an outer shell to deflect wind and precipitation. Plan your hike and hike your plan, tell someone where you are headed and when you expect to return. Have a basic knowledge of map and compass navigation. Remember the usual recommendations, waterproof matches, first aid kit, and a light source. Along with high energy snacks, consider a small Thermos of heated beverage or stew. My wife buys dozens of packages of chemical reaction hand, foot and body warmers at cheap off-season prices for use all winter long. For more information, visit the Maine Bureau of Parks and Lands, Maine Huts and Trails, the Sugarloaf Outdoor Center, or the Maine Appalachian Trail Club.

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Western Maine’s Winter Playground


32 winter/spring | 2016-2017



ITH ONE OF THE STATE’S TWO BIGGEST SKI AREAS, it’s not surprising that Bethel is a center for winter sports. But you may be surprised at the variety of outdoor options winter offers there. Besides downhill and Nordic skiing, ice skating and snow tubing, there are places to snowshoe, dogsled, take a sleigh ride, even fish through a hole in the ice. Those who’ve never tried any of these winter activities will find lessons, equipment and lots of outdoor company in this friendly town.

your bethel


GO GET ’EM! 7am Make your favorite breakfast in the kitchen of your fully equipped accommodation from Rent Bethel. 8am  Out the door to either hit the slopes or rent snowmobiles and take a half day self-guided tour of the Mahousucs at Northeast Snowmobile Rental in Bethel. 12pm Stop for Lunch 1pm Afternoon adventure at Carters XC Skiing to rent Skis or Fat Bikes to check out their groomed back country. 6pm Dinner and apres bevies with a lively atmosphere at Rooster's Road House- PHEW!!

ABOVE: Like Dogs? Like Snow? A dogsledding trip may be the winter ad-

venture for you! Contact Mahousuc Guide Service and find out why Mushing Magazine, the recognized international authority on dogsledding, recommends them as one of North America’s Top 5 dogsledding outfits. PHOTO BY CAROL SAVAGE WWW.CAROLSAVAGEPHOTOGRAPHY.COM

TAKE IT EASY Enjoy a leisurely and elegant stay at the Sudbury Inn (with pet friendly options) Sleep in a little and enjoy breakfast not too early. Make it a day of shopping and sight seeing, first stop is Maine Mineral and Gem Museum to check out their museum store and Preview Gallery. Then its hitting the stores in downtown Bethel and a break for Lunch. Afternoon you want see some of the area so you drive the access road to Sunday River and on the way shop for the latest snowboard gear and styles at Pinnacle Snowboard Shop. Then head back to your room before joining the apres crowd down stairs at Suds Pub and or enjoy fine dining at Bistro 151 right on premises!

The centerpiece of winter sports is Sunday River (sundayriver.com), eight mountain peaks connected by 135 trails across 870 acres of developed trails and glades served by 15 lifts. It’s a family-friendly place, where kids love the slope-side entertainment and snow tubing at South Ridge, and teens appreciate the six terrain parks. Boarders of all ages gravitate to Pinnacle Snowboard Shop (pinnaclesnowboardshop.com), with top names in boards, customized goggles and gear right at the mountain.

Cross-country skiers find trails and equipment right in town at Bethel Nordic Ski Center, at the start of 30km of classic and skate tracks, through forests and across fields with views of the Mahoosuc Mountains. Five miles of snowshoe trails and a skating rink make this a onestop winter recreation center. Plenty of scenic trails are available, too, for those who prefer to explore the woods and fields on a snowmobile. Northeast Snowmobile Rentals (northeastsnowmobile.com) can provide machines to use on their trails and groomed terrain, the largest in the area. Complete instruction, helmets and free trail maps, along with free GPS tracking assure your safety.Mornington Crescent Sled Dogs (sledpets.com), just south of Bethel, offers hand-on dogsled experiences that are more than just a ride.

Fishing is an all-season sport, so if you want to know how – and where – to land a 10-pound pike in February, stop at Orion Outfitters and Guide Service (orionoutfitters.net) For augers, bait,and tackle, the experts at Bethel Bait & Tackle and More (bethelbait. com) offer plenty of tips about nearby lakes and ponds. Rent Bethel is a premier vacation rental agency servicing the greater Sunday River & Bethel, ME area. They offer a great selection of on and off mountain homes and condos for rent seasonally and short term. With over 10 years of experience in vacation rentals and a handpicked inventory of rent ready properties staying with Rent Bethel guarantees your satisfaction from booking to check out. See your winter getaway options right now at

For rooms, dining and an après-ski scene in one place, consider The Sudbury Inn (thesudburyinn.com), a family-friendly inn with a French bistro and Suds Pub, featuring 29 beers on tap. The free Mountain Explorer (mountainexplorer.org) shuttle takes skiers right to Sunday River and home again, so you can leave your car right at the inn. No winter getaway is complete without some quality après-ski time. Check out Sunday River Brewing Company (sundayriverbrewingcompany.com), a microbrewery where you can lift a glass by the fireside and satisfy your appetite with a hearty pub dinner. There’s plenty of winter fun in Bethel; stop by the Bethel Area Chamber of Commerce (bethelmaine. com) at Station Place in the center of town to learn more.


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M A I N E ’ S W I N T E R P L AY G R O U N D


Maine’s Most Beautiful Mountain Village

Call for a free Visitors’ Guide and map

800-442-5826 | www.BethelMaine.com

Bethel Physical Accepting Therapy Services Patients 312 Mayville Road Bethel, Maine

207-824-4895 www.rumfordhospital.org

So vogue.

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MUSEUM STORE & PREVIEW GALLERY Now Jewelry • Maine Gems • Gifts


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99 Main Street • Bethel, Maine • 207.824.3036 MaineMineralMuseum.org

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events | Bethel

Be sure to check activitymaine.com for the most up-to-date information. ONGOING: Fireworks at Sunday River Best viewing is slopeside at South Ridge Lodge or the Foggy Goggle deck. Fireworks go off at 8:30PM unless otherwise noted. DECEMBER 17-MARCH 18: Night Skiing & Tubing at Sunday River Fridays, Saturdays, and select Holidays | sundayriver.com DECEMBER 17-MARCH 18: Sleigh Rides at The Bethel Inn Resort A half-hour trip on the trails behind The Bethel Inn Resort, 5pm-7:30pm. $15 for ages 11 and up, $12 for ages 4-10, 3 and under free with an adult. For dates and details visit bethelinn.com DECEMBER 17: Winterfest & 1st Night of Night Skiing at Sunday River DECEMBER 28-MARCH 16: Black Diamond Entertainment at Sunday River Your source for family fun all winter long, featuring magicians, jugglers, laser tag, fire dancers, and more. December 28, 30, 31; January 10, 11, 14; February 18, 21, 23, 25; March 1, 8, 16 | sundayriver.com JANUARY 11: Children’s Festival at Sunday River (7:30pm show) FEBRUARY 4: White Out Weekend at Sunday River MARCH 25: First night of Spring Après Concert Series at Sunday River MARCH 31: Spring Festival at Sunday River NOVEMBER 25: Local Craft & Wares Fair – Get your holiday shopping done early by shopping locally and handmade! 9am-4pm at the Bethel Inn Resort's Conference Center.

NOVEMBER 25-DECEMBER 17: Horsedrawn wagon rides through historic Bethel village – Free! Meet in front of the Chapman Inn on the corner of Church Street and Main St. 1-3pm. November 25, December 3, 10, 17 NOVEMBER 25: “Made In Maine: 100+ Years of Craftsmanship in Skiing” – 7:30-9:00 pm at Museums of the Bethel Historical Society NOVEMBER 27: Rotary Country Breakfast – Benefits community scholarships and projects. $8/adults, $3/children. 7:30-11am. Ordway Hall, Gould Academy, Church Street, Bethel. DECEMBER 3: Light Up Main Street Jingle Walk – Watch Main Street businesses light up as carolers walk up Main Street to the town common to light the Christmas tree. Walk begins at Philbrook Place at 3:45pm. Tree lighting at 4:45 pm. DECEMBER 3: Christmas at the Mason House – Bethel Hill’s oldest surviving home will be decorated in traditional 19th century style and lit by candles. Free, but donations welcome. 3:30-6pm. Museums of the Bethel Historical Society, 14 Broad St, Bethel. DECEMBER 3: Santa Sunday at Sunday River – Dress up as Santa, make a donation to the Sunday River Charitable Fund, you can ski for free. (Pre-registration required by 11/28) sundayriver.com DECEMBER 13: TRHS Winter Concert Telstar Regional High School Auditorium 7pm. | 207-824-2136 DECEMBER 16-18: Winterfest Weekend – Meet Santa and Eddy the Yeti, $5 night skiing (4-8 pm), fireworks at South Ridge at 8:30 pm. sundayriver.com

DECEMBER 21: Gould Academy's Annual Yulefest Concert – Celebrate the holidays with this spectacular student concert open to the public. Bingham Auditorium | 207-824-7700 DECEMBER 23: Wine Tasting 207-875-5000 | mtabram.com DECEMBER 31: New Year’s Eve Party – Fireworks display at 9pm, live music in the Loose Boots Lounge from 10pm – 1am | 207-875-5000 | mtabram.com DECEMBER 31: New Year’s Eve Peak Dinner – Ride the Chondola to the midmountain peak lodge for an unforgettable dining experience. 800-543-2754 sundayriver.com JANUARY 1: 32nd Carter’s Last Stand – Celebrate with a New Year ski or snowshoe at Carter’s Bethel location at 786 Intervale Road. Potluck lunch & bonfire to follow | 207-824-3880 www.cartersxcski.com JANUARY 1: New Year’s Day Apres Music Mt. Abram Ski Area – 3:30pm – 6pm | 207-875-5000 www.mtabram.com JANUARY 8: National Winter Trails Day Carter’s XC Ski Center – Free rentals & trail pass for beginners after 1pm. 786 Intervale Road Bethel 207-824-3880 | cartersxcski.com JANUARY 9-13: Children's Festival Week – Scavenger hunts, live entertainment, movies, and more. Kids ski, snowboard, rent, learn, and stay free when staying with a paying adult! 800-543-2754 | sundayriver.com JANUARY 23-27: Go50 Week Sunday River Resort – Activities dedicated to those over 50. 800-543-2754 sundayriver.com JANUARY 24: Hooked Rugs: Art, Craft and Design – Exhibit at the Robinson House, 10am – 4pm 800-824-2910 | bethelhistorical.org JAN. 27-JAN. 30: Veterans No Boundaries – A weekend of camaraderie and self-discovery for disabled veterans, active-duty personnel, and their families and caregivers. 207-824-2440/800-639-7770 maineadaptive.org

JANUARY 28: Chef Summit – Award-winning chefs from top restaurants across New England share samplings of their favorite creations, complimented by creative cocktails and wine pairings. 800-543-2754, sundayriver.com JANUARY 29: Wood Ski Day – Free trail pass for folks on wood skis. 207-539-4848 cartersxcski.com FEBRUARY 3-5: White Out Weekend – Sunday River hosts White Out Weekend (WOW) with The OutRyders, New England's largest GLBTQ ski and snowboard club | 800-543-2754 sundayriver.com FEBRUARY 4: Maine State White Grass Festival – The only bluegrass festival on snow in Maine! 207-875-5000 | mtabram.com FEBRUARY 4: Flying Moose Classic – Classic technique, mass start xc ski race at Gould Academy’s Pine Hill Competition Trails. 7.5 km or 22km timed races. . 207-824-4099 | bethelouting.org FEBRUARY 25: Mount Abram Ski Club Auction – 5pm to Closing. Mt. Abram Ski Area | 207-8755000 | mtabram.com MARCH 8-10: Mono-Ski Camp Maine Adaptive Sports and Recreation hosts a free 3-day clinic for mono-skiers. 207-824-2440/800-639-7770 maineadaptive.org MARCH 18: Western Maine Fly Fishing Expo – 9am – 4pm at the Bethel Inn Conference Center. Fishing guides, camps, retail vendors, fishing videos, fly tying competitions, outdoor authors, and artists, prize drawings every hour. (800) 654-0125 | bethelinn.com

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Surrounded by beautiful lakes and with 10 of Maine’s highest peaks with in reach, this world class 4 season town comes alive with winter events!


36 winter/spring | 2016-2017

This year why not visit Rangeley for their first Annual WinterPaloozah! on Haley Pond in the town’s most complete winter sports village. The main event will be held on Saturday, February 13, beginning at 11:00am and continues throughout the day; winding up with a Valentine’s Eve horse drawn hay wagon rides from 5-7 pm. A campfire, marshmallows and a hot cocoa bar will keep our attendees warm while taking part in this winter scene out of a Norman Rockwell painting.

WinterPaloozah! includes ice skating, pond hockey, kick-sledding, snowshoeing, Nordic skiing, a snowman building competition, ice golf, ice curling, demonstrations on ice safety, fat tire bike demos, Nordic skating, snow-kiting and kite winging demonstrations and instruction, dog sled rides an other games and activities for all ages. Many on ice games and activities will be available for public use throughout President’s Week including



additional campfires and marshmallow roasts. Rangeley is a winter wonderland and outdoor recreation mecca. This year we have organized our first ever WinterPaloozah! to share our passion for outdoor family fun. Best of all, WinterPaloozah! is free!! Winterpalooza! is a joint effort of local businesses, the Rangeley Skating Club, the Rangeley Lakes Heritage Trust and the Rangeley

Lakes Regional School Parent Teachers Association. Rangeley Events. At Rangeley's Moose Loop Cafe, Bakery & Rentals on Main Street, you can rent snowmobiles, plus the gear to go with them, including gloves, jackets, pants and boots. Even if you donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t hit the trails, dine on breakfast or lunch at the General Store and enjoy the view overlooking Haley Pond.

events | Rangeley

Be sure to check activitymaine.com for the most up-to-date information. DECEMBER 10


Parade of Trees Community Party

Rangeley 4th Annual World Record Snowmobile Ride for Cystic Fibrosis

5:00pm FMI: 207-864-5364 JANUARY 19

FMI: 207-671-7275

Chili/Chowder Cook-off, 5:30pm


FMI: 207-864-5571

Winter FLY IN-Bald Mountain Camps


FMI: 207-864-3671

Casino Night - RLSC, 7pm



21th Annual Rangeley Lakes Loppet

Rangeley Snodeo Weekend

8:30am FMI: 207-864-4309

includes family snowmobile rides, a snowmobile stunt show by Rave-X, radar run, casino night and other activities.

10:30am to 4:00pm RL Trails Center FMI: 207-864-4309

MARCH 12 Moose Dash Snowshoe Race

FEBRUARY 4 & 5 NE Pond Hockey Festival

FMI: 207-491-6566

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ABOVE: 2016 Rangeley Fat Bike Loppet PHOTO BY RON KOSLOWSKI

Buying? • Selling? • Investin�� CONTACT ME DIRECTLY


City Cove Realty

2455 Main Street, Rangeley ME www.realestateinrangeley.com • caryn@citycoverealty.co

great content We feature 100% locally sourced content. So email subscribe@activitymaine.com with your ideas!

38 winter/spring | 2016-2017

Also located on Haley Pond is Ecopelagicon, a nature store. Purchase books about the Maine outdoors, maps and camping supplies, as well as crafts, cards and jewelry. Right outside their door is the town cleared ice rink on Haley Pond. Need skates? Free skates are available at Ecopelagicon. The 11th Annual New England Pond Hockey Festival will take place on February 4th & 5th. This weekend of outdoor games on Haley Pond celebrates a time-honored New England tradition. Strap on your skinny skis, grab some poles and head out on the 55 kilometers of groomed trails at the Rangeley Lakes Trail Center. The Center will host the 21st annual legendary Rangeley Lakes Loppet on March 4th. Ski and snowshoe rentals are available in the rustic yurt lodge at the center. At the end of the day, get some rest at either the newly updated Rangeley Inn or stay lakeside at the Town and Lake Motel and Cottages. Come experience the revival of a landmark, the Rangeley Inn

offers a perfect combination of location, ambiance, and comfort. Their Rangeley Tavern that offers refined rustic cuisine by the fire. The Town and Lake Motel and Cottages are open year round and located on Rangeley Lake. The Rangeley Fat Bike Loppet course takes advantage of the beautiful varied terrain we have available here at the Trails Center, from wide straight-a-ways to gradual ascent and descents, to some aggressive hill climb/descent opportunities. Views and possible wildlife sightings are included! Whatever type of outdoor enthusiast you are, this fourseason vacation destination is sure to pull you back again and again. Ready to help you call this place home is Caryn Dreyfus of City Cove Realty. From building lots to condos, and lakefront homes to mountain camps, they’ve got something that will tickle your fancy. Come to Rangeley and embrace this winter wonderland. Be sure to bring your camera!

“In the depths of winter, we must find the adventure with in us”

QUILT HILL: Contact Flagstaff Rentals Inc. (see their ad on page 40) to rent snowmobiles and join your friends and family on guided or self-guided tours to local spots like this beautiful overlook on Quill Hill. Now that’s an adventure you can brag about on social media!



HE STRATTON AND HIGH PEAKS REGION offers easy trail access and gives snowmobilers a lot of choices during their February Polar Blast. Polar Blast events include a karaoke contest, a spaghetti supper and cribbage tournament at the Stratton Plaza Hotel, a Crazy Cardboard Slide and bonfire event in Eustis Village, chili/ chowder/stew contest, and fireworks at night.

The 2017 Polar Blast runs from February 4 through February 6. You'll find comprehensive information about the Polar Blast and other winter activities in the High Peaks region at the F.A.B.A. website maineshighpeaks. com

For other winter adventures, check out the Cathedral Pines trails in Eustis that are XC and snowshoe friendly.

And if you book rooms at the Spillover Motel, you will have use of the snowmobile and XC skiing trails all around their property.  Right next door is The Coplin Dinner House and togther they offer overnight dinner packages, a winter weekend dinner/ brunch package, and a romance package that includes an overnight guest room,

Ask about the Spillover’s new, Spillover Inn! A historic, 1890's farmhouse with guest rooms and event space! Family gatherings, retreats, baby showers, bridal showers and even weddings! Find them on Facebook


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40 winter/spring | 2016-2017






dinner at The Coplin Dinner House, and a basket full of romantic goodies in your room. When you want some indoor fun and great food, stop into The Sugarbowl Restaurant and Sports Pub. In fact, you can find a lot of great places to eat in the region. When you are on Main Street in Stratton, think about breakfast or lunch at the Looney Moose Cafe. Open seven days a week, this is the place for a delicious home-cooked meal. If you are looking for comfort food, warm up with a cup of their famous chili and a grilled cheese sandwich! The Carrabassett Valley Antigravity Complex at the base of Sugarloaf is operated by the Town of Carrabassett and Carrabassett Valley Academy. This recreation complex features Maine’s largest indoor skate park and skate bowl,

Olympic-size trampolines, an indoor rock climbing wall, fullcourt gymnasium and fitness room. Classes and private lessons are offered and reservations are required for the trampolines and climbing wall. Tucked into the trees at 3004 Town Line Road, Carrabassett Valley, is Nestlewood Inn Bed & Breakfast. This elegantly furnished log cabin lodge offers seven cozy guest rooms, each with a private bath and all with woodland views. You’ll be conveniently located near Sugarloaf, yet just off the beaten path. After your day-long outdoor adventures, warm up by the field stone fireplace in the Great Room as you sip a cup of tea. One way to see the beautiful backcountry of Maine is by renting snowmobiles at Flagstaff Rentals Inc. They

have just the ride for you to enjoy scenic terrain and groomed trails on self-guided snowmobile rentals that are well suited for novice to experienced riders. Some day trips from their location include Quil Hill, Rangeley, Carrabassett and The Canadian Trail where you can cross the border and have lunch with your passport! Ask


about multiple day packages as well. Why Rent? Because renting is much more convenient and affordable than owning. Just show up and ride. No purchase, registration, maintenance costs, storage or trailering. Just pure enjoyment and memories to last a lifetime.

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WHETHER YOU ARE A STUDENT OR A VISITOR, Farmington’s prime location among the rolling hills of Western Maine is a perfect jumping-off point to winter adventures and R & R. This picturesque town is home to the University of Maine at Farmington, named a U.S.News & World Report “Best College” 19 times since 1998. A vibrant college town, downtown Farmington offers art galleries, plays, concerts, plus a diverse variety of shops and eateries. If you know a collegebound student who’s into the outdoors, the University of Maine at Farmington is the perfect place for her or him to spend their college years. It also offers a degree in Outdoor Rec Business Administration and a certificate in Alpine Operations — plus intercollegiate Alpine, Nordic, Skier cross and Slopestyle

skiing and Snowboard cross and Slopestyle snowboarding. Perfectly located at the gateway to world-class skiing and snowboarding, the University is also smack in the middle of some of the best hiking, mt. biking, camping, rafting, canoeing and kayaking in Maine. Farmington residents have long appreciated the great outdoors. Hometown son Chester Greenwood invented the earmuff at age 15, having come up with the idea while ice skating. Each winter the town celebrates Chester and his famous invention with an earmuff-clad parade. More recently, Farmington (and the world) celebrated the achievements of two-time Winter Olympic gold medalist Snowboard cross racer — and Farmington native — Seth Wescott. Local skiers enjoy Sugarloaf in Carrabassett Valley as well as Titcomb Mountain in


West Farmington. Titcomb Mountain is big enough to offer a variety of terrain, yet small enough that families are quickly at ease. Here, you’ll find both alpine and Nordic skiing opportunities. Titcomb Mountain has added new upgraded snowmaking system and the lodge has added a new stone patio with a grill and fire pit. The mountain has snowmaking capacity to cover 70% of its alpine terrain and lighted trails for night skiing, also a new small lighted XC Ski loop trail.

Northern Lights Rental Shop, located at Titcomb Mountain, offers ski and snowboard rentals for children and adults. FMI: titcombmountain.com, or 207-778-9031. Since the 1970s, Northern Lights Stove Shop in Farmington has helped make homes cozy. They carry classic wood stoves, gas fireplaces, pellet stoves and outdoor wood furnaces. Wilton, Maine, is a four season destination nestled in the foothills of Western Maine on the shore of beautiful Wilson Lake. While most of the well-known areas in Maine get

Wilson Lake Inn

Come play in the foothills of Western Maine.

   

30 Guest rooms, Studios, and Suites Direct access ITS 82 & 89 Great restaurants close by Within 1 hr. of all major ski areas

for his AD Bring t n cou t 10% dis

183 Lake Road Wilton, Maine 04294

207.645.3721 800.626.7463 42 winter/spring | 2015-2016


Ready to buy a home at the Mountain? Chat with one of our lenders and find out how easy it is to


lots of press, you’ll find a gold mine of other destinations to call your own special discovery and Wilton is one of them. Located in the hub of Maine’s recreational mecca–Wilton is less than one hour from Saddleback, Sugarloaf, Sunday River, Black Mountain and Titcomb ski areas. It’s also located on ITS 82 and 89. In 2012, the Wilson Lake Inn was awarded the “Certificate of Excellence from TripAdvisor.” Wilson Lake Inn delivers unsurpassed value, warm hospitality, and personalized service you can only find at a family-operated inn. The guest rooms, studios and suites are bright, clean, spacious and quiet. Continental breakfast includes freshly ground coffee, bakery fresh coffee cakes and muffins, fresh fruit and juice to get you off to a great start to explore this winter wonderland. Inn owners Tom and Susan invite you to enjoy the peace, serenity and service that will exceed your expectations. As your base camp for a fun-filled getaway, they want to share the snow covered hills and valleys that surround the lake and provide you endless opportunities for

skiing, snowmobiling, snow shoeing and ice fishing. In 1876, George Henry Bass founded G. H. Bass & Company on Wilson Lake in Wilton. Bass shoes were manufactured here until the family sold the business in 1998. Today, Calzolaio Pasta Company, an Italian Restaurant with some American alternatives, is located in the historic former shoe factory building. The restaurant features homemade sauces and pasta, brickovenstyle pizza, fresh Maine seafood and natural meats. It’s open 7 days a week from 11am- 9pm for lunch, dinner and Sunday brunch. Are you ready to purchase that mountain getaway or new snowmobile? At Franklin Savings Bank, they’ll be happy to assist you in the process. The bank has convenient locations in Farmington, Jay, Mexico, Mount Blue, Rangeley, Rumford, Skowhegan and Wilton. You’ll also find ATMs at most of these locations. To learn more about all of the businesses and events in Farmington, visit the Franklin County Chamber of Commerce on the web at: franklincountymaine.org or call 207-778-4215.



Farmington Rangeley River Valley

Skowhegan Jay Wilton

New Business Center in Ellsworth!





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MOOSEHEAD itinerary


Get an early start and spend the day at Big Squaw Mountain Ski Area. Sign up for a lesson, rent equipment and spend the afternoon. Bring your snowshoes or cross country skis and try the loop to peaceful Mountain View Pond. Finish with Dinner at Kelly’s Landing and a nightcap with the locals at Stress Free Moose Pub.

DAY 2 (SATURDAY) Breakfast at Auntie M’s, rent an ice fishing shack from Northwood’s Outfitters, pick up a famous dagwood lunch from Jamo’s, go ice fishing and watch the ice car races in Greenville’s West Cove, finish the day with dinner at Flatlander’s Pub and dancing at West Cove Lounge.

DAY 3 (SUNDAY) Breakfast at Kelly’s Buffet, ride up to Rockwood and rent snowmobiles from Moosehead Sled Rental and go for a ride up to Historic Pittston Farm for lunch, feed the deer and finish the day with dinner at The Birches Resort and a nightcap at the Rockwood Bar & Grill.

44 winter/spring | 2015-2016



AJESTIC MOOSEHEAD LAKE with its 400 miles of undeveloped shoreline, surrounding mountain peaks and expansive views provide an inspiring backdrop to escape from the everyday fast pace of life. The winter months and the abundant snowfall open up a spectacular opportunity to explore back country trails and frozen water bodies. Wildlife abounds on our trails and it is common to see moose, deer, wild turkeys and many woodland animals up close and personal.

The surrounding townships of Greenville, Rockwood, Pittston Farm, Northeast Carry and Kokadjo and their clubs work in unison to maintain a worldclass network of groomed snowmobile trails. Start your trip from any of these locations and loop through the wooded forests and enjoy convenient services and warm up stops along the way.

If manpower fun is your thing, Nordic and Cross Country trails are offered throughout the region. Groomed and marked ski and snowshoe trails can be found at Greenville's Natural Resource Education Center (NREC), Big Squaw Mountain Ski Area, Appalachian Mountain Club (AMC) near Kokadjo and The Birches Resort in Rockwood. Each location offers a different

type of terrain whether it be wooded, rolling streams, mountain or lake views. When it comes to downhill skiing and boarding, views from Big Squaw Mountain Ski Area are some of the finest in the Eastern US! Located on the west shore of Moosehead Lake, this family ski area is only 5 miles from downtown Greenville and 13 miles from Rockwood. Lift ticket pricing remains affordable for young and old ($20 - $25 daily) thanks to the fundraising efforts of the non-profit 501c(3) Friends of Squaw Mountain. The base lodge is open to guests FridaySunday, 9am - 4pm, vacations and holidays. Here you will find a full service rental shop, ski/ board school and snack bar


with hot and cold food items. For more information visit skibigsquaw.com

More winter fun can be found in the Village of Greenville at the southern end of Moosehead Lake. Home to the quaintest shops, replenishing pubs and recreational services like the ice skating rink, Greenville is for snow lovers! Pick up the perfect souvenir and plan your next adventure. How about trying something new? Guided dog sled adventures and

moose tours to find a fresh antler shed are offered daily. Sportsmen favor the big lake and itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s many protected ponds near Moosehead for fishing action on the ice. Heated and equipped ice fishing shacks and gear are available to rent by the day. Enter one of our annual ice fishing derbies to add a friendly competition to your sport. You may win the big prize and help raise money to support the local causes of NREC and the Friends of Moosehead Lake.

Longstanding organizations like the Friends of Moosehead Lake have been established for nearly 60 years to help connect area businesses, non-profits, residents and visitors with the unique, natural landscape that makes Moosehead so unique. The tradition of sportsmen and vacationers to the Moosehead Lake Region is strong and our doors are open to offer hospitality to those seeking an inspiring destination to rejuvenate the soul. Check out friendsofmoosehead.org for area

maps, activities and helpful links to help plan your next Moosehead escape. Moosehead Motorsports is a full service dealership dedicated to making year-round fun for our customers and having fun doing it. They do this by selling, renting, and servicing the "toys" they play with: SkiDoo snowmobiles, Can-Am ATV, and Sea-Doo personal watercraft, with a complete line of parts, clothing, and accessories.

events |


Be sure to check activitymaine.com for the most up-to-date information. DECEMBER 31 The Birches-New Years Eve Celebration birches.com JANUARY 21 B52 Commemorative Ride, 12pm â&#x20AC;&#x201C; 4pm, Scammon Ridge Road, Greenville, ME. Every year the Moosehead Riders Snowmobile Club hosts a snowmobile ride up Elephant Mountain to the memorial site where a B-52 Bomber crashed in 1963 during a training flight. There will be a luncheon at Noon and the ride leaves the clubhouse at 1:45pm mooseheadriders.com/events

JANUARY 27-29 Tenth Annual Moosehead Lake Togue Ice Fishing Derby with Ricky Craven. The Ice Fishing Derby is for Lake Trout (Togue) caught in Moosehead Lake only. All fish entered must be caught between 12:01 Friday, January 29th and the close of the Derby on Sunday. You MUST be in line by 4:00pm on January 25th to have your fish weighted to be included. Visit nrecmoosehead.org for more details! FEBRUARY 4 Wilderness Sled Dog Races. 100milewildernessrace.org

FEBRUARY 19 Annual Chocolate Festival. mooseheadlake.org


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is a nonprofit corporation with the goal of sharing the Squaw Mountain experience that has been celebrated and loved by many. Squaw is a community mountain for youth and families to ski & ride affordably, as well as learn to ski, ride & race. We embrace the history that once was, while working together to make the future of our mountain a resort for the family. We look forward to skiing the view with you.

we hire local writers


46 winter/spring | 2015-2016




HEN SNOW COMES TO THE KATHADIN REGION, some of the very best snowmobile trails in North America beckon sledders to and experience a great winter getaway. Enjoy spectacular views of the mountains adorned in white. A 100+ mile loop of extraordinary beauty awaits you. From your door at the edge of ice coated Moosehead Lake you can sled east to Mt. Katahdin and Millinocket or go west to Jackman and the Forks. You can be sure that you will enjoy a fun packed snowmobiling adventure. If you do not have a sled or don’t wish to trailer one, consider renting from a local outfitter.

If you are new to sledding, many outfitters offer guided tours. Katahdin offers a complete menu of winter outdoor activities for fun, excitement and relaxation, including some of the finest cross-country skiing trail networks in New England. Guided ski excursions are a perfect way for the novice to safely learn and enjoy these winter activities.




www.katahdininnandsuites.com • info@katahdininnandsuites.com 

Largest Property in town, Heated swimming pool, Hot Tub, Fitness

•center, Property withand 77Game rooms. Pool table area.Large heated pool, hot tub, exercise, game and play area, free internet WIFI, local  Free Continental Breakfast.  Free WIFI, Local Calls and Business Center. calls, cable and business center.  We are Motorcycle and Pet friendly. • FREE Continental Breakfast.  Large parking lot for trailer parking. We areStores, motorcycle friendly  •Grocery Pharmacy,and Gas pet Station, and Restaurants in walking dis•tance. We provide a large free trailer parking area

740 Central Street, Millinocket, ME 740 Central Street, Millinocket, ME04462 04462 877-902-4555 207-723-4555 1-877-902-4555 • 207-723-4555


Snowmobilers Welcome Complete your Katahdin getaway with great accommodations that include such amenities as a large heated pool, hot tub, exercise and play area as well as being in walking distance to restaurants – you will find it all at the Katahdin Inn & Suites. Your Winter 2017 Get Away Awaits You — Make your reservations now — Telephone: 1-877-902-4555 or 207-723-4555 * E-mail: info@katahdininnandsuites.com

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Congratulations to the Gateway Inn on your 19th Anniversary!


�--" www.medwaygateway.com

Exercise Room Pets Welcome• Continental Breakfast, 6-lOam Snowmobilers Welcome! "THE" place to stay when visiting Northern Maine

Rt. 157 (JUST OFF /-95, EXIT 244) MEDWAY, MAINE• 207-746-3193 48 winter/spring | 2015-2016

3Ho ul t o nRo a d, Pr e s queI s l e , ME0 4 7 6 9 www. c e nt r a l a r o o s t o o k c ha mb e r . c o m 2 0 7 7 6 4 6 5 6 1





roostook County is rich in outdoor recreation opportunities in every season. If you are new to outdoor adventure, consider hiring one of the many local Registered Maine Guides in the area.

events |

The County

Be sure to check activitymaine.com for the most up-to-date information. Even if you are an experienced outdoor adventurer, a Registered Maine Guide can make your trip a more enjoyable and often an educational experience.

Caribou Caribou has the best of both worlds with modern urban amenities and breathtaking scenery. Whether you like snowmobiling, four-wheeling, motorcycle cruising, kayaking, hunting, cross-country skiing, snowshoeing, summer street fairs, fall arts and crafts or just plain relaxing by a campsite, Caribou is for you. Caribou has over 100 miles of beautifully groomed snowmobile trails which connect to over 2300 miles

throughout Aroostook County. The season typically starts in December and often runs well into April. With copious amounts of snowfall, typically measured in feet rather than inches, Caribou offers endless sledding adventures for all! Go to cariboumaine.org or facebook. com/cityofcaribou for more information.

Presque Isle Central Aroostook County offers beauty and interesting vistas every season. As the leaves change color we prepare for the incredible snowmobile season, cross country skiing, alpine skiing, biathlons, skating, star gazing and more. There is nothing that compares with star gazing and the

JANUARY 22 Caribou Snowmobile Club Snow Drag Race. Join the Caribou Snowmobile Club for their Annual Snow Drag Races on Sunday January 22, 2017 (Alternate date of January 29, 2017 - if postponed) Located at the former “Lodge” on Route 1 just north of caribou, 416 Vn Buren Road FMI: Contact Phyllis Orthaus 896-3120 or padshaus@aol. com

FEBRUARY 3 – 5 Moosestompers Weekend Houlton, moosestompers.com

MARCH 3 – 7 Can-Am Crown International Sled Dog Race Fort Kent, can-am-crown.net SEPTEMBER 17 Caribou Maineiac Marathon Caribou, caribouraces.com or facebook.com/caribouraces

JANUARY 28 – 29 Long Lake Ice Fishing Derby, St. Agatha facebook.com/ LongLakeIceFishingDerby

Northern Lights in Aroostook County. Join the Central Aroostook Chamber of Commerce for the 26th Annual Holiday Light Parade on Saturday, December 5. Line-up begins at UMPI at 4:30 p.m. and

the Parade kicks off at 6:00 p.m. Awards will be handed out at Tamc’s North Street Health Center following the parade.

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BANGOR The Queen City


S EARLY AS THE 1500S, WHEN DAVID INGRAM sailed up the Penobscot River, explorers believed the region was extraordinary. Some thought that the area was possibly the lost City of Gold – Norumbega. Samuel de Champlain attempted to find the gold but settled for a lucrative fur trade with the Indians. Lumber was the key industry in the Queen City during the city’s early history. By the late 1800s, Bangor was the busiest seaport on the East Coast shipping lumber to Europe and other parts of the United States.

Bangor has been home to many national luminaries including President Lincoln’s, Vice President, Hannibal Hamlin, as well as such contemporaries as authors Stephen King and Pulitzer Prizewinning playwright Owen Davis. The Queen City offers visitors great accommodations and a diverse menu of fantastic dining opportunities as well as an abundance of cultural choices. The University of Maine’s Museum of Art, Maine’s Discovery Museum, The Penobscot Theatre and the Bangor Symphony Orchestra which has been providing music to Bangor audiences since 1896 are but a few of the cultural interest that one can enjoy. Outdoor winter activities including skiing/ snowboarding, Nordic skiing, hiking, ice fishing and snowmobiling abound close by.

Maine Discovery Museum is loaded with kid’s activities that helps keep learning alive and fun. Art and science experiments and 3 floors of interactive exhibits make the museum a place where no boredom is found. mainediscoverymuseum.org.

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Hoops for Health â&#x20AC;&#x201C; A Tournament for the DECH Emergency Department Expansion On December 2nd and 3rd, the first ever, Down East Community Hospital's Hoops for Health Basketball Tournament will be held at the University of Maine, Machias gymnasium. There will be four games on Friday, starting at 4:30, then four more games on Saturday beginning at 10 am, featuring the girls and boys varsity teams from Machias, East Machias, Narraguagus and Jonesport Beals. There will also be a basketball exhibition by local varsity stars of the future. You'll want to come early and look over the large selection of auction items, enjoy some great food from the concession stand, and settle in for a pre-season purview of Washington County high school hoops. All money raised will be going toward the emergency room expansion at Down East Community Hospital in Machias. One Community, One Goal, Everybody Wins! The campaign for Down East Community Hospitalâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s new Emergency Department will transform emergency care in our community. Through the generosity of individuals, businesses and organizations, Machias will soon have a larger, modern, patientfriendly emergency department that facilitates our physicians and nurses in providing high-quality care. This community needs and deserves an Emergency Department that will better accommodate current volume, meet patient privacy and comfort

needs, and is a modern and safe place to work. The design prioritizes the care and comfort of patients and their families, as well as the need to accommodate modern equipment and technology. While a trip to the emergency room is not an experience anyone anticipates, we all want to have a well-equipped and modern facility close to home when the need arises. For more information on the expansion or to donate, contact Julie Hixson at 2550433 or send an email at jhixson@dech.org.


The Blue Lobster Gallery Seascape artist

Jane Diggins Harnedy paintings capture the spirit of the sea

LUBEC This tournament will be held at UMM on December 2 & 3 and will feature the boys and girls varsity teams for Machias, East Machias, Jonesport Beals, and Narraguagus High Schools. Games start Friday at 4:30pm and Saturday at 10:00am.

High Surf Oil, 26x30 Directions: From Route 1 at the University of Maine at Machias, go exactly 9 miles on Route 92 to Pettegrow Point Road in Bucks Harbor. Open by chance or appointment

The Day in the Life of a Blue Lobster Oil, 20x24 2 Pettegrow Point Road Machiasport, ME 04655 207-669-4255 or 207-255-0170 jharnedy@maineline.net

All proceeds go towards the DECH Emergency Department Expansion!

Call 255-0433 for information on the ED Expansion. 52 winter/spring | 2015-2016

Acadia Surf Mixed Media, 4x6



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ThinkingOutside Come get your outdoors on. Want a college where you can combine academics with the active outdoor lifestyle? Situated at the gateway to world-class skiing and snowboarding in western Maine, UMF is smack in the middle of some of the best hiking, mt. biking, camping, rafting, canoeing and kayaking in the northeast. This is the perfect place to be.

In partnership with Sugarloaf, Sunday River, Titcomb Mt., The Maine Tourism Assoc., Ski Maine and others, University of Maine at Farmington offers an exciting Outdoor Recreation Business Administration major (ORBA) and a new Alpine Operations Certificate. Both offer real-world, hands-on experience in the four-season outdoor recreation and skiing industry â&#x20AC;&#x201D; including internships.

Maineâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s nationally-recognized public liberal arts college


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Activity Guide of Maine Winter 2016-17