Exchange Guidelines

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So what exactly is an Exchange? You’ve been on the first year journey at Activate! You are ready to take the bull by the horns, and that’s where Activate! Exchange comes in.

Do we have an example for you?

These ‘events’ are exactly as the name suggests … it is a place to exchange beyond the Activate!

Yes we do - the Durban box is ticked!



Earlier this year, we had our very first large-

information, opportunities and more with decision

scale Exchange there, and judging by the

makers, established leaders and mentors. It is,

reactions all round, it went really well.

in other words, an organized event where you

Because of this success, we are putting

get a platform to discuss what young people are

Jozi and Cape Town on the Exchange map

doing to create change and what can be done to

too. In June, Jozi will get a slice of the pie,

support you. The idea is that, as Activators, you

and in October, it will be Cape Town’s turn

will interact, make contacts and exchange ideas

… and then you better watch this space!

with people from all sectors of society – including

Other provincial capitals will be hosting

thought leaders and experts in whatever field of

Exchanges too in the not-too-distant future?




work you are interested in.

Don’t wait for it to happen, make it happen! From cityscapes to rural realms, the Exchange model can find a home, and you don’t have to wait for the Activate! organisation to do it for you. We would like to encourage you, as Activators, to run your own Exchanges (however big or small) and at the 2nd year event in August, we’ll be dishing up the dirt on how this can be done!

can’t wait until august? No worries!

So where will the funding come from?

We are aware that many Activators are keen to get going before August, so we have put together some basic guidelines for the time being. It would be great to see you as Activators charging ahead with your own exchanges using whatever resources you have to do that! Remember: no Exchange is too small. Local voices join up across the country and soon you have a whole national chorus!

We will be able to fund the main nodal events for 2013 and 2014 but the smaller Exchanges will have to develop their own resourcing skills and connections to make this a thriving national networking!

The nuts and bolts: here are the guidelines we promised!



Work out what you want to discuss! It might be a focus area, like environmental issues, poverty

alleviation or literacy (those are just examples – there are many more!), or it might be about youth and leadership and innovation. The most important thing is to define the dialogue so if someone said to you, “What will you be discussing today?” you would be able to answer them in one sentence and they wouldn’t yawn at all!



The emphasis on the Exchange is to network and deepen discussion. For this reason, Exchanges are designed to host no more than 100 guests. Venues are important to be able to hold the space for discussion. Some exchanges will be maximum capacity: 100 people in a big-enough space, and others will be small and intimate … that’s also okay, as long as the venue is suitable for the group size. If you would like to arrange an Exchange, please email with a short proposal of no more than 300 words (at least 3 weeks before the event) and we’ll send you an electronic tool-kit with a check list itemizing the following: Venue (booking and confirmation, seating set up/plan, catering, timing for the day) Speakers (invitations and briefing, confirmation) Ideas around transport Media (writing up a motivation to send to the media, how to navigate the media list on the Junction) Electronic invitations Guest list and RSVPs How to liaise with Activate! management about publicizing the Exchange you are arranging The importance of structuring a programme Name badges Feedback forms Report back Ideas around finding budget ‘Business cards’ for Activators