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Going beyond

After an intense first year programme, Activators graduate and become members of the national ACTIVATE! network. They now have access to a number of platforms. These platforms support continued personal development including a study path, access to a number of information resources and connections including channels for expression and development of initiatives and ultimately, provides a fertile ground for living the identity of an Activator.



The ‘Big 5’ elements available to Activators are:










local support networks

focus-specific action groups

Initiative development platform

Expanding knowledge horizons

Fostering discussion, and partnerships

Maintaining local support networks

Taking action on issues that matter to you in your focus area across the network

Turning ideas into reality

Building mental muscle (AQ = IQ + EQ)

Honing opinions and amplifying Activators’ voices.

The ‘Big 5’ can be accessed by Activators at any time after they have graduated from the 1st year programme and remain accessible for life.





Stations can be any meeting place, a library, a coffee shop, a tree or someone’s garage. By signposting your station and holding regular meetings, you could obtain support for resources for your station which may include: Fully-stocked library Book resources Career planning kits Connectivity (Vouchers or Dongles) Support in hosting Exchange events Branded material Online resources Physical resources Activators can set up their own meeting places and add them to the stations list online, which will be a GeoMap of all meeting places and times of meetings so that all Activators can join in. We will track the number of active stations that are running well in 2014.


Spaces for Activators to come together regularly to forward their causes and drive change.


To develop their Activate! identity, learn, share and connect to information.


Organise a space where you can meet, engage, network and plan amongst yourselves.

Together we are stronger.






Online/mobile spaces for Activators who share the same passion on a specific issue.

Connection Hives are virtual spaces where Activators can connect with those who share the same passion for a specific issue. These areas of interest could be focus areas, initiatives, events, ideas as well as movements. All of these can be Connection Hives. Connection Hives are made up of Activators that want to deepen their shared knowledge and skills. This is where Activators can collaborate, create rich resource content and connections with each other, thought leaders and opportunities, all aligned to a specific area of interest. Connection








connections with experts and making things happen. The list of 2014 Connection Hives includes: The Activate! Hive Education and Training Health Business and Economic Development SWITCH (Initiatives, special projects and campaigns) [see pages 12-14] Media and Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Environmental Affairs Youth Development Community Development Creative Arts Human Rights


So that Activators can deepen their knowledge, connect with thought leaders, grow experience, voice their opinions, and drive change through action.


STEP 1: Set up a Hive for your area of interest STEP 2: Invite other Activators to join STEP 3: Fill your Hive with events, experts, contacts, organisations, networks and resources STEP 4: Highlight issues for conversation, dialogue and debate STEP 5: Load and manage initiatives STEP 6: Start online exchange events with though leaders/experts STEP 7: Activate change by contributing to discussions, the media, policy, Exchanges and action



Through Connection Hives, Activators can: Connect with other Activators who share the same interests See where the other Activators are by using GeoMaps Access and contribute to information which could include: ... Contacts (thought leaders, decision makers) ... Reading material ... Interesting links ... Videos ... An event calendar ... Policy information ... Government Navigator ... Initiatives you support or want to share

Activators will receive a training guide on how to join and contribute

... Campaigns that you want to drive as a network

content to a specific hive and over time will also develop the skill to

... Access to Academic Guidance, Bursaries, Internships, Volunteering positions

create their own hives and add a community of connections to them from

... News

inside and outside Activate!.

The Connection Hives system on web and mobile will be launched at the end of April 2014.

Tomorrow is mine. ,m taking it today.

Mokgadi Matlakala, Gauteng ACTIVATOR since 2012

Change starts with me.





‘Activate! Switch – Press Play’ is a space where ideas are turned into reality: through training, support and consultation with relevant thought leaders. After completing the Switch training, Activator initiatives will have an increased value to meet its purpose and feasibility. Activators are now able to not only conceptualise, but also promote their ideas and subsequently turn them into sustainable entities – both for profit businesses and non-profit organisations.


A platform that helps Activators to turn ideas into reality.


So that Activators can understand root causes, innovation and how to overcome challenges. Using the economic engines that are needed to address these challenges through the creation of initiatives that have an incresed chance of success.

How? By taking ideas through the social business model canvas, Activators have a clear understanding of how to move their projects forward.

“ f you don’t like someone’s story, write your own.”

Chinua Achebe



The 4 steps to finding success through Switch:

Step 4: Funding Breakfast Having gone through the Switch process, Activators will gain access to funding

Step 1: Elevator Pitches

breakfasts. This event is aimed at linking potential funders to Activators.

All Activators who are interested in joining the Switch will be required to

Activators are given the time and space to present projects that are “funding-

submit an elevator pitch of their project. This is a short description of the

ready”, feasible and sustainable as a result of their journey through the Switch.

idea, its impact, its innovative edge and a description of the team or individual working on the project. This is a pre-requisite for entry to the Switch platform. Step 2: Project Model Canvas Training Activators will be trained in extracting the core value of their initiatives and ideas by interrogating the form their ideas are taking, doing a thorough stakeholder analysis, considering costs and operational challenges, defining their value



proposition as an organisation, the channels of delivery of such value and identifying customer or beneficiary segments through innovation techniques.

MAY 2014

The Canvas training is divided into two segments: Value Extraction & Efficiency Training. The first segment is followed by a series of home tasks to ensure

Canvas Training SEGMENT 1: Introduction & Values side of the canvas

that Activators remain engaged with the material. Subsequently, the second segment brings to light the Activator’s experiences during their home tasks

Canvas Training SEGMENT 2: Efficiency side of the canvas

and refines them by working on the efficiency of the project or initiative during the second training. Step 3: The Lion’s Den

August 2014

Lions Dens

The Lion’s Den/Ideas Festival is a space where young people who run their own companies and social-impact projects are given an opportunity to collaborate, co-create and present their work to a panel of judges. The panel will be made up of industry and thought leaders - who after thorough scrutiny and critique, give valuable input on how Activators may better augment their projects.

November 2014

Funding Breakfasts

Be a ver .






AQ Activate! Intelligence = IQ (Intellectual intelligence) + EQ (Emotional Intelligence)

Once we have received our accreditation, we will launch the NQF Level 5 Certificate in Community Development. This is a full certificate qualification that is nationally registered and recognised. We have chosen this course for a number of reasons. It is a logical follow-on from the year one training that will take to deeper into many of the topics that we touched on in year one. It is also a bridging course for further education and training .i.e. it is recognised by universities and university colleges as an entry qualification for further study at these institutions. Parts of the content overlap with the content that is covered other qualifications that include Youth Development, and Development Practice. This means that you will be able to further your formal studies in a number of other qualifications,

How? We are still working out the details of how we will deliver the training but in essence this is how it will work. The course is divided into four modules: Community Development Community Leadership People Development Regulations and policies

if you so choose.


Each module is presented at a number of workshops Each workshop will take place over between 2 & 3 days. Most if not all of the modules will be nonresidential. Each workshop will cover a section of the course content as well

To provide an accredited qualification platform for Activators so that they can deepen their skills and understanding but also grow their credibility

as the assignments that you will need to complete and hand in for assessment.


assignments to get the full qualification. We will provide dedicated support

So that Activators can create opportunities for themselves and others and also contribute more formally as change drivers

You will have a final assessment at the end of each module and if you are successful you will be entered on the SAQA database as being competent in the module. Please note that you will have to complete all modules and all staff to guide you through the module content and to provide assistance and feedback on your assignment. We are looking at ways to make the course as accessible and as affordable as possible but there will be some financial costs that you will have to cover. It will be your responsibility to organise your own transport and accommodation. We aim to run module workshops in 6 of the 9 provinces at venues that are closest to the majority of the participants.

am different, and we are the same.





This is a platform through which Activators can share their stories and get support for media exposure. The monthly e-newsletter will publish opinions, news and stories about and for Activators so make sure you subscribe to the newsletter by visiting the website and encourage others to subscribe too. The Engage platform includes Exchanges which are series of national events and facilitated dialogues that take place throughout the year. They provide a space to discuss what young people are doing to create change and what can be done to support them. The idea is that Activators interact, make contacts and exchange ideas with people from all sectors of society. These events are designed to widen networks of opportunities and create awareness. For more information check out http://www.activateleadership.co.za/page/exchange If you are an Activator, and haven’t signed up to the Junction yet, now is the time to do it! This is an online meeting space for Activators to explore opportunities (bursaries, internships, jobs, learnerships, exchange programmes) and find relevant resources for the passion area (e.g. early childhood development, agriculture, media etc). It’s also a great opportunity to plug relevant information into Connection Hives – useful resources from the Junction can be used such as contacts and access to a media list of community and mainstream media outlets where Activators can express their views and raise awareness of the work they are doing.


To co-create a rich canvas for Activators to voice their ideas, opinions, challenges and collaboratively through exchanges and workshops provide insight into the realities of young people in SA to the rest of the country


So that the voice of the youth has a suitable and respected channel for expression, dialogue and debate and that the voice is connected to action


Sign up on the Junction and join Exchanges

have a voice, and something to say.

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