Getting started with ishift

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Getting started with iShift

1. Navigate to, and click “LOGIN” near the top right of the page.

2. Type in your login details, which you received from Activate and click the blue “Log In� button

3. When you see this screen, you’re in the right place

4. If you start to scroll down you will see that there are many icons and headings below, but the place to start is the icon circled in red in this screen shot. Click it now on your screen!

Each icon like this – and there are 120 on the page – represents a cog, which is short for “conversational guide”.

5. Clicking on the cog icon will open an information panel like this. Click the green “Use Now� button to get started.

6. Your mindset self-assessment will help you to explore how you rate yourself against iShift’s five entrepreneurial pillars.

Read each prompt and click “Continue” when you want to move forward.

7. Move the slider to show how strongly you agree with the statement in the prompt.

8. When you reach the end of the cog, you can export your responses if you wish, or you can click, “Finish”. Your responses will automatically be saved by the system.

9. After you click, “Finish,” you’ll be taken back to the iShift home page and you will see that the results of your assessment now appear graphically beneath the five pillars.

You will probably have rated yourself as stronger in some pillars than in others.

10. Scroll down the page now and look for a cog that excites you. You can choose to work on areas of strength or weakness or whatever takes your interest.

11. As before, click on a cog icon to learn more about the cog and click on the green, “Use Now� button to get started.

12. Each time you do a cog, the coloured graphic at the top of the page will fill up to show your progress.

13. If you have a technical problem, click the “Help� icon at the bottom right of the page.

14. When you click the “Help” icon, a form will appear and you can fill in the details of your problem, attach a screen shot, and click “Send”.

The Cognician support team will get back to you as soon as possible in business hours.

Happy cogging:)