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Issue 13

September 2010

Aromatherapy Registration Council Updates Many new and exciting things are taking place to provide greater services to those in the field of aromatherapy.

determine areas in which to write the questions. The submission of 10 test questions counts as 5 contact hours of continuing education towards reregistration. Test

First and foremost, the ARC Registration Examination is now

questions, identified as ARC, may be faxed to (212) 356-

being offered via computerized administration at several hundred

0678 or e-mailed to ptcny@ptcny.com.

testing locations across the United States. This enables greater access for those desiring to commit to higher standards in the field of aromatherapy.

  Participate in an item review session. This year the item review will be held in New York City. RAs are needed to review potential new questions for the ARC examination to

Please note the change in eligibility requirements to sit for the

make sure they are appropriate, clearly written, and well-

examination. Candidates are required to have a minimum of 200

documented. This is a volunteer position but RAs who

hours of a Level 2 program in aromatherapy from a college or

participate in an ARC item review session earn 8 contact

school that is in compliance with the current NAHA Educational

hours towards reregistration. Please RSVP to

Guidelines. A transcript must be enclosed with the Application.

info@aromatherapy.org if you are interested or need

Visit www.ptcny.com/clients/arc to download a current

additional information.

Handbook for Candidates and Application.

  Write content pertinent to the field of aromatherapy for

As a reminder, a condition of eligibility for and continued

future editions of the ARC Newsletter. We are seeking

registration as a Registered Aromatherapist is compliance with

interesting articles, news, etc. to publish. Do you have a

the ARC Disciplinary Policy. Visit

story to share? Send it to: ARC Newsletter, Professional

www.aromatherapycouncil.org/arcnew.html to review the full

Testing Corporation, 1350 Broadway, 17th Floor, New York,

Policy. In addition, use of Raindrop Therapy is not allowed for

NY 10018 or ptcny@ptcny.com, attention ARC Newsletter.


Copy should be typed and double spaced. Include a JPEG photo, if desired. Article submissions are not guaranteed to

ARC needs your assistance! ARC is continuously looking for RAs

be published. All information is subject to ARC approval and

to help in various ways. Help our profession by volunteering

editing. Authors are not promised that their submission will

some of your time to the Aromatherapy Registration Council.

be included in any specific newsletter.

Your feedback, time, and insight are important to ARC!   Write new test questions for the ARC Registration Examination. Questions should reflect current aromatherapy practice and be based on research validated knowledge and skills. Refer to the Content Outline in the Handbook for Candidates, available at www.ptcny.com/clients/arc to


Application Deadline: 10/1/2010

April 9—23, 2011

Application Deadline: 3/1/2011

October 8—22, 2011

Application Deadline: 9/1/2011

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ARC Registration Examination in Aromatherapy December 2000—April 2010 (694 Candidates) Demographic Information PRACTICE SETTING Self-employed Hospital/Clinic Research Institute Education Retailers/Wholesalers Industry Government Association Other No response

GENDER Male Female No response

41.04% 12.86% 3.32% 34.54% 19.36% 2.60% 0.14% 7.95% 20.52% 1.88%

AROMATHERAPY TRAINING Training program 84.68% Workshops or seminars 21.53% On-the-job training 13.01% Advanced continuing ed. 18.21% Other 9.39% No response 1.01% PROFESSIONAL BACKGROUND Massage Therapist 37.28% Registered Nurse 34.97% Esthetician 13.15% Naturopathic Medicine 1.88% Practical/Vocational Nurse 1.16% Veterinarian 0.58% Pharmacist 1.01% Physician 1.45% Chiropractor 0.58% Acupuncturist 0.29% Complementary Medicine 3.90% Other 36.56% No response 3.18%

CURRENT NAHA MEMBER No 59.97% Yes 39.45% No response 0.58%

Per cent o f W o r ki ng T i me C ur r ent l y Sp ent in A r o mat her ap y

30.00% 25.00% 20.00% 15.00% 10.00% 5.00% 0.00% Less than 25%

26 to 50%

51 to 75%

Mor e than 75%

No r esponse

Age Range 40.00% 35.00% 30.00%

RACE African American Asian Hispanic Native American White No response


1.45% 64.31% 1.88% 0.43% 25.43% 6.50%

HIGHEST ACADEMIC LEVEL ATTAINED High School Graduate 4.91% Some College 17.77% Associate Degree 6.21% Diploma in Nursing 4.05% Bachelor's Degree 45.09% Master's Degree 14.60% Doctoral Degree 3.32% Other 2.31% No response 1.73%

6.65% 75.72% 17.63%

20.00% 15.00% 10.00% 5.00% 0.00% Under 25

25 t o 29

30 t o 39

40 t o 49

50 t o 59


No r esponse

STATE/PROVIDENCE OF RESIDENCE Arizona 3 California 41 Colorado 14 Connecticut 2 Florida 9 Georgia 6 Hawaii 1 Illinois 20 Indiana 2 Iowa 4 Kentucky 1 Louisiana 3 Maine 1 Maryland 7 Massachusetts 19 Michigan 2 Minnesota 6 Missouri 6 Montana 1 Nevada 1 New Hampshire 1 New Jersey 8 New York 21 North Carolina 6 Ohio 1 Oklahoma 3 Oregon 12 Pennsylvania 19 Rhode Island 3 South Carolina 3 South Dakota 1 Tennessee 6 Texas 9 Utah 1 Vermont 1 Virginia 1 Washington 10 Wisconsin 8 Puerto Rico 2 British Columbia 2 Nova Scotia 1 Ontario 1 Wyoming 1 Foreign 218 Korea 204

Issue 13

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Newly Registered Aromatherapists from April 2008 Eun Hee Cho Cristina Campbell

Katharine Koeppen Kimberly Powers

Yun Suk Gwen Jung Eun Park

Stephanie Haseltine Sung Won Moon

Myun Ji Kim Desales Ward

Marion Bustamonte

Jung Hwa Kim Bo Ra Jung Yun Hee Ri Seung Yong Lee Robert Turchyn Myung Hee Song Eun Gi Kim Su Hee Ma Myoung Suk Jun

Hee-Ok Kang In Sook Choi Jung Min Kim Jae Soon Hur Han Bok Moon Jung Ja Kim Mi-Ok Kim

Newly Registered Aromatherapists from October 2008 Sun Ja Jang So Young Park Deborah W. Price Mary K. Stieren Lisa C. Moore Karen A. Elkins Jeong Seop Kang Jin Hee Park Mi Hwa Lee

Loraine Montecalvo Chen Y.Carita Wang Woo Seung Choi Young Rim Lee Eun Jung Jung Celia J. Esquivel Chad E. O'Lynn Seung Ok Mun Soung Hee Park

Soon Hwa Lee Yoon Seok Jeong Katarzyna Machnicki Sun Hee Kim Soo Jung Bae Bo Yoon Shim Youn Joo Im Ju Young Lee Joung Rim Lee

Ok Young Moon Hwa Sun Kim Kimberly Mollenkopf Yoo Mi Choi Chang Hee Lee Eun Jung Lee Ji Yun Hyun Myoun Jin Shin

Newly Registered Aromatherapists from April 2009 Young Sun Kwon Soon Duk Jang Eui Young Ko Ji Jung Ahn Yun Kyeung Park Yun Mi Heo

Eun Suk Lee Seon Young Jo Young Hwa Kim Hye Lee Lee Eun Young Kim Yoo Gyung Kwon

Mi Jung Lee Hyun Ju Kim Mi Hee Han Bung Ran Oh Kyong Hye Yu Mi Kyung Lee

Hwa Jin Byun Mi Jung Lee Eun Hee Na Kyong Won Wang Su Min Park Jin Hee Kim

Im Kyung Jun Young Sin Chung Michael Dell'Orfano Si Yeon Park Mi Ae Park Sun Young Kwon Bridget Kelley

Newly Registered Aromatherapists from October 2009 Nancy L. Minix Seung Kim Ye Young Kim Mi-Ran Si Hye Kyoung Park Joo Hee Kim Sue-Jan Kim Kil-Young Lee Yun Ji Shin Rosemary Polen Ju Kyoung Kim

Amber-Lee McLean Chae-Jeung Lee Hyng Sun Byun Hee Yeon Yoo Hye Young Joung Dong Hee Shin Eun-Jin Pak Min Seo Kim Sun Young Yun Soo Gyoung Choi An Sook Kang

Eun Ju Jeong Soon Young Park Kyoung Ran Hwang Ji Eun Kang Young Ju Choi Hea Young Choi Ji Ae Kim Su Jin Won Gong Ju Chai Ki Youn Bae Jung Bun Park

Yuki Hashimoto Rieko Sakuramoto Marilyn K. Boerner Yun Hee Jung Mi Suk Nam Yoko Hara Hea Sil Ann Young-Ah Song Chae Woon Lee Mary Ellen Cassman Jennifer R. Dozier

Ju Young Park Lorraine FrongilloDowner Mi Jung Park Eun Park Kyung-Sook Han Barbara M. Enteen Elvira Dilibero Mary J. Chancellor Judith E. Millman Mary E. Tierney

Gil-Ja Na Geon Bae Yun Jeong Min Kim Eun Kyung Choi Lorraine S. Rimando Raup Pamela Lemme Hae Ja Im Kathy E. Klug Sun Mi Park Yeon Hee Lee Audrey Stadler

Newly Registered Aromatherapists from April 2010 Bok Nam Shin Hye Jin Park Sung Hee Kim Hee Ju Kwon Hun Young Park Kyoung Soon Eom Gyung Sun Seo Su Yeon Kim Hwa Jeong Kang

Ji Ryun Lee Eunmi Choi Soo Hyun Kwon Mi Ea Lee Kiyomi Noda Ji Eun Bong Min Jung Kim Mi Seon Ha Jung Hae Park

Jeng Mi Yuk Young Mi Kim Yon Ju Ghou Hye Won Lim Hye Jin Hong Hye Young Chae Ji Ae Kim Hyun Joo Lee Min Jung Kim

Sandy Durand Althea Smith Joo Young Cho Hee Kyeung Hong Mi Ae Jung So Young Park Ji Hye Han Nobuko Ishida Ji Seon Baek

Elizabeth Michaels Marilyn Addison Kyung Ok Ji Young-Mi Pak Gum-Hee Kwon Kyung-Hee Choi You-Mi Kim Ji-Eun Jung Ji-Hyun Lee

Su-Jung Jung Kun Jung Yang Jeong-Hwa An Mi-Yeun Park Diane Braybrook Cheryl L. Hoard

Donna Koffel Peggy Kaune November 2007 Cherisse Gigli Denise Sherman Vicky Washington

November 2008 Mary Jennings Lisa Pomeroy Yoshi Paulovich Katherine Subramanian Duaine Oen Mary Arnon-Doran Linda Byington

March 2009 Cristl Arndt Kim Krost Becksun Park Lori Barr Dawn Larson

Lisa Davis Lora Cantele Deborah Halvorson

November 2009 Noel Gilligan Mi-Seon Ahn

November 2010 Susan Brougher

Reregistered Aromatherapists December 2005 Vivian Gifford Sharon Roemmel June 2006 Rachel Speranza December 2006 Patricia Adams Rachel Rudansky Jacquelyn Close

Mindy Green Priscilla Bauer Kelly HollandAzzaro June 2007 Diane Giddings Kayla Fioravanti Linda Bayer Karen McLaren

March 2008 Jean Brinker

March 2010 Kelly Swayne Marlita Joseph

Aromatherapy Registration Council 1350 Broadway, Suite 1705 New York, NY 10018

We are on the web: www.aromatherapycouncil.org/

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Full page-$80

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Questions/ comments can be directed to 503-244-0726 or info@aromatherapycouncil.org

Make checks payable to AR C and return to: Aromatherapy Registration Council 5940 SW Hood Ave Portland, OR 97239

Ads should be in jpeg or pdf format with a r esolution of at least 300 dpi. An Illustrator or publisher file is also acceptable.

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