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September 2018

Sarah Naismith

Inside: Her Journey with Acden as an HVAC Mechanic


Meet Sarah Naismith Acden Facilities, HVAC Mechanic

Be sure to say hi to Sarah the next time you’re out at Canadian Natural Resources Limited (CNRL) Horizon, where she is working with Acden Facilities as a dedicated fourth year Refrigeration and Air Conditioning (HVAC) Mechanic with a seven on/seven off schedule. Sarah currently resides in Edmonton and explained in a recent interview that she is always keen and eager to get back to work with her Acden family at CNRL, “Anyone who knows me on a personal level knows that I just simply love to work.” Sarah is a dedicated team member of Acden Facilities and is in her final year of the HVAC apprenticeship program. Sarah is recognized by her peers for her strong work ethic, commitment and caring nature. Born and raised in Ontario, about one hour north of Toronto, after many years of factory work Sarah was eager for a change in roles leading her to pack up and relocate to Fort McMurray. She started her vast array of work experience in the Oil Sands in 2008 with Acden’s janitorial division, now known as Acden Bee Clean. Sarah’s time with Acden Bee Clean started with work at Voyageur then she transferred to Shell Albian and then on to Kearl. Sarah worked with another facilities company which allowed her to fly-in/fly-out and be home with family. Sarah remained in that position until 2014 when she found herself back in the Acden Group with Acden Facilities. Starting initially as a Labourer at CNRL, she was quickly offered a place in the HVAC apprenticeship program in November 2014. Now Sarah is currently in her final year of the program and she is very grateful for all the hands-on learning she’s been able to achieve. After many years working in various roles at multiple oil sands sites, Sarah has gained confidence in what she wants to do with her career and is always looking to learn and grow within her role.

In a recent interview, Sarah explains why she loves the apprenticeship program: “The apprenticeship program has been a great opportunity to learn a valuable trade. The program allows for schooling, exposure and the opportunity to learn and work alongside experienced journeymen. I kept in touch with people after leaving Acden and I saw them advance in their careers. This was very motivating to see. Acden provides diverse opportunities to grow your career and a lot of doors open up.” On a personal note, Sarah has undergone a very difficult and strenuous time with her mother’s illness leading to her passing earlier this year. Sarah wanted to take this opportunity to formally thank everyone at Acden for their ongoing countless means of support. Sarah expressed how grateful and touched she is by people reaching out to her, both from her team and from those she has never met before. Sarah explained “I’m very glad to be back to work, it keeps me busy and it has helped me get back to routine through this difficult time. I want to thank everyone who reads this Connection for their continued support, it means so much to me.” As Sarah extends her appreciation to everyone at Acden, we at Acden want to express to Sarah that we are so grateful to have her on our team. Thank you for your hard work and dedication and to your achievements within the apprenticeship program. Sarah is a great example of someone with a hard work ethic who loves their job and has identified the career growth opportunities on the horizon. Great work, Sarah!

“I’m very glad to be back to work, it keeps me busy and it has helped me get back to routine through this difficult time. I want to thank everyone who reads this Connection for their continued support, it means so much to me.”

Table of Contents Feature Employee: Sarah Naismith Acden in the Community Run for the Cure Update Success Story: Koady Murray A Message from HR

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HSEQ Contribution Acden Lemax Bill C-45, the Cannabis Act: Acden Q&A Happy Anniversary! What’s Going On

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Acden in the Community We are proud of our community and we are honoured to support the many organizations who continue to improve the quality of life for so many in the Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo.

NAABA Golf Sponsorship: 50/50 Chipping Contest On Friday, June 15th Acden supported the Northeastern Alberta Aboriginal Business Association (NAABA) 20th Annual Golf Tournament and hosted a fun 50/50 Chipping Challenge fundraiser as part of our hole sponsorship. As a proud member of NAABA, four teams of Acden representatives from Acden Holdings, Acden Facilities and Acden Tech Sonic participated in the golf tournament. Generous participants at the tournament showcased their best attempt to successfully chip a golf ball into an Acden Environment waste bin. We successfully raised over $2,100 with proceeds split between one lucky winner and the Wood Buffalo Native Youth Hockey Club. We at Acden are proud to support local organizations such as the Wood Buffalo Native Youth Hockey Club, who bring our communities together and provide athletic, social and cultural opportunities for our youth to develop their skills together.

Sustainival Sponsorship For the fourth year in a row, Acden Environment was proud to partner with Sustainival, the world’s first green carnival! Acden Environment provided in-kind waste and recycling services for the carnival grounds at MacDonald Island Park in Fort McMurray. Sustainival is powered entirely by renewable energy, including solar, wind, and biodiesel produced from waste vegetable oil. This year Sustainival partnered with Tree Canada to plant honourary trees for the Horse River Fire. The honourary trees can be seen behind baseball diamonds at MacDonald Island Park.

Canada Day Parade Float As a proud member of the community we were thrilled to participate in the Canada Day parade with our very own Acden “trees up to trees up” themed parade float. One of Acden Environment’s trucks provided the perfect float platform that incorporated trees and live music, decorated in our Acden purple and Canada flags. Acden employees and their families had fun participating in the festivities by riding on the float or walking alongside handing out branded merchandise to the Franklin Avenue crowds. The Acden float was a head-turner with jigging music from a talented fiddler who kept everyone dancing the entire parade route! The trees up to trees up themed float symbolized our service offerings and Acden’s commitment to our Better Earth Program. The Better Earth Program incorporates multiple green initiatives with a mission to broaden, diversify and activate environmental consciousness through a combination of actions, awareness and education initiatives. The trees displayed on the float represent the trees that will be planted outside of Acden’s Headquarters, honouring the 15 employees who lost their homes in the 2016 Horse River Wildfire. We would like to thank everyone who worked hard to make this event such a success, and to those who participated in the 2018 Canada Day parade float celebrations!

Small Business Golf Tournament In June, Acden teams embraced the summer weather and had fun participating in the Small Business Golf Tournament at the Miskanaw Golf Club. Businesses from across the community were invited to network with one another and enjoy a team building round of golf.


Acden Connection - October 2018 -

Treaty Days In June, team Acden went up to Fort Chipewyan to be a part of the Athabasca Chipewyan First Nation Treaty Days celebration. Acden set up a table activation to hand out Acden merchandise, offered a helping hand with the daylong celebration and sponsored the popular Kids Carnival. The Acden Kids Carnival was a sensation, all the kids walked away as winners with handfuls of prizes and smiles on their faces. Following the carnival, Acden hosted a laughter-filled sumo wrestling ring as well as a bouncy castle. Adding to all the excitement, Acden Horizon North then gave the bouncy castle to one lucky door prize winner. For the final events of the day the arbour was filled with the beat of drums as members and guests enjoyed dinner while watching the lip-sync battle, followed by a round dance and entertainment. The fireworks filled the sky to end the full day celebration. Thank you to everyone who came out to join team Acden celebrate the Athabasca Chipewyan First Nation Treaty Days!


Acden Fleet Gives Back As part of the Customer Appreciation Event hosted in September, Acden Fleet provided a delicious BBQ made by master chef, Fabian of Bumper to Bumper. He whipped up over 200 burgers for over 150 of our valued customers, clients and Acden staff. Attendees were encouraged to bring their vehicles in for a complimentary car wash and also enter their names in to win door prizes provided by Mac Tools. Thank you to everyone who assisted in making this event a great success!

Run For The Cure Update Team Acden is returning to participate in the 2018 CIBC Run for the Cure in Fort McMurray on September 30, 2018. Over the months leading up to the event team Acden organized multiple fundraising events, including a tropical Luau lunch, BBQ lunch, two bake sales, a 50/50 draw and a Zumba Masterclass fundraiser. Team Acden has raised over $8,000 with the help of generous supporters and a dedicated team. Over the past 5 years Acden has participated in the fundraiser to show our support for breast cancer research through the Canadian Cancer Society. Run for the Cure is the largest single-day, volunteer-led event in Canada in support of breast cancer. Together at Acden we come together to honor and celebrate the strength of those who have been affected by breast cancer.


Acden Connection - October 2018 -

On August 23rd-24th, some of our staff members attended and participated in the Annual Youth Elder Cultural Gathering in Fort Chipewyan hosted by the Athabasca Chipewyan First Nation. It was two days filled with traditional activities & workshops including: hand games; a series of hiding and guessing various objects using hand signals, rhythms or gestures to find the object, Dene language challenge, and beadwork. Employees and members were also able to participate in facilitated demonstrations that involved the preparation of muskrat hides, smoking fish, cooking bannock on a stick over an open fire and other various cultural practices.

Acden Attends Cultural Gathering

The purpose in hosting this annual event serves as a platform to bring together youth and elders to form relationships by sharing their knowledge and wisdom, to become more familiar with the land and traditions so that it can be passed on to future generations. Attending the Annual Youth Elder Cultural Gathering serves as a cross-cultural experience for members of various nations and people of all backgrounds to share our ties to the land and the community of Fort Chipeywan.

Wash your hands

Tips on Tips on Preparing Preparing for Flu for Flu Season Season

It takes 15-20 seconds of hand washing to kill germs and bacteria.

Get vaccinated Staying up to date with vaccinations is the single most effective way of protecting yourself against the influenza infection.

Cover your mouth Always cover your mouth and nose when you cough or sneeze.

Did you know? People who have the flu are most prone to spreading the infection in the first 3 to 4 days after the illness occurs.

Wipe Surfaces Wipe frequently touched surfaces with an anti-bacterial surface cleaner and keep a bottle of hand sanitizer with you.

Protect your immune system Take extra vitamins and eat a well-balanced diet that is rich in vegetables, fruits and lean protein.

Sleep well Stay home

By staying home while you are ill, it prevents the spread of the influenza infection. Stay home for a full 24 hours or until your symptoms go away.

Lack of sleep can have a negative effect on your immune system making you prone to catching the flu.


The Success of Our Employees At Acden, we know that our people are our greatest asset. Without the commitment and dedication of our team members we would never be where we are today. This is why we’ve decided to speak directly with employees to hear more about their experiences at Acden. Next is our conversation with Koady – read on to learn more about his career journey.

Koady Murray Full Name: Koady Murray Starting Position: Labourer, Ultrasonic Technician Current Position: Operations & Safety Coordinator When did you start with Acden? I started with Tech Sonic prior to the partnership with Acden back in 2010 and was employed until 2012. I came back to Acden Tech Sonic in July of 2014. What was your career path to get where you are now? I started fresh out of high school as a labourer in 2010 still unsure of my future career path and worked my way into the Team Lead position. With the dedication and training offered by my management I completed my National Construction Safety Officer (NCSO) designation and was offered a position in operations of the company.


Acden Connection - October 2018 -

Can you share your thoughts on Acden as a company, overall? Acden has provided me the opportunity to grow within the company, share my ideas and provide for myself and family. When I left in 2012 to seek a different field of work, I didn’t have the same connection or attitude as when I was working with Acden. The people, the comfort, the benefits, the personal resources and the community involvement that Acden offers make it easy to want to continuously improve and put in all my efforts while working. What are the main services offered by your current business unit? Industrial ultrasonic cleaning to remove heavy oils, bitumen, grease and other refinery-grade contaminants from large and small processing equipment. We clean components such as pumps, heat exchangers, scaffolding, filters, valves and insulation pads. These environmentally cleaning methods provides our clients with cost savings and time. What do you like most about your role? Being able to put a plan in motion with our team and see that plan execute accordingly. I enjoy not being stationary and having to be in different work environments with the daily changing scope of work. I enjoy being hands on in the field one minute and taking care of operational, safety and client interaction duties the next. What is your favorite thing about Acden? The diversity of people, resources and business groups. Can you share a funny work related story or success you have either experienced or witnessed within the company? Acden Tech Sonic was the recipient of the 2017 Alberta Construction Safety Association Trailblazer Award and currently 5 years LTI free. Interested in a career with Acden? Check out our current listings at Want to learn more about our service offerings? Please visit us at

A Message from HR

Your career is with Acden, let us help you get there. Some of our recently promoted Acden team members are listed below. Congratulations!

Your Career is Here!

• Greg Ketch, Heavy Duty Shop Supervisor, Acden Fleet

Growth within our business means career development opportunities. Career development is possible when there is a partnership with our employees. It is also an imperative portion in Acden’s attraction and retention strategy. Career development involves meeting our employee’s needs. We do this by developing career paths, by understanding how growth affects the business, and by identifying and updating an employee’s career plan.

• Alexa Cartwright, Operations Supervisor, Acden Tech Sonic

Acden’s services vary and so do our career opportunities, what does that mean for our employees? It means they can become the next Supervisor or the next Manager. We also encourage our employees to explore joining our apprenticeships and attaining a red seal ticket; welders, millwrights, machinists, automotive service technicians, heating ventilation and air conditioning.

• Renelle Marcel, Foreman at CNRL Horizon, Acden Environment

Prefer something else? Explore a career within our supporting departments; Human Resources, Accounting, Administration, Marketing and Communications, Information Technology, Health, Safety, Environment and Quality and Business Development. Learn more about our career opportunities at Thank you from the Acden Human Resources team

Quote of the quarter, “If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader” – John Quincy Adams

• Mike Seaward, Operations/Safety Coordinator, Acden Tech Sonic • Erwin Cuz, Team Lead, Acden Tech Sonic • Andrew Simpson, Operations Supervisor, Acden Tech Sonic • Lance Laviolette, Equipment Operator at Suncor MacKay River, Acden Environment • Sageer Abooty, Supervisor at CNUL Albian, Acden Environment • Sabrina Demchuk, Foreman at CNUL Albian, Acden Environment • Justin Bourque, Foreman at Suncor Fort Hills, Acden Environment • Travis Russell, Foreman at Suncor Fort Hills, Acden Environment • Carla Clark, Human Resources Advisor, Acden Holdings • Kendyl Boyd, Human Resources, Talent Acquisition Recruiter, Acden Holdings • Alyssa Laviolette, Marketing Advisor, Acden Holdings • Caitlyn Lee, Business Development Advisor, Acden Holdings

Mike Aikins Employee Spotlight, Acden Environment

At the end of the morning toolbox at the Syncrude landfill, Gino Babin, the Syncrude Turnaround Logistics Coordinator, presented Foreman Mike Aikins with a gift. Mr. Babin went on to say what an excellent job Mike does during his toolbox talks and how well Mike related the topics to Acden Environment’s scope of work. Mr. Babin also remarked that he has attended a lot of bad toolbox talks and that Acden’s are by far some of the best he has ever attended, and he was especially impressed with Mike’s toolbox talk. For his efforts Mike was presented with a Project Denali fleece blanket and a token, representing excellent work during the turnaround.

Great job Mike, keep up the good work!


HSEQ Contribution What’s your personal risk tolerance? What is risk tolerance and how does it apply to your role at Acden? You may have heard the term before, perhaps when you’re filling out an investment portfolio or applying for additional life insurance. Your risk tolerance is simply your willingness to take risks. This can apply to financial risk i.e. whether you’re willing to invest your money into a higher risk mutual fund or perhaps you like to go sky diving or bungee jumping. When we speak of risk tolerance at Acden, we’re talking about your willingness to take risks on the job. Understanding risk tolerance is an important piece of improving safety performance.

There are three key processes involved in risk tolerance: 1. Hazard identification – Are you able to see and identify the hazards that surround you? 2. Risk perception – You might see the hazard, but do you fully understand the dangers it presents? 3. Risk tolerance – the decision to proceed or stop, accept or reject the risk.

The 10 Influencing factors for risk tolerance from Dave Fennell Safety Inc.: 1. Overestimating capability or experience.

“I can absolutely lift that, I lift more at the gym” – This is a trap, remember we don’t go to the gym for 10-12 hours a day, we’ve usually warmed up our muscles and we’re wearing appropriate gym attire not a hardhat, coveralls and work boots.

2. Familiarity with the task (or complacency)

“I’ve done this a hundred times”. We often focus on the specific task, not the surroundings or any other potential hazards present. Try looking at your routine tasks with the same cautious approach you did the first time you learned how to do it.

3. Seriousness of the outcome.

“Nothing is going to happen, at work I could get a scratch”. We often tend to downplay the worst thing that could happen. If you even just say out loud what is the worst possible thing that could go wrong, you will naturally begin to consider what to do to stay safe. The important key here is to accept that something could actually go wrong.

4. Voluntary actions and being in control. Acden has great tools to ensure our employees stay safe: Training, onboarding, mentorship, hazard identification reporting, Field Level Risk Assessment, Peer to Peer observations, worksite observations, safety meetings and toolbox talks to name a few. The constant variable and influencing factor in incident prevention…. Is YOU, and your personal safety attitude. Now I’m not saying that people have a bad attitude toward safety, I’m saying that our personal experiences and influences shape the way we perceive and manage risk in our everyday lives, specifically at work. If we’re aware of them and work together, we can raise our risk tolerance game and create a safer work place for us all.

“I trust myself, I won’t fall off this ladder, I won’t allow myself to get hurt”. There is a false sense of being in control and that we are safer. Remember that other people, equipment etc. can pose a hazard to you, watch out for the “other guy” and consider that you might not be as able to prevent an injury as you think you are.

5. Personal experience with a serious outcome.

“I’ve never seen or heard of this happening, so it can’t happen to me”. With a much safer workplace today than ever before, it’s hard for a newer workforce to understand the consequences of working unsafely – they’ve never seen it first hand! Bulletins, article sharing, photos and training are all important tools to remind people why we do we things the way we do them. And not just because we said so!

6. Cost of Non-compliance.

“It’s only a ticket if I’m caught”. Often if there is a high price for non-compliance, we will often think twice before we act.

7. Overconfidence in the equipment.


Acden Connection - October 2018 -

“My equipment has never quit on me before, why would it now?” Remember to maintain your equipment and inspect it daily.

8. Overconfidence in personal protective equipment. “I won’t fall, I’ve got my fall arrest equipment on”. FALSE! You can still fall, it will be painful, but you will likely survive. All too often we put too much trust on our equipment that it won’t fail. 9. Profit or gain from actions. “I always get rewarded for being the fastest worker”. Remember the fastest might not be the safest. Aim to be the most efficient, completing your work in a timely AND safe manner. Think of how much a pair of crutches or a cast will slow you down if you are injured taking a shortcut. 10. Role models accepting risk. “No one else wears their seatbelt so why should I?” It’s important that we all follow the rules of the workplace, if you see someone working unsafely, don’t join them, conduct an intervention or speak to your supervisor, the unfortunate person that could wind up being injured is you. Next time you go to complete a task and your inner conscience is telling you it might not be the safest way to do it, think about your loved ones at home. Would you be comfortable telling your parent, spouse, child what you’re about to do, how you’re going to do it and why you would do it unsafely? What about your supervisor’s boss? If any of the above sound familiar to you, that’s okay! Now that you’re aware of these factors, what are you going to do about them? Remember: 1. Do I see the hazard? 2. Do I understand what can truly go wrong if I keep going? 3. Am I prepared to tolerate this risk, or should I stop and ask for help? Are you trained? Have you completed this task before? Do you have the right tools and equipment? Do you have enough time to do this? Will you be following a safe job procedure? Does your supervisor know what you are doing?

Making Moves for Acden Lemax In early September we spoke with Mike Elliott, General Manager about the move to the new facility located past the YMM Airport at the Saprae Creek Industrial Park.

“We had Electricians installing new wiring and riggers to assist with moving all of the equipment to our new location.” The move has allowed Acden Lemax to grow their business by increasing their staff to 50 people with the help of HR.

“This is the biggest growth spurt that we’ve ever had and we are still recruiting more employees,” says Mike.


Bill C-45, the Cannabis Act: Acden Q&A “If You’re High, the Same Rules Apply” Cannabis will be legal across Canada on October 17th. Find out what this means for work at Acden. Acden asked employees to submit their anonymous questions; this Q&A was developed by Acden HR and HSEQ to answer those and other frequently asked questions about Bill C-45. Q Due to the changes to the Cannabis Act, will drug testing 1. parameters change at Acden? A

Acden will continue to enforce and reference the Canadian Model (link below) Version 6.0 Effective July 1, 2018. COAA, the Marijuana (THC) concentration levels will not be changing. What is changing however, is the addition of testing of four new opioids: Hydrocodone, Hydromorphone, Oxycodone and Oxymorphone. These changes align with the new table(s) 1 & 2 set forth by U.S. Department of Transportation, Rule 49 CFR Part 40, January 1, 2018.

7. Q If an employee consumes cannabis outside of work and not while at work, would it still show up on a drug test? A

An employer has a duty to maintain a safe work environment under occupational health and safety legislation and the criminal code. Specifically, such legislation requires employers to address workplace hazards, such as alcohol and drugs.

Acden will expect all employees to be responsible and continue to work towards sustaining a safe work environment. It is the employee’s responsibility to ensure that they are fit for duty prior to reporting to work.

Q Will employees be able to consume cannabis on their days off the same way they do alcohol without fear of testing positive in the event of a D&A test when back on-shift? A

Despite the legalization of recreational cannabis, it is the employee’s responsibility to ensure that they are fit for duty prior to reporting to work. Employees must continue to perform their work and ensure they do not endanger the health, safety or physical well-being of their co-workers.

Q What testing methods will be used at Acden? A

Acden’s testing method is primarily by urine samples for pre- employment, site access, post-incident and reasonable cause testing. In cases where a client’s policy states different, the client standard shall be adopted, enforced and complied with. The vendors who provide testing services are specifically trained and accredited to perform testing in accordance with US Department of Transportation protocols.

Q If an employee tests positive, will additional testing be 5. performed to confirm no false positives? A If the initial sample result is non-negative, the sample is then sent to the laboratory for further review. A Medical Review Officer (MRO) will evaluate and confirm concentration levels. Q Will job applicants be denied employment if they 6. test positive but are below the allowable legally impaired limits? A

Applicants will be required to comply with Acden Policy 10.0 Substance Abuse Prevention (link below); Canadian Model (link below). Confirmed laboratory tests are reported as positive (above model limits) or negative (below model limits) and the employer is not informed of the specific drug or alcohol concentrations. What this means is, an employee or potential employee is simply compliant or non-compliant.

7. Q Will an employee lose their job for consuming cannabis when off-shift/away from work? A

Should an employee be tested and be equal to or more than the concentration limits as set out by the Canadian Model (link below) Acden policies on Substance Abuse will apply. Where the client standards are more stringent those will be adopted, enforced and complied with.

Q If an employee stated they were out partying on the weekend and consumed cannabis or alcohol, will it warrant testing? A

A supervisor or a manager must request an employee to submit to a drug and alcohol test if he/she has reasonable cause to believe the employee is using or is under the influence while working on Acden and/or client premises.

Q If an employee consumes cannabis on the weekend 6. and is involved in an incident mid-week, are they under the influence? A


Acden Connection - October 2018 -

Drug and Alcohol test results will confirm if the concentration levels exceed limits as set out by the Canadian Model (link below). Should the concentration levels be equal to or exceed the limits, Acden’s Policy 10.0 Substance Abuse Prevention (link below) will be enforced.

Q If a person consumes cannabis on their time off work, and are required to go for drug and alcohol testing two weeks later, will the employee fail the drug test and be fired? Will a swab test be the new norm to prove an employee is not under the influence while at work? A Should an employee be requested to attend a postincident drug test pre-access and/or reasonable cause test, whether by urine or oral swab sample the Canadian Model (link below) will be imposed. If the employee’s results exceed the concentration limits Acden will enforce Policy 10.0 Substance Abuse Prevention (link below). Where the client standards are more stringent those will be adopted, enforced and complied with. Q 3. What ng/ml amount will be used to determine if an employee is impaired? A Please refer to Table(s) 1 & 2 in Acden Policy 10.0 Substance Abuse Prevention (link below) to determine screening and confirmation levels. While these levels do not determine or imply impairment, according to established sources, a person who exceeds the confirmation limit and is employed in a safety sensitive or risk sensitive position, is considered a safety risk. Q What is the definition of a “safety sensitive position” and how will Acden define the various roles to ensure employees are aware if their position is or is not safety sensitive? A Safety Sensitive Position means a position in which individuals have a key and direct role in an operation where cognitive or physical impairment or inattention in the workplace could result in: • An incident affecting the health or safety of employees, contractors, customers, the public or the environment, or • An inadequate response or failure to respond to an emergency or operational situation. Safety sensitive positions include all employees or contractors who may be required either on a regular or temporary basis: Operate or maintain company or client equipment, (including their direct supervisors); • Operate vehicles, including rentals, on behalf of the company; • Work in an operational field location. Q If a position is deemed safety sensitive and an employee in that position consumes medical cannabis while requesting an accommodation, will they be given an alternate position within the company with equivalent compensation?

The treatment plan will need to detail doses, potential modified duties, a detailed prognosis etc. It is important to note that employees who are tasked in a safety sensitive role must comply with the confirmation limits as outlined in Table(s) 1 & 2. Q Will an employee be able to consume cannabis on days off and return to work? What type of testing will Acden be adopting? Will the legal limit be the same limit the company will adopt? A Acden’s Policy 10.0 Substance Abuse Prevention Policy (link below) aligns with the Canadian Model Version 6.0 (link below) published July 1, 2018. These guidelines are consistent with industry best practices and the expectation of Acden and our client sites. Acden will continue to test via urine sample for pre-employment, site access and/or reasonable cause testing. In cases where a client’s policy states different, the client standard shall be adopted, enforced and complied with. The legal driving limit is determined by the Federal and Provincial Governments. For more information regarding provincial legal limits, please refer to Q Cannabis can remain in your system for a while after being consumed, therefore is there an acceptable level that will be used to determine if an employee can pass pre-employment testing or can pass after incident testing? Or will there be zero tolerance, the same as with alcohol? A Employees will comply with Policy 10.0 Substance Abuse Prevention (link below). Should an employee be required to submit to a pre-access, post-incident or a reasonable cause test the Canadian Model (link below) will be followed. The Canadian Model Version 6.0: Acden Policy 10.0 Substance Abuse Prevention: Bitrix location: Company Drive > Acden HR Files > Acden Policies HRweb location: Documents > Acden Corporate Policies (Lost your HRweb login and password? Email Nancy Ladouceur at for help) Learn more:

A Employees must report all medical use of cannabis products to their supervisor and Human Resources prior to starting work. Should an employee have a cannabis prescription for medicinal purposes Acden will request the employee to provide a treatment plan that has been issued by a Physician.


Happy Anniversary! Acden would like to recognize the following employees who are celebrating anniversaries with Acden. Thank you for everything you do, we appreciate your hard work and dedication!

October Anniversaries Employee Company Years of Service Ahle, Jenny Acden Environment 1 Bowers, Miles Acden Environment 1 Froude, Clifford Acden Environment 1 Kopecky, Kimeth Acden Environment 4 Lamand, Monty Acden Environment 4 Osman, Fuseini Acden Environment 10 Rowsell, Randy Acden Environment 2 Shoemaker, Melvin Acden Environment 4 Bursey, Deborah Acden Facilities 2 Burt, Raquel Acden Facilities 4 Dykeman, Ivan Acden Facilities 1 Kassar-Baccache, Antonio Acden Facilities 4

Employee Company Years of Service Labelle, Jacob Acden Facilities 1 Naismith, Sarah Acden Facilities 4 Rivard, Barry Acden Facilities 1 Drew, Calvin Acden Fleet 7 Jesso, Cheryl Acden Holdings/Finance 16 Mercredi, Mitchell Acden Holdings /Business Development 4 Compton, Brooke Acden Lemax 1 Thomassen, Kristian Acden Lemax 3 Vieville, Justin Acden Lemax 1 Lazaro, Ryan Acden Tech Sonic 4 Seaward, Michael Acden Tech Sonic 7

November Anniversaries Employee Company Years of Service Bourque, Justin Acden Environment 2 Hylton, Halzen Acden Environment 6 Laviolette, Peggy Acden Environment 7 Marcel, Renelle Acden Environment 1 Paananen, Tracy Acden Environment 1 Tran, Quan Acden Environment 3 Aubichon, Sydney Acden Facilities 1 Daigneault, Micheal Acden Facilities 4 Jenson, Randall Acden Facilities 1 McCarthy, Jack Acden Facilities 2 McDonald, Mattthew Acden Facilities 3 Minsky, Duelle Acden Facilities 1 Morrison, Richard Acden Facilities 1

Employee Company Years of Service Asmare, Daneale Acden Fleet 7 Evans, David Acden Fleet 8 Bruce, Hailey Acden Holdings/Finance 10 Bungay, Joy Acden Holdings/Safety 1 Cardinal, Shirley Acden Holding/ HR 1 McCoy, Doug Acden/Executive 11 Serroul, Thomas Acden Holdings/Safety 1 Parsons, Leonard Acden Lemax 1 Sharp, Damon Acden Lemax 1 Antoine, Justine Acden Manufacturing 3 McDonald, Vanessa Acden Manufacturing 4 Cartwright, Alexa Acden Tech Sonic 1 David, Alexandru Acden Tech Sonic 4

December Anniversaries Employee Company Years of Service Arseneau, Theresa Acden Environment 1 Zen, Michael Acden Environment 5 Abdelkerim-Hagger, Souleymane Acden Facilities 5 Canadien, Joseph Acden Facilities 6 Duggan, Sean Acden Facilities 1 Flett, Daniel Acden Facilities 7 Gerhardt, Michael Acden Facilities 1 Guitar, Timothy Acden Facilities 1


Acden Connection - October 2018 -

Employee Company Years of Service Pearce, Gregory Acden Facilities 1 Wallace, Craig Acden Facilities 1 Wearing, Dylan Acden Facilities 1 Ozon, Darcy Acden Facilities 1 Ketch, Gregory Acden Fleet 6 Lynk, Renee Acden Fleet 8 Mitchell, Glen Acden Fleet 6 Laviolette, Jessi Ann Acden Manufacturing 20


What’s Going On in Fort McMurray? Back To The 80s YMM Battle Of The Legends

Oct 26 & 27th, Baseball Stadium at Shell Place

3rd Annual Masquerade Ball in support of the Fort McMurray SPCA, Midnight in Gotham October 27th, Shell Place

Christmas Market

October 27th, Royal Canadian Legion

Mix 103.7 Presents YMM Halloween Thriller October 27th, Syncrude Sport and Wellness Centre

Junior Boo - A Weekend of Boo


October 27 & 28th, Fort McMurray Boys & Girls Club

Winter Market

November 3rd, Ecole McTavish School

Live2Lead Wood Buffalo 2018 November 7th, Shell Place

Indigenous Paint Night

November 6th, Wood Buffalo Regional Library

Northern Lights Health Foundation’s Festival of Trees November 16-18th, MacDonald Island

Indigenous Blanket Exercise: Reconciliation Through Education November 23rd, Fort City Church

A Christmas Story – 4 Play Drama Series


November 22 – December 1st Keyano Theatre & Arts Centre

Syncrude Food Drive

Nov 30 - Dec 2, All grocery stores

Santa Clause Parade

December 1st, Riedel Street & Franklin Avenue

A Christmas Story

Natalie’s Easy Homemade Chilli Ingredients 1 1/2 lbs. 1 can 1/2 C 1 can 1/3 C 3t 1/3 C 2t 1 can (14oz) 1 1/2 t 1 can (14oz) 1/2 t 1 can

lean ground beef (or pork, turkey) tomato paste chopped onion tomato soup chopped celery chilli powder chopped green pepper (optional) seasoning salt kidney beans garlic powder brown beans crushed red pepper flakes sliced mushrooms (or fresh and be used)

Cooking Instructions Brown ground meat in a large pot with onions celery and green peppers, drain fat. Add beans, mushrooms (with liquid), tomato paste and soup, mix all together and bring to a boil. Add spices and simmer for about 20 minutes, stirring occasionally. Add a little water to adjust consistency. Shredded cheese can be added as a garnish. Yield 4 Can be substituted as pasta sauce.

Dec 01, Keyano Theatre Company

FM Christmas Market

December 2, Stonebridge Hotel

Junior Who – A Holiday Whobilation

December 9th, Fort McMurray Boys & Girls Club


Winter Tires vs All-Season Tires A message from Acden Fleet to keep you safe while on the road this winter

Fast Facts About Winter Tires Performs in all types of winter conditions – snow, sleet, ice, slush, wet and even cold dry roads.

Fast Facts About All-Season Tires Can help provide traction and grip in mild wet and snowy conditions. Typically have tight-closed tread face designs that are very poor at providing traction in snow or slush and can easily become packed with snow reducing their grip to almost nothing.

They are designed to stay soft in cold temperatures for ultimate grip on snow and ice.

Can come equipped studded or non-studded to provide ultimate traction and stability.

Have a harder rubber compound in order to get a longer tread life, which starts to lose traction at 7°C and lower.

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