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Meeple Monthly Issue 13 January 2014

Modern War #10 Target Iran


Target Iran is a solitaire simulation of a hypothetical US-Coalition-Israeli attack on Iran to destroy weapons of mass destruction (WMD) and other critical targets. The game begins with a “strategic” phase wherein the player conducts reconnaissance, cyberwar and mobilization (the purchasing of assets) for the actual attack, and then an “operational” stage, which is when your attack is actually executed. The game metric of determining victory or defeat is the price of oil. The player mobilizes Coalition forces by expending oil “points” which, in turn, will raise the price of oil. Various other game events will cause the price of oil to fluctuate. If the price of oil goes too high, the player has lost the game.




Berserk: War of the Realms


The hero Arhaal has unleashed Uggud, the Ancient Evil. Magical crystals rain from the sky, and fierce warriors battle for the power they hold. Assemble your forces and drive the enemy before you, be they orc or elf, demon or saint. Enjoy a tactical game of maneuvering and welltimed card plays, graced with beautiful art and a deep, engaging setting. Place your troops carefully and roll the dice to claim your victory! Ages 13+ 2 players 20 minute play time.





BATTLEFRONT MINIATURES Wargames Illustrated #314




Ancient Terrible Things


Relic Expedition is a jungle exploration game with a variable board, hand management, collectible treasures, and dangerous wild animals! The game board starts small, with only a few of the tiles revealed. As players explore the jungle, new tiles are revealed and the board grows in unpredictable ways, making for a completely different game each time. Hidden in the jungle, you'll find six different types of treasures made of six different materials. To win, you must collect four matching treasures, either four of the same type or four of the same material, and fly away from the jungle to victory. If you hope to travel through the terrain and survive the dangers of the jungle to get that treasure, though, you'll also need supplies like machetes, mountain climbing gear, panther traps, tranquilizer darts, vines, and more. You carry treasures and supplies in your backpack, but your backpack space is limited! As the game progresses, you'll have to choose carefully. As you find more treasure, you'll have to make tough decisions about which supplies you have to leave behind. 2-4 players Ages 10+ 60 minute play time.

No moderator? No problem! A fast-play version of Ultimate Werewolf for 3-10 players.


Relic Expedition


BEZIER GAMES Ultimate Werewolf: One Night





White Dwarf # 410 (Feb 2014)

White Dwarf is the ultimate resource for any hobbyists new or existing, providing a monthly dose of pure hobby excitement and packed with new releases, painting guides, articles and more. Every issue is packed with exciting articles and features that keep you up-to-date with what's going on for games such as Warhammer Fantasy Battle and Warhammer 40k.

This epic period of Roman crisis comes to life in SPARTACUS: Crisis in the Roman Republic! Sparatcus is a two-player, carddriven game (CDG), pitting the multiple threat Sertorians against the might of the Roman Republic. This turbulent situation is played out on a beautifully rendered, point-to-point map covering Spain, Gaul, Italy and Asia. The goal of the Sertorian player is to either occupy Rome, or cause the Empire to plunge into anarchy. The Roman player must prevent both of these events both militarily and by managing the crisis.



In Ancient Terrible Things, you play the role of an intrepid adventurer, exploring a dark jungle river.Each turn you must travel to a Fateful Location, face an Ominous Encounter and attempt to unlock its Ancient Secrets. If you succeed (using a combination of dice, tokens and cards), you add the Secrets to your score. If you fail, you unleash a Terrible Thing, which counts against your score at the end of the game. The object of the game is to be the player with the most Ancient Secrets when the game ends at the Unspeakable Event. 2-4 players Ages 14+ 60 minute play time.





IWM20-5090 IWM20-5091 IWM20-5092 IWM20-5093 IWM20-5094

BattleTech: Stinger IIC Mech (TRO: Prototypes 20 ton) BattleTech: Aithon Assault Transport (TRO: Prototypes 100 ton) BattleTech: Dark Age: Doloire DLR-O (TRO 3145 80 ton) BattleTech: Dark Age: Lament LMT-2R (TRO 3145 65 ton) BattleTech: Dark Age: Jackalope Mech (TRO 3145 30 ton)

$8.95 $13.75 $14.95 $13.50 $9.95


Knights of the Dinner Table #206



Chesapeake Campaigns 1813-1815


The War of 1812 was never the most popular of conflicts on both sides of the Atlantic. Bogged down by their involvement in the Napoleonic conflict in Europe, the British largely relied on the power of the Royal Navy in the early years of the war. Part of this naval strategy was to blockade the American coastline in order to strangle American commerce and bring the new nation to its knees. Nowhere was this blockade more important than in the Chesapeake. Partly in response to the sacking of York (modern Toronto), the British decided to strike at the nation’s capital, Washington, DC, and a force of Peninsular War veterans under General Robert Ross landed, defeated the Americans at the battle of Bladensburg and took Washington on August 24, 1814. Buoyed by this success, the British pressed on towards Baltimore. However, they were forced to withdraw at the battle of North Point, and a naval bombardment of Fort McHenry failed to reduce the fort and Baltimore was spared. With his intimate knowledge of the events in this theatre of war, Scott Sheads of Fort McHenry NPS brings these dramatic events of American history to life.



Yu-Gi-Oh!: Legacy of the Valiant Booster Display √

Legacy of the Valiant lets Duelists infuse their Decks with the strength of the very land itself! Excavate new strategies from the tombs of ancient kings, with the biggest batch of Gravekeeper cards since 2010’s Structure Deck Marik. Unearth astonishing new game mechanics with a brand new Plant theme like you’ve never seen before, guaranteed to turn your Duels upsidedown. More Monarch cards – the mightiest rulers of the land! Following their re-introduction in Shadow Specters, Legacy of the Valiant includes new Monarch cards, including a Ghost Rare version of the brand new Mobius the Mega Monarch! Plus new cards for Bujin, Chronomaly, and Ghostrick Decks, and much, much more. 100 card complete set: 48 Common Cards, 20 Rare Cards, 14 Super Rare Cards, 10 Ultra Rare Cards, 8 Secret Rare Cards OSPCBT005


Aces of the 325th Fighter Group


The 325th FG was activated under General Order number 50 on 30 July 1942 and set up training operations at Theodore F Greene Field in Providence, Rhode Island. By mid-December 1942 the group was considered ready for combat and the alert for overseas duty arrived on 2 January 1943. The pilots and their P-40s departed on the carrier USS Ranger on 8 January and flew their aircraft off the vessel into Cazes airfield, near Casablanca, on 19 January 1943. After the remainder of the personnel arrived in late February, the group prepared for combat, and finally flew its first mission on 17 April 1943 as part of the Twelfth Air Force. During the next four months it participated in the North African campaign, and operations against enemy-held islands in the Mediterranean Sea. By the end of the Sicilian campaign on 17 August the 325th FG had scored 128 aerial victories, been the first P-40 unit to deliver 1,000-lb bombs against enemy targets and had escorted 1,100 bombers without losing a single one of them to enemy action.

Lockheed A-12: CIA Blackbird & Variants



FE 2b/d vs Albatros Scouts: 1916-1917


In the spring of 1916 the deployment of the OSPDUE055 RFC’s FE 2, with its rotary engine ‘pusher’ configuration affording excellent visibility for its pilot and observer, and removing the need for synchronized machine guns, helped wrest aerial dominance from Imperial Germany’s Fokker Eindecker monoplanes, and then contributed to retaining it throughout the Somme battles of that fateful summer. However, by autumn German reorganization saw the birth of the Jagdstaffeln (specialised fighter squadrons) and the arrival of the new Albatros D scout, a sleek inline-engined machine built for speed and twin-gun firepower. Thus, for the remainder of 1916 and well into the next year an epic struggle for aerial superiority raged above the horrors of the Somme and Passchendaele battlefields, pitting the FE 2 against the better-armed and faster Albatros scouts that were focused on attacking and destroying their twoseater opponents. In the end the Germans would regain air superiority, and hold it into the following summer with the employment of their new Jagdgeschwader (larger fighter groupings), but the FE 2 remained a tenacious foe that inflicted many casualties, some of whom were Germany’s best aces (including ‘The Red Baron’).

OSPACE117 $18.95

During the early years of the Cold War, the most effective way to gather strategic intelligence about the Soviet Union and its allies was manned overflight. Lockheed’s U-2 was spectacularly successful in this role, however, much to the concern of US President Eisenhower, its shape meant that it could be tracked on Russian radars. Given the highly sensitive nature of such flights, the President insisted that every effort should be made to reduce to zero the U-2’s radar cross section (RCS), thereby making the aircraft invisible. When this was proven to be impossible, the stage was set for a U-2 replacement. Following a competition between Lockheed and Convair, the former was declared the winner and the result was the A-12. Designed to incorporate ‘stealth’ features before the term was even coined, the A-12 has to date proven to be the fastest, highest flying jet aircraft ever built. This book will also cover a two-seat variation of the design built as an advanced interceptor, the YF-12.

British Infantry vs German Infantry 1916

The mighty struggle for the Somme sector of the Western Front in the second half of 1916 has come to be remembered for the dreadful toll of casualties inflicted on Britain’s ‘New Armies’ by the German defenders on the first day of the offensive, 1 July. The battle continued, however, throughout the autumn and only came to a close in the bitter cold of mid-November. The British plan relied on the power of artillery to suppress and destroy the German defenses; the infantry were tasked with taking and holding the German trenches, but minimal resistance was anticipated. Both sides incurred major losses, however; German doctrine emphasized that the first line had to be held or retaken at all costs, a rigid defensive policy that led to very high casualties as the Germans threw survivors into ad hoc, piecemeal counterattacks all along the line. Featuring specially commissioned full-color artwork and based on meticulous reassessment of the sources, this engaging study pits the volunteers of Kitchener’s ‘New Armies’ against the German veterans who defended the Somme sector in the bloody battles of July to November 1916.





US WWII Parachute Infantry Regiments



The parachute infantry regiments were among the most highly decorated US Army units of World War II, and between them they saw action right across the world. The elite nature of these units led to them being committed to action not only in the way that had been intended; their quality tempted commanders to keep them in the line longer than their light armament justified, and they were tested to the limit. This engaging study traces the story of each of the 17 regiments, from their creation and training in the USA, through their deployments overseas, to their combat jumps and all their battles. The book is illustrated with wartime photographs, many previously unpublished, and eight full-color plates detailing the specifics of their uniforms, insignia, and equipment practices, which often differed from unit to unit.

Roman Guardsman 62 BC–AD 324


From the civil wars of the Late Republic to Constantine’s bloody reunification of the OSPWAR170 Empire, elite corps of guardsmen were at the heart of every Roman army. Whether as bodyguards or as shock troops in battle, the fighting skills of praetorians, speculatores, singulares and protectores determined the course of Roman history. Modern scholars tend to present the praetorians as pampered, disloyal and battle-shy, but the Romans knew them as valiant warriors, men who strove to live up to their honorific title pia vindex, loyal and avenging. Closely associated with the Republican praetorian cohorts, and gradually assimilated into the Imperial Praetorian Guard, were the speculatores. A cohort was established by Marc Antony in the 30s BC for the purposes of reconnaissance and intelligence gathering, but soon the speculatores were acting as close bodyguards - a role they maintained until the end of the first century AD. This title will detail the changing nature of these units, their organization and operational successes and failures from their origins in the late Republic through to their unsuccessful struggle against Constantine the Great.



Robin Hood

42cm “Big Bertha” & German Siege Artillery

WARMACHINE: Cryx: Mechanithralls (10)



WARMACHINE: Cryx: Bane Thralls (10)


WARMACHINE: Ret: Houseguard Riflemen Unit (10)


Assembled from a horrific fusion of corpses and machinery scavenged from the battlefield, mechanithralls fill the ranks of the Cryxian army. Their reanimated bodies are augmented with two heavy gauntlets powered by dark energies and steam pressure. These gauntlets greatly enhance their unliving strength; indeed, a mechanithrall’s strike is nearly as powerful as the impact from a steamjack. A player may field up to three Mechanithrall units for each warcaster in a Cryx army. Contains: 1 Leader 9 Grunts 1 color stat card. Box


He robbed from the rich to give to the poor, or so the legend goes. But who was the outlaw known as Robin Hood? How did his legend develop, and how has it changed over the passing centuries? This new title in the Osprey Myths and Legends series takes a detailed look at the famous outlaw, beginning with a retelling of the early ballads that established his stories. From there, the book explores how the legend grew and how famous names such as Little John, Friar Tuck, Maid Marian, and Alan-a-Dale became associated with Robin Hood. It also enters the perilous world of Robin Hood scholarship with a critical analysis of the case for a ‘historical’ Robin Hood and a review of the mostly likely candidates. A perfect primer for young and old alike, this book covers both the fact and the fiction of Britain’s most famous outlaw. OSPNVG205


Versatile and deadly soldiers among more mindless undead, bane thralls host a darkness that both permeates their being and seeps into the world of the living. This darkness siphons the very light from the air and is utterly inimical to living flesh. The malevolent glimmer in the eyes of these wickedly proficient killers hints at a hateful intelligence that lets them coordinate cunning attacks and drives them to seek any opportunity to sow death. A player may field up to three Bane Thrall units for each warcaster in a Cryx army. Contains: 1 Leader 9 Grunts 1 color stat card. Box


In the early days of World War I, Germany unveiled a new weapon, the mobile 42cm OSPNVG205 (16.5 inch) M-Gerät howitzer. At the time, it was the largest artillery piece of its kind in the world and a closely guarded secret. When war broke out, two of the howitzers were rushed directly from the factory to Liege where they quickly destroyed two forts and compelled the fortress to surrender. After repeat performances at Namur, Maubeuge and Antwerp, German soldiers christened the howitzers ‘Grosse’ or ‘Dicke Berta’ (Fat or Big Bertha) after Bertha von Krupp, owner of the Krupp armament works that built the howitzers. The nickname was soon picked up by German press which triumphed the 42cm howitzers as Wunderwaffe (wonder weapons), and the legend of Big Bertha was born. This book details the design and development of German siege guns before and during World War I. Accompanying the text are many rare, never-before-published photographs of ‘Big Bertha’ and the other German siege guns. Color illustrations depict the most important aspects of the German siege artillery.



Companies of riflemen have joined the Retribution in number and serve as the longreaching line for the army abroad. They wield heavy rifles capable of delivering punishing firepower against the human armies that so greatly outnumber them. Every rifleman is trained to take careful aim and regard each trigger pull as a prospective kill. A player may field up to three Houseguard Rifleman units for each warcaster in a Retribution army. Contains: 1 Leader 9 Grunts 1 color stat card. Box PIP35060




WARMACHINE: Ret: Houseguard Thane Solo



Exemplifying both leadership and combat prowess, thanes are veterans of Ios’ houseguard forces. They have a remarkable capacity for rallying their forces even in the face of certain defeat, being themselves conditioned through training and experience to operate beyond fear. They are excellent swordsmen capable of cutting a swath through enemy lines into which those in their charge will eagerly follow, like a tide of unshakable halberd blades and rifle fire. A player may field up to two Houseguard Thane solos for each warcaster in a Retribution army. Contains: 1 Houseguard Thane 1 color stat card. Blister

No Quarter Magazine #52




WARMACHINE: CoC: Eradicators Unit (5)


Catz, Ratz, & Batz


The wacky dice game where the animals rule! The animals are on the loose in this exciting strategy dice game. Throw the 9 dice, and then decide which to keep and which to reroll. CATZ are good, RATZ are bad, and BATZ...well, that depends. This game will bring out the animal in every player as they strive to claim the highest score.





Pathfinder Pawns: Bestiary 3 Box



Pathfinder Flip-Mat: Falls & Rapids


WARMACHINE: CoC: Elimination Servitors (3) $44.99

This line of gaming maps provides ready-to-use and captivatingly detailed fantasy set pieces for the busy Game Master. Whether it’s used as a dangerous obstacle or the scene of a perilous plummet, this double-sided map is the perfect place for wilderness adventure! Don’t waste your time sketching when you could be playing. With Pathfinder Flip-Mat: Falls and Rapids, you’ll be ready next time your players go down the river without a paddle! This portable map measures 24" x 30" unfolded, and 8" x 10" folded. Its coated surface can handle any dry erase, wet erase, or even permanent marker.



Pathfinder Cards: Chase Cards 2: Hot Pursuit! $10.99

From the towering great cyclops to the tyrannical grave knight, your favorite friends and foes of the Pathfinder RPG Bestiary 3 gather in this massive collection of more than 300 creature pawns! Printed on sturdy cardstock, each pawn contains a beautiful full-color monster image and slides into a size-appropriate plastic base. With multiple pawns for commonly encountered creatures and nearly 250 distinct creature images, the Bestiary 3 Box has exactly what you need to add much-needed weirdness, excitement, and high adventure to your tabletop!



Frontline shock troopers, eradicators charge into the fray using protean bucklers to protect their advance. In the thick of combat their bucklers transform to release spring-loaded claws. The clockwork shock troopers employ these claws to strike down opponents with surgical precision, using the momentum of each blow to propel themselves even deeper into enemy lines. A player may field up to two Eradicator units for each warcaster in a Convergence army. Contains: 1 Leader 4 Grunts 1 color stat card. Box PIP36027

The elimination servitor operates by one directive: hunt down and terminate any and all it does not recognize as an ally. Once it has acquired a target, an elimination servitor advances in a series of precise movements intended to bring its spike projector to bear with the greatest efficiency. The spikes inflict modest but reliable damage and are particularly effective against foot soldiers. A player may field up to three groups of three Elimination Servitor solos for each warcaster in a Convergence army. Contains: 3 Elimination Servitors 1 color stat card. Blister


Hordes: High Command: Savage Guardians

On your mark! Get set! Go! The follow-up to the fun and popular Chase Cards Deck, this 51-card set provides new ways to create exciting and evocative pursuits. Each beautifully illustrated card provides a unique challenge to overcome, whether the heroes are tracking down a wily villain or escaping an overpowering foe. Like its predecessor, this deck’s cards are themed to dungeon, wilderness or urban areas, so you can use them to expand your chase choices, or as a stand-alone way to create hectic pursuits that your players will never forget!

PZO3036 PZO8518


Bolster your armies with Savage Guardians, an 84-card expansion for HORDES High Command! Savage Guardians contains 5 copies each of 16 different cards, plus 4 additional warlock cards, to bring new strategies to your Trollblood, Circle Orboros, Skorne, and Legion of Everblight decks. This set (PIP 61013) contains: 21 Trollblood cards 21 Circle Orboros cards 21 Legion of Everblight cards 21 Skorne cards 1 rule reference card Requires HORDES High Command core set to play.

Pathfinder Tales: The Dagger of Trust (Novel)


Gideon Gull leads a double life: one as a talented young bard at the Rhapsodic College, and the other as a student of the Shadow School, where Taldor’s infamous Lion Blades are trained to be master spies. When a magical fog starts turning ordinary people into murderous mobs along the border between Taldor and Andoran, it’s up to Gideon and a crew of his fellow performers to solve the mystery. But can a handful of entertainers really stop a brewing war? From author Chris Willrich comes a new adventure of intrigue, espionage, and arcane mystery, set in the world of the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game. 13





Pathfinder Adventure Path #77: Herald of the Ivory Labyrinth (Wrath of the Righteous 5 of 6) $22.99

“Herald of the Ivory Labyrinth” is a Pathfinder Roleplaying Game adventure for 15th-level characters who have gained seven mythic tiers. The adventure utilizes rules from Mythic Adventures to portray a campaign of truly epic potential. An article exploring the debased cult of Baphomet and a survey of the deformed spawn of the titans known as the demodands round out this volume. A bestiary of several monsters (including the fifth of six demon lords that will be presented during the campaign!) and part five of Robin D. Laws’s new Pathfinder Journal await discovery in this new installment of Pathfinder Adventure Path!

PZO9077 PZO9265

Pathfinder Campaign Setting: Osirion, Legacy of Pharaohs


Pathfinder Campaign Setting: Wrath of the Righteous Map Folio










Binder: Premium Pro Binder White

ULP84193 ULP84194 ULP84195 ULP84196

Binder: Binder: Binder: Binder:

√ √ √ √

9-pocket Premium PRO-Binders with debossed Ultra PRO logo. Cover is designed with padded leatherette look. Black web material gives cards a classic framed look and is embossed for easy slide-in of cards. Side loading pocket design to prevent cards from easily falling out. Elastic strap holds the binder shut when not in use. All materials made from archival-safe, acid-free non-PVC material. Holds 360 cards in Ultra Pro Deck Protector sleeves. (Cards not included)


Explore the lands of Osirion, Thuvia, and Rahadoum, ancient nations with fierce traditions born from the heart of vast, merciless deserts. Discover the ways of these proud peoples and how to play natives of these shining lands, as well as the unique traits, feats, equipment, magic, and more that assure their survival against thirst, vicious storms, ancient monstrosities, and worse. A perfect companion to the Mummy’s Mask Adventure Path!

Pathfinder Player Companion: Bastards of Golarion (PFRPG)

Crysis - The Analog Edition

Crysis Analogue Edition transfers the unique game play of the award-winning and bestselling video game series Crysis to the game board! 2 to 8 players form two teams (CELL vs. US Forces) and battle for supremacy in futuristic New York in 14 different scenarios. Depending on the chosen scenario, each game takes about 90+ minutes to complete. The game is driven by the playing cards and emphasizes rapid and varied action. Be fast! Be strong! Be invisible! Be the weapon! 2-8 players Ages 14+

Designed to complement and enhance play of the Wrath of the Righteous Adventure Path, the three huge poster maps in this map folio are an invaluable aid for any campaign set in the treacherous Worldwound and beyond. Included in this folio are a map of the city of Kenabres (the setting for the first Wrath of the Righteous adventure), a map of the Worldwound itself, and an illustrative map of the Abyss presented as if it were an in-world handout of this otherworldly realm of ultimate evil.

Pathfinder Player Companion: People of the Sands


Pathfinder Module: Wardens of the Reborn Forge is a deluxe super- adventure for 12th-level characters and includes 64 action-packed pages of adventure and a beautiful two-sided full-color poster map. Players can expect to reach 16th level by the time they complete this epic adventure—if they manage to survive! Pathfinder Modules are 64-page, high-quality, full-color, adventures using the Open Game License to work with both the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game and the standard 3.5 fantasy RPG rules set. This Pathfinder Module includes new monsters, treasure, a double-sided poster map, and a fully detailed bonus location that can be used as part of the adventure or in any other game!

From the cosmopolitan capital of Sothis, Throne of the Ruby Prince, to the timeless ruins of the deep desert, adventurers brave accursed tombs and risk the wrath of forgotten mummies in this mysterious land of pyramids and pharaohs. Learn about every corner of Osirion, the backdrop of the exciting Mummy’s Mask Adventure Path, including dangers of the desert, mysteries of the richest ruins, deadly new creatures, and everything you need to run a campaign in this exotic realm. PZO9266

Pathfinder Module: Wardens of the Reborn Forge


Premium Premium Premium Premium

Pro Pro Pro Pro

Binder Binder Binder Binder

Blue Black Red Green




Tessen is a card game where you and your opponent play cards simultaneously. To win the game for your clan you will need to be fast, but you will also need to use your wits and make wise decisions in the heat of the moment. The Shogun has declared an end to clan warfare. To resolve disputes, clans must face off in a competitive hunt for 8 animals. The only weapon allowed is the Tessen, a Japanese war fan used for attack and defense. Tessen is an ultra-fast game where rounds of play typically take 3 minutes or less and a match can be completed in about 15 minutes. Plus, two free mini expansions are included! 2 players Ages 8+



From the best-known mixed-blood races, like half- elves and half-orcs, to beings with just a touch of another race’s blood in their veins, the most successful species are the most flexible. Learn what powers your blood might hold and draw upon the magic of your diverse heritage with new options for mixed-race characters, spells and magic items to coax forth the might of latent powers, new feats and equipment, and more.



December 2013 Additional Releases

Eclipse: Ship Pack One Expansion ASMECL03

All dates of release are estimates by the manufacturer. Prices are listed as MSRP. √ = Check with your retailer about pricing. ACD DISTRIBUTION ACDMM012

Meeple Monthly Issue 12 December 2013

$3.95 ASMNWP01


Hobby Starter - Mega Brush Set


New discoveries await you in this exciting expansion for the award- winning Eclipse, with powerful new technology, ancient alien vessels, and two new species. Try the new turn order variant, explore the new outer sector, and win power for your faction through judicious use of the security council. Best of all, the Eclipse Ship Pack One includes 108 new plastic models, enough for every player to have different ships on the board! With so much to add to the base game, players will find all new reasons to take to the stars. Ages 14+ 2-6 players 30 minute play time.

Expedition: Northwest Passage


In 1845, Sir John Franklin led an expedition to discover the route that would connect the Pacific and Atlantic. When he disappeared, explorers from Britain and America set out to find the missing voyage and succeed where Franklin failed by finding the Northwest Passage. Carefully place exploration tiles, maneuver around ice floes, discover islands and send your crews on sleds across solid land. Be careful, as the seasons progress, the North gets colder, and the last thing you want is to find yourself stuck in the ice, losing crews and equipment. Be the first to discover the route to the Pacific to earn the Prestige you need to bring victory for your team! Ages 13+ 2-4 players 45 minute play time.


All the Wargaming brushes (10) from the popular range. This set also includes a 12pp. Painting Guide and a FREE Kolinsky Masterclass brush! AMYST5113


C3K: Crossover Cyclades/Kemet



Send the mighty Kraken down the River Nile to bolster your armies, or bring the mighty phoenix to battle to resurrect your fallen warriors. The creatures of Egypt will invade Cyclades, and the mighty mythological monsters of Greece will descend on the land of Kemet. This expansion will allow players to use the miniatures from their copy of Cyclades in their games of Kemet, providing new powers that can be added to their armies. Players can also use the Egyptian creatures out of their copy of Kemet in their games of Cyclades, providing new powers and abilities. Contains: 7 cards for Cyclades 6 tiles for Kemet Rules


Seas of Iron


Doctor Who: Fifth Doctor Sourcebook


Seas of Iron is a battleship combat game for 2-4 players. Set during the height of the Battleships reign around the time of World War Two and early 20th Century.The game is quick to learn and simple to play. Players attempt to combat and eliminate each other's ships to be the undisputed king of the seas. The rules can easily adapt to play as a team or with fleets of ships.




The Doctor Who: Fifth Doctor Sourcebook will cover Peter Davidson's years in the Tardis. CB71114






It is described as an alternate history pulpy retro-sci-fi space opera planetary romance. It's throttled up rocket packs burning radium on the long blast to the farthest reaches of the Solar System. It's hunting thunder lizards in the upland jungles of Venus. It's battling Ancient Martian killing machines piloted by the Deutsche Marskorps across the baking red deserts of Mars. It's exploring the deadly skies of Jupiter under the constant threat of Europan disintegration. Rocket Age is the core rulebook in the new radium-powered game line of interplanetary adventure! Powered by the Vortex System (like our Doctor Who game) it's packed to the fins with all the rules, setting information and game ideas to keep you playing throughout your very own rocket age! CB72004

Primeval Evolution



The past, present and future of Earth collide as mysterious Anomalies open up everywhere. You are part of an elite team of specialists. Your mission – keep prehistoric monsters in check, preserve the timeline, and uncover the secrets behind the Anomalies. You must protect the modern world from savage dinosaurs, primeval monsters and the horrors of the far future, but not everyone's on your side. Who can you trust?


FANTASY FLIGHT GAMES Android: Netrunner: Fear and Loathing





Fear and Loathing is the fifth Data Pack in the Spin Cycle for Android: Netrunner, and its sixty new cards (three copies each of twenty individual cards) translate the vertiginous divide between the game’s richest megacorps and the multitude who live in poverty. It introduces a new Corp identity, GRNDL, as well as spirited individuals like the investigative reporter Tallie Perrault who lend their assistance to the game’s Runners. Fear and Loathing also amplifies the game’s mechanics for bad publicity, traces, and tagging. FFGGOT120


BattleLore: Second Edition


Call of Cthulhu LCG: Denizens of the Underworld


Game of Thrones: LCG: A Hidden Agenda


Game of Thrones LCG: Targaryen Resin House Card


The Valyndra Lieutenant Pack for Descent: Journeys in the Dark Second Edition permits players to replace the Valyndra lieutenant token with a detailed plastic figure. This deadly operative comes ready to tower over Terrinoth’s champions with her fangs bared and one claw poised to strike. Moreover, a ten-card Plot deck and rules allow the fearsome Wyrm Queen to influence nearly any quest, even granting the overlord the ability to summon her as a deadly agent bent on adding to her existing wealth!

A Hidden Agenda is the sixth and final Chapter Pack in the Kingsroad cycle for A Game of Thrones: The Card Game. Schemes, secrets, and mysteries pervade its sixty new cards (three copies each of twenty individual cards), drawing the Kingsroad cycle to its climactic conclusion with a blend of formerly established mechanics: the Bannerman trait, Shadows, cards at your command, decks without agendas, and the Maester trait. Each offers a different path to power as players seek to win the Iron Throne!

These distinct resin House cards are magnificently detailed and weighted, and will let any A Game of Thrones: The Card Game player collect power in style! Players can declare their House allegiance with resin House cards bearing the direwolf of House Stark, the lion of House Lannister, the three-headed dragon of House Targaryen, or one of three other popular House sigils from A Game of Thrones: The Card Game. No matter which House you try to lead to the Iron Throne, these resin House cards will serve you well.


BattleLore Second Edition is a FFGBT01 two-player board game of squadbased combat set in the vibrant fantasy realm of Terrinoth. Players will command either the noble Daqan Lords or the ferocious, demon-worshipping Uthuk Y’llan, and use the power of lore to tilt the odds in their favor. Establish new maps and victory conditions each game by choosing different scenario cards, then muster an army that can claim victory from your opponent on the field of battle. Filled with ninety-two detailed figures, more than one-hundred fifty cards, and custom dice, BattleLore Second Edition will provide enjoyment for even the finest commanders in the land! FFGCT62

Descent: Valyndra Lieutenant Pack




Denizens of the Underworld is the sixth deluxe expansion for Call of Cthulhu: The Card Game and introduces 165 new cards (three copies each of fifty-five individual cards), roughly two thirds of which bolster the Syndicate, Arkham’s largest criminal organization. Sixteen new Syndicate Criminals, as well as a host of new tools and clever tricks make this an essential Syndicate expansion. Additionally, players can use the new characters and Tactic events for all of the game’s other factions. 21


Game of Thrones LCG: Lannister Resin House Card



Rocket Age: Heroes of the Solar System


Game of Thrones LCG: Greyjoy Resin House Card FFGGOT122

$19.95 FFGGOT57

Arkham Horror: Dweller in the Deep (Novel)


Written by award-winning author Graham McNeill and set in the Arkham Horror universe, Dweller in the Deep is the final installment of The Dark Waters Trilogy. Having learned the shocking truth behind a plot to cast the world into unimaginable darkness, Miskatonic University professor Oliver Grayson and his team of unlikely allies must arm themselves with deadly weapons, powerful eldritch artifacts, and the most potent tool an investigator can wield: knowledge. The stage is set for one ultimate, heart-stopping race to save mankind!



Game of thrones LCG: Martell Resin House Card



Game of Thrones LCG: Stark Resin House Card








Arkham Horror: The Hungering God (Novel)



Arkham Horror: The Sign of Glaaki (Novel)


Written by Alan Bligh and John French, The Hungering God is the third and final novel in The Lord of Nightmares Trilogy and based on the beloved Arkham Horror board game. As a rising tide of strange events and unexplained disappearances envelop the small town of Arkham, only a few souls suspect the horrifying truth: The Lord of Nightmares will soon walk the earth to leave destruction and madness in its wake. Can a handful of unlikely heroes save mankind from an ancient and unspeakable evil? A novel by internationally best-selling authors Steven Savile and Steve Lockley, The Sign of Glaaki pits escape artist Harry Houdini and author Dennis Wheatley against ancient evil, alongside a cast of familiar characters from the Arkham Horror universe! When an actress is brutally murdered on the set of a high-profile horror film, the list of suspects seems endless. But when other bodies begin to appear, it becomes clear that something far more sinister is at work.



Game of Thrones LCG: Baratheon Resin House Card


Blue Moon Legends



the Echoes of the Force cycle of Force Packs for Star Wars: The Card Game. Its ten new objective sets (two copies each of five individual sets) explore the power of the Force and its impact on the galaxy. Imperial forces work to create new Dark Trooper War Droids while the bold intelligence agents of the Rebel Alliance and members of the Smugglers and Spies affiliation work to sabotage the operation.

Blue Moon Legends is a collected version of all the cards from awardwinning designer Reiner Knizia’s Blue Moon card game contained in a single box. Two players command factions pitted against each other in tense, head-to-head card play. Players can either play the game with decks straight out of the box or strategically design the perfect deck to take down their opponents. With hundreds of cards to choose from, no two games will be the same.


FFGSWC10 Star Wars: LCG: Heroes and Legends $14.95 Heroes and Legends begins the epic journey through FFGSWC10


Lord of the Rings: LCG: The Voice of Isengard $29.95

The Voice of Isengard is the third deluxe expansion for The Lord of the Rings: The Card Game and transports players to Isengard and its surrounding environs. With its 165 cards (including three copies of each player card), The Voice of Isengard introduces the fantastic adventures of three new scenarios in which Middle-earth’s heroes must race to gain knowledge of the Enemy while time remains to strike. Additionally, a wealth of new player cards and new heroes reflect the strength of Orthanc and the neighboring 23 Rohirrim.


Star Wars: Edge of the Empire: Suns of Fortune $39.95

Suns of Fortune is a 144-page sourcebook for the Star Wars: Edge of the Empire Roleplaying Game that allows players and Game Masters to explore the many fantastic opportunities and dangers found within the Corellian Sector, the birthplace of Han Solo and Wedge Antilles. Suns of Fortune features extensive details on multiple Core Worlds, three new species, exotic weapons, dozens of vehicles, nine modular encounters that Game Masters can use in any Edge of the Empire campaign, and more!




Star Wars X-Wing: The Imperial Aces


The Imperial Aces Expansion Pack for X-Wing introduces two new TIE interceptor miniatures with detailed alternate paint schemes for the Saber Squadron and Royal Guard. It also introduces several highly skilled new pilots, a dozen upgrade cards, and all the tokens and maneuver dials players need to field these ships. Meanwhile, a deeply tactical and thematic new mission allows the Empire to utilize new, experimental technology in a high-intensity clash with Rebel pilots. When you fly these Imperial Aces, you fly with the best!





Warhammer: Diskwars






Council of Verona



Paradise Fallen


The citizens of Verona have grown tired of the constant GSRACV01 quarrel between the houses of Capulet and Montague. As ruler of the region, Prince Escalus has formed a council to help mediate the conflict and bring lasting peace to Verona. In Council of Verona, players take on the role of influential citizens of Verona and act to use their influence to either add characters to the council or cast them into exile. Through thoughtful hand management of their cards and clever placement of influence tokens, players gain victory points based upon the agendas of the characters at the end of the game. The player with the most victory points wins! We've all heard the story of Romeo and Juliet – now is your chance to steer the story and determine who will rule Verona once and for all! 2-5 players Ages 13+ 15 minute play time.


Set amid the constant warfare of the Old World, Warhammer: Diskwars is a game of ferocious, fast-paced tabletop battles for two to four players. At its heart are its disks, which represent heroes and units that maneuver across the battlefield by flipping end-over-end. With a host of terrain cards, objectives, command cards, and more than sixty disks representing units of Orcs, Chaos Daemons, High Elves, and the Empire, the Core Set includes everything you need to build your first armies and dive into the fray!

Wiz-War: Malefic Curses Expansion

White Dwarf # 409 (Jan 2014)

White Dwarf is the ultimate resource for any hobbyists new or existing, providing a monthly dose of pure hobby excitement and packed with new releases, painting guides, articles and more. Every issue is packed with exciting articles and features that keep you up-to-date with what's going on for games such as Warhammer Fantasy Battle and Warhammer 40k.

Things aren't what they once were. Here in paradise, breathtaking views were a dime a dozen and awe-inspiring beauty was a blasé norm. The days of beauty and awe are few and far between now and are to be soaked up as if they could be your last because they just might be. The ground is broken as are the people. Paradise is no more, it is dark, it is cold. Paradise has fallen. In Paradise Fallen: The Card Game, 2-4 players take on the role of tribes that are attempting to explore and navigate a fallen paradise through hand management to gather valuable powers that will enable them to survive and continue their journey. By drawing cards from the Exploration Deck on their turn, players gather the necessary rations and powers needed to explore. Throughout their journey, tribes will have to navigate islands with obstacles placed in their paths by others. The first tribe to successfully explore a certain number of islands for their powers wins. 2-4 players Ages 8+ 30 minute play time.


Malefic Curses, the first expansion for Wiz-War, allows a fifth player to enter the game’s magical, subterranean duels. The expansion adds a new wizard figurine, sector board, and portals, as well as new schools of magic. Players can tap the fearful powers of Hexcraft, Necromancy, and Chaos. Hexcraft allows players to etch powerful runes in the paths of the maze, trapping those who dare to cross them. Necromancy offers a host of death-dealing tactics, and the powers of Chaos provide powerful, albit unpredictable, effects.


Yu-Gi-Oh!: Yugi & Kaiba Reloaded Starter Deck



The original Dueling Legends get their decks updated in Yugi and Kaiba Reloaded Starter Decks. Each 50-card deck features that character’s favorite cards and is tuned to provide easy learning of the Yu-Gi- Oh! Trading Card Game. Fans will love roleplaying and Dueling with their hero’s deck just like on TV! These Starter Decks were designed to be evenly matched and provide a fun and entertaining jumping-off point for new Duelists. With the ongoing popularity of the original TV series, fans with fond nostalgia have been asking for a modern revamp and their cries have been heard with the Yugi and Kaiba Reloaded Starter Decks. This Starter Deck Contains: 50 Cards 1 Rulebook 1 Game Mat 1 Dueling Guide 5 Yugi and 5 Kaiba Starter Decks per Display

NEW LANDS ARE WAITING TO BE DISCOVERED! Players explore the islands of South America, secure trading routes, and build settlements in this exciting new game from Queen Games!

MONTE COOK GAMES Numenera: Ninth World Bestiary




This 160-page full-color hardcover creature book features creatures and some unique characters to use in Numenera games.

Pathfinder Adventure Card Game: Rise of the Rune Lords 3: Hook Mountain Massacre $19.99








In Venetia, players compete to become the most prosperous and influential noble family in the history of the Serenissima Republic. From its rise in the ninth century to its decline and fall in the eighteenth, players take part in the golden age that built the city that once was the Queen of the Mediterranean. Venetia is played across three epochs: Rise, Apogee and Struggle. A Power track on the board is used to record the passage of time. Venice starts the game in its Rise, and the game ends when the Struggle epoch is completed. Players score VPs at the end of every epoch, and the player with the highest score at the end of the game wins! 2-4 players Ages 12+ 90 minute play time.

Spielbox Magazine Issue #5 English Ed.


Spielbox, the world’s most widely read board game magazine, has been published in English since the first 2010 issue. It is shipped all over the world. The English version is sent about two or three weeks after the German edition. Spielbox 5/2013 we will have two add-ons: An expansion to Carcasssonne, called Windrose, and 2 cards to Nations (Lautapelit).


Castles & Crusades: Codex Nordica (HC)


Castles & Crusades: Night of Spirits


Castles & Crusades: Guide to Haunted Highlands (HC)


The Codex Nordica explores the myths and cultures of the Vikings, from Odin's Ravens to the Jotun fortress of Gymirsheim. Brian Young explores the Nine Worlds of the northmen, the legends and myths, the magical creatures, gods, heroes, giants and monsters that peopled them. All this is presented as a back drop to the game your already playing. Expanding upon the core of C&C material Codex Nordica brings a host of new wizardry and enchantments, gods for the characters, warriors and battle craft. Added on to all this, are new materials for the Castle Keeper, all designed to enhance rather than hinder play. Codex Nordica brings the Viking myths to life at the table!



Venture into the dark heart of ogre country with the Pathfinder Adventure Card Game: The Hook Mountain Massacre. This 110-card expansion to the Pathfinder Adventure Card Game: Rise of the Runelords Base Set includes new locations, monsters, villains, loot, and more, as well as 5 new scenarios that constitute the complete Hook Mountain Massacre adventure. Continue your character’s legend with the Pathfinder Adventure Card Game: The Hook Mountain Massacre.

Tokaido: Crossroads Expansion


At the end of each year comes the month and holiday of Samonios, Samhain or Nos Galan Gaeaf, or Halloween. This is the time when the worlds are drawn together and monsters, gods and the spirits of ancestors wander between them. It is a dangerous and dark time in which the most holy and sacred of ideas mean more than they ever have before in the previous year. It is a time for the Dead and to honor them. Night of Spirits plunges you into the heart of Nos Galan Gaeaf, bringing your characters face to face with the Otherworld and the true horrors of the holiday! Night of Spirits is an adventure for 3-5 characters of around 4th-6th level.


The Tokaido road is ready to unveil a few more treasures for the most faithful Travelers: cherry trees in full bloom, luxurious bathhouses, goodluck charms, calligraphy, legendary objects, and even clandestine gambling rooms are now part of the journey! Crossroads will open up new doors and many new possibilities to make the journey even richer and more strategic. 2-5 players Ages 8+ 45 minute play time.


The Castle Keepers Guide to the Haunted Highlands includes everything you need to run a game in the Haunted Highlands and more. Within you’ll find the regional history, significant terrain features, regional powers and governments, a pantheon of deities, new monsters and new treasures. It also includes nine complete adventures to be played separately or as a long campaign arc. Upon the bloody northern marches amidst the Haunted Highlands, lies a curious Roadhouse. Here are gathered the flotsam of the world: miscreants, mercenaries, soldiers of fortune, adventurers. Dirty Bowbe's Roadhouse they call it, and it's as rough and safe a sanctuary as any will find in those dark and bloody grounds! To the northeast of Dirty Bowbe's Roadhouse lie the ruins of Bortenski and the hazardous wastes known as the Witch Moor. Beyond that, the village of the Ugashtan and further still lay the broken crags of the Mythnoc Cairns where the proud barbarian people once buried their cherished dead. More, there are the trees of the Grove of the Green Man, the Crater of Umeshti, the Fey Wood and Troll Downs, the Free City of Eskadia, land ripe with the forgotten or lost treasures of a realm long passed.



The Players Guide to the Haunted Highlands includes new player content for your Castles & Crusades game. Within you’ll find new racial variants, class specializations, new spells as well as a gazetteer to the Haunted Highlands geared for player use with persons of note, deities and more. This book includes the basic rules of the Castles & Crusades game. You can play C&C with it, however items such as low level spells for the spell casters are very limited. For use with the Haunted Highlands setting, or port it to your Aihrde or homebrew.


Playmat: Artist Gallery Color Purple

ULP84231 ULP84232 ULP84233 ULP84234 ULP84246

Playmat: Playmat: Playmat: Playmat: Playmat:

Orange Yellow Lime Green Pink Light Blue

√ √ √ √ √


Deck Protector: Small Pro-Matte RD (60)

Gallery Gallery Gallery Gallery Gallery

Color Color Color Color Color

If I’m Going Down…



In this Dying Card Game, it is not about surviving... it is about taking as many Zombies as you can with you when you go. Search for weapons, items, and other resources to aid you in your mission. Attack with melee weapons like a machete or chainsaw, or use a ranged weapon like a shotgun or rifle. But be careful, you never know when a loved one turned Zombie may test your willpower and survival instincts... or when a Zombie with long arms will reach around one you are holding at bay, VRG001 tearing into your flesh with dirty finger nails. You WILL die. It isn't a matter of IF, but WHEN. The question is, will you go out as a champ or a chump? Fully playable solo or with a friend, IIGD offers hours of deadly good fun! 1-2 players Ages 15+ 30 minute play time.

Solid play mats with premium fabric top to prevent damage to cards during game play. Dimensions are approximately 24" X 13-1/2". Rubber backing lets the play mat lay flat and prevents the mat from shifting during use. Artist Artist Artist Artist Artist



Deck Box: Magic the Gathering: Mana Dual Flip Box Red Deck Box: Magic the Gathering: Mana Dual Flip Box Green



Solid color Deck Protectors with Ultra PRO's hologram quality seal. Clear side uses non-glare matte material for softer feel and easier shuffle. Stores and protects small (62mm X 89mm) sized cards. 60-count pack. All Ultra PRO Deck Protectors are archival-safe and acid-free.


Buccaneer Bones

Sail your fleet of galleons to the Murky Isles, hiding place for some of the greatest pirate treasures ever buried. Roll the Buccaneer Bones (landlubbers call them "dice") to send ships out to sea. When you reach the island, you get a special bonus just for being there. But the best part is the treasure! Find the treasure and bring it back to port, then set sail again. The first pirate to bring back three treasures claims the title of "Scourge of the Seven Seas"! Arrrr!!! Buccaneer Bones includes a couple of play variants, including rules for a solo game. 1-4 players Ages 8+ 1-15 minute play time. ULP84269




ULP84264 ULP84265 ULP84266 ULP84267 ULP84268 ULP84269 ULP84270 ULP84271 ULP84272

Deck Deck Deck Deck Deck Deck Deck Deck Deck

Protector: Protector: Protector: Protector: Protector: Protector: Protector: Protector: Protector:

Small Small Small Small Small Small Small Small Small

Pro-Matte Pro-Matte Pro-Matte Pro-Matte Pro-Matte Pro-Matte Pro-Matte Pro-Matte Pro-Matte


Deck Box: Magic the Gathering: Mana Dual Flip Box White

Blue (60) Green (60) Orange (60) Pink (60) Yellow (60) Purple (60) Light Blue (60) Brown (60) Lime Green (60)


Deck Box: Magic the Gathering: Mana Dual Flip Box Blue Deck Box: Magic the Gathering: Mana Dual Flip Box Black


It is a good time to be alive. The nations of the world still exist, but they have become more civilized. But, alas, it is not to be our time. Something approaches, a thing on an orbit from far away. Seemingly a large shard of dark matter, this object is known in obscure prophecy as the Chthonian Star. It is awakening things long thought lost or dead, things that have slumbered awaiting its return. The Unified World Council sends out special teams of sanctioned Wardens, whose job it is to ascertain the new threats to human life, to learn everything they can about them, and fight theme wherever they are found.

√ √ √ √ √ √ √ √ √

Leatherette material with debossed Planeswalker and Mana Symbols. Magnet closure. Soft inner liner protects cards. Holds up to 200 collectible cards in Ultra PRO Deck Protector sleeves. Adjustable divider allows the dual compartments to hold either 2 decks of 100 cards or 2 deck of 80 cards plus Oversize cards. ULP86128

The Void Core


√ √

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Castles & Crusades: Player’s Guide Haunted Highlands HC


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