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Playmat: Servant of the Demoness



Playmat: The Dead City by Rob Alexandar


Artwork by Jim Pavelec.The latest playmat in the Artists of Magic series.24" x 14", rubber-backed mat. Limited edition of 3000 total produced. Artwork by Rob Alexander.The latest playmat in the Artists of Magic series.24" x 14", rubber-backed mat. Limited edition of 3000 total produced.


Thunderstone Advance: Caverns of Bane


The first three Thunderstone Bearers are defeated. In the aftermath, the adventurers find clues leading to the abandoned Dwarven kingdom of Caligin, beneath the fortress at Cheah Dell. Caverns of Bane contains new challenges and allies in the growing Thunderstone Advance game.



Starmada: Battleship Armada


The fifth installment of the Star Fleet Starmada series! Dozens of new ships include the biggest in the Star Fleet Universe, the massive battleships: Federation Mars, Klingon B10 Invincible, Romulan King Condor, Kzinti Patriarch, Gorn Godzilla, Tholian Death Dealer, Hydran Monarch, Lyran Cave Lion, and the Andromedan Devastator. Also includes heavy dreadnoughts, light dreadnoughts, and other special classes.

7 Wonders: Cities


7 Wonders – Cities is the new extension of the awardwinning 7 Wonders game. For an added challenge, you can play all three versions together [7 Wonders, 7 Wonders - Leaders and 7 Wonders – Cities]. Now, mercenaries, thieves, spies and diplomats will give a new scale to your cities. Reap the benefits by sowing discord among your opponents, play them off each other and push them into debt. Features the ability to play with up to 8 players and Introduces new “team” play. ASMTIM02 Timeline: Discoveries


Was America discovered before Planetary Motion? With Timeline Discovery, find the answer to this question and thousands of others by comparing your knowledge or insight to historical reality! Each Card has a different discovery and on the opposite side its associated date. The game play is easy... but the challenge comes as the timeline expands. The first player with no cards left wins.


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AM: Grogs


BATTLEFRONT MINIATURES Wargames Illustrated #297



Anima Tactics: Wissenchaft Box Set Anima Tactics: Type-009 Deathhead Hell Dorado: Don Quixote Hell Dorado: Alazais Hell Dorado: Layla bintSuraya bintJavaira

DC Comics Deck-building Game


The Justice League of America is ready for action! Each Super Hero has a unique special ability that will open up different strategies to the player. Follow that strategy or break away with a plan of your own. Card combos, strategy, and fun abound in this game where every card is a well-known, fan-favorite card with amazing art.

Der Weltkrieg


FFGHB03 Ugg-Tect


Club your tribemates to architectural domination! Ugg-Tect is a hilarious game of prehistoric architecture in which two teams, made of up to four players each, race to complete Stone Age structures. Leading each team is the charismatic uggtect, who must guide his workers to victory using nothing but a simple vocabulary of primitive grunts, a series of exaggerated gestures, and his trusty club... and only he can see the plans! Spontaneous and riotously funny, Ugg-Tect is the perfect party game for cavemen (and cave women) of all ages.


FFGGOT87 GoT LCG: A Harsh Mistress

Filled with unique locations, characters, and powerful attachments, A Harsh Mistress continues to the develop A Game Of Thrones LCG’s focus on its unique personalities. Its 60 new cards (3 copies each of 20 different cards) allow players to relive the conflicts of duty and honor, relaying commands to their characters and imposing duties upon their opponents. For those men and women who live in service to the Great Houses of Westeros, duty is A Harsh Mistress.

$49.99 $11.99 $24.99 $10.99 $27.99



The stakes are greater than ever in Touched by the Abyss, the climactic conclusion of the Revelations cycle for Call of Cthulhu: The Card Game! The Asylum Pack’s 60 cards (3 copies each of 20 different cards) relate the dramatic finale to the struggle for control of forbidden knowledge, bringing to light four new translations of the dread Necronomicon, six thematic conspiracies, and a host of new characters as humanity battles the forces from beyond for the power over life and death!

Grogs have much to offer any saga, from heroic death to comic relief, or even both at the same time. However, creating and maintaining dozens of characters can be a strain on the creativity and patience of even the finest troupes, and so grogs may be overlooked in favor of magi and companions. This book aims to right the balance. It contains dozens of fully developed grog concepts, complete with typical abilities, and guidelines to simplify creating and maintaining grogs. It also includes suggestions on the roles grogs can play in covenants, and in stories.


FFGCT58 CoC LCG: Touched by the Abyss


The Grand Campaign combines all of the Der Weltkrieg series titles. Link all of the campaigns together to simulate the entire war from start to finish.


LotR LGC: Over Hill and Under Hill


The Hobbit: Over Hill and Under Hill is the first Saga Expansion for The Lord of the Rings: The Card Game and it gives players the chance to participate directly in the thrilling narrative laid out by J.R.R. Tolkien in his beloved classic. Its characters, enemies, and scenarios are drawn directly from the first half of the novel. The three new scenarios in The Hobbit: Over Hill and Under Hill can be played one at a time, or they can be linked to form a campaign that allows players to relive Bilbo's dramatic story arc. The Hobbit: Over Hill and Under Hill also introduces five famous heroes, three copies of each player card, and an exciting new card type – treasures!


BoW: House Baratheon Army Expansion


For the first time, the seasoned forces of the crowned stag take to the field of battle to defend their claim to the Iron Throne! In the House Baratheon Army Expansion for battles of Westeros, you can unleash the Baratheons' fury with eight mighty commanders and over 100 detailed troop miniatures. An epic battle awaits you on the stunning Blackwater map, and innovative rules for Alliance battles allow up to eight players to clash in the deadliest of conflicts.

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SW X-Wing Miniatures Game Core Set


In the X-Wing Miniatures Game, you take the role of squad leader and command a group of merciless Imperial or daring Rebel pilots in furious ship-to-ship space combat. Featuring stunningly detailed and painted miniatures, X-Wing recreates exciting Star Wars space battles from small engagements of only a couple of crafts, to large conflicts where multiple squadrons clash. Select and equip your ships, pick your crew, plan your attack, and complete your mission. A game of tactical space combat in the Star Wars universe for two players. Contains three detailed, painted miniatures: one X-wing and two TIE fighters. Straightforward quick-play rules will have you battling in mere minutes

FFGSWX04 SW X-Wing: Y-Wing Expansion Pack $14.95

Known across the galaxy as a rugged and durable starfighter, the Y-wing boasts superior armament, armor, and shielding, and can also be upgraded with an incapacitating ion cannon to disable enemy ships. The Y-Wing Expansion Pack for the X-Wing Miniatures Game includes one pre-painted, highly detailed Y-wing miniature (plus its necessary dial and tokens), as well as Ship cards for crack shot Horton Salm and three additional skilled pilots capable of supporting any Rebel squadron. FFGSWX05 SW X-Wing: TIE Advanced Expansion Pack $14.95

The legendary and merciless Darth Vader blasts into furious combat, along with three additional Imperial pilots, in the TIE Advanced Expansion Pack for the X-Wing Miniatures Game. A noted improvement on the widely used TIE fighter, this fighter features shielding and improved weapon systems. Upgrade the fierce TIE Advanced with powerful cluster or concussion missiles, and demolish even the toughest enemies. This pack includes one detailed painted miniature, its necessary cards and tokens, and one dial.

FFGSWX02 SW X-Wing: X-Wing Expansion Pack $14.95

As the primary starfighter of the Rebellion, the X-wing is a wellrounded machine that features powerful deflector shields and potent laser cannons, and can be armed with deadly proton torpedoes. The X-Wing Expansion Pack for the X-Wing Miniatures Game contains one striking X-wing miniature, plus its necessary cards, tokens, and dial. Also included are four skilled pilots, including one of the Rebellion's most distinguished and capable pilots, Wedge Antilles.

FFGSWX10 SW X-Wing: Dice Pack


Make the jump to lightspeed with the XWing Dice Expansion Pack for the XWing Miniatures Game! With an additional set of six custom eight-sided dice, your battles will move faster, letting you focus on outwitting your opponents. This accessory includes three red attack dice and three green defense dice, allowing each player to have a complete set of dice. FFGWHC33

WH LCG: Invasion: Portent of Doom


The 60 cards (3 copies each of 20 different cards) in this Battle Pack provide players their first Portent, as well as units, support cards, and tactics that hasten questing. Players also find ways to protect their units, an Empire unit capable of filching their rivals’ resources, and a fearsome new Chaos legend.

FFGSWX03 SW X-Wing: TIE Fighter Expansion Pack $14.95

Relying on speed and strength in numbers to overcome their enemies, TIE fighters have only a pair of laser cannons and lack shields of any kind, yet their dexterity makes them dangerous opponents. The TIE Fighter Expansion Pack for the X-Wing Miniatures Game includes one stunning miniature, plus its necessary cards, tokens, and dial. Also included are six pilots, like the crafty Imperial pilot “Backstabber,” one of Darth Vader’s wingmen in the Battle of Yavin.


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GAME SALUTE String Railway


String Railway is a unique and unusual train game that uses colorful strings. Strings not only represent the railway lines, but also the mountains, a great river and the rest of the playing field in the game. You are the manager of a railway company and your table is the stage of the game. Your objective is to place station tiles and connect them to one another with strings that represent railways. Create a great network of railways by using as many station tiles as possible. FOX310840


To purchase Game Salute Select Store products, retailer must be signed up with Game Salute. To sign up visit GSAUTAK02 ACK: Players Companion


GSTMGKI01 Kings of Air and Steam


Adventurer Conqueror King Player's Companion Autarch’s Adventurer Conqueror King system fulfills the promise of the original fantasy role-playing game by providing comprehensive, integrated support for play across all levels of a campaign.


Chocoly (aka, Schokoly) is a tile-laying game in which players attempt to create the largest continuous area of their own color of chocolate. Players keep a hand of four tiles drawn from a common pool of 2x2 tiles. Each tile contains a mix of two or three types of chocolate squares: dark, milk, or white. Play continues with players placing tiles in turns onto the board. An extra element of game play comes from the wooden smarties which can block or enable tiles being laid in a second layer, blocking or creating connections between groups.

Kings of Air and Steam is a pickup/deliver and route- planning style game with a steampunk setting. Players become one of 12 (14 with overfunding) characters piloting an airship to gather goods from factories, then delivering those goods to cities via their network of railroads. GSTMGKI01-GL Kings of Air and Steam Game Library Copy


GSTMGKI01-GLF Kings Air/Steam Free Game Library Copy


A discounted copy of Kings of Air and Steam for your game library. Limit of 1 free or discounted Game Library Copy per retailer. Buy 6 copies of Kings of Air and Steam and receive 1 free demo copy for your Game Library. Limit of 1 free or discounted Game Library Copy per retailer.

IRON WIND METALS IWM20-5041 IWM20-5042 IWM20-5043 IWM20-5044 IWM20-5045


Nyx Mech w/lance variant parts Ebony Mech w/ sword variant parts Omen Mech Eldingar Hover Sled (2) Vulcan VLC-5N Hvy Aerospace Fighter

$10.95 $10.50 $15.50 $11.95 $13.95


KoDT #189



DCC #69: The Emerald Enchanter


Villagers have gone missing! A mix of clues, superstitions, and omens point to the brooding citadel of the emerald sorcerer. This silent monolith has sat undisturbed atop a windy ridge for centuries. Legends say that a green-skinned sorcerer dwells there, where he conducts strange experiments and builds enigmatic machinery. His green-skinned constructs patrol the grounds of his citadel, and he is seen only rarely when he ventures out on nefarious errands that end in horrid screams and strange lights coming from his citadel. Now it is time to penetrate his inner sanctum…


YGO: Hidden Arsenal 6: Omega Xyz BD


For the first time ever, Xyz Monsters are coming to Hidden Arsenal booster packs, in Hidden Arsenal 6: Omega Xyz! Jam packed with nothing but foil cards, Hidden Arsenal 6 contains every kind of monster ever made, including Fusion, Ritual, Synchro, AND Xyz Monsters! Duelists who got on board with last year’s Hidden Arsenal 5: Steelswarm Invasion will find new cards to boost all of the themes introduced in that set. They’ll especially want to get their hands on Vylon Disigma, a brand new Xyz Monster! 60-card set includes 20 Secret Rares (1 per Pack) and 40 Super Rares (4 per Pack). 5 Foil Cards per Pack (1 Secret Rare, 4 Super Rares) 24 Packs per Display Box

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Kings of War Rulebook 2012 (HC)



Marvel Heroes: Annihilation: Conquest Supplement SC


The Marvel Universe reels from the aftermath of the Annihilation Wave, but there are other intergalactic threats poised to strike in its wake. Uncover the malevolent plans of the Phalanx and form a rag-tag crew of black ops agents to oppose them. Includes data files for such fan favorites as Rocket Raccoon, Bug, and Groot, plus a timeline of the Phalanx conquest to continue your cosmic campaign.


Popular Front: Escalation (expansion)


Popular Front: Escalation expands the base game by adding 54 cards and new powers for each faction, encouraging players to develop unique strategies for each of the six factions. It also introduces new retreat and naval combat rules that increase the strategic depth of the combat system. The stakes of each turn's political resolution have also been increased, as the next turn's turn order is based on this resolution.


Abyssal Dwarf Half-Breed



Traveller/2300AD The French Arm


Boasting the largest number of colonies and settled planets in human space, the French Arm has long been the pre-eminent thrust of colonisation for Earth's most powerful nation and her allies. Now these long-settled worlds are stifling under the reign of distant overlords and the promise of independence, and freedom, beckons. To add to these challenges, a hostile alien force is testing human defences, having already invaded one distant colony world. Will the struggling worlds of the French meet these challenges, or will they succumb to invasion or anarchy? The French Arm Sourcebook contains details of all the settled worlds of the French Arm, including details on the various colonies. MGP30019

ACTA Minis: Border Box #1: Klingon Border


The Border Boxes are designed for use with any game set in the Star Fleet Universe, including A Call to Arms: Star Fleet, Star Fleet Battles, Federation Commander, and Starmada. Each contains enough ships for several complete forces in these games and will allow players to quickly expand their fleets. Twenty four ships are included from the Federation, Klingon, Kzinti, Orion, and Tholian Fleets. This product is being done as a joint venture with Amarillo Design Bureau, Inc., under the strict terms of their contract with Paramount Pictures Corporation. MGP30020

ACTA Minis: Border Box #2: Romulan Border


P-38 Lightning Aces of the 82nd Fighter Archibald Wavell Me 262 Bomber and Recon Units Bonhomme Richard Vs Serapis WWII US Cavalry Groups: European Theater Panther (HC)

$22.95 $18.95 $22.95 $17.95 $18.95 $24.95


Home Before the Leaves Fall (HC) Americas Secret MiG Squadron The Spanish Tercios 1536-1704 Spartan Warrior 735-331 BC

$24.95 $25.95 $17.95 $18.95


MGP3880 Traveller: Alien Module 6: Droyne $39.99

The latest in the Alien Module series, this book details the Droyne. From their homeworld to their careers and technology, within you will find all of the information needed for the use of Droyne as both Player and Non-Player Characters. MGP8302 Legend: The Spider Gods Bride (SC) $19.99

The Spider-God's Bride is a collection of ten blood-red sword and sorcery adventures, inspired by the pulp era tales of Robert E. Howard and Clark Ashton Smith. Venture in the footsteps of Conan the Cimmerian, Satampra Zeiros of Uzuldaroum, Imaro of Nyumbani, and other fabled thieves, reavers and slayers!


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WM:Khd Vladamir Tzepesci, Great Prince



Reclaiming his long-denied birthright, Great Prince Vladimir Tzepesci rides his warhorse Vsada into battle to defend the lands of Umbrey restored to his family. A player may field one Vladimir Tzepesci, Great Prince of Umbrey in a Khador army. Box



Hordes:CoO Winter Argus



Hordes:LoE Succubus



Hordes:Sk Tiberion Titan Upgrade



No Quarter Magazine #43


WARMACHINE: Colossals brings you the next thrilling chapter of the WARMACHINE saga. Elevate your game with: Powerful new colossals— enormous warjacks that dwarf even the largest heavy ’jacks and bring allnew strategies to the table. New warcasters for each faction, including the third incarnations of some of the Iron Kingdoms’ greatest champions. Fully compiled and updated Unbound rules, allowing you to recreate iconic large-scale battles with specialized rules to enhance gameplay. New narrative fiction picking up directly after the exciting events of WARMACHINE: Wrath. A painting and modeling guide to help you prepare your colossals for combat. Theme Force lists for each new warcaster, which allow you to create armies based on the specialized forces found in the WARMACHINE world. PIP1050

WM: Colossals (HC) PIP32070 WM:Meno Castigator/Reckoner/Sanctifier


This box set contains three color stat cards and one multi-part heavy warjack plastic model (PIP 32070). Included are all the components to assemble one of three heavy warjack variants: Castigator, Reckoner, or Sanctifier. A player may field any number of these heavy warjacks in a Protectorate of Menoth army. SPECIAL NOTE: PIP 32070 contains the same Mk II stat cards as PIP 32025 and PIP 32038. The model in this box represents the same figures as those PIPs in the game. However, the model in PIP 32070 is a new sculpt and therefore looks different from the models found in those PIPs. In addition, this model is plastic rather than metal. PIP 32025 and 32038 will no longer be available from Privateer Press beginning July 1, 2012. PIP33050

WM:Khd Conquest Colossal

Gouts of gelid breath freeze the argus’ victims in place until the pack closes in for the feast. Though feared by many, the creatures are prized by northern druids for their savagery and the supernatural cold they can manifest to cripple the enemies of the Circle Orboros. A player may field any number of Winter Argus in a Circle Orboros army. Box


The Conquest is a walking mountain of steel bristling with some of the most powerful weapons ever used on the battlefields of the Iron Kingdoms. Deployed to the front lines, the Conquest brings unrivaled firepower to Khadoran battlegroups. The Conquest colossal comes in a box (PIP 33050) and includes a colossal wreck marker. A player may field up to two Conquests for each warcaster in a Khador army.

To create each succubus, a specially selected Nyss is brought to the spawning pools and ritually bathed in the blood of a warlock. This ritual empowers each succubus as an amplifier of its warlock’s own gifts. With their every thought and action these creatures carry out the will of their masters and the dragon itself. A player may field one Succubus for each warlock in a Legion of Everblight army. Blister Tiberion serves his master Xerxis with all the devotion of a sworn soldier, standing immovable against waves of enemies even as he shatters entire formations with his powerful tetsubo. The Tiberion character titan heavy warbeast upgrade is NOT a complete model. Players will need a Skorne Cannoneer/Gladiator/Sentry Titan Heavy Warbeast (PIP 74057) in addition to this kit. A player may field one Tiberion in a Skorne army. Blister $7.50



WM:Khd Iron Fang Pikemen (10)


Heavily armored Khadoran Iron Fangs are charged with hunting down and destroying enemy warjacks. Fast and deadly, Iron Fangs are armed with explosive blasting pikes designed to tear through the thickest armor and bring enemy warjacks to their knees. A player may field up to two Iron Fang Pikemen units for each warcaster in a Khador army. SPECIAL NOTE: PIP 33090 contains the same Mk II stat card as PIP 33018. The models in this box represent the same figures in the game. PIP 33090 replaces PIP 33018 and PIP 33012 by offering their contents in a complete unit. The replaced PIPs will no longer be available from Privateer Press beginning July 1, 2012. Box

PKM:B&W Stage 2 Figure Box


These boxes are themed around the final evolution of the 3 B&W starting Pokémon! Each mixed case includes 4 boxes of each character: Serperior, Emboar, and Samurott! Each box contains content specific to that Pokémon Each Box contains 1 figure 1 matching deck for the figure 2 boosters 1 promo card. Selection will be made on a random basis. No specific box can be guaranteed to be packed.


The Rifter #59

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Sherlock PLE74100

M is for Mouse PLE70100

Number Chase PLE78100

Catch the Match PLE71100

Time After Time PLE70200

Pick A Paint PLE71200

Monkey Memory PLE76100

Gopher It! PLE72100

Hop To It PLE79100

Right Turn, Left Turn PLE73100

Trading Faces PLE72200

The Dog’s Meow PLE75200

Saddle Up! PLE73200


KB Ody Twisted and Snaring Combo Starter


Prepare for an epic battle with the new KB Odyssey Heroes and Villains 3-Player Combo Starter Decks! Each combo starter has enough cards, dice and special chips to play an instant game with 2 or 3 players. Players choose whether to be a defender of goodness, courageousness and virtue by playing the Hero Super Bunnies or a generator of chaos, evilness and deceit by playing the Villain Super Bunnies. Hero and Villain Super Bunnies will duke it out for supremacy in this wild and wacky universe of interactive fun, cultural parody and deck- building strategy!



KB Ody: Mighty and Daring Combo Starter

Penalty Pong



In Penalty Pong, players split into two teams, each with the goal of humiliating the members of the other team by making them do embarrassing tasks while avoiding such punishment themselves. If you manage to throw or bounce your ball into an opponent's cup, they must draw a penalty card and perform the task shown on it: call one player "Master", sing "I'm a Little Teapot", admit to a lie you've told to someone. Good times – and a bit of after-game penance - await!


PFRPG: Bestiary Box $34.99

The brutal beasts of the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Bestiary come alive on your tabletop with this box- busting collection of more than 300 creature pawns for use with the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game or any tabletop fantasy RPG! Printed on sturdy cardstock, each pawn contains a beautiful full-color image of a nasty monster from the core Pathinder RPG monster reference. Each cardstock pawn slots into a size- appropriate plastic base, making them easy to mix with traditional metal or plastic miniatures. With multiple pawns for commonly encountered creatures and more than 250 distinct creature images, the Bestiary Box is the best way to ensure you've got the right creatures to push your Pathfinder campaign to the next level! PZO1002

PFA: Rise of the Runelords Ann. Edition



PFA: Island of Empty Eyes


The original Pathfinder Adventure Path returns in this complete hardcover edition celebrating 5 years of Pathfinder and 10 years of Paizo Publishing! Expanded and updated to the current Pathfinder RPG rules, this unprecedented collection brings together six classic Pathfinder adventures to create an entire campaign! The Rise of the Runelords Adventure Path begins with a goblin attack and takes players on an epic journey through the land of Varisia as they track a cult of serial killers, fight depraved backwoods ogres, stop an advancing army of stone giants, delve deep into ancient dungeons to reclaim weapons of unbelievable power, and finally go up against an allpowerful wizard-king in his ancient mountaintop city. In more than 400 actionpacked pages, this special anniversary edition expands the original campaign with new encounters throughout, incorporating 5 years of community feedback. New monsters, detailed locations, and tons of new art make the Rise of the Runelords Adventure Path the most beautiful and elaborate campaign ever published for the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game! “Island of Empty Eyes” is a Pathfinder Roleplaying Game adventure for 9th-level characters. This volume continues the Skull & Shackles Adventure Path, which casts the player characters as pirates on the high seas. This volume also reveals the mysteries behind some of Golarion’s most infamous pirate legends, as well as new details on the enigmatic cyclopes. New monsters from the depths of the sea and exotic islands fill the Pathfinder Bestiary, while Robin D. Laws (author of the Pathfinder Tales novel The Worldwound Gambit) continues his tale of pirates and lost treasures in the Pathfinder’s Journal.

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On Wednesday August 15, 2012


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PFCS: Magnimar, City of Monuments


This 64-page softcover book explores the city of Magnimar (first featured in the now classic Rise of the Runelords Adventure Path) in great detail. Each city district has its own unique flavor and role, and comes with pages of details on industries and institutions, leisure and markets, and politics and entertainment. Dozens of shops, taverns, guildhalls, and more await discovery, many of which are presented with additional adventure hooks, memorable NPCs, and inspirational bits of lore. Examinations of regions ripe for adventuring or sinister groups worthy of defeat, along with a robust bestiary featuring commonly encountered NPCs or monsters closely associated with the City of Monuments completes this book, which will be an invaluable addition to the upcoming Shattered Star Adventure Path. PZO9538

PF Module: Murders Mark


This Pathfinder adventure is for a group of four 1st-level characters, and takes place in the heartland of Varisia, a region featured in many beloved adventures including the classic Rise of the Runelords Anniversary Edition and upcoming Shattered Star Adventure Paths. Murder’s Mark is an adventure for 1st-level characters, written for the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game and compatible with the 3.5 edition of the world’s oldest RPG. In addition to the adventure, this volume also features a brand-new monster and a gazetteer of a Varisian carnival suitable for use with any fantasy roleplaying campaign!


Thebes Card Game: The Tomb Raiders INTL


Thebes: The Tomb Raiders is a card game version of the Thebes Board Game. International multilingual edition.



SET Junior is two games in one box! It’s a two- sided board game designed to grow with the child. Side one teaches matching using colors, shapes and numbers. The magic squares on the board have SETs in all directions and start to familiarize kids with what the different types of SETs look like. Players take turns matching their tiles to the corresponding squares on the board and collecting point chips for completing SETs. Once they have learned to identify SETs, kids can flip the board and race to find as many SETs as possible!


Shogun INTL $64.95

Japan 500 years ago, the age of the great generals-a bitter battle for power is raging throughout the country. Powerful princes, the Daimyos, want to secure supremacy in the 5 regions of Japan with the aid of their troops and extend their empire. The battles between the princes are fought out with the aid of the cube tower. The remarkable thing about this is that not every army that is thrown into this tower from the top makes it way out of it again. So the game remains exciting right until the end. The Daimyo, who manages to supply, defend and extend his provinces over a period of two years can emerge as the Shogunat the end of this game. International multilingual edition. QNG60461F

Thebes INTL


The team helping the archaeologists is optimistic. They spent weeks acquiring specialist knowledge and now they have finally made it to the excavation site in Egypt. How many valuable artifacts will they be able to dig out? Time is short to make discoveries. In only 2-3 years they have to acquire all the knowledge they need to carry out their excavations and find enough artifacts to fill their exhibitions. Nominated for the 2007 game of the year! International multilingual edition.



Dragon Dice: Kicker Pack Dwarf



Dragon Dice: Kicker Pack Goblin



Dragon Dice: Battle Chest


The Dwarves are one of the original four races created at Dragon Dice™’s inception in 1995. The Dwarves are a race connected to the Fire (red) and Earth (gold) elements in the Dragon Dice™ world. These units are known for their robust melee troops, and also for their connection with the magic items released in the Magestorm! expansion set and soon to be reprinted in the Battle Chest expansion. Each Goblin kicker contains six-sided dice units which come in three sizes of increasing power and health: common (16mm), uncommon (18mm), and rare (20mm) of increasing power and health. Rare units also feature special actions icons that provide powerful and surprising effects that can shift the tide of battle. There are five types of units available: heavy infantry, light infantry, cavalry, missile, and magic. The Battle Chest expansion brings the currently out-of-print magic items and artifacts back to the playing fields of the Dragon Dice™ collectible dice game. As an expansion, this new set brings new types of dice and new strategies to the basic Dragon Dice™ game. The power of magic items is their ability to provide a guaranteed type of resultmagic, melee, missile, movement, or saves- to assure the Dragon Dice™ general he or she will get the effect they desire.


Munchkin Core Restock Bundle


Just in time for the summer rush, the Munchkin Core Restock Bundle gives you a set of 18 classic Munchkin core sets, weighted toward the more popular games but spanning the entire Munchkin line! To thank you for your support, we’re including a FREE 3-D hanging sign, a bundle of promotional bookmarks, and a special set of Munchkin cards with every Core Restock Bundle order! Show everyone who comes into your store that this is the place they can find Munchkin! Contents: 4 Munchkin 3 Munchkin Zombies 2 Munchkin Axe Cop 2 Star Munchkin 1 Super Munchkin 1 Munchkin Impossible 2 Munchkin Cthulhu 1 Good/Bad/Munchkin 2 Munchkin Booty 1 Munchkin Retailer Sign 1 Exclusive Warehouse 23 Munchkin Booster 2010 (previously only available via 50 Munchkin promotional bookmarks

Contact your sales representative for exact release dates

SJG4232 Munchkin Skullkickers Booster


Munchkin is the classic card game of fantasy adventuring. Skullkickers is the hit Image comic of fantasy adventuring. Munchkin Skullkickers is the perfect crossover!

SJG4411 Munchkin Conan


Conan – challenging the world, slaying monsters, defeating armies, laughing in the face of death. He steals the treasure, spends it, and steals more. Conan is THE Barbarian. Robert E. Howard’s epic hero gets the full Munchkin treatment in Munchkin Conan, the new core set written by Steve Jackson and illustrated by John Kovalic. Following on the hit Munchkin Conan the Barbarian booster, this new core set draws from the entire Conan mythos, giving the players Conan’s most fabulous treasures . . . and pitting them against Conan’s most terrifying foes!

DB: PRO 100+ White



DB: PRO 100+ Blue



DB: PRO 100+ Red



DB: PRO 100+ Green



DP: MtG 2013 Vertical (80)



DB: MtG 2013 Full Flap



DP: MtG 2013 Horizontal (80)



DB: MtG 2013 Side Load (80)



Playmat: MtG: 2013 v1



Playmat: MtG: 2013 v2



Playmat: MtG: 2013 v3



Playmat: MtG: 2013 v4



Binder: MtG 2013 2" 3-Ring



Jenga: Spiderman



Monopoly: Phineas & Ferb



Monopoly: Street Fighter



Risk: Starcraft



Yahtzee: Phineas & Ferb



Yahtzee: South Park


PRO 100+ Deck Box – White Larger box to hold your biggest decks, even double-sleeved! PRO 100+ Deck Box - Blue Larger box to hold your biggest decks, even double-sleeved! PRO 100+ Deck Box – Red Larger box to hold your biggest decks, even double-sleeved! PRO 100+ Deck Box – Green Larger box to hold your biggest decks, even double-sleeved!

Features artwork from Magic 2013. Deck Protector® Sleeves 80ct in 4-color Polybag Features artwork from Magic 2013. Full Flap Deck Box® Holds 80 sleeved cards • 1 in 4-color Polybag Features artwork from Magic 2013. Deck Protector® Sleeves 80ct in 4-color Polybag

STEEL SQWIRE SQW30046 Flip-Mat: Deep Forest



Defend the deep, dark woods on this sweeping tactical map depicting the verdant floor of the Deep Forest! One side features a stream winding through woods near a druidic circle, while the other depicts a woodland environment perfect for a scenic ambush. This portable, affordable map measures 24" x 30" unfolded, and 8" x 10" folded. Its coated surface can handle any dry erase, wet erase, or even permanent marker.

Features artwork from Magic 2013. Side Load Deck Box® • Holds 80 sleeved cards • 1 in 4-color Polybag Features artwork from Magic 2013. Features artwork fromMagic 2013.

Features artwork from Magic 2013. Features artwork from Magic 2013.


Humans!!! 3: ZombieCon


Zombies have decided to look for lunch at the local gaming convention. Will you eat the CCG player? Maybe the RPG fan would be easier to catch. If all else fails, security looks tasty! So many choices! Humans!!! 3: ZombieCon lets players explore a large gaming convention looking for more brains to eat or candidates to convert. This expansion also adds a new card type called “Personalities” that determine WHO you encounter and how much “fight” they have in them.

Features artwork from Magic 2013. 2” Album, 3-Ring Binder

USAOPOLY Choose between classic game play or experience the thrill of climbing the skyscraper to capture Spider-man's nemesis, the Green Goblin. Resembles a tower with each layer of the 54 grey blocks representing one story. Includes one Green Goblin playing piece, four collectible Spider-man playing pieces, and a custom spinner. Phineas and Ferb Collector's Edition Includes 6 collectible Phineas and Ferb-themed tokens. Custom Game board features the 22 wackiest inventions created by Phineas and Ferb. 6 collectible Street Fighter-themed tokens. Custom game board features locations from the Street Fighter video game franchise. "Bonus Stage" and "Random Select" cards replace Community Chest and Chance. Traditional House & Hotels are renamed Training Rooms and Dojos. "For Aiur!" The Battlefield is set and the StarCraft Universe is in jeopardy. Choose from Terran, Protoss, orZerg unit factions and six unique heroes to conquer your enemies and bring order to the galaxy. Includes over 290 custom playing pieces. 5 custom dice feature the Phineas and Ferb gang. Custom Dice Cup features Perry the Platypus.


DB: PRO 100+ Black

PRO 100+ Deck Box – Black Larger box to hold your biggest decks, even double-sleeved!


Five custom dice feature Cartman, Kenny, Kyle, Stan, Butters, and the South Park Logo. Collectible Cartman dice cup.

Pre-order by phone at 1-800-767-4263, or online at


WIZARDS OF THE COAST WOC396870000 AVL A&A 1941 Board Game WOC396880000 AVL A&A 1942 2nd Edition

$30.00 $65.00

WOC397530000 D&D Dungeon Command: Sting of Lolth


WOC399620000 MtG: Magic 2013 BD


WOC399630000 MtG: Magic 2013 Intro Pack WOC399650000 MtG: Magic 2013 Fat Pack WOC603210000 MTG Deck Builders Toolkit 2012

$149.90 $39.99 $19.99

Dungeon Command is a card-driven, tactical board game that uses miniatures. Each faction comes in its own box, and contains twelve miniatures, plus cards, tiles, and rules needed to play the game. While each faction box is meant to be played by a single player, quick-start rules are provided that allow two players to engage in a shortened version of the game using only one box. This game focuses on skill, eliminating luck-driven mechanics in favor of player-driven mechanics, creativity, and quick thinking. This particular set contains many hero-type miniatures, including a Ranger, a Rogue, a Knight, Defenders, and Warriors. Each Dungeon Command set includes game pieces that can be used in multiple D&D- branded products. In addition to their use in the Dungeon Command game, the miniatures can be used in the D&D roleplaying game, and every pack comes with 12 cards usable with the D&D Adventure System cooperative games (Castle Ravenloft®, Wrath of Ashardalon™, and The Legend of Drizzt™).

WOCA02390000 1E: Premium Dungeon Masters Guide


WOCA02400000 1E: Premium Monster Manual WOCA02410000 1E: Premium Players Handbook

$34.95 $34.95

WOCA19950000 Kaijudo Dojo Bull Rush Deck Competitive Deck


This premium version of an original AD&D rulebook by Gary Gygax makes an ideal addition to any game collector’s bookshelf or the perfect gift for the nostalgic D&D® player. Each book has been lovingly reprinted with the original art and content, but features an attractive new cover design commemorating this re- release of the AD&D core rules. Available in limited quantities for a short time only, these are sure to be collectible. To help honor the memory and work of Gary Gygax, creator of Dungeons & Dragons®, purchases of this book will help support the Gygax Memorial Fund – established to immortalize the “father of roleplaying games” with a memorial statue in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin.

WOC398050000 D&D Dungeon Command: Heart of Comyr


One 40- card fixed deck (2 Premium Cards, 38 Regular cards), 1 Dojo Edition Booster, 1 Quickstart Guide, 1 Playmat.

WOC398490000 FR Neverwinter PB (novel) WOC398520000 FR The Gilded Rune PB (novel) WOC398910000 D&D Vaults of the Underdark map Pack


$7.99 $7.99 $11.95

Contact your sales representative for exact release dates

WOCA19960000 Kaijudo Dojo Edition Booster Display


a limited-edition 60- card set, exclusive to WPN stores, marks the first booster and competitive deck release for the brand. Boosters include 9 cards, plus a code card to unlock a creature in Kaijudo Online.


War and Peace


NAPOLEON’S WAR CAMPAIGN is a game that allows players to recreate the fight for Europe from 1805 to 1815. The game is designed for play by 2 players, one player being the French player, controlling the units of France and her allies. The other player is the British player, controlling the units of Britain and her allies. The countries of France, Britain, Russia, Austria, Prussia, and Spain are represented by infantry, artillery, cavalry, naval units. The countries of France and Britain are at war throughout the game. The countries of Russia, Austria, Prussia, and Spain become neutral, conquered neutrals, French allies, or British allies through the use of diplomatic resources or military conquest. Victory is determined by the conquest of France or Britain, or causing the isolation of Britain through political and economic means. The fate of Europe rests in your hands…


Nightfall: Dark Rages


Dark Rages is a new expansion to the competitive deck building game Nightfall. Dark Rages brings you a complete all-new set of cards with special powers, and features new vampires, werewolves, hunters and ghouls. Dark Rages also introduces new Avatar cards that allow you to customize your decks’ themes like never before! Will you be a Vampire Overlord or a Werewolf Alpha, and which other groups will you ally with? This is an expansion; Nightfall, Nightfall: Martial Law, or Nightfall: The Coldest War are required for play.


DRYH: Don’t Read This Book



Spirit of the Century: Dinocalypse Now


Don’t Read This Book is a fiction anthology set in the world of the Don’t Rest Your Head role-playing game. Down a lonely alleyway, under a starless sky, lies a city that never was, yet is: the Mad City, where nightmares walk the streets, and a good night’s sleep can get you killed. Here, then, is a book from that place. Within these recovered pages are the tales of the Awake, insomniacs who’ve walked those perilous streets, bringing a bit of the power of dream with them to fight back the night—always at a terrible cost. For many, it will not end well. For a few, they might just become heroes—or at least find their way back home. Dinocalypse Now is a novel set in the Spirit of the Century™ universe. Spirit of the Century™ is a roleplaying game published by Evil Hat. When the Century Club is called in to prevent the assassination of FDR, it’s just another day on the job—but what they discover puts not just the President, but the entire world in jeopardy. With psychic dinosaurs taking over Manhattan and beyond, it’s up to Sally Slick, Jet Black, Mack Silver, and the other Centurions to save humanity—from extinction!



Guns of Galicia


Guns of Galicia (GoG) uses the same core rules as Guns of August (GoA) to simulate Corps fighting on the Eastern Front in WWI. Game mechanics compensate for players’ 20/20 hindsight to encourage historically accurate play that makes “sense” in game terms while avoiding a “straight jacket” of special rules to enforce irrational play. Players maneuver corps and divisions through 9-mile wide hexagons in turns that span three days each. Chit pull activation along with modest movement point allowances generates a highly interactive game. Scenarios included are the 1914 Galicia campaign, 1915 Tarnow campaign, and 1916 Brusilov campaign.


Red Winter



Next War: Korea


In Red Winter, players assume the roles of the Soviet and Finnish commanders during the unusual battle for Tolvajärvi, Finland, controlling the actions of Finnish ski infantry, Soviet tanks and heavy machine gun companies, mortars, anti-tank guns, and other combat units. The game map is populated by forest, suo (wetlands), small Finnish settlements, and a network of crude roads and trails. However, the dominant feature of the map is a system of sprawling, frozen lakes. Combat units can very often gain favorable positions by crossing these lakes, but they do so at considerable risk…Units caught out on the ice make very inviting targets! In Next War: Korea, the Korean Peninsula is on fire with two of the world's most wellprepared, antagonistic forces arrayed against each other. Can you, as the North Korean People’s Army commander, conquer the South in 3 weeks before the full might of the U.S. can be brought to bear? Can you, as the Republic of Korea’s Army commander, hold out against the renewed Communist assault until help arrives? And what will China do? There’s only one way to find out Next War: Korea, the first of a planned series of Next War games, allows players to fight a near future war on the Korean peninsula. In this updated and improved version of the previously-released Crisis: Korea 1995, players have access to virtually all military assets of North and South Korea, as well as large forces from the USA and the PRC. The integrated, easy to learn air-land combat system allows for unit efficiency, armor effects, light infantry, attack helicopters, Close Air Support, Cruise Missiles, and the particularly tough terrain of Korea.

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WYRD MINIATURES WYR1052 WYR1052 WYR1053 WYR1053 WYR3048 WYR3048 WYR3057 WYR3057

Guild: Warden Guild: Warden Guild: Alternate Executioner Guild: Alternate Executioner Arcanists: Avatar Collette Arcanists: Avatar Collette Arcanists: Blessed of December Arcanists: Blessed of December

$20.00 $20.00 $12.50 $12.50 $30.00 $30.00 $15.00 $15.00

Empires of the Void


The galaxy is at war. The Pyrious Empire is struggling to maintain power, and a few young alien races see this as a golden opportunity to expand their horizons. But who will join them in the imminent struggle to become the next galactic superpower? In Empires of the Void, two to four players compete to expand their empire in a vast, diverse galaxy. Each time a player reaches a new planet, he must decide whether to conquer it and strip the land of its resources, or befriend the natives and obtain their special ability. With 7 starting alien races to choose from, and 15 more to conquer or befriend on a variable board, no two games will be the same. The game uses an action point system and exciting dice-rolling combat with plenty of tactical decision making (similar to Nexus Ops). GSREDEV01-GL Empires of the Void GL Copy

A discounted copy of Empires of the Void for your game library. Limit of 1 free or discounted Game Library copy per retailer.

Pre-order by phone at 1-800-767-4263, or online at


GSREDEV01-GLF Empires of the Void GL Free Copy

Buy 4 Empires of the Void and receive a FREE demo copy for your Game Library. Limit one free or discounted copy per store.


Rodeo Rummy Boxed Set Square Shooters Boxed Set

$17.99 $17.99

YGO: Samurai Warlords SD



Most Structure Decks introduce a new theme, or put a twist on an old theme, but this Structure Deck is designed to give Duelists a jumping off point to play one of the most popular tournament Decks of the past year: The Six Samurai! The Samurai Warlords Structure Deck comes with 41 cards, including a brand new Six Samurai Xyz Monster! And it’s packed with some of the hottest Six Samurai cards ever released, from Great Shogun Shien and Legendary Six Samurai – Kizan to Six Samurai United and Musakani Magatama. And of course it comes with great cards that work in ANY deck, like Dark Hole and Fiendish Chain. 8 Structure Decks per Display Box Each Structure Deck Contains: 38 Common Cards, 1 Ultra Rare Card, 2 Super Rare Cards, 1 Rulebook, 1 Game Mat, 1 Dueling Guide



Veer-myn Veer-myn Veer-myn Veer-myn Veer-myn Veer-myn

Night Crawlers (10) Nightmare Team (5) Nightmare Section (10) Night Crawlers Twin (20) Night Spawn (1) Army

$24.99 $19.99 $24.99 $39.99 $19.99 $74.99


Lancaster: The New Laws INTL








Lancaster: The New Laws introduces 18 new laws for the Lancaster board game on which the players can vote. These law cards can replace those in the original game or be mixed with them. In Maharani, the players are architects helping the King to complete the Taj Mahal palace by placing beautiful mosaic tiles. These tiles come into play through a rotating rondel, which enables every player to place the tiles in different parts of the palace. Once the mosaic is complete, the best architect wins the game. In Edo, players represent daimyo in mid-second millennium Japan who are trying to serve their shogun by using their samurai to construct castles, markets and houses in Tokyo and surrounding areas.


Survive: Escape from Atlantis 30th Anniversary Edition


An underwater volcano has erupted and the island of Atlantis is sinking into the sea! Unless the Explorers escape in time all will be doomed! In Survive, you try to lead your Explorers from the sinking central island of Atlantis to the safety of one of four islands nearby. Your Explorers can get there quickly by boat (if they find one) or more slowly by swimming. But it will be a perilous journey as they must avoid Sea Serpents, Whales, and Sharks! Now in this 30th Anniversary Edition, all of the components have been upgraded to the highest-quality levels, including slotted wood boats to carry the Explorer tokens, as well as Land Tiles of 3 different thicknesses to give Atlantis a 3-D look!



Plane Spotters Guide (SC)

DB: MtG Oversized Planechase 2012




Arcanis: Codex of Heroes


The must-have resource for Heroes of Arcanis: the World of Shattered Empires.This tome provides the players of the Arcanis Roleplaying Game the tools to create the Hero they desire.

WYR3056 WYR4050 WYR4053 WYR5065 WYR5071

Arcanists: Slate Ridge Mauler Neverborn: Avatar Dreamer Neverborn: Widow Weaver Outcasts: Avatar Hamelin Outcasts: Lenny

$18.00 $35.00 $12.50 $35.00 $15.00

ACD DISTRIBUTION LLC 2841 Index Road, Suite 150 Madison, WI 53713

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