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L5R: Second City SD

$83.94 SDI

In the distant lands once known as the Ivory Kingdoms, the influence of Rokugan spreads from the Second City, the seat of the Empress’ power in that distant realm. In both the Empire and its Colonies, the will of the Divine One unfolds in the face of adversity and intrigue. Second City is the brand new expansion for AEG’s Legend of the Five Rings Collectible Card Game. It is the last expansion of Celestial Edition and the second that will be legal with Emperor Edition, the new base set, releasing in Fall 2011. Influence the fate of your Clan with your decisions, both in Rokugan and the Colonies. Who will heed the call of the Empress?


L5R: Second City BD


Wargames Illustrated #287

$5.31 NPI


BRP: The Magic Book


Magic pervades many worlds of the Basic Roleplaying game system, for in the game every adventurer - every character - has the capacity to manipulate invisible powers. Players will know much more about employing, measuring, and calculating magical power than any adventurer, including the mightiest mage or the most powerful shaman in the game. This book explains the mechanics of three independent magic systems - spirit magic, divine magic and Wizardry and details ritual magic, a system common to shamans, priests and wizardry. These approaches differ fundamentally only in the perceptions of the users. Which is the "true" way is for you to decide. By constructing parallel magic systems, all of the familiar traditional and literary magical stances and devices could be simulated by game mechanics.

$177.12 SDI


Ultimate Werewolf: Ultimate Edition 3E


Your quiet little 16th century village has suddenly become infested with some very unfriendly werewolves...can you and the other villagers find them before they devour everyone? Ultimate Werewolf: Ultimate Edition is the ultimate party game for anywhere from 5 to 68 players of all ages. Each player has an agenda: as a villager, hunt down the werewolves; as a werewolf, convince the other villagers that you're innocent, while secretly dining on those same villagers each night. Dozens of special roles are available to help both the villagers and the werewolves achieve their goals while thwarting their opponents. This printing contains an all new bonus scenerio.


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CoC: Cthulhu by Gaslight


It’s been over 20 years since the Gaslight book itself was reprinted or updated! This new edition of Cthulhu by Gaslight has been thoroughly revamped, expanding the book by nearly 50% and adding new material roughly equivalent to the original book’s length. With this book and a copy of the Call of Cthulhu core rulebook, a prospective Keeper can run a campaign set in Victorian England. This edition provides a strong background in both the Victorian world and the activities of the Cthulhu Mythos within it. So grab your coat, hat, and walking stick, and have the doctor bring his bag and revolver. It’s time to step into a world of Victorian occult adventure -- the world of Cthulhu by Gaslight!


Dr. Who: GM Screen (11th Doctor Ed.)


Packed with all the information a Gamemaster needs for easy reference during a session of Doctor Who, this 'deluxe' thick screen will last for years of Adventures in Time and Space.


Hell Dorado: Damned Ones of Sloth (2) Hell Dorado: Imperial Sentinel, Demon

$11.99 $11.99


Hell Dorado: Fangs of the Pit



Hell Dorado: Lemure Pack C



Dr. Who: 11th Doctor Edition


Imagine you could go anywhere, this world or countless others, encountering strange alien races, new cultures or hostile environments. Now imagine you could travel to any time. See the pyramids and the Sphinx (back when she had a nose!), discover who (or what) really built Stonehenge, meet the first Emperor of Japan, or travel into the far future as humanity spreads to the stars. Where would you go? With Doctor Who: Adventures in Time and Space, the power is in your hands! You can go anywhere or anywhen in the universe. It’s not going to be easy. It’ll probably be dangerous. The universe is a hostile place, full of Daleks, Sontarans, Cybermen, Weeping Angels, The Atraxi and worse. There will be fear, heartbreak and excitement, but above all, it’ll be the trip of a lifetime. The Eleventh Doctor edition features Aliens and Creatures from the Doctor's most recent adventures and a new adventures book written specifically for this edition.

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Hell Dorado: Fatina



Vampire Diaries Trading Cards S1 Display $57.75 NPI


The Walking Dead

Collect all your favorite moments from season 1 of The Vampire Diaries in this trading card set. Each box contains at least one Autograph or Costume Memorabilia card! Autograph and memorabilia cards all feature the CZE hologram to guarantee authenticity. Confirmed Signers so far: Candice Accola, Ian Somerhalder, Katerina Graham, Matt Davis, Nina Dobrev, Paul Roerig, Kevin Williamson, Julie Plec. $20.00 NPI

In The Walking Dead Board game, only the strong survive. The weak turn into walkers, and then turn against their former friends! Fight your way through zombie-infested Atlanta with your fellow survivors. Grab some weapons to clear a path. Visit destinations like the department store, old folk’s home, and the CDC. Find the tools you’ll need to live another day. Take on the role of Rick, Andrea, or one of the other hapless survivors and scrounge for weapons like a Shotgun or Crossbow. Keep your eyes open for new allies, but watch your back! When supplies start running low, it’s every man for himself. If you can make it back to camp with enough gear to defend yourself and those you still care for, you win! Should you fall to the hungry horde of walkers, the game doesn't end. When a player dies and becomes a walker, they leave the world of the living behind and seek out the remaining survivors. Put the bite on your former friends and they’ll join you in your pursuit of the living.


Hell Dorado: Anna Bogna Pavlova




The Walking Dead Trading Cards S1 Disp. $57.75 NPI

Humans are the outsiders in the land of the walkers. In the AMC television series based on the Robert Kirkman comic book series, Rick Grimes leads a band of humans trying to survive in Atlanta, Georgia. Everything is scarce in this world except for zombies; there are plenty of zombies. The series is as much about the nature of humanity as it is about survival. Each card takes a piece of the human experience—brotherhood, teamwork, mourning— to give the collector individual snapshots of this harrowing tale. The first release in the trading card series covers the events of the first season and features a 72 card base set along with feature autographs and memorabilia from the popular show.


Leviathans: Core Box



Leviathans Dice Pack



Leviathans: British Fleet Box



Leviathans: French Fleet Box


Leviathans simulates combat between warships that have taken to the air in an alternate history/steampunk 1910. The king leviathans, battleships, are the largest vessels. Maneuvering in support are light cruisers, destroyers and other vessels. Will you captain your fleet for king and country, expanding your nation's power and becoming legend? Or will you fall from the sky, forgotten? You determine the outcome! The Leviathans Dice Pack allows players to expand their dice pool during game play, resulting in less re-rolls. The Leviathans dry erase markers show a factions’ esprit de corps with a British and French marker. The British Fleet Box contains the British battleship, light cruiser and two destroyer high-quality plastic ship miniatures from the Core Box Set, but with four new, unique variant Ship Cards: Players can instantly expand their faction fleet after purchasing the Core Box Set for larger games! Sail High For King And Country! The French Fleet Box contains the French battleship, light cruiser and two destroyer high-quality plastic ship miniatures from the Leviathans Core Box Set, but with four new, unique variant Ship Cards. Players can instantly expand their faction fleet after purchasing the Core Box Set for larger games! Esprit de Corps!

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DAG1301 DAG1302 DAG1303 DAG1304 DAG1305 DAG1306 DAG3201 DAG3202 DAG3203 DAG3204 DAG3205

Forsaken Saint John Forsaken Deathstryke, Banger Forsaken Haniel (2) Forsaken Faithfuls (3) Orchid Nathaniel Skarrd Toxic Father Curwen Skarrd Chitin Skarrd Hoodoo Skarrd Kaustic Skarrd Toxic Mistress (2)

$9.99 $8.99 $14.99 $14.99 $9.99 $9.99 $14.99 $8.99 $8.99 $8.99 $14.99


CoC: Curse of the Jade Emperor Asylum Pk

$14.95 SDI


Dust Tactics: Revised Core Set

$79.95 SDI


Dust Tactics: Unit Card Upgrade Pack

$14.95 SDI


Dust Tactics: Terrain Tile Set

$29.95 SDI



New England Railways


Players are investors who risk their businesses and money on this new technology as they build railway links through the mountains and over the rivers of historic New England. New England Railways puts players in the roles of those who built the railroads that linked the booming industries of 1800s New England--from the shipbuilders of Connecticut to the forests of Maine; from the fisheries of Massachusetts through the mountains of New Hampshire and on to the foundries of Albany. Railroads are expensive propositions. Indeed, players must borrow money from banks to amass the necessary capital to build these railways. Can they make a profit while paying the interest on these loans, and indeed, even while paying them off? This is also a game of walking a financial tightrope, maintaining a careful cash flow from the railroad's profits, thus enriching the players, while constantly and vigilantly servicing those bank loans. The risks are huge and some overly brash investors will rapidly find themselves in a quicksand of debt; while other, more careful players will reap handsome profits.

Ancient Relics is based on the theme of the global influence of the Ancient Ones and their cults and moves the action from H.P. Lovecraft's dread-filled New England to the wider world. In Curse of the Jade Emperor players will find exotic, yet hauntingly familiar characters and tales, pulled from the myths and legends of ancient China. The Middle Kingdom's undying past collides with a present made all the more uncertain through the interference of diverse otherworldly actors. The pull of China is strong and in Call of Cthulhu it attracts academics from Miskatonic University, eager to study the history and artifacts of one of the world's oldest civilizations. The forces of law and order also come to do battle with some of the world's deadliest criminal organizations. Curse of the Jade Emperor also follows Ancient Relics' over-arching theme of artifacts with great and terrible power reoccurring throughout history. Pack your bags for a voyage to the Orient in Curse of the Jade Emperor!


Anima RPG: Those Who Walked Among Us V1

$49.95 SDI

Those Who Walked Amongst Us is the definitive book of creatures and monsters for Anima: Beyond Fantasy, bringing to life nearly one-hundred spectacular creatures treading the realms between gods and men, between the Maidens of Light and the Lords of Darkness. Enrich your campaign with High Elder Elementals, C’iel and Gaira dragons, Oni, Succubi, and Demon Queens and Princes. Discover the terrors of the Machine and the origin of Omega, the ultimate being, prophesied to bring about the end of time. Effortlessly stage mass battles as flexible, new rules allow a handful of powerful heroes to stand against hordes of any size. Find rules for epic, dramatic confrontations that trace the parry and thrust of evenly matched combatants in a dance of death. Those Who Walked Amongst Us provides rules and information for creature creation, three new playable races, the secret histories of Gaïa’s creatures, and more! FFGCS3041 FFGCS3042

Anima Tactics: Hecatondies Zero Sigma Anima Tactics: Female Church Agent

$29.99 SDI $10.99 SDI


CoC: Conspiracies of Chaos Revised Ed.

$14.95 SDI

Conspiracies of Chaos, the fifth Asylum Pack in the Forgotten Lore cycle of expansions for Call of Cthulhu: The Card Game, returns! Conspiracies of Chaos reintroduces to the Living Card Game environment this intriguing Asylum Pack, updated to the 60-card per pack format (3 copies each of 20 unique cards). The included cards have been updated to incorporate the most recent FAQ. In addition, the text on a number of cards has been altered from its original printing, adjusting for game balance and rules clarity. Among Conspiracies of Chaos’ features are six faction-specific conspiracies. Conspiracies are story cards that players can play from their own decks and win to further their goal of claiming three stories. The six conspiracies included within Conspiracies of Chaos play into one of each faction’s particular strengths. This Asylum Pack also includes support cards and events that can wildly alter the tempo of the game.

Get ready to fight the war anew! The Dust Tactics Revised Core Set is the perfect introduction for new players or a great expansion for veterans. It includes all new, never-before-released miniatures exclusive to this Core Set, an updated and comprehensive rulebook, the “Victory Bridge” scenario book, six custom dice, two double-sided terrain posters (each the size of six terrain tiles), 10 unit cards, nine double-sided hazard squares, two ammo-crates, and two antitank traps. The included terrain posters unique to the Revised Core Set introduce Dust Tactics players to new terrain elements featured in the “Victory Bridge” scenario book. These terrain posters are a new warfare experience due to the new environment they offer players: a bridge and building structures, as well as new terrain symbols. The “Victory Bridge” scenario book offers players six never-before-seen scenarios with which they can carry out a campaign. With the intimidating forces of the rival bloc spread out on the battlefield before you, what kind of army will you build? Gather your forces with the Dust Tactics Unit Card Upgrade Pack! The Dust Tactics Unit Card Upgrade Pack includes unit cards for all the units released before Operation “SeeLöwe” including unit cards for all preview miniatures available from Dust Tactics Game Night kits. Dust Tactics’ previously published unit cards have been reprinted in the Dust Tactics Unit Card Upgrade Pack and have been updated to the new army point costs featured in the Revised Core Set. The Dust Tactics Terrain Tile Set includes 12 double-sided terrain tiles (and more!) to expand your Dust Tactics map library. These exciting components feature snow, warehouse, water, and bridge locations on which your Dust Tactics troops can wage their war. The Dust Tactics Terrain Tile Set also includes the Operation: Blue Thunder campaign book found in the original Core Set. This expansion allows new Dust Tactics players to experience the scenarios available in the original Dust Tactics Core Set.

Pre-order by phone at 1-800-767-4263, or online at



Pyramid of Horus Pre Painted Miniatures $34.95 SDI

The Adventurers: The Pyramid of Horus Pre-Painted Miniatures will enhance your journey across the pyramid’s chambers and corridors. These pre-painted figures are available as a set of 11, featuring 8 Adventurers and 3 Mummy miniatures. Each individual character comes to life with these colorful and detailed renditions. Further, even more excitement is added to the threat of encountering a mummy as each lumbering undead figure is frighteningly decorated. Immerse yourself in a new level of adventure!


Dice Bag: Tentacles


Dice Bag: Blood Dice Bag: Vortex

$7.95 SDI $7.95 SDI


LotR: LCG: The Dead Marshes Adv. Pack $14.95 SDI


Elder Sign

After scouring the Emyn Muil for signs of Gollum, the heroes of Middle-earth follow his trail south. Now Gollum takes desperate risks to elude the heroes in a realm of treacherous fens and mires. The Dead Marshes is the fifth and penultimate Adventure Pack in the Shadows of Mirkwood cycle for The Lord of the Rings: The Card Game. The hunt for Gollum draws to a close ... unless he finds his way to escape once and for all. The Dead Marshes introduces 60 new cards, including a Quest featuring the new, scenario-specific Escape mechanic that allows players to experience how slippery Gollum can be!

$7.95 SDI

Whether you carry fistfuls of dice, cupfuls of tokens, or a plethora of both, carry them in style with one of four colorful Fantasy Flight Supply Dice Bags. Each dice bag is decorated with a vibrant, eye-popping image to let you personalize your supplies. Inspire terror in your opponents with these themed dice bags!

$34.95 SDI

Elder Sign lets players control investigators who must successfully endure adventures within the museum in order to gather clues, items, and the eldritch knowledge they need to seal the rifts between dimensions and prevent the Ancient One’s arrival. A clever and thematic dice mechanic pits their exploration against monsters and the sheer difficulty of staying sane and healthy while investigating the most dangerous exhibits and most terrifying instances of insanity. Elder Sign recreates the Lovecraftian thrills of eerie suspense and mind-numbing horrors in a cooperative game players can finish in one to two hours. Rules, card text, and innovative dice mechanics expertly designed by Richard Launius and Kevin Wilson, the designers of Arkham Horror, all blend in a game that’s quick to learn, quick to play, strategic enough to reward frequent replay, and eccentric enough to immerse players in the museum’s supernatural intrigue.



Dice Bag: Sword

$7.95 SDI

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Tannhauser: Mizu Kage Figure

$12.95 SDI


$39.95 SDI

The glorious city of Lothern prepares for war, the High Elves ever vigilant of their borders. Woe to any enemy who invades the realm of the powerful Phoenix King... Realm of the Phoenix King is the second Battle Pack in The Capital Cycle for Warhammer: Invasion The Card Game! With half of its 60 cards (three copies each of 20 unique cards) devoted to the ancient and powerful defenders of Ulthuan, Realm of the Phoenix King is an invaluable Battle Pack for players of the High Elf faction. Additionally, players of other factions will find a variety of useful tactics, units, and support options.

Officially an “international liason” for the Shogunate, Mizu Kage prefers to conduct her diplomacy with Willow and Winding Stream, her deadly sai blades. She has twice saved “the Daimyo” from certain death and three times taken down misguided Reich soldiers who thought to betray their tentative alliance with the Shogunate. Now charged to collect information that the Shogunate’s Reich allies have been withholding, Mizu works toward the completion of her task like a whisper of wind through the night trees. FFGTM08

Talisman: The Dragon Expansion

WH LCG: Realm o/t Phoenix King Battle Pk

$14.95 SDI

Playing with The Dragon expansion for Talisman, players will encounter even more choices and strategic challenges, including a new, dual-sided Inner Region for their heroes to conquer. The alternate sides allow players to face familiar terrain along a path that requires all new tactics, or to venture into the Dragon Tower, where a hero’s every step meets opposition by the Dragon King’s minions and leads him ever closer to an ultimate confrontation with the Dragon King, himself. The Dragon brings to life six new characters to confront the draconic challenges that lie ahead. Over 300 new tokens and cards expand the Draconic Lords’ influence over the land of Talisman and weave each Draconic Lord’s story. New rules pace the increase of the draconic threat, and the heroes’ quests become more and more dangerous as the dragons grow stronger. Now, for those brave adventurers who seek the Crown of Command, the quest means more than power and influence. It is a race to save the land from the Dragon King’s tyrannical rule. Any hero who dares confront the Dragon King must be prepared for an epic battle!


White Dwarf # 381

$9.00 SDI


Labyrinth Lord: Realms of Crawling Chaos$17.95

Realms of Crawling Chaos is a Lovecraftian Dark Fantasy campaign supplement for Labyrinth Lord and the Advanced Edition Companion. Referees can incorporate the new classes, races, spells, monsters and magic items from H. P. Lovecraft’s fiction into existing campaigns, or design an entirely new milieu of gritty sword and sorcery gaming.


Mercs: Action Token Set

$7.31 NPI


Mercs: Effect Token Set

$7.31 NPI


Mercs: Missle Silo Game Mat

MERCS is a fantastic near future Sci-Fi tabletop skirmish game. Fast moving, with a strong emphasis on good tactics, MERCS teaches inexperienced players solid fundamental gaming skills and rewards good players with advanced realistic combat action. 36" x 23" Heavy-Duty, Wet Erasable Vinyl Game Mat

Pre-order by phone at 1-800-767-4263, or online at

$16.88 NPI



Mercs: Fuel Relay Station Mat

$16.88 NPI

36" x 23" Heavy-Duty, Wet Erasable Vinyl Game Mat


Can't Stop


Designed by the legendary Sid Sackson, Can’t Stop is the ultimate press-yourluck board game. Once you've started this intense dice game, you just can't stop! You’ll go for the dice again and again only to risk losing it all on a single roll. Players try to win three of the eleven number columns as quickly as possible. To do this, they roll the four dice and form two pairs, which determine the columns on which they may first place the white cones (the runners). During their turn, players may roll the dice as long as they wish –provided that they can place or move at least one of the runners. If, after rolling the dice, a player is unable to do so, his turn ends immediately and he loses everything that he achieved during that turn. He should have stopped in time... but he didn’t! Everybody likes to try just once more... and then maybe once more... they CAN’T STOP! CAN YOU? GRY101279N

Pastiche - 2nd Edition


A World of Beautiful Colors comes alive as players choose commission cards picturing 34 of the finest European art works of the past six centuries. Players score their commissions by mixing primary colors through clever tile placement, and recreating the palette of colors used by the masters who created these works. Explore the paintings, palettes and pasts of the artists in this unique and challenging game for the whole family. Pastiche – 2nd Edition contains 12 NEW commission cards featuring some of the most well-known art found in U.S. Art museums including: 1, 2, 3, 4 and more! GRY101305N

The Road To Canterbury


In The Road to Canterbury, each player is “the Pardoner,” traveling with seven of Chaucer’s pilgrims from London to Canterbury. Each Pilgrim is afflicted with one of the seven deadly sins, thus having need of your indulgences. Using relic, sin and pardon cards, each Pardoner tries to “save” the pilgrims from their sins and the eternal consequences. For you to succeed as a pardoner, you’ll need to do more than just sell forged pardons for quick cash. To keep your services in demand, you will actually need to lead these Pilgrims into temptation yourself! Perhaps some phony relics might help? There is also one big catch. The Seven Deadly Sins live up to their name: each sin that a Pilgrim commits brings Death one step nearer, and a dead Pilgrim pays no pardoners!





Star Fluxx



Looney Pyramids - Rainbow Stash



Looney Pyramids - Xeno Stash



25 Pack Android Doctor Promo Cards

IceDice is a fast-playing, easy-to-learn dice game with great press-your-luck action that'll keep you playing over and over again! Your goal is simple: collect 3 matching sets of pyramids. If the piece you roll is gone from the bank, you get to steal it from your opponent! Rules to a bonus game, Launchpad 23, are also included, along with a colorful 24 page Guide to Looney Pyramids promoting the game system and 11 other games that can be played with the pyramids. Packaged in a pyramid shaped zippered pouch (6.5" x 4" x 4") with 30 pyramids, 2 custom dice, and instructions for two games. Just when you thought that Fluxx had gone as far as it could go - it blasts off for the Stars! Explore the vastness of space-themed humor with your valiant Captain, Engineer, and, of course, your Expendable Crewman. Go check out that Small Moon - or is it really a Space Station? You may be swayed by Unseen Forces, held hostage by Evil Computers, or find your ship infested with cute fuzzy Aliens. Beware the unexpected as Star Fluxx takes you straight into a Wormhole of hilarity. You'll find yourself wanting to play again and again watch out... It's A Trap! 100 cards + instructions, in a two part box Looney Pyramids are also available in booster sets of 15 pyramids, without any rules, to provide additional pyramids for your customers to expand their Looney Pyramid Games. They come in two color schemes: Rainbow (Red, Green, Yellow, Blue, and Black) and Xeno (Purple, Orange, Cyan, Clear, and White). Packaged in a tuck box the size of Looney Labs card games, no rules are included, but each box includes a copy of the Pocket Guide to Looney Pyramids which highlights 13 games that can be played with Looney Pyramids.

IRON WIND METALS IWM20-5020 IWM20-5021 IWM20-5022 IWM20-5023 IWM20-5024

BT: Kyudo KY2-D-02 Mech (TRO3075) BT: Diemos Mech Resculpt (MekTek85ton) BT: Blade Mech BLD-XL Variant BT: Hyena Salvage Mech HYN-4A BT: Prefect Mech PRF-1R (TRO3085)

$11.25 $14.95 $10.25 $11.95 $13.95

Yu-Gi-Oh!: Generation Force Special Ed. BD

$59.31 NPI


Special Editions give Duelists a great value, combining 3 packs of the latest YuGi-Oh! 5D’s TRADING CARD GAME booster release with 1 of 2 hard-tofind variant cards. In addition to 3 packs of Generation Force, each Special Edition box will contain a special championship-level foil card sure to make a lucky Duelist’s day.

BattleCON: War of Indines


Take opponents in a fast paced head to head duel of tactical wit and strategic might in Battle Connection! Players can choose from 18 different characters and a variety of play modes such as regular versus, 2v2, tag team, and 3v1 "Boss Mode". Each character introduces a unique gameplay mechanic to ensure that no two matchups play the same and that new strategies must be discovered to combat each opponent's abilities. BattleCON: War of Indines is a standalone game that requires no expansion, booster, or additional purchase to play competitively - you get the entire game right out of the box.


MANTIC GAMES MGCKWO12-1 Orc Morax Troop MGCKWO60-1 Orc Gore Riders MGCKWO81-1 Orc Army

$24.99 SDI $34.99 SDI $74.99 SDI



$7.50 NPI


ACTA Minis: Church Fleet Box Set


No single institution has as much impact on day-to-day life in the Known Worlds than does the Church. Despite the Church’s many factions and sects, the average peasant sees it as a giant monolith, dedicated to saving humanity from the evil inherent in the universe. As far as commoners can tell, all priests, bishops, archbishops and patriarchs work toward the same goal, hand-in-hand, fighting evil together. Never mind the fact that they call one another heretics; the Church itself is good. The peasants’ view only changes when someone tries to replace the sect of their ancestors with a new one. This box set contains everything a Church player needs for A Call to Arms: Noble Armada, with a full set of ships ranging in size from explorers and raiders to destroyers and carriers.

Contact your sales representative for exact release dates


ACTA Minis: Vau Fleet Box Set


Ever since the Vau gave humanity its first setback among the stars, their space has been shut to prying eyes. For a brief moment, however, it has opened—long enough for the most daring to catch a glimpse. But the daring need as much wisdom as courage, for encounters with the Vau teach that things are not always what they seem… The Noble Houses know enough about Vau technology to avoid fighting their ships whenever possible. However, there have been enough battles that most of the Vau’s operational abilities have been learned. Vau ships generate a large sphere of quantum energy that in turn powers the ship itself. However, veterans of Vau battles have reported seeing ships manoeuvring after the quantum ball failed, though the Vau accelerated slowly, suggesting a reliance on limited, emergency back-up systems, maybe based on older technologies. This box set contains everything a Vau player needs for A Call to Arms: Noble Armada, with a full set of ships. MGP3608 MGP3609 MGP3610 MGP3611 MGP3612


Minis: Minis: Minis: Minis: Minis:

Li Halan Haga Grand Cruiser Al Malik Stealth Destroyer Hazat Shamshir Cruiser Decados Leonardo Monitor Hawkwood Aurora Fighter

$19.99 $14.99 $14.99 $14.99 $12.99


Dark Eon Assassin: Tyrant of Acheron



Earthdawn: Nations of Barsaive V4: Crystal Raiders


You have been genetically bred to be the finest warrior in the galaxy. Your reflexes have been honed by countless exercises in the most dangerous environments known to man. A regiment of scientists and engineers have developed the most advanced weaponry for your arsenal. There has never been an assassin as lethal as you. Your chances of survival and success are less than 4%. Dark Eon Assassin is an exciting solo boardgame, designed to challenge players of all ages as they infiltrate the Tyrant’s palace, avoiding the traps and guards he has prepared, in an effort to rid the galaxy of his maniacal atrocities. You will have a range of high technology equipment and weapons to aid you, but the odds are stacked against easy success...

The crystal raiders of the high mountains fly their sleek drakkars in search of ripe, rich targets to loot and plunder. With their gleaming crystal armor and weapons they leap from the decks of their ships into battle, bellowing and bashing down their opposition. The dark shadow of their airships is known and feared all across Barsaive. The crystal raiders are one of the most formidable naval forces in the province; not even the Therans are safe from the trolls and their thirst for revenge. They have played a role in every great battle of Barsaive’s history, and may do so again as dark clouds of war gather on the horizon. Nations of Barsaive Volume Four offers gamemasters and players an indepth look at the troll raider clans that sail Barsaive's skies and prey on the lowlands. This book details the Twilight Peaks, featuring information on the nine most powerful trollmoots in Barsaive, including their histories, goals and significant members. This book features revised and updated content, and new material for adventures in the world of Earthdawn. Requires use of the Earthdawn Player’s and Gamemaster’s Guides.


Kittens in a Blender


Sure, kittens are curious by nature, but when they get in a kitchen full of dangerous appliances, it is up to you to save them. This fast-paced card game has players working to save all of their own kittens before the unthinkable happens!


Bug Out


The Speedy Scramble for Bugs and Slugs! Bug Cards are scattered all over your table or even your living room floor! Players race to capture the bugs by covering each Bug Card with a matching Leaf Card— It's a wild scramble to find each bug! Be the first player to cover all of your matching Bug Cards and Bug Out! Ages 5+, 2-6 Players.




No 60 Sqn RFC/RAF



Wake Island 1941




OSPREY When No 60 Sqn arrived in France in May 1916, partially equipped with the delightfully named Morane Bullet, there were only two dedicated single-seat fighter squadrons on the Western Front. Operating initially as a utility unit, No 60 Sqn’s duties were mixed. It was involved in reconnaissance, fighter patrols and escort missions, as well as the landing of spies behind enemy lines. In the opening weeks of the battles of the Somme in the summer of 1916, the squadron suffered heavy casualties and it was withdrawn from the front. Rested and reequipped with Nieuport scouts, the unit went on the offensive. Witnessing the exploits of pilots like Albert Ball, who scored 20 victories with the unit before his death, it rapidly became one of the most successful fighter units of the war. This book tells the complete story of the unit, from its humble beginnings to the end of the war.

On the same day that the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor, they also launched air attacks on Wake Island, an American marine and naval base in the Pacific. Three days later a Japanese invasion force stormed the island, but were bloodily repulsed by the scratch force of marines, sailors and even service personnel who defended it. Despite US attempts to relieve the island, the Japanese launched a much greater invasion a few weeks later and, despite gallant resistance, eventually caused the US Forces to surrender. This book tells the complete story of the vicious fighting on Wake Island, one of the near-legendary 'last stands' made by US military forces.

Pre-order by phone at 1-800-767-4263, or online at



La-5/7 vs Fw 190


Soviet fighter aviation suffered terribly at the hands of the Jagdwaffe in the first year of the war in the east and, with the arrival of JG 51 and its Fw 190s on the Stalingrad Front in September 1942, things only got worse. However, help was on its way in the form of the La-5. Tougher, faster, and with a greater rate of climb than its predecessors, most were flown by a new generation of bettertrained pilots led by combat veterans. These new fighters soon found themselves pitted into action on the Central Sector against the equally new Fw 190As of JG 51. From then on, these two fighters would battle it out in the skies over the Eastern Front. This book tells the complete story of the battles between these two important fighters.


Armies of the Adowa Campaign 1896


In the late 19th century, the new nation-state of Italy was eager to join her European neighbors in creating an international empire, and her eyes turned toward Africa as a source of potential colonies. Securing a foothold in Eritrea on the Red Sea coast, the Italians quickly became embroiled in a shooting war with the Ethiopians. The war proved a disaster for the Italians, who suffered three major defeats against the forces of Emperor Menelik’s army, including a horrendous massacre at Adowa, the largest defeat of a colonial army prior to World War I. This book looks at the campaign with an emphasis on the colorful uniforms worn by both sides.


Armies of the Irish Rebellion 1798


In 1798, the Irish rose up against the corrupt English government run out of Dublin. Joined by both Protestants and Catholics, the rebellion quickly spread across the country. Although the Irish peasantry were armed mostly with pikes, they were able to overwhelm a number of small, isolated British outposts. However, even with the half-hearted assistance of the French, the Irish could not compete with the organized ranks of the British Army when under competent leadership. In a brutal turning of the tide, the Redcoats plowed through the rebels. In just three months, between 15,000 and 30,000 people died, most of them Irish. This book tells the story of this harsh, but fascinating, period of Irish history and covers the organization and uniforms of the forces involved.


Vietnam Gun Trucks



The Last Boarding Party



Pirate 1690-1730


While Vietnam is usually perceived as an infantry war, with US forces deploying by helicopter, the long supply lines that led to their inland bases had to be traveled by ground vehicles. The 8th and 48th Transportation Groups were responsible for hauling supplies through the long, dangerous roads of Vietnam, and they often found themselves the target of ambushes, attacks, and sniping. In response to this, vehicle crews began to arm trucks with machine guns and armor them with sandbags. While these proved less than ideal, the concept was considered valid, and more and more “gun trucks� appeared, sporting heavier weapons and armor. Written by a Vietnam veteran, this book traces the development of these gun trucks from the jury-rigged originals to the powerful armored vehicles that appeared later in the war. Just two weeks after the close of the Vietnam War, communist Cambodian Khmer Rouge elements seized the S.S. Mayaguez in international waters. Believing they had to act quickly, United States Marines boarded the ship, only to find the crew had been removed. They then launched an assault on a nearby island where they believed the crew had been taken. Instead of a quick strike against a limited foe, the Marines encountered major opposition and were quickly pinned down. With large numbers of Cambodians closing in all around, the a desperate firefight developed as US forces tried to extract the Marines. This book recounts the bloody struggle on Koh Tang island, as a badly botched hostage rescue turned into a desperate evacuation.


Small-Scale Armour Modelling


Since the mid-1990s, small-scale armor modeling has seen a great resurgence in popularity, mostly due to model manufacturers in Germany and the many smaller companies that have started selling add-ons and accessories. Using a highly visual, step-by-step approach, this book covers all of the major aspects of small-scale armor modeling, including construction, painting, finishing and presentation. Covering World War II armor, modern vehicles and everything in-between, this book is the ultimate guide for those who appreciate the beauty and craftsmanship of small-scale armor models.

This book describes the life of a pirate of the early 18th century - the heyday of the 'Golden Age of Piracy'. It charts the way these men (and a few women) were recruited, how they operated, what they looked like and what their prospects were. In the process the book attempts to strip away many of the myths associated with piracy, to reveal the harsh realities of life beyond the normal bounds of society. The book draws on decades of research into the subject, and pulls together information from a myriad of sources, including official reports, contemporary newspaper reports, trial proceedings and court testimony, last words on the scaffold, letters, diaries and period scandal sheets. Other sources include archaeological evidence, and relevant objects and artifacts from museum collections on both sides of the Atlantic. In other words the book will reflect the last word in pirate research, making it beneficial to both the serious pirate historian and the novice apprentice.

Pre-order by phone at 1-800-767-4263, or online at



US MACV-SOG Reconnaissance Team Vietnam


In 1964 Military Assistance Command, Vietnam, activated a joint unconventional task force known as the Studies and Observation Group--MACV-SOG. As a cover its mission was to conduct analysis of lessons learned in combat involved all branches of service. SOG's real mission was to conduct covert strategic reconnaissance missions into Laos, Cambodia, and South Vietnam as well as sabotage and 'Black' psychological operations. Ground, air, and naval assets were employed to insert, collect, extract, and otherwise support these operations. Drawing on detailed, first-hand accounts of the experiences of the service, including action on operations, this book will shed light on one of the most crucial units of the Vietnam War.


The Beretta M9 Pistol


In 1990 the Beretta M9 replaced the venerable Colt 1911 as the main pistol of choice for the US Army. At the time the decision was controversial particularly because it was perceived that a smaller caliber weapon such as the Beretta would lack the necessary stopping power and range in comparison to the .45 caliber Colt. The situation was not helped by the rumor that the adoption of this Italian designed pistol was in exchange for the creation of US missile bases within Italy. Nonetheless, the Beretta, although not a perfect pistol, has since proved many of its distractors wrong with widespread use in Iraq and Afghanistan. Written by a leading pistol expert who currently trains US Special Forces in the use of this weapon, this book is an honest appraisal of the successes and failings of the Beretta design. The volume traces the Beretta designs, which preceded the M9 as well as its use on the battlefield, including the impact it has had on close combat training due to the larger magazine capacity. It also details the adoption of the Beretta by US law enforcement agencies and the impact this has had.


Ashen Stars: Dead Rock Seven



Trail of Cthulhu: Out of Time


Dead Rock Sevenis a collection of four adventures for Ashen Stars from acclaimed writer Gareth Hanrahan (Arkham Detective Tales,Brief Cases, Invasive Procedures). Over the course of these adventures, the lasers are hired to deal with problems as diverse as murders on an old asteroid mine, missing executives on a pleasure planet, and threats to the security of an interstellar cooking contest. You can run these adventures as one-shots, as individual episodes in your own series, or in sequence as a self-contained mini-series.

Four critically acclaimed adventures for Trail of Cthulhu are now available in a single volume, with exclusive essays by the authors. These are The Black Drop, Castle Bravo, The Big Hoodoo and Not So Quiet.


DT-20 Dice Tower (Acrylic)


Made from clear acrylic sheet with laser etched labeling. The tower size allows for up to 20 dice to be rolled at a single time. The design is “clip� together, requiring no tools or adhesives. Sold individually. Package contents include: 8 acrylic pieces and 1 instruction booklet.


Contact your sales representative for exact release dates


WM: Two Player Battle Box (plastic)


STEP INTO A WORLD FORGED OF IRON AND TEMPERED BY WAR. The mighty forces of the northern Khadoran Empire are bolstered by their ideals of strength and resilience in their clash with the devout and zealous crusaders of the Protectorate of Menoth. At the center of this titanic clash, the deadly Kommander Sorscha Kratikoff leads an elite strike force of powerful Khadoran warjacks and soldiers against the holy knights of the Protectorate of Menoth led by their champion High Exemplar Kreoss and his personal retinue of warjacks. WARMACHINE is a fast-paced and aggressive 30. mm tabletop miniatures battle game set in the steam-powered fantasy world of the Iron Kingdoms. Take control of an elite soldier-sorcerer called a warcaster and his mighty warjacks—massive steam-powered combat automatons—as you battle to destroy the enemy warcaster. THIS TWO-PLAYER BATTLE BOX (PIP 25001) CONTAINS EVERYTHING YOU NEED FOR A TWOPLAYER GAME: Complete Prime Mk II rules in a travel-sized booklet (86 pages), introductory guide, dice, ruler, and 17 plastic WARMACHINE models with corresponding stat cards.


WM:Cyg Sentinel Light Warjack (plastic) $18.99


WM:Meno Vessel of Judgment Battle Engine


WM:Meno Redeemer Light Warjack (plastic)


WM:Khd Man-O-War Bombardiers (plastic)


WM:Cryx Nightwretch Bonejacks (plastic)



WM:Merc Sylys Wyshnalyrr, The Seeker



Hordes:TB Trollkin Warlock Jarl Skuld


Outfitted with an infantry-shredding chain gun, the Sentinel fills an essential role on the battlefield. Its rapid-fire weapon enables it to cut down swathes of the enemy, making it invaluable against charging platoons of Winter Guard, tides of Menite zealots, or waves of Cryxian mechanithralls. Box

Each Vessel of Judgment is a reliquary containing the sacred remains of one of the Menite priest kings of old and is capable of the most potent manifestations of Menoth’s power on Caen. The blazing fury of the Creator scourges infidels who venture too close, and the faithful who fall in battle around it can stave off death long enough to strike one last blow for their god. Box PIP32083

Armed with devastating long-range rockets, the Redeemer was designed to deliver judgment from afar. The warjack’s deadly projectiles are launched into enemy ranks to explode in a cascade of deadly debris that leaves enemy infantry blasted, burned, and praying for the release of death. Box PIP33067

Each Man-O-War bombardier is a self-contained mobile artillery unit able to devastate an opponent with explosive fire or tear them to pieces with the massive chain blade affixed to his cannon. Girded in steam-powered armor, bombardiers shrug off incoming fire that would cripple or kill a lesser soldier while the shrill, metallic whine of their chain blades announces inexorable destruction to the enemies of Khador. Box


WM:Cyg Archduke, Lord of Fharin Solo


Among Cygnar’s greatest living battlefield generals, Archduke Alain Runewood has given up the comfort and safety of his estates in aid of his country and his king. Wherever his command fights, Runewood leads from the heart of battle. His tactical acumen is finely honed, and his inspiring presence pushes his sword knights to fight fearlessly in the face of even the most dangerous foe. Blister


The dreaded Nightwretch is a staple of the Cryxian arsenal. First unleashed on the mainland at the end of the Scharde Invasions, the murderous machine has been a nightmare of Iron Kingdoms coastal defenders ever since. Packing an arc node and a devastating short-ranged cannon, the fast-moving bonejack can bring death to the enemy from any direction. Two Nightwretch bonejacks come in a single box. An Iosan scholar versed in the arcane arts, Sylys Wyshnalyrr barters his talents to the armies of the Iron Kingdoms in exchange for access to their libraries and safe passage across their lands in his search for clues to the mystery of the vanished and ailing Iosan gods. Even the most puissant warcaster would find his own sorcerous ability strengthened given Sylys’ attention and gain an invaluable edge in battle. Blister Jarl Skuld is an infamous bandit and highwayman who has become an unlikely guerilla leader among the desperate trollkin remaining in the Thornwood. A skilled gunfighter, Skuld uses a pair of customized, rune-scribed pistols to deadly effect. With lightning raids and devastating ambushes against Cryx, Khador, and other enemies of his people, Jarl Skuld has truly earned the moniker “Devil of the Thornwood.” Blister

Pre-order by phone at 1-800-767-4263, or online at


KABOOM! A colorful cloud of smoke billows out of the cauldron in the old Magician's Kitchen, where the magician's little apprentices are learning the art of cooking up magic potions. Each ingredient must be tossed carefully into the pot, but hidden areas in the board may trip you, causing your ingredients to go flying. Magician's Kitchen is the magical game of skill with surprises around every turn!


Tetris TOS1600 $24.99 SRP

Road to Canterbury GRY101305N $59.99 SRP

Bubble Talk TOS0900 $19.99 SRP

Tsuro CLP020 $29.99 SRP

SIGN UP AT • September 14-16 • 2011 • Madison • WI


Hordes:Sk Warlock Master Naaresh



Journeyman League Core Kit

$39.99 NPI


Journeyman League Reinforcement Kit

$19.99 NPI


No Quarter Magazine #38

A powerful scion of a family with deep roots in the ancient lines of the Wolves of Orboros, Grayle the Farstrider was trained as a Wolf until he experienced the wilding. As a druid, he has proven his worth and skill as a trusted strike force leader and an unrelenting warrior who simply does not know failure. In battle Grayle embodies the wolf and moves from target to target with vicious speed and efficiency like a predator in human form whose blades strike with the feral precision of a hunting beast. Blister The Journeyman League for WARMACHINE and HORDES is Privateer Press’ first official slow-grow league! This league is designed to encourage new players to begin learning the game with their chosen faction’s battle box and then expand their collection over the course of six weeks. The Journeyman League rewards both the player’s in-game victories and their skill with a brush. In fact, eager hobbyists can enter the league and score points just for assembling and painting their models! The Journeyman League is also a great event for veteran players looking to start a new army. For veteran players the Journeyman League offers a fun way to build their new faction as well as some unique prizes to add to their collection. The prizes for this league, a set of patches that form a Steelhead military rank, are unique to the Journeyman format. Each player will earn the center patch for joining the league, and as he progresses through the weeks and earns more points, he earns new rank patches and maybe even special championship awards to add to the centerpiece patch.


Magicians Kitchen


Kaboom! A colorful cloud of smoke billows out of the cauldron in the old Magician's Kitchen, where the magician's little apprentices are learning the art of cooking up magic potions. Each ingredient must be tossed carefully into the pot, but hidden areas in the board may trip you, causing your ingredients to go flying. Make sure you don't stumble, or the potion will be ruined! Once all of the ingredients are in place, it's time to light a fire under the cauldron for the final test to see who can make the potion fastest! Leg of toad and stumbling curse, which of you will be the first? Magician's Kitchen is the magical game of skill with surprises around every turn!

The Journeyman league reinforcement kit contains 4 centerpiece patches and 12 rank patches, allowing you to add 4 players to your league. $7.50


KB:Ody Deadly Aliens Technology


Vampires of the Night

$9.00 $30.00

Oh no! The wicked vampire hunter secretly flew above the old castle and emptied a whole sack of stinky garlic over the ruins! It is Leo Longtooth's job to watch over the sleeping vampire children in the castle's basement, and he must protect them from the horrible stench in the air. Can you help Leo clear the smelly garlic out of the ruins? With the help of the little glowing bat, you can magically clear the garlic out of the castle without touching it! Be careful, though - if the garlic falls through the cracks in the floor, it will spread its nasty smells into the basement where the vampire children sleep. Have fun playing Vampires of the Night in the light, in the twilight, or even in the dark with this unique glow in the dark 3-dimensional board!


Eclipse Phase: Rimward


Pathfinder Campaign Setting: Lands of the Linnorm Kings

$19.99 SDI

Eclipse Phase is the post-apocalyptic game of transhuman conspiracy and horror. In this harsh setting, the players participate in a cross-faction conspiracy called Firewall that seeks to protect transhumanity from threats both internal and external. Along the way, they may find themselves hunting for prized technology in a gutted habitat falling from orbit, risking the hellish landscapes of a ruined Earth, or following the trail of a terrorist through militarized stations and isolationist habitats. Players may even find themselves stepping through a Pandora Gate, a wormhole to distant stars and the alien secrets beyond...


This in-depth gazetteer explores the legendary Lands of the Linnorm Kings, a northern realm of largerthan-life adventure where Viking kings earn the right to rule by defeating enormous, primeval dragons— linnorms. From the rugged western islands of the Ironbound Archipelago to the battleworn expanse known as Hagreach in the east, this volume contains detailed treatments of all the major locales in the region. Numerous adventure sites and campaign themes are explored in detail, such as remote troll-haunted ruins, mysterious locations linked to the eerie realm of the fey, and even a sample linnorm hunt. Rules on weregild (fees for hostages or slain enemies), effigies (mundane and magical ways to strike fear into your enemies), and reputation in this ferocious land are explored, as are several new monsters and pre-built enemy NPCs, such as remorseless longship captains, berserkers, new trolls, and the most powerful linnorm in the land—dread Fafnheir!


Contact your sales representative for exact release dates


PF Module: The Feast of Ravenmoor

$13.99 SDI

Feast of Ravenmoor is a horror/mystery-themed Pathfinder Module for 3rdlevel characters, written for the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game and compatible with the 3.5 edition of the world's oldest RPG. In addition to the adventure, this book features a brand new monster and a regional gazetteer detailing the Ravenmoor hinterlands.




The dukes of the realm are quarrelling about the last unclaimed regions and carefully regard the need of protecting their ressoures. Building castles at economic junctions is as essential as to carefully choose the direction to expand to!




The dice stacking game of pushing one’s luck. Steeped in Japanese folklore, SUTAKKU™ was originally developed to teach the common man the foibles of wishing for more than he had. In this quick-playing, push-your-luck dice game, you attempt to create the tallest stack of dice in order to gain the highest score per turn. The general rule - roll three dice and add two of them to an everclimbing stack of dice. You can choose to stop rolling and score your stacked dice at any time, but pushing your luck will net you more points if you succeed. Continue as long as you dare. The wise will distinguish ambition from reaching beyond one’s means. This simple, but addicting, dice game is beautifully crafted with classic Japanese design aesthetics and features stunning handinked brush art characters on premium engraved dice. These twelve dice are a hefty ¾” in size, perfect for stacking. Game also includes a cloth dice bag, stacking board and scorepad.




Frank the farmer is proud of the delicious apples, pears, cherries and plums that grow in his garden. It’s fruit crop day and Frank is in a really good mood. But what’s this? Six ravens are sitting in the trees eating his fruits. "Watch out! I will get you!", he shouts. Will Frank be able to catch the naughty ravens before they steal all his fruits?


Cthulhu Dice (Blue w/Yellow)


Cthulhu Dice lets you drive your rivals mad . . . very, very quickly. Players take turns rolling the big, beautiful, custom 12-sided die, embossed with tentacles, Elder Signs, and more. Destroy your opponents' sanity! Better yet, steal it. But watch out for Cthulhu – when he comes up, he takes sanity from everyone! 18 glass Sanity marbles are included. Lose all your marbles and you're mad. The last sane cultist wins . . . unless everyone goes mad together. Then Cthulhu wins! Cthulhu Dice plays in 5 to 10 minutes, and is fun for 2 to 6 players.

Pre-order by phone at 1-800-767-4263, or online at



Munchkin Reindeer Games Launch Kit w/POP


The Munchkin Booster POP has six slots that can be used for any Munchkin boosters . . . just put this on your Munchkin shelf, or right next to your register, and restock it as needed. Each slot holds up to 10 boosters. Description: One 10-unit display of Munchkin Reindeer Games and one six-slot Munchkin Booster POP


Munchkin Dice Bag


The Munchkin Dice Bag is an awesome item with an awesome munchkinly bonus. When the players fill it with official Munchkin six-sided dice, the bag’s special rule will let them turn failure into success. And it comes with two new Munchkin cards, Blind Chance and Bag of Hoarding, that give it extra onetime powers! Description: Zippered dice bag and two cards.


Flip-Mat: Monastery

$12.99 SDI

GameMastery Flip-Mat: Monastery sets the scene for legendary kung-fu battles! One side features a training courtyard complete with a massive gong while the other reveals a secret underground ninja training facility. This durable accessory can serve as a variety of locales in any tabletop fantasy campaign! This portable, affordable map measures 24” x 30” unfolded, and 8” x 10” folded. Its coated surface can handle any dry erase, wet erase, or even permanent marker. Usable by experienced GMs and novices alike, GameMastery Flip-Mats fit perfectly into any Game Master’s arsenal!


Munchkin Reindeer Games Booster


Munchkin Axe Cop


Whether your Munchkin players have been good (not likely!) or very, very bad, they’ll love the new Christmas booster for Munchkin! Like the first two, Waiting for Santa and Santa’s Revenge, it’s got 15 Christmas-themed cards at a stocking-stuffer price. $24.99

Axe Cop is a cop. With an axe. And he knows how to use it. Axe Cop is the hit webcomic written by Malachai Nicolle (age 5) and drawn by his brother Ethan (age 29). Along with his friends Dinosaur Soldier and Sockarang, Axe Cop fights crime . . . by fighting the bad guys and CHOPPING THEIR HEADS OFF! Fans know Axe Cop . . . it’s a webcomic ( and a comic book series from Dark Horse. There’s only one game that can match the anything-goes feeling of Axe Cop: MUNCHKIN! Chop the bad guys’ heads off and TAKE THEIR STUFF!


All For One: Le Mousquetaire Deshonore $19.99

Le Mousquetaire Déshonoré is a four part adventure campaign for the musketeer roleplaying game —All For One Régime Diabolique. At its core, Le Mousquetaire Déshonoré is a tale of revenge involving a former King’s Musketeer. Thrown out of the company for being caught in the act of a heinous crime, he blames four musketeers for his ouster. Resisting his arrest he was severely disfigured and lost an eye. This disgraced musketeer spent a little over a decade learning to fight with one eye and plotting his revenge. Each adventure in the campaign follows this bitter man as he slowly gets his revenge!

Pre-order by phone at 1-800-767-4263, or online at



Little Dead Riding Hood


Little Red Riding Hood checked the action of her 9mm and put it back into the shoulder holster under her cloak. Things had certainly changed since the "Big Bad" wolves started rising from the dead and giving all of the Little Riding Hood sisters such a hard time! In Little Dead Riding Hood, players assume the role of one of the Riding Hood sisters trying desperately to get supplies to their beloved grandmother. Simple really... except for those pesky zombie wolves!


D&D: Mordenkainens Magnificent Emporium

$29.95 SDI

Welcome to Mordenkainen’s Magnificent Emporium, a wondrous collection of magic items—each one with a story to tell. This tome provides Dungeon Masters with a ready assortment of treasures to tempt greedy players, along with historical nuggets and alluring adventure hooks that set these items apart from your run-of-the-mill flaming sword or bag of holding. This book adds rich flavor to the treasures and trinkets presented within, and a dash of inspiration for Dungeon Masters looking to liven up a monster’s trove. Hold on to your magic hats—everything must go!


DB: MtG Ajani vs. Nicol Bolas Duel

$6.33 NPI

Large Duel Deck Box includes (2) Top loading Deck Boxes with a matching divider per box.


Metallica Monopoly

$23.80 NPI

The fast-dealing property trading game' just got faster! Monopoly Metallica Collector's Edition takes the popular board game to a whole new level. Every aspect of the game designed for the true METALLICA fan in mind. You'll 'Pass Go' through historic METALLICA events and locations around the board such as club shows, festivals, studios, childhood homes and other metal landmarks. Create your own real estate empire by adding arenas and stadiums to all your properties! Game pieces include the 'Kill 'Em All' hammer, '...And Justice For All' scales, 'St. Anger' fist, 'Black Album' snake, ninja star, and the 'Jump in the Fire' demon. Land on one of the 'Binge and Purge' or 'Jump in the Fire' spaces and be rewarded or fined in true METALLICA form.



DL: Dragonlance Legends (Novel)

$15.95 SDI, SOO

The iconic best-selling series repackaged for a new generation. The Twins: Raistlin and Caramon, perhaps two of the most beloved characters in the annals of fantasy literature. One, an archmage who seeks to rule the gods themselves; the other, a noble warrior whose love for his brother is the reason he must stop him. Together they travel back in time to rewrite a history the gods thought etched in stone. To ensure their own future of the world, they must travel to the Abyss and challenge the Dark Queen herself for the destiny of Krynn, and each other for peace within themselves. Legends, the second trilogy in the beloved Dragonlance saga, contains Time of the Twins, War of the Twins, and Test of Twins all in one stunning volume!

Contact your sales representative for exact release dates


Everything I Need to Know (Novel)

$12.95 SDI, SOO

In this side-splitting “self-help” primer, find out how Dungeons & Dragons changed award-winning author Shelly Mazzanoble’s life, and how it could change your life too! Who would have thought that the answers to life’s biggest questions can all be found in the greatest role-playing game of all time? With her signature wit and down-to-earth writing style, Shelly heads down the selfhelp aisle, exploring universal issues surrounding careers, romance, spirituality, and many more, drawing hilarious yet surprisingly insightful lessons from D&D®. For anyone who has ever contemplated a twenty-sided die, this book will make you laugh out loud—and leave you thinking about Dungeons & Dragons and gamer culture in a whole new way.


MtG: Ajani vs Nicol Bolas Duel Deck

$19.99 SDI

It’s Vengeance vs. Guile to Decide the Fate of a Shattered Plane Contains 2 60card decks, 2 deck boxes, 1 strategy insert, 1 learn-to-play insert

$7.99 SDI, SOO

Erik Scott de Bie's flair for the darkly dramatic and his intense, characterfocused plotlines mark the return of his signature character: Shadowbane, a hero unafraid to stand against the rising tide of darkness. The city of Luskan has always been a den of pirates, thieves, and murderers. But lately, it has gotten even worse. A ship crashes ashore with nothing but corpses. Everyday people go crazy and kill those around them. Luskan's sister city, Waterdeep, sent a detachment to quarantine the unclean city—to let the filth die, rather than infect the rest of the Realms--but Myrin has slipped inside, declaring that she will save Luskan. Shadowbane follows, determined to save Myrin and therefore her pet city—even if he has to kill every rat in Luskan to do it. Part of the Abyssal Plague series initiative, Shadowbane anchors this worlds-spanning event in the Forgotten Realms with a dark, vigilante hero in the tradition of Salvatore's Drizzt and Moorcock's Elric.

OC343920000 WOC335060000

FR: Shadowbane (Novel)

EB: The Shard Axe (Novel)

$6.99 SDI, SOO

Solve a chilling mystery in the underground world of the phenomenally successful MMO video game! Sentinel Marshal Sabira d'Deneith has spent the last eight years trying to drown the memories of the mission that cost her partner his life and gave her the nickname "The Shard Axe." Until she's recalled from the city of Stormreach to carry out a mission on House Deneith's behalf— protect and defend the heir of the dwarven city of Frostmantle during his murder trial. The same heir she and her partner guarded eight years ago in the same city—from the same style of murders.

Pre-order by phone at 1-800-767-4263, or online at



D&D: Madness at Gardmore Abbey

$39.99 SDI

A thrilling heroic-tier adventure for characters of levels 6–10 This deluxe adventure takes heroes into the ruins of Gardmore Abbey, a monastery that was once the base of a militant order of paladins devoted to Bahamut. According to legend, the paladins brought a dark artifact back from a far crusade and stored it in their abbey for safekeeping, and evil forces gathered to assault the abbey and take it back. What the legends don’t tell is that this artifact was actually the Deck of Many Things, a force of pure Chaos. This adventure brings characters into the extensive dungeons beneath the ruins—dungeons that are warped and twisted with the raw forces of Chaos surrounding the cards of the deck. Four 32-page books that present the adventure location of Gardmore Abbey, new monsters, enemies and allies, quests, and encounters.


MtG: Innistrad BD

$143.64 SDI

Horror Lurks Within ... and so do many surprises that will have the Magic community buzzing! The Innistrad block will soon prove to be one of the favorites of fans everywhere ... 36 booster packs per display


MtG: Innistrad Intro Pack Display


MtG: Innistrad Fat Pack


MtG: Booster Battle Pack 2011 Display


Malifaux Twisting Fates


WYRPW005 WYRPW004 WYRPW003 WYRPW002 WYRPW001 WYR3041 WYR3040 WYR3038 WYR1040 WYR1039

Puppet Wars Pawns 3 Puppet Wars Pawns 2 Puppet Wars Pawns 1 Puppet Wars Multiplayer Booster Puppet Wars Board Game Arcanists: Large Steampunk Arachnid Arcanists: Soulstone Miner Arcanists: Kaeris Box Set Guild: Sonnia Criid Avatar/Conflagration Guild: Sonnia Criid - Alternative

$32.00 $32.00 $32.00 $32.00 $85.00 $15.00 $15.00 $40.00 $40.00 $10.50




For eons, Incubi (bad, negative dreams) and Sognae (happy, positive dreams) have dwelled in Equilibrion, opposed but complementary. As the king of this City, you must establish and maintain the delicate balance between those dreams: place them in the various districts, harness their power, and beware of the Chaos -fearsome entities that thrive on discord and hatred....

$129.90 SDI $39.99 SDI

$119.88 SDI

Contains two 20-card semi-randomized decks with appropriate land cards, two 15-card Magic 2012 Core Set booster packs, a Magic learn-to-play guide, and one rules insert.

Pre-order by phone at 1-800-767-4263, or online at










$1,000.00! OUTLINE OF EVENTS Wednesday Sept. 14 7PM – 12AM WELCOME


Thursday Sept. 15 7AM – 9AM







8AM – 12PM 12PM – 1PM 1PM – 6PM 6PM – 8PM 6PM – 12aM 9PM – 12AM


Friday Sept. 16 7AM – 9AM



MAYFAIR GAMES MFG3061 The Settlers of Catan™ MFG3062 The Settlers of Catan™ 5 & 6 Player Extension™ MFG3063 Catan: Seafarers™ Game Expansion MFG3064 Catan: Seafarers™ 5&6 Player Extension™ MFG3065 Catan: Cities & Knights™ Game Expansion MFG3066 Catan: Cities & Knights™ 5-6 Player Extension™ MFG3067 Catan: Traders & Barbarians™ Expansion MFG3068 Catan: Traders & Barbarians™ 5-6 Player Extension PHA0349 Revolution, the Dutch Revolt 1568-1648™ PHA0769 The First World War™ PHA2473 Chicago Poker™ PHA6005 Age of Napoleon™ PHA6025 Lascaux™ PHA6026 The Dutch Golden Age™ PHA6028 Sutter's Mill™ PHA6029 Rise of Empires™

$42.00 $20.00 $42.00 $20.00 $42.00 $20.00 $42.00 $20.00 $85.00 $45.00 $30.00 $45.00 $30.00 $45.00 $45.00 $55.00

Can you be a Kiss of Death? “Robber Baron”?

Not this Valentine’s Day - Play a game with someone you love (or at least lilke)!

Robber thief or financier

Baron - rank or title of nobility and position of power Join us for fun and for profit! Become a Mayfair Games Authorized Retailer! Your salesman knows!

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Mayfair Games more More than 30has years of than 30 yearsgames experience publilshing of the publishing games of the highest value, brilliant highest value, brillian design, design & outstanding & endless replay value. replay value.

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Mayfair Games has more than 30 years experience publishing games of the highest value, brilliant design, & endless replay value.

ACD September New Release Newsletter  

A listing of products scheduled for release in September that are available for pre-order from ACD Distribution.

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