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The Power of Photography Peter Fetterman The Power of Photography lies in its ability to ignite emotions across barriers of language and culture. This collection of iconic images, compiled by pioneering collector and gallerist Peter Fetterman, celebrates the photograph’s unique capacity for sensibility. Peter has been championing the photographic arts for over 30 years. He runs what is arguably the most important commercial photography gallery in the world. During the long months of lockdown, Peter ‘exhibited’ one photograph per day, accompanied by inspirational text, quotes and poetry. This digital collection struck a chord with followers from around the world. The Power of Photography presents 120 outstanding images from the series, along with Peter’s insightful words. From the primal abstract photography of Oliver Gagliani to the haunting humanity of Ansel Adams’s family portraits; from the empowering feminist work of Anne Brigman to the joyful everyday scenes of Evelyn Hofer; this book gathers some of the most unique and heartening photographs from the 20th century. Each image is a time capsule, offering us a glimpse into days gone past. Yet each photograph also speaks of tranquillity, peace, and hope for the future.

120 incredible, moving photo­ graphs that reveal the power of photography, curated by leading gallerist, Peter Fetterman.

9781788841221 ACC Art Books 7.875 x 9in. 256pp., 120 col. May 2022 $45.00/CDN$57.50 Hardcover



The Ashcan School and The Eight “Creating a National Art” Brandon Ruud The Ashcan School and The Eight are now recognized as America’s first modern art movement: rejecting their academic training and the practices of the National Academy of Design, they forged a new art that represented America’s shifting values. By focusing on urban streets scenes, the lives of immigrants, popular entertainments, and the working poor, this loosely affiliated group of artists became synonymous with ordinary, everyday subjects — in the words of one critic, “pictures of ashcans.” Yet this is only part of their story: they also experimented with complex color theory and embraced scientific studies about movement and perception, while also creating scenes of bourgeois leisure and society portraits in attempts to reconcile their high-art practices with their populist reputations. This catalog features nearly 130 works across media, including paintings, drawings, pastels, and prints — rarely seen objects and popular favorites. Collectively these works emphasize the Ashcan School’s and The Eight’s valuable contributions to the formation of American modernism at the beginning of the 20th century.

Features rarely seen works and popular favorites by artists of the Ashcan School and The Eight, America’s first modern art movement.

9781938885143 Milwaukee Art Museum/Lucia Marquand 9.5 x 11in. 162pp., 204 col. February 2022 $39.95/CDN$49.95 Hardcover



The Apple is Everything Barnaby Barford In mythology, art history and religious iconography, the apple has been imbued with every imaginable human desire. It has been a symbol of love and beauty, of temptation, of immortality, peace, death and poison, of sin and redemption. From Adam and Eve to the trials of Heracles, to the art of Cézanne and Magritte, to Newton’s theory of gravity, the death of Alan Turing and the growth of Steve Jobs, the apple resonates throughout western culture. It is Snow White, William Tell, it is The Beatles and the Viking gods, it is even the American frontier. Now, Barnaby Barford offers a celebration of this fruit, exploring its impact on the history of humankind. Apples have become a recent feature of Barford’s eye-catching installations, whether ripe and healthy or in a state of decay. The Apple is Everything guides the reader through Barford’s work and ideology.

A provocative new book from sculptor and artist Barnaby Barford, who explores the impact of the apple on history and culture.

9781788841641 ACC Art Books 6.5 x 9.25in. 288pp., 246 col. May 2022 $35.00/CDN$45.00 Paperback

Cultural History


Human Playground Why We Play Hannelore Vandenbussche Why do we play games? That is the question Belgian photographer Hannelore Vandenbussche decided to explore, traveling to numerous countries to roam the world of sports, passion, athletic competition, transition, and emancipation. The athletes she portrays keep old traditions alive or carve out new territory, perform rituals, and celebrate with boisterous parties centered around their games. Meet Buzkashi players astride their horses in Afghanistan, Donga stick fighters in Ethiopia, rugby players in the UK, wrestlers in Bolivia, and many other athletes in these unusual sports. These unique photographs capture athletes from both indigenous cultures in remote parts of the globe and from familiar, Western cultures. They poignantly convey how old traditions are kept alive and new ones are carved out, how rites of passage, ritual, and celebration are all part of the culture of play. Organized thematically in six sections, this book showcases 22 sports from places as far-flung as Mongolia and Madagascar, from jockeys in Dubai to land divers in Vanuatu. A major streaming service will broadcast a six-part series accompanying the book in May/June 2022, narrated by the well-known actor Idris Elba.

A photography book of startling beauty that shows people playing sports all over the world, together with their motivations and their stories.

9783961713776 teNeues Publishing 9.875 x 12.625in. 288pp., 220 col. September 2022 $95.00/CDN$123.50 Hardcover English, Dutch, German



Big A Photographic Album of the World’s Largest Animals Amos Nachoum, Marko Dimitrijevic When we encounter an animal in nature, it triggers something in us; we feel a certain emotion in the presence of the other creature: amazement, adoration, fascination, and indeed, in some situations, fear and apprehension. But a brush with a deer, wild boar, or hare is no comparison to a rendezvous with a grizzly, lion, shark, or pod of whales. Amos Nachoum and Marko Dimitrijevic have experienced this hundreds of times in their combined 70 years as wildlife photographers. Now, for the first time, they are combining their award-winning photographs with previously unpublished photographs of the world’s largest animals in one book. The two photographers, who are also friends, tell us what it is like to be out in the wild and look the world’s biggest animals right in the eye. The structure of the book’s chapters is arranged based on human emotions such as amazement, admiration, fear, and love. In their book, Nachoum and Dimitrijevic bring us closer to the giant animals of our planet, and allow us to share what these two men feel during these encounters, helping us learn about ourselves when we do so.

The definitive book on the giants of the animal kingdom: two photographers share what moves them when they come face to face with the world’s largest animals, and allow us to experience their encounters in this spectacular wildlife photography book.

9783961713851 teNeues Publishing 10.875 x 13.375in. 256pp., 180 col. June 2022 $85.00/CDN$110.00 Hardcover English, German



On California From Napa to Nebbiolo… Wine Tales from the Golden State Edited by Susan Keevil, introduction by Karen MacNeil “California’s wine is the most important development, the best news since the Romans planted the vine on the slopes of Burgundy and in the sand and gravel around Bordeaux.” - Hugh Johnson On California captures the essence of California’s spectacular array of wine. Beyond the intricate flavors of Pinot Noir, the power of its Cabernet Sauvignon and the elegance of Chardonnay it asks what brought these wines to the Golden State in the first place? The book explores the grapes and the people who have made California wine great. The pioneers, the boffins, the whizz-kids and scientists, many of whom tell their stories on its pages – some in precious archive material, others have set down their thoughts mid-pandemic in 2021: Randall Grahm, Gerald Asher, Steven Spurrier, Paul Draper and Warren Winiarski take a bow….

On California explores this world-class wine region with some of the most respected writers to have written about it. A beautiful volume for all wine lovers.

9781913141202 Academie du Vin Library Ltd 7.5 x 9.625in. 288pp., 113 col., 13 b.&w. Available $45.00/CDN$57.50 Hardcover


Food & Drink

Paul Newman Blue-Eyed Cool James Clarke As an actor who became a film star, Paul Newman repeatedly tapped into his times and in doing so redefined what movie stardom could be. Throughout his career, Newman was extensively photographed: these images enriched film audiences’ connection to him as a cool and graceful presence both on and off-screen. Douglas Kirkland, Lawrence Fried, Terry O’Neill, Al Satterwhite and Eva Sereny are amongst the photographers who worked with Newman across his career. From early stage-work with his wife, Joanne Woodward, to his love of racing cars, to the essential 1980s drama Absence of Malice to the great success of the new western Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid and the cult favorites, Pocket Money and The Life and Times of Judge Roy Bean, Newman’s movies were an essential part of American culture. With comment and contributions from the photographers, Paul Newman: Blue Eyed Cool, gathers together portraits, stage, racing and on-set photography — including never before seen images — in a celebration of an actor who was always… cool.

One of America’s most iconic stars, seen through the lens of five top celebrity photographers: Terry O’Neill, Eva Sereny, Al Satterwhite, Lawrence Fried and Douglas Kirkland.

9781788841672 ACC Art Books 11.25 x 12.75in. 252pp. June 2022 $65.00/CDN$85.00 Hardcover



Beautiful Houses by the Water Living at the Water’s Edge Edited by The Images Publishing Group We are all drawn to water, whether for relaxation or recreation. So, it is little surprise that many homes are designed especially for a gorgeous waterfront location. Beautiful Houses by the Water beautifully illustrates examples from around the globe that make the most of their stunning location by the water, creating a relaxed abode with a strong connection to nature. Take an inspiring journey with this gorgeous edition, crammed full of evocative images, through some of the world’s best contemporary and stylish residences that truly showcase their idyllic watery settings, whether it is a river, pond, lake, ocean, or a bay. Enjoy the beauty of a home that is perfectly designed for a its location by the water. Covering a wide range of residences from across the globe, including Canada, France, Ireland, Norway, Finland, Poland, Russia, Sweden, United Kingdom, and United States, Beautiful Houses by the Water also includes engaging descriptions of each project by the owners, detailing challenges, benefits, and full of tips and tricks from the experts. Also available: Beautiful Beach Houses ISBN 9781864708615

A beautiful compilation of photogenic residences from around the world, designed to make the most of their waterside locations.

9781864709308 The Images Publishing Group 9 x 10.5in. 256pp. May 2022 $45.00/CDN$57.50 Hardcover


Interior Design

Moody Blooms Designing With Nature Tricia Guild In the designs of Tricia Guild, atmosphere is everything. Patterns, color, texture, furniture and furnishings interweave to create spaces that have all the depth and meaning of installation art. Yet just as an outfit never feels complete without a spritz of scent, a room without plants is only nearly complete. Only nearly perfect. At Designers Guild, Tricia Guild uses flowers, leaves and stems to enhance a room’s mood, bringing soul to the spaces we live in. A flower has many spirits over the course of its life, from the promise of those first pristine and innocent buds, to the resplendent joy of full blooms and the wistful glory as they fade. The cycle of nature provides an ever-evolving muse for Tricia Guild. Her latest book explores how blooms can evoke emotion, presenting a plethora of inspirational designs that breathe fresh life into our homes and workspaces.

Evocative floral interiors from leading home and lifestyle company, Designers Guild, exploring how flowers can influence atmosphere through simple, harmonious designs. Includes quotes from artists and famous figures who found their inspiration in flowers.

9781788841634 ACC Art Books 8.625 x 11.75in. 240pp. May 2022 $45.00/CDN$57.50 Hardcover

Interior Design


Escape to the Country Living on the Farm Ben Ashby A slower pace of life, outdoor space and tight-knit communities come hand-inhand with village living – something many have come to appreciate in recent months. Many city-dwellers are looking for an alternative way of life and are preparing to move, making the dream reality. In this beautifully photographed book, Ben Ashby, the editor-in-chief of Folk Magazine, reflects on the authenticity and charm of life on the farm. Having made the move several years ago from New York to Kentucky, he shares his thoughts on fitting into a small town, living on the farm, learning to celebrate the slow life, and being self-sufficient. For each season, he pilots us to the most inspiring farmhouses and pays tribute to the architecture and interiors of these unique spaces, as well as to the lifestyle and sense of community that goes along with country life. Now might be a perfect time for you to give farming life a try!

In this beautifully photographed book, Ben Ashby, the editor-in-chief of Folk Magazine shares his thoughts on fitting into small town life, living on the farm, learning to celebrate the slow life, and being self-sufficient.

9789401482110 Lannoo Publishers 8.625 x 11in. 256pp., 240 col. March 2022 $50.00/CDN$65.00 Hardcover


Interior Design

150 Golf Courses You Need to Visit Before You Die A selection of the 150 most marvelous golf courses in the world Stefanie Waldek Following 150 Bars, 150 Restaurants, 150 Hotels, 150 Houses and 150 Gardens, 150 Golf Courses You Need to Visit Before You Die is the newest addition to the successful 150 series. Here are the most beautiful golf courses in the world presented in a handy and handsomely illustrated guide. The golf courses bundled in this book are located all over the world and can be found along coastlines, in the mountains, in deserts, and along lakes, and they are all accessible to the public. Also available: 150 Bars You Need to Visit Before You Die ISBN 9789401449120 150 Restaurants You Need to Visit Before You Die ISBN 9789401454421 150 Gardens You Need to Visit Before You Die ISBN 9789401479295 150 Hotels You Need to Visit before You Die ISBN 9789401458061 150 Houses You Need to Visit Before You Die ISBN 9789401462044

In the latest addition to the successful 150 series, here are the 150 most beautiful golf courses in the world presented in a handy and handsomely illustrated guide.

9789401481953 Lannoo Publishers 6.625 x 9in. 256pp., 150 col., 180 b.&w. March 2022 $39.95/CDN$49.95 Hardcover



Euro Cup Panini Football Collections 1980-2020 Edited by Panini Italia Since 1980 a collection of Panini stickers has accompanied each edition of the popular UEFA Euro Cup held every four years. Each album is not just a practical guide to the various rounds of the tournament, but it also provides a valuable visual archive of all the teams and their remarkable matches. The book is certainly one of the best ways to relive the European football experience, retracing the entire history of the Panini albums devoted to the Europeans. And, as always, it will be a reading experience that is delicately poised between enthusiasm and nostalgia. Euro Cup is an outstanding visual archive of the football teams, and the players who made the tournament memorable. With numbers, statistics and all the curiosities a football lover will ever need.

Every Panini sticker album dedicated to the European Football Championship since 1980 collected together in one fascinating volume.

9788857017815 Franco Cosimo Panini Editore 9.5 x 10.625in. 664pp. February 2022 $40.00/CDN$50.00 Paperback English, Spanish, French, German, Dutch, Italian.



The Story of the America’s Cup 1851-2021 Ranulf Rayner, Tim Thompson The Story of the America’s Cup 1851-2021 tells the chronological history of 150 years of the most exciting and exhilarating yacht race, open the pages and you can almost feel the wind in the sails and the salt spray. Full page color illustrations bring the yachts alive, set as they are in their natural element, at sea, on the waves; detailed descriptions give an amazing insider’s view of the construction of individual boats, the routes sailed, the crews, the highs and lows of what was undoubtedly, extremely tough and competitive sailing, the victories and the defeats. Paintings by Tim Thompson, a leading marine artist are an integral part of the book’s appeal; he has captured the pure essence, the spirit of the race and its place in history.

9781788841696 ACC Art Books 12.875 x 10in. 104pp. April 2022 $45.00/CDN$57.50 Hardcover

Awe-inspiring and breath taking, this volume takes sailing beyond its competitive limits; an illustrated history and tribute to the world’s most famous ocean-based battle.

The Wolfpack Way Winning is an Attitude. And Hard Work Wout Beel, Deceuninck-Quick-Step The year 2021 was another amazing year for the Wolfpack, the dream cycling team of Patrick Lefevere. Davide Ballerini won the Omloop, Kasper Asgreen took the E3 and the Tour of Flanders, and Sam Bennett, Mark Cavendish, Remco Evenepoel and Julian Alaphilippe all gathered victories, while Michael Morkov took Olympic Gold on the track. In this book you’ll follow the cyclists through the lens of Wout Beel: in an intimate family circle during their few free moments, in total ecstasy after a victory, in decompression on the team bus. See them fall, get up and win again. A group portrait that will stay with you forever.

9789401482196 Lannoo Publishers 9.625 x 12.25in. 240pp., 180 col., 40 b.&w. February 2022 $50.00/CDN$65.00 Hardcover

A behind-the-scenes look the Belgian cycling team Deceuninck – Quick Step (the Wolfpack) during a new and crazy cycling year. Intimate, gripping, glorious, a rollercoaster of emotions in words and images. Sport


The Francis Bacon Collection Fernando Castro Flórez From a private collection in Italy, these previously unpublished works by Francis Bacon are presented here in thematic sections, each of which is preceded by a short introductory text. Nearly 700 drawings, pastels, and collages were gifted by Bacon over the course of many years to his close friend, Italian journalist Cristiano Lovatelli Ravarino. His commentary is included here, along with texts by noted art historians Edward Lucie-Smith and Fernando Castro Flórez, and an authentication report from Ambra Draghetti, graphological consultant to the Court of Bologna. The works were photographed expressly for this publication.

9788895847870 Scripta Maneant Editori 9.5 x 12.375in. 528pp., 560 col. Available $80.00/CDN$104.00 Hardcover English, Italian

700 previously unpublished drawings, pastels, and collages by Francis Bacon are presented here in thematic sections, with commentary by noted art historian Edward Lucie-Smith.

Calder Now Dieter Buchhart, Anna Karina Hofbauer, Donatien Grau, Eva van Diggelen Calder Now documents an exhibition at the Kunsthal Rotterdam which explores the enduring influence of the work of Alexander Calder (18981976) on contemporary art. Shown alongside pieces by Calder himself are works by 10 contemporary artists, including Olafur Eliasson, Simone Leigh, Ernesto Neto, Rirkrit Tiravanija, and Sarah Sze. The text explores the way their work resonates with Calder’s main artistic interests, such as the reflection of light and movement. Three noted art historians elaborate on themes such as the participatory and progressive nature of Calder’s art.

9789401479677 Lannoo Publishers 8.25 x 11in. 208pp., 150 col., 20 b.&w. February 2022 $50.00/CDN$65.00 Hardcover



This beautifully illustrated book explores the enduring influence of Alexander Calder’s work on 10 contemporary artists, including Olafur Eliasson, Simone Leigh, Ernesto Neto, Aki Sasamoto, and Sarah Sze.

Nostalgic Journeys From the Orient Express to Ocean Liners Stefan Bitterle The seaside or the mountains? Today’s most important vacation planning question never came up in days long past. Both seemed unappealing and nearly inaccessible. It wasn’t until the invention of the railroad that previously sparsely visited and overlooked areas opened up, and Thomas Cook, the tour operator and founder of modern tourism, was born. Nostalgic Journeys takes you on a journey back in time, through the last two centuries: Ride the Orient Express to the East, cross the Atlantic on huge ocean liners, travel Route 66 through the United States, and break the sound barrier aboard the Concorde. As you browse through the pages of this book, you will get the idea that traveling was, and can be, more than just being stuck in a traffic jam or passing through numerous security checks. Bon Voyage!

9783961713813 teNeues Publishing 9.25 x 11.75in. 224pp., 150 col. and b.&w. April 2022 $65.00/CDN$85.00 Hardcover English, German

A unique cultural history of travel in the 19th and 20th centuries, when traveling meant discovering the world in a stylish and sometimes adventurous fashion.

Light on the Riviera Photography of the Côte d’Azur Genevieve Lanvrin The Côte d’Azur has always captured the imagination of artists. Many of them arrived on the sun-drenched coast in the early 20th century, having left Paris to enjoy this beautiful region at a time when it was not yet a famed tourist destination. Legendary for its special light, the French Riviera also spurred the development of art photography to a certain degree, attracting intellectuals and bon vivants, along with those who wanted to be in close proximity to this artistic world. The great influx of painters, photographers, and fashion designers created a rich legacy throughout several decades. This legacy is narrated chronologically by decade in the book, starting with the beginnings of photography at the turn of the century, and continuing with the 1920s with the fashion of Jacques Henri Lartigue, the Surrealists up to the end of the war, the Golden Fifties of paparazzi photography, the portraits of artists, and photojournalism.

9783961713950 teNeues Publishing 10.875 x 13.375in. 256pp., 250 col. and b.&w. June 2022 $85.00/CDN$110.00 Hardcover English, French, German

From hinterland to hotspot: How fashion designers, painters, and photographers met and boundlessly inspired each other on the Côte d’Azur starting in the early 20th century.



Paris au cours du temps Straßenfotografien / Photographies de rue / Street Photographs 1988-2019 Jörg Rubbert Jörg Rubbert’s series of photos about Paris, taken over a period of 30 years between 1988 and 2019, views the city and its people from multiple perspectives. His images feature bourgeois neighborhoods and majestic public squares as well as run-down areas and famous red-light districts. Rubbert focuses both on the city’s unique atmosphere and on its residents. He consistently makes use of analog photography without digital add-ons, exclusively relying on natural light. With their dense atmosphere, blurred focus, high contrasts, and in some cases grainy appearance, Rubbert’s photos are ‘imperfect’ in the best sense of the word, taking on an almost painterly quality. His images approach their subject from two different angles. They show Paris, with its striking architecture and picturesque atmosphere, through the lens of accentuated nostalgia, yet they also shine a light on people’s lives and the city’s current social condition. In a demonstration that the streets still form the real stage of the ‘theater of life,’ they put a spotlight on the seemingly trivial stories of everyday life.

A beautiful photographic exploration of Paris’s nostalgic atmosphere.

9783862069323 Verlag Kettler 9.625 x 11in. 208pp., 166 b.&w. January 2022 $62.00/CDN$80.50 Hardcover English, French, German



Venezia Through A Venetian’s Eye Federico Povoleri Photographer Federico Povoleri is a native Venetian and knows his hometown like almost no one else. With his black-and-white photographs, he captures an atmosphere of the lagoon city that is usually lost in the buzz of the tourist crowds. His experiences and knowledge of the city allow him to capture motifs that we seem to know, and yet show Venice to us in a new light. Povoleri’s book of photographs becomes a wistful declaration of love for his hometown and a warning of the creeping destruction that threatens this unparalleled beauty.

Venice, like it’s never been seen before: a surprising and intimate look at La Serenissima through the eyes of a local photographer.

9783961713981 teNeues Publishing 11.75 x 9.25in. 224pp., 120 b.&w. June 2022 $75.00/CDN$97.50 Hardcover English, German



Greenpeace Views 50 Years Fighting for a Better Planet Edited by Delius Klasing At sea, on land or from the air – spectacular and oftentimes dangerous actions make Greenpeace worldfamous and successful. Non-violent and uncompromising: for five decades the environmental activists have taken a stand for the wonders of our planet, fight for climate protection and develop solutions for the most imminent environmental problems of our time. This illustrated book documents the greatest and most important Greenpeace actions of all times: from the first protests against nuclear tests in Alaska to today’s campaigns against deforestation of the rainforest and over-fishing of the oceans. Short, concise texts and numerous large-sized photos focus on the visual effect and enormous power of the environmental movement. Unique insights into 50 years of Greenpeace history!

9783667123817 Delius Klasing Verlag 10.625 x 11.375in. 272pp., 170 col. January 2022 $55.00/CDN$71.50 Hardcover


Photography/Natural History

Chasing Light Stefan Forster

Flamingo Claudio Contreras Koob

Captured in vivid color and magnificent quality, the unique moments that photographer Stefan Forster discovers in out-of-the-way places in nature take place on adventurous backcountry trips far from civilization, with Forster lugging up to 80 pounds in camera gear and camping equipment. He has taken long solo kayak expeditions along Greenland’s west coast, hopped from island to island in Micronesia, and slogged through the swamps of Louisiana and Texas to find the area’s most beautiful cypress trees, dodging alligators all the while. The results are unique and fascinating photos.

Graceful, elegant and decked out in colorful plumage, the flamingo has evolved into a trendy bird with a cult following. And no one can give us a better understanding of this animal than Claudio Contreras Koob: a biologist and photographer, he has had a special relationship with the flamingos of his native Mexico since childhood. At a young age, he would disappear for hours into the swamps and mangrove forests of the Yucatan Peninsula, where he encountered the breathtaking display a flamingo colony presents during mating season. Since that day, his love for nature, and especially flamingos, has been unwavering.

This book presents this young photographer’s most beautiful experiences to date, including everything from rare rainstorms in the world’s driest desert and the Northern Lights shimmering through icebergs to spectacular shots of the Rocky Mountains. Forster was one of the first photographers to use state-of-the-art quadcopter drones, giving his pictures fresh, new perspectives.

9783961713837 teNeues Publishing 9.875 x 12.625in. 240pp., 180 col. May 2022 $75.00/CDN$97.50 Hardcover English, French, German

With over 120 spectacular photographs, this book offers a glimpse into the behavior and life of a flamingo colony as never seen before. It is the result of over 20 years of a passion that combines biology and photography.

9783961713875 teNeues Publishing 9.25 x 11.75in. 224pp., 120 col. May 2022 $65.00/CDN$85.00 Hardcover English, German, Spanish

Green Mallorca The Eco-Conscious Island Patricia Parinejad Mallorca: the jewel of the Mediterranean, known for its avid sunbathers and synonymous with a booming travel industry. In recent years the island has entered into an amiable but vigorous dialogue centered on conservation and sustainability as a result of the climate crisis and ongoing pandemic. Photographer Patricia Parinejad not only illustrates the intoxicating beauty of Mallorca, she also tracks this exciting environmental movement, using stunning images and compelling writing to showcase sustainable businesses, eco-hotels, green initiatives, and innovators who are all fighting to preserve the island. This captivating coffee table book shows even those familiar with Mallorca a side of the Balearic Island that is very different and yet very essential: the new ‘Green Mallorca‘.

9783961713929 teNeues Publishing 9.25 x 11.75in. 224pp., 350 col. June 2022 $75.00/CDN$97.50 Hardcover English, German, Spanish

The popular vacation island and its heroes: a book about hotels, companies and people whose greatest concern is preserving the beautiful nature of Mallorca.

Eyes as Big as Plates 2 Karoline Hjorth, Ritta Ikonen The ongoing photography series Eyes as Big as Plates by Karoline Hjorth and Riitta Ikonen started out in 2011 studying personifications of nature and folkloric explanations of natural phenomena. A decade later it has evolved into a continual search for modern human’s belonging in nature, taking the Norwegian-Finnish artist duo to 15 countries on a quest to understand our relationship with our surroundings. This second book in the series features new portraits produced in collaboration with retired wrestling coaches, pub patrons, Sami reindeer herders, Aboriginal uncles, kantele players, librarians, wild boar hunters, and surfers across four continents. To mark the project’s 10-year anniversary, it also includes contributions from several guest writers and an extended field notes section revealing the behind-the-scenes action of each portrait.

9783897906433 Arnoldsche Art Publishers 9.8 x 12.2in. 252pp., 471 col. January 2022 $65.00/CDN$85.00 Hardcover

The second book about the immensely successful project Eyes as Big as Plates, featuring photographs from 15 countries. Travel/Art


Christo and Jeanne-Claude: In/Out Studio Matthias Koddenberg Christo (1935–2020) and Jeanne-Claude (1935–2009) created some of the most breath-taking artworks of the 20th and 21st centuries. Their projects radically questioned traditional conceptions of painting, sculpture, and architecture. This lavish photo book serves as a curtain-raiser for Christo und Jeanne-Claude’s last major project – the wrapping of the Arc de Triomphe in Paris, carried out posthumously in the Fall of 2021. Presenting a wealth of photographs and studio snapshots from 1949 to 2020, some of which are private, this book allows an intimate peek behind the scenes of Christo und Jeanne-Claude’s monumental installations which fascinated the public for decades. In addition to pictures capturing the artists at work, it includes photos documenting all of their major projects. Matthias Koddenberg (b.1984), art historian and close friend of the artists, spent many years compiling the more than 300 images featured in this volume. Among them are pictures taken by companions and friends and hitherto unpublished photographs from the artists’ estate. Together they tell the extraordinary story not only of the couple’s artistic collaboration, but also of their five-decade-long partnership.

Completely revised and expanded, this new edition of Christo and Jeanne-Claude: In/Out Studio is lavishly illustrated and includes 80 new photographs, some never before published.

9783862068937 Verlag Kettler 8.125 x 11in. 352pp. Available $68.00/CDN$88.50 Hardcover



Lords of the Earth The Entwined Destiny of Wildlife and Humanity Cyril Christo, Marie Wilkinson, Lysander Christo For more than 40 years, Cyril Christo – son of the artist duo Christo and Jeanne-Claude – his wife Marie, and his son Lysander have been traveling among the last indigenous peoples of our time and documenting their relationship with nature. On their visits to far-flung places such as New Guinea, Tibet, Africa, the Amazon River, and the vast expanse of the Arctic, they have witnessed many instances of the spiritual connection between humans and nature. In conjunction with a gripping essay and relevant quotations, the photographs give a fascinating account of Christo’s and Wilkinson’s experiences, encounters, and their belief in the beauty and significance of that ancient continent.

9783862069446 Verlag Kettler 9.5 x 11.75in. 180pp., 119 b.&w. February 2022 $75.00/CDN$5??? Paperback

Cyril Christo, Marie Wilkinson and Lysander Christo have captured the endangered soul of Africa, threatened by humans and climate change, in a series of striking duotone images.

One of a Kind The Unique World of Island Animals Mario Ludwig This book of photographs puts the spotlight on a group of animals that is little-noticed, and undeservedly so: endemic species that exist only on their respective islands. Isolated from continents by the ocean, certain species have been able to evolve further and differently than their counterparts on the mainland, where they are subjected to far more threats such as predators and diseases. Over time, giants like the Indonesian Komodo dragon have evolved, which grows up to three meters long and weighs 70 kilos. The comet moth lives on Madagascar, and the odd King of Saxony bird-of-paradise flies around on New Guinea. The flightless cormorant on Galapagos, on the other hand, retracted its flight instruments over time because it had no need for them. Readers can expect a variety of animal beauty and extravagance.

9783961713905 teNeues Publishing 9.25 x 11.75in. 224pp., 150 col. May 2022 $65.00/CDN$85.00 Hardcover English, German

Fascinating animal species that exist only on their respective islands, in the spotlight for the first time ever. Photography/Natural History


RHS Orchids Charlotte Brooks Orchids have long held a place of esteem and fascination in the horticultural world. In the 19th century, orchid collecting reached new fanatical heights, with explorers dispatched to every corner of the globe in search of new varieties that could be auctioned at extravagant prices, and orchids are still one of the most popular flowers to breed and buy to this day. These beautiful, diverse flowers are one of the two largest families of flowering plants, with over 30,000 species and over 181,500 hybrids and cultivars. The RHS Orchid Committee have commissioned watercolors of over 7,000 award-winning hybrids that demonstrate particular value in their fabulous array of colors, patterns, sizes and shapes. Through these paintings, stories of high stakes orchid breeding and exhibiting are explored, with a cast of characters who helped shape the horticultural world we know today, alongside the dedicated artists who still support their endeavors.

A guide to the stunning collection of Orchid Award Portraits from the Lindley Collections at the Royal Horticultural Society.

9781788841610 ACC Art Books 8.5 x 10.625in. 256pp., 145 col. May 2022 $45.00/CDN$57.50 Hardcover



Indian Botanical Art An Illustrated History Martyn Rix This book brings together striking botanical art of Indian origin spanning a period of 300 years, focussing on the 18th and 19th centuries. Drawn mostly from original works held in the collections of the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew, some of the paintings have never been published before. They showcase the richness and variety of art commissioned from talented, mostly unknown, Indian artists who made a substantial contribution to the documentation of the flora of the Indian subcontinent. A foreword written by Sita Reddy places the collections in contemporary context. The book concludes with works from a new generation of botanical artists in India, who excite interest today.

This book brings together striking botanical art of Indian origin spanning a period of three hundred years, focussing on the 18th and 19th centuries.

9788195256655 Roli Books 7.5 x 9.5in. 224pp., 189 col. March 2022 $34.95/CDN$45.00 Hardcover



All My Friends Have Deserted Photographs by Tom Pallant, text by Yungblud YUNGBLUD. A striking new musical voice has emerged for Gen-Z. Political, provocative and impassioned, Yungblud has in the space of three years become one of the UK’s most recognizable artists through his unique blend of pop, punk and emo music — gaining one of the most die-hard fanbases on the planet in the process. This is the first fully authorized book, featuring photographs by his friend and closest collaborator Tom Pallant. Featuring an amazing selection of rare and unseen photographs, All My Friends Have Deserted charts Yungblud’s journey from late 2019 as he toured his debut album across the world, right through releasing his second album during a global pandemic, scoring his first UK #1, returning triumphantly to Reading and Leeds festival mainstage and culminating in his biggest ever headline show, a sold-out Alexandra Palace in London.

9781788841658 ACC Art Books 8.5 x 10.625in. 160pp. July 2022 $35.00/CDN$45.00 Hardcover

All My Friends Have Deserted shows YUNGBLUD as a man of multitudes: dominating the stage, screaming into the mic, laughing behind-the-scenes, enjoying quiet creative moments and pulling faces at the camera.

Harry Styles And the Clothes he Wears Terry Newman Stepping bravely into the cyclone of 21st-century fashions, Harry Styles is more than weathering the storm. Whether he’s breaking the internet with his $7.99 frog-eyed yellow bucket hat or a pair of black fishnets, or fronting cult magazine The Beauty Papers, as he did in March 2021, Hazza’s sparkle knows no boundaries. Part fashion history lesson, pulling references from the rock and roll greats of the past, and part innovation, Harry’s style pays homage to Kurt Cobain and Marc Bolan, Prince and Little Richard, while developing into something authentic and entirely his own. This chic book fizzles with facts about Harry’s styling choices, presenting the star’s most revered looks alongside pictures that trace the roots of each design. With quotes from key designers, this is the perfect gift for any fan.

9781788841702 ACC Art Books 7.625 x 9.5in. 160pp., 140 col. May 2022 $30.00/CDN$39.00 Hardcover



A guide to the style of Harry Styles, a 21st-century fashion icon, with over 200 pictures of Harry and the pop-idols who have influenced his sartorial taste.

The Fashion Yearbook 2022 Best of campaigns, editorials and covers Julia Zirpel, Fiona Hayes The fashion world is creative, expressive, impressive, and is always fast moving. The Fashion Yearbook 2022 is a beautifully illustrated book showcasing the best fashion series and photos from the international fashion scene of 2021. A jury of international experts like Donald Schneider (former art director of French Vogue and creative mind of the H&M designer collaborations), or Masha Fedorova (former editor-in-chief of Russian Vogue and Glamour), have selected the best editorials, covers and campaigns to feature in this must-have volume. The creative people behind it, such as photographers, stylists, models and makeup artists are also presented here in detail.

The Fashion Yearbook 2022 is a précis of the protagonists behind the scenes in the fashion world in an impressive illustrated book – a new standard work for the fashion industry.

9783766725783 Callwey 9 x 11.75in. 240pp., 250 col. May 2022 $75.00/CDN$97.50 Hardcover



For the Love of Bags Julia Werner, Dennis Braatz, Sandra Semburg Women love handbags because they are a perfect vehicle — not just for keys, credit cards, and lipstick, but also their dreams and desires. Luxury labels made the humble bag into a billion-dollar business in the 20th century, but the bag is more than just a status symbol. Because it is constantly being reinvented, it wields a greater influence on everyday fashion than any hemline or silhouette. For the Love of Bags is a homage to the power of the handbag: from icons like the Kelly Bag, the first “must-have” item ever, to popular Paris fashion house labels and the latest Instagram stars, this book details the history of the “it” bag and decodes the messages handbags communicate.

9783961714001 teNeues Publishing 11.75 x 9.25in. 224pp., 78 col., 447 b.&w. May 2022 $59.95/CDN$78.00 Hardcover English, French, German

The bestseller in an updated new edition: with famous classics and the latest trend bags that reflect the spirit of the times.

Queer Tattoo Benjamin Wolbergs, Florian Rudolf, Brody Polinsky, Andrew Burford In recent years, having received a considerable boost by social media, a young and dynamic scene has emerged that is dedicated to what has become known as queer tattooing. This special community, which is growing steadily, has been born out of a desire to break with the hierarchies and patriarchal structures of traditional tattoo art. It aims to create safe, tolerant, and inclusive spaces where queer, nonbinary, and trans people can experiment away from the mainstream and develop their own individual styles and techniques. In their work, many tattoo artists break free from the destructive, heteronormative, and capitalist ideals of beauty, creating a visual language that subverts the long tradition of cultural appropriation which characterizes the traditional tattoo scene. Their designs reveal a unique creative flair for queer iconography.

9783862069316 Verlag Kettler 8.26 x 10.5in. 208pp., 400 col. April 2022 $65.00/CDN$??? Paperback



The first comprehensive introduction to this vibrant and diverse queer tattoo community. It presents 50 international tattoo artists with the help of extensive portraits, texts, and series of images.

Louis Vuitton L’audacieux Caroline Bongrand This lively biography narrates the story of Louis Vuitton (1821-1892), who, at the age of 14, set out on foot for Paris from his native village in the Jura mountains and ultimately became one of the most successful manufacturers of luggage and leather goods in the world. Arriving in the metropolis at age 16, he was taken on as an apprentice at the atelier of Monsieur Maréchal, where expert packers and talented custom box and luggage makers catered to a wealthy clientele. In 1854 he opened his own atelier, and with access to the highest levels of society and a gift for innovation and design, he was on his way to an illustrious career. This book, full of previously unpublished information, reveals the story behind the man and the legendary luxury goods empire he founded.

9782072960376 Editions Gallimard 8.125 x 5.5in. 336pp. December 2021 $24.95/CDN$32.95 Paperback

A lively, fictionalized biography of the founder of the world-famous luxury fashion and leather goods company Louis Vuitton, with previously unpublished details that shed light on the story behind the man and the legend.

The Man Who Bent Light Father of Fibre Optics Narinder Singh Kapany The father of fiber optics, Narinder Singh Kapany was far more than your typical multi-hyphenate. Inventor, art collector, sculptor, farmer, entrepreneur, teacher, and a successful businessman, Dr Kapany was what Fortune magazine in its 1999 issue called, ‘one of the seven unsung heroes of the 20th century’. An insightful and inspirational life story, this memoir chronicles his 90 remarkable years. Charming, idiosyncratic, and highly engaging, The Man who Bent Light serves up enough variety and verve to celebrate the lives of a half-dozen individuals. But there is only one Narinder Singh Kapany, and his life, illuminated in his singular memoir, is a life like no other.

9788195256600 Roli Books 6 x 9in. 290pp., 196 col. March 2022 $29.95/CDN$38.95 Hardcover

An insightful and inspirational life story, this memoir chronicles Narinder Singh Kapany’s 90 remarkable years. Biography


The Chinese Portrait: 1860 to the Present Major Works from the Taikang Collection Tang Xin “...a significant contribution to the study of Chinese photography.” – The Art Newspaper From political leaders to celebrities, photographic portraits exert considerable influence over our reaction to public figures. As the first academic publication focused on the Taikang photography collection, this book explores both the mechanics of portraiture and its psychological effects. Taikang Space is one of the most important non-profit art institutions in China. Based in Beijing, they focus on contemporary art and photography. The Chinese Portrait: 1860 to the Present is based on the framework of the eponymous exhibition, which ran at Taikang Space from March 2017. This book introduces the curator and researchers involved with the exhibition, as well as researchers such as Shi Zhimin, Jin Yongquan, Liu Jianping, Liu Zhangbolong, who deliver their own unique angles on the topic of portrait photography. The Chinese Portrait: 1860 to the Present also features the curator’s interviews with Qia Sijie, Chen Shilin and Zhang Zuo - respectively the personal photographer, standard portrait re-toucher and darkroom technician of Chairman Mao.

As the first academic publication focused on the Taikang photography collection, this book explores both the mechanics of portraiture and its psychological effects.

9781788841108 ACC Art Books 7.625 x 10.25in. 288pp. February 2022 $50.00/CDN$67.50 Hardcover



Stories and Scenes Jin Yucheng Shanghai, second largest city in the world, is a hub of humanity. To Jin Yucheng, bestselling author of Blossoms, Shanghai is home. His art is steeped in the city’s rhythms and quirks. The paintings in this volume compose a love poem to Shanghai, while acknowledging the lonely absurdity of modern urban life, and offering incisive commentary on traditional and modern China. From the famous Lujiazui skyline to the bustling crowds, from cozy corners to vibrant streetscapes, these pages capture the Shanghai of the present. Yucheng also delves into Shanghai’s history, paying particular attention to the 1960s-1990s. Later chapters focus on Chinese culture, the contrast between megacities and remote villages, and Yucheng’s favorite animal – the horse. While this book is the perfect companion piece to Blossoms, a novel set in late-20th-century Shanghai, it will also appeal to anyone interested in Chinese culture and art.

9781788841146 ACC Art Books 7.5 x 9.5in. 200pp. March 2022 $35.00/CDN$45.00 Paperback

Shanghai, painted by one of the most famous contemporary novelists in China.

Farmer Photographic Portraits by Pang Xiaowei Pang Xiaowei Farmer: Photographic Portraits by Pang Xiaowei represents a curated selection from more than 1000 portraits taken by Pang Xiaowei during a mammoth mission to photograph farmers from every province in China. The farmers of the Chinese mainland help feed 1.39 billion people. This powerful series of portraits captures the souls of these men and women: their hardiness, their work ethic, their dedication to the land. Portraiture is one of the strongest visual methods of communication. These portraits forge a link between the observer and the subject, building on the ancient Chinese tradition of ‘spirit resonance in portraiture’ (chuan shen xie zhao). This aspect of Xiaowei’s photography is explored in an accompanying essay by the celebrated Chinese artist, Chen Lvsheng.

9781788841542 ACC Art Books 9.75 x 11in. 240pp., 160 b.&w. March 2022 $65.00/CDN$85.00 Hardcover

A curated selection of 160 images from Pang Xiaowei’s Chinese Farmers project, celebrating China’s agricultural workforce.



Northern Hideaways Canadian Cottages and Cabins Edited by The Images Publishing Group It’s long been a Canadian tradition to “head to the cottage” for holidays. Across the wide expanse of Canada, there are numerous opportunities to do just that. Whether it be a chalet in the ski fields, a boathouse on a fabulous lake, or even just a remote getaway in a secluded forest, Canada fields a wide range of options for places to unwind and spend time with family and friends, and to make the most of both the summer and winter seasons. With a carefully curated selection of beautiful contemporary cottage and cabin designs, this compelling book provides an insight into the Canadian love affair with holiday homes.

9781864709063 The Images Publishing Group 8.375 x 11in. 192pp. March 2022 $39.95/CDN$49.95 Hardcover

This beautifully illustrated book celebrates the idea of the Canadian cottage and includes a selection of stunning contemporary retreats, guaranteed to make you want to “head to the cottage” for a vacation.

Architects’ Studios Creative Working Spaces Edited by Images Publishing Contemporary architects design, develop, and create beautiful modern spaces, so it’s no surprise that they too will need to work in an ideal creative working space that provides them with the perfect environment and essential conditions to help them draw inspiration and see their ideas evolve. Beautifully illustrated throughout in rich full-color, these pages provide an intimate and informative glimpse into 35 architects’ studios from around the globe. Each project showcases the most current architectural design trends and the optimal layout form and function behind each stunning studio. Architects’ Studios: Creative Working Spaces presents a stunning and unique collection of contemporary working environments, and provides in-depth value and inspiration to architects, design practitioners, and other creatives who are preparing to design, create, or renovate their own working studio.

9781864709353 The Images Publishing Group 7.875 x 9.875in. 256pp., 300 col. May 2022 $45.00/CDN$57.50 Hardcover



Beautifully illustrated throughout in full-color, this book provides an intimate and informative glimpse into the stunning architecture and design of 35 architects’ studios from around the globe.

Future Homes Sustainable Innovative Designs Avi Friedman with Charles Gregoire New challenges on a global scale have forced a rethinking about the way homes and communities are designed. Future Homes provides an engaging and in-depth analysis of possible solutions, providing hope for the future. The challenges posed by climate change demand urgent consideration and response. But a change in methodology and the ingenious employment of technological advances offers solutions to these challenges. This book provides important examples of ways to meet the global challenges by using innovative concepts and practices, leading to a transformation of how residences will appear in the years to come. With sustainability as an overarching strategy for future retooling and design of our homes, it’s worth taking a look at the new challenges we face and the ways they can be approached by stakeholders such as urban planners, architects, designers, builders, and individuals considering building their own home.

9781864709155 The Images Publishing Group 7.5 x 9in. 224pp. March 2022 $45.00/CDN$57.50 Hardcover

An inspiring look into the possibilities of living more sustainably using new designs, modern technology, and ingenious methods defining the future home.

Living Roofs Urban Gardens Around the World Ashley Penn A green paradise high above the city’s rooftops is something so many people dream of, including those living in cities and searching for peace and quiet. Whether it’s a communal garden for an entire building or an exclusive personal and private oasis, a colorful sea of flowers, home-grown vegetables or a pool, there are no limits when it comes to the imagination of amateur gardeners. This book of photographs showcases the most beautiful and varied urban rooftop terraces and exotic garden paradises from all around the world: from the Berlin country garden to the enchanting rooftop expanse of the Willow House in Singapore. The featured locations, both unusual and individual, offer ample inspiration for your own dreams of a rooftop garden. Just sit back and enjoy this gorgeous book on your sundeck or in your cozy alcove.

9783961713936 teNeues Publishing 9.25 x 11.75in. 224pp., 150 col. May 2022 $65.00/CDN$85.00 Hardcover

An inspiring selection of verdant sanctuaries high above the hubbub of the city, from lush flower gardens to luxurious rooftop terraces boasting minimalist designs. Architecture


Hidden Architecture Buildings that Blend In Alyn Griffiths This book presents innovative examples of hidden architecture: buildings that are designed to disappear into their surroundings or hide in plain sight. In the city, hidden buildings are often designed to provide the occupants with privacy and protection from the busy world outside or they can be incorporated into the streetscape to free up space for public use. In the countryside, buildings should not spoil a scenic landscape, so they can be designed to become a part of it. Buildings can be buried underground, hidden amongst trees, covered with greenery or even sunk into the sea. They can be clad in mirrors to reflect their surroundings, disappear beneath an urban plaza or be hidden from view on top of another building. Each of these imaginative solutions offers a way for architecture to blend in rather than stand out.

Hidden Architecture tells the stories of buildings from around the world that are cleverly disguised but still beautifully detailed and outstanding in their execution.

9789401482103 Lannoo Publishers 8.25 x 10.625in. 192pp., 125 col. May 2022 $50.00/CDN$65.00 Hardcover



Imagine Buildings Floating like Clouds and 100 Other Visions for Contemporary Architecture Thoughts and Visions on Contemporary Architecture From 101 Key Creatives Vladimir Belogolovsky In this invaluable and thought-provoking book, Vladimir Belogolovsky reflects on nearly 20 years of conversations with leading creatives from around the world whose focus is on art, photography, architecture, design, critical theory, and more. His intimate dialogues are with prolific visionaries, the likes of Paul Andreu, Aaron Betsky, Tatiana Bilbao, Christo, Norman Foster, Zaha Hadid, Toyo Ito, Glenn Murcutt, Renzo Piano, Moshe Safdie, Ric Scofido, Richard Serra, Frank Stella, Michael Sorkin, Stanley Tigerman, Bernard Tschumi, Lin Utzon, Massimo Vignelli, Madelon Vriesendorp, and so many others. He exposes the complexity of their thought processes, while comparing and contrasting them to one another to distill more than 101 ideas. His engaging narrative captures the stories behind every project and every personality while exploring many important questions, including what makes a building architecture? How would a Futurist solve problems vs those whose focus is on nostalgia? The selection of interviews gathers many answers and intentions, but inevitably, also many more questions. Imagine Buildings Floating Like Clouds represents a diverse group of multitalented, creative people who work in disparate places culturally and climatically and came of age in very different times—from the revolutionary 1960s to our own time, when the future, for many, is being more feared than desired.

An inspiring record of nearly 20 years of conversations by the author with various leading global figures in the arts, design, architecture, photography, curatorial, critical theory, and engineering fields.

9781864709087 The Images Publishing Group 5.875 x 8.25in. 264pp. March 2022 $35.00/CDN$45.00 Hardcover



Dinosaurs are Collectible Digging for Dinosaurs: the Art, the Science Thijs Demeulemeester, Koen Stein Dinosaur skeletons, eggs, bones, and fossils have become increasingly coveted objects for collectors. Dinosaurs are Collectible explores the reasons for their popularity and tells the stories behind the many illustrious finds from the past. This beautifully illustrated and printed publication by the author of Wonders are Collectible and Wunderkammer includes a chapter devoted to dinosaurs in both high and popular culture, and features an exceptional collection of prints, photos, drawings, and micrograph scans.

A beautifully printed book devoted to collections of dinosaurrelated objects, including eggs, skeletons, bones, and fossils, illustrated with exquisite and unusual prints, photos, and drawings.

9789401482158 Lannoo Publishers 7.25 x 9.625in. 176pp., 120 col., 80 b.&w. May 2022 $45.00/CDN$57.50 Hardcover



Art of India and Beyond Andrew Topsfield The Ashmolean is fortunate in having the finest collection of Indian art in Britain outside London, one which includes many works of great beauty and expressive power. This book offers a short account of how the collection developed and a selection of some of its more outstanding or interesting works of art. Since 1987, the Ashmolean has made many significant new acquisitions of Indian art and these are highlighted in this collection. As the book’s title implies, it also ventures beyond the bounds of the Indian subcontinent by including works from Afghanistan and Central Asian Silk Road sites as well as many from Nepal, Tibet and Southeast Asia.

9781910807507 Ashmolean Museum Publications 7.625 x 10.5in. 304pp., 140 col., 20 b.&w. December 2021 $30.00/CDN$39.00 Paperback

This book offers a short account of how the Indian collections at the Ashmolean Museum, Oxford developed and a selection of some of its more outstanding or interesting works of art.

Ali Banisadr. Beautiful Lies Sergio Risaliti Beautiful Lies documents Teheran-born, New York-based artist Ali Banisadr’s 2021 show in Florence in honor of the 700th anniversary of the death of Dante Alighieri. The “beautiful lies” beneath which truth is hidden is an expression used by Dante in describing his writing — and allegorical poetry in general — and it is perfectly suited to Banisadr’s work. His powerful brushwork and strong colors go below the surface of his personal reality, revealing violence and isolation, anguish and wonder, but also memories and imagination. For this show, which was split between two venues, he was commissioned to create an installation of site-specific paintings (also called Beautiful Lies). The text is by Sergio Risaliti, director of the Museo Novecento in Florence.

9788855210959 Forma Edizioni 8.125 x 11in. 112pp., 45 col., 1 b.&w. June 2022 $40.00/CDN$50.00 Paperback

The catalog for Teheran-born artist Ali Banisadr’s 2021 show in Florence at the Sala Gigli in Palazzo Vecchio and the Museo Stefano Bardini that marks the 700th anniversary of Dante Alighieri’s death. Art


Architectural Ornamentation in Shrines & Mosques of Kashmir Qamoos Bukhari Richly designed with beautiful images and illustrations, this edition, published in collaboration with INTACH Kashmir Chapter, is a celebration of architectural ornamentation in shrines and mosques of one of the most beautiful regions of India. The book is also a study to understand the Islamic architecture in the era of continuity and change.

9788194969105 Roli Books 8.125 x 10.625in. 216pp., 145 col., 34 b.&w. March 2022 $49.95/CDN$64.95 Hardcover

A richly illustrated volume celebrating architectural ornamentation in shrines and mosques in India.

Brunelleschi’s Dome in Florence Marco Bussagli Bussagli, Mina Gregori, Timothy Verdon The iconic Dome of the Cathedral of Florence, the largest masonry vault in the world, was built by Filippo Brunelleschi between 1420 and 1436. More than 100 years later, between 1572 and 1579, the vault was decorated with frescos by the artists Giorgio Vasari and Federico Zuccari depicting the Last Judgment. Working with advanced imaging technology, total access, and Italy’s leading art photographer, this book presents in never-before-seen detail and completeness the entire pictorial cycle of the Dome. Contributions by noted art historians Marco Bussagli, Mina Gregori, and Timothy Verdon illuminate the art historical significance of this magnificent symbol of Florence and the Renaissance.

9788895847979 Scripta Maneant Editori 9.5 x 11.625in. 320pp., 180 col. Available $70.00/CDN$91.00 Hardcover English, Italian



Stunning photography captures in never-beforeseen detail the entire fresco cycle of Brunelleschi’s Dome in Florence, painted by Giorgio Vasari and Federico Zuccari between 1572 and 1579.

Michelangelo 500 Fabio Scaletti This beautiful book in the 500 series celebrates the extraordinary talent of Michelangelo di Lodovico Buonarroti Simoni, arguably the most renowned artist of the Italian Renaissance. Five hundred years ago, he was 46 years old. He had already completed the Statue of David, the Doni Tondo, the Vatican Pietà, and the Ceiling of the Sistine Chapel. He would later paint the Last Judgement, the frescoes of the Pauline Chapel, and complete the Tomb of Julius II. This book celebrates his magisterial accomplishments throughout his lifetime, and includes his less celebrated works, architectural projects, lost works, and attributions.

9788895847863 Scripta Maneant Editori 9.5 x 12.625in. 304pp. Available $75.00/CDN$97.50 Hardcover English, Italian

A beautifully photographed book celebrating Michelangelo’s magisterial accomplishments throughout his lifetime, including his less celebrated works, architectural projects, lost works, and attributions.

Modigliani Between Renaissance and Modernism David Franklin A hundred years after the death of Amedeo Modigliani (1884–1920), the time has come to re-examine the artist’s controversial place in Modernist art history. By examining a select group of outstanding originals, this recent study celebrates his best work through advances in our understanding of the painter’s techniques. This focused analysis of the artist, which centers on his maturity as a sculptor and painter, includes characteristic examples across Modigliani’s major genres, especially portraiture and female nudes. It is argued that Modigliani was the last great Italian Old Master, moving as he did between Renaissance and Modernism. In his self-chosen path of being an outsider among his contemporaries, his unique sculptures and paintings explored the depth of beauty fused with melancholy and suffering.

9783897906297 Arnoldsche Art Publishers 7.87 x 9.84in. 128pp., 38 col. Available $50.00/CDN$65.00 Hardcover English, German

A distinguished portrait of Modigliani on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of his death. Art


Rowan LeCompte Master of Stained Glass Peter Swanson Rowan LeCompte: Master of Stained Glass takes readers behind-thescenes of LeCompte’s process, hearing from the artist firsthand about his unexpected inspirations – and rejected ideas – for color and design, and illustrating his work from the first ‘cartoon’ storyboards of windows, to painting the finishing touches on some of his best-known work. This beautiful 4-color photo art book tells of the complete history of Rowan’s life, incorporating brilliant full-color photos of many of the windows which highlight the details of the imagination and innovation of this modern artist working in an ancient medium. It was his single-minded determination to create works that make the world a more beautiful place that will mark Rowan LeCompte as a great master for years to come.

First book devoted to worldrenowned stained-glass artist Rowan LeCompte, best known for his work in Washington National Cathedral.

9781788841726 ACC Art Books 9.375 x 11.75in. 256pp. July 2022 $95.00/CDN$123.50 Hardcover



Icons of Modern Art: The Shchukin Collection Anne Baldassari The Fondation Louis Vuitton’s unprecedented exhibition brings together 130 masterpieces, among the most iconic of the collection created in Moscow by the great Russian art patron, Sergei Shchukin. From Le Déjeuner sur l’herbe (1866) by Claude Monet, Paul Gauguin’s Tahitian odalisque Eh quoi, tu es jalouse? (1892), the luminescent panel L’Atelier du peintre (1911) by Henri Matisse, to conclude with Pablo Picasso’s Trois femmes (1908), the magnificence of Shchukin’s collection is exhibited here. Extended by a group of some 30 major works from the Russian avant-gardes, including Counter Relief (1916) by Vladimir Tatlin, Green Stripe (1917) by Olga Rozanova, and Kazimir Malevich’s monochrome painting, Black Suprematie Square (1929), Icons of Modern Art covers the extreme breadth of this journey through 19th- and 20th-century creation.

9782072760778 Editions Gallimard 8.5 x 9in. 456pp. December 2021 $37.50/CDN$49.00 Paperback

The Shchukin collection exhibition brings together masters of modern art and of the Russian avant-gardes for an exceptional 130 pieces exhibition at the Fondation Louis Vuitton.

Nicolas Party Mauve Twilight Edited by 5 Continents Editions In the Spring of 2022, the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts will present the first exhibition in Canada devoted to the Swiss artist Nicolas Party, whose unique visual language both challenges and celebrates the conventions of pictorial representation. Entitled Mauve Twilight, after a painting by Canadian artist Ozias Leduc in the Museum’s collection, this exhibition will bring together over 20 pastels and sculptures specifically chosen by the artist, as well as various pastels, prints, watercolors and textiles he will have created for the Museum. The exhibition will also include masterworks from the Museum’s richly diverse collection incorporated into an immersive series of murals painted on site by the artist in the Museum’s most historic galleries.

9788874399963 5 Continents Editions 9.5 x 11in. 224pp., 200 col. April 2022 $42.50/CDN$55.00 Paperback English, French

Nicolas Party, Né à Lausanne (Suisse) en 1980, Paysage, 2014, Pastel tendre sur lin, 150 x 100 cm, Zurich, Migros Museum für Gegenwartskunst

Published to accompany an exhibition at Montreal Museum of Fine Arts, February 12 – October 16, 2022 Art


Pissarro Father of Impressionism Linda Whiteley, Colin Harrison Camille Pissarro (1830–1903) is one of the most celebrated artists of 19thcentury France and a central figure in Impressionism. Considered a fatherfigure to many in the movement, his work was enormously influential for many artists, including Claude Monet and Paul Cézanne. This major exhibition, of works drawn from the Ashmolean’s collections as well as international loans, will span Pissarro’s entire career. The exhibition will look at how he responded to the previous generation of artists including Corot and Daubigny, to his relationship with the Impressionists with whom he allied himself and encouraged in the face of rejection by the established art world. It also includes a section on his family life – he was a devoted husband and father and his four sons all became artists.

9781910807521 Ashmolean Museum Publications 8.625 x 11in. 160pp., 130 col., 8 b.&w. April 2022 $35.00/CDN$45.00 Paperback

A major exhibition of Camille Pissarro, with works drawn from the Ashmolean’s collections as well as international loans, spanning his entire career.

Always New The Posters of Jules Chéret Nikki Otten, Ruth Iskin, Virginie Vignon Always New: The Posters of Jules Chéret highlights the role that French artist Jules Chéret (1836–1932) played in transforming the illustrated poster into a form of ephemeral art that embraced the public’s interest in novelty and rapid change during the 19th century. Drawing from the largest collection of Chéret posters in the United States, the book features over 100 works that span the artist’s career and includes both his most celebrated and lesser-known images. Always New brings Chéret into focus as a master of his medium, an artist who celebrated the ephemeral nature of posters and shaped the way they were created and experienced.

9781938885167 Milwaukee Art Museum/Lucia Marquand 9 x 11in. 184pp. April 2022 $49.95/CDN$64.95 Hardcover



Always New highlights the work of Jules Chéret, an artist known as the father of the poster who brought colorful and vibrant ephemera to the streets of 19th-century Paris.

Shin Hanga The New Prints of Japan. 1900—1950 Chris Uhlenbeck, Jim Dwinger, Philo Ouweleen

Masterpieces in Bamboo Tanabe Chikuunsai IV Sauser Miho

Twentieth-century Japanese printmaking has received relatively little attention. Classic Hokusai and Hiroshige landscapes and Utamaro’s beautiful images of women remain the dominant form. All the same, since the 1990s museums and private collectors have shown a growing interest in shin hanga (‘new prints’): balanced designs printed on luxurious paper, with the finest pigments and in smaller editions. Where the classically depicted women were stylized and idealized, their more recent counterparts are based on real models, individually recognizable and full of emotion. The modern landscapes, meanwhile, are impressionistic rather than figurative, using a range of color nuances to achieve highly atmospheric results. This book offers a unique selection with which to explore 20th-century Japanese printmaking.

The bamboo: tall, strong and flexible. This fast-growing shoot has been used as a construction material, a foodstuff and fuel for millennia, from India to Japan. Tanabe Chikuunsai IV’s art elevates bamboo to new heights. By weaving together small pieces of fibrous stalk, he creates vast, detailed sculptures without the use of rivets or adhesives. Under Chikuunsai IV’s skilled craftsmanship, bamboo is more than a functional tool: it is modern art, a unifying symbol of Japanese culture. His sculptures revere traditional workmanship, while conveying important contemporary messages – the codependence of nature and man, and the importance of protecting our environment. Part autobiography, part introduction to the craft, this monograph follows Chikuunsai IV’s growth from a child marveling at his grandfather’s mastery of bamboo, to a maestro in his own right.

9789493039599 Ludion 9.25 x 11.375in. 224pp., 200 col. April 2022 $45.00/CDN$57.50 Hardback

9781788841139 ACC Art Books 7.5 x 9.5in. 218pp., 100 col., 20 b.&w. April 2022 $45.00/CDN$60.00 Hardback

Éloge de la Lumière Pierre Soulages Tanabe Chikuunsai IV. In praise of light Laure Schwartz-Arenales, Fabienne Fravalo, Philippe Boudin, Maezaki Shinya, Tanabe Chikuunsai IV This catalog documents an exhibition at the Baur Foundation that brings together work by the French painter Pierre Soulages (b.1919) and the Japanese master bamboo artist Tanabe Chikuunsai IV (b. 1973). Soulages, still working at 102 years old, has painted almost exclusively in black since 1979 and is known as the “master of luminous blacks”. Tanabe Chikuunsai IV is a renowned bamboo artist, known for his twisting organic sculptures and room-sized installations made from tiger or black bamboo. The aim of this exhibition is to explore how their work resonates, despite different approaches, in the dark and light effects of their materials.

9788874399680 5 Continents Editions 8.25 x 8.25in. 96pp., 50 col. December 2021 $28.00/CDN$36.50 Paperback English, French



European Fan The Untold Story Hahn Eura Eunkyung

The Art of Wallpapers: Morris & Co. in Context Mary Schoeser

Throughout their history, hand fans were used not only as tools for everyday life but also as status symbols, religious ritual artifacts, fashion items, and even devices for discreet communication. The richness of symbolic and aesthetic aspects of fans is that of sophisticated and comprehensive artworks. European Fan explores the thematic, stylistic, as well as production aspects of 60 carefully selected European 18th to 20th century fans from Eurus Collection. Along with its beautiful fan illustrations, the book invites the reader to discover their untold stories. Eurus Collection, under the direction of Hahn Eura Eunkyung, is a sister institution of Hwajeong Museum in Seoul. With more than one thousand fans from all over the world, Eurus Collection is the largest of its kind in Asia. By engaging in various research, exhibition, and publication projects, the collection strives to raise public awareness of the value of fans.

This extensively illustrated volume focuses on William Morris (1834–1896), placing his wallpaper designs within the context of the radical changes in taste witnessed during the Victorian era.

9781785514128 Scala Arts & Heritage Publishers Ltd 6.625 x 8.875in. 248pp., 172 col. June 2022 $20.95/CDN$27.00 Hardback

9781788841689 ACC Art Books 8.625 x 11.75in. 176pp. April 2022 $40.00/CDN$50.00 Paperback


Decorative Arts

Amplifying Morris’s role in the creation of an influential and lasting style, his work is set within a selection by other designers, including Christopher Dresser and C. F. A. Voysey. Also introduced are firms of significance including Jeffrey & Co. and Arthur Sanderson & Sons, both of whom block-printed the Morris wallpapers. In a highly visual presentation, what is revealed are influences across time and within a global context, as pertinent to the creation of wallpaper art in the 19th century as it is today.

Ring Redux The Susan Grant Lewin Collection Ursula Ilse-Neuman Ring Redux presents more than 100 avant-garde rings by international artists who explore this age-old jewelry form with great vitality and relevance to society today. In the essay ‘Riffs on Rings’, Ursula Ilse-Neuman provides valuable insights into the astonishing variations on one of the most intimate and enduring forms of body adornment. The skill and audacity infused in these intimate sculptural forms is captured in stunning new color photographs. In the ‘Artists’ Voices’ section, the jewelers provide perspectives on the conception and execution of their works. The collection of rings presented here has been acquired over five decades by Susan Grant Lewin and will be exhibited at the SCAD Museum of Art, Savannah, Georgia.

9783897906259 Arnoldsche Art Publishers 9 x 9.75in. 208pp., 255 col. October 2022 $60.00/CDN$78.00 Hardcover

The Modern Guide to Antique Jewellery Beth Bernstein The ultimate go-to guide, The Modern Guide to Antique Jewellery takes the reader on a tour through time, venturing from the 1700s all the way through to the early 20th century. From how to look chic while wearing jewelry that outdates you by 100 years, to how to spot and score the best pieces, this book is a must-read for all enthusiasts and collectors. Fun factual tidbits are presented in a witty, conversational style, and lively narratives explore each piece’s history. Part travelog, featuring the most influential shops in New York, LA, London, Paris and Amsterdam; part educational guide, with anecdotes from dealers and experts; and part celebration of historical jewelry, this book is an invaluable and accessible reference. Topics covered include (but are not limited to): how to identify the most popular gemstones, materials, styles and collectible pieces in the market today, and how to select antique jewelry to complement your lifestyle. The Modern Guide to Antique Jewellery will reveal what to look for and where to locate rare finds, as well as how the experts score the pieces that decorate the fingers, ears, necks and wrists of the collector.

A fun, lively and chic guide to antique jewelry, from the 1700s to the early 20th century.

9781788841580 ACC Art Books 6.5 x 8.875in. 192pp. April 2022 $35.00/CDN$45.00 Hardback

Decorative Arts


In Perfect Shape Fritz Hansen When you step into the headquarters of Fritz Hansen in Allerød, northwest of Copenhagen, you breathe in the spirit of a company that has made design history. With over 150 breathtaking photos, this thoughtfully designed coffee table book recounts the history of an exclusive brand, the marvelous pieces of furniture that has made it so revered, and provides examples of how a single piece of furniture can beautify an entire room or building, and fire the imagination of those who live there. Whether you’re leaving the world of Fritz Hansen in Allerød or closing this book, it will be with a wealth of new creative ideas and the knowledge that before sustainability became a trendy buzzword, Fritz Hansen was already practicing it in its purest sense, true to its motto of ‘Crafting Timeless Design’.

An updated homage to the legendary Danish furniture brand on its 150th anniversary, and an inspiration for those who are passionate about interiors, design, and craftsmanship.

9783961713769 teNeues Publishing 12.625 x 9.875in. 224pp., 175 col.and b.&w. March 2022 $75.00/CDN$97.50 Hardback


Decoratives Arts

Inspiring Ikebana Ilse Beunen, Ben Huybrechts Inspiring Ikebana is the sequel to Exploring Ikebana, the first book by world famous ikebana artist Ilse Beunen. Throughout her career she has been inspired by many different things and as all artists do, she is continually looking for inspiration to create something new and innovative. Having written a comprehensive introduction to the ancient Japanese art of flower arrangement, she reveals in this new book several sources of inspiration: nature, the four seasons, festivals, vases and containers, artificial material, art and emotions. More than 40 stunning ikebana creations, both in traditional and modern styles, are lavishly illustrated with detailed step by step photographs of the creative process, making it easy to follow and achieve a great result.

Ikebana artist Ilse Beunen reveals her sources of inspiration and how to translate these into floral designs. Contains more than 40 step by step designs.

9789058566539 Stichting Kunstboek 8.5 x 11in. 128pp., 400 col. Available $40.00/CDN$50.00 Paperback

Design/Floral Design


The Mercedes-Benz 300 SL Book Revised 70 Years Anniversary Edition René Staud, Jürgen Lewandowski This iconic sports car, from the first Mercedes 300 SL to its latest successors, proves that technology can indeed evolve into art. And who better to showcase this procession of pioneering automobiles than René Staud, whose striking photographs will captivate any enthusiast. This book, based on Staud’s successful calendars, is an ode to an extraordinary vehicle whose spell stars such as Grace Kelly, Frank Sinatra and Alfred Hitchcock have all fallen under. The elaborately orchestrated pictures show sleek curves and precision in every detail, conveying the passion for this breathtaking automobile. A photographic tribute to the “sports car of the century”, covering the 70-year history of the 300 SL racing car models from 1952 to the latest SL generation.

9783961714018 teNeues Publishing 10.75 x 13.25in. 320pp., 210 col. May 2022 $125.00/CDN$162.50 Hardback English, French, German

Seventieth Anniversary Edition of the bestseller by René Staud and Jürgen Lewandowski – completely revised along with the addition of the latest models.

Porsche Milestones Refueled Wilfried Müller The famous sports car manufacturer now has more than 75 years of history behind it – its milestones are on the world’s racetracks and roads. That makes this the perfect occasion for a revised edition of Porsche Milestones. This photographic, fascinating journey through the milestones of the Porsche demonstrates the very special Porsche custom of breaking with tradition, breaking new ground, but remaining true to itself and recognizable as a Porsche. Porsche Milestones provides the best entertainment for everyone who churns out endorphins at the mere mention of the name Porsche. This book is produced in cooperation with the award-winning car magazine ramp. In ramp, the joy of cars meets the passion for magazine production, with a unique combination of the best authors and journalists the world has to offer.

9783961714049 teNeues Publishing 9.25 x 11.75in. 224pp., 100 col., 50 b.&w. April 2022 $65.00/CDN$85.00 Hardback English, French, German



The bestseller now expanded to include the latest models such as the electric Taycan and the brand-new 911 GTS.

Contemporary Milanese Cooking Cesare Battisti, Gabriele Zanatta A delightful culinary voyage to discover the wonderful world of Milanese cooking, presented here through a contemporary lens, yet simultaneously highlighting traditional influences as well. The book is divided into 13 chapters, each dedicated to a particular ingredient or specific dish: brief introductions rich in curious and historical details are followed by tips on recognizing the quality and seasonality of products. The authors share priceless advice with readers. They will lead you to a reconsideration of winter vegetables, through scrumptious dishes like cabbage rolls, cauliflower cream and baked onions. You will also be introduced to the numerous culinary possibilities of cooking with offal, with traditional dishes such as Milanese tripe. Enjoy the lovely flavors of braised meat cooked in wine and broth, the refined experience of goose cassoeula, and the timeless appeal of Milanese classics like ossobuco.

9788867533503 Guido Tommasi Editore 7.625 x 10in. 240pp., 75 col., 17 b.&w. February 2022 $35.00/CDN$45.00 Hardback

The best of Milanese cooking by one of the most renowned Milanese chefs.

The Cheese Book The World’s Crème de la Crème of Raw Milk Cheese Giedo De Snijder, Frédéric Van Tricht Making cheese is an art, tasting cheese is a delight. Respect for craft, raw materials and animals are how quality raw milk cheeses obtain their full-bodied flavors, rich in depth and complexity. For this book, cheese refiner Van Tricht and cheesemaker De Snijder went looking for the best raw milk cheeses. The result is a selection of sustainable top products that are entirely handmade and prepared the traditional way. Here, the authors talk about the people and the stories behind 20 international raw milk cheeses, while demonstrating their love for both the profession and the product.

9789401479578 Lannoo Publishers 8.875 x 11.25in. 288pp., 240 col., 30 b.&w. March 2022 $50.00/CDN$65.00 Hardback

The people and the stories behind a selection of the best 20 international raw milk cheeses. Food & Drink


The Oven Cookbook For AGA and Other Top Cookers Claudia Allemeersch The renowned AGA cooker, operating on the traditional principles of radiant heat cooking, is a central feature of many kitchens. From baking to simmering, from roasting to slow cooking, an AGA does it all. In The Oven Cookbook, Belgium’s best-known amateur chef Claudia Allemeersch gives more than two hundred recipes for preparing food not only with the AGA, but also with traditional ovens. Guest chefs have contributed their tastiest oven dishes for this book.

9789401479271 Lannoo Publishers 8.875 x 11.25in. 352pp., 300 col. February 2022 $80.00/CDN$104.00 Hardback

More than 200 dishes, including casseroles and festive menus, for radiant heat AGA cookers and traditional ovens.

The Keto Cure 2 A New Life in 14 Days Pascale Naessens, Dr. William Cortvriendt, Prof. dr. Hanno Pijl The Keto Cure 1 is one of Belgium’s best-selling cookbooks. Pascale Naessens believes that this book owes its success to the fact that keto really does work. Most people following a keto diet lose weight – without going hungry – while still eating delicious food. The Keto Cure 2 takes this theme further: why do you lose weight? How does it work? What role do fats play, and how much fat are we allowed to eat? Topics such as saturated fats, cholesterol, intermittent fasting and time-restricted eating are also discussed in depth by experts. In the second part of the book, you will find a complete 14-day meal plan plus additional recipes: a total of 75 delicious recipes prepared with natural wholefood ingredients and plenty of vegetables.

9789401482233 Lannoo Publishers 7.875 x 9.875in. 224pp., 190 col. February 2022 $35.00/CDN$45.00 Hardback


Food & Drink

An in-depth expert explanation of the keto diet by experts, combined with a complete 14-day meal plan.

The Thai Kitchen of Boo Raan Sharing Recipes from Dokkoon Kapueak Dokkoon Kapueak “A festival of fresh ingredients, spices, unctuosity and manifold flavours.” - Michelin With fresh ingredients and a little extra attention to Thai preparation methods, you can put the tastiest Thai dishes on the table. According to Dokkoon Kapueak, a Michelin-starred chef, Thai cooking is not as difficult as you might think, and anyone can learn it. In this book, Dokkoon offers 60 traditional sharing dishes, created from Thai recipes that she has known all her life and now serves in her award-winning restaurant Boo Raan in Knokke-Heist, Belgium.

9789401479233 Lannoo Publishers 7.625 x 10in. 224pp., 180 col. February 2022 $40.00/CDN$50.00 Hardback

Chef Dokkoon Kapueak offers recipes for 60 traditional sharing dishes, created from Thai recipes that she has known all her life and now serves in her restaurant Boo Raan in Knokke-Heist, Belgium.

Wild Cooking Surprising Seasonal Dishes With Fresh Vegetables and Fruits Frank Fol, Ilse De Vis Wild Cooking presents innovative and inspiring fruit and vegetable recipes for wonderful, seasonal meals, served on handmade artisanal ceramics. Throughout his career, Frank Fol, the former chef/owner of a Michelin starred restaurant in Belgium, has been passionate about vegetables. In this new cookbook, he teams up with Ilse De Vis of Wild Moon Ceramics to create delicious recipes for cooking vegetables imaginatively, yet simply. Their culinary television program, “Z-Mastercooks” on Kanaal Z (a Belgian television channel), is currently one of the most-watched programs on the platform.

9789401480093 Lannoo Publishers 7.875 x 9.875in. 192pp., 100 col. December 2021 $35.00/CDN$45.00 Hardback

Innovative and inspiring recipes by master vegetable chef Frank Fol for creating wonderful, seasonal dishes using fruits and vegetables. Food & Drink


The Story of Wine From Noah to Now Hugh Johnson “Who better to supply us with our first comprehensive historical survey than the wine writer with the magic pen, Hugh Johnson?” - Jancis Robinson MW Hugh Johnson has led the literature of wine in many new directions over a 60-year career. His classic The Story of Wine is his most enthralling and enduring work, winner of every wine award in the UK and USA. It tells with wit, scholarship and humor how wine became the global phenomenon it is today, varying from mass-produced plonk to rare bottles fetching many thousands. It ranges from Noah to Napa, Pompeii to Prohibition to Pomerol, gripping, anecdotal, personal, controversial and fun. This new edition includes Hugh’s view on the changes wine has seen in the past 30 years.

9781913141066 Academie du Vin Library 6.875 x 9.625in. 496pp., 1 col., 1 b.&w. Available $45.00/CDN$57.50 Paperback

The definitive portrait of wine, a cultural bedrock of Western civilization for millennia, by the undisputed master of the subject.

Oz Clarke on Wine Your Global Wine Companion Oz Clarke There have never been so many delicious and original wines in the world, and to discover them, all you need is a glass in your hand and Oz Clarke – the ideal wine companion. With his inimitable sense of adventure and fun, Oz explains how his fascination with flavor led him to abandon a promising acting career and follow his heart from Chablis to ‘the lost Himalayan valleys of Yunnan’ in pursuit new taste experiences and wine thrills. He found them! Oz Clarke On Wine takes us on a fast-paced, witty romp around the grape varieties key to the world’s major wine styles, then explores the vineyards and regions where a vast trove of wine treasure lies waiting for discovery. Oz’s passion for sharing, his deep wine knowledge, and his ability to conjure up the wine world’s most beautiful landscapes, make this book the most unputdownable wine read this century.

9781913141189 Academie du Vin Library 6.875 x 9.625in. 496pp., 3 col., 3 b.&w. Available $45.00/CDN$57.50 Paperback


Food & Drink

Oz’s most authoritative and definitive, yet also his most personal wine book ever. This book, and Oz, really are your personal wine guides.

On Bordeaux Tales of the Unexpected from the World’s Greatest Wine Region Edited by Susan Keevil, introduction by Jane Anson “If you want to know why Bordeaux is so much talked about, read this book from the most knowledgeable insiders and most entertaining outsiders.” - Steven Spurrier When things turn out right for Bordeaux, as they frequently do, its wines are sublime. They inspire many thousands of tributes, from Samuel Pepys’ succinct reviews to the most rhapsodic of Michael Broadbent’s tasting notes – in short, over 300 years of wine writing. On Bordeaux is a collection of the best bits, from our best-loved wine writers, critics and commentators, set around 10 of the themes that make Bordeaux tick. As Jane Anson writes in her introduction: “multi-layered, clear-eyed, moving and often extremely funny [this] collection of stories… celebrates, illuminates and renews our understanding of Bordeaux.”

9781913141059 Academie du Vin Library 7.5 x 9.625in. 288pp., 94 col., 10 b.&w. Available $45.00/CDN$57.50 Hardback

Bordeaux is the world’s most famous and arguably favorite wine region. This book tells its story.

Steven Spurrier: A Life in Wine Steven Spurrier The moment he was handed a glass of Cockburn 1908 vintage port by his grandfather at 13 years old, Steven Spurrier knew he would make wine his career. He traveled Europe in his red sports car (fitted with a compact wine fridge in the boot), working the vintage in Burgundy, Bordeaux and Champagne, before his first extraordinary move was to set up shop and sell wine to the French. As an Englishman in the heart of Paris, this seemed a remarkably bold (if not foolish) project, but the plan worked. Steven’s adventures in wine did not stop there. In 1976, he went on to mastermind the ‘Judgement of Paris’, the France v California blind tasting that changed the wine world forever. This memoir looks back on Steven’s life charting the incidents, adventures, ideas and discoveries that formed his wine journey.

9781913141073 Academie du Vin Library 7 x 9in. 288pp., 27 col., 38 b.&w. Available $45.00/CDN$57.50 Hardback

Steven Spurrier was a legend in the wine industry. This book charts the adventures, ideas and discoveries that have formed Steven’s remarkable wine journey. Food & Drink


Viking in the Vineyard Stories from a Revolutionary Winemaker Peter Vinding-Diers Peter Vinding-Diers is a Danish aristocrat turned roving winemaker who, on escaping his studies at the Sorbonne one summer found himself on Burgundy’s Côte de Beaune. Peter’s first foray into wine took him to the Cape, where he learned vineyard ways and wine science. Next came a dazzling decade in Bordeaux, where his pioneering exploits began to catch the world’s attention. He then ventured to Bulgaria, Brazil, Spain, Chile and Hungary earning himself the title ‘Flying Winemaker’. Along his wine journey, Peter has frequently had to call on his Viking ancestors for help – not least in taming his ‘Montecarrubo’ vineyards on the wilder side of Sicily – but whether by accident or by design (mostly the latter), he has always found himself at the forefront of vinous discovery.

9781913141127 Academie du Vin Library 7 x 9in. 256pp., 90 col., 29 b.&w. Available $45.00/CDN$57.50 Hardback


Food & Drink

Chateau Musar The Story of a Wine Icon Edited by Susan Keevil Winemaking is never easy – but in the case of Chateau Musar, the most famous wine to come out of Lebanon, there have been times when it has been almost impossibly difficult. Serge Hochar would say ‘in Lebanon, difficulties are our habit. We are addicted to difficulties!’ and he famously continued to make his wines regardless of the bombing and shelling attacks going on around him. This is his story, and the story of Gaston, Marc, Ralph and Tarek, the new generation that follows him, carrying on the tradition of making wines of charisma and character with minimal interference.

Wine Tasting Michael Broadbent Michael Broadbent, wine critic, writer, auctioneer and much-admired expert, revolutionized the wine trade with his first edition of Wine Tasting in 1968 and has continued to capture the magic of wine for over 50 years, bringing it to the page and to the public in compelling detail, always tinged with his uniquely wry sense of humor. Michael’s original text (from the 1975 edition) is updated with the latest vintages and footnotes revealing Michael’s reactions to the changing wine scene. Personal tributes to Michael from Hugh Johnson OBE, Jancis Robinson OBE MW, Steven Spurrier, the late Gerard Basset OBE MW MS, and international wine auctioneers Paul Bowker and Fritz Hatton.

Chateau Musar, The Story of a Wine Icon is the perfect read for those who want to learn more about this incredible wine and delve into the multi-millennia-tradition of Lebanese wine.

9781913141042 Academie du Vin Library 7.5 x 9.625in. 208pp., 115 col., 45 b.&w. Available $45.00/CDN$57.50 Hardback

9781913141004 Academie du Vin Library 7.5 x 9.625in. 160pp., 38 col., 32 b.&w. Available $45.00/CDN$57.50 Hardback

In Vino Veritas A Collection of Fine Wine Writing Past and Present Edited by Susan Keevil

10 Great Wine Families A Tour Through Europe Fiona Morrison MW

Sherry Maligned . Misunderstood . Magnificent! Ben Howkins

An elegantly bound and beautifully compiled collection of fine wine writing past and present, full of humorous, philosophical, literary and knowledgeable articles and extracts, all from great writers.

Fiona Morrison, awarded the coveted Master of Wine in 1994, is a talented writer and winemaker who works closely with her husband, Jacques Thienpont, helping to make the wine and manage their three Bordeaux estates – Le Pin (Pomerol, home to one of the world’s most prestigious red wines), L’IF (SaintEmilion) and Château L’Hêtre (Côtes de Castillon). Fiona has over 30 years’ experience in the fine wine trade on both sides of the Atlantic. This book is an up-close and personal insight into 10 of Europe’s most celebrated winemaking families that chronicles their triumphs, trials and tribulations through successive generations.

Made in a unique way, matured in cellars dating back to the age of the Conquistadores, and bursting with a panoply of sun-drenched flavors, Sherry has – due to a succession of scandals and bad luck in the 1970s – been maligned and misunderstood. But the Sherry scene is set for seismic change. With a series of new styles, new vineyards and a dynamic new crop of cellar masters, this wine is creating a revolution in the world’s restaurants that can’t be ignored. Ben Howkins, in colorful words and equally evocative pictures, delves deep into sherry’s fascinating story and reveals why it is set to come back into our lives with a magnificent flourish!

9781913141011 Academie du Vin Library 7 x 9in. 296pp., 131 col., 2 b.&w. Available $45.00/CDN$57.50 Hardback

9781913141288 Academie du Vin Library 6.875 x 9.625in. 224pp., 206 col., 38 b.&w. December 2021 $45.00/CDN$57.50 Hardback

With contributions from Michael Broadbent on good and bad vintages, Ian Maxwell Campbell on Bordeaux vs Burgundy, George Orwell and PG Wodehouse on the complementary pleasures of wine and tea, Randall Grahm on the search for California’s ‘magic grape’ and Andrew Caillard MW on the art of the wine label, it brims with wit and wisdom from some of the most erudite wine writers ever to raise a glass.

9781913141035 Academie du Vin Library 7.5 x 9.625in. 224pp., 41 col., 32 b.&w. Available $45.00/CDN$57.50 Hardback

Food & Drink


The Classic Editions by Academie du Vin Library breathe new life into some of the finest wine-related titles written in the English language over the last 150 years. Although these books are very much products of their time – a time when the world of fine wine was confined mostly to the frontiers of France and the Iberian Peninsula and a First Growth Bordeaux or Grand Cru Burgundy wouldn’t be beyond the average purse – together they recapture a world of convivial, enthusiastic amateurs and larger-than-life characters whose love of fine vintages mirrored that of life itself.

In the Vine Country Edith Somerville, Martin Ross, introduction by Victoria Moore

9781913141141 Academie du Vin Library 6 x 8.5in., 160pp., 45 col., 45 b.&w. Available $26.00/CDN$34.00, Paperback

A Contemplation of Wine H Warner Allen, introduction by Harry Eyres

9781913141257 Academie du Vin Library 6 x 8.5in., 262pp., January 2022 $26.00/CDN$34.00, Paperback

Stay Me with Flagons Maurice Healy, introduction by Fiona Morrison MW

9781913141233 Academie du Vin Library 6 x 8.5in., 262pp. January 2022 $26.00/CDN$34.00, Paperback

Wayward Tendrils of the Vine Ian Maxwell Campbell, introduction by Neal Martin

9781913141165 Academie du Vin Library 6 x 8.5in., 224pp., Available $26.00/CDN$34.00, Paperback


Food & Drink

The Best Nights of Your Life The Original Jägermeister Book Anja Delastik

High Cocktails Psychoactive NonAlcoholic Cocktails Noah Tucker, Anthony Joseph, Jules Marshall, Floris Leeuwenberg

The Whisky Book Everything you Didn’t Know About the Water of Life Fernand Dacquin

From the hunters’ drink, to the diverse club scene; from Wolfenbüttel to the World. This book tells the story of global herbal-liqueur brand Jägermeister and provides a fascinating look behind the scenes at the world-famous family business, while personalities such as footballer Paul Breitner and Guns N’ Roses’ Dizzy Reed recount how they spent the most memorable nights of their lives. Presenting an unparalleled collection of tales about the popular drink, the book also offers creative drink mixes, festival anecdotes and insights into the international world of Jägermeister. If you’re looking for a fun read and exclusive background stories, it’s got you covered!

High Cocktails is the first book to bring together 20 alcohol-free psychoactive cocktail recipes, developed by chefs Noah Tucker and Anthony Joseph, in collaboration with four of the world’s top mixologists. Featuring exclusive research into some of the world’s most interesting psychoactive plants and the alchemy involved in making cocktails with these ingredients. A team of media makers, in collaboration with chefs Noah and Tony, started a project called High Cuisine a few years ago, where chefs cook with legal, mind-altering herbs such as weed, truffles and kratom. This led to the cookbook of the same name and a TV series. Now in collaboration with The Bulldog, the landmark coffee shop in Amsterdam, a new trajectory has started with the development of alcohol-free cocktails that get you high: high cocktails!

Whisky is a story. Whisky is many stories. This book brings together the most surprising anecdotes from the world of whisky and is therefore the perfect addition to other books on distilling, tasting and traveling. Enjoy heart-warming tales about secret recipes, haunted castles, hidden distilleries, generous drunks and the first whisky tourist, and discover aspects about whisky that you’ll never find in any other book. For almost 40 years, whisky enthusiast Fernand Dacquin has been traveling through this wonderful world of whisky, in search of the most striking stories and images. Now he turns those experiences into 111 stories, in his own tongue-in-cheek style. The result is a wonderfully unusual book, published in a practical format that leaves one hand free for a good glass of whisky.

9783766725066 Callwey 9.875 x 11in. 256pp., 350 col. January 2022 $49.95/CDN$65.00 Hardback

9789089898838 Lannoo Publishers 6.75 x 9.5in. 192pp. February 2022 $35.00/CDN$45.00 Hardback

9789401479585 Lannoo Publishers 5.375 x 7.375in. 384pp., 90 col. February 2022 $25.00/CDN$33.00 Hardback

Food & Drink


Peñín Guide Spanish Wine 2022 Guía Peñín Now in its 32nd edition, the Peñín Guide is the ultimate guide to Spanish wine. Each year our team of tasters travels to every wine-growing area of Spain to taste and review new varieties, labels and vintages. This year’s edition of the guide covers around 9,200 new wines. Whatever your budget, the Guía Peñín is the essential guide for those who want to discover the best of Spanish wine. Also available in German: Guía Peñín Spaniens Weinführer 2022, ISBN: 9788412240252, and in Spanish: Guía Peñín Vinos de España 2022, ISBN: 9788412240238

9788412240245 (English edition) Pi & Erre Ediciones 5.875 x 8.25in. 1008pp., 1000 col. January 2022 $35.00/CDN$45.00 Paperback

Peñín Guide it is the most widely-read Spanish wine guide in Spain and the most international reference book on Spanish Wines with ratings on around 9,200 wines and information on 2,100 wineries.

Italian Wines 2022 Edited by Gambero Rosso Italian Wines is the English-language version of Gambero Rosso’s Vini d’Italia, the world’s best-selling guide to Italian wine. It is the result of a year’s work by over 60 tasters, coordinated by three curators. They travel around the entire country to taste 45,000 wines, only half of which make it into the guide. More than 2,500 producers have been selected. Each entry brings together useful information about the winery, including a description of its most important labels and price levels in Italian wine shops. Each wine is evaluated according to the Gambero Rosso bicchieri rating, with Tre Bicchieri awarded to the top labels. The guide is an essential tool for both wine professionals and passionate amateurs around the globe: it provides the instruments for finding one’s way in the complex panorama of Italy’s wine world.

9788866412366 Gambero Rosso 4.375 x 8.875in. 1056pp. December 2021 $36.00/CDN$47.00 Paperback


Food & Drink

The most authoritative annual guide to the very best Italian wines; more than 2,500 producers have been selected, and more than 22,000 wines.

Oriental Lifestyle Desirée Sadek, Guillaume de Laubier Oriental Lifestyle will take you on a journey that explores astonishing artistic and architectural worlds, captured by a poetic eye. Like an enchanter, Guillaume de Laubier brings the ochre of the desert alive and highlights the splendor and wonders of palaces and residences rich in ancestral knowledge and history. We discover the beautiful diversity of the Orient-Occident alliance, which has given birth to an innovative and colorful style of decoration. We stop in front of the skyscrapers, museums, and modern villas that are revolutionizing architecture and design in the Arab world. This is a book that celebrates the diversity of the art of living, architecture and design in the East today, from Egypt to Tunisia, Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, the United Arab Emirates, Qatar, and also Mauritania and Morocco.

Thanks to the exceptional photographs by Guillaume de Laubier, taken over more than ten years, Oriental Lifestyle visits the diversity of oriental architecture and design today.

9782376660484 Editions Norma 9.875 x 9.875in. 272pp., 250 col. December 2021 $65.00/CDN$85.00 Hardback English, French

Interior Design


Timeless Living Yearbook 2022 Wim Pauwels

Contemporary Living Yearbook 2022 Edited by Wim Pauwels

Contemporary Creative Spaces for Children Edited by Images Publishing

For more than two decades, Beta-Plus has specialized in exclusive coffee table books on architecture, interiors and gardens. For this new edition of the Yearbook, the focus, as last year, is on top quality, traditional craftsmanship and understated class. This volume, in a handy format, contains exclusive new projects from renowned architects, interior designers, garden and landscape architects, and experienced professionals from all over the world. Published to coincide with Timeless Living Yearbook 2022 is Contemporary Living Yearbook 2022, which emphasizes contemporary architecture and design. Both Yearbooks complement each other perfectly and together offer a selection of dozens of recently finished villas, country houses, townhouses and apartments.

For more than two decades, Beta-Plus has specialized in exclusive coffee table books on architecture, interiors and gardens. For this new edition of the Yearbook, the focus is on top quality, traditional craftsmanship and understated class. This volume contains exclusive new projects from renowned architects, interior designers, garden and landscape architects, and experienced professionals from all over the world. Published to coincide with Contemporary Living Yearbook 2022 is Timeless Living Yearbook 2022, which emphasizes classic and more traditional forms, the integration of antique building materials, wood and natural stone, exclusive fabrics and objects, the restoration of homes and farms. Both Yearbooks complement each other perfectly and together offer a selection of dozens of recently finished villas, country houses, townhouses and apartments.

It is well known that children are naturally drawn to an engaging and fun environment for them to play, learn, and grow. This book showcases more than 30 creative, immersive, and interactive spaces from around the globe, where designers focus on spectacular interior and architectural designs that help to encourage the child’s creativity and development, inspire play and social interaction, minimize distractions, and promote optimized learning opportunities. Presented throughout with stunning full-color photography, detailed drawings and diagrams, and important up-to-date perspectives on current and emerging trends for optimal childhood development and safety standards when designing spaces for children, Contemporary Creative Spaces for Children is a must-have title for all who are interested in effectively shaping designs of children’s spaces that focus on the health and wellbeing of the child.

9782875501059 Beta-Plus Publishing 8.625 x 10.375in. 400pp., 350 col. January 2021 $69.50/CDN$90.50 Hardback English, Dutch, French

9782875501066 Beta-Plus Publishing 8.625 x 10.375in. 400pp., 350 col. January 2021 $69.50/CDN$90.50 Hardback English, Dutch, French

9781864709384 The Images Publishing Group 8.375 x 11in. 256pp., 400 col. June 2022 $40.00/CDN$0.01 Hardback


Interior Design

Home Stories by Alexis Herbosch Koen van der Schaeghe Serenity and tactility have determined the design practice of Alexis Herbosch for 20 years. They form a fil rouge throughout his life and this monograph. They are virtues that are undervalued today. What we see are pure forms and a simple mise-en-scène. We feel nature as our guide, observe the defining light and experience the power of the environment. Like a true master, he chooses the right elements to define an experience. From these, spaces grow that smile at all the senses. The use of natural and regional materials is striking. Think of a script of Boom tiles over old plank floors to limed walls. Stripped of all excess and inspired by the art of Nordic well-being, Alexis captures the essence of the good life in his growing oeuvre. His sober lines and controlled layout are his foundations. He combines a savoir-vivre with his savoir-faire.

9782875500755 Beta-Plus Publishing 10.625 x 13.375in. 240pp., 200 col. April 2022 $106.00/CDN$138.00 Hardback Englis, Dutch, French

The first monograph for this exceptional Belgian architecture and design practice, specializing in timeless country houses and authentic renovations.

Fragments Guillaume Terver Guillaume Terver The first monograph on French architect Guillaume Terver and his team, this beautiful book presents high-end houses and apartments in Paris and Brussels. Featuring all new projects and stunning color photography throughout.

9782875500977 Beta-Plus Publishing 10.625 x 13.375in. 240pp., 200 col. March 2022 $106.00/CDN$138.00 Hardback English, French

The first monograph on French architect Guillaume Terver and his team.

Interior Design


Terrazzo Architects, Designers & Artists Thijs Demeulemeester Terrazzo, the iconic composite material that features a medley of polished marble chips, comes in all shapes and colors and is an increasingly popular design element. Its decorative speckled design is understated, endlessly stylish, and versatile. Terrazzo is an interior favorite and a more affordable alternative to marble or granite. This inspirational book of images and advice helps you pick everything from the right color scheme to the right material, with a little help from experienced architects and designers.

9789401480895 Lannoo Publishers 9 x 11.75in. 208pp., 180 col., 40 b.&w. April 2022 $65.00/CDN$85.00 Hardback

A beautifully illustrated book showcasing inspirational terrazzo designs and offering advice on color and style from experienced architects and designers.

Comforting Homes by Nathalie Deboel Edited by Wim Pauwels Interior architect Nathalie Deboel aims for calm, timeless interiors with a well-considered palette of precious materials. Creating a smooth ‘promenade’ throughout a home, is an important schematic point to tackle. Fluid circulation is key, but always with an eye for inserting nooks, corners and end points to be able to come to a halt and enjoy a private moment.

9782875501080 Beta-Plus Publishing 10.625 x 13.375in. 288pp., 200 col. March 2022 $118.00/CDN$153.50 Hardback English, Dutch


Interior Design

The first monograph on this exceptional Belgian interior design practice.

Classic Kitchens for Modern Living Sarah Blank Design Studio Classic, refined, and alluring are just some of the ways to describe Sarah Blank Design Studio’s timeless kitchen designs. Sarah Blank’s vast expertise in the classicist language spanning many decades and her creative vision for contemporary elegance form the basis of her understanding that a beautiful and functional kitchen is not only an integral part of the architecture of the house, but the very heart of the home. She incorporates a set of rules and principles in her work that are imperative to beautiful and functional design, mastering some of the finest kitchens ever developed for a new generation of happy homeowners. This beautifully photographed volume presents a stunning selection of awardwinning projects, each showcasing exquisite beauty, attention to detail, and technical prowess.

This beautifully illustrated monograph features the kitchen design work of renowned classicist designer, Sarah Blank.

9781864708677 The Images Publishing Group 8.75 x 11.75in. 240pp. April 2022 $60.00/CDN$78.00 Hardcover

Interior Design


On Adventure with Dad Being a Father is Child’s Play Kenny Deuss Alone every Tuesday with his new-born daughter, Kenny Deuss fielded frequent requests from his partner, Tineke, for photos of the baby when she was away from home. His series of hilariously Photoshopped images of the baby in mock perilous situations began with teasing photographs that showed just how “safe” the baby was. Currently, people from all over the world follow Kenny’s adventures with his (now 2) daughters Alix and Aster through his Instagram account “On Adventure with Dad.” In this book he bundles his best photos, supplemented with a large number of neverbefore-seen images. He also includes ‘tips’ for dads and dads-to-be with a large dose of his typical dry humor.

Antwerp-based dad and digital creator Kenny Deuss gathers 70 of the funniest images from his immensely popular Instagram account, “On Adventure with Dad.”

9789401483735 Lannoo Publishers 5.875 x 8.25in. 128pp., 110 col. May 2022 $20.00/CDN$26.00 Paperback



Absolut Cuba Raúl Cañibano, Leonardo Padura Fuentes This beautiful book presents a selection of Cuban photographer Raúl Cañibano’s photographic oeuvre from nearly three decades. In these affectionate and astute photographs, he captures the heart and soul of Cuba. He seeks out Cubans as they are, in everyday situations, in their homes, on the streets, in the fields, and in the cities. In these images, the artist captures the eternal human drama: faith, old age, death, games, tenderness, love, anxiety, and a desire for beauty. His subjects appear as themselves in all their complexity, granting us a look into their inner lives.

9783903101807 Edition Lammerhuber 6.75 x 9.25in. 192pp., 100 b.&w Available $90.00/CDN$117.00 Hardcover English, German, Spanish

Circus Noir Oliver Stegmann Freedom, adventure, romance; a spellbound audience, bright-eyed children, rolling drums, a brass band playing lively music; intrepid acrobats in colorful costumes and garishly made-up clowns. The same old stereotypes about the world of the circus are trotted out on many occasions. Over a period spanning more than 15 years, the photographer Oliver Stegmann visited different circuses to take photos of what happens behind the curtains. His muted images attempt to break the usual stereotypes. Again and again, the photographer captured protagonists in moments of unawareness, showing scenes that the audience would normally never get to see from the edge of the ring. Circus Noir focuses on the true essence of what it means to work in a circus.

9783862069057 Verlag Kettler 8.25 x 11.75in. 112pp., 58 b.&w. January 2022 $58.00/CDN$75.50 Hardcover English, German

Fachwerkhäuser von Thomas Kellner Thomas Kellner, Andrea Gnam With his pictures of the half-timbered houses of the Siegen industrial area, Thomas Kellner has reminded us of the beauty of the everyday that surrounds us, and yet so often goes unnoticed. The pictures of the houses presented here inspire with their color refraction and artistically blurred backgrounds. These houses, which have become commonplace in the region, reveal themselves here as real works of art with their detailed slate-façades and well-kept exteriors.

9783949070105 Seltmann Publishers 9.5 x 12in. 53pp., 19 col. Available $29.95/CDN$38.95 Paperback English, German



Déjà View Martin Parr x The Anonymous Project Martin Parr, The Anonymous Project In a unique visual dialog, Déjà View brings together the work of beloved photographer Martin Parr, master of capturing the art in everyday existence, with The Anonymous Project’s archive of unidentified vintage slides, collected from across Europe and America. Surprising and delighting in their similarity, these affectionately matched images celebrate photography’s power to capture the small moments of humor, warmth, ennui and absurdity that are in fact our most important of all. The Anonymous Project is dedicated to collecting and preserving mid-century color slides from around the world. Started in 2017 by filmmaker Lee Shulman, the project brings to light Kodachrome memories that might otherwise be lost forever.

9781914314148 Hoxton Mini Press 6.125 x 8.125in. 144pp. December 2021 $29.95/CDN$38.95 Hardcover


Photography/Performing Arts

London Shop Fronts Emma J Page, Rachael Smith Walking through the streets of London provides a glorious miscellany of history and design, past shops that have stood for centuries and those that popped up just last week. This book is a visual celebration of the capital’s most interesting stores: a vibrant compendium filled with original photography and fascinating write-ups. It explores the artistry behind each façade’s unique signage, delves into the sites’ past lives and includes personal stories of ingenuity, community and resilience from London’s shopkeepers. For shops are no longer just somewhere we buy things – you can do that online, these days – but places to connect with others, browse creative objects and gather inspiration.

9781914314025 Hoxton Mini Press 6.25 x 7.875in. 288pp. Available $30.00/CDN$39.00 Hardcover

Around the Globe Behind the Scenes at Shakespeare’s Theatre Edited by Ed Behrens Shakespeare’s Globe is a reconstruction of the Globe Theatre, an Elizabethan playhouse for which Shakespeare wrote his plays, on the south bank of the Thames. The original theater was built in 1599 and demolished in 1644. Shakespeare’s Globe was founded by actor and director Sam Wanamaker, built close to the original theater and opened to the public in 1997. Around the Globe offers a unique view of the theater’s backstage life, props, wardrobe collections and rehearsal spaces, all captured by Angela Moore’s stunning photographs. Published for the casual visitor to the Globe as well as its ardent fans, this beautiful book will appeal to anyone who loves theater or history, or simply wants a piece of iconic London in their home.

9780995454668 Cultureshock 8.625 x 10.875in. 200pp., 80 col., 30 b.&w. June 2022 $48.00/CDN$62.50 Hardcover

Flower Shower Alexandra Sophie Alexandra Sophie’s powerful and award-winning photographic work narrates stories on being human, the human being in environmental contexts — interwoven through floral themes — and explores identity through subjects such as sexuality, feminism, and interrogations on what constitutes the ‘normal’ frontier. Alexandra’s award-winning photography has gained international recognition, featuring collaborations and covers with high-fashion clientele, such as Swarovski, Cacharel, Vogue, Vanity Fair, Elle, and Harper’s Bazaar UK, among many others; in 2018 Forbes named her as one to watch in its 30Under30 Europe profile. This highly illustrated book, which includes a preface written by Nathalie Colin (former Creative Director at Swarovski), comprises a lavish and rich portfolio of Alexandra’s photographic portraits that is inspirational, beautiful, contemporary, and colorful.

9781864709223 The Images Publishing Group 10 x 12in. 208pp. April 2022 $60.00/CDN$81.00 Hardcover

This stunning selection of thought-provoking images by award-winning photographer Alexandra Sophie is a lavishly curated, contemporary study on sensuality, femininity, the environment, and beauty.

Memory of Light Steen Evald The nude body is timeless. When removed from the historical context of clothes or surroundings, it becomes an eternal, abstract expression of humanity. In this series, Memory of Light, Steen Evald’s photography transforms the body into sculptural shapes, exploring the interplay of light, shadow and skin. The penetrating brilliance of white light is at once harsh and purifying, revealing the core principle behind Evald’s work: the evocative simplicity of the human form. There are no disturbing elements, no superfluous effects, no staging. Only this: the women, the light and the darkness. Through Memory of Light, Evald explores photography as an art form and the body as a canvas.

9781788841597 ACC Art Books 8.875 x 12.25in. 112pp., 50 col. May 2022 $40.00/CDN$50.00 Hardcover

In this artistic celebration of the nude female form, Steen Evald explores photography as an art form and the body as a canvas. Photography


Finding Shangri La Visions of Ladakh and Spiti Mahendra Singh Ancient adventurers have often spoken of a mystical land of perfect harmony and eternal bliss nestled in the forbidding remoteness of the Tibetan Plateau – the legendary Shangri La. In the local belief system, Shangri La may well not be a place at all but rather the mental state of a pure and exalted body, speech and mind. Fascinated by this concept, the photographer and author Mahendra Singh set out on his quest. The author traveled through some of the last surviving remnants of authentic Tibetan life found in the valleys of Ladakh and Spiti. He traveled through remote valleys, ventured across stark landscapes and visited the improbable green oases of human habitation, culture and religion, to bring together this comprehensive portrait of the region through his vivid photographs and meticulously researched text.

9788195124879 Roli Books 11.75 x 8.75in. 224pp., 164 col. March 2022 $49.95/CDN$64.95 Hardcover

This book takes the readers on a journey of discovery and reflection, and a little further along the path to finding their own Shangri La.

Monpas Buddhists of the High Himalayas Vinay Sheel Oberoi It began with a new camera, a retirement present from the author’s wife. The Kameng area in Arunachal Pradesh, familiar to the author’s family for over six decades, and the Monpa people provided the perfect subjects to indulge his interest in photography. Over time, the idea of a book firmed up, and the photographs coalesced into what was envisioned as a sensitive, not necessarily comprehensive, look at the Monpa way of life and their land, Monyul. The intent was not to be ethnographic or academic, but to portray the rapidly changing world of the Monpas. A meditative travelog in images that transforms into a thoughtful exploration, the book captures the lives of the people and the region. The author’s personal stories, interspersed throughout the book, tell of the Monpas’ hospitality and warmth, providing insight into the everyday lives of a spiritual community.

9788194425793 Roli Books 9 x 12in. 192pp. March 2022 $55.00/CDN$71.50 Hardcover



A meditative travelog in images that transforms into a thoughtful exploration, this book captures the lives of the people and the region.

Omar Victor Diop Renée Mussai Since 2012, Dakar-born Omar Victor Diop has been hailed by the art world for his stunning, color-saturated studio photography. His conceptual projects are primarily staged as beautifully costumed portraits and self-portraits, and focus on important historical figures and events from Black history and the African diaspora. In the three projects presented in this book, Diaspora (2014), Liberty (2017) and Allegory (2021), he revisits Black African history in poignant photographs that weave together the past and the present.

9788874399932 5 Continents Editions 9 x 12.25in. 96pp., 41 col. January 2022 $50.00/CDN$65.00 Hardcover English, French

Stunning, color-saturated, studio photographs by a Senegalese photographer whose costumed portraits and self-portraits reflect on the history of Black Africans and the African diaspora.

Hellbangers Pep Bonet, Steffan Chirazi, Rob Halford The Hellbangers are the enfants terribles of a sleepy, diamond-rich country. Photographer Pep Bonet (1974, Mallorca) has been following Overthrust, a heavy metal band from Botswana, Africa, and shows us a growing, exciting and thoroughly organic heavy metal community. Ten years ago, one group existed. Today there are more than ten – and their fans are growing every year. The inhabitants of Botswana portrayed in this book are tattooed, loudly and proudly dress in leather, and play heavy death metal music. This is the story of what looks at first to be an unlikely union, yet one which powerfully illustrates how music, how heavy metal music, has become a positively unifying force in an unlikely part of the world. With text contributions written by Pep Bonet and Steffan Chirazi, and a foreword by Rob Halford from Judas Priest.

9789463887885 Hannibal Publishers 6.75 x 8.625in. 128pp., 101 col. December 2021 $68.00/CDN$88.50 Hardcover

An amazing photobook about Hellbangers, Botswana’s underground metal culture.



Portraits Søren Rønholt We love them. Rock stars, movie stars, icons of the art world. And we love pictures of them. Most portraits we see today document our abstract ideas of what’s best and what’s worst - in them and in ourselves. That’s why they work. Portraiture as a means of artistic expression and human understanding remains important and vital. It is certainly a great aspect of Søren Rønholt’s work: the invisible dialog between the people he portrays and himself is undeniable. The majority of his portrayed characters may be famous, but that’s not the point. He uses every ounce of his empathy to create images of real people. Despite the clever, accentuating mood and strong, often monochromatic style – what he seeks is the truth behind the face.

9783949070112 Seltmann Publishers 7.25 x 9.75in. 164pp., 164 col. December 2021 $45.00/CDN$57.50 Hardcover

A beautiful, new linen hardcover portrait book by Søren Rønholt featuring photographs of rock stars, movie stars and icons of the art world – as you have never seen before.

World Press Photo 2022 World Press Photo Foundation The renowned World Press Photo Foundation (“Connecting the world to the stories that matter”) publishes a compilation of prize-winning press photographs each year. Carefully selected from thousands of entries, they present the most celebrated, powerful, moving, and often disturbing images from around the world, often putting a face on conflicts in far-flung places and reminding us of our shared humanity. The 2022 Yearbook, bringing together the best press photographs from 2021, will reflect the joy, anguish, and upheaval of this incredible year.

9789401482172 Lannoo Publishers 7.5 x 10in. 240pp., 200 col., 40 b.&w. April 2022 $34.95/CDN$45.00 Hardcover



2021’s best photojournalism compiled in one book, the most striking images and compelling stories of the year.

Discover England & Wales The Big Travel Book Edited by Monaco Books Discover England & Wales takes you to Medieval towns, picturesque villages, mysterious stone circles, mighty fortresses, magnificent cathedrals and modern urbanity.

Follow the Coast The Atlantic Coast from Knokke to Biarritz Charles Van Haverbeke An insider’s travel guide based on the Mare Nostrum Run, a relay race taking place over 3 years which covers 89,000 km of Northern European coastline.

Paris: On the Road Architecture Guides Edited by Federica Rasenti A new book in the On the Road series, exploring Paris, one of the most densely constructed cities in Europe, through its 20th and 21st century architecture.

9783969650318 Monaco Books 7.25 x 10.5in., 400pp., 750 col., December 2021 $35.00/CDN$45.00, Paperback

9789401476133 Lannoo Publishers 9.5 x 11.375in., 400pp., 580 col., March 2022 $50.00/CDN$65.00, Hardcover

9788855210805 Forma Edizioni 4.5 x 6.25in., 224pp., 97 col., 84 b.&w., June 2022 $25.50/CDN$33.00, Paperback

Istanbul: On the Road Architecture Guides Edited by Francesca Filosa

An Opinionated Guide to Kids’ London The Best of the Capital for 0–5s Text by Emmy Watts, photographs by Martin Usborne and David Post

An Opinionated Guide to Sweet London The Best Treats to Eat in Town Edited by Hoxton Mini Press

This well-researched guide to contemporary building design in Istanbul explores new architectural directions and urban development in Turkey’s largest and most visited city.

9788855210843 Forma Edizioni 4.5 x 6.25in., 224pp., 97 col., 84 b.&w., June 2022 $25.50/CDN$33.00, Paperback

A stylish insider’s guide to London’s best kid-friendly hangouts – which grown-ups will want to visit, too!

9781910566985 Hoxton Mini Press 4.375 x 6.375in., 160pp., December 2021 $12.95/CDN$16.95, Paperback

The UK capital’s 50 most delicious treatladen destinations, guaranteed to satisfy your sweet tooth.

9781910566886 Hoxton Mini Press 4.375 x 6.375in., 144pp., December 2021 $12.95/CDN$16.95, Paperback



111 Places in Philadelphia That You Must Not Miss Brandon Schultz

111 Places in Seattle That You Must Not Miss Harriet Baskas

111 Places in Denver That You Must Not Miss Philip Armour

Learn the secrets to discovering Philadelphia’s lesser-known treasures as you uncover its major contributions to the arts, sciences, history, and more with this insider’s guide.

Fueled by caffeine and powered by rain, Seattle is chock full of the odd, the unusual and the endearing. This book will lead you to its treasures.

Denver is the gateway to the American West — the region’s cultural, economic, and artistic hub. That spirit is reflected in each entry of this surprisingly creative travel book.

9783740813765 Emons Verlag 5.375 x 8.125in., 240pp., 111 col., August 2022 $23.95/CDN$29.95, Paperback

9783740812195 Emons Verlag 5.375 x 8.125in., 240pp., 111 col., July 2022 $23.95/CDN$29.95, Paperback

9783740812201 Emons Verlag 5.375 x 8.125in., 240pp., 111 col., August 2022 $23.95/CDN$29.95, Paperback

111 Places for Kids in New York That You Must Not Miss Evan Levy, Rachel Mazor

111 Places in Washington, DC That You Must Not Miss Andrea Seiger, photographs by John Dean

New York City is the place to be for kids — its incredible food, art, culture, and places to explore can be appreciated at any age. Read on for more!

Step away from the traditional highlights of the city to discover innumerable interesting and unknown sites, artifacts and other treats in Washington, DC.

111 Places in Boston That You Must Not Miss Heather Kapplow, Kim Windyka, photographs by Alyssa Wood

9783740812188 Emons Verlag 5.375 x 8.125in., 240pp., 111 col., April 2022 $23.95/CDN$29.95, Paperback

9783740815608 Emons Verlag 5.375 x 8.125in., 240pp., 111 col., April 2022 $20.00/CDN$29.95, Paperback



This guide to Boston takes you off the beaten path - and away from the Freedom Trail - to explore an unexpected side of the city. Revised edition.

9783740815585 Emons Verlag 5.375 x 8.125in., 240pp., 111 col., February 2022 $23.95/CDN$29.95, Paperback

111 Places in Palm Beach That You Must Not Miss Cristyle Wood Egitto, photographs by Jakob Takos

111 Places in Calgary That You Must Not Miss Jennifer Bain, photographs by Christina Ryan

111 Places Along Hadrian’s Wall That You Shouldn’t Miss David Taylor

A revised and updated edition of the ultimate insider’s guide to Palm Beach, featuring interesting and unusual places not found in traditional travel guides. Revised edition.

Calgary: so much weirder than people know! This book takes you on adventures across a city that is full of secrets and surprises. Revised edition.

A UNESCO world heritage site, Hadrian’s Wall is the largest and most important Roman site in Britain. This book will help you discover the quirkier corners of Hadrian’s Wall Country.

9783740814526 Emons Verlag 5.375 x 8.125in., 240pp., 111 col., Available $23.95/CDN$29.95, Paperback

9783740815592 Emons Verlag 5.375 x 8.125in., 240pp., 111 col., February 2022 $23.95/CDN$29.95, Paperback

9783740814250 Emons Verlag 5.375 x 8.125in., 240pp., 111 col., August 2022 $23.95/CDN$29.95, Paperback

111 Places in Bradford 111 Places in County That You Shouldn’t Miss Durham That You Cath Muldowney Shouldn’t Miss Elizabeth Atkin A fascinating insider’s guide to Step out from the shadow of Bradford for both locals and UNESCO-listed Durham Cathedral Bournemouth isn’t just the experienced travelers, taking to unveil this small city’s hidden beach in the UK. It’s also a depths – exploring the surrounding town brimming with history, art, in original Hockneys and the county’s historic towns, tiny villages beauty, nature and fun. Oh, and longest running folk club. and seaside spots. afternoon tea on a bus!

111 Places in Glasgow That You Shouldn’t Miss Tom Shields

9783740814274 Emons Verlag 5.375 x 8.125in., 240pp., 111 col., July 2022 $23.95/CDN$29.95, Paperback

9783740814885 Emons Verlag 5.375 x 8.125in., 240pp., 111 col., December 2021 $23.95/CDN$29.95, Paperback

111 Places in Bournemouth That You Shouldn’t Miss Katherine Bebo

9783740811662 Emons Verlag 5.375 x 8.125in., 240pp., 111 col., May 2022 $23.95/CDN$29.95, Paperback

9783740814267 Emons Verlag 5.375 x 8.125in., 240pp., 111 col., July 2022 $23.95/CDN$29.95, Paperback

Go off the beaten path to discover the hidden places, stories, and neighborhoods that reveal Glasgow’s true character, history, and flavor. Revised edition.



Hidden Brooklyn Katelijne De Backer, photography by Gabriel Flores A welcome addition to Luster’s Hidden series, focusing on Brooklyn, presenting the author’s favorite places – such as eateries with a view and the oldest houses in the neighborhood.

Hidden Iceland Michael Chapman Discover Iceland’s hidden gems and their most beautiful people and places by following in the footsteps of a local in this attractive, practical guide.

The 500 Hidden Secrets of Antwerp Derek Blyth A revised and updated edition, in the fabulous 500 Hidden Secrets series, discover the city’s best-kept secrets, with this practical guide to Antwerp’s’ finest places.

9789460583001 Luster 5 x 7in., 272pp., May 2022 $25.00/CDN$34.00, Paperback

9789460582653 Luster 5.125 x 7.125in., 272pp., 100 col., March 2022 $25.00/CDN$34.00, Paperback

9789460583025 Luster 4.75 x 7.125in., 256pp., 85 col., January 2022 $23.00/CDN$30.00, Paperback

The 500 Hidden Secrets of Barcelona Mark Cloostermans

The 500 Hidden Secrets of Brussels Derek Blyth

The 500 Hidden Secrets of Copenhagen Austin Sailsbury

Reveals hundreds of good-to-know addresses (where to go for tapas, vegetarian food, or cocktails?), avoiding the touristy places and pointing out details you are likely to miss. Revised edition.

A practical guide to discover Brussels’ finest places, buildings, restaurant, shops, museums, neighborhoods, parks, hotels, cafés and art. Revised and updated edition.

A new edition in the successful series of city guides, this is an insider’s guide to Copenhagen’s most interesting places, buildings, restaurants, shops, museums, galleries, neighborhoods, gardens and cafes.

9789460583070 Luster 4.75 x 7.125in., 256pp., 80 col., May 2022 $25.00/CDN$33.00, Paperback

9789460583032 Luster 4.75 x 7.125in., 256pp., 60 col., January 2022 $23.00/CDN$30.00, Paperback

9789460583049 Luster 4.75 x 7.125in., 256pp., 80 col., May 2022 $25.00/CDN$33.00, Paperback



The 500 Hidden Secrets of Ghent Derek Blyth

The 500 Hidden Secrets of Lisbon Miguel Júdice

The 500 Hidden Secrets of Los Angeles Andrea Richards

Packed with accessible, easy-to-read information, maps, itineraries, sections on food & drink, accommodation, greenspaces, museums, galleries and shops; an essential resource for the inquisitive traveler. Revised edition.

An inspirational and practical guide to Lisbon’s finest and most interesting places, buildings, restaurants, shops, museums, galleries, neighborhoods, gardens and cafes. Revised edition.

A new edition in Luster’s successful and practical series of city guides, providing an insider’s guide to Los Angeles, with 500 must-know addresses. Revised edition.

9789460583018 Luster 4.75 x 7.125in., 256pp., 100 col., January 2022 $23.00/CDN$30.00, Paperback

9789460583056 Luster 4.75 x 7.125in., 256pp., 80 col., May 2022 $25.00/CDN$33.00, Paperback

9789460583094 Luster 4.75 x 7.125in., 256pp., 100 col., May 2022 $25.00/CDN$33.00, Paperback

The 500 Hidden Secrets of Milan Silvia Frau

The 500 Hidden Secrets of Paris Marie Farman

Belgian Café Culture Regula Ysewijn

500 reasons to book a city trip to Milan! True local and journalist Silvia Frau shares in this affectionate guide 500 favorite places in her hometown. Revised edition.

For tourists who want to avoid the tourist spots, and for residents who want to get to know their city better, this handy little guide is eminently useful. Revised edition.

A nostalgic look at the most beautiful traditional cafes in Belgium and the stories they harbor - their owners, customers, and history.

9789460583124 Luster 4.75 x 7.125in., 264pp., 58 col., May 2022 $25.00/CDN$33.00, Paperback

9789460583063 Luster 4.75 x 7.125in., 256pp., 150 col., May 2022 $25.00/CDN$33.00, Paperback

9789460582950 Luster 6.75 x 9.5in., 224pp., January 2022 $30.00/CDN$40.50, Hardcover



“Forget ordinary stationery! teNeues, the luxury German publisher, transforms notecards, journals, puzzles and even clipboards into works of art, with its latest line up highlighting paintings by celebrated names such as Vincent Van Gogh, Frida Kahlo, Jean-Michel Basquiat and Claude Monet.” – Life & Style Magazine

Gardens, Gustav Klimt QuickNotes teNeues Publishers This notecard box holds 20 full color cards with 20 classic white envelopes. 4 notecard styles are included, with artwork by Gustav Klimt, all wrapped up in a box with magnetized lid.

9781623258955 teNeues Publishing 6 x 4.5in., 20pp., 4 col., February 2022 $12.95/CDN$14.95, Notecards, boxed



Flower Garden, Gustav Klimt 500-Piece Puzzle teNeues Publishers

Flower Garden, Gustav Klimt A5 Notebook teNeues Publishers

Packaged in durable, compact boxes, this 500-Piece Puzzle features full-color artwork by Gustav Klimt, expertly-printed with nontoxic inks on sturdy, puzzle greyboard.

This soft-covered paperback notebook has full-color artwork on the front and back cover by Austrian symbolist painter, Gustav Klimt, characterized by luxurious, radiant color.

9781623258931 teNeues Publishing 6 x 7.75in., 500pp., 1 col., February 2022 $13.99/CDN$15.99, Jigsaw puzzle

9781623258948 teNeues Publishing 5.75 x 8.25in., 140pp., February 2022 $9.95/CDN$11.95, Notebook, paperback

Variegation in the Triangle, Vasily Kandinsky Notecard Set teNeues Publishers

Variegation in the Triangle, Vasily Kandinsky 500-Piece Puzzle teNeues Publishers

Vasily Kandinsky (Russian, 1866–1944) was one of the great pioneers of abstract art. This Notecard Set contains full color thank you cards that feature foil accented designs.

Packaged in durable, compact boxes, this 500-Piece Puzzles features full-color artwork by Vasily Kandinsky, expertlyprinted with nontoxic inks on sturdy, puzzle greyboard.

9781623258962 teNeues Publishing 5.25 x 4.5in., 10pp., 1 col., February 2022 $9.95/CDN$11.95, Notecards

9781623258979 teNeues Publishing 6 x 7.75in., 500pp., 1 col., February 2022 $13.99/CDN$15.99, Jigsaw puzzle

100 Places in Berlin Sarah Eick Photos of Germany’s capital city as it’s never been seen before, now available in 100 tear-out postcards. These beautiful postcards, packed in a linen-covered box, showcase well-known and iconic places — such as Fehrbelliner Platz, Kino International, the water circulation tank at the zoo, the Old Congress Hall, and the Charité high-rise, — presents the city in an unconventional, unusual – but beautiful — light. Every postcard can be torn out without damaging the other content.

9783949070143 Seltmann Publishers 5.9 x 4.3in. 100pp., 100 col. March 2022 $32.50/CDN$42.00 Postcard book English, German

The Blooming Book One Hundred Postcards Nicolas Mériel

Why Are You Creative? 100 Great Answers Hermann Vaske, Oliver Seltmann

Taking inspiration from photographic pioneers such as Karl Blossfeldt and snowflakes photographer Wilson Bentley, as well as Japanese floral artist Makoto Azuma, Andy Warhol, or even Pedro Almodovar, this set of postcards is based on over 10,000 stunning floral close-ups.

As part of a personal quest, director Hermann Vaske explored the genius behind the world’s most intriguing artists and thinkers. His interview partners were luminaries, including Academy Award and Nobel Prize winners, from the fields of visual art, music, acting, philosophy, politics, business and science, posing the question: “Why are you creative?” All of the participants — including Helmut Newton, Nick Cave, David Hockney, Jean Paul Gaultier, Vivienne Westwood, Yoko Ono, Neil Young, Steven Spielberg and Damien Hisrt — also created an artifact for the project. 100 of the most interesting, fascinating answers are compiled in this postcard book.

The photos reveal rarely noticed details that are full of architectural sophistication and filigree splendor. Each shot is a striking piece of art. Each postcard can be torn out smoothly, without damaging the other content, and book is finished in linen.

9783949070136 Seltmann Publishers 6 x 4.25in. 100pp., 100 col. March 2022 $32.50/CDN$42.00 Postcard book

9783949070068 Seltmann Publishers 6 x 4.25in. 100pp., 100 col. March 2022 $32.50/CDN$42.00 Postcard book



9781864708615 The Images Publishing Group 9 x 10.5in. 272pp. Available $50.00/CDN$67.50 Hardcover

9781788840781 ACC Art Books 7.5 x 9in. 200pp., 200 col. February 2022 $45.00/CDN$60.00 Paperback

Beautiful Beach Houses Living in Stunning Coastal Escapes Foreword by Mark Bullivant

Beauty of China Show the World Zhu Zheqin (Dadawa)

Beautiful Beach Houses showcases more than 30 designs from around the world, and provides a glimpse into smart contemporary living in homes that take full advantage of coastal environments. Lavishly illustrated with full-color images of award-winning architecture combined with spectacular views, this curated list brings together the most recent designs from highly regarded architects to produce the best examples of contemporary beach house residential design.

Zhu Zheqin, also known as Dadawa, is a well-known Chinese singer, artist, philanthropist, and entrepreneur. In her travels throughout China, she met many local artisans whose work had no platform from which to reach the wider world. This well-illustrated book tells her story, and that of the KANJIAN Creation design label she founded in 2009, through which she has discovered and encouraged young Chinese craftsmen and provided them with new opportunities and exposure.

9781788841092 ACC Art Books 11.25 x 11.25in. 280pp. June 2022 $95.00/CDN$128.50 Hardcover

Yewn Contemporary Jewels and the Silk Road Juliet de la Rochefoucauld, Dickson Yewn Dickson Yewn is the quintessential modern-day literatus. His contemporary jewelry is a crystallization of thousands of years of Chinese material history. To wear a contemporary jewel by Dickson Yewn is to delve back into China’s works of art and its history, blended with a contemporary twist. This new monograph of his work details the inspiration Yewn has drawn from the Imperial court, exploring its influence on the art of jewelry, from silks, embroidery, painting, architecture and cloisonné enamel to courtesan culture. 76

Reprint/Previously Announced

9788833670560 Officina Libraria 4.5 x 7.5in. 144pp., 7 col. February 2022 $22.50/CDN$30.50 Hardcover

The Book of Tea Okakura Kakuzo, translated by Gian Carlo Calza The Book of Tea (1906) by Okakura Kakuzo has long become a classic. Its title notwithstanding, the book is not a manual on tea. Rather it is an essay, better a hymn, to culture, aesthetics and the spirit of tea as a symbol, a paradigm, of the Asian soul. This new edition has an important apparatus of over 200 notes to explain the contents of the book and supply all the information needed to understand it fully — something that so far has never been done.

Faces of Africa

The Jaguar Book

The Luxury of Private Aviation

The Watch Book Rolex

9783961713592 teNeues Publishing $125.00/CDN$169.00 Hardcover English, German

9783961712649 teNeues Publishing $75.00/CDN$100.00 Hardcover

9783961713745 teNeues Publishing $95.00/CDN$128.50 Hardcover English, French, German

Vinyl World

6 Months in the Fridge


Fearless Females

9783961713639 teNeues Publishing $45.00/CDN$60.00 Hardcover English, German

9783961713493 teNeues Publishing $45.00/CDN$60.00 Hardcover English, German

9783961713073 teNeues Publishing $45.00/CDN$60.00 Hardcover English, German

9783961713516 teNeues Publishing $55.00/CDN$74.00 Hardcover English, German

Deity’s Likeness

Selected Works


9783961713714 teNeues Publishing $125.00/CDN$169.00 Hardcover English, French, German, Russian

9783961713752 teNeues Publishing $85.00/CDN$115.00 Hardcover

9783961713660 teNeues Publishing $65.00/CDN$88.00 Hardcover

9783961713455 teNeues Publishing $95.00/CDN$128.50 Hardcover English, German

teNeues Fall 2021



American Cowboys

An American Renaissance

Andy Gotts

Forever Elizabeth

9781864709186 The Images Publishing Group $80.00/CDN$108.00 Hardcover

9781864706819 The Images Publishing Group $135.00/CDN$175.00 Hardcover

9781788841429 ACC Art Books $75.00/CDN$100.00 Hardcover

9781788841337 ACC Art Books $65.00/CDN$88.00 Hardcover


Homes for Nomads

Winter Homes

Alice Neel

9781788841412 ACC Art Books $40.00/CDN$54.00 Hardcover

9789401477437 Lannoo Publishers $55.00/CDN$74.00 Hardcover English, Dutch, French

9781864708660 The Images Publishing Group $40.00/CDN$54.00 Hardcover

9781788841443 ACC Art Books $50.00/CDN$67.50 Hardcover

County Fair

150 Bars You Need to Visit Before You Die

For the Love of Pets


9781864709179 The Images Publishing Group $45.00/CDN$60.00 Hardcover

9789401449120 Lannoo Publishers $34.95/CDN$47.50 Hardcover

9781864708998 The Images Publishing Group $35.00/CDN$45.00 Hardcover

9788874399284 5 Continents Editions $65.00/CDN$88.00 Hardcover

ACC Best Sellers

Bruce Springsteen: Live in the Heartland

Bond: Photographed by Terry O’Neill


The Joy of Dahlias

9781788841191 ACC Art Books $45.00/CDN$60.00 Hardcover

9781788840729 ACC Art Books $65.00/CDN$88.00 Hardcover

9789089898593 Lannoo Publishers $30.00/CDN$40.00 Hardcover

9789089898258 Lannoo Publishers $39.95/CDN$53.95 Hardcover

Surf Tribe

High Tide, A Surf Odyssey

Tree Houses

Old Homes, New Life

9789492677365 Hannibal Publishers $75.00/CDN$100.00 Hardcover

9789089896544 Lannoo Publishers $65.00/CDN$88.00 Hardcover

9781864708837 The Images Publishing Group $40.00/CDN$54.00 Hardcover

9781916355408 Triglyph Books $65.00/CDN$88.00 Hardcover

Roaming America

Jean-Michel Basquiat

Urban Jungle: Living and Styling with Plants

111 Places in Women’s History in Washington That You Must Not Miss

9789401453486 Lannoo Publishers $49.99/CDN$67.50 Hardcover

9782072801532 Editions Gallimard $60.00/CDN$81.00 Hardcover

9783766722447 Callwey $35.00/CDN$48.00 Hardcover

9783740812171 Emons Verlag $20.00/CDN$27.00 Paperback

ACC Best Sellers


9783949070181 Seltmann Publishers 4.5 x 6.25in. 365pp., 365 col. September 2022 $28.95/CDN$37.50 Calendar

9783949070198 Seltmann Publishers 4.5 x 6.25in. 365pp., 365 col. September 2022 $28.95/CDN$37.50 Calendar

The Art of Vinyl Covers 2023 Bernd Jonkmanns, Oliver Seltmann

The Art of Jazz Covers Bernd Jonkmanns, Oliver Seltmann

Vinyl records and record stores are currently experiencing a revival, and so the artfully designed covers of the past decades are coming back, presenting real music and design history in an inspiring way. This is the fifth edition of the tear-off calendar, with 365 vinyl covers from the last five decades. In addition to the daily music inspirations and eye candies, all responsible cover photographers, illustrators and art directors are mentioned. With the included Spotify Codes, every album can be listened to immediately and anywhere.

The 365 most legendary jazz classics in one calendar. Vinyl records and record stores are currently experiencing a revival and the artistically designed covers of the past decades are brought to the fore once again. For this perpetual tear-off calendar, we have selected 365 of the most legendary jazz covers from the past four decades. An absolute must-have for all vinyl jazz lovers! With the included Spotify Codes, every album can be listened to immediately and anywhere.

9783949070204 Seltmann Publishers 3.5 x 4.25in. 365pp., 365 col. September 2022 $32.50/CDN$42.50 Calendar

9783949070211 Seltmann Publishers 3.5 x 4.25in. 365pp., 365 b.&w. September 2022 $32.50/CDN$42.50 Calendar

Photodarium 2023 Lars Harmsen, Raban Ruddigkeit, Oliver Seltmann, Boris Kahl

Photodarium Private 2023 Lars Harmsen, Raban Ruddigkeit, Oliver Seltmann, Boris Kahl

365 times, this calendar shows snapshots by well-known photographers and newcomers, professionals and individuals. On the front of each calendar page there is an analog instantphoto in original size, finished with high-quality lacquer finish creating a true polaroid feeling. On the back is a little text to the emergence of a picture and information about the photographer and the film used.

This tear-off calendar reveals uncensored instant images with an artistic approach to nudity. Day after day a new erotic, nude or cheeky instant-picture is uncovered. On the front of each calendar page there is an analog instant-photo in original size, finished with high-quality lacquer finish creating a true polaroid feeling. On the back is a little text to the emergence of a picture and information about the photographer and the film used. The private edition has a sticker sheet for personal censorship.



The Glass House Coloring Book Scott Drevnig, foreword by Paul Goldberger, drawings by David Wallace Crotty, cover design by Vik Muniz Experience the iconic Glass House Philip Johnson’s modernist home in New Canaan, Connecticut - in a fun new way in The Glass House Coloring Book. Three dozen black-and-white illustrations capture the architectural highlights of Johnson’s visionary mid-century glass-and-steel pavilion, which ushered the International Style into residential American architecture. Each illustration is accompanied by the photograph that inspired it, along with caption information detailing its historical and aesthetic significance. Landscape and design elements include furniture by Ludwig Mies van der Rohe, the chain link Ghost House, and the skylit Sculpture Gallery. Fascinating to read and relaxing to color, the book makes a wonderful keepsake and gift idea for architecture enthusiasts and colorists of all ages.

9780977787579 Pointed Leaf Press 8.5 x 11in. 96pp., 36 b.&w. January 2022 $34.95/CDN$45.00 Paperback Non-returnable

British Furniture 1820 to 1920 The Luxury Market Christopher Payne British Furniture 1820 to 1920 is the first book on the subject for several decades and the only book ever published to span the century from 1820 through to 1920. It is a landmark publication and arguably the first book to properly assess British furniture design through the whole of the Victorian era. It goes further than any book has attempted before by filling in important research particular for the latter half of the century. Christopher Payne considers each decade, adding important new research and building a huge archive of text and images.

Nature at Heart For a better world Gérard Bertrand Gérard Bertrand decided he wished to relate his life journey and share his commitment to nature. Drawing on his experience as both a wine grower and a business leader, he demonstrates how the harmony of ecosystems, respect for nature and the preservation of living soils can be the pillars of a new paradigm, creating the conditions for a more balanced life and bringing hope for future generations. In this book, he also analyzes how society is changing, and invites the reader to put fear aside and “dare” – in spite of the prevailing climate – to practice altruism, brotherhood, and an opening of the heart.

The book contains in excess of 1000 color photographs and also an important compendium of makers names and details.

9781788841740 ACC Art Books 9.625 x 11.375in. 608pp. July 2022 $175.00/CDN$227.50 Hardback

9781788841764 ACC Art Books 5.875 x 8.875in. 188pp., 7 b.&w. February 2022 $23.95/CDN$30.95 Paperback

Architecture/Health/Antiques & Collectibles


Danish Porcelain Royal Copenhagen and Bing & Grøndahl Dr. Elliot Todd This detailed two-volume set offers an unparalleled scholarly insight into the history of Danish porcelain. Developed over the past 20 years, this is the first comprehensive publication to critically review the history of the two main factories - Royal Copenhagen and Bing & Grøndahl, from their beginnings to their eventual merger. Featuring detailed appendices and almost 2000 pictures, these two volumes provide an informative guide to the history of Danish porcelain, including the many technical and artistic successes of the late 1880s that revolutionized production worldwide. Danish Porcelain was inspired by a two-generation collection of porcelain, stoneware and faience from Royal Copenhagen and Bing & Grøndahl, initially gathered by the author’s father in 1947.

9781788841504 ACC Art Books 9.375 x 11.375in. 900pp. July 2022 $175.00/CDN$227.50 Hardback, 2 vols, slipcase


Antiques & Collectibles

Art Underfoot The Nazmiyal Collection Jason Nazmiyal, Elisabeth Parker, Markus Voigt In New York, Jason Nazmiyal has a rug collection like no other. For the past three decades, interior designers and collectors have flocked to his Manhattan gallery to source art for the floor, be it a treasured antique classical carpet, an elegant Art Deco rug, or a Scandinavian minimalist piece. This book delves into the history of the handmade carpet across the world, before looking at the many ways rugs can be used to bring together interiors in a variety of styles. With stunning interior photography and full of practical advice for the professional decorator as well as the amateur enthusiast, this publication is a useful and beautiful addition to the library of anyone with an interest in interior decoration.

9781898113980 Hali Publications Ltd 9.625 x 12.5in. 256pp., 200 col. March 2022 $75.00/CDN$97.50 Hardback

Max Schanz: Spielzeug Gestalten im Erzgebirge Edited by Sabine Rommel, Mathias Zahn The leaping deer from the range of wooden toys from the Seiffen region is an international symbol in the gleaming eyes of children and collectors alike. It was designed by Max Schanz (1895–1953), who as a teacher and director of the Spielwarenfachschule [Technical College for Toys] informed the production of toys in the Erz Mountains. His designs were implemented through the division of labor in family-oriented cottage industries, achieving the standards set by the Werkbund [German Work Federation] for attractive aesthetic and professional production: from small carol singers to six-meter-high Christmas pyramids, all basic components were turned on the lathe and thus display the design idiom typical of Seiffen. Max Schanz portrays a significant chapter in German design history, from the late Empire, through the Weimar Republic and National Socialist rule, to the early GDR.

9783897906501 Arnoldsche art Publishers 10.375 x 8.875in. 208pp., 324 col. February 2022 $60.00/CDN$78.00 Paperback German, Non-returnable

The Story of British Tea Chests and Caddies Social History and Decorative Techniques Edited by Anne Stevens, Kate Richenburg, Gillian Walkling Tea was introduced to Britain in the 1650s. Its popularity burgeoned over the following two-and-a-half centuries, until it became a defining feature of British culture. Drawing inspiration from China, British craftsmen developed a huge variety of canisters and lockable containers for storing and preserving this precious commodity. This book brings together a great range of decorative antique tea containers, presenting them alongside detailed historical research conducted into their making and their place in British society across the centuries. It also explores the materials and techniques employed. With historical art showing tea’s integration into British society, examples of old trade cards and original designs, and a wealth of illustrations of the objects themselves, this is a must-buy book for historians, collectors and those interested in the decorative arts.

9781788841467 ACC Art Books 9.375 x 11.75in. 432pp., 850 col. March 2022 $65.00/CDN$88.00 Hardback

Art Déco - France Amérique du Nord Emmanuel Bréon With the International Exhibition of Modern Decorative and Industrial Arts in 1925, Art Deco seduced the world. From New York to Paris, the press celebrated this event which permanently imposes this universal style. This book reveals a reciprocal relationship between the USA and France, which is illustrated in the architecture and ornamentation of skyscrapers as well as in cinema, fashion, press, sport... Thirtyseven texts and 350 illustrations make it possible to discover the unique links that unite France and America, from the Statue of Liberty by Bartholdi to the Streamline which succeeds Art Deco.

9782376660385 Editions Norma 9.5 x 11.375in. 304pp., 200 col., 150 b.&w. February 2022 $65.00/CDN$85.00 Hardback French, Non-returnable

The Splendour of Jade The Songzhutang Collection of Jade Thomas Fok The 162 master pieces of jade are collected by the owner of Songzhutang, Mr. Thomas T. Fok. This collection covers both Chinese jades of archaic periods and of the later Ming/Qing dynasties. Jades can be excavated, or never been buried underground showing different qualities and this collection shows good examples of both. The collection spans the Neolithic to the Qing periods, including typical representative samples of successive eras through the passage of time; it should be recognized as a systematic collection with a direction because it does exemplify the significant historical stages in the evolution of jade production, and specimens of master pieces with fine carvings and good quality of jade.

9789627502784 CA Book Publishing 10 x 12.75in. 207pp., 423 col. Available $105.00/CDN$136.50 Hardback English, Chinese

Antiques & Collectibles/Architecture


An Extraordinary Survivor The Story of Sytin House, Moscow Clementine Cecil

Henri Quillé Formentera Guy Bloch-Champfort

Sytin House was built in Moscow in 1803 by Brigadier Andrei Sytin to be his city residence. Built from wood but disguised to look like stone, a peculiarity of the Russian building tradition, it was a typical house for a member of the gentry class. The Sytin family moved in just a few years before the fire of Moscow in 1812 that devastated most of the city, but, amazingly, not this house, that is to this day an extraordinary survivor, one of only a handful of such houses left in Moscow. Nestled between two of Moscow’s main streets, it has been recently triumphantly restored, and is today a witness of over 200 years of the city’s architectural history.

Graduated from Ecole Boulle and ENSAD, Henri Quillé (1928-2020), settled on the island of Formentera (Balearic Islands) in 1972. There, he built for a mainly international clientele 30 houses of great consistency and is part of both principles derived from vernacular know-how and in those of the great masters of modernity. A pioneer of ecological housing, he will build a dozen self-sufficient houses. With the architects Felix Julbe and Raimon Torres, he collaborated on the regulatory plan and planning work on the island of Formentera from 1973 to 1976. Combining plans, period photographs and contemporary shots, this book allows this architect and his houses to be given their rightful place in the history of 20th century architecture.

9781906257439 Fontanka Publishers 8.25 x 10.25in. 208pp., 15 col., 45 b.&w. July 2022 $25.00/CDN$33.00 Paperback English, Russian

9782376660507 Editions Norma 9 x 12in. 192pp., 200 col., 100 b.&w. June 2022 $65.00/CDN$85.00 Hardback English, French



The Vendôme Column David Bordes, Jean-Paul Nerrière, Jean Tulard, Laurent Baridon, Christophe Bottineau In 2015, the Vendôme column regained its initial splendor thanks to a long restoration campaign supported by the Vendôme committee and particularly the Ritz. During the dismantling of the scaffolding, David Bordes took exceptional shots of all the column plates. Published here for the first time, these 450 photographs form a fascinating and totally new corpus: the details of the battle scenes, the military costumes, the landscapes which constitute the setting of the battle of Austerlitz allow one to discover the column as it had never been revealed.

9782376660545 Editions Norma 9.5 x 14.125in. 280pp. March 2022 $95.00/CDN$123.50 Hardback

Beyond Bold: Inspiration, Collaboration, Evolution Eric Groft, Sheila Brady, Lisa Delplace, Tom Christopher Beyond Bold: Inspiration, Collaboration, Evolution follows the ‘Next Generation’ of leadership at Oehme van Sweden, a landscape architecture firm that’s been creating extraordinary outdoor spaces for nearly 50 years. With 320 pages of vibrant photographs, detailed project plans, and first-hand commentary from principals Sheila Brady, Lisa Delplace, and Eric Groft, the book is a one-of-a-kind record of OvS’ history and evolution. From private gardens and pools to the expansive Tippet Rise Art Center in rural Montana to urban oases like the Chicago and New York Botanical Gardens, the projects featured in this book are masterpieces of both horticulture and hardscape. Beyond Bold: Inspiration, Collaboration, Evolution is an image-rich study of some of the most geographically and stylistically diverse landscape projects by the top players in the industry.

9780977787586 Pointed Leaf Press 9 x 12in. 320pp. April 2022 $85.00/CDN$110.00 Hardback Non-returnable

Gender Gap Edited by Laura Andreini Gender Gap, curated by Laura Andreini, documents an exhibition of projects and maquettes by 20 international female architects. Created in conjunction with “The Architect’s Table”, a series of events held at the Museo Novecento in Florence in 2021, the architects featured here address the personal challenges they have encountered in the course of their careers in a field where men are still the predominant players, and offer their observations on women in architecture in the 21st century. In separate chapters, the show highlights work by Carmen Andriani, Sandy Attia, Cristina Celestino, Izaskun Chinchilla, Maria Claudia Clemente, Isotta Cortesi, Elizabeth Diller, Lina Ghothmeh, Carla Juaçaba, Fuesanta Nieto, Simona Ottieri, Carme Pigem, Guendalina Salimei, Marella Santangelo, Maria Alessandra Segantini, Benedetta Tagliabue, Monica Tricario, Patricia Viel, Paola Viganò and Laura Andreini, curator of the exhibition and catalogue.

9788855210874 Forma Edizioni 5.875 x 9.5in. 144pp., 36 col., 3 b.&w June 2022 $20.00/CDN$26.00 Paperback

Arassociati Milanese Architecture Anna Mainoli This book illustrates the extensive design and construction work in Milan over the past 20 years by the notable Milanese architectural firm ARAssociati. This award-winning firm has been involved in a wide range of projects, including new construction in the residential, hospitality, office and retail sectors, as well as work on prestigious historic buildings. Projects in the historical heart of the city are counterbalanced by those in the new areas of Milan, which is undergoing a transformation to a multicentric metropolis. The result is an expertise based on a deeply rooted knowledge of the city and its history, sensitive to the context and stratification over time, allowing the firm to retrace and map out the large-scale transformations that have changed and are still changing the face of Milan.

9788855210904 Forma Edizioni 9.5 x 11.75in. 240pp., 100 col., 30 b.&w. June 2022 $70.00/CDN$91.00 Hardback English, Italian



a+u 21:04, 607 Feature: Mecanoo Edited by A+U Publishing The a+u April issue is a monograph with Mecanoo, a distinguished Dutch architecture office, founded in 1984. Tracing back to their roots in the Netherlands, Mecanoo’s early housing projects revealed the strong social agenda they have as “they forge a trail through people, place and purpose to that poetry” through their designs, described in an essay by founding partner, Francine Houben. The firm now operates under the direction of Francine who believes that “architecture must appeal to all the senses”. This publication provides a comprehensive review of Meccano’s work in the last 30 years divided into 2 distinct sections – the first is a foundation of projects by Mecanoo in their native country, and the second features works that define their influence outside of the Netherlands.

9784900212626 Shinkenchiku-Sha Co., Ltd 8.5 x 11.5in. 184pp. Available $40.00/CDN$50.00 Paperback English, Japanese, Non-returnable



a+u 21:05, 608 S-MAO SanchoMadridejos Architecture Office Edited by A+U Publishing a+u’s May issue features the work of SanchoMadridejos Architecture Office (S-MAO). Based in Madrid, Spain and established in 1982 by Juan Carlos Sancho and Sol Madridejos, the office has developed a nuanced and committed practice rooted in investigations in plastic arts and aesthetic theory. An essay by their close friends, Antón García-Abril and Débora Mesa, reveals the deeper origins to S-MAO’s approach and describes how their trials and investigations have yielded “new processes in engineering, new construction systems, and a new language.” An ensemble of 20 projects, framed according to two investigative themes, are featured in this monograph, supported by axonometric diagrams and concept models. The multiple views of early study models convey the obsessive search for an “original space,” as described by García-Abril and Mesa, where structure, envelope, and shape come together.

9784900212633 Shinkenchiku-Sha Co., Ltd 8.5 x 11.5in. 176pp. Available $40.00/CDN$50.00 Paperback English, Japanese, Non-returnable

a+u 21:06, 609 Feature: Shigeru Ban Edited by A+U Publishing This issue features the work of Shigeru Ban. Established in 1985, Shigeru Ban Architects has been pursuing innovative structures and construction methods based on clear concepts. Twenty-five projects spanning the 2 decades since Expo 2000 Hanover, drawn entirely from outside Japan, are presented here. The issue features two essays, one by Michael Webb describing Ban’s early career, his design strategy and inspiration. And an essay by Frei Otto on Shigeru Ban’s use of experimental materials and on their history of collaboration. Numerous sketches reveal how Ban’s architectural thinking develops across scales. In this volume, competition proposals are featured alongside his built works – whether using his famous paper tubes, wood, or steel – to draw out the continuities between each work, while focusing on materiality as the organizing theme.

9784900212640 Shinkenchiku-Sha Co., Ltd 8.5 x 11.5in. 176pp. Available $40.00/CDN$50.00 Paperback English, Japanese, Non-returnable

a+u 21:07, 610 Feature: House Looking into the World Edited by A+U Publishing a+u’s July issue features the work of six architectural practices from around the world, each providing a statement on the meaning of life, place, and form. In addition to our guest editor, Go Hasegawa, who is based in Tokyo, they are: 6a architects (London), Vector Architects (Beijing), MOS (New York), adamo-faiden (Buenos Aires), and HARQUITECTES (Barcelona). In her keynote essay, Giovanna Borasi discusses the evolving concept of lifecycle and work, new models of co-living, and “the misalignment between new societal needs and the architecture that houses them,” upholding the attitude of the architects featured. She describes these practices as advancing “an architecture that is not overly prescriptive in how we live, but instead frames it.” These six statements offer a timely reflection on residential design at a time of tremendous change.

9784900212657 Shinkenchiku-Sha Co., Ltd 8.5 x 11.5in. 168pp. Available $40.00/CDN$50.00 Paperback English, Japanese, Non-returnable

a+u 21:08, 611 Feature: Nenia Project – Smiljan Radic Edited by A+U Publishing

a+u 21:09, 612 Feature: Urban Science and New Design Tools Edited by A+U Publishing

This August issue of a+u features the work of Chilean architect Smiljan Radic. The monograph opens with Nenia Project – a memoir by Radic – divulging to us the amazing imaginaries, visions of the past and future, that drive his architectural desires. Nenia Project is a collection of metaphorical manifestos and Radical Architecture artifacts that have equipped Radic with “subversive artistic strategies” and “scores for objectbased works.” On these pages we discover the mysteries behind Radic’s “conceptual approach in his own buildings,” as described in an essay by Fredi Fischli and Niels Olsen. Perhaps, as Ryue Nishizawa conjectures in his essay, Radic’s “designs are poetic because they exist in, or aim for, a state of freedom from meaning.” Twenty-five key projects ranging from sculptures to buildings, all produced between 2010 and 2021, are presented here along with Radic’s own conceptual drawings and paintings.

The September issue of a+u is devoted to new technologies in urban science and their applications in settings that range from the aesthetics of urban spaces to participatory democracy and public health. The question posed to our guest editor, Yuji Yoshimura, is how these technologies will change the ways in which architects shape urban spaces. Projects from Barcelona, which has been at the forefront of using these new tools at the municipal level, are presented alongside recent efforts in the United States and Japan, covering not only “the physical aspects of cities”, but also “the systems and public-private platforms that have made them possible, and how cities can consider the issue of privacy.” We discover how information can be gathered, visualized, and used as a communication and design tool to plan a liveable city, often with the government and citizens in partnership.

9784900212664 Shinkenchiku-Sha Co., Ltd 8.5 x 11.5in. 192pp. Available $40.00/CDN$50.00 Paperback English, Japanese, Non-returnable

9784900212688 Shinkenchiku-Sha Co., Ltd 8.5 x 11.5in. 168pp. Available $40.00/CDN$50.00 Paperback English, Japanese, Non-returnable



a+u 21:10, 613 Marie-José Van Hee architecten Edited by A+U Publishing

Architecture Asia: ARCASIA Awards for Architecture 2021 Professor WU, Dr. Li Xiangning

a+u’s October issue features 18 projects, ranging from private residences to urban plazas, by architect Marie-José Van Hee, whose practice is based in Ghent, Belgium. Working almost entirely in Flanders, Van Hee creates architectural works that are intensely personal, as an extension of her aesthetic passion, which also encompasses cooking, literature, and fashion. The projects presented here all begin with an aerial photograph of the broader site context alongside Van Hee’s sketches. These sketches, or rather black drawings, are layers of pencil lines drawn on top of each other. They communicate the architectural images that Van Hee visualizes as “her hand mediates between the mental images and the spatial projections on a sheet of paper” and “negotiate between her imagination and the constrictions of our physical world while she juggles different scales simultaneously,” as described in the introduction by Sam De Vocht.

The ARCASIA Awards for Architecture is an annual award established by the Architects Regional Council Asia to recognize the outstanding architectural works of Asian architects.

9784900212695 Shinkenchiku-Sha Co., Ltd 8.5 x 11.5in. 192pp. Available $40.00/CDN$50.00 Paperback English, Japanese, Non-returnable

9781864709421 The Images Publishing Group 8.25 x 11in. 112pp., 170 col., 70 b.&w March 2022 $25.00/CDN$33.00 Paperback



This special issue of Architecture Asia gives a comprehensive review of the 26 winning projects of ARCASIA Awards for Architecture 2021, which includes Single Family Residential Projects, Multi-family Residential Complexes, Commercial Buildings, Resort Buildings, Institutional Buildings, Social and Cultural Buildings, Specialized Buildings, Industrial Buildings, Conservation Projects, Integrated Projects, Socially Responsible Architecture, and Sustainable Buildings. Through brief jury comments, project descriptions and rich images, this book provides a wonderful opportunity for readers all over the world to give a quick glance at what happened in Asian architecture in 2021.

A Solitary Traveler in the Long Night Tong Jun — The Later Years 1963–1983 Zhang Qin Tong Jun was an outstanding architect and architectural educator in contemporary China. He was widely considered an allround talent in theory, creation, writing and painting in Chinese architecture. He had a deep foundation in ancient Chinese literature, and studied Chinese classical poetry since childhood. While studying at the University of Pennsylvania, he won many awards in the national architectural student design competition. He has left behind many works and manuscripts on landscape, architecture, and architecture history, sculpture history, and painting history that have enlightened and educated many generations. However, there are few records about him. This book recollects the last 20 years of his life, and introduces the reader to the very real and vivid practitioner that was Tong Jun.

9781864709438 The Images Publishing Group 5.875 x 9.25in. 168pp., 8 col., 41 b.&w. May 2022 $20.00/CDN$26.00 Paperback

Imaginings The Choreography of Land Architecture BCHO Partners

David M. Schwarz Architects 1976–2020 Text by Craig P Williams

Architecture Asia: Living in the 21st Century Professor WU Jiang, Dr Li Xiangning

This beautifully illustrated monograph details the designs and unbuilt works of renowned Korean architect firm BCHO Partners and explores the firm’s focus on architecture with simple structures and a strong regard for the natural environment. Filled with a rewarding collection of unbuilt projects, this richly illustrated monograph provides critical insight from the designers into the context of each development and plan. These projects all feature one consistent interest: a concern for the relationship between the proposed building and the surrounding landscape. The carefully selected collection of projects reflects the breadth of the firm’s past explorations and the diversity of ground conditions they have encountered. The book provides an occasion to revisit the vast collection of the firm’s past unbuilt projects through the common lens of the given site and landscape.

This beautifully presented monograph features the outstanding architectural and planning design work of Washington D.C.–based David M. Schwarz Architects, a firm with a significant focus on how buildings relate and contribute to their surroundings. Featuring 40 projects across the United States, the range of work in this book is extensive and includes cultural, sports and entertainment, office and residential, mixed-use, retail, hospitality, civic, healthcare, and education projects. Each project is richly photographed in lavish full color, with text commentary by Craig P. Williams, who has been associated with David M. Schwarz Architects for nearly forty-five years. All essays in this volume are based either on Craig P. Williams’s first-hand recollections or direct conversations with his colleagues who worked on those projects.

Architecture Asia, as the official journal of the Architects Regional Council Asia, aims to provide a forum not only for presenting Asian phenomena and their characteristics to the world but also for understanding diversity and multiculturalism within Asia from a global perspective. In the 21st century, Asia has been developed fast in the wave of globalization, and the living and urban environment are changing rapidly along with the economic development. In this process, many Asian cities are carrying out large-scale urban infrastructure construction in the process of rapid urbanization, and building a large number of iconic buildings that represent the characteristics of the country or city. This issue focuses on Living in the 21st Century, through three perspectives: the transformation of spatial functions, the contradiction between urban development and individual dwelling, and architecture in the age of self-media.

9781864709070 The Images Publishing Group 8.25 x 10.375in. 400pp., 377 col. May 2022 $50.00/CDN$65.00 Hardback

9781864709148 The Images Publishing Group 8.75 x 11.75in. 304pp. April 2022 $60.00/CDN$78.00 Hardback

9781864709162 The Images Publishing Group 8.25 x 11in. 112pp., 170 col., 70 b.&w March 2022 $25.00/CDN$33.00 Paperback



Raul di Pace Architecture Raul di Pace

TSK Selected Works TSK

Taesun Hong: YKH Associates Taesun Hong: YKH Associates

The architecture work of Brazil-based Raul di Pace is guided by creativity and innovation. The firm’s focus always comes with the awareness that it is providing a service to its customer. The firm’s ideas happen naturally, and relate to the needs of the residents and their dreams for the place where they will live. A house is a place that must adapt to fit in with the time for which it is designed, and then it must continue to be a living environment as time and generations evolve. Heavily influenced by Frank Lloyd Wright’s work, which was a process of reinvention from start to finish, this highly anticipated volume shows how Raul di Pace continues to reinvent its language based on the same premise: make less, splurge less, seek the essential.

This lavishly illustrated monograph features the architecture and design work of renowned firm TSK, a multi-award-winning firm that focuses on regionally sensitive modernism and sustainable design. Over the course of more than 60 years, the firm continues to aim to minimize the consumption of non-renewable resources, contribute positively to the environment, and design architecture that connects the inhabitant to the world around them. The firm looks to help reveal the beauty of the surrounding landscape, capture seasonal changes, and engage the climate to create architecture that is simple and yet greater than the sum of its parts. This book is filled with rich, full-color photographs, detailed plans and diagrams, and incisive commentary that describes in great depth the concepts behind the firm’s extensive collection of works. TSK is consistently recognized as one of the top design firms in the United States.

This lavishly presented monograph delves into the dynamic work of master architect Taesun Hong, founder, CEO and design director of the firm YKH Associates. Taesun Hong’s works straddle the realms of the philosophy of art, mathematics, science, nature, and music. As a skilled pianist, Taesun Hong provides the reader with an in-depth analysis of the way music and architecture intertwine, through the themes of instrument, scale, repetition, void, surprise, rhythm, dynamics, circulation and connection, and scale and proportion. This volume explores more than 30 outstanding projects, which provide the reader with an incisive commentary on the inspiration behind each work, with reference to these musical/architectural notations. Set out with rich, full-color photographs and detailed plans, this book is a wonderful addition to the comprehensive Master Architect Series by Images Publishing.

9781864705874 The Images Publishing Group 8.75 x 11.75in. 256pp., 400 col. February 2022 $60.00/CDN$78.00 Hardback English, Portuguese

9781864709216 The Images Publishing Group 8.75 x 11.75in. 272pp. July 2022 $60.00/CDN$78.00 Hardback

9781864709230 The Images Publishing Group 8.25 x 10.375in. 400pp. April 2022 $60.00/CDN$78.00 Hardback



Münchner Volkstheater Lederer Ragnarsdóttir Oei Edited by Hans-Jörg Reisch, Andreas Reisch, text by Jürgen Tietz How do you actually build a people’s theater? As simple as necessary, so as not to cause any fear about entering in the audience, and as chic as possible, because theater is not only about staging on stage. This is the answer of the architectural firm Lederer, Ragnarsdóttir, Oei (Stuttgart) and the construction company Reisch (Bad Saulgau). Their Munich Volkstheater presents itself as a powerfully poetic brick building that is in dialog with the old buildings of the former Munich cattle yard and gives the neighborhood an important cultural impulse.

9783899863635 AVEdition 8.875 x 11in. 152pp., 120 col. January 2022 $56.00/CDN$72.95 Hardback English, German

Contemporary WabiSabi Style Artpower International Publishers

28th Asia-Pacific Interior Design Awards Artpower International Publishers

In recent years, Japanese minimalism has become an emerging design force, and the essence of the Wabi-sabi aesthetic, the core of traditional Japanese aesthetics, is a simple beauty that can stand the test of time. Based on the concept of ‘not stripping away its rhythm’, designers have ‘transformed’ the traditional Wabi-sabi style to create a modern Wabi-sabi that is more in tune with modern aesthetic sensibilities. From the tennis player Maria Sharapova and American socialite Khloe Kardashian, to the domestic winner of the Asian Hotel Design Award, Wabi-sabi has become one of the hottest styles of the moment. This book features over 30 Wabi-sabi style projects from around the world, and presents a comprehensive look at the use of Wabi-sabi elements in contemporary interior design.

This book is a compilation of the winning entries from the 28th Asia Pacific Interior Design Awards 2020, featuring 61 projects across 12 space types, judged by top designers such as Ho Chung Hin and Jurgen Bey. The entries showcased the latest design trends in the Asia Pacific region, and interpreted and led the spirit of Asia Pacific design, in line with 28 years of consistent quality. The impact of the 2020 epidemic has also had a profound impact on the field of design, and the direction of this year’s selection captures this change keenly, looking for outstanding designs that address and interpret people’s changing physical and spiritual needs in the light of the new changes.

9789887506980 Artpower International 9.25 x 11.375in. 312pp. March 2022 $50.00/CDN$65.00 Hardback

9789887507017 Artpower International 9.75 x 11.5in. 448pp. March 2022 $70.00/CDN$91.00 Hardback



Moving Focus, India New Perspectives on Modern & Contemporary Art Mortimer Chatterjee

Scientific Studies of Pigments in Chinese Paintings Edited by Blythe McCarthy, Jennifer Giaccai

From long lost paintings to ephemeral sculptures; from whimsical performances to iconic public murals; and from independent films to landmark design objects, the surprising and provocative contents of Moving Focus, India have been provided by a varied group of experts. A first of its kind, this book invited 54 artists, curators, historians and writers to each create a list of five works of art, made at any time since 1900, by artists living in India or identifying as part of its diaspora. With over 250 individual nominations, the exercise produced thrilling and unexpected choices across many mediums.

This book is the first in-depth study of colorants in Chinese paintings on silk or paper and for the first time they have been compiled into a single volume which provides an overview of pigments used in Chinese paintings from the traditional palette to the importation of new pigments in the modern era. With pigment identifications of more than two hundred paintings in the Freer Gallery of Art and Arthur M. Sackler Gallery collections, this volume provides the reader with a large database of primary source material that can be used in further technical studies and comparative investigations. Adding to previous studies, it pushes forward efforts to develop a chronology for pigment use in East Asian painting.

Lavishly illustrated with over 1,000 archival and freshly commissioned photographs, this book is an important and timely addition to the global art discourse and a key source of reference.

9781788841733 ACC Art Books 9.25 x 12.5in. 616pp. April 2022 $95.00/CDN$123.50 Paperback, 2 vols, slipcase



9781909492783 Archetype Books 7.875 x 10.625in. 158pp. Available $90.00/CDN$117.00 Paperback Non-returnable

Dyes in History and Archaeology 35/36 Jo Kirby Sources of yellow natural dyes provide a leitmotif running through the papers contained in this volume. Sawwort is the source of a yellow dye that played an important part in textile dyeing in 15thcentury Europe and was traded by the Florentine dye company of Francescodi Giuliano Salviati. Not every paper presented at the 35th and 36th meetings of Dyes in History and Archaeology held in Pisa (2016) and Hampton Court (2017) focused on yellow dyes, however. Other topics discussed and presented in this book include the fascinating story of Cornelis Drebbel, the scarlet cochineal dye he discovered and its subsequent history; a Victorian carpet manufacturer who used the lichen dye cudbear; and non-destructive methods of examination of Japanese textiles.

9781909492813 Archetype Books 5.5 x 10.5in. 138pp. Available $75.00/CDN$97.50 Paperback Non-returnable

9781909492769 Archetype Books 8.25 x 11.75in. 292pp. Available $95.00/CDN$123.50 Paperback Non-returnable

9781909492820 Archetype Books 6.75 x 9.5in. 256pp. Available $95.50/CDN$124.00 Paperback Non-returnable

Rembrandt Conservation Histories Edited by Esther Van Duijn, Petria Noble

Arms and Armour History, Conservation and Analysis Edited by Alan Williams and Keith Dowen

Important masterpieces in museum collections, such as the paintings by Rembrandt, often have the dubious honor of having undergone numerous conservation treatments in the past. Because of the significance of the paintings, these treatments are generally well documented. For example, The Anatomy Lesson of Dt Nicolaes Tulp has undergone 23 documented treatments. In Rembrandt Conservation Histories, experts address aspects relating to the conservation history of paintings by Rembrandt and other 17th-century Dutch masters.

9783897905931 Arnoldsche Art Publishers 9.5 x 11in. 272pp., 280 col. April 2022 $85.00/CDN$115.00 Hardback

Thorvald Hellesen 1888-1937 Dag Blakkisrud, Matthew Drutt, Hilde Mørch Thorvald Hellesen (1888-1937) was a Norwegian avant-garde artist who lived and worked in Paris in the 1910s and 1920s. He and his wife, the French artist Hélène Perdriat, were part of a circle of artists that included Pablo Picasso, Fernand Léger, Constantin Brâncusi, and Piet Mondrian. In his short life, Thorvald Hellesen created an impressive unique oeuvre, consisting of oil paintings, watercolors, gouaches, drawings, design projects, and textiles. Nevertheless, even in Norway he is only known to a few. This book creates a written portrait of Hellesen.

This volume brings together papers written by curators, conservators and scientists who have worked very closely with European and Oriental arms and armor from some of the world’s finest collections. The pieces, which have been examined in detail, include not only those made for royalty, but also the apparently more mundane and those created to deceive. Through careful study and hands-on experience, each of the authors provides an eye-opening insight into the history, science and interpretation of these important objects.

9783897906464 Arnoldsche art Publishers 8.5 x 11in. 140pp., 221 col. January 2022 $65.00/CDN$85.00 Paperback English, German

Franz Josef Altenburg Clay and Form Edited by Alfred Weidinger, Christoph ThunHohenstein, Rainald Franz In his unique works Franz Josef Altenburg realized in clay the process of reduction and simplification that he had been pursuing systematically throughout his career. With his expert mastery of handling and design techniques evident throughout the six decades of his oeuvre, Altenburg elevated ceramics into the realm of fine art. This book documents and analyzes the artist, and offers for the very first time a comprehensive overview of his works, as well as an extensive illustrated biography with a list of exhibitions. Art


Ten more handscrolls from the series Collection of Ancient Calligraphy and Painting Handscrolls: Paintings have rich themes and diverse styles, such as vivid portraits, exquisite landscape paintings, and meticulous paintings of flowers and birds. The paintings are accompanied by texts written by experts, offering detailed analysis of the artists’ works. It is a powerful tribute to Chinese ancient paintings and provides original insight into the work itself. Artpower International Publishers Edited by Cheryl Wong 7 x 11.25in. Scroll, col. Available $20.00/SDN$27.00 each, Hardcover

9781913536305 Sparrows in Cold Days Cui Bai

9781913536329 Night Revels of Han Xizai Gu Hongzhong

9781913536336 Five Oxen Han Huang

9781913536312 Vimalakirti Preaching the Doctrine Li Gonglin

9781913536404 Letter of Recovery Lu Ji



9781913536435 Lanting Xu Wang Xizhi

9781913536466 Eulogy to My Nephew Yan Zhenqing

9781913536459 Letter to Boyuan Wang Xun

9781913536381 Auspicious Cranes Zhao Ji

9781913536343 Ink Plum Blossoms Wang Mian

9781913536367 Landscape of Streams and Mountains Xia Gui

9781913536480 Thousand-character Classic in Regular Script Zhao Ji

9781913536350 Fishing Village in Light Snow Wang Shen

9781913536473 Calligraphy Copybook of Leek Flowers Yang Ningshi

9781913536398 Autumn Colours on the Que and Hua Mountains Zhao Mengfu

9781913536442 Mid-Autumn Manuscript Wang Xianzhi

9781913536374 Along the River during the Qingming Festival Zhang Zeduan

9781913536497 The First and Second Odes to the Red Cliffs Zhao Mengfu

9781913536411 Poems Composed on the Way to Tiaoxi Mi Fu

9781913536428 The Cold Food Observance Su Shi

Ali Kazim Suspended in Time Mallica Kumbera Landrus In 2019 Ali Kazim, one of the most exciting contemporary artists working in Pakistan today, became the first South Asian artistin-residence at the Ashmolean Museum. Drawing inspiration from the objects in the Eastern Art collections, and their contextual history, he saw his time in the Museum as an opportunity to reimagine the objects in his own work and practise. Thus, the exhibition and accompanying catalogue will focus mainly on Kazim’s engagement with the Ashmolean collections and the works created between 2019 and 2021. Widely exhibited and collected internationally (including the British Museum, Metropolitan Museum, etc.), Kazim lives and works in Pakistan. The exhibition and book provide the Museum an opportunity to engage wider diverse audiences, while also presenting the works of a contemporary multidisciplinary artist who reflects and draws strength from the Ashmolean collections.

9781910807514 Ashmolean Museum Publications 6.25 x 8.625in. 72pp., 50 col. March 2022 $25.00/CDN$33.00 Paperback

Big Bang Imagining the Universe Thomas Hertog, Barbara Baert, Jan Van der Stock How did the Universe begin? Will it ever end? The cosmos and Man’s place in it have fascinated humans for thousands of years. These mind-bending cosmic questions keep scientists awake at night, but also fuel the imagination and fantasy of artists. This unique book combines the insights of scientists and visual artists, offering a magnificent overview of the visualization of the Universe from the Neolithic to the present. In addition, dozens of stunning modern and contemporary artworks engage in a dialog with the Big Bang theory in its various forms. Professor Georges Lemaître formulated his revolutionary theory about the origin of the Universe in 1931 at the University of Leuven. In 2021, our ideas about this Big Bang and the cosmos as a whole are still evolving.

9789463887878 Hannibal Publishers 8.5 x 12.375in. 304pp., 190 col., 30 b.&w. Available $65.00/CDN$85.00 Hardback

Strook Portraits Thijs Demeulemeester et al This is the first monograph on contemporary Belgian artist Stefaan De Croock (b.1982), alias Strook. He is known for his collaged portraits made from reclaimed and found wood, and attracts wide international acclaim with his layered canvases, sculptures and installations. The theme of time runs throughout his work and is reflected in the rough, patinated materials he uses. “Old, weathered materials have something magical for me. They emanate a certain spontaneity that is impossible to recreate. The colours, the paint, the relief… They are a visible record of everything the material has ever gone through. You can truly see time.” - Strook

9789464366037 Hannibal Books 11.375 x 12.625in. 240pp., 100 col., 4 b.&w. Available $68.00/CDN$88.50 Hardback English, Dutch



Simone Pheulpin Christophe Pradeau

L’Œil en rut Claire Maingon

Nicolas Eekman Emmanuel Bréon

“I’d like cloth to be recognized as a material as noble as wood, stone or metal”, says French artist Simone Pheulpin, referring to traditional sculpture. Her material is quite simple, bands of raw cotton fabric. This cloth is totally transformed by a piling of very dense and regular folds held together by invisible metal pins, and nothing else. Having recognized it as a space entirely her own, she has, from sculpture to sculpture, invented a grammar of sorts, and lent to the fold as she shapes it a function that is not only visual but chromatic. The result is a very strange work that looks like colonies of coral or lichen, or else recall slabs of striated limestone, vast surfaces whose smoothness is shot with fault lines.

Nudity, lasciviousness, sensuality, provocation, shamelessness, or obscenity. During the 19th century, eroticism takes on a new place in Western visual culture, in particular thanks to the development of reproduction such as photography, press or lithography. Result of long and meticulous research, this book reviews the major reflections carried out on the theme of nudity in the field of art history and the history of sensibilities. It studies the reception of nudity in France, based on documentary and iconographic sources renewed (little-known works, drawings and photographs, newspapers, archives, texts of laws) and allows us to better understand this history of erotic art of the nineteenth century, long perpetuated by the sole taste of description.

Nicolas Eekman (1889-1973) is the heir of the great creators of his native Flanders. Born in Brussels where he studied architecture, he turned to painting and exhibited for a few years in Holland before settling in Paris in 1921. Close to his compatriot Mondrian, he is also closely linked to the artists Jean Lurçat, Marcoussis, Max Jacob, Lipchitz, and later with Moïse Kisling and Frans Masereel. Influenced by Cubism to which he devoted a few outstanding years, he gradually returned, in the 1930s, to realism and then from the 1950s turned to the fantastic, reviving the Flemish painting of the fifteenth and sixteenth century. Author of an abundant painted work, he is also a renowned draftsman, illustrator and engraver whose works have been collected by numerous print studios.

9782702211267 Cercle d’Art 11.375 x 8.625in. 264pp., 78 col., 447 b.&w. March 2022 $53.00/CDN$69.00 Hardback English, French

9782376660491 Editions Norma 9 x 12in. 242pp., 200 February 2022 $45.00/CDN$57.50 Hardback French, non-returnable

9782376660354 Editions Norma 9 x 12in. 196pp., 150 col., 50 b.&w. February 2022 $75.00/CDN$97.50 Hardback English, French



Beliefs Anic Zanzi This catalog for the 5th Art Brut Biennial at the Collection de l’Art Brut in Lausanne highlights the museum’s holdings with a focus on the subject of belief. In a wide range of mediums, the show reveals the particular link between Art Brut and Outsider artists, religion, and the occult. The subjects of these works include deities, saints, religious figures, as well as abstract compositions, symbolist paintings, and ritual objects. With their diverse and original representations of belief, these artists transcend the oftendifficult conditions of their lives.

9788874399703 5 Continents Editions 8.125 x 10in. 168pp., 110 col. March 2022 $40.00/CDN$50.00 Paperback

The Bari Statuary of the Upper Nile Dominik Remondino, JeanBaptiste Sevette The Bari people, who settled on the banks of the White Nile, remained closed off from the outside world until the dawn of the 19th century. This book places the collection of Bari statues known today in the historical context of the Egyptian Sudan, from the earliest contacts with explorers Joseph Pons d’Arnaud and Wilhelm Werne in 1841 to the final stages of the pre-colonial era described by Wilhelm Junker. This book catalogs the roughly 63 Bari statues that are known today and offers a comprehensive overview of historical sources and current knowledge of the Egyptian Sudan that provide the context for these works, their use and stylistic diversity.

9788874399673 5 Continents Editions 8.625 x 11in. 144pp., 100 col. November 2022 $50.00/CDN$65.00 Hardback English, French

Legarsi alla Montagna Binding to the mountain Elena Pontiggia, Piero Berengo Gardin The inhabitants of Italian artist Maria Lai’s hometown of Ulassai live surrounded by mountains and a theater of rocks, far from Sardinia’s famous coastline. This book documents Lai’s best-known large-scale collective art project, Legarsi alla Montagna (Bound to the Mountain) which took place over 3 days beginning on September 8th, 1981. Harkening back to a Sardinian legend of a young girl saved from death by chasing a blue ribbon out of a cave, the artist convinced the residents of Ulassai to tie their homes and the mountain together with 17 miles of blue ribbon. A symbolic act of communal unity, the process was tempered by personal conflicts and ancient family feuds, resulting in ribbon that was knotted (for friendship), wrapped tightly (for conflict), or hung with bread (for love).

9788874399901 5 Continents Editions 9 x 11in. 144pp., 80 b.&w. Available $45.00/CDN$57.50 Paperback English, Italian



Matteo Pugliese Gabriella Belli, Luigi Spina This book offers a review of Matteo Pugliese’s art over the past 20 years. The men depicted in his sculptures are all trying to break free of the wall that holds them, to throw off their limitations and assert their value as individuals in the hopes of escaping from dull uniformity and social and family expectations. The artist chooses to portray the moment of greatest effort, of supreme tension, the instant when a man regains control of his life and struggles against what is holding him trapped so as to restore a sense of purpose in his life. Luigi Spina’s lens knowingly lingers on these figures’ troubled birth and enables the reader to acquire an intimate understanding of the sculpture.

9788874399567 5 Continents Editions 10.875 x 14in. 176pp., 176 col. Available $70.00/CDN$91.00 Hardback English, Italian



Il Tempio. La nascita dell’Eidos – The Temple. Birth of the Eidos Edited by Ilaria Bignotti, Bruno Corà

Antonino Bove 1010123 L’arte più potente della fisica / Art stronger than physics Edited by Bruno Corà

Between 1970 and 1971, Italian artists Paolo Scheggi and Vincenzo Agnetti worked together on a project they called The Temple. Birth of Eidos. Due to Scheggi’s untimely death in 1971 at the age of 31, the project remained unfinished. These previously unpublished preparatory sketches, drawings, and notes, which were shown at the Museo Novecento in Florence, are examined in essays by Ilaria Bignotti and Bruno Corà and texts by Germana Agnetti and Cosima Scheggi, daughters of the two artists and directors of their respective archives. The concept of the project was to create a sacred place, a temple, to contain linguistic objects representing primary forms of community, subjectivity and power, linking these with the artistic and theoretical research the two artists were conducting at the time. Agnetti died 10 years after his friend and colleague.

The first monograph dedicated to the artistic journey of Sicilian-born Antonino Bove (b.1945), one of Italy’s most multifaceted contemporary artists, and his research into the sphere of dreaming and death. In the early 1960s, Antonino Bove began using a photographic camera to produce prints, and assembled images and texts, integrating materials like wax, tar, gauze, and different pigments into his paintings in addition to small objects and glass. His work is charged with an ethereal, psychological, and metaphysical sense of poetry. During the following decade, this orientation was intensified with deeper research into ethno-anthropology, characterized by social, political and historical elements. But the artist’s principal source of fascination was his utopian artistic project aimed at saving mankind from physical death, and at the same time, saving the universe itself.

9788855210836 Forma Edizioni 6.5 x 9.5in. 128pp., 14 col., 62 b.&w. June 2022 $35.50/CDN$46.50 Paperback

9788855210867 Forma Edizioni 9.5 x 11in. 304pp., 72 col., 85 b.&w. June 2022 $60.00/CDN$78.00 Hardback English, Italian

Vittorio Messina Bruno Corà Sicilian post-war and contemporary artist Vittorio Messina (b.1946), graduated from the Valle Giulia Faculty of Architecture in Rome, and his career incorporates a lifelong interest in forms and materials linked with architecture. He is known for his striking installations, sculptures, and videos, and his work is often rooted in a space where the physical and the philosophical meet in cell-like constructions that are primarily formed from everyday objects that embody elusive and subtle uneasiness. His early training in architecture is seen in projects that reflect on the conditions, emotional as well as concrete, of urban life. This well-illustrated overview of his career is presented in three essays by noted art historians.

9788855210911 Forma Edizioni 9.5 x 11in. 304pp., 113 col., 62 b.&w. June 2022 $60.00/CDN$78.00 Paperback

Toshimasa Kikuchi Mathematical Objects Sophie Makariou et al

The Secret of the Night Watch Marc Pos

Trained in the restoration of Buddhist statues, mastering to perfection the techniques of classical Japanese statuary, Japanese sculptor Toshimasa Kikuchi (born in 1979) carves pure forms in wood – geometric, hydrodynamic or figurative. The installation he presents for his Carte Blanche at the Guimet Museum, Paris, brings together a series of slender sculptures in lacquered wood of mathematical objects, in the tradition of the celebrated photographs that Man Ray took of them. The book is lavishly illustrated by the Japanese photographer Tadayuki Minamoto, who has been able to capture the magnificence of the mathematical abstraction of the works of Kikuchi; by photographs and paintings by Man Ray; and with fascinating mathematical objects from the Institut Henri Poincaré, Paris, photographed by the French photographer Bertrand Michau.

This lavishly illustrated book records the high-profile restoration of Rembrandt van Rijn’s 17th century masterpiece, The Night Watch, one of the world’s most famous paintings. Many questions about the creation of this work have been answered by extensive technical studies done in conjunction with the restoration. The popular Dutch TV program The Secret of the Master has documented the restoration of The Night Watch in four episodes, assisted in this by various external specialists. This book, by the producer of that series, reveals the many secrets of this fascinating and important work.

9782956615033 John Adamson 6.25 x 9.5in. 176pp., 128 col., 48 b.&w. Available $45.00/CDN$57.50 Hardback English, French

9789089898869 Lannoo Publishers 8.25 x 10.375in. 192pp., 120 col., 50 b.&w. April 2022 $45.00/CDN$57.50 Hardback



STRAAT Quote from the streets Giulia Riva, Giovanna Di Giacomo

Park Eun Sun Infinita Fluidità della Pietra Galleria d’Arte Contini

“STRAAT Museum allows a wide audience to discover and understand the DNA of graffiti and street art, through an in-depth and unique contextualization perfectly fulfilled in Quote from the streets, its opening exhibition which is reproduced in this catalogue.” - Christian Omodeo

This catalog documents a multi-work installation by South Korean-born artist Park Eun Sun along a lively promenade in the Italian Tuscan seaside town of Viareggio. Overlooking the sea, the promenade is a dynamic setting for these beautifully worked stone sculptures, consisting of geometric and sinuous, smooth shapes in two-toned marble and granite. Anchored in the central piazza by the monumental spiral column Colonna Infinita (2016), this body of work incorporates cracks and fissures along the fluid surfaces that represent the scars and suffering inherent in life, but at the same time are symbols of hope and rebirth.

This catalog for the new international graffiti and street art museum in Amsterdam, STRAAT, features work created on-site by the greatest artists of today’s street art scene. STRAAT Quote from the Streets tells the story of street art as a full-fledged art movement and explores the evolution of ‘art in the street’, in addition to the development of the new museum. The catalog is above all a feast for the eyes, with many full-page images of the best street art talent from around the world.

9789401479707 Lannoo Publishers 8.25 x 10.625in. 304pp., 280 col., 40 b.&w. March 2022 $40.00/CDN$50.00 Paperback



9791280049230 Manfredi Edizioni 11.375 x 13in. 96pp. Available $36.00/CDN$47.00 Hardback English, Italian

Art for Tribal Rituals in South Gujarat, India A Visual Anthropological Survey of 1969 Eberhard Fischer, Haku Shah Art for Tribal Rituals is the outcome of extensive fieldwork carried out by Eberhard Fischer and Haku Shah in South Gujarat in 1969. After an initial survey tour to locate village shrines and sacred pilgrimage sites, as well as specialists in rituals and crafts, the two art-anthropologists stayed in the field to observe as silent participants oracle and spirit-healing sessions, a death ceremony and the worship of local deities by the village communities. Fischer and Shah documented their experiences in unprecedentedly detailed photographic sequences, and as well, took precise notation of what they observed. In addition, they spoke to the specialists and carefully noted their comments, which are reproduced in this book as individual “indigenous voices”.

9789389136807 Niyogi Books 9 x 11.75in. 528pp., 823 col. Available $95.00/CDN$123.50 Hardback Non-returnable

Growing up Jewish in India: Synagogues, Customs, and Communities from the Bene Israel to the Art of Siona Benjamin Ori Z Soltes Growing Up Jewish in India offers an historical account of the primary Jewish communities of India, their synagogues, and unique Indian Jewish customs. It offers an investigation both within Jewish India and beyond its borders, tracing how Jews arrived in the vast subcontinent at different times from different places and have both inhabited dispersed locations within the larger Indian world, and ultimately created their own diaspora within the larger Jewish diaspora by relocating to other countries, particularly Israel and the United States. The text and its rich complement of over 150 images explore how Indian Jews retained their unique characteristics as Jews, became well-integrated into the larger society of India as Indians, and have continued to offer a synthesis of cultural qualities wherever they reside.

9789389136814 Niyogi Books 7 x 8.5in. 320pp., 176 col. January 2022 $40.00/CDN$50.00 Hardback Non-returnable

Il Corpo e l’Anima: Da Donatello a Michelangelo Scultura Italiana del Rimascimento Edited by Marc Bormand, Beatrice Paolozzi Strozzi, Francesca Tasso This exhibition, being held at the musée du Louvre in Paris, and its catalog follow those dedicated to Florentine sculpture in the early Renaissance, 1400-1460, that took place in 2013-14 (Le Printemps de la Renaissance). The period scrutinized is 1460-1520 but the geographical coordinates are widened to include Northern Italy and Rome as the artistic landscape of Italy becomes more complex. These new artistic languages share a common characteristic: the relationship to Greco-Roman Antiquity, especially in the representation of grace and passion: the expression of pathos and the theatrical quality of religious works, the symbolic richness of profane works and finally the development of a new and refined style which will find its highest expression in Roman classicism and in the work of Michelangelo.

9788833671062 Officina Libraria 9.5 x 11.375in. 512pp., 330 col. February 2022 $75.00/CDN$100.00 Hardback, non-returanble Italian

Art History Before English: Negotiating a European Lingua Franca from Vasari to the Present Edited by Robert Brennan, C Oliver O’Donnel, Marco Mascolo, Alessando Nova This book addresses a phenomenon that pervades the field of art history: the fact that English has become a widely adopted language. Art history employs language in a very particular way, one of its most basic aims being the verbal reconstruction of the visual past. The book seeks to shed light on the particular issues that English’s rise to prominence poses for art history by investigating the history of the discipline itself: specifically, the extent to which the European tradition of art historical writing has always been shaped by the presence of dominant languages on the continent. Includes 10 essays in English, four in Italian, and one in German.

9788833670737 Officina Libraria 6.75 x 9.5in. 336pp., 14 col., 60 b.&w. Available $39.00/CDN$50.00 Paperback English, German, Italian



Dual Nature Jane Rosen, foreword by Richard Whittaker Dual Nature is the first monograph to explore the remarkable life and career of American artist Jane Rosen, whose work in stone, glass, and on paper spans more than four decades. Born and raised in New York, Rosen established her reputation as a keen observer and interpreter of the modern world in the high-energy, experimental art scene of the 1970s and 1980s SoHo and Greenwich Village. In 1989, she took a leave from city life and rented a home situated on a ranch in Northern California. In more than 180 photographs, including many pages from Rosen’s personal journals, Dual Nature reflects on the range of the artist’s most important work and most meaningful influences.

9780972766111 Pointed Leaf Press 9 x 12in. 256pp., 180 col. Available $85.00/CDN$110.00 Hardback Non-returnable



Nomos – Genève/ Lisboa/Madrid De aedibus international Heinz Wirz, contributions by Moisés Puente, Victoria Easton Nomos is an association of architects based in Geneva, Lisbon and Madrid. They collaborate on projects of all scales, from furniture to master plans, with a special focus on the cultural context and the environment. Primarily using drawing to shape their ideas, they explore new ways of creating community through buildings that seek to transform constraints into opportunities. They approach each project with enthusiasm, care and curiosity, always striving for sustainable beauty.

9783037612637 Quart Publishers 8.875 x 11.375in. 100pp., 109 col., 28 b.&w. March 2022 $49.50/CDN$67.00 Paperback, non-returnable French, Spanish

Afterlives: Ancient Greek Funerary Monuments in the Metropolitan Museum of Art Paul Zanker In ancient Greece, funerary monuments were visual expressions of mourning that provided the opportunity for the living to commemorate and communicate with the dead. Today they offer a wealth of information about the deceased and the communities of which they were a part, for example, their status, material aspects of their lives, and how they wanted to be depicted. The Metropolitan Museum of Art has one of the finest collections of Greek funerary monuments outside of Greece. This richly illustrated volume presents more than 50 outstanding examples, created from the 7th to the 2nd century B.C., that represent a variety of media and geographical regions. Through their shared focus on memorializing the dead, these extraordinary works of art offer insights into all facets of life in ancient Greece.

9781785513848 Scala Arts & Heritage Publishers Ltd 9 x 10in. 208pp., 141 col., 8 b.&w. June 2022 $45.00/CDN$57.50 Paperback

50 Masterpieces of Czech Cubism The collections of the Gallery of West Bohemia in Pilsen Roman Musil, Marie Rakušanová, Ivana Skálová, Alena Pomajzlová Czech Cubism is one of the most important contributions of modern Czech art to world culture. These works, created approximately between 1910 and 1935, embrace painting, drawing, graphic art, collage, sculpture, architecture and applied art, and the movement’s leading lights were among the most exciting practitioners of Cubism anywhere in the world. The Gallery of West Bohemia is home to one of the most important collections of the best Czech Cubist art, painstakingly assembled since the early 1960s. This book, expertly compiled by Gallery Director Roman Musil and his team, introduces some of the finest works of Czech Cubism to an international audience.

9781785513411 Scala Arts & Heritage Publishers Ltd 6.5 x 7.5in. 112pp., 60 col. April 2022 $19.95/CDN$25.95 Paperback

The Abbey Library of St Gallen Director’s Choice Cornel Dora, Philipp Lenz, Franziska Schnoor The Abbey Library of St Gallen is one of the oldest libraries still surviving today. It can be traced back to the Irish missionary Gall, who established the first community of monks in St Gallen in 612. As the ‘healing-place of the soul’, the library has a collection that is unique in the world for its quality and completeness, illustrates the part played by the monasteries in the development of western culture and contains many treasures. The library and its collection are listed by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site and are included in its Memory of the World Register. The members of the management team of the Abbey Library present a personal choice of the most important items in the library.

9781785513787 Scala Arts & Heritage Publishers Ltd 6.5 x 7.5in. 80pp., 40 col. February 2022 $12.95/CDN$16.95 Paperback

The Courtauld Highlights from the Gallery Ernst Vegelin van Claerbergen The Courtauld is one of the United Kingdom’s great art collections, displayed throughout the magnificent historic setting of Somerset House in central London. This elegant book is a curated selection of its highlights — paintings, drawings, prints, sculpture and decorative arts — each beautifully illustrated and accompanied by an insightful commentary. Notable among these treasures are remarkable Impressionist and Post-Impressionist paintings, including the world-famous A Bar at the Folies-Bergère by Édouard Manet and Vincent van Gogh’s Self-Portrait with Bandaged Ear. This book is also an engaging account of how The Courtauld became an internationally renowned center for the teaching and research of art history, conservation and curating. It was founded nearly a century ago in the belief that art has the power to enrich people’s lives. The Courtauld continues that mission today.

9781785514050 Scala Arts & Heritage Publishers Ltd 8.25 x 9.875in. 136pp., 120 col., 11 b.&w. Available $19.95/CDN$25.95 Paperback



With Observation and Imagination: Still Lives, Genre Scenes, Portraits, and Landscapes from the Saunders Collection Arthur K. Wheelock Jr., contributions by Sylvain Cordier, Robert Evren, Molly R. Harrington, Colleen Yarger

Bruce Beasley Sixty Year Retrospective, 1960-2020 Bruce Beasley, Tom Moran, Marlena DoktorczykDonohue, Lawrence Weschler

This elegant volume presents 44 outstanding Old Master paintings, primarily from the 17th and 18th centuries from the Saunders Collection at the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts. Included are works by renowned Dutch, Flemish, French, Italian, and English masters. Works by Brueghel, Hals, Rubens, Canalatto, Lawrence and others are presented with an accessible text examining how artists fused careful observation with the imagination to create beautiful and thought-provoking paintings.

For six decades, sculptor Bruce Beasley has worked in a range of media to build complex, resonant sculptures that communicate the primacy of form and express the emotional language of shape. Bruce Beasley: Sixty Year Retrospective is an elegant survey of his illustrious career: from early experiments in scrap iron during the 1960s; aluminum works of the 1970s; cast acrylic sculptures of the 1970s and 80s; and stone, stainless steel and bronze works of the 1990s to the present day. The catalog also features Beasley’s latest venture into two-dimensional media. This richly illustrated book includes Beasley’s reflections on his career. In a conversation, Beasley and Lawrence Weschler discuss art and activism.

9781785514104 Scala Arts & Heritage Publishers Ltd 9.5 x 12in. 192pp. Available $49.95/CDN$64.95 Hardback

9781785514012 Scala Arts & Heritage Publishers Ltd 11 x 11in. 180pp. February 2022 $65.00/CDN$85.00 Hardback



Aäron Willem Extended Family Hans Mertens, Valérie De Prycker, Anyuta Wiazemsky Snauwaert, Ben Benouisse Extended Family is an ode to human complexity, from an artist with a significant background in philosophy. Everyone who sends painter Aäron Willem a portrait picture is accepted into his Extended Family. The result is an endless series of portraits, but ignoring the basic principles of the genre. Instead of depicting the recognizable face of just one person, Aäron Willem presents the concept of ‘open identity’. Aäron Willem regards himself as an artist of synthesis and integrates as much as possible into his work in a hopeless attempt to capture all of life. The artist view on the concepts ‘identity’ and ‘personality’ has been colored by African philosophy and the ideas of Spinoza, Picasso, Thomas Hirschhorn and many others.

9789058566706 Stichting Kunstboek 8.125 x 10.75in. 128pp., 80 col. Available $40.00/CDN$50.00 Hardback English, Dutch

Bruges Triennial 2021 TraumA Till Holger-Borchert, Heidi Deknudt, Mahdi Ghorbani, Michel Dewilde, Stefan Huyghebaert With TraumA, the Triennial of Bruges dives into the ‘uncanny’ history and reality of Bruges. Historical layers are exposed, forgotten or hidden storylines discussed. This edition explores the thin line between dream and trauma, between paradise and hell. It appeals to the imagination, to the pomp and circumstance, but also to the ‘uncanny’ that is present underground. For although Bruges seems to be a dream destination for many, poverty, loneliness, pollution or fear also lurk in this pictureperfect world. Triennial Bruges 2021: TraumA uses artistic and architectural interventions to bring the less attractive aspects to the surface and make them part of the city’s image.

9789058566638 Stichting Kunstboek 7.875 x 10.625in. 176pp., 150 col. Available $40.00/CDN$50.00 Hardback English, Dutch

Stefan Panhans / Andrea Winkler: The Pow(d)er of I Am Klick Klick Klick Klick and a very very bad bad musical! HMKV Ausstellungsmagazin 2021/2 Edited by Inke Arns, Tom McCarthy, Martin Herbert The title of the catalog of works by the artist duo Stefan Panhans (Germany) and Andrea Winkler (Switzerland) is a nod to the rhetoric used by evangelical megachurches in the United States that preach a market-oriented, neoliberal ideology of individual self-optimization under the guise of Christian pastoral care. The artists’ works touch on electric SUVs, communication with forms of artificial intelligence, racism in everyday life, celebrity cults, stereotypes, computer games, the “uncanny valley,” and other post-digital feedback loops between humans and virtual worlds, but also on the precarious condition of cultural sector workers.

9783862069088 Verlag Kettler 6.75 x 9.5in. 160pp., 101 col., 10 b.&w. Available $30.00/CDN$39.00 Paperback English, German

Digging Deep A Journey into Southeast Asia’s past Charles Higham In this unique memoir, Charles Higham, one of the great archeologists of his generation, describes the inside story of how his many excavations have introduced Southeast Asia’s past to a worldwide audience. For over 50 years, he and his Thai colleagues have explored the arrival of early humans, the impact of the first farmers, the remarkable rise of social elites with the spread of metallurgy and the origins of civilizations. Once seen as a cultural backwater, Southeast Asia now takes center stage in understanding the human past.

9786164510586 River Books 6.75 x 9.125in. 226pp., 226 col. April 2022 $30.00/CDN$39.00 Paperback



Car Racing 1969 Alain Pernot, Manou Zurini

Porsche Panamera Edited by Delius Klasing

Audi quattro Dirk-Michael Conradt

The fifth volume in the Car Racing series charts 1969, the year of avoiding unnecessary risk. Le Mans circuit, 14 June 1969. Into this scene, a man strides towards his destiny. Unlike his neighbors, he does not run. He walks to forestall superfluous danger. At the risk of ruining the race for his crew — and for Ford. Jacky Ickx has just said no to unnecessary risk. Three years earlier, trapped in the cockpit of his BRM, Jackie Stewart felt gasoline gushing over him. A mere spark would have spelled tragedy. From this nightmare moment onwards, the Scottish driver campaigned against dangerous circuits and imposed the first safety standards.

In 2009 an idea took shape, that had come up several times in the history of the Porsche company – the idea of a powerful four-door touring sedan with sporty genes. It would take more than 20 years before the vision was transformed into reality – with the Porsche Panamera. This is the first comprehensive book on one of the most successful Porsches, from the first ideas in the 1950s until today – to the Panamera G2, an immensely popular Porsche in many countries worldwide, whether as a sedan or the Panamera Sport Turismo.

At Audi, they are fond of recalling how a pre-production quattro left all rearwheel-drive sedans behind on an incline in wintry Austria - with summer tires! In fact, the Audi slogan “Vorsprung durch Technik” (Progress through Technology) has seldom been put into practice as tangibly as with the presentation of permanent all-wheel drive in the Audi quattro. This heavily illustrated book offers a complete chronology of the Urquattro from prototype to final model, and includes technical data and production figures. The illustrations include numerous previously unpublished images from the Audi factory archive.

9783667124517 Delius Klasing Verlag Gmbh 11.625 x 9.5in. 240pp., 300 col. April 2022 $95.00/CDN$123.50 Hardback

9783667122629 Delius Klasing Verlag Gmbh 10.625 x 11.375in. 400pp., 630 col. May 2022 $60.00/CDN$78.00 Hardback

Also available: Car Racing 1965, ISBN 9782702210963 Car Racing 1966, ISBN 9782702211014 Car Racing 1967, ISBN 9782702211113 Car Racing 1968, ISBN 9782702211236

9782702211298 Cercle d’Art 12.875 x 11in. 240pp., 12 col., 210 b.&w. May 2022 $115.00/CDN$149.50 Hardback, non-returnable English, French



Curves: Iceland Volume 16 Stefan Bogner When it comes to Iceland, it quickly becomes clear that contrast rules! The island is a single volcano, but it is not fully active. The largest glacier in Europe is also located here. Life pulsates in the capital Reykjavík, while the rest of the population is spread across the island. Hot and cold, rough and gentle, lively and lonely - all at once. Follow Stefan Bogner on this road trip between ice and lava and discover the rough charm of Iceland!

9783667122858 Delius Klasing Verlag Gmbh 8.25 x 11in. 306pp., 325 col. Available $20.00/CDN$26.00 Paperback English, German

The Guide to the Ecosystem Economy Sketchbook for Your Organization’s Future Rik Vera

The Future of Shopping 2nd edition Jorg Snoeck, Pauline Neerman

This is the era of the Smart Ecosystems Economy, where the companies that thrive must be ready to cope with randomness and unexpected events. In this digital world, the traditional boundaries have disappeared, paving the way for new and smarter ecosystems to develop. Companies seeking to transform into future-proof organizations would do well to understand these ecosystems, and get a grasp on how they work. This book serves as a guide to building smart, competitive ecosystems for both small and large organisations. A timely book that cracks the code of tomorrow’s business models.

The award-winning retail handbook, The Future of Shopping: Where Everyone is a Retailer (2018 Management Book of the Year) is back in a new, updated edition. Since it was first published, we have experienced a pandemic, a digitization race, and the bankruptcy of numerous iconic shops. This one crisis year has meant more turnaround for the trade sector than an entire decade. This book addresses a new perspective on globalization, and the pressing questions of what brands and merchants must do to survive in this new retail landscape.

9789401472104 Lannoo Publishers 605 x 905in. 344pp., 40 col., 25 b.&w. Available $39.95/CDN$53.95 Paperback

9789401481618 Lannoo Publishers 6.75 x 9.5in. 288pp., 25 col., 30 b.&w. March 2022 $40.00/CDN$50.00 Hardback



Everyone can Lead Personal Leadership in Organizations Frans van de Ven Everyone Can Lead addresses the essential question of leadership: how do you bring out the best in yourself and in others? Starting from the premise that a better understanding of how to lead begins with a better understanding of ourselves, the author encourages reflection and helps frame the choices and actions that will lead to better working relationships, better results, and more happiness at work. This no-nonsense, practical book is filled with examples and exercises that everyone from individual employees to CEOs can use immediately. HR managers and general management can work with these concepts and strategies to optimize the potential in their organization by focusing on personal leadership.

9789401481960 Lannoo Publishers 6.75 x 9.5in. 200pp., 15 col., 30 b.&w. March 2022 $40.00/CDN$50.00 Paperback



Video Marketing Like a PRO: A Practical Guide to Creating and Publishing Videos That Convert Clo Willaerts Trend reports have consistently highlighted the increasing popularity of web videos. More and more people access videos on YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok, and participate in livestream events on Facebook and Twitch. When the world suddenly changed in March 2020, video went from nice-to-have to an essential tool for every company. Video Marketing like a PRO is a handson guide for anyone who wants to reach the growing online audience with their content — even if you have no experience in audiovisual production and a limited budget. This accessibly written handbook shows how to self-produce videos that build connection with customers and reach new ones.

9789401477925 Lannoo Publishers 6.75 x 9.5in. 256pp., 40 b.&w. March 2022 $40.00/CDN$50.00 Paperback

Food for All The Connective Power of Food Retail Rachid Lamrabat The world’s exotic cuisines that enrich our food culture are a constant source of inspiration. Social media, television programs, and magazines about food and cooking bring other cultures and their cuisines into our homes on a daily basis. But our enthusiasm to discover new flavors and ingredients is in sharp contrast to the limited assortment of ‘world kitchen’ products available in our traditional supermarkets. Food for All shows how retailers can be a force for connection when they address this missed opportunity and develop products that give some customers the feeling of being ‘at home’ and provide others with the exotic food experiences they desire.

9789401463966 Lannoo Publishers 4.75 x 7.125in. 96pp. March 2022 $27.50/CDN$35.75 Paperback

The Future of Food A New Recipe for the Food Sector Jorg Snoeck, Stefan Van Rompaey How can we continue to feed a growing world population in a healthy and sustainable manner? Will we be able to make meals from a 3D printer? What will the role of supermarkets be in the years ahead? This timely book by two experienced retail professionals addresses the future of food, with an insightful overview of trends ranging from urban agriculture to sea farms, cultured meat to applied artificial intelligence, and hybrid supermarkets to new digital platform models.

9789401480765 Lannoo Publishers 6.75 x 9.5in. 288pp., 10 col., 20 b.&w. Available $40.00/CDN$50.00 Hardback

Visions of a better world Applied ScienceFiction that may be your future Brice Le Blévennec Welcome to the world of 2051 through the eyes of digital marketing pioneers from around the world: engineers, developers, designers, writers and analysts who closely follow tech trends. With their finely honed intuition for user experience and a passion for technology, the authors boldly predict life 30 years from now through a collection of fascinating, futuristic, stories.

9782390251873 Lannoo Publishers 5.5 x 8.25in. 240pp., 30 col. March 2022 $25.00/CDN$33.00 Paperback

The Mental Reset How hybrid work and life strengthen your resilience Elke Geraerts Every crisis is also an opportunity. Covid-19 has forced us into one of the biggest experiments in resilience of all time. What if we see this crisis as an opportunity for a genuine transformation? In her ground-breaking new book, Elke Geraerts shows us how we can all be ready for the many challenges awaiting us in a post-covid-19 world. She shows how hybrid work can both increase your productivity and reduce stress, how you can chase your dreams even in times of crisis and why – in an increasingly digital world – focus is the new IQ. The old normal will never return... but perhaps that is not such a bad thing!

9789401483360 Lannoo Publishers 6.125 x 9.5in. 224pp. March 2022 $25.00/CDN$33.00 Paperback



10 Principles of Good Design Today Agata Toromanoff The 10 principles of good design set out by Dieter Rams in 1995 has influenced and inspired a new generation of designers in search of the perfect balance between practicality, simplicity and aesthetics. What does good design mean in the 21st century? How have the 10 principles influenced modern design? In this book, established and emerging designers tell us how they understand and put these rules into practice thereby contributing to the definition of what good design in the 21st century means, according to the criteria defined by Rams. The book showcases contemporary products from around the globe; a host of work by iconic designers, such as NENDO, NERI & HU, LARA BOHINC and so on.

9789887506959 Artpower International Publishers 8.5 x 11.25in. 240pp. Available $40.00/CDN$50.00 Hardback



70 Ideas from Global Best Interior Design II Edited by Artpower International Publishers

Contemporary British Silver Designers John L. Davis, Gordon Hamme

Gathering representative works from mature and experienced design studios and designers around the world. As the second edition of the 70 Ideas from Global Best Interior Design II series, this book continues to present a large number of high-quality projects to readers, with diverse cultures and styles. Reading the book, traveling the world, grasping the design trends in Eurasia, North America, South America, Australia, Southeast Asia and experiencing the unique culture. This is a beautiful compilation of a hand-picked selection of interior architecture and design projects from around the world. With an attention to the overall character of a space, down to the details that breathe life into the skin of a building or space, it provides its reader with an enjoyable insight into each project.

This book brings together two expansive collections of silver objects, the ‘Lion’ collection and the ‘Hamme’ collection. The ‘Lion’ collection provides a broad overview of beautiful silver objects made by a great variety of British contemporary silversmiths. It is divided between holloware, caddy spoons and napkin rings. Part of the collection revolves around the theme of lions, because the lion image bears a resemblance to the collector’s family history. The Hamme collection is a spectacular array of ‘hero’ pieces and commissions that demonstrate some of the best of each silversmith’s work. With more than 500 images, Contemporary British Silver Designers shares some of the finest work crafted by 21st-century silversmiths.

9789881468871 Artpower International Publishers 9.25 x 11.375in. 288pp., 400 col. January 2022 $45.00/CDN$57.50 Hardback

9781788841603 ACC Art Books 9.375 x 11.75in. 240pp., 300 col. May 2022 $65.00/CDN$85.00 Hardback

An Unbroken Thread Celebrating 150 Years of the Royal School of Needlework Susan Kay-Williams The Royal School of Needlework (RSN) was born from the desire of three women – Princess Helena, Lady Victoria Welby and Lady Marian Alford – to popularize the lost art of ornamental needlework. Their other, yet no less important goal was to provide employment for women compelled to earn their own livelihood. Published to coincide with the RSN’s 150th anniversary, this book tells the story of the RSN from its founding in 1872 to the current day, highlighting key people, royal and other special commissions, the changing fortunes of the school as fashions changed and the approach to teaching hand embroidery.

9781788841627 ACC Art Books 8.5 x 10.625in. 224pp., 200 col. April 2022 $50.00/CDN$65.00 Hardback

Missoni Massimiliano Capella Published to celebrate the centenary of the birth of Missoni founder Ottavio Missoni, this beautifully illustrated book tells the story of one of the great Italian fashion houses, from the origins of the family business to its worldwide fame as an icon of “Made in Italy.” Creativity, ingenuity, and invention have been hallmarks of Italian art since the Renaissance. This book puts the Missoni fashion and décor brands in historical and artistic context, showing how Italian designers offer a vision of the present and the future through their understanding of the past, while creating a new creative language in the process. Edited by Massimiliano Capella and coordinated by Luca Missoni, artistic director of the Missoni Archives.

9788895847290 Scripta Maneant Editori 8.875 x 9.5in. 331pp., 280 col. Available $40.00/CDN$50.00 Paperback English, Italian

Abr Ikat Robes from Central Asia Elena Tsareva Ikat textiles, known as abr in their lands of origin in Central Asia, are beloved by collectors, decorators and textile devotees across the world. This book presents a new approach to the intricately patterned silk textiles by focusing on complete robes from a major Russian collection. These items of clothing tell stories about their wearers: their home, identity and place in society. By studying the history, making, and changing fashions of ikat robes, the past is brought to life. With stunning photography and previously unpublished research findings, this publication is a new take on ikat costume for those interested in the history of textiles and fashion, but also for those wishing to admire the sheer beauty and exquisite craftsmanship of these remarkable textiles.

9781898113942 Hali Publications Ltd 10 x 13.375in. 384pp., 300 col. June 2022 $95.00/CDN$123.50 Hardback



Le Bijou Dessiné Designing Jewels Guillaume Glorieux, Michael Decrossas, Stéphanie Desvaux The design of jewelry has long remained hidden from view and the public. This book presents a hundred drawings, mainly from the Van Cleef & Arpels Fund on Jewellery Culture, ranging from the second half of the 18th century to the beginning of the 20th century. For the first time it sheds light on this completely unknown part of the decorative arts, in which anonymous craftsmen or artists rub shoulders with the great figures of jewelry, Tiffany, Lalique, Vever, or renowned workshops such as Paillet, Brédillard and Mellerio. Borgnis.

9782376660453 Editions Norma 8.625 x 11in. 192pp., 100 col., 20 b.&w. February 2022 $60.00/CDN$78.00 Hardback English, French



Nutmeg: Graters, Pomanders and Spice Boxes: Luxury and utility from the 16th century to the present day John Reckless Once, nutmeg was worth its weight in gold. For much of human history, the tiny Banda Islands in Indonesia were the only source of this esteemed spice. From the age of the Silk Roads through to the mid19th century partial shift of production to the Caribbean, this book traces the story of nutmeg, revealing its extensive and often surprising influence over conflict, politics, social mores, and Western society. Combining the social history of nutmeg with explanations of the spice production and transportation process, and illustrating in detail examples in international nutmeg grater collections and museums, this book is the essential reference work for collectors, antique dealers and auctioneers.

9781788841450 ACC Art Books 9.375 x 11.75in. 312pp. March 2022 $65.00/CDN$85.00 Hardback

Paolo Brunelli: I am not a gelato. Paolo Brunelli This book weaves together the life story of Paolo Brunelli (often referred to as the best gelato maker in Italy), with the events, people and ideas that have nourished and informed his passion for gelato. In photographs that reflect the artistry of his creative vision, gelato is presented as a medium that breathes, that is lit by experimentation, and goes far beyond the boundaries of what we think of as a simple treat on a sunny afternoon by the seaside. The author of two previous books on gelato, Paolo Brunelli has won numerous awards (best Italian ice cream award from the Italian guidebook Gambero Rosso for three consecutive years), and continues to evolve, experiment, and think about gelato.

9788893970358 Manfredi Edizioni 8.625 x 12.625in. 192pp., 120 col. Available $48.00/CDN$62.50 Paperback English, Italian

The Butcher’s Book Hendrik Dierendonck Hendrik and his father Raymond Dierendonck have grown in recent years into the benchmark for everything to do with meat. They supply only the highest quality and are followed by any number of top chefs. Dierendonck is one of the pioneers of the international ‘nose-to-tail’ philosophy, in which literally every part of the slaughtered animal is utilised. Enjoy the most delicious classic cuts from the butcher’s counter; wonder at the craft and skill of the butcher; and learn to process and prepare meat in the Dierendonck style from the dozens of adventurous and timeless recipes in this book. The Butcher’s Book has grown into a true cult publication in recent years and has now been supplemented with more than 20 achievable, refined recipes from his starred restaurant Carcasse.

9789463887946 Hannibal Publishers 9 x 10.625in. 256pp., 117 col., 7 b.&w. February 2022 $65.00/CDN$85.00 Hardback

The Lost Fragrance of Infinity Moin Mir In 1739, Qaraar Ali, a young craftsman from Delhi witnesses the destruction of his world as he has known it. His wondrous city where he found love, spirituality, the friendship of poets and philosophers becomes a desolate, scorching hell. From the embers of his past, a journey begins; one which takes him into the depths of Sufi philosophy. Traversing spectacular landscapes of a fading Mughal Empire, a turbulent Central Asia and Persia, a culturally retreating Ottoman Empire and declining Spanish influence, Qaraar Ali finds hope in the sacred geometry of the Sufis through which he attempts at rebuilding his life and rediscovering love. A deeply passionate love story imbued with spirituality, acceptance, compassion and redemption, The Lost Fragrance of Infinity gives a much-deserved voice to Sufism and its contributions to humanity, art, mathematics, mysticism and science.

9788186939888 Roli Books 5.5 x 8.5in. 332pp. March 2022 $24.95.00/CDN$32.95 Hardback

Memories of the Memories of the Black Rose Cat Veeraporn Nitiprapha, translated by Kong Rithdee Not long before the Communist revolution, Tong, sent by his peasantparents in impoverished rural China to work with a relative in Siam, has risen to become a rice-trading tycoon in Bangkok’s Chinatown. Haunted by the dream of returning to his true home in China, Tong and his family are swept along by the torrents of history. Memories of the Memories of the Black Rose Cat, the award-winning second novel by Veerapon Nitiprapha, is a generationsspanning family saga that explores the roots of the Chinese diaspora in Siam and how the tragedy of ruined love, maternal betrayal and futile ambition shape the lives of Tong’s clan members. All of this is played out against the backdrop of Siam’s mid-century social and political history.

9786164510609 River Books 5.625 x 8.25in. 330pp. April 2022 $22.00/CDN$29.00 Paperback



Voices from the Lost Horizon Stories and Songs of the Great Andamanese Anvita Abbi

The King and the Consul A British Tragedy in Old Siam Simon Landy

Banaras Of Gods, Humans and Stories Text by Nilosree Biswas, photographs by Irfan Nabi

The Andaman Islands — Great Andaman, Little Andaman, and North Sentinel Islands have been home for millennia to four tribes: the Great Andamanese, Onge, Jarawa, and Sentinelese. Their languages are known by the same name as that of the tribes. These languages were mutually intelligible like a link in a chain. However, today, Great Andamanese is a moribund language of the only-surviving pre-Neolithic tribe, breathing its last breath. Prof. Anvita Abbi to conducted a research study to give life to the lost oral heritage of the vanishing world of the Great Andamanese. Voices from the Lost Horizon is a collection of a number of folk tales and songs of the Great Andamanese. The compilation comes with audio and video recordings of the stories and songs to retain the originality and orality of the narratives.

In 1856, just months after Britain and Siam had finalized the historic Bowring trade treaty that would prevent the country’s colonization, the violent death of a Siamese official at the new British consulate threatens to scuttle the deal and lead to war. The King and the Consul explores UK and Thai archives to reveal the twists, turns and tensions of this littleknown episode. The crisis was resolved without war, but not without cost for the participants. By examining the background to this tragedy, the book reveals how history has often overlooked the importance of an issue that lay behind it the right of foreigners to own land in the country, an issue that continues to be a thorn in the side of Thailand’s foreign relations to this day.

Banaras is an enigma with a carefully crafted antiquity that runs deep into its veins. Banaras is about all its elements and many sights and sounds. It is about the visible thousands, the Banarasis (the dwellers), the pilgrims, the tourists, the patrons, the kings, the emperors, and the nameless. Banaras is the perceived ‘sacred’ by the believer, reflected in its past created and recreated, finally standing ground in the contemporary or the livedin, in particular. A visit to Banaras leaves you with vivid memories or recall of a particular moment which resides in one’s senses long after the journey. This book is about the author’s sensing of Banaras, a quest to comprehend all of the above and a catalyst to experience more.

9789391125066 Niyogi Books 7 x 9.5in. 176pp., 70 col. Available $25.00/CDN$33.00 Hardback, non-returnable

9786164510593 River Books 5.625 x 8.25in. 248pp., 39 b.&w. April 2022 $24.95/CDN$32.95 Hardback

9789389136777 Niyogi Books 9 x 9in. 240pp., 353 col. Available $45.00/CDN$57.50 Hardback, non-returnable



From Poland with Music 100 Years of Polish Composers Abroad (1918-2018) Marlena Wieczorek From Poland with Music: 100 Years of Polish Composers Abroad (1918-2018) is the first publication in polish literature which explores the theme of emigration among composers from the 20th and 21st centuries so comprehensively. From creators in the classical music circle, to artists from the field of jazz, the book contains popularizing articles, as well as several dozen interviews with experts who talk about the life and legacy of the selected composers and about their experiences and personalities.

9781785514074 Scala Arts & Heritage Publishers Ltd 6.875 x 9.875in. 416pp., 85 col. Available $59.95/CDN$77.95 Paperback

Sydney Opera House Official Souvenir Guide Sam Doust, Peter Gibson The Sydney Opera House is one of the most recognizable buildings in the world. Fusing ancient and modernist influences and situated on a site sacred to the Gadigal people for thousands of years, it is Australia’s premier tourist attraction, a UNESCO World Heritage-listed site and one of the busiest performing arts centers in the world. While the tale of The Sydney Opera House is one of breath-taking triumph, it is also one of personal cost. Its Danish architect, Jørn Utzon (1918–2008), left Australia midway through construction and never returned to see his masterpiece completed. This souvenir guide traces the history of this extraordinary building – one that is synonymous with inspiration and imagination – through a beautifully realized combination of photography, text and quotes.

9781785513824 Scala Arts & Heritage Publishers Ltd 7.5 x 7.5in. 88pp. March 2022 $17.95/CDN$23.50 Paperback

Sukita: Eternity – Signed, David Bowie ‘Face’ Edition (Numbers 101-150) Sukita This stunning book is the first full retrospective from Masayoshi Sukita: a legend in the world of music, film and celebrity photograph. He is the master photographer behind David Bowie’s ‘Heroes’, of Jim Jarmusch’s cult film Mystery Train, and of iconic photos of Iggy Pop and Marc Bolan. The book includes Sukita’s greatest images; early work, fashion, music, film and street and travel imagery. This edition comes with a David Bowie portrait, taken in 1973, signed by Sukita along with the signed and numbered book, presented in a slipcase.

9781788841313 ACC Art Books 9.875 x 12.75in. 256pp., 52 col., 165 b.&w. Available $500.00/CDN$650.00 Hardback, non-returnable



Sukita: Eternity – Signed, David Bowie ‘Heroes Outtake’ Edition (Numbers 26100) Sukita This stunning book is the first full retrospective from Masayoshi Sukita: a legend in the world of music, film and celebrity photograph. He is the master photographer behind David Bowie’s ‘Heroes’, of Jim Jarmusch’s cult film Mystery Train, and of iconic photos of Iggy Pop and Marc Bolan. The book includes Sukita’s greatest images; early work, fashion, music, film and street and travel imagery. This edition comes with a David Bowie portrait, taken in 1977, an outtake from the ‘Heroes’ album cover session, signed by Sukita along with the signed and numbered book, presented in a slipcase.

9781788841306 ACC Art Books 9.875 x 12.75in. 256pp., 52 col., 165 b.&w. Available $700.00/CDN$910.00 Hardback, non-returnable



Down by the Water Robin de Puy Robin de Puy (b. 1986) has lived for several years in Wormer, a small village just to the north of Amsterdam. She is fascinated by the American countryside, and during the recent lockdown discovered that her new environment proves to be very universal, with the same sort of local small-town icons that she has often encountered during her travels through the rural landscapes of America. Because the village is so close to Amsterdam, it is home to a very diverse mix of people. There are residents who have lived here for generations, but also refugees or urbanites who cannot find the space they need in Amsterdam. In Robin de Puy’s imagination, Wormer has all the hallmarks of a small American village, making it all the more fascinating.

9789463887892 Hannibal Publishers 9.5 x 12.25in. 140pp., 11 col., 59 b.&w. February 2022 $68.00/CDN$88.50 Hardback English, Dutch

Pictorial Landscape Photography Saskia Boelsums Saskia Boelsums’ dramatic photographs of Dutch landscapes reflect on the atmospheric paintings of the Golden Age painters such as Jacob van Ruisdael and Jan van Goyen, but her work is clearly seeped in her own experience of nature. Lashing rain over the sea, sun breaking through storm clouds, and fields of flowers bathed in an otherworldly light: these images are the result of hours and days of waiting to capture the perfect moment. In this, her second book of landscape photographs, she presents not only Dutch landscapes and seascapes, but also landscapes photographed on visits to Germany, Switzerland, and New York.

9789089898661 Lannoo Publishers 9.875 x 12.125in. 208pp., 200 col. Available $65.00/CDN$85.00 Hardback

Metadata Rethinking Photography in the 21st Century Christopher Jones What’s behind a picture? The term “metadata” is used to describe the information that travels with a digital image file but is unseen within the image itself. In our moment, we are becoming increasingly aware that understanding the information that circulates unseen around photographic images is just as important as seeing what they represent. This fascinating, fully-illustrated publication explores the ecology of the photographic image through the work of an international selection of contemporary artists and visual activists.

9781785513756 Scala Arts & Heritage Publishers Ltd 8.75 x 8.75in. 128pp., 60 col., 12 b.&w. March 2022 $35.00/CDN$45.00 Paperback

Matthias Wittig Fake Dreams Frank Hilberg, edited by Matthias Wittig Matthias Wittig turns pictures into brainteasers. A photo that at first glance looks like a casual snapshot, a frozen moment in time, sometimes conceals an entire storyline. Wittig evidently has an eye for the comically grotesque. Ambiguity seems to hold a fascination for him, as do the odd details that do not quite fit into the picture, thereby turning it into a story. This kind of ambiguity can be spooky and unsettling, but also imbued with humor and comical undertones. However, it is not only individual photos that seem enigmatic, but also the order in which they appear in the book. For what at first looks like a hidden connection often reveals itself to be an arrangement of surfaces and strange, unexpected color gradients that unravel into random chaos.

9783862069187 Verlag Kettler 7.75 x 10.25in. 136pp., 114 col. Available $58.00/CDN$75.50 Hardback English, German

Vendée Globe 2020.2021 Voyager Kojiro Shiraishi: Racing around the world on the DMG MORI Global One Jochen Rieker, edited by Irene Bader The Vendée Globe is to sailors what Mount Everest is to mountaineers and the Ironman is to triathletes: the ultimate pinnacle of their sport! The first Japanese Vendée Globe starter Kojiro Shiraishi passed the challenge in the 2020/2021 sailing race with flying colors. With his adventure, Kojiro Shiraishi thrilled millions of fans in Japan and all over the world. This book deals with Kojiro Shiraishi’s journey, his success, his adventures over the nearly 54,000 kilometers he has traveled non-stop aboard the DMG MORI Global One. He is the first Asian participant in the regatta’s more than 30-year history to join the exclusive circle of finishers.

9783667121912 Delius Klasing Verlag Gmbh 10.125 x 10.875in. 162pp., 184 col. Available $40.00/CDN$50.00 Hardback



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Urban Jungle, 79 Variegation in the Triangle, Vasily Kandinsky - 500-piece puzzle, 74 Variegation in the Triangle, Vasily Kandinsky - Notecard set, 74 Vendée Globe 2020.2021, 117 Vendôme Column, The, 84 Venezia, 17 Video Marketing Like a PRO, 108 Viking in the Vineyard, 52 Vinyl World, 77 Visions of a better world, 109 Vittorio Messina, 99 Voices from the Lost Horizon, 114 Wang Mian: Ink Plum Blossoms, 94 Wang Shen: Fishing Village in Light Snow, 94 Wang Xianzhi: Mid-Autumn Manuscript, 94 Wang Xizhi: Lanting Xu, 94 Wang Xun: Letter to Boyuan, 94 Watch Book Rolex, 77 Wayward Tendrils of the Vine, 54 Whisky Book, The, 55 Why Are You Creative?, 75 Wild Cooking, 49 Wine Tasting, 52 Winter Homes, 78 With Observation and Imagination, 104 Wolfpack Way, The, 13 World Press Photo 2022, 68 Xia Gui: Landscape of Streams and Mountains, 94 Yan Zhenqing: Eulogy to My Nephew, 94 Yang Ningshi: Calligraphy Copybook of Leek Flowers, 94 Yewn, 76 Zhang Zeduan: Along the River during the Qingming Festival, 94 Zhao Ji: Auspicious Cranes, 94 Zhao Ji: Thousand-character Classic in Regular Script, 94 Zhao Mengfu: Autumn Colours on the Que and Hua Mountains, 94 Zhao Mengfu: The First and Second Odes to the Red Cliffs, 94




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