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Image taken from Canticle of the Birds

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Le Cinq Recipes by Chef Éric Briffard, texts by Chihiro Masui, photographs by Richard Haughton

ISBN: 9781851497638

• Celebrates the Michelin-starred restaurant Le

ACC Editions 7.75 x 10.5in. 352pp. 350 col. April 2014 $60.00 Hardcover

• •

Cinq, which can be found in the Four Seasons Hotel George V in Paris Inspirational recipes, beautiful photography and excellent text Chef Éric Briffard was awarded Chef of the Year by the Pudlowski Guide; the French edition was awarded the Prix Gourmand

Located just a few steps away from the Champs-Elysées, Four Seasons Hotel George V, Paris, redefines luxury in the City of Light. The most prestigious palace hotel in Paris, the George V has also earned the illustrious title of ‘The World’s Best Hotel’. The restaurant Le Cinq, awarded two Michelin stars, is the jewel in the crown of the George V. Picked by an international panel as the World's Best Hotel Restaurant, the cuisine and service at Le Cinq is unrivaled. Le Cinq pays tribute to the very best recipes and affords you the opportunity to experience the immense talent, creativity and incomparable technical mastery of Chef Éric Briffard. Éric Briffard has headed the brigade at the Hotel George V Since 2008. In 2010 he was voted Chef of the Year by the Pudlowski guide for his work at the prestigious restaurant Le Cinq.

2 FOOD & DRINK Italian Wines 2014

ISBN: 9781890142230

Gambero Rosso This annual guide Italian wines is completely accessible, organized in a simple, clear and functional way. Sections are arranged by individual winery name, address, number of hectares of vineyard, method of cultivation (conventional, organic, biodynamic or natural). Entries are descriptive, of history and geographical region; evaluating the wines by the celebrated method of Bicchieri, or glasses, ranging from one, to a maximum of Tre Bicchieri. The guide also pays special attention to wineries that are ecosensitive, awarding Tre Bicchieri Verdi to bottles that come from those with a particular regard for the environment.

Gin & Tonic

Gambero Rosso 4.25 x 8.75in. 928pp. April 2014 $35.00 Paperback

• The most authoritative annual guide to the very best in Italian wines

ISBN: 9789401414234

The Complete Guide for the Perfect Mix Frédéric Du Bois & Isabel Boons Gin & tonic is more fashionable than ever before. Bars, clubs, gin menus in restaurants - gin is everywhere. This beautifully compiled book is an essential guide for gin lovers. Richly illustrated, it covers the history of gin, the gin families with their distinct characteristics and distilled flavors, and the exciting, more recent developments in the marketing, the bottling and packaging of gin which is increasingly quirky, artistic and original. There is an overview of some of the smartest places to drink and discover a world of gin; hip and very cool.


Lannoo Publishers 6.75 x 9.5in. 224pp. 40 col., 150 b.&w. March 2014 $40.00 Hardcover

ISBN: 9789381523919

The Experience of Indian Tea Rekha Sarin, Rajan Kapoor Chai: The Experience of Indian Tea is a journey into the heartlands of tea production, across the length and breadth of India, offering a glimpse into the history and culture of the people who cultivate it, the process of growing, the diversely beautiful landscapes, the rich traditions and the ceremony. This intriguing volume is a visual treat, that traces leaf to cup, covering the entire spectrum of the tea industry through wonderfully descriptive text and stunning photography; put the kettle on, put your feet up and enjoy!

Niyogi Books 9.5 x 12.25in. 284pp. 271 col. April 2014 $70.00 Hardcover, full discount, non-returnable

• Describes the intricate complexities and individual characteristics of tea grown in Assam, Darjeeling, Nilgiris, Kangra Valley and other regions of India


Pride and Glory The Art of the Rockers’ Jacket Horst A. Friedrichs

• A lavishly illustrated appraisal of the leather motorcycle jacket, the pride and joy of its owner

In Pride and Glory, the acclaimed German photographer Horst A. Friedrichs concentrates on an extraordinary design classic: the leather motorcycle jacket, which developed in the 1950s from being merely functional outerwear to become the blazing symbol of the era’s youth revolt. James Dean wore one, as did Marlon Brando and Dennis Hopper. Since then, the myth has continued to flourish, so that, to this day, leather jackets are one of the few outfits with true cult status. They have soul, they have character and they are worn with pride; they are painted, embellished, embroidered and enhanced with studs and patches. For decades, Lewis Leathers, the legendary British manufacturer of leather motorcycle jackets, has brought together especially attractive and exceptional examples for their unique and comprehensive collection of vintage leather jackets. The artistic photos by Horst A. Friedrichs make these available to the larger public for the first time and provide authentic insight into this highly exceptional lifestyle. The rare photographic documents are complemented by a fascinating essay by Colin Fallows, Professor of Sound and Visual Art at the John Moores University in Liverpool, as well as by an indepth conversation with Derek Harris, the proprietor of Lewis Leathers, London. Horst A. Friedrichs was born in Frankfurt in 1966. Over the years, he has produced a number of extraordinary photo books featuring fashion and lifestyle beyond the mainstream. He works as a freelance photojournalist for amongst others, Stern, Geo,The New York Times and The Independent.

ISBN: 9783942597203 DAAB 11 x 13in. 400pp. 238 col., 60 b.&w. March 2014 $145.00 Hardcover, full discount, non-returnable

Also available: limited special edition of 1,000 copies, numbered with a hand-signed Fine Art Print. This special edition is presented in a matt-brushed aluminium case. Each book is a unique copy. Bound in hand-stitched cowhide leather with zip fastening, embellished with studs and appliqué details and lined with quilted taffeta. ISBN: 9783942597210 $2100.00 Hardcover, slipcase, 20% non-returnable discount

4 PHOTOGRAPHY New York Water Towers Ronnie Farley; Editors Kiersten Armstrong and Mike Warlow Think of the movies, think of any photographic image of the New York skyline and there will undoubtedly be water towers; features that are as much a recognizable part of the city as the yellow taxi cabs and the street signs. Ronnie Farley has documented these New York monoliths for over 20 years from every angle and time of day; a beautifully photographed and original collection.

ISBN: 9780989885645 KMW Studio 6 x 8in., 104pp., 39 col., 41 b.&w. May 2014 $29.95 Hardcover, full discount, non-returnable

Ronnie Farley is a photographer who has lived in New York City for over twenty years. During that time, she has worked at Associated Press as a photo librarian and national photo editor, and as an independent freelancer. Currently, she divides her time between New York City, upstate New York and the open road, working mostly for Native American non-profit organizations. Her photographs have been published in Rolling Stone, USA Today, The Village Voice and the New York Daily News; she has been exhibited throughout the United States and is in the permanent collections of the Museum of the City of New York and The Museum of the American Indian in New York City, the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum in Cleveland, The Nicolaysen Museum in Casper, Wyoming, The National Cowgirl Museum and Hall of Fame in Fort Worth Texas, and the Kultur Bodensee, in Salem, Germany.

North & South The Brothers War Kristoffersen; Editor Mike Warlow; Introduction by Brian Pohanka

• A compelling photographic story of American Civil War re-enactment; documenting meticulous attention to detail across a worldwide Civil War Reenactor community

North and South, The Brothers War is an essay in photographs from the acclaimed Americana photographer Kristoffersen. This 128 page volume is a pictorial story of the American Civil War seen through the eyes of Kristoffersen and recreated by a huge cast of Civil War re-enactors.

ISBN: 9780989885607 KMW Studio 11 x 8.5in., 128pp. , 180 b.&w. February 2014 $29.95 Paperback

They say that every picture tells a story, and in this case it’s true; this is an exciting visual ‘thrill’ ride through the marching, marshalling, drilling, acrid smoke-filled battlefields, line upon line of muskets afire, the aftermath, and the haunting ghost-like figures. All of it is movingly captured here, in this tome to America’s ‘War of Brothers’. Kristoffersen is an ardent observer and recorder of American life, with his many differing bodies of photographic work American Civil War, Native Americans, Cowboys, Hobos, and the Midway; published and exhibited throughout the United States and Europe.


New York / Los Angeles Lloyd Ziff; Editors Kiersten Armstrong and Mike Warlow; Foreword NY, Sir Harold Evans New York/Los Angeles is an exciting collection of new images of America’s two most interesting cities taken over some 40 years, captured in black and white and color photography; as seen through the eye of photographer, art director and award-winning designer Lloyd Ziff. Lloyd Ziff is a well-respected and prolific photographer, his work has been included in the permanent collections of The Palm Springs Art Museum, Palm Springs, California, and The International Center of Photography, New York. He has been published in many of the world’s most prestigious magazines including The New York Times Magazine, Condé Nast Traveler, Interview, Rolling Stone, Vanity Fair, and Wired. Before he became known as a photographer, he was an award-winning art and design director in publishing; he has also lectured in magazine design, photography, and illustration at Art Center College in Pasadena, California, The School of Visual Arts in New York City, and for 13 years at Parsons School of Design in New York City.

ISBN: 9780989885621 KMW Studio 9.5 x 12in. 96pp. per vol., NY: 30 col., 54 b.&w., LA: 29 col., 53 b.&w. May 2014 $100.00 2 vols, Hardcover, slipcase, full discount, non-returnable

6 PHOTOGRAPHY Jitu James Stephenson; Editor Mike Warlow Jitu is a wonderful collection of timeless photography from James Stephenson’s twenty year spiritual journey through Africa, exploring the heart of this incredible land. His words and images take the reader into the world of shamanism, of storytelling, mythology and magic as he travels with Jitu, a local witch doctor and fisherman; his journey uncovers the folklore of the ocean and ends at the sacred mountain Nundulungu, where he and the Hadzabe Bushmen initially encountered the sacred text, that became the foundation for his writing. This is travel writing with heart and soul; conveying a deep respect for indigenous cultures and traditions accompanied by some powerful and emotive images.

ISBN: 9780989885669 KMW Studio 8 x 10in., 120pp. 70 col. June 2014 $40.00 Hardcover, full discount, non-returnable

James Stephenson is a leading expert on the art of Africa. In 1997 he set out on a journey that resulted in his first book, The Language of the Land. Having spent over eight years working as a safari guide, he finally arranged to have a ‘free’ year living among the Hadzabe in East Africa. He visited these people on numerous occasions and with every trip his fascination with them deepened; the Hadzabe are the last hunters and gatherers still living a traditional life in Africa. James lived their life, hunting what they hunted, eating what they ate, participating in their dances and ceremonies, consulting with their medicine men, and learning their myths and dreams.

Walk Through a Dark Ride Kristoffersen; Editor Mike Warlow; Introduction by Roger Aplon

• A compelling photographic record of the traditional American fairground As the traditional fairground, or Midway, disappears from the American landscape, this volume of gritty and surreal images becomes a document of its declining history; full of beautiful images that convey the real atmosphere of these ‘disappearing’ spaces, capturing the spirit and essence of the ‘thrill’ of the lights at night, ferris wheels and sideshow stalls that feel like the most magical of childhood dreams, full of the promise of excitement and escape. ISBN: 9780989885652 KMW Studio 11 x 8.5in., 96pp. 60 b.&w. June 2014 $40.00 Paperback, full discount, non-returnable

Kristoffersen is an ardent observer and recorder of American life, illustrated in his diverse bodies of photographic work from the American Civil War, Native Americans, Cowboys, Hobos, and the Midway; his work has been published and exhibited throughout the United States and Europe.


Torso Markus Cuff; Editor Mike Warlow; Essay by Kristine McKenna

• Exquisite art photographs of the world’s top tattoo artists’ work

Torso is an amazing collection of work spanning 16 years, that documents the burgeoning tattoo phenomenon across the United States and Pacific Islands; these photographs are slick and darkly addictive, reflecting artistic expression that links to both personal and social identity, the telling of stories on the skin, of being and belonging. Included are stunning examples of work by respected tattoo artists such as Mike Rubendall, Jill Bonny, Khalil Rintye, John The Dutchman, Horiyoshi III, Carlos Torres, Matt Breckerich, Clark North, Aaron Coleman, Horitaka, Steve Looney, Ron Earhart, Nate Bunuelos, Edwin Shaffer, George Campisi and Denny Besnard. Markus Cuff - artist, photographer, musician, thinker, social documentarian, nature lover and Jungian. He is perhaps the most highly respected and visible photographer in the tattoo world; regularly contributing to Tattoo Magazine, Tattoo Flash, and producer of many magazine specials. He was the single largest contributor to the Rolling Stone book Tattoo Nation - maybe because of his access to Rock’s royalty. Markus was the original drummer for Emmylou Harris and the cult band The Textones.

ISBN: 9780989885614 KMW Studio 8.75 x 12in. 120pp. 50 col. May 2014 $75.00 Hardcover, full discount, non-returnable

8 PHOTOGRAPHY You Ain’t Seen Nothing Yet Music and Photography Rein Deslé

• The first-ever book in the world with a free online Spotify soundscape (

• Photographs by Dean Chalkley, Daniel Cohen, Charlie de Keersmaecker, Ryan McGinley, James Mollison, Alex Salinas, Michael Schmelling, Oliver Sieber, Alex Vanhee, Eva Vermande. Portraits of PJ Harvey, Rage Against the Machine, Morrissey, Antony and the Johnsons, A Brand, Deus, Amy Winehouse, Noel Gallagher and many, many more

ISBN: 9789401409544 Lannoo Publishers 9.75 x 11in. 216pp. 150 col., 50 b.&w. March 2014 $45.00 Paperback with flaps

The love affair between music and photography dates back many years and pop and rock artists have always used top photographers to put a face on their music; despite the music industry’s many troubles over the past two decades, the link between sound and image is stronger than ever. You Ain’t Seen Nothing Yet displays a range of work from some highly individual and original photographers: intimate behind-the-scenes views of the music world, eccentric group portraits and iconic album cover material. Rein Deslé is a curator at the FoMu (Photo Museum Antwerp). Text in English and Dutch.

Déesses Fragiles Lieven Herreman At first glance Déesses Fragiles (Fragile Goddesses) portrays 100 lean naked women in black and white pictures. To photographer Lieven Herreman, however, it is, if nothing else, a self-portrait: a physical rendition of his search for a fragile and ambiguous self-image. The basic idea of his method is abstracting styling and self-image from his subjects. He almost forces them into surrendering to his camera and becoming his vehicle for the ultimate image. On the one hand, the woman wants to resist the attack - she is goddess, she is strong and imposing - but on the other hand she also wants to surrender - she’s also fragile and vulnerable. This duality of resisting and surrendering, of being a goddess as well as being fragile, is the essence of Herreman’s work. With an introduction by Johan Swinnen and an interview with the photographer by Nancy Vansieleghem. ISBN: 9789460581151 Luster 6.25 x 8.25 in. 140pp. ,50 b.&w. February 2014 $70.00 Hardcover

Published to accompany an exhibition at Gallerie Verbeeck Van Dyck in Antwerp, from October 4th until November 3rd, 2013. Photographer Lieven Herreman has worked on other self-portrait projects in the past, such as Lymphoma, which was published as a book in 2007. Text in Dutch with an English Summary.


Jesus, Make-up and Football Rio de Janeiro, Brazil Frederik Buyckx This book is all about the favelas or slums of Rio de Janeiro in Brazil where a fifth of Rio’s six million inhabitants live in favelas: self-built, improvized and populous neighborhoods in which life can be rough. With the World Cup coming to Rio in 2014 and the Olympics in 2016, the city is determined to show itself to its best advantage. The government is using the opportunity to clean up the slums and flush out the drug gangs. Frederik Buyckx rented a pied-à-terre for a few months in a favela and shared the inhabitants’ daily lives. Jesus, Make-up and Football is the photographic result of those months. ISBN: 9789401412261 Lannoo Publishers 8 x 10.75in. 308pp., 308 col. March 2014 $45.00 Hardcover

Frederik Buyckx (1984) became a photographer in 2011, after a career in advertising and as a designer. He works as a freelancer for De Standaard and has collected many prizes with his work Jesus, Make-Up and Football. His work has been published in The New York Times, The Sunday Times, and many more.

The Berlin Wall Book Hermann Waldenburg

• Documents the original works of art on the Berlin Wall Painters and graffiti artists from all over the world used the grey concrete of the Berlin Wall, that stretched for miles and divided a city, as a canvas to visually record their impressions of the underlying political and social culture it represented; thus the Wall became iconic, representing the voice of a generation in the 1980s. Today, more than 20 years after the re-unification of the city, only a few sections of the Wall have been preserved, and just as much of the powerful and emotive graffiti, it is now a thing of the past. ISBN: 9783894797195 Nicolai 8.25 x 6.5in. 112pp.,113 col. April 2014 $26.50 Paperback with flaps

This book documents the art of the Wall - over 70 of the most fascinating, creative, colorful, uninhibited and provocative works of graffiti produced photographed by the artist and designer Hermann Waldenburg between 1984 and 1990. Text in English and German.


ISBN: 9783894797294

Photographs by Wolfgang Scholvien Wolfgang Scholvien and Sigrid Harms This elegant, high-quality illustrated volume presents some incredible views of Berlin in over 100 color and duotone photographs. It focuses above all on the city’s cultural and political centers, including the Brandenburg Gate in Pariser Platz, the government quarter around the Reichstag, the Museum Island and Gendarmenmarkt. Text in English and German.

Nicolai 11.75 x 13.5in. 148pp. 41 col., 54 b.&w. March 2014 $79.95 Hardcover

• Impressive and atmospheric photographs of this exciting and contemporary city from a new perspective

Berlin Photographed from the Air

ISBN: 9783894797355

Dirk Laubner From the air it is easy to see how Berlin has reinvented itself as a cosmopolitan city; the old making way for the new, this change reflected in the architecture and design. This book presents the history of a city with a past and includes more than fifty new aerial photographs, depicting the colorful and creative developments of recent years in a unique and inspiring way. Text in English and German.

Potsdam Photographed From the Air

Nicolai 9.5 x 6.5in. 128pp. , 56 col. March 2014 $22.50 Paperback with flaps

• Completely revised edition of a bestseller, with many new photographs that document the changing landscape of Berlin

ISBN: 9783894797348

Dirk Laubner The special charm of Potsdam’s parklands with its famous palaces of Sanssouci, Neues Palais, Charlottenhof and Babelsberg as well as the splendid baroque city center are revealed in these spectacular aerial photographs by Dirk Laubner, which document the profound changes in the heart of the city. Text in English and German.

Nicolai 9.5 x 6.5in. 128pp. , 56 col. March 2014 $22.50 Paperback with flaps

• Completely revised edition of a bestseller with many new photographs, documenting the changes in the landscape of Potsdam


I Used to be in Pictures An Untold Story of Hollywood Austin and Howard Mutti-Mewse; foreword by Dominick Fairbanks I Used to be in Pictures is a collection of unpublished correspondence between English born brothers, Austin and Howard MuttiMewse and some of the most celebrated film stars from the silent and ‘golden’ era of filmmaking. The brothers’ foray into this glamorous world began with a simple fan letter to Lillian Gish, followed by another to Douglas Fairbanks Jnr. This gave rise to a wealth of letter writing. Yet, the most interesting part of this story is that these letters were written retrospectively; Austin and Howard’s unique relationships with these screen legends developed long after the height of their celebrity. During the nineties, the brothers were entertained by stars, including Bette Davis, Marlene Dietrich, James Stewart and Elizabeth Taylor who invited them into their homes in Hollywood, Palm Springs, and Malibu, to reminisce over afternoon tea. Accompanied by intimate and candid photographs of screen icons both at the height of their stardom and in later years, this is a collection for anyone looking for an insider glimpse into arguably Hollywood’s finest hour; a time when stars were made in black and white, when all that glittered was the sequins and the gold, a time of magic and some amazing memories.

ISBN: 9781851497539 Antique Collector’s Club 9.5 x 12in. 304pp. 20 col., 380 b.&w. February 2014 $65.00 Hardcover

12 FASHION The Label Book of Clothing Culture

ISBN: 9783942597258

Tradition. Quality. Style Thomas Rusche The Label Book of Clothing Culture presents over 40 top labels within the fashion business which are among the very best in the world. Great names such as Barbour and Brioni stand next to numerous “hidden champions” of clothing culture. But this extraordinary coffee table book is about much more than mere fashion, it also presents craftsmanship and history, style and quality; it highlights those companies that have committed themselves to this tradition with heart and soul.

DAAB 9.75 x 12.5in. 296pp. 315 col., 90 b.&w. March 2014 $95.00 Hardcover, full discount, non-returnable

• The very best of international clothing culture assembled in one lavish volume, with emphasis placed mainly on men’s clothing

New on the Catwalk

ISBN: 9783942597159

Emerging Fashion Labels Patrice Farameh In this collection, Patrice Farameh presents thirtyeight international designers. These young designers find inspiration from a wide range of sources, from antiquity to the Victorian era, to the sci-fi world in film, and much, much more. Cool and classical, richly ornamented and elfish, sophisticated and bodyconcious, the models file past in clothes that straddle the line between experimental and wearable. Succinct biographies, quotes and short interviews reveal the ideas behind the remarkable creations pictured. Text in English and German.

Second Skin

DAAB 10.75 x 11.75in. 400pp. 306 col., 18 b.&w. March 2014 $95.00 Hardcover, full discount, non-returnable

• They have completed their studies at Parsons The New School for Design, New York, Royal Academy of Fine Arts, Antwerp, Central Saint Martins College, London or the Vantan Design Institute, Tokyo; they are the fashion designers of the future

ISBN: 9783942597142

The Erotic Art of Lingerie Patrice Farameh Lingerie is the stuff of fantasy. This book is an exploration into the elements required to turn a piece of fragile fabric into an erotic design. Understanding how a designer moves from material to a creation that is a seductive work of art is almost impossible to define; this is fashion at its most intimate and sensual best… designed to heighten the senses and play with the imagination. The designers in this book, some of the best lingerie artists in the world, are incredibly skilled at translating a sense of inner desire into an external expression in satin and silk, combining luxury and longing, strength and vulnerability.

DAAB 7.75 x 9.5in. 384pp. 135 col., 57 b.&w. March 2014 $85.00 Hardcover, slipcase, full discount, non-returnable

• Skilfully put in the limelight by the best photographers, fragile sensual lingerie masterpieces unfold in the shape of 160 large illustrations


The Big Book of Interior Design Maria Vittoria Capitanucci, Alessandra Coppa, Chiara Savino Featuring an array of dwellings selected from around the world, The Big Book of Interior Design is entirely devoted to the harmonious relationships between the many design elements that populate and inter-connect our private spaces. A complete and beautifully made book featuring an elegant graphic layout, that does not just systematize, by way of a critical analysis based on style, the many stylistic inspirations that make up the daily scenario of living; rather its aim is to offer practical ideas to the architect, the designer, the family wishing to renovate their home and to all of those in search of inspired interiors. ISBN: 9788866481737 24 ORE Cultura 9 x 11in. 504pp., 500 col. April 2014 $55.00 Paperback

Modern, Vintage, Minimal, Surrealist, Pop, Mediterranean and Oriental styles are given a critical and historical analysis; there is also a focus on the key objects of a particular style, not just the functional pieces such as lamps, mirrors, carpets and sofas, but also decorative objects and accessories. A universe of objects that revolve around the physiognomy of a characteristically identified space.

Jaime Parladé Jaime Parladé, Photographs by Ricardo Labougle, Joaquín Cortés and Derry Moore This is a generously illustrated, large-format book by the renowned Spanish interior designer Jaime Parladé, who began his career in Marbella with the decoration of the Hotel de Guadalmina in 1958. That project singled him out as one of the principal designers of interiors in the city, where he decorated the houses of numerous families and prominent figures in the social, aristocratic and intellectual circles of Marbella and its coastline.

ISBN: 9788495241993 Ediciones El Viso 9.5 x 11.75in. 208pp., 120 col. April 2014 $73.00 Hardcover

Jaime Parladé has also worked in Corfu, Marrakesh, Miami, Gstaad and Connecticut, among other places. His great talent lies in his ability to mix styles, but what is most striking is the quality of his work and its level of comfort, meaning that all his interiors are attractive and welcoming from the moment we step into them. Jaime Parladé’s favorite creations are those for country houses as well as the remodeling projects he has undertaken of residences in Madrid, Ciudad Real and Toledo. Illustrated with images by well-known photographers, this book offers a tour of some of these houses.


ISBN: 9788896483206

Private Spaces Puglia Style is a collection of classical Apulian architecture, such as the Palazzetto, the country house, the house with a courtyard, the house with a citrus grove, the trullo, the masseria, and the lamione. Inspiring designs that incorporate features both built and natural; such as turrets, an olive press, a sheepfold, a mill and stables. Such spaces seem almost intuitive and create some sanctity, a connection between worlds perceived and imagined, “secret” places that combine to create feelings of calm, while quietly rejuvenating the senses.

Osiris Hertman

Congedo Editore 10.5 x 8.75in. 176pp. 261 col. February 2014 $40.00 Hardcover

ISBN: 9789089895820

Ivo Weyel Osiris Hertman is an all-round designer who’s been pushing the boundaries of design since he opened his studio in 1997. He started as a furniture designer, soon came interiors, home accessories and even hand-crafted silver jewelry. Osiris has traveled around the world to find unique and beautiful materials. The major part of all his design pieces are made by hand and encapsulate his unique style and passion for elegance, beauty and craftsmanship. He has also worked with a range of craftsmen to create the original furniture that makes an Osiris Hertman interior unique. Text in English and Dutch.

Artistic License

Lannoo Publishers 11.75 x 12.5in. 216pp. 200 col. March 2014 $95.00 Hardcover, full discount, non-returnable

ISBN: 9780917841064

Geoffrey Bradfield The work of internationally celebrated interior designer Geoffrey Bradfield is recognized for its innovative use of contemporary art. Art is integral to his work and Artistic License is a rare and exclusive opportunity to see these museum-worthy collections in situ. Throughout the dozen homes featured here, Bradfield’s choices consistently reflect his prescience and willingness to take risks. The juxtapositions - a Koons, Haring or Schnabel with a Matisse or Picasso or contemporary artists like Rachel Whiteread or Liao Yiba - are exciting and challenging.

Smallwood & Stewart 9 x 12in. 320pp. 170 col. January 2014 $80.00 Hardcover


California Cool Residential Modernism Reborn Russell Abraham ASMP

• Highly successful title, revised and updated with new content • Features work by Dean Nota, Swatt | Miers, Jim Jennings, Scott Johnson, Kim Coleman, Craig Steely, Steven Shortridge and Jonathan Feldman among others

• Russell Abraham is one of the leading architectural photographers and emerging architectural writers in the United States

California Cool is a journey that takes you through Southern California’s beach towns, to the rolling surrounds of San Francisco Bay, and to the lush vineyards of Napa and Sonoma, this book examines residential design in both urban and rural settings. ISBN: 9781864705676 The Images Publishing Group 10 x 10in. 252pp., 219 col. February 2014 $50.00 Hardcover

Russell Abraham’s striking architectural images and insightful writing give a unique human face to the architecture and their works. This revised edition includes new projects that complement and update the beauty that is California style.

Istanbul Architecture Murat Gül and Trevor Howells, photographs by Aras Neftçi, edited by Simona Blackall

• Only comprehensive Istanbul architectural guide book in English, in a handy userfriendly size

Istanbul is one of the most exciting and culturally diverse cities of the world and this is reflected in the wealth of its architectural design. Istanbul Architecture covers more than two millennia and its buildings range from the lofty and many tiered aqueducts built by the Romans through to Ottoman mosques, with their attendant bath houses, schools and hospitals.

ISBN: 9780949284938 Watermark Press 5.5 x 10in. 296pp., 600 col., 20 b.&w. February 2014 $35.00 Paperback

In Beyoglu, across from the Golden Horn, banks, arcades, embassies and apartment complexes reflect foreign influences. Within this district, contrasting architectural styles such as Belle Epoque, Venetian, Gothic and Art Deco all exist quite happily together. Elsewhere along the Bosphorus can be seen Baroque palaces of the Sultans and charming ‘yali’, the unique Turkish waterside mansions. The background to this diverse range of architectural styles are the ultramodern skyscrapers, bridges and other innovations of a technologically complex metropolis.

16 ARCHITECTURE Ai Weiwei Architecture Caroline Klein Ai Weiwei’s architecture unites and reflects the unique and original creative traditions and ideas from the Far East; his designs are inspiring, creating a particular sense of place and time, yet challenging and ultimately thought-provoking. This monograph documents the diversity of his innovative and exciting work to date. Text in English, German, Spanish, French, Italian and Chinese.


ISBN: 9783942597012 DAAB 7 x 9in. 176pp., 156 col., 9 b.&w. April 2014 $35.00 Hardcover, full discount, non-returnable

ISBN: 9783942597005

Winka Dubbeldam Caroline Klein This monograph introduces twelve of the most important projects from Dutch-born Winka Dubbeldam, of New York architecture practice ArchiTectonics. Her international projects give the reader an insight into a comprehensive architectural approach that refers to the future. Text in English, German, Spanish, French and Italian.

Superlative Emirates

DAAB 7 x 9in. 176pp., 142 col. March 2014 $35.00 Hardcover, full discount, non-returnable

ISBN: 9783942597081

The New Dimension of Urban Design Caroline Klein Superlative Emirates features over fifty urban design projects, the work of some of the most respected architects within the United Arab Emirates. From sleek skyscrapers to carbon-neutral residential living space, this is architecture that creates both a sense of awe and balance with the natural environment. Text in English and German.


DAAB 9.5 x 12.5in. 240pp., 209 col., 4 b.&w. April 2014 $70.00 Hardcover, full discount, non-returnable

ISBN: 9783942597098

Vision of Future Living Caroline Klein and Stefanie Lieb An inspirational showcase of the possibilities for future living, presenting designs by more than fifty architectural practices, including MAD, LAVA, MVRDV, Arup and Assocaites, Foster + Partners, ArchiTectonics and many more. Also featured is a series of accompanying essays by architects and academics. Text in English and German.

DAAB 9.5 x 11in. 272pp. 192 col., 36 b.&w. March 2014 $75.00 Hardcover, full discount, non-returnable

ART 17

The Canticle of the Birds Illustrated Through Persian and Eastern Islamic Art Farîd-ud-Dîn Attâr, edited by Diane de Selliers

• Featuring 207 Persian, Turkish, Afghan and IndoPakistani miniatures from the fourteenth to the seventeenth centuries, from public and private collections from around the world

A masterpiece of Persian literature written in the twelfth century, The Canticle of the Birds is the poetic expression of a universal initiatory quest, for Love, Truth and Unity. The journey of the birds beyond the seven valleys to meet Simorgh, the legendary bird and allegory of the Supreme Being, symbolizes the voyage of every human soul. The translation by Dick Davis and Afkham Darbandi, published by Penguin Classics in 1984, was the first verse translation in English of Attar’s work. His passionate and scholarly translation fluidly renders the poet’s thought, as well as the beauty and musicality of his language. For this edition, Dick Davis has translated the prologue and epilogue, and has also reworked several passages. More than two hundred Persian,Turkish, Afghan and Indo-Pakistani works, chosen from the most beautiful manuscripts of the 14th to the 17th centuries - from the banks of the Bosporusto to those of the Ganges - complement the poem. The choice of works benefited from the inestimable contribution of Michael Barry; he has written over two hundred commentaries on the works, presented facing each painting. These commentaries will provide the reader with keys to understanding and interpretation. Also available as a numbered edition, limited to 300 copies: ISBN 9782364370357, $395.00, hardcover, slipcase, non-returnable

ISBN: 9782364370319 Editions Diane de Selliers 9.75 x 13in. 462pp. 207 col. March 2014 $295.00 Hardcover, slipcase, full discount non-returnable

18 ART Pollock and the Irascibles The School Of New York Carter Foster Through the paintings of these 18 artists, guided by the charismatic Pollock and referred to as “The Irascibles”, after a famous protest they staged against the Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York, this is a complete view of an essential artistic style that reinterpreted the canvas as a space for individual freedom of thought and action. It was both the style of the New York School and a unique phenomenon, which characterized post-war America and that with overwhelming force, influenced Modern Art across the world.

ISBN: 9788866481867 24 ORE Cultura 11 x 12.25in. 192pp. 100 col., 80 b.&w. April 2014 $49.00 Hardcover

The book is the exhibition’s catalogue, which includes more than 49 masterpieces from the Whitney Museum in New York among which Pollock’s Number 27, Mahoning by Franz Kline (1956), Door to the River by Willem de Kooning (1960) and Untitled (Blue, Yellow, Green on Red) (1954) by Mark Rothko, alongside works by artists who may be less famous, but that represent their mature periods and, more generally speaking, their time. Carter Foster is currently curator, and curator of drawings, at the Whitney Museum of American Art.

Robert Motherwell The East Hampton Years, 1944-1951 Phyllis Tuchman

• Published to coincide with an exhibition to be held at the Guild Hall, East Hampton, New York

Robert Motherwell is a monograph on this pioneering Abstract Expressionist, who enjoyed early recognition. At 29 years, he had his first solo show at Peggy Guggenheim’s legendary gallery (1944). A year later he moved to East Hampton, New York and commissioned a house from French architect Pierre Chareau.

ISBN: 9788897737346 Officina Libraria 8.25 x 11in. 144pp. 35 col., 20 b.&w. July 2014 $45.00 Hardcover

None of the exhibitions dedicated to Motherwell have focused on this period and on the place where he came of age as an artist. He produced paintings, collages, and drawings that brought abstraction into the lingua franca of art created on the American side of the Atlantic. Motherwell possessed a Minimalist sensibility and many of his finest works from this period have only a few colors and shapes. About his Wall Painting with Stripes of 1944, for example, he explained “I’m not interested in painting the embellishments of reality, but in finding a direct, intense single sense of oneness with it”. This catalogue explores how Motherwell used Surrealist techniques to make his abstractions and uncovers the influence of Picasso and Matisse on his early work.

ART 19

Michelangelo’s David Aurelio Amendola and Antonio Paolucci Michelangelo Buonarroti (1475-1564) was one of the greatest and most versatile artists of all time. The masterpieces that he produced are the heritage of the whole of mankind. Because of the greatness of his work, Michelangelo, both as an artist and as a man, has been the subject of numerous studies by the world’s leading art historians. This book showcases stunning photographs of the most famous symbol of Renaissance art - Michelangelo’s David. The text, by art historian Antonio Paolucci is both fascinating and intriguing.

ISBN: 9788866481744

Aurelio Amendola has a long career as a photographer, and has devoted most of it to the figurative arts. Antonio Paolucci is an art historian, and director of the Vatican Museums. He has been Ministro dei Beni Culturali and Soprintendente of the Pol of the Florentine museums.

24 ORE Cultura 8 x 11.5in. 96pp. 75 col., 15 b.&w. April 2014 $25.00 Hardcover

Hockney Printmaker Richard Lloyd

• Celebrates Hockney’s long and fruitful career as a printmaker, sixty years after he made his first print

In 1954, a sixteen-year-old student at the Bradford College of Art opted to study lithography as part of the National Diploma in Design. His first effort, a small self-portrait printed only in a handful of impressions, marks the beginning of one of the longest and most diverse careers in modern printmaking. By turns traditional and groundbreaking, over six decades David Hockney has created graphic works of great wit, beauty and intellectual complexity.

ISBN: 9781857598933 Scala Arts Publishers Inc. 9.5 x 11in. 160pp., 130 col. January 2014 $39.95 Paperback

Hockney, Printmaker features over 150 works, from etchings executed at the Royal College of Art in the 1960s, to experiments with printed computer drawings some fifty years later, via portraits, pools, poetry, Xeroxes and investigations into multi-point perspective. Written by Richard Lloyd, head of prints at Christie’s, with contributions from Hockney’s friends and associates, it explores the many achievements of Britain’s greatest living practitioner of the graphic arts.

20 ART ISBN: 9783942597128

Crossing China Land of the Rising Art Scene Gerard Goodrow Crossing China introduces the highly fascinating art scene in China at the dawn of the 21st century. The breathtaking changes that have swept over this nation have generated an hitherto unheard of creative output. Each chapter introduces the major stakeholders in the interrelated fields of art, architecture and photography. Text in English and German.

DAAB 9.5 x 11in. 400pp. 378 col., 53 b.&w. March 2014 $175.00 Hardcover, slipcase, full discount, non-returnable

Fresh 1 Cutting Edge Illustrations Object ISBN: 9783942597067 63 col., 28 b.&w. $65.00

Fresh 2 Cutting Edge Illustrations Public ISBN: 9783942597050 336pp. 45 col., 20 b.&w. $65.00

Fresh 3 Fresh Box Cutting Edge Illustrations Edited by Slanted

A groundbreaking collection of contemporary illustration from around the world, presenting a wide range of styles and techniques Hundreds of successful projects, from brand new faces to star illustrators, are featured in this book

Fresh is a collection of international contemporary illustration using a wide range of styles and techniques, presented as a series of three volumes: Object, Public and Print. From personal work to commercial illustrations, fashion design to street art, two-dimensional representations to sculptural approaches - the Fresh series features more than 1,400 works of illustrative art. The selection of works reproduced in Fresh was considered by a jury of professional illustrators including Johannes König, Michal Luz, Mone Maurer, Raban Ruddifkeit and André Rösler and has been edited by the designers of Slanted magazine and the weblog from the German studio, MAGMA brand design.

Cutting Edge Illustrations Print ISBN: 9783942597043 366pp. 41 col., 24 b.&w. $65.00 All books measure are due in March 2014, are 7.75 x 10in. and are paperback, full discount, non-returnable.

Fresh Box Cutting Edge Illustrations ISBN: 9783942597074 DAAB 7.75 x 10.5in. 1008pp. March 2014 $175.00 3 Paperback, slipcase, full discount, non-returnable

ART 21 Masterworks of the Musée de l’Orangerie Marie-Paul Vial, Marie-Madeleine Massé The catalogue of the Musée de l’Orangerie features the totality of works from the collection of Jean Walter and Paul Guillaume on display in that museum. The collection was assembled by the art dealer Paul Guillaume between 1912 and 1934 and was subsequently reorganized by his widow and her second husband, Jean Walter. It includes works by Cézanne, Dérain, Laurencin, Renoir, Picasso, Matisse, Modigliani, Monet, Rousseau, Soutine, Utrillo and others. This richly illustrated catalogue is a testament to fifty years of artistic creation in Paris, from Impressionism to the 1930s.

Pontormo and Rosso Fiorentino

ISBN: 9786078310036 Ediciones El Viso 9.5 x 11in. 160pp. 110 color May 2014 $50.00 Paperback

ISBN: 9788874612161

Diverging Paths of Mannerism Edited by Carlo Falciani and Antonio Natali Published to accompany an exhibition at Palazzo Strozzi, Florence, March 8th - July 20th 2014, this is a broad and multifaceted overview of two great painters’ masterpieces. In exploring the work of the two greatest Florentine exponents of what 20thcentury critics christened Mannerism, the exhibition, and this accompanying volume, aims to track the chronological development of the movement.

Picasso and His Time

Mandragora 9.75 x 11.5in. 360pp. 150 col. April 2014 $55.00 Paperback with flaps

ISBN: 9783894797454

Museum Berggruen Nationalgalerie Staatliche Museen zu Berlin The Museum Berggruen in Berlin owns one of the world’s most important collections of Modern art. Works by three great artists form the nucleus of the museum: Pablo Picasso, Paul Klee and Henri Matisse. Also in the collection are outstanding works by their contemporaries Alberto Giacometti, Henri Laurens, Georges Braque as well as Paul Cézanne. With more than 350 illustrations, this compelling book offers a broad and unique panorama of “Picasso and his Time”.

Nicolai 8.75 x 11.75in. 512pp. 391 col. March 2014 $59.95 Hardcover, full discount, non-returnable

22 ART Louise Bourgeois

ISBN: 9781906270179

A Woman Without Secrets National Galleries of Scotland 8.5 x 10.5in. 96pp. 80 col. May 2014 $24.95 Paperback with flaps

Lucy Askew and Anthony d’Offay Louise Bourgeois (1911-2010) is one of the most significant and influential figures in modern and contemporary art, whose diverse practice has challenged conventions and captured the imagination of audiences around the world. This publication focuses on an outstanding collection of sculptures, works on paper and fabric works by the artist now on loan to the national ARTIST ROOMS collection and touring programme.

• A celebration of the later works of Louise Bourgeois looking at her sculpture, prints and drawings

Bracher João Adolfo Hansen and Dieter Alexander Boeminghaus Carlos Bracher (1940-), one of the most renowned contemporary artists from Brazil, comes from a Swiss family, which immigrated to Brazil in 1980. This title is a very personal portrait of the artist published by Nicolai on the occasion of the focus on Brazil: host of the FIFA World Cup in 2014 as well as host of the Olympic Games in 2016. The publication of the work was generously supported by Serviço Social da Indústria (SESI).

Basil Alkazzi An Odyssey of Dreams: A Decade of Paintings 2003-2012 Donald Kuspit, Judith Brodsky This beautifully designed volume documents Basil Alkazzi’s paintings of the last decade, with 34 fullcolor plates, and 34 full page, actual size details of the plates. This book has a definitive essay by the distinguished New York art critic Donald Kuspit; an introduction by Judith K Brodsky and an enigmatic and revealing interview with the artist.

ISBN: 9783894798314 Nicolai 11.5 x 8.75in. 186pp. 80 col. April 2014 $89.95 Hardcover, full discount, non-returnable

ISBN: 9781857598766 Scala Arts Publishing Inc. 7 x 9in. 136pp. 100 col. January 2014 $39.95 Hardcover

• Touring exhibition: February 6 - March 2, 2014: Rider University Art Gallery, Lawrenceville, NJ; March 22 - April 20, 2014: The Rosenberg Gallery, Maryland Institute College of Art; May 16 July 27, 2014: The Sheldon Museum of Art, Lincoln, NE

ART 23 Go West!

ISBN: 9783942597135

Cutting-Edge Creatives in the United States Patrice Farameh Advertising specialists, architects, artists, designers, fashion designers and photographers all need one thing for their work: inspiration; ideas that incite their curiosity, inflame their passion, lead their experimentation in new directions. Seeking this, many make their way westwards to America, to New York. Go West! presents outstanding works by 60 of these creative pioneers. Text in English and German.


DAAB 9.5 x 11in. 384pp. 226 col., 30 b.&w. March 2014 $75.00 Hardcover, full discount, non-returnable

ISBN: 9783942597234

Typography Between Illustration and Art Slanted/Magma Brand Design Bright! illuminates typography, which for many artists is loaded with creative potential. How much power of expression is contained in a letter, a word, or a sentence, when these entities, which are very communicative in character to begin with, are presented as images and objects? Bright! presents a collection of extraordinary typography-art. Text in English and German.


DAAB 9.5 x 11.25in. 420pp. 393 col., 72 b.&w. March 2014 $95.00 Hardcover, full discount, non-returnable

ISBN: 9783942597036

Young Artists to Keep an Eye on! Olaf Salié; Foreword by Professor Harald Falckenberg This publication is a watch list of exciting, cutting-edge work that blazes a trail for a diverse selection of rising young artists on the fringes of the established art scene. It is a compendium of personalities and positions, across the spectrum of artistic disciplines - all of whom one should literally keep an eye on. Text in German and English.

Corporate Collections

DAAB 9.5 x 11.25in. 420pp. April 2014 $90.00 Hardcover, full discount, non-returnable

ISBN: 9783942597227

Edited by Friedrich Conzen and Olaf Salié Corporate Collections is the first comprehensive book to highlight the vast number and wide variety of German companies’ art collections and involvement in culture. Showcasing portraits of seventy completely different corporate art collections, it explores the companies’ role as sponsors of art and culture. Text in English and German.

DAAB 9.5 x 11.75in. 468pp. 250 col., 28 b.&w. March 2014 $95.00 Hardcover, full discount, non-returnable

24 ART The Brown Beatnik Tomes Danny Simmons; Editors Kiersten Armstrong and Mike Warlow; Foreword by Russell Simmons The Brown Beatnik Tomes presents a collection of prose and paintings from artist and entrepreneur Danny Simmons; this is his most wide reaching and multi-disciplined project to date. Among the most impressive artists of his day, The New York Times says that he “injects freshness” into his abstracts, and that they are “meticulously rendered and decoratively impressive”. Simmons’ work can be seen all over the world and in such prominent establishments as Chase Manhattan Bank, The Smithsonian, the United Nations and more.

The Art of Golf Michael Clarke and Kenneth McConkey The Art of Golf illustrates around sixty works from across the United Kingdom and shows how the noble game has been depicted in European art from the 17th century to the present day in a variety of media: paintings, prints, photographs, cartoons and posters. In his essay Michael Clarke outlines the story behind the development of the game while art historian Kenneth McConkey places the works of the artist John Lavery in the context of the sport.The key image is the greatest golfing painting in the world, Charles Lees, The Golfers, 1847, which portrays a game in fascinating detail.

Wall Art

ISBN: 9780989885638 KMW Studio 8 x 10in. 64pp. 36 col. April 2014 $40.00 Spiral bound, full discount, non-returnable

• A uniquely presented collection of prose and paintings ISBN: 9781906270674 National Galleries of Scotland 7.75 x 9.5in. 72pp. 60 col. February 2014 $19.95 Paperback

• Illustrating sixty pieces of art with golf as the central theme, this book brings together many unseen works from private collections across the UK

ISBN: 9783894797850

Graffiti and Object Art in Berlin 1989 to 1994 Hermann Waldenburg The Berlin Wall became a forum for public communication; pictures were painted and sprayed onto both sides, representational, figurative, illustrator, surrealistic in mostly garish colors, rarely in black and white. This compilation of over 100 color photographs documents early “street art”, works that have vanished today. Exciting and vibrant, a unique record of an incredible time in recent history, that remain as a powerful and emotive reminder. Text in English and German.

Nicolai 9.25 x 8.75in. 120pp. 100 col. March 2014 $39.95 Hardcover

ART 25

The Story of The America’s Cup 1851- 2013 Ranulf Rayner; Foreword by Ted Turner

• Awe-inspiring and breathtaking, this volume takes sailing beyond its competitive limits; throwing caution to the winds, it is exciting and terrifying at turns, as it highlights some of the world’s most technical yachts and the skills of the men who sailed them

The Story of the America’s Cup 1851-2013 tells the chronological history of 150 years of the most exciting and exhilarating yacht race, open the pages and you can almost feel the wind in the sails and the salt spray.

ISBN: 9781851497621 Antique Collectors’ Club 14.75x 11.5in. 100pp. 75 col. 200 b.&w. May 2014 $39.95 Hardcover

Full page color illustrations bring the yachts alive, set as they are in their natural element, at sea, on the waves; detailed descriptions give an amazing insider’s view of the construction of individual boats, the routes sailed, the crews, the highs and lows of what was undoubtedly, extremely tough and competitive sailing, the victories and the defeats. Paintings by Tim Taylor, a leading marine artist, are an integral part of the book’s appeal; he has captured the pure essence, the spirit of the race and its place in history.

The Art of Botanical Illustration Wilfrid Blunt and William T Stern This major work, first published in 1950, is still considered the classic work on the subject. The book was revised and enlarged by ACC in the year 2000, and published to overwhelming acclaim; this is a reprint of that edition. It provides a comprehensive, critical and well illustrated survey of the portrayal of plants through more than three thousand years. Wilfrid Blunt, an artist himself, brought to it a craftsman’s appreciation and knowledge gained from experience, the extensive literature and visits to many galleries on the Continent. William T. Stearn gave him much help on botanical, biographical and bibliographical matters and contributed part of the text.

ISBN: 9781851497607 Antique Collector’s Club 9.25 x 11.75in. 352pp. 133 col., 150 b.&w. April 2014 $69.50 Hardcover

Professor Stearn has revised and enlarged this classic work and greatly extended the chapter on the twentieth century. This edition includes 126 color plates (more than twice as many as the original 1950 edition) and 140 black and white illustrations, thus making available to the general public numerous examples of the work of great botanical illustrators past and present.

26 DESIGN Car Posters Emmanuel Lopez The artworks in this book show the history of the car from its creation up until the start of the 1970s. The posters have been chosen for their rarity, importance, beauty and innovation, as well as for what they represent in terms of significant historical, technical and artistic stages of the motor car. They showcase the work of the designers and illustrators who constantly strove to come up with new ideas to match the technological progress of famous names such as Mercedes Daimler, Citröen, Bugatti, Buick, Rolls Royce and Chrysler, as well as others that are less well-known nowadays.

ISBN: 9781851497591 Antique Collectors’ Club 8 x 14.5in. 200pp., 202 color, 1 b.&w. May 2014 $49.50 Hardcover

As the cars developed, so the daredevil drivers and entrepreneurs found increasingly daring exploits with which to show off their prowess and endurance. Emmanuel Lopez charts the history of car racing from early competitions such as the Paris-Rouen in 1894 and on to the Grand Prix, and the legendary Le Mans 24-hour Race. Not to be forgotten are the innovations that enabled cars to become better and better: Michelin’s pneumatic tyres, brakes by Boyriven and Triplex windscreens. Also available: Railways Posters ISBN 9781851496723 $49.50 Ocean Liner Posters ISBN 9781851496730 $49.50

Think Dutch! Conceptual Architecture and Design in the Netherlands Edited by Robert Thieman; Text by Jeroen Junte & David Keuning Think Dutch! does not make any fundamental distinction between design and architecture. The book groups together the work of the young creative generation into 16 chapters with titles such as “Build on Water”, “Celebrate Food”, “Don’t Create for Eternity” or “Get Educated”. It poses thoughtprovoking questions such as: “Does this design yield new insight?”, “When does it make sense to use bio-degradable materials in architecture?” and “How can we establish self-sufficient food chains?” It is this critical approach to creative work that has become integral to Dutch architecture and design in recent decades.

ISBN: 9783942597104 DAAB 9.5 x 11in. 400pp. 1,030 col., 24 b.&w. April 2014 $175.00 Hardcover, slipcase, full discount, non-returnable

This book presents 476 diverse architectural and design projects and products, devised by some of the most creative contemporary minds in this field; all provide positive proof of cutting-edge thinking, and investment in sustainable futures, exciting ideas that are inspirational, leading the way towards a brighter future. Text in English and German.


Keep it Simple The Early Design Years of Apple Hartmut Esslinger Keep it Simple is the authentic story of the collaboration between Steve Jobs and Hartmut Esslinger, which began in 1982. The result of this partnership between entrepreneur and designer was revolutionary, in terms of historic dimensions: Steve Jobs was the first to make strategic design the core of Apple’s Business Strategy. From this, Apple grew from a technology focused company into one of the world’s most successful, global brands and this was achieved by creating and delivering innovative and intelligent products. Of course, there are many books about Steve Jobs and Apple. Professionals everywhere want to be like him - or want their company to succeed like Apple - so they compulsively absorb accounts of his work, hoping to find the magic recipe. For those readers this book is a first, because it tells the story of Apple’s evolution from the inside and its initial conception, when Steve was first driven by the power of design to establish it as the strategic core of Apple’s business model. This book is also for the millions of Apple users, admirers, fans, and critics who may be curious about the origins of the products and the brand they feel so deeply about. Here is the story of the most amazing creative journey, which had to overcome tremendous opposition, both inside Apple and across the wider technology industry. Also available: Design Forward ISBN 9783897903814 $40.00 (see page 125).

ISBN: 9783897904071 Arnoldsche Art Publishers 8.5 x 10in. 296pp. 380 col. March 2014 $40.00 Hardcover Also available in German: ISBN: 9783897904088

28 DESIGN Paola Navone Caroline Klein Paola Navone is an architect of exteriors and interiors; a designer, curator, art director and events organizer who has spent her life crossing both geographical and creative borders. Her designs are innovative and inspiring and this collection presents the range and diversity of her interior design work; from furniture to lighting and everything in between, these are design projects that illustrate the vitality and originality of her creative work, much of which has been internationally exhibited. Text in English, German, Spanish, French and Italian.

Furniture by Architects Edited by Driss Fatih Furniture by Architects features an eclectic range of extraordinary and eye-catching furniture designs by leading contemporary architects. Following the tradition of great masters such as Frank Lloyd Wright and Le Corbusier, these top architects and designers have extended their talents to create beautiful and unusual furniture pieces and collections for the rapidly growing and increasingly global market for designer furniture. The book also explores why, historically, so many iconic furniture pieces have been designed by architects.

ISBN: 9783942597029 DAAB 7 x 9in. 176pp. 162 col. April 2014 $35.00 Hardcover, full discount, non-returnable

ISBN: 9781864705041 The Images Publishing Group 9.25 x 9.25 in. 208pp. 400 col. January 2014 $49.95 Hardcover

• Features furniture designed by top international architects who have extended their talents to furniture design

Henry van de Velde

ISBN: 9789401410953

Passion, Function, Beauty 1863-1957 Werner Adriaenssens, Thomas FĂśhl, Sabine Walter Few artists have been as versatile as Henry van de Velde (1863-1957). Trained initially as a painter, he then developed as an architect, interior designer, designer and art advisor. He created a highly impressive oeuvre; with his furniture, silverware, porcelain, jewelry, book design and other creations, always managing to combine both practicality with unique style and elegance. This collection highlights the diversity of his work and is a reflection of his originality and talent in crossing the boundaries between a range of different art forms.

Lannoo Publishers 7.75 x 10.25in. 304pp. 100 col., 250 b.&w. March 2014 $80.00 Hardcover

CARS 29 911 Love

ISBN: 9783768836654

50 Years of Porsche 911 Delius Klasing 11.75 x 11.75in. 360pp. 220 col. January 2014 $129.99 Hardcover

Edwin Baaske For five decades, the 911 has been at the heart of the Porsche brand. Few other automobiles in the world can look back on such a long tradition and with such genuine continuity as the Porsche 911. Today it is considered the quintessential sports car, the benchmark for all others. 911 Love is a work full of passion for the 911. It includes exciting stories about extraordinary 911 owners from around the world and their unique models.

• Publication accompanies a multitude of celebrations to mark the 50th birthday of this iconic car: exhibitions will be held at the Porsche Museum in Stuttgart, Germany and an authentic 1967 model 911 will embark on a world tour - the car’s progress can be tracked at


ISBN: 9783768837101

50 Years on Track Andreas Berse

Delius Klasing 8.25 x 11in. 176pp. 100 col. May 2014 $49.99 Hardcover

Carrera is published to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Carrera, a slot car brand introduced in the early 1960s. Used in the hobby of slot car racing, these are miniature cars, all scale models, that run along slots in tracks with a pin or blade extending from the bottom of the car. The cars are operated using hand-held control. This is the first book to be published on the subject, and includes many unseen images. Carrera shows the complete history of the Carrera track, including steep curves and loopings, representing current models and absorbing biopics of their owners since 1963.

Porsche by Design

ISBN: 9780882599014

Seducing Speed North Carolina Museum of Art Foundation 10.25 x 11.75in. 176pp. 110 col. 50 b.&w. March 2014 $50.00 Hardcover

Edited by Ken Gross and Barbara Wiedemann Porsche by Design accompanies the first automotive design exhibition at the North Carolina Museum of Art. Editor and guest curator Ken Gross provides detailed descriptions of the 22 automobiles in the exhibition. These superlative examples of the signature Porsche design principles - minimalism, aerodynamic fluidity, and technical innovation - illustrate the history of this unique manufacturer, from the 1930s to the present day. The catalogue is illustrated with exquisite photography by Michael Furman, Peter Harholdt, and Art Howard, as well as remarkable images and posters from the Porsche Museum Archives in Stuttgart.

• The distinctive viewpoints of the thirteen contributing authors -

from the driver’s seat of a 917 at Le Mans to the helm of the design offices in Zuffenhausen - bring the story of Porsche design alive First and only exhibition in a US fine art museum to focus on the design legacy of Porsche

30 CARS Formula 1: Pictures With a Message Hartmut Lehbrink Formula 1 is a tribute to the work of the extremely talented Grand Prix photographer Miquel Liso. The Spaniard's pictures tell enigmatic stories, employing unusual perspectives and contrasts, bringing each spectacular image to life. The state of the art machines and their drivers have been captured in this stunning and unique collection, celebrating the most popular motor sport in the world. Text in English and German.

Four Rings: The Audi Story Audi Four Rings: The Audi Story presents the history of Audi comprehensively and in a stimulating, highly informative manner, and includes company and product history data. More than a thousand illustrations bear witness to the developments during this exciting period, and there are tables that round off the factual information provided and give the book the character of a work of reference.


ISBN: 9783768837125 Delius Klasing Verlag 10.75 x 11.5 in 176pp. 98 col. May 2014 $54.99 Hardcover

ISBN: 9783768826747 Delius Klasing 9 x 11in. 368pp. 576 col., 420 b.&w. January 2014 $39.99 Hardcover

ISBN: 9783768835947

Driving Crazy Frank Kayser Frank Kayser is the world’s most influential automobile photographer, composing his shoots like performances. He has worked for Audi, Porsche, Mercedes-Benz, Volkswagen, Lamborghini, BMW and Infinity. His portfolio is a kaleidoscope of the most fascinating sports cars in the world. Text in English and German.

Delius Klasing 10.75 x 13.75in. 192pp. 116 col. January 2014 $199.99 Hardcover, full discount, non-returnable

• The epitome of rock’n’roll in car photography! From Nought to World Champion

ISBN: 9783768837118

Volkswagen’s Journey to Winning the WRC Title Christian Schön and Bodo Kräling From Nought to World Champion is a guide to the most important rallies in which the VW Polo has taken part - including the World Rally Championship - with a wealth of facts and figures. Presenting an overview of rally history, this book provides an insight into today’s Volkswagen rally drivers with exclusive interviews and photos; an essential guide to the world of VW driving, design and technology. Text in English and German.

Delius Klasing Verlag 10.75 x 11.5in. 160pp. 100 col. May 2014 $54.99 Hardcover


The Art Deco Murals of Hildreth Meière Catherine Coleman Brawer, Kathleen Murphy Skolnik; Foreword by Richard Guy Wilson

• The first monograph published on Hildreth Meière, an artist whose name is not widely recognized but whose work is prominent and well known

An unsung heroine of Art Deco art and architecture, Hildreth Meière is the artist behind many of the most spectacular mural installations of the mid20th century. The vibrant, dynamic roundels on the exterior of Radio City Music Hall, the shimmering glass mosaics and stained glass windows at St. Bartholomew’s Church, and the exceptional decoration at the Cathedral Basilica of Saint Louis - all are the work of Meière. Meière is particularly known for her personal interpretation of Art Deco, which incorporates Byzantine, classical Greek, and Native American influences. ISBN: 9780991026302 Andrea Monfried Editions LLC 9.5 x 11in. 240pp. 160 col., 60 b.&w. April 2014 $60.00 Hardcover

Meière rose to prominence in the 1920s with two commissions from pioneering architect Bertram Goodhue: the National Academy of Sciences in Washington, D.C., and the Nebraska State Capitol in Lincoln. Her 100 religious, corporate, and cultural commissions are equally noteworthy. This first monograph on the artist, featuring stunning, large-scale color photographs, examines her distinctive Art Deco designs within the context of American art and architecture in the first half of the 20th century.

Jewellery in Israel Multicultural Diversity 1948 to the Present Iris Fishof In Israel East meets West. Their jewelry traditions blend, resulting in creative innovations. In the 1930s, European immigrants introduced the spirit of the Bauhaus, while oriental craftsmanship was invigorated in the 1950s and 1960s by immigration from Islamic countries. State jewelry companies preserved traditional crafts, while at the same time developing a new and elegant style, designed to express the national identity of the still young state of Israel.

ISBN: 9783897903968 Arnoldsche Art Publishers 8.75 x 11.5in. 224pp. 340 col. and b.&w. January 2014 $70.00 Hardcover

There are important links between native jewelry makers and European and American jewelry artists, who were guest lecturers at the Bezalel Academy of Art and Design in the 1970s and had a lasting influence on Israeli artists. The transition to art jewelry was finally completed in the 1980s, paving the way for artists who are now internationally renowned. A further chapter is dedicated to contemporary works by some outstanding young artists. Although their works are part of the global jewelry scene, they are also dedicated to their homeland, for example through unequivocal references to local political tensions.

32 CHILDREN’S BOOKS A Surprise for Lady Lily Andrea Alemanno

• Beautifully illustrated by one of Italy's upcoming young illustrators • A lovely tale with an important message - be yourself if you want to be happy! Sir Frog and his fiancée, Lady Lily live happily in an enchanted pond. For Lady Lily's birthday, Sir Frog wants to impress her with a very special present! Not far away, a princess with magical powers can transform a frog into a handsome prince with a single kiss. And so she does. At first, Lady Lily is quite amused by the incredible surprise, but life in the pond can be hard if your beloved no longer has a sticky tongue to capture flies and a lily pad cannot hold his weight! Will they be able to adjust? ISBN: 9788897737308

A classic tale of love that wonderfully and eloquently expresses a universal message: that to love and be loved, you have to be true to yourself.

Officina Libraria 9.75 x 9.75in. 40pp., 40 col. May 2014 $16.99 Hardcover

Andrea Alemanno has a degree from the Academy of Fine Arts in Macerata. He lives in Rome. He has written and illustrated several books for children. In 2013 he published The Magic of Dark (Edizioni Paoline) and A Book Waits for Me Somewhere (in French for Éditions Clochette).

Fanny the Flying French Bulldog Nelson Bloncourt; Illustrated by Nikita Polyansky

• The wonderful story of a French bulldog with ears big enough to allow her to fly and her amazing journey in search of her biological mother

• Exquisite illustrations throughout, that will make it an instant classic for children and adults alike

Fanny is a French Bulldog with big ears and an even bigger heart. She loves her human dad but she misses her biological mother. When her longing leaves her ears flapping, she finds herself in the skies and on an adventure, over San Francisco and in a fanciful circus, and hopefully all the way to her mother and then home again.

ISBN: 9780985169633 Glitterati Incorporated 9 x 11in. 40pp. 55 col. April 2014 $20.00 Hardcover

A heartwarming tale about family and home and what that really means, soaring with love Fanny the Flying French Bulldog will charm children and adults everywhere. Also available from Glitterati Incorporated: Henley on Safari ISBN 9780983270232 $20.00 Henley: A New York Tail ISBN 9781576872536 $20.00


Encyclopaedia of Clothing Culture Thomas Rusche If you aim to perfect a style of your own, to dress for any occasion without losing your sense of individuality, the 8-volume Encyclopaedia of Clothing Culture is your indispensable guide. Thomas Rusche is a bestselling authority on fashion; he writes in an entertaining and informative style, presenting a whole portfolio of options, choices and possibilities. This collection focuses mainly on male fashion; separate volumes are devoted to suits, shirts and ties, jackets and coats, shoes and socks, hunting and traditional wear, undergarments for day and night, and accessories. The volume on women’s fashion is more generally dedicated to aesthetics.

ISBN: 9783942597296 DAAB 6 x 8.75in., 800pp. March 2014 $495.00 8 Hardcovers, slipcase, full discount, non-returnable

Rusche’s expertise gives a reliable guide to the every-day and not-soeveryday questions of clothing. Each volume includes background information, dos and don’ts, helpful tips for garment care, a shopping checklist designed to allow for confident buying and a comprehensive guide to quality standards from leading manufacturers. Exclusively designed by star agency Meire’ und Meire’, this collection of both culture and couture is beautifully designed and presented; as smart and eclectic as the fashions within.

Playground Growing Up in the New York Underground Paul Zone with Jake Austen, foreword by Debbie Harry and Chris Stein

• Fans of punk rock and New Wave music will be impressed by this collection of never-before-seen images

While most teenagers daydreamed of summer break while playing rock ‘n’ roll in their bedrooms, fourteen-year-old Paul Zone danced away his youth in underground clubs with those very same rock stars, exploring the concrete playground with actors, drag queens, and drug addicts. The mid1970s was a time when the death of glam and the birth of punk rock collided in a celebration of glitter and grunge, and Zone had a front-row seat to it all. ISBN: 9780988174559 Glitterati Incorporated 8.75 x 10.75in. 208pp. 200 col. March 2014 $50.00 Hardcover

In this incredible photo memoir, Zone shares personal images that have never been released to the public alongside memories of the era, all through the eyes of a youngster whose reverential regard to his subjects made him a regular fixture in the lives of these greats. Zone captures the joys and the fantasy of the New York underground with a genuine intimacy, making this volume a worthy tribute to the legends of underground rock royalty.

34 AMERICAN HISTORY MIT Sloan Celebrating Our Past, Inventing The Future Tracey Palmer, Catherine Canney, Alan White, Michelle Choate, Andre Guillemin, Kathleen Thurston-Lighty, Robert Thurston-Lighty, and Natasha Waibel

• Richly illustrated book with images, photographs and pictures from the MIT museum and archives, many of which have not been seen before

The centennial anniversary of MIT Sloan presents an ideal time to reflect on a history of extraordinary achievement. MIT Sloan: Celebrating Our Past, Inventing The Future revisits people and programs, breakthroughs and discoveries, with an eye fixed on the next 100 years. It provides a definitive account of the legacy of Course XV and the powerful influence it has had on shaping the future.

ISBN: 9781908990006 Third Millennium Publishing 9.25 x 11in. 192pp. 250 col. May 2014 $75.00 Hardcover

Over the past century, MIT Sloan faculty, students, alumni, and staff have made significant and lasting contributions to the field of management and management education. We pay tribute to those individuals and groups whose ideas and work changed thought, theory, and practice. Taking a fresh look at management education at the Institute and the evolution of MIT Sloan, the text - compiled by a range of experts - adopts a thematic rather than chronological approach, supplemented by an eclectic mix of personal stories and memories from alumni.

On the Trails of the Iroquois Kunst-und Ausstellungshalle der Bundesrepublik Deutschland GmbH

• A comprehensive collection of amazing artwork that gives a in-depth reflection of the cultural history of the Iroquois

For four centuries the Iroquois and their culture have engaged the European imagination and have decisively shaped the popular perception of the Indian. They have been praised as sage orators and prudent diplomats and dreaded for their cruelty in warfare. The pre-eminent position of women in their society made them precursors of feminism, while the men’s hairstyles became a trademark of rebellious youth.

ISBN: 9783894797881 Nicolai 9.75 x 11.25in. 264pp. 440 col. March 2014 $159.95 Hardcover, full discount, non-returnable

Based on historical paintings and drawings, rare ethnographic objects, and extraordinary examples of contemporary Iroquois art, this richly illustrated volume recounts the often troubled history of the Iroquois, which shaped and strengthened their pride in their culture and their ongoing struggle for recognition of their rights as an indigenous people.


Ingenious Encounters World Tour to Nobel Laureates Peter Badge and Sandra Zarrinbal

• An awe-inspiring photographic collection of the winners of the Nobel Prize

Everyone has heard of the Nobel Prize, yet many are unfamiliar with the faces of those who have won the honor. One man (other than the King of Sweden), who knows all the living Nobel laureates personally is Peter Badge, who has spent thirteen years traveling the world, on commission to photograph these respected and illustrious luminaries.To date, the Berlin photographer has met and photographed more than 400 of them. Ingenious Encounters is a unique collection. Lavishly illustrated with amazing photographs, it is also a travel book, as Badge’s meetings with the Nobel laureates were far more than just photo shoots. He took a look behind the scenes, got to know the people behind the achievements, and found himself in unusual situations. Recorded are some memorable moments in time; as in the comic interview with schizophrenic John Nash, who was so wonderfully portrayed in the film A Beautiful Mind. There was an element of personal risk when he found himself in Moscow without a valid visa, looking for Alexander Solzhenitsyn. And there was the emotive shoot of Bruce Merrifield, at the end of his life, literally on his death-bed. Badge accompanied José RamosHorta on a state visit and Linda Buck, when she purchased her wedding dress: he overheard a tense telephone call between Frederik Willem de Klerk and Nelson Mandela. Here, Badge and Sandra Zarrinbal give the reader an insight into their professional international network, also sharing the motivation, the thinking, the reservations, the hopes, and day-to-day details that underpin their work. The result is a collective portrait with real historical value.

ISBN: 9783942597302 DAAB 7.5 x 9.5in. 300pp. March 2014 $115.00 Hardcover, full discount, non-returnable

36 HISTORY Imperial Russian Air Force 1898-1917 Gennady Petrov This unique photographic and textual history into the very earliest days of flight in Russia covers the period from the end of the 19th Century until the fall of Imperial Russia in 1917. Lavishly illustrated with over 500 evocative and compelling photographs of these pioneers and their first attempts at flight, the book brings together the renowned documentary collection of the Russian military historian G.E. Petrov.

Imperial Russian Navy 1890s - 1916 Vladimir Krestjaninov A remarkable look at the Russian Imperial Navy of the late 19th and early 20th centuries containing 500 images from archives, museums and private collections. We see how the Russian Navy’s construction and activities were shaped largely by the interests, opinions and policies of the Imperial House of The Romanovs. The Imperial Russian Navy is a wonderful look at a world long gone in history but alive in the pages of this book.

Invasion and Retreat

ISBN: 9781906509408 Unicorn Press 8.75 x 11.75in. 262pp. 500 b.&w. January 2014 $39.95 Paperback

ISBN: 9781906509491 Unicorn Press 8.75 x 11.75in. 262pp. 500 b.&w. January 2014 $39.95 Paperback

ISBN: 9781906509415

Napoleon’s Grande Armée in Russia Alexander Korolev An astounding record of one of history’s most famous military campaigns. In 1812, no fewer than 570,000 troops from 19 countries battled for Europe. With 1600 previously unpublished illustrations and 289 biographies, backed up eyewitness accounts, A.P. Sokolov has complied a momentous contribution to our understanding of the human cost of Napoleon’s disastrous Russian adventure.

Photographs From Imperial St. Petersburg Edited by Elizaveta Shelaeva The photographs in this rich collection of timeless images captures St. Petersburg in its heyday in the late 19th to early 20th centuries. Tsarist Russia is shown as the personification of all that is splendid in a disappearing world, a world of unimaginable wealth and concentrated power. The book includes 120 photographs of the city in all her glory, her famous people and their lavish styles, all collected from the Central State Archive of Film and Photo Documents of St. Petersburg.

Unicorn Press 9.5 x 11.75 in 460pp. 1,600 col. January 2014 $49.95 Paperback

ISBN: 9781906509392 Unicorn Press 9.25 x 11.5in. 160pp. 120 col. January 2014 $34.95 Paperback


Dessert Lover’s Paris The Best Pastry, Chocolate, Ice-cream and Tea shops Caroline Mignot

• A wonderfully indulgent guide to all things sweet and delicious in Paris; from the best chocolatiers and patisseries to workshops where you can have a go yourself!

Pastries, breads, chocolates, candies, macarons, tea-rooms, workshops... Where are the best of the best in Paris? The immense choice of addresses makes it hard for anyone but a true insider to pick. Caroline Mignot knows them all and guides the reader in the search for the best classics as well as new creations. This guide book starts with a section of copious and mouth-watering tasting notes by type of dessert/sweet followed by a complete address book to find each place. ISBN: 9782812310010 Editions du Chêne 6 x 8.25 in. 144pp. 150 col. April 2014 $19.95 Paperback

Contents: Introduction; Chocolate: tablets, candies, pastries; Classics; Creations; Breadshop cakes; Sweets/Candies; Ice-creams; Where to taste; Where to learn; Addresses of all the pastry shops, chocolate and candy shops, ice cream shops, tea rooms, pastry workshops, cookbook shops etc.

Ruins of Angkor Cambodia in 1909 Pier Dieulefils with Text by Louis Finot and Lunet de la Jonquiere When this book was published a century ago, the French, thought the l’ Ecole Francaise d’Extreme-Orient, were responsible for the temples of Angkor and its environs. At that time, the temples were magnificently photographed by Pier Dieulefils and expertly documented by Louis Finot. Now Angkor is once again seen as one of the world’s most magnificent sites, it is fascinating to compare past and present in this important record. Also available from River Books: Angkor: History and Temples ISBN 9786167339276 $25.00 Angkor: Icon ISBN 9789748225906 $12.95 A Woman of Angkor ISBN 9786167339252 $14.95 ISBN: 9789748225807 River Books 7.75 x 8.25 in. 152pp. 200 col. January 2014 $35.00 Hardcover


The Film Lover’s New York

ISBN: 9782812309861

60 Legendary Addresses that Inspired Great Movies

Editions du Chêne 6 x 8.25 in. 160pp. 60 col. March 2014 $19.95 Paperback

Barbara Boespflug & Beatrice Billon

• A great reason to visit the Big Apple • Famous American films that are universally known

• QR codes to watch the film trailers with your tablet or smartphone

Many of the greatest film-makers have used the beautiful and exciting city of New York, as a backdrop for their work. This guide takes in some of the most famous and some of the lesser-known locations in the city, neighborhood by neighborhood to facilitate visits. This illustrated guide is completed by QR (quick response) codes to see all the film trailers, taking the reader to bars, restaurants, hotels, boutiques, galleries and theaters that have been used in films. The text includes anecdotes and fun ideas to discover New York as seen on the big screen. Areas of the city include: 87th to 72nd St.; 65th to 51st St.; 50th to 33rd St.; 26th to 11th St.; 10th St. to Houston; Prince to Greenwich; Brooklyn. Also available from Editions du Chêne: The Film Lover’s Paris ISBN 9782812308413 $19.95


Golf The Bible of Golf Paul Skellett and Simon Weitzman

• The world’s only illuminated book on golf • A never to be repeated First Edition • Hand finished, leather and gold bound and gilded

Golf: The Bible of Golf is a rare and beautiful illuminated fine art book that tells the story of golf through both inspired visualization and thought provoking (and often humorous) editorial. It takes us on a painstakingly and lovingly detailed 18 chapter, 585 page full color journey through the past, present and future of this great game, unveiling the enthusiasm, excitement and influences that have shaped it. It looks at how we have crafted the game on the landscape and how we are compelled to think our way around.

ISBN: 9780956954404 Wonderland Publications 11.25 x 13in. 585pp. 250 col., 190 b.&w. February 2014 $1295.00 Hardcover, non-returnable

The tome has been described as a modern masterpiece and a treasure chest, delivering golf firmly into the arms of popular culture. In a world of disposable information, this handbuilt heirloom and literary treasure is an investment for anyone with a passion for books, ingenious word craft, unique and intuitive art - and of course, a love for golf. Paul Skellett has 20 years experience in leisure brand design, art direction, special effects and fine art. His artwork has been exhibited in London and Tokyo. He is also a passionate player of the sport. Simon Weitzman has 20 years experience in network television direction, short story writing, script writing, producing and editing. He is a keen artist and amateur golfer.

“A beautiful book that I am honored to add to my library” Jack Nicklaus “The Modern Bible of Golf ” David Leadbetter “It’s hugely informative, interesting, colourful and, above all, very different from anything seen before” Peter Alliss

40 LIFESTYLE The Essentials of Fabulous Because Whatever Doesn’t Work Here Anymore Ellen Lubin-Sherman; Editor Susan Gedutis Lindsay.

• A life-changing book for those who want to improve themselves from the inside out - from the way you think to the way you are perceived by others, this book delivers!

ISBN: 9780615415031 Essentials of Fabulous 5.75 x 8.5in. 155pp. .13 col. April 2014 $19.95 Hardcover

The Essentials of Fabulous shows you how to set yourself apart in this “whatever” world by paying scrupulous attention to detail - showing you how passion, enthusiasm, attitude, superior manners, and a terrific style will catapult you confidently into looking and feeling fabulous. Whether you’re an artist, a CEO, a boomer, a baker, a mom, an empty-nester or a diva new to your career, you can reinvent yourself simply by tending to detail. The warmth of your smile, the shine of your shoe, the way you put away your cell phone when dining with a friend, the thank-you note that you mail, rather than sending an e-mail. You don’t have to be connected to get to the top. All you have to do is master the details. This book will guide you step by step, as you begin to live life to its fullest potential and in great style.

In the Mirror of Silence Dieter Mitlelsten Scheid

• Explains the central meaning of silence in a restless and noisy world, showing how to escape stress and to regain peace and inner strength

ISBN: 9783894797874 Nicolai 6.75 x 9.5in. 192pp. 24 col. February 2014 $39.95 Paperback

In the Mirror of Silence is an invitation to take a pause from the hectic demands of everyday life and immerse oneself in silence and nature, becoming increasingly aware of everything happening in and around us. Drawing on his own personal experiences of silence, Dieter Mitlelsten Scheid explores essential questions which gradually arise, such as what is the basis of the self, what takes place in the realm of perception, what is the body, and above all, what is the living essence of each moment? Linking many-layered reflections and insights with subtle descriptions of nature, sensitive poetry and personal photographic images, this is a step-by-step guide to opening up to the experiences of the natural world, in order that we discover a true sense of belonging and ‘home’. Dieter Mittelsten Scheid, M.D., born in 1942, is a psychotherapist and breath therapist. He has been conducting silence and awareness groups in Tuscany and the Munich area for the last 30 years.


A beautifully crafted new stationery range from Nava, an office design company that started out in the 1970s and is situated in Milan, Italy. A series of notebooks ranging in size from mini things, to small things and medium things, these quirky designs are uniquely different. Manufactured using the very best materials, they come in a medley of colors. Produced to accommodate a range of note-taking needs, these sleek, smart and sassy designs will quickly become must-have items around the home or office. Interestingly the designs encourage you to put pen to paper; they lend themselves to writing it down which in a world of screen technology is something new and exciting.


6 x 8.25in., 192pp., January 2014, Paperback, non-returnable $19.95 each

9788868780678 My White Book 9788868780685 My Black Book 9788868780692 My Red Book


Medium Things 6 x 8.25in.,112pp., January 2014, Paperback, non-returnable $5.95 each


9788868780197 9788868780180 9788868780173 9788868780203 9788868780210 9788868780227

Black Leaf Cherry Orange Stone Wine







Mini Things 2.5 x 4.75in., 60pp., January 2014, Paperback, non-returnable $2.95 each

9788868780449 Wine 9788868780333 Cherry 9788868780388 Black 9788868780401 Pearl 9788868780395 Orange 9788868780371 Leaf 9788868780340 Coffee 9788868780357 Gold 9788868780364 Kraft 9788868780432 Turquoise 9788868780418 Sky 9788868780425 Stone














Small Things Ring Bound 4.5 x 6.25in., 180pp., January 2014, Bonded leather, ring bound, non-returnable $19.95 each




Medium Things Ring Bound 6 x 8.25in., 180pp., January 2014, Bonded leather, ring bound, non-returnable $24.95 each

Blue Denim


9788868780296 Small Things Black

9788868780265 Medium Things Purple

9788868780302 Small Things Orange

9788868780234 Medium Things Blue Denim

9788868780319 Small Things Purple

9788868780272 Medium Things Violet

9788868780289 Small Things Blue Denim 9788868780326 Small Things Violet 9788868780241 Medium Things Black 9788868780258 Medium Things Orange


Small Things 3.75 X 5.25in.,112pp., January 2014, Paperback, non-returnable $4.95 each



9788868780494 Black 9788868780463 Coffee 9788868780470 Kraft 9788868780487 Leaf 9788868780456 Cherry 9788868780500 Orange 9788868780517 Sky 9788868780524 Stone 9788868780531 Wine









Groomed Paul Nathan; Foreword by Jorge Bendersky

• Superlatively designed and printed, this is a wonderful coffee-table book for dog lovers and those who appreciate fine photography

Dog grooming is all about the visual pleasure that stems from creating balance, symmetry, and freedom of movement. In Groomed one has the rare opportunity to admire the glorified result of this living art form.

ISBN: 9780985136840 Pelluceo 8 x 10in. 80pp. 56 col. March 2014 $35.00 Hardcover

Paul Nathan became enamored with the idea of capturing the most manicured and primped Poodles, Cockerspaniels, Bichon Frise’s, Bedlington Terriers and more. He focused on the texture of the coat and the expression, photographing most of the dogs in this book at high profile grooming competitions and paying special attention to the aesthetic accomplishments of some of the world’s top dog groomers. His portraits showcase beauty for beauty’s sake, even in some of the more extreme photographs documenting the ‘creative’ category where the dog’s hair or fur is manipulated into shapes or scenes and dyed different colors. Also available by Paul Nathan and Pelluceo: Couture Dogs of New York ISBN 9780985136819 $37.50

White Trash Uncut Christopher Makos; Preface by Andrew Crispo; Foreword by Peter Wise

• The book is the first to document the American punk scene to the public at large and now represents the epitome of the scene at the time

With the publication of with his seminal 1977 book, White Trash, Christopher Makos burst on to the photography scene and made a name for himself as the first photographer to record the convergence of the “uptown” and “downtown” worlds, as Debbie Harry fondly remembers.

ISBN: 9780989170468 Glitterati Incorporated 8 x 12in. 128pp. 100 col. May 2014 $50.00 Hardcover

This raw, beautiful volume chronicled the punk scene as it came of age on the streets of New York. Interspersed in the mix are portraits of boldface names, including Andy Warhol, Man Ray, Tennessee Williams, Halston, John Paul Getty III, Mick Jagger, David Bowie, Grace Jones, Patti Smith, Richard Hell, Tom Verlaine, Alice Cooper, Iggy Pop, Zandra Rhodes, Divine, Lance Loud, and Marilyn Chambers, among others. While the first book was a throwaway, this version, produced some forty years later, is being presented as an extremely collectible art book, now recognized as a classic in the world of pop culture photography.

48 PHOTOGRAPHY Intruders

ISBN: 9788857003924

Urban Explorers Luca Blast Forlani Luca Blast Forlani leads the reader through a range of urban spaces, places that, notwithstanding passing of time, have still retained their own identity. Although on the surface apparently empty and desolate, they each have a history and a story to tell; the details of identity caught in the lens, the clues of a life discarded but not entirely forgotten. These images are poignant, emotive and thought-provoking; the use of light and shadows, close-up details and wide-angle shots, footprints of the past and the almost silence of present. Text in English and Italian.

The Billboard Papers

Franco Cosimo Panini 9.5 x 8.75 in 276pp. 276 col. May 2014 $49.95 Hardcover

• A beautifully photographed, poetic and original perspective on the Italian contemporary urban landscape

ISBN: 9781938461125

Photographs by Joel Grey Joel Grey The Billboard Papers is the fourth book of photography by award-winning screen and stage actor Joel Grey. Twenty-eight full-color photographs of various torn and decaying billboards from the streets of New York resemble paper collages, revealing the strange and unexpected layers of billboards past. Grey’s photographs are of tapestries of embedded memories - constantly fleeting and subject to change, demolition, or renewal. This collection, designed by Sam Shahid, features an introduction by Grey and a preface by American artist Ross Bleckner.

Polaroids from the Middle Kingdom

Pointed Leaf Press 11.5 x 15in. 64pp. 28 col. March 2014 $95.00 Hardcover, full trade discount, non-returnable. Limited edition of 600 numbered copies

ISBN: 9780988174566

Old and New World Visions of China Lukas Birk with a foreword by Katherine Don Upon relocating to Beijing, Lukas Birk discovered his father’s collection of expired Polaroid film. With Birk’s medium acting as a metaphor for the transformation of modern China - its rapid development and the void of nostalgia left behind - this book presents a collision of old and new world visions. In her foreword, art advisor Katherine Don details Birk’s contribution to contemporary art in China and comments on his pioneering innovation. Birk’s stunning collection of inventive imagery captures the vibrancy of contemporary life, inspired by the filter of his own nostalgia and longing.

Glitterati Incorporated 15 x 12in. 128pp. 55 col. January 2014 $45.00 Hardcover

• Represents a true photographic pioneer; Birk’s medium is inventive and predates the contrived nostalgia of contemporary apps and filters. This innovative collection of images is a standout in the travel photography genre

PHOTOGRAPHY 49 Koos Breukel, Me We Koos Breukel ME, WE was the full text of the improvised poem that Muhammad Ali delivered to a crowd of Harvard students. It can be interpreted as a cheerful tribute to life, expressing unity and at the same time individuality. Dutch photographer Koos Breukel (1962) chose it as the title for this book that assembles portraits from the first 30 years of his career, focusing on the circle of life: be born, grow up, develop and express yourself, love, suffer, and die. ME WE, with a poignant contribution by the prizewinning author Erwin Mortier, is Breukel’s mid-career retrospective as well as his homage to life.

Birth Day

ISBN: 9789491376641 Hannibal Publishing 10.5 x 13.5in. 384pp. 75 col., 152 b.&w. February 2014 $75.00 Hardcover

• As well as portraits of young and old, newborn and teenage, farmers and families, the book also includes portraits of Lucien Freud, Louise Bourgeois and Lou Reed

ISBN: 9789401413909

How the World Welcomes its Children Lieve Blancquaert 364,501 times a day, somewhere in the world, a new life begins and with it a new story. Birth Day is the journey of a mother, photographer and journalist searching for these stories. In each location Lieve Blancquaert stepped into the maternity ward and into the life of the newborn baby and its family. She talked with family members, took part in festivals and rituals, and traveled to events that told her more about the culture in which the child would grow up. Included in this richly diverse journey are reflections from Israel, India, China, the USA, Brazil, Kenya, Cambodia and Russia.

Inside Out Photographed by Ron Oliver For over thirty years, Ron Oliver has offered a unique service to parents around the world who prefer a more artistic, less sentimental approach to portraits of their children. His images can be strong, emotional, thoughtprovoking and sometimes controversial. A Ron Oliver portrait session is more than just a photo shoot. It is an intriguing journey of co-creation, on which the model and the photographer embark together. Oliver’s mission is to capture a person’s essence and translate it into strikingly pure and powerful portraits, which originate from ideas and thoughts the models have shared about themselves. The children are at the helm at all times; the journey is all about them.

Lannoo Publishers 10.25 x 9in. 368pp. 400 col. March 2014 $55.00 Hardcover

• The initial collection in a planned Multimedia project covering Birth, Marriage and Death: exhibition (9 Oct 2013 - 5 Jan 2014, ING Cultural Centre, Place Royale, Brussels) and television series, with a dedicated website:

ISBN: 9789460581021 Luster 11.5 x 12.5in. 120pp. 40 col., 40 b.&w. February 2014 $65.00 Hardcover, reannounced

• Inside Out presents a new complexity in Ron Oliver’s imagery that reflects an evolution in his approach to portraiture

50 PHOTOGRAPHY ISBN: 9789401412360

Solitude Stories from the Barentsregion

Lannoo Publishers 7.75 x 10.75in. 144pp. 120 col. March 2014 $55.00 Hardcover

Jeroen Toirkens & Petra Sjouwerman Within the Arctic Circle, north of Norway, Sweden, Finland and Russia - known as the Barentsregion - is one of Europe’s last remaining wildernesses. Dutch photographer Jeroen Toirkens and writer Petra Sjouwerman went looking for stories in this region, comparing their own adventures with the historical diary of Gerrit de Veer, one of the crew on Dutch navigator Willem Barents’ third voyage in search of the Northeast passage, during the sixteenth century. Text in English and Dutch.

• Published as a luxurious diary, Solitude provides an intimate image of people living in remote places

ISBN: 9782873868703

Grand-Place of Brussels Light Sculptures

Lannoo Publishers 11.5 x 11.5in. 192pp. 95 col. March 2014 $75.00 Hardcover

Patrick Rimoux, Roel Jacobs This splendid work presents the Grand Place in Brussels adorned with a thousand lights. Panoramic images allow the reader to fully appreciate the work of Patrick Rimoux, a sculptor in light. The presentation of triptych images provides a magnificent overview; contrasting daytime scenes with views at night, gives a feel for the rhythm and ‘life’ of the Grand Place. Intelligent and accessible text complements the images and recounts the history of this cosmopolitan city and the Grand Place, within that. Text in English, French and Dutch.


• Images of the Grand Place by night, of exceptional quality, offering double page panoramic views

ISBN: 9789058564795

Footsteps in Dust and Gold Arjan van Dijk, Jos van Beurden Ethiopia is an amazing and mysterious country. It is the home of coffee and khat, the place where the oldest human being in the world was found. It harbors the source of the Blue Nile in the west and numerous treasures of the Ethiopian Orthodox Church. Ethiopia: Footsteps in Dust and Gold is an amazing journey through an incredible landscape, beautifully illustrated with evocative text and illuminating photographs that capture fully its colorful diversity.

Stichting Kunstboek 11 x 9.5in. 336pp. 300 col. April 2014 $70.00 Hardcover

• Travel through one of the most diverse and colorful countries in Africa; a land of extremes, of ancient cultures and traditions and be brought up to date with how Ethiopia is meeting the challenge of change in today’s global society

PHOTOGRAPHY 51 108 Rock Star Guitars Lisa S. Johnson with a foreword by Les Paul “108 Rock Star Guitars is a 396-page, leather-bound behemoth brimming with beautiful, elegant images of some of the most iconic and recognized instruments the world has ever known. The subjects who allowed their most prized possessions to be photographed by Johnson reads like a veritable who’s who of rock guitar royalty. More than that though, Johnson’s work is threaded with personal stories detailing her own epic adventure to discover and celebrate these wondrous instruments. It wasn’t always easy, but it came out looking oh, so good.” Premiere Guitar

Caught in the Act Actors Acting By Howard Schatz, Edited by Beverly J. Ornstein with text by Owen Edwards “The result of all this is a frank and richly-detailed improv class, revealing, with no cosmetic help from stylists or Photoshop, each of these performer’s vast range of skills - just in changes of facial expression and a little body language - as they respond to Schatz’s cues from behind the camera. Caught in the Act is a rare book that could simultaneously serve as a text for actors, directors and photographers.” Rangefinder Magazine

Michael Jackson

ISBN: 9780983270256 Glitterati Incorporated 11.5 x 13in. 396pp., 300 col. Reprinting January 2014 $108.00 Hardcover, full discount, non-returnable

ISBN: 9780985169695 Glitterati Incorporated 11.75 x 11.75in. 304pp. 552 col., 73 b.&w. Reprinting January 2014 $65.00 Hardcover

• A delightful collection of actors improvising clever scenarios • Includes shoots with John Malkovich, Pierce Brosnan, Michael Douglas,Colin Firth, Laurence Fishburne, Whoopi Goldberg, Michael C Hall, Hugh Laurie, Amy Poehler and Geoffrey Rush, among other illustrious greats

ISBN: 9780983270225

The Making of Thriller Douglas Kirkland and Nancy Griffin Considered to be the most successful video project of all time, Thriller is beloved the world over. Here, Douglas Kirkland and journalist Nancy Griffin share their extraordinary experience on the set of Thriller. Hundreds of photos documenting the making of the greatest video of all time are published for the first time in this ultimate tribute to the King of Pop. The astonishing photos are accompanied by interviews and quotations from musicians and celebrities alike, including Sir Paul McCartney, Beyonce, Steven Spielberg, Diddy, Quincy Jones, Justin Timberlake, Alicia Keys and many more.

Glitterati Incorporated 9.75 x 11in. 196pp., 200 col. January 2014 $29.95 Hardcover

• Photographer Douglas Kirkland and journalist Nancy Griffin were the only members of the media allowed on the set of Thriller and the resulting artwork captures Jackson both in high performance mode and relaxing on the set

52 PHOTOGRAPHY Stars to the Sun Pieter Henket Every year, there is a huge party in San Luis, Argentina. Thousands of Brazilians are invited to the city to organise a show for the ‘Carnaval de Rio’. To photograph it, Pieter Henket was contacted, one of the ‘hottest’ photographers of the moment. The beautiful photography from Pieter Henket allows the reader to join the party and shows the people behind the show. Combined with the impressive Argentinean landscapes, this book will be a unique document. Text in English, Spanish and Dutch.

Germaine Van Parys & Odette Dereze

ISBN: 9789089895813 Lannoo Publishers 9.5 x 14in. 172pp. 180 col. January 2014 $75.00 Hardcover, full discount, non-returnable

ISBN: 9789460581199

The Touch of Time Johan Swinnen Germaine Van Parys (1893-1983) was one of Belgium’s most important photographers. As a press photographer, she had the privilege of looking in on the lives of the royal families, but her work also features rock-and-roll stars and the common man. Her godchild Odette Dereze (born in 1932) followed in her godmother’s footsteps from a young age and started a career as a photo journalist. The book Germaine Van Parys & Odette Dereze: The Touch of Time offers a surprising selection from their captivating work.

Guarda La Fotografia

Luster 7.5 x 9.5in. 240pp. 100 col., 100 b.&w. February 2014 $60.00 Hardcover

ISBN: 9789058564498

Filip Naudts. Painter. Photographer Filip Naudts Filip Naudts (1968) is probably one of the most compelling, thought-provoking photographing artists of his country and generation. Fascinated by portraying beauty and at the same time, by adding a small humorous often surreal element to the image, showing the relativity of beauty. In 1993 he founded his own photo studio, Guarda La Fotografia, where he quickly developed his own poetic style, often referring to the portrait paintings of the Flemish primitives. This monograph is a testament to his evocative work.

Stichting Kunstboek 6.75 x 9.5in. 192pp. 175 col. April 2014 $42.50 Hardcover

PHOTOGRAPHY 53 Timeless Icon Carlo Mazzoni Timeless Icon tells a story of the ‘people’s princess’, the ‘rose of England’, a stylish icon with great charm who almost defies description. Princess Diana was not only an icon of elegance: she showed untiring commitment to social matters. Fifteen years ago, Diana died in Paris in tragic circumstances. The book tells her story through more than 100 splendid photographs, which have been carefully selected to portray the charm, beauty and spirit of one of the best-loved women of all time. Text in English and Italian.

Simple Present Bert Danckaert Bert Danckaert took the eighty-six photographs in this book across eighteen cities on four continents between 2007 and 2013. Depending on the spectator’s empathy, Danckaert’s photographs may be read on formal or documentary levels, or both. He turns ordinary, often unrecognizable fragments of urban reality into extraordinary works that reveal a profound knowledge and understanding of the history of modern art, especially its painterly, narrative, conceptual and constructivist currents.

The House of the Raja Splendour and Desolation in Thailand’s Deep South Text by Tew Bunnag. Photographs by Xavier Coma In Southern Thailand is the rarely-visited province of Narathiwat, home of ongoing conflict between Thailand and Muslim separatists. On a photographic expedition, locals led the photographer Xavier Comas to a huge structure that had once been, he was told, the palace of Tengu Shamsuddin the Raja of Legeh. Now inhabited by a shaman, who invited Xavier to stay, and local characters including an archeologist, research student and a collector, the magical lost Palace of the Rajah of Legeh slowly revealed herself and seemed to encapsulate the shadows, splendor and desolation of this historic but conflicted region.

ISBN: 9788837094652 Mondadori Electa 11.75 x 15.75in. 124pp. 110 col. February 2014 $85.00 Hardcover, slipcase, full discount, non-returnable

ISBN: 9789401412339 Lannoo Publishers 13.75 x 11in. 182pp. 86 col. March 2014 $75.00 Hardcover

ISBN: 9786167339177 River Books 11.5 x 11.5in. 230pp. 100 b&w February 2014 $50.00 Paperback

• The House of the Raja showcases remarkable photography by acclaimed and award-winning photographer Xavier Comas

• This book provides the reader with glimpses into a “forgotten” corner of Thailand never seen by tourists

54 PHOTOGRAPHY Face to Face

ISBN: 9788174369697

Tiger Families of Ranthambhore Bina Kak Having been instrumental in the creation and expansion of India’s National Parks, Bina Kak has now sought to reflect her love of wildlife and desire for conservation through photography. With no formal training in photography she has impressed professionals in the field with her intuitive ability to capture the soul of wild animals and their habitat. A completely fascinating and beguiling collection that will undoubtedly raise awareness of the tiger’s plight and highlight the need for conservation if they are to continue to exist and thrive in the wild.

India 5 Senses

Roli Books 9.75 x 9.75in. 256pp. May 2014 $39.95 Hardcover

• Stunning photographs that capture tiger families in Ranthambore Rajasthan; the book is divided into chapters on individual families and their unique social and behavioral patterns

ISBN: 9788174369703

Sumati Nagrath India has an incredibly rich culture. In this volume, it is explored through the human senses of sight, smell, sound, touch and taste. Aspects of religious culture are reflected visually in a riot of colors with flowers, bright clothes and decorations. Traditional regional cuisine deliciously stimulates the sense of taste. Music reflects the sounds that reverberate through this diverse country. The photographs in this book were compiled on the basis of an online competition. Photographers were invited to send in their entries according to themes, and responses flooded in. The best entries are part of this project.

Royal Indian Portraits Posing for Posterity Pramod Kumar KG This fascinating collection features a wide range of photographs, based on previously unpublished archives, that explores early Indian photography, and more specifically portraiture throughout the subcontinent. This remarkable and beautifully presented historical work sheds new light on the relationship between photographers, painters and their patrons in the 19th and 20th centuries. With a foreword by H.R.H.Shriji Arvind Singh Mewar of Udaipur, Royal Indian Portraits will be a valuable resource both for connoisseurs of early photography and for those interested in the history of India.

Roli Books 9 x 11in. 224pp. May 2014 $39.95 Hardcover

ISBN: 9788174368782 Roli Books 7.75 x 9.75 in 256pp. May 2014 $39.95 Hardcover


The Chefs of Belgium Trendsetters in Belgian Cuisine William Asaert and Marc Declercq In The Chefs of Belgium you will make the acquaintance of the most influential Belgian chefs of the present day. More than thirty top chefs will talk to you open-heartedly about their culinary ideas and their vision of Belgian cuisine. Each chef also describes, in detail, three of his signature dishes. These are all unique dishes that illustrate the chef ’s individual approach to cooking and have earned them well-deserved reputations of high standing in the world of international gastronomy. The easy step-bystep photographs will help you to follow the more difficult aspects of the dishes, so that you can try them out at home. You, too, can cook like the very best chefs in the world!

ISBN: 9789020905557 Lannoo Publishers 7.5 x 9.5in. 504pp. 240 col. March 2014 $50.00 Paperback

Here you can find recipes by Peter Goossens, Geert Van Hecke, Kobe Desramaults, Kwinten De Paepe, Lionel Rigolet, Johan Segers, Yves Mattagne, Roger Van Damme, Viki Geunes, Sang-Hoon Degeimbre, David Martin, Bart De Pooter, Thierry Theys, Maxime Collard, Gert De Mangeleer, Filip Claeys and many other trendsetters in the world of Belgian cooking. The authors of The Chefs of Belgium represent the very best in Belgian culinary journalism.

A’Qi Restaurant Arnold Hanbuckers, Karen Keygnaert

• Celebrates the A’Qi restaurant, located in Bruges, Belgium, which has just been awarded a Michelin star

• Fantastic photography of exquisite dishes

ISBN: 9789058564412 Stichting Kunstboek 9 x 13.25in. 144pp. 100 col. Reprinting January 2014 $70.00 Hardcover

Restaurant A’Qi thrives on contrasts. Never taking anything for granted and daring to go against the flow have proven to be a recipe for success as the restaurant has recently been awarded a Michelin star. Two chefs, Arnold Hanbuckers and Anita Desmet, both strong willed, with great personality and their own voice. Their kitchen is a dialogue. Every plate that is presented has been carefully composed by their four hands. Their inventive, colorful cuisine fuses Asian refinement and Western culinary tradition, a combination of nature and culture. A deep love for pure raw materials and unrefined nature result in exquisite dishes with a hint of the exotic and eccentric, but always well-balanced and never over processed. A good product doesn’t need many embellishments. Getting this balance ‘just right’ is the biggest thrill for the chefs and the greatest delight for their clientele.

56 FOOD & DRINK Fabulous Food Concepts Respecting the Planet Karoline Neujens This book contains an effervescent mix of sparkling business concepts in the domain of food and drink. Despite the diverse range of companies featured, there is one thing that binds them: for all the brands, realising one’s ambitions goes hand in hand with a deep respect for the world in which we live. From restaurants and take-aways to diverse products and services, available either from the supermarket or only online, every concept is accompanied by extensive visual material along with an interview with the brains behind it.

Peñín Guide to Spanish Wine 2014 Edited by PI&ERRE The Peñín Guide to Spanish Wine 2014 is the most comprehensive and widely-read guide to Spanish wine, with ratings on 10,200 wines and information about 2,000 top wineries. This essential reference book includes the latest vintages and wines ready for release in 2014; visiting wineries across Spain and tasting a range of regional wines to suit all palettes and price tags, providing independent and informative evaluations, featuring a best-value wine index as an aid to purchasing in stores and restaurants.

Grandma’s Design

ISBN: 9789460580789 Luster 9 x 11in. 167pp. 288 col. New retail price $35.00 Hardcover

English Edition: ISBN: 9788495203960 Spanish Edition: ISBN: 9788495203953 Grupo Peñín 5.75 x 8.25 in. 1056pp. April 2014 $35.00 Paperback

ISBN: 9789058564757

Food Inspires Design Hilde Brepoels, Johan Valcke, Francesca Zampollo Grandmothers and culinary design create a surprisingly good partnership. This project, supported by the European Culture Programme, combines tradition and innovation in an exceptional manner. The main aim of the Grandma’s Design Project is to draw the public’s attention to the variety of baking traditions throughout Europe, not only with the aim of preserving them for future generations, but also for giving them a new interpretation, within the context of today’s diverse society. Grandma’s Design reflects Europe’s rich baking heritage.

Stichting Kunstboek 8.25 x 10.25in. 192pp. 200 col. April 2014 $42.50 Hardcover

FASHION 57 Dries Van Noten

ISBN: 9789401414746

Pamela Golbin, Kaat Debo, Hamish Bowles; Art director Joseph Logan Dries Van Noten, part of the Antwerp 6, is an icon of Antwerp Fashion. Described by the NY Times as “one of fashion’s most cerebral designers”, he won the International Award of the Council of Fashion Designers of America in 2008. This volume shows the range and diversity of his collections to date, revealing his sources of inspiration, using a range of creative mediums (paintings, fashion, photography, music, personal photographs) to illustrate this and really get inside the mind of the fashion designer, from concept to construction.

Fashion Illustration A Manual Willemina Hoenderken, Anna Zika, Annette Görtz Fashion is fascination, cult, protection and adornment. We experience it daily on our own bodies and we notice it in our surroundings. To inspire such an eyecatching sensation requires a concept, an idea, which takes shape in an illustration. In the fast-moving age of digital photography, this art is disappearing from the everyday life of the fashion designer and media. In doing so it affords illustration great additional value: it bears witness to individuality, it conveys the zeitgeist and mood. Text in English and German.

The Way We Wore

Lannoo Publishers 9.75 x 11.75in. 320pp. 800 col. April 2014 $90.00 Hardcover

ISBN: 9783897903951 Arnoldsche Art Publishers 9 x 12.25in. 320pp. 400 col. January 2014 $70.00 Hardcover

ISBN: 9780989170444

Black Style Then Michael McCollom and Geoffrey Holder The Way We Wore is an exploration of AfricanAmerican influence on fashion, design and culture. Michael McCollom has carefully chosen photographs and people that exhibit the historical framework of African-American influence on fashion, design, and culture, taking a unique look back at AfricanAmerican style moments. Utilizing personal photographs, this collection explores the stylish beginnings of a diverse group of African-American tastemakers along with everyday folk, examining a time when some individuals literally pulled it all together; or, for others, a time of trial and error.

Glitterati Incorporated 8.25 x 10.5in. 176pp. 150 col. April 2014 $30.00 Hardcover

58 FASHION Hardy Amies Michael Pick Hardy Amies epitomized understated British couture, emphasizing the cut of fine materials by tailored construction. Untrained in dress-making, he achieved headlines in Vogue in 1937 with his ‘Panic’ suit. Evoking the glamor of pre-war London while meeting the demands of contemporary society’s activities town to country, morning to night - Amies designs drew a star-studded clientele. The first post-war international designer to visit the USA, Amies’ style produced lucrative global business opportunities, including ready-to-wear, menswear shown as couture, and wide-ranging merchandizing options.

In Royal Fashion

ISBN: 9781851496754 Antique Collector’s Club 9.25 x 11.75in. 304pp. 266 col., 252 b.&w. Reannounced $89.50 Hardcover

ISBN: 9786169137900

The Style of Queen Sirikit of Thailand In the 1960s and 1970s, Queen Sirikit of Thailand was often voted as one of the most beautiful and best-dressed women in the world. During her early trips to the USA and Europe, the queen wished to showcase the beauty of Thai silk and commissioned the French couturier, Pierre Balmain to create outfits in both Western and Thai styles. These exquisite costumes are now housed in the Queen Sirikit Textile Museum in Bangkok, and are thus on show for visitors to enjoy. This book features all of these costumes and more, as well as a fascinating section of historical photography, an historical account of Thai costume and Thai silk brocade.

My Favourite Dress Gity Monsef, Samantha Erin Safer and Robert de Niet My Favourite Dress examines the favorite dresses of one hundred of the world’s most influential designers and celebrities. Intimate and revealing, it uncovers the emotional bonds that these individuals have with their most treasured garments. With over 400 color illustrations and an introduction by Suzy Menkes, this book is a celebration of the most important item in any woman’s wardrobe. Text in French.

River Books 9 x 11.25in. 216pp. 168 col., 24 b.&w. April 2014 $55.00 Hardcover

ISBN: 9781851496365 ACC Editions 7.75 x 11.5in. 384pp. 400 col. February 2014 $24.95 Hardcover, full discount, non-returnable

INTERIOR DESIGN 59 Neo-Chinese Style Clubs Weng Danzhi Neo-Chinese Style Clubs offers a glimpse into a secret world; these visually stunning interiors indulge the senses, they are exotic and beautifully designed, flawless and intimate, private spaces that set the scene for meeting and communication. Turning the pages of this book you are drawn in and allowed to wander through the luxury and perceived tranquillity of these clubs that exist usually behind closed doors.

Rest in Spring

ISBN: 9789886824382 Artpower International 9.75 x 13in. 320pp. 1000 col. February 2014 $68.00 Hardcover

ISBN: 9789881668844

Chinese Style Hotel Design Weng Danzhi Rest in Spring - Chinese-Style Hotel Design features calm, almost sacred interiors; meditative spaces that hold silence within their walls, reflect thoughts back through use of mirrors and earth-tones, natural materials and clean lines. Such elegant designs provide a link to ancient Chinese traditions, bringing the past into the present while offering sanctuary from it.

Top 100 Resorts

Artpower International 11.25 x 14.5in. 432pp. 1000 col. February 2014 $96.95 Hardcover

ISBN: 9789881668738

Edited by Ding Xiao Juan Space, design, silence, nature, health; these are the demands of contemporary travelers, looking for a luxurious vacation. These attributes are the parameters that identify an exclusive resort - a resort that’s 5-star in exclusive service, not just 5-star in exclusive pricing. Top 100 Resorts takes you through 100 enchanting places around the world, each one carefully chosen to showcase the very best of what’s on offer.

Sakura Villa II

Artpower International 11.25 x 14.5in. 584pp. 1,000 col. February 2014 $149.95 Hardcover

ISBN: 9789881261762

Global Top Decoration Extravaganza A collection of thirty-two eclectic interior design projects illustrated with full-color photographs. Each one is themed, with descriptive text outlining the concept and the best way to achieve certain styles, accompanied by detailed floor plans that define the best use of space, fixtures and furnishing accessories to achieve a sense of unity and purpose.

Artpower International 11.25 x 11.25in. 338pp. 1,000 col. May 2014 $82.00 Hardcover

60 INTERIOR DESIGN European Style Villa Design

ISBN: 9789881574305

European Style Villa Design is a visual treat, presenting a series of Villas from around that world that use European style as an inspiration. Also included is the unique ‘American’ Style - a style that combines the characteristics of American culture with the basic principles of European design, and a Classic European style, cultured and elegant. Each villa included here has been extensively photographed, both inside and out.

Artpower International 9.75 x 11.5in. 344pp. 1,000 col. February 2014 $60.00 Hardcover

Restaurants and Bars Design III

ISBN: 9789886824375

Li Aihong Presenting an eclectic collection of the most contemporary spaces, Restaurants & Bars III takes the concept of the restaurant, as defined by its interior. Within busy cities, these spaces provide the opportunity to escape for a while; in their simple and uncomplicated design, they engender a sense of peace and tranquillity and focus attention on the private rather than the public individual.

Top Space & Art IV

Artpower International 9.75 x 13in. 440pp. 400 col July 2014 $80.00 Hardcover

ISBN: 9789886824313

Li Aihong, Ding Xiaojuan Top Space & Art IV presents examples of where graphic design meets structure and interior design, illustrating venues that have been turned into eye-catching spaces. The designers employ various materials, colors, design elements to interpret the essence of space and art, endowing the ordinary space with soul. The book includes interiors and exteriors of restaurants, shops, offices, exhibition spaces and public buildings.

Type Object Barbara Brownie Type Object is an intriguing collection of letters, but not as we know them; this collection takes letters into the third dimension using three dimensional design to redefine and re-interpret the meaning of letters that create words. Thought-provoking and exciting, letters to inspire discussion and create an emotional response; no longer the passive characters on the keyboard but personalities in their own right.

Artpower International 9.75 x 13in. 376pp. 400 col. May 2014 $80.00 Hardcover

ISBN: 9789886824399 Artpower International 7.25 x 10.25in. 232pp. 1000 col. February 2014 $48.00 Hardcover

INTERIOR DESIGN 61 Interior Spaces

ISBN: 9789089441546

By PH Collection Wim Pauwels Belgian design company PH Collection specializes in the creation, manufacture and distribution of home furniture. In this new book, they show their recent interior creations in Belgium, Switzerland and on the island of Ibiza.

Beta Plus 11.5 x 11.75in. 160pp. 200 col. March 2014 $110.00 Hardcover, full discount, non-returnable

The spirit of PH Collection is to create space and atmosphere in search of essence and timeless emotion. Text in English, Dutch and French.

Eric Kuster: Fourteen

ISBN: 9789089895912

Metropolitan Luxury Eric Kuster Photography by Paul Barbera Eric Kuster: Fourteen shows the designer’s most recent international projects and provides the reader with a fascinating look behind the scenes of the lives of the exclusive few; various trend-setting places and people, always state of the art. Kuster’s interiors are a combination of refined designs, stylish glamour and a meticulous attention to the smallest detail. This books takes the reader on a voyage to the unique world of Eric Kuster, from Ibiza to Thailand and from Moscow to LA.

Interior One

Lannoo Publishers 11.5 x 13.75in. 400pp. 300 col. January 2014 $150.00 Hardcover, full discount, non-returnable

ISBN: 9789058564726

Francois Hannes François Hannes; Photography by Alfons Lenders François Hannes is passionate about and driven by beauty. Uncompromising in his designs, he aims for extremes and these are a feature of his highly individual work. His designs are calm and thoughtful and the different elements seem to naturally co-exist. They are exciting and bold, creating inspiring interiors with unique style and flair. Hannes’s style of working and design is increasingly recognized and respected both nationally and internationally. His creativity, focus, drive and architectural insight make him a first-class designer. Text in English and Dutch.

Stichting Kunstboek 11.25 x 11.25in. 252pp. 200 col. April 2014 $70.00 Hardcover

62 INTERIOR DESIGN World Spa Design II

ISBN: 9789881668820

Xia Jiajia Recreation, harmony and relaxation are the eternal theme of spas. Early spas focused only on a hot spring with medicinal effect; this has now evolved into a brand-new healthy concept which combines relaxation, beauty and stress relief as a whole, reinforcing the connection between mind and body. World Spa Design II showcases spa projects executed by some of the world’s top designers; the detail of every one is perfect. It provides useful tips for creating a successful spa space, illustrating international projects.

Emilio Terry

Artpower International 9.75 x 11.5in. 360pp. 400 col. June 2014 $76.00 Hardcover

ISBN: 9782353401659

Architect and Interior Designer, 1890 -1969 Pierre Arizzoli-Clémentel No book has hitherto been devoted to the life and work of the architect and interior designer Emilio Terry. Here for the first time, Emilio Terry’s own original documents offer eloquent support to a text that provides a more complete understanding of his work. A highly evocative biographical essay and comprehensive appendices complete this authoritative work, which will appeal equally to both aficionados of the evolution of tastes and fashion and to connoisseurs of architecture and interior decoration. Text in French.

Himalayan Style

Gourcuff Gradenigo 8.75 x 11in. 304pp. 20 col., 30 b.&w. April 2014 $80.00 Hardcover, full discount, non-returnable

ISBN: 9788174368881

Shelters and Sanctuaries Thomas Kelly & Claire Burkett In Himalayan Style: Shelters and Sanctuaries, photographer Thomas L. Kelly and author Claire Burkert present exquisite examples of vernacular architecture, sacred spaces and interiors found in Tibet, India, Bhutan and Nepal. Unique are chapters on contemporary style, which cover museums, gardens, private homes and fine crafts. A foreword by acclaimed Buddhist scholar Robert Thurman calls attention to the spiritual foundations of Himalayan aesthetics.

Roli Books 10.5 x 11in. 206pp., 350 col. April 2014 $49.95 Hardcover

ARCHITECTURE 63 Green Walls Green Roofs Edited by Mandy Herbet Sustainable architecture is one of the most popular trends today. With dense urban living and less green space available, green walls and roofs are helping to fill that gap. These living structures can be created with vegetation, which helps to absorb rainwater, provide insulation, and lower temperatures while creating a habitat for natural flora and fauna. Green Walls Green Roofs features projects from all over the world, showing how these elements work in various climates. Ranging from the tropical houses in Singapore to inner-city buildings in North America, this richly illustrated book will show you how living architecture can enrich our world.

Houses for All Regions

ISBN: 9781864705522 The Images Publishing Group 10 x 10in. 224pp. 400 col. May 2014 $50.00 Hardcover

• Highlights the benefits inherent in living architecture, featuring projects from all around the world, from tropical climates to dense, inner-city areas

ISBN: 9781864705171

CRAN Residential Collection American Institute of Architects House for All Regions contains projects divided into four climate zones: Arid & Semi-arid, Temperate, Arctic and Sub-tropical & Tropical, and each illustrates how architects adapt their designs to accommodate the challenges posed by the local topography and variations in climate. Containing cutting-edge residential designs by leading architects from across the world, and featuring rarely seen images, this collection underlines the sensitivity of today’s architects to the natural environment, as well as the care and attention paid to interior design and everyday living.

The Kitchen Bible

The Images Publishing Group 10.75 x 9.75in. 224pp. 400 col. February 2014 $49.95 Hardcover

• Features stunning photography, informative descriptions and detailed floor plans, as well as essays by acclaimed architectural writers about building in different environments

ISBN: 9781864705515

Designing a Recipe for Success Barbara Ballinger and Margaret Crane Kitchens have been transformed from a purely utilitarian workspace to a culinary-family-friends’ mecca where everyone congregates. While kitchens in small houses may still be limited in square footage, even a tiny galley-style space is often now open to living and dining areas for better camaraderie and conversation. This book will guide you through the process of designing the perfect kitchen. It takes you through a step-by-step approach to kitchen design and renovation, complete with questions to ask contractors, layout suggestions and checklists.

The Images Publishing Group 10 x 10in. 224pp. 400 col. March 2014 $60.00 Hardcover

• A step-by-step guide to creating your ideal kitchen, richlyillustrated with over 50 inspiring kitchen layouts

64 ARCHITECTURE Innovative High-Rise Buildings Song Jia Innovative High-Rise Buildings offers a vision of architectural design for a new generation in the form of awe-inspiring constructions that represent a new cultural perspective on the urban landscape; breathtaking, almost dream-like, these unique structures are both experimental and contemporary reflecting a changing cultural environment. Demonstrating incredible modern architectural technology and aesthetics, this collection gives a thought provoking, imaginative and ultimately exciting vision for a new generation, in terms of creating structures that allow us to live and think differently.

ISBN: 9789886824368 Artpower International 11.25 x 14.5in. 464pp. 1000 col. February 2014 $149.95 Hardcover, full discount, non-returnable

New Residential Landscape

ISBN: 9789881261601

Inspiring architectural design projects for a new environmentally-aware generation; practical and innovative ideas for landscapes that live and breathe, in synch with the natural world. This collection features residential landscapes from all over the world, from individual to communal space but with the common themes of using natural resources, building with and around the local environment to create living spaces that reflect an increasing awareness of the need for holistic, harmonious living.

Artpower International 9.75 x 13in. 384pp. 1,000 col. May 2014 $80.00 Hardcover

Paradise of Growth

ISBN: 9789886824337

Kindergarten Design Xia Jiajia Paradise of Growth: Kindergarten Design welcomes you into an environment of color, providing the opportunity for expression and imagination; this is a collection of beautifully designed interiors. The designs seem intuitive, themselves playful and unrestrained; spaces where stories are created, where there is talk and laughter; understated simplicity of architectural shape and form and yet undeniably an educational environment to be enjoyed and used practically. Outdoor spaces filter inside, earth and sky are cleverly joined to provide ‘classrooms’ that are uniquely different.

Artpower International 9.75 x 13in. 336pp. 1000 col. February 2014 $68.00 Hardcover

ARCHITECTURE 65 Philip Johnson and His Mischief

ISBN: 9781864705249

Appropriation in Art and Architecture The Images Publishing Group 7.5 x 9.75in. 160pp. 120 col. March 2014 $29.95 Flexibind

Christian Bjone In the world of modern art, the idea of appropriation, or the conscious manipulation of the recognized world of another artist, has long been accepted as a legitimate strategy in criticism of the tradition of art authorship. Philip Johnson consistently dealt with the concept of appropriation and used it as a design strategy from the very beginning of his illustrious career. Philip Johnson looks at the concept of appropriation and serves to review Johnson’s body of work and show that, far from being a weakness, his use of appropriation was a major part of his innovative success.

ISBN: 9789401412018

Wooden Dreams In Landscape and Garden

Lannoo Publishers 11.75 x 9.75 in. 176pp. 160 col. March 2014 $75.00 Hardcover

Ivo Pauwels & Dominique Van Huffel The poolhouses, carports, garages, ateliers, outside offices and guest rooms in Wooden Dreams are, although classically built, very modern. They are quite literally, ‘wooden dreams’ testifying to high-quality craftsmanship and they form a seamless link between the created garden and the natural landscape. Ivo Pauwels has written over 50 books on landscaping and gardening. Dominique Van Huffel specializes in photographing landscapes.

GC 30+ Marking Three Decades of Architecture on the Gold Coast 1984-2013 Andrew Leach, Katherine Rickard and Finn Jones Inaugurated in 1984 and held every year since, the Gold Coast and Northern Rivers Regional Awards of the Royal Australian Institute of Architects have acknowledged and celebrated the best work by architects on Australia’s Gold Coast over the course of three decades. This book is a photographic record of those achievements, presenting the prize-winning work realized in the region, as well as projects commended for their contribution to the region’s architecture.

• A new title in Lannoo’s successful series on oakframed outbuildings

ISBN: 9781864705690 The Images Publishing Group 8.75 x 11.75in. 272pp. 400 col. June 2014 $70.00 Hardcover

66 ARCHITECTURE Pure Indulgence

ISBN: 9781864704679

The World’s Most Luxurious Hotels Edited by Driss Fatih From all-inclusive resorts to exclusive boutique hotels; and from spa and golf escapes to stately historic accommodations; the world’s best hotels have one thing in common - a proven dedication to the finer points of hospitality and a commitment to absolute luxury in all its forms. The hotels featured in this book cater to travelers for whom first-class service is requisite. Having stood the test of time, or having met or exceeded the expectations of their discerning clientele, the hotels represented in Pure Indulgence are exceptional in their architecture, atmosphere and attention to detail.

Tropical Experience Mo Tingli Tropical Experience brings together a breathtaking collection of ecological architectural designs across Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia and Bali, from children’s educational centers to resorts, cafes and private villas, all are centered in the natural environment; designs that integrate quietly and unobtrusively with the land that surrounds. Within this innovative collection are architectural blueprints and designs to inspire anyone who is interested in creating environmentallysensitive buildings.

Architecture for an Ageing Population International Association of Homes and Services for the Ageing This compilation of more than 30 outstanding projects in the areas of assisted living, continuing care retirement communities and nursing homes represents the best current work designed by architects for the ever-increasing population of the ageing and elderly. Each project is presented with photographs, detailed plans and statistics, illuminating the high level of research, planning and community involvement that goes into these advancements in living environments for seniors.

The Images Publishing Group 10 x 10in. 224pp. 400 col. March 2014 $60.00 Hardcover

• Focuses on the unique aspects of each hotel, whether the opulent décor, exquisite cuisine, personalized pampering or exotic location

ISBN: 9789886824351 Artpower International 9.75 in x 13 in 368pp. 1,000 col. February 2014 $83.50 Hardcover

ISBN: 9781864705188 The Images Publishing Group 8.75 x 11.75in. 224pp. 400 col. February 2014 $60.00 Hardcover

ARCHITECTURE 67 Surmount & Dilute, The Current Predicament 1

ISBN: 9787503871313

Residential Apartments HKPIP Surmount and Dilute (1) presents both a collection of innovative architectural design and a thoughtprovoking challenge on the question of the function and purpose of high-rise living in today’s society; these buildings not only represent a clever solution to the increasing demand for space in ever-expanding cities but also challenge urban planners to engage in the human experience of pleasurable and sustainable living accommodation.

Surmount & Dilute, The Current Predicament 2

Artpower International 10 x 13.25in. 304pp. 1,000 col. February 2014 $68.00 Hardcover

ISBN: 9787503871290

Serviced Apartments HKPIP Surmount and Dilute (2) features examples of brilliant buildings that challenge boundaries and perception; wildly spiralling creations that belong to the future, that pull our gaze and our imagination skywards. Using almost impossible mirrored walls of glass and metal, to reflect the cloud- worlds they inhabit back to the weary and the earth-bound, in the grey confines of the urban landscape they become exciting possibilities for who we might be; their function is both practical and escapist, re-defining our social identity and built environment.

Surmount & Dilute, The Current Predicament 3

Artpower International 10 x 13.25in. 279pp. 1000 col. February 2014 $68.00 Hardcover

ISBN: 9787503871306

Mixed-Use Apartments HKPIP Surmount and Dilute (3) presents a collection of architectural design solutions for sustainable urban development; focusing primarily on creating new internal landscapes, cities within cities giving an imaginative range and variety of retail spaces, offices, residential accommodation and leisure space, all the elements of social living and what that means, cleverly come together, re-defining how the individual elements of any growing population can happily and successfully co-exist.

Artpower International 10 x 13.25in. 279pp. 1000 col. February 2014 $68.00 Hardcover

68 ARCHITECTURE A Architectural Design

ISBN: 9781864705652

The Architecture of Ali Osman Öztürk Ali Osman Öztürk One of Turkey’s leading architects, Ali Osman Öztürk established his firm in Ankara in 1997. This monograph portrays the work and evolution of the firm, at the gateway between Europe and Asia. Featuring more than 200 images of the firm’s work in Turkey, this book includes the firm’s hub in the capital, Ankara, as well as Istanbul and other cities.

James KM Cheng Architects

The Images Publishing Group 8.75 x 11.75in. 256pp. 250 col. March 2014 $80.00 Hardcover

ISBN: 9781920744069

Architecture James KM Cheng Architects James K.M. Cheng’s work has received numerous awards. Extensive photographs illustrate an evolving body of architecture and urban design projects in Canada, the United States and Asia. From single-family houses to major mixed-use communities, the designs featured demonstrate the firm’s commitment to redefining urban living.

Thomas Elliott Path of Discovery Thomas Elliott, Lanny M. Ridjab One of the leading architectural firms serving Indonesia and South East Asia, PAI Design has provided both foreign and local expertise in one company. Over the years the firm has developed a reputation for design excellence on a variety of projects. Project experience includes master planning of residential and resort developments; restaurants; hospitals; offices and industrial projects.

SCDA Architects II

The Images Publishing Group 9.25 x 9.25 in. 384pp. 400 col. June 2014 $80.00 Hardcover

ISBN: 9781864705737 The Images Publishing Group 8.75 x 11in. 176pp. 400 col. May 2014 $60.00 Hardcover

ISBN: 9781864705645

The Architecture of Chan Soo Khian Soo Chan This second edition of SCDA Architects II, featuring new projects, explores the work of Malaysian-born Soo Chan. Soo Chan’s designs are a reflection of contemporary Asia, incorporating Soo Chan’s inspired vision while still referencing the spirit of traditional Asian architecture. This selection of projects illustrates why SCDA is one of the most creative and exciting architectural firms working in Asia today.

The Images Publishing Group 9.25 x 10in. 416pp. 400 col. February 2014 $80.00 Hardcover

• Showcases a truly international firm with projects spanning the globe - a unique form of architecture that successfully incorporates both Western and Eastern influences

ARCHITECTURE 69 Architecton

ISBN: 9781864705669

Architecture: As Ecology of Culture Architecton is an inspiring collection of work from this firm, founded by Dr. Alexander Zusik, now one of Moscow’s leading design firms. With over 30 projects from around Europe, South America and Southeast Asia, this monograph highlights the design direction that helps illustrate Dr. Zusik’s vision: a firm that focuses on environmental and social responsibility while still maintaining a connection to the traditional.

The Images Publishing Group 13.5 x 9.5in. 256pp. 400 col. February 2014 $80.00 Hardcover

• Featuring over 30 projects from Russia, Italy, Argentina, Mexico, Malaysia and The Philippines

Cox Rayner Architecture

ISBN: 9781864704075

Structure Craft Art Nature Haig Beck and Jackie Cooper Cox Rayner Architecture features a multitude of information about the practice including an insight into the design process and the collaboration between architects, engineers and artists. Cox Rayner Architecture has been awarded for synthesizing the natural and urban environments of cities while capturing the spirit of the place.


The Images Publishing Group 9.5 x 11.5in. 320pp. 400 col. April 2014 $80.00 Hardcover

ISBN: 9781864705232

Selected and Current Works Cui Kai Engaging in architectural design at the China Architecture Design & Research Institute since 1984, Cui Kai is currently the vice president, chief architect and director of Cuikai studio in China. This highly anticipated monograph is a fitting record of Cui Kai’s diverse and contemporary style, illustrating more than eighteen projects.

Seek Truth Find Beauty Moshe Safdie Safdie Architects is an international architectural and urban planning practice founded and led by Moshe Safdie. Seek Truth Find Beauty traces the evolution of Safdie’s planning and design work over the past 50 years, with a complete chronology of projects. Organized to follow both thematic and chronological explorations, this monograph chronicles the work of this prolific architect, urban planner, educator, theorist, and author.

The Images Publishing Group 9 x 11.75in. 256pp. 400 col. January 2014 $80.00 Hardcover

ISBN: 9781864705584 The Images Publishing Group 12.25 x 15.5in. 600pp. 800 col. June 2014 $85.00 Hardcover

70 ARCHITECTURE Ribbon Architecture

ISBN: 9789089895882

Light, Shadow and Reflection in Architecture Bob Manders This book shows the works by Bob Manders Architects; eight new projects in the Netherlands and Flanders. These projects are complete: both the design of the building and the interior. Ribbon Architecture contains floor plans of all projects, giving the reader a very complete overview of each creation. Bob Manders also gives his vision on architecture and design within the pages of this book.

XDGA_161 Book Christophe Van Gerrewey Brussels architect’s firm Xaveer De Geyter Architects is famous for its progressive and provocative urban concepts. This collection gives an overview of 34 projects from the 1990s until now. Twenty-six of XDGA’s projects are analyzed in different ways; the interaction between word and project as a result is essential reading for anyone interested in the influence of XDGA within the international architectural world.

dmvA Architects Tom Verschueren and David Driesen Young Belgian architects are showing a renewed approach to architecture. Lower budgets have forced them to approach projects from a fresh perspective. Among this new wave of young architects are Tom Verschueren and David Driesen - dmvA. Focusing on achieving durability, they use materials creatively and in context to allow for minimizing on financial budgets while maximizing content.

Making Sense of Landscape Edited by Gini Lee and SueAnne Ware Australia’s most awarded landscape architecture and urban design firm, Taylor Cullity Lethlean illustrates 18 of their leading projects, featuring critical essays from international contributors. Since 1989, TCL has undertaken an investigation into the poetic expression of the Australian landscape and contemporary culture. This has permeated their design work in a multiplicity of public settings from urban waterfronts to desert walking trails.

Lannoo Publishers 13 x 11in. 200pp. 180 col. January 2014 $75.00 Hardcover

ISBN: 9789401412308 Lannoo Publishers 6.75 x 9.5in. 352pp. 100 col., 120 b.&w. April 2014 $75.00 Paperback

ISBN: 9789058564818 Stichting Kunstboek 6.75 x 8.75in. 160pp. 120 col. April 2014 $42.50 Hardcover

ISBN: 9780982439272 Spacemaker Press 10.25 x 10.25in. 192pp. 220 col. April 2014 $35.00 Hardcover

ARCHITECTURE 71 The Lion and the Unicorn Symbolic Architecture for the Festival of Britain 1951 Henrietta Goodden The Festival of Britain, in 1951, was the UK’s first major celebration after long years of war and austerity. Iconic buildings aimed at showcasing Britain’s industry and business acumen, filled the skyline along the South bank of the Thames. With special focus on the Lion and the Unicorn Pavilion this is a thorough look at the process of designing and building the symbolic structures that helped define a nation.

The Classical Buildings of Bath Mike Jenner Architect Mike Jenner describes Bath’s more notable classical buildings, explains the rules to which they were expected to conform, and tells how a few geniuses broke them to move European architecture and urban planning triumphantly forward. The Classical Buildings of Bath demonstrates the pleasure to be obtained from looking at classical buildings with proper understanding and the benefit of Stephen Morris’ superlative photographs.

Circus Museum The John and Mable Ringling Museum of Art, Art Spaces Deborah W. Walk et al. The Ringling Circus Museum in Sarasota, Florida, was the first institution of its kind in the USA to document the rich history of the American circus. It was established in 1948 to honor the memory of circus impresario John Ringling, who moved the winter quarters of the Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey show to Sarasota in 1927. This new addition to the Scala Art Spaces series illustrates the museum’s development over time and highlights many of its most popular artifacts.

ISBN: 9781906509668 Unicorn Press 6.75 x 9.75in. 144pp. 130 col. January 2014 $29.95 Flexibind

ISBN: 9781908326034 Sansom & Co. Ltd. 9.5 x 11in. 208pp. 150 col. February 2014 $39.95 Paperback

ISBN: 9781857598926 Scala Arts Publishers Inc. 6.5 x 4.25 in. 56pp. 50 col. April 2014 $7.95 Hardcover

72 ART William Bouguereau

ISBN: 9781851497331

His Life and Works Damien Bartoli with Frederick C. Ross William Bouguereau (1825-1905) was a highly important and influential French academic painter, who taught a long succession of gifted students, primarily at the private Académie Julien in Paris. Originally published as part of the two-volume set, now available for the first time as a single volume, this edition includes a chapter entitled ‘William Bouguereau’s Nymph and Satyr’. It is a detailed discussion of the painting, one of his most significant works, and is written by Kara Lysandra Ross.

William Bouguereau

Antique Collector’s Club 9.5 x 11.75in. 416pp. 410 col., 130 b.&w. March 2014 $125.00 Hardcover, full discount, non-returnable

ISBN: 9781851497362

His Life and Works Damien Bartoli with Frederick C. Ross A new edition of this luxurious two-volume set in a slipcase, which showcases all of Bouguereau’s known paintings as well as a comprehensive biography; this edition includes a new chapter devoted to one of Bouguereau’s most remarkable works Nymph and Satyr and includes improved color images throughout. “The books are beautifully produced, with colour illustrations throughout, sumptuous and of high quality” The Art Newspaper

The Greco of Toledo Edited by Fernando Marías The Greco of Toledo is the catalogue that will accompany the exhibition to be shown at the Museo de Santa Cruz in Toledo from March to June 2014, to mark the 400th anniversary of El Greco’s death. In addition to the works in the exhibition, this catalogue also includes a comprehensive selection of masterpieces by the artist that will allow for greater knowledge and understanding of his oeuvre. With essays by Fernando Marías, Nicos Hadjinicolau, Richard L. Kagan and Joaquin Bérchez, this book will become the key reference on the artist.

Antique Collector’s Club 9 x 12.25in. 904pp. 972 col., 278 b.&w. March 2014 $350.00 2vol. cloth slipcase 40% professional discount, non-returnable

ISBN: 9788494185625 Ediciones El Viso 9.5 x 11.75in. 320pp. 180 col. May 2014 $75.00 Paperback

ART 73 Nur

ISBN: 9788494185618

Light in Art and Science in the Islamic World Sabiha Al Khemir Nur: Light in Art and Science in the Islamic World explores the use and significance of light in Islamic art and science, revealing how light is a unifying motif in Islamic civilizations across the globe. Taking its starting point from the Arabic word for light, both in its physical and metaphysical sense, Nur is divided into two principal sections. The first is devoted to art, the second section focussing on the field of science. In addition, this book explores the idea of light as a shared, unifying metaphor in Muslim, Christian and Judaic cultures.

Hermitage Voices A project marking the 250th anniversary of the State Hermitage Museum, St. Petersburg Mark Sutcliffe, Frank Althaus (editors) The Hermitage Museum is one of the world’s great institutions. Founded by Catherine the Great in 1764, it celebrates its 250th anniversary in 2014. Granted special access, this project gets behind the closed doors of the museum to interview a wide range of those who work there: directors, curators, restorers, room attendants, cleaners, photographers, guides etc. Members of the public will also be interviewed, thus creating a ‘snapshot’ of the life of an extraordinary cultural phenomenon, in a single year.

Vladimir Velickovic

Ediciones El Viso 9.5 x 11.75in. 304pp. 300 col. April 2014 $75.00 Hardcover

ISBN: 9781906257132 Fontanka 8 x 9.75in. 184pp. 75 col. June 2014 $40.00 Hardcover

• Unique access to the Hermitage in its anniversary year, 2014; a range of interviews and photography that show the museum in a completely new light

ISBN: 9782353401383

Paintings 1954-2013 Bernard Noël and Alin Avila Vladimir Velickovic was born in Yugoslavia, in 1935. He moved into painting after graduating from the school of architecture in Belgrade in 1960, and had his first solo show in 1963. In 1965 he won the Prix de la Biennale de Paris; the following year he moved to Paris, where he still lives and works today. An exhibition at the Galerie du Dragon in 1967 brought him to the attention of a wider public, and he was soon viewed as one of the most important artists of the Narrative Figuration movement. This work is the definitive monograph on Vladimir Velickovic’s paintings, and includes a biography and bibliography. Text in English and French.

Gourcuff Gradenigo 11.5 x 12.5in. 492pp. 500 col. January 2014 $150.00 Hardcover, slipcase, full discount, non-returnable

74 ART Moroccan Carpets and Modern Art Florian Hufnagl and JĂźrgen Adam The abstractions, powerful compositions, and magical significance of Moroccan carpets fascinated artists such as Le Corbusier, Marcel Breuer and Sean Scully. Their straightforward graphic style and vibrant colors are evocative of Mark Rothko or Cy Twombly. This intriguing resemblance forms the basis of this publication, which presents a striking juxtaposition of Moroccan woven and knotted carpets and European and American twentieth-century art. It includes unique examples from the Adam collection, one of the most significant private collections of Moroccan nomad carpets in the world. Text in English and German.

Australian Aboriginal Art

ISBN: 9783897903999 Arnoldsche Art Publishers 9.75 x 11.75in. 440pp. 735 col. January 2014 $115.00 Hardcover, 32% professional discount, non-returnable

ISBN: 9781864704846

Collecting Aboriginal Paintings Marie Geissler This publication represents a generalist overview of Australian Aboriginal culture with references provided to assist in developing a wider understanding of the subject. Its focus is the twodimensional painted surface and the contemporary work of Aboriginal artists from remote Australia. It serves as both an historical reference as well as a collector’s reference on Indigenous artists.


The Images Publishing Group 9.25 x 11.5in. 252pp. 200 col. March 2014 $80.00 Hardcover

ISBN: 9781905267842

Japanese Theatre Prints Rosina Buckland The blend of music, dance, acrobatics and fantastic costuming called Kabuki has been a major theatrical form in Japan for nearly 400 years. Their greatest artists depicted the famous Kabuki actors, and by the 19th century thousands of these woodblock prints were themselves a form of entertainment, much like magazines and posters came to be in our modern age. As the craze for Japanese art and design in Europe peaked in the 19th century, National Museums Scotland was able to acquire about 4,000 of these splendid prints.

NMS Enterprises Limited - Publishing/ Woodstocker Books 9.5 x 7.5in. 144pp. 75 col. March 2014 $20.00 Paperback

ART 75

Enid Marx Design Ruth Artmonsky and Brian Webb

• An excellent introduction to the work of celebrated designer Enid Marx, this is the first book about her and her patternmaking

ISBN: 9781851497522

Enid Marx: Design is a collection of the printed and woven textile design patterns of Enid Marx (1902-1998), encompassing examples of her work for the London Underground, Royal Mail and Chatto & Windus Publishers; extraordinarily versatile and prolific, she became uniquely defined as a pattern maker, using textiles, paper and plastic in a way that was completely original. She was equally at home wood engraving or drawing for print making, end papers, book jackets, book illustrations and for stamp design. Outside her own design activities her major interest lay with ‘popular’ or ‘folk’ art. Together with her companion, Margaret Lambert, she wrote articles and books on the subject and amassed a considerable collection of artifacts, which are now lodged at Compton Verney, Warwickshire.

Antique Collector’s Club 5.5 x 8.5in. 96pp. 150 col. February 2014 $25.00 Hardcover

When asked in old age if there was anything she wished she had done, she replied that she would liked to have instigated a Folk Art Museum; taking into account the wealth of work that she produced over her life that very much reflected and found fame in the commonplace, among the ordinary and the everyday, it would seem that she may have achieved that ambition, almost without trying.

Monet at Giverny Caroline Holmes Claude Monet spent the last 43 years of his long life at Giverny, creating the paintings and gardens for which he is now revered. From the standpoint of his garden this book considers the controlling intelligence behind both landscape and art, and the influences that shaped Monet’s life and vision. The artist is shown as a consummate plantsman who composed his gardens with an Impressionist’s care for color and form, re-interpreting its motifs in paintings of power and abstraction. Drawing upon the voices of Monet and his contemporaries and offering a wealth of horticultural detail, this is a fascinating celebration of a unique artistic mind.

ISBN: 9781870673747

Using contemporary correspondence and plant catalogues, with over 150 illustrations including paintings, engravings and garden views from Monet’s lifetime and today’s magnificent recreation, this book provides a visual exploration of the gardens at Giverny.

Garden Art Press 7.75 x 9.5in. 192pp. 150 col. Reprinting March 2014 $39.95 Hardcover

The restoration of Monet’s garden at Giverny draws in hundreds of thousands of people from around the world as it provides a unique living link between the artist and his domain. This book enhances that experience for those who have visited or are about to visit. Even if you never have the opportunity the reader, like Monet, can lose themselves in the planted colors he would have known.

76 ART French Bronze Sculpture

ISBN: 9781909492042

16th-18th Century Materials and Techniques Edited by Jane Bassett, Francesca Bewer, David Bourgarit, Geneviève Bresc-Bautier, Philippe Malgouyres and Guilhem Scherf This volume examines the origins and crossfertilization of ideas and technology related to the making of bronzes in France between the Renaissance and the 18th century. The production of specific sculptors and founders, or of specific works of art are considered in terms of the technology, the documentation of both the processes and the persons involved e.g. sculptors, founders, merchants, etc. and how these may have impacted the stylistic and technical outcome. Text in English and French.

Between Formula and Freestyle Nicolai Abildgaard and Eighteenth-Century Painting Technique Troels Filtenborg As the most important Danish history painter, Nicolai Abildgaard (1743-1809) worked in a century that saw marked shifts in the styles of painting. This book presents results of a technical study of his oeuvre, from early student paintings to mature works from his late years. Though his practice may at times appear unorthodox and inconsistent, most of its separate components are found in works by his contemporaries, making his technique a reflection of different characteristic currents in 18th-century painting.

Fechin Galina Toulouzakova Nicolai Ivanovich Fechin (1881-1955) was a RussianAmerican painter known for his portraits and works featuring Native Americans. He exhibited his first work in the United States in 1910 in an international exhibition in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. After immigrating with his family to New York in 1923 and working there for a few years, Fechin developed tuberculosis and moved West for a drier climate. He and his family settled in Taos, New Mexico, where he became fascinated by Native Americans and the landscape. After leaving Taos in 1933, Fechin eventually settled in Southern California.

Archetype Publications 8.25 x 11.75in. 256pp. 183 col., 95 b.&w. April 2014 $120.00 Hardcover, 32% professional discount, non-returnable

ISBN: 9781909492097 Archetype Publications 9.5 x 10.5in. 152pp. 120 col., 40 b.&w. June 2014 $80.00 Paperback, professional discount, non-returnable

ISBN: 9781906509224 Unicorn Press 11.75 x 12.75in. 150 col. May 2014 $55.00 Hardcover

ART 77 Jack

ISBN: 9781938461118

Drawings and Paintings by Jack Ceglic 2009-2012 Pointed Leaf Press 9 x 12in. 144pp. 100 col. January 2014 $65.00 Hardcover

Jack Ceglic Pulling together a fine balance between light, vibrant color, and the personality of his models, Jack Ceglic captures his subjects in moments of what seem to be their purest truths. His candid and engaging portraits keep the viewer oscillating between wanting to know more about his subjects, and keeping a cool, introspective distance from them. With a preface by Pulitzer-Prize winning poet Philip Schultz and an interview by actor and director Joe Mantello, Jack: Drawings and Paintings by Jack Ceglic, 2009-2012 comprises an insightful, evocative, and timeless oeuvre.

ISBN: 9780989170451

Bunnies Hunt Slonem; Foreword John Berendt;

Glitterati Incorporated 11 x 14.25in. 256pp. 250 col. April 2014 $85.00 Hardcover

Essay by Bruce Helander Exciting, unexpected, impressionistic - the Slonem bunny paintings run the gamut. This is a mega collection for the adult and child alike that is publishing for the Easter holiday but is sure to last for many years to come. A treasury filled with enchanting full-color and black-and-white paintings by celebrated artist Hunt Slonem, Bunnies features a foreword by bestselling author (and friend of the artist) John Berendt and an essay by artist and gallerist, Bruce Helander.

R. Luke Dubois

ISBN: 9781857598773

Now Scala Arts Publishers Inc. 8.75 x 8.75in. 144pp. 100 col. February 2014 $35.00 Paperback

Matthew McLendon, Dan Cameron, Anne Collins Goodyear, Matthew Ritchie R. Luke DuBois: Now is a collection of work by a composer, artist, and performer who explores the temporal, verbal, and visual structures of our cultural and personal world. Published to accompany DuBois’s first major solo exhibition, it features his most important works, including the recent commission for the National Portrait Gallery, Sergey Brin and Larry Page, a fascinating video portrait of the founders of Google. R. Luke DuBois: Now includes perceptive essays by leading critics, an introduction from artist Matthew Ritchie, and liner notes by DuBois himself.

• The first survey of the artist’s work from the 1990s to the present

• Published to accompany an exhibition at The John and Mable Ringling Museum of Art in January 31, 2014 - May 4, 2014

78 ART Ars Electronica Center Gerfried Stocker, Hannes Leopoldseder, Lois Lammerhuber, Nico Ferrando The Ars Electronica Center is the architectural expression of what Ars Electronica is all about: a place of inquiry and discovery, experimentation and exploration, a place that has taken the world of tomorrow as its stage, and that assembles and presents influences from many different ways of thinking and of seeing things. This book pays tribute not just to architecture and objects displayed but also to all artists and individuals, companies, and institutions that have contributed to this modern artistic synthesis. Text in English and German.

Ilse D’Hollander Eva Wittocx The paintings of Ilse D’Hollander (Sint-Niklaas, 19681997) result from a personal search for the medium of painting. Via meticulous observation of her immediate environment, D’Hollander created compositions of colored surfaces and lines, vibrating forms and transparent overpainting. Some of her works may be linked to painters like Paul Cézanne, René Daniels or Raoul De Keyser. In only a brief period, between 1989 and 1997, Ilse D’Hollander created an extensive oeuvre of paintings and drawings.

Sarah Raphael William Packer Sarah Raphael (1960-2001) showed precocious talent for drawing and painting from an early age. Her sudden death, in her rapid and exciting development as an artist, was a tragedy. William Packer, painter, critic, writer and freelance curator, knew Raphael from her youth and in this full-length and copiously illustrated monograph, traces her creative life from childhood, through school at Bedales, training at Camberwell School of Art and her professional career, showing her work first with Christopher Hull, then Agnew’s for several years, and finally with the Marlborough Gallery.

ISBN: 9783901753169 Edition Lammerhuber 9.5 x 12.5in. 196pp. 106 col. May 2014 $50.00 Paperback

ISBN: 9789491376610 Hannibal Publishing 8.75 x 10.75in. 256pp. 120 col. February 2014 $65.00 Hardcover

ISBN: 9781906509293 Unicorn Press 9 x 10.75in. 160pp. 100 col. February 2014 $49.95 Hardcover

ART 79 Figure and Ground: Keith Vaughan

ISBN: 9781908326331

Drawings, Prints and Photographs Colin Cruise, Harry Heuser, Robert Meyrick and Simon Pierse Keith Vaughan (1912-1977) was one of the most celebrated British artists of his generation. A contemporary of Francis Bacon and Lucian Freud, Vaughan became, alongside them, representative of powerful figure-based painting in the Britain of the 1950s and 60s. Figure and Ground brings together two themes that preoccupied Vaughan - the human figure and the landscape. It contains three essays based on new research on Vaughan and his times: on drawing and illustration, on photography, and on prints.

Keith Vaughan

Sansom & Co. Ltd. 8.25 x 10.75in. 96pp. 20 col., 30 b.&w. February 2014 $25.00 Paperback

ISBN: 9781908326171

The Mature Oils 1946-1977 Anthony Hepworth and Ian Massey Keith Vaughan is an artist from an historically important, enduringly popular period in post-war British art. Publishing a collection of Vaughan’s work is timely, in his centenary year. The result of many years of research, it is the first comprehensive illustrated record of all the known oil paintings produced from 1946 -1977. The catalogue has been compiled from the artist’s records by dealer and Vaughan expert, Anthony Hepworth.

Graham Sutherland: From Darkness into Light Mining, Metal and Machines Paul Gough, Sally Moss, Tehmina Goskar This book illustrates the work Graham Sutherland undertook in the Geevnor tin mine in Cornwall and in the iron and steel foundries of South Wales. In order to paint the Cornish miners at work in extremely dank and cramped conditions, for several weeks in 1942 he daily descended 1,300 feet in a high-speed bucket into the gloomy depths. For most of his time at the Geevor tin mine Sutherland wrote and drew in a sketchbook just 9.5 inches by 7 inches. The outcome is an astonishing collection of works on paper as well as oil paintings of heroic images of men united in their endeavor, and as Sutherland put it, “ennobled under ground”.

Sansom & Co. Ltd. 9.75 x 10.75in. 208pp. 400 col. February 2014 $65.00 Hardcover

ISBN: 9781908326386 Sansom & Co. Ltd. 8.25 x 9in. 96pp., 90 col. May 2014 $29.95 Paperback

80 ART Edmund C Tarbell

ISBN: 9781555952129

Poet of Domesticity Laurene Buckley Edmund C Tarbell (1862-1938) was a major painter of his era, extremely influential as a teacher in Boston and leader of the avant-garde. This elegant volume presents Tarbell’s finest work in the context of a biographical text filled with fascinating quotations from the artists contemporaries.

Alan Sorrell

Hudson Hills Press 10 x 10 in 140pp. 50 col., 68 b.&w. January 2014 $45.00 Hardcover

ISBN: 9781908326379

The Life and Works of an English Neo-Romantic Artist Edited by Sacha Llewellyn & Richard Sorrell Alan Sorrell attended the Royal College of Art in the mid-1920s in a period that saw the emergence of Bawden, Ravilious, Piper, and Moore. Alan Sorrell’s vision was born out of the Romantic British tradition exemplified by Blake, Palmer and their 20th-century disciples. This book makes it possible at last to assess the full scope of Sorrell’s work. Comprising a series of essays the book sets out to chart Sorrell’s life and achievements, as well as illustrating the range and diversity of his talents, most works having never previously been reproduced.

Claudia Williams

Sansom & Co. Ltd. 8.25 x 10.5 in. 208pp., 150 col. May 2014 $39.95 Paperback

ISBN: 9781908326461

An Intimate Acquaintance Harry Heuser and Robert Meyrick Figurative artist Claudia Williams paints intuitively, drawing themes and inspiration from aspects of her personal life. Family, fellowship and faith - these core values find expression throughout her work. In a career spanning seven decades thus far, she has managed to be constant and yet retain a youthful vigor and enthusiasm. This book provides a closer look at Williams’ artistic development and influences, her decorative use of textures and patterns, as well as her varying approaches to subjects that so perceptively convey a feeling of unity and compassion.

Sansom & Co. Ltd. 8.25 x 10.25in. 128pp. 100 col. February 2014 $45.00 Hardcover

ART 81 Terry Frost

ISBN: 9781906593780

A Painter’s Life Roger Bristow Published to coincide with the tenth anniversary of Frost’s death, this first full-length biography traces his life from a working-class upbringing in the Midlands, the struggle of his early years in St Ives, his time at the Camberwell School of Art and his move from early representational work to the abstraction that became his creative hallmark. The narrative examines the simple things that often inspired Frost’s work street signs and fishing boats and the colors of the landscape, from a desert in America to snowy moors in Yorkshire.

Alfred Wallis

Sansom & Co. Ltd. 6.75 x 9.5in. 256pp. 40 col. February 2014 $49.95 Hardcover

ISBN: 9781906509897

Cornish Primitive Painter Edwin Mullins Alfred Wallis was a semi-literate Cornish fisherman, who was almost deaf, and whose mental health was fragile, who took up painting at the age of seventy, never having received any tuition. Wallis used to paint on old scraps of cardboard, most of them oddly shaped and supplied by the local grocer. He insisted on using ship’s paint, a medium which he understood, and he employed very few colors. His subject was usually the sea and boats; painting was for him, a link to his memories of the past.

Dear Winifred Christopher Wood: Letters to Winifred and Ben Nicholson 1926-1930 Edited by Anne Goodchild Christopher Wood was a darling of the English modernist movement. He was a friend of Ben Nicholson and with him ‘discovered’ the painter Alfred Wallis. His suicide at the age of 29 robbed the art world of a rising star. Wood’s correspondence with Winifred Nicholson forms one of the most important elements in an understanding of the man and his art during the last years, of his life. With an intensity which matches the pace of work in his last four years, Wood’s words present both an extraordinary selfportrait, and that of a deep and supportive friendship.

Unicorn Press 8.5 x 11in. 124pp. 95 col. May 2014 $27.95 Paperback with flaps

ISBN: 9781906593995 Sansom & Co. Ltd. 6.5 x 9.5in. 128pp. February 2014 $24.95 Paperback

82 ART Francis Davison Andrew Lambirth This is the first major study of the life and art of London-born painter and collagist Francis Davison (1919-1984). A very private man, Davison shunned publicity and insisted that only the most basic information should accompany the showing of his work. Reflecting this, he never received the recognition his work deserved and there was only one significant exhibition during his lifetime - at the Hayward Gallery, London, in 1983 - but critical attention has grown since his death in the mid-1980s. He is now seen as a major collagist, with exhibitions at many public and commercial galleries.

Brian Rice

ISBN: 9781908326447 Sansom & Co. Ltd. 9 x 10.5in. 160pp. 100 col. March 2014 $39.95 Hardcover

• Illustrated throughout and with an empathetic text by Andrew Lambirth, this is a timely appraisal of a leading exponent of the abstract collage whose work should be more widely known

ISBN: 9781908326362

Catalogue Raisonné of Prints 1953-2013 Edited by Silvie Turner; Essays by Tessa Sidey and Vivienne Light Brian Rice has enjoyed a singular career, one that has covered a period of remarkable dedication and innovation as a successful and highly-productive painter and printmaker. This work catalogues the stylistic shifts in his printmaking and documents his visual language in a way that has not been seen before. It examines the progress of his printmaking oeuvre, setting it in the context of his life from the first print made at Yeovil School of Art, Somerset in 1953 to the present time.

The Sculpture of Michael Lyons Judith LeGrove Michael Lyons was one of the finest steel sculptors of his generation, whose potent architectural forms commanded attention in their relation to landscape. The Sculpture of Michael Lyons maps the themes and techniques of his work against a broader context of the commissioning, production and exhibiting of sculpture in the twentieth century. It further addresses his practice of working abroad, particularly in China and Latin America. The text is complemented by over 70 photographs from the artist’s archive, a selection of source documents, a fully illustrated catalogue of over 500 sculptures produced between 1961 and 2012, and a detailed chronology and bibliography.

Sansom & Co. Ltd. 9.5 x 11.75 in 240pp. 200 col. May 2014 $65.00 Paperback

ISBN: 9781908326348 Sansom & Co. Ltd. 9.5 x 11.75in. 224pp. 250 col., 250 b.&w. Hardcover May 2014 $65.00

ART 83 Patrick Reyntiens

ISBN: 9781908326485

Catalogue of Stained Glass Libby Horner; Preface by Sir Roy Strong; Introduction by Frances Spalding Vigorous, stimulating, humorous, contemplative, intellectual, imaginative, innovative, Patrick Reyntiens is still producing magnificent stained glass in his late eighties. This scholarly, beautifully illustrated book catalogues not only all Reyntiens' ninety-eight commissions over the past 60 or so years (including the famous John Piper/Patrick Reyntiens collaborations) but also over 600 autonomous panels. The book includes an afterword by the artist himself.

Gwilym Prichard

Sansom & Co. Ltd. 8.25 x 11in. 352pp., 300 col. May 2014 $95.00 Hardcover

ISBN: 9781908326157

A Lifetime’s Gazing Harry Heuser and Robert Metrick Since the 1950s, Gwilym Prichard has been painting on Anglesey and in the foothills of Snowdonia. He has captured the season on the Llyn Peninsula, and rocks and sea along the Pembrokeshire coast, where he now lives. In their subject matter, colors and media, Prichard’s oils, gouaches, watercolors, pastels and mixed media compositions chart the long, distinguished career of a man who ‘did not set out to be an artist’ but who continues to re-interpret the landscape through art that is both rooted in and inspired by ‘a lifetime’s gazing’.

British Murals & Decorative Painting 1920-1960

Sansom & Co. Ltd. 8.25 x 10.25in. 112pp. 100 col. February 2014 $45.00 Hardcover

ISBN: 9781908326232

Rediscoveries and New Interpretations Alan Powers The role of mural and decorative painting has been largely neglected in accounts of twentieth-century British art. In this collection of specially commissioned studies, leading experts shine the spotlight on some of the most important and enduring, along with neglected images of the period. These include previously unpublished Festival of Britain designs as well as little-known masterpieces from the first generation of Rome Scholars: Colin Gill, Edward Halliday, Glyn Jones, Winifred Knights and Tom Monnington. Many of these works are reproduced in color for the first time.

Sansom & Co. Ltd. 9.75 x 10.25in. 352pp. 130 col. February 2014 $65.00 Hardcover

• More than 30 mural projects discussed and illustrated include Stanley Spencer’s Sandham Memorial Chapel, Burghclere from the 1920s; Frank Brangwyn’s Rockefeller Plaza, New York; The English Pub, by Edward Bawden; Telecinema Designs by John Armstrong; John Piper’s The Englishman’s Home; and Thomas Monnington’s ceiling for the New Council House, Bristol

84 ART The Firstborn Laurie Lee Laurie Lee greeted his daughter Jessy’s arrival into the world with a small, but in his trademark style, lyrical essay, originally published in 1963. This is a republication of that enchanting essay - filling just 40 pages, and published in hardback with a soft and subtle-colored ribbon marker.

ISBN: 9781906509941 Unicorn Press 5 x 7in. 40pp. 100 col. March 2014 $9.95 Hardcover

This text sums up what so many parents feel when their life slips from simply being just another individual, to becoming a parent. Every hope, dream and fear is beautifully laid bare in this very readable piece of prose.

Laurie Lee Folio Jessy Lee This is a beautiful folio of Lee’s artworks which have not been previously published. Lee was a prolific artist, though his body of work remained hidden in his cottage in Slad, Gloucestershire. Decades later, it was found under a bed by his daughter Jessy, who has catalogued it and written a charming essay as an introduction, describing her life with her father. Full of personal memories and wonderful anecdotes, this book provides a little glimpse into the world of Laurie Lee, and the close relationship enjoyed between father and daughter.

Sir Winston Churchill

ISBN: 9781906509958 Unicorn Press 9.5 x 11in. 128pp. 100 col. May 2014 $39.95 Paperback with flaps

• Published to coincide with Laurie Lee’s centenary in 2014 ISBN: 9780956771513

His Life and His Paintings Minnie Churchill & David Coombs In 1915, Churchill was forced to resign from the wartime British government. He was 40 years old and thought his political career was finished. He became deeply depressed, but was rescued during a family holiday by his discovery of the ‘muse of painting’. The book shows all his paintings, from the old Surrey farmhouse where he began to paint, his headquarters on the Western Front in 1916 and on throughout his long life. There are many paintings of his beloved country house at Chartwell in Kent as well as still life studies and portraiture.

Unicorn Press 9 x 12in. 256pp. 500 col. January 2014 $55.00 Hardcover

• Published with full co-operation of Sir Winston’s family, this is the only definitive book on his paintings

ART 85 The CMA Companion

ISBN: 9781857598919

A Guide to the Cleveland Museum of Art David Franklin The Cleveland Museum of Art is renowned for the quality and breadth of its collection, which includes 45,000 objects and spans 6,000 years of achievement in the arts. Featuring more than 350 of the museum’s best known and most significant holdings, this handy and elegantly designed guidebook provides a welcome companion while exploring the museum’s collection. Each object is accompanied by an accessible text that provides insight into its art historical and cultural context.

The Clark

Scala Arts Publishers Inc. 6 x 9in. 400pp. 400 col. April 2014 $25.00 Paperback

ISBN: 9781857598902

The Institute and Its Collections Michael Conforti and Michael Cassins Situated in the quiet landscape of the Berkshire Mountains of Massachusetts, the Sterling and Francine Clark Art Institute is one of the true gems among American museums. Published on occasion of the renovation and expansion of its campus in 2014, this extraordinary new book offers a fully-illustrated overview of the Clark’s world class collection of nineteenth century European and American Paintings, well-selected Old Master paintings, English and American silver, master drawings and prints and early photography.

Scala Arts Publishers Inc. 8.25 x 10 in 160pp. 130 col. May 2014 $19.95 Paperback

European and American Paintings in the Cleveland Museum of Art

ISBN: 9781857598377

60 Masterpieces

Scala Arts Publishers Inc. 8.25 x 10in. 144pp. 100 col. January 2014 $24.95 Paperback

David Franklin Founded in 1913 ‘for the benefit of all the people forever’, the Cleveland Museum of Art is a pilgrimage site for scholars and an inspiration for visitors. Not only one of the top comprehensive art museums in the United States, it is also among the most significant internationally. David Franklin has written an inviting introduction and thoughtful entries for the 60 works, each of which is carefully reproduced in color, many with details.

86 ART Mauritshuis

ISBN: 9781857598476

Director’s Choice Emilie E.S. Gordenker The Royal Picture Gallery Mauritshuis is celebrated for its world-famous collection of Dutch and Flemish masterpieces of the Golden Age. Emilie Gordenker makes her selection from stunning examples of Flemish primitive art to sun-drenched landscapes, from Biblical figures to detailed still lifes, from serene interiors to humorous genre pieces.

Leeds Museums and Galleries Director’s Choice John Roles Leeds Museums and Galleries is the largest localauthority-run Museum service in England and Wales. Core to the service are the collections, an estimated 1.3 million individual objects across a vast range of disciplines. John Roles has been Head of Leeds Museums and Galleries since 2004. He selects here 37 items from the collections that resonate for him personally.

MUDE Design and Fashion Museum, Francisco Capelo’s Collection, Lisbon Bárbara Coutinho A fully illustrated overview of the collection at MUDE, Lisbon’s innovative design and fashion museum, showing its new trends and directions in the 21st century. This is the first publication on the history and collections of this unique museum.

On Art and Artists T. G. Rosenthal Foreword by William Boyd On Art and Artists is a collection of critical essays by T.G. Rosenthal, chosen by the author from his considerable output over more than fifty years of writing and reviewing, focus mainly on what has come to be known as ‘Modern British’ art - art from the 20th century. The selected essays are reprinted here with introductory notes and linked passages.

Scala Arts Publishers Inc. 6.5 x 7.5in. 80pp. April 2014 $12.95 Paperback

ISBN: 9781857598407 Scala Arts Publishers Inc. 6.5 x 7.5in. 80pp. 37 col. April 2014 $12.95 Paperback

ISBN: 9781857598414 Scala Arts Publishers Inc 6.5 x 7.5 in. 128pp. 200 color February 2014 $19.95 Paperback

ISBN: 9781906509552 Unicorn Press 6.25 x 9.25 in. 192pp. 12 b.&w. February 2014 $39.95 Hardcover

ASIAN ART & STUDIES 87 Unveiling India

ISBN: 9781935677406

The Early Lensmen 1850-1910 Mapin Publishing 9.5 x 10.75in. 104pp. 100 col. March 2014 $39.50 Paperback

Rahaab Allana and Davy Depelchin In Unveiling India the unique collection of early photographs of indian architecture weaves a relationship between India’s cultural identity and how it was perceived and the influence it had on Western art and values. Through this vast tapestry of images, India emerges as a land which struck the imagination of visitors not only in terms of history and resources, but also for its ability to adapt to ever-changing times, especially through the global sharing of images that today reflect its rich cultural heritage and unique identity.

• Rare images from the Alkazi Collection of Photography, connecting past and future

ISBN: 9789383243006

A Passionate Eye Textiles, Paintings and Sculptures from the Bharany Collections

The Marg Foundation 9.5 x 12in. 160pp. 140 col., 10 b.&w. May 2014 $68.00 Hardcover

Edited by Giles Tillotson The Bharanys, discerning and passionate art collectors, amassed a broad range of art that now resides in major museums both in India and abroad. Their collection is striking in its diverse geographic range and array of mediums, as well as the way in which it brings to light largely undiscovered regional styles of painting. In this volume, essays by leading experts in their fields showcase particular facets of the collections and the family’s central role as 20thCentury Indian art collectors.

Sacred Textiles of India

ISBN: 9789383243013

Edited by Jasleen Dhamija Sacred Textiles of India delves into the mystical associations of Indian textiles, from traditional Gujarat torans meant to welcome and guard the threshold, to ikat weavings implying the ability to resist the world’s illusionary temptations. One of the most foundational traditions in man’s technical and creative evolution, textiles are embedded in South Asian philosophical concepts, myths, practices of worship and ceremonial rites of passage. Essays by prominent scholars explore the general significance of textiles as well as the more specific roles of cloth in particular geographic regions.

The Marg Foundation 9.5 x 12in. 160pp. 160 col., 10 b.&w. August 2014 $68.00 Hardcover

• Images of textiles alongside elaboration of their cultural significance

• New scholarship on the role of textiles within specific cultures and geographic populations

88 ASIAN ART & STUDIES ISBN: 9781935677383

Allegory and Illusion Early Portrait Photography from South Asia

Mapin Publishing 9.5 x 10.75in. 100pp. 101 col. March 2014 $39.50 Paperback

Christopher Pinney, Beth Citron and Rahaab Allana The extraordinary range of photography from South Asia dates back to the official birth of the medium in the mid-19th century. This catalogue offers a survey of vintage images from the modern nations of India, Sri Lanka, Burma and Nepal. The three lead essays together with photographer biographies and techniques, present perspectives on photography’s development of a unique vernacular culture. Ethnography, identity, integration and assimilation are some of the key notions that underlie practices of portraiture and domestic space - recording how an image may be perceived in our digital world today.

• Published to accompany an exhibition of collected historic, archived photographs at Rubin Museum, New York, October 2013 - January 2014

ISBN: 9788189995768

Raja Deen Dayal Artist-Photographer in 19th-Century India

Mapin Publishing 9.5 x 10.75in. 232pp. 161 col. January 2014 $75.00 Hardcover

Deepali Dewan and Deborah Hutton During his lifetime, the path-breaking and prolific lensman Raja Deen Dayal (1884-1905) was one of the most widely recognized photographers from the Indian subcontinent. Today he remains among the most celebrated figures from this earlier era. This book brings together for the first time extensive archival research with close analysis of the significant body of Dayal’s work preserved in the Alkazi Collection of Photography.

• A multifaceted view of the celebrated photographer’s career and oeuvre

• Published in association with The Alkazi Collection of Photography

Rabindranath Tagore

ISBN: 9789383098125

His World of Art Supriya Roy, Sushoban Adikhary Rabindranath Tagore: His World of Art focuses on the artist’s world, including cultural influence, visual development and use of color both in his art and in his writing. It features his work in the context of German Expressionism, his role in the development of a modern art in India, his idea of aesthetics and its introduction into Santiniketan as well as accounts of his exhibitions and his interaction with the global art world. This volume traces the course of the artist’s life; his paintings are discussed chronologically, his unique perspective is reflected throughout his writing, and has now been translated from Bengali into English.

Niyogi Books 8.75 x 10.75in. 276pp. 220 col., 111 b.&w. April 2014 $75.00 Hardcover, full discount, non-returnable

ASIAN ART & STUDIES 89 Apocalypse Pakistan An Anatomy, of the World’s Most Dangerous Nation Francesca Marino, Beniamino Natale Pakistan is under increasing scrutiny, being central to an intense and escalating political and ideological conflict between the West and fundamentalist Islamic organizations. This is an in-depth analysis of the political and cultural evolution of the Pakistani elite, from Zulfikar Ali Bhutto to the present day.


ISBN: 9789381523964 Niyogi Books 6 x 9in. 204pp. April 2014 $15.00 Flexibind, full discount non-returnable

ISBN: 9789383098002

Peoples, Arts and Adornment in India’s Eastern Himalayas Peter van Ham India’s eastern-most state of Arunachal Pradesh is incomparable to any other place in the world due to its ethnic diversity and beautiful and varied natural landscapes. As the first book to explore this area Arunchal is the result of 10 years of travel and meticulous recording of the people, geography, history, society and culture.

C.F Andrews

Niyogi Books 8.75 x 11.25in. 236pp. 335 col. April 2014 $95.00 Hardcover, full discount non-returnable

ISBN: 9789381523773

Friend of India Professor Mushirul Hasan Written in 1944, this book is a survey of CF Andrews’ life and work in the years he lived in India. It describes his character, his abiding friendships and his relationship with India and its people. Mushirul Hasan’s introduction provides the context within which contemporary readers can understand the relevance of Andrews’ relationship with this diverse and interesting country.

From Rebel To Founding Father

Niyogi Books 5 x 7.25 in. 100pp. April 2014 $6.00 Flexibind, full discount non-returnable

ISBN: 9789383098101

Sheikh Mujibur Rahmen Syed Badrul Ahsan The emergence of Bangladesh as a sovereign state in 1971 is a tribute to the sagacity and leadership of Sheikh Mujibur Rahman. Through the long years spent in prison, Mujib, as he is known, burnished his political beliefs and eventually emerged as the single most significant spokesman for Bengali rights in East Pakistan. This biography sensitively portrays Mujib’s transformation to Bangabandhu, the friend of Bengal.

Niyogi Books 6 x 9in. 350pp. 89 b.&w. April 2014 $20.00 Hardcover, full discount non-returnable

90 ASIAN ART & STUDIES Wit and Wisdom

ISBN: 9788192091266

Pickings from the Parsee Punch Edited by Mushirul Hasan The Parsee Punch made its mark as the only illustrated comic weekly paper in the Bombay Presidency. It was published in July 1854 at the Apyakhtiar Press by Dadabhai Soheri. The cartoons they published illustrate, in a lighter vein, contemporary anxieties and predicaments in a witty satirical fashion. Wit and Wisdom presents a selection from the publication.

Kama Sutra

Niyogi Books 8 x 12in. 164pp. 162 b.&w. January 2014 $26.99 Hardcover

ISBN: 9788174366634

The Indian Treatise on Love and Living Sandhya Mulchandani The first ever collector’s edition of the Kama Sutra, this book is luxuriously bound in silk and boxed; a wonderfully seductive and sensuous edition of this timeless classic collection of Indian erotic art. Rare miniatures, gouache and tantric paintings are published here for the first time, making this a remarkable keepsake.

My Father, Our Fraternity

Roli Books 11.75 x 15.75in. 320pp., 150 col. May 2014 $150.00 Hardcover, boxed, full discount, non-returnable

ISBN: 9788174367617

The Story of Haafiz Ali Khan and my World Amjad Ali Khan My Father, Our Fraternity is a personal memoir which brings alive the rich classical music tradition from the early twentieth century to the present. Amjad Ali Khan offers an insider’s view of this era, through the life and times of his father, the famous sarod icon, Ustad Haafiz Ali Khan. The personal and the professional are intertwined in this book as they are in the author’s life.

Sikh Heritage

Roli Books 6 x 8in. 224pp. 140 b.&w. January 2014 $19.95 Hardcover with free CD full discount,non-returnable

ISBN: 9788174368973

A History of Valour and Devotion Sondeep Shankar and Rishi Singh Although Sikhs make-up less that one per cent of India’s billion strong population, they have played an important part in developing the country’s economy, its armed forces and its religious culture and diversity. Sikh Heritage is a succinct and delightfully-photographed glimpse into the community’s religion, including its ten Gurus, its temples, traditional systems of governance, history, architecture, and the world famous Golden Temple.

Roli Books 10.5 x 11in. 176pp. May 2014 Hardcover $49.95

• Rare photographs of relics and possessions of the Gurus that have been carefully preserved. The general public does not have access to these

ASIAN ART & STUDIES 91 Modern Chinese Art Professor Michael Sullivan Khoan and Michael Sullivan began collecting modern Chinese painting in Sichuan in Western China in the 1940s and their collection developed over the course of more than half a century to include paintings by the principal artists of late twentieth century China, as well as works by a new generation. This edition has been revised to incorporate new works collected since this book was first published in 2001.

Images of the Gods Vittorio Roveda The myths and legends of the Khmers displayed in low reliefs in all the major temples in Cambodia, Thailand and Laos are examined in depth and richly illustrated. A new emphasis is given to Buddhist visual narrative on the life of the Buddha and on the jatakas. In addition, unusual animal and humanoid creatures on the cusp between myth and fantasy, are illustrated.

China Museums Association Guide Miriam Clifford, Cathy Giangrande, Antony White Chinese Museums Association Guide is an updated and expanded version of the highly praised China Museums; the China Museums Association being the official body responsible for the expansion of the country’s museums. Covering China’s most famous and respected museums, the book also covers many smaller, lesser-known ones, ranging from art and archeology to science and technology, history and politics.

Nanjing Museum Gong Liang Nanjing Museum is one of the four most important national museum collections in China. Founded in 1933 it is one of the oldest museums in the country. The collection is exceptional not just for its size, but for its quality and diversity. It contains unique items from all over China and local Jiangsu Province and from a wealth of archeological digs. The book details over 300 pieces from the collection. These are amongst the most valuable and precious artifacts.

ISBN: 9781854442338 Ashmolean Museum 8.25 x 11in. 292pp., 400 col. January 2014 $39.95 Paperback

ISBN: 9789749863039 River Books 6.75 x 9.5in. 544pp. 2000 col. January 2014 $95.00 Hardcover, free DVD, full discount, non-returnable

ISBN: 9781857598803 Scala Arts Publishers Inc. 5 x 8.25 in. 388pp. 500 col. March 2014 $29.95 Paperback

ISBN: 9781857598636 Scala Arts Publishers Inc. 7.75 x 10.75in. 256pp. 350 col. March 2014 $30.00 Paperback

92 ART CONSERVATION British Museum Technical Research Bulletin 7

ISBN: 9781909492073

Edited by David Saunders This bulletin, part of an annual series which Archetype Publications publishes in association with the British Museum, offers a forum to show a dynamic behind-the-scenes glimpse of the current work of curators, conservators and scientists conducted on a range of artifacts and materials across the collections at the British Museum.

Archetype Publications 8.25 x 11.75in. 112pp. 127 col., 36 b.&w. January 2014 $40.00 Paperback, professional discount, non-returnable

Climate for Collections

ISBN: 9781909492004

Standards and Uncertainties Edited by Jonathan Ashley-Smith, Andreas Burmester and Melanie Eibl The debate about environmental standards for museum collections has by no means been resolved. The papers in this volume, given at a major international conference, investigate what is known and what is not known about suitable environmental conditions for cultural heritage collections, presenting the most significant recent research on the subject.

European Paintings 15th-18th Century

Archetype Publications 8.25 x 11.75in. 456pp. 148 col. January 2014 $99.00 Paperback, professional discount, non-returnable

ISBN: 9781909492066

Copying, Emulating and Replicating Edited by Erma Hermans Inspired by the European project Bosch & Bruegel: Four Paintings Magnified this book contains papers which explore how historical and technical examination of 15th to 18th century European paintings conducted in tandem can not only address key subjects such as meaning, materials and manufacturing techniques, but also allow fresh perspectives on the prevailing workshop practices of copying, replicating and emulating paintings.

Archetype Publications 9.5 x 10.75in. 136pp. 127 col., 36 b.&w. April 2014 $120.00 Paperback, professional discount, non-returnable

DESIGN 93 Lucienne Day

ISBN: 9781851497270

In the Spirit of the Age Andrew Casey This is the first in-depth study to look at all aspects of the work of Lucienne Day, bringing together her work in textiles, wallpaper, carpets and ceramics from both Britain and Europe. Andrew Casey has uncovered new research and unpublished material from the Lucienne Day Archives and the Robin and Lucienne Day Foundation, and has interviewed members of her staff and specialist museum curators in the UK and overseas.

Grunge Textures Volume 1 Vincenzo Sguera Grunge textures Volume 1 offers a wide array of graphics inspired by the realist, casual feel of the 1990s grunge scene. Grunge ran against the grain of the flashy aesthetic that existed in the 1980s, bringing with it irregularity and imperfections that identified its perpetrators as highly original. The graphics offered in this book capture this aesthetic and are ideal for adding an ‘indie’ feel to any given project. Includes a DVD containing 160 designs saved in 5 ways - 800 files in all - all free to use.

Kinetic Art Textures Vol.1 Vincenzo Sguera This volume is a colorful collection of graphic styles derived from Kinetic Art; translating these into designs that can be used in fashion, furniture and interior design. These are unique and original designs, that are unrestrained, that transform creative ideas into repeating patterns, to be developed and used in everyday products. Includes a DVD containing 160 designs saved in 5 ways - 800 files in all - all free to use.

Antique Collector’s Club 8.5 x 10.75in. 248pp. 125 col., 50 b.&w. March 2014 $59.50 Paperback with flaps

ISBN: 9788888766249 Arkivia Books 9.5 x 12in. 144pp. 160 b.&w. January 2014 $135.00 Paperback with free DVD, 45% discount non-returnable

ISBN: 9788888766287 Arkivia Books 9.5 x 12in. 144pp. 120 col. February 2014 $135.00 Hardcover, free DVD, 45% discount non-returnable

94 DESIGN Belgium’s Best Design

ISBN: 9789460581175

Hadewijch Ceulemans A luxurious overview of the best Belgian design objects since 1900. Iconic designs based on the top 10 lists of over 50 Belgian designers and design experts, collectors, journalists, and design lovers. Containing unique designs that are both surprising and eclectic, including Louis Herman De Konick's Cubex Kitchen (1930) and Bram Boo's Overdose Desk (2007), with descriptive texts, illustrated with photographs, this is a collection for all connoisseurs and enthusiasts of Belgian design from the 20th and 21st centuries. Text in English, Dutch and French.

Brussels Type Stan Van Steendam A beautiful photographic record of designer Stan Van Steendam’s fascination with street typography. Old lettering usually disappears when new developments take place, nevertheless, it is still of significant value. It tells a story. Discover wonderful hidden gems you might otherwise have passed by without a glance; snapshots that represent a captured moment, showing the transience of what was once carefully painted, set or carved. This book is an ode to typography and a declaration of love to the city of Brussels.

Tasty Stories

Luster 9.5 x 6.5in. 300pp. 50 col., 50 b.&w. February 2014 $45.00 Hardcover

ISBN: 9789460581168 Luster 5.5 x 6.75in. 152pp. 70 col., 10 b.&w. February 2014 $27.50 Hardcover

ISBN: 9789460581014

Legendary Food Brands and Their Typefaces Joke Gossé, Text by Karoline Neujens A must-have for graphic designers and foodies this is a wonderful collection of 50 of the world’s bestknown food brands, including Campbells, Coca Cola, McDonald’s, Nesquik and Oreo. Individually tracing the evolution of packaging, logo, typeface and fonts, descriptions are accompanied by ‘Nice to Know’ anecdotes.

Luster 7.5 x 5.25 in. 112pp. 110 col. January 2014 $30.00 Hardcover

DESIGN 95 Logos Talk II Xia Jiajia In a visual world, logos convey ideas without the need for words; imprinting themselves simply in a rapidly changing, corporate environment where branding is key. An inspiring collection that allows images and symbols to create an effective and expressive language, enabling an instant connection between consumers and businesses; this is an essential reference to inspire commercial artists and graphic designers.


ISBN: 9789886824344 Artpower International 8.5 x 11.25in. 360pp. 1000 col. February 2014 $68.00 Hardcover with DVD

ISBN: 9784897377476

Space & Design Artpower International Presents an eclectic mix of restaurants and cafes offering a complete sensory experience using ingredients as diverse as projected imagery, innovative and colorful lighting and furniture design and interactive opportunities that mean there is more on the menu than just eating.

Visual Image Design

Artpower International 11.75 x 9in. 168pp. 500 col. January 2014 $57.00 Hardcover

ISBN: 9789886824320

Restaurants & Hotels Li Aihong (Ed.) Creating a corporate identity, requires a complete quick glance visual representation that expresses the culture of a place by providing a snapshot of who you are and what you do by reducing it down to simple patterns, typeface and images. From matchbooks to napkins to business cards, this range of ideas will inspire anyone looking to stand-out from the crowd.

Elements of Spacemaking Vastu-Shilpa Foundation and Yatin Pandya Concepts of space are made physical, manifesting in architecture through the different elements that constitute the basic identifiable parts of the man-made or built environment. This book examines the inherent attributes of ‘spacemaking’ elements like roofs, walls, doors, windows, columns, stairs and floors and analyses their implicit influences in the design of space.

Artpower International 8.75 x 11.75in. 260pp. 1000 col. February 2014 $60.00 Hardcover

ISBN: 9781935677307 Mapin Publishing 9 x 9in. 216pp. 1400 b.&w. January 2014 $19.95 Paperback

96 DESIGN Booth Design Selection

ISBN: 9784568505443

Working on the premise that space is limited, an incredible collection of the latest designs from Japan in temporary exhibition installation; using multi-sensory technology, cool, chic and accessible, they map the product and take you on a journey through the initial ideas, the products and the sell.

The Azur Corporation 9 x 11.75in. 256pp. 1000 col. February 2014 $69.50 Hardcover

P.O.P Design Collection

ISBN: 9784568505467

Packed full of the latest ideas from Japan for creating easy-to-assemble temporary cardboard retail displays for either shops or exhibition stands; eye-catching designs that are colorful, funky and totally unique, aimed at spontaneous buying and the quick sell.

The Azur Corporation 11.75 x 8.75in. 272pp. 1000 col. February 2014 $75.00 Paperback

Shop Promotional Design

ISBN: 9784568505436

A diverse range of beautifully presented examples of everything you need to successfully package a product, making it instantly recognizable, uniquely attractive, original and accessible from in-store displays, to clever little boxes, funky must- have bags and artfully conceived stationery and gift wrap solutions; this is the wonderful, the quirky, the eclectic, the funky for a new generation of consumers that are expecting to be wowed.

The Azur Corporation 8.75 x 11.75in. 304pp. 1000 col. February 2014 $69.50 Hardcover

Tokyo TDC Vol. 23

ISBN: 9784903233789

The Best in International Typography & Design Tokyo Type Directors Club (Tokyo TDC) A comprehensive collection of design work from The Tokyo Type Directors Club, which has been in existence for the past twenty years. Challenging ideas around typography, typographics and type design, it has become a definitive creative voice. Presented here is a selection of international entries from Tokyo TDC’s annual competition 2012; works that are geographically and culturally diverse, using a broad range of media and materials.

The Azur Corporation 8.25 x 11.25in. 272pp. 1000 col. February 2014 $69.95 Hardcover


Euro Cup 1980-2008 Panini Football Collections Edited by Fabrizio Melegari

• For soccer maniacs, a comprehensive collection of players and a wealth of statistics from 28 years of European Football Championships

• An elegant and complete collection of all sticker albums published from 1980 to 2008

This volume recreates the emotions of the European Football Championship through the famous Panini stickers albums. This volume includes the facsimile reproduction of all sticker albums published on occasion of the different editions of the European Football Championship, starting from Italy 1980 to Switzerland and Austria 2008, and including the complete results of each edition. ISBN: 9788824805452 Franco Cosimo Panini 9.5 x 10.75in. 390pp. 1,000 col May 2014 $75.00 Hardcover

A must-have for soccer fans, offering a complete encyclopedia with all information on the teams that participated in the different editions of the Championship. Text in English, Italian, German, Dutch, Spanish and French.

World Cup 1970-2010 Panini Football Collections Edited by Panini

• An elegantly boxed collection of sticker albums published since 1970; illustrated with charts and tables of the results of each championship match

Since 1970 a collection of Panini stickers has accompanied each edition of the popular FIFA World Cup held every four years. Each album, reproduced in facsimile, is not just a practical guide to the various rounds of the tournament, but it also provides a valuable visual archive of all the teams and their memorable matches.

ISBN: 9788857002545 Franco Cosimo Panini 9.5 x 10.75in. 680pp. 1,000 col. May 2014 $90.00 2 vols, paperback, slipcase

The book tells the story of the World Cup through the faces of its stars. Three thousand champions spanning the last forty years - the famous and the not so famous, the worshipped and the not so worshipped - all of whom have shared a desire to give their very best and bring soccer glory to their own nations. A must-have for fans of international soccer statistics and trivia; the albums (always brought out before matches are played) have been rounded off with charts and tables of the results of that year. Text in English, Italian, French, German, Dutch and Spanish.

98 DECORATIVE ARTS Russian Decorative Arts Cynthia Coleman Sparke Since the collapse of the Soviet Union, Russia's nouveau riche have been desperate to track down and buy back their lost heritage. Works by jewelers and silversmiths to the Tsars are particularly sought after today as status symbols. An informative guide to Russian Decorative Arts and their historical provenances, this volume offers an introductory guide to porcelain, glass, silver, Tula work and other base metals, orders and decorations, jewelry, objects of virtue, Fabergé, lapidary, woodwork and walrus ivory. Beautifully illustrated, introducing particular techniques, their specific Russian characteristics and an overview of the principle makers.

Jackson’s Hallmarks

ISBN: 9781851497225 Antique Collector’s Club 9.25 x 11.75in. 304pp. 300 col. May 2014 $95.00 Hardcover, full discount, non-returnable

ISBN: 9781851491698

Pocket Edition Edited by Ian Pickford This handy-sized guide is drawn from the extensively revised edition of Jackson’s Silver and Gold Marks of England, Scotland and Ireland, published by the Antique Collectors’ Club in 1989. Contains 1,000 makers’ marks listed alphabetically by mark, with comments as to rarity, value and the speciality of the maker (e.g. spoons), making it the most accurate, complete and up to date guide to hallmarks on the market today.

Gilt-edged Splendour

Antique Collector’s Club 4.25 x 8.5in. 176pp. 1000 b.&w. Reprinting January 2014 $14.50 Paperback

ISBN: 9781898565123

Masterpieces in Silver Gilt Koopman Rare Art; Foreword by Lewis Smith. A magnificent collection of silver-gilt objects from England and France, meticulously catalogued and illustrated with stunning photographs that exquisitely illuminate these items. Featured makers include: Pierre Platel; Benjamin Smith; Jean-Baptiste-Claude Odiot; Martin-Guillaume Biennais; Phillip Rundell and Paul Storr. Each entry includes comprehensive technical data and descriptive text, setting each object in its social and historical context.

John Adamson 8.5 x 10.5in. 56pp. 41 col. April 2014 $49.95 Paperback

DECORATIVE ARTS 99 Die Aelteste Volkstedter Porzellanmanufaktur

ISBN: 9783897903975

Ihre Geschichte von der Gründung bis heute Christoph Fritzsche This monograph presents for the first time the complete history of the oldest Thuringian porcelain manufacturer, still in operation today. With regard to the 18th century, the publication provides a virtually complete coverage of figural porcelain and a selection of crockery. In relation to the 19th century, it deconstructs ownership and frequently changing names. With an overview of the modelers and models, as well as of the subsidiaries established in the twentieth century, the publication concludes with contemporary artists’ designs for porcelain manufacturing in the 21st century. Text in German.

Heinz and Ingrid Siery

Arnoldsche Art Publishers 9 x 11.75in. 360pp. 360 col. January 2014 $135.00 Hardcover, 32% professional discount, non-returnable

ISBN: 9783897904019

Ceramics Bronzes Interior Decoration Dierk Engelken et al. The first monograph about Heinz and Ingrid Siery, celebrating a unique artist partnership. Since 1969, the couple have taken on commissioned work such as designing tiled stoves and ceramic wall decorations, and personal work, such as figural sculptures made of bronze, whose simplicity and elegance have a minimalist, classical form and clear lines that are reminiscent of Henry Moore and Joannis Avramidis. Their atelier near Euskirchen, houses a sculpture park and more than 300 of the couple's works - it is in itself a work of art reflecting their artistic life. Text in English and German

Ceramica CH

Arnoldsche Art Publishers 8.25 x 11in. 176pp. 160 col. January 2014 $70.00 Hardcover

ISBN: 9783716517765

Volume 1: Neuchâtel Edited by the Ceramics Foundation; texts by Roland Blaettler A comprehensive catalogue of the ceramic collections of the Musée d’art et d’histoire in Neuchâtel, one of the five biggest collections in Switzerland. Swiss museums hold ceramic treasures of unknown quantity and immeasurable value within their collections, launched in 2009, the project Ceramica CH aims to compile a national inventory of all publicly accessible collections of modern ceramics (1500-1950). Text in French.

Benteli Verlag 9.5 x 11.5in. 592pp. 1000 col. February 2014 $135.00 Hardcover, full discount, non-returnable

100 DECORATIVE ARTS Arts and Crafts Furniture John Andrews Written by a recognized authority on the subject, this volume examines the furniture produced by the movement’s main protagonists. It is a journey through the origins of the movement, providing an insight into how the principles of the Arts and Crafts movement became an enduring part of modern design. Included is new information about the movement and pieces, much of which has only recently emerged.

Oak Furniture

ISBN: 9781851497317 Antique Collector’s Club 9.5 x 11.75in. 328pp. 250 col., 25 b.&w. March 2014 $89.50 Hardcover

ISBN: 9781851497157

The British Tradition Victor Chinnery The study of oak furniture is a rich and varied subject. Victor Chinnery’s scholarly work covers the history and development of furniture in oak and kindred timbers in the British Isles and New England, from the Middle Ages through to 1800. The furniture shown ranges from the finest examples, to the sort of sturdy pieces which modern collectors will find affordable.

A Surviving Legacy in Spanish America Seventeenth and Eighteenth Century Furniture from the Viceroyalty of Peru María Campos Carlés de Peña A thorough examination of the extremely rich furniture production of seventeenth and eighteenth century Peru. Arranged chronologically, this book is an invaluable reference source, covering an area that has so far been little explored.

Of Unicorns and Bezoars

Antique Collector’s Club 8.5 x 10.75in. 620pp. 22 col., 2000 b.&w. March 2014 $125.00 Hardcover

ISBN: 9788494006180 Ediciones El Viso 9.5 x 11in. 448pp. 300 col. April 2014 $75.00 Hardcover

ISBN: 9782353401611

The Story of Cabinets of Curiosity Gourcuff Gradenigo Richly illustrated with images that capture the authentic spirit of the cabinet of curiosity, brimming with a vast range and eclectic diversity of examples, this is a study of the various different types of cabinet, from the Renaissance studio to twenty-first-century incarnations, highlighting some of the most notable and intriguing of curiosities, from crocodiles, astrolabes and bezoar stones to unicorns and birds of paradise. Text in French.

Gourcuff Gradenigo 9 x 11in. 512pp. 480 col. April 2014 $60.00 Paperback, full discount, non-returnable

DECORATIVE ARTS 101 Antique Sealed Bottles 1640-1900

ISBN: 9781851497553

and the Families that Owned Them David Burton Examining value, rarity and collectibility, this volume is a must-have guide. It examines the evolution of the sealed bottle from the 1640s to the 1800s and provides a detailed description to accompany each entry, supported by photographs, including the number of examples known, their condition, and the collections where the bottles and detached seals are held.

Seguso Vetri d’Arte

Antique Collector’s Club 9.25 x 11.75in. 1800pp. 5000 col. March 2014 $650.00 3 volume, slipcase, 40% discount, non-returnable

ISBN: 9783897901629

Glass Objects from Murano (1932 - 1973) Marc Heiremans In 1932 Antonio Seguso and his sons joined forces with Napoleone Barovier and Luigi ‘Olimpio’ Ferro to found Vetretia Artistica Barovier & C.; later becoming Seguso Vetri D’Arte. This authoritative reference book, includes a list of models, splendid color photographs and many historic illustrations - a must have for all connoisseurs of Murano glass.


Arnoldsche Art Publishers 9.5 x 11.75in. 400pp. 100 col., 2000 b.&w. February 2014 $340.00 Hardcover, slipcase, 32% discount, non-returnable

ISBN: 9781851493753

A History of Splendour Geoffrey C. Munn Tiaras have always inspired a great fascination. This lavishly illustrated book includes new photographs of a variety of Royal tiaras together with those of French and Russian Imperial provenances. Geoffrey Munn has been granted special access to the photographic archives of many famous jewelers, including Cartier, Boucheron and Fabergé, for his research.

Bernhard Schobinger

Antique Collector’s Club 9.75 x 11.5in. 432pp. 251 col., 167 b.&w. Reprinting January 2014 $75.00 Hardcover

ISBN: 9783897904026

The Rings of Saturn Glenn Adamson A new monograph on the Swiss jewelry artist Bernhard Schobinger focusing on the unique rings he has created over the past 45 years. Provocative, critical, and an inspiration to contemporary jewelry artists, he has revolutionized his craft. He interprets the piece of jewelry as a contemporary witness of our society, of an era: concrete art, the aesthetics of punk, postmodernism and so on.

Arnoldsche Art Publishers 5.5 x 7.75in. 250pp. 420 col. February 2014 $70.00 Hardcover

102 DECORATIVE ARTS The Four Seasons Tapestries at Hatfield House

ISBN: 9781909492035

Michael Bath The Four Seasons set of tapestries at Hatfield House, Hertfordshire, raise many scholarly questions surrounding the design, production and uses of woven tapestry in 16th and early-17th century England. Although their main subjects have been known to copy a set of prints by Maarten de Vos, the 170 emblems with Latin inscriptions that fill their borders have never been fully described, or listed in existing literature. Here, Professor Bath has identified sources for more than 100 of these, allowing us to understand what these emblems represent, and to draw conclusions about the design process of early tapestries.

Archetype Publications 8.5 x 11in. 168pp. 251 col., 187 b.&w. April 2014 $80.00 Paperback, professional discount, non-returnable

Textiles, Technical Practice and Power in the Andes

ISBN: 9781909492080

Edited by Denise Y. Arnold and Penny Dransart

Archetype Publications 8.25 x 11.75in. 120pp. 189 col., 71 b.&w. April 2014 $90.00 Paperback, professional discount, non-returnable

This book explores issues around the production of cloth in the Andean region and its use in Andean societies. Recent intellectual developments on the productive chain of weaving are taken into account. By working from the productive chain backwards, it is possible to trace and define the processes which led to the material makeup of a certain piece. In this way it is possible to make more convincing links between the materials or colors used during the productive processes and the finished museum object.

Glasgow Museum’s Seventeenth Century Costume

ISBN: 9781906509866

Rebecca Quinton

Unicorn Press 6.75 x 9.75in. 144pp. 100 col. February 2014 $27.95 Paperback with flaps

Rich silks embellished with needlework were used during the 17th-century to create expensive, high quality garments, affordable only for the wealthy. Several rare and beautiful pieces survive in Glasgow Museums’ collections. This book is the first in the series of publications about Glasgow Museums’ European Costume collection. Designed to appeal to costume and embroidery enthusiasts and social historians alike, it features new photography and the fruits of recent research, revealing the intricate details of exquisite embroidery.


Colouring the Nation The Turkey Red Printed Cotton Industry in Scotland c.1840-1940 Stana Nenadic and Sally Tuckett

• Showcases the huge archive of Turkey red patterns and samples Colouring the Nation is a collaborative project between National Museums Scotland and the School of History, Classics and Archaeology, University of Edinburgh. By looking at decorative textiles manufacture, its aim was to show that Scotland once played a key role in the production of fashionable fabrics in an industry employing thousands of workers.

ISBN: 9781905267804 NMS Enterprises Limited Publishing/Woodstocker Books 7 x 9.5in. 144pp. 92 col., 23 b.&w. April 2014 $32.00 Paperback

Turkey red was a complex dyeing process that produced a fast and washable shade of red that was overprinted with exotic patterns and sold internationally, from North America and the West Indies, to India and China. The fabrics were made for clothing, such as saris, shawls and bandanas and for furnishing. When synthetic dyes replaced the madderbased Turkey red, the industry in Scotland collapsed. An archive of 200 pattern books and approximately 40,000 textile samples was acquired in 1960 by National Museums Scotland. This book tells the history of the industry, with examples of these gorgeous fabrics.

Quilts of India Timeless Textiles Patrick J Finn

• The first extensive survey of Indian quilts, exploring the historic and contemporary context of this ancient art, uncovering an important area of textile creation and design

Quilts of India:Timeless Textiles provides a comprehensive study of Indian quilts. It explores the historic and contemporary context of quilt-making. Wonderfully illustrated with over 500 photographs, it is the story of this enduring, yet ancient textile tradition.

ISBN: 9789381523933 Niyogi Books 9.5 x 12.25in., 390pp. 505 col. April 2014 $135.00 Hardcover, full discount, non-returnable

From the simplest quilt, to the most elaborate, the book details the diverse designs, varied techniques and multiple uses of traditional quilting genres. Capturing the spirit of the quilters’ lives, recounting in fascinating stories and captivating portraits, the language of their quilts, articulated in the symbols and motifs associated with their communities. This pioneering book raises this remarkable, yet largely overlooked art form out of obscurity, emphasizing the historic cultural importance of these colorful textiles; this is an intimate look, into the fabric of Indian life exquisitely portrayed through quilt-making.

104 BIOGRAPHY & MEMOIR Jean Sablon Philippe Jadin and Charles Langhendries The story of Jean Sablon’s life and career encapsulates some of the major changes in 20th-century society, transformations that reshaped the art of the chanson while also opening up hitherto undreamed-of possibilities for entertaining an ever-wider public. This book sets out to restore the art of French chanson to the place of central importance that it held in the daily lives of earlier generations. Text in English and French.

Cold Case Kennedy

ISBN: 9782353401642 Gourcuff Gradenigo 11 x 9.5in. 208pp. 240 col. April 2014 $50.00 Hardcover

ISBN: 9789401413961

A New Investigation into the Assassination of JFK Flip de Mey Flip de Mey has spent years analyzing the dossier on the assassination of president John F. Kennedy. He reexamined all the original documents and challenged the defenders and the critics of the official account. 50 years after the event, he comes up with a groundbreaking theory. Take a front row seat in the investigation to discover what really happened in Dallas 50 years ago.

Ruta’s Closet Keith Morgan Ruta’s Closet is the inspiring true story of how a Lithuanian Jewish family escaped Hitler’s Final Solution, thanks to their own resourcefulness and the bravery of a few friends. Meyer and Gita Kron’s determination to survive grew as family and friends perished at the hands of the Nazis and marauding Lithuanian fascists. After each terrible personal tragedy the Krons became more inventive and daring in their quest to stay alive.

Lionel Lionel Mosséri; Preface by Louis Marlio The exceptional circumstances of Lionel Mosséri’s short life and military career are described by his stepfather, Louis Marlio, in the Preface to highly intelligent and articulate letters that Lionel wrote to his family. Mosséri trained and served in both the British and French armies. When he was killed on November 25th, 1944, he was leading a French detachment into Masevaux, the first city in Upper Alsace to be freed from German Occupation. He was just 23 years old.

Lannoo Publishers 6 x 9.5in. 432pp. 100 col. January 2014 $24.95 Hardcover

ISBN: 9781906509262 Unicorn Press 6 x 9in. 333pp. 34 b.&w. January 2014 $19.95 Paperback

ISBN: 9781906509231 Unicorn Press 5 x 7.5in. 200pp. May 2014 $24.95 Paperback

BRITISH HERITAGE 105 Cambridge Depicted

ISBN: 9781908990204

Engravings, History and People Third Millennium Publishing 9.75 x 9.75in. 160pp. 36 col. March 2014 $50.00 Hardcover, full discount, non-returnable

Professor Haroon Ahmed and Dr Philip Denbigh A unique tribute to Cambridge University, featuring engravings of colleges and prominent religious and secular buildings taken from the book Cantabrigia Depicta first published in 1809. Revisited and updated for the 21st Century, including the 14 colleges founded since the original work was published, now restored and artistically colored.

Old Geelong Grammarians

ISBN: 9780987317810

An Historical Portrait Third Millennium Publishing 9.25 x 11in. 192pp. 250 col. May 2014 $75.00 Hardcover, full discount, non-returnable

Jim Darby With a foreward by HRH The Prince of Wales, this celebratory book is a history of the Old Geelong Grammarians Association and is richly illustrated with images, photographs and pictures from the School’s archives, accompanied by a lively narrative written by members of OGG.

Warwick School

ISBN: 9781908990143

A Portrait Third Millennium Publishing 9.75 x 9.75in. 144pp. 200 col. March 2014 $45.00 Hardcover, full discount non-returnable

Neil Burkey Weaving together specially commissioned photography with archival images, this book is an amazing insight into the everyday life of a first-class school in operation, throughout the years. Its lavishly illustrated pages reveal how much has changed as well as how many decades-long (if not centuries-long) traditions remain.


• Published on the occasion of the schools momentous 1,100th anniversary

ISBN: 9781906507725

Portrait of an Oxford College Jonathan Bate Provoking a range of interesting, often quirky questions with even quirkier answers, Worcester seeks to unravel the history of this ancient establishment. A rich and colorful ‘portrait’ of the College - not an academic history, but an impression of the place, its people and its customs.

Third Millennium Publishing 9.5 x 11in. 224pp. 250 col. April 2014 $60.00 Hardcover, full discount, non-returnable

• An official history to mark Worcester College’s 300th anniversary

106 BRITISH HERITAGE The Ceremonial Funeral of Baroness Thatcher A Sketchbook by Thomas J. Plunkett PRWS Thomas J. Plunkett At the funeral of the Duke of Wellington over 160 years ago, Queen Victoria’s lithographers designed and produced sketches of that occasion for sale to the public. Likewise, at Sir Winston Churchill’s funeral, almost a century later, Charles Mozley produced a watercolor sketchbook of the procession. It was with the intention of repeating these tributes, this time for Margaret Thatcher, the longest serving Prime Minister of the last century, and only female Prime Minister, that Thomas Plunkett has completed these sketches with an urgency that he does not try to conceal.

ISBN: 9781906509361

The work for this book began very early on the Wednesday morning of Baroness Thatcher’s funeral, and nearly all of the sketches were ready by the following week.

Unicorn Press 8.5 x 11in. 40pp. 32 col. January 2014 $25.00 Hardcover, full discount, non-returnable

The State Funeral of Sir Winston Churchill A Sketchbook by Charles Mozley Charles Mozley

• Marking the 50th anniversary of the death of Sir Winston Churchill on the 24th January 2016; contains a new forward by his grandson, Nicholas Soames MP

The State Funeral of Sir Winston Churchill: A Sketchbook by Charles Mozley is a facsimile of this remarkable book which was designed to be an artist’s tribute to a great man who himself enjoyed painting and earned a high reputation in that field. A glorious book of 32 watercolor sketches, offering a personal view of the scene on 30th January 1965, as the procession made its way from Westminster to St Paul’s Cathedral, then on to the Tower of London where the coffin was lifted onto a barge for its journey down the Thames. ISBN: 9781906509354 Unicorn Press 8.5 x 11in. 40pp. 32 col. February 2014 $25.00 Hardcover, full discount, non-returnable

The original tribute by Sir Robert Menzies (Prime Minister of Australia), broadcast by the BBC as the procession left St. Paul’s, is reproduced here in full.


The Happy Countryman H. E. Bates; Illustrated by C.F. Tunnicliffe

• Beautifully illustrated with wood engravings by the renowned wildlife artist C.F Tunnicliffe

Inspired by the gentle beauty of the English landscape, the celebrated writer H.E Bates and the much loved wildlife artist C.F Tunnicliffe produced an enchanting tribute to country life. With the deft, sure eye of master craftsmen, they portray the mellow stone of country towns, spray-swept seaside promenades, strolls among sand dunes, Mr Pimpkins the jobbing gardener, roach fishing at dawn, the art of pear growing, and much more to make a book that is lasting pleasure. Above all, The Happy Countryman was H.E Bates’ testament to his own ideals about the countryside and his hopes and fears for its future. ISBN: 9781906509828 Unicorn Press 5.5 x 7.75in. 160pp. 26 b.&w. May 2014 $19.95 Paperback with flaps

In the Heart of the Country H. E. Bates; Illustrated by C. F. Tunnicliffe

• H.E. Bates is a revered writer on the countryside; author of a wealth of books reflecting English life including, The Darling Buds of May

The genius of H.E. Bates and C.F. Tunnicliffe was inspired by the beauty of the English countryside. This book is their tribute to its many faces: the magnificence of winter blizzards; the sudden sweet arrival of spring blossom; the heavy scent of an August garden; or the bronze glow of autumn light. Its pages are full of sharp observations revealing the loveliness of everyday sights and fleeting moments, from the charm of butterflies and their names, to the behavior of animals and birds; the joys of gardening, the character of the people and their ever-changing landscape. ISBN: 9781906509835 Unicorn Press 5.5 x 7.5in. 176pp. 28 b.&w. May 2014 $19.95 Paperback with flaps

H. E. Bates (1905-74) was an English writer and author. Many of his stories depict life in the rural Midlands of England. Bates was partial to taking long midnight walks around the Northamptonshire countryside and this often provided the inspiration for his stories. His best-known works include Love for Lydia, The Darling Buds of May, and My Uncle Silas.

108 BRITISH HERITAGE Brontë Parsonage Museum

ISBN: 9781857598797

Introduction by Professor Ann Sumner;

Scala Arts Publishers Inc. 6.5 x 7.5in. 48pp. 59 col. April 2014 $10.95 Paperback

text by Ann Dinsdale and Kathryn White This new publication follows one of the great British literary shrines, the Brontë Parsonage Museum in Haworth, home to Charlotte, Emily and Anne Brontë and their brother Branwell. With an illuminating introduction by Professor Ann Sumner, Executive Director of The Brontë Society, this beautifully produced book follows a major refurbishment of the parsonage, based on historical research and scientific investigation to produce an historically accurate scheme.

• Full color room-by-room guide to an evocative literary shrine; written by acknowledged experts

Stained Glass of Canterbury Cathedral Dr. Michael Michael and Sebastian Strobl The newly-cleaned stained glass of Canterbury Cathedral in Kent, England is a revelation - the vibrant color and breathtaking detail are newly visible to today’s visitors. In this book, Michael Michael has the pleasure of selecting the most beautiful and important pieces of glass on display at the Cathedral. His text sets these within the context of the biblical stories they depict. Communicating his passion for the glass and his understanding of its art and historical context, this book will appeal to nonspecialists who are interested in the meanings behind single images and narrative sequences of glass.

The Happy Warrior

ISBN: 9781857593655 Scala Arts Publishers Inc. 9.5 x 11in. 224pp. 310 col. February 2014 $35.00 Paperback

ISBN: 9781906509903

Eagle Comic; Foreword by Richard M. Langworth, MBE To so many British children growing up in 1950s and 1960s Britain, Fridays meant one thing; thousands of youngsters would race to their local newsagents, to buy the latest edition of Eagle comic. In the 1950s, the comic embarked on an ambitious series chronicling the life of some of Britain’s most famous men - Nelson, Montgomery and Churchill, to name a few. Here we have the complete set of Eagle comic strips, telling the story of Winston Churchill’s life. Eagle comic nurtured the imagination and garnered the ambition of a generation. This book is a reminder of how a younger generation was inspired in this way.

Unicorn Press 7.5 x 9in. 96pp. 40 col. May 2914 $19.95 Paperback with flaps

HISTORY 109 The Last Post

ISBN: 9789491376306

Wouter Sinaeve After the First World War, the town of Ypres was reduced to ruins. It was literally rebuilt from the ground up. The Menin Gate, was also restored; the place where tens of thousands of soldiers left for the Front, never to return. Today the Menin Gate is inscribed with the names of 55,000 soldiers from across the British Empire. It is a monument for those who fell and were forever lost, those who could not be buried. Every day at 20.00 hrs, a lone bugler at the Menin Gate sounds the Last Post and the fallen are remembered.

Hannibal Publishing 7.75 x 4.25in. 56pp. 12 col. 35 b.&w. May 2014 $32.50 Boxed, paperback, 32 postcards

• A moving souvenir of Ypres in Belgium, where so many British soldiers died and were lost in Flanders Fields

ISBN: 9789491376634

War & Trauma Soldiers and Ambulances 1914-1918 / Soldiers and Psychiatrists 1914-2014

Hannibal Publishing 8.25 x 10.25in. 192pp. 80 col. 120 b.&w. May 2014 Flexibind $45.00

Piet Chielens, Patrick Allegaert At the beginning of WWI, not a single European army was prepared to deal with the large numbers of victims in a humanitarian way. The firepower of the armies increased, but victim care continued to lag behind. This book is an emotive study of the suffering of war - from WWI to the present. Offering analysis and reflection, it looks at the way in which psychiatrists, reporters, artists and war photographers perceive and treat the psychological suffering, the often invisible legacy of those involved in war and conflict.

Silent Fields

ISBN: 9789401409582

Memorial Sites of the Great War Lannoo Publishers 12.25 x 9.5in. 192pp. 180 col. March 2014 $45.00 Hardcover

Bart Heirweg Bart Heirweg spent two years photographing the war sites and emotive landscapes of Flanders Silent Fields. His journey took him from Nieuwpoort to Koksijde, via Veurne, Diksmuide, Ieper (Ypres) and Poperinge, and through the Heuvelland all the way to the northern French border at Wervicq and Comines. Heirweg shot his photographs mainly in the early morning or late evening, at times of the day when these locations are literally ‘at peace’, neither seen nor visited; the result is a series of images that are uniquely serene, thought-provoking and ultimately moving. Text in English and Dutch.

• Photographs of absolute tranquility from the war sites and cemeteries of Flanders Fields

110 HISTORY Inca Sacred Space

ISBN: 9781909492059

Landscape, Site and Symbol in the Andes Edited by Frank Meddens et al. A collection of conference papers presenting the principles and functions of ushnus, Inca sacred spaces, through history, archeology and anthropology. An important source for readers seeking to understand Andean concepts of the sacred and how they were, and are, present within the landscape, at particular sites and through ritual performance.

Tecumseh, Keokuk, Black Hawk Portrayals of Native Americans in Times of Treaties and Removal Iris Edenheiser & Astrid Nielsen In the 1830s, Ferdinand Pettrich traveled to Washington and portrayed representatives of Indian tribes in terracotta-colored plaster. The influence of ‘Indian painting’, as well as the fascination with ‘Indians’ are presented here, along with the political context of the era. Text in English and German.


Archetype Publications 8.25 x 11.75in. 310pp. 118 col., 70 b.&w. April 2014 $135.00 Paperback, professional discount, non-returnable

ISBN: 9783897904002 Arnoldsche Art Publishers 8.25 x 10.75in. 216pp. 92 col. January 2013 $60.00 Hardcover

ISBN: 9783901753374

The Beauty of Destruction Sabine Ladstätter, Lois Lammerhuber 120 years ago permission was granted for archeological excavations in Ephesos. Emperor Franz Josef I laid the foundation for one of the most prominent excavation enterprises in the world. This book ventures behind the history to uncover the economic role of Ephesos as an antique trading town and modern archeological enterprises. Text in English, German and Turkish.

From Holy Island to Durham

Edition Lammerhuber 11.5 x 12.25in. 300pp. 177 col. February 2014 $125.00 Hardcover, slipcase, full discount, non-returnable

ISBN: 9781908990273

The Contexts and Meanings of The Lindisfarne Gospels Richard Gameson The Lindisfarne Gospels contain the strikingly pure Latin from the four New Testament Gospels. The spirituality and culture of the community on Holy Island that created the Lindisfarne Gospels around the year 700 is explored here. The challenges that the community faced in response to, among other things, Viking raids, make for a fascinating and absorbing history.

Third Millennium Publishing 8.25 x 9.75in. 160pp. 109 col. January 2014 $39.50 Hardcover

HISTORY 111 Before Siam

ISBN: 9786167339412

Essays in Art and Archaeology Nicolas Revire & Stephen A. Murphy The birth of Siam has been traditionally marked by the founding of the great city-states of Sukhothai and Ayutthaya respectively. These civilizations grew out of a rich milieu of cultures and traditions in the region present from as far back as prehistoric times. The aim of this peer-reviewed publication is to present new research and discoveries to reconstruct the cultures, religious persuasions and artistic traditions in premodern Thailand and its neighboring regions.

Early Mainland Southeast Asia From First Humans to Angkor Charles Higham This synthesis of the latest archeological discoveries in Southeast Asia begins with the early hunter gatherers and concludes with the early states, with particular reference to Angkor. In conjunction with his own excavations in Northeast Thailand, Charles Higham reviews the important culture of the Iron Age that gave rise to these early civilizations. This book is the only up-to-date account of the ancient cultures of a diverse and geographically expansive area and is a unique compendium, essential for all those interested in this region.

On Track

River Books 6.75 x 9.25 in. 240pp. 256 col. April 2014 $40.00 Paperback

ISBN: 9786167339443 River Books 6.75 x 9.25in. 456pp. 524 col. May 2014 $29.95 Paperback

ISBN: 9786167339429

Henry Gittins - Railway Pioneer in Siam and Canada Paul Gittins Henry Gittins, born in 1858, went to Canada as a young adventurer where he started his career as a railway engineer. In 1885 he joined a survey team in Siam, aiming to develop a national railway system. He spent thirty-three years there, progressing to the highest position in the Siamese Railway Department. During his time in Siam, he kept a series of diaries which not only give a first-hand account of the difficult and dangerous conditions surrounding the construction of railways at that time, but also a fascinating picture of the emergence of Siam (now Thailand) into the modern world.

River Books 9.75 x 11in. 140pp. 15 b.&w. April 2014 $15.95 Paperback

112 TRAVEL Bruges City Guide 2014 Sophie Allegaert Bruges City Guide 2014 is THE most comprehensive guide to visiting the ‘Venice of the north’; this guide contains up-to-date information (opening hours etc.) on ALL places of interest, museums and attractions, and will be revised every year.

ISBN: 9789401411912 Lannoo Publishers 5 x 7.5in. 160pp. 200 col. March 2014 $9.50 Paperback

The convenient address guide will help you find the best shops, hotels, bed and breakfasts, cafés and restaurants, while the fold out street map will help you get to your destination. This definitive little guide includes three atmospheric walks, as well as cycling routes, through the city, helping you discover the incredibly diverse museums, monuments, well-known locations, and picturesque, hidden alleyways. It also includes tips from locals, letting you in on the secrets that only those native to Bruges would know, and features information on cultural events. Bruges City Guide 2014 illustrates how this historic city, with its cherished architecture and artistic treasures and its breweries and 50 or so chocolate boutiques - really does have something for everybody, whether you’re planning a daytrip or a weekend getaway. Also available in German (ISBN 9789401411905), Spanish (ISBN 9789401411929) and Italian (ISBN 9789401411936); all non-returnable.

Balochistan At a Crossroads Willem Marx, Marc Wattrelot A fascinating account of British reporter Willem Marx’s travels in Balochistan; a forbidding, forbidden and largely forgotten province of Pakistan that is currently immersed in civil conflict. French photojournalist Marc Wattrelot has captured some spectacular images during his weeks spent in this little-known corner of the world. This book presents many aspects of Balochistan - its past and present, its people and landscape. An amazing insight into this formidable region that is rarely seen by the outside world; a remote territory, this account gives a new perspective on a harsh and unforgiving landscape and the people who call it home. ISBN: 9789381523858 Niyogi Books 11.75 x 9.25 in. 140pp. 119 b.&w. April 2014 $95.00 Hardcover, full discount, non-returnable

Willem Marx grew up in the UK, studied Classics at Oxford University, before graduating from New York University with an MA in Journalism. He has traveled on assignment to more than 40 countries in five continents, and his writing has been published by Harpers Magazine, The Financial Times, The Los Angeles Times, The Boston Globe, The Sunday Times, The Daily Telegraph, Prospect and The Atlantic Monthly. He has also worked as a television journalist at ABC News, Al Jazeera English and CBS News, and is currently a correspondent for Bloomberg TV, based in New York.


Southern India A Guide to Monuments Sites & Museums George Michell This essential travel guide to Southern India’s varied heritage covers all the major Buddhist, Hindu, Muslim and European historical monuments and sites in Maharashtra, Goa, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu and Kerala. There are amazing descriptions of forts and palaces, temple architecture, sculpture and painting, mosques and tombs, churches and civic buildings. Plan trips by using the travel-friendly itineraries, accompanied by useful location maps.

ISBN: 9788174369208 Roli Books 4.75 x 7.75in. 580pp. b.&w. May 2014 $14.95 Paperback

The guide contains comprehensive coverage of the region’s cities and monuments, museums, and archeological sites. It includes all the major sites the great port cities of Mumbai, Chennai and Kochi; the citadels of Golconda, Vijaynagara and Gingee; the rock-cut sanctuaries at Ajanta and Ellora; the temples at Badami, Halebid and Thanjuvar; the mosques of Hyderabad and Bijapur; and the cathedrals at Goa and hundreds of less well-known places. George Michell trained as an architect, and over the last 40 years has studied the temples in and around Badami, the brick and terracotta shrines of Bengal, the mosques and tombs of Ahmedabad, and the ruined monuments of Hampi Vijayanagara.

Ancient Luang Prabang & Laos Denise Heywood The first edition of Ancient Luang Prabang was published in 2006, and a critically acclaimed revised edition appeared in 2008. This current edition is a substantially revised and updated work, with new sections added as well as additional photographs and the latest research and traveler information. The sections on the temples in Luang Prabang has been revised and updated and the book now includes other cultural highlights of Laos, such as the Plain of Jars and Wat Phu.

ISBN: 9786167339450 River Books 6.75 x 9.5in. 214pp. 315 col., 63 b.&w. April 2014 $29.95 Paperback

Aimed at the cultural traveler who has limited need for independent travel information and hotel bookings, this essential guide includes almost 400 color illustrations, over 60 black and white archive photographs, 27 temple plans, Plain of Jars plans, as well as architectural drawings and sections on the art and culture of Laos, silk, silver and other local crafts and buying suggestions, French colonial architecture, a restaurant guide and a brief hotel listing. Richly illustrated, it is the most extensive and beautiful guide available for the cultural traveler visiting Laos today. Denise Heywood is a freelance lecturer, journalist and photographer specializing in Southeast Asia.

114 GARDENING The Rose David Austin David Austin has an international following as a rose grower with an intimate knowledge of his chosen flower. In this wide-ranging book, he examines the historical development of the rose and discusses its place in the garden scene. He then selects and describes the best and most beautiful roses for today’s gardens. The opinions and recommendations of a leading rose grower, plantsman and gardener are combined with sumptuous photographs of roses in gardens and close up to make The Rose irresistible for rose lovers and a must-have book for every rosarian.

ISBN: 9781870673785 Garden Art Press 9.25 x 11.75in. 368pp. 478 col. Reprinting January 2014 £85.00 Hardcover

In this, the new edition of this authoritative book, the chapter on English Roses has been expanded to include details and color photographs of 18 additional roses which have been bred in recent years. Among these new plants are the William and Catherine, a musk rose named to celebrate the Royal Wedding in April 2011; the Fighting Temeraire, a Leander rose with rich apricot petals, named for the Turner Contemporary Gallery in Kent; and the Princess Anne, ‘Best New Plant Variety’ at the Grower of the Year Awards 2011, and named after Her Royal Highness, the Princess Royal.

Water Lilies Caroline Holmes Water lilies are linked to the ancient cultures of Greece and Rome, Egypt and the Far East, where they were highly valued; their properties were thought to be medicinal, spiritual and aesthetic; they have been represented in architecture, printed textiles, religious paintings and illustrations, cited in mythology, folklore, mysticism and the creative imagination. This volume records our enduring love affair with the most beautiful and exotic of plants, the water lily. It is a comprehensive and detailed account of their introduction into European culture, largely through the devotion of one man, Joseph Bory Latour-Marliac (1830-1911), whose lifelong work in the field of propagation, cultivation and commercialization of water lilies inspired a generation of horticulturists, artists and poets to create the words and images that are deeply embedded in our culture today. ISBN: 9781870673839 Garden Art Press 9.5 x 11.75in. 176pp. 200 col., 80 b.&w. May 2014 $49.95 Hardcover

Claude Monet, for example, used lilies from Latour-Marliac’s nursery to create his garden in Giverny. The work Latour-Marliac did gave rise to development of specialist lily nurseries and growers across Europe and North America; in fact, Latour-Marliac’s nursery still exists today, owned by Robert Sheldon, an American who shared Latour-Marliac’s passion for water lilies and water gardening and has been the force behind the nursery’s continued success.


American Ancestry in the English Garden Jean Stone Exploration of the New World offered far reaching possibilities for the acquisition of new plants and for trees, but the impact that the introduction of plants from the New World had, and still has, on the English garden is frequently forgotten. Gardens and landscapes were transformed by an influx of American roots and through the past three centuries gardens have displayed important links with the United States of America.

ISBN: 9781870673846 Garden Art Press 9.25 x 11.75in. 160pp. 200 col. May 2014 $65.00 Hardcover

The ancestral homes of George Washington, the residence of the American Ambassador in London, the American Museum in Britain and Bletchley Park are of cultural and political importance. Many Dollar Princesses - American heiresses - took an active part in the aristocratic role of garden creation and ex-patriots too, continue to leave a legacy of beautiful gardens. The book includes memorial gardens of honored Americans: Princess Pocahontas; Mohamet Weyonoman; John F. Kennedy; and at Cambridge, the American Military Cemetery, dedicated to the American Armed Services. American Ancestry in the English Garden is unique in bringing together the story of the first influx of American plant species and an important collection of gardens influenced and/or created by Americans, reflecting social history and often overlooked links between Britain and the United States of America.

Growing Thoughts A Garden in Andalusia Carlos March In this beautiful book, which features numerous full-page color photographs, Carlos March, a businessmen and nature-lover, relates the story of his garden in Altarejos, located in the foothills of the Sierra Morena, to the north of the Province of Seville. Surrounded by wild mountain pastureland, among rocks and slate slopes replete with rock roses and holm oaks, this spectacular garden in Altarejos is stocked with three hundred varieties of roses and more than four hundred species of trees, bushes and covering plants. After thirty-five years of careful work, this garden represents a prime example of balance and respectful integration with regard to the environment.

ISBN: 9788495241832 Ediciones El Viso 9.5 x 11.75in. 304pp. 265 col. January 2014 $76.00 Hardcover

The history of its creation and its meticulous and ongoing development, together with its achievements, successes and failures, also tells the story of its creator, in his capacity as a nature-lover, gardening enthusiast, hunter and photographer.

116 FLORAL DESIGN About Flowers

ISBN: 9789058564788

Floral Design by Lut Verkinderen Lut Verkinderen Lut Verkinderen has an intrinsic love of the outdoors and a passion for interior design, she creates inspiring floral art that is reflective of the colors, shapes and textures of the natural environment. Lut Verkinderen shares her professional insights, with lots of practical tips and ideas for creating uniquely beautiful works of art to complement any indoor space; a useful resource for anyone interested in learning the art of imaginative floral design. Text in English and Dutch.

Interior Emotions

Stichting Kunstboek 9.25 x 9.25 in. 120pp. 100 col. April 2014 $35.00 Hardcover

ISBN: 9789058564191

Life 3 Per Benjamin, Tomas De Bruyne, Max van de Sluis, HelĂŠn Pe, Kurt Dekeyzer, Pim van der Maden Contains a wealth of stylish floral art for the home, using different styles, ranging from subdued, small scale designs, to exuberant and colorful wallscapes; each one creating a unique identity. Featuring the work of three internationally respected designers, this volume focuses on expressing individual style through concepts that are inspiring and original, bringing an additional natural element and splash of color to any internal space lifting it from being a room, to an environment that lives and breathes.

Whispering Flowers

Stichting Kunstboek 9.5 x 13in. 160pp. 100 col. May 2014 $80.00 Hardcover

ISBN: 9789058564801

Ikebana Stichting Kunstboek Whispering Flowers features beautifully minimalist Ikebana arrangements, each one using a single type of flower. This approach, letting one kind of flower play the leading role, leaves room for a lot of interpretation and can give rise to both the traditional arrangement as well as more contemporary Ikebana pieces. This book goes back to the basics and has seasonal flowers dictate the shapes, materials and colors of the arrangements.

Stichting Kunstboek 9.5 x 11.5in. 128pp. 100 col. April 2014 $80.00 Hardcover


International Floral Art 14/15 Jubilee Edition Stichting Kunstboek

• The latest edition of the International Floral Art series, highlighting the work of a new generation of floral designers; innovative and always exciting, a valuable resource that explores the latest trends and developments in this artistic field

An absolute favorite, the International Floral Art series has become an essential resource, reflecting the diverse and evolving floral art scene. It is an up-to-date reference to the latest trends, a tool for networking and a guide to what’s current in international floral design schools. It tracks promising young designers at the forefront of their field, focusing on new, exciting and innovative work.

ISBN: 9789058564665 Stichting Kunstboek 9.5 x 11.75in. 304pp. 300 col. April 2014 $80.00 Hardcover

Many recognized and respected floral art designers have been discovered through the International Floral Art series, which is now celebrating 10 years of publication in this jubilee edition. Packed with fresh and inventive new designs, this is a must-have for anyone interested in floral art, from those who want to create, to those who just want to stand back and admire the incredible talents of others.

Eddie Zaratsian Custom Florals and Lifestyle Edited by Eddie Zaratsian Eddie Zaratsian is a wonderful collection of complex floral design, showing the artist as a man of flawless taste and intrinsic imagination, who exudes a cultivated style and an eye for arrangement that is unmatched. Passion is his drive, creativity is his inspiration, style is his statement and devotion has created his success. Representing sophisticated art and expanding the definition of floral design, Eddie Zaratsian’s cosmopolitan style has become influential in the field of floral aesthetics. Eddie stretches the boundaries of the usual to create arrangements that are complex, fresh, textural and perfectly edited.

ISBN: 9789058564399 Stichting Kunstboek 11.5 x 11.5in. 144pp. 100 col. April 2014 $70.00 Hardcover

With his global perspective and attention to detail, he makes it his mission to take the ordinary to extraordinary new heights. His innovative, refined aesthetics, result in florals, installations and products that are natural, architecturally interesting, sophisticated and truly beyond compare. In this first monograph, a designer’s portfolio and collection of nothing but masterpieces, Zaratsian’s personality and multifaceted talent really shines through. A beautiful and inspiring art book that will undoubtedly engage the curious and the interested, whether client, casual reader or florist in search of innovation.

118 BUSINESS & MARKETING A Complete and Consistent Business Introduction to the COSTA Model for Business Architects Koen Knaepen and Didier Brooms Using the universally adaptable COSTA model to identify potential strengths and weaknesses within your business; this is a DIY manual for effective management. Focusing on the infra-structure of the business environment, providing the tools for systems analysis, creative problem-solving, provides the means to develop a pro-active approach to meeting the diverse challenges of competitive markets.

I Want a Coach Marleen Boen, Leen Lambrecht, Georges Anthoon Today’s highly competitive business world requires managers to be visionary and highly creative in their thinking and decision-making; developing the necessary skills to lead effectively has meant that companies increasingly employ coaches to act as sounding boards, offering new perspectives on problem-solving, facilitating a more productive and creative management exchange. In I Want A Coach, Leen Lambrechts and Marleen Boen define the role of coaching and its place in the business environment; in an accessible style, they address some of the arguments for and against it and outline its potential ultimately, for guaranteed success.

Innovate or Die Jan Kriekels Creative economist and innovator Jan Kriekels shares his company philosophy based on the five values he believes are crucial for entrepreneurship and society: Respect Nature, Awake the Artist, Dream a Future, Create Emotion and Build Bridges. Combined, they are the cornerstones of the motto that will awaken every reader and will form the basis for society and economy in the future: Innovate or Die!

ISBN: 9789401409452 Lannoo Publishers 6.75 x 9.5in. 187pp. January 2014 $40.00 Paperback

ISBN: 9789401411097 Lannoo Publishers 6 x 8.25 in. 168pp. March 2014 $30.00 Paperback with flaps

ISBN: 9789401410823 Lannoo Publishers 6.75 x 9.5in. 320pp. January 2014 $45.00 Paperback

BUSINESS & MARKETING 119 Credit Insurance Paul Becue Clarifies the most important characteristics of credit insurance, focusing in particular on the private credit insurance market and the commercial, financial and economic importance of its products. It explains credit insurance practices and terminology in an easy and accessible manner, complete with numerous practical examples. Compulsory reading for companies who want to find out more about the ins and outs of this important, yet often overlooked market.

Discipline of Pleasure James Bampfield A combination of humor and philosophy; a self-help survival manual for work and leisure time, how to live in the moment and maximize your enjoyment of both. Critically reflecting on the work of thinkers such as Epicurus, Buddha and Freud, James Bampfield suggests that we move away from the ‘rigid truth perspective’, characterized by either a focus on duty and obligation or on suffering and sacrifice, towards a more personalized way of looking at the world, one that values pleasure as a means to a happier existence.

Fashion Management Annick Schramme, Francesca Rinaldi, Karinna Nobbs This invaluable and ground-breaking book offers the knowledge and skills that the fashion industry needs, to make the most of current trends in financial management, internationalization strategies, marketing and social media, production and distribution.

ISBN: 9789401407397 Lannoo Publishers 6.75 x 9.5in. 252pp. January 2014 $95.00 Paperback

ISBN: 9789401412889 Lannoo Publishers 6 x 8.25 in. 168pp. March 2014 $30.00 Paperback

ISBN: 9789401412384 Lannoo Publishers 8.25 x 10.25in. 168pp. March 2014 $75.00 Paperback

120 BUSINESS & MARKETING Early School Leaving & Youth Unemployment

ISBN: 9789081489249

Saskia De Groof and Mark Elchardus A growing fear for a potentially ‘lost generation’ of young people is the focus of this book that takes as its starting point failures in the education system and increasing unemployment as the key factors in limiting opportunity and potential, becoming a huge challenge and a priority across European societies. Drawing on critical research, Saskia De Groof and Mark Elchardus offer a useful analysis of the root causes and possible solutions for initiating sustainable change.

Industry and Innovation in Europe Antonio Tajani, Koenraad Debackere, Kris Peeters Industry and Innovation in Europe offers an insightful analysis of the regional and national challenges of integrating industrial policies decided at a European level, understanding that policymakers are now compelled to take notice of Europe as a driving force in initiating changes to industry and commerce. Looking at the Europe 2020 strategy and the implications for industry within a variety of sectors from agriculture, education and research to cities and urban planning, this is an overview of a national response that can be translated and usefully adapted across Europe.


Lannoo Publishers 6.75 x 9.5in. 280pp. January 2014 $50.00 Paperback

ISBN: 9789401402880 Lannoo Publishers 5.5 x 8.75in. 320pp. January 2014 $30.00 Paperback

ISBN: 9789401413190

The art of Campaigning in Real-Time Tom Himpe & Pieter Goiris #In The Moment looks at the creative process behind producing successful advertising, introducing the concept and secrets of ‘real-time content’; the theory being that analyzing, planning, creating and spreading content in real-time generates a greater dynamic, you adjust better and you learn as you go.

Lannoo Publishers 5.5 x 8.25 in. 168pp. March 2014 $40.00 Paperback


Lost Worlds Ruins of the Americas Arthur Drooker This extraordinary collection perfectly portrays the architectural, geographic and historical significance of ruins that are considered world wonders and little known gems. Included are monumental temples of Mexico's Mayan civilization, a Colonial era palace on the island of Haiti, earthquake-ravaged cathedrals in Guatemala, and astonishing Incan citadels in Peru's Sacred Valley - culminating with the breathtaking beauty of Machu Picchu.

ISBN: 9781851497584 Antique Collector’s Club 10.5 x 11.5in. 160pp. 125 b.&w. March 2014 $29.95 Hardcover, non-returnable

This unprecedented publication transports the reader on a journey to ancient temples, abandoned palaces and lofty citadels. Evocative and enlightening, Lost Worlds will stir the imagination of those with a passion for photography, travel, history, architecture, and archeology. Shot in infrared format on a specially adapted digital camera, these images expose crumbling, overgrown walls, broken columns, and cracked arches in ways most readers have never seen. They will offer readers a new way of viewing the landscape as well as an enhanced vision of the collective identity of the Americas. Includes a foreword by noted travel writer Pico Iyer and text by Arthur Drooker explaining each site's rise, fall and lasting significance.

Italian Cooking For Family and Friends Grazia Giuliani

• Classic, family recipes are presented with simple updates and variations, celebrating the versatility that’s at the very heart of Italian cuisine

• Featuring tried-and-tested metric and imperial measurements maximizing the publication’s appeal internationally

• A modern take on traditional Italian food that will appeal to every generation • Helps parents to create awareness in children about what they put in their mouths in the hope that it could be the start of a more adventurous and, in the future, educated palate

ISBN: 9781851497614 ACC Editions 8.25 x 10.5in. 288pp. 180 col. April 2014 $24.95 Hardcover

Italian Cooking for Family and Friends is the culinary journey of a Mother, preparing food for the family. The recipes in this book have been cooked, cherished and enjoyed by Grazia Giuliani since childhood. In Italy, preparing food and eating together as a family and with friends, is everything. Recipes may be altered, with the addition or removal of key ingredients to create different flavors or presentations but the themes of sharing love, enjoyment and celebration through food are unaltered; this is italian cuisine from the heart.

122 NEW RETAIL PRICES The American Dog at Home

ISBN: 9781851496419

The Dog Portraits of Christine Merrill

Over the past 20 years Christine Merrill has created a body of work, which depicts the American dog in its own especially American environment. Movie stars, authors, socialites and captains of industry are among her clients, each with one thing in common: their love for their pets.

Antique Collector’s Club 9.5 x 12in. 260pp. 290 col. Price Reduction, effective April 1, 2014 $29.95 Hardcover, non-returnable

The Horse Rider in African Art

ISBN: 9781851496341

William Secord

George Chemeche This visually stunning book presents a wealth of African art depicting the horse and its rider in a variety of guises within African culture. Horses are rare in Africa and as a result, their existence and portrayal throughout history is both magical and legendary; they have attained a mythology that has been uniquely portrayed through a variety of artistic mediums.

Antique Collector’s Club 11 x 9.5in. 384pp. 334 col., 2 b.&w. Price Reduction, effective April 1, 2014 $49.95 Hardcover, non-returnable

Courts and Courtly Arts in Renaissance Italy

ISBN: 9781851496433

Arts and Politics in the Early Modern Age Edited by Marco Folin Italian Renaissance art is closely intertwined with the development of courts and court culture and patronage of the arts throughout Italy. Providing a comprehensive and critical analysis, this book focuses on the major courts and the crypto-court of the Medicis; explores the link between developing politics and culture and the impact this had on the arts throughout the Renaissance period.

Chocolate, Chocolate, Chocolate Jean-Pierre Wybauw Photography by Frank Croess Chocolate Chocolate Chocolate is so much more than a recipe book. Written by award-winning confectionary expert Jean-Pierre Wybauw, this is a truly extraordinary guide to everything from the history of this socially significant delicacy, to its wide-ranging uses and beneficial properties. With over 40 stunningly illustrated recipes, it is an essential encyclopedia on every delicious aspect of the wonderful world of chocolate.

Antique Collector’s Club 9.5 x 11.75in. 444pp. 289 col., 4 b.&w. Price Reduction, effective April 1, 2014 $49.95 Hardcover, non-returnable

ISBN: 9781851496686 ACC Editions 5 x 6.75in. 192pp. 95 col. Price Reduction, effective April 1, 2014 $9.95 Hardcover, non-returnable

NEW RETAIL PRICES 123 Fashion Jewels

ISBN: 9781851496112

Coppola e Toppo Deanna Farneti Cera First appearing in Vogue in 1948, Bruno Coppola and Lyda Toppo were an inspiring creative partnership who designed for Valentino, Dior, Balenciaga, Gucci and many more; their jewelry was worn by countless Hollywood stars and on catwalks the world over. Intricate over the top designs of clustered beads were their trademark and the diversity, the evocative power of the colors, the wealth of shapes and motifs and the multitude of materials used make for stunning creations.

Glamour Icons

Antique Collector’s Club 10 x 10in. 284pp. 260 col. 35 b.&w. Price Reduction, effective April 1, 2014 $39.95 Hardcover, non-returnable

• A true work of passion, this book lovingly charts the creative path of Italian jewelry designers Lyda Toppo and Bruno Coppola, famed for their intricate over the top designs of clustered beads

ISBN: 9781851496600

Perfume Bottle Design Marc Rosen A celebration of perfume bottle design as an art form. Presenting an inspiring and beautiful collection of remarkable bottle designs, as well as a selection of perfume bottles from the last century that are considered iconic. Marc Rosen is the first perfume bottle designer to write a book about his craft, and to describe the design process; documenting the diversity of perfume bottle design, their history, their place in society and their inspiration.

Antique Collector’s Club 11 x 11in. 204pp. 200 col. Price Reduction, effective April 1, 2014 $49.95 Hardcover, non-returnable

• Conceived of and written by seven-time FiFi Award winner and internationally renowned packaging designer Marc Rosen

Inspired Jewelry Ursula Ilse-Neuman This lavishly illustrated book presents outstanding examples of one-of-a kind jewelry from the 1940s to the present, drawn from the collection of the Museum of Arts & Design in New York. Presenting a fascinating diversity of materials, techniques and approaches with over 200 full-color illustrations from the Museum’s permanent collection, fully representing the international nature of today’s jewelry, this is contemporary jewelry at its most visually exciting and intellectually stimulating.

ISBN: 9781851495788 Antique Collector’s Club 9.75 x 9.5in. 236pp. 198 col. Price Reduction, effective April 1, 2014 $39.95 Hardcover, non-returnable

• A survey of contemporary artist-made jewelry, illustrated by over 200 pieces from the Museum of Arts & Design’s collection

124 NEW RETAIL PRICES The Naked Shoe

ISBN: 9781851496396

The Artistry of Mabel Julianelli Jane Julianelli The Naked Shoe is an illustrated biography on the life and work of Mabel Julianelli, Coty Award-winning shoe couturier of Julianelli Inc., whose designs are globally recognized. She is credited with many constructional, interpretative, and fashion firsts and her forte was the wearable, comfortable construction of shoes; she was an original and a trendsetter and her collections are as relevant today as when they were first introduced.

Antique Collector’s Club 9.5 x 9.5in. 240pp. 141 col. 44 b.&w. Price Reduction, effective April 1, 2014 $29.95 Hardcover, non-returnable

“Do not miss the opportunity to revel in this story that reveals part of what made the fashion business a powerhouse in New York City.” Jeffrey Felner, New York Journal of Books

Postcards from the Edge of the Catwalk

ISBN: 9781851496471

Iain R Webb, with a foreword by Anna Piaggi Postcards from the Edge of the Catwalk is a personal portfolio from award-winning fashion journalist Iain R Webb, spanning three decades and documenting the glittering brouhaha surrounding the ready-to-wear and haute couture fashion collections in New York, London, Milan and Paris. The photographs give an insider’s perspective, from front row seats at the catwalk to invite-only parties, capturing a world of show-stopping creativity and inspirational individual style.

Stephen Jones

ACC Editions 8.5 x 11.75in. 272pp. 600 col. Price Reduction, effective April 1, 2014 $29.95 Flexibind, non-returnable

ISBN: 9781851496525

& the Accent of Fashion Hamish Bowles, Andrew Bolton, Suzy Menkes, Penny Martin, Anna Piaggi This stunning volume is the first monograph on the work of celebrated milliner and designer Stephen Jones. Illustrated throughout with incredible photographs from his illustrious career, there are his famous collaborations with Boy George, John Galliano and Thierry Mugler, along with pictures from private collections and museums.

ACC Editions 9.5 x 11.75in. 240pp. 297 col. Price Reduction, effective April 1, 2013 $49.95 Hardcover, non-returnable


Vintage Tea Party Book

Vintage Sweet Book


A Complete Guide to Hosting your Perfect Party

A Complete Guide to Vintage Sweets and Cocktail Party Treats

The Sweet Recipes ISBN: 9782812304439 $39.95

Ladurée Perpetual Almanac ISBN: 9782812307126 $24.95

ISBN: 9781851496877 $29.95

ISBN: 9781851497461 $19.95




The Savory Recipes

Entertaining: Recipes Ideas & Inspiration

A Cook’s Book ISBN: 9782812306624

ISBN: 9782812306235 $39.95

$95.00 2

ISBN: 9783868526585 $29.95


Design Forward

Hollywood Dogs

Terry O'Neill

Build your own Vehicles

Creative Strategies for Sustainable Change

Photographs from the John Kobal Foundation

ISBN: 9783897903814 $40.00

ISBN: 9781851496785 $45.00

ISBN: 9782812304583 $39.95

ISBN: 9783868527667 $21.99

The Big Unofficial Lego Builder's Book Build Your Own City

ISBN: 9781851496921 $95.00


The Bald Mermaid

Painting as a Pastime

ISBN: 9781938461057 $35.00


New York City Landmarks

The M(Group) Interactive Guide

A Memoir ISBN: 9781906509330 $12.95

ISBN: 9780983388982 $75.00

ISBN: 9781851496693 $19.95

The Art of Classical Details

Hedgehog in the Fog

Garden Magic

Theory, Design & Craftsmanship

ISBN: 9780984586707 $17.95

ISBN: 9781905377688 $16.95

Globetrotter Diaries

The Well-Read Cat

Discover Paris by MĂŠtro

ISBN: 9788889854563 $24.95

ISBN: 9782812305528 $19.95

ISBN: 9781864702033 $70.00

New York Street Food ISBN: 9789401403696 $37.50

300 Tales, Tips and Tactics for Traveling the 7 Continents ISBN: 9780985169664 $30.00

Couture Dogs of New York ISBN: 9780985136819 $37.50

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British Museum Technical Research Bulletin 7 Bronte Parsonage Museum, The Brown Beatnik Tomes, The Bruges City Guide 2014 Brussels Type Build Your Own Lego Vehicles Bunnies

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C C. F. Andrews 89 California Cool 15 Cambridge Depicted 105 Canticle of Birds, The 17 Car Posters 26 Carerra 29 Caught in the Act 51 Ceramica CH, volume 1 99 Ceremonial Funeral of Baroness Thatcher, The 106 Chai: The Experience of Tea 2 Chefs of Belgium 55 China Museums Association Guide 91 Chocolate Chocolate Chocolate 122 Circus Museum: The John and Mable Ringling Museum of Art 71 Clark, The 85 Classical Buildings of Bath, The 71 Claudia Williams 80 Climate For Collections 92 CMA Companion, A 85 Cold Case kennedy 104 Colouring the Nation 103 Complete and Consistent Business, A 118 Corporate Collections 23 Courts and Courtly Arts 121 Couture Dogs of New York 126 Cox Rayner Architecture 69 Credit Insurance 119 Crossing China 20 Cuikai 69 D Dear Winifred… Déesses Fragiles Design Forward Dessert Lover's Guide to Paris Die Aelteste Volkstedter Pozellemmanufaktur Discipline of Pleasure Discover Paris by Metro dmvA Architects Dries Van Noten

81 8 125 37 99 119 126 70 57

E Early Mainland Southeast Asia 111 Early School Leaving & Youth Unemployment 120 Eddie Zaratsian 117 Edmund C. Tarbell 80 Elements of Spacemaking 95 Emilio Terry 62 Encyclopaedia of Clothing Culture 33 Enid Marx: Design 75 Ephesos 110 Eric Kuster: Fourteen 61 Essentials of Fabulous 40 Ethiopia 50 Euro Cup: Panini Football Collections 97 European and American Paintings n the Cleveland Museum of Art 85 European Paintings 15th-18th Century 92 European Style Villa Design 60 F Fabulous Food Concepts 56 Face to Face 54 Fanny the Flying French Bulldog 32 Fashion Illustration 57 Fashion Jewels: Coppola e Toppo 123 Fashion Management 119 Fechin 76 Figure and Ground: Keith Vaughan 79 Film Lover's New York, The 38 Firstborn, The 84 Formula 1 30 Four Rings: The Audi Story 30 Four Seasons Tapestries at Hatfield House, The 102 Francis Davison 82 Francois Hannes: Interior One 61 French Bronze Sculptures 76 Fresh 1 20 Fresh 2 20 Fresh 3 20 From Holy Island to Durham 110 From Nought to World Champion 30 From Rebel to Founding 89 Furniture by Architects 28 Futuristic 16 G Garden Magic Germaine Van Parys Gilt-edged Splendour Gin Tonic Glamour Icons

126 52 98 2 123

Glasgow Museum’s SeventeenthCentury Costume 102 Globetrotter Diaries 126 Go West! 23 Gold Coast 30 65 Golf 39 Graham Sutherland 79 Grand Place of Brussels 50 Grandma’s Design: 56 Greco from Toledo, The 72 Green Walls Green Roofs 63 Groomed 47 Growing Thoughts: A Garden in Andalusia 115 Grunge Textures Vol. 1 93 Guarda La Fotografia 52 Gwilym Prichard 83 H Happy Countryman, The Happy Warrior, The Hardy Amies Hedgehog in the Fog Heinz and Ingrid Siery Henry van de Velde Hermitage Voices Himalayan Style Hockney Printmaker Hollywood Dogs Horse Rider in African Art House of the Raja Houses For All Regions I I Used to be in Pictures I Want a Coach Ilse D’Hollander Images of the Gods Imperial Russian Air Force 1898-1917 Imperial Russian Navy In Royal Fashion In the Heart of the Country In the Mirror of Silence Inca Sacred Space India Through 5 Senses Industry & Innovation in Europe Ingenious Encounters Innovate or Die Innovative High-Rise Buildings Inside Out Inspired Jewelry Interior Emotions Interior Spaces by PH Collection International Floral Art 14/15 Intruders Invasion and Retreat Istanbul Architecture

107 108 58 126 99 28 73 62 19 125 121 53 63

11 118 78 91 36 36 58 107 40 110 54 120 5 118 64 49 123 116 61 117 48 36 15

128 INDEX Italian Cooking Italian Wines 2014

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J Jack: Drawings and Paintings by Jack Ceglic 77 Jackson’s Hallmarks, Pocket Edition 98 Jaime Parladé 13 James KM Cheng 68 Jean Sablon 104 Jesus, Make-up and Football 9 Jewellery in Israel 31 Jitu 6 K Kabuki: Japanese Theatre Prints Kama Sutra deluxe Kayser: Driving Crazy Keep it Simple Keith Vaughan: Mature Oils Kinetic Art Textures Kitchen Bible Koos Breukel, Me&We L Label Book of Clothing Culture, The Ladurée Perpetual Almanac Ladurée: Entertaining Ladurée: The Savory Recipes Ladurée: The Sweet Recipes Last Post, The Laurie Lee Folio, The Le Cinq Leeds Museum and Galleries: Director’s Choice Lion and the Unicorn, The Lionel Logos Talk II Lost Worlds Louise Bourgeois Lucienne Day

74 90 30 27 79 93 63 49

12 125 125 125 125 109 84 1 86 71 104 95 122 22 93

M Making Sense of Landscape 70 Masterworks of the Musée de L’Orangerie 21 Mauritshuis: Director's Choice 86 Michael Jackson: Making of Thriller 51 Michelangelo’s David 19 MIT Sloan 34 Modern Chinese Art 91 Monet at Giverny 75 Moroccan Carpets and Modern Art 74 Mude 86

Museum Berggruen: Picasso and his Time 21 My Black Book 43 My Father, Our Fraternity 90 My Favourite Dress 58 My Red Book 43 My White Book 43 N Naked Shoe, The 124 Nanjing Museum 91 Nava Medium Things notebooks 41 Nava Medium Things Ring Bound notebooks 42 Nava Mini Things notebooks 43 Nava Small Things notebooks 44 Nava Small Things, Ring Bound notebooks 44 Neo-Chinese Style Clubs 59 New on the Catwalk 12 New Residential Landscape 64 New York City Landmarks 126 New York Streetfood 126 New York Water Towers 4 New York/Los Angeles 5 North & South: The Brothers War 4 Nur: Light in Art and Science from the Islamic World 73 O Oak Furniture Of Unicorns and Bezoars Old Geelong Grammarians On Art and Artists On the Trails of the Iroquois On Track Osiris Hertman

100 100 105 86 34 111 14

P Painting as a Pastime 126 Paola Navone 28 Paradise of Growth: Kindergarten Design 64 Passionate Eye, A 87 Patrick Reyntiens 83 Peñìn Guide to Spanish Wine 56 Philip Johnson and his Mischief 65 Photographs From Imperial St. Petersburg 36 Playground 33 Polaroids from the Middle Kingdom 48 Pollock and the Irascibles 18 Pontormo and Rosso 21 POP Design Collection 96 Porsche by Design 29 Postcards from the Edge of the Catwalk 124

Potsdam Photographed from the Air Pride & Glory Puglia Style: Private Spaces Pure Indulgence Q Quilts of India

10 3 14 66


R R. Luke Dubois 77 Rabindranath Tagore: His World of Art 88 Raja Deen Dayal 88 Rest in Spring: Chinese Style Hotel Design 59 Restaurants & Bars Design III 60 Ribbon Architecture 70 Rising 23 Robert Motherwell 18 Rose, The 114 Royal Indian Portraits 54 Ruins of Angkor 37 Russian Decorative Arts 98 Ruta’s Closet 104 S Sacred Textiles of India Sakura Villa II Sarah Raphael SCDA Sculpture of Michael Lyons Second Skin Seek Truth Find Beauty Seguso Vetri D’Arte Shop Promotional Design Sikh Heritage Silent Fields Simple Present Sir Winston Churchill: His Life and Paintings Solitude Southern India: A Guide to Monuments SPA-DE 19 Stained Glass of Canterbury Cathedral Stars to the Sun State Funeral of Sir Winston Churchill, The Stephen Jones Story of America’s Cup, The Stuff Superlative Emirates Surmount & Dilute Vol. 1: Residential Apartments Surmount & Dilute Vol. 2: Serviced Apartments Surmount & Dilute Vol. 3: Mixed-Use Apartments

87 59 78 68 82 12 69 101 96 90 109 53 84 50 113 95 108 52 106 124 25 126 16 67 67 67

Surprise for Lady Lily, A Surviving Legacy in Spanish America, A

32 100

T Tasty Stories 94 Tecumseh, Keokuk, Black Hawk 110 Terry Frost 81 Terry O’Neill 125 Textiles, technical Practice and Power in the Andes 102 Think Dutch! 26 Thomas Elliott 68 Tiaras 101 Timeless Icon 53 Tokyo TDC Vol. 23 96 Top 100 Resorts 59 Top Space & Art IV 60 Torso 7 Tropical Experience 66 Type Object 60 U Unveiling India V Vintage Sweet Book Vintage Tea Party Book Visual Image Design of Restaurants & Hotels Vladimir Velickovic W Walk Through a Dark Ride Wall Art War & Trauma Warwick School Water Lillies Way We Wore, The Well-Read Cat, The Whispering Flowers White Trash Uncut William Bouguereau Wit and Wisdom Wooden Dreams Worcester World Cup: Panini Football Collections World SPA Design II X XDGA_161_BOOK Y You Ain’t Seen Nothing Yet


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6 24 109 105 114 57 126 116 47 72 90 65 105 97 62



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I Used to be in Pictures – see page 11

Us Spring 2014 Catalogue  
Us Spring 2014 Catalogue