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PREFACE In this new book sixteen renovations and interior projects are presented, surprising in their own variety and spread around the world. We start with a renovated farm, perfectly integrated in a West Flemish rural environment. This is followed by a charming town house in Lyon and a modernist wooden shed or «bird house» in Belgium. Another four projects in Belgium show a meditative space on top of a listed art deco building, a clean country house on the protected site of Fort Hazegras, a meticulously restored town house in Brussels and an 18th century patrician house annex farmyard. Near Sydney (Australia) we visit a contemporary house with lots of warm, authentic elements and then we return to Brussels, for the restoration of a beautiful hotel de maître. In Mantua (Italy), a 230 m2 apartment was thoroughly renovated in a 16th-century building. A classic, luxuriously finished interior in Flanders is interspersed with a perfectly restored 18th century fisherman’s house on the German island of Sylt. Then we follow the steps of a passionate craftsman in some of his most beautiful renovation projects. At Martha’s Vineyard (USA) we find a beautiful new built house with unmistakable influences from the Flemish farm style and in Berlin a stately home with many classical influences. Our world tour ends in the green surroundings of Antwerp: a stylish villa in a nature reserve.










16TH CENTURY REMINISCENCE This renovation project in Mantova (Italy) by Archiplan Studio (leading architects Diego Cisi and Stefano Gorni Silvestrini) involves the recovery of an entire multi-storey building of the 16th century located in the city of Mantua. The 230 square metres apartment of this report is part of this building. The decorations in the ceilings and in some walls date back to approx. 1500 and the first half of the 19th century. The distribution of the spaces is maintained in its original condition, while the interior spaces are subdivided through the introduction of elements of furniture that reconfigure in part the structure, specifying the hierarchies. The project proceeds by a layering of elements that overlap without vanishing.

SOUVENIRS AU XVIe SIÈCLE Ce projet de rénovation à Mantoue (Italie) par le Studio Archiplan (architectes principaux Diego Cisi et Stefano Gorni Silvestrini) comprend la restauration d’un immeuble entier à plusieurs étages du XVIe siècle, situé dans la ville de Mantoue. L’appartement de 230 mètres carrés de ce reportage, fait partie de ce bâtiment. Les décorations sur les plafonds et sur certains murs remontent aux alentours du XVe siècle et à la première moitié du XIXe siècle. La répartition initiale des espaces a été conservée, tandis que les espaces intérieurs ont été subdivisés par l’introduction d’éléments mobiliers qui reconfigurent partiellement la structure et accentuent la hiérarchie. Le projet consiste à appliquer des couches qui se chevauchent sans pour autant disparaître.

HERINNERING AAN DE 16E EEUW Dit renovatieproject in Mantua (Italië) door Archiplan Studio (hoofdarchitecten Diego Cisi en Stefano Gorni Silvestrini) omvat het herstel van een volledig gebouw met meerdere verdiepingen van de 16e eeuw, gelegen in de stad Mantua. Het 230 vierkante meter grote appartement in deze reportage maakt deel uit van dit gebouw. De decoraties op de plafonds en sommige muren dateren uit ca. 15e en de eerste helft van de 19e eeuw. De verdeling van de ruimten blijft behouden zoals oorspronkelijk, terwijl de binnenruimten worden onderverdeeld door de introductie van meubelelementen die gedeeltelijk de structuur herconfigureren en de hiërarchieën accentueren. Het project bestaat uit het aanbrengen van lagen die elkaar overlappen zonder te verdwijnen.






ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS Joachim Behr Stéphane Boens Xavier Charvet Diego Cisi Claessens & Deschamps Thomas De Bruyne Bernard De Clerck Julie Engels Michel Figuet Félix Forest Davide Galli Stéphane Garotin Stefano Gorni Silvestrini Tania Handelsmann Charlotte & Nicolas Horsch Mark Hutker Lionel Jadot Stéphane Kervyn de Lettenhove Gillian Khaw Michael Lammens Pierre-Emmanuel Martin Arnaud Masson Julia Mincarelli Stefano Moreno Geert & Thomas Ostyn Filip Redant Eric Roth Nicolas Schuybroek Anne-Catherine Scoffoni Claude Smekens Julie Smissaert Geraldine Vancoillie Tim Van de Velde Eugeen Vangroenweghe & Herman Van Hoey Jan Verlinde Kathleen Walsh Suzanne Wathelet Birgitta Wolfgang and all house owners featured in this book

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