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arbie has always represented that a woman has choices. Even in her early years, Barbie did not have to settle for only being Ken’s girlfriend or an inveterate shopper. She had the clothes, for example, to launch a career as a nurse, a stewardess, a nightclub singer. I believe the choices Barbie represents helped the doll catch on initially, not just with daughters—who would one day make up the first wave of women in management and professionals—but also with mothers.” —Ruth Handler, Inventor of Barbie One Barbie doll is sold every 3 seconds somewhere in the world. Barbie: The Icon answers the question of why and celebrates the momentous impact Barbie has had on so many aspects of modern life, from fashion to careers to family, for three generations. This unique and comprehensive compendium offers Barbie collectors, aficionados, and newcomers, a chance to revel in the sophisticated, expansive, and unexpected history of a timeless icon.

What some of the world’s most notable fashion designers and commentators have to say about Barbie: “Barbie is an American Icon.” —Francisco Costa “. . . She is a miracle. She is timeless and she epitomizes fashion, always ‘surfing’ in the cutting edge of trends and style, becoming not only an icon but an inspiration too. She represents energy. So she represents life…” —Christian Lacroix

“Barbie is one of the few superstars who has never really changed, except for the better. “ —Bob Mackie “Barbie represents a confident and independent woman with an amazing ability to have fun while remaining glamorous.” —Diane von Furstenburg

“Barbie is a glamour icon with an endless wardrobe, a dream house, and lots of cute friends. What’s not to love?” —Peter Som “Like the Mona Lisa, whose image has been liberated from the Louvre to enter the popular culture, the Barbie doll is a familiar cultural icon.” —Valerie Steele, Director, The Museum at FIT

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