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Indigenous EDU C AT I ON

ACC IS HONOURED TO WELCOME STUDENTS FROM MANY NATIONS ACROSS THE PROVINCE AND AROUND THE COUNTRY. Assiniboine Community College (ACC) is honoured to welcome students from many nations across the province and around the country. Diversity contributes to the wealth of First Nations, MĂŠtis and Inuit knowledge at ACC, where we aim to ensure a sense of belonging while valuing and celebrating success.

programs in the fields of agriculture and environment, business, culinary arts and hospitality, health and human services, technology and trades. We offer a wide variety of certificate and diploma programs to help prepare our graduates for successful careers and maintain many connections with universities, both local and across the country.

We are honored to have campuses located on the traditional lands of the Anishinaabeg, Cree, Oji-Cree, Dakota and Dene peoples and home of the MĂŠtis nation.

At ACC, we aim to infuse cultural teachings into the curriculum to ensure that Indigenous students see themselves and their realties reflected in the learning process, while non-Indigenous students acquire the skills and knowledge that enable them to work with and live alongside their Indigenous neighbours.

We strive to provide exceptional learning experiences through handson, affordable education in an environment that is warm and friendly with a strong sense of community. ACC offers more than 40 full-time

I n d i g e n i z ati o n St r at e g y CICAN INDIGENOUS PROTOCOL

Colleges and Institutes Canada signatory institutions to this protocol recognize and affirm their responsibility and obligation to Indigenous education.


Manitoba Collaborative Indigenous Education Blueprint For Universities and Colleges: Making Excellence in Indigenous Education a Priority.


An MOU establishes the commitment between Brandon Urban Aboriginal Peoples Council and the City of Brandon (collectively, the Parties) to promote Aboriginal education, employment, and business inclusion within the community.


A strategy encompassing ACC's commitment of the Truth & Reconciliation's calls to action on education in order to overcome the legacy of residential schools in Canada.

Indigenous A f fai r s Indigenous Affairs creates a supportive environment that makes the educational experience fun and rewarding for students from all communities, by way of special events, cultural activities and support services. We believe it’s important to assist students in both their academic and personal growth.

A C T I V I T I ES & E V EN T S Our Indigenous Affairs team coordinates a variety of events and activities for students, helping make their ACC experience a positive and successful one. • Family events • Bannock days • Volunteer opportunities

C u lt u r a l Centre

• Guest speakers and role models

Our Cultural Centre, located at the Victoria Avenue East Campus, welcomes individuals from all cultural backgrounds. It is for those who want to drop in and have a place to relax, visit, learn or study. Counsellors are available from 8:30 a.m. to 4 p.m., Monday to Friday.

• Celebration of Success and Demo Powwow

• Craft sessions • Cultural celebrations • Cultural teachings • Resources

More than 3,250 full-time students attend our college each year with


identifying themselves as First Nations, Métis or Inuit.

M EE T OUR T E A M Our team will help you explore programs and can assist you with your education plan! Michael Cameron Dean, Students, Indigenous and Community Development Michael is a proud MĂŠtis with Anishinabeg and Scottish roots. Michael is strongly committed to removing barriers our Indigenous students face in pursuing post-secondary education. Michael aims to ensure our Indigenous students will be self-determining in achieving their educational goals; that our Indigenous students are affirmed in an inclusive and engaging learning environment; and that our Indigenous students graduate with a vision of having a good life.

204.725.8700 800.862.6307 ext 6045 (toll-free)

CRYSTAL BUNN Aboriginal Services Officer Crystal is a member of the Dakota Nation. She organizes special events and cultural activities, and recruits student volunteers throughout the year for the North Hill Campus, Victoria Avenue East Campus and Adult Collegiate. Crystal assists students with career and employment-related needs and also provides support to students in the areas of sponsorship, housing, budgeting, daycare, relocation and personal growth. Crystal is also a resource for both staff and students who have questions about Indigenous culture.

204.725.8700 800.862.6307 ext 7419 (toll free)

OUR ELDERS Our six Elders are available at all Brandon campuses for traditional knowledge and teachings. The Elders Program represents Dakota, Ojibway and Métis Nations who provide guidance, teachings, historical information, traditional knowledge and support to all students.

CECIL ROULETTE Aboriginal Counsellor/Cultural Consultant Cecil is a member of the Ojibway Nation. He serves as a resource for both staff and students throughout the college. Cecil is available to provide mainstream or traditional counselling to students and is a link to our community Elders. Students seeking counselling or personal supports can meet with Cecil on an individual basis. He is also available to perform cultural presentations in the classroom and is a source of cultural knowledge to both students and faculty.

204.725.8700 800.862.6307 ext 7181 (toll free)

ALYSSA DESROCHERS Student Recruitment Specialist Alyssa is a proud ACC graduate who is happy to share her story with others making the decision to attend ACC. She visits communities, high schools and adult education centres, providing presentations and guidance to potential students who are considering ACC. Alyssa guides students on campus tours, answers questions and assists students in preparing to apply to college.

204.725.8700 800.862.6307 ext 6689 (toll-free) Twitter: @AlyssaACCMB

JOAN CLARKSON Student Success Advisor, Parkland Campus Joan is a proud Métis who plans and coordinates special events and 204.725.8700 cultural activities; she works closely with students and recruits student 800.862.6307 ext 6596 (toll free) volunteers for various activities throughout the school year. Joan advises on both academic and personal matters including career counselling, housing, daycare, Manitoba Student Aid, bursaries and scholarships, other funding options, peer tutoring and referral to learning assistance. Joan can assist students with finding employment after graduation. Joan supports staff and students from an Indigenous perspective. Joan values diversity and promotes an all-inclusive student-centered learning environment. Please stop by her office—all students are welcome.



Find a program that interests you and research whether it’s the right fit for you.

Have you arranged? Housing

• Meet with our team: our Aboriginal • We strongly encourage all students to Counsellor, Student Recruitment Specialist search for housing early. You may want to or a Student Success Advisor consider moving into your new place prior to August 1st so you have some time to • Register to Spend a Day at ACC and settle before classes begin in September. participate in a full day of classes in the Some options for housing include Brandon program you’re interested in, hosted by University Residence ( a current student. Visit residence) or a number of listings on spendaday to register. In Dauphin, Parkland Crossing ( welcomes Sponsorship ACC students if space is available. • Check with your sponsor/school about deadlines. If you are planning to start school • ACC’s Student Services also keeps a list of private accommodations which in September, you will need to contact landlords post for our students. your sponsor by April. If you are planning Contact 204.725.8723 or email to start in January, contact your sponsor by to October at the latest. receive a copy of the list.


• The Assiniboine Early Learning Centre is located at the Victoria Avenue East Campus in Brandon and is licensed for pre-school children ages 2-6 years. Call 204.725.8713 for more information. • The Parkland Campus Kids Centre is located at the Parkland Campus in Dauphin and is licensed for infant and pre-school children (ages 3 months to 6 years). Contact 204.622.2222 ext 6557 for more information. Travel

• In Brandon, a bus pass is included when you pay your Students’ Association fees.

Share with your friends and family about your plans and what you would like to achieve. Let them know you will need to turn to them in stressful times for love and support. Budget your time and money wisely.

STEPS • If you are being sponsored, ensure your sponsor completes a Sponsorship Authorization Form and sends it to ACC • Phone your sponsor or education as soon as your sponsorship is confirmed. counsellor two or three months in advance Visit to of their deadlines. Explain that you would download the form. like to further your education. They will • Communicate with everyone and don’t be explain what you need to do so be sure to afraid to ask questions—we all want to help take notes. you succeed. • Application fees are non-refundable and need to be paid at the time of application, • Keep a checklist to track what you have to do and when. We are also here to help so as soon as you find out from your with this process. sponsor if you are able to be funded; ask what their process is. • Official, original transcripts (marks) are needed from the last school you attended.

• Contact Student Services, as they are a great support and resource when you are applying to college. They can be reached at 204.725.8723 or toll free at 800.862.6307 ext 8723. • Wait for the acceptance letter and send it to your sponsor as soon as possible.


S P END A DAY The Spend a Day program is a free opportunity to ‘test drive’ a program to find out if it is the right fit for you. The program runs from November to March for most programs, each academic year. When you spend a day at ACC, we partner you with a current student in the program of your choice and you will have the opportunity to:

Not ready to spend a day?

Contact our recruitment team at or 204.725.8750 or 800.862.6307 ext 8750 to schedule a campus tour or appointment with a recruitment specialist and start exploring our programs and your career options.

• Participate in classroom activities • Experience college life

Registering is easy!

• Explore all of our helpful services for students

Register today at or call 204.725.8750 or 800.862.6307 ext 8750.

• Meet current college students and instructors • Enjoy free lunch (on us!) for you and your student host

S C H OL A RS H I P S , AWA RDS & B URS A R I ES The Assiniboine Community College Foundation raises money that goes directly to students in the form of scholarships, awards and bursaries. Each year, around $200,000 is available for ACC students. Deadlines vary, but they are always after college starts. There are three main types of awards: • Scholarships - based primarily on academics • Bursaries - based primarily on financial need • Awards - usually involve multiple criteria such as academic achievement, demonstrated financial need and school or community involvement

New this year! ACC Aboriginal Achievement Award & ACC Aboriginal Leadership Entrance Award Selection Criteria: • Academic achievements • Community and/or college involvement or volunteerism • Aboriginal ancestry Amount: $2000 Visit to browse all available options.



Nicky Keeper

We caught up with Nicky Keeper, a recent graduate of the Hotel and Restaurant Management program. Originally from Cross Lake, Manitoba, Nicky is a member of the Pimicikamak Cree Nation and is fluent in the Cree language. Here is what he had to say about his experience at Assiniboine Community College.

“Remember that your instructors are there for you. They get to know your name and they care about your success.�

Why did you choose to attend ACC?

Cross Lake is a small community. When I began attending career fairs and symposiums to start exploring post-secondary education, I knew I wasn’t looking to move to a big city. Having lived in Brandon previously, I felt it was a city where I would like to study. Why did you choose the Hotel and Restaurant Management program?

Coming from a northern Manitoba community, there isn’t the same amenities up there as there are in the southern portion of the province. Gaining knowledge and skills in the hospitality industry was something that I could bring back to Cross Lake to help out my community. I have always been a very shy person and I thought that this industry could help me to open up more; and it did! Did you apply for any scholarships, awards and bursaries through ACC?

Yes, I filled out quite a few applications. I received the ACC Automatic Entrance Scholarship because I had a 95% in my Grade 12 Math and English. It is a $2000 scholarship where I received $1000 in my first year and another $1000 in my second year! Which student supports did you use the most at ACC?

I used Student Services, the Cultural Center and the Learning Curve. If I needed help with a project, I knew that I could get support

from the learning strategist. The Aboriginal Counsellors, Cecil and Crystal, were always there for me if I had questions, or just needed a laugh. They were both very supportive. I also took part in the Elders visits during lunch. What advice would you give to a new student coming to ACC?

Try to plan out your studying time. I didn’t have to study in high school so I found that it was a huge adjustment when I started at ACC. Try your best not to procrastinate. Don’t wait to the last minute to finish a project. Make friends! Both in your program and outside of your program. The friendships I made at ACC over the past two years will last for the rest of my life. Join a team – I played on the men’s varsity volleyball team. It was a great experience and enabled me to meet new people outside of my classes. It also helped me get over my shyness. I had to be loud on the court and my team mates would always get me to lead the cheer. Volunteer at ACC events; you will meet the best people. Remember that your instructors are there for you. They get to know your name and they care about your success. If you need extra help, ask them. They were always very helpful. And make sure to ask lots of questions!

programs to choose from Accounting and Finance

Industrial Metals Fabrication


Interactive Media Arts

Automotive Technician

John Deere TECH

Business Administration

Legal Administration

Carpentry and Woodworking

Medical Administration

Civil Technician

Network Administration Technology

Communications Engineering Technology Comprehensive Health Care Aide Construction Electrician Culinary Arts Early Childhood Education Education Assistant Environmental Technologies – Land and Water Management Heavy Duty Equipment Technician Horticultural Production Hotel and Restaurant Management

Office Management Office Skills Piping Trades Police Studies Power Engineering Practical Nursing Social Service Worker Sustainable Food Systems Mature Student High School Mature Student High School – Integrated Comprehensive Health Care Aide Mature Student High School – Integrated Education Assistant

a s s i n ib o i n e . n e t

Indigenous Education at ACC  
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