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Rehabilitation Active Passive Trainers Thera-Vital APT THERA-exercising directly after rehabilitation Physicians and therapists affect your general condition during the rehabilitation positively. At the end of this intensive clinical period it is absolutely essential to keep or rather increase the achieved level of exercising and the state of health at home as well. Effective and successful therapy has several components: • an intact social environment • medical attendance • medication • manual therapy • therapy with movement exercisers With daily exercising with your THERA-trainer you can... • regulate your muscle tone (reduce spasms) • improve your strength and condition • compensate right-left-deficits • activate even low remaining muscular strength • reduce circulatory disturbance • keep your body agile and flexible • improve digestion and urine excretion • eliminate oedema (water in your legs) • increase the performance of your heart and circulation • mobilise your entire metabolism • often reduce pain symptoms • affect your mental stability, well-being and sleep positively Your advantages: • large colour display with high brilliance • START/STOP one-button-control (= easy handling) • speech-activated safety stop feature (= additional safety) • softglide (= soft adaptation of upper torso trainer) • plug-in system that does not require tools for arm rests • safety handle adjustable in inclination • height of safety handle adjustable • 200 watt motor (= always with resources) • evaluation of training (= documentation of therapy success) • watt/pulse-control (= exercising up to performance) • radius adjustment without tools With the THERA-vital the following modes of exercise are possible: • passive exerciser (with complete paralysis) • assistive exerciser (with remaining muscle power) • symmetry exerciser (with right-left-difference in the legs) • active exerciser (as with an ergometer cycle) • isokinetic exerciser (strength and performance exerciser) • cardio exerciser (control by pulse limit) Basic equipment: • large illuminated display • Symmetry training (bars or street) • Isokinetics-training (constant speed but with variable power input) • Training evaluation • START/STOP - one-button-control • Biofeedback • Anti-spasm-control(adjustable) • Pulse- and Watt control • Active muscle support • Speech-activated safety stop • Radius adjustment 2-step • Foot rests • Safety handle height and inclination adjustable • Powerful and quiet 200 watt motor • Transport base with big castors New THERA-vital with colour display is…. • unique due to its high brilliance • meant for patients with amblyopia and distortion of perception • more motivation during exercising • very easy to handle

# 4-2000068 # 4-2000098 Thera- Vital APT Calf Rests (pair) # 4-2000032 Thera Hemi Glove

Indications • Multiple sclerosis • Stroke, Hemiplegia • Paraplegia, Tetraplegia • Parkinson’s disease • Muscular disorders • Injuries to the skull and brain • Rheumatic disorders • Cardiovascular disorders • Postoperative therapy (e.g. after hip replacement) • Technical specifications Certified safety

CE, DIN-ISO 9001:2000, DIN-ISO 13485, EMV 5% off all purchases ordered and paid for on-line.



Active Passive Trainers Thera-Fit Plus APT The smallest active-passive exerciser perks up tired legs–because “A rolling stone gathers no moss!” Your advantages: • smallest exerciser with motor • upper torso- and leg-trainer in one • wireless infrared remote control • timeless modern design • for active and passive movement training • for all those who are still able to walk with sticks or a walking frame With the THERA-fit plus the following modes of exercise are possible: • passive exerciser (with complete paralysis) • active exerciser (as with an ergometer cycle) # 4-2000069

Thera-Joy APT Being active although laying in bed. Your advantages: • appealing design • small and handy • wireless infrared remote control • flexible bed-fixation (= fast and easy adaptation to beds and couches) With the THERA-joy the following modes of exercise are possible: • passive exercise (with complete paralysis) • active exercise (as with an ergometer cycle) # 4-200014

E-Cycle APT E-Cycle APT is an electrically-powered trainer, operated by hand or foot pedals, with varying levels of resistance for Active exercise, and movement - both forwards and backwards - at regulated speeds, for Passive exercise. Main features: • Forward/reverse cycling modes • Low Starting Speed • Overload protection driver circuit design • Arm pedals included • 15/30/45 min Timer Control • Four resistance levels • With slow starting speed for operational safety # 7-1000020

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Active Passive Trainers


Moving synovial joints prevents biomechanical and histological changes in the soft tissues around the joint, and decreases elasticity of the capsule and ligaments (Akeson et al 1980). This allows free movement and, in other words, can decrease impairments and delay or avoid secondary impairments. The APT: Increases: • Blood circulation • Stamina • Strength • Range of motion • Bladder control • Muscle tone The APT: Decreases: • Atrophy • Spasm • Swelling

APT The APT 1 is an electrically-powered trainer, operated by hand

or foot pedals, with varying levels of resistance for Active exercise, and movement - both forwards and backwards - at regulated speeds, for Passive exercise. • A unique auto reverse feature ensures that in the event of a muscle seizure during exercise, APT senses that the pedals have locked and gently reverses direction to release the affected muscles. Main features: • • • • • •

Active and Passive training for upper or lower limbs Workload dependent or isokinetic exercise Five levels of resistance for Active exercising Five speeds for Passive exercising Adjustable crank arm height and length Auto reverse feature # 4-2000015 # 4-2000046 with stand

The APT 5

serves individuals with limited or no muscular power (i.e. spinal cord injuries, MS, Polio, CP, ALS, Dialysis, etc.).

The APT-5 can be operated in either ACTIVE mode at varying degrees of resistance or in PASSIVE mode at adjustable speed and torque levels. While the machine is in PASSIVE mode, it is possible to combine both PASSIVE and ACTIVE training by using physical effort in conjunction with the electrical operation of the motor. # 4-2000047 # 4-2000048 with stand

The A.P.T. Hi-Lo version

is a multipurpose exercising machine for an upper and lower limbs training. A.P.T. Hi-Lo is available with all models of the APT. The A.P.T. Hi-Lo is an ideal solution when used frequently for both upper and lower body. The A.P.T. Hi-Lo is fully accessible to wheelchair users and is equally comfortable to use from a standard chair.

Comes Standard with: Standard Handgrips # Finger Guards Accessories:

19 degree Angled Hand # ASO-041 Hemi glove support # ASO-049 High Support for Footrests # ASO-040 Standard Footrests # ASO-042 Supportive Hand Grips # ASO-052 Paediatric Footrests # ASO-051 Finger Guards #

Main features: • Internal counter balance spring enables the APT to be set at any working height without effort. • Rear transfer wheels enable the unit to be moved easily. • APT Hi-Lo is shipped “knockdown” and is simple to assemble.

Motorised Cycle APT Built with one motor to exercise your legs or hands without noticeably exerting any energy. Provides non-impact exercise that helps increase strength and flexibility in the upper extremities. Arm pedaling helps increase cardiovascular endurance. Can be used ain active or passive mode Meter to display the distance, time, calories and speed. Safe and easy to use. Adjustable Speed 5-60 rpm. Timer: 15 minutes. # 4-2000023 5% off all purchases ordered and paid for on-line.



When a Continous Passive Motion machine is applied after surgery, the joint can be moved through a range of motion for an extended periods of time. This use can significantly reduce the recovery time by increasing the range of motion, promote healing of the joint surfaces and soft tissues, reduce the development of adhesions and scar tissue and decrease stiffness of the joint.

Phoenix Knee CPM The Model PHOENIX DC2480™ features a compact

design that offers a range of motion of -10 to 120 degrees • Axis to axis motion provides tracking of the leg through a full range of motion. • UNIQUE Lift and bend motion reduces load to patient’s knee and provides greater comfort during therapy. • Easy set up for petite, pediatric and adult patients. • Mild steel construction built to accommodate home and hospital environments. • Base non-skid pad and bed stabilizing system* prevent migration ensuring a precise fit. • Pendent Control - easy to use, easy to service • Programmable pause • Light weight, can stand and be carried vertically • Modular components make repairs and maintenance fast and less expensive • All steel construction for durability, no plastic to break or crack • No fancy micro-processing to break down • complete with set of covers # 2-9000001



Weight 11kg, Width 33cm, Length 107cm, R.O.M -5 -110deg Pause 0 - 30sec, Limb Length 51cm - 107cm, Calf Length 28cm - 61cm

Opti-Flex Shoulder CPM • Designed to provide anatomical motion for the shoulder, with enhanced patient comfort, compliance and more beneficial outcomes. • Addresses full range of motion capabilities. • Easy-to-use hand control for storing treatment data on memory chip card • Fully synchronized motors allow treatment parameters to be customized to meet patient’s specific therapy protocols • Ergonimic rest for healthy arm and fully adjustable chair • Patented Universial Left/Right Shoulder design • Folds easily for transport/shipping • Lightweight design 55 lbs (25 kg) # 2-9000013 Specifications Product Weight : 55 lbs (25 kg) Product Length : 22.6 in (87.5 cm) Product Width : 22.8 in (57.5 cm) Product Height : 34.4 in (58 cm) Shipping Weight : 100 lb Mains Power : 100-240V, 50/60 Hz, 33 VA # 2-9000013


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Rehabilitation Steps and Rails


DYNAMIC Stair Trainer

The DST is a progressive rehabilitation device designed to retrain the gradual use of stair-climbing skills in order to regain mobility and independence. The apparatus features four steps whose height can be adjusted electronically from zero to 16.5 centimeters (0- 6.5 inches) between steps. The DST is also equipped with handrails on either side; the height of the handrails can be adjusted. Who can benefit from the use in the DST? The device is designed for people in various stages of rehabilitation who need exercise to regain their ability to use steps following illness, heart problems, stroke, orthopedic injuries, car or work accidents, surgery (including knee replacement), neurological injuries or amputations. In general it is suitable for anyone requiring physiological rehabilitation, including children How can the DST contribute to the rehabilitation process The DST allows practicing a variety of rehabilitation’s activitis in one device such as: • Walking between parallel bars on a horizontal surface • Walking between parallel bars on a slope surface • Climbing or descending stairs • Climbing only • Descending only How does DST work? he stairs heights and slope can be gradually increased to suit patients needs. The DST is electrically operated and easily adjustable by a push button control. It is also possible to adjust the altitude of the hand rails and the distance between them according to the user needs The DST can also be useful for patients who can only descend or climb stairs. The patient can walk to the edge at the horizontal position, then using the DST’s control button the stairs rise to the desired height The DST is ideal for: • Rehabilitation centers • Hospitals • Physiotherapy departments • Cardiac care rehabilitation units • Nursing homes • Physical therapy clinics • Outpatient centers The DST Chart of Porgess The DST can accurately monitor the rate of the patient’s progress (a graph with dates of the exercise on the X axis and the height of the steps on the Y axis dramatically presents the patient’s progress during his rehabilitation). This gives the physiotherapist both a tool for working with patients and a tool for monitoring their progress. The graphic display can be presented at staff meetings and used when communicating with outside agencies (medical institutions, insurance companies, etc.). # 4-2000004 5% off all purchases ordered and paid for on-line.


Rehabilitation Steps and Rails

Rehabilitation Steps WI Corner Stairs All wooden construction with hand rails. Available in either straight or corner styles. Non-slip tread surfaces 75cm wide x 30cm deep without lips. Top landing 75cm square. Handrails 900mm high. CORNER 3 up 2 down #4-2000079 4 up 3 down # 4-2000080 STRAIGHT 3 up 2 down #4-2000081 4 up 3 down #4-2000082 One SIDE only 3 up # 4-2000083

WI Corner Stairs NEW Three sided 6 x 9cm 3 Up + 4 x 13.5cm Down 3rd side 3 x 17.66 # 4-2000089

VSR21 Corner Stairs • Solidly constructed. • Made with white melamine sides and steel fram. • Four 15cm risers on the other. • Three 20cm high risers on one side. • Step width 67cm. • Platform is 67cm x 67cm. • Twin handrails are height adjustable. • Dimensions: 160W x 125L x 150cmH 90kg • Each step is carpeted tp provide a natural feel and appearance. # 4-2000066 # 4-2000074 Up and back

Walking Rails • • • •

With shaped and lacquered wooden hand rails for user comfort & good looks. Height adjustable from 70 - 100cm in 25mm increments. Available in 3 or 4 meter lengths and in either folding or fixed styles. Approx. 70 cm between rails on folding style.

#4-2000086 #4-2000087 #4-2000085 #4-2000084

3m 3m 4m 4m

Fixed with timber hand rails, Folding with timber hand rails Fixed with timber hand rails, Folding with timber hand rails

4-2000086V 3m Fixed with metal hand rails 4-2000087V 3m Folding with metal hand rails 4-2000085V 4m Folding with metal hand rails 4-2000084V 4m Folding with metal hand rails

HT Electric Parallel Bars The electric function enables the practitioner to adjust the bars to fit the patients required height and (optional) width. If for example the patient is in a wheel chair, the bars can used to lift the patient into a standing position removing any OH&S issues and potential of injuries. # 4-2000058 4m 8041/3, # 4-2000059 6m 8041/6, # 4-2000060 8m 8041/8

Posture Mirror- Metal • • • •

Adjustable angle, 120 x 50cm mirror in a powder-coated frame on castors. Mirror can be locked at any angle. Optional whiteboard on back. Overall dimensions 158cm high x 74cm wide x 74cm deep.

#4-2000029 Posture mirror #4-2000031 Posture mirror with whiteboard on back

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Rehabilitation Shoulder and Limbs Guthrie Smith Frames Mesh Frame Top / Side Can be used for both top and / or side: 1500 x 2400mm #4-6000008

Mesh Frame End/Side 1500 x 1500mm square mesh starting approx 500mm from floor Can be used at either or both ends. 1500 x 2000mm #4-6000009

Frame end support # 57000c Without mesh. Can be used at either or both ends. 1500 x 2000mm #4-6000010

Accessories Body Sling (large) #13 100cm x 28cm, Thigh Sling #14 80cm x 22cm Straight Sling #15 60cm x 16cm Ankle/Elbow Sling #17 51cm x 21cm 6D ring Sling #16 56cm x 15cm Sling #19 54cm x 16cm

Free Standin Pin Loaded Pulley Systems Bodycraft Functional trainer Double Pulley System Two 150lb stacks, upgradeable to two 200lb stacks. Independent, adjustable cable columns Train from every angle and any height. Compact design fits easily in any space. eautiful oval tubing, upgraded paint, and plexiglas covers add up to an exceptional look. #4-2000077 L820DP Functional Trainer • Double 2 X 160LB Steel Stack • Pin-loaded # 4-2000077 GPI L810DP Cable Column • Single 1 x 160LB Steel Stack • Pin Loaded # 4-2000063

Over Door Exerciser

Plate Loaded Pulley System

• Metal Bracket easily fits over the door. • 2 pulleys are suspended from the metal bracket. • Nylon rop is threaded through the pulleys • 2 plastic handles

Wall Pulley System Single

# 4-1000003

• Plate loaded • adjustable weights (1 - 8kg), • shoulder/ leg exercise kit and provision an • Approximate installation dimensions : 2.2m high x 40cm wide x 60cm deep. • Plate Loaded • weights 4 x 0.5kg, 4 x 1.25kg # 4-2000002 DMA Wall Pulley System Double As above x 2 # 4-2000003

Donovan Shoulder Pulley

Shoulder Wheel

• Each handle is made of a black, flexible polymer • Flexible, rubber-coated door strap prevents attachment from slipping across door. Pulley operates smoothly • A value-priced shoulder pulley with many of the same features found on more expensive models. • Packaged in clear plastic clamshell containing one pulley.

• Improve circulation, muscle strength and joint range-of-motion. • Automatic 5-function LCD display iindicates stride count, strides per minute, time exercised, calories consumed and scan of all functions. • Bidirectional rotation • Quick-release knob for instant height adj • Adjustable height allows for sitting or standing exercise.



# 7-1000071

Arm length adjusts from 33 cm to 56 Wall mounting hardware included 5% off all purchases ordered and paid for on-line.




NUBAX Back Traction Device The Nubax™ makes careful use of the users own ergonomic posture, to limit stretch- forces to within accepted parameters Portable~ It is lightweight and easy to carry, this means it can be used anywhere, anytime Compact~ It is easy to store or just leave it out and ready to use Convenient~ No long exercise program, it takes just 2 to 3 minutes a time Simple~ So easy to use there is no assistance requires Control~ You are in complete control, being able to regulate the amount of stretch or instantly release it as you want Versatile~ The Nubax™ is designed to accommodate a large variation in body shapes Economic~ There are no ongoing costs Gentle Relaxed~ Nubax™ provides a static yet strong traction. This means no uncomfortable after effects from treatment Drug Free~ Nubax™ is completely natural therapy No Side Effects

Back Magic

# 3-5000014

Back Magic Multi-Level Stretching Device Relieve Back Pain Caused by Tight Muscles, Excessive Flexion & Poor Spinal Alignment. * relieve chronic back pain * correct postural imbalances * restore the natural curvature of the back * improve flexibility in shoulder and back muscle FEATURES: • a multi-level design, allows a person to work up to a greater stretch when ready. • compact and portable. Can be used anytime and anywhere. • And fits comfortably into just about any small travel bag, brief case or golf bag. # 7-1000056

Pivotal Therapy System™

Thoracic Wedge For use by Professionals trained in Manual Mobilization techniques Tool for testing-mobilization and manipulation of the spine 4” x 9” base # 7-1000074

Components may be used individually to address specific problems or integrated to form a complete system to treat the entire spine. Includes: 4502 - Occipivot 4504 - Cervical Pivot 4506 - Short Thoracic Pivot 4510 - Standard Lumbar Pivot # 7-1000075

Total Thoracic Stretch #3-8100067

Traction Inversion Machine Inversion therapy involves hanging upside down or at an inverted angle to use gravity to naturally decompress the joints of the body. Hanging in this way, causes each joint in the body to be loaded in an equal and opposite manner to standing. Proponents claim that it relieves pressure on the discs and nerve roots; this in turn allows discs to recover lost moisture and to return to their original shape, decreasing the pressure they can exert on nerves. #7-9000001

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Traction Saunders Lumbar Traction Unit Although the Saunders Lumbar Hometrac was designed for back pain sufferers to use at home, its professional quality and durability make it a wise choice for small clinical settings as well • Safety First: pressure valve limits the amount of force that can be transmitted to the user to 200 lbs.; fast release valve for emergency situations • Comfort & Ease-of-use: user is held by comfortable torso and pelvic belts. • Foam Comfort Bolters: foam wedges to cradle the head and bend the knees are included to enhance comfort, compliance and effectiveness. • 2 Traction Modes: sustained or intermittent traction • Clinical Strength: applies up to 200 pounds of traction. • Use Anywhere: place it on a treatment table for clinical use, or send it home with your patients -- very portable with case on wheels! • Easy to clean and durable: making it great for single or multiple users # 3-5000015

Saunders Lumbar Traction Unit • Built-in angle adjustment • Enhanced patient comfort features that include softer, more comfortable head strap and head pad • Attractive carrying case included • No assembly required • A proven alternative to surgery for some patients • Traction forces are directed to the back of the head to prevent compression of the TMJ • Easy to read pressure gauge provides total control of the force at all times • Blow-off valve limits the amount of force that can be applied # 3-5000012

AH NeckTrac Pneumatic Traction Unit Characteristic of function: This product is small in volume; light in weight (250g), powerful in traction (0~80kg) and long in traction range (1~20cm). It has a special dynamic structure, which can automatically protect the sensitive area in front of neck area when pumping. The three air chambers are divided into high and low respectively; the low part can be separated partly in order to adjust the angles and traction. Close the high part after enough air pumped which can make patients feel comfortable in the course of traction and fixing adjustment. OPTION Magnetic version Three 2,000 gauss ceramic magnets are affixed to the inside of the center of the device and are not noticeable. Oftentimes you’ll need a metal paper clip to locate them. There is a magnet each side of center, feng chi, and one in the center, feng fu. The use of magnets for healing purposes can be dated back to the 16th century. Studies have shown that magnets enhance the blood’s ability to carry oxygen which could help alleviate pain. The Gentle Stretch pneumatic 1. Muscles spasms 4. Fibromyalgia # 3-5000054

neck traction therapy device can help relieve the aches and pains caused by: 2. Pinched nerves 3. Herniated discs 5. Spondylitis 6. Radiculopathy # 3-5000054M with magnets

Dr Bob’s Neck Trac • The Neck Trac is air-inflated neck-stretching device that allows you to treat yourself right on the spot • Portable & light weight, it can be taken anywhere • Indicated for tight muscles, pinched nerves, neck pain, tension headaches, osteoarthritis, & more • The simplicity of the design makes it ideal for home or office use. •The user should consult a medical professional if preexisting conditions exist # 3-5000026-R # 3-5000026-L

Neck Pro NeckPro is an over-the-door cervical traction unit for home use. It relieves pain associated with: • Cervical disc herniation • Fibromyalgia • Cervical radiculopathy • Neck strain • Osteoarthritis • Whiplash • Spondylosis • Tension, and/or tightness • Pinched nerve in the upper spine # 3-5000008 5% off all purchases ordered and paid for on-line.



Balance Techno Concept

Techno Concept’ s

research and development allows us to perform high technology tools for: * Assessment * Rehabilitatio * Sport training * Falls Prevention Application areas are : * posture and balance: stabilometric platform and balance footpads, Freeman electronic board, optokinetic simulator * The movement analysis (walking, running, sport motion): inertial measurement unit, force platform, podometry * Physiotherapy: transcutaneous vibratory stimulation, pressotherapy * Fitness and wellness: impedancemetry, morphological analysis, pressotherapy

Techno Concept Balance Footplates - Feetest Assess and train balance and posture with an extreme precision with the-


double platform.

Thanks to the

Balance Footpads

professionals can assess the motor and sensitive control of their patients’ balance, quantifying the postural stability on static or unstable conditions. Equivalent to a double stabilometric platform, the footpads assess distinctly both supports, giving consequently a postural analysis much more precise. The footpads exceptional characteristics are : • They measure the variations of the global pressure centre (both feet) and the variations of local pressures for each foot. • They quantify weight-bearing on the four supports. • They can be placed in any feet position that assessment and training require. • They can be used on a wobble board. • Easy to carry, they are not bulky. • The data transmission is done by USB cable and by BLUETOOTH USB adapter • No electric power point: feeding by the USB port of your computer or by battery. #6-100210

The Rehabilitation Software


proposes different rehabilitation protocols that are specific to the footpads. The patient stands on the footpads in front of the screen computer or projector, and performs the exercises with the help of visual feedback.: Easy to read Graphical interface, Clear easily understandable Patient Reports, Parameters • Sway velocity • Mean X, Mean Y • Sway Area • CoP displacement length • Spectral analysis (FFT and Wavelets) • Weight bearing

Techno Concept Equiboard Balance Wobble Board Equiboard

Quantify an instability and treat it with The electronic wobble board is a totally new system for the assessment and rehabilitation of balance and proprioception. The analysis of the board oscillations can quantify someone’s balance on the wobble board on one foot or both feet. You can then assess the evolution of the patient’s equilibration and proprioception capacities after rehabilitation or training. A Balance rehabilitation software with visual feedback # 6-100214


is proposed with the


• This board can move on one rotation axis or two rotation axes according to the needs. • Data transmission is done by BLUETOOTH USB adapter

Techno Concept Podotest With Podotest the practitioner can search for the possible repercussions of disease both static and dtnamic during the walk phase.


informs you precisely about kinematic parameters (acceleration, time of step, time of monopodal and bipodal support) besides the repartition of foot pressures during the attack, the transfer and the unrolling of each foot.

Podotest is practical and not bulky for the examination of the walk in consulting# 6-100213

rooms. Thanks to the data transmission via Bluetooth within a 10m reach, the patient is free to move and walk in a natural way. Every kind of walk is thus possible: to walk forwards, backwards, slaloming, and in any situations : flat floor, slop floor, moving floor. You can therefore assess a locomotion disorder in a qualitative and quantitative way and you can appreciate the need of setting up such an equipment as orthopedic insole. # 6-100213

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Balance Techno Concept


Techno Concept Balance Gym Plate GYM PLATE is a platform equipped with force sensors capable of accurately determining the center of gravity of the patient, analyze and quantify proprioceptive work and patient movement during rehabilitation exercises. GYM PLATE is the basic tool for physiotherapist in the care of most of the rehabilitation instructions in neurological and vestibular disorders, also in traumatology-orthopedic diseases and in gerontology for falls prevention in the elderly Fun and easy to use, GYM PLATE allows to reeducate the stability and / or mobility of your patients in functional situations in dynamic mode, whatever the degree of severity of illness treated. Its software provides a real-time and continuous biofeedback of stability, posture and the achievement of movement during exercise. This allows the patient to “rebuild” his motor skills and sense of movement in space. Many configurable exercises are proposed, allowing to customize the session according to the patient’s pathology. The innovative and playful aspect of GYM PLATE provides patients a greater and lasting motivation. The printable report allows a better follow-up of the patients with a detailed sessions analysis

The automatic mode allows patient to execute his rehabilitation sessions alone in security. The exercises can be performed in various conditions and positions according to the patient’s pathology and the session’s objectives : • Bipodal or monopodal stance • Upright standing on a shelf or on an unstable foam • Sitting on the plate • Sitting on a Klein ball • Resting on the hands The GUI software is easy to use. It allows : • Patients’ database management • Assessments and comparison with “normalized” datas • 12 rehabilitation exercises, each comprising 6 levels • Results memorization • Session report and improvements follow-up # 6-100304

Techno Concept Stabiloform The Tabilotest Platform, enables the practitioner to detect and treat simply and quickly the troubles of posture and balance. The stabilometric platform assesses in a reliable and objective way the posture and balance of patients both on static or wobble conditions. The exploration of the balance different sensorial inputs becomes possible thanks to rigorous measures. The stabilotest platform is the thinnest (1cm) and the lightest (less than 4 kg) platform on the market. It also makes the difference with its frontline electronics and its measuring system of the forces within the axis of supports. With the assessment software Posturewin 2 you can analyse the patient’s recordings and assess the situation of his posture and balance. Each session is recorded in order to observe the evolution of the patient’s state. The rehabilitation software proposes different training protocols. The patient stands on the platform in front of the screen computer or projector and performs the exercises with the help of visual feedback. # 6-100211

# 6-100211

Omnisence 8000s Omnisense 8000s is a high-end mobile bone assessment device that delivers high precision and accuracy along with userfriendly, radiation-free measurement at multiple skeletal sites. Omnisense 8000S offers complete portability, providing the ideal mobile bone assessment solution for the clinics and physicians that require it. Point of Care Solution

The Omnisense concept embodies unique features which enable you to easily track measurement history and monitor treatment. • Performance. Portability. • Perfection. • Compact and portable • Measurement at multiple skeletal sites • Male and female reference databases • Fits WHO criteria for osteoporosis diagnosis • FDA and CE approved. • Cost-effective and reimbursable # 6-100305 5% off all purchases ordered and paid for on-line.



LANDICE REHAB Treadmills Product Details From treating the most acute neurological or post-operative conditions, to training world-class athletes, Landice Rehabilitation & Wellness Treadmills are the world’s most versatile solutions for rehabilitative, medical, and sports conditioning therapy. Landice Rehabilitation Treadmill Specifications: • Zero starting speed • Actual 0.1 to 12.0 mph speed range • Ultra high-torque drive • 400-pound user weight capacity • 15% grade electric elevation • Variable elevation over-speed protection • Belt Size 20” x 58” four-ply treadbelt • Low 5 3/4î step-up height • Extended parallel medical handrails • Patient-attachable safety lanyard • Size: 32”x 77” • L7 RTM 58” running surface • Titanium finish

# 7-1000040 # 7-1000045 Landice Rehabilitation L870RTM user weight 228kg Landice Rehabilitation Treadmill Options: • Reversing belt direction for downhill • Retro walking • Hand-held remote stop-start switch • AccuTrack contact heart rate monitoring • 100 micro-amp hospital isolation transformer • Orthopedic treadbelt • Accessory / reading rack • Black textured matte finish

BODYWORX Treadmills

BODYWORX Cardio JX740 (Right) # 4-4000159

BODYWORX JX300 TREADMILL •WARRANTY: Lifetime on Frame. 10 Years UNCONDITIONAL on the Drive & Incline Motors. 3 Years Parts and 2 Years In Home Labour Warranty. •3hp Motor •1 - 22kph •0 - 12% Incline ( 16 level ) •Toggle switches •Hand pulse •Polar chest belt •Polar Heart Rate Monitor •Water Bottle •Instant Quick Keys speed & incline •51cm x 147cm x 3.0 mm (Orthopedic) running belt •1 Large LCD console with blue backlight + 3 LED •6 X Programs + 10 X levels + HRC + 1 manual •MAXIMUM USER WEIGHT: 150kg

BODYWORX Cardio JX540 (left) • Running Surface: 22 x 54 2.5mm 2 ply Ammeral #4-4000158

# 7-1000094

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SportsArt REHAB Treadmills Most Treadmills start at 5 to 8 kph. This is usually too fast and unsuitable for payients recovering from surgery or stoke or cardiac conditions. The Sportsart start at 0.1 m/p/h and both can be fitted with Half Medical Rails or Full Medical Rails Equipped with medical/rehab specific features such as: • 3% decline to 15% incline range, reverse • speed up to 3 mph and adult and pediatric medical • Medical hand rails • Meets all hospital standards for micro-amp leakage • MyFlexTM deck cushioning system delivers proportional cushioning effects regardless of user weight • Lifetime warranty. • Large 22” x 62” belt provides ample running space • constructed from carbon-weave, low friction material that is resistant to static build-up T650m Display Specs: Dot Matrix and LED readouts T650M Specs: 5.0 hp Motor ECO-POWR Motor (Extreme Conservation and output) 22” x 62” Belt Size -3 mph reverse - 12 mph speed range 3% decline -15% incline range MyFlex cushioning system Contact Heart Rate Power Requirements - 110v, 20 amp dedicated General Specifications: Length 86” Width 33” Height 56” Max. User Weight 500 lbs. Manufacturers Warranty: Lifetime frame and cushioning, 20 years motor, 2 years mechanical parts, 2 years electronics, 1 year labor #4-4000001

Vision X6700HRT Elliptical Cross Trainer - Light Commercial The Vision X6700HRT Elliptical Cross Trainer is a light commercial model making is suitable for corporate facilities, schools, hospitals etc. This model has been designed to get results fast. 20 levels of resistance are available to the user, along with a number of training programmes, including 4 heart rate controlled programmes. Console Features: • Easy-8 LED continual feedback • Integrated reading rack Heart Rate Monitoring: Contact hand grip pulse sensors & polar chip receiver Console Feedback: 1. Speed 2.Distance 3. Calories 4. Strides per minute 5. Level 6. Watts 7. Time 8. METS 9. Heart rate 10.Percent heart rate 11. Target heart rate 12. Profile display Training Programmes: 1. Manual 2. Interval 3. Fat burn 4. Watts 5. Sprint 8 6. HRT cardio 7. HRT weight loss 8. HRT interval 9. HRT hill 10.Five custom programmes Maximum User Weight: 400lbs / 181kgs # 4-3000047

Vision X6700HRT Elliptical Cross Trainer - Light Commercial An 18-inch stride length, pivoting footplates, three-inch pedal spacing and ergonomic handlebars The 57”L x 26”W footprint will take up less space in your home than comparable elliptical trainers. The Quiet-Glide™ drive system and ECB magnetic resistance system make this machine especially smooth and quiet. Key Features • ECB Motor-Operated Brake - This electronically controlled resistance system uses six magnets & a heavy 21-lb flywheel • Contact Heart Rate Grips • Ergonomic Footplates - spaced only three inches apart for proper hip alignment. • QUIET-GLIDE™ Supersilent Poly-V Belt Drive • Our QUIET-GLIDE™ drive technology # 4-3000047 5% off all purchases ordered and paid for on-line.


Recumbent Bikes

C53r RECUMBENT CYCLE Iistitutional Series • Patented adjustable mesh seatback with comfortable, breathable mesh provides air flow throughout. The infinitely adjustable seat back both conforms to and suports your back while the bottom pad allows up/down and fore-and-aft adjustment. The result is U-Fit Technology, the ultimate in comfort and adjustability. the workout to keep you cool and comfortable Unique step-through design allows easy access • Lumbar pouch allows for hot or cold packs and supports low back. •Infrared remote control allows you to easily change your resistance during a workout. • The state-of-the-art display features the innovative Cardio Advisor heart rate training system, a large tri-colour dot matrix, and multiple programs including heart rate control. # 7-1000064

Vision R2250HRT Recumbent A LED Screen with Integrated Reading Rack displaying Speed, Distance, Calories, RPM, Level, Watts, Time, Mets, Heart rate, % Heart rate, Target heart rate and profile display. Program Profiles include 1 x manual, interval, weight loss, constant watts, sprint 8, HRT cardio, HRT weight loss, HRT interval, HRT hill, 4 custom programs. Contact Hand Pulse, Programmable, 16 Levels resistance, 24 lbs Balanced flywheel, Max User Weight :180 Kg, Three-Piece cranks with Sealed Bearings, Self-Balancing peddles with Easy-Adjust Strap. HOME WARRANTY:Lifetime – Frame, Lifetime - Generator System, 5 Years - Electronics & Parts, 2 Years – Labor. FRAME: Extra-Heavy Gauge Steel Welded. #7-10001

Vision R1500 Recumbent The R1500 semi-recumbent bike is packed with features including a blue backlit LCD display, nine program options, 16 levels of resistance and contact heart rate grips. The low step over height of the seat rail help users to get on the product and started, while the Comfort ArcT seat makes it easy to achieve a rewarding workout. • Easy-to-use console with motivational programming • Comfort-Arc seat with lumbar support and recline feature • Integrated contact heart rate training program • Aluminium Seat rail with 28 seat posistions and padded adjustment lever for a custom fit • Heavy guage steel frame for a solid, stable base • Easy access step through design • ECB-Plus magnetic resistance for the smoothest ride possible • Front transport wheels for easy mobility • Revolutionary Quiet-Glide drive system for an extra-quiet workout • Water bottle and cage included # 7-10002

Bodyworx Addiction Recumbent

Bodyworx Corporate Recumbent

• Resistance: 16 Level computer • Contriollesd Magnetic Resistance • Cranks 3 piece Crank • Console Display: Large Split Screen, Backlit LCD Display Colour • Programs: 24 programs, 12 pre-set, 4 HRC, 4 user programs, Watts, Bodyfat, Recovery and Manual • User Rating: 125kg • Heart Rate features: Chest strap + Contact Heart rate • Seat adjustment: Adjustable seat and Contoured back Cushions # 4-4000163

• Console Display: Large Dot Matrix Screen • Console Feed Back, Time, Speed, Distance, Calories, Rpm’s and Pulse • Programs: 5 Pre Set Programs with 8 Level, 1 x HRC Program, 1 x Fitness Test and Manual • Seat Adjustable • Crank: 3 Piece Crank •Heart Rate: Contact Heart Rate and Built in Receiver • Max User Weight:125Kg # 4-4000162

Access Health Ph:1300 65 95 40 Fax: 1300 65 95 32 Email:

Upright Bikes Sportsart C53u UPRIGHT CYCLE Iistitutional Series • The C53u features a state-of-the-art tri-color dot matrix display with Personal CardioAdvisorTM for accurate heart rate feedback. Multiple programs keep your workouts fresh. • Multi-position handrails provide a variety of grip options for all users • Low profile shroud allows easy on/off access One-touch seat adjust allows quick and easy height adjustment • Padded oversize seat enhances comfort • Fore and aft seat adjustment for proper knee alignment while riding • One-touch seat adjustment • Low profile shroud for easy access • Manual Multi-position handrails for variety # 7-1000042

Vision E1500 BIKE UPRIGHT The Vision Fitness E1500 Deluxe Console Upright Exercise Bike is loaded with great features. The ECB magnetic resistance system teamed up with a 21-lb. balanced flywheel and Supersilent Poly-V belt combine this drive system to give you a silky smooth and silent workout unlike anything else. The Comfort Arc™ seat has a super thick density that allows you to sit comfortably for hours. Powered by the Deluxe Console with blue backlit display and features like SPRINT 8® (20 min program developed to increase energy, lose weight & increase muscle) and six preset programs, # 4-4000023

Vision E3200 UPRIGHT • 18 programs (quick set programming) including interval, SPRINT 8, Fat burn, Mountain, Random, Watts, 5 custom user programs, 3 HRT and 3 goal • 20 levels of magnetic resistance • 24 lbs balanced flywheel • hand grip & integrated heart rate sensors • Comfort Arc seat • self balancing pedals with easy adjust straps • integrated reading rack • drink bottle holder • front transport wheels • ergonomic arm rests with elbow support on handlebars • BLUE BACKLIT LCD main screen with 3 smaller LED screens • 136kg manufacturer maximum user weight rating • Display shows RPM, watts, calories, heart rate, % heart rate, target heart rate, speed, time, distance, MET’s, level & profile # 7-10003

BODYWORX Ergo Wind Bike • Air displacement system provides a smooth resistance which is ideal for all users • Set your own pace, the harder you pedal the more resistance you get. • Large easy to use LCD computer monitors speed, distance, RPM, time, estimated calorie burn and pulse. Target time, distance, estimated calorie burn and pulse can be set. • Recovery function provides an estimate of your fitness level from one workout to the next. • Inbuilt heart rate receiver allows for the accurate monitoring of heart rate with optional chest strap. • Oversized heavy duty 3 piece crank system provides strength and reliability. • Multi position handle bars provide a variety of positions including out of the saddle power sprints.* Deluxe, oversized contoured saddle ensures a comfortable workout. • 18 position seat adjustment provides a huge variety of user options. • Reliable, no complicated electronic brakes or motors to break down and service. • Transport wheels allowing easy movement from room to room* Maximum user 140kg # 4-3000052

Bodyworx Pro Upright


• Console Display: Large Dot Matrix Screen • Console Feed Back Time, Speed, Distanc, Calories, Rpm’s and Pulse • Programs: 5 Pre Set Programs with 8 Level, 1 x HRC Program, 1 x Fitness Test and Manual • Seat: Adjustable •Heart Rate: Contact Heart Rate and Built in Receiver • Max User Weight:125Kg

• Resistance : 16 Level computer • Controllesd Magnetic Resistance • Console Display: Large Split Screen, • Programs: 24 programs, 12 pre-set, 4 HRC, 4 user programs, Watts, Bodyfat, Recovery and Manual • User Rating: 125kg • Heart Rate Chest strap + Contact Heart rate • Adjustable seat

# 4-4000161

# 4-4000160 5% off all purchases ordered and paid for on-line.



Bikes Monark

Monark Testing Bike 828E

Monark Cardio Care 827E

Has a completely housed flywheel and strengthened frame. A new electronic instrument shows heart rate using telemetry. Specially designed for intensive use in institutions and gymnasiums. Electronic meter shows pedal-turns per minute (rpm), heart rate, cycling-times, cycling speed, plus distance covered in km/miles.

The Monark 828e maintains its commitment to the balanced pendulum system - it provides an effective measurable resistance braking mechanism. A system that can claim to be the most widely used test cycle system in the world, recognised by exercise physiologists as the research standard, in part due to its ability to be easily calibrated and checked for calibration within the laboratory, sport science centre or consulting rooms

# 4-3000005

# 4-3000006

Monark 874 - Ergometer cycle

Monark 928E - Ergometer Monark Ergomedic 928, the bicycle has a new design, with a step through frame. A rotating speedo shows effective output in watts and heart rate using telemetry. The Monark pendulum balance used for fitness testing. Quality speedo to measure heart rate by using a chest belt, speed, pedal revolutions, distance, time, calorie consumptions and power in watts.

Monark has since a long time been associated with safety and quality. With this in mind we created Monark Ergomedic 874 E. A weight ergometer with a stable and reinforced frame. Quality speedo to measure heart rate by using a chest belt, speed, pedal revolutions, distance, time, calorie consumptions and power in watts. #

Monark ProVo2 928E


Monark Cardio Care 927E Suitable for training and rehabilitation of persons with different work capacity. The light flywheel (12kg) provides a nice bike feeling even on a low load. Manual load adjustment and the easy to read display make the bike userfriendly. Few moving and visible parts make the bike extremely reliable. Large, well-balanced flywheel. Adjustable saddle with quick release lever. Adjustable handlebar with quick release lever. Computer console with heart rate.

The calculation of the test value is in the display and presented in l/ min and ml/kg/min. The traditional kp scale is converted in watts. A walk through frame and the easy adjustments of the saddle and handlebar make this bike user friendly. The subjects should pedal at a frequency of 60 rpm during the test. A perfect bike for aerobic tests and training #

Monark Cardio Care 927X This model has a large area of use, suitable for both rehabilitation and serious training. Excellent possibilities for variation through the inspiring training programs, and electronically controlled loading. The heavy flywheel provides an excellent bike feel. Low entrance frame Large, well-balanced flywheel 22 kg Mechanical brake system electronical controlled via display. Computer consol with heart ratesensors in handlebar. Adjustable seat height with quick release lever. Adjustable handlebar with quick release lever. #


Monark 927XR Recumbent

Oversize seat with adjustable backrest provides ultimate comfort as well as multiple hip angles. Adjustable handle features contact heartrate (also chest belt compatible) The walkthrough design and balanced pedals provide easy access and stability. #

Access Health Ph:1300 65 95 40 Fax: 1300 65 95 32 Email:


17 Bodycraft XPress Gym

Bodycraft X4 Gym

THE ULTIMATE COMMERCIAL GRADE MULTI STATION STATION 1: Functional Training /Cable Arm High Pulley STATION 2: Cable Column or Inner/Outer Thigh STATION 3 : Row / Press Arm Leg extension Mid pulley STATION 4: Leg Press All Stations Have a 200lb Weight Stack SPECIFICATIONS Frame: 2” X 3”, and 2” X 2”, Heavy gauge steel tubing. Finish: Platinum Gray multi-stage electrostatic powdercoat paint. Pulleys: 4-1/2” diameter, fiberglass reinforced nylon and rotate on sealed ball bearing hub. Cables: Internally lubricated, 7 X 19 strand construction, rated at 2000 pound tensile strength. Upholstery: Double-stitched heavy gauge vinyl covering contoured, extremely-dense foam. Weight Plates: 1-1/4” thick precision milled with EZ Glide nylon bushings. Accessories: Includes Lat Bar, Curl Bar, 2 Single Handles, and 4 Exercise Charts. In-Home Warranty: Lifetime on everything. We will replace or repair any defect. Commercial Warranty: 10 years frame and welds, 2 years remaining parts.

• Bench press station with adjustable starting point allowing for different size users and also provides a variety of exercises including bench press, incline press, shoulder press and mid row. • Seat and seat back are adjustable. Back pad tilts to ensure full support when performing incline and shoulder presses. • Cable station with adjustable arms, allows for a wide array of exercises including sports specific, core training, and exercises that mimic dumbbell training. • Ab crunch station for abdominal training. • Low pulley station with foot plate for low rows. • Fold the footplate down for abductor and adductor leg kicks, arm curls, upright rows, etc. • High pulley station for lat pull downs, and triceps push downs. • Self-aligning leg extension and curl station provides seated leg extension and standing leg curl. Automatically adjusts to fit all leg sizes. • Sealed, internally lubricated bearings at all pivot points. • Optional Leg Press attachment for full leg development. • 90kg weight stack • Aircraft cable rated at over 900kg tensile strength. • Unit Dimensions - 2110 x 1448 x 2109mm (D x W x H) - without leg press • Unit Dimensions - 2286 x 2159 x 2109mm (D x W x H) - with leg press # 4-4000168

# 4-4000167

Dynamax Leg Press

Bodycraft K2 Gym • Total leg developer Leg Press • Great stretch isolation for calf muscles • Adjustable backrest for pre-stretch positions • Comfortable, convenient hand grips • 200lb solid steel precision weight stack Dimensions: 211cm L x 102cm W x 188cm H Total Machine Weight: 224 kg # 4-2000049

• 2-weight stack Strength Training System designed for multiple users, or quicker transitions for the single user. • Fits against a wall, or corner. • Optional Leg Press / Calf • Station2 with Adjustable Cable Arms, Lat Pull, and Leg Ext. / Curl. • Station 1 Flat/Incline/ Decline 3Barbell / Squat2 Station. • Horizontal Bench Press slides out of the way for squats. •Press Arm folds out of the way for dumbbell work. # 4-4000169

Access Health Ph:1300 65 95 40 Fax: 1300 65 95 32 Email:


Hydraulic Stations

Each station in the Circuit Express Hydraulic range offers easy access and exit. Each unit accommodates all users regardless of size or condition and features a full range of motion. Reesistance is easily adjustable from the operating position. NO lifting Required!

Leg Extention - Single

Primarily targets the quads on top of the thighs and the hamstrings on the back of the thighs. Adjustable back rest ensures correct knee alignment # 4-4000184

Leg Extension - Double

Primarily targets the quads on top of the thighs and the hamstrings on the back of the thighs. As this unit exercises each leg independently, one leg cant compensate for the other, achieving a more balanced result. Adjustable back rest ensures correct knee alignment # 4-4000184D


Stepper involves all the leg muscles, including the glutes.The angled foot plates give support to the heels, reducing undue stress on the ankles # 4-4000190

Abdominal / Low Bck

Adductor employs the muscles in the inner and outer thighs. Adjustable back rest to ensure correct hip alignment and generous padding offers excellent leg support as the upper leg cups ensure the load is isolated in the upper legs and not through the knees


This uniquely innovative design achieves the easiest and safest entry and exit of any leg press found anywhere in the world. The difficulty of entry and exit found with all other brands, often detracts from this sought after exercise. Further more the range of motion cleverly resists the knees from hyper extending eliminating the risk of injury. # 4-5000008

Abductor / Adductor

# 4-2000064

Leg Press

effectively targets the abdominal and erector spinae muscle groups. The design minimises the effects of gravity so very low conditioned users can effectively perform stomach crunches and easily increase resistance as their condition improves. # 4-2000065

Bench Press / Horizontal Row Reproduces the pulling action similar to rowing a boat. It does in fact evolve the arms, back and legs making this machine an excellent cardio piece. # 4-5000009

Offers a chest, arm and upper back workout from the supine position. # 4-5000010

Access Health Ph:1300 65 95 40 Fax: 1300 65 95 32 Email:

Hydraulic Stations Shoulder Press / Lat Pulldown

Reproduces the pushing up and pulling down movement primarily targeting the Lats and Deltoid muscles. # 4-4000176

Pec Fly / Rear Deltoid

Targets the pectoral muscles across the chest in the forward phase of movement and the deltoids across the upper back on the return phase


Vertical Chest Press / Upper Back

Reproduces a forward push, pulling movement and offers excellent chest, arm and upper back toning from a comfortable seated position. # 4-4000173

Upright Row / Press Down

Reproduces a pulling up and pressing down movement in a standing position # 4-3000034


Boxer reproduces a forward push, pulling action similar to the arm movement when boxing and offers excellent chest, arm and upper back toning # 4-4000176

Squat Calf Raise

Primarily targets the quads on top of the thighs and the calf muscles. Large well padded shoulder pads ensure comfort # 4-4000187

# 4-4000172

Vision Elliptical X6200HRT

The X6200 is our top-of-the line elliptical model, featuring a large, stable frame design with patented folding pedal arms that allow compact storage. The long pedal arms with pivoting footplates and 19.75-inch stride give the X6200 its superior motion, while the variable-durometer footpads and multi-position handgrips give you a comfortable workout no matter how long you exercise. # 4-3000035

Vision Elliptical X1500

Comfortable and space-efficient are two terms used to describe the X1500. An 18-inch stride length, pivoting footplates, three-inch pedal spacing and ergonomic handlebars are our secrets to user comfort. The 57”L x 26”W footprint will take up less space in your home than comparable elliptical trainers. The Quiet-Glide™ drive system and ECB magnetic resistance system make this machine especially smooth and quiet. # 4-3000027 5% off all purchases ordered and paid for on-line.


Pin Loaded Stations - Lower Body

• Fully adjustable back rest provides correct body positioning and alignment through the knees. • Fully adjustable rotating shin roller eliminates discomfort of the shins. • Cam profile optimizes the muscle strength curve.

MF Leg Press

The gravity – neutral design of the carriage negates the effect of the body weight so the user exercises only against the selected stack weight. This feature in conjunction with a fully adjustable range of motion ensures this station is ideally suited for rehabilitation programs as well as high level training. # 4-5000011

MF Seated Leg Curl

Curl provides an excellent Hamstring workout in a comfortable seated position. The thigh pad easily adjusts into position while the angled seat and side handles provide excellent stabilization. # 4-5000013

MF Abductor / Adductor

maximises efficiency by accommodating a direct workout for two opposing muscle groups in one compact unit. Easily adjustable for both hip adduction (inner thigh) and hip abduction (outer thigh) exercises. The back rest is fully adjustable allowing alternate torso positioning, optimising muscle recruitment. # 4-5000012

MF Total Hip

The Platinum Total Hip is a multi exercise station that accommodates hip adduction (inner thigh), hip abduction (outer thigh), hip flexion and extension exercises in one space efficient unit. Large comfortable rotating roller, wide grip handle bars and large foot platform accommodates all users. # 4-5000014

MF Leg Extention

Targets the quadriceps; the cam profile follows the natural strength curve promoting greater strength development and muscle definition. The angled seat and handle provide excellent stabilization while the fully adjustable ROM mechanism ensures this unit is ideally suited to rehabilitation programs # 4-50000123

MF Lower Back

Full range of motion and maximizes results with the use of the cam profile that better follows the true strength curve of the targeted muscles. Excellent lower body stabilization with a rotating back pad which adds to comfort by automatically responding to any hip misalignment. # 4-5000015

AltoLab AltoLab is a small breathing device that lowers oxygen content in your body to what you’d experience at high altitude for only a few minutes at a time. By repeating these short intervals of reduced oxygen your body quickly adapts to this simulated high altitude giving you increased endurance and stamina. Improves • anaerobic capacity & endurance at high exertion • lactate clearance • Up to 15% increase in O2 carrying capacity & efficiency, Increases • Lactate Threshold = measure of fitness • VO2 max, amount of O2 body can hold, more power, more endurance • mitochondria in muscle cells to provide more efficient energy conversion • muscle capillaries to improve O2 delivery • EPO in blood (naturally & legally!) • hematocrit and hemoglobin levels • red blood cell count, thus more O2 to muscles & better performance • blood volume, thus more blood pumped per heartbeat & better performance and less fatigue # 4-4000179

Access Health Ph:1300 65 95 40 Fax: 1300 65 95 32 Email:

Pin Loaded Stations - Upper Body MF D/A Lat Pulldown

Features dual diverging axis, creating a safe natural, hands stretched upward together and pulling down towards the shoulders motion. Multiple hand grip positions # 4-5000016

MF Vertical Chest Press

Offers a path of motion experienced when training with dumbells in safety and with the convenience of a pin select weight stack. Foot assist lever makes it possible for the user to safely adjust their starting position. # 4-5000017

MF Incline Press

Press targets the development of the upper chest and shoulders. Overhead pivots create a safe natural arc of movement simulating the biomechanics of dumbbell training # 4-5000019

MF Pec Deck

The Platinum Pec Deck is a well refined strength training station. Featuring multiple starting positions, this station delivers highly defined biomechanics, isolating the Pectoral group of muscles for greater muscle definition. Results. # 4-5000020

MF Lat pull down

MF Multi-Chest Press

Traditional strength training, Fully adjustable thigh pads accommodate various users and offers excellent stability.weight stack.

Versatile space saving multi-purpose station that delivers all chest presses in one cost efficient unit. Simply adjusts for Chest, Incline and Shoulder Press exercises. At home in any gym and perfectly suited when space is at a premium.

# 4-5000022


MF Supported Row

Fatures multiple grip choices adding training variety emphasizing the intensity on the lats and rear deltoids promoting greater definition. Dual diverging axis creates a safe natural arc of movement simulating the biomechanics of dumbbell training. # 4-5000018

MF Shoulder Press

Designed to challenge the Deltoid group of muscles. Strategically positioned hand grips help the user to train at higher levels in comfort while eliminating the risks of injury # 4-5000021

MF Lateral Pull Down Cable Row

The Platinum Lat Pulldown / Cable Row is a neat space saving dual purpose station combining two traditional standards. # 4-5000024

# 4-5000023 5% off all purchases ordered and paid for on-line.

Rehabilitation Products  

Treadmills, Bikes, APT, CPM, Corner Stairs, Walking Rails, Gyms, Traction, Balance

Rehabilitation Products  

Treadmills, Bikes, APT, CPM, Corner Stairs, Walking Rails, Gyms, Traction, Balance