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Convenient, Compact and Versatile Smartphone Holder


he GoSmart Clip is designed to hold your iPhone or smartphone so that your hands are free. It is compact and portable, making it ideal for travelers, multi-tasking parents and drivers who depend on their mobile phones and who are always on the go. Take it with you while traveling and use the GPS apps in rental cars or the built in speakers to talk hands free. You can secure it to your backpack, suitcase, or shoulder bag and watch a video while you are waiting at the airport. Fasten it to a cardio machine and listen to your music while working out Keep your phone off

the sand by strapping it to a b e a c h umbrella. Attach it to the strap or handle of your purse or shoulder bag for easy access to your cell phone. T h e GoSmart Clip is a simple solution to a common modern day problem. The GoSmart Clip fits most smartphones on the market today. Check out for full product descriptions, details and videos.



et ready to raise the roof with your RockBoom Cassette Speaker. No one will guess that such delectably small packaging can pump out so much volume. You’ll be amazed by the crispness and clarity of purse sound that will be turning all the heads in your direction. This retro portable speaker is decked out in a stylish design and warning... it may cause others to stare. Small enough to fit in the palm of your hand but loud enough to get the party started. Connect to any listening device with a standard 3.5 mm stero jack. Built in rechargeable battery. Up to 2 hours of distortion free sound. Stereo cable and USB cable included. chicbuds Keychain Speaker is also for basically any listening device. This small accessory has a big sound with a 2 watt amplified speaker that gives out four hours of quality sound. With the built-in rechargeable battery, you just plug them into your computer to charge and you’re ready to go! Attach to your MP3, iPod, iPhone, CD Player, DVD Player, Laptop... and play. Connects to any device with a standard 3.5mm stereo jack. Clarity, incredible volume and clear distortion-free sound. Visit for more information.

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