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PetLit for your Nighttime Pet’s Walk


he Nite Ize PetLit LED Collar Light is a specially designed, batterypowered LED that you can clip securely to your pet’s collar, keeping him or her stylish and visible at all hours of the day and night. Made of durable, plastic, with a playful paw or jewel crystal, its bright light is easy to activate with a simple twist. It’s a fun, yet reliable way to keep your furry friend safe and visible when you’re out hiking, camping, running, walking, or playing in the park—and all other early morning or late evening romps. PetLit is available in bright White LED illumination, in two fun designs – paw or jewel. Compact, convenient illumination has a battery run time of 24 Hours. It includes an easily replaceable battery – CR 927 3V Lithium. PetLit is weather resistant with a secure clip, which is easy to attach and remove from the D-Ring of a pet’s collar. Twist on/off. It’s 1.8” x 1” x .7”. For more information, visit

Keep Your Pets Warm with Pet-ZZZ-Pad


hey may have built in fur coats, but our little 4-legged friends get chilly in the winter (or from high air-conditioning in the summer) just like we do. Some of us have the luxury of an electric blanket to snuggle into on a cold night. How about our little furry friends? The normal body temperature of cats and dogs is actually 102°. Vets recommend that a pet’s bed be warmed to 102° to keep them warm during cooler months. The new Pet-zzz-pad is the answer to your pet’s ultimate comfort. It heats up to the recommended 102°. It also molds to your pet’s body and cuddles them in warmth. The pad activates with your pet’s weight and fits any size pet bed with a regular 12-inch pad for small to medium pets, and a large 16inch for medium to large pets. The regular size comes with a cozy fleece machin-washable cover.When they get up off the bed, the pad turns off too so you don’t have to worry about it being on all the time. You also don’t have to keep your home heat turned up all day while you’re at work. It might even help keep your pet off your bed for a more restful night’s sleep. According to Christopher Hallihan, DVM, Managing Partner at Animal Care Center in NJ, “You’ll often notice dogs with muscle or joint pain seeking out sun spots. It’s perfect for dogs that shiver, as well as puppies and kittens that need extra warmth.” For more information, visit

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