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RIP.TIED. March 16 - April 1.

By Local Playwright Aleshea Harris. A post-hurricane Southern town. Family ties and gripping fears. Tests of love and questions of ever-present Ancestors. And nearly 3,000 gallons of water on stage. Local playwright Aleshea Harris’s play with music, Rip.Tied., embodies all of this and so much more, and will open on March 16 at freeFall Theatre and run through April 1. Rip.Tied. is the story of a family’s quest for reclamation. Siblings Donis and Viola Masterson struggle with the aftermath of a hurricane, and although the floodwaters are rising, the pair are bound to their crooked house by Donis’ fear of water and Viola’s reluctance to abandon the family home. When James, a family friend, arrives to urge their immediate departure, old

lyrical epistolary play, Lark Eden. She will feature the talents of some of the Tampa Bay area’s top actresses: Roxanne Fay, Julie Rowe and Bonnie Agan. Tracing the lives and life-long friendships of three Southern women beginning in the Depression era and continuing through the early years of the new century, Lark Eden offers a poetic exploration of the ties that bind

wounds complicate matters. Add to this the presence of Ancestors (who can be heard but are unseen by the living) and things grow to catastrophic heights both emotionally and physically. Harris’s piece considers a history that is both cyclic and collective: in the play, history repeats itself, past occurrences inform the present, and ancient trauma necessitates modern transcendence. Inspired by numerous African folk tales used to explain the disappearance of runaway slaves as literally flying away to freedom, this play explores family, legend, and the value of self-determination.

LARK EDEN March 25, 28.

freeFall Theatre is presenting local author Natalie Symons’ touching and

lives together as tightly as family, and as surely as love. From frog catching girls with skinned knees to world wizened grandmothers, Lark Eden follows these three lives through personal trials and victories no less daunting than the historical tribulations that provide the backdrop to these everyday American lives. or call (727) 498-5205.

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