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All-In-One Nap Solution


y NapPak is the brainchild of Beth Clampitt of Dallas, Texas, who, one day realized when she picked her 18month old son up from daycare, that he was stuck to the mat from sweating and the blanket that he was using was twisted around his legs. The nap time mat provided for children to lie on in a majority of preschools is covered with a plastic surface which makes it easily sanitized but not very user friendly for the child who is lying on it. Plastic is hot, nonabsorbent and not at all snuggly. After searching unsuccessfully for satisfactory bedding, and realizing there was a need for it, she decided to create a product herself. My NapPak is an all-in-one product with pillow, comforter and fleece blanket, which is comfortable, durable enough to handle weekly washings and keeps the child from direct contact with a mat that another child has used. Parents and schools responded enthusiastically to her design. My NapPak is versatile enough to use for a variety of situations – school and day-care, traveling and sleeping over at grandparents. My NapPak has several colorful, whimsical patterns, all


of which are very appealing to children — Play Ball, Noah’s Ark, Lil’ Princess, and the newest additions, Under the Sea and Cowboys & indians. “Under the Sea” has tiny mermaids and fish in a blue sea with a lemon-yellow cover blanket trimmed in bright pink; “Cowboys and Indians” has a pattern of young braves, decked out cowboys all patch worked onto a sky-blue bandana background; the accompanying blanket has a pattern of brown and white cowhide trimmed out with a contrasting red. My NapPak will also monogram the blanket, and what child doesn’t like to see their name on their favorite blankee? For more information, visit

Be Seen, Be Safe!

Fun Product Line


naplite is designed to keep moms and babies safe outdoors by making them highly visible to vehicles. The snap-on design quickly and easily attaches the safety light to most strollers, infant carriers, ride-on toys, bikes or trailers at any position with no tools required. Unlike the traditional bike lights with nuts and bolts clamp mounting system, Snaplite’s smooth silicon strap ensures your expensive gear remains scratch-free and installs in only 3 seconds. Snaplite is weatherproof, and the signal is visible for up to one mile. The light has three functions: Random flash, steady flash, and steady beam. Snaplite available photos by

nyone can have a “whoops” moment, and an Australian couple, Maude and Brian Humphris, have created some fun characters and creative products that try to minimize a whoops. Meet Whoops Bunny, a character that will appeal to all ages with clever little stories for the products. The products are functional, but at the same time have a feel-good factor. Whenever possible, products are environmentally friendly, and are packaged with recyclable material. The full product line ranges from paper products, to clothing, to accessories, and more. The Munchin’ Hand Set is a 5-piece melamine set that won’t smash if dropped. It comes complete with a hand patterned bowl, plate, cup, spoon and fork, and is dishwasher safe. The Rainy-Play Rain Coat is lined in cotton and polyester, and delightfully vibrant and multi-colored. Pair with coordinating rain boots and splash away. For more information and

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