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Dear Friends, We know autumn and the holidays are a very busy time for all of us. But they’re also a time to reconnect with the people we care about. Whether it’s at a family gathering or a holiday party, take the time to catch up with those you love. After all, time is the most valuable gift we have to give. If you are planning to attend a holiday party or two, be sure to check out this issue’s Food & Wine article. We’ve gathered the top 10 hostess gifts this season. There are five under $100 and five under $25, so there’s something fun and unique for every budget. Our team has once again assembled a fantastic fashion section with some great looks for men and women. We’ve tried to give you some suggestions for jewelry pairings, including some alternate looks. And we’re featuring lots of fun new items we found at the major jewelry shows in Basel, Switzerland, Las Vegas and New York this year. If you or someone you know is getting married or celebrating a big anniversary soon, be sure to check out the special Bridal Section in this issue. There is a lot of beautiful jewelry, plus suggestions on other things to make your big day even more special. On a local note, we’re featuring the American Cancer Society’s Rib Crib Golf Invitational. Also, check out the article on our very own Marvin McClellan. All this and more is waiting for you in the following pages. We really hope you enjoy this issue of Accent as much as we enjoyed putting it together. We always love to hear your feedback, so contact us through our website or find us on Facebook. Have a wonderful holiday season. We hope to see you soon.

Bruce G. Weber, Founder

Michelle Holdgrafer, Store Director

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What is something on your bucket list you accomplished recently, or something you’d like to accomplish soon? Last summer, we rode the Tail of the Dragon. This stretch of road skirts Tennessee’s Great Smoky Mountain National Park and crosses into North Carolina. The two-lane road encompasses 318 curves in an 11 mile stretch. Someday, we would like to ride to the top of Pikes Peak. This is one of 53 of Colorado’s 14,000 feet mountains. 

How long have you been with Bruce G. Weber Precious Jewels? I started working part time on Saturdays and during special events 23 years ago. Shortly after we moved to our current location in April 2001, I retired from the Sheriff’s Department and began working here full time. Where are you from originally? I was born and raised in Enid, Oklahoma. What’s your favorite part of your job and why? My favorite part is meeting our customers and seeing the expressions on their faces when they find something they really like! What job would you do if you could do anything at all? I would like a job that involves traveling. What are you passionate about? My family. Without a family to enjoy spending time with, life would be meaningless. And, of course, motorcycles. What do you admire in other people and why? Their honesty; it brings out their true colors. What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever received or the best lesson you’ve ever learned? If life gives you lemons, make lemonade. And I have had my share of lemonade! Who has been the biggest influence in your life and how did they influence you? My mother. My dad died when I was young and my mom was instrumental in raising all five of us. What do your friends depend on you for, mostly, and why? My word. When friends ask me to help with anything I am always there for them. What do you do to wind down? I get on my Gold Wing trike and take a long ride. What makes you smile? My grandchildren. I get to spoil them and then send them home to their parents! Describe your perfect day. Sleep in, have a good breakfast and go for a long motorcycle ride with my buddies. If someone wrote your biography, what would the title be? It’s Been a Great Ride. Name your top three favorite movies of all time. Rio Bravo, Ocean’s Eleven and The Italian Job. What kind of food do you crave most often? I like Mexican food. Beef fajatas and enchiladas are on the top of the list. If your pets could talk, what would they say to you? Our pug, Trixie, would ask me to make a place for her to ride on our trike.



A Real Gem

Bruce Weber joins the National Jeweler Retailer Hall of Fame.


e are proud to announce that our very own Bruce Weber was inducted into the National Jeweler Retailer Hall of Fame on June 2, 2012. A ceremony at the Wynn in Las Vegas honored Weber and two other members of the jewelry business during their visit for the Couture jewelry show. Candidates were selected for their exceptional service to the industry and their jewelry retailing experience. Bruce Weber’s experience spans decades and, at 82, he’s still working. Weber cited two secrets of the trade that have helped him in his career: making connections and merchandising. Developing relationships and introducing new brands to a community have been catalysts for Weber’s success. He helped introduce Penny Preville, Rolex and many other brands to the Tulsa area.


Bruce appreciates the continued support of the community. “I’m truly thankful for the loyalty of our customers,” he says. Weber is also appreciative of the team that has kept his passion for the industry alive. Michelle Holdgrafer, Store Director, has been with the store for 15 years, and Byron Gaines has worked with Bruce since 1987. Both have been very influential in the success of Bruce G. Weber Precious Jewels. Weber’s hard work and dedication to his customers have helped create one of the most highly regarded jewelry stores in the industry: Bruce G. Weber Precious Jewels. And for his achievements, he is now among nearly 70 other respected jewelry retailers as a member of the National Jeweler Retailer Hall of Fame. 


There is nothing quite like beautiful jewelry in an equally beautiful setting. We were very pleased to welcome Italian jewelry designer Marco Bicego to the Philbrook Museum of Art in May. Customers and fans of Bicego’s jewelry gathered for an evening of browsing—and trying on—his exquisite creations. Bicego charmed the crowd and made sure to custom engrave each piece that was purchased that evening.




Brilliant from five tables away.

1700 Utica Square, Tulsa, Oklahoma 74114

(918) 749-1700

ACCENT(ADVISOR) OVER THE YEARS, MY HUSBAND HAS GIVEN ME MANY SMALL AND DELICATE PENDANTS THAT I SOMETIMES WEAR TO MAKE HIM HAPPY, BUT DON’T REALLY LOVE. ANY IDEAS? How about buying a beautiful gold link chain and creating a charm bracelet or necklace? Or combining a few of the smaller pendants into a more significant piece? Bring them into the store and we’ll be happy to work with you on designing something truly special that you’ll wear with pride and that you BOTH will love.

Yes! The intrinsic value of precious metal is always a good investment, particularly in a precarious economy. In fact, a gold ring purchased 25 years ago is worth at least 10 times as much today. Gold is indestructible: it does not corrode or tarnish; all the gold that has ever been mined still exists. In addition, jewelry designers today are creating more spectacular works in gold than ever before. Next time you visit us, we’ll show you some truly irresistible investments—both financial and emotional!

I OFTEN HEAR TALK ABOUT “LAYERING” JEWELRY. BUT ISN’T ONE GREAT PIECE MORE IMPACTFUL THAN MANY LESSER PIECES? Depending on the outfit, one great piece is often the most dramatic way to wear jewelry, but mixing pieces (layering) is another good option, an expressive way to create looks that are more personal and uniquely you. And these days, there are few rules. Yellow, white and rose gold can be combined in a single piece or worn at the same time in separate pieces. Modern and Deco-inspired styles can work hand in hand; colored gemstones can be mixed and matched according to your tastes, your personality, your mood of the moment. (Contrast colors are very “in” this season.) Spend some time experimenting with creative combinations and see what moves you. Often, an old piece worn differently can become a new favorite!


DO I NEED TO BUY MY WATCH FROM AN AUTHORIZED DEALER? Absolutely yes! Unfortunately, today there are plenty of decent-seeming knockoffs available on the internet and even in stores. Unless your dealer is authorized, you can never be sure what you’re buying, so when the time comes for repairs or your watch requires a replacement part, you could be out of luck. Why jeopardize your investment in such an important item, which is often not just a timepiece, but a treasured heirloom?




American Cancer Society Rib Crib Golf Invitational


magine hearing that dreaded word from your doctor: Cancer. Unfortunately, there's a strong chance that every one of us will have a friend or family member that is affected by this terrible disease as more than 1.6 million patients in America will be detected with cancer next year, according to recent estimates. While that number might sound alarmingly high, compared to just over 20 years ago, hearing the “c word” was almost always death sentence. Cancer death rates in America had not yet begun to decline and many kinds of cancer were untreatable. The good news is that things have changed for the better, thanks in part to the research and work done by the American Cancer Society; they have contributed to a 15 percent decrease in the overall cancer death rate between the early 1990s and 2005. That means that they have helped avoid about

650,000 cancer deaths and created the potential for more birthday celebrations. Overall, 11 million cancer survivors in America will celebrate a birthday this year. Now, when patients hear that dreadful diagnosis, more and more of them are told: "We can beat this." In addition to research, ACS also supports patients and families with many different services. "Last year, we were able to serve more than 5,200 cancer patients in our Oklahoma region. Services included: transportation, information, wigs, lodging, support programs and summer camps for children with cancer," says Maranda Figueroa, community manager for the American Cancer Society. “Our patient service programs and services guide individuals and families through a cancer diagnosis and toward recovery.” As the largest private source of cancer research funding, they help reveal the causes of cancer, determine how to prevent it and discover new ways to


cure it. Currently, ACS is funding two cancer research grants at the University of Oklahoma Health Science Center totaling more than $1.4 million. Rib Crib and Bruce G. Weber have also teamed up in the fight against cancer! The Rib Crib Golf Invitational was established in 2002 to provide an exceptional day of golf with plenty of fun and amazing food, but most importantly to raise funds for the American Cancer Society. This year, Rib Crib celebrated its 10th year on the golf course and raised $60,000 for cancer research and the early detection of cancer. “As so many of us have lost loved ones to cancer, we feel especially obligated to do what we can to raise funds in support of the American Cancer Society,” says Bret Chandler, CEO, Rib Crib BBQ. Presented by F & M Bank and Trust Company, the scramble tournament brings in about 140 golfers each year. Participants are treated to two all-you-can-eat Rib Crib BBQ luncheons on the course. There is a live and silent auction with amazing items and the Bruce G. Weber Raffle. This year it included an Ippolita diamond bracelet donated by Bruce G. Weber. 


The three-stone anniversary ring from Bruce G. Weber Precious Jewels.

1700 Utica Square, Tulsa, Oklahoma 74114

(918) 749-1700


Standout Style





roof positive that socialite and reality TV personality Olivia Palermo deserves her reputation as a trendsetter. At Fabergé’s party in the Loft & Garden atop Rockefeller Center, her outfit was simple but stylish, featuring subtle nautical details perfectly

complemented by a large link necklace, pretty bangles and statement-making cocktail ring. In a classic tuxedo and Audemars Piguet Royal Oak timepiece, Adrien Brody looks every bit the consummate gentleman. Over 150 guests joined the Academy Award-winning actor at a black tie gala in Milan to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the iconic watch design. On the rooftop of New York City’s STK, Maria Menounos brought star power to the launch




RED CARPET party for dating site Her stack of mixed-material bracelets was right on trend, while her dainty and delicate white gold necklace flashed a subtle show of sparkle to those lucky enough to get close. Golden goddess Frida Pinto (with boyfriend Dev Patel at the world premiere of her film Black Gold in Qatar) chose bold bangles to play up the braided trim on her ethereal gown. The result: a look that’s both flowing and glowing.





As a juror at the 2012 Cannes Film Festival, Diane Kruger was expected to walk every red carpet...and she didn’t disappoint. This heavenly sheath was just one of many wow-worthy ensembles she chose. In order to let floral appliqués and feathers take the spotlight, Kruger accessorized simply with a sparkly clutch and vintage Jaeger-LeCoultre timepiece. In a white hot curve-hugging dress and jewelry inspired by Princesse Grace de Monaco, actress Jessica Alba looked like royalty at a party hosted by Montblanc in Beijing.



When and why did David Yurman enter the timepiece business? We entered the business in 1994 with the introduction of the Cable collection, a bracelet that ticks. In 2000 we launched the Thoroughbred collection, our first traditional watches, addressing what we saw as a void in the market. No one was doing iconic timepieces rooted in the tradition of fine Swiss watchmaking, but with an American design sensibility. Is that what makes Yurman watches so special? Yes. David Yurman is America’s only fine timepiece designer and to us, that in itself is special. The Yurman brand has always been inspired by American art and design and our timepiece collections adhere to this aesthetic. Each watch is treated like a piece of art, reflecting David Yurman’s casual sense of luxury and high standards of precision. At the heart of our timepieces is our commitment to quality, design and innovation. From the Classic Ancestrale to the Revolution collection, each watch combines the precision of Swiss movements and manufacturing with sophisticated American design. Tell us about your passion for classic cars and motorsports, and the launch of Shelby Revolution? Cars have always been a passion of mine. I enjoy the mechanical nature of cars. They’re a lot like timepieces in that way—thousands of machined parts coming together to create one cohesive mechanical movement. The Shelby Revolution watch collection came about because Shelby is an iconic American brand and I wanted to celebrate their achievements and the mark they’ve left on American design.



What are your best-selling watch styles at the moment? The new Revolution collection has had an incredible response, both the automatic and the chronograph. We offer it in a number of variations, including a beautiful rose gold case. The Shelby, which is a limited edition within the Revolution collection, is extremely popular and is mostly reserved on pre-order. What’s your personal favorite watch these days and why? Recently, I’ve been wearing a steel chronograph Revolution with a bracelet. It has a beautiful, clean aesthetic and I like the heft and feel of it. Plus it’s a sport watch, so I also appreciate its ruggedness.

“I enjoy the mechanical nature of cars. They’re a lot like timepieces: thousands of machined parts coming together to create one cohesive mechanical movement.” –Evan Yurman, Director of Design, Men’s and Timepieces, David Yurman



And your personal favorite car? There are so many beautiful cars out there that it’s difficult to pick one, but my favorite genre is certainly American muscle. There’s an elegant simplicity to American muscle cars, both vintage and modern, that I find appealing. It’s that simple design that makes it so easy for owners to customize and improve them, and essentially express their own personalities.

Christopher Designs



Generic Round 58 Facet

Crisscut 速 Round 121 Facet

Generic Emerald 46 Facet

Crisscut 速 Emerald 77 Facet

Generic Cushion 58 Facet

Crisscut 速 Cushion 77 Facet


Nicole Kidman wears Deco-inspired earrings



rom fashion to jewelry, Art Deco is currently the leading style inspiration. “And come this spring and summer, it will get stronger, then even bigger by fall/winter 2013,” says Ellen Sideri, CEO of ESP Trendlab in New York City, which tracks fashion trends and cultural patterns. Interestingly, the real excitement isn’t about original vintage jewelry and fashion, but rather contemporary styles inspired by that roarin’ era of the 1920s and ’30s. It’s more “Deco redefined.” Each in its own signature style, luxury brands are creating modern collections based on design elements that defined the Deco movement: streamlined shapes, a strong color palette, graphic patterns, geometric stone cuts, linear symmetry, elongated silhouettes and ancient Egyptian and Aztec forms.

designer after another using the 1920s (and the 1910s) as their muse.” For his fall/winter haute couture collection, Jean Paul Gaultier has embraced the period in a big way, with highly graphic gold metal cage designs pieced into dresses and jackets, as well as softer glam flapper looks. And Alexander McQueen’s 2013 resort collection spectacularly marries Art Deco with inspirations from the linear work of the legendary Gustav Klimt. Amanda Gizzi, director of communications for the Jewelry Information Center in New York, explains: “As our country has been coming out of difficult economic times, more and more customers are asking for jewelry that isn’t cookie-cutter. And these modern pieces, which are influenced by Deco but a bit edgier, are perfectly suited to what they want.”



Before we tell you what you should look for and how to wear it, let’s explore the big question of why Deco, why now? What brought on jewelry’s obsession with the brilliance of the Jazz Age? In spring 2013, The Great Gatsby remake hits theatres and, with A-lister Leonardo DiCaprio starring as Jay Gatsby, Art Deco designs will be very much in the spotlight. Added to that, in both ready-to-wear and couture for 2012/2013, Art Deco references ruled the runways. Sideri notes, “We’re seeing lots of beads, feathers, and embroidery—but elegant and luxurious—with one

To do New Deco, there are a few jewelry items you want on your wish list: TASSEL EARRINGS AND PENDANTS Swinging tassel earrings and


Above from left: Stephen Webster Cascade tassel earrings with blue sapphires and white diamonds in 18K white gold from the Forget Me Knot collection; Stephen Webster Forget Me Knot Cascade pendant in 18K white gold; Ivanka Trump black onyx pendant from the Gilded Cage collection in 18K gold



pendants were the perfect complements to high-hemline dresses, and today you’ll find lots of colorful versions in whatever gemstone you like. ROPES OF PEARLS If you already have a strand of opera-length pearls, think Clara Bow or Daisy Buchanan and drape them on! Then be sure to get another long rope of pearls to layer in; finish the look by knotting that second strand. The knotted pearl necklace is back! DANGLY COLORED-GEM DROPS “Deco earrings are always very desirable at auction,” says Ann Lange, senior vice president and director of jewelry for the prestigious auction house Doyle New York. “The linear hanging kind, because they’re simple yet they have strong design.”

DIAMOND CASCADE EARRINGS In the ’20s and ’30s, women often donned earrings made of cascading diamonds to add femininity to their newly invogue short bobbed haircuts. Back then, diamond chandeliers (as they’re now known) replaced ear clips, hair combs and hat pins.

BIG GEOMETRIC RINGS Rings were large and rectangular, and women often wore several on one hand. For evening, oversized emeralds and rubies played a strong role, in white or yellow metal. Contemporary Deco jewelry gives you lots of price options, with many brands even making Deco-style uber-rings with sterling silver and natural gemstones.

BANGLES AND BRACELETS When women started wearing sleeveless styles, bracelets became an important accessory. Bangles were clustered on their wrists or higher on the upper arms. As for flexible gemstone bracelets, Lange says, “Deco diamond bracelets are also very desirable at our auctions; the workmanship was exceptional.” DECO-THEME PIECES If you’re someone who likes to wear symbolic jewelry, there’s a lot of New Deco pieces inspired by the iconography of the ’20s and ’30s, skyscrapers like the Eiffel Tower and the Chrysler Building á la the era’s unique architectural movement. Or choose something unique with carvings or silhouettes of pyramids, obelisks, palm fronds and lotus flowers—motifs that often appeared in period pieces, influenced by the 1922 discovery of King Tut’s tomb.


especially emerald cuts. “In our Important Estate Jewelry auctions, the top three diamond cuts in original Art Deco are emerald, Asscher and cushion,” says Lange. “Emerald cuts are forever classics, and I’m seeing a lot of interest in contemporary jewelry with cushion cuts.” Step-cut shapes like trapezoids and half-moons are often seen as side stones in Deco designs, so this year and going forward, you’ll see them in the New Deco collections, too. Actress Sofia Vergara’s engagement ring, for example, features a cushion-cut center stone with a trapezoid diamond on either side. COLORS Deco jewelry tends to rely on bold gemstone colors, in contrast to the austerity of the Edwardian period that From Jean Paul preceded the Roaring ’20s. The most Gaultier’s Paris notable shades are black, green, red Haute Couture and blue, plus white, which, if done in collection fall/winter 2012 enamel, for example, can impart a distinctive boldness. Black: Onyx was perhaps the most widely used black gemstone during the 1920s and ’30s, so some New Deco pieces incorporate it, too. But they more often feature black diamonds, black sapphires and black opals. Green: “Carved jade was [used] in a lot of vintage Deco,” notes Lange, so modern jewelry artisans are favoring this green variety as well. But emeralds and agates are two other green favorites. This year, in fact, emeralds are so hot in fashion that it may even be difficult for May-born women (whose birthstone is emerald) to get their hands on it! Red: Rubies, ruby-red enamels and deep red corals top the list of must-have New Deco reds, but especially ruby, as Lange notes, “because there were a lot of Burma rubies in original Art Deco jewelry.” Gizzi adds, “Since this movement started to grow, I’ve seen a lot more dark-red corals in jewelry—something I hadn’t seen in a long time.” Blue: Look for primary-color blue gems, like lapis-lazuli and sapphire, but also cobalt blue alternative materials like enamel, resin and ceramic. A wealth of lapis jewelry was found in King Tut’s tomb, a key reason the blue gem became an important influence on jewelry of the period. White: Rock crystal, white pearls and white diamonds top New Deco’s white stone list. “Certainly, rock crystal was used a lot in Art Deco—it was very prized then and it is now, too,” says Lange. “There were also lots of natural pearls back then.” Consider, too, some of the New Deco pieces that mix black Tahitian pearls with white metal, as the black-and-white color scheme was a key color combination then and now.

CUTS With the exception of tiny beads used for tassels, reminiscent of renowned Deco jewelers like Jean Fouquet, the geometric bent of Art Deco jewelry design is typically achieved by incorporating angular stones,


Above: Gurhan Lotus collection necklace; Lagos ring

Signature Collection

Rock Tradition.



ver the decades, numerous Hollywood film stars have been bitten by the racing bug. There may be some profound reasons for this, or it may simply be that famous actors are accustomed to glamour and attention. When filming is over, the thirst for the excitement, danger and competition kicks in. (Or as Paul Newman once put it, “There’s no acting needed when driving; it’s just you and the machine.”) The connection between film stars and motor racing dates back to the turn of the 20th century, when Barney Oldfield became the first man to travel at one mile per minute. His fame as a racecar driver led to film stardom in the first half of that century. A significant number of racing films were made during that time, but the greatest of all was John Frankenheimer’s 1966 film Grand Prix starring James Garner. Garner went on to form a successful racing organization called American International Racers (AIR); when filming was completed, his cars raced with considerable success at Le Mans, Daytona, Sebring and other famous race circuits around the world. Steve McQueen’s film Le Mans may not have been a critic’s choice for best drama, but the racing action was brilliant, and his reputation as an accomplished racecar driver and motorcycle racer subsequently grew. Paul Newman filmed Winning around the same time; while it also lacked dramatic quality, the racing scenes


filmed at the Indianapolis 500 brought viewers to the edge of their seats. Newman’s racing was legendary, and at the age of 80 he was even part of a winning team at the Rolex 24 at Daytona. James Dean, James Coburn and Tom Cruise also enjoyed motor racing, earning respect in the amateur ranks of the sport. But today it’s Patrick Dempsey who charms race fans on and off the track. His dedication to the sport is unparalleled as a driver, team owner and ambassador for motor racing. Actors may not appreciate equal billing on film credits, but at a race circuit, they overwhelmingly acknowledge the team effort, giving much credit to their crews, their sponsors and their cars. Famous names like Ferrari, Porsche, Aston Martin, Lotus, Corvette, BMW and others have loyal fans of their own. In certain cases, the driver and the car are even upstaged by the race circuit. Just hearing names like Daytona, Sebring, Le Mans, Monaco, Spa-Francorchamps and Monza brings intense emotion to motor racing enthusiasts. And just as actors aspire to win an Academy Award, racecar drivers dream of winning a series championship. In 2012, endurance road racing in America celebrated two remarkable anniversaries: The Rolex 24 at Daytona marked its 50th and Sebring its 60th. Both venues have earned a unique place in the history of international motorsports—stars in their own right. Above: Patrick Dempsey enjoys a day at the races.



T H E O R I G I N ATO R O F C U LT U R E D P E A R L S . S I N C E 1 8 9 3 .

Mother’s jewelry that’s as unique as her love for her children.

1700 Utica Square, Tulsa, Oklahoma 74114

(918) 749-1700



Fashion that moves your soul and sings your style.

On Her: Sweater - One Teaspoon Pants - Bishop Shoes - Shutz from Repertoire On Him: See Inside



Little Red Corvette Nothing says show me the dance floor quite like the LRD (little red dress). An unexpected element would be a powerful necklace in an equally strong color, such as this Stephen Webster pendant in sugalite. This look doesn't need much more to scream "I wanna dance with somebody!" Dress - Dolce Vita


Marco Bicego 18K Yellow Gold and Sapphire Siviglia Earrings $1,580

Roberto Coin Fantasia Cocktail Ring with Rutilated Onyx Doublet and Diamonds $6,000; Roberto Coin Fantasia Cocktail Ring with Rutilated Smoky Quartz Doublet and Diamonds $6,000

Charles Krypell Medallion Pendant $5,840; Marco Bicego 18K Yellow Gold Sapphire Necklace $4,820; David Yurman 18K Yellow Gold Oval Link Chain Necklace $5,600; David Yurman 18K Yellow Gold and Diamond Lantana Necklace $7,300; David Yurman 18K Yellow Gold Infinity Station Necklace $4,200; David Yurman 18K Yellow Gold Quatrefoil Station Necklace $4,950

18K Yellow Gold 3-Row Multi-Color Tourmaline Bracelet $26,140

Alternate Pairings Warm up this look with gold and earth tones paired with color. The neckline on this dress is perfect for stacked necklaces that create texture and shimmer.

David Yurman Ladies 18K Rose Gold Classic Watch $35,000

18K Yellow Gold Diamond Hoop Earrings $8,580



Crimson & Clover

If you are in the mood to feel cozy while still looking fashionable, look no further than this incredibly stylish sweater jacket from Iro. By pairing it with a simple tonal top and muted crimson denim, it allows you to create a little more noise with the jewelry.

Gentlemen, if you want to make a fashion statement this season, invest in a pair of crimson pants. Balance the look with a dark navy jacket and try adding a tonal plaid bow tie. Don't forget an important statement piece like a bold watch or bracelet to polish off this look.


18K Yellow Gold Rhodonite Ring with Rutile Quartz Overlay and Diamonds $5,280; Sterling Silver with Black Rhodium Finish Rhodonite Necklace with Rutile Quartz Overlay and Diamonds $2,057

David Yurman Sterling Silver Cable Coil Necklace with Diamonds $3,400

Alternate Pairings For Her: We love the texture of this Yurman necklace, which complements the texture of the sweater jacket. The Rhodonite pieces pick up the color of the muted crimson pants. For Him: Gold is back! The warmth of rose gold pairs perfectly with the crimson pant and navy jacket.

Penny Preville 18K Yellow Gold Turquoise and Diamond Earrings $3,620

David Yurman Sterling Silver Dog Tag Necklace $460; Stephen Webster Sterling Silver and Black Onyx Bracelet $1,295 Rolex Gents 18K Rose Gold Cosmograph Daytona Watch $28,800

On Him: Shirt - D/D from Milkbar Pants - Penguin from Milk Bar Jacket - G-Star Raw from Brigade Bow Tie - ALP from Rowe Pocket Square - The Hillside from Brigade Shoes - H by Hudson from Repertoire

On Her: Jacket - Iro Shirt - Rory Beca Pants - Mother Shoes - Shutz from Repertoire



Where's The Party? Shimmy in style this season in an unexpected mix of black, cobalt and ivory; the strength of this color combination speaks volumes about your confident style. Allow the shiny top to stand alone by forgoing a necklace, stacking lots of bracelets and adding a bold colorful ring. Jacket - Greylin Top - Dolce Vita Pants - Mother


Di Modolo Sterling Silver Triadra Drop Earrings $275 14K White Gold Black Diamond Necklace $2,125; Sterling Silver Black Diamond Necklace, $2,749; 18K White Gold Black Diamond Necklace $2,345; Sterling Silver and 18K Yellow Gold Diamond and Geode Pendant $2,118

Black Ceramic Wide Domino Bracelet with 18K Rose Gold Diamond Pavé $4,178 White Ceramic Domino Ring with 18K Rose Gold Diamond Pavé $2,858 Black Ceramic Domino Ring with 18K Rose Gold Diamond Pavé $2,858

Alternate Pairings Ceramics offer a sleek tailored look to any outfit. Try pairing with diamonds or leather cords for a great contrast. 18K White Gold Diamond Pavé Mesh Bracelet $52,000 Bell & Ross Ladies Stainless Steel and Black Ceramic Aviation Watch $5,300

18K White Gold White Agate and Black and White Diamond Earrings $2,985



Smooth Criminal Strut your dangerous side in style this season by mixing leather, cashmere, feathers, silk and denim. Don't fear the desire to mix and match unexpected elements while topping it all off with minimal statement jewelry. Jacket - Rails Sweater - Jamison Top - For Love & Lemons Denim - NSF Hat - Lovely Bird


Ramblin' Man A comfortable look of a T-shirt, jeans and a flannel can be effortlessly pulled together just by adding a tailored cardigan and stylish jewelry. Cardigan - Reigning Champ from Brigade Shirt - G-Star Raw from Brigade Tee - Topman from Milk Bar Denim - Civilianaire from Milk Bar



Sterling Silver and 14K Yellow Gold Sapphire and Diamond Earrings $3,248

18K Yellow Gold and Green Amethyst Earrings $2,800

John Hardy Small Dragon Ring with Ruby, Cognac Quartz and Diamond PavĂŠ in Sterling Silver and 18K Gold $1,895

David Yurman Ladies Stainless Steel and Black Ceramic Classic Watch $5,600

It’s All In Fun There has never been a better time to have fun with your jewelry wardrobe by mixing in alternate materials and styles. From macrame to jade to shell, designers are utilizing varied materials to create jewelry in wide variety of price points.

Elizabeth Locke 19K Yellow Gold Venetian Glass Intaglio Bracelet $10,450

18K Yellow Gold Citrine, Black Jade and Diamond Fashion Ring $990 Assorted Macrame Bracelets Starting at $500


Sterling Silver with Rhodium Finish Labradorite and Diamond Earrings $2,420

Assorted Macrame Bracelets Starting at $500 David Yurman Sterling Silver Bijoux Necklace $1,200; David Yurman 18K Yellow Gold Diamond Station Necklace $3,900; David Yurman Blackened Sterling Silver and 18K Yellow Gold Bead Station Necklace $650; David Yurman 18K Yellow Gold Box Chain Necklace $4,450; Michael Bondanza 18K Yellow Gold Amber Station Necklace $3,450

18K Rose Gold White Shell and Brown Diamond Earrings $835 18K Rose Gold Brown Diamond PavĂŠ Stud Earrings $1,205

Cartier Tank Anglaise Mid-sized in Pink Gold and Steel $10,836



BĂŠsame Mucho Fashion is a delicate dance of superb clothing mixed with impeccable jewels. The lace detail of this basic black ensemble creates the perfect backdrop to showcase a glamorous emerald color story and stunning stones. Black Lace Romper - Dolce Vita


Alternate Pairings Yellow gold is back in a big way, and with a pop of color from turquoise, these pieces are perfect with this black romper look.

Sterling Silver and 14K Yellow Gold Sapphire and Diamond Earrings $5,008 Rolex Ladies 18K Yellow Gold Pearlmaster Watch $30,150

Elizabeth Locke 19K Yellow Gold Turquoise Earrings $4,550

Elizabeth Locke 19K Yellow Gold Volterra Link Necklace $16,100 Elizabeth Locke 19K Yellow Gold Turquoise Pendant $3,175

Marco Bicego 18K Yellow Gold Positano Link Bracelet $9,910


Ippolita 18K Yellow Gold Hematite Doublet and Diamond Lollipop Ring $3,295


Welcome to the Jungle Follow the peplum trend into the jungle this season with a leopard printed sweater in a neutral hue. Layer elegant strands of pearls mixed with diamonds to soften this dynamic look. Sweater - Dolce Vita Pants - James


Jumpin' Jack Flash The man about town is ready to go anywhere just by adding a bow tie in a quirky print to a casual jacket for an unexpected, stylish ensemble.

Shirt - Shipley & Halmos from Brigade Vest - Rag & Bone from Brigade Jacket - BLK DNM NYC from Brigade Pants - Topman from Milk Bar Bow tie - Rings & Algebra from Brigade


FASHION Marco Bicego 18K Yellow Gold and Sapphire Siviglia Earrings $3,310 18K Yellow Gold Green Amazonite Doublet and Diamond Fashion Ring $5,280

Let’s Get Serious When it’s time to find that special high-fashion piece for your next occasion, you can trust Bruce G. Weber Precious Jewels to have just what you need. From the traditional to the exotic, we have it all.

18K Rose Gold Turquoise, Amethyst and Diamond Ring $4,060; 18K Rose Gold Semi-Precious and Diamond Bracelet $4,060; 18K Yellow Gold Turquoise, White Agate and Diamond Ring $1,669

David Yurman Ladies Stainless Steel and 18K Rose Gold Classic Watch $4,800

18K White and Yellow Gold Emerald and Diamond Ring $77,190; 18K White Gold Sapphire and Diamond Ring $29,644; 18K White Gold Tanzanite and Diamond Ring $15,600


18K Rose Gold Pearl and Diamond Earrings $7,540

Roberto Coin 18K Rose Gold Moresque Diamond Ring $11,480 18K Rose Gold Amethyst and Diamond Fashion Ring $5,445 Charles Krypell 18K White Gold Diamond, Sapphire and Aquamarine Circle Pendant $13,790; Charles Krypell 18K White Gold Diamond, Pink Sapphire and Rubelite Pendant $9,990

Penny Preville 18K Yellow Gold Moonstone and Diamond Ring $3,113; Penny Preville 18K Yellow Gold Labradorite and Diamond Necklace $2,783

Rolex Ladies Stainless Steel and 18K Rose Gold Datejust Watch $14,800



Johnny B. Good

Jacket - G-Star Raw from Brigade Shirt - Topman from Milk Bar Vest - Topman from Milk Bar Pants - Topman from Milk Bar Shoes - H by Hudson from Repertoire

A relaxed jacket paired with a plaid shirt and jeans looks put together while still being comfortable. Try adding a skinny tie to give you the option of accessorizing a little more with a chic tie bar.


David Yurman Sterling Silver Classic Cable Money Clip $395; David Yurman Sterling Silver Waves Money Clip $595

John Hardy Sterling Silver and Stainless Steel Bedeg Necklace $375; David Yurman Sterling Silver Black Diamond Star Dog Tag Necklace $1,050; David Yurman Sterling Silver Onyx Chevron Dog Tag Necklace $550

Cartier Gents Stainless Steel Ballon Bleu Chronograph Watch $10,300

Alternate Pairings Men’s jewelry is extremely versatile, and the neutral color palette of the gray blazer and blue jeans leaves your options wide open. Lose the tie, open the collar and you can add some necklaces for even more options.

David Yurman Sterling Silver Royal Cord Onyx Cufflinks $850 David Yurman Sterling Silver Onyx Inlay Tie Bar $325; David Yurman Sterling Silver Pietersite Inlay Tie Bar $375

David Yurman Sterling Silver Maritime Link Bracelet $795; John Hardy Sterling Silver and Stainless Steel Lapis Bead Bracelet $695 Rolex Gents Stainless Steel Explorer Watch $6,550



Special thanks to: Clothing and accessories stylist Maren Roth of Rowe Boutique; photographer Kyle Widder; makeup and hair stylist Mikah Brown; models Shelby and Nicholas from Wings Model Management; our buying and marketing teams: Andy Johnson, Sara Kravetsky, Kimberly Lambert, Jackie Brooks, Nick Licata, Jen Walker, David Pollner, Laura Schmidbauer, Jesse Johnson and Alex Johnson. Clothing, shoes and accessories by Rowe Boutique, The Milk Bar, Brigade and Repertoire.


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ince engagement and wedding rings are choices you live with forever, it’s no wonder that current bridal ring trends reflect the individual style and personality of their wearers more than a strict tradition or a certain set of rules. In fact, non-traditional is the new trend! One has only to look to recent famous weddings and engagements for proof: think Angelina Jolie’s custom-designed engagement ring of graduated tablet-shaped diamonds, or the new Mrs. Mark Zuckerberg and Jessica Simpson, both showing off ruby engagement rings. Many of today’s rings are rooted in history. The giving of rings along with taking vows of marriage dates back to ancient times. The wedding band, fashioned into a circle, symbolizes never-ending immortal love, and

the finger it is worn on was thought to have a special vein connected directly to the heart. Both customs are said to have originated in Ancient Egypt. The forerunner to the modern-day engagement ring was the ancient Greeks’ betrothal rings. Early betrothal rings from the Middle Ages, called ‘‘posy’’ rings, were inscribed with poems and love notes. Engagement rings with diamonds were first given by royalty and nobles beginning in the 15th century, mixed with rubies in the 17th and 18th centuries, and had messages spelled out in colored stones in the 18th and 19th centuries. Today’s betrothed have all this history to mine, with the benefit of modernity found in unusual designs and wide range of metals, stones and shapes available.

In actuality, the halo has never really gone away, but it has been trending more strongly for the past few years, which aligns with the reigning popularity of round diamond cuts. The difference now is the variety of designs available, and the cuts and arrangement of the stones. Double halos with two rows of surrounding stones, three-stone rings (a descendent of the early 20th-century princess ring) incorporating halo diamonds, and the stilltrending-strong eternity wedding bands with halo diamonds are all turns on the halo’s road to success. A. Jaffe reports, ‘‘Styles with cushion shaped halos surrounding the center diamond, as well as a cushion cut diamond standing alone in the center setting, are very popular engagement rings. Matching halo earrings and pendants for the bride have also become increasingly popular.’’


Choosing diamonds that are sourced in an ethical manner is increasingly important among socially conscious brides. Without question, all the stones we sell in our store are responsibly sourced. Forevermark is among those that guarantee diamonds are carefully selected to meet “high standards of business, social and environmental integrity" (less than 1% of the world's diamonds are eligible to become a Forevermark diamond). Along with this heightened consciousness is the popularity of “recycling” diamonds: wearing vintage or heritage rings, family heirlooms which can be adapted and updated for a fresh look.


Color seems to be the biggest driver at retail today. It’s the big story for women’s and men’s fashion on the runways and in the stores. Today’s bride, to set herself apart, might even opt for color instead of traditional white for her wedding dress. And color is, of course, also a big trend in engagement rings. Beautiful colored diamonds and other colored gemstones are surging in popularity in no small part due to the Duchess of Cambridge’s (previously Princess Diana’s) gorgeous sapphire engagement ring.







Color Grade E

Clarity Grade VS1

Cut Grade


Laser Inscription Registry Number GIA 16354621

Natural Diamond Not Synthetic

A GIA report is certainty from the source. As creator of the 4Cs and the International Diamond Grading System™, GIA sets the standards for diamond assessment, worldwide. Unbiased. Scientific. A report from GIA gives you a clear understanding of your diamond’s quality. Look for GIA Diamond Grading Reports and the jewelers who offer them.


PRICELESS INSIGHT MICHELLE HOLDGRAFER knows jewelry from the inside, out.


hree things a jeweler can’t do without. Quality gems and jewelry. A personable and knowledgeable sales staff. Customer service that exceeds all expectations. How did you get into the business? My passion for jewelry led to a Fine Arts degree in Jewelry Design and a Graduate Gemologist degree. I honed my skills at a local jewelry store, which helped me further my career.

All-time favorite piece of jewelry? My diamond engagement ring. Being in the jewelry business, there was no way I was letting anyone surprise me! He came along, of course, but I got to choose the perfect setting and gem for me. To this day, I love it still! Most valuable lesson learned at work? Always treat your customers the way you want to be treated yourself. What should a customer always look for? A reputable and trustworthy jeweler with credentials to back them up. That’s where GIA comes in.

Why is a GIA report so important? GIA is an institute recognized worldwide as the first and foremost leader in grading gems. There is no higher standard. It is an unbiased independent source. That gem is what the report says that it is! Insider’s tip? Always shop for the real thing! A GIA report with any diamond provides absolute assurance. And remember, you get what you paid for. Best source for diamond know-how? Not only to explain what to look for in a diamond, it’s information jewelers use themselves.



According to recent stats, there are currently around 50,000 samesex marriages in the United States. This number will continue to grow, and many brands are tailoring their designs to appeal to the emerging market. Of course, since same-sex marriages are grounded in the same traditions as conventional marriages, many of these design trends cross over to the mainstream.


You can’t get much more non-traditional and unique than a twisted band engagement ring. It’s an individual statement with a modern spin that can quickly update the classic solitaire or take pavé in a new direction. In streamlined metal or an all-diamond band, it’s an attention grabber either way.

VINTAGE AND VINTAGE-LOOK ENGAGEMENT RINGS Some women in same-sex marriages are opting for customary engagement and wedding rings, but with more of a personal statement. Perhaps because of the sentimental value that they hold, vintage and vintage-look rings bring to mind the sentiments behind a marriage itself. (Christine Quinn, New York City’s City Council Speaker, married using her fiancée’s mother’s engagement ring.) Vintageinspired is also becoming a coveted look in new rings. Pavé-set diamonds, intricate hand engraving, filigree work and halos are all details reflecting this movement.




Wide diamond bands and channel rings—where the band can be any width with diamonds filling the “channel” in the center—are trending as wedding bands and, in some cases, can even serve as both the engagement and wedding ring. With the high-powered real estate it occupies on the finger, it’s a glamorous and practical all-in-one statement.


Using alternative metals and mixing metals are trends, and the unique options available have increased at an exponential rate. In both engagement rings and women’s wedding bands, there’s been a strong introduction of rose gold on its own or mixed with white gold, platinum or yellow gold. In men’s wedding bands, in addition to the classic yellow gold, white gold and platinum, there are many examples of alternate metals and materials: everything from palladium, tungsten carbide and cobalt to ceramic, titanium and seranite, all with two-tone as a leading direction.



WEDDING BANDS AND COMMITMENT RINGS Like the alternative lifestyle they represent, same-sex couples are choosing alternatives for their wedding bands. In traditional yellow or white gold, there might be some kind of unique treatment, like hammered details, on the band. But rings in less common metals are where personal statements can really stand out, especially for men. BioBlu27 Cobalt, the same material used in aerospace and medical applications, has a unique look and is available with diamonds or without. And with new ring styles come new traditions. Some women are foregoing engagement rings altogether, while men can opt for man-gagement rings: wedding bands worn on the right hand before the marriage, then transferred to the left during the wedding ceremony (a mini-trend in opposite sex relationships, as well). At the end of the day, says Dan Scott, CMO of Scott Kay, ‘‘Love is love. We need to remind ourselves that wedding bands are much more than jewelry; wedding bands embody precious, lifelong vows made between any two people in love." And no matter the sexual orientation, today’s couples are choosing rings that suit their personal style.





It’s a ritual dating back to the Victorian era that’s meant to bring luck to newlyweds: on her wedding day, the bride carries or wears something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue. Here, a few ideas for the modern bride who wants to honor this age-old custom with a fresh, updated twist.

SOMETHING OLD • Think out of the box. Your ‘somethings’ can be places or decorations instead of worn items. One example: hold your wedding at a historic site. • Display old photos of ancestors (extra points if taken on their wedding days) at your ceremony and/or reception. It’s heartfelt and gives your guests an insight into your family history. • Wear lace or a button from a family member’s wedding dress in your hair, or incorporate it into your bouquet. • Have your ring bearer carry the rings in a treasured heirloom instead of on the standard satin

book table. It will elicit good memories of shared family meals and togetherness. • Give your grandmother’s crystal candleholders or vase a vacation from the curio cabinet with a place of honor at your ceremony. • Borrow a pretty silver knife from a friend or family member and use it to cut the cake. • Set your sweetheart table with heirloom china and silver, to make your first meal as husband and wife even more special. • If your parents are sentimental, they probably still have their wedding cake topper. Get it out of that dusty box in the garage and give it another go.

SOMETHING BLUE our bouquet Embellish y a family dress. m o with lace fr

SOMETHING BORROWED • Borrow a family tablecloth to dress up the escort card or guest



• Incorporate a beautiful blue stone or side stones into your wedding band. Sapphire, blue topaz, tanzanite and aquamarine are all excellent choices. • Why not wear a pair of strappy blue evening shoes? They’ll be a fun flash of color beneath your dress. • Getting rid of wedding cake guilt


Something b and yummy lue... too! is easy: decorate it with delicious fresh blueberries and meet your daily fruit quota! • When you go for your wedding day pedicure, choose a pretty pale blue. Or how about a strip of blue to replace the white on a French manicure? • Use a small blue clutch for your lipstick, cell phone and other wedding day necessities. • Signature drinks are always fun. Why not use Blue Curaçao to concoct your custom cocktail? • Splurge on luxurious blue lingerie for your wedding night.


• A brand new piece of jewelry, of course! You’ll be investing in an heirloom that will have special meaning for the next generation of your family.


Above: Sterling Silver Floral Stemmed Pair Candlesticks ca. 1943, USA

pillow. A jewelry box from a beloved family member could also hold a flower girl’s petals. • Instead of wearing heirloom jewelry in its intended manner, pin or sew it onto your gown as a featured design element. • Find an alternative use for your mother’s or grandmother’s veil. Use it to wrap your bouquet or drape it over a photo display table.



Wedding Day Magic



had always wanted a vintage wedding, and my dream came true on Saturday, June 9th, 2012 when I wed the man of my dreams in Madison, Connecticut. We worked hard to get all the details right, but I swear it was a few pieces of jewelry from my beloved late great-grandmother that made the day magical. My dress was a magnificent 1960s lace gown I discovered at my local consignment shop. It had puffy shoulders and a high collar, but I saw the potential and had it tailored into a sleeveless mermaid shape. The veil was the original, also from the ’60s, and the engagement and wedding rings were English platinum dating from the early 1900s. The ceremony and reception were held at the beautiful Madison Beach Club, which dates back to the 1920s. My family and I have spent many happy times there, so it was a delight to share it with 140 people I adore. We collected old mason jars to use as flower vases, and I decorated the reception with family wedding photos going back three generations. Everything was in place for my vintage theme, but the most important element was surely the influence of my great-grandmother, Mama Crowley. As a kid, I’d spend hours sitting with Mama. She was confined to her bed, but always looked elegant in her silk and lace robe, with her pink high-heel slippers waiting on the floor. I can’t remember now what we talked about, but I do remember loving to be in her presence and arranging all of her glass figurines and miniature Limoges shoes (a wonderful collection I now own). B R I D A L


Mama Crowley loved family, loved to travel and always looked stylish. She believed in living life fully and with passion...and that you might as well look beautiful while you’re doing it! I learned so much from her, and I know that she shaped the woman I am today. Although we lost her almost 30 years ago, I’ve felt her presence throughout my life, never more so than on my wedding day. My lovely grandmother Joan is convinced that her mother (Mama Crowley) sent me Joe. He is everything I could have asked for in a life partner, and exactly who my great-grandmother would have chosen for me. The weather on the morning of June 9th was a little iffy, so my hairstylist (of all people) suggested that I leave rosary beads facing outside to guarantee sunshine. It just so happens that I had packed Mama Crowley’s rosary beads at the last minute, so my mother dutifully hung them from the balcony of my hotel room. The weather continued to be touch-and-go for a while, but the minute I took my first step down the aisle, Mama cleared the skies and the weather stayed gorgeous for the remainder of the day. (I should mention that Mama was a novice nun before she married, so I’m sure she had some pull…) Not only did Mama’s rosary beads work their magic on my big day, but I also wore her gold and pearl drop earrings and her pearl and sapphire gold bracelet, connecting me physically, emotionally and spiritually to this amazing lady. I look forward to passing on the love, traditions and family heirlooms to my future family. S E C T I O N


$85 sket: ft Ba i G e Far tate xas S e T n o Huds his ell & xas, t Hubb om Te r f our t a is e asket ory tr b v a n s o A uds your ell & H orts fan in Hubb sp ainer, or the entert pick f or an f t hips, a c e r d with life. G le il ces, f ift is e sau this g rbequ a b le at , b s rub Availa . s dips, a ls a . picy s and s huds o d n a ll hubbe

9 : $79.9 t Set f i G ne diva mpag & Go c Cha e t S o rk iu a cq is Dem uffle and d e Cli r ce, th t n , Veuv a y e g n ht a anach of ele l delig s of g dash itrus te wil piece For a la 9 h of c o 1 c c u h o o it h t c w a d h pagne paire . Wit Cham palate is h t , s nes rt. sweet desse al for e .com. id is t wine a le b Availa

5 : $69.9 16 ction e l l with a , o ipped als C on u i t o q p n E s . e a tea of tea e a Ess T s e c p T e f u c 60 c erfe nade, a Per Lemo ugar, t with ana P s s y v o r k r a h c e e o T rty wb a, an r ur pa e, Stra Germ een te up yo g Mat aker, ba gr in m m n o r a a B e o Warm e T t a c hai a’s M Frut Perfe eavan ibos C h ounce s of T d Roo in n l soot t a il r u w and fo ift set g ll a is r h t ke ea drin your t . g n r lo winte ble at il a v A a m. t eava


era cia V ure Pista gnat S ay i Holid on: $70.50 cti Colle duces ra pro e V ia c wide. , Pista nation onal , Ohio s s ie u c b a eas Colum uality delic ffers s , ed in tion o est q c e fruit Locat e in d ll f o e d e t of th s, pa ad an ture C r e a e r ie n m b t ig o lm r s S a o p y h s a ic d r s Holi utte , clas at Their nch b arons at, Fre s. Available n mac g u ia o is r n n y o Pa e b n n o bo hio h colate pistac et cho e w s r . bitte c iaver pis t a t: $75 ift Se G r e Lov ely asta clusiv de ex ffee P a o M C a cent Mecc al for Ac nd loc zine a a g a a M cc a, Me to Tuls eated this r ec Coffe bowl r in a e n in d ho w ose for th o b a ut des dream i. Inclu in ll e t r o t asta rful p a colo g in v r se bowl, ne n e p , spoon o, , pest pasta , e c ta sau schet u c r li r b a , ce oil, g g sau olive ge dippin ipotle h evera c b , bread il e o n win nd olive e a z r e o e r r t f o t bu the st d the n t a a il le o ab olive . Avail .com. a-rita f eeco f o c Winea cc gh me throu

4.95 ts: $2 t Sal e m your r or to Gou k of of flav , this c r a e P y et tra la YC 4 gourm an ex on N s ide of o add clude Stati s t In e g y . h a n t n i l w e n l h i y o c s F it n a k The an e o lea the alt. s are se wh ock S fun in et salt or tho Pink R more m F r n e . u v a s a y o n G ala oh atio osts t d Him ry cre your h ary an culina s m e w s o o ll ka ke, R 4-pac rus Fla om/gif t s . t, Cyp c .c lo r y e n M t fs ble at Availa

ga cludin 8 ffee in 1 o is $ c h : t T n ug. t Se rtisa e Gif ffee m g of a rder e a o f O b C f . o a a s c h aC spice a Mec d st wit n o d Mecc a h n r a u rd Place, tard ffee en yo of cus E. 33 og co a 2 N Awak m 4 1 g o 1 r g , ore of E the a the st e has pound m. set at favorit t if y e g a e d holi offee acof f C c c a e c c m e r at your M 105 o OK 74 , a ls u T

te ocola this ot Ch H i l ce. In l s of rde ulgen 0 d 2 0 cup in $ 6 : Ghira ly t o e t n v e p lo u rtm is a ouble njoy Asso and d colate can e o a s h h t c s c o o t o . te m our h ium h ocola ll i. com pler, y Prem ut, ch ir ar de i sam ln ll h e e z .g d a p r o h t sh Ghira colate able a y cho . Avail a steam o c o late c choco 5 t x: $1 on Gif ift Bo G n Macar o y r uta a b d c li Ho Ma and Vera’s liday ringue o e ia like H c m s a r t a e o th, Pis reshly mad a Ver al flav i o n c o o t a s t t a Pis wee ir se stnut, ys. F ith a s e Che se the holida g a w e n c s h a t w t r s o o of el, O r tly sh For h taste r de S gasca rillian ffers a Mada h Fleu hes b it d ic n w w a Box o n d n Fig m. Peca am sa arsala amel er tercre lnut M ac iav d, Car a t a e W is r p b k r at lac Ginge nut, B ailable n Pine an. Av e B la Lemo nil on Va Bourb

: $15 tack ice S p S n ooked Italia all slow c o luca t e t s D s and e & inter bread d d n n Dean a le a il r is h ack ds, g dept ice St s, sala s add p a e S t ic s n a p a S s, p Itali asil, , stew y of b g. This e. meats ookin displa c e d thym e n iv t a im c t y a r r r e t a t t a sem win t no, ro st tha orega ny ho a r o f ct t Perfe able a . Avail om. .c a cooks c ddelu n a n a de








Renée Fleming, the Simon Bolivar Symphony Orchestra of Venezuela, and the New York Pops are just a few of the artists performing at Carnegie Hall this season. You could buy tickets, but to really be involved in these remarkable occasions, join the Patrons. You’ll have access to rehearsals and meet-the-artist cocktail parties, a ticket concierge to arrange for special seating requests, and the very glamorous Opening Night Gala. In addition, Patrons are offered one of the most fascinating insider experiences in New York City: while telling stories and sharing his extraordinary knowledge, Carnegie Hall archivist Gino Francesconi escorts Patrons on a private tour up, down and all around, including visits to the Maestros’ Suite and other fascinating parts of the historic hall. Chances are this excursion will end on a high note.


Every autumn, New York’s famed SD26 offers white truffles gathered in the Piedmont region of Italy. To celebrate the arrival of these delicacies, the restaurant presents a special menu (through December). Marisa May, who owns and runs SD26 with her father, Tony May, has a favorite among the elaborate dishes: uovo in raviolo con burro tartufato. Created by Nino Bergese (personal chef to the last king of Italy) and now prepared by SD26 chef Matteo Bergamini, a single, large raviolo is stuffed with a barely cooked egg whose yolk spills forth into a sauce of brown butter, all under a mantle of white truffles. SD26’s wine director, Michael Doctor, pairs this treat with a Barolo, La Corda della Briccolina, Batasiolo 1995. Ms. May ha gusto bella.



It’s hard to imagine Monte Carlo’s belle epoch Hotel Metropole being any more stylish. A gathering place for the social and chic since 1886, the Metropole has lavish guest rooms, a comfortable bar with outstanding wines, and a concierge who can arrange pretty much anything, from racecar driving to co-piloting a fighter jet. However, the Metropole is adding additional opulence. Designer Karl Lagerfeld has recently revamped the outdoor spaces— including the pool, terrace and gardens—and even added a new Joel Robuchon restaurant (this one has a Mediterranean-influenced menu). One of Lagerfeld’s most impressive innovations is a fresco-style installation of 15 imposing glass panels portraying Ulysses’ journey.



Vojtech Blau is the only business in the United States dedicated exclusively to tapestries. By appointment only, clients can discover some of the world’s most exquisite examples of woven art. Director Simona Blau, a brilliant historian and art collector, started with creations from the 16th through 18th centuries and has recently added works though the mid-20th century. Among the marvelous pieces displayed on the walls of her attractive showroom are Flemish and Bruges tapestries along with creations by Alexander Calder, whose interest in tapestry led him to partner directly with Aubusson weavers, and Sonia Delaunay, one of the greatest translators of a modernist consideration of color and form to the material and texture of tapestry. Brilliant combinations of ancient skill and contemporary art.

Ah, winter vacation. You might locate a secluded beach and stretch out in the sun. Or, you could sail over to the Bitter End Yacht Club on Virgin Gorda, where there’s lots to do. Take to the water: Bitter End’s fleet has over 100 vessels, including sailboats, catamarans, kayaks, paddleboats and motorboats. Shape up: Fitness guru Andrea Metcalf offers one-onone training. Give a party: Bitter End will bring in a major musical act (The Beach Boys and Michael McDonald have been booked in the past). Indulge: Winston’s Bakery is known around the world for its breads, pastries and luscious desserts. And if you really just want to chill: Bitter End has three white sand beaches where you can simply sit.


PERKS Radiolaria Grid by Nuala O’Donovan


Arrive refreshed in an Open Skies BizBed.

Dream up any excuse you can— birthday, anniversary, graduation—to fly to Paris in style on Open Skies, an all business class airline. Choose from a selection of unbelievably comfortable BizBeds or ample BizSeats. The flight attendants are friendly and the fares are reasonable for the service offered (check the website for seasonal deals). Flights from New York (Newark) arrive at Orly Ouest, a much smaller airport that’s easier to navigate than Charles de Gaulle, with the same direct transport links into the center of Paris. Visit —JC



Remember when the open skies were friendly and flying felt glamorous? Your vacation started at the airport, before security measures became a burden. Flight attendants were bright-eyed, gorgeous and envied for having the dream job. Inflight amenities were small treasures, and yes, bags flew free. We think it’s high time to bring the fun back to flying.

Finally, an edible in-flight meal.




Most airline food is just dreadful, but Turkish Airlines has remedied the problem with on-board chefs on all its long-haul, business class service. So whether you’re headed to Cape Town, Hong Kong or Istanbul, you can enjoy meals prepared by chefs with years of top restaurant and hotel experience. The menu includes traditional Turkish dishes as well as international favorites like Chilean Sea Bass. In addition to the food, the business class service is impeccable, with attentive flight attendants and plush sleep seats. With more than 200 international flight destinations, you can enjoy a decent meal and great service around (and above) the globe. Visit —JC


Embracing the idea that a luxe lifestyle shouldn’t stop when you’re suspended 34,000 feet above ground, Singapore Air has introduced the Airbus A380, a behemoth double-decker flying cruise ship. Enjoy one of the 60 leather lie-flat business class seats, the most spacious in the world at 34 inches wide, in the upper deck of the plane. When you’re not asleep beneath Givenchy bedding, the entertainment is addictive courtesy of SilverKris, an extensive multimedia library of current and classic movies and TV shows from around the world. A true mark of luxury is choice. That means making delightful decisions such as: Dom Perignon or Krug? Should I sample eight wine varietals or two Singapore Sling recipes? You’ll also relish the options on the seasonal menu, served on fine Givenchy china and linens. Think capsicum confit and kalamata olive potatowa. (Passengers can pre-reserve their entrées using the Book-The-Cook feature, exclusively at And for $18,000 a seat, choose a Pullman train car-inspired single- or double-occupancy cabin suite—the ultimate in in-flight privacy. —SL


Only a cheeky billionaire like Sir Richard Branson can get away with using the term “Upper Class” to distinguish top-deck seating aboard his Virgin Atlantic flights. Considered businessclass-affordable, yet not-quite-first class, the 33-seat cabin offers fabulous quirks that make that other class the forgotten one. The nightclub-esque walk-up bar decked out in 1,000 Swarovski crystals and manned by a generous bartender comes off as exclusive and hip without seeming pretentiously stuffy. (Booze and that thick velvety curtain help, too.) Mood lighting changes color throughout the flight, encouraging passengers to “relax, unwind, fall asleep and adjust time zones.” The loungelike seats flip forward into the longest flat beds in business class, complete with down duvets. The black cotton sleepwear is a charming and comfy offering not to be passed up before you disappear into the pod-like seats; they’re angled into a herringbone formation and enclosed with cubicle-like “suite” walls, so high that the person seated next to you has to peer over to communicate. The solution: Come mealtime, personal entertainment systems fold away so a couple can face one another to dine. Visit —SL



GET THE SKINNY LOW-CAL DRINKS THAT DON’T SKIMP ON TASTE. BY ROBERT HAYNES-PETERSON mint, Perrier and lime juice, for example, comes in at only 74 calories. In addition to the Skinnygirl brand, you’ll now find other pre-made and low-cal options on liquor store shelves. New Zealand-based VnC Cocktails’ pre-mixed drinks feature real fruit juices and about 14% vodka or tequila, keeping calories down to around 150 a serving. And Voli Vodka drops its potency a bit (to 70 proof), meaning the flavored brand requires less flavoring (sweeteners) to overcome the alcohol. Just remember— moderation is still the key. Drinking three or four of these tasty treats leads to trouble. And a tighter-fitting dress.

A Ty-Ku mojito with mint, Perrier and lime juice comes in at 74 calories.


SLENDERIZE YOUR COCKTAILS • Replace sodas and tonics with sparkling water. This can cut your calories in half. (Mitigate flavor loss with a lime or grapefruit-flavored Perrier.) • Use fresh, seasonal fruits rather than high-calorie purees, juices or pre-bottled mixers. • Replace rum or light whiskies with sake or soju, lower in calories while still adding flavor (unlike vodka). • Don't discount liqueurs: Cointreau has a lower calorie count than many grain-distllied spirits, according to Williams. • Avoid booze with additives. Many lower-quality liquors (and wines) add sugar, caramel and other goodies to their ‘‘pure’’ product. • When drinking (or mixing with) Champagne, develop a taste for the drier varieties (Extra Sec, Brut and Ultra Brut) which have far less residual sugar. • In the 1790s, before there were cocktails, there were Slings: a little booze and a lot of water (think Scotch Highball). The Japanese drink similar cocktails, like 2 ounces of Hibiki or Yamakazi whiskey, with a large dose of soda water and ice. Refreshing and light. • Or follow Partida Tequila’s lead with its signature margarita: using agave nectar and spring water in place of triple sec and reducing the tequila by a half ounce shaves off 200 calories but actually enhances flavor.



ur national waistline may be expanding, but our palate has evolved. Where ‘‘diet drinking’’ was once limited to rum and Diet Coke or a cheap Chardonnay, we now want to have our mixology cake and drink it, too. Enter the ‘‘skinny’’ cocktail. First popularized by Real Housewife Bethenny Frankel and her line of Skinnygirl premixed cocktails (and now wines), the idea has spread, particularly to beach and resort destinations where a few extra calories go a long way. New York’s Haru Sushi recently launched a Skinny Happy Hour. The very posh St. Julien Hotel and Spa in Boulder is offering an elegant lineup of low-cal and no-cal (mock) cocktails, as is the Saltbox gastropub in San Diego. While most mixed drinks run in the 200 to 500 calorie range (or more!), drinks on the new menu have as few as 90 calories per glass (usually a 4ounce serving) and are still full of flavor. ‘‘We have plenty of higher proof and classic cocktails on the menu,’’ says Erin-Elizabeth Williams, the beverage manager for Saltbox. ‘‘But San Diego is also a driving city and a fitness-oriented city. The designated driver and dieter shouldn’t have to miss out on all the fun.’’ Patti Stanger, host of Bravo’s The Millionaire Matchmaker, agrees. She recently became a strategic partner at TyKu spirits (sake, soju and liqueurs), in part because of her desire to promote tasty, low-cal cocktail options. ‘‘A while back, I had lost a lot of weight, and wanted something that could get me over first-date jitters without a lot of calories. Sake was the drink.’’ A mojito made with Ty-Ku liqueur,

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