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Most Outstanding Resident With resident involvement and empowerment at the heart of ALMOs, this category recognises residents who go ‘above and beyond’ to help their community. They are strong ambassadors for the ALMO who actively campaign for positive change in their area and stand up for the rights and views of their fellow residents. This year there were two subcategories – over-25s and under-25s. Here’s a look at the winners and finalists in each category.


Bianca Dorsett, aged 19 - Hackney Homes

Bianca is a volunteer trainee project manager with the Hackney-wide youth engagement project (YEP), chair of the Fawcett Estate YEP committee and member of the Hackney Homes Youth Active Residents Group.

ACHIEVEMENTS Bianca’s work to date includes: • Recruiting new members to the YEP • Supporting the Hackney Homes Youth Active Residents Group and contributing to Hackney Homes’ youth strategy • Delivering projects on her estates, including a photography workshop for young people • Leading a Hackney Council service consultation about the 2011 riots linked with

Hackney Youth Parliament • Taking part in other estate-related consultations from anti-social behaviour to pets.


“She is an active resident who understands and attempts to meet the needs of the young people in her community. Her ability to communicate on such a diverse level makes her an asset to Hackney. She has helped to close the gap and improve the relationship between young tenants and the community.”

Joint Winners Over-25s

Adam Dewitt-Bukater and Daniel Steadman - Wolverhampton Homes WHO ARE ADAM AND DANIEL? Until early 2012, Adam and Dan were ‘ordinary’ tenants in Bilston, widely regarded as a ‘dead town’ without any community spirit. Wolverhampton Homes’ tenant engagement team spotted their enthusiasm and commitment and gave Adam and Dan the opportunity to get involved and make a difference as tenant ambassadors.

ACHIEVEMENTS Adam and Daniel engaged with residents faceto-face and through a fresh, effective use of social media, e.g. streamed videos, Facebook/


Yvonne Bagguley East North East Homes Leeds WHO IS YVONNE?




Twitter presences and posting ALMO reports on YouTube. The pair also revived community events with a number of well-attended fun days.


“Adam and Dan hit the ground running and their enthusiasm propelled them a long way very quickly. They have restored a feeling of community in Bilston, both building an online ‘neighbourhood’ and bringing people together.”

After becoming a victim of anti-social behaviour, Yvonne responded by getting involved in her community to give her a positive focus.

ACHIEVEMENTS Yvonne has contributed to a hugely impressive range of social projects. After first chairing a local school PTA, she then created Alston Lane Over-55s Club, and raised funds for CCTV cameras in the South Seacroft area which helped residents to feel much safer. She has also organised fun days and become a key volunteer with the Cross Gates Junior Wardens and a new scheme supporting tenants with learning disabilities.

WHAT DOES EAST NORTH EAST HOMES LEEDS SAY ABOUT YVONNE? “Yvonne is such a valuable asset to us. A direct link to residents, she helps out in any way she can.”


Thomas McMullen - Salix Homes WHO IS THOMAS? Thomas is the driving force behind Ordsall’s first ever allotment project. He has shown great persistence in getting the project off the ground and through fundraising initiatives.

ACHIEVEMENTS Thomas, aged 67, has a real passion for enhancing the area he lives in. After a five-year campaign to get the go-ahead for community allotments in Ordsall, he succeeded but was told that £175,000 was needed to create them. Organising bid after bid, Thomas raised the money through grants and funding schemes, including £5,000 provided by Salix Homes. The allotments will open this summer.

WHAT DOES SALIX HOMES SAY ABOUT THOMAS? “It’s been a difficult journey, with many obstacles, but Thomas has never been disheartened and the whole community will reap the rewards of his hard work.”

NFA Best Practice Guide 2013  

This is the NFA Best Practice Guide 2013, produced annually by Acceleris on behalf of the National Federation of ALMOs (NFA), the trade body...

NFA Best Practice Guide 2013  

This is the NFA Best Practice Guide 2013, produced annually by Acceleris on behalf of the National Federation of ALMOs (NFA), the trade body...