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DJ McDonald Jose Ricardo Bondoc Daniel Anderson Oscar FN Wilde Caroline Lepman Matt Kennedy Rob Snow

Pop Surrealism the reviews 06 08

All Around Town: An overview of new York PoP GAlleries By DJ McDonald

08 16

sAndmAn And seCreT AGenT mosCow By Jose Ricardo Bondoc

11 13

PoP surreAlism: A Genre overview By Daniel Anderson

the profiles 23 14

sTArrY eYed AmbiTion: GinA mArTYnovA And The revivAl of fAshion illusTrATion by Margaux Galli

16 20

The PursuiT of The GAze by Oscar FN Wilde

18 14

Andrew sChoulTz: An ArTisT in TrAnsiTion by Caroline Lepman

AdverTisinG sAles rkpublisher@ ediToriAl popsurrmag@


22 18

the enterprises 24 23

CreATive PeT ProjeCT By Rob Snow

ChrisToPher ulriCh: A mYTholoGiCAl exPlorATion by Matt Kennedy