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Blake Flynn: (opposite page) Empty Chair; (this page, clockwise from top left) Renaissance, oil on board, 12”x12”; Local Warming, oil on board, 12”x12”, Madonna of the Butterflies, oil on board, 40”x30”; Shade, 8”x8”.

I continue to draw inspiration from all that surrounds me: from books, films, conversations, current events, personal experiences and travel. The latter has been especially important as my wife, and I have taken extended trips abroad in recent years. This has led inevitably to paintings full of all manner of exotic (to me) flora and fauna, and artifacts and ideas from the broad sweep of human history. To learn more about the artist, visit Blake Flynn’s work is represented by the Georgia Amar Gallery in Denver.


Pop Surrealism (Winter 2012)  
Pop Surrealism (Winter 2012)  

An issue of Pop Surrealism published in January 2012. The Artists Issue, featuring: Max Neutra, Angelina Christina, Blake Flynn, and more.