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Photo: Mike Dembeck (’98)

Your new downtown, Wolfville, Nova Scotia, is where you’ll shop, dance, and enjoy study groups. You’ll be connected to this community, its farm market, festivals, and homecoming events. It is the quintessential university town, where every second person you meet is from Acadia.

The spirit of you. You’re about to enjoy the first big adventure of your life. You can picture it in your mind—that perfect university experience. You can see the town, where main street cafés and funky shops line the sidewalk. You’re ready to move into residence and create your new home. Everyone you meet will know the real you by name. You imagine a school where your professors are not just teachers, but also mentors and friends. You are ready to present your ideas fearlessly and to be challenged passionately. You know you have a lot to offer, and you crave inspiration. Success is your only option—and you’ll define what it is. You may not know where you’ll be in 10 years, but you know you’re going to love it. 


Photo: Andrew Tolson, Maclean’s Magazine

football team – locker room camaraderie

Your classmates and roommates will become your friends for life. Together you will find ways to improve your community and your future, and you’ll have fun, too!

Be connected. You will make friendships that last a lifetime. There is strength in numbers and you know that. You will surround yourself here with people who believe in you and help you achieve your goals. You will strengthen your inner circle in a way that strengthens you. You will join an amazing network of alumni who will help you take your place in the world.

27,000 Strong

student population

alumni worldwide

Photo: Andrew Tolson, Maclean’s Magazine

3,041 Friends

They told us in the first couple of days that the people you meet in Welcome Week are the ones who will be your friends forever, and it’s actually true. – Zoe Siegel (’11), Victoria BC


Photo: Andrew Tolson, Maclean’s Magazine

Left page hero image: mudflats

The shores of the Bay of Fundy will be one of your Acadia classrooms. The region is a finalist in the New7Wonders of Nature. Besides being part of your neighbourhood, it’s also home to the largest tidal energy resource on the planet.

Be inspired. You will be part of a community that encourages you and inspires you. In order to be your best, you know you need access to the best—amazing facilities, a beautiful campus, the perfect college town, diverse natural habitats, and incredible professors who will know you as a person. Your university must be all about you—your preferences—whether that means the program you study, what you have for dinner, or what activities you’ll join. You expect to be

Photo: Peter Aaron, ESTO Photography

Photo: Andrew Tolson, Maclean’s Magazine

excited about learning.

Personal Attention

Hands-on Research

1:15 faculty-to-student ratio

incredible opportunities

When you get to an environment like this and get this kind of attention, you begin to believe in yourself in a way that you never would without it. – Leslie Lewis, (’10), Dartmouth, NS


Get real. Acadia is where learning means living every moment, in and out of class. You aren’t coming to university to sit in a chair and have someone talk at you. What you’ve been waiting for is a real chance to be immersed in your learning. That means debating in your study group, grabbing a coffee with your prof, volunteering in the community, doing a co-op placement, or starting a new university club. This is where you decide your future while living in the now.

Photo: Andrew Tolson, Maclean’s Magazine

200 degree combinations available • 2,792 courses • 10 varsity athletic teams • 50+ student organizations • 15 athletic clubs • 1 co-curricular transcript to verify your activities for grad schools and employers.

If you don’t get involved, then you won’t learn. The more you do outside the classroom getting to know people, the more you can develop as a person yourself. – Jenny Palmer (’10) Paget, Bermuda


Right page hero image: Acadia Farm – girl

Photo: Andrew Tolson, Maclean’s Magazine

with scarf

There’s an app for Acadia. It was developed just for you by fourth-year computer science student Ryan Wooden, seen here leading his class. He worked with his friends, his professor, and the university to develop iAcadia for Apple.

Photo: Andrew Tolson, Maclean’s Magazine

Your new favourite hangout features the finest research facilities, classrooms, and study areas in all of Canada. With the gifts of the K.C. Irving Environmental Science Centre and Harriet Irving Botanical Gardens, the Irving family honoured their parents and their Acadia family —that includes you.

Explore ideas. You will thrive on a small campus where you can safely take risks and explore your big ideas. You wake up in the morning considering the possibilities and go to bed at night questioning the norm. In class your hand is up, and you are brimming with ideas. You want to be challenged, just so you can prove your point. You want access to fine minds and awesome

Photos: Andrew Tolson, Maclean’s Magazine

research facilities. You want the perfect place to be you.

Student Support

Small Classes

scholarships and aid $3 million

average class size 28

Acadia is the perfect place for somebody to figure out who they are. You get that chance to be away from your family, and you get that chance to grow up and be on your own. – Najja Coley, (’11), Richmond Hill, ON


Be ready. Acadia is where you will lay the foundation for your career and your future. You may not know exactly what your future holds, but you do know that you are going to be successful. That may mean travel, postgraduate study, a career, or a family. It may mean all of that and more. Whatever your goal, you know the world is a complex place. You want an

Photo: Andrew Tolson, Maclean’s Magazine

education that prepares you for life.

When you come to Acadia you are able to leave not only with a degree, but with the abilities and the tools and the skills to go get a job or to further yourself in the next part of your life. – Marshall Bax (’10) Peterborough, ON


Photo: Dan Callis

Like Emily Duffett (’11), you will cross the stage in Convocation Hall to be congratulated and thanked by our president and chancellor. In addition to your degree, you will leave Acadia with invaluable education, friendships, and connections that will help you throughout your life. You will feel this great!

Photo: Deborah Nicholson

Acadia is where your future will begin. It’s a big first step. We’ll be with you all of the way.

Photo: Mike Dembeck (’98)

Welcome to Acadia.

If you come to Acadia you can go anywhere, and the anywhere gets defined by you, which is one of the things that makes us significantly different from any other institution in Canada. – Ray Ivany, Acadia’s President and Vice-Chancellor

Programs of study. By choosing Acadia, you’ll earn a degree from one of Canada’s oldest and most respected universities. You will learn in a way that is unique among postsecondary institutions, and you’ll have opportunities to work closely with your professors, volunteer in the community, study abroad, enjoy co-op placements, and be engaged in real world research. We offer more than 200 flexible degree combinations. Here’s an overview:

Arts Canadian Studies • Classics • Economics • English • Environmental and Sustainability Studies • French • German • History • Music • Philosophy • Political Science • Sociology • Spanish • Theatre Studies • Women’s and Gender Studies

Pure and Applied Science Biochemistry/Molecular Biology • Biology • Chemistry • Computer Science • Engineering • Environmental Geoscience • Environmental Science • Geology • Mathematics and Statistics • Nutrition and Dietetics • Physics • Psychology

Professional Studies Business Administration • Education • Recreation Management and Community Development • Kinesiology

Want to learn more? Ask for our complete guide — The Acadia Viewbook — take a tour, or connect with us! Phone 1.877.585.1121 toll-free within North America or 902.585.1121 outside North America • email • Wolfville, Nova Scotia, Canada (Future Students)


Applying is easy. 1. Connect with Acadia. Visit (Future Students) for specifics on admissions, programs, scholarships, residences, and student life. Check out videos, take a virtual tour, and more! 2. Check your requirements. Generally, you need Grade 12 (or senior secondary) English and four additional Grade 12 (or senior secondary) academic or advanced courses. A minimum 70 per cent admission average is required, as calculated by our admissions office. 3. Apply! In just 15 minutes you can complete our application form, either online or in print.

Money Matters Depending on your grades, you may already qualify for a scholarship! We also offer financial assistance.

Nova Scotian







Ancillary Fees




Room and Meals

$8,439 – $11,240** $8,439 – $11,240** $8,439 – $11,240**

Photo: Andrew Tolson, Maclean’s Magazine

All fees subject to change. For details visit (Future Students) * after Nova Scotia bursary applied. ** Range based on basic double to single in a deluxe, private suite.

What’s Acadia really like? See for yourself through the lens of Maclean’s photographer Andrew Tolson, who captured a day in the life of our campus last fall. Or hear it from real Acadia people on AcadiaTV. Find it all at

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The Difference is You - Acadia Brochure 2012  
The Difference is You - Acadia Brochure 2012  

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