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Trash Puppets Go Online

Who are Trash Puppets? â—?

Trash Puppets perform live in-person puppet creation workshops using ordinary household rubbish items with a sustainability message for kids and adults in schools, libraries, shopping centres, corporate groups and festivals.


A whole new world... ●

Due to Covid-19 they are transitioning to online delivery of workshops for the duration of social distancing rules.

Need to make people aware they do online sessions, and use the opportunity to increase brand awareness and generate leads & retention for when restrictions are lifted.

Focussing on teachers/parents with children home-schooling during stay-at-home orders, so when restrictions are reduced, they will have a large database of leads to contact to offer in-person workshops again. 3

Value Journey Canvas 4

Value Journey Canvas AWARE



Customer discovers Trash Puppets through Facebook and Facebook, Instagram & Pinterest Display Advertising.

Quick 1-2 minute puppet making videos to entertain and inspire kids during lockdowns shared on Facebook and Instagram.

Sign up to receive access to longer more detailed pre-recorded online taster workshop(s).

Google Ads to maximise search results for puppet & craft activities. Email to existing database. Improved website SEO for organic search results. 5

Value Journey Canvas (cont.) CONVERT



Customer watches a free online workshop with their kids and kids build some puppets.

Kids enjoy the workshop and want to do more, parent is pretty happy.

Customer subscribes for the full-length online weekly workshop sessions for a small subscription fee.

Email follow-up to see how they went and to encourage them to share photos on social media if they made puppets. Oer a 2 week intro discount for the weekly subscription workshops.


Value Journey Canvas (cont.) ADVOCATE


Make contact after the workshop to get customer testimonials to add to website/promo.

Encourage people who have enjoyed the sessions to spread the word to other parents/teachers via Instagram and Facebook.

Use images/videos of puppets made by kids being puppeteered with the hashtag #trashpuppets.


2 Retention Keeping current customers interested for future live show bookings.

Retention ●

Retention will be vital to keep parents and teachers (especially parents who are teachers) engaged until restrictions are lifted and Trash Puppets have a large database of leads for live shows.

Retention will involve keeping Facebook/Instagram flowing with images and videos from puppet making sessions and attendees.

Automated email campaign once a week letting people know what the weekly puppet workshop will be, update on what was made the previous week, plus puppet making & puppetry tips and tricks.


3 Keyword Search Plan Keywords targeted at parents & teachers looking for creative things for their kids to do while at home.

Keyword Spread â—?

20 Search terms spread across high, medium & low competition.




craft activities for kids

art and craft activities

cool things to make out of junk

craft projects for kids

creative activities for kids

easy art and craft ideas for kids

arts and crafts for kids

easy crafts for kids

fun activities for kids

crafts for kids

fun crafts for kids

fun craft ideas for kids

creative crafts for kids

simple craft projects

fun simple crafts

online art courses for kids

puppet making workshop


simple crafts for kids trash puppets


Google Keyword Plan Overview


4 Social Media Campaign Organic and paid elements

Social Media - Owned Facebook/Instagram



Engage users on the Trash Puppets Facebook page with weekly edited puppet video constructions and encourage people to share pictures/videos of their creations with #trashpuppet hashtag on Instagram.

Same content, with post-roll video links to take people to the Facebook page to share their puppets, or go to Trash Puppets website to subscribe to weekly sessions.

As the aim is to engage teachers for future sessions, videos will be also posted to LinkedIn, but copy is more directed to teachers and HR professionals with emphasis on sustainability and learning outcomes.


Social Media - Paid Facebook/Instagram



Paid feed advertising (videos and stills) about the online workshops.

Pre-roll ads targeted at other kids art/craft videos creating awareness of brand, the Facebook page, free videos and live sessions.

Google Ads to increase visibility and ranking in search.

Promote Facebook posts to show activity on the Facebook page. Similarly with Instagram.

Pinterest Begin an investigative campaign to see how much traction can be gained from promoted-pins on Trash Puppets Pinterest posts. 15

Social Media - Example Short 2-3 minute video of highlights of a puppet build (ie. Just the main steps, not the creative thought process) and then puppet being puppeteered. Shared to Facebook, YouTube and a 45s cutdown for Instagram.


5 Automated Email Campaign A sparse but long term approach.

Automated email campaign Welcome

Weekly Updates (free)

Weekly Updates (subscribers)

The welcome email gives people an introduction to who Trash Puppets are and what the online oerings during Covid-19 and normal workshops beyond.

Reminders of live sessions, update on the workshop from the previous week. Also contains tips and suggestions for using various household things to make puppets (ie. How to make your own glue/paint).

In addition to the content in the free emails, additional information about the next online workshop, things to prepare for online workshops, links to the zoom sessions, support.



Sample email


6 Protopersona (Lean) Sasha and Brett

● ● ● ● ●

Sasha 29 year old female Primary School Teacher & Parent Lives in Glen Waverley $68K pa

Conscientious Caring Ethical Creative Loves to DIY

Preferred Channels YouTube / Instagram / Pinterest Referral / Word of Mouth Search

Needs and Goals


Wants to encourage creative and independent thought in her kids and students.

Activities that are new and interesting but easy to organise.

She’s a YouTube nut and loves discovering tutorials on craftwork, cooking, home renovations, science projects and any other activity that adds to her skillset.

Frustrations There are limits to her creative ideas, sometimes it’s good to get another perspective.

Making sure her kids are being creative and entertained.

Sphere of influence As a teacher, she obviously influences the kids, but also can be a good promoter of the business when schools go back to “normal”. She is also influenced by other teachers and parents.

Stuck at home.


● ● ● ● ●

Brett 40 year old male Accountant & Community Sustainability Festival Organiser Lives in Warrandyte

Organised Tech savvy Enthusiastic Time poor Community minded

Preferred Channels Facebook / LinkedIn Referral / Word of Mouth Traditional Ads

Needs and Goals


Doesn’t want to rely on the same old episodes of Bluey to keep the kids entertained. Is keenly aware of the need to be sustainable, so using existing “rubbish” appeals more than going and buying lots of art supplies.

Still has to work while at home, so having an activity once a week that will distract the kids for an hour is appealing.

Frustrations The kids spend a lot of time doing passive activities, trying to get them active. Dislikes “branded” toys - Marvel figurines and Star Wars Lego etc. Stuck at home.

Like to try new things. Wants to support local businesses.

Sphere of influence Working within the community he meets a lot of local families and interacts with the community on local Facebook pages.


7 Customer Journey Map

Customer Journey Map - 1 of 3



A combination of word of mouth (teachers may have heard from other teachers about Trash Puppets) and social media exposure via either Google Ads when parents are searching for activities for their kids to do in lockdown or organic posts that appear in the customers Facebook/Instagram feed.

The experience of the website should be colourful and fun, yet professional. It should be very simple to ďŹ nd the online workshop info, samples and subscription (as at the moment this is where a lot of the traďŹƒc will be coming to) Channel: Website

Channel: Social media / search Touchpoint: Signup for free trial/newsletter/workshops Touchpoints: Social Media posts/responses


Customer Journey Map - 2 of 3



Once signed up, they will receive the weekly newsletter with reminders to check out the Facebook page, and info about prepping for online seminars (if they’re subscribed). There should be no pressure to subscribe to workshops, hopefully the edited down videos on Facebook will encourage people.

When the customer decides to end their subscription, they will be surveyed for their reasons for cancellation (Value for money? Time? Quality?) and then offered a grandfathered subscription rate if they decide to stay.

Channel: Email/Facebook/Instagram/Videos Touchpoint: Social Media posts/responses, online workshops

If they leave, a note thanking them for being a subscriber and reminding them they can still engage with Trash Puppets for free on Facebook, Youtube and Instagram – no hard feelings. Channel: Website


Customer Journey Map - 3 of 3

Extend Unless they have unsubscribed from Trash Puppets updates (a dierent automated email stream from the weekly updates), Victorian-based sign-ups will receive an update when schools are back letting them know that Trash Puppets have resumed in-person appearances and they’re booking up quick, so get in if you want them at your school, festival or HR event. Channel: Email/website


8 User Experience

Website Trash Puppets traditionally service a range of customers from teachers, to HR professionals, community groups and festival organisers – and their website has these areas delineated. The UX should be simpliďŹ ed and easy to navigate to the correct section for information for the right audience.



The home page should make a clear statement about the new online sessions and guide people to that area. This may also include a signup popup if the user appears to be stuck or spends too long looking at the front page.


Online Workshop Splash Page


As online workshops is a new oering, a dedicated landing page will be created to allow users to focus on getting info and access to the online sessions/free content without too much other school, corporate or festivals information in the way. This content will still be accessible and visible, but form a smaller area of the navigation.


9 Keyword Trends

Google Trends for Select Keywords Australia ●

All “craft” searches are reasonably consistent across the year with searches increasing around Christmas, and has been above Christmas levels since stay-at-home orders.

“Crafts for kids” is highly competitive and will probably be too expensive to include in an SEM campaign. 32

SERP Analysis - “Crafts for Kids” ●

“Crafts for kids” is utilised by some big “crafty” players, such as Good Housekeeping, Martha Stewart and so would be difficult appear in the top search results.


Related Queries - Crafts for kids ●

Two of the top related queries for “crafts for kids” in the USA are “toilet paper roll crafts for kids” (up 900%) and “recycled crafts for kids” (up 450%) - obviously a good time for Trash Puppets to be in the market!


Google Trends for Select Keywords - World ●

“Craft for kids” is definitely most common across most countries. Followed by “easy crafts for kids” and “arts and crafts for kids”.


Google Trends for “Puppet” keywords - World ●

“How to make a puppet” keywords and variations have a reasonably even spread over time and probably vary based on school holidays throughout the world.

Notably, puppet making related searches are very popular in Singapore, the Philippines and India which may indicate large markets available to Trash Puppets online workshops if they can get captioned translations made available with each workshop video.


SERP analysis for “Puppet” keywords ●

“Puppet” searches still have relatively high competition competing against big players like instructables, project puppet and wiki-how for top ranking.


Keyword Analysis Summary

A combination of a range of keywords from high competition (which is seemingly unavoidable in the “craft” space) and medium to low competition, with a connection to “kids” to avoid the highest competition is appropriate for Trash Puppets SEO.

SEM will probably need to avoid some of the highest competition keywords as, at this point, the advertising budget is limited and would probably be better served being mostly used for targeted display ads on Social Media.

There may be opportunities to dovetail off the popularity of Good Housekeeping and Instructables by attempting to get a Trash Puppets project/story published on these and similar sites.