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UX Design Project Anais PimentelÂ


The problem.

Assumptions: Every year, people from all over the world come to Australia to start a new life studying or working but once here, they struggle to settle. They constantly need to search information to know how things like housing, public transport, finding a job work, costing them precious time and sometimes money

How might we help foreigners to get useful tips so they can settle more easily in Australia

Research methods.


Interviews face-to-face



on Survey Monkey

*All participants were Student Visa and Working Holiday Visa holders

Affinity mapping. Synthesis: Purpose of coming to Australia Challenges Sources of information to get advice


1 The majority of people come to Australia to study, because different from other countries, the student visa here allows you to work to pay your bills.

2 The most valuable sources of information for finding a job and meet people are local friends advice (people who already lived the experience of moving to Australia)

3 Even though Google is a very helpful platform to search for information like housing, finding a job among some others, people trust more experienced foreigners because it’s closer to reality

Competitor analysis. MOVING TO AUSTRALIA BLOG





Contains really useful information Categories like tips, immigration advice, lifestyle Siimple website name that could easily appear at the top on Google search Includes useful links

Too much information to read It is not interactive, so it doesn’t allow you to connect with other people or comment The design needs to be more attractive and simple for the user

Fun and interactive lay out that allows you discover the place you want to go focusing on categories like: things to do, hotel, food and drink, see and do and tips Create profile and itinerary options

They could add reviews so people share their experiences and give recommendations


Builds a community, mainly based on reviews You can plan your whole trip and get recommendations adapted to your own persona. You are able to vote if a post was useful or not

Sometimes they show a lot of information on the homepage that can be confusing, it would be good to simplify a little.


You create a profile and interact with people from different countries living in the city where you are Events, conferences, groups to join near you

Design looks out dated They have so much going on Too many steps to create an account



Empathy map.

The most valuable source of information I got during my first months here were people who lived the experience of coming to Australia I struggle understanding Public Transport Finding a job has been the most challenging activity Finding my first apartment was tough

I have big expectations of this country, life is going to be better than home Is this what I want? This is harder that I thought What am I doing here? What if I go back I miss my family





Join communities on Facebook to ask questions about certain things I’m struggling like housing, find a job, places. Join my own country community on Facebook to feel comfortable asking in my language Research information like requirements on Google Ask friends who have done it before about their experience

Excited for discovering a new country Frustrated about not finding a job Anxious Happy Sad Homesick Culture Shocked Feel far from the world


Maria is a 27 year old international student from Brazil who recently moved to Melbourne to study English and

work. She loves travelling and she is very excited to start her new adventure in Australia because she has heard

from other friends in Brazil that is an amazing country

where the quality of life is really good, so she has been planning to come from a long time ago.


PAINS Being far from home is tough because she's close with her family

Not familiar with the culture Struggling to use Public Transport

Understanding the Aussie




job as a student in a Australia,


She has no experience to get a


MOTIVATION A new life in a new country

Meeting people from around the world Family and friends


"Life is the biggest adventure."


Speak English fluently

Get an IELTS Certificate with a good score

Find a job while she's studying to cover her expenses

Save some money to travelAustralia and Asia

NEEDS Get a job to be able to

make money in Australia to live

Find a permanent flat to stay close to the CBD

Survive the culture shock Have a group of friends where she can express herlself

Jobs to be done. When I move to Australia I want to listen to other people experiences so I can be prepared and avoid some struggles When I move to Australia I want to connect with other people experienced so I can get tips about the life down under. When I move to Australia, I want to be able to get some advice from foreigners already living there so I can get a job.


"Life is the biggest adventure."

When I move to Australia, I want to join a community so I can meet more people

Storyboard. 1 2 3

4 5 6


MVP Matrix.

HIGH VALUE Enable users to select a topic Filter information questions.

Be able to get tips from other people living in Australia

Share your best tips

DIFFICULT Tip suggestions according to your interests

Be able to create a profile to know nationality and time been living there


Join communities /groups Rate and comment


Journey map.




User flow 1.

User flow 2.

Complete user flow.

Prototype. Explore the prototype here

Usability testing. March 26, 2020 1 3 participants


You arrived in Melbourne few weeks ago and you have been struggling finding a job so a friend tells you to download New2Oz app to find some advice.

Task 1

Task 2

Task 3

Task 4

Could you find some advice to get a job in Melbourne?

Please, show me how would you navigate the app to go to the homepage

You found the first tip very useful, how would you demonstrate that?

Let's say you want to provide some tips now, How would you do it?

Add filters and expand option

Add search or option of other

Insights. Task 1 & 2

The home page is very simple and straight forward Navigation through the task was smooth No barriers Thumbs up was clear

Things to improve: Have an option to search in case what you're looking is not in the categories. Have a better layout of the list of tips so it's more organized and easy for the user.

Insights. Task 2 &3 The option of giving a tip on the home screen was not visible Straight forward, basic interface The design is simple and nice

Make it more noticeable

Things to improve: Making the give a tip link of the Homepage more noticeable

Next steps. Work on the tips advanced filtering for some categories Option to comment Have the option of creating a profile Tip suggestions according to what you recently saw Quick search for users with specific needs


Go from traveller to local in one tap.

Thank you! Anais Pimentel

annie.pr16@gmail.com https://www.linkedin.com/in/a nais-pimentel-21b658105Â