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JANUARY 2017 Volume 19 Issue 4

For the Parents, Staff, & Community of Windy Hill Middle School

From Your Principal Wolf Family, First, I would like to wish our Wolf family a happy and healthy new year! It is hard to believe that we have clicked past the halfway point of the school year and are moving forward into our second semester. To pave a pathway of success for our Wolves, we used the semester change to reorganize and cleanout binders, review expectations in classrooms, and begin their new enrichment schedule. Families, thank you for supporting your child during this transition and getting them ready to embark on their second semester! The new semester marks the start of our basketball season, and we are excited for our boys’ and girls’ teams to showcase their skills in their first home game, January 12th at 5PM. We also have many exciting plays and performing arts events forthcoming, so please be sure to visit our website regularly at While on the subject of our website, I would like to direct your attention to the personalized learning tab at the top of our home page. Please take some time to read through the sections on how we make learning personal at Windy Hill, which includes multimedia on using Schoology and teacher testimonials. We are also very excited about the monthly surveys we have that allow our stakeholders to give us feedback centered around our implementation of personalized learning. I would also like to share that on January 24th, at 6PM, we will host our first annual Making Learning Personal Exhibit Night. During this event, you will be able to experience personalized classrooms, learn about the new state standards, and have a panel of students and teachers share their experiences in personalized classrooms. Refreshments will be served and there will be prizes, so be sure to join us on the 24th! Finally, although it is just January, we have to begin thinking about testing. Eighth graders are taking a college readiness assessment, the PSAT, on January 12th. The first Florida Standards Assessment, which is the writing test for all grade levels, will be on February 27th. Math and reading will follow a few weeks later. Please be sure to visit our website to see our posted testing calendar so you know when your child will take their state assessments. Our teachers are preparing our students to be successful and the students are working hard, so we know they will perform exceptionally well on the FSA! If you have not done so already, please follow us on Twitter @WindyHillWovles or #OnePack! Respectfully, William P. Roberts, Principal

Email: As a tool for communicating with your child’s teacher, we invite you to use our email system. Email addresses of all administrators, teachers and staff members of Windy Hill Middle School can be found on the Windy Hill Website at, click on Schools, select Windy Hill Middle, select Teachers.

Mission Statement: To promote the love of learning through a partnership

with the students, parents, teachers, and the community, for success in the 21st century.

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2 Building Your Child’s Character: Challenges and Solutions We live in a time when teaching our children to be virtuous is especially challenging. Youngsters are surrounded by political sound-bites; outlandish promises from advertisers; and television programming and films filled with lying, gratuitous violence and sex as entertainment. As a parent, you might feel weary and overwhelmed as you try to help your children develop virtues such as honesty, respect for themselves and others, humility, courage and a generous rather than greedy heart. You’re not alone. The challenge of helping humans develop high moral character has perplexed philosophers, psychologists and theologians for centuries. Children are born with unique temperaments, needs and gifts. Some find it much easier to share their toys than others. Some feel horrible when they lie, while others seem to delight in deception. Some are timid; others show amazing courage and tenacity. But, no matter where children are born on these continuums, they have the potential to develop good character and become positive contributors to society. In fact, Aristotle, who wrote of such things about 350 B.C.E., believed humans were born to become virtuous, mature adults -- to be pillars of virtue for those younger or less developed than we are. And Immanuel Kant, writing some 2,000 years later, added his view that for an act to be truly virtuous, it had to be hard for us to do; it couldn’t just come naturally.

‘Wolf Tracks’ January 2017 Published Five Times Per Year Windy Hill Middle School 3575 Hancock Rd. Clermont, FL 34711 Issue # 4

What Can Parents Do?

Over the years we’ve had many parents ask us how to help their children develop positive personal qualities. We’ve heard questions such as: “My son is so selfish, how can I teach him to be generous?”, “My daughter is always so angry and mean to her friends. What can I do to help her see that she should treat others with kindness and respect?” and “How can I get my child to be more honest?” When it comes to character development, there is no more foolish philosophy than the old saying, “Do as I say, not as I do.” Along with Aristotle, we believe your children first need to see virtue in action in order to try out their virtue-wings. Parents, relatives, siblings and childcare providers give children their first glimpses of courage, honesty, generosity, fairness and respect. It’s not enough for your children to see you and other important adults and peers behaving virtuously. They also need encouragement, praise and character feedback. Encouragement: You can encourage your children with words or simply by showing faith in their positive potential. For the boy who is acting selfish, you might say, “I’m going to stop reminding you to share because I know you can do it on your own. You can also actively notice your children’s behavior when they do something positive. For example, when you see your daughter share her toys with another child, you might just say, “Hey, I noticed you let Joannie play with your special toy.” You don’t even need to follow that comment up with praise, because just the fact that you noticed will have an effect. A basic behavioral principle is this: Children will repeat actions that get them attention from their parents. What this means is that we need to worry more about catching our children doing something right than doing something wrong. Character feedback: Most parents, us included, find it natural to give negative character feedback to our children. If a child is easily angered and reactive, we forget that she only sometimes is angry and mean, and so we tend to say things like, “Why do you have to be so mean?” continued on next page

a Jensen Dr. Julie Russo & Dr. Alexandr

3165 Citrus Tower Boulevard Clermont Florida 34711 • 352.241.6333

3 Unfortunately, when we repeatedly focus on the negative with our children, they may begin believing us. So, the girl who acts angry begins to define herself as “an angry girl”. You can see how important it is to notice when your children behave kindly and to give them a positive character building statement such as, “You’re the kind of girl who knows how to be nice to her friends.” Dishonesty: Children are often tempted to lie about their misbehavior. This isn’t an easy problem, but one strategy that works is to separate the misbehavior from the truth or lie. In other words, when children are honest about the rules they’ve broken, they can receive “truth bonuses. Or, if they lie about breaking a rule, then they suffer two separate consequences, one for the misbehavior and one for the lie. Good works: Character development is enhanced by opportunities to do good in the world. Volunteering to help at food banks, helping coach younger children, giving money to a familychosen charity -- all these efforts instill important habits in your children. But don’t force them to help at the soup kitchen alone. Join them, and have a talk afterwards. Of course it’s hard to find time for such things, hard to interact with people who seem different and tempting to feel judgmental toward people who need help, but the payoffs can be enormous. Character development begins at home and continues at school. As a parent, consider how you can bring some of your best character-building ideas to your child’s school. You can have a voice in having the school choose character-building reading materials, activities and speakers. Talk to your child’s school counselor, teachers, coaches or principal about how you can contribute to the challenge of character development in all young people. Rita and John Sommers-Flanagan are both counselor educators at the University of Montana. Their latest book is “Counseling and Psychotherapy Theories in Context and Practice (John Wiley & Sons, 2004).

Superintendent’s READING CHALLENGE! Reading is such a powerful way for students to build literacy skills that the superintendent has designed the Superintendent’s Reading Challenge to span the winter months. Middle school students are encouraged to read 12 books on the student’s reading level and complete a reading log. Please encourage your child to participate by reading. Reading logs are provided for students to record the books they read and can be obtained from the student’s ELA teacher. These logs should be returned to the ELA teacher by March 1, 2017.

Don’t Forget To Order Your Yearbook!

The 2016-2017 Wolves’ Den yearbook is available for pre-order online at Name-stamped yearbooks will be available for order until January 20, 2017. On January 21, the base price for all yearbooks will be $40. Online yearbooks sales will end on April 1, and there will be a very limited number of yearbooks for sale at school at the end of May.

4 Student Testing Information Your student will have an opportunity to participate in a practice test to become familiar with the computer-based testing platform, item types, and response formats he or she will see on the FSA assessment(s). If you or your student would like to review the computer-based practice test at home, the practice tests and answer keys are available at students-and-families/practice-tests/. Please review the following policies with your student before testing: • Electronic Devices—Students are not permitted to have any electronic devices, including, but not limited to, cell phones, smartphones, and smartwatches, at any time during testing OR during breaks (e.g., restroom), even if they are turned off or students do not use them. If your student is found with an electronic device, his or her test will be invalidated. • Calculators—For math assessments, approved handheld calculators may be used during SESSION 2 ONLY. If students have handheld calculators during Session 1, their tests will be invalidated. 6th graders are not permitted to use calculators on any math session. • Testing Rules Acknowledgment—All FSA tests include a Testing Rules Acknowledgment that reads: “I understand the testing rules that were just read to me. If I do not follow these rules, my test score may be invalidated.” Prior to testing, test administrators read the rules to students, and students acknowledge that they understand the testing rules by signing below the statement on their work folders. • Discussing Test Content after Testing—The last portion of the testing rules read to students before they sign below the Testing Rules Acknowledgment states: “Because the content in all statewide assessments is secure, you may not discuss or reveal details about the test items after the test. This includes any type of electronic communication, such as texting, emailing, or posting online, for example, on websites like Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.” Please make sure your student understands that “discussing” test content includes any kind of electronic communication, such as texting, emailing, or posting to blogs or social media websites, etc. While students may not share information about secure test content after testing, this policy is not intended to prevent students from discussing their testing experiences with their parents/families. • Working Independently—Students are responsible for doing their own work during the test and for protecting their answers from being seen by others. If students are caught cheating during testing, their tests will be invalidated. In addition, FDOE employs Caveon Test Security to analyze student test results to detect unusually similar answer patterns. Student tests within a school that are found to have extremely similar answer patterns will be invalidated. • Leaving Campus—If your student begins a test session and leaves campus before completing it (for lunch, an appointment or illness, etc.), he or she WILL NOT be allowed to return to that test session. If your student does not feel well on the day of testing, it may be best for him or her to wait and be tested on a make-up day. Please remember not to schedule appointments on testing days. • Testing Accommodations—If your student has an Individual Education Plan (IEP) or Section 504 plan, please contact the school to discuss the testing accommodations that will be provided for your student. For more information about the FSA program, please visit the FSA Portal at

5 Making Learning Personal on the Hill Windy Hill Middle School will be hosting a ‘Making Learning Personal’ Exhibit Night on January 24th in our cafeteria from 6:00-7:30pm. This event will provide an in-depth and live view into WHMS’s implementation of personalizing instruction. Students, parents, and community members are invited to share in our journey highlighting the ‘WHY,’ ‘HOW,’ and ‘BENEFITS’ of ‘Making Learning Personal (MLP).’ Attendees will be able to travel through and interact with common implementation resources while visiting various informational sessions on key elements of MLP. Attending WHMS students, accompanied by a parent and/or guardian, who complete the Exhibit Night “Must Do’s” and submit their pacing guide will be rewarded with extra credit. Additionally, attendees will have the chance to win raffle prizes in addition to gaining key information about Windy Hill’s implementation journey. Prior to the event, parents, students, and community members can join our ‘MLP Exhibit Night’ Schoology course, which will provide helpful resources and allow attendees to navigate the night through a personalized resource – similar to how resources are used in the classroom. Students can join by adding the course on their Schoology accounts using course code: BHWDGK7GPK. Parents and community members can join the course using the course code: BHWDGK7GPK after first, creating a Schoology account. The WHMS website has helpful tutorials and resources for parents to assist in creating an account. Please join us for this spectacular evening of information, celebration and exhibition to witness what it truly means to make learning personal!

8th Grade Bon Voyage Party—May 22, 2017 Attention 8th Grade Parents:

In order for Windy Hill Middle School to provide our 8th grade students with a fun and exciting send off to high school, we need your help. Parent volunteers are needed to help organize and make preparations for our annual Bon Voyage Party for the 8th grade class of 2017. This event has always been Windy Hill’s grand finale for our 8th graders. With your help we can make this year’s event one that will make our students proud of their accomplishments and promotion to high school. An informational meeting is going to be held in the cafeteria at Windy Hill Middle on Thursday, February 2nd, starting at 6:00 p.m. At this meeting we will discuss a theme and assign committee chairs. The details of the day will be a surprise for our 8th graders so please do not bring your student to the meeting. We look forward to seeing you on Feb. 2nd. If you have any questions, or cannot attend but would like to get involved, please call the school at 352-394-2123 and speak with our School Secretary, Debbie Prasse.

A few spots are left! We need you!

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Kerri McCullough • 352-394-2123

Windy Hill Middle School

6 Band-Tastic Accomplishments We had WONDERFUL representation at the Lake, Sumter and Marion Counties All-District Band Auditions on November 29th! We are so proud of ALL of the W.H.M.S. students who put the extra time in to prepare for this event. The following students will be representing us from Jan. 27th-29th at Forest High School in Ocala, FL. We hope you join us for their concert that Saturday at 3:00 p.m. Name


Chair Place Lisa Gaglio Flute 5 Wellarose Jimenez Oboe 1 Joshua A. Paredes Bassoon 1 Maiya D. Johnson Bassoon 2 Alexa M. Wiltrout Bb Clarinet 3 Alberto A. Vizcaino Bb Clarinet 4 Annalise C. Ruiz Bb Clarinet 5 Jerry W. Cashion-Bauer Bb Clarinet 6 Audrey K. Blythe Bb Clarinet 9 Careila I. Utrera Bass Clarinet 1 Chiara G. Smith Alto Saxophone 1 Teresa M. Gonzalez Alto Saxophone 2 Justin C. Matos Alto Saxophone 5 Dwayne S. Bryan Tenor Saxophone 1 Jake T. Theisen Trumpet 8



Alexandra Macdonald Brock C.Stratton Jaryel O. Martinez Katelynn E. Blythe Anaum J. Virani Mark R. Montgomery Charles Dow Jacob H. Thornton Colin J. Henkel Iraisa Cosme-Matos Jayden Lorenzo Kennedy C. McAuley Mansi Patel Kiera Baldwin

Trumpet Trumpet Trombone Trombone Trombone Euphonium Euphonium Tuba Tuba Tuba Percussion Percussion Percussion String Bass

Chair Place 11 12 7 8 11 1 3 1 3 6 1 3 7 1

AVID at Windy Hill The first semester for AVID brought many opportunities for our students. Students were provided opportunities to practice and participate in AVID strategies, team building activities, tutorials, and AVID club as well as many great learning opportunities to help prepare students for college and career. The month of December also provided students the opportunity to participate in these activities. WHMS AVID club hosted Jingle Mingle which was a success! This exciting experience allowed our AVID students to focus on team building skills while having lots of fun. Pizza was provided as well as many holiday activities. With over fifty participants at this event, students had a great time playing games, decorating cards, wrapping gifts, and the option of exchanging gifts with their classmates. Prizes were also awarded throughout the event as students rotated through the many different game locations. Thank you to the Windy Hill Middle School AVID Site Team for making this time a great success!


Athletics Basketball Schedule

Spring 2017 Soccer Match Schedule

Day/Date Time Opponent Location Tuesday, March 28, 2017 BYE Thursday, March 30, 2017 5:30pm Clermont Middle School Clermont Middle School Tuesday, April 4, 2017 5:30pm Gray Middle School Windy Hill Middle School Thursday, April 6, 2017 5:30pm East Ridge Middle School Windy Hill Middle School Tuesday, April 11, 2017 5:30pm Imagine South Lake Charter Windy Hill Middle School Thursday, April 13, 2017 BYE Tuesday, April 18, 2017 5:30pm Clermont Middle School Windy Hill Middle School Thursday, April 20, 2017 5:30pm Gray Middle School* Gray Middle School Tuesday, April 25, 2017 5:30pm East Ridge Middle School East Ridge Middle School Thursday, April 27, 2017 5:30pm Imagine South Lake Charter Windy Hill Middle School Thursday, May 4, 2017 6:00pm County Championship Tavares High School All away games except Gray Middle* will be drop off only-players will need a ride home

School Board of Lake County Windy Hill Middle School 201 W. Burleigh Blvd. Tavares, FL 32778-2496

Non - Profit Organization U.S. Postage PAID Orlando, FL Permit # 2346



It is necessary for your child to receive the TDAP vaccination before entering 7th grade. If they do not have it by the first day of the 2017/2018 school year, they will not be able to start until they have received it. If your child has already received this vaccination, please send an updated copy of the Florida 680 vaccination form to the school or fax to 352-394-7901, attention Kellie. Tetanus, diphtheria and pertussis are very serious diseases. The TDAP vaccine can protect from these diseases. 1. TETANUS (Lockjaw) is rare in the United States today. It causes painful muscle tightening and stiffness, usually all over the body. It can lead to tightening of muscles in the head and neck causing inability to open the mouth, swallow, or sometimes even breathe. 2. DIPHTHERIA is also rare in the United States today. It can cause a thick coating to form in the back of the throat. It can lead to breathing problems, heart failure, paralysis, and death. 3. PERTUSSIS (Whooping Cough) causes severe coughing spells which can cause difficulty breathing, vomiting and disturbed sleep. These diseases are caused by bacteria. Diphtheria and pertussis are spread from person to person through secretions from coughing or sneezing. Tetanus enters the body through cuts, scratches, or wounds. The TDAP vaccine can protect adolescents and adults from tetanus, diphtheria, and pertussis. One dose of TDAP is routinely given at age 11 or 12. This vaccination is needed in order for a student to enter 7th grade.

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TDAP Clinic – March 7, 2017

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