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Wekiva High School

August 2014

Volume 7


Academic and personal success for every student.


Each student will reach the highest standards of academic and personal success.


Students • Students are our first and foremost priority. • All students can and will learn in a challenging atmosphere. • Students are entitled to a safe and secure learning environment. Curriculum & Instruction • Rigor and relevance lead all instruction. • Constant self-assessment enriches our programs. • Extracurricular activities are vital to a well-rounded education. • Teamwork is essential. Community • Students, faculty and staff are life-long learners. • Faculty and staff are professional role models. • Respect and accountability are the cornerstones of all relationships. To download a PDF version of this newsletter, go to

“Prepare for Greatness”

Number 4

August 2014

A Message From the Principal


reetings, Mustangs! This is my first opportunity to introduce myself to the students and families of Wekiva High School, and let me begin by telling you how thrilled I am to be here. I have worked with Orange County Public Schools for the past thirty three years where I have served as an English teacher, writing teacher, SAFE Coordinator, Dean, Assistant Principal, and Principal in the middle and high school levels. I have worked with both strong schools and struggling schools, and I value challenges as well as the successes. I met my husband of thirty years while teaching at Walker Jr. High, and our three children have all graduated from OCPS schools and have continued through college and beyond. One of my goals as the principal of Wekiva High School is to strengthen the community engagement to better support the needs of our students and staff. Parents are always encouraged to attend school-sponsored events as well as help with academic and classroom activities. We invite parents to join our PTSA, SAC, and other parent groups including our fine arts and athletic booster programs. We appreciate your choosing Wekiva and OCPS for your child’s education, and I want all parents to know you play an important role in your child’s academic success. We have decided to make some changes to the Mustang Charge in the hopes to better meet the needs of the parents and students by decreasing the numbers of participants and parking issues during a single event. Seniors will be asked to attend the SENIOR STAMPEDE on Monday, August 11, from 2:00 – 4:00 beginning in the gym lobby. Members of the class of 2015 will be able to pick up schedules, get parking passes (if they didn’t get one the previous week), and select lockers. Juniors and sophomores will participate in Mustang Charge on Tuesday. Juniors participate 10:00—12:00 and sophomores come from 2:00 – 4:00 both beginning in the gym lobby. Juniors and licensed sophomores will be able to get parking passes, schedules, and lockers as well as walk their schedules and meet teachers. The freshman Mustang Charge is Thursday from 2:00 – 5:00 beginning in the gym lobby. Freshmen will receive schedules and lockers, and walk the campus to meet teachers during this time. At 4:00, students and parents are invited to an assembly in the auditorium where we will go over graduation requirements including testing and scholarship information. These next four years will go by more quickly than you can imagine, and we want students and parents to have all of the information needed for graduation. Guidance counselors will not be available for conferences or scheduling concerns during the Senior Stampede or Mustang Charge, and any necessary schedule changes will be made the first week of school for students missing classes or repeating courses. All schedules received prior to the first day of school are subject to change depending on enrollment and class size amendment. I’m looking forward to meeting the students and parents during this week and at future events. Please don’t hesitate to contact me with any questions or concerns, and enjoy the rest of your summer vacation. I have finished, Lay That Trumpet in Our Hands. Have you?

“...I want all parents to know you play an important role in your child’s academic success.”

Michele Erickson Principal

Inside This Issue: •

Upcoming Events


School Calendar

Special Mustang Accolades

Bell Schedule

Air Force JROTC

Where to Go for Help

Honor Roll

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Mustang Matters

Upcoming Events

Freshmen Orientation – 9:00 a.m. – 12:00 noon – Cafeteria Senior Parking Spaces Painting – 8:00 a.m. – 10:00 a.m. Teachers Return! Senior Stampede (pick-up schedules) – 2:00 p.m. – 4:00 p.m. Mustang Charge: Juniors – 10:00 a.m. – 12:00 noon Sophomores – 2:00 p.m. – 4:00 p.m. Freshmen Mustang Charge – 2:00 p.m. – 5:00 p.m. Senior Parking Spaces Painting – 6:00 p.m. – 8:00 p.m. First Day of School Senior Sunrise – Stadium – 6:30 a.m. Pep Rally – 1:20 p.m. – 2:10- p.m. Varsity Football Game vs. Leesburg High – 7:30 p.m. Labor Day – No School Underclassmen Photographs Taken ACT Administered Speech & Debate Tournament – East River High School Hispanic Heritage Assembly All-State Chorus Auditions – 7:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m. All-State Band Auditions – Ocoee High School Chorus Fall Concert – 7:00 p.m. Powder Puff Football Game – 7:00 p.m. Pep Rally – 1:20 p.m. – 2:10 p.m. Homecoming Varsity Football Game vs. East River – 7:30 p.m. Speech & Debate Tournament – Oviedo High School SAT Administered Homecoming Dance – 8:00 p.m. – 12:00 a.m. All-State Chorus Auditions – Edgewater High PSAT Administered to all 9th & 10th graders First Quarter Exams Administered Orchestra & Guitar Fall Concert – 7:00 p.m. All-County Dance Auditions – Glen Ridge Middle School End of First Quarter Teacher Work/Professional Days – Student Holidays ACT Administered 2nd Quarter Begins Haunted House & Scary Movie Night – 6:30 p.m. Marching Band Music Performance Assessment All-County Dance Rehearsal – Dr. Phillips High – 2:30 p.m. Fall Play Production – 7:00 p.m. 1st Quarter Awards Programs Fall Play Production – 7:00 p.m. SAT Administered Fall Play Production – 2:00 p.m. Matinee & 7:00 p.m. Dance Expose Speech & Debate Tournament hosted by Wekiva

Driver’s License Attendance Policy

According to section 322.091 of the Florida Statutes, a minor is not eligible for driving privileges unless that minor is enrolled in school and satisfies relevant attendance requirements. All students aged 14 or older, who accumulate 15 unexcused absences in a period of 90 calendar days, will be reported to the Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles. The DHSMV will submit notices to the student and parent informing them of the suspension of the student’s license. The parent and student have 15 calendar days from receipt of the notice to request a hardship waiver hearing.


IF YOU MOVE PLEASE INFORM THE GUIDANCE OFFICE. OCPS REQUIRES THAT WE KEEP UP TO DATE ADDRESS INFORMATION ON ALL STUDENTS. We will need the following to change a student’s address: • Lease/deed in parents name • Address verification form Pupil Assignment • Mail with new address If you have any question call 407-297-4981 for more information.

ADDitions and Volunteers

We are always looking for interested parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles who can provide a few hours of community service to our students. There are many opportunities to peak your interest. You might want to join us in the media center helping our students chose their next favorite author. Perhaps your skills in a foreign language can help a student struggle to learn your native tongue. We are always looking for professionals to spend the day with us on Teach-In in November where you can spread the word about your career and what our students need to be doing now to be marketable in the future. Log on to to get started on a rewarding volunteer experience. You may also contact our school to speak with our ADDitions coordinator.

Schedule Changes

Student schedule changes may be made ONLY during the first week of classes each semester. Schedule changes may be made only for the following reasons: • The student has already successfully completed the course. • The student lacks the required prerequisite for the course. • There is a duplicate class on the student’s schedule. • There is a blank period in the student’s schedule. To apply for a schedule change during the first week of classes each semester, a student must complete a schedule change form (available in the guidance office reception area), get his/ her parent’s signature and return the form to the guidance office.

Reminder To All Students

All students are reminded that in order to meet graduation requirements • they must earn credit from at least one on-line course. For further information, contact your counselor. 1. Go to 2. Click on “Sign Up” 3. Click on “New Students Start Here” 4. Follow the rest of the process for signing up and registering for a course. 5. Let your guidance counselor know so he/she can approve the course. 6. Complete the course with an A.


Bus routes, pick-up and drop-off locations and times are determined by the Orange County Public School’s Transportation Department. Schedules will be available for viewing on the front window of the administration building at Wekiva High School, on our school web site,, in the Apopka Chief, The Planter, The West Orange Times and some convenience stores throughout the community. Any questions or concerns about routes, bus stop locations, or times of pickup and drop off should be addressed to the Transportation Department.

August 2014

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Student Email Accounts!

Every student at Wekiva will have an email account through our EPals system. The expectation is that EPals will be our primary source for disseminating information regarding upcoming activities, events and other academic information. These email accounts are accessible off campus and need to be checked regularly. Stay informed by checking your ePals account!

Critical Information for Emergency Notifications & Releasing of Students

Your student will be bringing home a packet of paperwork the first few days of school. In that packet will be an Emergency Contact card. Please be sure to list the individuals that may pick up your student from school during school hours. Those individuals that you list are the only authorized individuals to whom we can release your teenager, if there is a need to leave campus during the school day. Please print clearly and list the name as it appears on the student’s photo ID. It is critical that your student return the completed Emergency Contact Card! Emergencies can and do occur. We want to be certain that we have the most current, up-to-date and accurate information in the event that we may need to contact you for some type of emergency concerning your child. Thank you in advance for your cooperation in following through and completing the Emergency Contact Card! We appreciate it!


It is a student’s responsibility to maintain his/her textbooks in good condition and return each textbook at the end of the school year. Textbooks that are lost or damaged must be paid for by the student before final report cards will be released.

OCPS School Calendar for 2014-15 Monday-Friday Monday Monday Wednesday Thursday Friday Monday Monday-Friday

August 11-15 August 18 September 1 October 22 October 23 October 24 October 27 November 24-28

Two Weeks Monday Thursday Friday Monday Tuesday Monday Thursday Friday Monday-Friday Monday Monday Wednesday Thursday-Friday

Dec. 22-Jan. 2 January 5 January 15 January 16 January 19 January 20 February 16 March 19 March 20 March 23-27 March 30 May 25 June 3 June 4-5

Pre-planning for teachers (Aug. 13 is a staff development day.) First day of school for students Labor Day holiday (Schools and district offices are closed.) End of 1st marking period (47 days) Student holiday/teacher workday Student holiday/teacher professional day Begin 2nd marking period Thanksgiving Break · Students are out all week · District offices are open Nov. 24-26 · Nov. 24-26: Teacher non-workdays · Nov. 27-28: Teacher holidays Winter Break (Schools are closed. District offices are closed Dec. 24-Jan. 1.) Students return to school End of 2nd marking period (44 days) Student holiday/teacher workday Martin Luther King, Jr. holiday (Schools and district offices are closed.) Begin 2nd semester/3rd marking period Presidents Day holiday (Schools are closed; district offices are open.) End of 3rd marking period (42 days) Student holiday/teacher workday Spring Break (Schools are closed; district offices are open.) Begin 4th marking period Memorial Day holiday (Schools and district offices are closed.) End of 4th marking period/last day of school for students (47 days) Post planning for teachers

‘Mustang Matters’ August 2014 Published Four Times Per Year Orange County Public Schools P.O. Box 271 Orlando, FL 32802 Issue #4

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Mustang Matters

New Counselor Assignments

Due to the addition of a counselor to service our student needs, the counselors have modified their assignments for the upcoming school year. Counselors will work with students based upon their last names. The alphabetical breakdown for counselor caseloads are as follows: A - Cl Mr. Anthony Fragale Cm – Gr Mrs. Cynthia French Gs – Li Mr. Malcolm Marshman Lj – Pa Ms. Terri Anderson Pb – Sh Ms. Edwige Boireau Si – Z Mrs. Andrea Hormuth

Bell Schedule

Maroon Schedule (Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday) Period 1 7:20 - 8:09 Period 2 8:14 - 9:03 Period 3 9:08 - 9:57 Period 4 10:02 - 10:51 Period 5A 11:26 - 12:22 Lunch A 10:51 - 11:21 Period 5B 10:56 - 11:52 Lunch B 11:52 - 12:22 Period 6 12:27 - 1:16 Period 7 1:21 - 2:10 Navy Schedule (Wednesday & Assembly) Period 1 7:20 - 8:01 Period 2 8:06 - 8:47 Period 3 8:52 - 9:33 Period 4 9:38 - 10:19 Period 5A 10:54 - 11:38 Lunch A 10:19 - 10:49 Period 5B 10:24 - 11:08 Lunch B 11:08 - 11:38 Period 6 11:43 - 12:24 Period 7 12:29 - 1:10


Most colleges and post-secondary institutions require that a student take the SAT and/or the ACT. SAT and ACT exams are given at various times and various locations around the county. In order to register to take one of these exams as part of your college or post-secondary entry process, please go to the site listed below and register on line at: • SAT • ACT • PSAT testing/psat/about.html

Choral Notes

On Thursday, October 2, the Wekiva High School Chorus will join with the Lockhart Middle School and Piedmont Lakes Middle School Chorus programs to present their annual consortium concert. This is a wonderful opportunity to see our Mustangs and Mustangs-to-be perform. The concert begins at 7:00 p.m. in the Wekiva High School auditorium, and admission is free. We hope you will come and hear the wealth of musical talent in our Wekiva community.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Advice to Incoming Freshmen of the Class of 2018 on How to Be Successful from A Recent Graduate

Have a good relationship with your guidance counselor and teachers. Keep a circle of friends who encourage you and make you laugh. Make the school your second home; have pride in your school, no matter what. (That’s what makes school enjoyable to you). Don’t slack off, or you’ll have to play catch-up with your grades in your senior year. Get involved in clubs and sports; they are fun, help you make friends, and look good on college and scholarship applications. Try not to miss too much school. Always think about how something will affect you in the future. Never doubt your abilities. Take Honors and AP courses when you can. Keep track of the courses you need to graduate. Put as much effort into your academic and extracurricular pursuits as you can. Make the most of the next four years. Participate in any school functions you can. Have fun.

Homecoming Week

This year’s annual Homecoming Week will occur during the week of October 6 – 10, 2014. Each day will be designated as a themed spirit day in which students are encouraged to participate. Typically, prizes are awarded to those students expressing the most spirit based upon the given theme. Other activities during the week include the annual Powder Puff Football game between members of the Junior Class vs. members of the Senior Class, Homecoming Parade, voting for Homecoming Queen, King, & Court, our Homecoming Pep Rally, our Homecoming Varsity Football Game vs. the East River Falcons, and our annual Homecoming Dance. All students are urged to catch that Mustang spirit by participating in several or all of these activities! This is a time for making high school memories! Don’t miss out!

El club de español (Spanish Club)

Spanish Club helps students learn about Hispanic culture and practice Spanish. Students will participate in activities and earn community service hours. Come join Spanish Club on Thursdays after school. The meetings will begin at 2:15PM in Mrs. Bennett’s classroom, room 542C. ¡Hasta pronto!

HELP WEKIVA HIGH SCHOOL SIMPLY BY SHOPPING ON-LINE & OUR SCHOOL WINS!!! • Easily shop on-line at the stores you love from the convenience of your home or office 24/7 • Choose from over 200 nationally known retailers and businesses • Getting started is EASY--• Go to our Wekiva website homepage • Click WEKIVA HS SCHOOL MALL • Or visit • Shop in our school’s mall • Earn cash rewards for our school Save our school’s mall as a “favorite” and keep it handy every time you shop on-line. Pass it along to your friends and family to help, too! It’s FREE and EASY! You can still use your credit cards, coupons, & promo codes. Best of all there is NO increase in cost to shop this way!

August 2014 • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

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Where to Go for Help

Accident Reports Marianne Woodruff, Nurse, Clinic – 407-297-4900 ext. 6192888 Athletic Information Vaerie Miyares, Athletic Office, Room 402 – 407-297-4900 ext. 6194906 Attendance Issues - Attendance Office – 407-297-4900 ext. 6194902 Bookkeeping Mary Arnheim, Bookkeeper, Room 124 – 407-297-4900 ext. 6192124 Bullying Steven John, SAFE Office, Room 809 – 407-297-4900 ext. 6194987 Bus Issue Discipline Office – 407-297-4900 ext. 6192118 Career/College Information Guidance Office – 407-297-4900 ext. 6194903 Change of Address/phone Jill Woodham, Guidance Office – 407-297-4900 ext. 6194981 Conflict Resolution Steven John, SAFE Office, Room 809 – 407-297-4900 ext. 4987 Discipline Issues Discipline Office – 407-297-4900 ext. 6192118 ESE Gwendolynn Ellison, Inclusion Coach, Room 552 – 407-297-4900 ext. 6192892 ESOL Carol Duberstein, Guidance Office – 407-297-4900 ext. 6194989 Free/Reduced Lunch Forms Patricia Norman, Front Office – 407-297-4900 ID Cards Joyce Poole, .Media Center – 407-297-4900 ext. 6194908 Illness Marianne Woodruff, Nurse, Clinic – 407-297-4900 ext. 6192888 Locker Discipline Office – 407-297-4900 ext. 6192118 Lost and Found Attendance Office – 407-297-4900 ext. 6194902 Lunch Program Issues Paula Pendergast, Cafeteria Manager – 407-297-4900 ext. 6194905 Parking Discipline Office -407-297-4900 ext. 6192118 Pre-Arranged Absences Attendance Office – 407-297-4900 ext. 6194902 Spirit Items Student Activities Office – 407-297-4900 ext. 6192878 Student Activities (tickets, events) Student Activities Office – 407-297-4900 ext. 6192878 Student Records Guidance Office – 407-297-4900 ext. 6194981 Student Schedules Guidance Office – 407-297-4900 ext. 6194903 Student Scholarships Guidance Office – 407-297-4900 ext. 6194903 Summer School Issues Guidance Office – 407-297-4900 ext. 6194903 Tardy to School Attendance Office – 407-297-4900 ext. 6194902 Testing Christian Richardson, Testing Coordinator, Room 520–407-297-4900 ext. 6192520 Thefts/Vandalism Discipline Office -407-297-4900 ext. 6192118 Transcripts Jill Woodham, Guidance Office – 407-297-4900 ext. 6194981 Transfer to another School Guidance Office – 407-297-4900 ext. 6194903

Upcoming News from Speech & Debate

The Wekiva Speech & Debate team is ready to start another award winning season. For the past three years running we have qualified to go to the national tournament, and we are looking to continue that tradition. The team will have their first meeting on Thursday, August 28th after school in Rm 560. Practices will be held on Mondays and Thursdays after school in Ms. Mitchell’s room. The first event of the season will take place on Saturday, September 6th at the annual league Fall Gathering. This will be a Saturday session for new competitor training and judge training. Come learn some of the secrets of success from Varsity competitors who were National Qualifiers last year. The first tournament is on September 13th at East River High School. To learn more about the Wekiva Speech and Debate team please visit Ms. Mitchell’s webpage at kellimitchell then click on the Wekiva Speech and Debate tab; there is a tournament calendar as well as event guides on the resources page. Anyone who is interested in joining the team should see Ms. Mitchell in Room 560 or email any questions to

wekiva high school 2014-15 All Sports Passes On Sale Starting August 4th!

Don’t miss out on any of the upcoming action this year by purchasing a 2014-15 annual sports pass! Passes will be available for purchase on August 4th and at our Annual Mustang Charge. Student (K-12) passes are just $25 each. Adult passes are $50 each all year. Admission is valid at every home regular season athletic event all year, an 85% savings off standard ticket rates. Order forms can be found on our website You can purchase passes in the athletic office or via mail. Simply send a check (payable to WHS) or money order to Athletic Director, Valerie Miyares. Please include a self-addressed stamped envelope and your passes will be mailed that same day. Email with any questions.

Through Florida KidCare, the state of Florida offers health insurance for children from birth through age 18, even if one or both parents are working. It includes four different parts. When you apply for the insurance, Florida KidCare will check which part your child may qualify for based on age and family income. • MEDIKIDS: children ages 1 through 4. • HEALTHY KIDS: children ages 5 through 18. • CHILDREN’S MEDICAL SERVICES NETWORK: children birth through 18 who have special health care needs. • MEDICAID: children birth through 18. A child who has other health insurance may still qualify for Medicaid. Some of the services Florida KidCare covers are: • Doctor visits • Check-ups and shots • Hospital • Surgery • Prescriptions • Emergencies • Vision and hearing • Dental • Mental health Find other important information from our School Nurse by visiting the Wekiva High School website.

What’s happening with FFA?

Wekiva FFA went to state Convention with 10 chapter officers. They attended workshops and general sessions featuring Governor Scott, two congressman, and many national officers. Wekiva FFA made the top 5 in the state and were recognized on stage for 5th in Tractor Operations and 4th in the Harvesting Change community service fundraiser. Our Agriscience class was the leading fundraiser for the Annual Pasta for Pennies child leukemia community invovlement activity by raising $750 in the span of two weeks with the Ag classes participating. Our FFA chapter has also been awarded a $ 2,000 Living to Serve Grant through the National FFA Foundation; Our goal is to recycle 1 ton of used household batteries during the 2014-15 school year. Meeting once a month is our North West Orange County alumni Association ( NWOC), next meeting is August 28 at Beef O’Bradys in Apopka at 6:30. All parents, FFA members, and

past FFA members are invited to attend. The first FFA member meeting and drive is September 9 in room 417 after school until 3:00. We meet twice a month on every other Thursday through the year.Our first FFA parent/ Central Florida Fair Ag Open house is Thursday September 16 at 6:00 in the AGgriscience complex. FFA is an intra-curricular activity that promotes the development of leadership; promote self success, and realize your individual potential through Career Development Events, leadership workshops, community service, and training conferences. Through AGriscience you can prepare yourself with Industry Certification in Animal Sciences, AGricultural Technician, Agriculture Communications, and certified in the Florida Nursery and Landscape Association. Those students who take three years of a CTE (Career and Technical Education) program and maintain a “B” average qualify for Gold Seal scholarship opportunities as offered through Florida Bright Futures Scholar program.

Mustang Matters

Special Mustang Accolades

During the 4th quarter of the 2013-2014 school year many of our students passed industry certification exams. These exams have been established by professionals in their respective fields and are based on strict standards. In fact, there are individuals working in the industry who have not yet passed these rigorous industry certification exams! We applaud that our students have achieved this and thank them and their teachers for their outstanding efforts! Way to go, Mustangs! Autodesk Certified User-AUTOCAD Industry Certification Grade 12: Daquan Conway, Joshua Cromwell, Kyle Hamilton, Dillon Schuler, Jacob Skipper, & Bryan Vallejo Grade 11: Todd Franke Adobe Premiere Pro Industry Certification Grade 12: Ciara Cumbie, Jay Francois, Johan De Cabo, Ernest Thelifort, Darwin Glover, Diamond Lyons, Theron Perkins, Gyasi Harris, Mikayla Guerra, Abigail Evans, Travis Scoggins, Tara Boornazian, Gabrielys Ocasio Garcia, Kayla Rivera, Austin Smith, Martin Rodriguez, Sarah Heiss, & Meagan Brooks Grade 11: Laura Hamaric, Christian Ruohonen, Randall James, Samantha Hurley, Kamarr Le’Vere, Cameron Bruce, DeAnna Holliday, Renaldo Durand, Jakeira Burney, Scott Waldheim, Jordan Storey, Mary Ratliff, Sabina Ahmad, Stephanie Garcia, Erica Osborne, Megan O F fill, Raimello Jackson, Da Jon Patterson, Jared Waldrop, & Justin Mohabir Grade 10: Jonathan Garcia, Parker Behrendt, Ayanna Mattis, Samantha Walker, Hannah Lucero, Emily Lam, Matthew Hafner, Anthony Truong, Ellie King, Gabriel Colon Acosta, Elijah Pruit, Alexandro Silva, Tyrese Smallwood, Camryn Shinn, Jamaya White, Camille Miller, & Thomas Nguyen Certified Internet Web Industry Certification Grade 12: Bre-Ann Smith Grade 11: Benjamin Morrow Grade 10: Vanessa Fenelus, Alizze Gonzalez, Javon M. Johnson, Demitri Sharma, Jehu Vera, & Joshua Walton Agricultural Technician Industry Certification Grade 12: Joseph Anderson, Austin Brown, Devin Bryant, Bianca Coll, Fallon Scott, Jacob Trautsch, Caylah Farley, Jennifer Giron, & Celina Johnson Grade 11: Taylor Campbell, Phillip Felder, Wyatt Sexton, & Jeremey Shelton Florida Automobile Dealers Association Certified Technician Grade 12: Andres Jurado ServSafe Industry Certification (Culinary) Grade 12: Nahum Glenn Grade11: Candace Alexander-Lewis, Jonathan Andersen, Caitlyn Ashbaugh, Joshua Bagot, Brittany Barnes, Shoala Barnes, Sunny Blanco, Joslin Bouzy, Elisa Brathwaite, Michael Brown, Cassidy Burns, Megan Chavis, Hollie Coville, Jasmine Dukes, Yelissa Fersola Alcantara, Michelle Garcia Mendoza, Jordan Gates, Dustin Hamilton, Jessica Harman, James Harper, Bryann Holland, Jordan Illges, Timothy Jarvis, Antynisha Jordan, Raheem Jula, James Kirk, Deborah Latigue, Chloe Leininger French, Kailyn Leong, Deborah Margiotta, Robert Massaline, Marie Noel, Andy Obregon, Pretima Omrao, Austin Oravec, Nancy Pelayo, Sharad Salters, Genesis Santana, Jayonna Stephens, Anthony Swingle, Amy Trigueros, Yerouk Wills, & Jesse Wilson Grade 10: Megan Allen, Marc Altidor, Jessiemarie Anglada, Derick Aseron, Chloe Bey, Cherokee Bowers, Keimyon Brown, Jaliza Caban, Christian Carey Walker, Chelsey Cribbs, Marcus Davis, Michael Dejean, Sean Derfuss, Sarah Dooley, Robert Ellis, Esteban Feliciano, Dasia Fisher, Kylie Frish, Gabrielle Harripersad, Jessica Hill, Navya Isaac, Destiny Jenkins, Lanolyn Jusino Cubillan, Delmy Lorenti, Rachel Main, Luis Martinez, Ayanna Mattis, Mya McLemore, Mehjebin Miah, Mason Millis, Jazmine Morris, Whitney Myrtil, Keishla Oliveras, Taylor Owens, Damian Pickron, Courtney Pierce, Jocelyn Pimentel, Kalyn Potts, Austin Reebals, Tachiana Riggins, Christopher Rodriguez, Edward Rohn, Gris Salazar, Kaitlin Sarris, Haley Sigle, Alex Simmons, Autumn Skates, Rachel Sumpter, Zachery Talbert, Alistair Thomas, Eileen Urbieta, Venessy Venescar, & Vesta Venescar We wish to applaud the following students who earned multiple Industry Certifications in the Spring 2014: Dustin Headberg (12) - Autodesk Certified User – AUTOCAD Industry Certification Adobe Premiere Pro Industry Certification Lauren Earnest (10) - Adobe Premiere Pro Industry Certification ServSafe Industry Certification Paul Fryar (10) - Adobe Premiere Pro Industry Certification ServSafe Industry Certification Blake Dyer (10) - Adobe Premiere Pro Industry Certification ServSafe Industry Certification James Peters (10) – Adobe Premiere Pro Industry Certification Certified Internet Web Industry Certification Adobe Photoshop Industry Certification

Air Force JROTC Cadets Show That Mustang Pride!

Following the end of our school year, Wekiva High School Air Force JROTC top cadets attended our annual week long Summer Leadership Program at The Citadel, South Carolina. Over 20 schools from 4 states attend this great summer leadership camp. Wekiva High School cadets excelled at the camp with Cadet Tiffany Rios being award the “Top Cadre Cadet Award” for her outstanding performance as a Standardization Evaluator. Additionally, Cadet Von Peoples found out only this year that he had set the cadet record on The Citadel obstacle course last year when one of his fellow cadre cadets broke his record by 2 seconds. All our cadets performed well at physical training, competitive sports, drill, academics, inspections, and military customs/courtesies. Only our top cadets are privileged to attend this program, and these cadets all showed they had earned their selection.

4th Quarter Honor Roll

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Straight “A” Honor Roll Aguilar Orozco, Jose Luis Ahmad, Sabina Armstrong, Kelly Elizabeth Baird, Sydni Brooke Beckinsale, Timothy Alec David Bennett, Hannah Elizabeth Borton, Ariana Jasmine Butler, Isaiah Desean Carty, Shaina Stacy Ann Chantiloupe, Chennel Annastacia Chowdhury, Rhea Islam Claiborne, Tanner Eric Collier, Katharine Alexandra Collins, Marshay Dyon Coville, Aaron Jackson Dessert, Cassidy Danielle Dewey, Matthew Charles Dossous, Briannah Rose Ervin, Ezekiel Fenelus, Vanessa Lindsay Fersola Alcantara, Yelissa Nicole Fouts, William Eddison Frazier, Chester Cerean IV Garcia, Sabrina Christine Gilbert, Logan Keith Giron, Jennifer Hafner, Matthew James Hosier, Sierra Jade Hyder, Mikaela Lee Inniss, Nia Brianna Jagdeo, Jessica Kamens, Camille Jade Kelly, Kyle Robert Kese, Rhoda Davis Lam, Emily Hoang Lee, Rachel Leriche, Hailee Elise Lewark, Aurora Makenzie Maggio, William Main, Rayce Jacob Martin, Juzanne Christobel Martinez, Robert Carlos Mattis, Ayanna Mychelle Mc Gee, Natalie McCray, Kaerra Breyona McTigue, Erin Elizabeth Metayer, Galiano Gregore Meza, Morelia Jessica Moody, Alexis Kristia Morrison, James Aloysius II Myrtil, Whitney Christine Nguyen, Cuong Njie, Jarai B.K Odom, Nicholas John Ong, Richard Ly Osborne, Tyler Owens, Taylor Dee Perez, Americos Perez, Amerisha Perkins, Theron Morritz JR Peters, James Michael Peterson, Dynesha Pierce, Mattaiah Hendrick Rivera, Hannah Jean Rivera, Marie Angelique Robinson, Jamal T E Robles, Abraham Rodrigues, Evelise Ivete Runnells, Hayden Salters, Sharad Juwan Santana, Yamilex Marie Santos, Carmitchell Marie Sarber, Brandon Ronald Sickler, Berkley Raine Singh, Alyssia Roshini Smith, Emily Rose Staudt, Kristina Lynn Suba, Ramona Renuka Swanson, Alyxandra Tran, Hannah Nguyen Truett, Chandler Ian Truong, Kelley Al Veloso, Taynnara West, Lucy Ella Wilson, Ronel Orlando

A/B Honor Roll Afranewaa, Nana Ama Boadu Allen, Breanna Archer, Keon Anthony Asuncion, John Kristian Berg, Nicholas Morris Berringer, Zachary Tyler Boornazian, Tara Rose Bridges, Brittany Latrice Briggs, Rebecca Danielle Burgos, Lizenid Castillo, Jazleen Alexis Centeno, Federico M Charles, Keiyanda Tamara Colon, Marina Alicia Dangerfield, Deandre Davis, Douglas Cameron Delice, Krystelle Francess Demosthene, Ashley Derfuss, Sean Mitchell Diaz, Patrick Ethan Dydel, Kathleen Geneva Figueroa Ramos, Victor Emanuelli Gagraj, Sahra Gates, Jordan Michael Gayot, Taraphanie Helene Gilzen, Jacob Byron Hafner, Charles Henry Hainesworth, Angel Nicole Hamaric, Laura Katherine Hohm, Nicole Elisabeth Holland, Bryann Danielle Jacques-Louis, K’tura Tonia Kleier, Austin Edward Kleier, Justin William Larkins, David Skyy Le, Manfred Phue Le’Vere, Kamarr Evan Lomeli, Jennifer Jazmin Lubin, Shakara Tracy Lyons, Diamond Marcano, Curtly Caletus Marshall, Aquila James Martin, Tyja Markeir Martinez, Giselle Matthews, Melissa Grace Mcilrath, Jax Stephens Miah, Mehjebin A Mim, Hafsanur Minehart, Kayla Nicole Morales Maymi, Juan Carlos Morris, Jazmine Marie Nanan, Nickolas Richard Orras, Raeanne Noelle Petty, Joshua Dewayne Rassel, Isabel Magali Ricci, Kaitlyn Rose Riggins, Kristian Rivera Negron, Pedro Jose Saavedra, Roberto Martin Santiago, Ruth Zonely Sarris, Kaitlin Rebecca Sceals, Caroline Sterling Smith Paez, Bianca Yeliz Smith, BreAnn Joyce Tippins, Lauren Destiny Wharton, Alexis Tiara Whitlock, Shelby Jeanette Wilkinson, Craig Wallace Andrews, Brittany Layne Bargaineer, Jarae Neecole Bell, Anthony Manuel Bergschneider, Beverly Michelle Boelter, Samantha Diane Crescioni, Camilia Rosa Gentile, Michael Anthony Guaman, Jo-Anne Jericho, Jesse James Sanchez, Hector Manuel III Sierra, Alaura Rosa Wynn, Emily Marie Brown, Janae Angela Jurado, Andres Felipe Lattin, Jahnyqua Iyosha Solache, Maria Guadlupe Stanley, Dustin Ray

August 2014 Trigueros, Angel Ruben Alexis, Francine Alexandra Anderson, Taliyah Symone Andrade Sousa, Francisca Daniele Anthony, Shaterrance La Mika Aydelotte, Zachary Bagot, Joshua Stephen Baker, Destiny Arkisha Billups, Tyreek Dubois Blount, Anastasia Lamaria Brathwaite, Elisa Starr Ebony Brown, Lillie-Anna Mckenzie Burke Monds, Alonna Nicole Campopiano, Lea Francesca Castaneda, Yarelis Chan, Satish Andrew Codner, C’Andre Coll, Bianca Yaneriz Dang, Phuong Thi Thanh Davis, Marcus Jerome Dewey, Madison Marie Dhanraj, Stephanie Hema Elzie, Christina Renee Gidus, Thomas Daniel Guerra, Mikayla Alexandria Gurksnis, Breyanna F Haifa, Fareed Wajdi Haifa, Shawki Wajdi Shawik Haimdas, Anthony Teenarine Heiss, Sarah Teresa Holliday, DeAnna LaChelle Huq, Laila Ibarra, Jonatan Isai Ius, Gabrielle Elizabeth Jackson, Saniya Jackson, Tara Leiko Jeter, Laci Michele Johnson, Gaven Lee Laguerre, Shania Lalande, Courtney Jane Layton, John Burton Lohr, Brianna Joelle Lopez Macio, Alejandra Nohely Maggio, Caleb Matthew Mannix-Thomas, Kristen Margiotta, Deborah Vittoria Marquez, Jorge Francisco McCray, Benny Kaesean Mercado, Sydnie Marie Munoz, Aaliyah Marie Murillo, Vanessa Nauth, Rajiv Devindra Nunes, Isabela Maria Osborne, Erica Marie Pajotte, Jovanah Patterson, Ishan Payne, Nasir Elijah Pierce, Courtney Renee Rivera, Kiara Luz Rodriguez, Gilbert Rodriguez, Juan Rodriguez, Sabrina M Senatus, Taina Dorothee Skipper, Savannah Smith, Aubrey Smith, Kelly Marie St Pierre, Serdwick JR Stanley, Shawn Michael Torres, Lyric Damoni

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4th Quarter Honor Roll Touchton, Allison Marie Tucker, Alexander Turner, Morgan Sylese Velasquez, Rique Traniece Velez, Eduardo Gabriel Waldheim, Scott Van Williams-Lee, Jada Alexis Zackery, James Edward JR Ziers, Ezekiel Amaral, Eric Braga Brown, Jared Malik Bruce, Aaron Christopher Chanderdat, Andrew Navendra Chisolm, Darren Antonio Garrett, Lindsey Nicole Minehart, Kyle Zachary Priem, Morgan Ashley Robinson, Jessika Monet Smalt, Kyle Andrew Turner, Elijah Jordan Woodbury, Kamron Stewart Brooks, Canelius JR James, Dalton Jacob Sevilla, Jahqui Emily Allende Molina, Noelys Denise Alvarado-Hernandez, Nazario Barreau, Victoria J Bastos, Ashleigh Elizabeth Behrendt, Parker Anthony Beronilla, Fidel Marcus Lechuga Brann, Cheyan Kristina Briggs, Rachel Nicole Castillo, Jesenia Denise Celestin, Wenky Collazo, Frankie Elfran Costa, Kathleen Jarmendia Crescioni, Erik Omar Cruz, Stephanie Roseanne Cumbie, Ciara Katrie Cupidan, Yolizma Demosthene, Bradley Depaiva, Savannah Rae Dessert, Shaina Rochelle Desue, Kobe Levert Dooley, Sarah Marie Duran, Sierra Earnest, Lauren Paige Farnam, Tiffani Ann Gardner, Roger Dejuan Gonzalez, Gisselle Marie Gonzalez, Jessica Marie Gonzalez, Melissa Ashley Goss, Champange Lynett Unrtice Haus, Taylor Ann Headberg, Dustin Rob Hernandez Fernandez, Yadira Jackson, Kamera Virginia Jacobs, Michael Jr James, Randall Kevin Jocelyn, Chelsea Deja Johnson, Daraymus Jomique Landsinger, Cathrine Nell Lora, Ambar Roberly Lowrey, Kelli Jo Lucas, Dominique Ariel Maddox, Chiara S Mauvais, Berthline Medina, Tiffany Amber Meeks, Hagen Cole

Melendez, Kiara Raquel Meulens, Indirha Rebecca Michel, Ashley Nina Miller, Christopher Vincent B Miller, Rachael Lyn Miller, Timothy Lawson Mireles, Victor Monagan, Edward Demetrice Moore, Julia Marie Nguyen, Kim Ngan Payne, Tashiquiona T T Peoples, Von Arthur Jr. Perkins, Trelani Montrail Perry, Tehya Tess Phan, David Canh Pierre, Babara Platt, Reyanne Deanna Powell, Jovaughn Lamar Reed, Kassi Nicole Reed, Paul Ricks, Briyana Latrele Roberts, Anthony Germaine JR Roberts, Jacob Aaron Rodriguez, Abigail Lee Rolle, Lesli Nychelle Ruckstuhl, Katherine Marie Sanchez Matias, Ivaneshka Lee Smith, Lauren Spragg, Gabriel Summer Steele, Danielle Chanae Sweetland, Tanesha Michaela Tirado, Michael Alexander Valdez, Alexandra Celeste Velazquez Quiles, Joshuan Ricardo Verrechio, Brooke Alicen Villa Hernandez, Emily Marie Walker, Carly Rose Walton, Joshua Nathan Zephir, Nehemie Angenie Collington, Saundrecia Shywanee Day, Michael DeBille, Anthony Joseph Defoor, Candice Shae Fortuna Gracia, Kemberlie Heron, Romain Garfield Hill, Joseph Michael Lowe, Erica Cordayshia Meeks, James Allen O Loughlin, Michael Quinones, Marcus Rios, Tiffany A Stephens, Hannah Elizabeth Stinson, Tityana Jada Talbert, Jacob Allen Thompson, Jasmine Melissa Washington, Adrian Jermaine Akoon, Jada Tai Akoon, Jenai Alexis Aldossary, Latifah Ali Allison, Kyla Andersen, Jonathan Mark Archer, Chevon Antonio Atkins, Katie Estelle Barrett, Tiffany Kiarah Berry, Raegan Lynae Berry, Thamar Bey, Chloe Imani Bratton, Caressa Marie Brown, Ranesha Monique

Brutus, James Godson Brutus, Rachel Marie Budhan, Isaiah Edward Raymond Bumann, Christopher Michael Chavis, Samantha Jamison Collins-Bingham, Kambria Marie Cruz, Lydia Marilyn Cullen, Sterling Anne Dorelus, Erchelle Fengrui, Yu Fenn, Trushawn Frish, Kylie Ann Marie Galarza, Denise Nicole Gandy, Chantel S Garcia, Jonathan Alize Hannah, Kirkwood Lawrence II Harman, Jessica Faith Harriss, Chloe Alexandra Henderson, Octavia Hicks, Hunter Aaron Ivill, Luke Arthur Jaimes, Alexis Johnson, Celina Jones, Jovan Darnel Jones, Terralyn Denise Lalande, Brooke Allison Lea-Wellington, Jade Alana Lopez, Maxwell Louis, Loodjina Ly, Emily Maria, Silvana Martinez, Joaquin Massaline, Robert Lee JR Mckoy, Martina McMillian, DeMaurius J’Shawn Medina, Jayla Rose Mitchell, Nicardo Rowan Mohabir, Justin Anthony Mojica, Rafael Monestime, Tyler Anthony Morrow, Benjamin Logan Nelson, Asha Jenee Palmer, Jourdain Alexandria Passera, Christina Lee Perez, Christopher Perez, Melanie Philemont, Samantha Phillips, Charles Daniel Pierre, Widjensley Marley Pigott, Quan Dakota Pineiro, Walfrank David Pulliam, Jonathan Curtis Raniey, Marvin Malik Jr Reddick, Candice Patrice Richardson, Alexis E’mon Rivera, Jasmin Selena Rodriguez, Jennifer Roy, Raymond Luis Rutledge, Latravia Alisha Sharma, Demitri Pameshwar Shaw, Jason Tyler Sherman, Cheyanne Nicole Slayton, Jamilah Atiya Smith, RoAsia Leona Smith, Sara Abigail Sosiuk, Bogdan Soto, Agustin Sebastian St. Jacques, Aglamenta Stewart, Kyamanni

Talbert, Kyle Kenneth Tapper, Cala Priscilla Tiene, Chantal Torres Rivera, Jassirys Michelle Twiddy, Devin Trey Twiddy, Devin Trey Valverde, Marco Vicente Vandersluis, Nina Simone VanDyke, Xavier Vankerschaever, Cody Alexander Vera, Jehu David Walker, Deslyn Josephine Walker, Micah Rachel Ann Whitlow, Denise Marie Wonsey, Patricia Ann Wright, Samantha Lynn Zamudio, Alan Zuleta, Maria F Esquivel Perez, Edrey Walters, Nathaniel Weller Aguilar, Brian Christopher Ally, Daniel Asif Bryant, Amber Faye Derfuss, Ryan Joseph Derry, Darien Joy Hamilton, Samantha Josephine Hockey, Cody Lee Ingram, Eboni Simone McCoy Watson, De Marcus Isaih Nelson, Grace Ann Queely, Jessica Symone Ramos, Lena Guadalupe Sheppard, Ruben Wesley Washuta, Amber Nicole Angeles, Bianca Maria Anzo, Nancy Barnes, Brittany Bellido-Syevens, Gerardo Gabriel Blanco, Sunny Skye Bohler, Guysen Napoleon JR Braue, Logan Alexander Brutus, Emmanuel Bryant, Quentin Dshawn Bush, Kyndall Cheyenne Cao, Hang Thanh Caraballo, Xiomy Elena Chukker, Lindsey Marie Code, La Shayla Colon Acosta, Gabriel Colon, Ariel Destiny Columbus, Ashanty Deloise Charlene Conway, Daquan Sugarray Coville, Hollie May Cruz Mandujano, Fabritzia Selena Curinton, Aleshia Shanteria Daniel, Kenneth Nahoum Davis, Gwendolyn Ann Davis, Salathiel Danise Davis, Treveon Amari Dickson, Kaitlin Cheyenne Dunkley, Wesley Donald Duran, Austin Ellis, Zariyah N Forbes, Edmund Garcia, Stephanie Marie Gilliam, Levi Kenneth Gohman, Phoenix Grace, Jermaine Maceo Jr Greer, Elizabeth Renisa

Guiliano, Nicholas David Guillaume, Christina Guzman, Tessa P Hardwick, Dylan Kielte Harripersad, Gabrielle Sarah Hartwell, Kiana Nishelle Haye, Jermaine Anthony Heath, Shawn Ryan Heyer, Destani Michelle Hill, Rodryk Nizell Hinz, Travis Alan Holloway, Darion Kai’ree Jackson, Breanna Shanice James, Jelani Nigel Johnson, Brianna Patrice Johnson, Joseph Lundre Johnson, Samaya Janay Johnson, Tamaya Shanay Joseph, Ashnee Gray Kese, Jude Prince Asamoah Knight, Quinlan Xavier Kosmala, Destany Page Laboy, Carla Michelle Laguerre, Mideline Luce, Samantha Leigh Marquez, Daniel Esteban Martin, Dominique Beatrice May, Travari Jermaine Mccue, Cierra Danyelle Mcfarlane, Shantell Leressa McPherson, Jaewan Deonte Melton, Latavious Mercer, Nagida Kyrah Miller, Diana Rae Millis, Mason Mc Kinley Moore, Tarynn Alexis Morell, Elizabel Genesis Neubauer, Alexandria Margaret O Ffill, Megan Renee Omrao, Pretima Pagan, Lazaro Payne, Taneetria T T Pelayo, Nancy Perez, Gironica Rafols Petit -Papa, Mirline Pierre, Bianka Irma Pizarro, Maridalia Ratliff, Mercedes Rivera Cruz, Yamil Francisco Rodriguez, Alejandro Rollins, Matthew Mc Crery Rolon, Jenniffer Rolon, Mary Jimenez Romand, Nathan Ben Ony Rouse, Janae Santana, Genesis Alexis Santana, Matthew Scott, Anaya Avianna Serrano, Jesus Alfredo Simmons, Alex Deron Smith, De Anna Smith, Kala Ann Sotelo, Fernando Tapper, Justin Thomann, Jarryd Stephen Thomas, Taneia Renee Tolentino, Gilberto Emil Toole, Kaelynn Marie Troell, Amy Nicole

Velazquez, Joanna Velez, Odalys Marie Venescar, Vesta C Vo, Huy-Hoang Vorheis, Brett Ward, Jordan Tyla Williams, Jayda Renee Williams, Markell Jovan Young, Moesha Geneva Chukwu, Anthony Dean, Jordan Christopher Shackelford, Devonte Leotis Warren, Jocorrea Lovette Berger, Cassidy Victoria Gelais Pierre, Sandy Love Schoen, Ellis Valis, Ariel Norrey Aydelotte, Trevor Behrendt, Kaleb Warner Benham, Gabrielle Marie Charles, Carlos Demosthene, Bryan Eubanks, Sean M Garrett, Dylan Goodwin, Tyeas Breena Heflin, Ashley Amanda McLeod, Deja Debra Ramos Canarte, Geraldine Robert, Kerby David Yue, Sheng Adams, Morgan Danielle Aguilar, Maria Mercedes Alexander-Lewis, Candace-Rose Marika Alexandre, Elijah Jeremiah Alexandre, Keciana K Allen, Steven Aniapam, Kwame Ampene Arnold, Tyler Freeman Asaad, Omar Ayala, Josmarie Banks, Anthony Fitzgerald II Bargaineer, Jarod Rashon Bell, Bartimaeus Trevon Bowers, Cherokee Elizabeth Boyer, James Robert Brown, Alice Nellie Ann Brown, Jessia Brown, Keimyon Ahmahd Caban, Jaliza Marie Calderon, Blanca Juliana Campbell, Qumari De’Shawn Carroll, Austin Ryan Cepeda, Lessly Ann Coleman, Bartholomew Coleman, Yawn Rico Jr. Cutler, Jeremiah Shawcar Dennis, Cali Leann Edge, Janelle A Escobar, Melissa Farley, Caylah Janelle Frett, Tariq Gabriel, Jeremy Adam Garcia Mendoza, Michelle Garcia, Javier Garcia, Kevin Gayle, Isaac Matthew Gillette, Riley Anne Gilliam, Quartney Korona Glenn, Nahum Algy Nann

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Orange County Public Schools WEKIVA HIGH SCHOOL 2501 N. Hiawassee Rd. Apopka, FL 32703

US Postage PAID Orlando, FL Permit #885

Phone: 407-297-4900 Fax: 407-297-4970

OCPS EEO Non-Discrimination Statement The School Board of Orange County, Florida, does not discriminate in admission or access to, or treatment or employment in its programs and activities, on the basis of race, color, religion, age, sex, national origin, marital status, disability, genetic information, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, or any other reason prohibited by law. The following individuals at the Ronald Blocker Educational Leadership Center, 445 W. Amelia Street, Orlando, Florida 32801, attend to compliance matters: ADA Coordinator & Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) Supervisor: Carianne Reggio; Section 504 Coordinator: Latonia Green; Title IX Coordinator: Matthew Fitzpatrick. (407.317.3200)

Administrative Staff

Assistant Principals George Kispert Kimberly Santana David Schmidt Demetria Wilson Deans Aski-Melik Brown Emilio Vitulli Keith Williams

“Prepare for Greatness” August 2014

Noel, Marie Ocasio Garcia, Gabrielys Oliveras, Keishla Marie Owens, Janica Denise Patterson, Da Jon Jaquez Perez Colon, Nancy Nicole Peterson, Trenton James Pollard, Eric Lynn Quintana, David Quintana, Kiara Enid Rivera, Edwin Francisco Rodriguez Torres, Jennifer Rodriguez, Yoseline Jaquelin Rosario, Kiara Liz Rose, Jennifer Mae Ross, Eric Charles Senette, Kayla Asia Shepherd, Willie Frank Shinn, Camryn T Sigle, Haley Lyn Smallwood, Tyrese Levelle Smith, Samuel Von JR Sostre, Helena Carolsue Sotelo, Omar Soto Pardo, Jeilyann Soto, Anne Marie Stephens, Rheann Charlese Stoute, Simeon Solomon Thai, Kevin Quoc Thieme, Bryson Jeffrey Tourner, Briana Lashay Trautsch, Jacob Alan Tucker, Corey Austin Turner, Mason Gregory Upton, Mercedes Viruet, Mariah Iesha Vu, Linda Lee Wakefield, Jacob Dwayne White, Lizabeth Amy

Whitlow, Katie Anne Williams, Miesha Denise Wood, Shdarian Meisha Wright, Jason Michael Adorno, Nelshari Ali, Shobannah Ashbaugh, Caitlyn Banales, Vanessa Barkley, Johnny Beaton, Alexis Bolanos, Sabrina Marie Bredy, Gaina Brigham, Jordean S Brown, Kristina Lauren Bruce, Cameron Alexandra Brugonone, Mercedes Claramarie Buckley, Marcus Demetuis Call, Nicholas Steven Caraballo, Salena Grace Carr, Shashanesha Castillo, Kimberly Noelia Castro, Meghan Eve Cesar, Zuri Ana Charles, Pierre Chung, Gaianna Demi Clarke, Jennika E Clouden, Tariq Jahmal Codia, Fedia Cooper, Devon Lamar Corcoran, Michelle Lynn Cruz, Melanie Ann Da Silva, Expedita Davis, Zenobia Seguoaus Tierra Desir, Maritza Elizabeth Donaldson, Alisha Jade Elwin, Kirsten Vivica Eugene, Dante Alain Evans, Cardell H III Felder, Christopher Alexander

Folkes, Ricky Marquis Gilliam, Claire Meredith Gomez, Kelvin Josias Gonzalez, Emmanuel Victor Gonzalez, Gisselle Goodridge, Jonas Majestic Graham, Imani Simone Greaux, Adam Gene Greaux, Alexander Richard Green, Georgiana Shantel Green, Tianna Shavon Hale, Chelsea Marie Hall, Zakoya R Hanes, Rodney C Harris, Asha Terah Harris, MarQuan Tyrik Hilton, Spencer Mark Hudson, Yazuri Ayodell Irvin, Shaniah Lanae Jahnke, Christine Elizabeth James, Tyra Anthia Kay, Miranda Lynn Kinney, Patrick Chapin Lange, Vanessa Caroline Latigue, Deborah Lewis, Jade Naarah Lopez, Breanna Main, Rachel Lynn Marcos Cervantes, Alma Edelia McConnell, Jillian Marie Mckenzie, D Andre Xavier McLemore, Mya Felicia Miller, Deja Cerai Mills, Kyle Anthony Mojica Flores, Jose ivan Morales, Kayla N Moreau, Bethshaina Nauth, Ryan Yogendra Olivacce, Shamoy Micah

Pascal, Marvin M Payne, Shedreona Charrell Peavey, Austin Taylor Petit Papa, Peterson Pollock, Crist’ani Alexandra Alexis Potts, Kalyn Marie Presely, Dalemetria Quintero, Bryanna Lin Ragland, Mariah Ariel Ramirez, Alexis Resendiz, Jesus M Reyes, Brenda Riley, Caleb Bernard Rivera, Alysha Michelle Roberts, Marissa Lynn Robinson, Asha Moesha Roche, Darren Rodriguez Rivera, Jamian Rodriguez Rosa, Abigail Rodriguez, Bryan Anthony Roe, Raegan Whitney Rolon, Tiffany Paola Romero, Manuel Javier Rosa, Kary Angely Saint Felix, Emmanuela Emily Saint Fleur, MarcKelle Ligea Saint Pierre, James Sandoval, Daniel Alejandro Santiago, Christian Andrew Saymo, Richard Michael JR Schullo, Elizabeth Scott, Jarvis Shefferman, Sean David Shepard, Kyra Lashay Silvera, David Stephen Simmons, Amya Caprice Skates, Autumn Marie Sledge, Noah D’Von Soler, Christian

Speck, Ayla Raine Swingle, Anthony Teague, Nicholas Blake Thomas, Marq Anthony JR Thomas, Takeidria Tompkins, Mallory Rose Blanc Turner, Gage Tyler Valles, Olritch Van Zandt, Dylon Roy Venescar, Venessy C Vose, Carissa Wallace , Rohan Everton Jr Washington, Jaren Welch, Amy Lynn White, Assante’ Deshawn Williams, Alexis Tijane Williams, Darien Quinton Williams, Krystal Simone Wolford, Savannah Leigh Wright, Brandon James Wynn, Amoi Gabrielle Zamora, Julissa

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Principal Michele Erickson

4th Quarter Honor Roll Gonzalez, Gizelle Ashlyn Goodson, Bakhari Harper, James Raymond II Hernandez, Isabel Herrera, Christian Daniel Horelick, Makenzie Delane Horton, Darian Nicole Inman, Allesun Jackson, Ariana K Jackson, Chasity Shanta Jackson, Kee’ Yona Lahsha Jacob, Tanisha Nicky Jankie - Foster, Diane Levita Jarnigan, Joshua Garratt Jean, Jeff Jean, Rolgens Johnson, Danielle Marie Johnson, Eneles Destinee Jones, Nitasha Jones, Summara Dakarai Kimble, Tyler Terrell Leheup, Johnathan Thomas Lewis-Jordan, Krystal Alexandra Liriano, Tiffany Lopez Lopez, Alexis Alirosay Martinez, Federico Massaline, Brittney Marie McClinton, Edward James JR Mellor, Stephen Milla, Arnold Emmanuel Milligan, Heath Christophe Millis, Cody Wade Mills, Larry Glenn Moran, Devin James Morris, Keon Tyrik Moulton, Shanell Alesia Muniz, Gabriela Carmen Neal, Justus Tyvuntai Newman, Cheyenne Nichole

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Wekiva High School Newsletter  

August 2014

Wekiva High School Newsletter  

August 2014