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MAY 2019



ADMINISTRATION Principal Tracey Kibler Assistant Principals Greg Keller Cindy Zimmerman WHS MAIN LINE 240-236-7200 HOURS School Hours 7:30 a.m. - 2:15 p.m. Main Office Hours 7:00 a.m. - 3:30 p.m. COUNSELING CENTER Ryan Defibaugh Grades 9-12 (A-F) 240-236-7211 Susan Nash Behavior Support Specialist Counselor-Grades 9-12 (G), 504 240-236-7300 Lauren Bishard, Dept. Chair Grades 9-12 (H-N) 240-236-7210 Shannon Marble Grades 9-12 (O-Z) 240-236-7214 Brittany Kuhn Pyramid School Counselor 240-236-7352 Kelley Cardy Counseling Secretary 240-236-7209 Deanna Meyer Registrar 240-236-7208 GUIDANCE HOURS Monday - Friday 7:15 a.m. - 2:45 p.m. To download a pdf version of this newsletter, go to schools/walkersville/walkersville.php



A newsletter for the Parents, Students, Teachers and Staff of Walkersville High School

A MESSAGE FROM THE PRINCIPAL Hello Lion Students and Parents, Coming off the heels of Teacher Appreciation Week, it is only appropriate that I thank all of our Teachers and Staff at Walkersville High School. The teaching professional has changed significantly over the years. The responsibility and accountability placed upon our educators is far beyond what many realize. I am closing on my 21st year in public education and can say with certainty, the role of the teacher is far different than when I started teaching in 1998. Teachers are technology behavioral managers. This is probably the greatest generational contrast to those who began teaching two to three decades ago. The average class size ranges from 30-35 students at the high school level. Nearly all students have a cell phone, earbuds and a hundred apps that lure their attention every second. While a teacher is trying to transfer knowledge, they must compete with social media, text messages, app alerts, notifications, music and video games. Through social media students are receiving information that can be harmful, harassing, upsetting or simply distracting. The research tells us that short-term memory transfer to long-term memory is drastically disrupted by the insertion of technological stimulus. A teacher literally combats hundreds of technological interruptions per class period per child every day. Our teachers also serve as adolescent mental health counselors. Students struggle with anxiety, depression, self-expression and identity as well as elevated levels of attention deficiencies. Our teachers understand the necessary care required in increase a child’s learning availability. This can often impact daily lessons and activities. Beyond mental health awareness, teachers help manage behavior connected to substance abuse and current addictive trends like vaping. The above is tasked by a teacher in an era of high stakes accountability. Students must pass county and state assessments, master curricular content and engage in coursework that prepares them for college or career. This is all while teachers manage 24-hour electronic communication from parents, grade transparency, increased numbers of students with accommodations and modifications and heightened levels of school security. A single page article in the Parent Pipeline could never provide adequate space to articulate the many hats teachers wear. Their commitment to your children is admirable with immeasurable sacrifice. The Teachers at Walkersville High School are pillars of stability for our students. Each day they make thousands of decisions for the greater benefit of the students in their classrooms. When the day closes after balancing learning with behavior and social management, one thing remains the same; the profession of teaching is not about monetary wealth but continues to be a journey of immeasurable love for students in the pursuit lifelong success. Please take time to thank a teacher who has positively influenced your child. Your note or words of appreciation have far more value than any paycheck! Teachers, thank you for all that you do! Tracey K. Kibler Principal





2 “Parent Pipeline” • Issue #1 May 2019 Published Six Times Per Year Frederick County Public Schools 191 South East Street Frederick, MD 21701


The Walkersville Elementary Kindergarten team has invited the WHS staff and student body and their families to attend A Butterfly Garden Dedication for Lacey Finneyfrock on Wednesday, June 12th from 5-6 p.m. behind WES near our intermediate playground. Lacey was a kindergarten teacher at WES for many years and passed away this past summer (July 20th) in a car accident. Lacey’s husband and 5 daughters will be attending. It would be wonderful if any WHS students who may have had her as their teacher would write a memory that they have of her and submit it to jill.mcwilliams@ to be included in a collection of memories for the family.

PROM 2019

Prom 2019 was a SUCCESS! Friday, May 3, dodging raindrops and torrential downpours, students disembarked from a limo bus and were greeted by Mrs. Pardo all decked out in rain gear and holding umbrellas as they began to “Let The Good Times Roll” at Walkers’ Overlook. A casino-themed decorated dance floor greeted them while delicious chocolate covered strawberries, yummy baked goods, and salty snacks awaited. A HUGE thank you to the following for their generous donations which made the night even more special: The Walker’s Overlook, Wegmans of Frederick, Carmen Bowersox of Ceresville Mansion, the parents who answered the call and donated water and snacks, the parking crew at the high school (Deputy Holland, Mr. Keller, Will Scheetz and May Security Services and Paul McLellan), the parent volunteers who made sure the snack table was filled (Mrs. Emslie and Mrs. Snyder), the WHS custodial staff, Mr. and Mrs. Kibler, Mrs. Zimmerman, the Junior Class Executive Board and prom committee, and the wonderful teachers (along with their significant others) who gave up a Friday evening to be with our students. But most importantly, I would like to publicly acknowledge the 338 students who made this year’s prom another enjoyable and problem-free event I’ve had the privilege of being in charge. These Lions never cease to amaze me! – Mrs. Stelma, Junior Class Advisor



Three Walkersville High School students that participated in the Reflections Art program that made it all the way to the National level. Their entries competed against others in the same categories from across the United States. Unfortunately, they didn’t receive a National award, but we are so proud of their accomplishments. All three students will be recognized at the Maryland State PTA Convention to be held in July. ·· Ryan Puthumana – Outstanding Interpretation in Visual Arts ·· Emily Trdina – Outstanding Interpretation in Literature ·· Nicholas Snyder – Outstanding Interpretation in Music As this school year comes to a close, the PTSA would like to thank its members and volunteers for their time and contributions. Your efforts helped to make a difference in the lives of the WHS students and staff. The PTSA, with your help, was able to contribute to the following events: ·· Back to School Night ·· Homecoming Dance ·· Cinderella’s Closet – serving all Frederick County High School students. ·· Academic Excellence – over 380 students recognized for their achievements. ·· Staff Appreciation ·· Arts in Education/Reflections Program ·· Mental Health Awareness Fair ·· Student Appreciation ·· Registration Information Night ·· Prom ·· “You’ve Made Your Mark” Senior Scholarships ·· Senior Awards – Recognize Seniors for their Academic Achievement of their Senior Year. ·· “Make it Happen” Grants for teachers and organizations to continue their academic endeavors totaling over $500. The PTSA would like to thank the current board, President~Kimberly Snyder, Vice President~Beth Churco, Treasurer~Jacy Hillman, Secretary~April Cook, Membership-Tina Simms, Staff Appreciation-Kim Wroten, for their service and contributions throughout this school year. A special thank you to Mr. John VanBloem, staff liaison, and Mrs. Gina Stelma, Cinderella’s Closet liaison, for their dedication to the students and support of the PTSA. Last but certainly not least, our appreciation and thanks to the WHS Administration for their continued support. We are very excited that the current executive board was re-elected to a third term. The continuity of leadership will allow them to continue the programs that were set in place to support the students and staff at WHS. Your continued support of the PTSA and all our programs for the 2019-2020 school year will be greatly appreciated. If you have any PTSA questions over the summer, please send an email to WHSLionsPTSA@ Like us on Facebook and receive information about 2019-2020 school year, upcoming meetings, events and ways to support the WHS PTSA Have a safe and fun filled summer!!!


The Music Boosters exist to promote and support the interests and activities of the Walkersville High School Music Department and to provide moral and financial support to all WHS music programs. The WHS Music Boosters will be hosting the First Annual “Jazz Cafe” on Friday, June 7th from 7:00pm to 9:00pm in the Commons Area at WHS. Come enjoy the smooth sounds of Jazz from our Lions of Blue Jazz Ensemble and many more local Jazz performers. The cost is $5.00 per person which includes one beverage (Coffee, Hot Tea, Soda, or Bottled Water) and one dessert or snack. Additional beverages, desserts and snacks will be available for purchase. We will also have dancing and raffles to round out a fun filled evening. For more information, contact Kimberly Snyder at fundraising@ We have multiple fundraisers that take place throughout the year. Check out our website at to get detailed information. Your continued support of the music program is greatly appreciated. Please contact Stephanie Toms, Music Booster President, at president@ if you have any questions.




Ryan Defibaugh..... Grades 9-12 (A-F) 240-236-7211 Susan Nash .......... Grades 9-12 (G and 504) 240-236-7342 Lauren Bishard....... Grades 9-12 (H-N) 240-236-7210 Shannon Marble.... Grades 9-12 (O-Z) 240-236-7214 Brittany Kuhn......... Grades 9-12 (Pyramid) 240-236-7352 Behavioral Support Specialists: Susan Nash .......... Grades 9-12 (A-Z) 240-236-7342 Brittany Kuhn......... Grades 9-12 (Pyramid) 240-236-7352 Coordinators: Shannon Marble.... Students in Transition (A-Z) 240-236-7214 Susan Nash .......... 504 Plans (A-Z) 240-236-7342 Kelley Cardy ......... FARMS (A-Z) 240-236-7209 Support Staff: Deanna Meyer....... 240-236-7208 Kelley Cardy.......... 240-236-7209


2019-20 Student Schedules Student schedules for next year will be ready in mid-August. A Find out First will be sent out when students and parents can access schedules on the Home Access Center (HAC). Transcripts ·· OFFICIAL transcripts are FREE upon request from current students. Please allow 24 hours’ notice for transcript only requests; see Mrs. Cardy in the Counseling Office. ·· There is also no charge if requesting an electronic transcript through Naviance. Please allow two weeks processing time for letters of recommendation. ·· All hard copies of completed correspondence, letters of recommendation, and transcripts are to be picked up from the Counseling Office and must be mailed by the student. Senior Final Transcripts ·· ALL SENIORS: Be sure to complete your Senior Survey on your NAVIANCE STUDENT account . In this survey, you will indicate to your counselor where to send your FINAL TRANSCRIPT. These transcripts will be sent electronically to colleges approximately 2 weeks after graduation. Duplicate Diploma Requests ·· There is a $15.00 fee for a duplicate diploma. ·· Checks should be made payable to and mailed to Frederick County Public Schools (191 East Street, Frederick, MD) to the attention of Debbie Foreman. ·· Include the following information: Full legal name at the time of graduation; school of graduation; year of graduation; current address and phone numbers. Please allow up to 5 weeks for processing.


CTC Shadowing – Some CTC programs still have openings available for the 2019-20 school year. Please see Mrs. Cardy in the Counseling Office ASAP for more information and to sign up for shadowing. May 22: Seniors’ Last Day May 23: Senior Exam Make-Up Day May 30: Graduation at 2:00 PM June 19: Last Day of School for Underclassmen (Attendance only required for make-up exams.)


Current juniors took the SAT for free during the school day on March 6. It is recommended that juniors re-test following the March administration in either June or August. The ACT is another option for students wishing to take a college entrance exam. Almost all colleges will accept either score as part of a college application. SAT Test Date

Registration Deadline

Late Registration Deadline

June 1, 2019

May 3rd

May 22nd

Register online: Additional subject tests can be taken for a fee. Fee waivers are available for students who receive Free or Reduced Meal prices at WHS – please see your school counselor for more information before registering for the test. continues on next page...





·· College Board Daily Practice App – ·· Khan Academy – ·· SAT Prep Courses at FCC – (REGISTER EARLY - classes fill quickly) ACT Test Date

Registration Deadline

Late Fee Required

June 8, 2019

May 3rd

May 4th – 20th

July 13, 2019

June 14th

June 15th – 24th

Register online: Fee waivers are available for students who receive Free or Reduced Meal prices at WHS – please see your counselor for more information before registering for the test. Fee waivers may NOT be used for late registration deadlines.


·· FREE ACT Study Guides available in Counseling Office (limited supply) ·· Online and hard copy test prep materials:


FCPS provides scholarship and financial aid information as a resource only and does not endorse any sponsor of any particular scholarship program.


·· Naviance – Log in at using your student ID # as both the username and password. Scholarships can be found on the Colleges page under “Scholarship List” (materials sent to WHS) and “National Scholarship Search” ·· ·· ·· ·· ·· Financial Aid & Scholarship websites for colleges to which you plan to apply continues on next page...





Any student-athlete interested in playing at the Division 1 or 2 level must be determined to be eligible by the NCAA to participate. For eligibility requirements, go to: The student-athlete must log in using his/her NCAA ID or SSN and PIN.


□□ Register for SAT/ACT (if applicable) □□ Finalize senior schedules. There are many options beyond attending 4 blocks a day at WHS: □□ Internships □□ Student Service Learning/Student Aide □□ Open Campus □□ Site-Based Dual Enrollment □□ Work Study □□ Complete AP course summer assignments □□ Visit college campuses □□ Complete in Naviance Student: □□ Student Brag Sheet □□ Add to “Colleges I’m Thinking About” □□ Research scholarships □□ Work on College Application Essays □□ Discuss finances with parents/guardians □□ Any college entrance testing or application work that you complete must be done using the name on your birth certificate since that is the name that matches your school records! □□ Plan to finalize transcript requests for college applications after October 1st so that the information you are sending is correct. (Senior class rank will not be accurate until all new students have been entered into the student system).


Have you moved? Did you know that whenever you move, you must provide your child’s school with a current (within 30 days) proof of residency? This is a Maryland state requirement. Acceptable proof of residency is as follows (only one of the following is required): ·· Current Lease/Rental Agreement signed by both the landlord and the biological parent/legal guardian the student is residing with. If the lease is in a name of someone other than the biological parent/legal guardian, a Parent Residency Affidavit will also have to be completed in the presence of a notary and provided along with the lease. The Parent Residency Affidavit may be found by going to, forms, and Student Services Forms. ·· Current Utility Bill (gas, electric, water/sewer bill) in the name of the biological parent/legal guardian the student is

residing with. If the bill is in a name of someone other than the biological parent/legal guardian, a Parent Residency Affidavit will also have to be completed in the presence of a notary and provided along with the utility bill. The Parent Residency Affidavit may be found by going to, forms, and Student Services Forms. Please note that we are unable to accept cable, phone, or insurance bills as proof of residency.


If you will be moving over the summer, please contact Mrs. Meyer in the Counseling Center at 240-236-7208 or deanna.meyer@ before Wednesday, June 12th to allow ample time to get transfer information together. All schools require specific information from the transferring school prior to enrollment. Please provide Mrs. Meyer with your new address, if known, and the name of the school your child will be attending during the 2019-2020 school year.


Student enrollments are done by appointment only. Walk-in appointments are not available. Please contact Mrs. Meyer at 240236-7208 or after June 20th if you would like to set up an appointment. Please note that current Walkersville Middle School 8th graders residing in the Walkersville feeder are automatically enrolled as freshmen at Walkersville High School and do not need to be formally enrolled.


FCPS provides public transportation to/from a student’s residence only. Transportation to jobs, social meetings, and other non-school events is a parental responsibility. Students may ride only their assigned bus. Inviting friends home on the bus makes it hard for schools and bus drivers to account for students and can cause bus capacity problems. In an emergency, principals may approve a parent’s request to allow a child to ride another bus (bus drivers will need a note signed by both students’ parents and school administration).


We are looking forward to hosting our First Annual Alumni/ Faculty Art Show to open on Monday, June 3, 2019 in the WHS Nicodemus Room (FCC Room) in the media center! Alumni artists and faculty members will be showing their creative side at this show!



We have had an exceptional year in sports! Our student athletes have excelled both on the ‘field’ and off and should be so proud. The Boosters have been busy supporting our many athletes through fundraising, social media shout-outs, and equipment/facility spruce ups. We congratulate all of the scholarship applicants. We had a record number of applicants and each was very worthy! Our spring sports program has been delivered if you missed it and still want one please reach out to Liz Bennett or Theresa Church. It is such a great keepsake with so many great pictures in it! Now that the school year is winding down, we hope you can join us in planning for next year. We are looking to upgrade our website and add a spirit wear store to it. We are also looking into other types of food to serve at the concession stand next fall as well as continuing to upgrade our facilities. Don’t forget if you are still looking for a gift idea for that special senior, may we suggest an engraved brick installed on the walkway in our stadium? (Order form below). Remember to follow us on Facebook – WHS Athletic Boosters or Twitter - @ WHS Athletic Boosters for info on all the latest sports happenings. We have many opportunities for parents to get involved. Stop by one of our monthly meetings, dates and times will be listed on our FB page. Don’t forget to check out our Winter/ Spring sports program – the order forms & info will be sent to teams directly. We're looking for help with taking, collecting and selecting pictures. Contact us - whsabsportsprogram@ At Walkersville high School our mission is to provide a safe and positive environment for ALL our student athletes! In conjunction with our Lions’ Pride stadium renovation project, Walkersville High is constructing a walkway/patio to honor and remember our community. Put the name of your family on a brick for $100. Profits from your donation go directly to fund part of the renovation project. Your inscription must fit into the white boxes below. 1 character per box. Each brick can have a maximum of 15 characters per line. A character is defined as a letter or number, a space or punctuation mark. Please do not use special characters. For information email

STADIUM BRICK FUNDRAISER ORDER FORM Quantity_____ X Unit Price _$100 =________l Name _____________________________________________________________ Address ____________________________________________________________ Email ______________________________________________________________

Make Checks Payable to WHSAB Mail Form and Check to: WHS Athletic Boosters Stadium Renovation Project c/o Katy Gant 81 Frederick Street, Walkersville, MD 21793 For more information email

Cynthia L. Zeller




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