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Volume 21 Issue 5

May 2018

For the Parents, Students and Community of Venice High School

Principal’s Message The spring season is always busy at Venice High School. While continuing to deliver high-quality instruction to every student, we are preparing them for the upcoming Florida Standards Reading Assessment, End of Course (EOC) exams for Algebra, Biology, Geometry and American History, industry certification exams, and a variety of Advanced Placement and International Baccalaureate exams. Student performance on these highstakes assessments is tremendously important. It reflects our collective commitment to a high-quality education for our students. Academics must be our primary focus as we enter the final stretch. As Venice High School gears up for its final preparations in advance of the first round of Florida State Assessments (FSA), it is incredibly important that teachers, administrators, and families partner together to ensure our students maintain their focus on academic success. Together, let’s: • Reinforce positive and successful school habits. Attention in class, test preparation, homework completion, and good attendance are all key factors. • Coordinate with teachers to help your child create a plan to improve current weaknesses and prepare for end-of-course (EOC) and final exams. • Bring attention to the many tutoring and study

assistance classes available at VHS and encourage your child to participate, as needed. As the year draws to a close, I must remind everyone of some school policies that we all need to be aware of and comply with. Attendance, tardiness, and dress code are important areas where parents and guardians can significantly contribute to the successful adherence of school policies. In order to ensure a high-level of student success for all our students, I encourage parents and guardians to visit the Parent Portal to check on their student’s attendance, grades, and academic progress in their classes. I am optimistic that our staff and students will continue to perform at the highest levels with the support of our VHS families and community. I look forward to our students finishing strongly during this final stretch. As always, please let me know if I may assist you or your student in any way. Sincerely, Eric Jackson Principal, Venice High School

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Bell Schedule

1st Lunch Schedule Period 1 2 3 4th lunch 5 6 7 8

Start 7:30 AM 8:32 AM 9:25 AM 10:13 AM 10:48 AM 11:41 AM 12:34 PM 1:27 PM

2017-2018 School Year - Regular Bell Schedule 2nd Lunch Schedule

3rd Lunch Schedule

End Start End Start Minutes Period Minutes Period 8:27 AM 0:57 1 7:30 AM 8:27 AM 0:57 1 7:30 AM 9:20 AM 0:48 2 8:32 AM 9:20 AM 0:48 2 8:32 AM 10:13 AM 0:48 3 9:25 AM 10:13 AM 0:48 3 9:25 AM 10:43 AM 0:30 4 10:18 AM 11:06 AM 0:48 4 10:18 AM 11:36 AM 0:48 5th lunch 11:06 AM 11:36 AM 0:30 5 11:11 AM 12:29 PM 0:48 6 11:41 AM 12:29 PM 0:48 6th lunch 11:59 AM 1:22 PM 0:48 7 12:34 PM 1:22 PM 0:48 7 12:34 PM 2:15 PM 0:48 8 1:27 PM 2:15 PM 0:48 8 1:27 PM *Please note 1st period is longer to provide time for morning announcements **5 minute passing time ***No warning bells

End Minutes 8:27 AM 0:57 9:20 AM 0:48 10:13 AM 0:48 11:06 AM 0:48 11:59 AM 0:48 12:29 PM 0:30 1:22 PM 0:48 2:15 PM 0:48

Venice HIGH CONNECTS (VHC) BELL SCHEDULE 2017- 2018 School Year 1st Lunch Schedule 2nd Lunch Schedule 3rd Lunch Schedule Period Start End Minutes Period Start End Minutes Period Start End Minutes 1 7:30 AM 8:22 AM 0:52 1 7:30 AM 8:22 AM 0:52 1 7:30 AM 8:22 AM 0:52 2 8:27 AM 9:07 AM 0:40 2 8:27 AM 9:07 AM 0:40 2 8:27 AM 9:07 AM 0:40 3/VHC 9:12 AM 10:45 AM 1:33 3/VHC 9:12 AM 10:45 AM 1:33 3/VHC 9:12 AM 10:45 AM 1:33 4th lunch 10:45 AM 11:15 AM 0:30 4 10:50 AM 11:29 AM 0:39 4 10:50 AM 11:29 AM 0:39 5 11:20 AM 11:59 AM 0:39 5th Lunch 11:29 AM 11:59 AM 0:30 5 11:34 AM 12:13 PM 0:39 6 12:04 PM 12:43 PM 0:39 6 12:04 PM 12:43 PM 0:39 6th Lunch 12:13 PM 12:43 PM 0:30 7 12:48 PM 01:27 PM 0:39 7 12:48 PM 01:27 PM 0:39 7 12:48 PM 01:27 PM 0:39 8 01:32 PM 02:15 PM 0:43 8 01:32 PM 02:15 PM 0:43 8 01:32 PM 02:15 PM 0:43 *Please note 1st period is longer to provide time for morning announcements. *3rd period teachers will take attendance then send them to their VHC site. Students will sign in once they are there. STC students still need to be dismissed at 10:15

Health Room Corner

How can it be that time of year again!!!! It will soon be time to pick up all your student’s medication in the health room. We will be sending out letters to remind parents/guardians to pick up medication in the health room by May 24th. If your child has had any changes or new medical information, please update the School RN so student’s health record can be updated in case of any emergencies. Forms will also be available if your child needs to take medication during the school next year. Med Authorization forms are to be filled out by parent/guardian and MD. Over the Counter forms for Tylenol and Advil are to be filled out by parent/guardian only. Advil/ Tylenol can be given as needed for many reasons such as headaches, cramps, sore muscles, toothache, brace pain, or sore throat. This will help decrease the number of students from going home & parents/guardians from making a trip to school to give medications. Both forms are good for the entire school year and must be filled out every year. The health room has a school supply of Tylenol (acetaminophen) and Advil (ibuprofen) so you don’t need to bring in your child’s bottles. If you have any questions, please contact the health room at 488-6726.


“Pathfinder” May 2018 Published Five Times Per Year Venice High School 1 Indian Avenue Venice, FL 34285 Issue # 5 Just a friendly reminder that counselors follow the same calendar as teachers, so we will not be on campus over the summer. We look forward to working with all our students and families when we return in August. Please remember that if you are lacking credits needed for graduation, you can sign up to take courses over the summer on Please see your counselor if you have not registered, yet. This year the counselors presented the registration information in the VPAC. The registration PowerPoint is posted on the school website. Please remember to become familiar with the Bright Futures Requirements. The Bright Futures GPA is different from the Venice High GPA. Also, if you are pursuing the Gold Seal Scholarship you must have 3 consecutive classes within a certain CTE Pathway. For an explanation of this please see Mrs. Kindell in Rotary Futures or your guidance counselor. Search the Bright Futures Scholarship website to stay on top of the latest requirements for this state scholarship ( **Some courses do not meet Bright Futures requirements. Make sure that courses you select will qualify for Bright Futures. Please note that Liberal Arts Math does not meet the requirements for Bright Futures. **To our athletes** NCAA has certain requirements for courses, gpa and test scores. NCAA will not accept APEX classes and certain academic classes. Please see your coach and/or counselor to make sure you have selected your academic classes correctly. We encourage all students to READ, READ, READ over the summer. The English Department will provide a summer reading list. Please do all you can to use your summer as an academic enrichment time. Summer is a wonderful time to make college visits. Create a list of post-secondary possibilities Robinson, Robinson, Hanks, Hanks,inYoung Young and andRoberts, Roberts,P.A. P.A. and explore them over the summer. Talk with your counselor and/or Mrs. Kindell the Rotary Certified Certified Public Public Accountants Accountants Futures Portable about various options that will meet your needs. Volunteer in the community!! Get involved with a local event over the summer. This is a great way to enhance your resume, experience something new and to meet new people. Use the summer as a preparation time for ACT/SAT tests. Congratulations, to the senior class of 2018. We are so proud of all of you. The Guidance Department would like to wish everyone a relaxing summer. We look forward to working with you next year. You can purchase a brick for your student that will last a lifetime and forever be a part of history. The INDIAN WALK is the path that leads into the stadium. The seniors will walk across the path as they enter into the stadium for graduation. • Brick size is 4”x8”-$100 (15 characters per line, 3 lines) If you are interested in purchasing a brick at the entrance to the football stadium, please go to for the form or send an email to for more information.


The Rotary Futures College Resource Center is a communitybased, 501(c)3 non-profit, post-secondary resource center located on the campus of Venice High School. Rotary Futures provides area students, parents, and community members with planning services, personal guidance and vital computer-based resources at absolutely no cost. Rotary Futures assists with college and technical school research, SAT/ACT information, school applications, resume and essay writing, community service plans, scholarships, federal aid, and Florida Bright Futures scholarships. Since opening in January 2002, Rotary Futures has received over 69,000 visits from area students! Prior to the inception of Rotary Futures, searching for scholarships was cumbersome and students were easily discouraged. Rotary Futures developed and implemented the first local scholarship database, which has been utilized by over 6,000 students. This database contains 500 local, national, and institutional scholarships. Due to the program configuration, the SSMS may NOT be used until SENIOR YEAR. Since 2002, VHS students have earned over $37 million in accepted local and institutional scholarships. Last year the VHS Class of 2017 reported over $5 million in accepted scholarships, $1 million in Bright Futures scholarships, and $1 million+ in scholarship offers…for a total of $7 million! Open to area students of all ages, Rotary Futures is an invaluable and unique resource for VHS students and the Venice community!

Rotary Futures College Resource Center SUMMER HOURS

Rotary Futures will maintain normal operating hours through May 24th, and then we will have limited part-time summer hours. Our parttime SUMMER operating hours will be: May 25th – June 7th, Tuesdays and Thursdays, 9 am – 12 noon, Wednesdays, 9 am – 3 pm. We will be closed from June 8th – July 31st. We will reopen on August 1st, with the same part-time summer hours. When school starts on August 13th, we will resume our normal operating hours. Please check our website and Facebook page for summer updates. “Like” us on Facebook and follow us on Instagram to receive notices of our opening and valuable information all year long!

Community Service Summer is a WONDERFUL time to VOLUNTEER!

Any student wishing to complete their volunteer hours for the Florida Bright Futures Scholarship MUST complete the ONLINE Sarasota County School District registration process and have the plan approved. Complete registration instructions are available on the VHS

website > School Resources > Community Service Hours Info. Students register online at, click on the “Students & Parents” menu at the top of the page, under “Other Items” follow the link “High School Community Service.” Remember, community service is an excellent way for students to build their resume and obtain valuable experience for college essays and scholarship competitions. Important community service information and requirements: • Do NOT start the registration application until the student knows where they are going to volunteer. The registration application does NOT save and you will be “locked” out if you do not complete the application when you start. • Each organization/activity must be approved before the student volunteers. Once approved the student will be able to print a unique log sheet at any time. New organizations/activities may be added for approval at any time! • Don’t wait for an approval email (because sometimes the system has problems sending emails). You may log in anytime to see if you have been approved. If you can print out a log sheet, you know you’ve been approved! Remember—each organization will have its own log sheet. • Students MUST volunteer in the Sarasota County area. • NO MORE THAN 8 HOURS may be earned each day (due to child labor laws). • NON-PROFIT and CHURCH RULES: All volunteering must take place with a non-profit organization--exceptions include hospitals and assisted living facilities (enrichment/entertainment activities only). Church Community Service must be outreach to the entire community—no religious instruction or activities that are part of being a member of the church will count, i.e. no activities during church services. • The community service Evaluation Form must be completed for every volunteer organization and must be turned in with the log sheets. The Evaluation form is located on the page where log sheets are printed.

Florida Bright Futures Scholarship Requirements

The Florida Bright Futures Scholarship program is subject to change annually by the state legislature. Check the website for the most upto-date information on qualifications, award amounts, etc. Go to www. Students may check their Bright Futures Scholarship status at > Go to College > Bright Futures Scholarships. (The website is only updated twice per year, about 1-2 months after the end of each semester.) Students will need their Florida Student Identifier number to create an account. Contact the VHS registrar or Rotary Futures for this I.D. number. continued on the next page


5 Florida Bright Futures Scholarship Requirements: • Minimum Core Academic GPA: ◦◦ Florida Academic Scholar (FAS) = 3.5+ ◦◦ Florida Medallion Scholar (FMS) = 3.0+ ◦◦ Gold Seal Vocational (GSV) = 3.0+ ▪▪ AND 3.5 GPA in a CTE Pathway • Minimum Test Scores: ◦◦ FAS requires a minimum 1290 SAT RW+Math only OR a 29 ACT composite score; ◦◦ FMS requires a minimum 1170 SAT RW+Math only OR a 26 ACT composite score; ◦◦ GSV requires a minimum ▪▪ SAT = 440 Reading and 440 Math OR ▪▪ ACT = 17 English, 19 Reading, 19 Math OR ▪▪ PERT = 106 Reading, 103 Writing, 114 Math • Community Service Hours: ◦◦ FAS = 100 hours; FMS = 75 hours; GSV 30 hours

Attention Class of 2019 - Important Information!

VISIT AND APPLY TO COLLEGE EARLY! Use the summer to visit campuses! REMEMBER—the college visit can be the key to determining which college is the best fit for you. Websites and catalogs are helpful, but a visit gives you the opportunity to get a firsthand view of the campus. Also, apply to colleges/universities as soon as possible! Start researching application requirements this summer. Begin writing essays and preparing résumés. Some schools open their applications in July or August, while some do not begin until September. Most applications are online and will allow you to start and save your application. Rotary Futures can help you with this process! START YOUR SCHOLARSHIP SEARCH IN AUGUST! Rising Seniors should plan to visit the Rotary Futures College Resource Center in August to set up their account in our scholarship database, which houses 500 scholarships! We will re-open on August 1st with part-time summer hours. This will be a great time to begin the scholarship search before the hectic senior year begins. In the Fall, there are several nomination scholarships for very selective colleges. We are usually able to nominate one student from VHS to compete for these awards. EVERY VHS student who wishes to be considered for a nomination scholarship MUST have his/her information accurately entered into the scholarship database. This is the only way for us to identify students who meet specific criteria, i.e. test scores, GPA’s, interests, etc. A committee then makes the final nomination determination. UNDERSTAND THE FEDERAL FINANCIAL AID PROCESS Complete the FAFSA4caster to get a head start on understanding eligibility for federal financial aid—grants, student loans, work study, etc. Go to Beginning October 1st, Seniors will be able to complete the FAFSA for the 2019-2020 college school year (at Remember—there are SCAM financial aid websites. Only go to the website ending in “dot GOV”! TAKE THE FIRST SAT AND ACT OF THE SCHOOL YEAR! The first SAT of the 2018-19 school year will be on Saturday, August 25, 2018. The deadline to register is July 27, 2018. Register for the SAT at The first ACT of the 2018-19 school year will be on Saturday, September 8, 2018. The deadline to register is August 3rd. Register for the ACT at Students who receive Free or Reduced Lunch are eligible for waivers of the test fees. Only juniors and seniors may use the waivers. Waivers are available in the Rotary Futures College Resource Center.


Current Student Online Re-Registration

Go to then click on “Students and Parents”, then follow either arrow prompts. (English or Spanish). Enter your students snapcode and hit continue

If you have not received your “snapcode” in an email or through a letter, please contact Venice High School at (941)-488-6726 for procedures on how to obtain it, we will not give this code over the phone. Please make sure if you have an address change that you submit the proof of residency to the school in one of the following forms: • Utility bill • Lease agreement OR • Purchase agreement

Student Orientation

Venice High School 2018-2019

Tuesday 7/31/18 • Returning student schedule pick up • Location = Café • 12th grade = 8am, 11th grade = 11am, 10th grade = 2pm • Students will – pick up current schedules, meet with counselors if needed, purchase parking permits ($32.10 payable by cash or check to VHS), rent lockers ($5.00 payable by cash or check to VHS), see displays from VHS clubs/organizations (located in café outdoor eating area or new gym) • Counselors set up in the café with lap tops and wireless Wednesday 8/1/18 • Freshman orientation day • 10-Noon: Incoming freshmen - last names A-L work with Nicole Wolfe and the VHS Warriors. (parents to VPAC) • 1-3pm: Incoming freshmen - last names M-Z work with Nicole Wolfe and the VHS Warriors. (parents to VPAC) • Students will participate in new games and ice breaker activities with peers and upper classmen, pick up schedule, visit with clubs and organizations (located in outdoor eating area or hallway of new gym), tour campus. Thursday 8/9/18 • 6-7pm: Parent orientation in VPAC. This program will be an introduction to Venice High School and is designed for parents of incoming freshmen who were unable to attend on 8/1/18 or for any parent new to Venice High.

Information Verification

We are asking all VHS families to please confirm your child’s address and contact phone numbers we have documented in our Student Information System. This can be done by logging into the Parent or Student Portal. Click the Miscellaneous icon on the left blue side and select Contacts. Your home address will appear at the top under student details. If the information is not correct please provide a utility bill, or lease / purchase agreement with your name and new address. This can be dropped off, emailed, or faxed. We must have one of these three items in order to make the necessary changes. If there is a new phone number(s), these can be hand written. Please include who the number belongs to and the type, i.e. cell, home, work, etc. Please direct emails to Debra.Colombo@ or fax (941) 486-2034. Thank you for your assistance in this matter.

Out of Field Assignments

(April 18, 2018) The Florida State Department of Education requires that school districts notify parents/guardians when their children are being instructed by a teacher who is “out-of-field.” “Out-of-field” is a term used for teachers who are assigned teaching duties in a class dealing with a subject matter that is outside the field in which the teacher is certified. The following teachers are teaching our-of-field in certain subject for 2017 - 2018 school year: • Janet Allen – ESOL (English for Speakers of Other Languages) • Crystal Barksdale-Woodard – ESOL (English for Speakers of Other Languages) • Elizabeth Donofrio – ESOL (English for Speakers of Other Languages) • Joshua Grant – ESOL (English for Speakers of Other Languages) • Joshua Grant – Business Education • Jami Holton – ESOL (English for Speakers of Other Languages) It is important to note that the district requires “out-of-field” teachers to actively pursue certification requirements.


Senior Awards Night

Thursday, May 17, 2018 All seniors receiving scholarships ($500 and up) will be recognized at Venice High School’s Senior Awards Night on Thursday, May 17, 2018, at 7:00 pm in the VPAC. This event allows students, parents, family members, and friends to celebrate the outstanding achievement of those seniors who have received scholarships and awards. TO BE INCLUDED IN SENIOR AWARDS NIGHT, STUDENTS NEEDED TO REPORT THEIR SCHOLARSHIPS & AWARDS TO ROTARY FUTURES A.S.A.P. Seniors who are being recognized at Senior Awards Night will receive an invitation May 7th - May 11th, and only students who receive an invitation will be recognized at the event. On May 17th, participating Seniors are to report to the VPAC no later than 6:30 pm to check in. A professional dress code will be STRICTLY enforced (no mid-drifts showing, no flip flops, no spaghetti straps, no jeans, etc.) Due to time limitations, we will NOT be recognizing students receiving the Florida Bright Futures Scholarship. For more information, contact Rotary Futures 480-3178 or email

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Thank You to Following Sponsors for Staff Appreciation Week: Gold Rush BrewBurgers Smoothie King Publix Paradise Grill Carrabba’s Outback Pinchers Hot yoga 4 You Donato’s Restaurant Bocca Lupo Prime Steakhouse Bonefish BMO Harris Bank

Teacher Appreciation Sponsors Midas Chili’s Heitel Jewelers Puttin On the Ritz Hair Salon Car Doc Nail & Spa Venice Ave Creamery Darrell’s Restaurant Burgundy Square Café Allegro Bistro Massage Lounge Asaro’s Pizzeria Ristorante Pelican Point Great Clips Urban Designs Brooklyn Bagels & Deli Best Nails Pit Stop Beach Life Wellness Bonefish Doterrra Oils Dragonfly Yoga Jean Olson Massage Teeth Whitening by Dr. Kevin Schapley Stephano’s Family Restaurant

French Honor Society

It has been another busy year for the Société Honoraire de Français (French Honor Society). In October, the Society inducted 16 new members, bringing our current membership to 58 in its 5th year. Sponsored by French teachers Lorri Glidden and Marilyn Ruthardt, the society is a national organization whose purpose is to “promote high standards of scholarship, to reward scholastic achievements, to create enthusiasm for and an understanding of francophone culture civilization, to promote and perpetuate international friendship, and to reward efforts toward furthering solidarity in the French-speaking world.” Throughout the year, we have conducted 4 community service projects that included a food drive in November to help restock our food pantry after the hurricane, Toys for Tots in December, a “Valentine for Vets” activity for our retired and disabled military service members in February, and in March we conducted a drive for animals at the Suncoast Humane Society. New officers were elected in April and will be serving the Society through the 2018-2019 school year. The officers are President, Claudia Mendez, Vice-President, Katharine Gower, Secretary, Emma Resendez, Treasurer, Claire Ellis and Historians, Emily Bernier and Shelby Miller. This spring we will be graduating 15 seniors and we would like to thank them for their service and commitment and wish them well as they start a new chapter in their lives. They will certainly be missed! Information on eligibility requirements will be given to students in all French classes. For more information, please contact Lorri Glidden at the High School at extension 65658.

Over 4,000 students from Florida traveled to Orlando (March 16-19) for the annual FBLA State competition. Sixteen of our students attended this conference and competed in various business-related events. Even though no one qualified for Nationals this year, students had an opportunity to network, attend workshops, and experience a professional conference. Mrs. Vanore and Ms. Zubyk are very proud of our students! Way to go Venice FBLA!


May 18, 2018, 10pm-4am

Project Graduation tickets go on sale soon. Look for us at the Senior Meeting on May 15th and at graduation practice on May 18th. Tickets are $5 now or $10 at the YMCA. All VHS graduating seniors are invited. If you have any questions, please contact Julie Scarry at 941-716-1590 or

On March 14th, 2018 Rho Kappa held its second induction ceremony. Rho Kappa is a national honors society for high school juniors and seniors, honoring students who excel in social studies. To be part of this honor society the students had to have completed two core social studies courses, maintain an unweighted GPA of a 3.50 in the courses and have an overall GPA of a 3.50. Jessica Gonzalez, President of Rho Kappa, inducted 21 new members into the society this year. Officers: Julia King, Meredith Ellis, Veronica Yealy, Claire Ellis, Mikayla Ambrosio, and Gabrielle Stewart. New members: Megan Bettley, Claire Blain, Brenan Carey, Lauren Darby, Megan Friend, Katerina Jakesova, Jessie Joyner, Katelyn Hager, Laura Kulcsar, Jessica Martinez, Alexis Patrick, Hannah Sarmiento, Spencer Schmidt, Sasha Smolker, and Pamela Zavala.


Interclub Council

VHS’s Interclub Council (ICC) is comprised of representatives from 88 student organizations on campus. Monthly meetings are facilitated by ICC President Avani Patel, ‘18. A complete list of all VHS student organizations can be found in the “extracurriculars” section of the school website. This year’s collective ICC efforts raised nearly $1,000 for Hurricane Irma relief, as well as additional funds from January’s “Gatsby Gala.” The ICC purchases an umbrella motion picture rights policy each year which benefits all staff and students at VHS. Plans are underway for the 2018-19 school year! The ICC will hold its annual training for new student organization leadership on May 16th after school. All new board members are required to attend. The ICC is planning two “all-club” service endeavors and two fundraisers for the 2018-19 school year; these will be discussed, among other issues, at this workshop. The ICC wishes to thank Assistant Principal Mrs. Ritter and Ms. Alder, VHS’s bookkeeper, for their assistance each year, as well as the many staff members who volunteer their time and expertise as organization sponsors: Mrs. Allen, Mrs. Bartlett, Mr. Bone, Mr. Bono, Ms. Bruder-Werner, Ms. Burkett, Mrs. Corso, Mrs. Culligan, Mrs. Donofrio, Mr. Faulkner, Mrs. Foster, Ms. Fletcher, Mrs. Frimmel, Mrs. Glidden, Detective Hammett, Mr. Hearon, Mrs. Hudson, Mrs. Kerpchar, Ms. Klein, Mrs. Kuhn, Mrs. Lash, Ms. Lucas, Mr. Marshall, Mr. McCutcheon, Mrs. McDaniel, Mr. Monagas, Mrs. Moore, Mrs. Mopps, Mr. Mowry, Mrs. Myers, Mrs. Reynolds, Mr. Rossheim, Mrs. Schmucker, Mrs. Slaton, Dr. Valencic, Mr. Velez, Mr. Wasserman, Mrs. Watson, Mrs. Weidlein, Mr. WiIlgren, Mrs. Wolfe, and Ms. Zubyk. Shari Valencic, Ed.D. It’s great to be an Indian! (Both VHS and CLE!) Venice High School, Social Studies Department: AP Psychology & IB Psychology



VHS Dress Code Guide 2017-2018 School Year

Hoods are NOT to be worn in the building.


• Strapless tops, backless tops, midriffs, and low-cut necklines are prohibited. • Strapless and sleeveless tops may be worn with a cardigan or sweater that fully covers SKIRTS, DRESSES, and SHORTS all areas appropriately. Skirts, dresses, and shorts must be mid-thigh or • Shoulder straps must have a minimum width lower, including athletic shorts. of a dollar bill. • Undergarments must NOT display alcohol, drug, or sexual references. APPROPRIATE



This article is designed to address common questions and misconceptions about the dress code at Venice High School. Administrators, teachers, and students worked together to establish a dress code that strikes a balance of what is considered reasonable and appropriate for a school setting. We appreciate your support of the dress expectations that have been established and hope that this handout is helpful.




• Jeans with holes, shreds, and rips at midthigh or lower will be permitted. • Shreds or rips above mid-thigh may NOT reveal skin. • Pants must stay up without using a belt for assistance. • Leggings and yoga pants are permitted if skin and undergarments are not revealing.



Please adhere to the following expectations during school hours and school-sponsored events: • no short shorts (all shorts must be a MINIMUM • no spaghetti straps or exposed bra strap of mid-thigh in length) • no low cut shirts with exposed cleavage • ripped or shredded pants, above mid-thigh, may • shirts with straps must be at least the width of not reveal skin a dollar bill • no saggy / baggy pants • clothing that does not encourage the use of drugs, • leggings and yoga pants are permitted if skin tobacco, alcohol, violence, or weapons, or support and undergarments are not visible discrimination on the basis of color, disability, • no pajamas or slippers national origin, marital status, race, religion, • no clothing of an ethnic or racially offensive nature gender or sexual orientation • no tube / bando or see-through tops


School Board of Sarasota, Florida Venice High School 1 Indian Avenue Venice, FL 34285

To Addressee or Current Resident


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