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Volume 3 Issue 2 JANUARY 2019


A Message from the Principal Dear Parent, Everyone loves a reason to celebrate and our first semester showcased a plethora of Terrier accomplishments that provided PCMS students, teachers, and staff with a multitude of reasons. Our AB honor roll group was comprised of 147 eighth graders, 133 seventh graders, and 166 sixth graders, for a grand total of 446 high-achieving students. Our first 4.0 luncheon was attended by 72 students who earned nothing less than A for first quarter. In addition, we were pleased to hear that two of our Terriers received recognition from the “Do the Right Thing” program; they were featured in the newspaper and on our school website. Every month, we select two students from each grade level for our Students of the Month. So far this year, 24 outstanding Terriers received this distinction. They were presented a Certificate, website photo, and an invitation to attend a special lunch with me. Accomplishments like these afford us many opportunities to recognize students and CELEBRATE SUCCESS. Do you know why these celebrations are significant? Studies show that praise is a powerful motivator and our teachers and staff seize every effort to compliment what students do right, both academically, and behaviorally. Here at PCMS, we strive to nurture a school culture driven by the adoption of a “growth mindset”. Why is this important? According to world-renowned Stanford University psychologist Carol Dweck, one’s mindset has a huge effect on motivation and achievement. Dweck found that people live by either a “fixed” or a “growth” mindset. In a fixed mindset, people believe that their basic qualities, like intelligence or talent, are fixed traits. Alternatively, those on a path of a growth mindset believe that hard work, practice, and perseverance result in increased knowledge and better performance. Dr. Dweck’s research consistently showed that a “growth mindset” has a huge effect on one’s motivation, effort, and achievement, which makes an impressive impact on lives. This is why it’s imperative that educational settings focus on the positive. This philosophy is working at Port Charlotte Middle. In fact, parents and teachers agree. This year’s climate survey results showed 86.6% of parents and 94.3% of teachers support and promote what we are doing at PCMS. Our recognition programs are aimed at helping students develop “Terrier Pride”. We should remember that young people need guidance as they learn to consistently choose the best paths. My Assistant Principals, Mr. Kunder and Ms. Whisenant, our Dean, Mr. Hock, and our Terrier Teachers and Staff, are all right beside me, every day, helping to run positive programs and remind students to get into the habit of making the right choices. Recently, we hosted our first 3 on 3 Basketball Tournament to reward positive behavior. Students were required to remain referral FREE to be eligible for participation. We have an enrollment of 812 students and 760 of them qualified to participate. The event was a tremendous success, with over 250 students in attendance.

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Principal John LeClair Assistant Principals Matthew Kunder Tara Whisenant Dean Jon Hock Guidance Counselors Jaime Barber Alexa Manaski ESE Liaison Carolyn Lamborn Social Worker Sandi Currier School Resource Officer Deputy Mings

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2 ‘Terrier Times’ January 2019 • Issue # 2 Published Four Times Per Year Charlotte County Public Schools 1445 Education Way Port Charlotte, FL 33948-1052

Did you know that Ms. Schmutz collects BOX TOPS FOR EDUCATION?

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A Message from the Principal Our SWAT team (Students Working Against Tobacco) are tirelessly active and dedicated to their very worthwhile cause. I commend them for visiting our congressman to promote an ordinance that prohibits smoking at our local parks and playgrounds. As their principal, I’m especially proud to see our Terrier family reach out to connect with the community. The SWAT team gained widespread exposure for their cause by filming a Public Service Announcement against unhealthy, addictive habits. Remarkably, these Terriers were all featured actors on the big screen at the Regal Cinema to make their message heard. Another example of positive student action is the story on our website about an eighth grade Terrier who decided to use his own savings to purchase 20 Thanksgiving turkeys for needy families in our area. So, when you read about young people breaking the law, fighting, stealing, and making poor decisions, please keep in mind that they are in the minority. Most students, like the Terriers in your family, are responsible, caring individuals who make us proud. It’s our job to encourage and celebrate them. A famous author and teacher, Marva Collins, said “Excellence is not an act, but a habit; the things you do the most, you will do best.” For this reason, we need to raise our youth to maintain positive attitudes, healthy habits, and maintain a growth mindset. Praise them for their hard work, offer encouragement for their efforts and celebrate their success! Respectfully, John LeClair, Principal

Please check your cereal boxes (and any other food items) to search for any symbol something like this...

And remember to bring them in to Ms. Schmutz. She uses them to get supplies for students to use in the classroom. See how many you can collect!!!

“principal of The year”

Superintendent Dionisio, of Charlotte County Public Schools, recently announced that John LeClair, Principal of Port Charlotte Middle School, has been anmed the Charlotte County Public Schools’ “Principal of the Year”. This honor is especially signifivant, since Mr. Le Clair earned the title after having been selected by a group of his colleages, made up of all other Principals and Assistant Principals from the CCPS school district.

Congratulations! Respectfully, Your PSMS Teachers & Staff (SY 2018-2019)

Members of the faculty and staff at PCMS are elated to extend a heartfelt CONGRATULATIONS to Mr. LeClair. We know this title is held by leaders who have made outstanding contributions to their profession. We know that Mr. LeClair excels in providing quality learning opportunities for students. He is also adept at character building of the student body through the development of a climate of mutual respect, the adoption of a positive mindset, and by embracing every opportunity to recognize and celebrate success. Mr. LeClair, thank you for making PCMS a school that makes us fee. “Glad to be here”!

PTO Luncheon

The faculty and staff want to thank the PTO for providing them with an amazing holiday luncheon! With food from Luigi’s, Starbuck’s Frappuccino’s, generous raffle gifts provided by local businesses, and the dessert table, all were well-fed and appreciated the opportunity to dine together and visit. The PTO is an integral part of our school success and their support is invaluable.

Mrs. Budai choosing some sweet treats.

Raffle gifts provided by local businesses added a special touch.

Social Studies Notes

The 8th Grade US History students had the opportunity to attend a field trip sponsored by the Vietnam Wall association in November. After classroom lessons about the importance of Veteran’s Day and The Vietnam War, they spent half a day at Laishey Park in Punta Gorda with some of the Vietnam Veterans in Charlotte County. There were three stations where the Veteran’s spoke to them about their experiences and showed them Vietnam War artifacts including a Jeep. The Veterans explained the history and importance of the Vietnam Memorial Wall and gave the students the opportunity to find names on the wall and make rubbings.


4 Out of Field Teachers

The following teachers are currently teaching Out of Field: • • • • •


Parents & Students, do you know that after-school MATH tutoring is offered FREE at PCMS? Tutoring is held Tuesday and Wednesday afternoons until 4:45 and Thursday mornings from 8 am – 9 am. To ensure a successful program, we ask that all students signup in advance (in the appropriate classroom) and arrive at tutoring prepared. They should bring work to complete and/or questions about concepts with which they are struggling.

Misty Weissinger - ESE Heather Mashburn - Gifted Elaine Richmond - ESE Peri Schwabrow - ELA Brandi Eberhardt - ESE

November Students of the Month 6th Grade: Cole Turney Sierra Johnson

7th Grade: Madison Underwood Clayton Kelly 8th Grade: Aubrianna Hobbs Gian Lucca Alvarado

Chorus Notes

The PCM Band and Choral Departments celebrated a semester of hard work with their annual Music Department Pajama Party on November 30. Students were encouraged to wear their favorite PJs, robes and slippers from 5:30-9:30pm. During the event 170+ music students ate LOTS of pizza. They played goofy games in the gym. Then they topped off the evening with their choice of two classic holiday movies... and more food. Shout-outs to Mrs. Miller (Band), Mrs. Marshall (Chorus), and all of the parent chaperones who graciously gave their evening to keep the students safe and entertained!


Band Notes

What an awesome few weeks the band musicians have had! It’s been a busy time, but it has paid off in tremendous ways. The band kids kicked off their busy season by performing in the annual Punta Gorda Christmas Parade. 112 intermediate and advanced band and color guard members marched down the streets performing jingle bells for all the parade spectators. This was PCMS band’s 10th parade under the direction of Mrs. Miller. Continuing the performance season, all 209 band kids performed their winter concert at CPAC on December 13th. The concert was so well attended we had standing room only! What a wonderful and appreciate crowd we had. All the concert band musicians were at their best on stage and provided an exceptional performance. The energy was electric! Our band kids finished out the winter season with their annual inflatable soccer party with the awesome Kona Ice truck for refreshments. It’s been a crazy season, but we wouldn’t have it any other way. It’s great to be a band kid! 

Special Thanks

Special Thanks to Trinity Anglican Church of Port Charlotte for donating $300.00 to assist with our homeless students during the Christmas holiday and for their continued support.

Keep Charlotte Beautiful Special Thanks to Pastor Dale of Sonshine Baptist for donating ten baskets of supplies for our families during the Christmas holiday and for their continued support.

Mrs. Pucci and students created a mural at Port Charlotte Town Center to remind everyone to “Keep Charlotte Beautiful” Ballet Tap Jazz Contemporary/Lyrical Hip Hop Acrobatics

941-743-2115 Dance class for ages 3 & up!


Title 1 Information All reports for our Title 1 program

are available, upon request, in our Family Center, in the lobby of our front office, and on our website, under About Us - Title I. There you will find the link below. TITLE 1 PUBLISHED REPORTS & OTHER RESOURCES SPAR: School Accountability Report link available on our PCMS school website on Title I page http://doeweb-prd. nclb1617.cfm?dist_schl=8_131

Title I sponsored Event Calendar 2018/19 SCHOOL YEAR SECOND SEMESTER

• • • •

Jan. 15 – Donuts with Dad Family Center: 8:00 – 9:30am Feb. 7 – Career Night Gym: 6:00 – 7:30pm *Mar. 12 – Muffins with Mom Family Center: 8:00 – 9:30am April 16 – Donuts with Dad Family Center: 8:00 – 9:30am

*Note (March 12 is a date change) Family Resource Center, Rm 149 B Open on Tuesday mornings (second semester change) 8:00 – 9:30am *Free Keeper Book, (must be accompanied by parent/guardian)

Math Notes

Sixth graders were hard at work in the first semester. They worked their way through numbers and operations and ratios and rates. Students learned how to add, subtract, multiply, and divide decimals, how to multiply and divide fractions, greatest common factor (GCF), and least common multiple (LCM), used order of operations, solve exponents, give unit rate, find the unit price, and find the percent of number as well. As second semester begins, sixth grade students will be starting off the new year with algebra. Learning how to identify and use a variable provides the basis for students as they begin to simplify and evaluate expressions. They will work their way into solving equations next. Seventh graders have been busy studying angle and triangle relationships, proportional relationships, and percent of a number. Currently they are busy working on their “Shopping Spree” project. This project incorporates skills learned in proportional relationships, as well as understanding percent and money. Students use a store’s holiday catalog to purchase items within a given price range. The students calculate the discount amount, sale price, tax amount, totals, and balance. We are halfway through the 2018-2019 school year, so reviewing and studying topics we have already learned are extremely important as we approach the FSA. Pre-Algebra students will continue their study of exponents and scientific notation and then begin to study geometry starting with the Pythagorean Theorem to find missing measurements for right triangles with real-world applications. Geometry standards continue with determining the volume of cylinders, cones, and spheres. Because there is no formula reference sheet provided on the Florida State Assessment, students need to know and apply these formulas on the FSA. The last skill in this unit require students to differentiate between transformations that provide congruence and those that do not. Eighth grade math FSA starts in May. Algebra 1 students will be starting semester 2 studying exponents and polynomials. These skills are necessary for success as we begin studying quadratic equations. This unit requires students to factor polynomials and solve quadratic functions by graphing, factoring, or using the quadratic formula. We are almost through the standards of our curriculum and will soon delve deeper into the concepts using Algebra Nation text. This text provides our students with the best opportunity for success on the End of Course Exam (EOC). Algebra Nation offers our students great insight on EOC question format, and it is crucial, that students use this resource. The Algebra EOC is planned for May, and the goal is for students to have Algebra Nation fully completed by then. The Math Department is excited for our 5th annual Math Carnival. The Math Carnival will be held on Thursday, March 14th – Pi Day! The math carnival is a variety of math-themed carnival style games. All students will attend the math carnival with their math class. Parents – if you’re interested in volunteering to work at the prize table, please contact Mrs. Robinson. 

News from Drama

The Spring Play is titled “What Happened After Once Upon a Time?” This year’s comedy showcases fairy tale characters in roles opposite how you have always known them. Rapunzel is a diva, Cinderella enjoys cleaning, Goldilocks is a scaredy-cat, and many others. Come see our production the last week of February in the PCMS Media Center. Tickets are $5 adults and $3 students. All proceeds benefit the PCMS drama dept. This production was made possible in part by a grant from the Charlotte Arts Council.

A few spots are left!

Advertise in the Terrier Times! This is a wonderful way for your company to get community recognition and exposure, and at the same time help support your local schools!

Kimberly Pruey

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Port Charlotte Middle School


National Junior Honor Society

Our chapter of National Junior Honor Society has been very busy so far this year. This past October we inducted 28 new members, the largest group of inductees PCMS had ever had! As a service organization, we have established Service Saturdays which take place once per quarter. The first Service Saturday, in September, was spent serving our school campus by weeding, clearing and cleaning the courtyard. We got a lot of work done and had a great time doing it. Our next Service Saturday took place this past holiday season at the Port Charlotte Library on Aaron St. We served the library and our community by shelving and organizing books and DVD’s, preparing materials for a community outreach, and wrapping presents for local families. The PCMS chapter of National Junior Honor Society is committed to preparing student leaders to serve our school and our community.

PCMS Annual Poster Contest – DREAM BIG! Port Charlotte Middle School’s annual poster contest

• Best in Show : Abigail Gregory, 8th Grade

• Staff Choice : Kaylee Decker, 8th Grade

is once again a huge success! This year, the students were encouraged to…” DREAM BIG!” and show us what they hope to do and be. We had over 100 entries that now line the main hallway of our school, and they are beautiful! To judge the contest, PCMS was honored to have our principal, Mr. LeClair, CCPS curriculum supervisor for fine arts, Ellen Harvey, and the superintendent of CCPS, Steve Dionisio. We thank them all for taking time out if their busy schedules, and for choosing this years’ winners. • • • •

People’s Choice: Gracyn Mandel, 8th Grade 8th Grade: 1st Place - Ambrynn Julius, Honorable Mention - Stacy Quigg 7th Grade: 1st Place – Zurisaday Hernandez, Honorable Mention – Thanh Nguyen 6th Grade: 1st Place – Sophia Cortes Honorable Mention – Victoria Kahler

Science Fair Recognition

2018’s Science Fair took place on November 27th in our Media Center. Over 250 projects were displayed and over 30 awardees. 12 students will be continuing to the Regional Science Fair and 2 students to the Inventor’s Fair. Both fairs take place at FGCU’s Alico Arena in Fort Myers on January 19th. PCMS students continuing to regional fair include: •

8th Graders: Saskya Laroche, Alanna Belevitch, Geraldine CocsRodriguez, Madison Hazeltine, Ambrynn Julius, Emelia Valentz, McKenzie Coslor, Abigail Salone, and Tyler Chapin

7th Graders: Rohan Benjamin Caruso

6th Grader: Matthew Schuler

8th Grader Ian Buhle and 7th grader Chase Coyne will be participating in the Edison Inventor’s Fair.


FREE LANGUAGE ARTS FSA PREP Wednesdays and Thursdays 8:00 – 8:45am & 4:00-4:45pm

Students need to sign up in the Media Center (24 hours in advance).

Non Profit Organization U. S. Postage Paid Orlando, FL Permit# 2346 23000 Midway Blvd. Port Charlotte FL 33952

“Equip the Thunder”

“Equip the Thunder” is an educational program run by the Tampa Bay Lightning where Tampa Bay Lightning Alumni and community hockey staff visit various elementary and middle schools throughout the Tampa Bay region to teach students the fundamentals of hockey. On Tuesday December 11, 2018 the team came to PCMS to present their hockey clinic to students in our PE program. We had approximately 400 students participate. Students who participated were educated on the game of hockey, they ran through various stations that focused on skill development (stick handling, shooting, passing), and they were able to play an action-packed scrimmage at the end. The program encouraged safety in the game, while at the same time demonstrating to students how exciting the game of hockey can be! Participating students received their own street hockey stick and ball, an autographed player card from Lightning alumni Jassen Cullimore, and a buy one get one ticket voucher to a Lightning home game. In addition, they donated a complete set of street hockey gear to the school to use in our Physical Education classes. Our students really enjoyed the event and represented Tampa Bay Lightning Street Hockey team presenters: Students Elijah Arroyo and Chris (front), from left: Mike, JC, Tony, Kimberly, and Tampa Cha’Voynna Washington go for PCMS well with their attentive, Bay Lightning alumni: Jassen Cullimore the ball as others wait for a pass. respectful behavior!

Physical Education

During the first semester Physical Education students were busy with fitness activities and learning cooperative games. Each Wednesday focuses on fitness with endurance runs (Pacers and Team Pacers) and Circuit Training (focusing on upper and lower body strength, as well as endurance). During cooperative games, students learn to use good sportsmanship and how to play together as a team. Students also completed a cross- country run, 40-yard dash, and mile run. The mile run records for fall are as follows:

The mile run records for fall are as follows: • 6th Grade Landon Lefresne 6:53, Taylor Skellett 7:18 • 7th Grade Shawn Supina 6:11, Atianna Watson 8:41 • 8th Grade Luis Cacique 6:38, McKenzie Coslor 7:42


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January 2019

Port Charlotte Middle School Newsletter  

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