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Principal’s Message


ear Golden Eagle Family, As principal of Naples High School, it is a pleasure to welcome everyone back for another great year.We are anxiously awaiting the return of our students to campus as they bring with them an energy and enthusiasm for learning. I would also like to extend an extra warm welcome to our newest Golden Eagles, all of the incoming Grade 9 students and their families. Our goal is to make every child feel welcomed, connected, and a part of our school community. We know that the foundation for being college and career ready by the end of four years with us starts with the positive, constructive relationships we develop with each other. While most of our learning community takes the summer months to relax before refocusing, we having been working to improve our campus. Some enhancements are clear as you approach our campus such as new security fencing installed on the north side of campus. Student safety is our top priority and our new fencing is another measure in place to help students focus on learning.This new fencing provides access to our campus before and after school, but also secures our campus during the school day. Students will still be able to enter campus from the north side through an electronic gate near the gym locker room doors. Students will be trained on the new process during the first few days of the school year. Naples High School, like all other Collier County Public Schools, will be going to a single entry point on the south side of campus in Building One.All students, parents, and visitors to our campus will be directed to the Guidance and Student Relations entrance where they will have to show identification prior to entering the facility. We realize that these extra steps may be inconvenient at times, but we are focused on making sure our school is safe.


1100 Golden Eagle Circle Naples, FL 34102 Tel: 239-377-2200 Fax: 239-377-2201

ADMINISTRATION Mr. Darren Burkett Principal Mr. Joseph Manento Assistant Principal Curriculum Mr. Stanley Bryant Assistant Principal Discipline Mrs. Amanda Holderfield Assistant Principal Mr. Ernie Modugno Activities Coordinator

We have also made changes to improve the function and beauty of our campus. We have added a new student computer lab, upgraded our television studio, and created a new business classroom. In addition, we have reassigned classrooms by department so that teachers can more easily work together to create lessons which both engage and challenge students. Finally, we have added new signage and landscaping to make our campus even more welcoming.

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Volume XIII Issue I July 2018


Principal’s Message

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Naples High School will expand its focus on communication this year beyond our regular weekly message and monthly parent workshop programs.We are going to seek input on ways to improve communication to make sure through the collective efforts of students, parents, faculty, staff, administration and the community that we can provide every single student the education they deserve. Let us all work together to help our Golden Eagles learn that success will happen through hard work.

Again, I welcome you to this new school year. Please enjoy these last remaining weeks on summer break with family and friends. I look forward to seeing you on August 15. Go Eagles!

Dr. Kamela Patton Superintendent of Schools




Roy M. Terry, Chair Erika Donalds, Member Erick Carter, Member Kelly Lichter , Member Stephanie Lucarelli,Vice Chair

Phone Numbers To Note Athletic / Activities 377-2228 Counseling 377-2215 Curriculum and Instruction 377-2220 Principal’s Office 377-2203 Reception 377-2200 Student Services 377-2231 On Eagles Wings July 2018 Published Four Times Per Year Naples High School 1100 Golden Eagle Circle Naples, FL 34102 Issue # 1

Darren E. Burkett

Student Meal Benefits — APPLY NOW FOR 2018-2019!

Students may qualify for either free or reduced mean benefits. Applying online allows the school district to process eligible students for meal benefits within 48 hours. Breakfast will continue to be served to all students at no charge. Students who qualify for reduced meal benefits will also be served lunch, at no charge. To learn more about all of our nutritional programs and services be sure to visit where you can also apply online for meal benefits.

Freshmen Expo! Auditorium Tuesday, August 14, 2018

All incoming freshmen are invited and encouraged to attend the annual NHS Freshmen Expo on Tuesday,August 14 at 9:00 a.m. Incoming freshman will have the opportunity to tour the school, meet teachers and peers, and learn more about just what it means to be a Golden Eagle. As we are gearing up for a successful first day this is a “student only” event. Students need to report to campus before 9 a.m. and will be ready for pick up at 11:30 a.m.

Parent Orientation Monday, August 13, 2018 Auditorium 6:30 pm

Freshmen EXPO! Tuesday, August 14, 2018 9:00-11:30 am

Curriculum Night/Open House Monday, August 27, 2018 @ 6:30 pm Remember to bring student schedule with you!

Counselors Available In August


All counselors can be reached by email or through the counseling office at 377- 2215 beginning August 9.The office is open on Wednesdays only in July during the hours of 7:30a.m. – 2:30 p.m. for new student registration and transcript requests. Students who have scheduling questions may contact their counselor via email or phone to request an appointment.

A Message from Assistant Principal of Curriculum and Instruction

Hello Naples High School! My name is Joe Manento, and I am extremely proud to be part of the Naples Golden Eagles family as the new Assistant Principal of Curriculum & Instruction. Originally from Easton, PA, I graduated with a B.S. in Political Science/Secondary Education in 1989, from Shippensburg University. I relocated to Florida in 1996. While working hard to establish myself in the Naples area, I was hired at Gulf Coast High School in 1998, where I taught a variety of Social Studies courses. I then began my graduate studies in Educational Leadership and earned my Master’s Degree in 2009. Continuing with my personal vison of “life-long learning,” I decided it was time for a new challenge; so in 2013 I accepted the position of Testing Coordinator at Lely High School. A one year experience under an exceptional administration at LHS led me to become part of another dynamic administrative team as the Assistant Principal of Attendance & Discipline at Oakridge Middle School. I spent the last four years learning and tackling new challenges at the middle school level. This road has led me to my next adventure as the new APC of the Naples High School Golden Eagles! Knowing that Naples High School thrives on student achievement through academics and extracurricular activities, I am ready to work with parents, students, colleagues, staff, and the community to continue to help Naples High School achieve its goals. Together we will support each other and ensure Naples High School remains on the path of excellence!

4 Early Release Days 2018-2019

The School District of Collier County’s 2018-19 school calendar is now available online, and in checking it out, you will notice that it contains seven early release days. Remember, similar to last year, the early dismissal time for all students will remain at three hours earlier than the dismissal time on regular days. Early release time will be 11:05 AM on the following scheduled early release days during the 2018-19 school year: • August 31 • October 16 • February 12 • May 24 • May 30 To view the entire 20182019 school calendar, go to the home page of the district Web site (

Be Sure to Get the Latest Golden Eagles News

Please be sure to follow Naples High School on social media for the latest updates. While we will be sure to communicate emergency information through the phone dialer, email, and text system we will also be sharing information on a regular basis through both Facebook and Twitter. Facebook will be used to share a weekly message for parents while our Twitter account is used to share up to the minute news on our school and students. Follow or like us on: Facebook: @ccpsnhs; Twitter: @NaplesHS.

Is Your Contact Information Correct?

Anyone who has moved, changed a phone number and/or email address is reminded that updated parent contact information is very important to our school and District. Please follow these simple directions: 1) Visit the www.collierschools. com website and click on the “Parents” Icon on the top right. 2) Select the Parent Portal Icon to go to the Parent Portal. 3) Login to the Parent Portal using your Parent ID and Password. If you do not know your Parent ID or need to create an account, click the “Begin Now” icon and follow the directions given. 4) After you are logged in, click on the Parent Access Image to go to the update page. 5) On the home screen you have two options available. The Combine Parent Accounts option will allow you to combine multiple Parent ID(s) into one account. This will allow you to access all your students using a single Parent ID.The second option will allow you to update your Parent Contact information. To do this click on the Update Parent Account Contact Information link. 6) Follow the instructions on the screen to update your parent contact information. Once you are finished click on the Update button.

Naples High School Student Parking Regulations

Student parking at Naples High School is limited to only juniors and seniors due to space available. Owning a student decal is a privilege rather than a right. Students who violate parking rules may receive a ticket and ultimately lose their decal and the privilege to park on campus. Students park at their own risk. Naples High School and the Collier County School District take no responsibility for loss or damage of personal property. Students must follow the parking regulations below at all times to remain in good standing as a student driver at Naples High School. ØØ Display decal on the rear view mirror facing forward. ØØ Honor the 7 mph speed limit on campus. ØØ Park only in the assigned parking space in the student parking lot. ØØ Lock vehicle and leave valuables at home. ØØ Leave the parking lot and move to class immediately upon arrival to campus. ØØ Stay out of the parking lot during the school day unless accompanied by a staff member. ØØ Keep vehicle free of bumper stickers, decals, etc. that include profanity, sexual innuendo, non-American flag symbols, and/or reference drugs or alcohol. (CCPS Code of Student Conduct, Rules 8 and 12). ØØ Keep volume from radio/sound systems low while on campus. ØØ Refrain from using cell phone while in student parking lot. Being on the phone while driving in the parking lot is immediate grounds for losing decal. ØØ Purchase a new decal immediately if the original decal is lost. The cost of a replacement decal is $20. Students who lose their parking privileges will be unable to reapply for at least one month, and their name will be placed at the bottom of the waiting list. Parking violations include but are not limited to the infractions listed below. Fines for violations range from $15-$25.The monies collected for parking violations fund scholarships for graduating seniors and supplies for the PRO shop. Repeated violations may result in loss of parking privileges for an extended period or permanently.

Parking Violations


vv Parking in any space on campus other than the one assigned in the student parking lot vv Parking in the staff parking lots or other unauthorized areas* vv Blocking an exit or other cars* vv Speeding (the speed limit on campus is 7 mph) vv Driving recklessly (i.e. unnecessary horn blowing, disrespectful actions from behind the wheel, etc.)* vv Placing decal on/in car improperly vv Being in the parking lot at unauthorized times without permission and/or without a staff member vv Transferring of decal to another student’s vehicle vv Producing or using a forged decal vv Committing any other serious infractions *Immediate loss of decal for a period determined by the administration. NOTE:Any student who parks in the student parking lot without a decal will receive a parking ticket. Habitual violators of this rule will face additional disciplinary consequences. All financial obligations to NHS need to be resolved before an application will be considered. Decals are issued in order by application receipt, and the cost is $20 payable at the time of pick-up. Issued decals may be picked up in the Attendance and Discipline Office Thursday, August 9 through Tuesday, August 14 from 9 a.m. – 12 noon only. If you have questions, please call 377-2229 and ask for Mrs. Gatis.




NHS School Advisory Council

The School Advisory Council (SAC) sets priorities and student performance standards that serve as guiding principles for schools. The SAC is composed of the principal and a balanced number of elected teachers, education support employees, students, and parents, along with appointed business and community people, who are representative of the ethnic, racial, and economic community served by the school. A School Advisory Council looks at aspects of their school as suggested by the priorities and develops a written School Improvement Plan as part of the school and District’s continuous growth model. The 2018-2019 SAC Meeting dates are as follow: • August 20, 2018 • February 25, 2019 • September 17, 2018 • March 18, 2019 • October 22, 2018 • April 15, 2019 • May 20, 2019 • November 19, 2018 • January 14, 2019 Membership to the NHS School Advisory Council requires vote. Interested parties should complete the following and submit as requested. Voting for new members will occur at Open House on Monday, August 28.

Naples High School SAC Membership Interest Form Name _______________________________________________________ Phone #________________ E-Mail _______________________________ Name(s)/Grade (s) of Student(s) ___________________________________ Other School Group Memberships _________________________________ Please tear off and return this form with your student or by mail no later than 3:00 p.m., Friday, August 24, in order that your name may be included on the official SAC election ballot.




7 While Doing Your Summer Shopping...

Be aware of the importance of good grooming and its effect upon the learning environment. Good taste is knowing where and when to wear the appropriate clothing and accessories. It is your responsibility to see that grooming reflects the modesty and good taste expected in school.All students must follow the dress and grooming requirements outlined below. Other requirements may be made to avoid disruption of the educational process. The principal and the administration staff have the final say in determining what clothing is appropriate. (Rule 12.Attire [Dress and Grooming Policy] Code of Student Conduct) Disciplinary Action: Options include but are not limited to, call to home requesting change of clothes, offer of loaner clothes from office, ISS, OSS, Ineligibility to participate in extracurricular activities. •

Clothing shall be free of inflammatory, suggestive, or other inappropriate writing, advertisement, or artwork.

Hair shall be clean and neatly groomed. Hair color and style must never interfere with the educational process in the reasonable discretion of the principal or designee.

Hats or head coverings are prohibited inside buildings. Exceptions may be made by the Principal for head coverings worn for religious purposes.

Footwear that is safe must be worn at all times. Bedroom slippers are unacceptable.

Jeans or pants that are torn with holes are not permitted. Shorts/pants must be fitted or cinched to avoid slipping.

Leggings, yoga or workout pants are only to be worn under a dress, skirt, or shirt that is long enough to reach past the student’s fingertips when the arms are held straight at the sides. See through or lace is not permitted.

Length of skirts, dresses, and shorts are too short if a student’s fingertips touch skin when the arms are held straight at the sides, and unacceptable to be worn.Tube skirts and tube dresses are not permitted.

Halter tops, tube tops, muscle shirts, midriff or backless shirts and blouses are unacceptable. Shoulders should be completely covered.Transparent mesh or see through clothing (blouses) must have other appropriate clothing underneath.

Tops must be three inches below the waistband or remain tucked in so that the midriff area is unexposed. No bare skin should be exposed at the waist or abdomen area. Clothing must cover the chest area to ensure that cleavage is unexposed.

Intentionally altered clothing (i.e. holes, frayed hemlines) or unbuttoned and ill-fitted garments are unacceptable. Ill-fitted garments include but are not limited to garments that are too small so as to reflect immodesty or too large so as to appear to be falling off the body.

Flags that may be displayed or worn on Collier County Public-school campuses and at off campus school-related activities are the United States and POW/MIA flags, the State of Florida flag, and official school flag. Any related symbols worn or displayed are prohibited on campus and at offcampus school-related on special occasions or in designated areas consistent with the learning objectives of the district and at the discretion of the principal.

Piercings/body adornment (i.e. adornments which pierce flesh) in a visible body part other than ears shall not be displayed if such display presents a health or safety issue or if such adornment interferes with the educational process in the reasonable discretion of the principal or designee.

Costumes, sleepwear or other clothing/adornment that creates a distraction is prohibited.

Gang clothing, symbols, or other items associated with gangs may be neither worn nor displayed nor carried.


Naples High School Band Information

The Naples High School Golden Eagle Marching Band is excited to be gearing up towards its fall competition season again with Director of Bands, Mr. Brian T. Grieb, at its helm. The band is excited to perform its 2018 program “Wanted”, an old-fashioned, entertaining, visually stunning, cowboy adventure set in the wild west featuring music from the 2016 film The Magnificent Seven and the band Bon Jovi’s classic and hit “Wanted”. Performance highlights for the Golden Eagle Marching Band include the Florida Marching Band State Championships in Tampa in November and a performance at the Walt Disney World Resort this coming May, along with numerous football games, competitions, and local parades. On July 23rd the Golden Eagle Band program will have its mandatory Parent and Student Welcome Back meeting with Mr. Grieb and the Band Boosters in the NHS auditorium at 7:00 p.m.All band students and at least one parent or guardian are required to attend. Required forms may be found on the website The following dates are for the 2018 Naples High School Golden Eagle Marching Band Camp: July 26 and 27: Band Camp for ALL band members (This includes Color Guard) 8:00am to 3:00pm July 30 - August 3: ALL band members from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. August 6 - 10: ALL band members from 6:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. August 10: Friends and Family Show (In the Gold Gym) and Picnic (Green Space) If you have any questions about band, please do not hesitate to contact Mr. Grieb, at If you would like information on how to become a member of our Band Boosters, please contact our Band Booster President, Ms. Bettina Roedig at

Important Fall 2017 Sports Athletic Information


Although the first school day for students in the Collier County Public Schools is Wednesday, August 15, Naples High School fall sports practices begin earlier than that.The Florida High School Athletic Association (FHSAA) determined this school year’s fall sports official practice start date for cross country, football, golf, swimming, and volleyball will be Monday, July 31, 2017. BEFORE A STUDENT IS PERMITTED TO ATTEND PRACTICE (in any manner including pre-season and/or summer conditioning) he/she must have a pre-participation health screening, proof of medical insurance coverage and parental consent documentation on file in the NHS athletic office. All forms must be “current”---that is, not older than 365 days---and, upon expiration during any part of the participation, must be renewed before the student can continue to take part. All forms are available either at Naples High School in the activities office in Building One or online on the following Naples HS website link: For more specific and/or additional information about fall sports at Naples High School, please contact the head coach of each fall sport via e-mail: • Boys Cross Country - Mary Beth Watkins - • Girls Cross Country – Rich Haralson - Day Date Opponent Location Kick-Off • Varsity and JV Football – Bill Kramer Fri 08/17 North Fort Myers (Kick-Off Classic) Home 7:30 PM - Fri 08/24 Miami Edison (Band Alumni Night) Home 7:30 PM Fri 08/31 Miami Palmetto (M.S. Band Night) Home 7:30 PM • Freshmen Football – Rick Martin Fri 09/07 Open Date - Fri 09/14 Gulf Coast Away 7:30 PM • Boys Golf – Don Tracy Fri 09/21 Immokalee Home 7:00 PM - Fri 09/28 Palmetto Ridge (Lehman Legacy Night) Away 7:30 PM • Girls Golf – Laura Jewell-Nichols Fri 10/05 Lely (Coconut Bowl – Homecoming) Away 7:30 PM Fri 10/12 Golden Gate Home 7:00 PM - Fri 10/19 South Fort Myers Home 7:30 PM • Swimming and Diving – Boys and Girls – Sara Fri 10/26 Barron Collier Home 7:00 PM Nelson - Fri 11/02 Sunrise Piper (Band Senior Night) Home 7:30 PM • Volleyball – Girls – Rich Hubbard Fri 11/09 Region Quarter-Final TBD 7:30 PM - Fri 11/16 Region Semi-Final TBD 7:30 PM Also, for any other athletic –related questions, feel Fri 11/23 Region Championship TBD 7:30 PM TBD 7:30 PM free to contact either Athletic Director Ernie Modugno Fri 11/30 State Semi-Final Orlando TBD or the athletic office assistant Tricia Hendry at 377-2228. TBD TBD State Championship

2018 Varsity Football Schedule

Proud Supporter of Naples High School

“Go Eagles!”

Non-Profit Organization U.S. Postage PAID Orlando, FL Permit # 2346 The District School Board of Collier County Naples High School 1100 Golden Eagle Circle Naples, FL 34102 ADDRESS SERVICE REQUESTED

10 Daily Bell Schedule and Early Dismissal

Being in class on time and ready to learn is the first step in the learning process.While NHS does have a few other schedules it uses for assemblies and mentoring, here is the daily bell schedule:

Period 1 2 3

Time 7:05 – 7:59 8:04 – 8:53 8:58 – 9:55 (includes We ask that parents/guardians keep these announcements) guidelines in mind when scheduling appointments. 4 10:00 – 10:49 Our goal is to keep students in an undisturbed 5 10:54 – 11:43 Lunch 11:43 – 12:17 learning environment at all times. 6 12:22 – 1:11 In order to limit the number of classroom 7 1:16 – 2:05 interruptions, we ask that parents/guardians please attempt to follow the school procedures for early dismissal: •

Please send in a note with all dismissal information for your student to present to the Main Office at the start of the day.

A photo I.D. will be required and the adult picking up student must be on the student’s contact list.

Early dismissals should be scheduled for the following times: ○○ 8:00 ○○ 11:45 ○○ 12:20 ○○ 9:00 ○○ 1:15 ○○ 10:00 ○○ 10:50

Students will be called to the office once parents/guardians have arrived in the office, have shown I.D. and have been cleared for pick up.

The latest time for pick-up is 1:15 PM. This is STRICTLY ENFORCED. Any student after this time will be notified that a parent/guardian will be waiting for them in the front office when the bell rings at 2:05.

In the event that you need to drop off materials or a message to a student, we will contact the student at the end of the period. Lunches may be left at the Student Relations reception desk for student pick-up at the start of lunch.

Naples High School Newsletter  

July 2018

Naples High School Newsletter  

July 2018