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Hawk January 2017 Issue 2


Administration Principal

Principal’s Message Dear Parent/Guardian: Welcome back! Hopefully the holidays provided some time for everyone to relax and spend quality time with family and good friends. As second semester starts, below are some announcements and reminders: It’s a pleasure to announce that Lake Howell High School’s Teacher of the Year this year is Lauren Oliva, our AP Research and AP Art History teacher, and she is one of the top 12 semifinalists for District Teacher of the Year; and our School-Related Employee of the Year is Tim Bridges, our assistant in the media center. Please join us in welcoming some new faculty and staff members as well: Trent Brace, paraprofessional; Scott Caron, custodian/pool maintenance; James Wesley, science teacher; Marielis Aviles, Spanish teacher; and Jessica MunozPlata, Spanish teacher. We wish the best to Wanda Martinez, our Spanish teacher who retired in December. Registration for 2017-18 is well underway. Students are in the process of determining course choices for next year. We urge you to carefully read through the curriculum guide to make sure your student’s selections meet all state graduation requirements. Senior graduation is scheduled for Tuesday, May 23, 2017, at 2:30 p.m. at the UCF Arena. A separate letter with details regarding graduation will be sent to the parents/ guardians of our seniors next month. Please be sure to check our website, Twitter and Facebook pages frequently for important information and updates. Looking forward to a great second semester – Go Hawks! Sincerely, Frank L. Casillo Principal

Hawk Talk January 2017 Published Four Times Per Year Lake Howell High School 4200 Dike Road Winter Park, FL 32792 Issue 1

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Dean of Students

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Guidance News

Registration for 2017-2018

Junior Credit Checks

As we enter into orientation and registration for the 2017-2018 school year, please take a few minutes to review the Capstone, our curriculum guide. The capstone is available on our LHHS website. Take time to discuss course choices with your student. Just because your student is in high school does not mean parents should stop being involved! Please be aware of the courses for which your student is registering. This information is available through your Skyward Family Access account. Your student should select courses that total 7 credits for next year, as well as alternates for elective courses. Alternate courses are just as important as the classes selected; these must be courses the student is willing to take in the event first choices do not schedule. Remember schedule changes are very limited. Also, please note that performance on FSA and EOC’s determines whether a student has elective choices or placement in a remedial math or reading class. If you have questions about which courses are appropriate, contact your student’s current teachers or counselor. As a reminder, 26 credits are required for graduation as well as a 2.0 cumulative grade point average and a passing FSA Reading & Algebra 1 EOC score. Current 8th grade parents are invited to attend a Registration/Orientation meeting on February 1 at 6:30 p.m. in the LHHS Auditorium. Topics include: graduation requirements, registration dates, and other curriculum information. If you cannot make that meeting, please visit our LHHS Homepage and Student Services website for valuable information and dates for upcoming events. Counselors will visit Tuskawilla Middle School to discuss the registration process and graduation requirements. South Seminole Middle School will present our information to their students themselves. The schedule is as follows: • South Seminole Middle School – January 31 & February 3 (Presentation) • Tuskawilla Middle School – February 6 (Presentation), February 21 (assistance with registration via Skyward) Make sure your child has a completed registration card on file and that they have selected at least seven (7) credits for the next school year.

During the second semester, all third-year students will meet with their assigned counselor. At that time, such topics as current credit status, graduation requirements, and post high school plans will be discussed. Juniors are encouraged to take an SAT or ACT in the spring as well as begin to research and visit potential colleges. There will be a Junior Parent Night, March 8, 2017, at 6:30 p.m. in the LHHS Media Center to review with parents what their child should be accomplishing in their junior year.

Financial aid forms and workshop The current financial aid forms for this year’s seniors who are seeking financial assistance and scholarships to continue their education after high school are available online at www.lakehowell.scps.k12. The Free Application for Federal Student Aid is required for most colleges and universities in order to determine Financial Aid. This form uses figures from the parents’ income tax. The FAFSA can be completed online at Parents of seniors are able complete this form beginning October 1, 2016. Counselors held a financial aid night November 16, 2016, and will hold another financial aid night in the Fall of 2017. Any senior with financial aid questions at this point will be best served by contacting the school they plan to attend next year. A good site for additional information on financial aid is

Upcoming test dates During the second semester, we recommend that college-bound juniors register for either an SAT or ACT or both. We also recommend these dates for retesting if our seniors are trying to increase their scores for the Bright Futures Scholarship. Registration information is in the Student Services lobby or on the LHHS Student Services website. Students may register online at for the SAT and at for the ACT. They can also access free test preparation materials on these sites. All juniors will take the SAT for free during a school day and do not need to register online. The SAT school day for juniors this year is March 1, 2017. The remaining testing dates for the school year are: • SAT- January 28, March 11, May 6, June 3 • ACT- February 11, April 8, June 10 • AP Exams – May 1-12 (There are NO makeup days for AP Exams) continued on next page

Florida State Grants & Scholarships Program


Any senior interested in Florida State Grants & Scholarships (including the Bright Futures Scholarship) MUST COMPLETE AN ONLINE APPLICATION AT www. Once the application is completed, each student will receive a PIN number by email for future access. Please keep this PIN number in a safe place. Parents, please make certain your student has done this; it is the student’s responsibility to complete the application in order to be evaluated for the scholarship. Student Services will automatically send a transcript to the state for evaluation purposes in January and June, but an application completed by the student must be on file for the transcript to be evaluated. Also, don’t forget to complete community service hours as each level of the award now requires it. Submission of documented community services hours are due by May 1, 2017. You and your student can check their Bright Futures eligibility at All high school students and their parents are able to receive a personalized high school academic evaluation regarding their student’s progress toward the Bright Futures eligibility requirements. These evaluations are available at floridashines. org, Florida’s official statewide advising system. High School students can log in by entering the students’ social security number, followed by an ‘x.’ Students can review their individual progress and also discover valuable information concerning the state university system. Student transcripts are automatically sent to the state to update this system three times a year.

Lake Howell Scheduling Vital News • Quarter 3: 1/9 - 3/16 • Quarter 3 Progress Report: Week of February 13th • Quarter 3 Report Card: Week of March 27th • Quarter 4: 3/27 - 5/26 • Quarter 4 Progress Report: Week of April 24th • Quarter 4 Report Card: Week of June 5th *Progress Report and Report Card grades are viewable on Skyward. Printed copies are available upon request from the front office. Please be sure to sign up for Skyward Family Access in the registration office to keep up with student grades, timely messages and important information. The 2017-2018 Class Schedule Registration will begin February 2017. Capstones will be sent home in January.

Lake Howell KIA/MIA Memorial Garden Thank you to our NJROTC unit and the U.S. Marine Corps for sponsoring our new memorial garden which is located adjacent to our new pool. A flag pole and monument have been erected to honor our fallen veterans or missing-in-action Lake Howell Graduates. We thank you for notifying us at 407 746 9003, or email to of any KIA/MIA Lake Howell graduates so that we may include them in our memorial garden.



Our PTSA has joined with our Early Childhood students to create a flower and herb garden. ECE students and our preschool Little Hawks care and cultivate their plants daily! Thank you to Mr. and Tom Smith (LHHS staff) and his wife who were instrumental in providing plants for our students. Pictured Early Childhood Students: Sophia Juarez, Maria Medina, Ali Richeson, Destiny Palacios, and Hannah Sammons The PTSA sponsored a Self-Defense class taught in October was very successful; another one is planned for later in the year.

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Lake Howell AP Capstone Student Soars


By Lauren Oliva Earlier this year, a former Lake Howell student (class of 2016) and member of the inaugural LHHS AP Capstone program was congratulated by the College Board for achieving a perfect score on his AP Research project. The Lake Howell senior was one of only 38 students worldwide to achieve such a score. The recognition of his project, entitled “Weeaboos Gone Wild: The Misrepresentation of Japanese Culture among American Teenagers,” highlights the continued success of Lake Howell’s AP Capstone program, which led the nation in scores with freshmen students in the 2014-2015 school year and has maintained high student success in the program’s second and third years. AP Capstone is an innovative new program designed by the College Board to fill in critical gaps in argumentative reading and composition stressed by postsecondary education and developed with extensive input from higher education representatives. It is a two-year program in which students first take AP Seminar, a course that introduces students to thematic-based approaches to collegiate level reading, writing, and team project structures. Following a successful year in AP Seminar, students can enroll in AP Research, which teaches them the basics of undergraduatelevel research projects. Students embark on a yearlong exploration of a problem of interest to them, academic or practical. Because of its nature, the course also enables students to develop long-term goal-setting and tremendous personal growth as they develop and revise their project. As the program continues to grow, former LHHS AP Capstone students have found success at a variety of Florida’s universities. At Florida State University, one former LHHS AP Capstone student remarked that he was the only person in his orientation group who knew his way around a collegelevel research database. Another student, now a University of Florida student, commented that already in her first semester, she had been presented with assignments in her courses where she was expected to perform skills of analysis and composition that she was only able to achieve because of her AP Capstone experiences and that she hoped other students would take advantage of the program. Due to its inherent structure, the program is liable to keep growing in the years to come. The success of former students is but one testament to the value of the program on Lake Howell’s campus. As the college environment becomes more competitive, one thing remains clear: Lake Howell students are getting a leg up with AP Capstone.

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Lake Howell Pride At Lake Howell, we pride ourselves in recognizing our students’ efforts, accomplishments, and awards as frequently as possible. Our recognition programs include weekly and monthly recognition for students of the week/ month, recognition of awards, extracurricular accomplishments, or sports achievements during the administrative staff meetings, presentations of Honor Roll certificates at nine weeks or semester, awarding students with Hawk Bucks (good deeds, achievement, or citizenship coupons), as well as a plethora of classroom incentives including certificates, prizes, and food coupons for local restaurants.


News from the Testing Office Kathy Bolling, Testing Coordinator Each year seems to go faster than the next for me. I am astounded that is already time to be writing about Spring Testing. Here is the testing information for January through March: 1. Practice Training Tests to familiarize students with the tools and features of the testing platforms will begin in January. For more information about the practice training tests, please go to 2. Discovery Education-Round C- for Biology students will take place February 6 and February 7 with makeups the rest of the week. 3. FSA ELA Writes for Grade 9 will be given on February 27 and February 28 with FSA ELA Writes for Grade 10 given on March 2 and March 3. The FSA ELA Writing Retake for students in Cohort years 2017 and 2018 needing this test will be given on March 6. 4. SAT School Day for Grade 11 students will be given on March 1. An SAT School Day Questionnaire will be given to Grade 11 students through their English classes in early February. If your 11th grade student takes English through Virtual School, the student should come to the Media Center February 13 through February 22 to complete the questionnaire—a reminder will be sent through Skyward Message Center. 5. The PERT test will be given for Algebra 1 concordance on March 7. There are many free study guides for PERT Math on the Internet. One that I have found that seems quite good is If your student would like to take PERT for Dual Enrollment, please contact me or your student’s Guidance Counselor. 6. Quarter 3 Exams will be given March 13 through March 16. 7. The FSA ELA Reading Retake for students in Cohort years 2017 and 2018 needing this test will be given on March 28 and March 29. This is a two day test. 8. The FCAT Reading Retake will be given at Lake Howell High School on March 30 and March 31. 9. The FSA Algebra 1 EOC Retake will be given to seniors only on March 30 and March 31. This is a two day test, so please plan accordingly. (All other students will test in early May.) If you have any questions about the tests your student needs, please contact your student’s Guidance Counselor. For questions regarding Advanced Placement Testing, please contact Melissa Barney, Lead Guidance Counselor in Student Services. For other questions about testing, please contact Kathy Bolling, SAM/Testing Coordinator at 407-746-9165. The complete schedule of testing dates is posted on our Lake Howell High School website.

Lake Howell High School


Silver Hawk Athletics

Lake Howell Athletics!!

Lake Howell Competitive Cheerleaders

Winter Sports are up and running with many teams already half way through their seasons. Spring sports will be starting before we know it. Please call the Athletic Office at 407-746-9011 for more information about start times and coaches information for baseball, softball, tennis, water polo, boys volleyball and Lacrosse. You must have a current physical packet from the website or the Athletic office on file in the athletic office before you can participate. Please visit our website for information on eligibility and check out the link to This site will allow you to find the most up to date schedules for each sports team. If a change is made in the Athletic office, the site automatically gets updated. This site is a great way to keep up with your athletes. Mark your calendars for the annual golf tournament May 6, 2017, at Deer Run—8:30 shot gun start. For more information, please contact the Athletic office. If at any time you have questions, or need information, please feel free to contact the Athletic Department, and as always GO SILVERHAWKS!

Congratulations to the Lake Howell Competitive Cheerleaders who placed 1st at the Bishop Moore showcase on December 10, 2016. Pictured are Coaches Elisha Kennedy, and Ms. Mindy Bober, with cheerleaders: Alex Baez, Fallon Baidenmann, Lexys Blackmon, Cydney Collins, Emma Dangel, Taylor Dotson, Taylor Douglas, Megan Dow, Ashley Fleming, Dana Fleming, Lauren Herwitz, Tymia Hill, Katelyn Hogan, Jewell Johnson, Laci Kenroy, Paige Lovell, Madison Oakes, Helena Pedersen, Brianna Pruitt, Shay Reyes, Hollyn Saliga, Gennessi Schenker, Courtney Smith, Xavier Torres, Daniel Torres, Bayle Voll, Brandon Whitfield, Ashley Wilder, Ava Jackson. Also pictured: Windi Kenroy and Kylie Hogan, Cheer Coaches.

Sincerely, Danya Harris, Athletic Director

Hawk Lake Howell High School

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Seminole County Board of Education Lake Howell High School 4200 Dike Road Winter Park, FL 32792


Current Resident or

8 Congratulations BPA Students! Business Professionals of American Regional Competition was in December and we have received the results.  All students except the Website Design Team (who earned 5th place) will advance to the state competition in February! Event



Fundamental Word Processing (200)

Ying Xu


Advanced Word Processing (210)

Ashley Sox


Fundamental Spreadsheet Applications (230) Mandy Barclay-Pollard


Economic Research Team (160)

Jonathan Lawrence, Stephen Lawrence, Chris Scanlon 2nd

Graphic Design Promotion (410)

Joshua Steward


Website Design Team (435)

Kayleigh Langdon, Elyssa Padilla, Sarah Watson

5th (not qualified for states)

Entrepreneurship (505)

Brayden Gorgone


Interview Skills (515)

Jordan Tweedie


Interview Skills (515)

Amanda Mather


Advanced Interview Skills (520)

Daisy Kim

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