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November 2018 ★ Volume 16, Issue 5

For the Parents, Students and Community of Cocoa Beach Jr./Sr. High School Cocoa Beach Jr./Sr. High School 1500 Minutemen Causeway Cocoa Beach, FL 32931 Tel - 321.783.1776 Fax - 321.868.6602

Office Hours 7:30am - 4:00pm

Student Hours 8:45am - 3:30pm

Friday Early Release 8:45am - 2:15pm

Administration Dr. Karyle Green Principal Mr. Kevin Rhyne Assistant Principal Curriculum Mrs. Helen Rowland Assistant Principal Facilities Mrs. MaryEllen Galanopoulos Assistant Principal/Dean

From the Dean’s Office Working with teachers and students every day regarding student behaviors can be challenging enough by itself however, the teen habit of “juuling” has become very popular that much of my attention has been refocused on teen’s use of the highly habitual practice of Juuling. One of the most common concerns of teachers, students and parents is the vaping that occurs on our school campus. This is something that is not unique to our school, it is happening everywhere. Some of the measures we have enacted to detour vaping on our school campus is the consequence of being suspended from school. An out of school suspension is an unexcused absence. Additionally, our school resource officer, Kyle Stevenson, issues the student a citation of 55 dollars, a mandate to take a course teaching the students about the dangers of tobacco use. If the student does not complete the course within 30 days, their driving license is suspended. We are trying to curtail the student practice of vaping. If you feel you do not know much about the “new teen habit” check it out on line or view this YouTube video. The school Sand Dollar Store remains open each Friday during both lunches. Students can spend their sand dollars to purchase Minuteman spirit gear and other things such as vouchers to a play, or a sporting event. New to the list is the ability to purchase cookies in the cafeteria using sand dollars. A student can buy a small cookie for 3 sand dollars or a large cookie for 5 sand dollars. Mrs. Galanopoulos, Assistant Principal/Dean

Be Respectful kEep hands to yourself PrepAre for class Care for others Hall passes required

2 New Drill Procedures Instituted for 2018-2019 School Year According to District policy, evacuation/fire drills are to be held on a monthly basis at every school when school is in session. However, with changes in campus and security procedures brought about by the Marjory Stoneman Douglas Public Safety Act, drills look different this year. Instead of only fire drills being held on a monthly basis, fire/critical incident scenarios are now practiced throughout the school year. Scenarios have students and staff practicing shelter-in-place drills, lockdown drills and evacuation drills to several locations. The school’s Threat Assessment Team then meets after the drill to debrief for future drills. Please note that parents and guardians receive a BPS connect message from the school whenever a drill is scheduled for a particular day. This messaging system ensures that all stakeholders are aware of any upcoming drill and is meant to eliminate any undue concern.

Every School Day Counts An estimated 5 million to 7.5 million U.S. students miss nearly a month of school each year. Research shows that missing 10 percent of school days, or about 18 days in most school districts, negatively affects a student’s academic performance. That’s just two days a month and that’s known as chronic absence. Chronic absence is a leading indicator that a student will drop out of high school. When students improve their attendance rates, they improve their school performance.


Parents play the key role in school attendance. Let your student know it is the expectation. Establish homestudy routines and sleep habits that make attendance a non-issue. Encourage participation in school clubs, organizations, and sports. Monitor his/her progress and talk about it. STUDENTS WHO ARE ENGAGED AT HOME AND AT S C H O O L R A R E LY MISS A DAY.

3 IB Parent Connect Meetings School Year 2018-2019 Please join us as we connect faculty and parents to increase knowledge and student success in the Cocoa Beach International Baccalaureate Programme. Each meeting will feature a different topic relevent to parents with students in the Middle Years Programme and the Diploma Programme at Cocoa Beach. If you have any questions, please contact Dr. Jocelyn Baldridge, IB Coordinator, at Date




Intended Audience


8:45am-9:45am 5:30pm-6:30pm

4-117 Media Center

Welcome to the Diploma Program

All Parents/ Guardians of Students 11-12


8:45am-9:45am 5:30pm-6:30pm

4-117 Media Center

Rigor, Registration, and Balance

All Parents/ Guardians of IB Students 7-12


8:45am-9:45am 5:30pm-6:30pm

4-117 Media Center

DP and MYP Assessments

All Parents/ Guardians of IB Students 7-12


8:45am-9:45am 5:30pm-6:30pm

4-117 Media Center

Preparation for AP and IB Testing

All Parents/ Guardians of Students 9-12

IB Special Dates Date


12/20/18 AP & IB Diploma Ceremony 3/13/19


‘Minutemen Messenger’ November 2018 Published Six Times Per Year Cocoa Beach Jr./Sr. High School 1500 Minutemen Causeway Cocoa Beach, FL 32931 Issue # 5


6:00pm-8:00pm Auditorium

10th Grade Personal Project Presentations 6:30pm-8:00pm Cafeteria

A few spots are left!

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Jr./Sr. High ach Sc Be h a o

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Co c

Home of the Minutemen

4 CBHS Guidance Office

Director of Guidance/IB Coordinator Jocelyn Baldridge Guidance Specialist Layla O’Hare Guidance Assistant Danika Kochanowski

Counselors Dawn Southall-Joy - Grades 7 & 10 Emery Carr - Grades 8 & 11 Carleen Mackin - Grades 9 & 12 Guidance Parent Meeting Nights Parent Meeting Time Date Topic Grade 9 5:00-5:30 October 30 High School Requirements Grade 12 5:00-6:30 November 14 Financial Aid & College Applications Grades 10 & 11 5:30-7:00 January 24 PSAT Results & College and Career Readiness Grade 8 5:30-6:30 February 19 Rising Freshman High School Requirements Grade 7 5:30-6:30 February 25 Middle School Success

Place Media Center Media Center Auditorium Media Center Media Center

Need Extra Help? Cocoa Beach High School will begin offering tutoring to students who need extra help in Math and English language arts. Beginning next week November 5th we will have morning and afternoon times available for students to come in and get personalized and group tutoring from one of our teachers. Math will have times available Monday and Friday Morning from 7:30 to 8:30 with Mrs. Masters in her room, Mrs. Parsonage will have times Monday’s after school and Mrs. Poppiti will have time Thursdays after school until 4:30 for English in their rooms. Time might vary slightly based on events throughout the rest of the year but we will post those changes when we can. If you are interested in taking advantage of this opportunity, please stop by one of their rooms during any of the posted times. No appointment is needed. •

Mrs. Masters Monday & Friday - 7:30-8:30 in room 5-108 Math

Mrs. Parsonage Tuesdays - 3:30-4:30 in room 5-118 English

Mrs. Poppiti Thursdays - 3:30-4:30 in room 15-108 English

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5 Vision/Mission Statement

Our Vision: 1. Learning is the heart of our school. 2. All students can learn when they are actively engaged in a challenging learning environment with variety of instructional approaches. 3. All students are unique persons with various proficiencies, learning styles and needs. 4. Students should be guided with care, compassion, and respect for their diverse learning styles by utilizing a variety of curriculum and instructional practices. 5. The school atmosphere should foster mutual respect, responsibility, tolerance, and independent thinking. 6. The continued success of our school’s mission involves all stakeholders: students, parents, teachers, administrators, and community members. 7. The commitment to ongoing school improvement is vital to the success of our mission. Our Mission: Our mission for Cocoa Beach Junior/Senior High School is to foster learning in all students by recognizing and addressing their individual strengths, needs, learning styles, cultures, and goals. With respect and care, we will guide them to become independent, responsible, productive citizens in our changing and complex global society.

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Focus is Here! Brevard County Schools moved to the new Focus grade program. Letters were mailed home to parents with instructions on how to activate their Parent Focus accounts with a unique student PIN code assigned to them. Students will automatically be able to access their Focus account on an app located within Launchpad. For more information, click on the app. Please find below additional resources to assist you with the creation of your Parent Focus account.Â

Parent Registration Document Link: Video for parents on using FOCUS:

COST: $20 - CASH ONLY Select your best color | Sizes range from Small - XL ($2.00 additional for XXL) Orders can be placed in the front office or at varying times during student lunches.

CBHS Minutemen Please Support Your Local Advertisers Let the sponsors know you appreciate them!

6 Congratulations Teacher Of The Year! ELIZABETH WALKER Mathematics Teacher

Congratulations Employee Of The Year! PATRICIA WRIGHT Cafeteria Manager

ADULT VOLUNTEER OF THE YEAR Leanne Sawdy SENIOR VOLUNTEER OF THE YEAR Jack Sawdy STUDENT VOLUNTEER OF THE YEAR Logan Colangelo The ABC Awards Gala will be held on January 24th for the Honorees and they will be treated to a reception featuring A Taste of Brevard Public Schools Culinary Arts programs and live entertainment on the mainstage of the King Center for Performing Arts in Melbourne. Join them for their support!

7 A Day In The Life Of The Indian River Lagoon For weeks on end, the weather in Cocoa Beach had been simply perfect. Sunny days, not such blistering heat, a little breezy in the afternoons. But the best weather feature at this time of year is that there is little rain. In fact, it’s been weeks since we’ve had rain disrupt anything we’ve wanted to do. That all changed Thursday, October 4. That day Cocoa Beach saw what seemed like hours of rain – inches and inches. That day, in the midst of all that rain, 1800 students up and down the coast from Daytona to Melbourne, from 30 schools and with thirty organizations participating, learned about field science--actually taking the learning form the classroom to a place outside of the classroom doors. What did that look like at Cocoa Beach Jr./Sr. HS? Well, Mrs. Roselip’s classes were in charge of the biological survey – casting nets, catching and identifying fish, making sure there was enough fresh water for the fish. She said, “Travis Frame was a Rock Star! He caught all kinds of fish!” Mr. Carpenter’s classes were responsible to catch the images of what was happening and will be putting a presentation together about the day to present to classes. Mr. Ebright’s classes measured the tidal change calculating current wind direction and wind speed. They tested the waters for evidence of bull sharks in hopes of creating a bull shark nursery. Mr. Ebright commented, “This is what field science is – you have to know what you’re doing scientifically because you can’t predict the conditions.” Mrs. Rendla’s class captured physical data of the day looking at plant, bird and animal life, longitudinal and latitudinal data, and mapping the area.

Bell Schedule 2018-2019

8:45 - 9:33............ 1st period 9:38 -10:26........... 2nd period 10:26 - 10:35 TV Announcements 10:40 - 11:28........ 3rd period 11:33 - 12:51........ 4th period 11:28 - 11:58 A Lunch (Class 12:03-12:51) 12:21 - 12:51 B Lunch (Class 11:33-12:21) 12:56 - 1:44.......... 5th period 1:49 - 2:37............ 6th period 2:42 - 3:30............ 7th period

Mr. Mardulier, the school-based organizer of the event, handled the chemistry tests: PH levels, oxygen levels, water and air temp, nitrates and phosphates; in order to test the health of the water. Why? “This was to create a baseline for the entire lagoon from New Smyrna to Jupiter Inlet. It is to piggy back on the 5-year study by the Marine Resource Council. And, we couldn’t have done it without the support of the Surfrider Foundation of Cocoa Beach and the St. John’s Water Management folks who provided, equipment, tents, testing kits as well as experts in the field.” This day was full of chemistry, biology and physical science. Students participating couldn’t say enough about how much fun they had while learning. It was exciting and they learned things they never knew before – how to cast a net, how to take measurements, touch a fish! “THIS,” they say, “was learning!” Even in the rain.

Friday Bell Schedule 2018-2019

8:45 - 9:23............ 1st period

9:28 -10:06........... 2nd period 10:06 - 10:10 TV Announcements 10:15 - 10:53........ 3rd period 10:58 - 12:06........ 4th period 10:53 - 11:23 A Lunch (Class 11:28-12:06) 11:36 - 12:06 B Lunch (Class 10:58-11:36) 12:11 - 12:49........ 5th period 12:54 - 1:32.......... 6th period 1:37 - 2:15............ 7th period

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8 Field Trip To Marine Lab In Key Largo CBHS students in grades 7, 8, 9 and 10 went on a science field trip to Marine Lab in Key Largo on October 15 – 17, 2018. This 3-day, 2-night field trip included three snorkeling field trips by boat to the seagrass, mangroves, and a coral reef area. The 52 CBHS students also participated in invertebrate diversity labs, plankton identification labs, reef discussion and the field identification of reef fish. Before leaving Key Largo students also visited Dolphins Plus Marine Mammal Responder facility to learn more about dolphins. We wanted to thank all the chaperones who dedicated their time to make this field trip possible: Jennifer Johnston, Anne Hacker, Marielise Jacobs, Carmen Tortoris, Amanda Koons – Staph, Mr. Colburn, Mrs. Colburn, Dr. Baldridge, Mr. Ebright and Mrs. Roselip.

Cocoa Beach Jr Sr High School Newsletter  

November 2018

Cocoa Beach Jr Sr High School Newsletter  

November 2018