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The TARTAN Summer 2012

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OUR MISSION The Academy of the Holy Cross, a Catholic college preparatory school sponsored by the Sisters of the Holy Cross since 1868, is dedicated to educating young women in a Christcentered community which values diversity. The Academy is committed to developing women of courage, compassion and scholarship who responsibly embrace the social, spiritual and intellectual challenges of the world.


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The Academy of the Holy Cross does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, or national or ethnic origin in its educational policy, personnel policies, admission policies, scholarship and financial aid prorams or other school administered programs.



Dear Friends, This special issue of the Tartan magazine comes your way in the midst of the change of pace that summer is supposed to be—at least I hope that is the case in your world. The pace here at the Academy is definitely different in the summer – not slower, but different. We use this time, where fewer people are on campus, to upgrade, repair, clean and prepare for the next school year. This year, as we celebrate our 145th anniversary (Be Part of It!), we will also continue to focus on technology, begun last year. Here are some highlights of this journey: • Last fall we commissioned a needs assessment survey from EaseTechnologies Inc. to help us identify priorities, many of which have been or will be implemented (for example, the expansion of wireless throughout the campus). • Over $250,000 will be targeted to technology improvements in the 2012-13 school year. Much of the fundraising for technology was undertaken in the 2011-12 school year, including a student raffle which brought in $54,000. Proceeds from the Student Raffle were targeted to the selection of a website partner (Finalsite) and the construction of the new website. Proceeds ($100,000+) from the 2012 Benefit/Auction were earmarked for laptop carts for students and for laptops for faculty. • Members of the Website Committee attended “Finalsite University” in Connecticut in June, returning full of ideas, contacts and resources. • Computer classes have been added to the curriculum for the 2012-13 school year. • Faculty and Staff attended a weeklong “Tech Camp” in July. • Parents from AHC (plus other neighboring schools) attended a meeting to discuss STEM initiatives (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) in June. Those conversations will continue in the coming year. • We are continuing our partnership with EaseTechnologies, Inc. and have already found their guidance, expertise and resources to be tremendously helpful. There is a great deal of excitement about these developments already as you might imagine. We can’t wait for the students to see the results of your generous support along with their own fundraising efforts. So this brief summary ends with gratitude for your support, interest and feedback. In particular, I want to acknowledge the work of two fantastic committees whose dedication and tireless efforts have enabled us to make quantum leaps in a very short time: 1) Website Company Selection Committee: Danielle Mahaney Ballantine ’86, Peggy Durney, Mark Herrgott, Patty Lynch, Jerry Quinn, Charly Ryan, Cathy Stoll, Meredith Tomatore 2) Website Design Committee: Danielle Mahaney Ballantine ’86, Peggy Durney, Kara Law, Gracie Green Smith ’00, Cathy Stoll, Meredith Tomatore As we return to the breakneck pace of the fall, I invite you all to visit the Academy – either “virtually,” through our new website, or in person at one of our upcoming events. You continue to be in my prayers. Please keep me in yours. In gratitude,

Claire M. Helm President/CEO


The TARTAN Summer 2012



Principal Ann Nichols with members of Student Council

AHC’s New Principal Focuses on Technology Goal for 145th Anniversary Principal Ann Nichols has just completed her first year with The Academy of the Holy Cross. Looking ahead, she will help the Academy celebrate 145 years of providing an excellent education for young women. Ann has embraced the theme for the 2012-2013 anniversary year, “Be Part of It!” This is especially evident in how she has worked with the AHC community with her technology initiative. As an educator and administrator, Ann brings over 20 years of experience. That experience has helped her develop goals for the Academy’s educational program – most notably, her plan to implement a greater use of technology. Working closely with President Claire Helm to determine priorities and strategize funding efforts, Ann hopes to ensure that the quality of a Holy Cross education remains stellar. Last fall, while she was still becoming familiar with names and faces here, Ann oversaw an AHC campus-wide technology audit, which helped to map out the critical needs. She promoted a student-led raffle to provide seed funding for the new AHC website. She even offered a Principal’s Holiday to the school to encourage students, faculty and staff to exceed the $50,000 goal. But the tech needs of the students and faculty went well beyond the need for a new website. Equipment, software, networks and wireless access all needed attention. With Ann’s leadership, the Academy hired the IT firm Ease Technologies to help with the tasks to make sure the best solutions would be found to meet the Academy’s needs. Right away, six new Epson SmartBoards were installed in classrooms that needed them, bringing the total number of interactive white boards up to 26. Other critical hardware needs were also addressed as the school year proceeded. The 2012 Benefit Gala proceeds were earmarked to help fund these and other AHC technology needs and several special projects were supported as a result. Because of the generosity of the donors at the Benefit Gala, a new iPad cart and a new laptop cart will be available for teachers to use with their classes when they return in August. Another current technology effort is providing all teachers with new laptops and the latest software packages. Furthermore, the entire AHC wireless network infrastructure is being updated to accommodate the growing demands of mobile technology. In July, all AHC faculty and staff were able to attend a “Tech Week” camp on campus. The curriculum included training in software, hardware, online resources, and AHC’s new website features. For Ann Nichols, the future at the Academy is exciting. She says, “It’s a great time to be a part of the Academy. I especially appreciate the support of faculty, staff, and alumnae in implementing our new technology goals.” As the new school year approaches, she will be leading the charge for not only faculty and staff to “Be Part of It!” but all members of the AHC community!



Student Council Plans for a The AHC Student Council is the official representative arm of the student body. The “voice of the student body,” the Student Council works closely with the administration to plan and coordinate student activities and projects throughout the school year. The Council is made up of an elected Executive Board, the officers of each class and a representative from each advisory – a total of 50 students. The Student Council plans school dances, all-school assemblies, fundraising initiatives and school spirit events throughout the school year, as well as focusing on improving student life and fostering student leadership skills. The 2012-2013 Student Council has chosen to focus on service to others throughout the year. Each school event and activity will also highlight a social concern or need. For example, warm winter coats will be collected at the Homecoming Bonfire so we serve the poor as we celebrate the warmth of our community. Each free-dress Tag Day will benefit local and global Christian service efforts. The Student Council theme for the year will be “The Spirit of Giving” - a spirit we intend to honor in word and in deed. Below are reflections on the coming year from the Student Council Executive Board President and the three class Presidents. The Class of 2016 will hold their election in September.

Executive Board President AMBROSIA LONG ’13 As the Executive Board prepares to make plans for the coming year, it is hard to think of ways to make Holy Cross a more special place than what it already is. As a community, we all work together to do the seemingly impossible with such a small close-knit group of girls. We all appreciate our similarities, but more importantly, we value more closely our differences. And that is what makes Holy Cross such an enchanted place to grow! From the moment anyone sets foot into the Academy, they are instantly overwhelmed with feelings of welcome and comfort, and those feelings are maintained well after they leave. LOTAs pride ourselves on our spirit and unity in all that we do, from settling into IB to raising money for technology. Everything we do is with LOTA pride. The coming school year will be not be any different as the Academy will continue to support one another. I hope to see everyone excited and cheery in the fall and looking forward to another fun-filled year at the Academy! Ambrosia Long ’13 is interested in the Physical Sciences and English Literature. She plans on majoring in Psychology in college. In addition to Student Council, Ambrosia is a board member of the LOTA Effect Club and SADD.

Class of 2013 President SARAH HATOUM ’13 It may sound cheesy, but these years have really flown by! We first walked into AHC’s doors Freshman year, grew closer together Sophomore year, survived Junior year, and are so excited for the Class of 2013’s Senior year! Yet, we still have a lot to do before graduation. As the Senior Class President, my goal is to include everyone in this sisterhood, especially the incoming Freshman! It is important to set this positive example for future classes. Our class is amazing and unique, full of so many different girls who truly enjoy their time together, both inside of the classroom and out. I know that the LOTAs of 2013 are capable of continuing this bond of sisterhood that every Holy Cross girl feels. I know, too, that this year will be bittersweet. We will unfortunately have to go separate ways; however I am certain that we will each truly grow to become women of courage, compassion, and scholarship. It is important that we stay focused in our classes, as well as with the college application process. We are looking forward to so many new aspects of senior year, such as sitting in the front of the auditorium, or working toward our senior privileges, especially, the Senior staircase! I just hope that this, our final year, does not fly by too quickly! Sarah Hatoum ’13 loves Science and Art, and wants to go to medical school, “but I’m not exactly sure what I want to major in yet,” she says. She is on the Pom & Cheer Squad and helped to start the Bake for Hope Club.


The TARTAN Fall Summer 2012 2012

in the Year Ahead

Class of 2014 President LATASHA JETER ’14 It is hard to believe that when school starts again in August, we will be Juniors. Junior year is one of the middle years lost between the fear and excitement of the first year of high school and the joy and bravado of the Senior year of high school. There is much to look forward to in Junior year. Being called an upper-class (wo)man, finally being able to play in Powder Puff, and going to Prom, are just some of the highlights of what is to come. Although those events are fun, we also have to realize that this a crucial time in our high school careers. Classes will be more challenging, and the stress from the workload and college preparations will be overwhelming. Let’s all get used to the College Counseling office, because it will be our new home! Junior year for many of us will be quite daunting, because we are getting closer to being on our own in the real world. The decisions that you make can have a major impact on the next five years of your life and beyond. With the support from our teachers, counselors, and family, it will be a success. There is no doubt in my mind that the Class of 2014 can and will get through this year and before it’s over we will be Seniors. There isn’t anything our talented bunch can’t handle! The resources have been given to us in order to succeed, and now it is left up to us to use them the best way we can. Soon, we will open a book with blank pages. We are the authors, and will fill the pages. The title is Opportunity, and the first chapter is “Junior Year.”

Class of 2015 President KARLA PALMER ’15 I would like to thank everyone for giving me this amazing opportunity to serve as Sophomore Class President for the Class of 2015. I am eagerly looking forward to the great memories we will make throughout our high school years together. My vision for the Sophomore Class is for us to have fun and exciting bonding activities and fundraisers so that we will be better able to accomplish all of our goals. I believe these activities will encourage class participation allowing us to grow even closer. I want each of us to end Sophomore year knowing that we worked our hardest to exceed our expectations and that we enjoyed our year to the fullest. The legacy I hope to leave for the Class of 2015 is one that displays our class spirit, academic success and intelligence, amazing athletic abilities, and most importantly our undying love for Holy Cross. I want our class to be, not only remembered, but missed due to the great contributions we will leave with Holy Cross. Although I cannot promise perfection as the Class of 2015 President, I can promise that I will be the voice needed to express my classmates’ thoughts and opinions. I can’t wait to continue building our legacy! Karla Palmer ’15 enjoys learning about Latin culture and traditions – her favorite subject is Spanish although she also enjoys Biology. She hopes to double major in Spanish and Biology in college. In addition to Student Council, Karla is involved in Latin Dance Team, Onyx Club, and International Club.

Latasha Jeter ’14 enjoys English and plans on studying Journalism in college. At AHC Latasha is on the Track and Field and Cross Country teams and is the Vice President of the Onyx club. THE ACADEMY THE ACADEMY OF THE OF HOLY THE HOLY CROSS CROSS Summer Fall 2012


By Rodney Larsen

The IB is part of our school because it’s what our school is – inquiring, knowledgeable, caring. IB is bold curiosity, born out in discussion and action It’s new for us here at the Academy and it may be new to you, but the International Baccalaureate has been filtering into schools and classrooms since 1968. In the United States alone, AHC is one of a growing number of almost 700 schools that have embraced this challenging, integrated curriculum. Across the world, the IB calls 138 different countries home. Echoing the call of our founder, Blessed Basil Moreau, to feed both mind and heart, the IB Programme focuses on educating the whole person. The IB Programme helps students to see how the traditional boundaries between disciplines can and should be blurred and that collaboration and sharing are what give way to progress. It’s the connections that make discrete facts meaningful. For instance, the fusion of molecules studied in the Chemistry classroom and the dispersion of light explored in a Physics lab inform our understanding of Van Gogh’s Starry Night, which is further given deeper meaning from discussions in our French and Psychology classrooms. In this way, IB is bold curiosity, born out in word and action. IB teaches students to be learners who enthusiastically shatter the glass walls that only artificially confine Art History to an Art room. The values of the International Baccalaureate Organization are mirrored in the enduring traditions of service and compassion that are the very foundation of the faith community at Holy Cross. Viewed as a vital, integral part of education, not simply a supplement to it, they live at the core of the IB curriculum as Creativity-ActionService (CAS). CAS encourages students to develop compassion and an awareness that people across the globe, as well as within in their


The TARTAN Summer 2012

own community might need a helping hand. None of us lives in isolation and the will to help others and stand for social justice as a habit of the heart is as much a part of the IB as it is the very soul of our community. The International Baccalaureate Programme provides an opportunity for students to challenge themselves, to experience the excitement of intellectual discovery, to make deep and meaningful connections across the disciplines, to grow personally and spiritually, and to recognize our common humanity in this world. While the IB may be a new and exciting aspect of the educational program at AHC, it’s part of our school because it’s what our school is – inquiring, knowledgeable, caring – and because it reflects the vision of Holy Cross Education that has existed now for over 175 years and at the Academy for 145 years. Born and raised in Canada, in the border town of St. Stephen, New Brunswick, Rodney Larsen moved to the United States in 2002 and received his MA in Latin from Duke University in 2007. A Latin teacher for eight years, he's been part of the AHC community since 2010 and is actively involved with the IB Programme, teaching the two upper years of IB Latin, the IB Theory of Knowledge course, and as co-coordinator of the IB’s Extended Essay program. In 2011, he was selected by the Academy to receive the Archdiocese of Washington New Teacher of the Year award.

Opening Worlds of Possibilities Observations of an IB Student By Kathleen Edwards ’13

Katie Edwards ’13, a thirdgeneration Tartan, is entering her second year of the IB programme at AHC. This July, she represented the Academy at the International Baccalaureate World Student Conference, in Segovia, Spain.

The first time I heard about AHC’s IB Programme, I knew very little about what would later become such an integral part of my high school career. The basics of the program were obvious: an advanced level of coursework with some required prerequisite. Looking back, it’s hard to believe how little I knew about the details of the program, which would ultimately become the highlight of my high school years. “IB” stands for International Baccalaureate, a model of study that takes a different approach to learning than the traditional high school class. IB courses take the time to evaluate the different aspects and viewpoints of a topic. Furthermore, the two-year courses give us the opportunity to learn in great depth. All of the IB classes have taught me to appreciate the pursuit of knowledge, and thus I am a more open-minded and curious learner. In my IB Environmental Studies class, we develop our own lab projects, and in IB History, we tackle an original historical investigation. However, through Theory of Knowledge, the Extended Essay, and Creativity Action Service (CAS) the IB Diploma Programme candidate gets to experience more than just IB classes. This year’s collaborative CAS project targeted a global issue, Fair Trade, which concerns the equality of workers around the world. Fair Trade ensures that producers and farmers in less-economically developed countries receive fair compensation for their work, and “middle-man” businesses are limited in the transaction. We presented this project to the entire student body, and were able to promote Fair Trade by bringing vendors from the Fair Trade organization Ten Thousand Villages to AHC. It was incredibly gratifying to see Fair Trade appear on the “What’s In” list of the AHC 2012 yearbook. Because IB embraces a model of learning without a gap between cultures and languages, it allows for shared opportunities among students from all over the world. By taking IB Economics online, I have had the unique experience to learn with other IB international students and connect with some of them face-to-face at the first IB World Student Conference in Segovia, Spain over the summer. IB is a community of those who have a passion and desire to be life-long learners. It is the unity of the next generation of problem-solvers. I am privileged to be a part of such a phenomenal program, and an even more outstanding school. The IB Program at AHC guides me to be a life-long learner, the international way!



By Lauren Staehle ’14

Here at the Academy, we take pride not only in the outstanding academic and achievements of our students, but also in the accomplishments of our dedicated teachers. Margaret Mackinnon, who teaches literature and creative writing at Holy Cross, has also been a successful poet for many years, and has most recently won the 2011 Graybeal-Gowen Poetry Award for her poem, “Writing on the Window.” The prize of $500 is given to a resident or native of Virginia. While this is her first award, Ms. Mackinnon has had her poetry featured in many literary journals, such as The New England Review, The South Carolina Review, Hayden’s Ferry Review, and Quarterly West. EXCERPT FROM “WRITING ON THE WINDOW”

In their myth of middle-aged love, they traveled down a long lane lined with black ash trees, toward something like paradise— if only for a season. Soon, it would be full summer. And with all the windows open, the rooms of their rented house showed gold, a neighbor said. In the high study upstairs, these two, joined in their wariness, looked out on a night capable, it seemed, of such conciliatory brightness— Sophia scratched with her diamond on the glass: on the gold light The smallest twig leans clear against the sky.

Lauren Staehle ’14 is considering studying journalism in college. She is the editor of the AHC newspaper Crosscurrents. She also loves to cook, and has taken several classes at L’Academie De Cuisine.


The TARTAN Summer Summer 2012 2012

Ms. Mackinnon was inspired to write poetry from an early age, as her mother was also an avid poet. Later, she became interested in contemporary poetry while attending college. Ms. Mackinnon then spent five years in Japan studying art, and when she returned, she took a graduate course in American poetry. She says that this course made her “fall in love with [poetry] all over again,” and so she enrolled in graduate school to study creative writing. Ms. Mackinnon is passionate about the American writers she covers in her courses at Holy Cross, and her poetry is often about the life of a classic poet or artist. In her winning poem, “Writing on the Window,” she was inspired by a visit to Nathanial Hawthorne’s home where she observed the love messages between Sophia and Nathanial etched in the window pane. Her other poetic role models include Wallace Stevens, Elizabeth Bishops, and Mary Ann Moore, whom she plans to research on an upcoming trip to Philadelphia. Ms. Mackinnon relays her writing experience and knowledge to all her students, and she advises aspiring writers to attend local readings, study current writers, and always keep a notebook to jot down ideas. The Academy of the Holy Cross is proud to have Margaret Mackinnon as a member of our faculty, and we congratulate her on her success thus far!

By Julie Balla ’13

On opening night of a Holy Cross production, there is excitement around every corner in the school building and in every phone conversation in the hallways. Tartans race to buy tickets while their families cancel plans to make sure they can attend. But what is it like in the dressing rooms, a few feet away from the bustling lobby, before a show? As a student who has participated in many shows, I know that the answer to this question is never the same from one show to the next. With each cast, production, and performance, the atmosphere is completely different. The breadth of opportunities and experiences to be had at AHC are endless. One sees just how often the Performing Arts Department surprises and even challenges the AHC community simply by looking at the variety of shows Holy Cross has staged. Let me tell you about a few of the shows in which I participated. The 2011 Spring Production of Twelfth Night is a perfect example of the extraordinary risks taken by the Performing Arts Department. Interpreting a Shakespeare play is hardly an easy task, not to mention the fact that almost all of the characters are men. But this did not stop almost 30 people from showing up to audition for the show. Because it was such a unique production, several people who had never acted before earned major roles in the show. It was an adventure for everyone involved and helped us all grow. Shortly after Twelfth Night, the Impulse Improv Team held two unique performances of quick-paced comedy. With a different group of girls each night, something surprising is bound to happen! Semi-annually, just like the Improv show, Holy Cross holds a concert series, consisting of a Music Concert and a Dance Concert. The Music Concert contains an array of numbers, usually based on a consistent theme, which are performed by students with varied levels of experience. From the Glee Choir to the Cecilians, there are plenty of places to learn how to refine your voice. The most prestigious choir, the Madrigals, who never fail to give me chills, offer a professional environment for the more serious singers.

This show is followed closely by the Dance Concert, one of the most talked about performances at AHC. Made up of all of the pieces that the numerous dance classes have put together throughout the semester, everyone knows someone who is in it -– that is if they aren’t in it themselves! The spring 2012 Dance Concert was extremely unique, with costume changing jazz dances, glow in the dark hip hop pieces, and a number from the Broadway Musical Wicked presented by the Adrenaline Dance Team. The technical crew deserves a round of applause for the performance that went on backstage alone. The height of opportunity at AHC came this past fall with the announcement of auditions for Hairspray, the fall musical production. Over 100 people auditioned and even more ended up being part of the cast and crew. With so many people working together for such an extended period of time there was bound to be drama, but it was so much fun to get to know every single one of them. And, since the group was so big, the audiences were even bigger and more excited. The cast of Hairspray performed four shows for four enthusiastic crowds, a remarkable accomplishment to be sure. Holy Cross’ Performing Arts program offers unique experiences to every student who dares to take advantage of available opportunities. The program offers each of us an important lesson. Your experiences on stage, like those in other high school activities and in life, are governed by how you choose to share your talents. Other recent productions at the Academy include Footloose, You’re a Good Man Charlie Brown, and Honk! Julie Balla ’13 has been a part of nine AHC Performing Arts productions. She has many educational interests – language learning, including Mandarin Chinese and Spanish, and the arts, particularly theater. She is also interested in early childhood education.





The TARTAN Summer Summer 2012 2012

Continues to Help

Seniors View the By Lois Gobbi, AHC Senior Project Coordinator

Lois Gobbi is the mother of two AHC graduates and has coordinated the Senior Project program at the Academy for three years.

In 1973, Sister Ann Donnelly C.S.C., then Principal of The Academy of the Holy Cross saw the need for a career education program for students in the Senior class. Thirty-nine years later, Senior Project continues to impact Tartans with a view of life in the “real world.” Alumnae often speak very highly about the opportunity Senior Project afforded them. Through the years, the program has undergone changes – but the opportunity for our students to spend time in the career world, learning about life beyond college remains the same. Today’s Senior Project is a 60-hour internship in an area of their interest. Each student has the opportunity to work and learn at a variety of sites throughout the Washington, DC area. With the help of contacts made throughout the years through alumnae and parents, a large database has been developed for the Seniors to research possible job sites. Seniors begin working with the AHC Senior Project Coordinator in the fall, discussing careers they may be interested in exploring in college. Each sponsoring business provides a site mentor and each student receives an AHC faculty or staff mentor. The Senior Project Coordinator ensures that the projects are not busy work, but appropriately challenging internships. The Seniors at Holy Cross are introduced to many careers through Senior Project. The girls are given the chance to intern at engineering firms, government offices, schools, law offices, architectural firms and a variety of other professional sites. Throughout the process of securing a site, the Seniors learn about proper business attire and etiquette, along with other skills valuable in the workplace. Seniors must give a presentation to AHC students and write a paper about their experience at the conclusion of their Senior Project. Business sponsors are asked to provide feedback about work performance after a student has completed her Senior Project. Many notes of praise for the students accompany positive responses about the program. Amanda Murphy ’12 interned with Fisher House Foundation to learn about non-profit organizations. Fisher House works to serve military families by building “Fisher Houses” near military and VA hospitals all over the world. Amanda’s sponsor, Brian Gawne commented “Amanda is everything one would expect from an International Baccalaureate student enrolled at a top Catholic High School, and it was a privilege to have her as part of our Fisher House Foundation team the last month.” Through the years and today, many of AHC Seniors receive summer internships or jobs through their project. Sophia Boyd ’12, who interned with The International Baccalaureate Global Center in Bethesda, MD, was offered a paid summer internship. Most Seniors are also offered letters of recommendation from their sponsors. As the Senior Project coordinator, I am pleased to work with each Senior, to give them the chance to have career options before they start their journey through college. THE ACADEMY OF THE HOLY CROSS Summer 2012


By Gracie Green Smith ’00,


In late April, the Class of 2016, our newest Tartans arrived on campus for the Big Sister-Little Sister Gathering. The eager incoming students left their parents in the Cafeteria for the New Parents’ Social , and headed to the Theatre to meet their fellow ’16ers. After a brief introduction to the Big Sister–Little Sister program, the Class of 2016 met their homeroom Advisors and divided up to meet their individual advisory sections. Ice-breakers and games led to laughter, bonding, and happy conversation, bonds that will strengthen and expand over the next four years. Next, Big Sisters from the Class of 2014 arrived, armed with creatively decorated gift bags, meet their Little Sisters. Hugs, cheers, and enthusiastic conversation followed as all got to know one another and talked more about being a Lady of the Academy or “LOTA.” All the sisters, Big and Little, then met back in the Theatre lobby for an ice cream social. There were sprinkles, chocolate sauce, whipped cream, and lots of purple as students indulged their sweet-tooth and took Big-Little pair photos. Then, happy chatter faded to a collective sigh of sadness as the gathering drew to a close. Big Sisters wished their Little Sisters luck finishing eighth grade and exclaimed how they couldn’t wait to see them in August. As the Little Sisters left, they couldn’t help but think that they’d next see each other again—together on their first day of school as Holy Cross students. Their journey had just begun!

Gracie Green Smith ’00 is the Director of Admissions


The TARTAN Summer Summer 2012 2012

By Rosemarie “Annie” Mooers ’15

As an incoming Freshman walking through the doors of The Academy of the Holy Cross, I was overwhelmed! After orientation, the week prior to the beginning of the school year, I was very intrigued how life was going to be at Holy Cross. There were so many girls, many of whom I had never met before; but, shared classes, class meetings, and advisory gave me the opportunity to meet my wonderful classmates. I was not very familiar with The Academy of the Holy Cross when I first arrived, so learning about the many traditions was fun and new! However, I was still apprehensive about the classes and the teachers. After the first couple of weeks, I realized that the teachers were very nice and approachable and certainly helped me during my challenging Freshman year. As the weeks and months went by, I saw how the traditions, such as Holy Cross Day and Powder Puff, brought the whole school together, which made us feel like a family. I also saw that many events, such as the plays, dance concerts, music concerts and sporting events made me believe that each of us were really sisters. Everyone is so supportive of each other. Before I knew it, I knew everyone in my grade and I even become friends with some of the upperclassmen. I had a great freshman year experience and I cannot wait to spend the next three years at this school!

Annie Moers ’15 is interested in History and Math. She is a member of AHC’s swim team, is a Student Ambassador and is a member of the Pro-Life Club. She says, “I do not know yet what I would like to study in college, but am hoping to figure out what it is while at Holy Cross.”



By Madeline Hollingsworth ’14

Throughout the first days of my Sophomore year, I found myself dogged by a strange, persistent feeling. I had the sense that an actress returning to the same theater to play a different role might possess; the sense that, though location remained unchanged, expectations had altered. It wasn’t necessarily an unpleasant feeling; it was reminiscent of past school years, and there was no antagonism accompanying my curiosity to discern how I fit into Holy Cross. I was excited to be back in a place that I loved, and eager to learn what, precisely, the differences between my Freshman and Sophomore years would be. My questions were answered soon enough. Some answers were difficult to accept, but others were decidedly welcomed. Beyond the standard changes—a locker removed from the narrow closet where most Freshman lockers are situated, different seats at school assemblies—I walked to and from classes with a somewhat heavier backpack, but with the payoff of quite a bit more information in my head. I wrote my first research paper. I took my first AP class. I pulled my first all-nighter writing a paper, and then I learned why that was a bad idea. I failed my first test, and then I learned how to prevent that from happening again. Academically, Sophomore year was a challenge that I’d never seen coming, but it wasn’t long before I planned the way by which I would rise to meet it. My mind was pushed farther than it had ever been pushed before, and it took courage to embrace that—but courage was definitely something I was starting to pick up during my second year at Holy Cross. After all, I knew things about Holy Cross that I hadn’t known my Freshman year, such as where the stairs were, and that the teachers didn’t bite. I didn’t always need a friend to accompany me everywhere I went, and I didn’t need to lose sleep over every form I had to complete and every procedure I had to accomplish. I was familiar with the territory, I knew how to survive in it, and what was more, I knew how to give back to it. By my Sophomore year, I knew enough about myself and about the school that I was confident in taking part in new activities that I thought I might be partial to—tech crew for the school production, the school newspaper—and yet I was still intrigued to see just how much I enjoyed them, and how much more I learned about myself just when I was starting to think that I knew it all. Still, Sophomore year wasn’t so much about self-discovery as it was about developing a sense of confidence and courage as I learned how to respond to challenges.


The TARTAN Summer Summer 2012 2012

Madeline Hollingsworth ’14 writes for the AHC newspaper, Crosscurrents. She was a member of the stage crew for the Performing Arts production Hairspray last fall. Her favorite subjects are English and History, and she plans to study English and Political Science in college.

By Erin Smolskis ’13

The summer before Junior year, I was terrified. Everyone told me how difficult Junior year could be, how AP classes would take over my life, how the prospect of college would induce multiple panic attacks. I expected to become an overwhelmed hermit! Luckily, this was not the case. In fact, my Junior year was my best year of high school so far. I took a relatively challenging course-load, taking AP, IB, and honors classes. I thought that English and History would cause me the most stress, but I excelled in both. And, the rugby team had a great season, more than doubling our number of wins from last season. Most importantly though, I got to know girls in my class that I didn’t know well before. On Junior retreat, the entire class bonded, sharing stories, singing around a camp fire, and competing to be the first to eat at every meal. There was one girl in particular, with whom I began a new friendship. We found out that we had a lot in common despite our different groups of friends, hobbies, and backgrounds. Later in the year, I attended the Kairos retreat. The third day of the retreat was my birthday, but I didn’t say anything to the leaders because I didn’t want to inconvenience anyone. However, the Juniors on the retreat told Mrs. Ruszkowski and Mrs. J. They gave me a delicious cake, sang to me, and made me feel at home. The girls transformed from a dear group of friends to my sisters, a group of girls who I will always have in my life. I am so thankful for this year. I am confident that I will have many more wonderful experiences like these next year!

Erin Smolskis ’13 enjoys English at the Academy, and hopes to study Elementary Education and English in college. She is a member of AHC’s Rugby team and has been involved in Performing Arts. She also assists with a music therapy class for adult with developmental differences.



Summer Service Trip


The TARTAN Summer Summer 2012 2012

By Mary Cavaliere ’13 and Shannon Holt ’14

Although it’s only one state away, the town of Clintwood, VA, seems a world apart from Kensington, MD. Nestled in the heart of the Appalachian Mountains with a population of about 1,500, this small town was home to 12 LOTAs and two chaperones for one week. To prepare, we attended meetings to learn about the area and to plan a fundraiser for St. Joseph’s Housing Repair Program. Running a fundraiser brought us together but also involved the supportive AHC community that made it successful. We arrived Saturday, June 9, to stay at the Dorothy Baker House, where all volunteers of the St. Joseph’s Housing Repair Program live. We became parts of many new communities. The program operates on the principle that everyone should have a safe, warm and dry place to live. If someone has been living without any of those things, he or she would apply to the program to receive help. Sister Jean Barbara, C.S.C., the coordinator of St. Joseph’s, wasted no time in putting us to work on Monday after our day spent hiking at Breaks Interstate Park on Sunday. We broke into groups and attended to three different sites. With the help of leader Debbie Mullins, one group washed and stained a deck, and repaired the roof of a trailer. The second group, led by Brandi Bailey, put siding around a trailer for a family who quickly welcomed them in. The last group was put on a project that was nearly finished thanks to previous groups. The girls and their site leader, Leann Bailey, installed a new kitchen floor and painted the ceilings of a woman’s trailer. Each group met the residents they served and many got to personally know them. This work required energy, patience, and cooperation. As we learned more about the people we served, we were determined to perform our best work. As we worked, we grew closer to the members of our work group. At the volunteer house, we learned more about each other through daily chores and evening reflections. Outings enriched our knowledge of Appalachia. The days were spent working hard and the evenings were just as busy. We learned about the history of Clintwood, coal mining and poverty in Appalachia. We participated in community events like the parish potluck and the Crooked Road Music Festival in the Town of Pound. We also took a trip up to Birch Knob Tower, one of the highest points in Appalachia. We even toured a community center sponsored by an organization dedicated to fighting poverty. Every group was able to complete its assigned project by the end of the week as well as create new friendships with the people of Clintwood and other girls on the trip. Everywhere, people welcomed us warmly and talked openly about their lives. We worked in Clintwood but also completely experienced its culture. We felt more like friends of the people than visitors, keeping the service more heartfelt and focused on providing for others. We gave to Clintwood and Clintwood gave back! It was an amazing experience and something all rising AHC Juniors and Seniors should consider when planning their summers. Shannon Holt ’14 enjoys Science and hopes to study Psychology or Nutrition in college. At AHC she is one of the presidents of Student Ambassadors and is a Student Council Advisory Representative. Mary Cavaliere ’13 enjoys History at AHC. She is captain of the AHC Track team and performs with the Imrov team. She plans to study Neuroscience in college. THE ACADEMY OF THE HOLY CROSS Summer 2012


By Jim Morris, AHC Fathers Club

Gabrielle Rhoades ’15 touches up one of the characters on a classroom wall.

In Mid-February, 30 girls and 23 parents from The Academy of the nies around the radiators were painted. Two teams attacked the Holy Cross descended on Holy Names School in North East Wash- smelly bathrooms and painted every little corner, under each sink, ington to perform their annual “Helping Hands” project. Holy and behind the toilet bowls. One mom and daughter labored over Names School encompasses two buildings, originally built more than the details of a pair of swinging doors, and carefully painted around 80 years ago. While the exterior of each building is solid, the in- the doorknobs and hinges. As work progressed, two girls stood in sides suffer from neglect and abuse since the front of a large classroom window in the gleamschool closed years ago. ing morning sunlight carefully painting one A DC Charter School currently uses window sill, while a dad worked on the window the buildings, but the parish’s pastor, Father sill to their left. A pair of dads spent the mornMichael Briese asked the Holy Cross girls to ing tinkering with dozens of inactive fluorescent help repair and refresh classrooms inside the light fixtures in all six rooms and in the main school building. When touring the building hallway. They successfully repaired every single to plan the work, the Pastor asked them to one, brightening the school building. work on two large classrooms, two smaller The project was scheduled to take a full rooms, and two bathrooms. The walls were 10-hour day to complete. They started at 8:00 cracked and damaged; the floors were filthy a.m., with parents and girls scurrying about to and covered with trash; and the windows begin cleaning and prep work. The AHC parFr. Michael Briese, Holy Names School were dirty and fogged over, barely letting ents and girls completed all six rooms in just light through. “Do whatever you can finish,” four hours. By noon, parents and kids were on Father Briese offered hopefully. their hands and knees, swabbing down the floors in a final cleanup Toting paintbrushes, paint and cleaning supplies the team at- before leaving the completed classrooms. tacked the mess. They began by cleaning up debris, dead mice, broAfter completion, Father Briese said jubilantly, “I was really ken toys and years of dust and dirt. They sanded, cleaned and re- stunned to see how many girls and parents showed up... I apprecipaired the walls, floors, windows, and doors. ate all the touch up artwork by the students. It is truly remarkable Then they began painting. Long ago, cartoon characters were when people use their God given talents to help others...They did painted on the walls of the two classrooms. Over time much of the a nice job! Holy Names Parish will always appreciate your kindness paint was faded or worn off. Several of the girls began retouching and generosity.” the characters, while the others and their parents began painting The Fathers Club supports the Academy through service by the walls, bathrooms and closets. Mickey Mouse, Winnie the Pooh, providing their time and talents to a variety of activities during the Goofy, a parrot, rooster, monkey, and a pair of snuggling puppies school year. All dads or male guardians of AHC students are welcome were retouched and refreshed by the skillful hands of the Holy Cross and encouraged to be involved. Their monthly meetings are posted artists. All of the walls were edged and painted; the nooks and cran- on the AHC website.

It is truly remarkable when people use their God-given talents to help others.

John O’Sullivan, former Home and School President and active Fathers Club member apparently does do windows.


The TARTAN Summer Summer 2012 2012

(Above) One of the largest groups of Helping Hands showed up to make sure many hands made light work. (Bottom left) Sarah Hatoum ’13 and Elizabeth Wilcox ’13 painting in one of the classrooms. (Bottom right) Maeve Kane ’12 sweeps away years of dust.





Grandparents Day Welcomes On Friday, May 11, the Academy welcomed more than 80 grandparents and special guests of the Class of 2015 for Grandparents Day. The guests enjoyed a reception and program hosted by the AHC Institutional Advancement Office and the Freshman class. The program included remarks from President Claire Helm, a slide show featuring the Freshmen with their families and friends, performances by the AHC Madrigal Singers and Adrenaline Dance Team, a round of “Are You Smarter Than a Tartan?” trivia game (complete with prizes), photos of the guests with their Tartan and a thank you gift. 3


1) Tom and Kathleen Fitzgerald and Charlie and Barbara Shannon. 2) Brittany Schiavone with grandparents Francisco and JoAnn Banda. 3) AHC Faculty member and Alumna Damaris Herman Kinney ’01 and her grandmother Marie Cullinane Hollenbeck ’48. 4) Ridgely Bennett with granddaughters Julia and Kara Thompson. 5) Taylor Hagins introduces classmate to grandfather, Samuel Hagins.


The TARTAN Summer Summer 2012 2012


Inductees into the inaugural Athletic Hall of Fame from the 1976-1982 Varsity Basketball teams.

The Academy of the Holy Cross Honors Legendary Basketball Teams

By Lynnea Pruzinsky Mumola

Reprinted with permission from the Catholic Standard

In the late 1970s while lawmakers argued over the implementation of Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972 and universities struggled to meet the requirements of equal opportunities for both men and women, the girls’ varsity basketball program at The Academy of the Holy Cross began a seven-year run unmatched by any local team – boys or girls– since. School officials recently recognized the basketball teams from 1976 through 1982 for their achievements which included: six consecutive International Association of Approved Basketball Officials (IAABO) Championship Titles; five consecutive Catholic League Titles; and an unprecedented 115-game win streak. During the halftime of a girls’ basketball game on Friday, January 6, the former student athletes, managers and coaches from those teams became the first members inducted into the school’s Athletic Hall of Fame. “We didn’t know how good we were – we just kept working hard,” said Chrissy Reese Kasuda, a member of the Class of 1979. Kasuda was one of three All-American selections who returned to Holy Cross for a reception and to reminiscence with her teammates. Her daughter Lauren Kasuda is a Sophomore at the all-girls’ school. “My mom loved it here,” Lauren Kasuda noted. “I feel honored to walk the same hallways.” In 1975, many things were different, as players wore one-piece jumpers with skirts instead of basketball shorts and Debbie Sheahan Davison, then a junior asked her father to sign on as the new coach of the Tartans. In the following years, Coach Bill Sheahan would change how girls played basketball, how locals viewed the girls’ game and begin a win-streak lasting over five seasons. “He was such a good teacher,” said Davison, both on and off the court. She credited both her father and mother as well as Holy Cross for forming her into the woman she is today. “I loved my four years here,” Davison added. She noted that her dad really revolutionized the girls’ game by believing they could play like the boys. “He believed girls could do it.” In addition he helped many girls receive scholarships to continue their education in college. [CONTINUED ON FOLLOWING PAGE]




“He was a terrific coach,” said Colleen McShalley Ichniowski [Class of 1979] prior to her induction. Coach Sheahan taught his players “how to work hard if you really want something – it stays with you,” Ichniowski said. Today she uses her basketball skills to reach out to the students she counsels at an elementary school in Montgomery County. An educator for the past 28 years, Ichniowski originally received a scholarship to the University of Virginia and eventually transferred to Catholic University where she played intramural basketball. Later she returned to Holy Cross to help coach and was thrilled to be included in the Athletic Hall of Fame. “It’s so great to come back and see these wonderful people.” During the halftime ceremony, Claire Helm, president of Holy Cross, welcomed the inductees and led a prayer asking God to “bless them and shower them with grace and blessings — to renew the joy of our youth.” She reminded participants to remember those members of the school community who couldn’t be at the ceremony including Coach Sheahan who was killed in a car accident in 2002 and a cheerleader from the class of 1980 who recently passed away. Principal Ann Nichols thanked the inductees for returning to campus. “What they did was truly unbelievable. Because of you, today we are strong athletic competitors.” For All-American Karen Elsner Davey, a member of the Class of 1981, she never lost a game in her three-year varsity career at Holy Cross. Davey credited it all to her mentor, Coach Sheahan. “Bar none if it wasn’t for him, this would never had happened.” The winning tradition was established early as Coach Sheahan’s 1975-76 squad went 27-3 and his next team posted a 27-1 record. The 1977-1978 team began


The TARTAN Summer Summer 2012 2012

the consecutive winning streak that ended with the loss to Elizabeth Seton during the 1981-1982 basketball season. Along the way there were many honors. In 1979 the Tartans won their 56th consecutive game breaking the streak previously held by the boys’ team from Archbishop Carroll. That team was honored by the Maryland State Legislature for their achievement. The following year the streak was brought to 84 consecutive wins. During his tenure, Coach Sheahan also brought two Holy Cross teams to Europe to play games in Belgium, England and the Netherlands. His wife, Pat Sheahan and son Brian Sheahan also attended the induction. Pat Sheahan said her husband would hold retreats for the girls to help them form a bond as a team. In addition to teamwork he stressed positive attitude and hard work. “In 45 years of coaching he never had a technical,” Brian Sheahan recalled. Betty Wagaman, assistant principal and mathematics teacher joined the staff of Holy Cross in 1980 and remembered the school’s small gym packed to the rafters on Saturday mornings. “They were student atheletes,” Wagaman noted. “Basketball was what they did very well – it was a talent they had.” At the time, one fellow parent was a radio announcer with WMAL and Wagaman said she remembered driving to work listening to updates about the girls from Holy Cross after each victory. “There was a lot of excitement on campus,” Wagaman added. After the induction ceremony, the Holy Cross Tartans currently ranked No. 18 in the Washington area, defeated Bishop O’Connell 66-50. Some of the former Tartans met with the players after the game to offer their congratulations. Senior Lanay Montgomery recently signed a letter of intent to play basketball with West Virginia University. “They set the tone, they set standard that women also can play hard,” Montgomery said.

“ What they did was truly unbelievable. Because of you, today we are strong athletic competitors.” Principal Ann Nichols

(Left to right) Patricia Sheahan (left) accepts the award for her husband Coach Bill Sheahan from Sister Grace Shonk, C.S.C.; Former teammates celebrating after the induction; Coach Eddie Egan with former Basketball players Karen Elsner Davey ’81, Maureen Hodges Slay ’81, Donnal Nuttal Joe ’81, Jackie Isreal Thomas ’81; Classmates from 1982.




An impressive number of our graduates from the Class of 2012 will continue their athletic careers in college. We are proud that so many of our athletes were able to achieve their collegiate dreams and take their game to the next level. They include:


Mara Cassidy ’12...................................................... Dickinson College Lacrosse Christine Clark ’12...................................................... Salisbury University Soccer Lerae Ettienne ’12.......................................... Sacred Heart University Basketball Ashleigh Ferguson ’12............................ University of South Carolina Swimming Shannon Gallagher ’12........................................... Winthrop University Lacrosse Jill Genovese ’12.......................................... University of Maryland Field Hockey Monica Lucas ’12.................................................. University of Denver Lacrosse Jazmine Missouri ’12......... University of North Carolina-Greensboro Basketball Lanay Montgomery ’12............................. University of West Virginia Basketball Mary Jordan “MJ” Nogay ’12...................................... Presbyterian College Golf Loda Opot ’12......................................................... Duquesne University Soccer Pandora Wilson ’12.................................................. Drexel University Basketball


2 1


1 Tartan Field Hockey captured its fourth consecutive WCAC Title with a comefrom-behind win to beat Good Counsel at the University of Maryland. Players from the Class of 2012: Shannon Gallagher ’12, Monica Lucas ’12, Mara Cassidy ’12, Katherine King ’12, Caroline McCormick ’12, Megan Cotter ’12, and Jillian Genovese ’12, never lost a championship during their tenure and each was selected to a WCAC all-conference team. 2 The Tartan Soccer Team, under the direction of Coach Nelson Abreu, finished their season with a tough loss in the semi-final. They were anchored by 26

The TARTAN Summer 2012

Ariana Fryer ’13 who was selected to the First Team WCAC All-Conference and has committed to the University of Delaware. With a great group returning next season, the Tartans are looking forward to bringing the title back home. 3 The Volleyball Team posted in impressive 24-8 record led by stand-out, Taylor Gallart ’13, but lost a 5-set heartbreaker in the WCAC finals. Just after one season, Basketball player and newcomer to the game of Volleyball, Rhamat Alhassan ’15, was named to the USA Volleyball Youth National Team! With their nine returning Varsity players, Coach Dave

Geiser looks forward to another winning season. 4 Cross Country ran with the best of them! Led by the determined commitment of Coach Greg Sweet (father of Maeve ’13) and each athlete’s grueling practice routine, the Tartans made incredible strides including a school record set by Caroline Clark ’13 in the 800m. 5 Thanks to Varsity Coach, Cheryl King, the Softball team showed exponential improvement throughout the season with the addition of a new batting cage,

improved infields, and the hiring of two former collegiate JV coaches. It’s a great time to be a Tartan Softball player. 6 The Track and Field Team had its best season in recent program history, culminating in a fourth place overall finish in the WCAC championships. School records were broken in both relay events and individual races, with Caroline Clark ’13 leading the way in both events. Thanks for your dedication to our athletes, Coach Preston Taylor. 7 The Crew Team continues to raise its level of competition under the direction



10 11




of Coach Maureen McDermitt ’05. They added a new four-person boat to their fleet and had a strong showing at the Stotesbury Cup Regatta. 8 The Equestrian Team, led by Sophia Boyd ’12, finished second in the Interschool Horse Show. The Equestrian team continues to attract student-athletes to AHC by distinguishing itself as one of the few schools with an Equestrian program, both at the Varsity and JV level. Coach Katherine Rizzo has coached the team since its inception in 2003, when it became a Varsity sport.

9 Holy Cross takes to the ICE! For the first time in its history, Holy Cross took to the hockey ice with a team of seasoned players and rookies. Together, they impressed a rink-full of spectators with their successful season of power plays and goals. Coach Patrick Bauer (father of Emily ’13) looks forward to taking the Ice Hockey Team to the next level. 10 Mary Jordan “MJ” Nogay ’12 was the only female golfer to qualify for the final rounds of the WCAC Golf Championship. This amazing accomplishment was only one of many for the entire golf team coached by Lenore Reilly Martinez

’76 No other school in the WCAC has an all-female Golf team, so our girls must compete against male golfers, whom we often beat. 11 The Tartan Tennis team enjoyed a successful season and will soon welcome a new coach, Jason Excel, to the hardcourts. Rising Seniors, led by Katie Janela ’13 and Kailyn Gaines ’13, look to lead the team to acing the competition. 12 At the WCAC championship game, the AHC Lacrosse team ended the 91-game winning streak held by its long-time rival. It was our first WCAC title in over a decade!

The Washington Post name Monica Lucas ’12 to First Team All-Met and Coach Jenna Ries was selected as All-Met Coach of the Year. Although this winning team graduated many talented seniors, the remaining players vow to keep this streak alive. 13 Rugby is truly a girls’ sport! The Tartans 25 Rugby players competed in 12 matches to claim a winning season against the best clubs in the area. A former Rugby player himself, Coach Wayne Harrelson, looks forward to another competitive and fast-paced season.




With your keen minds and passion for right, you will transform our poor and suffering world. I believe that you will be out there giving of yourselves to others. I am certain of that.


Mrs. Lolita Jardeleza Graduation 2012 keynote speaker 28

The TARTAN Summer Summer 2012 2012




By Kara Law, Director of Alumnae Relations


he Blessed Mother statue, which today sits in the circle that greets all visitors to the Academy’s present campus, was first installed in a grotto on the Academy’s Washington, DC Upton Street campus on September 6, 1924. On that day, it was blessed in honor of Sister Angelica, Head of School for The Academy of the Holy Cross from 1884-1913. Sadly, when the Academy moved to Kensington, the statue remained where it was, largely forgotten by the new owners, Howard University School of Law. Thirty years later, she finally found her way back to us due in large part to a small band of determined alumnae who knew that the statue of Our Lady would help bind the two campuses together. In the late 1980s, Barbara Heister Swope ’56 and Mary Alice Tumulty Jost ’64 found themselves back at Holy Cross as proud parents of Holy Cross girls. Though Barbara’s daughters, Mary Swope Krygiel ’86 and Margaret Swope Kautz ’92, and Mary Alice’s daughters, Melissa Jost Stalvey ’87 and Jessica Jost-Costanzo ’88, were not in the same classes at Holy Cross, Barbara and Mary Alice became


The TARTAN Summer 2012

friends quickly as officers in the Home and School Association. As the story goes, told by Barbara and Mary Alice, one day, Barbara asked then Principal Sister Geraldine Blume, C.S.C., why the Academy didn’t have something religious in the circle approaching the school. Barbara recalls, “The fir tree there was lovely, but it seemed we were missing a more appropriate religious welcoming symbol.” Barbara suggested the statue of Our Lady, which not only fulfilled that need, but also provided a connection for our many alumnae who remembered the statue from their days at Holy Cross on Upton Street. With Sister Geraldine’s blessing and encouragement, Barbara called the President of Howard University to inquire about the statue, and he connected her with the Dean of the Law School. Barbara recalls “We Holy Cross folks had no funds to pay them for the statue, though I promised to keep them in our prayers. Both men were charming, and I think relieved to find a new home for the statue.” With Howard University’s approval to reclaim the statue, the only remaining obstacle was a matter of transportation. Barbara explained the predicament to Mary Alice, whose husband Jim is a

(Above) Blessed Mother statue at AHC’s original Upton Street campus (left) and today at Kensington campus (right). (Opposite, inset) Barbara Heister Swope ’56 poses with classmates at the Blessed Mother Statue Rededication event in October, 2009. L-R: Sister Ann Shaw, CSC, Rosemary Kirchner Brisbane, Eleanor Vandoren Teti, Mary Lynch Costabile, Barbara, Nancy Wright Greene.

builder and developer. Jim contacted their friend and architect, Billy Collins of Collins and Kronstadt, who created a rendering of the brick structure that now stands in the circle. Once again, with Sister Geraldine’s approval, brick masons were hired to erect the structure as designed. Once the structure was in place, Jim and his crew, with the help of a crane, prepared our beloved statue for her travel from the District to Maryland. Mary Alice shares, “The statue was freed from its location and wrapped carefully in moving blankets, secured with ropes and lifted by a crane into a pickup truck where it was further secured. The crane and truck, along with Jim and his crew, traveled from Upton Street to Strathmore Avenue where many of us awaited the arrival. The crane lifted the statue onto the plinth where it was then secured.” After the crane, pickup truck and crew departed, a number of Sisters of the Holy Cross living in the Convent – now Moreau Hall – (including Sister Grace, Sister Geraldine, Sister Mary Helen and Sister Mariam Andre) spontaneously came out the front door, processing and singing a song in tribute to the Blessed Virgin. Mary Alice writes, “I recall being very moved by this gesture on their part.”

With the help of the Sisters of the Holy Cross as well as a few faculty members, the Swopes and the Josts joined together to plant mums and “make the statue look a little more like it belonged.” Other than some landscaping and perhaps minor repairs to the structure, very little had changed through the years. In 2009, the Class of 1959 approached the Academy to assist with a rededication event that would include raising funds to install lighting and benches as part of their 50th Anniversary gift to the Academy. During the rededication in October 2009, Barbara spoke before fellow alumnae and said, “Part of my heart belongs to Holy Cross. My mother and three aunts attended the Academy on the Upton Street campus. We’re all one Holy Cross family, but this effort seems to bring us together ever more. Many prayers have been said before Our Lady on Upton Street and in Kensington. We ask her blessings today to continue to the Ladies of the Academy.” Kara Law is the Director of Alumnae Relations THE ACADEMY OF THE HOLY CROSS Summer 2012


JOIN US FOR A TENT PARTY UNDER THE STARS As we celebrate 145 Years of Excellence On Friday, September 28, 2012 7:00 pm – 10:00 pm Live Band Fabulous Food Beer/Wine (21 and older) Casual Dress


The TARTAN Summer Summer 2012 2012

Visit for more information!

ANNUAL FUND HONOR ROLL 2011 - 2012 Dear Alumnae, Parents, Grandparents, Faculty and Staff, and Special Friends: We have so many reasons to be proud of our Holy Cross community. Our students had an amazing year—outstanding student leadership; academics, arts, and athletics programs; and outreach and service opportunities. There were also changes in the physical plant, including upgrades to the cafeteria (complete with new tables and artwork and delicious lunches); shades of lavender (and other pastels) appearing throughout the classrooms and offices; an updated, more user-friendly library; a warm, welcoming lobby; and the new website! The 2011-2012 Annual Fund and Benefit Auction proceeds netted approximately $600,000. In addition, one of the fundraising highlights this year was the annual student raffle bringing in over $54,000, which was directed to the acquisition of our new website design and provider. The launch of the new website is the result of the entire AHC community working together, and our students showed their enthusiastic support for this project by selling LOTS of raffle tickets! The Benefit Auction was also a team effort and we are grateful to all who volunteered, donated, and attended. Keith and Inés Krom (Freshman parents) generously agreed to chair the March 17th event, and what a great St. Patrick’s Day event it was! Two hundred and fifty people enjoyed a fun evening, complete with a performance by AHC Irish dancers who were nothing less than wonderful! This coming year, the entire Holy Cross community will again be encouraged to participate in fundraising activities including the Annual Fund, the Tartan Challenge Raffle, and the Benefit Auction. Each initiative is critical to the life of the school. Your participation and support is an excellent opportunity to teach your daughters the importance of giving back. Please give as you are able.


The Academy of the Holy Cross, a Catholic college preparatory school sponsored by the Sisters of the Holy Cross since 1868, is dedicated to educating young women in a Christcentered community which values diversity. The Academy is committed to developing women of courage, compassion and scholarship who responsibly embrace the social, spiritual and intellectual challenges of the world.

Now as we look toward the school’s 150th anniversary, we hope to build on dreams and achieve goals for the Academy during the next five years. The long-awaited synthetic turf playing field, continued technology enhancements, improvements to our aging facilities, and other new initiatives are all part of our strategic plan for the future. We need to preserve the mission of the Sisters of the Holy Cross and ensure that Holy Cross will be here for many generations to follow. Our 150th anniversary will be a time to celebrate, making our dreams a reality as we go forward to keep Holy Cross strong and competitive—in the classroom, on the stage, and on the playing fields. Together we are going to continue to make great things happen at AHC! Thank you for your continued support of the Academy. Sincerely, Charly Ryan Director of Institutional Advancement



BEQUESTS A donor may include a bequest to the Academy in his or her estate plan. Bequests may be for a specific amount, a percentage of the donor’s estate, or even a residual portion. To make a bequest from your retirement account, IRA or other, simply ask for a beneficiary form from your account management company and complete the percent of that account you wish The Academy of the Holy Cross to receive. That portion is a deduction from the estate and may reduce your estate taxes. CASH GIFTS Most donors make outright cash contributions. The Academy gratefully accepts cash gifts and is also able to accept contributions via VISA and MasterCard. A cash gift may entitle the donor to an income tax deduction in the year of the gift. INCOME INTEREST GIFTS Through an income interest gift, a donor may contribute the income from an asset while retaining ownership of that asset. In this case, the Academy receives income for a designated period of time, after which the asset and any subsequent income returns to the donor, the spouse, children, or other designated person(s). This form of gift offers both immediate and future tax advantages.

2011 ~ 2012

LIFE INSURANCE An existing life insurance policy, which is no longer needed by the donor, can be given to the Academy, or a new policy may designate the Academy as owner and beneficiary. In either case, the value of the existing policy (or the donor’s investment, if less) or the donor’s payments to cover annual premiums on a new policy are fully deductible as charitable contributions.

SECURITIES Gifts of securities/appreciated stock are perhaps the best form of assets to use in making a charitable gift. In most cases, an outright gift of appreciated securities entitles the donor to an income tax charitable deduction for the fair market value of the securities and, in the case of securities, which have been held for more than 12 months, the avoidance of capital gains tax.

REAL ESTATE A donor may contribute various types of real property or a fractional interest in property to Holy Cross. Such real estate may be a personal or recreational home, farm, commercial building, or undeveloped property. In the case of a personal residence, including a vacation home, the donor may make a gift of property and reserve the right to occupy it for life and for the life of a spouse. Real estate gifts offer the donor a variety of tax benefits.

TANGIBLE PERSONAL PROPERTY If the donor gives a tangible asset, such as a work of art, which has appreciated in value, and if the asset is used by The Academy of the Holy Cross in its educational program, the donor receives a charitable deduction equal to the asset’s full fair market value. If the asset is not used by the Academy, the donor’s charitable deduction is limited to the cost basis of the property.

REMAINDER GIFTS Through a remainder gift, a donor may contribute assets, such as securities or real estate to The Academy of the Holy Cross, and retain for life the income from those assets for himself or herself, his or her spouse, or both. A remainder gift permits the donor to take an income tax deduction for the charitable portion of the value of the gift. Furthermore, if the gift is in the form of appreciated securities or real estate, the donor does not pay capital gains tax on the appreciation.

2011-2012 Administration Claire M. Helm, Ph.D., President/CEO Ann Nichols, Principal

The 2011-2012 Annual Fund Honor Roll is a publication of The Academy of the Holy Cross acknowledging contributions for the period June 1, 2011 to May 31, 2012. Annual Fund contributions made after May 31, 2012 will be included in the 2012-2013 Annual Fund Honor Roll. Every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy and completeness of the listings in this report. Please contact the Institutional Advancement Office with questions or comments at (301) 929-6498 or send an email to development@

Congregation of the Sisters of the Holy Cross Leadership Team Sister Joan Marie Steadman, CSC, President Sister Mary Louise Full, CSC, First Councilor Sister Geraldine Hoyler, CSC, General Treasurer Sister Philomena Quiah, CSC, Councilor Sister Sharlet Ann Wagner, CSC, General Secretary

2011-2012 Board of Trustees Donald Hathway, Chair Stephen Halpin, Jr., Vice Chair Sister Alice Condon, CSC Douglas Arkin Douglas Duncan Nancy Wright Greene ’56 Claire M. Helm Mary Joy Ellis Hurlburt ’68 Michael Martinez Michael McAuliffe Sister Sharon Ann Mihm, CSC ’63 James Nalls, Jr. Mary Beth Newkumet Sister Ruth Marie Nickerson, CSC ’61 Kenneth O’Connell Sister Sharlet Ann Wagner, CSC Thomas Whalen

The information provided herein should not be considered complete tax advice. Donors should discuss tax consequences with their financial/tax advisors. For additional information, call Charly Ryan, Director of Institutional Advancement, at (301) 929-6447.

2011-2012 Home and School Association Paula Cooley-Saviola, President Tracey Eckenrode, Vice President Beth Shocklee, Recording Secretary Barbara Jay, Treasurer Joseph Smolskis, President— Fathers’ Club Marianne Talbot Beattie, President— Mothers’ Club Alumnae Association Executive Board Lauren Hooper DeRosa ’77, President Patricia Gillis Cousins ’83 Kate Dolan ’70 Catherine Hanrahan ’77 Chrissie Clark Herman ’96 Amelia Kratz Hillman ’83 Cynthia Masucci Kratz ’70

Diane Kuwamura ’83 Cindy Sellers O’Brien ’81 Christine Roddy ’96 M. Christine Anastasi Sims ’77 Kelley McCaleb Speros ’78 Mary Beth Burns Taylor ’78 Danielle Oristian York ’96 Institutional Advancement Office Charly Ryan, Director of Institutional Advancement Mark Chapman, Database Manager Kara Law, Director of Alumnae Relations Annual Fund Honor Roll Layout & Production Luisa Giorla Palting ’85

The Academy of the Holy Cross does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, or national or ethnic origin in its educational policy, personnel policies, admission policies, scholarship and financial aid programs, or other school-administered programs.


The TARTAN Summer Summer 2012 2012

This 2011-2012 Annual Fund Honor Roll covers gifts to the Annual Fund received between June 1, 2011 and May 31, 2012. The Academy extends profound gratitude to our loyal and generous supporters. Participation is key to the success of the Annual Fund and we extend our gratitude to those families, alumnae and friends who continue to make Holy Cross an important part of their charitable giving. Each and every gift is important—thank you!

CROSS & ANCHOR CLUB (gifts of $20,000 or more) Anonymous Archdiocese of Washington Capital Partners for Education The Community Foundation for the National Capital Region Jayne Harper Plank ’50 William and Diane Shaw SANCTA CRUX CLUB (gifts of $10,000 to $19,999) Anonymous (2) Adobe Systems Donald and Deborah Hathway* Barry and Sandra Leffew The Shepherd Foundation* William and Lisa Ridgway Slater ’82 SPES UNICA CLUB (gifts of $6,000 to $9,999) Anonymous Patricia Schlapo Brey ’78 1868 CLUB (gifts of $1,868 to $5,999) AHC Class of 1962 Douglas and Mary Pat Leary Arkin ’72 Bank of America Charitable Foundation Catholic Business Network of Montgomery County Foundation Margaret Cook ’58 Sean and Lisa Creamer Ann Kirlin Donatelli ’54 The Enzler Family Ian and Lindsey Ferguson Richard and Lois Gobbi Peter and Nancy Wright Greene ’56* Stephen and Jane Halpin Claire Helm and Stanley Chase Shawn and Louise Hendon* Frank and Kathleen Holcombe The James M. Johnston Trust John Carroll Society

James and Tracey King Keith Krom and Inés Luengo de Krom The Latino Student Fund Philip and Elizabeth Liotta Mitchell and Chutamas Lustig William and Carol Owens Gerald and Michelle Quinn Frances Collins Reyes ’43 St. Cecilia’s Academy Alumnae Association* St. Jane de Chantal Sodality Guild Frances Brinker Scango ’61 Richard and Karen Schaeffer

Joseph and Mary Capizzi Catholic Charities of the Archdiocese of Washington Beth Hughes Celestini ’86 John and Mary Conaghan Mark and Maureen Conrad Mary-Beth Buckley Cooper ’78 Patricia Gillis Cousins ’83 D & A Associates, Inc. Jennifer Pedersen Daniels ’85 William and Helen Stanislav Dankos ’75* Michael and Paula Dent Patricia Dillon ’68

MOREAU SOCIETY (gifts of $500 to $1,867) Anonymous (3) Frederick and Kathleen Abel* Meredith Abel ’99 AHC Home and School Association Nancy Holmes Anastasi ’55* Ancar Services Anders and Barbara Axelsson Fabio and Patricia Beggiato

Sean and Kathleen Donohue John and Susan Foster duFief ’48 Douglas and Barbara Duncan Charles and Michele Egwuagu Sharon Fairley ’78 Carolyn Kane Fantini ’62 Faith Finamore Fiocco ’78 Steven and Denise Funkhouser Emilio Garcia-Ruiz and Mary Jo Zafis-Garcia Joseph and Kathryn LeBlanc Garner ’62 GE Foundation David and Barbara Geiser Giant Food Joseph and Tracy

Katherine Kirvan ’96 Knights of Columbus Chris and Dracie Knudsen Cynthia Masucci Kratz ’70 Randall and Claudia Vigil Lapcevich ’86 Peery and Cecilia Lewis Jerry and Ranae Little LPL Financial The Lucinda L. Jasper Scholarship Fund, Inc. John Madigan Mary Malone ’85 Fred and Edith Marinucci Michael and Lenore Reilly Martinez ’76 Michael and Heidi McAuliffe J. Casey and Kathleen McCormick Maureen McHugh Kevin and Maureen McLaren William and Carolyn Minturn Gene and Maria Morrison Mount St. Joseph’s College Anne Reilly Murphy ’57 Michael and Margaret Cour Murphy ’71 Ann Maloney Murray ’45 Karen Fallon Naber ’85* Rev. Charles Nalls and Elizabeth Carroll James and Kathleen Nalls Stephen and Melanie Ness Northrop Grumman Corporation Charles and Kimberly Nugent Kenneth and Susan Stanislav O’Connell ’78* Nancy Morrison O’Connor ’69 Aldo and Cathleen Pasquariello John Peterson Jane Cahill Pfeiffer ’50 Sandra Cottone Prudenti ’91

E. James and Monica Creamer Bradford ’75 Teresa Lawless Brideau ’76 Frank and Kathleen Briese Louis and Michelle Brune Daniel Camp and Pilar Bellido

Cox Greaney ’74* Catherine Hanrahan ’77 George Hissong Jerome S. & Grace H. Murray Foundation John F. Conaghan, DDS

Kathleen Railey Pruissen ’77 Patricia De La Vergne Quinn ’48 Suzanne Bourgeois Rabil ’52* Marvin and Kathleen Whalen Reitz ’69 Patricia Doran Rodgers ’70

Holy Cross has taught my daughters to be independent thinkers: to believe in who they are and to know that there are no boundaries for what they can accomplish. AHC Parent Margee Frame

Dennis and Anne Sullivan Washington National Cathedral Patricia Wells Mary Virginia Weschler ’64 Reverend George Wilkinson Michael Ziebarth and Ann Nichols



Having spent 42 years in education, I have worked with many different groups of people, in several different schools. When I arrived at Holy Cross, I felt that this was my family, which I spent all of these years longing to be a part of. AHC Teacher Stephen Clarke, Academic Support

St. Michael the Archangel Roman Catholic Church Steven and Michelle Scala James and Heather Scarff John and Amy Schiller Anne Scarry Shaw ’83 Anigda Statler Theodore Steichen Geraldine Cravaritis Steiner ’58 Dana Rorer Surrey ’50 Systems Definition, Inc. Donata Tanzi ’69* Aaron and Katharine Hess Teitel ’69* The Theresa F. Truschel Charitable Foundation, Inc. Barbara Peyton Trainor ’83 Timothy and Chieu Urban Patricia Cliggett Vacca ’59* Edward Vanover and Jeanne Downey-Vanover John and Beth Veihmeyer José Villalobos Michael and Carolyn Lenz Warner ’58 Joseph and Eugenia White J. Thomas and Donna Wyble Danielle Oristian York ’96 YOUNG TARTANS (gifts of $25 or more from alumnae in Classes of 2007-2011) Erika Anstead ’10 Christina Benedetti ’08 Melissa Benedetti ’11 Katelynn Brady ’10 Kelley Brady ’08 Jessica Dankos ’08 Kerry Dawson ’10 Elizabeth Fitzpatrick ’07 36

The TARTAN Summer Summer 2012 2012

Teresa Gilbride ’07 Kelli O’Rourke ’11 Erika Ortega-Afay ’11 Brittany Rose ’07

CURRENT PARENTS Abayomi and Adetokunbo Animashaun Karl Aro and Suzanne Lizanich-Aro Anders and Barbara Axelsson Eric and Lisa Barteldes Kelly Bauer Fabio and Patricia Beggiato Kirk and Eileen Bell Stephen and Karen Blair Paul and Francesca Boies Dwayne and Lisa Bradford E. James and Monica Creamer Bradford ’75 Stephen and Lorraine Branson J. Brian and Jean Branthover John and Cynthia Brasseux Timothy Breen and Marlene Urbina de Breen Frank and Kathleen Briese Ray and Marilee Brisbane, Jr. Michael and Karen Brocato Kenneth and Terese Brown Stephen and Aida Brumme Louis and Michelle Brune Peter and Jean Caffes Daniel Camp and Pilar Bellido Joseph and Mary Capizzi James and Darlene Carter

Abundio and Maria Castillo David Catrett and Lorraine Mottola Spartaco and Monique Cicerchia Gerard and Diane Clark James and Kathleen Burgess Clark ’82* John and Cathleen Luke Clark ’75 Richard and Angela Colburn Dwayne and Karen Coley John and Mary Conaghan Mark and Maureen Conrad Timothy Coogan Glen and Susan Cook David and Catherine Costopoulos George and Jean Cotter Patricia Gillis Cousins ’83 Sean and Lisa Creamer Craig and Kathleen Crosby Scott and Laura Crown Bruce and Patricia Cunningham David and Margaret Curry Maureen Cusick-Thomas Timothy and Margaret Daly J. Frank D’Anton Robert and Shari Darling Jeffery and Ellen Davis Michael and Paula Dent Paul and Jill DiNino Jeannine Djaky Charles and Katherine Durbin Patrick and Millicent Durbin

Lawrence and Cheryl Fryer Steven and Denise Funkhouser Crispulo Gaona and Viviana Gaona-Badran Emilio Garcia-Ruiz and Mary Jo Zafis-Garcia Douglas and Jennifer Gardner Joseph Genovese Wayne and Wilhemina Geohagan Edward and Michelle George Matthew and Genevieve Gilday Michael and Antonia Glynn Agnelo and Maria Gonsalves Rodney Gould and Karyn Addison Daniel Gresh and Margaret McMahon Kurt and Ann Haglund John and Laura Havens Hanley ’85 Jean-August and Carmen Harb Richard and Kelly Harrington Michael and Elizabeth Hatcher Annemarie Heasley Todd and Lynda Heavner Graciela Heintz Robert Hogan and Suzanne Ryan Robert and Suzanne Hollingsworth Gregory and Joanne Holmes David and Mary Ann Holovac Daniel and Patricia Holt James and Donna Hrozencik Mark Jackson and Bonnie

Given the myriad challenges of today’s culture, Holy Cross provides a secure environment for young women to grow spiritually, academically and socially. AHC Parent Andrew Joseph

John and Kathleen Dwyer Cory and Lisa Easton Brian and Annmarie Sarsfield Edwards ’83 Charles and Michele Egwuagu Paul and Linda Ellington Virgilio and Angelita Espiritu Ian and Lindsey Ferguson John and Kari Fischer Thomas and Juliet Fitzgerald Joseph and Sandra Fitzpatrick Antonino and Maria Fleri

Edwards-Jackson Daniel and Barbara Jay Sondra Jefferson Eric and Catherine Sullivan Johnson ’81 Thomas and Ann Johnson Kenneth and Athena Kaiser Leo and Carol Kane Thomas Kane and Margaret O’Neill John and Christina Reese Kasuda ’79 Patrick and Therese Keating



Dana and Ana Patricia Keith Kyran and Mary Elizabeth Corso Kennedy ’82 Michael and Martha Kerley Terrence and Mary Susan Warner Kernan ’82 James and Tracey King Kevin and Donna Homberg Kirby ’82 James and Deborah Kirchner Chris and Dracie Knudsen Keith Krom and Inés Luengo de Krom James and Clare Kuzma Etienne Lamoreaux and Elizabeth Weiss Randall and Claudia Vigil Lapcevich ’86 John and Mary Laux Robert and Sandra Lavery Philip and Sherri Lazas Barry and Sandra Leffew Peery and Cecilia Lewis James and Mary Lintner Philip and Elizabeth Liotta Stephen and Laura Lodge John and Patricia Davitt Long ’82 Kenneth and Christine Long Mitchell and Chutamas Lustig William and Patricia Lynch Stephen and Denise Madaras Joseph and Laurie Magnino Gregory and Michelle Mahn David and Hasmig Mahshigian Gwenn Marley Scott and Kerry Matejik E. Daniel and Julia Corso Matta ’89 Mfwanani Mawakani Michael and Heidi McAuliffe Dennis and Elena McCarthy J. Casey and Kathleen McCormick Matthew and Mary McCormick Kevin and Maureen McLaren Jeffery and Jacqueline Favilla McQueen ’75 Stuart and Maurine Mervis Bruce and Patricia Millar William and Carolyn Minturn Enrique and Shauneen Miranda Donald and Magdalena Mooers William and Marjorie Moran Gene and Maria Morrison

Cathleen Schulien Moxley ’84 Peter and Lynn Muldoon Timothy and Mary Johanna Mullin George and Lu Ann Murphy Thomas and Sharon Murphy Rev. Charles Nalls and Elizabeth Carroll Constance Neary and Richard Schlegel Stephen and Melanie Ness Leonel and Colleen Noland Charles and Kimberly Nugent John and Joyce O’Donnell John and Jennifer Oliverio John and Mary Olson John and Linda O’Sullivan Ralph and Kimberley Palmer Gerald Parshall and Mary Jean Schmitt Aldo and Cathleen Pasquariello Gershon and Kimberly Peaks John Peterson Patrick and Barbara Phelan John and Kathleen Philbin Karl and Elizabeth Pothier Ronald and Honora Precourt Gerald and Michelle Quinn James Reusche Edward Rhoades and Tracy Brown Dale and Theresa Rickman Augusto Ríos and Joan Brady-Ríos Thomas and Marlys Rixey Ian Roberts and Mary Erler Thomas and Stacie Rogers Mark and Joan Rubertone Monica Rupp James Saviola and Paula Cooley-Saviola Steven and Michelle Scala James and Heather Scarff Joseph and Marie Schech John and Amy Schiller Marc and Christine Sokol Schliefer ’72 James and Tammy Seymour Christopher and Mary Shocklee Gary and Pamela Slough Joseph and Mary Smolskis Roberto and Catherine Soto Walter Soto and Macarena San Miguel Andrew and Carol Spahn

Thomas Speicher and Tracey Eckenrode Speicher Anigda Statler Benjamin and Teresa Stonestreet Thomas Striegel and Maureen Harzinski William and Elizabeth Strong Paul and Patricia Sullins Dennis and Anne Sullivan Malcolm and Maria Anthonette Tan Frank and Charmaine Taverner Lucy Thomas Ralph Thompson and Joan Bennett-Thompson Mark and Mary Toner Bruce and Theresa Trimble Timothy and Chieu Urban Igmedio and Guia Valenzuela Victor Vergara and Gabriela

ALUMNAE PARENTS (Donors who are parents of both alumnae and students who were enrolled in 2011-2012 are listed only in the Current Parents section.) Anonymous (3) Frederick and Kathleen Abel* Nancy Holmes Anastasi ’55* Glenn and Emily Anstead Douglas and Mary Pat Leary Arkin ’72 Brian and Kelly Baker Charles and Elizabeth Bieberich Paul and Helen Bollwerk Mark and Anita Brady Ray and Rosemary Kirchner Brisbane ’56* Paul and Donna Bruton* Paul and Kathleen Fanning Bugge ’75

The population makes Holy Cross unique – a mix of girls from varying backgrounds and with varying abilities, talents, and skills. Holy Cross has a place for all of them. AHC Teacher Allison Westfall, English

De La Garza José Villalobos Gerard and Joan Waites William and Elizabeth Waller Stephen and Kristin Wasserzug Thomas and Kathleen Whalen Joseph and Eugenia White Bryan Whittington and Nancy Mayer-Whittington ’71 Helmut and Larissa Wild Brian and Bernadette Williamson Arthur and Ellen Wilmarth Elfrida Wilson Christian and Maureen Worch J. Thomas and Donna Wyble Denio and Martha Zara

Bernard and Regina Caruso Busby ’65 Steven and Donna Reese Byrd ’77 Maurice and Patricia Conley John and Rosemarie Cordes James and Jo Ann Cradock Edward and Patricia Daniel William and Helen Stanislav Dankos ’75* Joseph and Lauren Hooper DeRosa ’77 James and Anne Dillon* Kathleen Dolan ’70 Christopher and Mary Donnan Sean and Kathleen Donohue John and Susan Foster duFief ’48



Douglas and Barbara Duncan Christopher and Margaret Durney Mary Louise Rippey Egan ’50 Edward and Maureen Feroli Lawrence and Claire Coan Fitzpatrick ’75 Ronald and Camille Anselmo Frezzo ’67 Robert and Maria Fronczak Joseph and Kathryn LeBlanc Garner ’62 Anthony and Marion LaVerne Kirk Gatti ’44* Richard and Lois Gobbi Jose and Carol duFief Gonzalez ’70 Joseph and Tracy Cox Greaney ’74* Peter and Nancy Wright Greene ’56* Jay and M. Ann Robinson Gutierrez ’72 Patrick and Susanne Mallet-Prevost Haley ’55 Stephen and Jane Halpin Michael and Barbara Hansen Donald and Deborah Hathway* Shawn and Louise Hendon* Henry and Judith Hoffman

Michael and Margaret Cour Murphy ’71 James and Kathleen Nalls John and Suzanne Hawes Nalls ’82 Kevin O’Brien and Dorothy Dosh Grantham-O’Brien ’71 Stephen Ochs and Phyllis Ouellette Kenneth and Susan Stanislav O’Connell ’78* Claire O’Reilly William and Keri O’Rourke Alfredo and Morena Ortega-Afay William and Carol Owens Peter and Kathleen McLaughlin Preston ’72 Harold and Jill Quinn Gregory and Marguerite Randolph Marvin and Kathleen Whalen Reitz ’69 Thomas and Linda Rhoads* Joseph and Silvia Rigutto William and Julie Wilcox Rodriguez ’63 Gerald and Mary Jane Ryan Richard and Karen Schaeffer Margaret Devlin Shanley ’41 William and Diane Shaw

We are grateful to our donors who designated The Academy of the Holy Cross as a beneficiary of their donations via the United Way and Combined Federal Campaign. Donors who designated contributions to the Academy this past year via UW/CFC and whose names do not appear below should advise the AHC Advancement Office at (301) 929-6498 or Louis and Michelle Brune Kathleen Dolan ‘70 Sean and Kathleen Donohue John and Kathleen Dwyer Susan Wood Erickson ‘68 William and Patricia Lynch

Patricia Wells Gregory and Kathryn Kretschmer Weyland ’72 Andrew and Leonice Wurst

Robert and Frances Laut Frank and Blanche Letkiewicz Joseph Niosi Thomas and Carmen Schmitt June Williams

GRANDPARENTS Betty Allen Nancy Holmes Anastasi ’55 Steven and Caroline Balla Daniel and L. Kathleen Becker Ray and Rosemary

I love that Holy Cross girls are strong and confident. AHC Parent and Alumna Patty Davitt Long ’82 Frank and Kathleen Holcombe H. Joseph and Janis Maruco Johnson ’69* Thomas and Linda Kangas* John Keiser Roger and Christine Kimiecik* John and Teri Hanna Knowles ’74* John and Claire Kirchner Lawless ’50 Michael and Joyce Meyers Lawn ’69 Thaddeus and Jane Long John and Carolyn Kendall Lyman ’63* Mary Hammerbacher Manner ’62 Fred and Edith Marinucci Michael and Lenore Reilly Martinez ’76 Maureen McHugh 38

The TARTAN Summer Summer 2012 2012

Stuart and Joan Sklamm Harry and Marguerite Fegan Fridell Skoll ’52 William and Lisa Ridgway Slater ’82 Robert and Barbara Talbot* Michael and Mary Elizabeth Burns Taylor ’78 Aaron and Katharine Hess Teitel ’69* Edward Vanover and Jeanne Downey-Vanover John and Beth Veihmeyer John and Virginia Wallerstedt* William Walsh Donald and Mary Walton* Thomas and Carmen Wass E. Patrick and Patricia Medlar Webster ’60

Michael and Margaret Cour Murphy ‘71 Eduardo Paz Angela Roca-Baker ‘83 Andrea Roddy ‘90 Anigda Statler

Kirchner Brisbane ’56* Casimir and Joene† Bula Kevin and Claire Anne Cavey John and Margaret Corso Salvatore and Mary Lynch Costabile ’56 Thomas and Mary Cotter Eli and Eileen Dabich Kathleen Keliher Dannis ’39 Elizabeth Mahan Doyle ’40 John and Susan Foster duFief ’48 Theresa Gannon Michael and Mary Glynn John and Mary Frances Bourg Greaney ’45 George Hissong Jerome and June Kirby Earl and Mary Krumdieck Eugene and Elizabeth Kuhn

FACULTY AND STAFF Anonymous Nelson Abreu Danielle Mahaney Ballantine ’86* Wilson Bascom Mary Ann Brennan Debrah Brown Susan Burke Alberto Bustamante Donna Reese Byrd ’77 Rosamond Byrne Mary Elizabeth Carroccio Theresa Chen Kathleen Burgess Clark ’82* Stephen Clarke Christine Connor Joanne Cooke Hilda Coward Patricia Daniel Jeanne Downey-Vanover Margaret Durney David Flores Lois Gobbi Sister Mary Catherine Guiler, SP



Claire Helm Louise Hendon* Judith Hoffman Katherine Johnson Howard ’02 Maureen James Lolita Jardeleza Maria Kendall John Kim John V. Kim Damaris Herman Kinney ’01 Jennifer Knechtmann Thea Kreis Rodney Larsen Kara Shipley Law Mary Lide ’05 Margaret Mackinnon Valeriano Manrique Mary Martino Christopher Mathews Joy McCarthy William McCrady Brighid McGann ’05 Freddy Montes Maureen Morris Lynnea Mumola Carole Sue Murphy Ann Nichols Lourdes Orta Phyllis Ouellette Kristen Pawlowski Sara Perla

Lauren Shetler Sister Grace Shonk, CSC Iryna Sirota-Basso Ricky Sorlouangsana Alexander Stathes Catherine Stoll Amy Schmidt Stowe Rosemary Suckow Margaret Thomas Richard Todd Meredith Tomatore Michael Turnblom Elizabeth Wagaman Carmen Wass Stephanie Wendell Alison Westfall FOUNDATIONS/BUSINESSES MATCHING GIFT DONORS Anonymous (4) Adobe Systems Ancar Services Association of American Railroads Bank of America Charitable Foundation Capital One Services, LLC Capital Partners for Education Capitol Document Solutions Catholic Business Network of Montgomery County Foundation

I love teaching Theology at Holy Cross because our students take their faith seriously and want to grow spiritually. AHC Teacher Mary Martino, Theology

Dale Placek Gregory Randolph Jenna Ries Julie Ritter Catherine Rizzi Linda Ruszkowski Charly Ryan Gabriela Saibene Amy Sapenoff Isabelle Schatten Martha Schlabs

Chevron Humankind Clark Construction Group, LLC Communication Training Consultants The Community Foundation for the National Capital Region D & A Associates, Inc. Darlington House GE Foundation Giant Food The James M. Johnston Trust

Jerome S. & Grace H. Murray Foundation John F. Conaghan, DDS The Latino Student Fund Law Offices of Donald Mooers, LLC Logistics Management Institute LPL Financial The Lucinda L. Jasper Scholarship Fund, Inc. Microsoft Matching Gifts Program Northrop Grumman Corporation Pediatric Associates, Montgomery County, PA PEPCO The Pew Charitable Trusts PNC Foundation The Shepherd Foundation* Systems Definition, Inc. Target Corporation* The Theresa F. Truschel Charitable Foundation, Inc. The William J. Shaw Family Foundation Inc. FRIENDS Anonymous Archdiocese of Washington Rogelio Batugo Tom and Geraldine Borger Catholic Charities of the Archdiocese of Washington The Enzler Family James Farrelly and Sarah Goodman David and Barbara Geiser William and Karen Gregory The Hozik Family John Carroll Society Sister Katherine Kase, CSC Nancie Kenney Knights of Columbus Jerry and Ranae Little Reverend John Madigan Mark and Mary Ann Marino Francine Meyer Montgomery Alliance for Community Giving Warren and Kimberly Murray Eduardo Paz Diana Phelps Joanne Riggles St. Cecilia’s Academy Alumnae Association*

St. Jane de Chantal Sodality Guild Dorothy Shaw Stephen and Sara Smith Theodore Steichen Richard and Catherine Stonesifer Leah Walker Washington National Cathedral Edward and Ann Wickson Reverend George Wilkinson


In memory of Margaret O’Neill Dorn Harold and Jill Quinn In memory of Marie Sauter Handy ’40 Tom and Geraldine Borger Logistics Management Institute Mark and Mary Ann Marino Francine Meyer Warren and Kimberly Murray Joanne Riggles Dorothy Shaw Edward and Ann Wickson In memory of Julie Hansen ’95 and Noelle Potter ’95 (Julie Hansen – Noelle Potter Memorial Scholarship) Michael and Barbara Hansen Cristina Marinucci Hillyer ’95 In memory of Emily Johnson ’10 Katelynn Brady ’10 Kelley Brady ’08 Mark and Anita Brady Communication Training Consultants William and Karen Gregory Kathleen Ryan Hughes ’66 Pediatric Associates of Montgomery County Richard and Catherine Stonesifer Leah Walker In memory of Marian J. Kirley Paul and Mary Ann Kirley Schilling ’68



Consider The Academy of the Holy Cross in your estate or planned giving by becoming a member of the

For more information, contact Charly Ryan, Director of Institutional Advancement 301-929-6447 or

In memory of Carol Ann Hook Mikules ’63 (Carol A. Hook Mikules Memorial Scholarship) P. Kelly Mikules In memory of Mary Owens ’94 and Jessica Wilson ’94 (Mary Owens – Jessica Wilson Memorial Scholarship) William and Carol Owens In memory of Sister M. Paschal, CSC Kathleen Bauer Plotkin ’48 In memory of Alexis Smith ’00 Patricia Wells In memory of John Vanhoozer Sister Katherine Kase, CSC

In honor of Jeanne Downey-Vanover, Gabriela Saibene, and Isabelle Schatten Timothy and Chieu Urban In honor of Emily Kennedy ’15 John and Margaret Corso In honor of The Michael Menser Family James Farrelly and Sarah Goodman In honor of Sister Grace Shonk, CSC Theodore Steichen Donald and Mary Walton In honor of Amy Schmidt Stowe Monica Rupp

In memory of Veronica Wells ’00 (Veronica L. Wells Memorial Scholarship) Kristen Wallerstedt Salotti ’00 John and Virginia Wallerstedt Patricia Wells In memory of Robert Zmuda Victoria Edwards ’73 The Hozik Family Mary V. Bobinger Millett ’73 Stephen and Sara Smith GIFTS-IN-HONOR In honor of The Class of 2007 Kelly Carlin ’07


The TARTAN Summer Summer 2012 2012

Anonymous (multiple) Frederick and Kathleen Abel* AHC Class of 1967 Archdiocese of Washington Capital Partners for Education Catholic Business Network of Montgomery County Foundation Joanne Cooke James and Jo Ann Cradock The Enzler Family

Kathryn Bird Eubig ’96 Michael and Barbara Hansen Donald and Deborah Hathway* Cristina Marinucci Hillyer ’95 The James M. Johnston Trust John Carroll Society Sister Katherine Kase, CSC Katherine Kirvan ’96 Knights of Columbus The Latino Student Fund The Lucinda L. Jasper Scholarship Fund, Inc. Reverend John Madigan Fred and Edith Marinucci P. Kelly Mikules Mount St. Joseph’s College Angela Macedonia Mussio ’96 William and Carol Owens Jayne Harper Plank ’50 Christine Roddy ’96 Kristen Wallerstedt Salotti ’00* William and Diane Shaw The Shepherd Foundation* Nadia Lubbe Simon ’96 William and Lisa Ridgway Slater ’82 St. Cecilia’s Academy Alumnae Association* St. Jane de Chantal Sodality Guild St. Michael the Archangel Roman Catholic Church The Theresa F. Truschel Charitable Foundation, Inc. Lucy Thomas John and Virginia Wallerstedt* Washington National Cathedral Patricia Wells Reverend George Wilkinson Kellie Wolfe ’96 Danielle Oristian York ’96

We look forward to increasing alumnae Annual Fund participation, especially with our Anniversary years! We extend our appreciation to the 50th Anniversary Class of 1962 for their contributions toward the Academy’s advancements-intechnology initiative.

CLASS OF 1938 Mary Elizabeth Wilson Maloney CLASS OF 1939 Kathleen Keliher Dannis* CLASS OF 1940 Elizabeth Mahan Doyle CLASS OF 1941 Margaret Devlin Shanley CLASS OF 1942 M. Eleanor Carlin Simpson Marjorie Conner Durrett Patricia Silk Harcourt CLASS OF 1943 Frances Collins Reyes Mary Louise LeBlanc Sommerville* Helen Reynolds Patricia Tully Bannan CLASS OF 1944 Elizabeth Duff Schmeltzer Marion LaVerne Kirk Gatti* Justine O’Boyle Veith* CLASS OF 1945 Mary Frances Bourg Greaney Nathalie Davis Raedy Ann Maloney Murray Elizabeth Vosmek Arnold CLASS OF 1946 Jean Connors Glose CLASS OF 1947 Jane Clancy Maureen Clark Collins Mary Elizabeth Sullivan Hughes Catherine Teunis Hancock CLASS OF 1948 Patricia Ahearn Berger Kathleen Bauer Plotkin Patricia De La Vergne Quinn Susan Foster duFief Hope Moore Grunske Mary Jo Royer Rodgers Helen Schrider Higgins CLASS OF 1949 Sister Joan Carusillo, CSC



Helen Martin McKenna Alicia Rita Bird CLASS OF 1950 Bernadette Aukward Joan Bell Robinson Jane Cahill Pfeiffer Catherine Ellis Dirlam* Jayne Harper Plank Barbara Haske Lester* Mary Hayden DePaul Claire Kirchner Lawless Mary Martin McQuillan* Ida Mullen Barrett Mary Louise Rippey Egan Dana Rorer Surrey Patricia Smith Daley Mary Louise Wilkins Huff CLASS OF 1951 Elizabeth De Mello Gasparre Patricia Lacey Coan Joan Overington Saur Margaret Vandoren Schilly* CLASS OF 1952 Suzanne Bourgeois Rabil* Suzanne Faubert Briguglio Marguerite Fegan Fridell Skoll Patricia Goodwin Norry Elaine Konouck Pittas Mary Patricia Leahey Flynn Carole Simmons Brewer* CLASS OF 1954 Anna Marie Bovill Lea* Elizabeth Cole Bauman Catherine Daly Gittings* Ann Kirlin Donatelli CLASS OF 1955 Barbara Benford Trafficanda Mary Margaret Burke Brown* Frances Gatti Bruha Nancy Holmes Anastasi* Susanne Mallet-Prevost Haley Margaret Metzger Walsh May Phillips Slago* Mary Louise Van Meers Walsh CLASS OF 1956 Mary Ann Cramer Hague Jean Enzler Rossi

Diana Furman Skapars* Barbara Kingsley Boose Rosemary Kirchner Brisbane* Karen Klenke Smith* Margaret LaMontagne Anne Lippert Pomykala Mary Lynch Costabile Lucy Policelli Willging* Mary Ann Rooney Farrell Mary Sandford Sullivan Eleanor Vandoren Teti* Mary Louise Walch Walker Mary Winslow Buckingham Joyce Wright Emelio Nancy Wright Greene*

Mary-Claire Winkle Uselding CLASS OF 1959 Katherine Bourg Wootten Patricia Cliggett Vacca* Margaret Collins Ervin Jean Donaldson Ogilvie* Mary Pat Enzler Breitfelder Rosemary Kadan Sullivan Rita Korzendorfer Marth* Elayne McCarthy Katherine O’Hare Reichelt Mary Katherine Robertson Bues Deborah Rooney O’Connell Rosemary Vandoren Wright

Holy Cross gave me a terrific education! I learned many life lessons from the dear nuns that taught me! I made lifelong friends that I am still in touch with after having celebrated my 75th birthday! I would say I was a lucky girl. Once a Holy Cross girl...always a Holy Cross girl!! AHC Alumna Nancy Holmes Anastasi ’55

CLASS OF 1957 Carol Enzler Dinan Linda Hess Effer* Belva O’Leary MacDonald* Anne Reilly Murphy Mary Ellen Taft Whitcomb Patricia Wenger Reese CLASS OF 1958 Margaret Cook Geraldine Cravaritis Steiner Ann Cronin Crispell H. Anne Diller Welkener* Mary Susan Donahue McLaughlin Katharine Eckloff Price Janice Heiken Reilly Mary Lee McCleary Carolyn Lenz Warner* Noël Marshall Burr Mary McGarraghy Beyda

CLASS OF 1960 Pamela Dillon* Harriet Flott Smiley* Marjorie Koelle Cullen Patricia Medlar Webster Dorothy Mills Cavaluchi Roberta O’Leary Millwater Kathaleen Puzzini Bond Elisabeth Sipkov Piñeros CLASS OF 1961 Frances Brinker Scango Margot Cook* Donna Dixon Neradka Catherine Dougherty Franey Margaret Enzler Linda Horstman Kirvan June Hospital Knight Ann Moldenhauer Nice Sylvia Serafino

CLASS OF 1962 Terese Crowley Weaver Mary Beth DeWald Piatt Margaret Gallagher Lutkoski Mary Hammerbacher Manner Nancy Hindman Wayson Carolyn Kane Fantini Kathryn LeBlanc Garner Joan Livingston Johnson Jeanne McGrath Anastasi Patricia McHugh O’Hara Beatrice Roddy Appold Leslie Soo White Diane White CLASS OF 1963 Karen Bowen Fisher Mary Catherine Doyle Schlachter Kathleen Enzler Brooker Cecelia Foltyn Kopp Carolyn Kendall Lyman* Katherine Lee Taylor Kathleen McMullin Finnegan Constance Miller Anderson Julie Wilcox Rodriguez Kathleen Winkle Hoyt CLASS OF 1964 Anita Carton Cheryl Hoffman Russell Mary Virginia Weschler CLASS OF 1965 Regina Caruso Busby Colleen Kane Fitzpatrick Marilyn Mattingly* Mary Nelson Molineu Kathleen Riley Pappas CLASS OF 1966 Margaret DiCairano Durkin Denise Gatti* Kathleen Ryan Hughes CLASS OF 1967 Camille Anselmo Frezzo Joanne Cotter Ugolini Constance Enzler Regan Claire Flavin Funkhouser Gail Joy Higgins CLASS OF 1968 Marcella Aucremanne Hickey



I believe the all-girls academic setting proved beneficial for my self-confidence as a young woman. There is an unrivaled environment of learning and a connection to God at the Academy. AHC Alumna Lenie Walker McCarron ’94

Patricia Dillon Mary Joy Ellis Hurlburt Jeanne Gillis Maureen Heenan Mary Ann Kirley Schilling Janet Reilly Rohr Susan Wood Erickson CLASS OF 1969 Maureen Bailey Butkus Katharine Hess Teitel* Constance Jason Roos Kathleen Kane Bonuccelli* Janis Maruco Johnson* Joyce Meyers Lawn Nancy Morrison O’Connor Donata Tanzi* Alicia Tumulty Peklo* Kathleen Whalen Reitz CLASS OF 1970 Jo Ellen Beer Blanchard Candace Campbell Kathleen Dolan Patricia Doran Rodgers Carol duFief Gonzalez Karen Gillis* Wanda Kotvan Panosh Cynthia Masucci Kratz* Luz-Maria Palacios Bhanji* Kathryn Redington CLASS OF 1971 Margaret Cour Murphy Dorothy Dosh Grantham-O’Brien Mary Lee Marable Eady Nancy Mayer-Whittington 42

The TARTAN Summer Summer 2012 2012

CLASS OF 1976 Deborah Enright Borda Teresa Lawless Brideau Catherine Moxley Pritchett* Lenore Reilly Martinez Marie Rindos Bodmer

Patricia Davitt Long Suzanne Hawes Nalls Donna Homberg Kirby Anne Monte Lisa Ridgway Slater Mary Susan Warner Kernan

CLASS OF 1977 Patricia Genovese Catherine Hanrahan Sharon Hodges Repass Lauren Hooper DeRosa Kathleen Railey Pruissen Donna Reese Byrd Christine Whalen Streetman

CLASS OF 1983 Kimberly Beane Burzych* Maria Casarella Cunningham Patricia Gillis Cousins Melissa Greene Hennessy Diane Kuwamura Ellen Maguire deJong Mary Mulquin Abrams Barbara Peyton Trainor Angela Roca-Baker Annmarie Sarsfield Edwards Anne Scarry Shaw Lisa Serra Silverman Anne Trevey Farver

Kathleen McCarthy Fehringer CLASS OF 1972 Linda Custer Shirey* Kathleen Gallogly Cox Patricia Jackson Babcock Kathryn Kretschmer Weyland Mary Pat Leary Arkin Eileen Maroney Lynagh Kathleen McLaughlin Preston Patricia Murphy M. Ann Robinson Gutierrez Christine Sokol Schliefer

CLASS OF 1978 JoAnna Barnes Mary-Beth Buckley Cooper Mary Elizabeth Burns Taylor Sharon Fairley Faith Finamore Fiocco Patricia Flanagan Drummond Mary Lawless Plantamura Denise Lerch Brace Sharon Reynolds Stanton Patricia Schlapo Brey Susan Stanislav O’Connell*

CLASS OF 1973 Mary V. Bobinger Millett Marion Duffy Bush Victoria Edwards Laura Oliver Kathleen Plunkett* Margaret Williams Sonnefeld* Roberta Zmuda Greenspan

CLASS OF 1979 Lari Bowman Kundinger Christina Reese Kasuda

CLASS OF 1974 Mary Patrice Brown Tracy Cox Greaney* Ivy Eckles Barnett Teri Hanna Knowles* Angela Henry Ryan Susan Schiaffino Scalco CLASS OF 1975 Claire Coan Fitzpatrick Monica Creamer Bradford Kathleen Fanning Bugge Jacqueline Favilla McQueen Cathleen Luke Clark Helen Stanislav Dankos*

CLASS OF 1980 Lisa Enright Stafford* Patricia Mascari Maroon Mary Agnes McAuliffe Rogers Kara McCaleb Pittinger* Ann Moriarty Versteeg Michele Parent CLASS OF 1981 Maureen Hodges Slay Maria Leonard Olsen Tracey Mammarelli Therese Mullaney Draddy* Mary Claire Schoshinski Brier* Catherine Sullivan Johnson Mary Walsh Keon CLASS OF 1982 Kathleen Burgess Clark* Mary Elizabeth Corso Kennedy

CLASS OF 1984 M. Cristina Carbonell Willingham Linda Goco Peletski Cathleen Schulien Moxley CLASS OF 1985 Angel Daly Birch Karen Fallon Naber* Laura Havens Hanley Mary Malone Christina Page* Jennifer Pedersen Daniels Ann Stanislav McCord CLASS OF 1986 Beth Hughes Celestini Machan Kidd Niederriter Maria LaRuffa Danielle Mahaney Ballantine* Leslie Thomas Girata Claudia Vigil Lapcevich CLASS OF 1987 Heather O’Connell Stevens CLASS OF 1988 Kathleen Adrian Heather Alsop O’Hara Jessica Jost-Costanzo Terry Wisniewski Cortese*



CLASS OF 1989 Mary Ellen Broderick Julia Corso Matta CLASS OF 1990 Mary Bird* Shannon Carlisi McKenna Anna Couvillon Kristine Fridell Andrea Roddy* CLASS OF 1991 Lynne Corso Malinowski Sandra Cottone Prudenti Mary Kate Hyde Kaminski Patricia Lisle Banaszewski Lara McAndrew Jacobs CLASS OF 1992 Eleanor Conley Wenzke Nicole Macedonia Gorman Elizabeth Warner Morelli CLASS OF 1993 Carrie Mitchell Nicholson CLASS OF 1994 Kara Phelan Vines Susan Tanis Trifilo CLASS OF 1995 Jennifer Buckingham Koppels Cristina Marinucci Hillyer

CLASS OF 1996 Kathryn Bird Eubig Katherine Kirvan Nadia Lubbe Simon Angela Macedonia Mussio Lauren MacWilliams Wisniewski Danielle Oristian York Christine Roddy Kellie Wolfe CLASS OF 1997 Amy Milcetich Holcomb* Celeste Walker CLASS OF 1998 Catherine Dietrich Pulse Jennifer Graves Mohler CLASS OF 1999 Meredith Abel Theresa Cordes Francescone Kaitlin Schaeffer Yardley* Mary Kate Tanis Skorny CLASS OF 2000 Patricia Cordes McClain* Kristen Wallerstedt Salotti* CLASS OF 2001 Damaris Herman Kinney CLASS OF 2002 Katherine Johnson Howard Andrea Wass

I learned how to think critically, read analytically, write effectively, and collaborate with peers to produce great results. I also learned self-confidence and the value of my voice. My time at Holy Cross taught me how to present myself professionally and have conviction in my individual strengths – essential for success in college and the workplace.

AHC Alumna Katie Zech Vedete ‘01

CLASS OF 2003 Cristina Cravedi Julia Wallerstedt

CLASS OF 2008 Christina Benedetti Kelley Brady Jessica Dankos

CLASS OF 2004 Lauren Chapman

CLASS OF 2009 Margaret Long Meghan Savercool

CLASS OF 2005 Mary Lide Brighid McGann Vina Nguyen Christine Tuomey Leonice Wurst

CLASS OF 2010 Erika Anstead Katelynn Brady Mallory Cason Kerry Dawson Victoria Stewart

CLASS OF 2006 Jennifer Dillon Kaitlin O’Donnell CLASS OF 2007 Kelly Carlin Elizabeth Fitzpatrick Teresa Gilbride Brittany Rose

CLASS OF 2011 Melissa Benedetti Bridget Long Kelli O’Rourke Erika Ortega-Afay

As we celebrate 145 years of Holy Cross excellence, we would like to express our gratitude to those who keep the Academy strong with their generous support, with special thanks to the Sisters of the Holy Cross, alumnae, parents, grandparents, former parents, faculty, staff, foundations and businesses, and special friends of the Academy. Every member in the Holy Cross community is asked to participate in the Annual Giving campaign—our most important fundraising effort—to ensure that we can continue to provide the most challenging and rewarding opportunities for our students. All donations to the Annual Fund are critical in “bridging the gap” between tuition revenue and the actual operational costs. Unrestricted gifts allow the Academy to direct funds to our most critical needs. Restricted gifts allow donors to designate where their donation should be directed (e.g., athletics, arts, library, financial aid, etc.). It is important that all donations to the Academy be made through the AHC Institutional Advancement office to ensure that gifts are properly acknowledged and tracked. Please give as you are able. Large or small, your gift does make a difference and we appreciate your support!



Eileen and Kirk Bell smile for the camera.

Special bagpipe music added to the festivities.

Maureen Thomas (Kathleen ’14) with Jean and Peter Caffes (Rosemary ’14) take a short break from the Silent Auction bidding.

Business Manager, Susie Burke, displays the beautiful diamond jewelry generously donated by Boone & Sons, Inc.


SAVE THE DATE FOR 2013! 145th AHC Spring

The TARTAN Fall Summer 2012 2012



2012 ST. PATRICK’S DAY BENEFIT DINNER AND AUCTION AHC’s own Irish dancers – Megan Gordon ’15, Kellie Holovac ’14, Julia Derry ’14, Erin Smolskis ’13, Margot Walsh ’14.

HONORARY CO-CHAIRS Keith and Inés Krom AUCTION STEERING COMMITTEE Lisa Barteldes Marianne Talbot Beattie Cindy Benedetti Lisa Bradford Donna Bruton Christine Callahan Graciela Heintz Honora Precourt Suzanne Ryan

2012 Auction Chairs Inés and Keith Krom, parents of Sofia ’15.

Dancers delighted the crowd – Caroline O’Donnell ’15, Rileigh Miranda ’15, Kara Kirby ’15, Emma Ganiban ’13 , Isabel Wasserzug ’14, Samantha Durbin ’13, Megan Gordon ’15, Kellie Holovac ’14. Sister Grace Shonk, C.S.C., and Mary Martino, 2012 recipient of the Sister Grace Shonk Tribute Award.

AUCTION SPONSORS AHC Board of Trustees John and Jean Branthover The Columbia Bank Sean and Lisa Creamer Fiduciary Trust Company International Fitzgerald Auto Malls Steven and Denise Funkhouser Shawn and Louise Hendon Insurance Associates Stephen and Laura Lodge John and Patricia Davitt Long ’82 Michael and Lenore Reilly Martinez ’76 Stuart and and Maurine Mervis P. Kelly Mikules Mary Beth Newkumet Michael and Nanette Petruzzelli M. Christine Anastasi Sims ’77 Bill and Lisa Ridgway Slater ’82 Orlando Whaley/Capitol Document Solutions Michael Ziebarth and Ann Nichols

Special thanks go to AHC advisories, parent representatives, parent and alumnae volunteers, faculty, and staff.

ACADEMY THE ACADEMY OF THE OF HOLY THE HOLY CROSS CROSS Summer Fall 2012 Fundraising Celebration ~ Saturday, THE March 23 2013


Sister Grace Shonk, CSC catches up with Julie Sarsfield ’99 and Eileen Whelan ’05 at Career Day.

The Class of 2011 returns to AHC for Tartans Come Home Day.

Alumnae who have daughters currently attending AHC were guests at the Alumnae Mothers Breakfast. 46

The TARTAN Summer 2012

The Class of 1971 celebrates their 40th anniversary at the 2011 Alumnae Reunion.

The Class of 1986 celebrates their 25th anniversary at the 2011 Alumnae Reunion.

L-R: Sister M. Rose Michael Murphy, CSC, Donna Reese Byrd ’77, Sister Grace Shonk, CSC and Sister M. Anita Joseph Reeves, CSC ’41 attend the 2011 Alumnae Reunion.

The Class of 1962 at their 50th Anniversary celebration on June 4, 2012.

AHC President Claire Helm and Alumnae Board President Laurie Hooper DeRosa ’77 pose with the 2011 Distinguished Alumnae and the women who introduced them at the awards ceremony. L-R: Margot Cook ’61, Frances Brinker Scango ’61, Jennifer Pedersen Daniels ’85, Laurie Hooper DeRosa ’77, Claire Helm, Donna Reese Byrd ’77, Maureen Reese, A. Robin Mahaney Frye ’80, Danielle Mahaney Ballantine ’86.

Nancy Wright Greene ’56 poses with Santa Claus at the Cookies with Santa event in December.

Claudia Vigil Lapcevich ’86 catches up with Lolita Jardeleza in March 2012.

Alumnae carry roses in memory of deceased classmates and friends at the 2012 Alumnae Memorial Mass.



Marie Cullinane Hollenbeck and her husband Paul have three children and seven grandchildren. They moved to Fairfield, PA after 45 years in Bethesda, MD. Marie writes, “my granddaughter Demi Herman Kinney ’01 is now back at the Academy teaching science. Her son Will is the joy of our lives! He is our first great-grandchild.”

Justine O’Boyle Veith ’44 with her family. L-R: Melea Gibbons Veith ’99 holding Joseph, Justine, Ashley Stallsmith Veith ’00 holding Greta.

Sister Louise Sweigart, C.G.S. is the author of Joseph: A Guiding Light, which was recently published. She writes, “It is fiction and Biblical truth, a story of Joseph’s love for the maiden Mary and the ensuing events.” Sister Louise shares that she is “always a Holy Cross lady and so proud of my school.”

Marguerite Bohn Caruso and Mimi Rita Lawrence are celebrating their 90th birthdays this year.

Elizabeth Mahan Doyle shares that she is “hanging in there!” She has two grandchildren who are getting married this spring.

Mary Louise Wilkins Huff will celebrate her 80th birthday and 53rd wedding anniversary in 2012. She is one of the presiders for Children’s Liturgy of the Word at her church.

Marjorie Conner Durrett writes, “My family has just given me my fifth great-grandchild, a boy. There are three girls and two boys. My life is my family.”

Justine O’Boyle Veith’s grandsons both married Holy Cross alumnae, Melea Gibbons Veith ’99 and Ashley Stallsmith Veith ’00. Justine has two beautiful new great-grandchildren, Joseph Veith IV, and Greta Veith.

Jean Connors Glose has brunch with classmates Gertrude Maloney Viner, Pat Hurney Watkins, and Teresa Leonard Beyer several times a year, where they share many good memories of their Holy Cross years.

Mary Sotak Barbuto ’77, Donna Reese Byrd ’77 and Mary Theresa Barbuto ’11 (CUA ’14) catch up with each other in front of St. Peter’s Square in Rome, Italy.

Alumnae can do more online than ever before. With our new website, alumnae will enjoy interactive features designed specifically for the alumnae community, including: • • • • •

Event photographs News Calendar of upcoming events Event registration Information on how to get involved

Easy access to alumnae forms (such as Change of Address, Class Note Submission, Career Profile Update, Hall of Fame Nomination, and more!)

There are many ways to be involved with the Alumnae Association. Whether you have a lot or a little time to spend with us, visiting us online is the perfect way to get started. 48

The TARTAN Summer 2012

last year’s reunion. They are safe and sound and will be returned to you whenever we finally get enough energy to get the booklet compiled. We kind of ran out of steam after all the celebrations and are still trying to catch our collective breaths. They will be forthcoming – sometime before #55!”

Lynn Mattingly is a retired speech-language pathologist after teaching for 35 years in Howard County, MD. She is now a docent at the Basilica in Baltimore. The Class of 1981 celebrating their 30th Reunion on November 26, 2011.

Anna Marie Bovill Lea plans to visit Australia and Tasmania with a group of 12 people in September 2012 for a bird-watching tour.

Rosemary Kirchner Brisbane shares, “We enjoyed seeing our granddaughter Juliet Rose Brisbane ’12 graduate from Holy Cross at the Shrine on June 4, succeeding her sister Natalie Marie Brisbane ’09. Juliet will be attending Clemson University with a partial scholarship in September. Mary Rae Lynch Costabile and her family sat right behind us, while her granddaughter Gabrielle Costablie ’12 graduated also.” Mary Ann Rooney Farrell moved from Venice, FL to Catonsville, MD in August 2010. She writes, “I'm in a retirement community called Charlestown. I still hear from some of my classmates, like Janet Horan Haughey and Margaret LaMontagne.”

Carroll Duffy Burrows has been happily married for 46 years. She and her husband Louis live in Edgewater, MD, just 10 minutes south of Annapolis. She writes, “I have two grown sons and four fabulous grandchildren. Our grandchildren definitely keep us busy and hopefully young. We love to travel and we get away at least once or twice a year. We enjoy living at the beach and boating on the weekends in good weather. Life is good!” Dorothy Mills Cavaluchi is the proud grandmother of seven – including triplets!

The Class of 1961 Reunion Planning Committee writes, “Thanks to all of you for sending photos of

Cynthia Masucci Kratz is delighted to have a new granddaughter. She writes, “What blessings we enjoy! Maria Lucia was born April 29, 2011, joining sister Irene (2) and cousins James and Grace.”

Charlene Henry Hanlon writes, “I just became a grandmother for the third time. My oldest son, Matthew, and his wife Karen gave birth to Peter at 4:30 a.m. on September 30, 2011. This is their third boy. I have another one due in January – from my daughter Lindsey and her husband Joey. What a joy!”

Deborah Meekin is updating records for her class’ 40th reunion and requests that classmates forward their contact information updates to her.

Mariea Hellmers Sabate and her husband Frank celebrated their 50th anniversary last June by taking the family on a cruise to Alaska. Included were their three children with spouses and their three grandchildren.

Helen Gleason White is currently serving on the American News Women’s Club Board of Governors and Gala Committee. Helen recently hosted the Ambassador of Bulgaria, Elena Poptodporova, at the American News Women’s Club.

Kathy Kemper-Dean ’81 with her family.



Kathleen Crouch Scoppetuolo and her husband Tony celebrated their 25th year of marriage in April 2011. For her silver anniversary gift, Kathy was given the BBb LeBlanc Contra Bass Clarinet (in silver, of course!) that she hoped to receive. The couple started their own company in Ocean County, NJ: AAbbaArt, LLC. AAbbaArt features Kathy’s latest art creations and her innovative board game, Jersey Devil Chess – “a fascinating and fun alternative to chess based on local NJ lore from the Pine

Evin Bail O’Keeffe ’93 with her son Liam.

Barrens.” Kathy’s fondness for AHC is evident as she has created two special editions of her game in both an AHC tartan and a purple and white checkerboard version.

Patricia Hagerty Storm has been a registered nurse since 1978. She and her husband Lawrence live in Pittsburgh, PA, where Patricia has been employed by Interim Healthcare for seven years. Patricia and Lawrence adopted a son 18 years

ago, who just graduated from high school in June. Patricia also shares that she survived an aortic dissection two years ago.

Victoria Lauer Pavay shares that, since leaving the Academy, “I worked in several jobs, but for the past 20 years I have been working at Lockheed Martin as a project manager. I have twin boys that are 13 years old. They fill my life with love and fun! I spend most of my time, when I'm not working,

Keegan, Landon and Hailey Clark, the children of Kelly Hendon Clark ’97.

Is mail still going to your parents’ or a past address? Do we have your current email? Don’t miss out on… • • • • •

The monthly alumnae e-newsletter Future alumnae magazines Invitations to alumnae events Reunion information And more!

Update your email and mailing address now! Email or call Kara Law, Director of Alumnae, at 301-929-6463.

Join us! The Alumnae Reunion will be held on Friday, September 21, 2012. All alumnae and their guests are welcome to join us for this annual event. Please visit for more information. We hope to see you there! 50

The TARTAN Summer 2012

Megan O’Connell ’95 with her son Ian.

Christiana Coyle and her husband Joe Yan welcomed a son, Joshua Matthew, on July 27, 2011. Christi works for the New York City Department of Health in the Bureau of Epidemiology Services. She and Joe live in Brooklyn, NY.

mom when her son was born. Carrie now has two boys, Braden (5) and Luke (3).

Shatoni Hill received a master’s in Counseling from Trinity Washington University on December 15, 2011. She is also the new Youth Services Coordinator for Speak Life, Inc., which is a faith-based nonprofit organization dedicated to empowering individuals to see themselves outside of their immediate situations. She writes, “Speak Life aims to provide a strength-based perspective to life and life’s issues for youth and women.”

Evin Bail O’Keeffe and her husband Conor welcomed a son, Liam Barra O'Keeffe, in November 2011. They reside in Cork, Ireland.

Mary Kate Tanis Skorny had her second child in August 2011 – a girl named Caroline. She also has a 2 ½-year-old son named Douglas.

Nadia Lubbe Simon ’96 poses with classmates Kim Binion Haden, Katie Kirvan, Maleka Covington Lawrence, Gina Alvino and Erin Dahlberg on her wedding day.

with my boys supporting their sports: baseball and basketball. I have a great husband who is also very involved as an assistant coach on their teams. We are doing well!”

Katherine Kemper-Dean lives with her husband Gary and their two dogs in Silver Spring, MD. Kathy is a nurse practitioner with a primary care practice in Olney, MD. She enjoys running and triathlons. Kathy’s son Logan lives in Houston, and her daughter Maggie Kemper ’10 is in her third year at UMBC as a biology major. Maria Leonard Olsen writes, “We had a wonderful 30th Reunion in Bethesda over Thanksgiving weekend. About 30 alumnae attended. It was great fun!”

Justine Allen Cowan has won numerous screenwriting awards. Look for her first feature film, an updated version of It’s Wonderful Life called Janie Loves Bollywood, set to begin shooting in fall 2012. You can also see this project on Kickstarter!

Megan O’Connell lives in Hagerstown, in lovely Western Maryland, where she works for the Washington County Department of Social Services. Her son Ian was born December 26, 2010.

Kaitlin Schaeffer Yardley shares, “We are currently living in Singapore and welcomed our second daughter, Lucy Conway, to the world on June 17. Big sister Margot is very excited!”

Megan Gabauer will be attending Oxford University for a year to study Health Care Policy. Christine Daigle Weiss married John Weiss on March 24, 2012 in Charlotte, NC.

Kelly Hendon Clark has three beautiful children, Hailey (6), Keegan (3) and Landon (4 months).

Megan Hendon Harbold earned a sociology degree from the University of Maryland after graduating from AHC. She shares, “I am currently a Community Director for the March of Dimes in York, PA. The March of Dimes is a non-profit foundation whose mission is to improve the health

Lorraine Oliver Stasny completed a master’s degree in Early Childhood Education in May 2012, graduated magna cum laude from the University of Phoenix, and resides and teaches preschool in West Virginia.

Carrie Mitchell Nicholson taught kindergarten for many years before becoming a stay-at-home

Christine Daigle Weiss ’96 and her husband John on their wedding day.



Kerry Hannan Sheridan ’03 surrounded by AHC friends on her wedding day.

of all babies by preventing premature birth, birth defects and infant mortality. We touch every single child born through the medical advances we have funded the research for, and we provide support for families when their child needs help to survive. We accomplish this through research and education. I am responsible for two events a year – the York March for Babies and the Central PA Signature Chef’s Auction. Both events raise money to benefit the March of Dimes. The March for Babies encourages families and companies to form a team and raise money for the March of Dimes, and we celebrate with a three mile walk in York. My job is fundraising, educating the community about the March of Dimes, and some event planning and sponsorship sales. Asiya Wadud shares, “Having completed a master’s in City and Regional Planning at Berkeley

this past May, I’m spending the summer working at Berkeley’s School of Public Health, and planning my wedding! I’m starting a master’s in African Studies at Stanford in the fall, where I’ll be focusing on mobile technology in informal settlements in Kenya, and more broadly, looking at the ‘Open Government’ movement. I’d love to hear from old friends.”

Gina Frezzo Fonner graduated from University of Baltimore Law School in May 2011 and successfully passed the Maryland Bar Exam. Gina and her husband also welcomed a second daughter, Cara Elise, in February 2012.

Katherine Johnson Howard married Billy Howard

on October 1, 2011. The AHC Madrigal singers performed at their wedding ceremony! Nicole Lawn obtained a master’s degree in Curriculum and Development. Natalie Marston was an athlete at AHC for four years. She wanted to incorporate her experience in athletics with the psychology background she received at James Madison University, so she started her own personal training business! Natalie also works at a wellness/fitness center in Chevy Chase, MD. Erin McCarthy coaches lacrosse at Severn School in Severna Park, MD, where she currently holds the position of Assistant Athletic Director/Administration. Erin is in the process of completing her master’s at Georgetown University in Sports Industry Management and works part-time for the Washington Redskins as the Senior Game Day Manager/ Supervisor. Erin writes, “I miss Holy Cross! I can't believe it has been 10 years!!! Congrats to the Lax team on their WCAC Championship!!”

Kerry Hannan Sheridan writes, “I got married last September and had about 15 AHC girls at my wedding, including four that were in my wedding party!”

Katie Johnson Howard ’02 and her husband Billy pose with the AHC Madrigal singers on their wedding day.


The TARTAN Summer 2012

Joanna Gonzales recently graduated from Loyola University New Orleans College of Law in May 2012 and was accepted and sworn into to the Navy JAG Corps. Joanna writes, “I will be shipping off to Officer Development School in Newport, RI in August to begin training after completing the Bar Examination in July.”

Catherine Russell shares that “My father, Samuel G. Russell, passed away on Sunday, May 20, 2012 at 8:30 a.m. after a three year battle with esophageal cancer. He was 69 years old, just two months shy of his 70th birthday.”

hope to make it home for a visit at Christmas time. Hope everyone is doing well. Miss my LOTAs!” Victoria Smoter completed her Bachelor of Arts degree on May 20, 2012, graduating cum laude with department honors and becoming a member of the Order of Omega, the national Greek leadership honor society at Washington College in Chestertown, MD. Earning her degree in Psychology with a concentration in Clinical Psychology, Vikki’s research has been published and she recently presented her findings at the Eastern Psychological Association conference in Pittsburg, PA. During her time at Washington College, Vikki was coxswain of the varsity women’s rowing team, a member of Alpha Omicron Pi sorority, and worked three years for the Washington Fund. Vikki continued the spirit of service she embraced at AHC, participating in numerous service functions and giving generously to the Kent County community and Washington College.

Kiera Duggan Boylan married her college sweetheart, Nathan Boylan, on July 9, 2011 at St. John Neumann’s Catholic Church in Gaithersburg, MD. They currently reside outside Corning, NY.

Brittany Rose graduated from Winthrop University with a degree in Dance Education and also earned her teaching certificate. She now owns and runs three of her own studios: The Olney Studio of Dance, The Mount Airy Studio of Dance, and The Damascus School of Dance.

Virginia Long was accepted to graduate school at Loyola University Chicago to study Immunology and Infectious Disease.

Catherine Russell ’04 with her father Samuel in June 2007, at her college graduation in Santa Barbara, CA.

Cori Sabate currently lives in Katterbach, Germany, where she is stationed as a Flight Medic with the United States Army. Cori writes, “I am working on getting my paramedic license while also taking only college courses through UMUC-Europe. I

We make every effort to verify names, dates and the accuracy of the information in the Class Notes. We thank all our alumnae for keeping in touch with the school by sending in their news every year, and we greatly appreciate the efforts of our Tartan Ambassadors, whose diligent work is integral to the quality and ongoing success of the notes in the Alumnae Magazine.

Attend an Alumnae Board meeting, come to Reunion in the fall, connect with classmates as an official Tartan Ambassador, volunteer for alumnae phonathons, attend the Benefit Auction, and join us for alumnae gatherings on campus throughout the year. Kiera Duggan Boylan ’05 celebrates with AHC friends on her wedding day. L-R: Mary Duggan ’07, Tricia Guarin ’06, Kiera, Lauren Guarin ’05, Jillian Irvine ’05, Vina Nguyen ’05, Sharon Hayden ’06.

Join us on Facebook by visiting, watch for our alumnae e-newsletter and visit for campus news. Please keep us updated! Send in your Class Notes, stay connected and let us know if you have moved or changed your email address. THE ACADEMY OF THE HOLY CROSS Summer 2012



Elaine Berg Colleli ’54 Catherine Plunkert Kaputa ’54 Ann Winslow MacCullough ’55 Sister of Mary Winslow Buckingham ’56

ALUMNAE Catherine Irene Garrett Frost ’38, Grandmother of Patricia Friedman-Richelsen ’96

Angela Low Meyers ’38 Sister M. Rosine Hammett, C.S.C. ’39

Kathryn McKee Giebel ’40 Mother of Georgeanna Giebel Matson ’61

Mary Patricia Cronin Durkin ’56 Patricia Sole ’56 Patricia Sheehan ’59 Taghreed Zarou Fawal ’62 Mary Louise Underwood Jackson ’62 Sandra Foley Orr ’62 Mary Gayle Furcolow Clarke ’64 Margaret Ann Reinecker Jacques ’64

Mary Hayden Kelleher ’42

Josie Wozny Newton ’64

Mary Garvey Connolly ’43

Christine Warner McDaniel ’80 Sister of Kathleen Warner Bula ’79, Mary Susan Warner Kernan ’82, Ann Warner DeVol ’86; niece of Doris Gardiner Warner ’52 and Carolyn Lenz Warner ’58; cousin of Jennifer Warner Corrigan ’89 and Elizabeth Warner Morelli ’92; aunt of Mary Kathleen Bula ’12 and Bridget Kernan ’15

Mary Davis Connors ’43 Kaliope Norris Koutsandreas ’43 Mary Genevieve Murray Blackwood ’45 Miriam Sharp McDonald ’45 Betty Orlando Kern ’46 Mary Grogan Stohlman ’46 Mother of Mary Stohlman MacLauchlan ’73, Helen Stohlman ’75, Theresa Stohlman Mohan ’78, Clare Stohlman Langley ’82, Eileen Stohlman Linares ’83, and Carolyn Stohlman Ringling ’91

Adelia Mary Dubois ’47 Dorothy Lacey Bowles ’49 Aunt of Margaret Hartley Gervasi ’68

Mary Ann Walsh Dimond ’49 Mother of Regina Dimond (faculty member)

Mary Jean Hogan O’Neill ’52 Sister of Marion Hogan O’Donnell ’53, sister-in-law of Ann O’Neill Hogan ’48

Nancy Quinn Fiske ’53

Emily Johnson ’10

FACULTY AND STAFF Mary Parks Dietz Sheila Gobes Mother of Sheila Gobes Ryan ’77 Ethel Holmes Grandmother of Allison Holmes ’14 John Robert Vanhoozer Husband of Eleanor Vanhoozer (former staff member) Sister Edward Ann Wetzel, C.S.C.


The TARTAN Summer 2012

Mary Dunning Daley Mother of Patricia Daley Hodgson ’77

Patricia Murphy

Kevin Ballantine Nephew of Danielle Mahaney Ballantine ’86 (staff member)

Thomas Dunning Daley

Jerry Nickerson

Regina Barlow Sister of Peggy Durney (staff member); aunt of Kendra Durney ’03, Caitlin Durney ’05 and Tessa Durney ’08

Margaret Devine Davitt


Joseph Breen Brother of Mary Helen Breen ’50 Grace Brideau Mother of Carol Brideau ’78; mother-in-law of Teresa Lawless Brideau ’76 Rodney Briggs Husband of Rosemary May Briggs ’45 Joene Bula Mother of Joene Bula Gessner ’72 and Cheryl Bula Stifter ’78; mother-in-law of Kathleen Warner Bula ’79; grandmother of Casey Gessner ’01 and Mary Kathleen Bula ’12 Anna May Chipman Mother of Louise Hendon (staff member); grandmother of Kelly Hendon Clark ’97 and Megan Hendon Harbold ’00 John J. Cooney, III Father of Cathy Stoll (staff member) Gino Dal Molin Father of Claudia Dal Molin ’01; uncle of Laura Dal Molin ’93 and Gabriella Dal Molin ’94

Brother of Patricia Daley Hodgson ’77 Mother of Margaret Davitt Leddy ’76, Kathleen Davitt Bloomer ’80, Patricia Davitt Long ’82; grandmother of Cara Davitt ’05, Brynn Davitt ’09, Anna Davitt ’09, Maggie Long ’09, Brydie Long ’11, Sarah Long ’13, Allie Davitt ’13, and Caroline Long ’15

Mother of Mary Murphy Petrizzo ’83 Brother of Sister Ruth Marie Nickerson, C.S.C. ’61

Anna Pillus Grandmother of Molly Brennan Parsons ’90

Allyn Locke Reilly Mother of Lenore Reilly Martinez ’76, Mary Catherine Reilly Desrosiers ’81, and Jeannine Reilly ’86; grandmother of Joanna Martinez ’07

Helen Denningham Mother of Jane Denningham McCall ’62

Robert Ridgeway Husband of Helen DeLaVergne Ridgeway ’56

Flynn Fry

Samuel G. Russell Father of Catherine Russell ’04

Nephew of Amy Nalls Langevin’93 and Bridget Nalls ’99; grandson of Deacon James Nalls (former Board of Trustees member) Mary Gatti Mother of Marie Gatti Kushlis ’76 and Carolyn Gatti Tracy ’79

B. Hank Herwantoro Father of Shinta Herwantoro Hernandez ’96

James Kabonge Father of Selena Kabonge ’08 and Karen Kabonge ’10 Geraldine Kreimer Mother of Sandra Porter Perrin ’61

Karl Mullen Father of Nanette Mullen Miller ’75 and Rita Mullen Yates ’79

Rita Mullen Mother Nanette Mullen Miller ’75 and Rita Mullen Yates ’79 Kathleen Shannon Murphy

Kathy Sullivan Stepmother of Shannon Sullivan Martin ’91 Theresa Thomas Mother of Clarissa Thomas ’06 and Lydia Thomas ’08 Gordon Frederick Ward Father of Ana Ward ’67

Lee Young Son of Sandy Young (former faculty member) Dennis L. Zepp Brother of Kathleen Zepp ’61

Robert Zmuda Father of Roberta Zmuda Greenspan ’73; father-in-law of Kathleen Knopf Zmuda ’76; uncle of Maurya Zmuda Sorter ’82 and Deirdre Zmuda ’85; grandfather of Jacqueline Zmuda ’00 and Christine Zmuda ’02

Daughter of Ellen Dundin Murphy ’74

A Memorial Mass honoring the deceased members of our Holy Cross family will be held on Sunday, March 3, 2013 in the Auditorium of The Academy of the Holy Cross. All family and friends are welcome.

We have Tartan gear for everyone! The newly renovated shop will be open during lunch when school is in session. It will also be open after school for the month of August. Too busy to visit in person? Visit us online starting in early September.

SEPTEMBER 11........... Alumnae Mothers Breakfast 14........... Holy Cross Day Student Celebration 21........... Distinguished Alumnae Awards and Alumnae Reunion 28........... Toast the Tartans Tent Party

JANUARY 4............. Tartans Come Home 25........... Athletic Hall of Fame Induction

OCTOBER 21........... Open House for Prospective Families 26-28...... Fall Musical “The Wiz”

MARCH 3............. Alumnae Memorial Mass 15-17 Spring Theatre Production “Twelve Angry Women” 23........... 145th Spring Fundraising Celebration

NOVEMBER 5-10........ Student Spirit Week 9............. Powder Puff Student Football Game 29-30...... Improv Show DECEMBER 6-7.......... Music Concert 9............. Alumnae Cookies with Santa 13-14...... Dance Concert

FEBRUARY 9............. Father-Daughter Dance

APRIL 18-19...... Improv Show 19........... Grandparents Day MAY 2-3.......... Music Concert 9-10........ Dance Concert 29........... Graduation & 50th Anniversary Celebration

Additional details for these events are available on AHC’s new website THE ACADEMY OF THE HOLY CROSS Summer 2012


THE ACADEMY OF THE HOLY CROSS 4920 Strathmore Avenue Kensington, MD 20895-1299 (301) 942-2100


The TARTAN Summer 2012

Nonprofit Org. U.S. Postage PAID Kensington, MD Permit No. 5454

Tartan Magazine Summer 2012  
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