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October/November 2019

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Op-Ed on, “The Legacy of Discrimination

In Search of Our Mothers Gardens: Womanist Prose is a prose collection written by Alice Walker in 1983. It is composed of 36 pieces of essays,

Against Migrant Women”

reviews, articles and speeches collected by Walker between 1966 and 1982.

Program Associate, Gavrielle Reyes highlights Alice Walker coins the term womanism in this collection and expands upon some of the disparities within the American justice system in regards to immigration.

her own understanding of feminist theory. She explains womanism as the

phenomenon of being a Black feminist or a feminist of color. She expounds

upon this definition to describe a womanist as one who loves other women, appreciates women and is committed to the survival of all humankind. The book is separated into three parts: one dedicated to her research of significant Black female historical figures, the second addressing Walker’s thoughts and


commentary on the Civil Rights Movement, and the third addressing Black women in the context of society

through Walker’s eyes. Reading ​In Search of Our Mothers Gardens is truly an experience and it is considered

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Bella’s Story Retold

“Bella Bella” starring Harvey Fierstein


Op-Ed of the Month The Legacy of Discrimination Against Migrant Women The first ever United States immigration law was The Page Act of 1875. It limited the immigration of Chinese male laborers and forced Chinese women to undergo arbitrary “virtue” tests before entering the country. This labeled them immoral and their families unworthy of flourishing in this great country.

A dangerous precedent was set by devising a tool for controlling women’s bodies to control their communities by way of their wombs. Racism and xenophobia are serious concerns wherever large-scale migration takes place, and anti-immigrant sentiment is ​on the rise in many countries. The reality is that more than half of migrants are women and girls. ​Negative depictions of migrants and refugees are exacerbated by the media and yet the benefits migrants bring to American communities rarely make the news. Women and girls can suffer doubly from these attitudes, experiencing not only discrimination based on their migrant status, but also based on based on their ​gender​.

They face additional vulnerabilities when they are ​displaced by conflict or natural disaster because chaos allows perpetrators to abuse with impunity. Lack of shelter, overcrowding in camps and ​poorly lit ​public toilets all increase the risk of gender-based violence, including sexual violence. And women are increasingly migrating alone, or as the head of their households. This trend represents a key opportunity for their economic independence and empowerment. We need to promote full integration of immigrant women into the economic, social and political life of their new communities by providing assistance for legalization, citizenship, English language acquisition, and other services. It is our collective responsibility to halt the propagation of erroneous and damaging narratives that will prevent them from being able to grow and prosper.


Female migrants face major risks, including sexual exploitation, trafficking and violence.

Op-Ed of the Month War Fare On October 25th, 19 year old Adrian Napier, an unarmed Black teenager, had guns drawn on him by NYPD Officers on Franklin Avenue train. In a heart wrenching cellphone video taken during the incident, Napier can be heard saying “call my mom,� to a bystander moments before police rushed onto the

subway train, some of which had guns drawn. The officers put the life of this unarmed, compliant young man and the lives of other passengers in danger for fare evasion. There is a class war being waged on the poor and on communities of color. Law and order is not always justice and unfortunately it’s enforcement is never equal. Historically, the NYPD has protected the wealthy, perpetuated white supremacy, privileged property over personhood and functioned to maintain a flawed status quo. The excessive policing of fare evasion is class warfare. Our city has declared war on poverty. The new fare evasion initiative to police the poor is now limiting access to justice by authorization of the removal of body

cams will make it so officers will be less likely to be held accountable when they inevitably cross the line. The underground surveilling of New Yorkers who can not afford the rising costs of

the MTA without any mechanism for objective documentation to maintain accountability & transparency is wrong. Two arrests were made by police at an emergency action protest the night of Friday, November 1st. One individual was released that evening and the other was released the following night. Following the mass protest, cameras were installed in front of every turnstyle at the Fulton stop in Manhattan, a station that is in need of basic repairs and has one functioning elevator. Pouring funds into surveillance as opposed to making improvements and updating the subway system is counter productive and further evidence of prioritizing the protection of wealth

over serving the populace. Investing more in Fair Fares, a city-run program that gives low-income residents a 50% discount on subway and bus fares, rather than spend the projected $663 million on more officers at every station, seems like it would prove beneficial. If the purpose of the badge is to protect and serve, they should be doing just that. If not, at the very least, they should get a new slogan.


Women’s History of the Month: November

The U.S. Women’s Trade Union League is established. November 14, 1903

First medical school for women, the New The Seneca Falls Convention, the England Female Medical School, opens. country’s first women’s rights convention, November 1, 1848 is held in Seneca Falls, New York Women’sElizabeth Rights Movement. Journalist Cochran, aka Nellie Bly, sails around world in 72 days, 6 hours, July 19-20,the 1848 11 minutes, and 14 seconds, beating the Suffragists crash the Centennial Celebration fictional record set by Phineas Fogg in Jules in Independence Hall to present the Vice Verne’s Around the World in Eighty Days. President with the “Declaration of the Rights November 1889by Matilda Joselyn Gage. of Women” 14, written July 4, 1876

Amelia Earhart’s plane is lost in the Pacific Ocean near Howland Island. Mother Francis Xavier Cabrini is beatified, the first American woman July 2, 1937 citizen to become a saint. November 13, 1938

Emily Greene Balch, co-founder of the Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom, is awarded the Nobel Peace Prize. November 14, 1946

16 women from the National Women’s Party were arrested while picketing the White House demanding universal women’s suffrage; they chargedpasses with obstructing The state of were Washington a traffic. constitutional amendment to guarantee woman suffrage. July 14, 1917 November 8, 1910 The first class of Women’s Auxiliary Army Corps (WAAC) begins at Fort Des Moines, IA. July 20, 1942

Althea Gibson is the first African American woman player to win a Wimbledon title in women’s tennis singles. July 6, 1957

President Lyndon Johnson signs the Civil Rights Act; Title VII prohibits sex discrimination in employment.

Bethune Museum and Archives opens in Washington D.C. as a center for(Merrill “Philadelphia Eleven” deacons African-American women’s history, Bittner, Alla Bozarth-Campbell, Alison honoring MaryHewitt, McLeod Bethune. Cheek, Emily Carter Heyward,

July 2, 1964

November 11, 1979 Suzanne Hiatt, Marie Moorefield,

Jeannette Piccard, Betty Schiess, Katrina Dr. Kathryn D. Sullivan is the first U.S. Swanson, and Nancy Wittig) ordained as woman astronaut to “walk” in space the first women Episcopal priests. during Challenger flight. July 29, 1974 October 11, 1984


Headlines of the Month Representative Ocasio-Cortez and Senator Markey Introduce Green New Deal

Kenya Postpones Court Decriminalizing Gay Sex

largest Immigration and OnAdelanto MarchDetention 15th Facility, duringtheFriday prayers, two Customs Enforcement detention center in California. Tuesday, 2nd, ​Lori Lightfoot made history mosques April in Christchurch, New Zealand faced by becoming the first female, gay,Tarrant and32,Black mass shootings​ . Shooter Brenton first In October, California passed Assembly Bill part Mayor of Chicago. Lightfoot was a first-time of which Masjid bans the Department and targeted Al Noor, killingof42Corrections worshippers, candidate in a race of long-time established Rehabilitation from starting or renewing contracts Representative Ocasio-Cortez and and then moved Alexandria on to Linwood Masjid, killing 7. with private prison Jcompanies after January 1st. Chicago politicians including former Cook Senator Edward Markey have recently Tarrant supposedly used several firearms that Furthermore, the law plans toToni get ridPreckwinkle, of detention County Board President introduced a purchased congressional Called were legally (but resolution, are suspected to facilities all together by 2028. However, five days the G ​ reen New Deal aimed at limiting former U.S. Commerce Secretary Bill Daley, have been enhanced), and there were after the law gas was passed, Immigration and Customs greenhouse emissions and making other state Comptroller Susana Mendoza, and former Enforcement (ICE) requested offers for new private explosives attachedintothe multiple vehicles the significant changes Unitedboard StatesPresident inat order City Hall detention operator and school migrant centers. ICE spokesperson Paige sites of the attacks. haveresolution reported to combat climate. Authorities change. The Gery Chico. However, an FBI investigation the Hughes claims that the organization is stillofbeing proposes a “10-year mobilization” or a “Green that there is clear Tarrant would have complaint with the new law since it is not the end of longest-serving alderman in Chicago’s history, New mobilization” thathe involves continued to that attack mosques had not been the yearDeal and they are currently reviewing the Edward Burke, exposed the 50-year incumbent completely transitioning to the use of bill to ensure that they are acting within the realm of caught. Tarrant also live streamed the attack on of attempted extortion. The scandal became a renewable and zero-emission energy sources, the law. But Senator Kamala Harris reported that this Facebook and left a 74-page anti-immigrant big break for duethe to the fact that all to of upgrading all Lightfoot buildings United action made by ICE stillin “risks wastingStates taxpayer manifesto. Tarrant, who’s Australian, the other long-term candidates were connected power-efficient buildings, eliminating pollution dollars in an attempt to lock away even more human supposedly togas Christchurch forfrom the sole to Burke. Incame the end, theemission race came down to and greenhouse the beings” manufacturing industry, theboth transportation purpose for people training and Lightfoot and other Preckwinkle, essentially industry, and the agricultural industry, and advocating for this the attack. same Four issues, like more preparing for people were creating new, high-paying jobs in clean energy affordableand housing, police reform, arrested suspected of department having connections industries. The proposal also resources works towards and bringing more city into to the incident, but Tarrant is the only one who eliminating inequalities around climate change, impoverished neighborhoods. But the Lightfoot has ​charged with whole and been demands that all murder. people With in the United presented herself as a needed change for the country reeling from this rare instance of States have clean air and water, climate and city government and argued against the communitygun resiliency, healthy access to immense violence, New food, Zealand Prime aldermanic privileges that allowed for Edward nature, and a sustainable environment. Students wear masks as they goalready to school taken amid heavy Minister Jacinda Ardern has steps Burke’s actions. Lightfoot was introduced a 14, trailblazer in smog conditions in Lahore on November 2019. (Photo Ocasio-Cortez and Markey have to changeby​NArif ewALI Zealand’s gun Credit: laws. ​A​AFP rdern this has / AFP) | Photo this electionbecause in more Greenhouse ways than one. the resolution gasDespite emissions assured that, starting mid-April, there will be an are that the her cause of some of the worst fact well-established opponents had On November 6, Lahore, declared the official ban on assaultPakistan rifles.was Furthermore, consequences of climate According to more than enough fundingchange. for world’s most unbreathable city.their Thiscampaigns, declaration Ardern is planning onwashas establishing a the research that this cites, carbon her grassroots campaign stillthe strong enough comes as no surprise to proposition many of environmental emissions inelection. the United States are rose 3.4% buy-back inAnd order to confiscate of torights win campaigners theprogram although her by identity who have been trying toall raise last year, and if climate change proceeds in this the newly banned awareness aboutpart theweapons. poor air campaign, quality in Lahore since wasn’t a major of her Lightfoot current pattern the world will face extreme 2018. T ​ hree young women​ , however, Laiba Siddiq, is only the third African-American mayor of natural UnitedHayat, States 18, Leiladisasters Alam, 13,and andthe Misahel 17,alone have Chicago, and herof election makes Chicago the will lose billions dollars. According Senate sparked hope within the community by to petitioning United States’ largest city to elect an openly gay Majority Leader High Mitch for the Lahore CourtMcConnell, to declare the the mayor. resolution will air be pollution brought to the floor for a vote government’s action plan “illegal and unreasonable” hopes of getting them to write a within the next infew weeks.

Anti-leftist Brazilian President Jair protesting Bolsonaro in Downtown Brooklyn A Group groupof protesters of armed individuals known as the NYPD brutality. and his administration have released plansOps to United Constitutional Patriots Border On November 1, hundreds of people gathered in the take ​women’s and LGBTQ historyxcessive out of school detained 300 area asylum-seeking near Barclays Center to protest the ​emigrants use of textbooks​ . These plans have been one of many force ​by New Police Department officers This in a Sunland Park,York New Mexico in mid-April. This February 22nd, Kenya’s high court was videoFriday, that went viral month. In the ​video​ , over a moves by last President Bolsonaro to group ofmade individuals are all independent from scheduled to rule on d ​ ecriminalizing gay sex​ dozen police officers are seen violently breaking up a drastically changeandtheBorder education of. the US Customs Patrol system (CBP) and However, the several judges teenagers have claimed thatinmore time fight between of color a subway Brazil. In addition totheproposing changes to therefore didreview not have the legalthe jurisdiction isstation, needed to evidence, as aofresult, and one officer punchesandone the detain migrants. Yet,video spokesman forvote the textbooks, the Education Ministry has the votethese has been ​postponed untilsparked May​. This teenagers several times. The outrage United Patriots Jim was toit’sbe diversity major landmark for LGBTQ+ disbanded department​ ,Benvie and from going theConstitutional community, especially considering the Kenyans, who face immense discrimination on the NYPD’s increased presence in the subway stations claimed that the detention of these migrants Bolsonaro has previously made comments basis of their sexuality. Many of them are barred due to new laws about fare evasion. In response to was and rid equivalent to ​“a about verbalwomen’s citizen’s aboutlegal getting of questions from promotions, getting hired for certain jobs, the protests, police department that arrest.” This the particular chapter from of claimed thenational United and movements and having access to education health their LGBTQ anti-gun rights and anti-violence laws and are making Constitutional Patriots many has been stationed near exams. For these drastic changes to services. Furthermore, experience physical ammends in Bolsonaro, various communities in New York City, the border for two months, but there are many harassment, abuse, and incarceration. Activists but clearly the video tellsare a different story.responses the education system reasonable of its that kind the whovote have doing this work for claim notbeen only has a wide influence to the low ranking of Brazilian educational on Kenya, but other African countries as well. Gay years​. According to this particular group, their systems by the most ​OECD​. He claims that “​Onethe of sex is illegal purpose is to in support African the CBPcountries, and they but plan on the goals to get Brazil out of the worst positions issue has recently been brought to attention in remaining in the area until President Trump’s places like Angola, where gayis to sex was in international education rankings combat border wall is back The governor, the New decriminalized January, and Botswana, the Marxist rubbish that hasCivil spread in Mexico chapter thebeAmerican Liberties where the matterofwill voted on in March. The educational ” Many ofallBolsonaro’s Union (ACLU) and the .CBP havecomes expressed opposition toinstitutions​ repealing the law primarily reformsreligious are attack events. onsuch the legacy ofKenyan ​Paulo from groups, as concern overanrecent Thethe governor’s Christian Professionals Forum, who claim that Freire​ , a prominent late Brazilian socialist who office has overtly condemned the incident, same-sex relationships are examples of damaging believed in equal education supported by the saying ​"That migrant families might be menaced sexual perversion and that Ortega there Smith is a after history Activist Nadia Otmani approaches federal government. Due the orimmense or threatened in any way, to shape formhisis within Kenyan culturespeech. of excluding homosexuality. completely unacceptable."​ , and that backlash received by the Bolsonaro’s plansexact to Advocates for repealing laws ensuring say the authorities will investigate and allocate opposite: that aofficials historyclaimed of accepting change textbooks, that the homosexuality hasInternational been prevalent inprevious Kenyan punishment where necessary. In addition, the This month, the Day plans had onbeen developed byfor aEradication culture. Advocates for the law also pointand to of Gender Violence in Spain, city councilor ACLU admits that while these groups have the administration and were accidentally published. Kenya’s landmark 2 ​ 010 constitution​ , which is general secretary of the nationalist-populist Vox constitutional right to aorganize, theydrastic are However, isSmith, still threat of revered for there being According to these party, Javier Ortegaprogressive. ​spoke out against ​a law concerned with the rhetoric from the changes the how education Current advocates, it would be hypocritical for the Kenyan dedicated to to protecting women,system. which passed in White House has empowered these groups who government to claim to ensure the rights of its 2004. The Vox party, of which Ortega Smith is part Education Minister Ricardo Velez strongly are bothin that armed and untrained. Furthermore, citizens constitution while still supporting of, claims laws should specifically protect stands withtheBolsonaro andnot has vowed to fight laws that clearly discriminate against a of the CBP claims that while they have beenhas in women against domestic violence portion and back against “gender ideology.” these citizens. attempted to the abolish organizations that Patriots, support contact with United Constitutional female victims of abuse. In response to they do not work with them or condoneOrtega what Smith’s they havespeech, done. feminist activist Nadia Otmani

new plan.





Happy Women’s Month! Enjoy this month’s picks of inspirational MayaKaur Rupi Angelou is anwas Indian-Canadian born on April 4th, poet,1924 illustrator in St. Louis, and Missouri. performer.This  She  women to honor andInMichelle cherishofduring Month. Thisis (2018), month  Obama’s Women’s latest book, Becoming ​is her Our Mothers Gardens: Womanist Prose a prose collection month was made(her famous birthday for month) herSearch bestselling we’ll honor poetry her and life prose and collection, work. Milk  Elaine Welteroth is an American journalist, editor and New autobiographical memoir. The book sold approximately 725,000 we’ve got short stories!  written by Alice Walker in 1983. It is composed of 36 pieces of essays, and Honey. This spentreviews, over articles a year on York Times Bestseller list.   York TimesThe best New selling author. She is widely known for second copies in the United States on the first day, making it the and speeches collected by Walker between 1966 and For Colored Girls Who Have Considered Suicide when the Rainbow is Enuf is -​Mayannah Beauvoir, Content creator for the Bella Bulletin  1982. best-Walker selling debut of books sold in 2018. book reached She comes from Sikhall family inchief Punjab, India, andThe to upon Alice coins theapiece. term inofin this collection expands becoming the editor Teen Vogue, only the second Ntozake Shange’s first Itwomanism wasinwritten 1976, and isimmigrated aand compilation of   Canada with her parents when she was four years old. She started 1.4own million copies inof the first theory. week, She andexplains in about two weeks, her understanding feminist womanism as the Maya Angelou was an African American poet, singer, memoirist and civil rights activist. She has authored plays, movies and television shows in addition to poetry books and several autobiographies. Her first autobiography, “I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings” details her upbringing in the south up to being a teenager. This book brought her critical acclaim and international praise for her writing and experiences.

Wild: From Lost toAfrican Found by Cheryl is atomemoir that her solo person American heritage doItso. She tracks was the also poetic monologues inofwhat is known as aStrayed choreopoem. articulates

drawing when was five years which beganhiked her artistic journey. Her full name wasalong Marguerite Annie Johnson. Her older brother nicknamed her Mya. hike theshe Pacific Crest Trail.old, In 1995, Strayed 1,100 miles from phenomenon ofseparated, being a Black feminist or a the feminist of color. She expounds became the best-sold book of year in 2018. This When her parents she was sent to live in Stamps, Arkansas. She lived with Mojave Desert, throughof California andshe all the way to and the Bridge Inofthe college, at the University Waterloo, studied rhetoric seven women who are oppressed in aOregon racist society. herstories paternal grandmother, who owned a general store and didand wellsexist economically previously the first African American woman to become of the Gods in Washington. upon this definition to describe record-breaking a womanist as one whoisloves other women, appreciates women beauty and is book taking the world by storm, captivating though it professional was the Greatwriting. Depression. Angelou briefly lived with her mother. She2.5 was a Milk and Honey, her debut book, solf over up of this 20The separate monologues, the work connects stories ofmoved thewith sexually abused by her mother’s After experience became mute for nearly five one years. She committed to the survival ofboyfriend. allMade humankind. isshe separated into three parts: tohas her The journey begins with Strayed expressing her disillusionment the editorbook of Vogue in 2012. She Obama changed the scope of the million copies. Her the book came from adedicated poem she wide scholars, and critics. InTeen ​Binspiration ​,for Michelle tells the story of again tovariety Oakland of withreaders, her mother and her brother. He attended aecoming labor school and became the first cable car conductor death of her mother from lung cancer. She was very distant from the in San Francisco. nameless women, subjets ofthe rape, bandonment, abortion andthoughts dometc and research of significant Black female historical figures, the second addressing Walker’s written in theon past about resilience of women to overcome remainder of her her family, her as father, brother,meeting and sister.her Herhusband, downward her life growing up onadvocate the south side of of Chicago, time a lawyer, magazine, being a strong for coverage politics and social justice. She believed it was important for

spiraland hadShe a huge impact on herworker, marriage to her husband. The two She had many on professions her young adulthood. anything. She was describes a fry cook, women a sex asasbeing awomen nightclub “smooth a milk and and performer, thick as a commentary the Civilin Rights Movement, the third addressing Black in dancer the context ofdivorced society violence. Shange originally wrote them separate poems in 1974. Her and she began using opioids. In order to change her life, and endalso her Barack Obama well as and herBess experience being ofa the mother. takesLeadership readersConference. into her She life and cast member of the as opera ​Porgy ​,​ a​ nd a coordinator SouthernShe Christian honey”. Her second book, The Sun and Her Flowers was published in October 2017, and explores themes of readers to become politically engaged. Under her leadership, Teen Vogue produced its first Youtube channel, she decided to partake trail, alone, zero hiking throughasWalker’s worked a journalist eyes. in Ghana. Reading ​In Searchsuffering, of Our Mothers Gardens is trulyonanthis experience and with it is considered writing style is very unique, utilizing African American vernacular and the experiences that have made her who she is. She shares the highlights of her life as well as experience. Wild shows the stories of her life that lead to her downward spiral and the ones that motivated her to keep loss, trauma and revolution. Today, Kaur performs her poetry across the world. Kaur also has a large social to be a staple text of womanist and Black feminist literature. Angelou’s work is held She inthat high esteem because of groundbreaking nature of herbecame writing. shifted the way going on her journey. had many spiritual awakenings onaudience. the journey as also well asmemoir physical and mental challenges. The and featured content engaged readers ofthe a diverse SHe author toThis a memoir, media following asTimes anto“instapoet” itItpersonal as platform elevate her work.inspires unusual punctuation create syncopation. has beenlives. turned into aIt Broadway and play asMore well the disappointments. From aandwise perspective, Michelle Obama readers toinbe the African publicly discussed their Ittoalso helped increase black feminist writings the book is aAmerican New Yorkwomen Bestseller and is uses included ina Oprah’s Book Club. was published inOff-Broadway 2012. 1970s.

than Enough: Claiming for who arestories no matter they say,the in June 2019. authors of their own truths, theiryou own andwhat overcome odds. as a 2010 theatrical


Feminist Five

“[a womanist]  Loves  music.  Loves  dance.  Loves  the  moon.  Loves 

“Every  girl,    beauty no    matter  butterfly, where    she   rarely lives,    deserves   theor      “Nobody will protect you from your su ering. You can't crythe itstruggle. away the   Spirit. Loves love and   food   and roundness. Loves “We delight in the of the but admit changes  from now on in i will sayon things like youofiareloved resilient, or you are  “I learned early the magic life is having a vision,  “i found god myself and i loved her her fiercely”  eat opportunity it away or starve it  awaydevelop or walk  itthe away or punch  it away or  even    to   promise inside of  itLoves has gone through to achieve that beauty.”maya ANgelou   having faith, and then going for it.”Elaine Welteroth theit away. Folk. Loves herself. Regardless.”    survive therapy It's just there, and you have to it. have to i  extraordinary not because i don’t think you’re beautiful butYoubecause ― Ntozake Shange  her.”it.-Michelle   endure You have toObama live through it and love it and move on and be  - Alice   youasarefarmore need you know rupi kaur of your best and    better fortoitWalker and run as youthan canthat” in the―direction happiest dreams across the bridge that was built by your own desire to    heal.”-Cheryl Strayed  

Ntozake Shange was an American playwright, and self proclaimed   Michelle  LaVaughn   Robinson   Obama,   firstrelated   Black  First   Ladyand   of Black the  United   Black feminist. Much of her  the works to race Alice Walker is an African American poet, novelist, playwright andpower. activist.  

States ofI Know Why the Caged Bird Sings    America, was  born   January   17th,   1964.   She   is who married than  on Enough: space for you  to are (no    was written in 1969 by writer and  She was More born Paulette LindaClaiming Williams in October of 1948 in  Barack Trenton, She   the was  44th born in rural Eatonton, Georgia in 1944. She was South born Obama,   president   of  the   United  States.   Michelle   grew  up   on  the   to New Jersey. She attended a white elementary school ate the Brown poet Maya Angelou. This is the first book in an seven part volume  Side  of  Chicago,  Illinois.   Herwhat   mother   was   a ishousewife   and   her  father   was  a  city  matter they say) a memoir written by Elaine sharecropping parents and was thedecision, youngestwhere of eight children. Sheand grew up v. Board of Education court she was bullied water  plant   employee.  The  family  lived  in  the  South  Shore  community  area,  series. It is a coming of age story that uncovers Angelou’s character,  racist attacks. age she  and developed ansegregated   It isFrom considered be the millennial version of  which sheendured  south rentedduring  Welteroth. from  her   Civil great   Rights aunt.a  young She   to attended Princeton   University, in   the the Movement, attended childhood trauma and experiences with racism. The book begins when    appreciation for She  and attended Barnard College atRupi Columbia following  her   brother   to Honey the the same   graduated   cumwritten   laude  inby  1985.  She   Milkgraduated and ​ isarts. a  school poetry and prose Kaur. schools. She as the valedictorian ofbook the  only black high school Cheryl   Strayed   is   an   American   writer,   novelist and   podcast   host. Michelle Obama’s Becoming. The book is a partial manifesto, recalls  inAngelou is very young and leaves St Louis to live with her grandparents    her   memoir in that   herYork   teachers  her toStudies.  not applyShe  to an  Ivyher  League    She  University New City advised in American got masters was    born    too inpublished   Spangler,   in2014   1968.   She   later    moved   to  It was on   Pennsylvania November 4th, over school  for  fear  of  setting  expectations   that were Upon attending  sheand  explained  changed that it 77 wasBlack   available to her in  high. her  town. She went  Princeton on to attend thelasted Historically degree from USC in Los Angeles. Around this time, she her in Stamps, Arkansas at the age of three. The story follows her sexual  Minnesota,   where   her   parents   divorced.   She   lived   in   a   home   that   her   and partial memoir that retells the upbringing and rise to the first time that she was aware of her race.   weeks on the New York Times Best Seller List. The book is divided name to Ntozake which means " ​ she who comes with her own things" family   themselves,She   which   did  notand   have   electricity,   orfrom   plumbing Institution, Spelman College for women, on a  built, full scholarship. transferred later graduated Sarah  assault, depression and inferiority complex growing up. It evolves to show her upbringing into a young woman,  Post  graduation,  she  earned  her  J.D.  from  Harvard  Law  School with more confidence. She later worked  until she moved away for college.   in Zulu. of Elaine Welteroth. Welteroth climbed the ranks of into 4success which reflect journey from “Hurting” at  the College law  firm,in   Sidley   Austin,   where   she   met  chapters Barack   Obama.   Michelle  aalso   worked   as  an   assistant  inspiration to  the  Lawrence New  and York in 1965. her senior year she had an abortion, which was theto who learns how to speak up for herself and combat racism. It highlights themes of identity, rape, racism and    During Chicago  mayor  in  1991.  Obama  gained    an   important  She position in  in 1996   as   executive   director   of  acommunity   She graduated  writes the  she University of her Minnesota   with BA   infirst   English   “Healing”. lowercase letters, shifts media andoffashion, claiming titles along theher way. In her  from memoir describes experience as a the biracial for her poetry and​For prose during adulthood. After college, shewhen became an editor between of celebrated literacy.   Her much most popular writings, Colored Girls Who Have Considered Suicide the Rainbow is Enuf, coined affairs  at  the  University  of  Chicago  Hospitals.   She  worked   there   2008   when   the lung   primary   campaign for  was  and  Women’s   Studies.   Her  until  mother  died  from  cancer  when she and  in second person and breaks many of the traditional rules groundbrakig dramatic formulathenovels. consisting poetry, music and song. She presidency began.   a choreopoem, senior   college.   She  of frequently  movement writes   about   the   of ofof Our her   her Ms. Magazine began publishing she published her most popular works, In  impact Search woman growingand up in a small town, to how sheSoon found herself constructing adance, through social media mother’s death on her life.   Michelle of Obama   became  one   of  thepage   most   prolificShe   celebrities   ofShe  way her also time   as  First   Lady   of  Writing the   United became anassocite the Women’s Institute for Freedom of the Press. taught Creative at the rites this to honor her culture, specifically The book is the most highly acclaimed of all her autobiographies. It became a bestseller, immediately after  Mothers Gardens, an The Color Purple , which waspoetry. later adopted into an award winning movie and Broadway States.of  She  played  anShe  exceptionally  active  downfalls role in  issues  and  campaigns  that mattered  to her.  of the  major ashe and fashion. She shows her shortcomings, ultimate success as a woman in Some America. Overall, University Houston. also played a major part inand the Black Arts Movement, with her writing creating In   addition   to   her   memoir,   Wild,   and   a   few   novels,   Strayed Gurmukhi script. It is her intention for her writing to be accessible being published. The book catapulted her to fame and has never been out of frame. It has also ushered in an  issues   that   she   countered   were   homelessness,   women’s   rights,   LGBT   rights,   and   health   of   children.    has She   also  musical. Today, Walker is a mother to fellow author, Rebecca Walker, and continues to write an give speeches. Black Aesthetic. published   work   in   The   Washington   Post  ,   T   he   New   York   Times  ,   Vogue,   Tin   House  ,   and   several   other   papers garnered   a  successful   public   image   inthemes   popular  culture, for  doubting her  fashion  include statements,  that discipline and presence.  Her  and  hopes to translate to young girls everywhere who may  be themselves, they self are care moreand than and easy for the reader to follow.. The explored in this work abuse, love, era of black women publishing autobiography in a shameless manner. Today, it is still a prominent book in high  magazines.  She  also  contributed  to  a  popular  advice  column  in  The  Rumpus,  known  as  “Dear  Sugar”.  She  has  latest venture post‑presidency has been the release of her memoir  Becoming , in 2018.  

also co‑hosted the   Dear Sugars  podcast for four years. She considers herself a feminist activist.   Shange school classrooms and college classes.   heartbreak. enough.died in her sleep in October of 2018 at 70 years old.    


THIS Month at BALI

Looking LookingFor forEnrichment Enrichment Opportunities? Opportunities? American Museum of Natural History​ various teen programs run through the American Museum of

Black Natural Girls Code Historyoffers programming and events in coding for African American girls. Black Girls Code​ offers and eventsand in coding for African American girls. Brotherhood/Sister Sol programming offers afterschool summer programming in relationshipbuilding, self/global awareness, social justice, leadership development, and more. Some of Brotherhood/Sister Sol​ offers afterschool and summer programing in relationship-building, self/global their programs are gender-specific. awareness, social justice, leadership development, and more. Some of their programs are gender-specific.

ChickTech offers programming and mentorship in STEM for high school girls. ChickTech​ offers programming and mentorship in STEM for high school girls.

Curious Jane offers classes and summer programming in science, theatre, arts and crafts, and more for girls. Columbia University​ pre-college programs for high school students run through Columbia University. DigitalCurious Girl, Inc. at high to provideinprogramming andand offers Jane​ works offers classes and schools summer programming science, theatre, in artsSTEM and crafts, moretech for workshops girls. for the community. Girl,works Inc. ​works at highschools schools totoprovide STEM andrace, offers and tech workshops for Girl BeDigital Heard in high teachprogramming girls aboutingender, class through theand community. theatre, offers workshops and performances. Generation ​ encourages civic engagement in youthand through an action civics class. Girl Vow offers Citizen education, mentorship, advocacy, life skills training for girls. Girl Be Heard​ works in high schools to teach girls about gender, race, and class through theatre, and

Girls for Gender Equity offers programming in community advocacy, leadership, and social offers workshops and performances. justice for girls. Girl Vow​ offers education, mentorship, advocacy, and life skills training for girls.

Girls Inc. offers programming in statistical analysis, economic literacy, leadership and community STEM,offers media literacy,inathletics, education, Girls foraction, Gender Equity​ programming community sexual advocacy,health leadership, and socialsubstance justice for abuse prevention, girls. self-defense, and more for girls ages 6-18. Girls Inc.​ offersoffers programming analysis, economic literacy, and community action,day Girls Leadership Parentin&statistical Daughter workshops, parentleadership education, and summer media literacy, athletics, campsSTEM, for girls entering gradessexual 4 andhealth 5. education, substance abuse prevention, self-defense, and more for girls ages 6-18.

Girls on the Run offers a physical activity based youth development program for girls in gradesGirls 3-8.Leadership ​offers Parent & Daughter workshops, parent education, and summer day camps for girls entering grades 4 and 5.

Girls Who Code offers afterschool and summer programming in coding for middle and high Girls on the Run ​offers a physical activity based youth development program for girls in grades 3-8. school girls. Girls Who Code​ offers afterschool and summer programming in coding for middle and high school girls.

Girls Write Now offers mentoring programs in writing, digital media, and college preparation for girls. Girls Write Now​ offers mentoring programs in writing, digital media, and college preparation for girls.



Click for More MoreInfo! Info! ClickononProgram programNames names For GOALS for Girls  offers year‑round programming, a summer intensive, weekend forums, and internships  in STEM for middle and high school girls.    LOVE Mentoring  works at high schools to deliver small‑group mentoring for young Latinas.     Life is Precious  offers individual and groups counseling, arts therapy, academic support, and nutritional  and fitness activities to prevent suicide among young Latinas.     Lower Eastside Girls Club  provides programming in STEM, business, art, leadership, and advocacy, as  well as mentoring for girls in grades 6‑12.     Northeast Regional Alliance (NERA) MedPrep Program  a preparatory program for students between  junior high and college who wish to pursue careers in the medical field. The NERA MedPrep program has  partnerships with five medical institutions including the Columbia University College of Physicians and  Surgeons.     NYC GREAT!  offers programming and mentoring in college and career readiness for high school girls.    NYU GSTEM  is a six‑week summer program for high school girls during the summer between their junior  and senior years who have high aptitude in STEM subjects.     Powerplay NYC  works in elementary, middle, and high schools to offer after‑school programming in  physical activity and healthy living.    Soul Sisters Leadership Collective  works in schools to offer workshops to explore issues faced by young  women of color.     Summer Health Professions Education Program  a free summer enrichment program for college students  pursuing health professions.     The Whitney Museum of Art  arts programs and events for teens at the Whitney Museum of American  Art.    Vibe Theatre Experience  offers theatre and media programming for girls ages 13‑19.    Willie Mae Rock Camp for Girls  offers after‑school and summer music programming for girls.    Young Women's Christian Association  an organization that informs women on societal issues that affect  them and encourages them to vote     



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The Bella Bulletin Newsletter: October/November 2019 Issue  

The Bella Bulletin Newsletter: October/November 2019 Issue