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The Bella Bulletin APRIL 2019

Happy birthday to… American jazz singer, Ella Fitzgerald

Op-Ed on, “Audre Lorde” Content Creator, Sofia Baluyut discusses how writer and activist, Audre Lorde used her work to express the importance of equality for all.


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Women’s History of the month:



Activism Through Art The Supreme logo, with its blocky white Black, lesbian, mother,iconic warrior, poet. These Lately, Frida Kahlo’s visage seems toare be text over a bright red background, has the words, among that Audre everywhere! You canothers, see images of herLorde face become tobags people of younger popping well-known up often on tote on the subway, (1934-1992) used to describe herself. generations. TheCaribbean-American company itself has buttons the Strand, countless Instagram Lorde, a from famous feminist posts, andsomewhat even street art. But truly who grew up inNYC Harlem, would holdto with many become synonymous honor this artist who centered womanhood, jobs--as an essayist, a poet, an activist, consumerism. But though the company hasa radical personal at struggles in her novelist,politics, and and a her professor reached widespread fame, we institutions may not work, we Hunter should learn more about her history including College--always existing in all know the 74-year-old feminist and and her art. of those identities. anti-capitalist artist whose work inspired the design.

Barbara Kruger was born in Newark, New Jersey in 1945, and eventually went to Now, Lorde is perhaps best known for her school at born Syracuse University andMexico. Parsons Frida was in 1907work. in ​Coyoacán, At writing and published This included works School being hired​, and by 18, she was seriously bus accident, such as of herDesign poetry before inhurt ​TheaBlack Unicorn her would continue to be affected by entitled those injuries Conde Nast. Within these “biomythography” about her institutions life ​Zand ami: for the rest of her life. Her recovery, however, A New Spelling of My Name , ​ published journals her eventual establishment in the art world,is what her to painting. Later,illness at 22, called she began from led her time dealing with ​The Kruger says that her childhood experiences her relationship Riveraof and Cancer Journals, with and Diego a collection hertraveled essays and familyhis circumstance continued to to artistic​Although career. Their in support ​Sister Outsider. somerelationship of these influence her perspective. growing up was including prose, a Not yearlong worksfraught, are technically Lorde’s divorce poetic followed by ​she their remarriage, and she many upper says​ , means that is leaningsclass, come through in the richness and extramarital affairs for both (Frida engaged “from classandthan most of myin honestya ofdifferent her language emotion. affairs with both men and women). colleagues [....] I'm sensitized to issues of Lordeand was integral to discussions of feminism race difference.” Her art often reflected the painful relationships and womanism in the 1960s-1980s, particularly she had with her own body and with Diego. In in the ways she celebrated Black and queer her painting ​The Broken Column,​ she depicts womanhood, and brought the flaws in the physical pain; in ​Henry Ford Hospital,​ she paints white feminist movement to light. In her essay about her experience of miscarriage. Following “​Age, Race, Class, Sex: Women Redefining her divorce with Diego, she painted ​Self Portrait Difference​,” published in the collection ​Sister with Cropped Hair,​ where she represents an Outsider​, ​Lorde critiques the ways that white androgynous version of herself in reaction to women ignore the multifaceted experience of her difficult relationship. all women and thus become racist and exclusionary their approach to feminism: “By Perhaps mostin importantly, however, her work and large within the women’s movement today, was also Kruger deeply political. Frida herself was mixed-race, Though supported as an white womensure focustoupon their oppression as and made particularly represent artist and educator for some time aftersexual her women and ignore differences of race, indigenous culture in her art. This interest in job at Conde Nast, really atook off preference, class, andher There pretense and centering of indigenous cultureis made her a to a homogeneity of experience covered the part of the Mexicanidad movement. Sheby often word ​sisterhood that does not in fact exist.” In

after around 1980. She began collecting the sameherself essay, Lorde alsoTehuana critiquestraditional the ways painted wearing found black-and-white imagery, and printed that folks with tomarginalized dress, which calls an indigenousidentities, Zapotec social atop them in blocky culturecommentary where women are key societal particularly Black, queer, andgiven women-identified lettering. Her background as a graphic roles. Her iconic painting T ​ he Two Fridas can be folk, are expected to educate white/privileged interpreted, part, as a discussion of herher mixed people about struggles and lead oppressions. designer forinatheir magazine helped to heritage; she is shown holding hands with She writes that such a dynamic allows this attention-grabbing, pithy style; the herself, where one versiontheir of herself isand in “oppressors positionstark black, white,[to] andmaintain red colors appear European dress, and for the their otherown in traditional evade responsibility actions.” and clear,wear. while her pronoun Tehuana Sheadvocated also ​a​hmbiguous onored connection Lorde ultimately for aa recognition use engages the reader. (Where with directly nature through paintings likeof​Roots and and acceptance of the difference peoples’ Self Portrait with Monkey ​ . Frida also held might ​you rather stand, instance, in the experience, thanfor a rejection (othering) or Communist beliefs throughout her lifetime, ignoring of them. phrasing “your gaze hits the side of my attending protests, supporting workers, and face?”) Kruger also strove to ​Smake her art critiquing the lives capitalistic U.S. these elf-portrait on Lorde’s legacy on through ideas and accessible by literally placing it in public the the United her Borderline writings, asBetween well as Mexico in someand organizations. spaces: her art has been on b ​ uses​ , ​sides States is one such painting where her love of an The ​Audre Lorde Project​, for example,the is named independent, pre-colonial Mexico is clearly of buildings​ , ​skate and more.organizing after her, and worksparks​ as a,community contrasted with her negative experiences of the center based in Brooklyn that serves “Lesbian, United States. Gay, Bisexual, Two-Spirit, Transpieces and Gender One of her most famous was Non an Conforming (LGBTSTGNC) People of Color image of a white woman split in half, one Communities.” half where the colors are inverted, with the words ​“your body is a battleground.” This was Kruger’s art piece for the 1989 Women’s March on Washington, and it reflects her pro-choice sentiments while calling cis women to action over their reproductive rights. Of course, there is so much more to learn and honor about Frida Kahlo. It is important that she is not whitewashed and that the legacy of her Though her work was published as many as fifty beliefs live on just as much as her image. years Thoughago, sheLorde’s wouldwords later and be experience claimed asstilla ring true tofor thisdifferent day andfeminist offer much to learn figurehead movements, from. Although this is just a small sampling of there was more to her work and her life than her and thought, and it one-dimensional is difficult if not can voice be revealed in these reductionist to distill her work into athinking single understandings of her. To continue takeaway, one and of Lorde’s messages is about Frida her important legacy, there is an to recognize the complexity and totality of exhibition of her artwork ​at the Brooklyn differences within others’ experience. (In other Museum running from February 8–May 12, words, she is recognizing what would later be 2019, and ​Teen Vogue and ​The Independent termed “intersectionality” scholar points Kimberlé offer articles that can serveby as starting to Crenshaw.) After all, as Lorde recognized in her discuss the contrast between Frida’s image 1982 “​Learning From ‘60s​politics ,” “There is beingspeech commodified and the the actual she no such stood for.thing as a single-issue struggle because we do not live single-issue lives.”


Headlines of the Month Representative Ocasio-Cortez and Senator Markey Introduce Green New Deal

Kenya Postpones Court Decriminalizing Gay Sex



On March 15th during Friday prayers, two Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Tuesday, April 2nd, ​Lori Lightfoot made history mosques in Christchurch, New Zealand faced Senator Edward J Markey have recently by becoming first female, gay,Tarrant and Black mass shootings​the . Shooter Brenton first introduced a congressional resolution, Called Mayor of Chicago. Lightfoot was a first-time targeted Masjid Al Noor, killing 42 worshippers, the ​Green aimed at limiting candidate in New a race of long-time established and then moved on toDeal Linwood Masjid, killing 7. greenhouse gas emissions and making other Chicago politicians including former Cook Tarrant supposedly used several firearms that significantBoard changes in the United in order County President Toni States Preckwinkle, were legally purchased (but are suspected to to combat climate change. The resolution former U.S. Commerce Secretary Bill Daley, have been enhanced), and there were proposes a “10-year mobilization” a “Green state Comptroller Susana Mendoza,orand former explosives attached to multiple vehicles at the New HallDeal mobilization” that President involves City operator and school board sites of the attacks. . Authorities have reported completely transitioning to the use of Gery Chico. However, an FBI investigation of the that there is clear Tarrant would have renewable and alderman zero-emission energy sources, longest-serving in Chicago’s history, continued to mosques had heincumbent not been upgrading all attack buildings inthethe50-year United States to Edward Burke, exposed caught. Tarrant also live streamed the attack on power-efficient buildings,The eliminating pollutiona of attempted extortion. scandal became Facebook and left a 74-page anti-immigrant andbreak greenhouse gasdueemission big for Lightfoot to the factfrom that allthe of manifesto. Tarrant, who’s Australian, manufacturing industry, the were transportation the other long-term candidates connected supposedly toagricultural Christchurch for down the sole industry, industry, and to Burke. and Incame thetheend, the race came to creating new, jobsboth in training clean energy purpose for other people and Lightfoot and high-paying Preckwinkle, essentially industries. for The proposal works advocating for this the attack. samealso issues, liketowards more preparing Four people were eliminating inequalities around climate change, affordable housing, police reform, arrested and suspected of department having connections demands that all people in the United and bringing more city resources into to the incident, but Tarrant is the only one who States have clean air and water, and impoverished neighborhoods. Butclimate Lightfoot has been ​charged with murder. With the whole community resiliency, healthy food, access to presented herself as a needed change for country reeling from this rare instance the of nature, and a sustainable environment. city government and argued against the immense gun violence, New Zealand Prime Ocasio-Cortez and Markey introduced this aldermanic privileges that have allowed for Edward Minister Jacinda Ardern has already taken steps resolution because Greenhouse emissions Burke’s actions. Lightfoot was agas trailblazer in to change ​New Zealand’s gun laws. ​Ardern has are election the cause some of the worst this in moreofways than one. Despite the assured that, starting mid-April, there will be an consequences of climate change. Accordinghad to fact that her well-established opponents official ban on assault rifles. Furthermore, the research that this proposition carbon more than enough funding for theircites, campaigns, Ardern isin planning establishing emissions the UnitedonStates are rose by 3.4%a her grassroots campaign washas still strong enough buy-back program inAnd order to confiscate of lastwin year, if climate change proceeds inallthis to theand election. although her identity the newly banned weapons. wasn’t a pattern major part ofworld her campaign, current the will face Lightfoot extreme is only disasters the third and African-American mayor of natural the United States alone Chicago, and herof election makes Chicago the will lose billions dollars. According to Senate United largestMitch city to elect an openly gay MajorityStates’ Leader McConnell, the mayor. resolution will be brought to the floor for a vote within the next few weeks.

Anti-leftist Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro A group of armed individuals known as the This Friday, February 22nd, Kenya’s high court was and his administration have released plansOps to United Constitutional Patriots Border scheduled to rule on d ​ ecriminalizing gay sex​ take ​women’s and LGBTQ historymigrants out of school. detained 300judges asylum-seeking However, the have claimed that more near time textbooks​ . These plans have been one of many Sunland Park, New Mexico in mid-April. This is needed to review the evidence, and as a result, moves ofmade by are President Bolsonarofrom to group individuals all independent the vote has been ​postponed until May​. This vote drastically change theBorder education system of the Customs Patrolfor (CBP) and was US going to be and major landmark LGBTQ+ Brazil. In addition to proposing the changes to therefore did face not immense have the discrimination legal jurisdiction Kenyans, who on the detain migrants. Yet, spokesman the textbooks, Education Ministry has basis ofthese their the sexuality. Many of them arefor barred United Constitutional Patriots from promotions, hired for Jim certain,Benvie jobs, disbanded it’s getting diversity department​ and and having access to education and health claimed that the detention of these migrants Bolsonaro has previously made comments services. Furthermore, many physical was and rid equivalent to experience ​“a about verbalwomen’s citizen’s aboutlegal getting of questions harassment, abuse, and incarceration. Activists arrest.” This particular chapter of the United and LGBTQ rights movements from national claim that the vote not only has a wide influence Constitutional Patriots these has been stationed near exams. For Bolsonaro, drastic changes to on Kenya, but other African countries as well. Gay the border for two months, but there are many the education are reasonable responses sex illegalwho insystem most countries, but the of itsis kind have African been doing this work for to the low ranking of Brazilian educational issue has recently been brought to attention in years​. According to this particular group, their systems by theAngola, ​OECD​. He claimsgaythatsex “​Onewas of places like where purpose is to support the CBP and they plan on decriminalized January, and Botswana, the goals to getback Brazilinout of the worst positions remaining in the area until President Trump’s where the matter will be voted on inisMarch. The in international combat border wall is education built. The rankings governor, tothe New opposition to repealing the law comes primarily the Marxist that hasCivil spread in Mexico chapterrubbish of the American Liberties from religious groups, such as the Kenyan educational institutions​ ” Many ofallBolsonaro’s Union (ACLU) and the .Forum, CBP have expressed Christian Professionals who claim that reforms are anrecent attack events. on the legacy of ​Paulo concern over The governor’s same-sex relationships are examples of damaging Freire​ aperversion prominent late Brazilian socialist who office overtlyand condemned sexual, has that therethe is aincident, history believed in equal education supported by the saying ​"That migrant families might be menaced within Kenyan culture of excluding homosexuality. federal government. to the immense or threatened in any Due way, shape form is Advocates for repealing the laws sayorthe exact completely unacceptable."​ , and of ensuring that backlash Bolsonaro’s plans to opposite: received that a by history accepting homosexuality has been prevalent in Kenyan authorities will investigate and allocate change textbooks, officials claimed that the culture.had Advocates for the lawIn point the to punishment where developed necessary. addition, plans been byalso a previous Kenya’s landmark 2 ​ 010 constitution​ , which is ACLU admits that while these groups have the administration and were accidentally published. revered for being progressive. According to these constitutional to aorganize, theydrastic are However, thereright is still threat of advocates, it would be hypocritical for the Kenyan concerned the rhetoric the changes towith the how education system.from Current government tohas claim to ensurethese the groups rights ofwho its White House empowered Education Minister Ricardo Velez strongly citizens the constitution while still supporting are bothin armed and untrained. Furthermore, stands with Bolsonaro and has vowed to fight laws that clearly discriminate against a of the CBP claims that while they haveportion been in back theseagainst citizens.“gender ideology.” contact with the United Constitutional Patriots, they do not work with them or condone what they have done.


Headlines of the Month Equal Rights Amendment Failed to Pass in  Virginia

  This  month,   Virginian   state  government  had   Early   this    the month,   three   historically   Black   the   opportunity   to   become   the   needed   38th churches  in  Louisiana  were   burned  down  over   state  to  ratify   the   Equal  Rights Organizers   and   participants   of  Amendment    Malaysia’s  the  course  of  ten  days .  The  culprit,  Holden  (ERA);   a   piece   of   legislation,   o   riginating  in  1923  ,   International   Women’s    Day   march   have been Matthews,   21,   has   been c   harged   with   arson   and that  states  “Equality  of  rights  under  the  law   targeted    be by   denied the   agovernment   extremist with committing    hate   crime  ,  and aby  charge   that   shall  not or  abridged   the  United conservative  The  march,  which was States  or  by   groups. any  state   on   of    sex.” The   authorities   were hesitant   account to  confirm. The  held first ERA   was    9th, passed by   Congress in   Port 1972,    and but   on   March   was   attended   by    hundreds Church,   St.   Mary   Baptist   Church in   Barre, required    the approval    38demands:   states  by    1982 to   focused on   down five    central to  end was  burned on   of March   26,  followed   by   become  official.  By  1982  only  35  states  had  violence    Union based   Baptist on    gender sexual  Greater Church    and  Mount given  their  approval.  Despite  the  fact  that  the  orientation,   end   child ensure   a   Pleasant  Church   in  marriages, Opelousas.  for   M deadline  Baptist is  expired,   many advocates  atthews the ERA woman's   freedom   to  to choices over    her was arrested about   make     weeks    after the   have    initiated   efforts  two extend   or  eradicate deadline   so   that   upon   the  a   approval of   a  38th  own  body  Evidence and   life,   ensure dignified minimum incident. found against     Matthews state,   ERA   could    still   have the  of   potential   to   included   videos   and   photos   on   his phone  of the wage,   the and ensure   the destruction   patriarchy. become a national law.  Illinois and Nevada have  church burnings,   records to  the  Since    allies   and  phone   members   of   traced the    LGBTQ both  approved  the  amendment  since  the  1982  locations the  fires,   anti‑Baptist community   demonstrated their   support   for   one the   deadline,  ofleaving   the  and   country with   messages only posted    onto his  Facebook   page.   Matthews   is   march, anti‑LGBTQ     amendment. groups   criticized    and state  left   to  ratify   the   During the currently being   held   46‑day in  prison,   out  of  many concern state   government’s    General    Assembly attacked    the   march online, stripping   of   session, Virginia   given   the  opportunity to   that might   commit crime   until    his their   he  privacy     was and    another threatening them. be   that   final   state  .   Efforts   to   get   the   amendment    case   goes  to  five court   in  after September.   The  itthree Furthermore,   days   the   march,   was   passed  in  Virginia  have  failed  before,  but  churches   that   had  an were   immense announced   that    he the   targeted seven  organizers  to this  be    advocates  were more   hopeful   of  its success community   value   and   were   all  over   100 years   year  this with    the the   party probed   by   year the   police for   aDemocrats,   potential   violation  of old.   had Many   worshippers  the linked   arms   and  prayed   that   demonstrated   most   support for   the the  Peaceful  Assembly  Act and the Sedition Act.   as   the  churches went    the down   in  flames. amendment,   almost    having   majority   House  The  organizer’s  responded  to  the  of   Delegates.   The   ERA   passed   in   the   Senate,  but  Matthews’  act  of  targeting  predominantly  Black announcement   that   they   were   willing   to   comply   was   voted the  House   subcommittee. churches   is  against   part  of   ina  larger   American   history  of   with   probe,  are   but  critical   felt  as   of though   it  was   being Many  the   activists   the  fact   that   the  terrorism  against  Black  spaces  of  worship .  amendment   not them   seen  due by  ato  full   committee unfairly   used   was against  their  cause. In  However,   many  activists   have  called attention  to  and   suggest   that   if   the amendment   had fact,  the  organizers  explicitly  followed  the  been rules   this   incident   have   raised money to  support allowed   this  and provision,   it   might    have   been   set   out   by   the   Peaceful   Assembly   Act   by  efforts to rebuild these historic churches.  passed.  Although  Virginia  did  not  become  the  notifying officials   days   before   the  march. In     the  ten   ERA,   North   Carolina   will   be  state  to   save undergoing   a  similar   process   which addition,   the  Sedition   Act  is  ina  March vague   in piece   of    the   ERA   will   be   once   again   considered that   has   historically been  used   for to    legislation ratification.  

prohibit any criticism of the government.     

 A  Record Number of 6 Women are Running for    President

The  2020  presidential  election  has  more    Friday,   March   22nd, Selene   Saavedra   Roman,   Ina   women   running    in  12, it   than   ever  before. On  Friday,   April transgender   woman  flight   attendant   and have   Deferred for  previous   years, there  been  n  oAction  more than Muhlaysia  Booker was  brutally beaten by a large  two   women   running   in   the   primaries   at   the Childhood  Arrivals  (DACA)  recipient  from  Peru,   group of  people   after   a   minor   traffic  election, accident   same  time.   In  the   2020 presidential was   r   eleased   from   an   immigration   detention outside  of   the  Crest  apartment  in   however,  six  Royal women   have   already complex   declared center after   6   weeks  detained   was   their    candidacy.    of The candidates include Dallas, Texas. A  video   being of    the   incident .  She depicts scheduled   to  fly    to   Mexico   by   her   airline,   Mesa   Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Booker  surrounded by  a   large group   ofWarren,   people, California   Senator   Harris, airlines,   early     last   Kamala February,   but   to  shirt the   some  shouting following   a  man   in   a due  Minnesota white Senator   Amy   Klobuchar,   New   York   Senator unstable   of   and the   kick DACA   program   had    starting   tonature   punch   her   to  the  she ground. Kirsten  Gillibrand,  Hawaiian  Congresswoman  to   ask the  company  if  in she  would  be  let  back after  into   Several others   joined   the assault Tulsi    Gabbard,   and    author   shortly Marianne   the   United   States.   Unfortunately,   the   airline   and   the   video   ends with   three   women   helping Williamson.  All  of  these  women  are  running  mistakenly   bher that   Booker   would   be   to  as  Democrats, ut  feet.   their  she platforms are  able   vastly Booker   up  told to   her   suffered many different.    For instance, one  a  broken of Senator reenter   the United   States   without   a   problem, facial   injuries,   a   concussion,   and   wrist   Klobuchar’s   main   focuses   of   her   campaign   is   on   her  right arm.   As  of   now,   only   one   man, unaware   of    the   fact that   under   the   Trump combating  the  opioid  crisis,  while  Senator  Edward   Thomas  the man in the cannot  white  shirt  who Administration   D, ACA return  to   Harris  is  known   for recipients her  focus  on  civil   rights allegedly  assault,  has been arrested the   States the   after traveling   abroad  .  Not   and  United her  initiated legislation   for    middle‑class    tax‑cuts. and   held at   the  Dallas   County jail. As  of  Not  isonly   will   the   Roman   2020   be  historical only is  being   Saavedra  elections a  DACA   recipient,   but for  the    mere   number   of   women   he running for   now,  people  are  still  unsure of  what  has been she was recently   approved   by   Citizenship    and office,   but   for   the   opportunity   for   women   to   charged   for  and   whether   or  not   police  card   will Immigration Services   to  apply   for  the   a  green   be   considered   and   supported   for  their   values    attempt   to   arrest   the   other   people found   in   the since   she  is  married to   simply an  American   citizen. and  arguments,   and   not   because   they   video.   In  addition,   act  will  potentially be   Nonetheless,   it  took  the   a  month   a  doubt half  of that   her are  female  candidates.   There  and is  no labeled   a   David crime,  candidates   despite   the    fact this   surge   hate of  female   running  the for   husband,    Watkins,   her  lawyer, and   that gender   identity   encouraged is  not  considered   in  Texas’   hate president   was   by  and    ato   part   of   Association   of   Flight   Attendants‑CWA   finally the  wave   of women   who   were elected   to  crime   law.    Booker   made her   first   public get   her   out   of   the   detention   center.   According   congress  this   past   year    in20   the appearance   Saturday, April   at    midterm a  press   to   her  husband, Saavedra   Roman  struggled  with   elections, deemed   thanked to  be  “The conference   inin  what which  some  she repeatedly  her  anxiety   and  depression  while  being  inside  the  Year of the Woman.”   supporters   and  her  “transgender  family.”  She   detention  center,  unsure  when  she  would  be  also     began  her  speech  by  saying  that  she  was  able  to  leave.  As  of  now,  there  are  around  grateful   that  she  was  well  enough  to  speak  to  700,000   individuals  protected  by  DACA  status,  everyone  due  to  the  fact  that  many  other  but   the  program   no longer  accepting any new transgender   hate  is  crimes   result   in  the   death   of   applicants.   the victim.    


Happy Women’s Month! Enjoy this month’s picks of inspirational Maya Angelou was born on April 4th, 1924 in St. Louis, Missouri. This  women to honor and Michelle cherish during Month. This month  Obama’s Women’s latest book, Becoming month (her birthday month) we’ll honor her life and work.(2018), ​is her we’ve got short stories! autobiographical memoir. The book sold approximately 725,000 copies in the United States on the first day, making it the second -​Mayannah Beauvoir, Content creator for the Bella Bulletin  best- selling debut of all books sold in 2018. The book reached   1.4 million copies in the first week, and in about two weeks,

Maya Angelou was an African American poet, singer, memoirist and civil rights activist. She has authored plays, movies and television shows in addition to poetry books and several autobiographies. Her first autobiography, “I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings” details her upbringing in the south up to being a teenager. This book brought her critical acclaim and international praise for her writing and experiences.

Wild: From Lost to Found by Cheryl Strayed is a memoir that tracks her solo

Her full name wasalong Marguerite Annie Johnson. olderStrayed brotherhiked nicknamed Mya. hike the Pacific Crest Trail. Her In 1995, 1,100 her miles from became the best-sold book of the year in 2018. This When her parents separated, she was sent to live in Stamps, Arkansas. She lived with the Mojave Desert, through California and Oregon all the way to the Bridge her paternalofgrandmother, who owned a general store and did well economically the Gods inbook Washington. record-breaking is taking world by storm, captivating though it was the Great Depression. Angelouthe briefly lived with her mother. She was a sexually abused by her mother’s boyfriend. After this experience she became mute for nearly five years. She moved The journey begins with Strayed expressing her disillusionment with the wide scholars, and critics. In ​Baecoming ​, Michelle Obama story of again tovariety Oakland of withreaders, her mother and her brother. He attended labor school and became the firsttells cable the car conductor death of her mother from lung cancer. She was very distant from the in San Francisco.

remainder of her her family, her as father, brother,meeting and sister.her Herhusband, downward her life growing up on the south side of Chicago, time a lawyer,

spiral She had was a huge impact herworker, marriage to her husband. divorceda She had many professions in her young adulthood. a fry cook,on a sex a nightclub dancer The and two performer, and she began using opioids. In order to change her life, and endalso her Barack Obama well as and herBess experience being ofa the mother. takesLeadership readersConference. into her She life and cast member of the as opera ​Porgy ​,​ a​ nd a coordinator SouthernShe Christian suffering, she decided to partake on this trail, alone, with zero hiking worked as a journalist in Ghana.

the experiences that wholead she is. She shares theandhighlights of motivated her life as as experience. Wild shows thehave storiesmade of her her life that to her downward spiral the ones that herwell to keep Angelou’s work is held She in high because awakenings of the groundbreaking nature herasmemoir This shifted the way going on her journey. hadesteem many spiritual on the journey as of well physicalwriting. and mental challenges. The the disappointments. From a wise perspective, Michelle inspires readers toinbe African discussed their personal lives. It also helped black feminist writings the the book is aAmerican New Yorkwomen Times publicly Bestseller and is included in Oprah’s Book Club. It Obama wasincrease published in 2012. 1970s.

authors of their own truths, their own stories and overcome the odds.


Feminist Five girl, noyou  matter  butterfly, where   she lives,   deserves   theor    “Nobody will from su ering. You can't crytheitchanges  away “We“Every delight inprotect the  beauty of theyour but  rarely admit eat opportunity it away or starve it  awaydevelop or walk  itthe away or punch  it away or  even    to   promise inside of  ittherapy has gone through to achieve that beauty.”maya ANgelou   it away. It's just there, and you have to survive it. You have to  her.”it.-Michelle   endure You have toObama live through it and love it and move on and be  better for it and run as far as you can in the direction of your best and  happiest dreams across the bridge that was built by your own desire to  heal.”-Cheryl Strayed   


Michelle LaVaughn  Robinson  Obama,  the  first  Black  First  Lady  of  the  United  States  ofI Know Why the Caged Bird Sings    America,  was  born  on  January  17th,   1964.  She  is  married  to  Barack   was written in 1969 by writer and  Obama,  the  44th  president  of  the  United  States.  Michelle  grew  up  on  the South  poet Maya Angelou. This is the first book in an seven part volume  Side  of  Chicago,   Illinois.  Her  mother  was  a  housewife  and  her  father  was  a  city  water  plant   employee.  The  family  lived  in  the  South  Shore  community  area,  series. It is a coming of age story that uncovers Angelou’s character,    which  she  rented  from  her  great  aunt.  She  attended  Princeton  University,  childhood trauma and experiences with racism. The book begins when  following    her  brother  to  the  same  school  and  graduated  cum  laude in 1985. She    Strayed   is   her an  teachers American   writer,   and to   podcast   host.   She  Angelou is very young and leaves St Louis to live with her grandparents  recalls  inCheryl   her  memoir   that  advised  her  novelist  to not apply  an Ivy League was  born  in  Spangler,  Pennsylvania  in  1968.  She  later  moved  to  school  for  fear  of  setting  expectations  that  were  too  high.  Upon  attending  Princeton she explained that it was  in Stamps, Arkansas at the age of three. The story follows her sexual  Minnesota,   where  her  parents  divorced.  She  lived  in  a  home  that  her  the first time that she was aware of her race.   family  built,  themselves,  which  did  not  have  electricity,  or  plumbing  assault, depression and inferiority complex growing up. It evolves to show her upbringing into a young woman,  Post  graduation,  she  earned  her  J.D.  from  Harvard  Law  School with more confidence. She later worked  until she moved away for college.   at   the   law   firm,   Sidley   and   Austin,   where who learns how to speak up for herself and combat racism. It highlights themes of identity, rape, racism and      she  met  Barack  Obama.  Michelle  also  worked  as  an  assistant  to  the  Chicago  mayor  in  1991.  Obama  gained   important   position   1996  as   executive   director   of  acommunity   She   an graduated   from   the   in University of  Minnesota   with   BA  in  English   literacy.   affairs  at  the  University  of  Chicago  Hospitals.   She  worked   there   2008   when   the lung   primary   campaign for  was  and  Women’s   Studies.   Her  until  mother  died  from  cancer  when she presidency began.   a  senior  in  college.  She  frequently  writes  about  the  impact  of  her    Michelle  Obama  became  onemother’s death on her life.     of  the  most  prolific  celebrities  of  her  time  as  First  Lady  of  the  United  The book is the most highly acclaimed of all her autobiographies. It became a bestseller, immediately after    States. She played an exceptionally active role in issues and campaigns that mattered to her. Some of the major  In  addition  women’s to  her  memoir,   Wild,   and   aand   few   novels, Strayed   has being published. The book catapulted her to fame and has never been out of frame. It has also ushered in an  issues  that  she  countered  were  homelessness,   rights,  LGBT   rights,   health   of  children. She   also  published   work   in   The   Washington   Post  ,   T   he   New   York   Times  ,   Vogue,   Tin   House  ,   and   several   other   papers garnered  a  successful  public  image  in  popular culture, for her fashion statements, discipline and presence. Her  and  era of black women publishing autobiography in a shameless manner. Today, it is still a prominent book in high  magazines.  She  also  contributed  to  a  popular  advice  column  in  The  Rumpus,  known  as  “Dear  Sugar”.  She  has  latest venture post‑presidency has been the release of her memoir  Becoming , in 2018.  

also co‑hosted the   Dear Sugars  podcast for four years. She considers herself a feminist activist.   school classrooms and college classes.      


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Looking for Enrichment Opportunities? American Museum of Natural History​ various teen programs run through the American Museum of

Black Natural Girls Code Historyoffers programming and events in coding for African American girls. Black Girls Code​ offers and eventsand in coding for African American girls. Brotherhood/Sister Sol programming offers afterschool summer programming in relationshipbuilding, self/global awareness, social justice, leadership development, and more. Some of Brotherhood/Sister Sol​ offers afterschool and summer programing in relationship-building, self/global their programs are gender-specific. awareness, social justice, leadership development, and more. Some of their programs are gender-specific.

ChickTech offers programming and mentorship in STEM for high school girls. ChickTech​ offers programming and mentorship in STEM for high school girls.

Curious Jane offers classes and summer programming in science, theatre, arts and crafts, and more for girls. Columbia University​ pre-college programs for high school students run through Columbia University. DigitalCurious Girl, Inc. at high to provideinprogramming andand offers Jane​ works offers classes and schools summer programming science, theatre, in artsSTEM and crafts, moretech for workshops girls. for the community. Girl,works Inc. ​works at highschools schools totoprovide STEM andrace, offers and tech workshops for Girl BeDigital Heard in high teachprogramming girls aboutingender, class through theand community. theatre, offers workshops and performances. Generation ​ encourages civic engagement in youthand through an action civics class. Girl Vow offers Citizen education, mentorship, advocacy, life skills training for girls. Girl Be Heard​ works in high schools to teach girls about gender, race, and class through theatre, and

Girls for Gender Equity offers programming in community advocacy, leadership, and social offers workshops and performances. justice for girls. Girl Vow​ offers education, mentorship, advocacy, and life skills training for girls.

Girls Inc. offers programming in statistical analysis, economic literacy, leadership and community STEM,offers media literacy,inathletics, education, Girls foraction, Gender Equity​ programming community sexual advocacy,health leadership, and socialsubstance justice for abuse prevention, girls. self-defense, and more for girls ages 6-18. Girls Inc.​ offersoffers programming analysis, economic literacy, and community action,day Girls Leadership Parentin&statistical Daughter workshops, parentleadership education, and summer media literacy, athletics, campsSTEM, for girls entering gradessexual 4 andhealth 5. education, substance abuse prevention, self-defense, and more for girls ages 6-18.

Girls on the Run offers a physical activity based youth development program for girls in gradesGirls 3-8.Leadership ​offers Parent & Daughter workshops, parent education, and summer day camps for girls entering grades 4 and 5.

Girls Who Code offers afterschool and summer programming in coding for middle and high Girls on the Run ​offers a physical activity based youth development program for girls in grades 3-8. school girls. Girls Who Code​ offers afterschool and summer programming in coding for middle and high school girls.

Girls Write Now offers mentoring programs in writing, digital media, and college preparation for girls. Girls Write Now​ offers mentoring programs in writing, digital media, and college preparation for girls.



Click on program names For More Info! GOALS for Girls  offers year‑round programming, a summer intensive, weekend forums, and internships  in STEM for middle and high school girls.    LOVE Mentoring  works at high schools to deliver small‑group mentoring for young Latinas.     Life is Precious  offers individual and groups counseling, arts therapy, academic support, and nutritional  and fitness activities to prevent suicide among young Latinas.     Lower Eastside Girls Club  provides programming in STEM, business, art, leadership, and advocacy, as  well as mentoring for girls in grades 6‑12.     Northeast Regional Alliance (NERA) MedPrep Program  a preparatory program for students between  junior high and college who wish to pursue careers in the medical field. The NERA MedPrep program has  partnerships with five medical institutions including the Columbia University College of Physicians and  Surgeons.     NYC GREAT!  offers programming and mentoring in college and career readiness for high school girls.    NYU GSTEM  is a six‑week summer program for high school girls during the summer between their junior  and senior years who have high aptitude in STEM subjects.     Powerplay NYC  works in elementary, middle, and high schools to offer after‑school programming in  physical activity and healthy living.    Soul Sisters Leadership Collective  works in schools to offer workshops to explore issues faced by young  women of color.     Summer Health Professions Education Program  a free summer enrichment program for college students  pursuing health professions.     The Whitney Museum of Art  arts programs and events for teens at the Whitney Museum of American  Art.    Vibe Theatre Experience  offers theatre and media programming for girls ages 13‑19.    Willie Mae Rock Camp for Girls  offers after‑school and summer music programming for girls.    Young Women's Christian Association  an organization that informs women on societal issues that affect  them and encourages them to vote     



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