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WHAT’S IN IT FOR ME? ● 100% FREE MACHINE PLACEMENT: $850.00 VALUE! ● FREE MACHINE SETUP, INSTALL AND TRAINING ● UNIQUE, HIGH-END PRODUCT IN OUR MARKET ● MACHINE COMES PRE-PACKED ◊ (2) Lemon Water Ice ◊ (2) Cherry Water Ice ◊ (2) Blue Vanilla Water Ice ◊ (2) Mango Water Ice ◊ (2) Blue Raspberry W. Ice ◊ (2) Watermelon Water Ice

◊ (2) Dove Bar Dark Chocolate ◊ (2) Klondike Original Bar ◊ (2) Chocolate Éclair Bar ◊ (2) Chocolate Chip Cookie ◊ (2) Snickers Ice Cream Bar ◊ (2) Twix Ice Cream Bar

FREE MACHINE REQUIREMENTS  24 Cases of Frozen Ice Cream and Water Ice o Recommended Items Shown  Total Cost: $545.96 Machine Specifications ● Left to Right: 54” ● Front to Back: 26” ● Top to Bottom: 32”

CUSTOMER AGREEMENT “RICHIE’S WATER ICE” Distributor Approval Distributor Signature:


Date: Store Name:


Customer #:



Hours of Operation:



Program Requirements: ● Allen Brother’s Customer agrees to purchase two (2) of each of the twelve (12) items on initial order of product ● Allen Brother’s Customer agrees to stock only Allen Brothers Wholesale Distribution products. -- Failure to comply with the exclusivity clause is grounds for removal of machine and any expenses incurred in the process. Distributor Customer Will Be Using:

Product Movement Authorization-Customer agrees to authorize approved distributor to release purchases on a monthly basis. As the Owner/Representative for the above company, I certify the equipment listed above will be placed at the above premises, kept in good condition, and acknowledge this equipment is the property of RICHIE’S PREMIUM WATER ICE. I also acknowledge the following provisions as set forth below: PRODUCT VOLUME: It is understood that this equipment should be placed in high volume locations doing a minimum of 15 cases of product per month or a total of 180 cases for a calendar year. VOLUME PROVISIONS: If after a 90 day review the 15 case per month volume requirement is not reached a $15.00 per month lease charge will be assessed until averages are met. MAINTENANCE: Allen Brothers Wholesale Distribution is not responsible for product that melts after delivered frozen. PURCHASING OF PRODUCT: Any product used in this dispensing machine must be purchased through Allen Brother’s Wholesale Distribution. Any use of other products in the machine will result in immediate termination of the program. REMOVAL/RETURN OF THE UNIT: It will be the responsibility of the owner/representative to ensure the return of the unit(s) in the same condition as it was received. If the unit is not returned to Allen Brothers Wholesale Distribution, it is the responsibility of the store to reimburse Allen Brothers Wholesale Distribution for the cost of the machine, $850.00. CANCELLATION OF THE PROGRAM: Either party may cancel the program at any time with a 30 day written notice. If the customer cancels the program it will be their responsibility to pay for shipping the unit with Allen Brothers Wholesale Distribution supplying the packaging materials. Customer is also responsible for any expenses incurred with the return of the equipment, legal, mailing, etc. BUSINESS NAME: X_______________________________ SECURITY DEPOSIT REQUIRED: _____N/A_____________ EMAIL ADDRESS: X___________________________________________________________________________________________ PRINTED NAME OF PRINCIPAL: X______________________________________________________________________________ SIGNATURE: X_____________________________

TITLE:_X___________________________ DATE: ________________

AllenBrothers IceCream plan-o-gram  

Allen Brothers Frozen Dessert Plan-O-Gram: If you operate a high-traffic location like a gas station or convenience store, the Allen Brother...

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