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11/2019 • 14 January, 2019

The most beautiful African National Parks No other continent has such an immense number of natural assets as Africa

These make Africaʼs national parks and nature reserves highlights on any trip to the continent. Savannas, rainforests, deserts, volcanic landscapes, mountains and coasts; added to that is its incredible wealth of fauna. That always attracts tourists. People are ready to pay a lot of money to see exotic animals in the wild. Countries such as Namibia, Kenya, South Africa and Tanzania are classic safari destinations. Here tourists can see the "big five:" elephants, African buffalo, rhinos, lions and leopards. In many African countries, tourism is one of

the largest and most important sources of income. The national parks play an important role. Local inhabitants earn money as guides, generate revenue by renting lodges or run restaurants – just to mention a few possibilities. Most tourists would like to go on safari without forgoing the comforts of home. The national parks, more than 300 in number, make that possible: safe ways to get close to nature and animals.

Former Chancellor Helmut Schmidt: world citizen, crisis manager and chain smoker Many expected the chain smoker to live for an entire century, yet former German Chancellor Helmut Schmidt died a few years too early, at the age of 96 on November 10, 2015, at his home in Hamburg. He would have turned 100 the day before Christmas eve, 2018. Schmidt was and remains the "savior of the city" for Hamburgʼs citizens. During the North Sea flood of February 1962, the then police senator of Hamburg demonstrated his skills as a crisis manager by getting soldiers involved in the rescue operations — which meant overstepping his legal authority as the German con-

stitution prohibited the use of the army for internal affairs (a clause excluding disasters was added in 1968). That established his reputation as a willing decision maker. "You need a strong will. And cigarettes," he later said of his approach. People in Hamburg still visit his grave in the district of Ohlsdorf. A sign was added in the cemetery because so many people were looking for the modest tombstone, which features his name and that of his wife Hannelore, nicknamed "Loki." Visitors leave flowers and candles, along with cigarettes or snuff tobacco.

Plastic pollution: Do beach clean-ups really make a difference? It could be paradise. On the Honduran island of Roatan in the Caribbean, sandy beaches lined with palm trees stretch as far as the eye can see. But the view is ruined by mounds of trash: Plastic bags and single-use water bottles, old clothes, unloved toys and even plastic chairs. Marine biologist Laura Leiva of the Alfred Wegener Institute grew up here in Honduras and has witnessed the rising tide of plastic pollutionfirst-hand. "The last 10 years have seen more plastic [wash up] on the shores here," she told DW. "The only clean places are the tourist resorts because people actively clean them," she says. "Around them, [the beaches are] full of trash. Itʼs so sad." The trash originates from Roatan itself, neighboring islands and the Central American mainland.

Record traffic and new terminal at Budapest Airport



-7 / 2



-8 / 2

-7 / 2

Hungary Budapest: Debrecen: Eger: Hévíz:

-3/-1 -8/3 -7/1 -7/3

Athens: Berlin: Bratislava: Bucharest: London: Madrid:

3/6 5/9 -8/2 -1/6 0/3 2/7

Kecskemét: Keszthely: Siófok:

-8/3 -7/2 -7/5

Europe Moscow: Paris: Prague: Rome: Varsaw: Vienna:

-15/6 -3/4 -7/4 -5/3 -4/8 1/4



Budapest Airport has just announced a double-digit rise in passenger numbers for 2018. Hungary’s major international transport hub registered 14.8 million travellers last year, a 13% jump when compared to the numbers logged in 2017. This record increase has prompted further investment plans for the near future, including the construction of a new terminal building by 2024. Budapest Airport has been given the go-ahead for a €700 million extension and modernisation project, the news following a recent official report showing a considerable growth in passenger numbers. For 2018, the airport handled close to 14.9 million travellers flying in and flying out, a 13.5% increase in comparison with 2017. This makes Budapest the fastest-growing air-travel hub in Central and Eastern Europe.

Thanks to the largest-scale and most comprehensive reconstruction project in the museum’s history, the museum building has been renewed, and, returning to the collection’s first concept, the museum’s permanent exhibitions will also be rearranged. Besides the new permanent exhibitions, the revamped museum will welcome visitors with a chamber exhibition titled Leonardo & the Budapest Horse and Rider. The museum reconstruction, implemented within the framework of the Liget Budapest Project, included the restoration of the Romanesque Hall, which sustained severe damage in World War II and since then had been only partially renovated and used as a storage area, along with the modernisation of the building’s obsolete heating system, the installation of air conditioning in some of the exhibition halls, the renewal of a large part of the roof structure, as well as the addition of new exhibition spaces, visitor areas and modern storage facilities.


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